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  1. HUTH-Wrapper addressed to Barcelona with 2½d purple from plate 7 with HUTH perfin tied by LONDON 15 duplex cancel dated 3.7.1877 Res £18
  2. POSTAL STATIONERY-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Ireland with S&/McD of Stewart & McDonald perfin through the stamp impression and cancelled by GLASGOW 159 duplex cancel dated 20.4.1881 Res £20
  3. POSTAL STATIONERY-QV ½d postcard as previous lot with same perfin to same address and same cancel dated 18.5.1881-a second bite of the cherry! Res £20
  4. QV 2d postal stationery envelope size F addressed to SWEDEN with added 2½d lilac perfin E&/PS tied by oval registered cancel of QUEEN VICTORIA STREET dated 6.1.1887. The loose list of fees & compensation has been affixed to the back and is tied by Swedish TPO cancel dated 9.1.1887-Nice! Res £20
  5. GEORGE LATUS & Co.,-QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Sweden with 5d Jubilee value perfin with company’s initials & tied by oval registered cancel of HULL dated 10.2.1898 Res £15
  6. THE LONDON LIFE ASSOCIATION LTD-Folded advertising blurb addressed to Bristol with 1d lilac perfin LLA tied by LOMBARD ST S.O/E.C Squared circle cancel dated 6.7.1898 Res £10
  7. BOARD OF TRADE-Perfins on loose QV stamps-½d vermilion, ½d blue-green, 2½d & 6d Jubilee issues, all used. Also a 1d lilac with a forgery of the perfin Res £20
  8. SWEDEN-EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Sweden with added 2d x 2 tied by oval registered cancels of GRACECHURCH STREET dated 2,2,1904, Above is the Swedish registration label of the SASSNITZ-TRELLEBORG FERRY Res £25
  9. INDIA-Two postcards with EDW VII 1 Anna values perfin either MW/Co., or FM/&Co., tied by Calcutta or Poona cancels [2] Res £9
  10. KUHN & Co.,-Headed envelope addressed to Sweden with 2 x 1d lilac & a single EDW VII 1½d perfin K&Co., tied by LATE FEE hooded circle cancels LONDON/L1d/5 dated 18.10.1905 with time 7pm Res £12
  11. HOFFMANN LA ROCHE-Printed invoice/statement dated 6.3.1922 with GEO V 2d perfin with stylised HLR cancelled by manuscript date, Also with advertising label for TUBUNIC syringes affixed Res £6
  12. TEMPLE PRESS LTD-Printed invoice/statement from THE MOTOR BOAT dated 19.8.1922 with GEO V 2d perfin TP/LD tied by company cachet Res £6
  13. DIRECT WOOLEN SUPPLY LTD-Printed invoice/statement dated 30.5.1931 with GEO V 2d perfin DW tied by signature Res £6
  14. THOMAS OWEN & Co.,-Printed, illustrated invoice/statement with an illustration oof the ELY PAPER WORKS, CARDIFF dated 4.5.1931 with GEO V 2d perfin with large O tied by company cachet Res £7
  15. G ASHDOWN & Co., Ltd.-Printed envelope from the London ship brokers addressed to Greece with GEO V 2½d perfin CGA tied by London FS machine cancel dated 3.12.1931 Res £6
  16. KEARLEY & TONGUE-Two window envelopes with either GEO V ½d or 1d values tied by London E.C machine cancels dated 25.3.1933 or 5.5.1932 respectively [2] Res £7
  17. S&S LTD-GEO V registered envelope size G addressed to Berlin with added 2½d blue & 1½d photogravure perfin & tied by oval registered cancels of ST JAMES’S STREET dated 17.1.1935 Res £8
  18. LONDON CITY PAROCHIAL FOUNDATION-Printed envelope to New York with GEO VI 1½d perfin CPF tied by London Empire Exhibition slogan dated 15.3.1938 Res £8
  19. RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, D.M.R TEDDINGTON-Oval cachet dated 10.8.1942 on envelope with economy label addressed to Derby. The GEO VI 2½d is perfin DS/IR of the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research-scarce with cachet Res £12
  20. RECORDED DELIVERY-Small envelope addressed within Glasgow with 3 x 2½p regional values perfin with large G of Glasgow City Council tied by postcode slogan dated 1972 Res £6
  21. HARDMAN & INGHAM-Printed envelope from the Oldham diamond works addressed to Wakefield with 3p Machin perfin H&I tied by Oldham local slogan dated 24.8.1973 Res £6
  22. SAVOY HOTEL-Hotel printed airmail envelope addressed to the USA with 7½p Machin perfin SBC tied by poor London slogan dated 1976 Res £5
  23. NATIONAL STAMP DAY 1977-Top right corner block of 4 of the 8½p Chemistry issue perfin NSD/1977-unmounted mint block Res £6
  24. NATIONAL STAMP DAY 1978-Bottom left corner cylinder block of 6 of the Tower of London issue perfin NSD/1978 Res £6
  25. C SLINGSBY-Printed envelope from the Glasgow truck & ladder builders addressed to Port Glasgow with 11½p Machin perfin HC/S tied by Glasgow slogan cancel dated 23.11.1981 Res £5


  1. TOBACCO-U.S ½c printed advertising postcard for Tobacco Fertilisers as supplied by N.V Barker of North Carolina Res £9
  2. STEPHENSON’S FLOOR POLISH-Lovely pictorial advertising envelope addressed to MELKSHAM, Wilts from TROWBRIDGE on 4.4.1918. the cover was undelivered & has a ½d postage due on the back, tied by TROWBRIDGE d/ring dated 6.4.1918 Res £18
  3. BEESTON HUMBER BICYCLES-Real photo postcard of Miss Ellaline Terriss posing with “Her Beeston Humber bicycle”. On the address side is all the gumph about the bike, printed 1907, unused Res £15
  4. MACKESON MILK STOUT-Lovely coloured advertising postcard for grandma’s favourite pre-bedtime tipple in mint condition-see illustration Res £22
  5. CUNARD SHIPPING LINE-Illustrated envelope addressed to Sweden with GEO V 2½d perfin CSS/Co., tied by Southampton machine cancel dated 12.9.1934 Res £20


  1. Real photo postcard of Hampstead Heath addressed to Essex on 23.4.1907 with the caption “The viaduct, Hampstead Heath [photographed from an aeroplane]”. Postally used and thought to be the first postcard with the view taken from an aeroplane Res £15
  2. CORONATION AERIAL POST-Brown postcard addressed to New Cross with GEO V ½d tied by the London No.1 cancel on 9.9.1911 [1st day]-superb, exhibition quality Res £40
  3. CORONATION AIR MAIL-Superb real photo postcard “FIRST UK AERIAL POST HENDON TO WINDSOR GREAT PARK-SEP 1911” Showing E F Driver’s Farman Bi-plane and crowds etc-lovely! Res £30
  4. CORONATION AIR MAIL-Superb, but different real photo postcard of Driver’s Bi-plane-much closer & more detail with crowds etc. The card has the same inscription Res £30
  5. CORONATION AIRMAIL-The brown postcard addressed to Edgbaston and written from the Hotel Great Central with GEO V ½d tied by the No.3 London cancel dated 11.9.1911. The pilot, Claud Hubert, crashed his machine, making these cards on this day the first crash mail of the UK-see illustration Res £60
  1. SWITZERLAND –Cover addressed to Bale from the International Air Meeting at Geneva on 1.6.1925 with 15 & 20 airmail stamps tied by meeting cachet, At left is a pair of triangular labels with red pictorial cachets upon Res £25
  2. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS “Tucks” postcard showing the short-lived Bristol type 6 [2] eight-seater built at Filton in 1921 Res £8
  3. SWITZERLAND-Registered cover to EGYPT with four-stamp franking tied by ZURICH/FLUGPOST d/rings dated 28.11.1926. Tying the airmail label at top left is the framed cachet for the 1st Africa flight from Switzerland. Nice! Res £25
  4. SWITZERLAND-Illustrated first flight cover from Zurich to Bellinzone, Italy with 15c airmail & 10c green stamp impression cancelled by the framed International Flight Meeting cachet dated August 1927. Below is the d/ring 1st flight cancel dated 22.8.1927 Res £22
  5. GWR-Phillips cover addressed to Newport, Mon, flown on the Plymouth to Newport 1st flight on 15.5.1933 with GWR 3d label tied by Plymouth North Road Station GWR framed cancel dated the same day Res £35
  6. GWR-Similar cover flown on the 1st flight from Birmingham to Cardiff on 22.5.1933. The GWR 3d label is tied by both the Cardiff telephone slogan & the Birmingham station cachet on the same day Res £35
  7. GWR-Similar cover flown on the Birmingham-Cardiff-Plymouth flight on 22.5.1933. With GWR 3d label tied by the Plymouth machine cancel and the Birmingham GWR station cachet, both dated the same day Res £35
  8. MALAYA-Imperial Airways postcard of an aeroplane of the Hannibal class addressed to Bray, Ireland with a pair of Straits GEO V 10c values [early inclusive rate] tied by d/ring PENANG dated 3.8.1934. At top left is P&T Mail 25 airmail label-see illustration Res £25
  9. SURREY TO NZ SOUTH ISLAND-GEO V registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Dunedin with added 1/- and 1½d GEO V values tied by s/rings LINGFIELD/SURREY dated 12.5.1936. On the front is also the s/ring TPO 2/SOUTH dated 24.5.1936 with index UP Res £25
  10. SWITZERLAND-ZEPPELIN Flight cover addressed to Interlaken and carried on the LZ129 first North American flight with 20, 40 & 90 airmail values tied by BASEL/ BRIEFANNAHME d/rings dated 5.5.2936. Below is pictorial airmail cachet in red Res £45
  1. SOUTH AFRICA-1936 SCHLESINGER AIR RACE-Cover signed by pilot, TOMMY ROSE flown on the London to Johannesburg air race. He left London on 26.9.1936, crashing at Cairo and finally reaching Johannesburg on the 12th October 1936. The 1d South African stamp is tied by Jo’burg machine dated 12.10.1936 on arrival-scarce cover Res £45
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-ENGLAND TO JOHANNESBURG AIR RACE-Printed cover addressed to England with EDW VIII ½d tied by Leicester Square s/ring dated 28.9.1936 [day before the flight] and with Egyptian airmail values 3, 5 & 20 Mils tied by CAIRO cancels dated 2.10.1936. On front and back are cachets of the England-South Africa Air race in green ink-see illustration Res £45
  3. REAL Photo postcard of the “COURTIER” addressed to Christchurch and written from the ‘plane at Southampton on 23.9.1937 in such a hurry that the writer had no time to ut on stamps! Taxed 2d and with 2 x 1d dues tied on arrival at Christchurch on the same day Res £18
  4. BLUE AIRMAIL POST BOXES-Real photo card of the blue airmail box at LOWESTOFT with a notice affixed which states that the box will be removed from the site shortly after 17.8.1938, after closing on that date Res £20
  5. SWITZERLAND-First flight cover to Uruguay, flown from Geneva to Montevideo on 10.10.1947. Undelivered and with Uruguay return to sender cachet etc. Res £8


  1. NORWICH UNION-Set of five labels in various colours, unmounted mint and celebrating the centenary of the Norwich Union Fire Office in 1897 [5] Res £22
  2. PENNY BANK-POSB Penny Bank book with entries made from January to January 1908/09 and with a zero balance Res £18
  3. SHAKESPEARE Celebration-Postcard of Stratford-upon-Avon addressed to St Leonard’s-on-Sea with QV ½d blue-green and the blue-green Shakespeare label tied by the 754 duplex cancel of Stratford-on-Avon dated 27.6.1901. Card has a vertical crease at centre which doesn’t affect the stamp, label or cancel-see illustration Res £55
  4. 1935 SALFORD CATHEDRAL RESTORATION APPEAL-Front cover of the booklet which contained sets of the appeal labels in various colours. Comes with pairs of the labels in purple, green, red & blue Res £22
  5. NATIONAL SAVINGS STAMPS-Progressive colour proofs of the 2/6d squirrel stamp including finished version, a specimen overprint and an imperf value-see illustration [9] Res £30
  6. LIHOU, CHANNEL ISLANDS-Postcard of the church of St Pierre Du Bois, Guernsey addressed to California with 4d Guernsey regional value tied by ST PETER PORT d/ring dated 7.10.1966. At top left is the Lihou 2d label tied by rubber LAND OF LIHOU/ GUERNSY CHANNEL ISLANDS dated the previous day Res £7
  7. PENNY BLACKS-Block of four 1d blacks printed from an original plate at Stamp Show 2000 Res £5
  8. STRIKE POST-Cover addressed to Frinton on Sea by the publishing company Croft Publishing with unframed “THIS LETTER IS/EXTREMELY URGENT/DUE TO POST STRIKE” in red ink at top left. Carried to destination from London by the Chelsea Post, Colchester Post & Clacton-on-Sea post, arriving on 21.2.1971 Res £15
  9. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard addressed to Norfolk with ½p & 2 x 1½p Machins tied by d/rings CALDEY ISLAND dated 13.6.1975. At left is 2 Dabs Caldey local tied by diamond cachet CALDEY/ISLAND in black Res £6
  10. GUGH ISLAND-Postcard addressed to Leicester with 3p Machin tied by d/ring ST AGNES/ISLES OF SCILLY dated 8.9.1973. At left is the 3p Gugh Island seal local tied by rubber LOCAL POST/GUGH ISLAND dated the same day Res £6


