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  1. HUTH-Entire addressed to Sweden with 2d blue plate 14 and 3d pink, plate 12 perfin “HUTH” and tied by EXCHANGE/LIVERPOOL-466 Duplex cancels dated 9.2.1874. At bottom is the red inked 2½d accountancy mark found on Scandinavian destination mail. On the back is the Swedish TPO cancel “PKXP No.2 UPP” dated 13.2.1874-see illustration Res £28
  2. CHRISTIAN SALVESEN & COMPANY-Entire addressed to Norway with 2 x 2½d violet from plate 1, perfin CS&S tied by two strikes of the LEITH-221 Scottish duplex cancels dated 5.10.1875 Res £22
  3. HAAGENSEN, WATT & COMPANY-Folded correspondence of prices current addressed to GRIMSTAD, Norway with ½d vermilion perfin HW tied by HULL duplex cancel dated 11.4.1899 Res £9
  4. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Crested envelope addressed to Moreton, Dorset with ½d vermilion perfin LS/WR tied by London S.E squared circle cancel dated 19.4.1899 Res £10
  5. THOMAS COOK & SONS-QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Stockholm with added 2½d perfin TC/&S tied by rubber cancel LUDGATE CIRCUS/E.C dated 12.7.1899 Res £12
  6. CROSSLEY BROTHERS-Trade postcard from the Manchester Gas Engine Works addressed to ARMAGH with EDW VII ½d perfin CB/Ld., tied by s/ring OPENSHAW D.O.2/ MANCHESTER dated 8.10.1902 Res £7
  7. “SAMPLES, NO VALUE” Endorsed envelope addressed to BREDA, Holland with EDW VII 1d perfin CJW of C & J Weldon of London, tied by LONDON/F.S 49 d/ring dated 6.12.1904 Res £8
  8. JOHN DENHOLM, OF BO’NESS-Printed freight list dated 8.9.1905 addressed to PERNAU, RUSSIA with EDW VII ½d perfin D/&Co., tied by two strikes of the triangular telegraphic code cancel BVZ of Bo’ness Res £7
  9. S COWELL LTD., WINE MERCHANT OF IPSWICH-Trade postcard addressed to Halesworth with EDW VII ½d perfin WSC tied by IPSWICH squared circle cancel dated 19.2.1908 Res £6
  10. CENTRAL AGENCY, GLASGOW-Folded communication addressed to Forres from Glasgow dated 12.7.1909 with EDW VII ½d perfin CA/G tied by d/ring GLASGOW/29 Res £6
  11. BORLAND & GREENLEES LTD-Printed envelope from the Glasgow Company addressed to Denmark with EDW VII 2½d perfin G&B [reversed] and tied by GLASGOW machine cancel dated 26.4.1910 Res £7
  12. CARLISLE-Trade postcard from CARR & COMPANY addressed to Nottingham with EDW VII ½d perfin with large letter C and tied by d/ring CARLISLE/3 dated 6.1.1911 Res £6
  13. SMITH & CHRISTIE-Printed envelope from the Glasgow company, addressed to Bury with GEO V 1d perfin S&C tied by S.E.D.O GLASGOW machine cancel dated 14.4.1916 Res £6
  14. J. BUSH & COMPANY-Printed envelope from the Hackney company addressed to Nottingham with GEO V ½d perfin WJB/&Co., tied by HACKNEY E.8 machine cancel with index L for bulk mailings, dated 30.11.1923 Res £6
  15. THE APOLLINARIS COMPANY-Pre-addressed order form postcard for mineral waters to the company at Oxford Street with ½d P.U.C value perfin A&A, but not postally used Res £5
  16. DENSHAM & SON LIMITED-Trade postcard addressed to Melksham, Wiltshire with ½d GEO V value perfin MAZA [reversed], tied by WORCESTER “YOU ARE WANTED ON THE PHONE” slogan dated 10.1.1932 Res £6
  17. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON-Trade postcard from the “VIKING SOCIETY”, University College addressed to Norway with GEO V 1½d perfin UC/L tied by London W.C machine cancel dated 11.5.1932 Res £6
  18. TOPER, KEMSLEY & MILLBOURN LTD-Printed envelope from the London company addressed to Germany with GEO V 2½d perfin TK/M tied by London F.S machine dated 4.7.1932 Res £6
  19. EDW VIII-Postcard from London County Council addressed to the University of London with ½d value perfin LCC tied by triangular die machine L/S.E.1 on 14.1.1937 Res £5
  20. WANDSWORTH & DISTRICT GAS COMPANY-Postal stationery window envelope with added GEO VI ½d perfin WG/C tied by Wandsworth Post Early “sunburst” slogan dated 27.7.1940 Res £5
  21. ELLERMAN’S WILSON LINE-Window envelope with GEO VI 2½d perfin EW [inverted], tied by the HULL Victory Bells slogan dated 7.9.1945 Res £5
  22. BIDDLE, SAWYER & COMPANY-Envelope addressed to Finland with a pair of GEO VI 2½d values perfin GW tied London F.S “Don’t Waste Bread” slogan dated 5.6.1946 Res £6
  23. KEMBALL, BISHOP & COMPANY-Envelope from the Bromley-By-Bow company addressed to Finland with 3d GEO VI perfin KB/&, tied by BOW/E.3 machine on 7.2.1947 Res £6
  24. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-“BRITISH RAILWAYS” Envelope addressed to Wakefield with GEO VI 2½d perfin LN/E tied by YORK machine on 17.2.1948 Res £6
  25. JOHN PLAYER & COMPANY-Advertising envelope and contents addressed to Harrow from Nottingham with 3d Wilding perfin JP/&S tied by Nottingham “Greetings Telegram” slogan dated 31.10.1960 Res £8


  1. VAN OPPEN & COMPANY-Cover addressed to Strasbourg with QV ½d vermilion and 3d value tied by the hexagonal Late Fee cancel L1/LONDON/DATE-72 dated 20.7.1894. On the back is a full size advert for the services provided; including freight to all parts, agent for the GWR and Great Eastern Railways etc. Res £25
  2. THE RILEY CYCLE COMPANY-Lovely advert cover [both sides] from Riley Cycles of Coventry addressed to Vienna with ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by d/rings COVENTRY/3 dated 27.6.1898-see illustrations Res £25
  3. J DUCKETT & SONS-Underpaid advertising cover from the Burnley Sanitary Ware company addressed to Sweden with EDW VII ½d & 1d values perfin with large double lined letter D tied by BURNLEY/5 d/rings dated 25.11.1904-see illustration Res £25
  4. MYERSCOUGH LTD-Preston provision warehouse and factory; maker of the “M.P ROYAL PATENT SAUSAGES”-Cover addressed to Denmark with EDW VII ½d & 2 x 1d values tied by PRESTON machine cancel dated 22.4.1910-see illustrations Res £25
  5. WHITE HORSE SCOTCH WHISKY-Meter mail cover to Holland at the 2½d rate dated 13.4.1936 with lovely inverted black triangle at top left with white horse central within Res £12


  1. DUTCH EAST INDIES “PELIKAAN” Flight leaflet in English telling the story of the epic return flight from Holland to Java in 1933 Res £8
  2. “ARC-EN-CIEL”-Scarce Brazilian airmail label printed in Natal [Brazil] black on blue-green for the special mail flown from Brazil to Senegal in May 1933. A bottom left corner marginal example-see illustration Res £20
  3. “MIT LUFTPOST: NEAPEL-SAIGON/VIA AIR FRANCE”-Airmail label in mint condition measures 114 x 28mm Res £12
  4. “PAR AVION: FRANCE AMERIQUE DU SUD/[AEROPOSTALE.]”-Two airmail labels issued in 1933 by the French company CGA; the final year of use before becoming Air France [2] Res £12
  5. AS Previous lot, but now overprinted AIR FRANCE/S.C.E.L.A for use on Air France services to South America Res £15
  6. A SIMILAR ITEM-With a lighter blue border Res £15
  7. BLUE AIRMAIL LETTER BOXES-Folded leaflet giving details of the locations of the blue letter boxes in the EAST CENTRAL [E.C] DISTRICT Res £12
  8. BLUE AIRMAIL LETTER BOXES-Ditto for locations in the PADDINGTON DISTRICT Res £12
  9. BLUE AIRMAIL LETTER BOXES-Ditto for locations in the SOUTH-WESTERN DISTRICT Res £12
  10. BLUE AIRMAIL LETTER BOXES-Ditto for locations in the WEST CENTRAL DISTRICT Res £12
  11. SPARTAN AIRWAYS-1.10.1934 First day flight cover of the re-routed service which became Bembridge, Cowes, Southampton & Croydon service. Posted in London to Totton, Southampton, the mail was diverted to Spartan for delivery en-route. Comes with write-up and arguments for and against!! Res £30
  12. 1935 airmail label “FAVOR CONTESTAR/FAVOR RESPONDER / VIA / CONDOR-ZEPPELIN” printed blue on white for use from Brazil & Argentina Res £10
  13. “MIT DEUTSCHER LUFTPOST”-Pair of the 1935 Stuttgart labels in blue or red and a further blue one in English “BY GERMAN AIRMAIL” For use on South American mail [3] Res £12
  14. GEO V SILVER JUBILEE 1½d & 2½d values on small cover to Denmark, cancelled by London R.C.1 machine cancel dated 7.5.1935 Res £12
  15. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-“THE MANX AIRWAY SECTION” Between Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool & the Isle of Man, established by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway & the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. Folded leaflet [RAS] 5/35 detailing services, fares prices and timetables from 31.5.1935 Res £20
  16. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-DITTO, For the winter service commencing on 16.9.1935 RAS 14/35 Res £20
  17. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Winter service 1935/36 timetables etc. commencing 2.12.1935 on the London, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Isle of Man, Belfast & Glasgow route. R.A.S 16/35 Res £20
  18. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Winter 11935/36 timetables etc. commencing on 2.12.1935 on the Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool & Isle of Man service RAS 17/35 Res £20
  1. AUSTRALIA-Scarce first flight cover from MOUNT MAGNET addressed to Kalgoorlie & carried on the Perth-Wiluna airmail service with 5d on 4½d surcharge value tied by s/ring MOUNT MAGNET/WESTN AUST dated 17.2.1936, arriving on the next day. Only 40 carried on this flight & even less survived-see illustration Res £65
  2. AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to HUNGARY with 2/- Roo tied by PERTH/W.A dated 10.10.1936, arriving on the 26th Res £12
  3. SEAHORSES Cover from London to New Zealand with 2 x 10/-, 2 x 5/-, 4 x 2/6d 10 x 1/- and 5 x 3d values affixed & tied by rubber cancels LONDONW.I/118 dated 3.4.1937-see illustration Res £250
  4. DUTCH EAST INDIES TO HAMBURG-Commercial cover from Medan with triangular airmail value and 5c definitive affixed and carried on the first DC3 flight on 17.6.1937. Lovely little cover with special cancels etc. Res £22
  5. EMPIRE AIRMAIL SCHEME-THIRD STAGE Illustrated leaflet giving details and rates for letters and postcards in the 3rd stage “All Up” scheme from Aden to Zanzibar and all places in between Res £10
  6. CANADIAN AIRMAIL-Leaflet promoting sending of airmail letters to Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Pacific “Empress & Duchess” steamers at 2½d per ½ ounce Res £8
  7. AUSTRALIA TO SWEDEN-Uncommon “O.A.T” [Onwards Air Transmission] cover from Sydney to Stockholm with 2 x 9d values tied by machine cancel dated 12.4.1945. At left is the No.2 censor 1145 and at right centre, the large oval O.A.T in red ink Res £30
  8. CANADA TO NEW ZEALAND-First flight carried cover flown on the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH PACIFIC AIRLINES Service from Vancouver to Wellington with 50c peace value tied by machine cancel dated 30.4.1947-uncommon Res £25


