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  1. KEEN, ROBINSON & BELLVILLE-Lovely illustrated invoice/receipt dated 1882 with 1d lilac perfin KEEN tied by signature Res £7
  2. J HAMBRO & SON-Entire addressed to Bergen with 1d lilac & 2½d lilac perfin CIH/&Co., tied by LOMBARD STREET Hexagonal Late Fee cancels dated 15.6.1886. Inside, a further 1d with perfin is affixed & tied by signature Res £22
  3. BRANDRAM BROTHERS-Crested envelope addressed to Nova Scotia with 2½d Jubilee value perfin BB/& , tied by LONDON S.E squared circle dated 6.12.1890 Res £12
  4. ROYAL BLUE SILURIAN-Advertising envelope from John Dickinson of Hemel Hempstead addressed to Birmingham with QV ½d blue-green perfin JD/&, tied by HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Duplex cancel dated 30.8.1900 Res £18
  5. JAMES SPICER, Paper Merchants advertising window envelope addressed to Birmingham with full back advert and a QV ½d blue-green on the front, perfin JS [Reversed], tied by LONDON d/ring dated 3.1.1901, as is the Birmingham arrival mark on the back Res £15
  6. EDW VII 1/- Contract Note revenue affixed to small document dated 4.2.1907 with perfin F&B through the stamp, tied by s/line date Res £7
  7. GEORGE YOUNGER & SON, Written, headed receipt dated 11.11.1904 with EDW VII 1d affixed as receipt stamp with perfin GY/&SLd tied by signature Res £6
  8. FRED BRABY & Co., Ltd.,-Printed trade postcard to Armargh with EDW VII ½d perfin FB/& , tied by FALKIRK/1 d/ring dated 29.8.1905 Res £6
  9. MANN, BYERS & Co.,-Printed invoice/receipt from the Glasgow company with EDW VII 1d perfin MB/&, tied by company cachet dated 8.5.1911 Res £6
  10. FERGUSON, SHAW & SONS-Printed invoice, receipt dated 18.3.1914 with GEO V 1d perfin FSS tied by oval company cachet Res £6
  11. REDMAYNES, TAILORS OF WIGTON-Printed invoice/receipt dated 24.3.1914 with GEO V 1d perfin R&S [inverted] tied by company cachet Res £6
  12. C SMITH LTD-Bull Ring, Birmingham company receipt/invoice with GEO V 1d perfin “C/S” within the top & bottom of large letter H tied by signature Res £7
  13. GRAHAM & MORTON Ltd-Printed trade postcard addressed to Newark with GEO V 1d perfin G&M/S [for Stirling] tied by machine cancel of Stirling dated 21.5.1920 Res £7
  14. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY-Printed receipt dated 26.10.1923 with GEO V 2d perfin CMS tied by signature Res £7
  15. CLIBRANS, NURSERYMEN & SEEDSMEN OF ALTRINCHAM-Printed invoice/receipt dated 23.4.1921 with 2d GEO V value perfin with a large C tied by company cachet Res £7
  16. UNILEVER HOUSE-Printed invoice/receipt dated 31.7.1933 with separate receipt attached with GEO V 2d perfin UH tied by signature Res £7
  17. QUEEN ANNE’S BOUNTY-Printed postcard addressed to Lichfield with GEO V ½d photogravure perfin Q/AB tied by London SW1 machine cancel dated 29.1.1937 Res £7
  18. ENGLISH ELECTRIC COMPANY-Printed trade postcard to Newark with 1d photogravure perfin EE/C tied by Bradford British Empire Exhibition slogan dated 4.8.1938 Res £7
  19. ALLIED PAPER MERCHANTS Ltd.,-Printed statement & receipt with GEO VI 2d light colours perfin APM tied by signature Res £6
  20. CHILPRUFFE Ltd.,-Printed invoice/receipt from the Leicester company with GEO VI 2d light colours perfin with large C with LTD set within the arc, tied by signature Res £7
  21. CUMBERLAND HOTEL, LONDON-Printed receipt from the Marble Arch hotel dated 14.7.1949 with GEO VI 2d light colours perfin CH cancelled by initials Res £6
  22. PARKE DAVIS & COMPANY-Printed receipt/invoice with GEO VI 2d brown perfin P/D stylised devise tied by company cachet dated 14.7.1952 Res £6
  23. STANDARD TELEPHONES & CABLES-Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1½d green perfin ST tied by London coronation slogan dated 4.6.1953 Res £6
  24. D & H.O WILLS [CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS]-QEII 2d brown Tudor Rose pictorial advertising window envelope with added ½d Wildings x 2, one of which is perfin WILLS, tied by GLASGOW machine cancel dated 28.9.1966 Res £12
  25. “INTER-LIBRARY LOANS” –Permission slip addressed to Devon to keep out a library book “The History of Playing Cards” with 3d Wilding perfin BCC of Bath City Council, tied by Roman Baths slogan dated 16.9.1966 Res £6


  1. PRESS CUTTING-“WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE?” Newspaper cutting dated 17.3.1922 showing the Met man on a set of steps updating a blackboard map of the East Channel areas of the UK, France, Belgium & Holland with the caption that the weather situation is updated hourly!! Those were the days Res £7
  2. CANADA-CHERRY RED AIRLINES Cover addressed to East Orange, New York with roulette perf pair of GEO V 1c orange values tied by dumb cancel of CHRISTOPHER LAKE, SASK., dated 10.3.1930. At eft is the Cherry Red 10c air stamp tied by company cachet Res £25
  3. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-West Country Air Services progressive proofs of the 3d adopted air stamp and the issued stamp-nice! Res £18
  4. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Southampton to Plymouth service of the 25th November 1933 with 3d air stamp tied by Southampton company cancel Res £25
  5. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Croydon to Plymouth service dated 25.11.1933 with the 3d air stamp tied by the Croydon company cancel Res £25
  6. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Croydon to Southampton service dated 25.11.1933 with the 3d air stamp [damaged] tied by the Croydon company cancel Res £22
  7. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Southampton to London service dated 26.11.1933 with the 3d air stamp tied by the Southampton company cancel dated the 26th, but the GPO cancel is dated the 28th Res £25
  8. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Plymouth to London service of the 28th November with the 3d air stamp tied by the Plymouth company cancel. On the back is the s/line WEST OF ENGLAND AIR SERVICE in black/blue ink Res £25
  9. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Plymouth to Southampton service of the 26th November with the 3d air stamp tied by the Plymouth company cancel [double strike] Res £22
  10. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover for the Croydon to Plymouth to Croydon return flight of the 25th & 26th November 1935 with the 3d air stamp tied by the Croydon company cancel dated 25th.; alongside is the company cachet of the Plymouth office dated the 26th See illustration Res £25
  1. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-London to Birmingham flown cover and then by rail to Manchester with the scarce INLAND AIR MAIL label tied by both London and Manchester machine cancels dated 20th & 21st August 1934 Res £35
  2. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-First flight cover for the London to Manchester service with GEO V 1½d photogravure tied by London FS Air Mail machine cancel dated 20.8.1934, beng the first day of use of the 1½d value. Comes with a Midland Stamp Company postcard reminding of a recent sending of approvals [unused] Res £25
  3. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Illustrated first flight cover addressed to the LMS offices at Manchester Piccadilly Station with stamp and the Pitman “BY/FIRST AIR MAIL/[AT ORDINARY LETTER RATE]/BELFAST-MANCHESTER” tied by BELFAST machine cancel dated 20.8.1934-see illustration Res £30
  4. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Handbill A1073 which cancels A1071 and announces as from 1st October 1934 the new rates for the carrying of freight, mail & passengers from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast & Glasgow. Super item! Res £25
  5. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES, IN CONJUNCTION WITH SPARTAN AIR LINES LTD-OCTOBER 1934 Timetable for services from London to Southampton & the Isle of Wight and from London, the Midlands, Scotland & Ireland-very clean & nice! Res £25
  6. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-1935 Fares pricelist for passengers from London to Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, Birmingham, Nottingham & Liverpool and all stops within-lovely condition! Res £25
  7. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES & SPARTAN AIR LINES-Folded April 29th to June 30th 1935 timetable & price list of fares to and from the Isle of Wight; together with terms & conditions etc. Pristine-ex George King Res £30
  8. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-MAY 1935 “GENERAL TIMETABLE” For all services including such places as Worthing & the Channel Islands etc-superb condition-ex George King Res £30
  9. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-May 27th to September 29th 1935 timetable for services to and from the Isle of Wight and Southampton with connecting services etc Res £25
  10. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-16th September Winter Season, 1935-1936 timetable and fares & freight rates for all the major routes-pristine condition ex George King Res £25
  1. AUSTRALIA INTERNAL Flight cover from ADELAIDE to PORT LINCOLN By Adelaide Airways Ltd with GEO V 2d & 3d values tied by ADELAIDE cancel dated 25.11.1935. On the back is the PT LINCOLN/S.A arrival mark dated the same day Res £25
  2. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Press cutting dated 12.12.1935 reporting the crashing of the R.A.S aeroplane “JUPITER” at Renfrew Aerodrome and art drawn postcard by artist Bernard W Church [used 1940] of the “Star of Mona” taking off from Speke Airport; Halton Aerodrome [black & white, unused postcard] and unused postcard of the RAS “MERCURY” [4] Res £15
  3. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-First flight from London to Glasgow under the new contract dated 1.12.1935 with framed NOT CALLED FOR and GLASGOW/R.L cancel dated 17.12.1935 Res £25
  4. BURMA-Beautifully clean cover addressed to Germany with Indian overprint values 3A6P and 6 Annas tied by RANGOON GPO d/ring dated 4.1.1938-see illustration Res £25
  5. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-March 7th 1938 commencement timetable for the services from London to the Isle of Wight, via Shoreham-by-Sea Res £25


  1. PLAYERS NAVY CUT-Cigarette label with manuscript 2d face value tied to front of cover only [not a complete envelope] addressed within London & tied by British Goods are Best slogan dated 24.7.1926 Res £8
  2. LUNDY ISLAND-Cover addressed to Lundy Island, via Instow with stamp tied by SWANSEA machine cancel dated 1.6.1931. At left is the 1 Puffin value tied by framed Lundy cancel dated 3rd June Res £22
  3. SALFORD CATHEDERAL-GUTTER BLOCKS OF FOUR of the 1935 fundraising labels in blue, red, green & deep purple/brown together with the outside booklet cover Res £25
  4. CONSERVATIVE PARTY FALLING OUT WITH THE POST OFFICE [AGAIN]-Selection of news cuttings from around the country referring to the blue publicity labels which were placed on the fronts of covers and were refused delivery by the union of post office workers in 1947. Includes a cover with one on the back of a cover from Bromley to H.R Harmer; letters from Harmers to the Party etc., etc. The offending covers were to be auctioned by Harmers with the proceeds going to the Conservative Party. Nice lot-I have a good lot of this stuff which I display in my Parliamentary Mail display Res £25
  1. BRINGING CHRIST TO THE NATIONS - Scarcer RADIO LUXEMBOURG publicity label for the radio show aired every Wednesday & Saturday on cover from Bridgnorth to Haywards Heath on 23.5.1952 Res £12
  2. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard of the village green & tea garden addressed to Abberley, Worc with just the Caldey Island 2 Dabs value tied by the diamond cancel on 4.6.1975 Res £5
  3. SUMMER ISLES-Postcard of the remains of the fish curing station addressed to Nuneaton with 10p Machin tied by ULLAPOOL Krag machine cancel dated 26.8.1980 and at left is 3p Summer Isles value tied by TENERA-WESTER ROSS/SCOTLAND rubber cancel dated the same day Res £7
  4. CLACTON CYCLE CHRISTMAS MAIL-Three small covers with different labels affixed & tied 1983 & 1984 [3] Res £7
  5. LUNDY ISLAND-First Balloon Post postcard with appropriate overprint value tied by special cancel dated 19.6.1985 and cover addressed to Holland, posted at Stamp 99 at the European Lundy Collectors Club meeting on 1.5.1999 [2] Res £7
  6. CLACTON CYCLE MAIL-Undelivered mail at Christmas 1985 with contents intact with manuscript “DIED” and “No Such Number” and “Try Old Road” etc. Res £8