  1. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Larger type label with Union Jack background and circular framed message BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS in English and in CHINESE at left & right. Superb condition-see illustration Res £25
  2. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Similar label with text in French Res £22
  3. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Similar label with text in English Res £22
  4. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Similar label with text in ICELANDIC Res £25
  5. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Similar label with text in Arabic Res £22


  1. EXHIBITION B.O/EDINBURGH-S/ring ties stamp to postcard of the exhibition addressed to Huddersfield on 6.8.1908 Res £8
  2. EXHIBITION B.O/EDINBURGH-A similar cancel to previous lot with cancel dated 22.9.1908 Res £8
  3. POSTAGE STAMP EXHIBITION & CONGRESS/MANCHESTER-D/ring cancel dated 18.2.1909 ties stamp to postcard of comic pillar box card with man looking for a stamp which is stuck to his bald head Res £12
  4. SCOTTISH VILLAGE/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBN W-D/ring dated 27.7.1909 ties stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to Edinburgh Res £15
  5. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 4.8.1909 ties stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to Suffolk Res £6
  6. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION-Similar d/ring cancel dated 20.9.1909 ties stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to Leeds Res £6
  7. CRYSTAL PALACE-No.1 FLAG Cancel ties stamp to postcard of the exhibition [Festival of Empire] addressed to Fleetwood on 14.8.1911 Res £12
  8. SHEPHERDS BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION/2-Special d/ring dated 1.6.1911 ties EDW VII ½d stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to Brixton Res £10
  9. SHEPHERDS BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION/2-Special d/ring dated 30.9.1911 ties GEO V ½d stamp to postcard of the exhibition addressed to Southampton Res £10
  10. 1925 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Framed souvenir photo of a soldier on a trolley ride at the Exhibition. Complete with seal “1/- COMPLETE” on the back Res £12
  11. AIR POST EXHIBITION-Pigeon Post postcard addressed to BELGIUM with GEO V 2½d tied by winged d/ring cancel dated 7.5.1934 [first day]. The yellow publicity cachet is at bottom left-scarcer overseas destination in superb condition Res £22
  12. LIVERPOOL/26TH PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Special d/ring cancel dated 16.6.1939 ties GEO V ½d stamp to postcard of Southport addressed to Lewes Res £8
  13. NATIONAL THANKSGIVING FUND-Three labels from the Lord Mayor of London to raise money for the National Thanksgiving Fund with values 6d, 1/- & 2/6d [3] Res £12
  14. BRITISH INDUSTRIES FAIR BIRMINGHAM-D/ring cancel dated 5.5.1953 ties GEO VI 2d brown to postcard of the LAGO TALBOT, winner of the Dutch Grand Prix, 1951 addressed to Surrey Res £6
  15. 4TH PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN/WORTHING-Postcard of Worthing post office in 1806 addressed to Glasgow with 2½d Wilding tied by special d/ring dated 15.6.1962 Res £5
  16. STANLEY GIBBONS CATALOGUE CENTENARY-Special mini-sheet of QV stamps current in 1865, blank, unaddressed pictorial cover and an addressed cover to Glasgow with 2 x 2½d channel islands regionals tied by special cancel dated 12.2.1965 [3] Res £6
  17. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION, SEYMOUR HALL - Used envelopes in violet, green & blue, all addressed to High Wycombe on 1st, 3rd & 5th of November 1967. Also comes with mint envelopes in the same colours [6] Res £8
  18. SHOWPEX 1972-Publicity card & mini-sheet with illustrations of New Zealand Health Stamps in commemoration of the 1972 show at the Cafe Royal [2] Res £5
  19. YORK RACECOURSE COIN & STAMP FAIR, 1976-Commem mini-sheet for the 1976 7th show with the train set cancelled by YORK RAILWAY MUSEUM/OPENED 1974 unframed cachet Res £6
  20. STAMP WORLD LONDON 1990-Publicity labels for the Alexandra Palace show with two of them overprinted for the LUNDY CLUB Meeting on the 6th May [4] Res £5


  1. GB QV 1d vermilion postal stationery postcard addressed to South wales, cancelled by BOMBAY s/ring dated 4.12.1892. Taxed in Bombay and taxed 4d in the UK on arrival Res £20
  2. LEEDS MUNICIPAL ART GALLERY QV ½d brown printed postal stationery postcard addressed to Glasgow and redirected to Milngarvie on 20.5.1893. At centre is Glasgow ½d tax mark for redirection-nice! Res £18
  3. POSTED TOO LATE-Framed mark in red ink on 1d vermilion postcard addressed to New York and cancelled by squared circle cancel BEDFORD ST S.O/W.C with figures 1 in bottom corners, dated 28.9.1895 Res £15
  4. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/I.B-Framed mark at top left above unframed I.B/1d tax mark on QV ½d brown postcard addressed to St Neots with NEW CROSS B.O//S.E squared circle cancel dated 23.7.1896. Haven’t got a clue as to why it is contrary to regulations Res £18
  5. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/DIB-Framed mark on postcard [glittered] addressed to Dunoon with ½d EDW VII value tied by Scots d/ring cancel CAMES/563 dated 20.9.1905 Res £8
  6. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/GK-Framed mark on lucky heather postcard addressed to Beckenham with stamp tied by s/ring BLAIRMORE dated 17.6.1907. Taxed 1d Res £8
  7. MORE TO PAY/ABOVE 1OZ/I.S-Framed mark alongside 2d/I.S tax mark on stampless cover addressed to Bournemouth, cancelled by rubber cancel LONDON/28 dated 11.2.1916. The 2d postage due is tied on arrival on the same day. Could be naval usage Res £8
  8. WWI-O.A.S Field Service postcard addressed to the USA, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/15 dated 9.3.1916. Taxed in London, on arrival in New York it was taxed 4c on the 24th At Indianapolis, 2 x 2c pre-cancel postage dues were affixed Res £20
  9. GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Bridgwater, cancelled by d/ring WITNEY dated 12.7.1918. At left is handstruck 1d tax mark alongside 2 x ½d postage dues tied by WEST PENNARD/GLASTONBURY s/rings dated 13.7.1918 Res £10
  10. GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope pre-addressed to the National Medical Union, London. Cancelled by London N18 cancel on 6.11.1924, it has a framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/N18 and 2d/83 tax mark at top. The 2d postage due is tied on arrival Res £7
  11. NOTTS-Cover addressed to Scotland from Nottingham on 23.7.1934 with framed ½d postage due for return to sender mark applied in MAUCHLINE on the 25th. The ½d due is tied by s/ring NOTTINGHAM dated 25.7.1934 Res £8
  12. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Cover from AMSTERDAM addressed to Queen’s Road, Jersey on 26.8.1935 with a 2d & ½d postage due tied by indistinct Channel Islands cancel and blue pencil Cross. Redirected to the Cumberland Hotel, London, fresh dues were not applied Res £12
  13. CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABELS REQUIRED-Framed mark ties 3d postage due to stampless, unpaid cover addressed within London on 29.1.1936. On redirection within London, a further 3d due was affixed & tied on arrival Res £12
  14. BUNDLE HEADER-GEO V ½d window envelope with ½d for return to sender mark of Halifax. Placed on the front are 2 x ½d and single 1d & 3d dues tied by d/rings on 2.12.1937, paying for the return of 10 items Res £22
  15. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Underpaid cover from the United States Rubber Company addressed to London with 10c & 20c DEI values tied by dotted d/ring cancels of KISARAN dated 18.1.1938. Taxed 50c over there, his was converted to 5d. The 3d & 2d dues are tied by London N16 s/rings dated 24.1.1938 Res £12
  1. DELAYED THROUGH BEING/POSTED IN A LETTER BOX / FOR” COUNTRY” LETTERS/PLEASE ADVISE SENDER-Red inked cachet on cover addressed within London on 8.2.1938-complete with contents Res £8
  2. DITTO, But now used in 1954 on a cover again addressed within London on 4.3.1954 from the Baltic Corporation Res £8
  3. SURCHARGED OWING TO / INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE / PLEASE ADVISE SENDER-Framed mark on back of underpaid cover from London addressed to France. On arrival, 3 x 10f & 4 x 1f French postage dues were affixed & tied on arrival in February 1957 Res £7
  4. CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABELS REQUIRED-Framed mark ties 1d & 5d postage dues to cover addressed within PETERSFIELD on 2.9.1958. On redirection to Ramsgate a further 2 dues were affixed and tied by rubber cancel on 4.9.1958 Res £10
  5. COMPULSORILY REGISTRATION-QEII 3d postal stationery envelope without address, posted from Bournemouth on 27.11.1965. The compulsorily Registration label is placed over a Bournemouth multi-choice tax mark and has the reason for registration being that it contained an un-crossed 10/-postal order Res £12
  6. MOURNING COVER Addressed to London from Switzerland on 16.7.1967. On arrival a 3d & 4d postage due was affixed & tied by d/ring dated 18.7.1967 Res £8
  7. SURCHARGED DUE / TO INCREASED / POSTAL CHARGES / 466-Framed mark of Liverpool on underpaid postcard to Coventry with 1d Machin tied by d/ring LIVERPOOL dated 7.4.1970. Taxed 6d with 6d due tied by COVENTRY/WARWICKSHIRE dated the same day Res £7
  8. CLACTON CYCLE MAIL-Cover with 12p definitive affixed & tied by Clacton d/ring dated 22.12.1986 addressed to Colchester with Clacton cycle mail 20p tied by framed cachet dated 20.12.1986. Posted into the GPO service, the item was taxed 1p with a 10p surcharge fee. At left is cylinder block of 4 x 2p & a single 3p postage due tied by COLCHESTER rubber cancel dated 24.1.1987-too late for Christmas! Res £9
  9. CLACTON CYCLE MAIL-STAMPLESS Cover addressed to Colchester with 10p Cycle Mail stamp tied by framed Clacton mark dated 28.12.1989. Affixed to the front are a 1p, 3 x 2p & a block of 6 x 3p postage dues, tied by Colchester rubber cancel dated 3.1.1989 Res £9
  1. THERE ISN’T ENOUGH POSTAGE ON THIS/AIRMAIL ITEM SO WE ARE RETURNING IT/TO YOU.....BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Red label obscuring the address on an underpaid cover to Germany with 44p Machin tied by Peterborough machine cancel dated 9.8.2007 Res £6