  1. WALLASEY TO RHYL-Two covers, one in each direction and a CERTIFICATE of travel on the world’s first hovercraft service on 20.7.1962. I have never seen the certificate before!! Actually, it is blank and the unscrupulous out there might even have considered entering their own name in the blank space-surely not!!?? Res £22
  2. WESTON SUPER MARE TO PENARTH & RETURN-Folded brochure/timetable for the summer 1963 season on board the SRN2 together with postcard of the SRN2 and the paddle steamer “CARDIFF QUEEN” and two other cards [4] Res £10
  3. SIR CHRISTOPHER COCKERELL SIGNED HOVERCRAFT COVER-Signed cover marking the 10th anniversary of the first flight by hovercraft with 1/3d hovercraft stamp tied by special cancel dated 11.6.1969. Also signed by the pilot, Commander Jardine-Sir Christopher signed just 2 covers!! See illustration Res £65
  4. THE JEREMY THORPE “KINNOCH” MOMENT-Two flown covers carried during the dog-loving Liberal Leader’s disastrous 1974 election campaign around the south west of England during August. The craft was battered by high seas at Sidmouth when travelling from Kingsbridge to the Isle of Wight on31.8.1974 and poor old Jeremy was rescued from the badly damaged craft [comes with photo of the damage] and has a SALVAGED FROM GH-2022 cachet. Piloted by a retired Squadron Leader [Lawrenson]-should have left it to the Navy or the Marines!! [3] Res £22
  5. KUWAIT-25 FILS Airmail letter sheet carried during the Middle East Sales Tour from AL-BID to BUBIYAN ISLAND on 6.3.1974. Has appropriate cachet etc. Res £8
  6. ABU DHABI-Cover addressed to the UK with UAE 65 Fils tied by ABU DHABI d/ring dated 8.4.1974. At left is the Middle East Sales Tour cachet indicating the cover was flown from BAHRAIN to ABU DHABI Res £8
  7. BAHRAIN-Cover addressed to the UK with Bahraini stamps tied by MANAMA s/ring dated 11.3.1974 and flown from AL BID to BAHRAIN on 10.3.1974 Res £8
  8. DUBAI-Middle East Sales Tour flown cover from ABU DHABI to DUBAI on 19.3.1974 with appropriate cachet Res £8
  9. MARYPORT, CUMBRIA-One of two flown covers from the Easter weekend of joyrides from Maryport around the harbour on 6.4.1975 Res £8
  10. CHINA-Two flown covers on the “HOVERCRAFT 1990 EXPEDITION TO CHINA” addressed to the Isle of Wight and carried from the source of the YANGTZE at 16,000ft-very few carried, these being just 15 and 35 examples known [2] Res £10


  1. 1827 STAMP OFFICE TICKET For one Horse for one day, only to be used for a distance of 8 miles from the Inn of hiring-see illustration Res £22
  1. HARRISON BROTHERS PRICES CURRENT-Folded entire of prices current addressed to Liverpool from Hull on 20.11.1863. At top right is impressed the 1d newspaper tax stamp for the “HARRISON BROTHERS PRICES CURRENT NEWSPAPER”. Some red inked annotations at left Res £18
  2. 1870 DOG LICENCE With embossed “DOG LICENSE/1870” at top right. The fee was 5/- see illustration Res £20
  3. PLAYING CARD TAX-Vertical strip of three unmounted mint “1 Pack” revenue stamps [U.S.A] with pre-cancels “P.C CO” in red ink Ca.1910 Res £12
  4. PLAYING CARD TAX-Vertical strip of three x 10c values, unmounted mint with pre-cancels “A.W.G” in red ink Res £12
  5. BUTLINS-Uncommon 2/6d Holiday Savings stamp in mint condition with image of Sir Billy and his signature Res £12
  6. ARMED SERVICES SUPPLEMENTARY CLOTHING COUPON BOOK-Issued to a Flying Officer from 24, Commonwealth Squadron, RAF Bassingbourne with just one out of thirty coupons missing Res £9
  7. QEII CORONATION-Poster stamp album containing ten different stamps depicting Royal Palaces in England Res £8
  8. LUNDY ISLAND-Incoming airmail cover from Canada with six-stamp mixed reign franking tied by s/rings of Ontario dated 9.3.1954. On arrival, the ½ Puffin balloon stamp was tied by s/ring LUNDY/JUBILEE YEAR dated 25.3.1954 Res £15
  9. RATTLESNAKE ISLAND LOCAL POST-First day cover for the launch of the local post stamps on 4c postal stationery postcard addressed to San Francisco from the Ohio Island on 23.1.1967 Res £6
  10. HERM ISLAND-Guernsey postcard addressed to Sussex with 4d red Guernsey value tied by Guernsey slogan cancel dated 22.8.1969. At left is the 1½d purple with overprint APRIL/69/2p in red ink, tied by HERM ISLAND rubber cancel dated the previous day Res £12
  11. 1971 STRIKE MAIL-EXETER PENNY POST-Window envelope with 1d “ship” value tied by rubber cancel “DOUGLAS WATSON/18, SOUTH STREET, EXETER” tied also by s/line date 12 FEB 1971. Also unaddressed cover with 6d Exeter Emergency Delivery Service value tied by the Douglas Watson cancel [2] Res £12
  12. 1971 STRIKE MAIL-Two covers left over after the strike ended & “dumped” on the GPO for delivery. One from Randall’s TDR operation and the other from his Chelsea service dated 4.3.1971 as well as newspaper article about postal workers refusing to deliver the covers Res £15
  13. “GLASGOW 800” 2p Royal Mail coach of 1840 on blue label affixed to back of cover from Bearsden addressed to London on 14.9.1977 Res £5
  14. FORELAND PRINTERS OF RAMSGATE-Compliments slip with a Foreland Lighthouse “stamp” at top right, tied by their company cachet on 31.3.1983-nice idea!! Res £5


  2. “THINK OF THE WOUNDED” Duke of Gloucester’s Red Cross Fund Appeal gummed economy label in pristine condition Res £12
  4. “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT”-National Savings leaflet WFI 96 “WINGS FOR VICTORY” depicting a sky full of Bombers Res £22
  5. “ULSTER BACON IS BRITISH BACON”-Union Flag label on cover addressed to Smithfield Market, London from BALLYMONEY Farmers, Stevenson & Company with 3d Ulster Regional tied by BALLYMONEY “Check your tyres” slogan dated 12.4.1968 Res £8


  1. JAPAN BRITISH/EXHIBITION-Less common machine cancel dated 1.9.1910 ties stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to Eastbourne Res £12
  2. THIRD PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN, BIRMINGHAM-Four labels in different colours plus a red label with centre vignette INVERTED , an imperf green label with vignette INVERTED and a scarce roulette perforation blue label-see illustrations Res £75
  3. STAMP EXHIBITION JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL-D/ring cancel dated 15.10.1912 ties the new GEO V 1d to plain card addressed to Lewisham Res £12
  4. LONDON INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, 1923-Competitors’ Entry Form and free ticket application form [joined by perforations to each other] Res £22
  5. LONDON INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION-Twelve page prospectus with floor plan, rules, etc., etc., etc. and in excellent condition Res £25
  6. INTERNATIONAL AIR POST EXHIBITION, 1934-Mint airmail label for use on the 8th May 1934 on mail carried by the Auto-Giro from HANWORTH-WINDSOR-HENDON-HANWORTH with the permission of the Postmaster-General Res £7
  7. 25th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN, CAMBRIDGE-Special event postcard of Cambridge addressed to SWEDEN with GEO VI 1½d tied by the hexagonal cancel dated 22.6.1938. At bottom left is a brown publicity label Res £9
  8. 28th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN, BRIGHTON-Folder containing the four miniature sheets of publicity labels for the 1946 Congress Res £22
  9. “VISIT THE CONVENTION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF ESSEX PHILATELIC SOCIETIES/COLCHESTER/14th MAY 1949” Lovely green framed circular map cachet on cover addressed to Cardiff from Colchester on 15.2.1949 Res £8
  10. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW-Skeleton cancels dated 25.5.1950 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to Birmingham Res £15
  11. 37th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Illustrated cover addressed to Scotland with stamp tied by the Norwich special Congress cancel dated 17.5.1955 [1st day] Res £5
  12. KELVIN HALL GLASGOW-S/rings dated 16.2.1960 ties 6 x 2½d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Renfrewshire Res £9
  13. MOBILE POST OFFICE/A-S/rings dated 17.6.1964 ties stamps to EXPRESS Cover addressed to Watford. This was posted from the Haywards Heath Show Res £9
  14. SPRING SHOW/DUBLIN-Skeleton cancels dated 10.5.1969 ties a strip of 4 x 1d Irish values to locally addressed cover. At left is the Royal Dublin Society Spring Show & Industry Fair publicity label Res £9
  15. BOURNEMOUTH STAMPEX-Three publicity sheets for the 1972, 1975 & 1979 shows with various themes [3] Res £6
  16. ROYAL SILVER JUBILEE “STAMPEX” Sheet-let depicting un-adopted essays for the 1977 Silver Jubilee issue, issued at the 1977 Stampex Res £5
  17. LONDON 1980-Publiity items including mini-sheets stickers etc. Res £5
  18. NEW FOREST SHOW, 1981-Postcard addressed to Brockenhurst on 1.8.1981 with cachet GREETINGS FROM THE NEW FOREST COMMONERS’ DEFENCE ASSOC, AT THE NEW FOREST SHOW JULY 30/31 1981 in red ink Res £4
  19. LONDON 2015 “EUROPHILEX”-50p Postal Order cancelled by the large rubber cancel “STAMP SHOW 2015/EUROPHILEX/DATE/POST OFFICE/1/LONDON N.1” dated 12.5.1915-see illustration Res £15
  20. LONDON 2020-Block of four of the London 1970 5d values overprinted for use at the LONDON 2020 Show which as we all know, never happened-see illustration Res £12