  1. NATIONAL SERVICE-Two identical labels urging “Enrol Today and Release a Fit Man for the Front” with either roulette perforations or normal perf 10 [2] Res £7
  2. WAR SAVINGS ARE WAR WEAPONS-1943 Economy label on previously used cover from Retford to Colwyn Bay complete with letter inside Res £10
  3. “V” FOR VICTORY-Pictorial blue 5c U.S meter slogan from Cleveland, Ohio dated 26.6.1943 Res £6
  4. “WHO SO EVER SHALL CONFESS THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD, GOD DWELLETH IN HIM, AND HE IN GOD” Biblical quote from 1st John 4:15 on back of stampless military cover from San Diego to Los Angeles Res £8
  5. GOVERNESSES BENEVOLENT INSTITUTION-Economy label on previously used cover marking the 100th anniversary of the institute with all “Centenary Gifts going to help the War Effort” used from London on 18.3.1946 [a little late for the War Effort] Res £10


  1. EXHIBITION B.O/EDINBURGH-S/ring dated 8.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard-exhibition quality Res £8
  2. BALLYMACLINTON/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBITION W-S/ring dated 7.10.1908 ties stamp to postcard of the Franco-British exhibition Res £4
  3. POSTAGE STAMP EXHIBITION & CONGRESS/MANCHESTER-Registered cover addressed within Manchester with ½d pink postal stationery cut-out & 1½d Jubilee value tied by the d/ring cancels dated 19.2.1909. Comes with matching certificate of posting-see illustration Res £30
  4. SCOTTISH VILLAGE/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBN W-D/ring dated 16.8.1909 ties stamp to Imperial International Exhibition postcard Res £12
  5. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 17.9.1909 ties stamp to exhibition postcard-exhibition quality-excuse the pun!! Res £6
  6. SHEPHERDS BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION//1 D/ring dated 9.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard of the exhibition. Again, excuse the pun, but a strike of exhibition quality Res £12
  7. INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION/A/DATE/S.W.1/LONDON-Special d/ring cancel dated 23.5.1923 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Sevenoaks Res £12
  8. WEMBLEY 1924 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Pack of 12 postcards from series C complete with original envelope [closed tear at top left] Res £25
  9. WEMBLEY 1924 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Nondescript postcard addressed to Switzerland with 1d & 1½d Wembley values tied by Empire site slogan dated 21.5.1924 Res £22
  10. WEMBLEY 1925 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Plain postcard with an anti-Labour political statement & illustration on the back, addressed to 372, Strand with 1d 1925 Wembley value tied by the pictorial d/ring cancel dated 14.9.1925. At top is s/line slogan BUY BRITISH GOODS and metallic national Scheme for Disabled badge Res £15
  11. WEMBLEY 1925 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-L.N.E.R Railway timetable for special excursions to the International Shoe & Leather Fair, Dairy Show; Brewers Exhibition, Motor Show & Commercial Motor Transport Exhibitions at Wembley during October 1925 Res £18
  12. WEMBLEY 1925 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1925 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Geneva with added 1d & 1½d Wembley values tied by the pictorial d/ring cancel dated 15.10.1925 Res £40
  13. WEMBLEY 1925 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Illustrated souvenir booklet of the Palace of Arts in very good condition-complete Res £22
  14. BUILDING TRADES EXHIBITION-1927 Letter from flooring specialists T. K Yeates & Company of Leeds dated 25.3.1927 with lovely advertising label affixed to the bottom of the letter for the Manchester Deans Gate exhibition Res £12
  15. PAIGNTON/23rd PHILATELIC CONGRESS-B69 Special duplex cancel dated 11.6.1936 with index C ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Leeds Res £20
  16. 1948 OLYMPIC GAMES-GEO VI 6d purple postal stationery airmail letter sheet addressed to Ontario, Canada, cancelled by the OLYMPIC GAMES machine slogan cancel of the site, dated 29.7.1948 First day of Issue Res £25
  17. ROYAL SHOW/BLACKPOOL-Illustrated Coronation Cover addressed to Cheltenham with 5d, 8d & 1/- Wildings tied by skeleton cancels dated 9.7.1953 Res £35
  18. WIMBLEDON S.W 19/ALL-ENGLAND L.T.C-S/rings dated 21.6.1954 ties ½d & 8d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Cheltenham. At top left is the WIMBLEDON X registration label Res £18
  19. MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/C-S/rings dated 27.3.1958 ties a single, pair & strip of three x 2½d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Exmouth. The blank, large type registration label has manuscript MOBILE P.O/No.3/DERBY. This was used at the thoroughbred stallion show & Hackney Horse Show, Derby Res £12
  20. MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/B-S/rings dated 9.7.1958 ties ½d, 2½d & 3 x 4d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Bath. The large, blank registration label is similarly cancelled. This was used at the Kent County Show, Maidstone Res £9
  21. 42nd PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Scarcer LONDON S.E.1 slogan cancel ties ½d & 2d Wildings to real photo postcard of the offices of the 1960 London International Stamp Exhibition addressed within London on 14.7.1960 Res £9
  22. 43rd PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Special “Greetings From Congress” postcard addressed to Morecambe with 2½d Wilding tied by the special Blackpool d/ring cancel dated 19.6.1961 Res £6
  23. STAMPEX 1962 Oval pictorial cancel dated 19.3.1962 ties 2½d POSB value to postcard addressed to Birmingham Res £5
  24. PHILATELIC EXHIBITION/CHESTER-Special cancel dated 11.7.1970 ties 1966 Christmas value & 1d Machin to real photo postcard of the Oak Room, Old Moreton, Cheshire addressed to Colwyn Bay Res £5
  25. TO LONDON 1980 BY HOVERCRAFT-Lovely pictorial flown cover from Dover to Boulogne and return, carried by the “PRINCESS MARGARET” hovercraft on 4.4.1980. On the back are the appropriate French & English hovercraft cachets Res £10


  1. BATH TO WESTON-SUPER-MARE Lovely little cover with EDW VII 3d & 2 x ½d blue green values tied by BATH s/rings dated 2.2.1904 with black on red express label at top left Res £30
  2. COLWYN BAY TO MANCHESTER-Similar cover with a single & strip of three EDW VII 1d values tied by s/rings COLWYN BAY dated 14.7.1904 with index 2-see illustration Res £30
  3. WOKING O THE SHIP “PRESIDENT LINCOLN” AT PLYMOUTH-Similar cover with EDW VII 3d & 1d values tied by WOKING d/rings dated 16.11.1907. Carried via PYRFORD & BRISTOL Res £30
  4. LYNDHURST RSO TO LONDON-Similar cover with EDW VII 4d orange tied by d/ring LYNDHURST RSO/HANTS dated 1.3.1910-see illustration Res £35
  5. MANCHESTER TO VIENNA-Nice cover with single franking EDW VII 7d tied by Manchester machine cancel dated 20.6.1910, arriving two days later Res £45
  6. TWICKENHAM TO BRIXTON-Small cover addressed to Brixton with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring ST MARGARET’S/TWICKENHAM dated 17.12.1910. Alongside is the TWICKENHAM/+ d/ring dated the same day Res £30
  7. BELFAST TO BOURNEMOUTH AIRPORT-Small cover with GEO VI 6d & 2½d Wilding tied by s/rings BELFAST/N dated 1.10.1953 Res £15
  8. GATESHEAD TO WATFORD-Small cover with the small “EX” label at top left and with ½d & 8d Wildings tied by s/rings PELAW/GAETSHEAD Co. DURHAM dated 30.6.1954 Res £15
  9. PRINCES CORBER, BIRMINGHAM TO GERMANY-Small cover with General Letter Office pair [3d & 1/3d] tied by s/rings dated 31.12.1960 Res £15
  10. NEWCASTLE TO BRADFORD-Small cover with Hardy H Gill & Brothers 3d & 2 x 6d meter cancels dated 18.9.1964-unusual with meter cancels Res £12


  1. QV 1d pink envelope addressed to Liskeard, Cornwall & redirected to Penzance. With 1844 type numeral cancel 252 of TORPOINT cancelling the stamp impression & undated d/arc TORPOINT at top left in black ink. Charged 1d in manuscript for redirection on 18.2.1850 Res £22
  2. QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Leipzig, cancelled by large d/ring LONDON dated 4.1.1895 with German & French text green on white label [Gone Away] at top left & the usual British Undelivered For Reason Stated etc struck in violet ink Res £18
  3. SUN INSURANCE OFFICE Advertising envelope with EDW VII ½d blue-green impression cancelled by d/ring of London WC dated 8.4.1904. Undelivered at Loughborough, and charged ½d for return to sender. On front & back are many manuscript instructions and other cancels, mainly of London districts Res £12
  4. AUSTRALIA GOLD MINERS-Postcard “Western Australian Explorers Camping after a Hard Day’s Prospecting” addressed to Torquay, cancelled by s/ring COTTESLOE dated 21.9.1908. Below is the unframed MORE TO PAY with manuscript 1d Res £20
  5. FRANCE TO LONDON & REDIRECTED-Small cover to London & redirected to Woodhall Spa on 25.6.1913 with a very good, crisp 4d/I.S/E tax mark struck at left. The added ½d for redirection is cancelled by pencil cross Res £8
  6. PORTSMOUTH WATERWORKS GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Waterlooville on 7.7.1917 with ½d for redirection/return to sender. The ½d postage due is tied by s/ring PORTSMOUTH dated 15.2.1917 Res £8
  7. GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Burton on Trent, cancelled by London Mount Pleasant MTP triangular machine die. Taxed 1d at the Inland section, the 2 x ½d dues are tied by Burton on Trent s/ring dated 19.6.1921 Res £8
  8. IRELAND-GEO V 1d overprint [Dollard SG2] tied by English language d/ring LETTERKENNY dated 16.3.1922. Alongside is a 1d manuscript tax mark. Below is the 1d postage due tied by GLASGOW No.1 s/ring dated 18.3.1922 Res £15
  9. POSTED OUT/OF COURSE/I.S-Unframed larger mark on front of GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Lynton, Devon from London on 16.5.1930. Taxed 3d, the postage due is tied by LYNTON DEVON/1 d/ring dated the following day Res £10
  1. NORWAY TO LONDON-Illustrated [on the back] hotel envelope from the Hotel Alexandria addressed to London from SOGN on 12.7.1937 with 3½d/TO PAY/FS/K tax mark and the ½d & 3d postage dues tied by FINCHLEY CHURCH END d/rings dated 19.7.1937. At top is circular framed Norwegian 33Cts tax mark Res £12
  2. INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/COMPANY UNKNOWN-Framed mark in ciolet ink on the front of cover from Ventnor, Isle of Wight addressed to the Royal Military College, Camberley on 27.9.1937 Res £18
  3. STAMPLESS Cover addressed to Stairway, Essex on 6.10.1958 from London. With a block of four of the 1½d green postage dues cancelled centrally by the d/ring LEXDEN HEATH/ COLCHESTER ESSEX dated 7.10.1958 Res £15
  4. BUNDLE HEADER-Raleigh Cycles bundle header amounting to £1-3-6d with a block of eight 2/6d, a single & a further single 1/- postage dues tied by s/rings NOTTINGHAM dated 8.6.1964 Res £15
  5. UNDELIVERED Cover from Winchester to Basingstoke on 29.1.1965 with Basingstoke 2½d 52 Postage Due For Return To Sender mark struck at right. The 2d & ½d orange dues are tied by s/ring WINCHESTER/HANTS dated 1.2.1965 Res £7
  6. BELFAST TO SOUTHAMPTON-Cover with 3d Ulster value tied by Belfast slogan cancel dated 3.7.1968. At base of cover is the framed 2d TO PAY UNDERPAID/I.5 in green, alongside the 2d postage due tied upon arrival in Southampton Res £7
  7. RECORDED DELIVERY Smaller cover addressed to Wallington, Surrey with no stamps affixed on 7.5.1970. Taxed 8d in Croydon, the 5d & 1/- dues are tied by s/ring WALLINGTON/SURREY dated 8.5.1970. Above the Croydon tax mark is the manuscript TO PAY 9d PLUS TOTAL 1/5d Res £12
  8. RHODESIA-Cover addressed to London from Salisbury on 22.7.1970 with usual Rhodesia stamps label at right. Taxed 1/10d, the 1/- & 2 x 5d dues are tied by LONDON rubber cancel dated 29.7.1970 Res £12
  9. FRANCE TO HARROW-Underpaid cover from ALBI on 7.8.1970 with framed INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/..........[9d]..... TO PAY/258 Tax mark of Dover in green ink and the 1d & 8d dues tied by s/ring HARROW MIDDX/15 dated 12.8.1970 Res £7
  10. POSTED OUT OF COURSE-Locally addressed 3/5d QEII registered postal stationery envelope size H addressed within Birmingham with framed, single line cachet at bottom left, struck on 12.12.1970 Res £12
  11. NATIONAL SAVINGS STAMP-10p Sailing ship savings stamp tied by DURHAM machine cancel dated 25.6.1973, taxed 5p with 5p postage due tied by oval registered cancel of WILTON dated 27.6.1973 Res £10
  12. MIXED FRANKING POSTAGE DUES-Registered cover from KIRIBATI addressed to Swindon with $1 OKGS value tied on 2.2.1983 by d/ring. On the back is UK Customs cachet of Mount Pleasant dated 2.3.1983 and a strip of 3 x £1 old values & a similar strip of three of the new 5p postage dues tied by s/rings SWINDON WILTS/7 dated 3.3.1983 Res £15
  13. NAT WEST BANK Postcard endorsed “BY HAND”, posted into the system at Tunbridge Wells on 19.9.1983 with subsequent 22p to pay. The original 2p & 20p dues are tied by Fresh Label Required, whilst on the back are a further pair tied by Tunbridge Wells postcode rubber cancel dated 3 days later. At top left is the manuscript “IAN WINDS SPOKEN TO”!! Res £6
  14. PARCEL RECEIPT FOR £46.98p with a block of eight £5, an irregular block of 6 x £1, 2 x 4p, 2 x 20p & a single 50p postage due tied by d/rings EASTWOOD/NOTTINGHAM dated 31.7.1986 Res £20
  15. CLACTON CYCLE MAIL-Christmas 1986 item of mail addressed within Clacton with both 12p Machin & 10p Cycle Mail stamps affixed and cancelled on 22nd & 20th December respectively. Taxed 11p in respect of the 1p underpayment for postage with 1p & 10p dues tied by Clacton d/ring on 23.12.1986 Res £8
  16. STANLEY GIBBONS Business Reply envelope posted from COPENHAGEN on 24.10.1991 with Danish tax mark and 3p & 50p postage dues tied on arrival in London Res £7


