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  1. SUNLIGHT SOAP Advertising postcard addressed to Essex with EDW VII ½d perfin LB/Ld/PS tied by d/ring BIRKENHEAD/1 dated 11.8.1908. Nice perfin of Lever Brothers Limited of Port Sunlight Res £12
  2. EAGLE RANGE GAS STOVE COMPANY-Printed advertising cover [full back of cover adverts] addressed to Kent with EDW VII 1d perfin ERF/Co., tied by London machine dated 1.7.1909 Res £9
  3. COOPER & COMPANY OF GLASGOW-Printed invoice from the Glasgow tea merchants & grocer dated 22.9.1909 with EDW VII 1d perfin C/&/Co., tied by company cachet Res £6
  4. MANCHESTER MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY-Printed plain postcard addressed to Bristol with EDW VII ½d perfin M/C tied by machine cancel dated 10.4.1911 Res £7
  5. BARING BROTHERS-Postcard addressed to Tokenhouse Buildings, London with GEO V ½d perfin BB tied by London E.C machine cancel dated 6.6.1913 Res £6
  6. D HARRISON, GREAT YARMOUTH SCRAP METALS MERCHANTS - Trade postcard addressed to Halesworth with 1d GEO V perfin SD/H tied by GT YARMOUTH machine cancel dated 2.10.1920 Res £8
  7. JOHN MILLER, MANUFACTURING STATIONER-Plain trade postcard addressed to Newark with 1d GEO V perfin JM tied by Glasgow British Empire Exhibition slogan cancel dated 20.3.1924 Res £7
  8. BARCLAYS BANK-Cover pre-addressed to Seattle, Washington with GEO V 1½d perfin B BK tied by LONDON machine dated 14.11.1925 Res £6
  9. METAL AGENCIES COMPANY-Window envelope with full back of envelope advert for rim locks with GEO V ½d perfin M/A/C tied by BRISTOL “British Goods are Best” slogan dated 20.4.1926 Res £15
  10. GERMANY-POLICE Perfins on 1930’s commemorative stamps [21] with high catalogue value-all are different. Res £12
  11. BROMBOROUGH MARGARINE WORKS-Printed cover to Widnes with 1½d photogravure value perfin BMW tied by BIRKENHEAD machine cancel dated 17.9.1936 Res £8
  12. CARDIFF CITY MENTAL HOSPITAL-Printed postcard addressed to Colchester with GEO V 1d photogravure perfin CC of Cardiff Council, tied by CARDIFF machine cancel dated 24.10.1936 Res £7
  13. BIRKENHEAD COUNCIL-Morris Bowyer thunderstorm report postcard addressed to Huddersfield with ½d photogravure perfin BC tied by machine cancel dated 27.3.1937 Res £6
  14. ANLABY LADIES UNDERWEAR-Pictorial advertising cover from the London company with GEO VI 1d perfin JR/CLd., tied by machine cancel of London E.1 dated 15.4.1941 Res £9
  15. BRYANT & MAY-Printed cover from the maker of the famous matches addressed to Harlow with GEO VI 1d perfin B&M/Ld., tied by BOW/E.3 machine dated 5.4.1944 Res £7
  16. LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL-Crested cover addressed to the education officer at Englefield Green, Surrey with GEO VI 2½d perfin LCC tied by High Wycombe VICTORY BELLS Slogan dated 17.8.1945 Res £5
  17. MAPLE & COMPANY, FURNISHERS OF LONDON-Pictorial advertising envelope addressed within London with GEO VI 1d perfin M tied by London machine cancel dated 26.7.1946 Res £8
  18. S MAW, SON & SONS, LTD-Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1d perfin SMS, tied by Elizabeth & Philip wedding slogan of BARNET dated 22.11.1947 Res £7
  19. YARDLEY OF 33, OLD BOND STREET-Window envelope with GEO VI 1d perfin Y tied by London W.1 Victory Bells slogan dated 26.11.1947 Res £6
  20. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, CARDIFF-Printed cover addressed to Australia with GEO VI 2½d perfin UC/C tied by Cardiff British Industries Fair slogan dated 23.1.1951 Res £6
  21. THE OCEAN, ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION-Printed cover addressed within Bristol with GEO VI 2½d perfin OA/GC tied by Bristol Festival of Britain slogan dated 25.4.1951 Res £5
  22. DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH-Small OHMS cover to Aberystwyth with GEO VI 2½d perfin DS/IR tied by South Kensington machine dated 17.5.1951 Res £8
  23. DRIVING LICENCE REMINDER-BRIGHTON Council printed envelope D.L 12 addressed within Brighton with GEO VI 1½d green perfin BC tied by machine cancel on 23.2.1953 Res £5