  1. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/591-Framed mark on an absolutely fine postcard [no reason for surcharging] with ½d stamp tied by MYTHOLMROYD-J92 Duplex cancel dated 21.6.1904 Res £5
  2. FOUND AT LIVERPOOL/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark on a complete wreck of a cover from New Zealand11.1905 addressed to Bradford, received 18.12.1905. Cover shows water damage and stamps have been floated off-clearly a survivor from a wreck-see illustration Res £35
  3. IRELAND-Manuscript “NOT KNOWN AT SILVERMINES” with postman’s initials below on a cover from ROSCREA dated 13.12.1915, via NENAGH Res £10
  4. IRELAND-Sealed envelope with GEO V ½d tied by s/ring sub-office cancel of STRABANE addressed to Londonderry on 4.12.1916. Taxed 1d, with distinctive 1d alongside framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/172 of Londonderry. The 1d due is tied by LONDONDERRY d/ring dated 5.12.1916 Res £15
  5. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-Stampless, unpaid postcard addressed to TEWKSBURY & redirected to BIRMINGHAM, cancelled by d/ring HEDNESFORD/STAFFS dated 9.8.1918. The “CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED is struck at top right and the 2 x 2d dues are tied respectively on the 10th & 11th August-see illustration Res £20
  6. ESSEX-COMPULSORILY REGISTRATION-“Postmasters No.504” label on back of a neat little cover addressed to FRINTON ON SEA with 2d tied by s/ring ONGAR dated 20.3.1922. Taxed 6d, the 2d & 4d postage dues are tied by Frinton d/ring dated 21.3.1922. The cover was taxed as it “Contained Coin” Res £22
  7. AUSTRALIA WRECK MAIL-Cover front only attached to the front of an OHMS Post Office ambulance cover addressed to Devonport from Sydney, 1.9.1931. The GEO V “Found Open or Damaged” label is cancelled by d/ring LONDON/F.S dated 30.9.1931 Res £35
  8. “DELAY THROUGH MIS-POSTING”-GPO “LPRD 115” [December 1937] Leaflet with map of the London postal districts and those that are “Country” districts, explaining that 300,000 letters per week are mis-posted. Comes with an example of two mis-posted covers, one in a London box & one in a Country box. Res £30
  9. FOUND AT GLASGOW/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark on locally addressed cover with 2 x ½d Stamp Centenary values tied by d/rings dated17.7.1941-see illustration Res £22
  10. FOUND TORN/AND ENCLOSED AT/INLAND SECTION-Rubber framed mark on OHMS economy label attached to cover addressed to PENRITH from London on 12.4.1943. Further label on the back explaining that the enclosed item had been damaged-no contents Res £22
  11. FOUND AT PENZANCE/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark on reused cover from Carlisle to Penzance and then reused within Penzance on 25.2.1950 Res £25
  12. FOUND AT SHEFFIELD/WITHOUT A COVER-Framed mark in violet ink on small OHMS envelope addressed within Sheffield on 25.10.1951 Res £25
  13. FOUND IN INLAND SECTION/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Red inked, framed mark on cover addressed within the London E.C district on 6.3.1953 Res £22
  14. BELGIUM TO STANHOPE-BRETBY, Underpaid cover sent 3.7.1967 with framed MORE TO/PAY/LETTER RATE/ABOVE….OZ with 9d to pay. The 3d & 6d dues are tied by BURTON ON TRENT d/ring dated the next day Res £8
  15. FOUND TORN/AND ENCLOSED AT/INLAND SECTION-Framed mark on OHMS Returned Postal Packet envelope addressed to the National Coal Board at Gateshead together with the totally useless cover from London, dated 16.8.1963 Res £18
  16. “DAMAGED BY FIRE IN PILLAR BOX”-S/line, red inked mark on fire damaged cover addressed locally within SUTTON COLDFIELD on 22.3.1972 together with ambulance envelope and a photo of the pillar box in Lichfield Road Res £22
  17. “DAMAGED BY FIRE IN PILLAR BOX” S/line mark in violet ink on repaired fire damaged cover from Birmingham addressed to Sutton Coldfield on 24.10.1980-see illustration Res £20
  18. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-“NO MAIL SERVICE/AVAILABLE R.T.S” Manuscript mark on registered envelope from Leeds addressed to KIETA, BOUGAINVILLE on 30.5.1992 during the Bougainville uprising by Tribesmen. It did eventually arrive at BOROKO Mail Exchange on 5.6.1992 Res £25
  19. “REFUSED MAIL TO EAST GERMANY”-Cover from HAMPSTEAD dated May 1982 and addressed to East Germany and returned to sender by the Communist authorities as it contained items which did not conform with the list of contents. Has East German “explanatory” label attached Res £18
  20. “REFUSED MAIL TO RUSSIA”-Another cover from Hampstead addressed to Leningrad in September 1982 with label “RETOUR INTERDIT/TIMBRES-POST” As the envelope contained stamps, as did the previous envelope apparently. The cover was returned from Moscow Res £22


  1. THE FALMOUTH PACKET, ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE PACKETS FROM FALMOUTH. A letter dated 1.8.1813 from Francis Bassett, Baron de Dunstanville who owns much land and Tin Mines in Cornwall who protests at the latest [reported] attempt by the Government to move the Packet Service from Falmouth. The letter is to FRANCIS FREELING and his reply is written upon the same letter & returned to Bassett on the 3rd August in which he says basically, that the Mayor of Falmouth is a Dick and that the service will not be removed from Falmouth!! Res £35
  2. INDIA LETTER/LIVERPOOL-Framed mark in black ink on the back of an entire addressed to London and carried by the “DOROTHY” from India in the latter part of 1830. It arrived in Liverpool and was forwarded to London on 11.4.1831 and has the large, spaced GP of the General Post struck in red ink at bottom right. During her career, the Dorothy Transported Criminals to New South Wales Res £55
  3. FALMOUTH-Wrapper addressed to a Portuguese Government Agency at Lisbon with red inked d/arc FALMOUTH at top right dated 8.6.1840 alongside the blue accountancy mark 350 and with the oval Lisbon arrival mark on the back, dated 13th June Res £30
  4. COVER Addressed to a Mr Deed on board the Barque “CYNOSURE” at San Francisco from London on 30.9.1891, arriving in ‘Frisco on 14th October Res £20
  5. BARBADOS TO THE NIGER COAST PROTECTORATE, VIA THE PACKET LETTER OFFICE, LIVERPOOL-Cover addressed to Old Calabar with a pair of ½d Barbados values tied by squared circle cancel dated 20.1.1900. Alongside is the s/ring LIVERPOOL/P.L.O of the Packet Letter Office dated 1.2.1900 and on the back is the OLD CALABAR RIVER s/ring receiver dated March 1900. Also on the back is the quartered circle inspectors mark of Liverpool in red ink Res £50
  6. WHITE STAR LINE Vessels TEUTONIC, CRETIC & CEDRIC Menus dated 22.11.1900, 11.9.1908 & 17.10.1929-all are in very good condition; two are gold edged Res £9
  7. AUSTRALIA-Postcard of Ceylon addressed to London with QV Victoria 1d tied by squared circle cancel of OUTER HARBOUR dated 2.4.1903 with framed PAQUEBOT alongside Res £12
  8. RMS “LORD OF THE ISLES”/DATE-Oval cachet in violet ink dated 14.8.1912 on postcard addressed to London from Glasgow with GEO V ½d tied by machine cancel dated 14.8.1912-see illustration Res £45
  9. SPECIAL NOTICE- “The Canada Mail ex “ROYAL EDWARD” Left Avonmouth at 1pm and if no detention occurs on the way, will be delivered about 6.15pm” with s/ring receiver GRESHAM HOUSE B.O/E/C dated 29.1.1913 at top Res £20
  10. SPECIAL NOTICE-“The India, Australia and New Zealand Mails left Brindisi at 7.37pm [today]….. will be delivered about 8.15am Monday 20th Instance” with superb strikes of the s/ring LONDON/Q dated 17.7.1914 at top and bottom of the notice Res £20
  11. SPECIAL NOTICE-“The Mails from New Zealand, via Vancouver are being conveyed from New York by the Packet “ST PAUL” which is due on or about the 9th Instant”. With s/ring EASTCHEAP B.O/E.C s/ring dated 1.9.1914 Res £20
  12. SPECIAL NOTICE-“The American Mail on “ST PAUL” left Liverpool at 11.38am [Sunday 25th instance] and, if no detention occurs on the way, will be delivered about 8.15am on Monday the 26th instance”. With s/ring LEADENHALL ST B.O/E.C dated 26.10.1914 Res £20
  13. SPECIAL NOTICE-“The Cape Mail has left Southampton and if no detention……is expected to be delivered in the E.C District this afternoon” No cancel, but dated 4.1.1932. Folded and addressed to Ludgate Circus B.O on the same day Res £20
  14. ARRIVED TOO LATE/STEAMER SAILED-Unframed mark on cover from Detroit to the SS “VOLENDAM” at New Jersey dated 18.6.1926. Redirected to the Holland America Line and eventually returned to sender Res £15
  15. POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid real photo postcard of SS “CHITRAL” addressed to Worksop with GEO V 1d tied by PLYMOUTH DEVON-PAQUEBOT machine cancel dated 9.3.1928. With 1d/620 tax mark & 1d due tied by d/ring WORKSOP/+ dated 10.3.1928 Res £7
  16. VENICE-Postcard of Palermo addressed to Ipswich with GB GEO V 1½d tied by s/line PAQUEBOT and by Venice machine cancel dated 1.5.1928 Res £8
  17. NEWFOUNDLAND—Cover addressed to Essex with 5c Caribou tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT/LIVERPOOL 1 dated 7.11.1930 Res £9
  18. ADEN-Egyptian postcard addressed to Norfolk with GB GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by superb d/ring PAQUEBOT/ADEN dated 4.2.1934 Res £7
  19. SAN PEDRO CALIF/PAQUEBOT-No.1 duplex cancels dated 25.6.1934 tie 3 x 2c Philippines stamps to cover addressed to Illinois Res £12
  20. “TOO LATE FOR DELIVERY”-Straight line mark on back of cover addressed to a ship in the Port of London and redirected to Northumberland on 18.11.1935. Alongside the mark is the oval cachet of Cunard House dated same day Res £12
  21. QUEEN MARY-Straight line cachet at top left in violet ink on postcard of the Cabin Verandah Grill addressed to Edinburgh with GEO V 1d tied by the New York NY 32 Paquebot cancel dated 1.6.1936 Res £7
  22. BRITISH INDIA LINE-Pictorial envelope addressed to Bolton with EDW VIII ½d & 1d values tied by s/ring PAQUEBOT/PORT SAID dated 8.8.1937 Res £7
  23. PORT TAUFIQ/PAQUEBOT-S/ring cancel dated 16.6.1939 ties GEO VI 1½d to cover addressed to London. Alongside is a further strike Res £7
  24. HANSA LINE SHIP “FRAUENFELS”-Cover addressed to the ship in January 1941 when the ship was at MASSAWA, ITALIAN SOMALILAND. The Royal Navy went to take the ship, but she was scuttled by her crew on 4.4.1941. She was re-floated and taken to Sierra Leone where the crew were imprisoned. She later went to Gibraltar dry dock for evaluation and then to London where she was the first captured ship to visit London. She was renamed “EMPIRE NIGER”. Across the address are two framed cachets translated to read RETURN TO SENDER/SHIP NOT “HAPPENED”. Lovely item with a tale to tell-see illustration Res £45
  25. SHIP MAIL/NASSAU-Violet circular rubber cancel dated 28.7.1951 ties GB GEO VI 2½d to postcard of Ely’s Harbour, Bermuda addressed to Edinburgh Res £7
  26. DUBROVNIK-Postcard of the Orient Line vessel “ORSOVA” addressed to Liverpool with QEII 2d tied by s/ring dated 23.8.1954. Alongside is the framed “NAVIRE” in violet ink Res £7
  27. GRIMSBY & CLEETHORPES Machine cancel dated 22.6.1967 ties 4d Wilding to cover addressed to Lincoln. Below is the unframed PAQUEBOT cancel in violet ink Res £6
  28. OBAN-Postcard addressed to Selby, Yorks with 4d red tied by OBAN machine cancel dated 8.9.1970 with the small type s/line PAQUEBOT alongside Res £7
  29. PADDLE STEAMER “WAVERLEY”-Booklet of eight postcards with counterfoils showing the paddler at various locations etc. while on its round the UK tour Res £10
  30. “POSTED ON BOARD/QUEEN MARY 2/TRANSATLANTIC VOYAGE”-Unframed mark in black ink on postcard of the “Queen Victoria” addressed to Norwich from Bremen on 30.7.2007 Res £5