  1. ITALY TO LONDON-Small cover with Italian 15c blue tied by s/ring LONDON dated 18.7.1894 with red inked italic PAQUEBOT alongside Res £22
  2. BOSTON BACK BAY STATION Flag cancel dated 6.3.1903 ties US 2c to lovely Boston postcard addressed to Liverpool. At left is the red inked s/ring PAID/LIVERPOOL/US PACKET/DATE/8A dated 14.3.1903 Res £8
  3. PAQUEBOTS BELGE/OSTENDE-DOUVRES S/ring dated 30.5.1904 ties Belgian 5c green with tag to postcard of the Ostend Pilot Boat addressed to Gravesend Res £8
  4. CAPE COLONY/OCEAN POST OFFICE-S/ring dated 15.3.1905 with index C ties CAPE EDW VII 1d to postcard of Union Castle steamer “BRITON” addressed to Berwick-on-Tweed Res £15
  5. SPANISH Postcard addressed to Southampton with GB EDW VII 1d tied by RIO DE JANEIRO framed cancel on 20.6.1905 and by s/ring SOUTHAMPTON/PACKET LETTER dated 8.7.1905. Below is the oval buckle cachet ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET COMPANY/POSTED ON HIGH SEAS in violet ink Res £8
  6. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring cancel of the COLUMBA dated 14.8.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard of Crinan addressed to Girvan-see illustration Res £22
  7. MALAYA-Postcard of Ceylon addressed to Gloucester with GB EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring PENANG dated 26.11.1907 with s/line PAQUEBOT below in black ink Res £9
  8. H&K PACKET/L3/TIME DATE/YEAR-S/ring dated 14.8.1908 ties EDW VII 1d to pictorial advertising postcard of the City of Dublin Steam packet Company depicting the “LEINSTER” addressed to Lincolnshire Res £25
  9. ICELAND-Nondescript postcard addressed to Corsforphine with 2 x 5 AUR values tied by d/rings EDINBURGH/13 dated 28.9.1908. Alomgside is the italic s/line PAQUEBOT of Edinburgh Res £20
  10. WHITE STAR LINE-Receiving cachet of the Dock Office, New York dated 30.9.1908 on postcard addressed to the “BALTIC” Res £7
  11. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/SOUTHAMPTON-S/rings dated 28.10.1910 ties a pair of EDW VII ½d values to postcard of the S.S “GEELONG” addressed to London Res £8
  12. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/LIVERPOOL-S/ring dated 27.10.1912 ties GEO V ½d to postcard of the CPR rail bridge at Montreal addressed to Bedford. Taxed 1d for deficient postage Res £8
  13. MARSEILLE A LA REUNION No.3-Octagonal cancel dated 20.5.1913 on the address side of a postcard of Marseille addressed to France. The stamp on the picture side has been removed which doesn’t detract from an exhibition quality strike on the address side-see illustration Res £15
  14. GERMAN FIELD SERVICE POSTCARD Addressed to a passenger onboard a ship en-route to New York, cancelled by machine cancel of ANTWERP dated 9.12.1914. On the address side is the s/line NOT ON BOARD in blue ink. Also, taxed 4c with 2 x 2c postage dues tied by New York cancel dated 3.1.1915 Res £20
  15. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/MB-S/rings dated 17.5.1923 ties 2 x ½d GEO V values to postcard of St Aubins, Jersey addressed to Southampton Res £8
  16. REAL PHOTO Postcard of the SS “DORIC” addressed to Scotland with GEO V 1½d tied by machine cancel BELFAST/1925-PAQUEBOT cancel dated 21.3.1925 Res £10
  17. POSTCARD Of the Canadian Pacific Steamer “MONTROSE” addressed to Parkstone, Dorset with GEO V 1d tied by GLASGOW machine cancel dated 2.4.1925. Alongside is the s/line italic PAQUEBOT Res £8
  18. REAL PHOTO Postcard of the Canadian Pacific “DUCHESS OF BEDFORD” addressed to Stockton-on-Tees with GEO V 1d photogravure tied by GLASGOW machine PAQUEBOT cancel dated 15.11.1935 Res £8
  19. DELIVERED TO LATE TO BE/DELIVERED BY STEAMER/FURNESS, WITHY & CO LTD/PER......... Framed mark on the back of a small cover from MELKSHAM, Wilts addressed to the Public Schools Exploring Society at St John’s, Newfoundland on 20.8.1937. On the back is St John’s PO cancel dated 30.8.1937 and on the front, the d/ring LIVERPOOL dated 4.10.1937 Res £18
  20. PAQUEBOT COBH/+ D/ring dated 19.12.1937 ties GEO VI 1d to postcard of the Cunard White Star vessel “SAMARIA” addressed to St Annes-on-Sea Res £7
  21. THE CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO LTD/MV/DATE/ARRAN/GOUROCK-Oval cancel dated 30.6.1963 at top left of cover addressed to Greenock with 2½d Wilding tied by GOUROCK Krag cancel dated 1.7.1963 Res £8
  22. THE CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET Co. Ltd/DATE/M.V “MAID OF ASHTON”-Oval cachet on cover addressed to Edinburgh on 3.10.1963 from Greenock Res £15
  23. POSTED ON BOARD THE/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-Framed cachet in blue ink on cover addressed to Manchester from AYR on 26.7.1980 Res £8
  24. POSTED ON BOARD/P.S “WAVERLEY”-Closed horseshoe cachet in red ink on pictorial cover of the Waverley addressed to the Isle of Wight from the ISLE OF IONA on 11.5.1991. Centrally, to the right is the oval framed WAVERLEY/EXCURSIONS LTD cachet in red ink Res £6
  25. POSTED/ON/BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-D/ring cachet in black on postcard of the paddler addressed to Coventry from the Island of COLL, Scotland on 8.8.2007 Res £6


  1. BUSHEY DOWN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 26.5.1904 ties stamp to postcard of Droxford addressed to Southampton Res £9
  2. ALDERSHOT CAMP-S/ring dated 7.11.1904 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Essex Res £4
  3. COTHILL CAMP S.O-Scots skeleton cancel dated 20.6.1906 with time 8AM ties stamp to postcard “Brodie Castle” Lovat Scouts Camp, 1906 addressed to Aviemore Res £12
  4. CURRAGH CAMP-Irish d/rimmed skeleton cancel dated 21.6.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  5. GLENIMAAL CAMP S.O/Co. WICKLOW-S/ring dated 14.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard of “Artillery Camp, Glen Imaal” addressed to Aldeburgh Res £10
  6. POND FARM CAMP/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 5.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  7. THE BARRACKS/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 16.1.1907 tie stamp to postcard Res £6
  8. THE CAMP/MINEHEAD S.O SOMERSET-S/ring dated 5.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  9. ROCKFORD CAMP B.O-Skeleton cancel dated 19.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard. Alongside is a further, strike which augments rather nicely the partial strike tying the stamp Res £8
  10. BUDDON CAMP-Scots skeleton cancel dated 24.6.1910 with index A alongside the year slug, ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  11. THETFORD/CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 9.8.1911 ties stamp to usual nice real photo postcard of Green Lane, Thetford addressed to St Albans Res £10
  12. HAZELEY CAMP/WINCHESTER-D/ring dated 17.1.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  13. FLOWER DOWN CAMP/WINCHESTER-D/ring dated 3.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  14. MARESFIELD PARK CAMP/UCKFIELD-D/ring dated 11.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. HAYNES PARK CAMP/BEDFORD-S/ring dated 20.4.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  16. LYDD CAMP/+ D/ring dated 25.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  17. PARK HALL CAMP/OSWESTRY-D/ring dated 29.9.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  18. SHANES PARK CAMP/BELFAST-Skeleton cancel dated 13.10.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  19. BROCTON CAMP/STAFFORD-D/ring dated 20.10.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  20. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING SURREY-S/rings dated 26.5.1959 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to London. At top left is appropriate Camp registration label Res £6

MILITARY-1900 TO 1919

  1. BOER WAR-An original telegraphic message referring in part to Lt Colonel Plumer’s actions and sent to England as a news report on 12.11.1900 Res £22
  2. BOER WAR-EDW VII “OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW” Tape at bottom of registered envelope addressed to Manchester with 2 x VRI 2d and single ½d overprints as well as Orange River Colony overprint on ½d CGH value, tied by s/rings WINBURG dated 19.6.1902 Res £22
  3. URDU Indian Field Service Postcard addressed to ALWAR, India, cancelled by d/ring Indian FPO/No.132 dated 24.1.1915 of ZAGAZIG, Egypt Res £20
  4. BERMUDA-British Field Service postcard addressed to PEMBROKE, BERMUDA from a member of the Bermuda Garrison fighting with Empire troops on 16.9.1915. No postal markings, but dated by sender Res £20
  5. AMPTHILL, BEDS-Postcard from a member of the HQ Cable Section at Hampthill Park while on a training scheme at the Old Swan Inn. At right is a strike of the d/ring ARMY/TELEGRAPHS dated 19.10.1915 with I.D code –YJ Res £12
  6. BASE OFFICE/D-D/ring dated 5.3.1916 ties ½d GEO V stamp to Field Service postcard addressed to Suffolk. This office was situated at QUETTA and is highly rated by Ted Proud in his book Res £25
  7. 2ND WESTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL/POSTED/BY A / WOUNDED / SOLDIER / MANCHESTER-Violet inked d/ring cachet at top right of stampless postcard of the HOSPITAL SHIP “ABERDONIAN” addressed to Leighton Buzzard Res £35
  8. MEMORIAL Service programme for Private John Chandler, aged 22 years & six months who died of his wounds at the 42nd casualty clearing station, France on 1.5.1917. The service took place at Sipson Baptist Church on 3.6.1917 Res £10
  9. BAGHDAD BASE POST OFFICE/M.E.F-D/ring cancel dated 29.5.1918 on stampless postcard of the left bank of the Shatt El Arab waterway addressed to Woodmancote, Hants Res £22
  1. USA-Cover from Fresno dated 4.11.1918 addressed to an American soldier “Somewhere in France” with various instructional including NO RECORD/APO 762, APO 762/NO RECORD and framed ADDRESSEE RETURNED TO U.S.A WITH [CASUALS] Res £8
  2. TELEPHONE WARNINGS OF AN AIR RAID-Printed letter from the Metropolitan Police dated 22.11.1918 giving the news that current arrangements where the Met ring when an air raid is impending, are to cease as of this day. Also the screening of doors and windows will also cease forthwith Res £18
  3. USA-Cover from Pasadena, California addressed to a U.S soldier of the Expeditionary Force who has subsequently returned to the USA. With various cachets and instructional as a previous lot plus others Res £8
  4. S.A-Similar cover to previous ot, but with the scarce s/ring cancel RECEIVED CHELSEA TERM RPO/FROM A.E.F dated 5.3.1919 struck in violet ink on the front Res £12
  5. E.F-“Write Home & Let the Joyous Easter Bells Ring Out”-Rather Mom & Apple Pie printed message on the back of an AEF Overseas Easter Greetings correspondence card addressed to New York from US APO727 on 19.4.1919 Res £9
  6. VERSAILLES PEACE CONGRESS-French military field service postcard addressed to Paris, cancelled by the s/ring VERSAILLES / CONGRES DE LA PAIX dated 7.5.1919. At left is a similar worded unframed mark as applied to registered letters Res £15