  1. SIERRA LEONE TO LONDON - QV 1d pink Sierra Leone postal stationery postcard cancelled by FREETOWN s/ring dated 2.11.1898. At bottom left is the red inked s/ring PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET dated 21.11.1898 with index 5D Res £18
  2. BOER WAR-CGH 1d postal stationery letter card addressed to Southsea & redirected to Farnham, cancelled by VRYBURG s/ring dated 18.9.1900. Alongside is the s/ring SOUTHAMPTON/PACKET LETTER dated 12.10.1900. The letter is from a member of the “VRYBURG COLUMN” Of around 4,000 men who are the way to relieve “somewhere” Res £25
  3. POSTED ON BOARD S.S “FAIRY QUEEN”/LOCH ECK / ARGYLLSHIRE-Violet inked circular buckle cachet on postcard of the vessel on Lock Eck addressed to Dunoon from Greenock on 27.8.1903 Res £50
  4. H&K PACKET/M1-S/ring dated 14.7.1904 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard of Kingstown pavilion addressed to Pentre, Wales Res £20
  5. M.S “LORD OF GTHE ISLES”-Oval framed buckle cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Oxford on 14.9.1904 from Greenock Res £35
  6. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/MB-Circular framed Moveable Box cancel ties French 10c Sower to postcard addressed to London on 30.6.1906 Res £8
  7. CAPE COLONY OCEAN POST OFFICE-S/ring dated 11.1.1908 with time 8pm ties CGH 1d EDW VII value to Madeira postcard to Birmingham Res £9
  8. BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE/SOUTHAMPTON-S/ring dated 13.11.1907 with index 3 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard addressed to Guernsey-stamp hinge marks at left-see illustration Res £35
  9. US GERMAN SEAO-15 Duplex cancel dated 11.6.1908 ties US 2c to Willy Stower shipping postcard addressed to Wisconsin Res £15
  10. PAQUEBOT/SOUTHAMPTON-D/rings dated 27.2.1909 ties a pair of EDW VII ½d values to postcard of Madeira addressed to London. Below is oval framed R.M.S.P/DATE “AMAZON” dated 22.2.1909 in violet ink Res £8
  11. PAQUEBOT/SOUTHAMPTON-D/ring dated 29.5.1909 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard of Madeira addressed to London. At left is large unframed POSTED ON THE/HIGH SEAS in violet ink Res £7
  12. NORWAY-POSTCARD Of the “ATRANTO” addressed to London with a pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by BERGEN machine cancel dated 16.8.1909 and by framed PAQUEBOT cancel in blue-black ink Res £9
  13. PAQUEBOT QUEENSTOWN-D/ring cancel dated 12.9.1908 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard of the “MAURETANIA” addressed to Colchester Res £7
  14. POSTED ON/“LA MARGUERITE”-Superb strike of the unframed mark on postcard of the paddler at sea, addressed to Llandudno from Menai Bridge on 8.8.1910-probably the best strike of this notoriously poor cancel I have seen-exhibition quality-see illustration Res £25
  15. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/LIVERPOOL-S/ring dated 13.7.1912 ties GEO V 1d to postcard of the “EMPRESS OF IRELAND” addressed to Hertfordshire Res £5
  16. IRELAND/RIVER BOYNE STEAMER-Postcard of Drogheda addressed to Manchester with GEO V ½d tied by s/ring DROGHEDA dated 2.8.1913. At left is unframed cachet worded S.S / COLLEEN/BAWN in violet ink with hand-struck date 2-AUG 1913 struck alongside. Cannot find any reference to this mark. The writer tells of a lovely sail up the River Boyne!! See illustration Res £45
  17. DENMARK-U.S Postcard addressed within Denmark with 5 Ore value tied by KRISTIANA d/ring dated 14.7.1916. Alongside is the framed, red inked PAQUEBOT-Scarcer WWI usage Res £20
  18. COWES/REGATTA-Skeleton cancel dated 5.8.1920 ties a 2d GEO V value to novelty postcard of the Isle of Wight addressed to Coventry. The mark is complete with the exception of the “S” of Cowes and some of the circle-see illustration Res £45
  19. AT SEA/M.V ROYAL DAFFODIL-Violet inked cachet on postcard of the ship addressed to Essex from Margate on 31.8.1954 Res £6
  20. CANADA-Postcard addressed to Chigwell with 35c value tied by rubber cancel PAQUEBOT/MONTREAL/POSTED AT SEA dated 23.4.1980 Res £5


  1. THE BUSTARD FIELD P.O-The scarcer of the two Bustard Field P.O cancels dated 6.8.1903 with index A ties stamp to Military mail postcard addressed to Tenby-see illustration Res £25
  2. BUSTARD FIELD P.O/DEVIZES-Super strike of the skeleton cancel dated 4.6.1904 ties stamp to postcard of Salisbury High Street addressed to Reading Res £18
  3. BLACKDOWN CAMP/BRIDESTOWE S.O DEVON-S/ring dated 6.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Callington Res £9
  4. CAMP/BRIDESTOWE RSO DEVON-S/ring dated 6.8.1906 with time 7.10pm ties stamp to postcard addressed to Exeter-singe mark at bottom left Res £8
  5. ST LEONARDS CAMP/RINGWOOD-Superb upright strike of the skeleton cancel ties stamp to postcard of group of posing soldiers addressed to Woking Res £12
  6. BALLYKILNER/CAMP-S/ring dated 21.6.1909 ties stamp to BelfAST VIEW CARD ADDRESSED TO Belfast Res £8
  7. WHITTINGTON BARRACKS/LICHFIELD-S/ring dated 27.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Birmingham Res £6
  8. WHITCHURCH DOWN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 6.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Ideford, Chudleigh Res £12
  9. BOW STREET CAMP-Skeleton cancel [upright & complete] ties stamp to postcard addressed to Sketty, Wales Res £12
  10. BUSTARD CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 19.9.1910 ties stamp to real photo postcard of a group of soldiers addressed to Malmesbury, Wilts Res £6
  11. BOURLEY CAMP/ALDERSHOT-Skeleton cancel dated 14.8.1911 ties EDW VII ½d stamp with perfin to postcard of North Finchley High Street addressed to Walthamstow Res £12
  12. ROLLESTONE CAMP/SALISBURY-S/ring dated 5.4.1913 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Fareham Res £6
  13. WOODBURY/CAMP/EXETER-Rubber skeleton cancel dated 3.8.1914 ties stamp to postcard of the Army Service Corps Inspection at Woodbury Camp addressed to Redruth-see illustration Res £25
  14. ROOMER CAMP/[MASHAM]-Scarce skeleton cancel dated 15.8.1915 with “Asham” off the card, ties stamp to card addressed to Dudley Res £8
  15. PREES HEATH CAMP B.O/WHITCHURCH-D/ring dated 14.9.1915 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Ludlow Res £5
  16. SANDHILL CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 29.1.1919 ties 1½d stamp to postcard addressed to Woodford Green Res £6
  17. TIDWORTH PENNINGS CAMP/ANDOVER-S/ring dated 6.8.1922 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Guernsey Res £7
  18. STANHOPE LINES/ALDERSHOT-S/ring dated 5.12.1931 cancels GEO V registered postal stationery envelope addressed to St George’s, BERMUDA. With Aldershot 1 registration at left, the envelope arrived on 19.12.1931 Res £22
  19. AFFRIC CAMP/BEAULY-Very scarce, unlisted camp cancel dated 4.9.1951 ties GEO VI 2d brown to postcard of Loch Affaric [note the two spellings] addressed to Hutton, Preston. Res £30
  20. CROOKHAM CAMP/ALDERSHOT HANTS-S/ring dated 20.5.1972 on redirected cover from Farnham addressed to Aldershot & redirected to Trowbridge Res £6

MILITARY-1901 TO 1932

  1. BOER WAR-Postcard of the “QUEEN’S JUBILEE PROCESSION 1897, JOHANNESBURG” addressed to ST HELENA with an ERI & a VRI overprint value tied by POTCHESTROOM/TRANSVAAL s/ring dated 9.8.1901and d/ring dated the same day. Below is the Johannesburg Press Censor mark in black and above is the oval POTCHESTROOM “PASSED BY CENSOR” mark in violet ink-see illustration Res £30
  2. BOER WAR-Postcard of a Kaffir Kraal addressed to Berkhampstead with GB QV 1d lilac tied by the scarcer d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/ELANDSFONTEIN dated 29.11.1901 with index A Res £25
  3. CHINA/BRITISH LEVANT-Postcard of Constantinople addressed to PEKING with EDW VII 1d overprinted LEVANT tied by the s/ring of the British Post Office, Constantinople dated 28.12.1905. Below is a further strike dated 2.1.1906. On arrival, the d/ring FPO No.4 dated 12.2.1906 was struck, and the following day, the s/ring F.P.O No.1 was struck. Res £30
  4. SOUTHAMPTON/PAID-S/ring dated 2.10.1914 on stampless postcard of Le Havre addressed to Fareham, endorsed ON ACTIVE SERVICE. Res £9
  5. GALLIPOLI CEYLON CONTINGENT-Scarce cover addressed to a member of the CEYLON CONTINGENT at ZEITOUN CAMP as a member of the Wellington Infantry Regiment’s 5th Marks include ANZAC BASE DETAILS, NZ BASE DETAILS, BRITISH APO Z & FPO D29 dated July & August 1915-see illustrations Res £35
  6. RACECOURSE HOSPITAL/CHELTENHAM-Red inked Red Cross cachet on postcard of the Red Cross Hospital at Cheltenham addressed to Addlestone, Surrey with ½d stamp tied by Cheltenham machine cancel dated 22.7.1915-lovely! Res £25
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ23-Skeleton cancel dated 28.8.1917 with index A cancels Field Service postcard addressed to Nottingham Res £18
  8. BERMUDA-“YMCA AND CANADIAN WAR CONTINGENT ASSOCN WITH THE CANADIAN FORCES” printed envelope addressed to ST GEORGES, BERMUDA , cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/5P dated 5.12.1917. Presumably from a Bermudan soldier fighting in WWI and arriving on 30.12.1917 Res £35
  9. BEIRUT-Stampless postcard of Mount Carmel addressed to York, cancelled by skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/121 dated 18.11.1918. Below is triangular censor mark 4465 in red-even after the war has finished Res £20
  10. REPARATIONS CONFERENCE-Post card of Lausanne addressed to London with 20c value tied by the very uncommon d/ring cancel CONFERENCE DES REPARATIONS/ LAUSANNE dated 21.6.1932-see illustration Res £25

MILITARY 1940 TO 1955

  1. MOURNING COVER Addressed to France from Farnham dated 25.6.1940 containing two letters from the family. No stamp, no postal markings, but with Opened By Examiner 1274 tape at left. Comes with the two letters on mourning stationery-interesting messages. Res £20
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-Stampless OAS YMCA/CVJM envelope addressed to PIET RELIEF Post Office, cancelled by d/ring APO-U-MPK/2 dated 1.11.B1940. At top is framed M.E.F No.3 censor mark Res £8
  3. JERSEY-Notice from the department of essential commodities dated 17.4.1942 laying down the maximum prices for vegetables offered for sale on the island, both retail & wholesale. Res £22
  4. JERSEY-TEXTILE & FOOTWEAR CONTROL Notice, being a licence to provide footwear and textiles with various conditions to meet! The licence is blank and is dated 12.9.1942 Res £22
  5. ESSEX TO SWITZERLAND-PLAIN Postcard from Essex addressed to Switzerland & redirected within Switzerland upon arrival with GEO VI 2d & 2 x ½d values tied by BRAINTREE machine cancel dated 10.9.1943. The card is written from the EMS Hospital at Braintree and has both British & German censor marks and pictorial GRYON arrival mark dated 7.10.1943. On the back is chemical wash looking for invisible writing Res £15
  6. KILLED FOR THE GREATER GERMANY-Folded memo mentioning one German soldier missing on the Eastern Front & two killed on the same front in December 1943. At left is HITLER YOUTH cachet and the 3 Mark official stamp is tied by PREUSSICH EVLAU d/ring dated 9.2.1944 Res £22
  7. HOLLAND-Complete sheet of 10 of the 7½c + 21c NEDERLAND FASCIST LEGION in unmounted mint condition Res £40
  8. CHELTENHAM TO THE USA-Postcard of an aerial view o the Houses of Parliament addressed to the USA with 2d tied by Cheltenham machine cancel dated 28.4.1944, At left is GEO VI Coronation label tied by the octagonal censor mark P191 in red ink Res £7
  9. CANADA-Longer cover addressed to the Old bank of Commerce, London with economy label affixed with GB GEO VI 2 ½d tied by s/ring FPO BTC 1/1 dated 3.10.1942. Also tying the economy label is the tank-shaped cachet of the ARMY TANK BN [THE CALGARY REGT/ORDERLY ROOM dated 3.10.1942-nice! Res £18
  10. BRITISH GUIANA-Airmail cover addressed to the BBC from a member of the 2nd battalion of the Black Watch with GB 2½d Wilding tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/616 dated 5.4.1955. British forces were sent to British Guiana when Chedi Jagan won the elections and the UK Government suspended the constitution & dismissed the pro-Communist Government; on 16th August 1957 a new Government was formed & Jagan was invited to participate! Res £25