  24. MACHIN & KINGSLEY LTD-Printed envelope to Belfast from London with 3d Wilding perfin M&K tied by recorded delivery slogan dated 23.2.1962 Res £5
  25. BATH CITY COUNCIL-Cover addressed to London with 4d Wilding perfin with large BCC tied by “Visit Roman Bath” slogan dated 30.11.1966 Res £5


  1. HOME OF THE “WEBER” PIANOFORTE-Lovely illustrated advertising postcard for the Aeolian Company at HAYES, Middlesex addressed to London and posted at Battersea on 4.8.1921 Res £15
  2. INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF GOOD TEMPLARS, GRAND LODGE OF SCOTLAND-Illustrated envelope addressed to Zurich with 2 x 1d P.U.C values and GEO V ½d tied by BEARSDEN/GLASGOW d/rings dated 27.2.1930 Res £22
  3. MACFARLANE LANG’S “GIPSEY CREAMS”-Lovely advertising cover for these yummy biscuits cancelled by ½d GEO V meter cancel of GLASGOW dated 15.4.1933-see illustration Res £22
  4. ENGLISH SEWING COTTON COMPANY-Illustrated envelope addressed within Manchester with 1937 Coronation value tied by MANCHESTER Post Early Sunburst cancel on 4.8.1937-nice! Res £22
  5. MILLER’S FLOWER SHOP, TEMPLE FORTUNE, LONDON-Nice little cover addressed to Berlin with GEO VI 1½d tied by GOLDERS GREEN machine dated 25.7.1938 Res £15


  1. BROOKLANDS TO BRIGHTON AIR RACE, MAY 1911-Superb real photo postcard “G GILMOURS BRISTOL BIPLANE ON HOVE LAWNS, MAY 7 1911” Addressed to Louth with appropriate message about the flight and posted on the 11th May-see illustration Res £25
  2. BROOKLANDS TO BRIGHTON AIR RACE - Another lovely real photo postcard addressed to Horsham from Brighton on 14th May 1911 showing Gilmour Passing over the Palace Pier, Brighton with message saying that he had to fly around a balloon [shown on the card] Res £25
  3. 1911 CORONATION AIR MAIL-The brown postcard addressed to Aldwych, London with GEO V ½d tied by the London No.3 cancel dated 14.9.1911-superb strike, perfectly upright Res £40
  4. 1911 CORONATION AIR MAIL-Two unused, mint letter inserts; one in black, one in red & with different font/style lettering [2] Res £18
  5. LIVERPOOL TO PARIS-Cover to Paris with GEO V ½d & 2d values tied by Liverpool British Goods slogan dated 13.11.1925 with the black on deep blue airmail label tied by the official s/line AIR MAIL in black ink Res £22
  6. LIVERPOOL TO BELFAST-Pictorial envelope for the flying boat experimental service to Belfast and return with GEO V ½d & 2 x 1d values tied by d/rings LIVERPOOL/26 dated 28.9.1928. Centrally is the unframed CIVIC WEEK of Liverpool in violet ink Res £22
  7. PLAIN Cover addressed to Lisburn, Northern Ireland with GEO V 2½d tied by LIVERPOOL machine cancel dated 1.10.1928. At left is s/line “BY FLYING BOAT” in violet ink Res £22
  8. LONDON TO BANGKOK-Small commercial cover addressed to Bangkok with GEO V 1/- tied by d/ring LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 23.11.1932. On the back is the Bangkok receiver machine cancel dated 1.12.1932 Res £25
  9. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-Sheet of four of the 3d West Country Air Services 3d letter stamps from the 5th This printing was never used on covers-superb! Res £22
  10. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover flown from Croydon to Southampton and posted onwards to Newport, Wales on 25.11.1933. With 3d letter stamp tied by Croydon company cachet and with the 1½d GEO V value tied by Southampton “It’s Quicker to Telephone” slogan dated the same day Res £35
  11. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight from Croydon to Plymouth and posted on to Plymouth with 3d air stamp tied by Croydon company oval on 25.11.1933 and with the 1½d stamp tied by Plymouth machine for the same day-this service only operated for 6 days as the PMG forbade them to carry mail Res £35
  12. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-One of 257 covers flown on the Southampton to Croydon leg and then posted on to Plymouth on 28.11.1933 with the 3d air stamp tied by SOUTHAMPTON company cachet dated two days earlier. Res £35
  13. HILLMAN’S AIRWAYS-ILLUSTRATED First flight cover for the Belfast-Liverpool leg with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by BELFAST machine dated 1.12.1934 Res £22