  1. STRENSALL CAMP/YORK-930 Duplex cancel dated 16.9.1905 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. THE CAMP/YARMOUTH-S/ring dated 4.6.1906 on postcard from Great Yarmouth Res £6
  3. WHITCHURCH DOWN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 27.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING-J62 Duplex cancel dated 17.7.1911 with index D ties stamp to postcard of the 500 yards range Res £7
  5. BUDDON CAMP-Scottish skeleton cancel dated 22.7.1911 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. WORGRET/CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 31.7.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE/4 S/ring dated 12.9.1912 with index A ties stamp to postcard of Cambridge with mention of stopping at Newmarket Res £12
  8. STANHOPE LINES/ALDERSHOT-Skeleton cancel dated 10.5.1915 ties stamp to postcard-complete strike Res £10
  9. FRENSHAM COMMON CAMP B.O/FARNHAM-D/ring dated 10.6.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  10. ROOMER CAMP/MASHAM-Skeleton cancel dated 9.8.1915 ties 1d stamp to postcard. Part of the M and the ER are off at top Res £10
  11. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/5-S/ring dated 5.11.1915 with index A ties stamp to postcard. Written from MARESFIELD Res £9
  12. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/3-S/ring dated 24.6.1916 ties 1d stamp to YMCA envelope addressed to Studland, Dorset Res £8
  13. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/33-S/ring dated 26.6.1916 with index A ties 1d stamp to small OHMS cover addressed to Canterbury. This APO was situated at UPSTREET CAMP, Kent Res £10
  14. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/32-S/ring dated 14.8.1916 with index X ties stamp to lovely real photo postcard of the Market Place, Bungay Res £12
  15. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/30-S/ring dated 4.10.1916 with index B ties stamp to postcard of Peterborough Cathrdral Res £9
  16. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/19-S/ring dated 29.6.1917 with index B ties 1d stamp to cover Res £10
  17. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/D12-S/ring dated 11.9.1917 with index + ties stamp to postcard of North Walsham Res £9
  18. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/31-S/ring dated 19.5.1918 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  19. ST ATHAN STATION/BARRY GLAM-S/rings dated 5.4.1943 ties Czech patriotic labels to GEO VI 5½d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to London. Has appropriate registration label and comes with a further one with different format. This was an RAF Station, not a railway station-see illustration Res £28
  20. CROOKHAM CAMP/ALDERSHOT HANTS-S/ring transit mark dated 20.5.1972 on redirected envelope from Farnham to Trowbridge Res £7

MILITARY-1901 TO 1921

  1. BOER WAR-GB QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Craddock with added 1d lilac tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE B.O/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated b27.8.1901 with index 3 Res £22
  2. BOER WAR-Cover addressed to KLERKSDORP from STROMNESS on 8.5.1902 with Johannesburg Press Censor mark at left in black ink Res £15
  3. BOER WAR LINK-Postcard from Upper Holloway addressed to Lady Poore in India12.1914. She was the wife of the Provost-Marshall of Pretoria in 1900/01. T\he writer thanks her for woollen goods she has sent the men in France Res £8
  4. INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE-GEO V Indian ¼ Anna pair of postal stationery postcards overprinted I.E.F cancelled by Indian FPO 310 dated 27.1.1916. Also on the front of the unaddressed card are the skeleton cancels FIELD POST OFFICE/W1, DW, W2 & RW and a further Indian FPO d/ring 326, all dated 25.1.1916. The attached card is cancelled solely by the 310 d/ring Res £25
  5. EGYPT-Stampless postcard of Alexandria addressed to London, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ15 dated 28.3.1916 with index A below the date Res £8
  6. POSTCARD Addressed to a Dr Wood at Stanhope Lines Camp from Eastbourne on 16.4.1916 with the manuscript “NOT R.A.M.C” in blue pencil. Alongside is the s/ring ALDERSHOT/1 dated 17.4.1916 Res £6
  1. The “DRAWINGS OF A NEUTRAL”-Booklet of postcards by Louis Raemaekers sold for the benefit of the French & British wounded. Cards depict scenes mainly of a social nature such as wounded, nursing, civil populations etc. Ten postcards with interleaves [10] Res £10
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE/PP1-D/ring cancel daqted 10.9.1917 on stampless postcard addressed to Yorkshire. At top left is the Italian Censor in violet ink Res £12
  3. “ON ACTIVE SERVICE/POSTED FROM AMBULANCE TRAIN AT/LIVERPOOL ST G.E.R” Framed cachet on postcard addressed to Grimsby, 1918. A scarce cancel Res £65
  4. EMPIRE SERVICE POSTCARD-Spoof Army Service Postcard [ON WAR SERVICE] addressed to Scotland from Thetford Camp on 31.10.1918 to a soldiers girlfriend. As with the Army service postcard, there are bits to cross out and in this case, they are of a somewhat comical nature; this soldier for instance is wearing his pink nightdress while writing Res £10
  5. MOVEABLE MAP POSTCARD OF HUNGARY-Card as it was from 896 until 1918 with moveable parts being split-off to Romania, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Published by the Hungarian Women’s National Association Res £12
  6. PALESTINE-Postcard addressed to Bromley, cancelled by the skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/G.M dated 9.12.1919 with index Z Res £25
  7. ARMY COURIER OFFICE/S.5-S/rings dated 6.7.1920 with index A cancels GEO V 2d black registered postal stationery envelope addressed to the Isle of Wight. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled Res £22
  8. INTER-ALLIED/AERONATICAL/DATE/COMMISSION OF CONTROL-Blue framed cachet on postcard from Germany addressed to Northants with 1d GB GEO V stamp tied by partial ARMY POST OFFICE/S.40 dated 12.7.1921, the same date as the cachet-see illustration Res £25

MILITARY-1939 TO 1956

  1. GPO “BILLETING OF CIVILIAN POPULATION” Printed receipts for 2 children at 17/- per week & £1-5-6d for billeting 3 children. Both are cancelled by LAURENCEKIRK/ KINCARDINESHIRE S/rings dated 23rd & 9th October 1939. Comes with two blank, similar forms printed June 1942 [4] Res £9
  2. EGYPT-Small envelope addressed to LONDONDERRY with the large 3 Mills green King Faoud value tied by s/ring BPO/E602 dated 9.12.1939 [Alexandria] Res £22
  3. WINSTON CHURCHILL-1941 London Civil Defence Region Christmas card depicting Churchill saluting the London Civil Defence Services at Hyde Park, July 1941 Res £9
  4. EGYPT-On Active Service postcard addressed to Cardiff, cancelled by s/ring EGYPT/63/POSTAGE/PREPAID dated 1.1.1941. Below is the bilingual framed South African censor mark PASSED BY CENSOR/No.214 Res £8
  5. RHODESIA-Two stampless covers with letters inside addressed to Netherfield, Notts, cancelled by d/rings GUINEA FOWL/S RHODESIA dated 8.12.1941 & 3.1.1941 with cachets ROYAL AIR FORCE/E.F.T.S [Empire Flying Training School]/DATE/GUINEA FOWL/GWELO dated 8.12.1941. The January cover has the same cachet, but without the E.F.T.S in the cachet [2] Res £20
  6. POLISH FORCES-“POLISH POSTAL SERVICE RESUMED 15.12.1941”-Printed card with red & white & red, white & blue borders together with the Rose & Thistle. Tied to the card are two Polish patriotic labels tied by the Polish Naval cancels dated 15.12.1941 Res £18
  7. “THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN HELD/BY THE OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP”-Unframed cachet on airmail cover from New York addressed to France on 28.9.1942 and redirected sometime after release by the Censor on 12.9.1945 Res £22
  8. POSTCARD “NORTH AFRICA/1943” Addressed to Bournemouth, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/111 dated 22.6.1943. It carries a quote by Winston Churchill Res £8
  9. CHELTENHAM PARK RACECOURSE-Cover from Lewisburg, USA addressed to U.S.A.P.O 871 [Cheltenham] on 22.10.1943 with many cachets etc., including NO RECORD, FORWARDED TO etc. On the back is the machine cancel CONTROL/SECTION-U.S ARMY/POSTAL SERVICE dated 17.11.1943 Res £9
  10. POLISH FORCES-George King cover with three-stamp franking tied by Polish Field Post Office No.1 dated 12.5.1944 Res £12
  11. CZECH FORCES-Two postcards from the mother of a Czech Fighter addressed to him at the Czech Forces P.O from EPPING on 8.6.1944 and from Woodford Green on 23.6.1944. Both have d/ring C.S.S.P/CZECHOSLOVAK FIELD POST cancels dated 13th & 26th June Res £15
  1. CENSORED Cover containing a letter from the Bank Manager in London addressed to IDA SIGG and EMMA SIGG at Valais, Switzerland. With 3d tied by London d/ring dated 3.10.1944. The censor tape is tied by a forwarding d/ring dated 8.3.1945-five months after posting Res £12
  2. LAST CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM INDIA-Card with no year mentioned from members of the 83rd Battalion, the R.A.P.C Res £5
  3. CODFORD, WILTS POLISH CAMP-Cover addressed to the Jewish charity “American Relief for Poland”, Chicago with full address details on the back of the Polish Camp, Codford Camp “B”. With 3 x 5d values tied by d/rings CODFORD/WARMINSTER WILTS dated 18.11.1946 Res £15
  4. MARSHALL OF THE R.A.F, THE VISCOUNT TRENCHARD-Ticket to attend the funeral in Westminster Abbey on 21.2.1956 Res £8