MILITARY-1941 TO 1967

  1. INDIAN GEO VI 4 Annas airmail postal stationery postcard addressed to the UK, cancelled by d/ring Indian FPO/No.87 dated 9.7.1941 [GEBEIT, SUDAN] Res £22
  2. Z.E.F/No.9/N.Z.A.P.O 150-Rubber inked violet cancel at top right of stampless, undated cover to Greymouth. At bottom left is triangular SERVICE CENSOR No.89 and censor’s signature Res £12
  3. CZECH FORCES IN THE UK-Censored air mail cover addressed to the Czech Forces undercover address at P.O Box 226, London from Sweden with 2 x 25 Ore values tied by ESKILSTUNA dotted s/ring dated 8.4.1943. Below the stamps is the Czech Field Post receiver dated 22.4.1943 Res £22
  4. BILLY NO MATES-Channel Islands Refugees Committee headed notepaper dated 30.11.1943 addressed to a Channel Islands member of the WRAC at RAF Ruislip stating that there had been a number of inquiries as to the whereabouts of members of her family, but none in respect of herself!! Res £15
  5. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Stampless cover addressed to KALORAMA, cancelled by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/060 dated 12.2.1944 of Milne Bay. At left is the blue on white OPENED BY CENSOR tied by crowned circular censor No.10 in violet ink Res £18
  6. D-DAY BUILD UP-Postcard of Newquay, Cornwall addressed to Morewenstow, Cornwall with 2d GEO VI value tied by undated, dumb machine cancel POSTAGE/PAID. Alongside is the framed RAF censor No.760. The censor has scratched out his address and unit, leaving just his name, number & RAF Res £8
  7. TELEGRAM Envelope addressed to RAF NEWTOWNARDS from the wife of the addressee who has arrived safely in Manchester. Cancelled by nice s/ring NEWTOWNARDS/Co. DOWN dated 14.11.1944 Res £9
  8. FRANCE TO YUGOSLAVIA-Stampless, censored cover with letter from Paris addressed to BELGRADE on 18.9.1945 with Yugoslavian censor tape at left, tied by Belgrade censor mark in violet ink Res £12
  9. GREECE-Cover addressed to London with GEO VI 2½d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/777 dated 27.9.1948 at SALONICA as part of the British troops in Greece Res £8
  10. BURMA-Cover addressed to the British Services Mission at MINGALADON on 10.9.1949 with uncommon d/ring cancel RANGOON GPO/ARMY DELIVERY dated 12.9.1949 on the back Res £12
  11. CEYLON/TRANSPORT/KENYA-Ceylon postcard addressed to Portsmouth from a sergeant on board the “EMPIRE ORWELL” with GB QEII 2d tied by d/ring MOMBASA/ PAQUEBOT dated 13.9.1956. Alongside is the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/256 [Nairobi] dated 14th September Res £8
  12. JORDAN-British forces airmail letter sheet with Jordan 15 Fils tied by AMMAN dated 26.11.1960. The address is given by the sender as the British Training Mission to Jordan, RAF Element Res £12
  13. N FORCES IN THE GAZA STRIP-Christmas 1961 greetings card with regimental badge of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Reconaissance Squadron on the front and a picture of the troops in the white Land Rover. Comes with full write-up Res £8
  14. N FORCES IN THE GAZA STRIP-1962 Christmas greetings card from a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, based at Fort Worthington. Also comes with separate photo of Land Rovers patrolling a very nice little road on the Strip Res £8
  15. QE II 1/9d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to London with added 4d & 1/3d values tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/716 dated 21.4.1967 at S.H.A.P.E H.Q., Paris Res £12


  1. STAMPLESS Printed POW envelope addressed to Germany from a soldier in DONNINGTON HALL, DERBY P.O.W Camp. Letter is dated 19.6.1915 Res £25
  2. RUHLEBEN CAMP-Stampless printed German POW postcard addressed to Birkenhead with camp cachet at top left in a really bright red ink and the London Paid Krag cancel dated 30.8.1915 Res £12
  3. REAL PHOTO POSTCARD Of a very large group of British Prisoners at Ostend in June 1917-not postally used Res £10
  4. FRANCE-CHRISTMAS 1941 5f blue Petain POW postcard addressed to a French Officer in OFLAG VI A from Argentan on 30.11.1941. At left is camp cachet in violet ink Res £22
  5. RAVENFIELD PARK CAMP, ROTHERHAM-Printed POW letter sheet written from the camp on 3.8.1947 to the British Zone of Germany. On the back is the violet inked d/ring cachet of POW Camp No.295 Res £15


  1. BERMUDA-Postcard of a naval ship in the dry dock at Ireland Island addressed to Wallington, Surrey with EDW VII 1d tied by LIVERPOOL/E s/ring dated 22.5.1908 Res £8
  2. HMS LIVERPOOL-Postcard from Vigo addressed to Petersfield with EDW VII ½d tied by LONDON/172 D/ring naval cancel dated 23.1.1911 and by framed POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S in violet ink. At left is 1d tax mark of the Inland Section Res £18
  3. HMS AFRICA/SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL-Crested & headed notepaper with plain envelope [torn] addressed to Sussex on 21.9.1912 from OBAN. The writer tells of a visit by the First Lord of the Admiralty [Churchill], he says “I did not think much of him”!! Res £15
  4. HMS EARL OF PETERBOROUGH-Postcard of Venice addressed to Kent with ½d tied by War Bonds slogan of London dated 27.2.1918. Alongside is the unframed PASSED/CENSOR in purple ink Res £15
  5. HMS GALATEA-Real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Hornchurch with 1d tied by cork cross cancel. Below is a superb strike of the s/line mark PASSED SHIP CENSOR in violet ink. Also comes with further card of the ship with all the battle honours included, including DER TAG on 21.11.1918 [2] Res £15
  6. DOUBLE CENSORS-Cover addressed to Edinburgh with 2 x ½d values tied by 8 bar dumb cancels. At left is oval GROUP/CENSORED in violet ink & on the back is the framed O.D/CENSORED, again in violet ink Res £15
  7. HMS FIONA-Cover addressed to Chatham from a crew member with a pair of ½d values tied by London “Received From” etc dated 29.8.1915. Alongside is the framed CENSORED with red inked manuscript D within Res £20
  8. PASSED BY SHIP’S CENSOR/SURGEON-Oval mark in black ink on postcard of Kirkwall addressed to Portsmouth with stamp tied by FPOa Krag cancel dated 22.4.1917 Res £15
  9. HMS MAIDSTONE-Postcard written from the ship to Swansea with ½d tied by s/ring FLEET POST OFFICE dated 28.7.1915 with small PASSED BY CENSOR at top in violet ink, instead of the usual big thing Res £12
  10. HMS INFLEXIBLE-Postcard addressed to London with ½d tied by 8 bar dumb cancel with d/ring PASSED/CENSOR in violet ink Res £8
  11. HMS CANNING/KITE BALLOON SHIP-Formerly an RFA which saw service in MUDROS; Postcard of the Scots isles addressed to Gloucester with s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in a grey/blue ink. Undated, but Ca.1917 at Houton Res £25
  12. CHRISTMAS 1918-Greetings to the Grand Fleet from the Newspapers For The Fleet Committee of the London Chamber of Commerce, Christmas 1918 Res £9
  13. HMS BELLEROPHON-“Victory Greetings” card marking the Surrender of the German Fleet with photo of the ship inside & crest on the front Res £8
  14. M SUBMARINE “POSEIDON”-Real photo postcard of the Boat and the names of all those who perished when she went down off WEI HEI WEI on 9.6.1931 Res £15
  15. M SUBMARINE “UNSPARING”-Real photo postcard of the Boats conning tower with the Jolly Roger and kills clearly shown with many of the Boat’s company Res £18
  16. HMS DEVONSHIRE-Crested envelope addressed to Devon with GEO VI ½d & 1d values tied by diamond die machine cancel RECEIVED FROM HM SHIPS. At left is the blue inked PASSED BY CENSOR. Undated, but Ca.1939 Res £12
  17. HMS RESOURCE-Airmail cover addressed to the ARTIST’S RIFLES, London with GEO VI 3d & 1/- values tied by rubber cancels LONDON/H.M SHIPS dated 14.11.1939. At bottom left is the d/ring CENSORED in red ink Res £12
  1. SUBMARINE TENDER-Stampless German envelope addressed to Kiel, cancelled by dumb d/ring dated 8.2.1940 with the Swastika & Eagle cachet of the Admiral, Hamburg; Branch Office, Lubeck at bottom left and the FPO number M 19060 at top left, designated as the Submarine Tender “AMMERLAND” Res £25
  2. HMS RODNEY-1942 Censored envelope with letter written from the ship on 16.2.1942 to New York with 2 x 1½d values tied by dumb RECEIVED FROM/HM SHIPS. Comes with 1946 used postcard of the ship Res £9
  3. HMS GAMBIA-Cover from Fareham addressed to the ship on 22.5.1942 with postcard of the ship Res £8
  4. HMS VOLUNTEER-17th January 1942 letter & envelope addressed to Belfast which had been opened by the censor & the tape tied by tombstone censor mark. The letter is written from the ship and comes with a comprehensive history-a very busy warship!! Res £15
  5. HMS BULOLO-Stampless OAS cover to Surrey written from the ship during the D-Day landings on the 13th The writer tells of .....”Invasion, a wonderful sight to see so many ships accumulated together, resembling a regatta off the French Coast” Two days later, she was rammed by the “Empire Pitt” Res £22
  6. HMS TASAJERA-A letter with envelope written from the ship in November 1944 from the captain of the ship [his first command] who complains to his wife that the “Ship is unmanageable and out of control” A good read! Res £12
  7. HIRED TRANSPORT “CIRCASSIA”-Anchor Line crested envelope addressed to the captain of the Circassia, care of the Fleet Mail Officer, Bombay with Indian 3½ Anna tied by d/ring BRITISH FLEET MAIL/31 dated 4.10.1945. Comes with a picture of the ship Res £10
  8. POSTED ON BOARD/”VIKING VALIANT”/SILVER JUBILEE FLEET REVUE/28th JUNE 1977-Framed cachet on postcard addressed to Ringwood with QEII Silver Jubilee stamp tied by Southampton slogan for the HMS DAEDALUS AIR DAYS at Lee-on-Solent Res £12