  14. HILLMAN’S AIRWAYS-Similar to previous lot, flown from Liverpool to Belfast on the same day [1.12.1934] Res £22
  15. HILLMAN’S AIRWAYS-Similar to previous lots, but carried between Liverpool & London on 1.12.1934 Res £22
  16. BRIGHTON ROCKET MAIL-Cover addressed to Germany which has been flown in Herr Zucker’s flying bombs at Brighton on 6.6.1934 during the TRIAL FIRINGS. With brown APEX label overprint tied by map cancel. Nice item-see illustration Res £40
  17. GLASGOW TO LIVERPOOL-Cover with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by GLASGOW/C machine dated 4.12.1934. Alongside is the SPEKE AIRPORT Traffic Control cachet in violet ink and the manuscript arrival time Res £10
  1. SEAHORSES-Large part parcel wrapper with Imperial Airways address label destined for Egypt with GEO V 10/- , 5/-, 5d, 9d [damaged] & 10d values tied beautifully by sharp cds cancels of Hudson Place dated 3.11.1935. Sent as a “TEST PARCEL” with the instruction to return the wrapper to Imperial Airways in London with the date of receipt noted-see illustrations Res £175
  2. SEAHORSE-Neat little cover addressed to Melbourne with GEO VI 2/6d tied by LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL machine cancel dated 17.11.1936, arriving on 1.12.1936 Res £45
  3. AIRMAIL STAMP EXHIBITION AT SELFRIDGES-Facsimile 1911 Aerial Post postcard advertising the exhibition at Selfridges in February 1937. Cancelled by EDW VIII ½d meter slogan dated 19.2.1937 Res £12
  4. SEAHORSES-Longer cover to Buenos Aires with 2 x 2/6d, 5/-, 4 x 6d & 3 x 1/- GEO V values tied to the front of the cover by rubber s/ring cancels LONDON/F.S/DATE/TIME dated 30.3.1938. On the back are pairs of GEO V 6d & 1/- values and two blocks of four of the GEO VI 3d values; all similarly cancelled but now by a grid of wavy lines!! Res £75
  5. SEAHORSE-Neat little cover addressed to Valparaiso, Chile with GEO V 2/6d & 2 x 1½d GEO VI values tied by SW 16 machine cancel dated 21.7.1938. The 2/6d is further tied [very nicely] by the German airmail cachet Res £45
  6. NORTH EASTERN AIRWAYS-Cover flown from Newcastle to Leeds airport on 2.10.1938 with unframed LEEDS-BRADFORD AIRPORT/YEADON with s/line date 3 Oct alongside. The blue first flight label is tied by company cachet of \Croydon Airport Res £12
  7. AIR CRASH-Cover addressed to South Africa from London at the 1½d Empire “All Up” rate with framed bilingual cachet FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER in violet ink struck very nicely above the address-see illustration Res £65
  8. AIR CRASH-Cover addressed to a Canadian Bank from Birmingham on 22.12.1954 showing signs of distress. Comes with the OHBMS Ambulance envelope. Both bear the cachet SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/PRESTWICK 25-12-54 in violet ink. Nice MATCHING pair Res £40


  1. INLAND REVENUE=OHMS Small blue envelope addressed within Liverpool with EDW VII 1d I.R/OFFICIAL overprint value tied by the d/ring LIVERPOOL/16 dated 22.1.1903 Res £25
  2. VOTES FOR WOMEN-American label showing a map of the States where Women’s Suffrage is equal [11 states] and where it is not in 1915 Res £7
  3. LUNDY ISLAND-Superb RED CROSS SURTAX Overprint values to 12 Puffins, all from the edges of the sheet showing the EXTRA OVERPRINTS-The ½ Puffin value having two extra overprints by virtue of being a corner copy. Most, if not all are unmounted mint-see illustration Res £75
  4. STANLEY GIBBONS/HARRISON & SONS LTD-Pane of nine purple advertising labels in mint condition Res £7
  5. SCOTLAND-Cover to Dublin from Hayes, Middlesex with the TWA PLACK Robert Burns label “NOW’S THE DAY & NOW’S THE HOUR” tied by machine cancel dated 12.3.1956 Res £10
  6. DAVAAR ISLAND-Registered cover to West Germany with the Europa 1964 imperforate mini-sheet on the back, tied by blue inked DAVAAR/ISLAND dated 1.10.1964 Res £10
  7. DAVAAR ISLAND-Similar registered cover to West Germany with a DIFFERENT 1964 Europa mini-sheet on the back with similar cancel dated 1.9.1964 Res £10
  8. DAVAAR ISLAND-Similar registered cover with perforated 1/- & 2/6d Europa 1965 tied by blue DAVAAR/ISLAND cancels dated 2.9.1965 Res £10