  1. O.W Letter sheet addressed to Germany and written from FRAMPTON –ON SEVERN on 17.3.1918. The sender gives his details as being at the sub-camp with the parent camp being DORCHESTER Camp Res £20
  2. “THROUGH HOSTILE COUNTRIES CENSOR, SALISBURY HOUSE, LONDON WALL, LONDON E.C” Manuscript annotation at top of censored cover addressed to Germany with trilingual PRISONER OF WAR cachet at top right. Res £40
  3. ISLE OF MAN-WWII P.O.W Letter sheet addressed to the wife of Dr Paul Weil in Stuttgart on 11.8.1940 with tombstone censor PASSED –BY-CENSOR/CROWN/O.17 in red ink partially below German censor tape as is the unframed ALIENS INTERNMENT CAMP/HUYTON/ LIVERPOOL/LANCS in violet ink. Dr Weil is currently in WHISTON HOSPITAL, Prescott, Lancs Res £45
  4. KENYA-P.O.W notification card addressed to Sicily, cancelled by d/ring POW/EAC dated 19.7.1944. At left are the unframed EVACUEES MAIL/POSTAGE FREE and the ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP N13/KENYA COLONY Res £20
  5. POSTCARD FROM THE WIFE OF Dr Weil at Stuttgart dated 22.12.1941 with the oval METROPOLITAN POLICE/PEVERIL CAMP/PEEL I.O.M dated 28.1.1942 and the oval HEADQUARTERS cancel dated 5 days earlier. The card was redirected to BALLAGUANE HOSPITAL Res £50
  6. Dr WEIL’S Wife writes again on 18.6.1942 and the card has the TAXE PERCUE mark in blue at top right; the METROPOLITAN POLICE cancel at right, dated 9.7.1942 and has British & German censor marks Res £50
  7. TELEGRAM Handed in at St GALLEN, Switzerland and addressed to Dr Weil at the County Mental Hospital at Prestwich with family news. Cancelled by s/ring PRESTWICH/ MANCHESTER dated 20.10.1942 Res £25
  8. DUTCH LABOUR CAMP-Censored cover addressed to Holland from LUDWIGSHAFEN on 16.8.1944. The Dutch labourer was working at the GEMEINSCHAFTLAGER I.P at Ludwigshafen, a chemical production facility Res £22
  9. FULNEY PARK, SPALDING, LINCS-POW Postcard addressed to Italy from POW CAMP/No.153 at Spalding on 26.4.1946 Res £12
  10. LEDBURY POW CAMP-POW Postcard addressed to the Russian Zone of Germany on 8.2.1947 with d/ring GERMAN PW WKG CAMP/27/INTERPRETER OFFICE at top right. Res £20


  1. PLAIN Airgraph addressed to a pilot training school in the Transvaal from CREWKERNE, Somerset dated 24.8.1943 with an amazing 8,000 words. At the bottom, the writer says “To Censor-This only refers to family matters and is an attempt to beat the record of words on an airgraph” Peter Shann. Res £15
  2. PICTORIAL AIRGRAPH With Hitler fishing from a stranded barge on the EMS Canal while the Allies bomb all around him. Sent from CARTERTON, NEW ZRALAND to Birmingham on 15.1.1945 Res £12
  3. PICTORIAL AIRGRAPH Showing Hitler on a broadcast system amid the rubble urging “Every man to fight with his back to any wall he can find” As we see, there are no walls left!! Addressed to Birmingham from CARTERTON, dated 6.4.1945 Res £15
  4. “BRITAIN’S VAST WARTIME ACHIEVEMENT” Illustrated airgraph with image of a hulking young engineer and huge engineering work behind. He stands next to a pretty young lady who looks at plans and has the caption “WHAT WE CAN DO IF WE TRY”. From Carterton to Birmingham on 23.3.1945 Res £15
  5. THE FALL OF MUNICH-Illustrated form with newspaper cutting dated 29.4.1945 announcing the fall of Munich and that the Germans now only hold one squared mile of Berlin. From Carterton to Birmingham on 4.5.1945 Res £15
  6. “BRITISH MEET RUSSIANS”-Illustrated airgraph with news cutting dated 3.5.1945 addressed to Birmingham from Carterton on 15.5.1945 Res £12
  7. “GERMAN ARMIES SHATTERED”-News cutting on airgraph dated 4.3.1945 addressed to Birmingham from Carterton on 9.3.1945 Res £12
  8. “FALL OF BERLIN REICHSTAG”-New cutting with map of Berlin dated 30.4.1945 addressed to Birmingham from Carterton on 4.5.1945 Res £15
  9. “TOTAL SURRENDER SIGNED”-“VICTORY IN EUROPE” Memorable news on pictorial airgraph addressed to Birmingham from Carterton on 15.5.1945-comes with envelope-see illustration Res £22
  10. “WAR IN EUROPE AT AN END”-Newspaper headlines on airgraph to Birmingham from Carterton dated 15.5.1945 Res £15


  1. HMS UNDAUNTED-1898 Long letter written on headed notepaper from HONG KONG on 28th Tom Fothergill writes about a skirmish over the “New land around Kowloon” and that 250 Pathans from the Hong Kong Regiment went to sort it out and were brought back by HMS HUMBER, a stores ship. Lovely letter, but no envelope Res £25
  2. UNRECORDED Mark “PASSED BY/NAVAL CENSOR” in violet ink on stampless cover cancelled by the 8 bar dumb cancel and addressed to London Res £12
  3. HMS FALMOUTH-Oval censor mark PASSED BY/CENSOR in violet ink with fancy crosses at each extremity. The 1d stamp is tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. The Falmouth was sunk by U63 in the North Sea on 19.8.1916 Res £12
  4. HMS FORWARD-Circular framed PASSED BY/SHIP’S CENSOR/…………. in violet ink on cover addressed to Rye with 1d stamp tied by LONDON machine cancel dated 21.12.1915 Res £12
  5. “CENSORED/HGAM”-Unframed mark in blue ink on stampless cover addressed to Cirencester, cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/Z [Alexandria] dated 12.7.1915 Res £15
  6. “PASSED BY CENSOR/28 FEB 1917”-Violet inked mark on stampless UNION CASTLE LINE crested cover from ALEXANDRIA addressed to London on 3.3.1917 Res £12
  7. CHURCH ARMY Envelope addressed to Leeds and redirected to the Station Hotel, York, cancelled by Received From etc., dated 10.12.1917. At top right is the CEN-O-SOR mark of No.1 WING Res £12
  8. CENSORED/A.D-Circular framed mark in blue ink on cover addressed to Surrey [Gould 3A43]. The 2 x ½d values are tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel Res £9
  9. NAVAL AIR SERVICE-Stampless cover from Army Post Office S10 dated 1.10.1916 with lovely s/line, underlined CENSORED in red ink and with the signature of a Naval Commander below Res £12
  10. HMS SUPERB-GEO V 3d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Rye with excellent strike of Gould 6A26 d/ring PASSED/CENSOR in red ink. The stamp impression is cancelled by lovely oval registered cancel of LONDON dated 1.11.1915 and has an ASHFORD/KENT s/ring receiver below, dated the same day Res £18
  11. PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR/H.M.S “ Blank “-Framed mark in black ink on very clean cover addressed to Manchester with 1d tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. Gould 1B14 Res £12
  12. HMS SOKOTO-Cover addressed to London from the Submarine Depot Ship with 1d stamp tied by FPOa machine cancel dated 21.8.1916. Below is the 28 x 18mm d/ring PASSED/CENSOR with initials within Res £12
  13. PASSED BY CENSOR-S/line mark in blue ink on stampless cover cancelled by d/ring LONDON/172 dated 11.5.1917. Below the mark is the signature of the ship’s Commander Res £9
  14. POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S-Framed mark on postcard of Constantinople addressed to Sheerness, Kent with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring LONDON/211 dated 2.8.1921. Unusually, not taxed Res £12
  15. MALTA-WWII Cover addressed to Portsmouth with Maltese GEO VI 2½d tied by d/ring of Valletta and by anonymous [mute] “RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS”. It arrived in Portsmouth on 7.11.1941 and has the triangular Maltese censor No.50 at top. The cove was undelivered & has the “RETURN TO SENDER/UNKNOWN” struck in violet ink on the back Res £22


  1. QV 1878 2d Registered envelope size F “For Registration Only” with s/line SPECIMEN over the stamp impression Res £25
  2. POST OFFICE TELEGRAPHS-James Truscott & Sons telegraph form with 1/- green TELEGRAPHS/ONE SHILLING” embossed at top right with dates 22.11.76 between the wording. Has central fold, but the only Telegraph stamp to be so used-see illustration Res £35
  3. 1886 Issue 2d registered envelope size F with stamp impression overprinted SPECIMEN and having the new compensation label affixed for 1891 Res £25
  4. 1886 Issue 2d registered envelope size G with all details identical to the previous lot Res £25
  5. QV 1d pink envelope with added 4d orange die on cover pre-addressed to Germany and cancelled by DUNDEE-114 duplex cancels dated 11.6.1886 Res £22
  6. WILTSHIRE BACON-QV ½d brown advertising newspaper wrapper from HARRIS of CALNE, Wiltshire addressed to Stowmarket and cancelled by CALNE/WILTS duplex cancel dated 14.4.1894 Res £22
  7. NEW ZEALAND-QV GB 1d Vermillion postcard addressed to Wellington from London on 4.7.1894 cancelled by WANDSWORTH/S.W-31 London duplex cancel. On arrival, the various marks were applied: Wellington s/ring dated 17.8.1894; framed UNCLAIMED in violet ink; Wellington s/ring dated 6.12.1894 in violet ink and N.Z/D.L OFFICE s/ring dated 12.12.1894 again, I violet ink. The London receiver after being returned to sender is dated 1.2.1895 Res £22
  8. QV 3d rose die on registered cover from London addressed to MILNTHORPE with stamp impression cancelled by grill of straight lines. At left is the s/ring NOTTINGHILL/NORLAND TERRACE W dated 1.12.1894 and registered oval cancels of Notting Hill dated the same day. It arrived in Milnthorpe on the 3rd December Res £22
  9. DIE PROOFS FOR THE 3d + 3d EMPIRE POSTCARD AND REPLY CARD-Superb condition 3d + 3d printed in BROWN ink. Comes with the accepted, issued design-see illustrations Res £150
  10. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to Sweden with added 1d lilac and 3d values tied by hooded circle cancels LONDON E.C dated 17.5.1897 Res £25
  11. QV 1d vermillion postcard [non-reply] addressed to Somerset and cancelled by MOSCOW s/ring dated 18.8.1897 [contrary to regulations] Res £15
  12. QV 1½d yellow and 6d violet dies on pre-addressed envelope to Leipzig together with added 1d lilac, all cancelled by LONDON E.C hooded circle cancels dated 21.11.1899 Res £25
  13. IRELAND-EDW VII ½d Postcard “VACCINATION [IRELAND] ACTS-ROSCREA UNION” Printed with warning that a 20/- [£1] fine will be levied if the child is not brought in for vaccination. Unused, but very uncommon Res £22
  14. GEO V 1d Downey head letter card addressed to Crewkerne from Cardiff on 28.5.1913 with printed details inside of loans available from J Lewis from £25 upwards without sureties!! Res £22
  15. GEO V Size H2 registered envelope addressed to Sweden with added ½d & 1d values perfin “TS” and tied by oval registered rubber cancels of LOMBARD STREET on 4.10.1913 Res £22
  16. EDGAR WESTON-Neat little cover addressed to him at Brixton Road with a gutter pair of GEO V 10d values tied by the STOCKWELL machine cancel of 23.11.1915-see illustration Res £22
  17. GEO V 3½d registered envelope size G with further ½d die below, addressed to London from DOWLAIS on 4.10.1921. At top left is the Dowlais registration label Res £10
  18. GEO V 4½d registered envelope size H addressed to Denmark with added 2½d adhesive perfin “S&S/LD” of SPINK & SONS, Diamond Merchants [at the time], tied by oval registered cancels of the S.W.D.O on 2.4.1924 Res £12
  19. WINSOR & NEWTON PRINTERS INK-GEO V 1d envelope advertising at left, a tube of VERMILION TEMPURA Colour ink. Addressed to Alton, Hants, it is cancelled by LONDON W.1 machine cancel dated 3.3.1925 Res £15
  20. GEO V 1½d brown postcard from the Tea Planters & Importers Company addressed to Sweden and cancelled by a superb strike of the Glasgow Empire Exhibition slogan of LONDON F.S dated 10.10.1938 Res £12
  21. LONGER GEO VI Envelope with 1d + 1½d dies alongside each other, cancelled by d/rings WHITCHURCH/HANTS dated 28.6.1940 Res £9
  22. GEO VI 1½d +1d letter card addressed to Leicester, cancelled by d/ring WHORLTON/ BARNARD CASTLE Co. DURHAM dated 22.10.1940 Res £9
  23. GEO VI 5½d Registered envelope size H, printed by P.A & Co., LTD and in mint condition-H&B RP60 Res £60
  24. STAMFORD MERCURY-GEO VI 1½d green newspaper wrapper with the hooded circle pre-cancel STAMFORD MERCURY / 742 / STAMFORD Res £12
  25. DAILY TELEGRAPH-Printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Alton, Hants with QEII 2½d & ½d rectangular dies cancelled by dumb, hatched cancel dated 1.11.1961 Res £12