  1. QV 1d pink envelope from the BATAVIA TIN MILLS, Upper Holloway addressed to Norfolk with 1862 International Prize Medal illustration at top left. Cancelled by LONDON N duplex cancel dated 19.9.1865-some ink rusting, but will clean-up Res £22
  2. DIE PROOF of the ½d newspaper wrapper impression on thick card with date 4.2.1875 together with the issued item, used from Sheffield to Devon on 28.8.1878-see illustration Res £65
  3. LETTER SHEET-1d pink letter sheet with imprinted addressed 8, New Burlington Street, London W-unused Res £12
  4. PARKINS & GOTTO-Lovely unused advertising ring envelope with green outer ring-see illustration Res £45
  5. DIE PROOF of the ½d brown newspaper wrapper imprint with the issued version-see illustration Res £75
  6. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Newbury from EVESHAM on 23.12.1893 with a very competent illustration on the back in colour of an oriental dock scene by the artist “KERSOE”-minor faults Res £22
  7. DIE PROOF of the 1½d EDW VII die in card with date 28.1.1902 and AFTER HARDENING together with the issued item-see illustration Res £75
  8. CARRON SHIPPING LINE-QV ½d green newspaper wrapper addressed within London with half-side advert for the company’s services to Scotland & Ireland; cancelled by LONDON E.C machine cancel dated 25.2.1902 Res £18
  9. DIE PROOF of the 3d EDW VII die on thick card with date 4.11.1902 and AFTER HARDENING together with the issued item, used from London to Hove on 8.10.1909-see illustration Res £75
  10. MOURNING EDW VII 1d envelope with embossed GM C&C Co. on the back flap. Partially pre-addressed to the WILTS & DORSET BANKING COMPANY at Westbourne, Bournemouth with stamp impression cancelled by lovely E-CROWN-R machine cancel dated 6.12.1904 Res £22
  11. GILMOUR THOMSON & Co.,-EDW VII advertising ½d green newspaper wrapper from the Scotch Whisky distillers, blenders & bottlers of the GLENCADAM DISTILLERY, Forfarshire addressed to Melbourne, Victoria and cancelled by GLASGOW/20 d/ring dated 17.10.1904 Res £22
  12. EDW VII PATENT OFFICE ½d yellow-green postcard pre-addressed to the Patent Office, London with embossed 7½d “PATENTS” stamp on the back-mint condition Res £65
  13. H EDGAR WESTON- A full half-sheet in two tete beche panes of 12 embossed 1d EDW VII values in each pane. Lovely condition and a scarce multiple-see illustration Res £75
  14. DIE PROOF of the GEO V ½d 1912 postcard in green on white shiny paper together with the issued version, used within London on 24.11.1917-see illustration Res £75
  1. DETAILED STAEMENT OF EXPORTS-Printed letter sheet addressed to Switzerland, listing exports from Egypt during April 1915 to a whole list of areas & countries by Davies, Benachi & Company of Alexandria with GEO V ½d die cancelled by LIVERPOOL machine cancel dated 28th April 1915 Res £12
  2. TETE BECHE pair of GEO V 1d cut-outs [by H Edgar Weston] affixed to an airmail cover to Belgium at the printed paper rate of 2½d with added ½d definitive tied by STOCKWELL SW 10/5 d/ring dated 16.10.1920 Res £22
  3. GEO V 1d oval die on official longer envelope pre-addressed to the SECRETARY, EDUCATION OFFICE, COUNTY HALL, IPSWICH with space at left for “Subject of Enclosure”-see illustration Res £25
  4. GEO V 3d brown die with 2d orange below on mint registered envelope size F [H&B RP36] in pristine condition-see illustration Res £100
  5. GEO V crested envelope from the Prices Company, Battersea addressed to Germany with 2d orange & 1d red dies cancelled by Battersea machine cancel dated 16.5.1922 Res £22
  6. TYPHOO TEA-Lovely GEO V 1½d “mourning” Safety Pocket Envelope pre-addressed to the company office in Birmingham with four sides of adverts & information-see illustration of the front Res £65
  7. STAMFORD MERCURY-Properly used GEO VI 1½d light brown newspaper wrapper with the hooded circle cancel STAMFORD MERCURY/742/STAMFORD Res £22
  8. STAMFORD MERCURY-Ditto as above with 1½d green GEO VI die with similar cancel Res £22
  9. OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION LTD-GEO VI ½d orange & 1½d rectangular dies on a used example of the card from London to Basingstoke on 8.7.1956 Res £22
  10. BLOOD TRANSFUSION CARD-Return portion with GEO VI ½d orange & 1d blue dies together with added ½d Wilding tied by LISKEARD/CORNWALL machine cancel dated 4.2.1957 Res £25
  11. ISLE OF MAN-H SIZE QEII 1/3d registered envelope addressed to Douglas with added 6d Empire Games & 1½d Wilding tied by d/rings FOXDALE ST JOHN’S/DOUGLAS dated 11.11.1958. At top left is the FOXDALE, ISLE OF MAN registration label Res £25


  1. LARGE E/NR mark in black on front of entire from London to SMITHYFOLD, “Barnsley” on 23.1.1852 with s/line MISSENT alongside d/arc BARNSLEY on the back flap Res £25
  2. BROADSTAIRS STATION B.O/RAMSGATE-D/rings dated 19.8.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. AUCHTERLESS STATION/561-Scots d/ring dated 9.10.1903 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  4. BEULAH/GARTH RSO BRECON-S/ring dated 23.12.1904 with no time or index ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. OTTERBURN/R.S.O-Skeleton cancel dated 23.3.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  6. WOODLAND STATION-S/ring dated 10.6.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  7. TAMWORTH & HEREFORD S.C UP-S/ring dated 25.6.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  8. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 10.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  9. MILLERS DALE/BUXTON-S/ring dated 22.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard. Although no mention of station, this mark was applied at the post office at Millers Dale Station Res £12
  10. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 7.4.1909 on EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope from Cheltenham to Chilworth, Hants Res £8
  11. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring dated 13.5.1909 on postcard from Merriot, Somerset to Fleet, Hants Res £8
  12. LLANDUDNO JUNC/CONWAY-Scarce skeleton cancel dated 3.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard-the only day of use so far recorded-see illustration Res £30
  13. KIPPEN STATION/653-Scots d/ring dated 31.12.1909 with index b as transit mark on postcard from Kippen Res £8
  14. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 5.9.1910 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Scarborough Res £12
  15. CASTLE CARY STATION-Scots s/ring dated 15.9.1910 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  16. BRAMPTON JUNCTION-S/ring dated 24.12.1910 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. STRAFFAN STN S.O/Co. KILDARE-S/ring dated 20.3.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  18. CARLISLE & AYR SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 1.5.1911 with index D on back of cover from Lincoln to Ayr Res £8
  19. MARTIN MILL STATION/DOVER-Rubber cancel dated 29.7.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  20. GLASGOW & CARLISLE S.C/UP LIMITED-S/rings dated 23.8.1912 with index L ties GEO V ½d & 1d values to front of card photograph envelope addressed to Suffolk Res £12
  21. POLKERRIS/PAR STATION S.O/CORNWALL-Rubber sub-office cancel dated 18.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  22. FIFE SORTING TENDER DOWN/458-D/ring dated 6.9.1912 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £30
  23. FIFE SORTING TENDER UP/458-Scots d/ring dated 18.3.1914 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £30
  24. NIGG STATION/ROSS-SHIRE D/ring dated 27.4.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  25. FRESHWATER STATION/I OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 20.7.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  26. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed within Stirling on 25.11.1918 with manuscript GONE AWAY and framed Return to Sender etc. Taxed ½d foe return to sender with ½d postage due tied by d/ring on 4.1.1919 Res £10
  27. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/rings dated 26.11.1923 ties 2 x ½ d & a single 1d to cover addressed to Portsmouth. This is the first day of the restoration of the service Res £22
  28. UDNY STATION/+ Scots d/ring dated 1.2.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  29. WHITEHAVEN S.C-D/rings dated 28.2.1930 ties ½d PUC and 1½d definitive to George King cover [Wilson 146a] Res £15
  30. CALEDONIAN TPO/DAY UP-S/rings dated 4.8.1931 ties 2 x ½d & a single 1d to cover addressed to Croydon Res £12
  31. HIGHLAND TPO UP/SOUTHERN SECTION-D/rings dated 15.3.1933 ties GEO V ½d x 2 & 1d to Cutress cover Res £9
  32. HIGHLAND TPO/DOWN-D/rings dated 11.1.1935 ties 2 x 1d values to Chambers cover Res £9
  33. CARLISLE AYR R.S.C-S/rings dated 9.5.1936 ties a pair of ½d & single 1d photogravure values to cover addressed to Glasgow Res £12
  34. UP SPECIAL TPO/2-D/ring transit mark dated 9.9.1960 on postcard from LARNE to Stamford Res £6
  35. BANGOR-CREWE TPO-D/ring dated 19.2.1966 ties ½d Wilding & Welsh 3d regional to commercial cover addressed to Leigh, Lancs Res £6


  1. SEVERN & WYE JOINT RAILWAY-Ewen cover with 2d RLS tied by Paddington machine cancel dated 28.2.1912 and s/lines DRYBROOK in violet ink Res £120
  2. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-3d on 2d RLS on Wilson cover cancelled by indistinct Cardiff station company cancel on 29.5.1920 Res £110
  3. CHESHIRE LINES COMMITTEE-3d RLS on Wilson cover cancelled by s/line NORTHENDEN in violet ink. The postage stamp is tied by STOCKPORT d/ring dated 18.8.1920 Res £95
  4. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Manuscript 4d on 3d on 2d RLS with 3d red overprint on Wilson The 2 x 1d stamps are tied by d/rings CARLISLE/4 dated 4.10.1920 and pn cross cancels Res £110
  5. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 4d on 2d violet overprint tied by CARDIFF machine cancel dated 2.3.1922 & by s/line PONTYPRIDD JUNCTION in violet ink-see illustration Res £120
  6. RHONDDA & SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY-Manuscript 4d on 2d RLS cancelled by SWANSEA company cancel dated 7.3.1922. The 2d postage stamp is tied by PORT TALBOT d/ring dated the same day-this is the only recorded cover with the 4d on 2d-see illustration Res £140
  7. GREAT CENTRAL & GREAT MIDLAND JOINT COMMITTEE-4d on 2d RLS on Wilson cover cancelled by lovely violet inked GPO telegraphic cancel MARPLE/STATION/G.C & M RYS, as are the ½d & 1d stamps on 27.4.1923 Res £110
  8. MIDLAND & GREAT NORTHERN RIALWAYS JOINT COMMITTEE-3d on 4d on 3d on 2d RLS [phew!!] tied to Wilson cover tied by rubber HOLBEACH company cancel dated 21.1.1928-posted at Spalding on the same day Res £125
  9. METROPOLITAN & GREAT CENTRAL JOINT COMMITTEE-3d on 4d RLS tied to Wilson cover by lovely oval cancel of WENDOVER STATION dated 3.2.1928. The postage stamp is similarly tied by the oval company cancel & by AYLESBURY machine cancel dated the same day Res £120
  10. EXETER ST DAVIDS GWR 7d paid parcel stamp on front of First Class Passenger luggage part wrapper addressed to Minehead on 20.2.1928 Res £25
  11. SHROPSHIRE & MONTGOMERYSHIRE RAILWAY-3d on 4d RLS tied to Wilson cover by lovely framed company cancel of ABBEY STATION dated 30.3.1928 Res £125
  1. GWR 4d paid parcel stamp on neat cover addressed to Albrighton, Wolverhampton issued at COSFORD on 29.6.1944 and cancelled by the GWR cancel of Cosford station. The GEO VI 2½d is tied by the ALBRIGHTON/WOLVERHAMPTON STAFFS d/ring dated the same day Res £45
  2. GWR-4d paid parcel stamp on commercial small cover to London, tied by LONDON W.2 slogan cancel dated 4.7.1946 and by LLANELLY GWR cancel Res £40
  3. GREAT WESTERN & GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAYS JOINT COMMITTEE-5d prepaid parcel stamp on cover addressed to Welwyn affixed at HADDENHAM STATION with s/line HADDENHAM GWR cancel on 22.11.1947 Res £45
  4. LNER Square 5d paid parcel stamp issued & used from WELWY NORTH STATION on cover to West Runton with postage stamps tied by London WC Post Early slogan dated 9.12.1947 Res £35


  1. SIXTEEN Telegrams & a letter from the Duke of Atholl, Lord Macrae and others concerning Royal matters 1923-43 Res £45
  2. BUCKINGHAM PALACE notepaper & envelope to the Matron of the Stamford Hill Home, Thorpe Bay thanking her & the children for sending Birthday wishes to Prince Charles as the Duke of Cornwall on 14.11.1952 Res £15
  3. BUCKINGHAM PALACE Headed notepaper dated 21.5.1954 thanking Mrs Arnold for her kind words in welcoming home the Queen after her Commonwealth tour Res £8
  4. ORDER OF PROCSSION AND SEATING PLAN For the opening of the 7th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Westminster Hall by The Queen on 25.9.1961 Res £9
  5. SANDRINGHAM SHOOTING PARTY-Printed card with details of the kill by Mrs Christopher, shooting at the Sandringham Allotments on 30.10.1976 Res £12