  9. DAVAAR ISLAND-Similar registered cover to West Germany with the imperf mini-sheet 1/- on 6d & 2/6d values tied by DAVAAR/ISLAND dated 2.9.1965 Res £10
  10. ISLE OF STROMA-Registered cover to West Germany with Europa 1962 2/6d mini-sheet overprinted 1967 and tied by rubber STROMA/CAITHNESS dated 19.5.1967 Res £10


  1. “PEACE”-Three labels in green & blue, gold & blue and orange & blue urging peace and conversion to agriculture. Printing date of 1914 at base-see illustration Res £22
  2. MAILARDS “MISS NEUTRALITY”-Poster stamp showing the perfect miss neutrality Res £12
  3. REMEMBER “LUSITANIA”-Label showing the liner sinking on 7th May 1915 with the inscription “1134 MURDERED-DELENDA GERMANIA” Res £7
  4. WAR SAVINGS ARE WAR WEAPONS-Unused economy label in mint condition Res £8
  5. ALLIES INSIDE GERMANY EXHIBITION, LONDON 1942-Block of 8 different labels showing the efforts taking place within Germany to get rid of the Nazis & Hitler Res £30


  1. WOLVERHAMPTON 1902 ARTS & INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION-Two labels in violet or green advertising the exhibition Res £9
  2. FRANCO-BRITISH EXHIBITION/LONDON-S/ring dated 14.8.1908 ties stamp to official postcard Res £5
  3. CHESTER HISTORICAL PAGEANT, 1910-Two labels advertising the July 18-23 pageant in red or blue Res £9
  4. LONDON 1910 PERKINS BACON BLUE Labels depicting Queen Victoria. The imperforate block of four was produced for the 1910 second philatelic congress of GB Res £22
  5. ROYAL SHOW B.O NORWICH/1-Skeleton cancels dated 4.7.1911 ties 3 x 1d GEO V values to neat registered George King cover with the blank registration label cancelled by s/line ROYAL SHOW/ and NORWICH in violet ink-see illustration Res £150
  6. SHEPHERD’S BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION/1 Special d/ring cancel dated 6.9.1911 ties stamp to official postcard addressed to Worthing Res £12
  7. CRYSTAL PALACE/1-FESTIVAL OF EMPIRE Flag cancel dated 19.10.1911 ties 2 x Harrison ½d values to plain card addressed to R.C King Res £12
  8. ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION-Series of three labels produced for the May 1912 Exhibition at the Royal Hospital Gardens, Chelsea Res £18
  9. HIGHLAND & AGRICULTURAL SHOW, PAISLEY-Postally used lilac label advertising the July 1913 show Res £8
  10. ALL BRITISH SHOPPING WEEK, LONDON-Label advertising the March-April [1915] event in lovely condition Res £8
  11. ST DUNSTANS flower show, Chelsea July 2-3 [1923]-Corner marginal example of the label-one of the scarcer St Dunstan labels Res £7
  12. 1924 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION Label from G.E.C who are showing at the Palace of Engineering Res £8
  13. AIR POST EXHIBITION-The set of four values in the issued colours of red, brown, blue, orange, green & purple Res £15
  14. STAMP CENTENARY, 1940-Marginal examples of the five issued labels with a Red Cross overprint on brown, purple, lilac, orange & green Res £12
  15. THIRTIETH PHILATELIC CONGRESS-Sheets of the three labels in brown or blue from the 1948 Bournemouth Congress Res £12
  16. LONDON 1950 INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION-The No.13 Maltese Cross cancel dated 13.5.1950 ties stamp to humorous card from Torquay stamp dealer HADFIELD CRAVEN. Res £15
  17. 28th PHILATELIC CONGRESS, BRIGHTON-Registered illustrated cover marking the Brighton Congress with special printed registered label at top left. The GEO VI stamps are tied by the special cancels dated 16.5.1946 Res £12
  18. 28th PHILATELIC CONGRESS, BRIGHTON-Plain cover addressed to the Vacuum Oil Company, Chertsey with GEO VI 1d & 1½d values tied by the special cancels dated 17.5.1946 [last day]. On the front is the BLACK Transorma 15 mark [normally in red] Res £22
  19. MANCHESTER 1947 STAMP EXHIBITION-Lovely little cover with publicity label tied by red inked NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION/20-27/NOVEMBER/1947/MANCHESTER. The 2½d GEO VI value is tied by Manchester Elizabeth & Philip wedding slogan dated 20.11.1947 Res £8