  1. YORK STATION “R.W” In a black oval-a really fine strike on the back of a YORK AND NORTH MIDLAND RAILWAY COMPANY Envelope addressed to Stockton-on-Tees from York on 16.10.1846, the EARLIEST recorded date of use in black Res £45
  2. GLOUCESTER/DATE/5/STATION-Red inked SKELETON/TRAVELLER Cancel [circular unframed] dated 8.11.1848 on an entire addressed to London from Gloucester with a strip of four & a pair of the imperforate 1d reds tied by the 312 numerals of Gloucester. This mark is unique in red and only one other is recorded in black ink Res £85
  1. FARNBORO’ STATION-023 Circular duplex cancels dated 24.4.1862 ties 1d red stars, 2d blue plate 9 and 6d value without plate number to neat little cover addressed to New Zealand, arriving on 23.6.1862-exhibition quality item-see illustration Res £75
  2. FORT GEORGE/STATION-S/ring dated 29.11.1868 with index A on back of cover addressed to the Inspector of the Poor at Paisley with the 1d red plate 117 tied by the numeral 14 of Fort George Station. This is the earliest recorded date for both the numeral & the s/ring cancel Res £40
  3. GLOUCESTER STATION-An absolutely superb squared circle cancel dated 6.9.1881 with index G ties 1d lilac to small cover addressed to Ledbury-see illustration Res £25
  4. FARNBOROUGH STATION-Equally superb strike of the squared circle cancel dated 22.5.1882 with index D ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Torquay. Comes with regimental embossed notepaper and envelope-see illustration Res £25
  5. REGISTERED/TUNBRIDGE STATION OFFICE-Oval cancels dated 5.1.1893 cancel 1d pink envelope addressed to Birmingham and tie two added 1d lilacs to the envelope. Res £30
  6. MOORGATE ST RAIL STATION B.O/E.C-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Paris with two added 2½d values tied by s/rings dated 17.2.1894. This is the LATEST RECORDED Date of use of this cancel-see illustration Res £65
  7. ILKESTON JUNCTION-S/ring transit mark dated 6.1.1899 with index A on back of “Book Post” cover addressed to Moreton, Dorset with ½d vermilion tied by NOTTINGHAM-583 three bar duplex cancel with figure 5 in basal bars, dated the same day Res £22
  8. PAR/STATION-Target parcel cancel in violet ink ties 1d lilac & 3d QV value to Par parcel post label. At right is the s/ring PAR dated 11.9.1900-see illustration Res £45
  9. BROADSTAIRS STATION B.O/RAMSGATE-D/ring dated 4.9.1901 ties QV ½d blue-green to postcard addressed to London. A superb strike of this scarcer Broadstairs Station cancel Res £22
  10. CHISLEHURST/STATION OFFICE-Target parcel cancel in black ink ties 3d QV value to Lower Camden parcel post label on 27.6.1901 Res £40
  11. ABBEY CWMHIR Parcel Post Label with 6d QV value tied by s/ring PENYBONT STATION/RADNORSHIRE dated 13.8.1901. Alongside is the violet inked rubber cancel ABBEY CWMHIR/KNIGHTON dated the same day-see illustration Res £45
  12. HORSHAM/STATION OFFICE-S/ring dated 28.10.1901 at top right of stampless OHMS cover addressed locally. This is the LATEST RECORDED date of use of this cancel Res £22
  13. MICHELDEVER STATION-MOURNING Cover addressed to New Zealand with EDW VII ½d & 4 x 1d values tied by s/rings dated 8.10.1903, arriving at Wellington on 18.11.1903-see illustration Res £28
  14. MICHELDEVER STN-Very rare 1904 skeleton cancel as a transit/missent mark on a postcard from Southampton, posted on Christmas Eve, 1904 to the nurses home at Winchester. The skeleton was struck on Christmas Day before being put back on the train to go back down the line to Winchester-see illustration Res £35
  15. CLAPHAM STATION/LANCASTER-The only recorded example of the FIRST type rubber cancel in violet ink, dated 21.2.1906, tying stamp to postcard-a superb strike to boot!! Res £25
  16. PERRANWELL STATION-S/ring dated 2.10.1906 with index D cancels stampless, unpaid postcard addressed to Truro. Alongside is the manuscript “UNPAID/1d” in violet pencil Res £12
  17. REGISTERED/BROADSTAIRS STATION OFFICE B.O-Superb strike of the oval cancel dated 10.5.1911 with added EDW VII ½d & 1d values tied to EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope addressed to HUNGARY by s/rings ST PETER’S/KENT dated the same day-see illustration Res £28
  18. STITHIANS/PERRANWELL STATION CORNWALL-S/ring dated 18.12.1912 ties EDW VII 5d to parcel post label of Stithians, Perranwell Station, Under Truro. Alongside is a further strike Res £45
  19. STRAFFAN STN B.O/Co. KILDARE-English language s/rings dated 11.7.1925 ties a pair of Irish Free State ½d values to postcard. This is the LATEST RECORDED date of use of this cancel. Most English language cancels has been replaced by 1923-see illustration Res £28
  20. MICHELDEVER STN/MICHELDEVER HANTS-The UNIQUE d/ring cancel dated 7.7.1936 with index B ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £28
  21. KINGS CROSS RLY STN/TELEGRAPH OFFICE-S/rings dated 14.12.1963 ties 5d & 5/- values to telegram addressed to Ashington Res £22
  22. STATION S.O BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/4-S/ring dated 12.1.1966 ties 2/6d postage due to cover from Rhodesia with the 2/6d Independence issue tied by d/ring GOROMONZI dated 10.1.1966 Res £20
  1. REGISTERED/STATION S.O HEREFORD-Double rim oval registered cancel dated 19.12.1994 cancels black on yellow Post Office label P460 which requires the addressee to furnish the Post Office with details of the sender who has used a previously used stamp. Above the label is the manuscript “NOTHING IN ENVELOPE-VERY ODD” This is the LATEST RECORDED date of use of this cancel Res £22


  1. CR/F-Black circular cancel of the Caledonian Railway on front of an OHMS Returned Paid Letter envelope from the RLB, London addressed to Forres on 7.11.1869. Inside the flap of the envelope is the blurb from Rowland Hill Res £25
  2. HULL/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 10.8.1881 with index 2 on back of a nice clean cover from Newcastle addressed to Hull on the previous day Res £15
  3. FRENCH NIGHT MAIL-Oval registered cancel dated 3.6.1894 on front of a registered cover from Paris addressed to Dursley Mill, Gloucestershire-see illustration Res £30
  4. FRENCH NIGHT MAIL-Much smaller oval registered mark dated 26.11.1894 on registered cover from Romania addressed to Colchester-see illustration Res £35
  5. LLANBERIS RSO-Skeleton cancel dated 3.9.1903 with time 5.30pm ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 3.5.1905 with index U on pink registered letters way bill received at Keith Res £40
  7. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring [739a] dated 26.5.1903 with index E cancels EDW VII 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Sweden Res £30
  8. HULL/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 19.7.1903 with index 1 on postcard from St Anne’s on Sea addressed to Sheffield Res £15
  9. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring [735] dated 26.1.1904 with index L cancels EDW VII 1d postcard addressed to Sweden Res £15
  10. SOUTH WALES SORTING CARRIAGE/NORTH MAIL UP-Large type s/ring dated 18.7.1904 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  11. HIGHLAND S.C/NIGHT MAIL * S/ring dated 6.4.1905 with index U1 cancels Parcel Bill [In Letter Bag]-see illustration Res £35
  12. BEXLEY RSO/KENT-Skeleton dated 10.6.1905 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  13. HIGH HAM/LANGPORT RSO SOM-S/ring dated 12.12.1908 with six-pointed star index, ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  14. FIFE SORTING TENDER UP/458-Scots d/ring dated 16.11.1912 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  15. UP SPECIAL/T.P.O No.1-Scarce rubber cancel dated 20.10.1938 ties GEO VI 1d to piece and s/ring UP SPECIAL MAIL/TPO dated 1.5.1914 cancels “Unsuitable for transfer by the Apparatus” label [2] Res £18
  16. WHITLEY BAY-S.O/NORTHUMBERLAND-D/ring RSO cancel with the “R” removed from RSO dated 1.8.1914 ties 1d postage due to underpaid postcard from Switzerland addressed to Monkseaton Res £12
  17. CARDIFF & YORK TPO/GOING EAST-S/ring transit mark dated 11.9.1916 with six-pointed star index on postcard from Blackpool addressed to Wrexham Res £25
  18. PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET-S/ring dated 27.6.1919 cancels GEO V registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Reading. Below is the d/ring PARKSTONE/DORSET dated the same day & at top left is the PARKSTONE registration label Res £8
  19. TAMWORTH LINCOLN S.C-S/ring transit mark dated 4.8.1934 on postcard from Bournemouth addressed to Cleethorpes Res £12
  20. SHREWSBURY YORK TPO-S/ring dated 11.6.1939 ties GEO VI 1d to postcard of Fairbourne addressed to Wrexham Res £7