  1. MOURNING COVER Addressed to Knockaloe Camp, Isle of Man from London, dated 19.1.1917 with lovely oval cachet ALIENS’ DENTION CAMP/CENSORED/KNOCKALOE I.O.M at bottom right-see illustration Res £65
  2. PRINTED POW Envelope addressed to London with oval ALIENS’ DETENTION CAMP/CENSORED/DOUGLAS I.O.M at top centre. Alongside is the black inked PC POST FREE/PRISONERS OF WAR. Undated, but Ca.1917 Res £30
  3. PRINTED POW Letter sheet addressed to PHILADELPHIA, USA on 14.2.1918. The writer gives his address as being at Knockaloe Camp Res £25
  4. 1941 Correspondence card addressed to Geneva with 3 x 50c on 65c French values tied by s/rings of VERNET dated 7.7.1941. On both front & back are the censor marks of the CONCENTRATION CAMP at Vernet Res £25
  5. DISPLACED PERSONS MAIL-Cover addressed to London with red framed DISPLACED/ PERSONS/MAIL/PAID at top right. The writer is “V Blechsteins” at the 1216 DP Assembly Centre Res £22


  1. MANCHESTER TO DENMARK-Censored cover addressed to Copenhagen with 1½d & 2 ½d values tied by MANCHESTER/19 d/ring dated 2.4.1940. Denmark was occupied on the 9th April, so across the address is the unframed POSTAL SERVICE SUSPENDED/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink Res £30
  2. FRENCH INTERNAL MILITARY MAIL-Stampless “FM” envelope addressed to an army officer at postal sector 26 from Brittany on 11.6.1940 with the old WWI unframed cachet LE DESTINATAIRE N’A/PU ETRE ATTEINT/A L’ADRESS INDIQUE. Res £25
  3. USA TO FRANCE-Cover addressed to the German Occupied area of France from Buffalo on 31.8.1940 with two strikes of the French RETOUR A L’ENVOYEUR/RELATIONS POSTALES/INTEROMPUES struck centrally alongside the US cachet RETURN TO SENDER/SERVICE SUSPENDED. The item reached the USA on 24.9.1941 after being returned from France Res £25
  4. USA TO SWITZERLAND-Airmail cover Geneva from California on 18.11.1942 with censors tape at left tied by unframed RETURN TO SENDER/NO SERVICE AVAILABLE. The item was returned to the US on 8.4.1943 Res £25
  5. SWITZERLAND TO LEEDS-Picture postcard addressed to Leeds from Lausanne on 29.12.1942 with framed RETOUR-ZURUCK/SERVICE POSTAL SUSPENDU/ POSTVERKEN EINGEST ELLT at bottom of card and a further Lausanne return mark at right, dated 21.1.1943 Res £25


  1. HAND ILLUSTRATED Entire dated 24.8.1822 showing a coloured “VIEW FROM THE REGENT’S INN, PLAISTOW, ESSEX, NEARLY OPPOSITE WOOLWICH” addressed to Golden Square, London. The message is in shorthand, but one in English on the view side describes & names the ships!! The entire has been repaired, but mostly on the non-illustrated side-see illustration Res £50
  2. HMS SATELLITE-Neat little cover addressed to an officer on board the “Satellite” at Rio de Janeiro, or elsewhere with a strip of 3 x 1d and a 6d value cancelled by 3HOS numeral cancels 250 of DEVONPORT on 23.10.1863. The item was carried by the “Panama”-see illustration Res £55
  1. LAUNCHING OF THE “EMPRESS OF INDIA”-Letter written from Pembroke Dock on 7.5.1891 with writer, William Kay, Royal Marines giving a good tale about the launching of HMS “Empress of India” and further details about the Royal Yacht. The cover is addressed to Sandy, Beds and has 1d lilac tied by PEMBRKE DOCK-368 3VOD dated 7.5.1891 Res £18
  2. ADMIRALS OFFICE/CHATHAM-Very, very scarce s/ring cancel dated 19.3.1908 ties EDW VII stamp to postcard addressed locally. See illustration Res £50
  3. SOUTH AFRICA-Cover with contents [and a postcard of HMS Hermes] addressed to Southsea on 7.6.1908 with CGH 1d tied by s/ring MOSSEL BAY dated the following day. The Hermes was sunk by U27 in the Dover Straits on 31.10.1914. Res £18
  4. SPAIN-Postcard of Pontevedra addressed to Clifton, Bristol with EDW VII ½d tied by London naval d/ring LONDON/173 dated 13.2.1911 and framed POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S in violet ink. No clue as to which ship was there though! Res £15
  5. IRELAND-Postcard from HMS PATROL at Kingstown, Ireland addressed to Hull with EDW VII ½d tied by KINGSTOWN s/ring dated 5.7.1911 Res £9
  6. SUBMARINE MAIL-Real photo close-up of C4 at TORQUAY addressed to Emsworth, Hants from the nephew of the addressee. The card is written from the boat on 2.3.1914 and tells of leaving Torquay for Plymouth, then on to Portsmouth & Portland-see illustration Res £30
  7. HMS RUSSELL-Stampess cover to Portsmouth with London Krag cancel “Received From” etc. dated 1.5.1915. Alongside is framed CENSORED IN SHIP in black ink [Gould 5E10] Res £10
  8. HMS NEW ZEALAND-Postcard of a cloudy Orkney addressed to Romford with 8 bar dumb cancel at top right. Centrally is the oval CENSORED IN HM SHIP BY followed by initials of the censor. Undated, but Ca.1915 Res £12
  9. HMS SHANNON-Flagship headed notepaper of the Shannon, a member of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron addressed to Faygate on 1.1.1915. The ship was present at the Battle of Jutland Res £12
  10. HMS QUEEN MARY-Real photo postcard of the ship and the battle honour Battle of the Bight addressed to Southampton on 20.12.1914 with ½d tied by cork cross cancel Res £15
  1. HMS RAMSEY-Cover addressed to Liverpool from a member of the crew who survived a point-blank assault by the German ship “Meteor” who was flying the Russian flag when stopped by the Ramsey on 8.8.1915. At left is the d/ring PASSED THE CENSOR/* in violet ink. O.S Arthur Jarvis from RNVR Mersey survived Res £30
  2. HMS “OROTAVA”-The former mail ship and Boer War troopship was taken up by the Admiralty and given the prefix HMS. Postcard of Dakar, Senegal addressed to Crewkerne with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by cork star cancels. Alongside is the scarce oval cachet in violet ink HMS/PASSED/CENSOR/”OROTAVA” Res £22
  3. HMS BENBOW/CENSOR No.1-Unframed mark on stampless postcard addressed to Plymouth Res £8
  4. PASSED CENSOR/HMS POWERFUL-Circular mark [poor in places] struck on postcard addressed to Gosport with 1d tied by cork circular cancel Res £8
  5. GEO V registered postal stationery envelope addressed to naval tailors R Wade & Son of Chatham with oval registered cancel of LONDON dated 13.1.1916. Below is s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in violet ink Res £12
  6. HMS RALEIGH-Flagship headed notepaper of the Raleigh, a member of the North America & West Indies Station addressed to Hamble on 5.9.1921 on the St Lawrence River. Res £18
  7. CAPTAIN/DATE/H.M.S “SANDHURST”-Oval cachet dated 5.9.1927 on postcard of SFAX Res £7
  8. HM SUBMARINE “H24”-Series of four captioned postcards of the recovery of the boat after being in collision with HMS “VANCOUVER” in July 1922[4] Res £25
  9. HMS “DUNNOTTAR CASTLE”-Airmail cover addressed to the ship from London on 24.5.1940 with 1/- definitive & 3d stamp centenary value tied by machine cancel. Nice item to the former Union Castle Line steamer Res £12
  10. HMS “WHIRLWIND”-Airmail letter sheet addressed to the US Naval Yard at Norfolk, Virginia from a member of the crew on 19.12.1944 with 3d tied by red inked Maritime Mail machine cancel. Below, at left is tombstone censor dated 26.12.1944 Res £10
  11. HMS “KASHMIR”-Letter written from the ship on 26.1.1940 to Cardiff with EDINBURGH-Received From HM Ship machine cancel dated the same day Res £12
  12. HMS KING GEORGE V-Cover from Bristol dated 26.5.1941 addressed to the ship’s Chief Stokers mess Res £8
  13. M SUBMARINE “UMBRA”-Handmade magazine wrapper addressed to RAF India from a member of the boat’s crew [P35] with tombstone censor dated 26/9 [no year] and large rubber Maritime Mail cancel in red. His details are on the back-comes with picture of the boat. Res £30
  14. HMS “ATHERSTONE”-GEO VI 1½d brown postal stationery airmail letter sheet written from Acton on 7.5.1945 to a member of the ships company of the Atherstone. The mail was received at Ancona, Italy on 16th May Res £9
  15. M SUBMARINE “OLYMPUS”-Cover addressed to Campbeltown from a member of the boats crew whilst on the China Station, Hong Kong with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by London “Received From” etc dated 24.7.1939. The Olympus was sunk by mines off Malta on 8.5.1942 whilst en-route to Gibraltar Res £30
  16. 1945 Stampless postcard of Brooklyn Bridge addressed to Winchester from a British sailor serving at the US Naval Air Station, Bunker Hill, Indiana on 24.1.1945 Res £9


  1. EMBOSSED SPECIMEN Strikes of QV 4d, 6d & 1/- values on thin paper with printed “EMBOSSED POSTAGE STAMPS TO BE STRUCK UPON/PAPER AND ENVELOPES” With printed date at left, 26th November, 1855-see illustration Res £85
  2. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to France with added pair of 2d blues RI-RJ tied by London 18 diamond within oval numerals on 26.8.1856 Res £25
  3. THE HOME NEWS/GRINDLAY & Co. LONDON-2d blue advertising ring on wrapper with embossed dated 17.3.1865 in mint condition-see illustration Res £65
  4. THE FIRST REGISTERED ENVELOPE, Size F addressed to Cardiff with added 1d plate 170 tied by 498 numeral cancel of Manchester with s/ring MANCHESTER/QUEEN’S RD at left, dated 15.10.1878 Res £25
  5. ESSAYS FOR THE UNADOPTED McCorquodale design for the 1d design, submitted in 1879. Two sizes, 118 x 70mm & 139 x 87mm, both with red SPECIMEN overprints-scarce pair Res £50
  6. DIE PROOF By De la Rue for the 2d brown adopted design postcard dated 24.8.1882 with BEFORE HARDENING at top. Comes with 2d postcard-see illustration Res £45
  7. QV DE LA RUE Essay for the 1d “Letter Card” in blue with inscription in blue ink, “CORRESPONDENCE CARD” and with Inland Revenue date of 25 Sep 1883 at bottom right. The final version was not put on sale until 11.2.1892!!-See illustration Res £65
  8. MACKENZIE PARK ORPHAN ASYLUM, SLOUGH-QV ½d pink printed postcard seeking votes for an 11 year old boy to be placed for adoption, cancelled by s/ring LONDON N.W dated 28.5.1883 Res £18
  9. REGISTERED QV 3d Postcard addressed to Cotbus, Germany with added ½d vermilion tied by oval registered cancel of St Martin’s Place, dated 23.9.1889. Nice item! Res £25
  10. QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Germany with added 2d & ½d vermilion tied by squared circle cancels SIDMOUTH dated 9.11.1889 with index J. Cohen rates this mark as RR!! Res £25
  11. SALT-1d pink QV letter sheet, which when opened out is an advert for the Salt Union Ltd. Previously, a dividend warrant was attached and addressed to Waterford, Ireland with large reversed 21 shown when opened out on 13.3.1896 Res £25
  12. OLD TRAFFORD-For all you City fans, something from the other side!! QV 2d plum & 3d rose embossed impressions on envelope registered locally with impressions cancelled by s/rings OLD TRAFFORD/MANCHESTER dated 14.8.1896 Res £25
  13. MIXED REIGN FRANKING-QV ½d yellow alongside EDW VII 1d red impression on envelope addressed to Germany with added 2½d EDW VII value tied by LONDON/F.S.1 d/ring dated 17.3.1902 Res £30
  14. MIXED REIGN FRANKING-Pre-addressed envelope to Chemnitz, Saxonny with QV 2d plum alongside EDW VII ½d blue-green and added 2½d EDW VII value tied by d/rings LEICESTER/1 dated 23.10.1905-quite late for a mixed reign item Res £30
  15. STAMP EXHIBITION-QV 1½d pink envelope with further embossed 3d rose alongside registered & addressed to Germany, cancelled by s/rings VIGO ST/REGENT ST W dated 12.3.1906. On the back is the olive green advertising label for the 1906 Milan philatelic exhibition, tied nicely by the Vigo Street cancel Res £25
  16. TROWBRIDGE COUNTY MEDICAL OFFICER-GEO V ½d oval die on pre-addressed postcard to registered a birth, pre-addressed to the County Medical Officer, Trowbridge, unused Res £20
  17. REIGATE HOCKEY CLUB-Unused pair of GEO V ½d rectangular die ½d attached postcards with space for the details of the next match pre-addressed to Reigate with an unusual flap arrangement to tuck in when returning the item-not seen this arrangement before! Res £25
  18. FORD OF DAGENHAM-Real photo 1d GEO V postcard “Discharging Coke Oven” in mint condition Res £35
  19. FORD OF DAGENHAM-Real photo GEO V 1d postcard “Casting Pig Iron” in mint condition Res £35
  20. PROXY VOTE CARD Pre-addressed to the Civil Service Supply Association, London with ½d GEO V rectangular die. On the back is embossed 1 1d revenue with date 8.5.1935 Res £12