  20. MOBILE POST OFFICE/A-S/ring dated 21.7.1949 cancels 2d orange GEO VI postal stationery postcard. This was used at the Exeter Agricultural Show at Countess Weir, Exeter Res £10
  21. ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL OPENS MAY 1951-Green printed message on cover addressed to Guernsey with new stamps ½d & 2½d values tied by London machine cancel dated 3.5.1951 [first day of issue] Res £12
  22. B.A.C/FARNBOROUGH HANTS-Skeleton cancels dated 2.9.1952 ties GEO VI 1½d strip of three & a pair of the 2½d values [all from booklet panes] to registered cover to London Res £25
  23. CORONATION YEAR NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION / LONDON-Special d/ring cancel on GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Croydon Res £9
  24. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B-S/rings tie 1d, 1½d, 2d & 10d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Devon on 4.7.1956. This MPO was used at the Royal Show, Newcastle Res £15
  25. TORQUAY, QUEEN OF THE ENGLISH RIVIERA-Illustrated envelope used from the WESSEX STAMP EXHIBITION, TORQUAY on 25.5.1968 with Tarr Steps value tied by special cancel Res £7
  26. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B-S/rings dated 26.6.1968 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to London. This MPO was situated at the Royal Norfolk Show Res £7


  1. FRAMED “L1” in red ink on entire from London to France with 1d red plate & 4d vermilion tied by London duplex cancels dated 10.3.1869. Nice Late Fee item Res £30
  2. FRAMED “L1” in red ink on entire from London to Paris with 1d red plate & 3d value tied by London duplex cancels dated 13.8.1873 Res £30
  3. EDW VII ½d, 1d, 2½d & 6d values on FIRST DAY COVER, Sent by Express mail from YEOVIL to Crewkerne on 1.1.1902-see illustration Res £375
  4. LONDON TO BIRMINGHAM-Small cover with GEO V 4d tied by s/ring LONDON [CHIEF OFFICE] E.C/T dated 9.3.1915. At top left is the black oval EXPRESS cachet Res £22
  5. LONDON TO SWITZERLAND-Cover with GEO V 1d, 1½d and a strip of 3 x 2½d values tied by LONDON E.C/33 rubber cancels dated 25.11.1924 Res £18
  6. BATTERSEA S.W.11/4-D/rings dated 25.4.1928 ties GEO V 2d, 2½d & 6d values to neat cover by airmail to Switzerland Res £22
  7. “THE MOTOR SHIP”-Advertising envelope addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d, 1½d & 6d values perfin TP/Ld., tied by LONDON W.C/81 d/rings dated 25.1.1932 Res £22
  8. EXPRESS AIRMAIL TO SWITZERLAND With GEO V 10d value tied by d/ring SOUTH KENSINGTONNS.O S.W.7/8 dated 12.2.1935. On the back is the s/ring SOUTH KENSINGTON STATION/S.W.7 dated the same day Res £25
  9. PRE-ADDRESSED Cover to Billingsgate, London with GEO V 1½d & 6d values tied by s/rings BEXHILL ON SEA/SUSSEX dated 1.11.1935 Res £10
  10. LONDON S.W.1/30-D/ring dated 1.6.1937 ties GEO VI 2½d and GEO V 6d to neat little cover addressed to Switzerland Res £15


  1. MISSENT TO BRISTOL-S/line in red ink on Free front addressed to BUCKDEN, Hunts from FROME on 3.1.1816. Res £35
  2. MISSENT TO/SALISBURY-Bevelled mark on Free front from TEIGNMOUTH addressed to BRACKLEY, NORTHANTS on 16.9.1837 Res £35
  3. ROWLAND HILL Endorsed returned letter office envelope with the guff printed on the inside of the back flap used from London E.C to Eaton Square on 24.10.1859-pristine! Res £25
  4. CHESTER/R.L.B-Scarcer d/ring mark dated 30.11.1898 on undelivered little cover from NEW BARNET [duplex E35] on 27.11.1898. With various other marks including Huntingdon [Squared Circle], Northwich [s/ring] and Manchester [d/ring] Res £22
  5. POSTCARD Addressed to Syston, Leics with manuscript “MISSENT TO BARKBY” and “NOT” followed by BARKBY s/ring dated 1.1.1908 Res £15
  6. POSTED OUT/OF COURSE S.E-Framed mark on registered cover with ½d & 1d values tied by s/ring NORWOOD D.O/WESTON ST S.E dated 28.4.1920. Taxed 2d which is tied upon arrival. At bottom left is the manuscript “LEFT ON COUNTER UNPAID FOR REG” Res £25
  7. IT JUST DIDN’T CATCH ON!!-Birthday postcard addressed within TWICKENHAM with 1d tied by machine cancel. Before stamping, the card was placed in a transparent envelope, so the postage stamp is not on the card; neither is the tax mark or the 1d postage due! All the action is on the envelope and took place on 9.7.1921. A good idea if you were allergic to postcards, but it just didn’t catch on. Scarce usage Res £25