  1. WELLS, SOMERSET-Two PPLs from here, one is blank & has triangular WEJ telegraphic code and 5d QV tied by WELLS SOMERSET/M. O & S.B s/ring dated 21.11.1898 and the other with no stamps affixed with similar cancel dated 14.12.1896 with large hand-struck 3 at top right-both have faults Res £22
  2. WELLS, SOMERSET-Scarcer PPL from here on what looks & feels like greaseproof paper with hand-struck WEJ telegraphic code and 4d QV tied by M.O & S.B cancel dated 20.10.1898 Res £30
  3. 26, DOWN STREET, PICCADILLY-PPL From here with the X LIST DESIGNATION-W3 applied at the base of the label above the place for postage stamps, used with QV 4d-see illustration Res £25
  4. AXMINSTER-PPL From here with no stamps affixed, cancelled by AXMINSTER/M.O & S.B s/ring dated 22.7.1901 Res £22
  5. BEDDINGTON, CROYDON-Blue PPL from here with BEDDINGTON excised, leaving just Croydon. No stamps affixed, but cancelled by s/ring CROYDON/P.P dated 23.8.1902 Res £22
  6. KILMUN, Under Greenock-PPL From here with EDW VII 9d tied by GREENOCK target parcel cancel. Alongside is d/ring KILMUN/755 dated 16.6.1903-see illustration Res £35
  7. SEATON, Under Axminster-PPL From here with EDW VII 5d tied by s/ring SEATON/ DEVON dated 21.7.1905 with further strike alongside Res £22
  8. SUTTON-Blue PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by s/ring SUTTON/1 dated 7.10.1907. Alongside is a further strike-nice! Res £22
  9. KEW GARDENS-Blue PPL From here with no stamps affixed, cancelled by s/ring KEW GARDENS dated 27.4.1908. Small nick at right Res £22
  10. BIRKENHEAD [LISCARD]-PPL From here with a strip of 3 x 1d EDW VII values tied by BIRKENHEAD roller cancel. Alongside is s/ring LISCARD/BIRKENHEAD dated 15.6.1909 Res £18
  11. WALKFORD, Under Christchurch-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by poor HIGHCLIFFE/CHRISTCHURCH skeleton dated 6.6.1912. Alongside is partial rubber cancel WALKFORD/CHRISTCHURCH dated 6.6.1912 Res £22
  12. MITCHAM-Blue PPL From here with EDW VII 5d tied by MITCHAM target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring MITCHAM dated 7.10.1912 Res £18
  13. ALVESTON, Under Stratford-on-Avon-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring ALVESTON/WARWICKSHIRE dated 24.4.1925 with further strike alongside Res £22
  14. COX GREEN/MAIDENHEAD/BERKS-Black rubber cancel ties 6d GEO V value to piece with mini-PPL alongside with same cancel Res £15
  15. EXPERIMENTAL METER LABELS-Three labels from HORSEFERRY ROAD [1/7d], HOUNSLOW [1/-] & COVENTRY [1/2d] used 1953, 1953 & 1954 respectively Res £18


  1. CLAVENDON/OLNEY S.O/BUCKS-Violet rubber dated 19.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  2. STOKE EDITH/HEREFORD-Violet rubber redirectional mark dated 5.9.1906 on postcard from Eastbourne redirected to Bexley Res £8
  3. GLEADLESS/SHEFFIELD-Violet rubber dated 17.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  4. EAST MARDEN/CHICHEATER-Violet rubber dated 26.11.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. LYDEARD ST LAWRENCE/TAUNTON-Violet rubber dated 16.2.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. STELLING MINNIS/CANTERBURY-Violet cancel dated 23.1.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. CROXTON/BROCKLESBURY/LINCS-Black rubber dated 23.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. SETCH/KINGS LYNN-Violet cancel dated 6.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. CHILMARK/SALISBURY-Black cancel dated 28.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. ROCKFIELD/MONMOUTH-Black cancel dated 30.4.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. PORTHPEAN/ST AUSTELL-Violet cancel dated 7.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. ST MICHAEL’S PENKEVIL/PROBUS/CORNWALL-Blck cancel dated 23.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  13. SUTTON/MALLETT-RUBBER SKELETON Cancel in black, dated 4.9.1912 ties stamp to postcard-Nice Somerset item Res £25
  14. NORRISTHORPE/HALIFAX-Violet cancel dated 5.9.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. WORMLEIGHTON/LEAMINGTON SPA-Black cancel dated 5.10.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. STATION RD/ULCEBY S.O/LINCS-Black cancel dated 1.7.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  17. INVERKEITHNY/TURRIFF-Black cancel dated 18.8.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. SOUTH WILLINGHAM/LINCOLN-Black cancel dated 25.5.1925 ties 1d 1925 Wembley Exhibition value to postcard Res £12
  19. HEYDON/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 19.5.1926 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. FLIXBOROUGH / SCUNTHORPE / LINCS - Black cancel dated 28.10.1934 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. DOWNHAM-23mm skeleton dated 24.3.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. BILLINGHURST S.O/SUSSEX dated 18.7.1905 with index X ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. EASTWOOD/NOTTINGHAM dated 6.9.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. SHENLEY/BARNET dated 7.8.1906 with MANUSCRIPT month ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. ALCESTER/S.O-23mm mark dated 6.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. WELTON/BATH-Cancel dated 2.11.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. ELLY BAY/C.G.S-Irish double rim skeleton dated 21.3.1908 as used at the COAST GUARD STATION [C.G.S] Res £35
  8. COALVILLE/LEICESTER dated 23.5.1908 with index K ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. WEST CROSS S.O/GLAMORGAN dated 27.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. WATTON/THETFORD dated 18.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. WEMBWORTHY/DEVON dated 16.6.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. COMPTON/WOLVERHAMPTON dated 18.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. WEEDON/NORTHANTS dated 26.6.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. AUGHNACLOY-Irish d/rimmed mark dated 20.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  15. BRACON ASH/NORWICH-RUBBER SKELETON dated 28.8.1911 ties stamp to nice real photo postcard of the village Res £25


  1. LOCHBOISDALE PIER/516-Scots d/ring dated 22.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  2. DOUNBY-S/ring dated 5.9.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. ST MARGARET’S HOPE-S/ring dated March 1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. LOCHRANZA-S/ring dated 13.6.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. DUNROSSNESS-S/ring dated 28.6.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. WHITING BAY/ARRAN-S/ring dated 18.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. CULLIVOE-S/ring dated 29.6.1908 ties stamp to postcard. Also with various manuscript instructional markings including NOT FOR, TRY SCALLOWAY, NOT LERWICK ETC Res £18
  8. TINGWALL LERWICK-S/ring dated 29.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. KERRYCROY/ROTHESAY-Rubber cancel dated 28.8.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  10. EVIE/KIRKWALL-S/ring dated 29.1.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. CASTLE BAY/515-Scots d/ring dated 31.7.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. TOBERMORY/ISLE OF MULL-D/ring dated 14.7.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. UIG-S/ring dated 15.7.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. BIRSAY/KIRKWALL ORKNEY-D/ring dated 1935 ties 1d Silver Jubilee value to postcard Res £6
  15. COLE/ISLE OF-D/ring dated 11.10.1990 ties stamp to postcard Res £5


  1. SHOTTON COLLIERY-S/ring dated 9.10.1903 addressed to the post office at Castle Eden with stamp tied by s/ring CASTLE EDEN RSO/Co. DURHAM dated the same day Res £10
  2. PERCY MAIN-S/ring dated 20.10.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. WEST WYLAM COLLIERY-S/ring dated 24.3.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. BEDLINGTON COLLIERY-S/ring dated 14.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. WALDRIDGE COLLIERY-Scarcer s/ring cancel dated 24.5.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. HEBBURN COLLIERY/HEBBURN-S/ring dated 31.5.1910 on stampless postcard addressed locally Res £10
  7. SHANKHOUSE COLLIERY-S/ring dated 17.1.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  8. CORNSAY COLLIERY-S/ring dated 15.5.1912 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the railway at the colliery. At bottom left is the s/ring mark JOSEPH NORWOOD / POST / OFFICE / CORNSAY / COLLIERY / DURHAM in black ink-see illustration Res £45
  9. PEGSWOOD COLLIERY/MORPETH NTHBD-D/ring dated 22.5.1967 ties stamp to cover addressed to Wales Res £6
  10. EASINGTON/EASINGTON COLLIERY Co. DURHAM-D/ring dated 22.4.1959 ties 6d stamp to cover addressed to Germany Res £8


  1. JOHN-O’GROATS/N.B/HOUSE-Violet cachet on postcard of the Old Man of Wick addressed to Duffield on 30.8.1906. There is, unusually a further strike on the picture side Res £15
  2. THE WATCH TOWER/BEACHY/HEAD-Oval buckle cancel on card from Eastbourne on 1.8.1915 Res £7
  3. BOUGHT ON CADER IDRIS SUMMIT ETC.-Oval framed cachet on postcard to Bath, posted from Dolgelly on 7.8.1941 Res £10
  4. THE OLD POST OFFICE/TINTAGEL-Large circular d/ring in blue-green on underpaid postcard to Bexhill with 1p due tied on arrival at Bexhill-on-Sea Res £5
  5. POSTED IN THE OLDEST/PILLAR BOX IN SCOTLAND/AT THE GLASGOW/ MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT-Unframed cachet in red on postcard to Coventry on 25.7.1979 Res £5
  6. DITTO-Same cachet, same address, same date Res £5
  7. POSTED UNDERGROUND / AT / DATE / LECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS-Cachet in black on postcard dated 19.8.1981 to Winchester Res £4
  8. POSTYS YN KERNOW-Triangular label and a celebration label “The last non-English army to reach London” tied by d/ring POLDARK/POSTED/UNDERGROUND/MINING LTD cachet used from Helston, 1981 Res £8
  9. POSTED ON/MAP/BROWNSEA ISLAND-Black inked scarcer slogan on postcafd to Warwickshire from Poole on 17.8.1991 Res £12
  10. BRITAIN’S MOST NORTHERLY/POST OFFICE/BALTA SOUND/UNST/SHETLAND-framed mark in black dated 10.7.2007 Res £5


  1. 10 ALLRESFORD-3TH HOS ties stamp to cover on 8.6.1869 Res £22
  2. 45 BALDOCK-4VOS ties stamp to cover on 26.4.1872 Res £18
  3. 72 BILLERICAY-4VOS ties stamp to cover on 23.8.1871 Res £30
  4. 561 NEWPORT DOCKS-3VODs dated 5.3.1883 with index D ties ½d green & 2 x 1d lilacs to cover addressed to France-see illustration Res £35
  5. 561 NEWPORT DOCKS/NEWPORT MON-3VOD dated 15.8.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. 578 APPLEDORE/KENT-4VOD dated 31.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  7. 985 CHURSTON FERRERS-3VOD [error for G85] dated 21.9.1907 with index E ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  8. C76 PRESTWICH-4VODB dated 21.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. E69 WINFORTON-4VOS 90% strike on very clean 8d orange QV value Res £25
  10. F09 HOLMROOK-3VOD dated 21.12.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  11. F24-WHITLAND-3VOD dated 9.8.1904 ties stamp to cover Res £7
  12. F55 TALYSARN-3VOD dated 21.3.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  13. G57 HOLLINWOOD-3VOD dated 10.5.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  14. H26 HINDERWELL-3VOD dated 17.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  15. J24 GREENSTREET/KENT-3VOD dated 12.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £30
  16. J31 BETHERSDEN-3VOD dated 2.12.1907 with date number inverted, ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  17. K34 HASWELL-CDSA D D/ring cancel dated 28.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  18. K35 MURTON COLLIERY-CDS D/ring dated 25.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  19. K36 SOUTH HETTON-CDS D/ring dated 27.7.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  20. K95 SHIPTON UNDER WYCHWOOD-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 2.5.1903 Res £12