  1. GLOUCESTER STATION-312 4VOD Duplex cancel dated 29.11.1877 without index ties ½d bantam plate 11 to printed notice of the GLOUCESTER MUSICAL FESTIVAL, 1877 addressed locally. Res £20
  2. HOLBEACH RSO/LINCS-Skeleton cancel dated 9.6.1904 with index C ties stamp to postcard addressed oically Res £12
  3. COTES HEATH ECCLESHALL RSO/STAFFS-S/ring on postcard addressed to London with stamp tied by s/ring STAFFORD STATION, both dated 3.8.1903-earlier than Goodbody Res £8
  4. CALEDONIAN TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 10.8.1903 without time or index on postcard to Kincraig from Scarborough Res £18
  5. CARLISLE & AYR SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 9.10.1904 with index U ties 1d stamp to Late Fee postcard addressed to Kenilworth Res £9
  6. CHURCH ST/GILLINGHAM RSO KENT-S/ring transit mark dated 25.10.1904 on postcard from Chatham addressed to East Sheen-unlisted by Goodbody Res £22
  7. LLANDINAM RSO/MONTGOMERYSHIRE-Scarce d/ring cancel dated 16.2.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  8. CREWE STATION/+ D/ring dated 24.2.1905 ties stamp to gliter postcard addressed within Crewe with framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/960 of Crewe Town struck at left. Res £7
  9. LONDON BRIGHTON S.C/DAY UP-S/ring dated 6.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard of the Caledonian Railway Express addressed to Pulborough Res £15
  10. GLASGOW & CARLISLE S.C/UP LIMITED-Superb strike of the s/ring dated 29.8.1905 with index L ties stamp to postcard written from Murthly to Enfield-exhibition quality Res £18
  11. IRISH NUMERAL CANCEL 526 of BALLYCROY RSO Ties stamp to postcard addressed to Basingstoke. Alongside is the s/ring BALLYCROY RSO/Co. MAYO dated 13.9.1905-see illustration Res £35
  12. ST KEW/WADEBRIDGE RSO/CORNWALL-Violet inked rubber dated 6.11.1905 ties stamp to postcard-unlisted by Goodbody Res £25
  13. TYNLLECHWEDD/LLANIDLOES RSO/MONT-Violet inked rubber datesd 15.9.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  14. NEWTOWN NR STN/NEWTOWN-S/ring dated 27.6.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. BELFAST & NTHN CTES/S.T-S/ring dated 25.7.1907 with index UP ties stamp to postcard addressed to Chorley Res £25
  16. NORTH WEST TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring thimble dated 23.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard to Venice-not taxed!!Res £12
  17. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 27.9.1907 with index U ties stamp to postcard addressed to Lenzie Res £18
  18. IPSWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/UP/DAY-S/ring dated 20.2.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  19. SMALL DOLE RSO/SUSSEX-Uncommon s/ring dated 4.7.1908 with time 8.45pm ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. BRISTOL & PENZANCE TPO DOWN-S/rings dated 16.9.1908 ties a pair of ½d stamps to Late Fee postcard addressed to Jersey Res £25
  21. BRIDGWATER-S/line mark in violet ink on GWR Pictorial correspondence postcard of a turbine steamer on the Fishguard route to Ireland addressed locally on 29.3.1910. The ½d EDW VII value is perfin GWR Res £12
  22. IPSWICH SORTING CARIAGE/DOWN/DAY-S/ring dated 18.8.1913 on postcard from Nottingham addressed to March Res £12
  23. EBRINGTON/CAMPDEN RSO GLOS-Uncommon s/ring dated19.6.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  24. VICTORIA STATION/L.B & S.C RLY-S/ring dated 18.5.1918 & d/ring EUSTON STATION N.W.1/1 dated 29.11.1947 both cancel certificates of posting [2] Res £9
  25. NEWCASTLE LONDON/RLY S.C-D/ring transit mark dated 4.7.1922 as transit mark on postcard from Scarborough to Leamington Spa Res £20


  1. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY 2d RLS together with QV 2d tied by d/rings LIVERPOOL/WD3 dated 20.10.1896 on pre-addressed longer cover addressed to North & South Wales Bank, Liverpool Res £75
  2. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-Ewen cover to London with 2d RLS and 1d EDW VII value tied by LONDON N.W machine cancel dated 30.5.1905. At left is the s/line mark of HARRINGAY PARK STATION in vuiolet ink Res £85
  3. DERBY, MIDLAND RAILWAY-Large part parcel wrapper with different shade 2d & 2/- prepaid parcel stamps affixed. Above is PAID PARCEL FROM DERBY label. Undated, but Ca. 1910 Res £25
  4. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS on longer cover addressed to London, cancelled by pen cross cancel. The added EDW VII 1d is tied by LONDON N/17 d/ring dated 11.4.1910 Res £45
  5. SEVERN & WYE JOINT RAILWAY-Cover to Wilson with 2d RLS tied by superb strike of the s/line BERKELEY in violet ink on 24.8.1917. Inside is an unused company compliments slip-see illustration Res £110
  6. NEATH & BRECON RAILWAY-2d RLS in a very deep green shade on Wilson cover, tied by unframed NEATH/[COACHING] in violet ink on 24.8.1917-nice! Res £110
  7. LONDON BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS tied to longer cover from the LORD CHANCELOR addressed to London by circular framed cancel FOREST ROW/DATE/L.B & S.C.R dated 24.7.1919 Res £110
  8. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 3d on 2d red overprint RLS tied by oval NEWCASTLE STATION cancel dated 5.2.1920. The added 1 `12d Geo V value is similarly tied Res £95
  9. METROPOLITAN RAILWAY-4d on 3d RLS on Wilson Union Castle crested cover tied by s/line MARLBOROUGH ROAD & s/line date 10 MAR 1930, both in green-blue ink-see illustration Res £120
  10. RHONDDA & SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY-3d on 2d RLS 2788 on Wilson cover with the instruction to post on arrival at Port Talbot on 17.3.1920 Res £110
  11. SHROPSHIRE & MONTGOMERYSHIRE RAILWAY-Scarce DOUBLE OVERPRINT SURCHARGE of the 3d on 2d RLS tied by ABBEY STATION, SHREWSBURY cancel dated 26.5.1920-a rarity-see illustration Res £150
  12. GREAT NORTH OF SCOTLAND RAILWAY-4d on 3d surcharge RLS tied to Wilson cover by oval BOAT OF GARTEN Station cancel dated 7.4.1921, as is the GEO V 2d value Res £110
  13. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 3d on 4d on 2d surcharge RLS tied by unframed mark of PARCELS DEPT/TAFF’S WELL Station in violet ink on 2.9.1921-see illustration Res £125
  14. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-Commercial cover pre-addressed to Birnbaum & Son, St Paul’s Churchyard with 4d RLS and 2d definitive tied by LONDON N.1 machine cancel dated 18.1.1922. The RLS is further tied by oval E.C RLY’S cachet in blue ink Res £85
  15. METROPOLITAN & GREAT CENTRAL JOINT COMMITTEE 4d RLS on Wilson cover, tied by s/line AYLESBURY JOINT in blue-green ink and cancelled by s/line date 11 SEP 1922. It is further tied by MANCHESTER K Post Early in The Day slogan dated 12.9.1922 Res £125
  16. MIDLAND & GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAYS JOINT COMMITTEE 4d on 3d on 2d surcharge RLS tied by rubber circular cancel WISBECH dated 14.11.1922-see illustration Res £125
  17. N.E.R PROVISIONAL OVERPRINT on Great Central Railway 4d RLS on Wilson cover, tied by s/line HADFIELD L.N.E.R & s/line date 15 SEP 1925. Posted on arrival at Manchester London Road station Res £125
  18. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 3d on 4d RLS cancelled by pencil cross cancel on 19.6.1928 Res £85
  19. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to London with 1d & 2d SR paid parcel stamps issued at ORPINGTON STATION on 1.3.1940 with the parcel stamps paying the EXPRESS FEE. The 3 x ½d GEO VI values are tied by LONDON E.C/94 d/rings dated 2.3.1940 Res £65
  20. LNER 4d paid parcel stamp issued at WELWYN NORTH STATION on 24.11.1944 on Allen cover addressed to Cambridge with 2½d GEO VI value tied by Cambridge machine cancel dated the same day Res £45


  1. LONGER Commercial cover endorsed EXPRESS DELIVERY and addressed to a Cambridge Laboratory with 5 x GEO VI 1½d values and the LNER 3d paid parcel stamp tied by oval cancels of LIVERPOOL STREET MAIN LINE BOOKING OFFICE dated 26.7.1938. The parcel stamp was issued at Liverpool Street Station Res £65
  2. LONDON TO IRELAND-Railex label at top left of commercial cover addressed to Prospect, Strabane with instructions that the letter be handed to PO Messenger at Strabane Station. The GEO VI 1½d is tied by London d/ring dated 16.4.1940. On the back is the scarce GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY OF IRELAND 3d railway stamp cancelled by LONDONDERRY PCLS dated 26.4.1940-why a 10 day transit?? Res £75
  3. DOUBLE RAILEX LABEL Cover from Brighton addressed to Bath on 10.10.1952 with 1st Railex label with instructions to transfer to messenger at Victoria & Paddington & the 2nd one with instructions to hand to messenger at Bath Station. With British Railways Southern Region 8d paid parcel label with wrong date [10th September] Res £55
  4. LONGER Cover addressed to Brighton with 2½d Wilding tied by manuscript date 16-9-55. Alongside is the BR Paid Parcel label for 10d issued at Victoria Station on the same day. Below is the Railex label with instruction to hand over the letter at Brighton Station Res £45
  5. LONGER Commercial cover addressed to Chancery Lane, London with 4½d Wilding tied by GUILDFORD/SURREY s/ring dated 18.6.1963. Below is the BR 1/- paid parcel label and at left is the different Express label with instructions to hand to PO messenger at Waterloo Station Res £45


  1. STAMPLESS H.M YACHT VICTORIA & ALBERT Crested cover addressed to the Carlton Hotel, Pall Mall, cancelled by s/ring OFFICIAL PAID/LONDON S.W dated 22.5.1905 with superb EDW VII Royal Cypher in violet ink at bottom right Res £45
  2. HIGHCLIFFE CASTLE-Superb exhibition quality strike of this very scarce skeleton cancel dated 2.12.1907 on postcard of the Castle addressed to Bournemouth. The Kaiser stayed here on a visit at the time-see illustration Res £175
  3. BUCKINGHAM PALACE-Equally superb strike of the s/ring cancel dated 23.5.1908 ties stamp to postcard of the King & Queen addressed to Clapham-see illustration Res £75
  4. HAMPTON COURT-S/ring dated 13.3.1909 ties stamp to postcard addressed to London Res £18
  5. FRENSHAM CAMP-Real photo postcard of The King, Queen & Princess Mary at Frensham Camp with stamp tied by d/ring FRENSHAM dated 13.10.1914 Res £20


  1. HARROW-PPL From here with 4½d Jubilee value tied by HARROW s/ring dated 15.5.1895-see illustration Res £35
  2. CATERHAM VALLEY, Under Croydon-PPL From here with 3d QV value tied by CROYDON target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring CATERHAM VALLEY dated 21.12.1895 Res £22
  3. KEW GARDENS-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring KEW GARDENS dated 10.3.1897. No stamps ever affixed. Res £22
  4. LOWER BOURNE, Under Farnham-PPL From here with QV 4d tied by Farnham target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring LOWER BOURNE dated 25.6.1900 Res £22
  5. 163, HIGH STREET, SUTTON, SURREY-PPL From here with EDW VII 2d & 5d values tied by Sutton target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring HIGH ST/SUTTON SURREY dated 28.6.1902-small nick from bottom of label Res £18
  6. LONDON, 78, PIMLICO ROAD-PPL From here with 2 x 4d EDW VII values in distinctive brown & green shade tied by roller cancel. Alongside is s/ring PIMLICO RD [78] NR CHELSEA BARRACKS/S.W dated 19.11.1908 Res £25
  7. CROYDON, WADDON-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange tied by CROYDON target parcel cancel. Alongside is WADDON/CROYDON s/ring dated 11.1.1912. At top is 90% strike of the oval RAILWAY/BORNE in black ink Res £22
  8. CATERHAM, CATERHAM VALLEY-PPL From here with 4d orange tied by Croydon target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring CATERHAM dated 15.7.1912 Res £22
  9. CROYDON, WADDON-PPL From here with 4d orange & 2d EDW VII values tied by Croydon target parcel cancels. Alongside is s/ring WADDON/SURREY dated 7.8.1912 Res £22
  10. STATION ROAD, FARNHAM-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring STATION RD/FARNHAM dated 10.12.1914. 5d stamp has been removed Res £12