  8. MOROCCO TO ENGLEFIELD GREEN-Underpaid postcard with 25c tied by s/ring TANGER CHERIFIEN/MAROC dated 20.2.1925. taxed 1½d with the postage due tied by Englefield Green d/ring dated 25.2.1925 Res £22
  9. KENYA TO LONDON-Underpaid cover with GEO V 50c tied by MOMBASA cancel dated 22.7.1934. At top is the hexagonal T/35 CENTIMES tax mark in violet ink. Taxed 4½d in the UK; the ½d & 4d postage dues are tied by s/rings LONDON W.C dated 2.8.1934 Res £22
  10. SOUTH AFRICA-4d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Sutton Coldfield with added 1½d goldmine value tied by PRETORIA/1 d/ring dated 18.9.1937. Below is the partially framed POSTED OUT OF COURSE bilingual mark and the hexagonal 40 Centimes tax mark. On arrival a strip of 4 x 1d EDW VIII postage dues are tied by d/rings dated 29.9.1937 Res £28
  11. DUTCH EAST INDIES TO BIRMINGHAM-Underpaid airmail cover with 30c franking tied by BATAVIA-C d/rings dated 24.9.1937. Taxed 5d in the UK, the 1d & 4d EDW VIII postage dues are tied by dumb cancels Res £25
  12. MADAGASCAR TO LONDON-Small cover addressed to Notting Hill with 65c franking tied by TANANARIVE s/rings dated 29.11.1937. Taxed 3d in the UK, the 3d EDW VIII postage due is tied by s/ring dated 28.12.1937 Res £25
  13. DIEPPE A PARIS-French TPO cancel dated 15.4.1938 on stampless, unpaid George King cover with 5d tax mark alongside the 5d EDW VIII postage due tied by LONDON E.C/14 dated 16.4.1938. On the back is an absolutely superb strike of the violet inked rubber cancel LONDON/1/CHIEF OFFICE/DATE/E.C.1 dated 16.4.1938 Res £35
  14. GERMANY TO COVENTRY-Stampless, unpaid cover from BREMEN dated 19.9.1938 with 5d tax mark. The 1d & 4d EDW VIII postage dues are tied by s/rings COVENTRY/WARWICKSHIRE dated 21.9.1938 Res £25
  15. GOLD COAST TO LONDON-Airmail cover from ACCRA with 2 x 4d values tied by machine cancel on 14.12.1951. Taxed 8d in the Foreign Section, the pair of 4d GEO VI postage dues are tied by d/ring LONDON W.1/C dated 18.12.1951 Res £18
  16. NIGERIA TO LONDON-Airmail cover from SOKOTO with GEO VI 6d tied by d/ring dated 7.4.1952. At left is the S1/-D/W.C.1 1/- tax mark above the 1/- postage due tied by d/ring LONDON W.C dated 10.4.1952 Res £12
  17. NEW ZEALAND TO YORKSHIRE-Neat little cover addressed to Horsforth with 1/6d tied by WELLINGTON cancel dated 1953. Taxed 3/- in New Zealand and in London, the 3 x 1/- postage dues are tied by d/rings HORSFORTH LEEDS/2 dated 23.3.1953 Res £22
  18. KENYA TO SCOTLAND-Airmail cover to DUDDINGTON with 130c franking tied by s/rings THIKA dated 16.2.1956. Taxed 130c in Kenya & 2/2d in the UK. The 2d & 2 x 1/- postage dues are tied by s/rings dated 21.2.1956 Res £15
  19. NOT KNOWN/BURY, LANCS-Framed mark on cover from Hounslow dated 1.1.1960 Res £8
  20. UNPAID Cover to Poste Restante, Sale, Cheshire taxed at 6d with a block of four of the 1½d green cancelled centrally by d/ring SALE/CHESHIRE dated 10.7.1965 Res £18
  21. RHODESIA TO JERSEY-Commercial cover to Jersey with 2/6d Independence value with un-overprinted 3d and overprinted ½d, 1d, 3d, 4d & 1/- values, all tied by BULAWAYO d/rings dated 24.1.1966. taxed 2/- in London, the Jersey postmaster placed a block of four of the UK 6d postage dues on the back and cancelled by the usual No.12 cancel on 26.1.1966 Res £22
  22. RHODESIA TO BRIGHTON WITH GREEN TRANSORMA-Pictorial airmail cover to Brighton showing Ian Smith signing the UDI document with 2/6d independence value tied by Salisbury machine cancel dated 14.2.1966 in violet ink. The framed INVALID STAMPS/USED in green struck at Mount Pleasant is at right along with 1/- & 3d postage dues. At right is the very unusual GREEN TRANSORMA “H” Res £25
  1. RHODESIA TO LONDON-Registered cover with 2/6d Independence value tied by large SALISBURY d/ring dated 2.2.1966 and by framed STAMPS NOT/VALID in black ink/ Taxed 1/-, the 2 x 6d dues are tied by STREATHAM d/ring dated 5.2.1966. The “Good Luck Rhodesia” label is at top left Res £15