  1. GENERAL PROBYN Endorsed Crowned cover from SANDRINGHAM RSO addressed to Kings Kynn with the Official Paid, Sandringham RSO at top right, dated 1.12.1908. Probyn was the Keeper of The Privy Purse Res £22
  2. EDW VII Ticket to view the Coronation of EDW VII from the ADMIRALTY STAND at St James’s Park on 26.6.1902. At right is the black cachet of HM OFFICE OF WORKS. The Coronation was postponed as the King had undergone emergency surgery for Appendicitis Res £22
  3. EDW VII-Very pretty ticket to view the Coronation Procession from the premises of W. STAKER’S at 49-63 Ludgate Hill on Friday 27th June 1902. This traditional parade or procession was cancelled until October due to the King having emergency surgery Res £22
  4. SANDRINGHAM-Telegram handed in at Buckingham Palace addressed to Sir Alan Manby at Sandringham, cancelled by the s/ring SANDRINGHAM on 26.5.1916. This particular s/ring was only used for telegraphic purposes-see “Royal Household Mail” by Glen Morgan Figure 6.15-uncommon usage Res £40
  5. PRINCESS VICTORIA [Daughter of EDW VII]-A letter signed by her together with envelope addressed to Lady Beatrix Wilkinson at Portland Place with the cypher of GEO V at left and d/ring London S.W.1 Official Paid, dated 4.12.1919 Res £35
  6. QUEEN MARY-Hand written letter on printed Memorandum “From The Queen, Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire” on 24.9.1933 in which she thanks the wife of the Royal Chef for donations received for the Needlework Guild. Hand delivered in an envelope annotated “The Queen” at bottom left-see illustration Res £35
  7. EDW VIII-SANDRINGHAM, NORFOLK Headed notepaper signed by H.G Campbell, informing the addressee at Winchester that The King has agreed to provide a signed photograph of the King, but that there would be a short delay as the photos were not yet ready. Redirected to Devon upon arrival in Winchester, the square Cypher of EDW VIII is at bottom, struck in black ink on 9.1.1937. Roughly opened at top Res £40
  8. PRINCESS ALICE, COUNTESS OF ATHLONE-A Letter signed by Alice addressed to Lady Anderson [Anderson Shelter fame] on the death of her son by a previous marriage. T\he letter is dated 11.9.1951 and was written on Marlborough House notepaper. The cover has the GEO VI Royal Cypher and the S.W.1 Official paid d/ring Res £30
  9. ROYAL YACHT BRITANNIA-Letter from the ship’s surgeon addressed to the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth written on Britannia notepaper and mailed in a similar envelope from PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Canada, using the 5c pictorial Royal Visit x 3; all tied by CHARLOTTESTOWN/P.E.I s/rings dated 6.10.1964 Res £25
  10. HER MAJESTY’S REPRESENTATIVE/CROWN/ASCOT OFFICE/ST JAMES’S PALACE, S.W.1”-Black printed cachet on longer envelope with crest of “Her Majesty’s Representative” on the back, addressed to Sawston, Cambs on 10.5.1983 Res £9

RUBBERS [Violet ink unless stated]

  1. ATTENBOROUGH/NOTTINGHAM-Cancel dated 12.11.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. SELSTEAD/DOVER-Cancel dated 27.11.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. STUCKTON/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 14.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. WYBOSTON/ST NEOTS-Cancel dated 31.1.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. PYMOOR/ELY-Cancel dated 13.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  6. ILE ABBOTS/TAUNTON-Superb cancel dated 22.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  7. DOG DYKE/LINCOLN-Lovely cancel dated CHRISTMAS DAY 1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. DUNHOLME/LINCON-Cancel dated 27.3.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. RINGSFIELD COMMON/BECCLES-Cancel dated 17.6.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. PORTHPEAN/ST AUSTELL-Lovely cancel dated 12.7.1909 on postcard from St Austell cancelled by d/ring Res £8
  11. SOUTH KILWORTH/RUGBY-Black cancel dated 18.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. NORMANTON/GRANTHAM-Black cancel dated 27.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. PEASEMORE/NEWBURY-Black cancel dated 9.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. ROCKFIELD/MONMOUTH-Black cancel dated 14.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  15. PENLLERGAER/GORSEINON/GLAM-Black cancel dated 4.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  16. PURTON/GLOUCESTER-Black cancel dated 25.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £9
  17. SINTON GREEN/WORCESTER-Black cancel dated 11.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. BARBRIDGE/NATWICH-Black cancel dated 4.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £9
  19. KINGSTON DEVERILL/BATH-Violet-blue cancel dated 22.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. STOKE HAMMOND/BLETCHLEY-Black cancel dated 20.1.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  21. SANFORD/WOBURN SANDS/BEDS-Black cancel dated 16.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  22. STOCKTON/WORCESTER-Black cancel dated 28.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  23. DOUSLAND/YELVERTON/DEVON-Black cancel dated 13.8.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  24. TEVERSHAM/CAMBRIDGE-Superb exhibition quality strike in black on GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard Res £10
  25. LANDBEACH/CAMBRIDGE-Black cancel dated 6.7.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  26. SCARTHO/GRIMSBY-Black cancel dated 1.1.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  27. SWARKESTONE/DERBY-Black cancel dated 1.11.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  28. SPA COMMON/NORTH WALSHAM-Black cancel dated 19.7.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. CHIVELSSTONE, Under Kingsbridge-PPL From here with manuscript cancel in black ink, CHIVELSTONE/NOV 22/1894. No stamps ever attached Res £20
  2. CULLOPMPTON-PPL Cancelled by the scarce skeleton cancel CULLONPTON dated 3.5.1895 with index C Res £20
  3. CHRISTCHURCH HIGH STREET-PPL Cancelled by s/ring HIGH ST/CHRISTCHURCH dated 16.5.1899 Res £18
  4. WELLS, SOMERSET-PPL with QV 4d tied by lovely s/ring WELLS/SOMERSET dated 9.11.1900 Res £22
  5. CANTERBURY-PPL With mixed franking QV 2d & 2 x 1d EDW VII values tied by s/rings on 6.5.1902 Res £22
  6. DALWOOD, Under Axminster-PPL Cancelled by the black rubber cancel DALWOOD/KILMINGTON S.O/DEVON dated 6.12.1904 Res £18
  7. IPSWICH, CHRISTCHURC STREET-PPL Attached to parcel delivery label with EDW VII 2d & 5d tied by poor dumb cancels. Alongside is the superb s/ring CHRISTCHURCH ST/IPSWICH dated 18.11.1909 Res £25
  8. WINDSOR, CLEWER NEW TOWN-PPL With EDW VII 6d tied by lovelt target parcel cancel of Windsor. Alongside is the s/ring CLEWER NEW TOWN/WINDSOR dated 13.3.1911 Res £22
  9. ILFRACOMBE, CHAMBERCOMBE-PPL Cancelled by s/ring CHAMBERCOMBE/ ILFRACOMBE dated 8.5.1911 Res £18
  10. BIRKENHEAD, EGREMONT-PPL With 4 x 1d Downey head values tied by s/rings EGREMONT/BIRKENHEAD dated 31.3.1913 Res £22
  11. IPSWICH, BRAMFORD ROAD, NEAR THE ARCH-PPL With GEO V 4d tied by the rubber cancel in black ink, BRAMFORD ROAD/NEAR THE ARCH/IPSWICH dated 2.10.1913. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  12. LONDON COLNEY, Under St Albans-PPL With GEO V 4d tied by s/ring LONDON COLNEY/ST ALBANS dated 26.5.1914 Res £20
  1. HASTINGS, BOHEMIA PLACE, ST LEANARD’S ON SEA-PPL With GEO V 5d tied by BOHEMIA PLACE/ST LEONARD’S ON SEA Hatched parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring BOHEMIA PLACE/HASTINGS dated 14.4.1916 Res £22
  2. BLACKPOOL, LYTHAM ROAD SOUTH-PPL With GEO V 2d & 6d values tied by s/rings LYTHAM RD SOUTH/BLACKPOOL dated 4.4.1919 Res £18
  3. SUNBURY, SUNBURY COMMON, Under Twickenham-PPL With GEO V 6d tied by superb s/ring SUNBURY dated 9.4.1920 Res £22


  1. DEVONPORT-Superb strike dated 18.10.1881 with index F3 on ½d postal stationery postcard Res £18
  2. CALVERLEY/TUNBRIDGE WELLS-1SC dated 26.5.1894 with index G ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Canterbury and redirected to London Res £25
  3. TWYFORD/BERKS-Cancel dated 12.5.1896 with index D on ½d postal stationery postcard Res £12
  4. SHERBORNE-The larger type cancel dated 9.2.1897 ties added ½d vermillion to ½d postal stationery postcard-lovely!! Res £10
  5. HERTFORD-Cancel dated 14.6.1897 ties 3d QV value to Jury Summons registered and addressed to Bushey Res £25
  6. ST TUDY-Superb strike dated 24.5.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  7. KIRKHAM-Equally superb strike dated 7.9.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £35
  8. LONGFIELD-Lovely strike dated 31.7.1908 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  9. COPPLESTONE-Lovely strike dated 19.8.1909 [1-CC] with time code ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  10. DAGENHAM-Lovely strike dated 5.9.1910 with index C on redirected postcard Res £25


  1. AMSTERDAM-Flat greetings card for the New Year, 1895 with text in Dutch Res £15
  2. LONDON-Flat card addressed to “our colleagues” in CAPE TOWN for New Year 1895 Res £22
  3. BRUSSELS-Flat card for the New Year, 1896 with text in French Res £18
  4. THE COMMERCIAL CABLE COMPANY[MACKAY BENNETT SYSTEM]-1897 New Year greetings with text in English Res £22
  5. LONDON-1901 Christmas & New Year folded card from the South London Commercial & Telegraph Training College, Brixton Res £22
  6. BERLIN-New Year, 1902 flat greetings card with text in German-some rust spotting Res £8


  1. 1935 First British greetings telegram 1ssued 24.7.1935 in unfolded condition Res £22
  2. 1936 Fourth issue telegram designed by Rex Whistler used from Clacton-on-Sea7.1936 Res £18
  3. 1936-Fifth issue telegram designed by A.E Taylor in mint condition Res £18
  4. 1937-Seventh issue telegram for the GEO VI CORONATION, used to the Royalty Theatre, London for Doreen Henderson Res £12
  5. 1937-Eigth issue telegram used & cancelled by s/ring STREATHAM B.O S.E/3 dated 20.8.1937 Res £12
  6. 1938-Twelth issue used and cancelled by s/ring KNOWLE BRISTOL 4 dated 11.6.1938 Res £10