  1. CECILS TOWN/MALLOW-Irish violet inked rubber dated 27.6.1905 on postcard from Mallow addressed to Sussex Res £15
  2. BRAFIELD/NORTHAMPTON-Violet inked cancel dated 31.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. PYMOOR/ELY-Violet cancel dated 9.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. BERWICK ST JOHN/SALISBURY-Violet cancel dated 11.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. EDINGTON/WESTBURY-Violet cancel dated 15.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. STOWUPLAND/STOWMARKET-Violet cancel dated 20.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. KELLYBRAY/CALLINGTON S.O/CORNWALL-Violet cancel dated 25.9.1909 as transit mark on postcard from Callington Res £8
  8. THORPE-ON-THE-HILL/LINCOLN-Violet rubber transit mark dated 28.1.1911 on postcard from Lincoln Res £8
  9. BILBROUGH/YORK-Violet cancel dated 19.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. THORNEY/NEWARK-Black-blue cancel dated 4.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. NORBURY/NEWPORT/SALOP-Blue-black cancel dated 18.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. WASS/YORK-Black cancel dated 14.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. BARTON MILLS/MILDENHALL S.O/SUFFOLK-black cancel dated 23.8.1911 ties syamp to postcard Res £8
  14. CARTERTON/CLANFIELD S.O/OXON-Black cancel dated 29.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. PORTHPEAN/ST AUSTELL-Violet inked cancel dated 13.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. GALLOW HILL/CHIPPENHAM-Blue cancel dated 11.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. ASHBY MAGNA/LUTTERWORTH-Black cancel dated 19.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. LETHERING/SETT HOLT/NORFOLK-Rubber skeleton dated 27.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £30DUNDROD/CRUMLIN S.O/Co. ANTRIM-Irish cancel in black ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  19. HORSEPATH/OXON-Rubber skeleton cancel dated 12.6.1913 ties stamp to postcard of the church Res £25
  20. PENRHYN BAY/LLANDUDNO-Rubber skeleton dated 26.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  21. AWBRIDGE/ROMSEY-Black rubber dated 27.4.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  22. TAFARNAUBACH/TREDEGAR-Black rubber cancel dated 2.8.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  23. MARSTON/GRANTHAM-Black cancel dated 9.9.1921 ties stamps to postcard Res £8
  24. NORTH CRAWLEY/NEWPORT PAGNELL/BUCKS-Black cancel dated 20.12.1924 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. MALMESBURY/PAID ½d red inked skeleton dated 25.8.1904 on advertising postcard for WOODMAN’S SHOE STORE [for horses], Malmesbury Res £22
  2. HOLYBOURNE S.O/ALTON-Hampsire mark dated 29.3.1905 on postcard from Alton Res £8
  3. WARSASH-Hampsire mark dated 12.7.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. STUBBINGTON/FAREHAM, Another Hampshire mark dated 23.10.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. QUEENBOROUGH/SHEERNESS-Cancel dated 12.2.1907 ties stamp on postcard to France Res £8
  6. BARFORD/ST MARTIN-Nice Wiltshire cancel dated 22.5.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  7. CAINSCROSS-Scarcer 23mm skeleton dated 8.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. CRICKLADE S.O/WILTS-Cancel dated 19.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. KIVETON PK/SHEFFIELD-Cancel ties stamp to postcard with s/ring MARTHILL/ SHEFFIELD alongside, dated the same day Res £8
  10. WILTON/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 23.9.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. CHESTERTON/STAFFS-Cancel dated 12.5.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. APETHORPE WANGFORD-Cancel dated 9.5.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. PORTLAND HBR/DORSET-Lovely strike dated 12.4.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  14. PWLLELI/CAERNARVONSHIRE-Cancel dated 7.5.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. NUNCARGATE/NOTTINGHAM-Late use skeleton dated 7.9.1952 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. BESTWOOD COLLIERY-S/ring dated 20.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. TRIMDON COLLIERY-S/ring dated 9.3.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. NEW BRANCEPETH COLLIERY-S/ring transit mark dated 10.11.1904 with index A on postcard from Durham Res £8
  4. BRANDON COLLIERY-S/ring dated 2.5.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. KIVETON PARK COLLIERY-S/ring dated 19.11.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. PEGSWOOD COLLIERY-S/ring dated 26.4.1907 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. BEARPARK COLLIERY-S/ring transit mark dated 26.6.1907 with index A on postcard from Durham-Colliery cancel has weak date Res £5
  8. BOLDON COLLIERY RSO/Co. DURHAM-S/ring cancel dated 11.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £22
  9. WEST SLEEKBURN COLLIERY/MORPETH-S/ring cancel dated 8.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  10. PEGSWOOD COLLIERY-S/ring dated 14.2.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. LYDDINGTON-S/ring dated 2.12.1904 ties stamp to postcard. Alongside is the squared circle cancel UPPINGHAM dated the same day Res £8
  2. WHISSENDINE-S/ring dated 6.3.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. UPPINGHAM-Skeleton cancel dated 26.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  4. COTTISMORE-S/ring dated 3.10.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. BURLEY/OAKHAM-S/ring dated 24.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. LANGHAM/OAKHAM-S/ring dated 19.6.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. MARKET OVERTON-S/ring dated 3.9.1908 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. SUMMERBY/OAKHAM-S/ring dated 11.6.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. ASHWELL/RUTLAND-S/ring dated 24.12.1911 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  10. GLASTON/UPPINGHAM-S/ring dated 24.12.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. ST MARTINS/JERSEY-S/ring dated 29.5.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  2. ALDERNEY-Very scarce and late use of the s/ring dated 1.6.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £150
  3. FIVE OAKS/JERSEY-S/ring transit mark dated 14.8.1905 with index C on postcard from Jersey Res £6
  4. GOREY VILLAGE/JERSEY-S/ring dated ?? 1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  5. ST PETER IN THE WOOD-S/ring dated 21.12.1906 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  6. TRINITY/JERSEY-Very, very scarce rubber cancel in violet ink, dated 15.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard [catalogued at £150-a good strike] Res £65
  7. THE VALE-S/ring dated 16.9.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  8. LA ROCQUE/JERSEY-S/ring dated 15.4.1911 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  9. ST MARTINS/GUERNSEY-S/ring dated 16.8.1922 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  10. QUAY B.O GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS-S/ring dated 15.5.1936 ties stamp to postcard. A little weak at right Res £20


  1. BALLABEG S.O/ISLE OF MAN-S/ring dated 2.10.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  2. UNION MILLS-S/ring dated 5.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard-the scarcer of the two s/ring types catalogued at £50. Res £22
  3. KNOCKALOE CAMP/PEEL-Skeleton cancel dated 29.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard-catalogued at £160-a super strike-see illustration Res £65
  4. ST JOHNS/ISLE OF MAN-Skeleton dated 12.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard-catalogued at £100-a superb strike-see illustration Res £60
  5. BALLASALLA/ISLE OF MAN-S/ring dated 6.8.1910 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £12


  1. WEST ST/RYDE I.O.W-S/ring dated 6.8.1904 with index A on postcard from Ryde with the stamp tied by large part skeleton cancel SEAVIEW S.O/RYDE dated the previous day Res £18
  2. SHOREWELL-S/ring dated 23.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. WHITWELL/I.OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 1.10.1907 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. ST LAWRENCE/VENTNOR-S/ring dated 5.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  5. WOOTON BRIDGE / I OF W-Skeleton cancel dated ??? Ca.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. CALBOURNE/NEWPORT I OF W-S/ring dated 10.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  7. BRIGHTSTONE / I OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 23.8.1911 ties 2 x ½d EDW VII stamps to postcard addressed to Canada Res £7
  8. ST HELENS / I OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 12.9.1911 with index AM ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  9. SHIDE/NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Black rubber cancel dated 2.9.1916 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £35
  10. NEWCHURCH/SANDOWN/ISLE OF WIGHT-Black rubber cancel dated 14.8.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £30


  1. NORTH ROE-S/ring dated 26.7.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  2. FETLAR-S/ring dated 7.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  3. BALTA SOUND/LERWICK-S/ring dated 13.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  4. ST KILDA-S/ring dated 13.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard of the village-see illustration Res £75
  5. LEVENWICK LERWICK-S/ring dated 16.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  6. HARRIS-S/ring dated 16.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  7. UYEA SOUND/LERWICK-S/ring dated 23.8.1909 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  8. SANDAY/KIRKWALL-S/ring dated 11.10.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. UIG-S/ring dated 12.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  10. BRIDGE OF WALLS-S/ring dated 6.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  11. TRESTA-S/ring dated 8.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  12. RUAIG-S/ring dated 11.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  13. PRESWICK/WICK-Black rubber cancel dated 28.8.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  14. SANDWICK ORKNEY-S/ring dated 23.3.1916 ties stamp to postcard addressed to member of the 8th Seaforths, B.E.F Res £10
  15. FLOTTA/STROMNESS/ORKNEY-Black rubber cancel dated 13.3.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £25


  1. LUNDY ISLANDS-S/ring dated 26.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £30
  2. ISLE OF GRAIN-S/ring dated 14.7.1909 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. HOLY ISLAND-S/ring dated 2.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  4. TRESCO-S/ring dated 5.8.1911 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. CALDEY/TENBY-Black rubber cancel dated 28.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £22


  1. BEN NEVIS SUMMIT/J MILLER/HOTEL-The best strike yet of the violet inked oval cancel on postcard with s/line date JUL 18 1905 alongside. Stamp is tied by FORT WILLIAM d/ring dated the next day Res £15
  2. THE WATCH TOWER/BEACHY/HEAD-Buckle type cachet in violet ink on postcard from Eastbourne dated 1.9.1911 Res £7
  3. BEACHY HEAD-S/line mark in black ink alongside ½d stamp tied by Eastbourne d/ring dated 8.8.1912 Res £18
  4. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/IOM-Upright, bright violet cachet on postcard from Douglas, dated 2.9.1913 Res £9
  5. BLETCHLEY PARK/POST OFFICE-Rubber cancel dated 21.8.2012 ties 2nd class stamp to postcard addressed to Watford Res £7


  1. 74 BIRKENHEAD-SPOON Cancel dated 24.8.1856 ties stamp to cover Res £45
  2. 166 HALTWHISTLE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to Heysham on 26.1.1851 Res £30
  3. 245 DEREHAM-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to London on 28.7.1846 Res £25
  4. 253 DEWSBURY-Two strikes of the 3VOS ties a pair of 2½d QV Jubilee values with perfins BB/D of Becker Brothers, Dewsbury to QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope to Germany Res £22
  5. 288 FAKENHAM-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to Henley-in-Arden on 23.12.1950. On the back is undated, circular unframed cancel WALSINGHAM in black ink Res £28
  6. 299 HORSEHAY-3VOS ties EDW VII ½d to postcard addressed to Willey, Undated, but Ca.1906 Res £18
  7. 399 ILCHESTER-3VOS ties 1d red to mourning cover addressed to Bath on 8.4.1877 Res £22
  8. 443 ABERKENFIG-2/3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 25.8.1906 Res £40
  9. 725 SOUTH PETHERTON, SOMERSET-UNRECORDED 3VOS ties stamp to postcard addressed locally to Burnham-on-Sea, Card is dated by sender on 20.3.1909 Res £65
  10. 767 CRICKLADE-4/2 VOD ties stamp to postcard on 13.1.1905. A very distinctive cancel with the two top bars both top & bottom having been removed Res £10
  11. 924 WREXHAM-SPOON Cancel dated 16.1.1856 with index C ties stamp to cover Res £35
  12. AO1-3HOS ties EDW VII ½d to postcard addressed to West ham from London E.C on 19.8.1903-see illustration Res £25
  13. B06 HATT-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 10.3.1906 Res £15
  14. B21 YATTON, SOMERSET-3HOS ties stamp to postcard addressed locally. Undated, but see note by Parmenter on page 83 of volume 5-He notes one example used on an undated postcard-see illustration Res £75
  15. K45 SALTFORD, SOMERSET-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 22.4.1905-see illustration Res £75