  2. RHODESIA TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Cover addressed to John Hunt, the Member for Bromley at the House of Commons from Salisbury with 1/3d overprint value tied by Salisbury purple machine cancel dated 1.3.1966. Taxed 2/6d, the 2/6d postage due is tied by d/ring LONDON S.W.1/88 dated 8.3.1966 Res £20
  3. JAMAICA TO ORPINGTON-9c postal stationery airmail letter sheet cancelled at CROSS ROADS by machine on 1.8.1975. At left is framed INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/FOR TRANSMISSION BY/AIR MAIL in violet ink. Taxed in Jamaica and the UK, the 2 x 4p dues are tied by s/ring ORPINGTON KENT/2 dated 14.8.1975 Res £8


  1. ENTIRE From PHILADELPHIA to Liverpool dated 9.8.1820 with superb step type framed LIVERPOOL/SHIP LETTER in black, struck at top, centre. Rated 8d and carried by the “NESTOR”, via New York Res £35
  2. HOLYHEAD/SHIP LETTER-Framed step-type cancel on back of entire dated 8.12.1821 from Pennsylvania and addressed to Liverpool. Rated 1/6d and carried by the ship "NESTOR" via New York Res £85
  3. INDIA LETTER/WEYMOUTH-Superb strike in black ink at top right of wrapper from Calcutta addressed to South Wales on 1.12.1823. Rated at 2/2d, the letter was carried by the “ASIA”-See illustration Res £175
  4. BRAZIL/F-Lovely strike on the back of an entire dated 20.1.1832 and addressed to BATH. No rate marks, but carried by the Packet “SWALLOW”-See illustration Res £175
  5. AUSTRALIAN / PAID / LIVERPOOL / DATE / YEAR / PACKET - Brown inked cancel dated 28.12.1855 on front of wrapper addressed to Edinburgh from ADELAIDE, dated 17.9.1855. Rated 6d and has PAID/ADELAIDE S.A at left dated 22.9.1855 Res £65
  6. SALVED FROM THE WRECK OF/THE COLOMBO-Framed mark on rough looking cover addressed to Egham, redirected to Stains and eventually returned to the Earl Mowbray. The stamp does belong, but has been replaced upright instead of sideways with Queen’s head looking up-see illustration Res £100
  1. DUBLIN TO WASHINGTON-Neat little cover addressed to the USA with 1/- green from plate 4 tied by duplex cancel dated 9.6.1867 with index 6A. At left is 5/CENTS in red and at bottom left is the circular BOSTON BR PKT/24 PAID dated 18th Nice!! Res £65
  2. LLANDUDNO TO NEW JERSEY-Another nice little cover addressed to MIDDLETOWN, N.J with 1/- green from plate 4 tied by LLANDUDNO-B47 Circular duplex cancel dated 9.8.1867. Same accountancy marks as previous lot Res £65
  3. H&K PACKET/5-Lovely strike of the s/ring cancel dated 6.7.1895 on the back of ½d vermilion postal stationery envelope from London addressed to Dublin Res £28
  4. FIUME-1899 Postcard addressed to Germany with Austrian 2k tied by FIUME fancy d/ring dated 7.9.1899. Alongside is the framed PAQUEBOT in black ink Res £20
  5. PAQUEBOT QUEENSTOWN-D/ring dated 26.7.1920 ties GEO V 2d to CUNARD crested envelope addressed to Toronto Res £15
  6. LONDONS/PAQUEBOT-S/ring dated 12.10.1922 ties GB GEO V 1d to postcard of Coruna addressed to Surrey. Alongside is the oval R.M.S “ARAGUAYA”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS in violet ink Res £12
  7. CABOTAJE-S/line ties GB GEO V 1d x 2 to cover addressed to Lincoln. On the back is the d/ring of CORONEL dated 15.11.1923. Scarcer item-see illustration Res £25
  8. LONGER OHMS Cover addressed to Switzerland with 3 x 1d GEO V South African values tied by the s/rings PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/SOUTHAMPTON dated 15.7.1926. Stamps have been placed over the S.A Department of Agriculture cachet Res £22
  9. BRISTOL-R.M.S.P Crested envelope addressed to London with GB GEO V 1½d tied by large rubber PAQUEBOT cancel in dull red ink and by the BRISTOL machine cancel dated 27.4.1930. Alongside is the unframed OCEAN MAILS/PER S.S. “CAVINA” in black ink Res £22
  10. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/DUN LOAGHAIRE-Large s/ring cancel dated 6.1.1933 ties GB GEO V 1d to postcard of Chester addressed to Oxford Res £10
  11. KINGSTON/JAMAICA-PAQUEBOT Machine cancel dated 9.4.1936 ties GB GEO V ½d & 1d Silver Jubilee values to cover addressed to Chingford-lovely item with unframed OCEAN MAILS/S.S “CAVINA” at left in violet ink Res £22