  1. ANTARCTICA, FRENCH-Postcard of the M.S “LINDBLAD EXPLORER” addressed to the USA with 1f90c ships commem tied by PORT AUX FRANCAIS KEBGUELEN/T.A.A.F dated 1.12.1980. With two red inked, pictorial cachets on the address side Res £18
  2. ANTARCTICA, FRENCH-Postcard of the Lindblad Explorer addressed to the USA with 1f40c birds issue tied by DUMONT D’URVILLE slogan cancel dated 20.4.1982 Res £18
  3. AUSTRALIA-Stampless postcard addressed within TIARO with a block of four SG D22 tied by s/rings TIARO/QUEENSLAND dated 3.1.1908 Res £35
  4. BAHAMAS-GEO V Registered postal stationery envelope addressed to New York with added 1½d definitive tied by s/ring NASSAU dated 6.3.1935-nice! Res £22
  5. BASUTOLAND-Postcard of Rome addressed to the Orange Free State with ½d Transvaal EDW VII value tied by s/rings TEYATEYANENG/BASUTOLAND dated 11.12.1912 Res £45
  6. BERMUDA-Postcard to New York with US 1c tied by machine cancel AMERICAN BASE FORCES/APO 802 dated 15.4.1942 from the US Forces in Bermuda Res £15
  7. BOHEMIA & MORAVIA-Postcard addressed locally with 60c Hitler head tied by bilingual ZLIN dated 3.6.1944. At left is an orange label “BATA 1894-1944” tied by cachet PAMATNIK TOMASE BATI/VE ZUNE Res £18
  8. BRITISH HONDURAS-Underpaid postcard from LOUISVILLE, Kentucky to Belize and redirected to COROZAL with 4c British Honduras postage due tied by s/ring BELIZE on 5.2.1944-see illustration Res £45
  9. CAMEROUN-Registered picture postcard addressed to Austria with 20, 30 & 40Pf values tied by s/rings GARUA/KAMERUN dated 10.11.1908. At left is appropriate registration label-see illustration Res £45
  10. CANADA-Very nice little cover addressed to Glasgow with 12c green tied by dumb diamond cancel of Toronto on 28.5.1863. Below is the unframed GLASGOW PACKET/PAID dated 11.6.1863-see illustration Res £85
  11. CANADA-Postcard od Dawson with EDW VII 2c tied by dumb cancel of DAWSON on 1.7.1908 Res £8
  12. CHINA-Postcard addressed within Shanghai with German 3, 5 & 10Pf CHINA overprints tied by s/ring cancels of the German P.O at Shanghai on 18.7.1908-very nice looker! Res £35
  13. CHINA-Postcard of ship on the back addressed to Naples with Italian PO in Peking 5 & 10c values overprinted PECHINO tied by d/rings RR POSTE ITALIANE/PECHINO CINA dated 25.9.1917. Only one snag, there is biro scribble at top left of the card!! See illustration Res £75
  14. CUBA-Underpaid postcard of the visit of President Kruger to France in 1900 addressed within Havana on 5.4.1902 with US 1c postage due with CUBA/1c/DE PESO overprint, pre-cancelled by figure 7 Res £45
  15. DANZIG-Postcard addressed to Margate, UK with 10Pf Germania tied by very good oval TPO cancel STOLP-DANZIG dated 22.8.1900 ZUG 549 Res £25
  16. DANZIG-Underpaid postcard from the USA addressed to Danzig with SG D178/79 tied by d/rings on arrival dated 11.11.1925 Res £25
  17. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Coloured advertising postcard for a bank in the DEI addressed to Holland with 7½c definitive & 40c airmail overprint tied by d/rings BUITENZORG dated 1.11.1928 Res £22
  18. EGYPT-10M Pyramid postal stationery envelope addressed to Alexandria with added 5M tied by ZIFTA cancel dated 13.7.1926 Res £15
  19. FALKLAND ISLANDS DEPENDENCIES-Underpaid cover from Holland addressed to South Georgia and taxed 70 over 75. With 2 x 6p on 9d & a single 2½p on 2½d overprint values paying the postage due, tied by SOUTH GEORGIA cancels dated 14.2.1978. Also with s/line RETOUR-RETURN and the Buenos Aires Declaration cancel dated 4.10.1977 Res £35
  20. GIBRALTAR-Neat cover addressed to Leipzig with QV 1d & 2d values tied by duplex cancels dated 19.4.1900 with index B Res £45
  21. GIBRALTAR-Registered cover addressed to Glasgow with 3 x 1d QV values tied by oval registered cancels dated 8.10.1900. The righthand stamp shows a large white ring around the Queen’s year, giving the impression her wearing a large ear ring Res £65
  22. GIBRALTAR-Small OHMS cover addressed to Newark, USA with QV ½d x 2, 2d x 2 & 4d values tied by oval registered cancels on 13.3.1902-see illustration Res £65
  23. GIBRALTAR-Cover addressed to a naval officer on board HMS VIDAL at Gibraltar and redirected to Poste Restante with 2nd set QEII 5/-, 10/- & £1 values tied y d/rings GIBRALTAR dated 5.5.1962 Res £35
  24. GIBRALTAR-EXPRESS MAIL Postcard addressed to Stanmore, Middlesex with 2½d & 1/- values tied by slogan cancel dated 16.9.1963. The Express label is tied by framed EXPRESS FEE PAID in violet ink Res £18
  25. GOLD COAST-Postcard addressed to Basel with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/rings WINNEBAH/GOLD COAST dated 8.11.1924 Res £22
  26. GOLD COAST-Nondescript postcard addressed to Detroit with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by d/ring ANUMI/CROWN/GOLD COAST dated 1.1.1925 Res £22
  27. GOLD COAST-Postcard of Secondee harbour addressed to Workington, Cumberland with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring NSUTA/GOLD COAST dated 3.12.1927 Res £25
  28. GOLD COAST-Postcard addressed to Switzerland with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied to the picture side by d/rings TAPO/GOLD COAST dated 23.12.1927 Res £22
  1. GOLD COAST-Postcard addressed to KOFORIDUA from Kumasi with ½d GEO V tied by d/ring dated 28.10.1937. Alongside is circular framed T and the 1d postage due tied by very good oval registered cancel of KOFORIDUA dated the following day-see illustration Res £35
  2. GOLD COAST-Forces airmail cover to Newark, Notts with QEII 2½d tied by the less common single ring cancel GIFFORD CAMP A/GOLD COAST dated 21.10.1954 Res £12
  3. GREECE, VATHY, SAMOS-Postcard addressed to Rhodes with a block of four 1c grey values with Greek overprints cancelled by d/ring VATHY in blue ink on 30.10.1914 Res £25
  4. GREECE-Underpaid postcard from KENTPINKON addressed to Athens on 14.2.1928 with 3 x 1c postage dues tied on arrival Res £22
  5. GRENADA-Underpaid postcard from Worcester, UK addressed to St Andrew’s on 3.2.1903 with 1d postage due tied by s/ring ST GEORGE/GRENADA dated 17.2.1903 Res £35
  6. HOLLAND-Underpaid postcard from Norway with 5 Ore tied by BERGEN d/ring dated 2.7.1902 with 4 x 2½c and a single 5c postage dues tied by d/rings dated 6.7.1902 Res £18
  7. ITALY/SUDAN-Underpaid postcard from Port Sudan to Venice dated 15.1.1931 with Sudan framed tax mark and an Italian 1 Lira postage due tied on arrival by d/ring Res £18
  8. ITALY/INDIA-GEO VI registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Surrey with added pair of 10 Lira commems & a 100 Lira value tied by UDINE SUCC d/rings dated 12.5.1948 Res £22
  9. JAMAICA/WAR TAX-Registered cover to Switzerland with ½d, 2 x 1½d & a 3d value, all overprinted WAR/STAMP & tied by oval registered cancels of Kingston, dated 30.1.1919 Res £22
  10. JAMAICA-UNITED FRUIT COMPANY Cancel of the SS “ZACAPA” ties 1d pictorial to postcard addressed to Philadelphia on 18.6.1928-see illustration Res £22
  11. JAMAICA-Pictorial advertising envelope for Humber Cycles addressed to the company at Nottingham with GEO VI 1½d x 2 & 1/- values tied by SPANISH TOWN cancels dated 14.10.1942. At left is EXAMINER I.D/8824 censor tape & at right is PC 90 censor tape Res £22
  12. JAPAN-POSTCARD Addressed to the UK with 10s & 4s values tied by d/ring IMPERIAL HOTEL/TOKYO dated 27.4.1954 Res £10
  13. U.T-Postcard from Ramsgate addressed to JINJA with 1d tied by machine cancel dated 13.8.1930. Taxed 10c in London, the 10c postage due is tied by s/ring REGISTERED/JINJA dated 10.9.1930 Res £25
  14. U.T-Postcard addressed to Folkestone with QEII 5c & 10c values tied by lovely skeleton cancel JOHN’S/CORNER dated 1.11.1954 with year above date slugs Res £15
  15. LAGOS-Postcard addressed to France with EDW VII 1d tied by very good d/ring ASABA dated 8.2.1907-card is a little flimsy Res £12
  16. LEBANON-Underpaid postcard from France addressed to Beirut with SG D484 5p postage due tied on arrival in September 1954 Res £22
  17. LEEWARD ISLANDS/VIRGIN ISLANDS-Postcard addressed to Sweden with 2 x 1c grey QEII values tied by s/ring ROAD TOWN/TORTOLA W.I dated 9.2.1954 Res £15
  18. LEVANT, AUSTRIAN/DARDANELLES-Postcard of Constantinople addressed to France with Austrian 10 Para overprint tied by d/ring cancel of the Austrian P.O “DARDANELLE” dated 25.10.1904 Res £18
  19. LEVANT, RUSSIAN-Postcard of Trebizonde military hospital addressed to France with Russian Levant 10 Para on 2k overprint tied by the violet d/ring cancel of the Russian P.O in TREBIZOND dated 22.8.1910-see illustration Res £30
  20. LUXEMBOURG-Underpaid postcard from the IVORY COAST addressed to Berlin & redirected to Luxembourg with 20c postage due affixed & tied by d/ring dated 30.9.1935 Res £22
  21. MALAYA-GEO VI 2c Straits Settlements orange postal stationery postcard addressed to Philadelphia with 1c values from the Straits, Negri Sembelan; Perak, Pahang & Selengor tied by d/rings PENANG dated 26.5.1941. The scarcer ARRIVED SAFELY” label is tied by triangular PASSED FOR-TRANSMISSION/41 in violet ink-see illustration Res £75
  22. MALAYA-Indian 9 Pies postal stationery postcard addressed to Batu Gajah and cancelled by d/ring AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE/ALLAHABAD dated 25.10.1954. At left is Indian framed FOREIGN POST/T/CALCUTTA, below Malayan Postal Union 2c & 12c postage dues tied by s/ring on arrival on 10.11.1954 Res £22
  23. MARTINIQUE-Postcard of Fort de France addressed to Germany with 2c, 4c & 90c on 75c values tied by SAINT PIERRE cancels dated 3.3.1928 Res £20
  24. E.F-Postcard addressed to Italy from Asmara with GEO VI 3d MEF overprint tied by ASMARA CENTRO d/ring dated 17.7.1944. Alongside is the British octagonal censor mark ZZ/4-nice wartime usage, particularly of a picture postcard Res £30
  1. MONTSERRAT-Postcard of the Myrtle Bank Hotel, Jamaica addressed to Antigua with Montserrat ½d tied by s/ring MONTSERRAT dated 18.5.1904 with index A. Below, at left is the s/ring ST JOHN’S/ANTIGUA B.W.I dated 20.5.1904 Res £22
  2. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of tourists landing at Mogador addressed to Warwick with EDW VII 1d 10 Centimos overprint tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/MOGADOR dated 17.12.1909 Res £15
  3. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of the market place, Mazagan addressed to Thornton Heath with EDW VII 10 centimos overprint tied by the s/ring of the British Post Office, Mazagan dated 31.12.1909. Alongside is the Tangier transit of the BPO dated 3.1.1910 Res £20
  4. MOZAMBIQUE-Stampless postcard from Germany dated 17.8.1908 with 10 & 30 Reis postage dues tied by incomplete d/ring cancels dated 15.9.1908. Redirected to TETE, the hexagonal cancel TETE at left is dated 25.9.1908-see illustration Res £25
  5. NEW CALEDONIA-Postcard of Noumea addressed to Switzerland with a pair of 5c Colonial types tied by blue inked d/ring NOUVELLE CALEDNIE/HOINDOU dated 27.5.1907 Res £25
  6. NEWFOUNDLAND-Postcard addressed to Great Yarmouth with 2c GEO V value tied by dumb cancel of CHANCE ISLANDS. Alongside is the circular unframed cancel dated 23.10.1911 Res £22
  7. NEWFOUNDLAND-Postcard of BRIGUS addressed to Suffolk with 3c Queen Elizabeth value tied by circular unframed BELL ISLAND MINES dated 1.4.1946 Res £20
  8. NEW FOUNDLAND-Postcard of Bowring Park Bungalow addressed to Zurich with 4 x 5c Cabot commems tied y s/rings GANDER/NEWF’D dated 22.3.1948 Res £18