  1. BASUTOLAND-Postcard addressed to the DIEP RIVER, South Africa with South African GEO V ½d tied by d/ring MASERU/SOUTH/DATE/AFRICA/+ dated 31.7.1914 Res £25
  2. BASUTOLAND-GEO V 1d South African postal stationery postcard addressed to MORIJA, cancelled by d/ring QUTHING/BASUTOLAND dated 16.11.1922. Complete with appropriate message Res £30
  3. BECHUANALAND-GB GEO V 2d Protectorate overprint value tied to postcard by blue-green inked d/ring RAMOUTSA/BECHD PROT dated 18.7.1925-see illustration Res £25
  4. BELGIAN CONGO-10c orange postal stationery postcard addressed to Bavaria with added 5c value tied by superb strike of the s/ring BANANA dated 11.5.1900. For what ever reason, it travelled via Lisbon on the 12th June-see illustration Res £25
  5. BERMUDA-ROYAL BERMUDA YACHT CLUB Crested envelope addressed to the Hamilton Hotel with 1d QV value tied by HAMILTON/BERMUDA-1 duplex cancel dated 15.3.1886 with index B Res £25
  6. BERMUDA-Cover addressed to Philadelphia with QV 2½d tied by BERMUDA-6 duplex cancel dated 16.5.1889 with index A Res £20
  7. BERMUDA-QV 1½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Dover, cancelled by ST GEORGES/BERMUDA-2 duplex cancel dated 19.8.1892 Res £25
  8. BERMUDA-Registered cover to New York with QV ½d & 4d values tied by d/ring HAMILTON/BERMUDA dated 29.11.1900 Res £22
  9. BERMUDA/WWI-Cover addressed to New York with 2½d value tied by HAMILTON machine cancel dated 23.11.1914. Alongside is the scarce unframed PASSED/CENSOR-BERMUDA in violet ink Res £45
  10. BERMUDA-Folded entire from the Bank of England addressed to Hamilton with 1d GB GEO V value tied by LONDON FS machine cancel dated 25.1.1916. The stamp is also tied by a superb, upright strike of the violet inked circular P.C BERMUDA Res £22
  11. BRITISH GUIANA-Postcard of Camp Street, Georgetown addressed to North Berwick with 2c value tied by d/ring BUXTON/B GUIANA dated 5.12.1900 Res £22
  12. BRITISH GUIANA-Postcard of the church of the Sacred Heart, Georgetown addressed to the USA with 2 x 2c GEO V values tied by large s/ring NIGG/ B GUIANA dated 28.9.1917 Res £25
  13. BRITISH HONDURAS-Postcard of the swing bridge & market, Belize addressed to Kingston, Surrey with EDW VII 2c tied by d/ring PUNTA GORDA/B HONDURAS dated 12.10.1904-see illustration Res £40
  14. CAMEROONS, BRITISH-Registered cover addressed to Switzerland with Nigerian GEO V 1d and former German colonial 5, 10 & 20pf values with C.E.F/[sterling value] overprints tied by skeleton cancels VICTORIA/CAMEROONS dated 2.11.1919. The blank registration label has unframed VICTORIA/[CAMEROONS] in black Res £45
  15. CAMEROUN, FRENCH-Postcard of Dakar, Senegal with French colonial 15c & 2 x 40c values tied by d/rings JUANDE/CAMEROUN dated 30.1.1928 Res £15
  16. CUBA/US NAVY-Postcard of O’Reilly Street, Havana addressed to Washington with US 1c tied by distorted rubber cancel STATION SHIP AT GUANTANAMO BAY dated 12.10.1916 Res £25
  17. COCOS KEELING ISLAND-Postcard of the locals at Keeling addressed to Huddersfield with Australian 1/- & 2d tied by s/ring COCOS [KEELING] ISLANDS/INDIAN/DATE/ OCEAN dated 6.4.1950 Res £35
  18. CYPRUS-Postcard of the Platres Road, Troodos addressed to Port of Spain, Trinidad with EDW VII 1p value tied by s/ring POLYMEDIA/CYPRUS dated 16.5.1907. At left is Port of Spain arrival mark dated 5th June Res £35
  19. CYPRUS/JEWISH REFUGEE INTERNMENT CAMP-Cover addressed to Jerusalem with 2 x 1p GEO VI values tied by scarce skeleton cancel XYLOTYMBOU/CYPRUS dated 17.6.1947. Back flap is missing, but this is genuine!! See illustration Res £150
  20. CYPRUS-GEO VI 2p postal stationery postcard addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by NICOSIA d/ring dated 17.12.1952 Res £25
  21. CYPRUS-Postcard of the mountain road, Troodos addressed to Leicester with QEII 15m tied by s/ring PLATRES/CYPRUS dated 23.8.1957 Res £18
  22. EGYPT-Postcard of the “Canton” passing the lighthouse, north of the Bitter Lakes addressed to Cornwall with 4m tied by crescent & star s/ring cancel KOSSEIR dated 14.11.1907. Alongside is s/ring of OINA dated 3 days earlier Res £22
  23. EGYPT/BRITISH FORCES LETTER SEAL-Postcard addressed to Norwich with 1 Piastre NAAFI Letter Seal tied by Retta diamond cancel. Alongside is EGYPT No.8 POSTAGE PREPAID in red ink & below is the MOASCAR MPO cancel dated 1.10.1933-see illustration Res £35
  24. EGYPT-Postcard addressed to London with airmail values 1m to 7m and added 5m brown tied by s/rings CONTINENTAL SAVOY/CAIRO dated 13.4.1934 Res £15
  25. EGYPT-Postcard addressed to London with 2 x 2m values tied by special cancels XV111e CONGRESS INTERNATIONAL DU COTTON-LE CAIRE dated 29.1.1938 Res £22
  26. ERITREA, ITALIAN-Postcard addressed to Italy with Italian COLONIA ERITREA overprint on 10c tied by d/ring SAGANEITI/[ERITREA] dated 9.3.1912 Res £22
  27. ETHIOPIA/AUSTRALIA/WWI-Postcard of Addis Ababa addressed to Victoria, Australia with stamp on the picture side tied by d/ring ARADA ADDIS ABBEBA dated 4.1.1915. At top is manuscript PASSED 16.2.1915 with pencil ring around. Res £25
  28. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Postcard of Stanley addressed to Stourbridge, Worcs with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring FALKLAND/ISLANDS dated 28.10.1919 with index C Res £30
  29. FALKLAND ISLANDS WAR-Stampless airmail cover with framed CORRESPONDENCIA DEL SOLADO/SIN CARGO addressed to Cordoba. From an Argentine conscript in COMODORO RIVODOVIA Res £22
  30. FANNING ISLAND-Postcard of Cava makers, Fiji addressed to London with NZ ½d tied by d/ring FANNING ISLAND dated 17.11.1908 Res £30
  31. FRENCH EQUITORIAL AFRICA/GABON-Postcard addressed to LUKULA with 25c & 1f25 values tied by d/rings LAMBARENE/GABON dated 15.6.1940. Below is PORT GENTIL/A.E.F dated 16.6.1940 alongside French Colonial Censor mark in black Res £15
  32. GAMBIA-Postcard of a Christmas Feast with a Native Dancing Party addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d tied to the picture side by superb strike of the s/ring MACARTHY ISLAND/GAMBIA dated 10.2.1921. On the address side is the BATHURST transit mark dated 2 days later-see illustration Res £30
  33. GOLD COAST-Postcard of Sekondi addressed to Kent with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring DUNKWA/GOLD COAST dated 13.2.1913. Alongside is unframed rubber cancel in violet ink BIBIANAHA/11-FEB-13. A lovely strike of these scarce village marks-see illustration Res £65
  1. GOLD COAST/WAR TAX-Postcard titled “ SOUVENIR DE LA REUNION DES WEST-AFRICAINS/LES AVANTS, 6 SEPTEMBRE 1908” Showing men & belongings on Conakry Wharf addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d and 1d overprint War Tax values tied by SECCONDEE d/ring dated 14.12.1918-see illustration Res £22
  2. GRENADA-CENSORED WWI Airmail cover to London with GEO VI 1/- & 2/- values tied by rather poor d/ring cancels dated 9.4.1945. At left is PC90 censor tape SS/1 with 1 inserted at front in ink Res £12
  3. HONG KONG-Postcard of Kushan Monastery addressed to Potters Bar with EDW VII 4c tied by exhibition quality cancel of the s/ring FOOCHOW dated 9.9.1911 with index C. At bottom left is s/ring of the British PO, Shanghai dated 14th September-see illustration Res £45
  4. HONG KONG-Postcard of trhe public gardens addressed to Belgium with GEO V 4c tied by scarce d/ring cancel HONG KONG/SAI YING PUN dated 13.5.1920 with index C-see illustration Res £55
  5. HONG KONG-Postcard of Hiroshima addressed to Radio Hong Kong with QEII 5c tied by d/ring WANCHAI/HONG [1] KONG dated 13.1.1958 Res £20
  6. IRAQ, INDIA USED IN-Postcard of Baalbeck addressed to Surrey & redirected to Bristol with Indian EDW VII 1 Anna tied by squared circle cancel BUSRAH dated 1.5.1909 Res £25
  7. IVORY COAST-Real photo postcard of the proud Dad with solemn looking Wife alongside while Dad hold the little toddler. Dad has all the Glad rags on for the photo!! Card is addressed to Worthing and has a pair of Cote D’Ivoire 5c values tied by d/rings COTE D’IVOIRE/GRAND BASSAM dated 13.12.1902. Below is red inked PAID/LIVERPOOL/ BR PACKET dated 10.1.1903, arriving in WORTHING on 10th January Res £25
  8. JAMAICA/BERMUDA-Entire addressed to Somerset, Bermuda on 2.2.1846 and rated at 4d. Carried by the AVON to Havana & then by the TEVIOT, via the Bahamas to Bermuda, arriving on the 17th On the back is the KINGSTON/JAMAICA dated d/arc for the 2nd February-no other postal markings Res £28
  9. JAMAICA-Postcard addressed to London with 1d value tied by squared circle cancel UP PARK CAMP/JAMAICA dated 8.3.1904 Res £22
  10. JAMAICA-Postcard of the Titchfield Hotel addressed to Florida with 1d orange & red value tied by UNITED FRUIT COMPANY cancel of the SS “MATARAW” dated 24.11.1923-a superb strike of exhibition quality Res £25
  11. JAMAICA-Rubber oval cancel [with teeth] of TOWER ISLE/JAMAICA dated 22.12.1950 ties 2d & 6d GEO VI values to postcard addressed to the USA Res £15
  12. U.T-Cover addressed to Essex with GEO VI 20c tied by completely anonymous d/ring cancel dated 25.5.1940. At bottom left is the large triple ring mark MILITARY CENSOR/10 with star at base. Res £25
  13. U.T-Envelope addressed to New York from Mwanza, Tanganyika but with 5c GEO VI value tied by s/ring cancel of KIJABE/KENYA dated 11.6.1941. Alongside is framed PASSED BY CENSOR/B.2 in violet ink Res £22
  14. LEEWARD ISLANDS/VIRGIN ISLANDS-Postcard of the US Virgin Islands addressed to New Jersey with GEO V 1d Leeward Islands value tied by s/ring TORTOLA/V.I dated 28.2.1927 Res £22
  15. LEVANT, BRITISH-Postcard addressed to Wales with GB GEO V 1d LEVANT overprint tied by s/ring of the British PO Constantinople dated 11.5.1914 Res £10
  16. MACAU-Postcard addressed to Colwyn Bay with five-stamp franking tied by MACAU d/rings dated 19.4.1963. Below is framed PAR AVION/VIA HONG KONG in blue ink Res £12
  17. MALAYA, FMS-Postcard of an Exeter church addressed to Kent with FMS 3c brown tied by squared circle cancel BATU GAJAH/+ dated 8.11.1906 with time 9.30AM. Alongside is d/ring PENANG/+ dated the following day Res £25
  18. MALAYA, JOHORE-Postcard of a Chinese Doctor addressed to Denmark with 4c value tied by d/ring BANDAR MAKARANI/MUAR. Alongside at left is d/ring DINGAPORE/+ dated 12.10.1908-see illustration Res £30
  19. MALAYA, FMS-Real photo postcard of tribesmen & children “SAKAI OF THE ULU TEMERLOH, PAHANG” addressed to Norfolk with 4c red FMS value tied by d/ring SUNGKAI/+ dated 11.11.1926 Res £25
  20. MALAYA, FMS-Postcard addressed to Sweden with a strip of 3 x 2c green FMS values tied by d/rings SABAK BERNAM/+ dated 28.11.1928 Res £25
  21. MALTA-Postcard to Wales with EDW VII 1d tied by lovely s/ring PAOLA dated 13.4.1908 with index PM. Alongside is further s/ring of COSPICUA dated the same day-see illustration Res £45
  22. MALTA/WAR TAX-Postcard of the Royal Theatre addressed to Italy with GEO V 1d & further ½d WAR TAX overprint tied by poorish VALLETTA d/ring dated 26.10.1918 Res £12