  1. “WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN A NATIONAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION”-GPO Leaflet NSP 32 Giving 5 reasons why you should join. Pristine condition, Ca.1935 Res £8
  2. ”SPEND WISELY AND SAVE WISELY”-Leaflet NS 26 showing currency of GEO V on the front cover Res £8
  3. BOOK MARK-NS 20 depicting two fighters on camels with guns Res £8
  4. BOOK MARK-“Savings Bookmarkers No.432” depicting a mother measuring her son’s height against a wall with encouraging words “MAKE YOUR SAVINGS GROW WITH HE CHILDREN” Res £8
  5. 1949 NATIONAL SAVINGS WEEK OCTOBER 22 TO 29-Large publicity stamp, unused Res £5
  6. POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK INFORMATION BOOKLET, 1933-Pristine condition throughout Res £10
  7. “IMMEDIATE ANNUITIES”-Leaflet offering for sale annuities from £1 to £300 with text in blue Res £7
  9. O.S.B Leaflet PB 1 dated 1939 giving information on assets etc and how to open an account Res £5
  10. POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK-Leaflet PB 3 all about investments available through the Post Office Savings Movement, printed 1932 Res £10
  11. POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK-Greetings card marking the 70th anniversary of the POSB from the Postmaster-General, dated January 1932 Res £15


  1. 87 BLANDFORD-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 20.3.1884 Res £28
  2. 102 WINFRITH-3VOS dated 12.10.1898 ties 1d lilac to piece only-a very scarce cancel Res £30
  3. 583 NOTTINGHAM-Sideways duplex [large] dated 17.11.1857 with index H ties stamp to cover Res £10
  4. 843 WAREHAM-3VOS ties GEO VI 2½d to On Active Service “Honour” envelope addressed to Reading during the D-Day build-up Ca. May 1944 Res £12
  5. 996 STURMINSTER NEWTON-3HOS ties1d red stars to cover addressed to Shaftesbury on 28.4.1864 Res £20
  6. D66 GILLINGHAM-4VOS ties 1d red plate to cover addressed to Shaftesbury on 29.9.1869 Res £28
  7. D66 GILLINGHAM-3VOS ties 1d red plate to cover with contents addressed to Shaftesbury on 23.8.1872 Res £30
  8. D71 WINGATE-3VOD dated 30.12.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £4
  9. E65 LLANWRTYD-3VOD dated 22.5.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £4
  10. E82 NORHAM-3VOD dated December 1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £4
  11. G76 SHILLINGSTONE-3VOD dated 3.4.1890 with index C ties 1d lilac to cover Res £6
  12. H68 PURTON-3VOD dated 29.8.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  13. J39 EAST COWTON-3VOD dated 22.8.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  14. J98 ESTON-3VOD dated 8.8.1904 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £4
  15. K18 MELPLASH-3VOD dated 30.11.1903 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £7


  1. ENTIRE LETTER Dated 24.2.1728/26 in London & addressed locally. The writer asks for ten lottery tickets to be reserved for him. On the back is the double triangular Docwra mark PENY-POST-PAYD with W/WEN at centre of Westminster Res £100
  2. ENTIRE LETTER Dated 25.11.[1728] and addressed to Austin-Fryers [now Drapers Hall and the ex-home of Thomas Cromwell] from “E.W” who starts his/her letter with the words “Dear Child, You forgot yesterday to give me an account of my two lottery tickets from Sir Joseph Hankey”, who died in 1769. The letter is written from Pall Mall, but has a manuscript MARK LANE. On the back is the Westminster Dockwra mark for Monday Res £100
  3. ENTIRE LETTER Dated 29.10.1775 with two-line LOUGH/BOROUGH on the back, addressed to Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. The writer refers to the buying of ¼ of one lottery ticket Res £45
  4. FRANCIS FREELING LETTER-Entire dated 24.8.1807 from Francis Freeling who wants to see various letters from the West Indies mail which was detained. He promises that the Lords, the Postmasters General will punish for the past & to apply an effectual remedy for the future Res £45
  5. NOVEMBER 1815 LOTTERY FLIER-Colour circular addressed to Fenwick Steads, near Belford, Northumberland for the 7th November 1815 Lottery-see illustration Res £60
  6. BELFAST/80-Circular fancy mileage mark with floral decorations at the base, struck on pre-addressed letter to Dublin on 17.7.1817 Res £25
  7. POCKLINGTON-Red inked s/line mark on back of entire addressed to Beverley on 5.2.1835 Res £25
  8. FINCHLEY COMMON-2d Post Receiving House account for postage on letters received by Robert Stephens. No year date, but the addressee was located within Finchley Common from 1838 & 1847 Res £25
  9. SELECTION OF 1d RED IMPERF Values on entires and covers etc., including Maltese Cross and Numeral cancels. Just one stamp is four-margin, the others less so. Seven items with six being plated [7] Res £55
  10. GPO-Letter dated 5.5.1860 agreeing to repay excessive postage charged on a letter from GRENADA and not from COSTA RICA as had been assessed. The Post Office will refund 2/6d £25
  11. LONDON TO INDIA-Cover addressed to Secunderabad from London with 9d Bistre tied by London S.W-SW/15 duplex cancel dated 2.10.1862 Res £75
  12. BATH TO INDIA-Cover addressed to Madras with 1d red, 3d rose & 6d violet tied by BATH-53 sideways duplex cancels dated 26.9.1865-see illustration Res £70
  13. LIVERPOOL TO SWEDEN VIA DENMARK-Prepaid cover addressed to Sweden, cancelled by s/ring LIVERPOOL dated 21.12.1868. Alongside is a superb strike of the Liverpool 4d accountancy mark in black. On the back is the Swedish s/ring Travelling Post Office cancel PKXP Nr 2 dated Christmas Day 1868-see illustration Res £75
  14. BIRMINGHAM TO LISBON-Wrapper addressed to Lisbon with 1/- green from plate 4 tied by four-bar duplex cancel BIRMINGHAM-75 dated 12.11.1869, arriving 5 days later. With oval FRANCA and circular PD on the front Res £60
  15. PORTSMOUTH TO PATNA-Cover addressed to Patna with 9d straw from plate 4 tied by four-bar duplex cancel PORTSMOUTH/625 dated 5.2.1870 Res £85
  16. LONDON TO CALCUTTA-Entire sent at the 2/2d rate with 2/- blue from plate 1 & 2 x 1d reds from plate 139 tied by LONDON W.C-W.C/15 dated 16.9.1870 Res £100
  17. CHARING CROSS TO BOMBAY-Lovely clean item addressed to Bombay with 1/- green plate 4 tied by CHARING CROSS W.C-WC/31 duplex cancel dated 29.1.1871. At left is the oval Forwarding Agents cachet of COUTTS & COMPANY-See illustration Res £65
  18. JERSEY TO OPORTO-Entire with 6d purple from plate 9 tied by four-bar duplex cancel JERSEY dated 16.7.1871. Alongside is the oval FRANCA & the circular PD Res £70
  19. PRINTED ENTIRE Addressed to Finland with 1d red & 4d vermilion tied by W.C/8 partial duplex cancel dated 2.6.1875 Res £45
  20. LONDON TO PORTUGAL-Entire addressed to Oporto with 6d grey/brown from plate 14 tied by LONDON E.C duplex cancel dated 16.11.1875. This item travelled via France Res £40
  21. DEVON TO MADRAS-Cover addressed to Madras with 8d orange/brown from plate 1 tied by TEIGNMOUTH-782 four-bar duplex cancel dated 20.6.1878. Small nick out of envelope above the stamp upon opening-stamp is fine Res £75
  22. WEST OF ENGLAND HIDE & SKIN MARKET-Printed plain card addressed to Dartford with ½d Bantam from plate 11 tied by superb and uncommon s/ring STONEHOUSE DEVON dated 25.1.1879-see illustration Res £35
  1. MOURNING COVER With crest of NORMANHURST COURT, Addressed to Vienna’s Grand Hotel with 1d lilac & 1½d brown/red tied by four-bar duplex cancels BATTLE-54 dated 19.11.1881-see illustration Res £30
  2. NORFOLK TO INDIA-Cover addressed to the ship “GODIVA” at Calcutta with 5d blue tied by two strikes of the YARMOUTH/NORFOLK four-bar duplex cancel dated 27.12.1882 Res £30
  3. STAMP DEALER-ERRINGTON & MARTIN’S Cachet on the backs of Guatemala ½c green envelope [unused] & Egyptian 1m envelope addressed to Suez on 13.1.1892. This envelope has two different cachets Res £15
  4. MANCHESTER TO MILAN-Printed envelope of the Manchester Exchange & Investment Bank with 1d lilac & 6d Jubilee values tied by very large oval numeral cancels 498 of Manchester, struck on 28.10.1893. Below is the red inked 2d REGISTERED 2d/ MANCHESTER and a similar red inked mark for London dated the following day Res £25
  5. LONDON TO FINLAND-Small registered cover to Finland with 4½d Jubilee value tied by THREADNEEDLE STREET oval registered cancel dated 7.6.1899 Res £40
  6. EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Norway with added 9d value tied by s/ring 19, OXFORD ST/NEAR PANTHEON W dated 9.6.1902 Res £45
  7. EDW VII 2½d grey postal stationery envelope registered & addressed to Russia [Finland] with added 2d value tied by THROGMORTON AVENUE oval registered cancel dated 21.12.1909. The 2d has a superb colour and is lightly tied Res £35
  8. PERF 15 x 14 EDW VII 2½d tied to cover addressed to Denmark & tied by d/ring KINGS HEATH/BIRMINGHAM dated 16.4.1912 Res £22
  9. LONDON TO DENMARK-EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope with added 1½d Somerset House printing tied by LONDON E.C machine cancel dated 26.7.1912 Res £30
  10. PERF 15 x 14 EDW VII 2½d tied to cover addressed to Sweden & tied by d/ring DUNDEE/1 dated 4.12.1912 Res £22
  11. IRELAND-Folder of Irish Free State stamps presented by the Government of Ireland at the 1924 PUC Congress at Stockholm. The booklet/folder contains the 1922 issue from ½d to 1/- and are mounted with original hinges on two pages. A scarce survivor!! Res £85
  12. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Copenhagen with GEO VI 10d tied by rubber oval registered cancel EASTERN DISTRICT OFFICE E.1 dated 20.2.1938 Res £22
  13. BUTLINS CAMP-Registered envelope to Scotland with stamps tied by s/rings BUTLINS CAMP FILEY YORKSHIRE/A dated 14.5.1949. At top left is the Butlin’d registration label Res £22
  14. LEONARDO CARTOON EXHIBITION AT THE NATIONAL GALLERY-Scarcer slogan cancel ties 2½d Wilding to Ashe Laboratories representatives list of items available addressed to Shoeburyness from S.W.1 on 16.7.1962-superb item!! Res £7
  15. SPECIAL DELIVERY-Larger cover addressed to Glasgow with QEII 10d & 2/6d Castle tied by s/rings HYOUNDSDITCH B.O E.C.3 dated 10.5.1968 Res £15
  16. RECORDED DELIVERY/SPECIAL DELIVERY-Longer cover addressed within London with the fee paid for by 4 x 1/- and a 2d meter impression dated 15.8.1969. The cover has both Recorded & Special Delivery labels Res £12
  17. SEVERN BEACH/BRISTOL-S/ring dated 8.9.1980 ties 1p, 2p & 10½p Machins to small cover addressed to Denmark Res £6
  18. ANTHRAX ALERT-Cover addressed to the BBC [Boris Bashing Corporation] from London on 14.1.2002 with red inked CHECKED/7 at top left, indicating that the contents had been checked for the presence of Anthrax-comes with write-up Res £8





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