  9. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Postcard of LOKOJA addressed to North Shields with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring ZARIA NORTHERN NIGERIA dated 22.3.1909. Alongside is d/ring transit mark of ZUNGERU dated 5.4.1909 and an unidentified d/ring dated 10.4.1909 Res £25
  10. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Real photo postcard of a forest river scene addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring NARAGUTA N???N Dated 23.9.1912 Res £20
  11. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of Madeira addressed to Windsor with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring KOKO/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 22.9.1913 Res £20
  12. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-D/ring OPOBO/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 25.10.1918 ties GEO V 1d to postcard addressed to Loughborough, Leics with unexplainable d/ring cancel of WALLASEY at top, dated 26.11.1918 Res £15
  13. NIGERIA/DENMARK/POSTAGE DUE-Real photo of water carriers, KAGORO addressed to Denmark with 2 x 3d GEO VI values tied by d/ring cancel MAT..... dated 7.9.1950. Taxed 2c in Nigeria, the Danish postal authorities have attached a post office slip with 2 x 2 Ore & 2 x 15 Ore values attached to the card and tied by two lovely s/line cancels HELLERUP in violet ink Res £22
  14. NORFOLK ISLAND-QANTAS AIRWAYS Postcard addressed to Yorkshire with the Christmas 1965 value tied by s/ring NORFOLK ISLAND dated 17.3.1970 Res £20
  15. NORWAY-Underpaid postcard from CASTLE CAREY RSO to Bergen with 2 x ½d EDW VII values tied by d/ring dated 10.7.1905. Taxed 15c in London, the 4 & 20 Ore dues are tied by d/ring BERGEN dated 13.7.1905 Res £20
  16. NORWAY-Underpaid postcard from VICTORIA, Australia with QV 1d tied by MELBOURNE machine cancel dated 23.11.1910. Taxed 10c in Melbourne, the 2 x 4 Ore dues are tied by KRISTIANA d/ring dated 25.12.1910 Res £20
  17. NYASALAND-Postcard of Angoni Dancers addressed to Lourenzo Marques with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring PORT HERALD dated 14.12.1914. The Mozambique arrival mark is dated 2.1.1915 Res £20
  18. NYASALAND-Real photo postcard of the NDIRANDE HILL, Blantyre bwith small settlement in front, addressed to London with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring ZOMBA dated 26.11.1926 Res £20
  19. NYASALAND-Real photo postcard of the Landing Stage, Victoria Falls addressed to London with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring MIKOLONGWE/NYASALAND dated 29.11.1928 Res £22
  20. NYASALAND-Airmail cover to London with 3d & 1/- revenue value POSTAGE overprints tied by d/ring MZUZA.../NYASALAND dated 16.12.1965 Res £15
  21. PALESTINE-Underpaid postcard from Egypt with 2 x 6 Mils tied by CAIRO cancel dated 13.10.1942. Alongside is framed TO PAY/MILS with 3 inserted in pencil. Alongside this are the 1 & 2 Mil Palestine postage dues tied by s/ring JERUSALEM dated 16.10.1942 [SG D12 & 13] Res £25
  22. PERSIA-Postcard of Tehran addressed to Belgium with 3Ch value tied by very good s/ring ENZELI dated 21.11.1912. Alongside is the d/ring version ENZELI [DEPART] dated the same day Res £25
  23. PHILLIPINES-Postcard of Dumaguette as seen through a periscope addressed to Kansas with 2c green tied by duplex cancel DUMAGUETTE/NEGROS OR P.I dated 24.5.1910 Res £22
  24. PHILLIPINES-Real photo postcard of the native church, MORO addressed to Manila with 2c tied by duplex cancel CAMP KEITHLY P.I/MORO dated 15.6.1917 Res £25
  25. RHODESIA, BSAC-Photographic vignette postcard NKATA BAY, LAKE NYASA addressed to Colesberg, Cape Province with ½d pair of BSAC values tied by d/ring FORT SIMPSON/N.E RHODESIA dated 22.11.1904. Alongside is the COLESBERG spaced lettering s/ring dated 20.12.1904 Res £45
  26. RHODESIA, BSAC-Real photo postcard of Fort Charter addressed to N’DANGA with ½d BSAC tied by s/ring ENKELDOORN / RHODESIA dated 11.10.1905. Alongside is s/ring transit VICTORIA / MASHONALAND dated 16.10.1906 Res £25
  27. RHODESIA, BSAC-Coloured postcard of MANICA ROAD, Salisbury addressed to TREFNANT RSO, Wales with 1d BSAC with RHODESIA overprint tied by d/ring ELDORADO MAINE/S RHODESIA dated 3.4.1910. Alongside is the Salisbury transit d/ring dated the following day Res £35
  28. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Registered cover addressed to HQ RAF Middle East with 2 x 2d Victoria Falls values and 4 x 2d Matabeleland commems and a 2d 1940 commem tied by d/rings NIL DESPERANDUM MINE/S RHODESIA dated 1.11.1943, the 1st day of issue of the Matabeleland issue, one of which shows the HAT BRIM FLAW Res £45
  29. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Zimbabwe real photo postcard addressed to Umtali with Rhodes Centenary 2d tied by oval crowned ROYAL TOUR cancel dated 11.7.1953 Res £15
  30. RHODESIA, NORTHERN-QEII 3d Northern Rhodesia definitive tied by pen cancel & cordoned as illegal use within Nyasaland. Below is d/ring DEDZA/NYASALAND dated 25.2.1964. Taxed in Dedza, the 3 x 2d Northern Rhodesia postage dues are tied by d/rings LUSAKA dated 3.3.1964 Res £25
  31. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Underpaid postcard from Holland with 2 x 4d blue GB overprint postage dues tied by SALISBURY d/ring dated 9.11.1960-see illustration Res £30
  32. ROSS DEPENDENCY-Antarctic Sunset postcard addressed to Cambridge with 5c & 18c Ross values tied by s/ring SCOTT BASE/ROSS DEPENDENCY dated 31.1.1978 Res £15
  33. ST HELENA-Small cover addressed to Leeds with EDW VII ½d x 2 & 1d values tied by s/rings dated 10.12.1905, arriving on 6.1.1906 Res £25
  34. SAMOA-Postcard of LOLOMAUKO river scene addressed to Sweden with GEO V 1½d NZ overprint value tied by a/ring APIA dated 21.1.1921 Res £25
  35. SAN MARINO-Unaddressed postcard with 25c & 5c values tied by d/ring cancels SAN MARINO on “6 LUG 1933” with a 60c postage due in the bottom right corner similarly tied Res £22
  36. SERBIA-Underpaid postcard addressed to YD on 3.5.1904 from ???? with circular framed tax mark alongside a pair of the Serbian 5c pink/violet postage dues tied by d/ring Y6 dated 10.5.1904 Res £20
  37. SOMALIA-Easter postcard addressed to Warrington with BMA Somalia 20 CENTS overprint on GEO VI 2d tied by s/ring MOGADISCIO/SOMALIA dated 16.4.1949. At bottom left is s/line BORDER Res £25
  38. SOUTH AFRICA, ZAR-Cover addressed to Basingstoke with 2½d violet value tied by d/ring JOHANNESBURG/ZAR dated 25.2.1895 Res £20
  39. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Postcard of a German Mission House, South West Africa addressed to King William’s Town with 1d CGH value tied by lovely cancel WALFISH BAY dated 3.7.1900 with index E & - at base of cancel. Res £22
  40. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Postcard of Riebeeck Square & the old Hottentot Slave Market addressed to Cornwall, tied by lovely s/ring MALMESBURY/STATION dated 3.11.1902 Res £20
  41. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard of a rural scene at the ZUURBERG Sanatorium addressed to Birmingham with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring ZUURGERG SANATORIUM/ CGH dated 15.4.1912 with index B. At left is s/ring transit COERNEY/CAPE COLONY dated the same day Res £20
  42. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Underpaid postcard from LUDERITZBUCHT dated 24.3.1914 to Durban with 1½d tax mark in black alongside octagonal framed T over 12½ct in violet. The ½d & 1d TRANSVAAL postage dues are tied by d/rings DURBAN/NATAL on 9.4.1914-nice usage of Transvaal dues in Natal Res £35
  43. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard “Landing in Basket, East London” [corner fault] addressed to Natal with GEO V ½d tied by EAST LONDON d/ring dated 29.6.1915. At left is receiver LOWLANDS RAIL dated 3.7.1915 Res £22
  44. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Lovely postcard of the Union Castle steamer “NEWARK CASTLE” alongside at Lourenco Marques addressed to Cape Town with 2½c LM value tied by octagonal cancel dated 8.7.1920. Taxed 1d, the 2 x ½d TRANSVAAL Postage dues are tied on arrival by d/rings CAPE TOWN dated 13.7.1920 Res £20
  1. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Stampless postcard from Sweden addressed to Swakopmund and apparently posted from Windhoek on 23.2.1916 with circular framed C.15 censor mark & framed bilingual PASSED BY CENSOR at left. The block of four TRANSVAAL ½d postage dues are tied by d/rings SWAKOPMUND/S.W AFRICA dated 29.2.1916-see illustration Res £35
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-South Africa GEO V ½d postal stationery overprinted for use in SWA and overprinted further by ONE/PENNY tied by oval railway cancel SWAR/OMARURU 1093 dated 27.6.1924. Alongside is a SWA overprint 2d postage due tied by d/ring OMARURU dated the following day Res £30
  3. SUDAN-5M Egyptian overprint postal stationery postcard addressed to Dublin, cancelled by s/ring FASHODA dated 3.3.1903. Below is the d/ring KHARTOUM dated 10 days later Res £22
  4. SUDAN-Postcard to Winchester with 5PT value tied by large s/ring BARAKAT dated 3.12.1954 Res £7
  5. SWAZILAND-Underpaid postcard from Eastbourne with GEO V 1d tied by machine cancel dated 19.7.1936. Taxed in the UK, the Swazi 1d postage due is tied by MBANE d/ring. Partially over the Swazi due is placed a South African 1d due, tied by d/ring HILLARY dated 12.8.1936-see illustration Res £45
  6. TANGIER-Postcard of a very busy street scene addressed to Tonbridge with 1948 Silver Wedding 2½d and ½d definitive with TANGIER overprints tied by d/ring of the British Post Office dated 23.6.1948 Res £12
  7. TRINIDAD-Stampless postcard from Bath addressed to PALMISTE, Trinidad on 31.5.1915 with Trinidad 2d postage due tied by s/ring SAN FERNANDO/TRINIDAD dated 15.6.1915 with sideways index A Res £30
  8. TRINIDAD-Underpaid cover from Mexico addressed to POINT FORTIN on 15.12.1951 with 16c postage due tied by s/ring POINT FORTIN/TRINIDAD dated 2.1.1952 Res £30
  9. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS-Postcard of Port Morant, Jamaica addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea with 2 x ½d values tied by s/ring TURKS ISLAND dated 12.7.1906. The card is written from on board the RMS “PORT KINGSTON” and has redirectional BEXHILL ON SEA RSO/SUSSEX transit mark dated 3.8.1906 Res £25
  10. UPPER SILESIA-Block of four of the 20pf blue of the Government Commission issue tied by d/ring cancels of LUBLINITZ dated 30.10.1921 Res £18
  11. VIRGIN ISLANDS-Village scene postcard showing Long-Bush Hill, Tortola addressed to Denmark with GEO V 1d tied by concentric circles cancel & d/ring ROAD TOWN/TORTOLA BVI dated 11.11.1914. Possibly a Danish Naval Dumb cancelation Res £25
  12. WEST IRIAN-Very scarce former Dutch/Indonesian postal stationery postcard addressed to Djakarta with 6s on 20s & 1s on 70s values with overprints IRIAN BARAT tied by d/ring BIAK dated 25.8.1969. At left is further d/ring P.O.S.A.L/KODAMAR 10-02 dated the same day-see illustration Res £30
  13. ZULULAND-Postcard of Rickshaw Boys addressed to Brighton with NATAL EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring HLADISHA/PROVINCE OF ZULULAND dated 4.4.1905 Res £30
  14. ZULULAND-Postcard addressed to Vryheid, Natal with EDW VII 1d Natal value tied by d/ring ESHOWE/NATAL dated 21.10.1908 Res £25




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