  23. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of Mogador addressed to LO\ndon with EDW VII 1d with 50 Centimos overprint tied by s/ring of the British Post Office, MOGADOR dated 29.7.1909. Alongside is d/ring TANGIER dated 6.8.1909 Res £22
  24. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of Larache addressed to Kent with a pair of EDW VII 5 Centimos overprints tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/LARACHE dated 31.1.1911. The Tangier transit d/ring alongside is dated 1.2.1911 Res £20
  25. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of Tetuan addressed to Paris with GB GEO V 2½d 25 Centimos overprint tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 30.12.1934 Res £18
  26. NEW ZEALAND-Postcard from Uruguay addressed to MELBOURNE, Victoria with 2 x EDW VII ½d GB values tied by framed PACKET BOAT with s/ring WELLINGTON alongside, dated 23.3.1908 Res £18
  27. NEW ZEALAND-Postcard of surfers at Honolulu addressed to Kingston, Surrey with NZ 1d tied by s/ring MARINE POST OFFICE/NZ / R.M.S NIAGARA dated 19.8.1927 Res £18
  28. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Postcard of a very long distance view of IBADAN STATION & BARRACKS addressed to Norway with EDW VII 2½d Northern Nigeria value tied by d/ring KADUNA NORTHERN NIGERIA dated 7.3.1917 Res £22
  29. NIGERIA-Airmail cover to Surrey with 4 x 1½d GEO VI values tied by d/rings KADUNA/NIGERIA dated 7.10.1939. At left is framed TOO LATE in black Res £25
  30. NORTH BORNEO-Airmail cover to SANDAKAN with 2 x 4c GVR overprint values tied by JESSELTON d/ring dated 9.11.1949. Alongside is a very good strike of the unframed BY AIR MAIL in violet ink. Comes with picture of Malayan Airways DC3 at Butterworth, 1958 etc. Comes with full write-up Res £40
  31. NORTH KOREA-Real photo postcard of STALIN STREET, Pyongyang addressed to London with stamp tied by 1961 North Korean cancel Res £12
  32. NORTH WEST PACIFIC ISLANDS-Registered “Iremonger” cover addressed to Bristol with SG 94, 96, 98 & 90 tied by RABAUL cancels dated March 1921 Res £50
  33. NORWAY/SPITZBERGEN-Postcard of the North cape addressed to the USA with 10 Ore Norway value tied by HAMMERFEST cancel dated 19.7.1911 & the 5 Ore SPITZBERGEN green value tied by ADVENT BAY/DATE/SPITZBERGEN dated 16.7.1911-see illustration Res £35
  34. REUNION-Cover addressed to Paris with Reunion 60c on 75c overprint tied by octagonal sea post cancel LA REUNION A MARSEILLE No.6 dated 18.7.1934-nice! Res £20
  35. RHODESIA, NORTHERN-real photo postcard of hairdresser addressed to Geneva with GEO VI 1½d tied by d/ring MONGU LEALUI/NTH RHODESIA dated 30.9.1943. With both British and German censor marks and wash for invisible writing detection-see illustration Res £45
  36. RHODESIA, NYASALAND PROTECTORATE-Postcard addressed to Germany with a pair of EDW VII 1d values tied by squared circle cancel CHIROMO/BCA dated 25.7.1910 Res £28
  37. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of Victoria Falls addressed to Huddersfield with 1905 1d BSAC Falls stamp tied by rubber cancel BRITISH ASSOCIATION/VICTORIA FALLS dated12.9.1905-see illustration Res £65
  38. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Real photo postcard of a “Typical Rhodesian Homestead” addressed to Kent with GEO V 1½d Admiral tied by scarce d/ring CONCESSION RAIL/S RHODESIA dated 6.8.1926 Res £45
  39. RIO MUNI-Real photo postcard of the Vista de Bata addressed to Bangor, Wales with 2 x 3Pta values of Rio Muni and a 50c value of the Spanish Territory of the Gulf of Guinea, tied by hexagonal cancels of GUINEA/BATA dated 24.4.1963 Res £22
  40. MAURETANIA-Postcard of a Pan-Am aircraft addressed to Dakar, via Tokyo with 50f airmail value tied by DAKAR YOFF/SENEGAL s/ring dated 18.2.1950. Attached is a mimeographed note stating that this card missed the post as the timing had been brought forward by 24 hours-nice thing! See illustration Res £25
  41. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard of a “Native Ju Ju Man” addressed to Wednesbury with EDW VII ½d [no message, therefore printed paper rate] tied by s/ring BOIA YONNIE TRAVELLING/POST OFFICE/SIERRA LEONE dated Boxing day 1914. Alongside is the Freetown cancel dated the following day, but most importantly is the small, unframed LATE applied on the TPO-See illustration Res £45
  42. SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE-Postcard of a Egyptian beauty addressed to Devon, UK with EDW VII 1 Anna tied by BERBERA/SOMALILAND s/ring dated 2.7.1907. The message is from a soldier, the first soldier to be granted leave in Somaliland [according to the message]. He goes on to say there are no cards or Post Offices here and all mail has to be “Sent Down”. Res £45
  43. SOMALIA, ITALIAN-Real photo postcard of the locals addressed to Germany with BENADIR 10c overprint tied by d/ring MOGADISCIO/[SOMALIA ITALIANO] dated 12.7.1930 Res £22
  44. SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE-Postcard of Pretoria addressed to Royston, Herts with EDW VII 1d tied by skeleton type cancel TWO/WATERS dated Boxing day 1903 Rated RRR by Putzel Res £45
  45. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Postcard addressed to Hendon with Natal pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by d/ring VRYHEID/NATAL dated 1907 with framed TOO LATE alongside Res £25
  46. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Postcard “Reflections of Gamtoos” addressed to Cape Colony with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring GAMTOOS RIVER/FERRY dated 14.6.1911 Res £25
  47. SOUTH AFRICA, ORANGE RIVER COLONY-Postcard of a Zulu warrior addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by oval framed number 33 in violet ink. Alongside is d/ring P.O VENTERSBURG ROAD/O.R.C dated 6.3.1908-a scarce cancel-see illustration Res £50
  48. SOUTH AFRICA, ORANGE RIVER COLONY-Real photo postcard of the monument to the men of the Yorkshire Regiment who fell at the Battle of Paardeberg on 18.2.1900 addressed to Germany with pair of ORC ½d EDW VII vales tied by superb large rubber cancel S.O PAARDEBERG/DATE/O.R.C dated 30.5.1908-rated Extremely Rare by Putzel-see illustration Res £65
  49. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard of Pretoria addressed to Dover with EDW VII 1d tied by superb temporary s/ring AMSTER/DAM dated 9.8.1904-see illustration Res £35
  50. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard addressed to WARRENTON, CGH with EDW VII ½d tied by blue inked s/ring cancel AVON TUUR dated 6.10.1911 Res £25
  51. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard of Essex addressed to Brandfort with EDW VII ½d tied by violet inked d/ring BRANDFORT dated 8.3.1912 Res £22
  52. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard addressed to Oudshoorn with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring ZEBRAS RAIL/+ dated 4.2.1914-rated RR by Putzel Res £30
  53. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard of Somerset East in 1890 addressed to Johannesburg with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring GRANGE RAIL dated 20.12.1915-rated RR by Putzel Res £30
  54. SOUTH AFRICA-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Germany with added English language Cape triangular commem tied by d/rings RHODES/CAPE dated 13.9.1926 Res £18
  55. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard addressed to Muizenberg with 1d miniature War Effort tied by d/ring “SANCTUARY”/”TOEVLUGSOORD” dated 1.4.1944 Res £25
  56. SOUTH AFRICA-Coloured pictorial envelope addressed to Claremont showing a soldiers girl with one breast hanging out, with her tapping her man on the shoulder in surprise. Stampless, On Service endorsement at top and cancelled by PRETORIA machine cancel dated 18.4.1944 Res £15
  57. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard of “The Big Hole, Kimberley” sold to aid the Red Cross with 1½d value tied by special BIG HOLE cancel dated 3.9.1957 Res £15
  58. SUDAN-Real photo postcard of Atbara Station addressed to Wisconsin with 4m large camel tied by s/ring ATBARA SDTATION dated 31.10.1915 and by s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in black ink Res £25
  59. SUDAN-Real photo postcard of Port Sudan Quays and shipping addressed to the USA with 1, 2 & 10m values tied by skeleton cancels WHITE NILE/TPO/No.1 dated 20.3.1937 Res £22
  60. SWAZILAND-Liverpool postcard addressed to Meopham Station. Kent with TRANSVAAL 1d EDW VII value tied by d/ring MBABANE/SWAZILAND dated 20.5.1905-see illustration Res £25
  61. SWAZILAND-Real photo postcard of the Tavern [Pritchard’s Hotel, Mbabane] addressed to Burnham, Bucks with GEO VI 1d Coronation & ½d definitive tied by d/rings HLATIKULU/+ dated 19.7.1938-see illustration Res £30
  62. TANGIER-Postcard addressed to Middlesex with 3 x 1d GEO VI TANGIER overprints tied by d/rings of the British Post Office, dated 17.9.1945 Res £12
  63. THAILAND-Creased postcard of an elephant working in a timber yard addressed to Mount Elizabeth, Singapore with Thai 4 Atts tied by d/ring SINGAPORE dated 10.5.1909. At centre is s/line PAQUEBOT. Card is creased Res £12
  64. THAILAND-15STC blue postal stationery envelope addressed to Philadelphia, cancelled by d/ring BANGKOK dated 1.4.1915 Res £25
  65. TONGA-Real photo postcard “RMS FRANCONIA WORLD CRUISE 1939” showing crew members & tourists on Tonga addressed to Southport, England with a pair of ½d Tonga values tied by NIUAFOOU/TONGA dated 1.7.1939. Card has three different TIN CAN MAIL cachets and is a nice commercial usage Res £45
  66. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Postcard addressed to Cornwall with 2c pictorial tied by s/ring CARAPICHAIMA/TRINIDAD dated 2.3.1936, arriving at Padstow on 17.3.1936 Res £22
  67. TRIPOLITANIA-Postcard addressed to Tripoli with a vertical pair of GB GEO VI BMA/TRIPOLITANIA 2 M.A.L overprints tied by d/ring GARIAN/TRIPOLI dated 25.5.1949 Res £25
  68. TRIPOLITANIA-Postcard addressed to Belgium with 1d, 1½d & 2d GB GEO VI values overprinted B.A/TRIPOLITANIA with 2, 3 or 4 MAL values tied by TRIPOLI d/rings dated 5.11.1951. At base of card is the unframed A.V.2 in violet ink-see illustration Res £35
  69. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-GB GEO VI 2½d blue postal stationery envelope addressed to KEW GARDENS with added St Helena ½d GEO VI value tied by type VIII cachet and South African oval framed Tax mark. Taxed 1½d, but no dues affixed on arrival Res £28
  70. USA-Postcard addressed to New York with 1c green tied by duplex cancel DETROIT MICH/MARINE P.O-2 dated 10.10.1914 Res £18
  71. ZANZIBAR-Lovely vignette view postcard addressed to Bordeaux with a vertical pair of the French P.O ½ Anna Zanzibar overprints tied by d/ring of the French PO dated 27.7.1901. Alongside is the French Sea PO cancel of LA REUNION A MARSEILLE dated the same day-see illustration Res £30
  72. ZULULAND-Real photo postcard of a homestead addressed to Newcastle & redirected to Alnwick with South African ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring EMPANGENI dated 12.7.1931 Res £22




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