  12. PAQUEBOT/BAILE ATHA CLIATH-D/ring dated 21.7.1937 ties GB GEO VI 1d to postcard of the SS “LADY CONNAUGHT” addressed to Bedford Res £10
  13. CENSORED Cover addressed to Durban with GB GEO VI 1d x 2 & single 6d tied by the framed [distorted rubber] cancel PAQUEBOT in black. Taxed 15c and with South African censor tape at left. Res £22
  14. SOUTH AFRICA-Forces airmail letter sheet addressed to Oldham with a pair of the 3d miniature War Effort values tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT with “DURBAN” removed from the top of the cancel as was the case in WWII. The cancel is dated 17.3.1944 and there is an RAF censor No.977 at left Res £12
  15. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/HALIFAX-S/ring dated 6.4.1950 ties GB GEO VI 2d to postcard of the ship “EMPRESS OF FRANCE” addressed to Yorkshire Res £8
  16. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/HOLYHEAD-S/ring dated 2.7.1959 ties 2½d Wilding to postcard of the British Rail steamer “CAMBRIA” addressed to Essex Res £7
  17. FOLKESTONE/KENT-World Refugee Year slogan dated 22.4.1960 ties 3d Wilding to postcard of the French Railway Steamer “COTE D’AZUR” addressed to Weston-super-Mare. Struck inn violet ink is the s/line PAQUEBOT mark in violet ink Res £6
  18. HARWICH-Postcard of the British Railways vessel “AMSTERDAM” addressed to Loughborough with 3d Wilding tied by HARWICH/ESSEX d/ring and by oval II CLASS TICKET OFFICE/DATE/S.S “AMSTERDAM” dated 3.11.1962. Below is the framed PAQUEBOT mark in black Res £7
  19. CANADIAN PACIFIC Letter Card addressed to Bradford with 3d Forth Road Bridge value tied by the GREENOCK PAQUEBOT machine cancel dated 5.5.1965. At base is the unframed S.S “EMPRESS OF CANADA”/4 MAY 1965 in violet ink Res £8


  1. ALDERSHOT CAMP-Redirected cover from Newton Abbot to the camp, redirected to Woolwich with 2 x ½d green values tied by squared circle cancels dated 26.3.1884. On redirection, the 1d tax mark of Aldershot Camp was applied. On the back is the camp s/ring dated 27.3.1884 Res £25
  2. GUERNSEY TO ALDERSHOT CAMP And redirected to Abergelle with 1d lilac tied by GUERNSEY duplex cancel dated 13.10.1884. On redirection, the 1d tax mark of the camp was applied-the s/ring camp cancel on the back is dated 14.10.1884 Res £25
  3. ALDERSHOT CAMP-S/ring dated 19.1.1885 with index D on back of cover from London addressed to an officer at the camp Res £12
  4. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM-Violet inked rubber dated 10.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  5. NORTH SWAY CAMP S.O-Skeleton cancel dated 7.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. LODMORE CAMP/WEYMOUTH-Skeleton cancel dated 3.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard of the camp addressed to Swindon Res £12
  7. OKEHAMPTON CAMP B.O/OKEHAMPTON-S/ring dated 12.4.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  8. BARRY CAMP/DUNDEE-S/ring dated 16.7.1910 with index A ties stamp to real photo postcard of the ABERDEEN ARTILLERY at the camp Res £10
  9. WEST DOWN NORTH CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 2.6.1911 ties stamp to nice street scene postcard of TILSHEAD Res £7
  10. DEEP CUT CAMP/FARNBOROUGH-S/ring dated 17.8.1912 ties stamp to real photo military postcard addressed to Canterbury Res £7
  11. WOODBURY/CAMP/EXETER-Rubber skeleton cancel dated 3.8.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of young [some VERY young volunteers addressed to South Molton Res £25
  12. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/2-S/ring dated 14.7.1915 ties stamp to real photo camp scene postcard. This was situated at SCONE PARK, PERTH and is listed as not having been seen by the Late Ted Proud!! Res £20
  13. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/14-S/ring dated 21.10.1915 with index A ties stamp to postcard addressed to Catford. This was situated at HATFIELD BROAD OAK, Essex Res £15
  14. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/5-S/ring dated 28.2.1916 ties 1d to cover addressed to a military address at St Albans. This APO was used at MARESFIELD PARK CAMP, UCKFIELD Res £12
  15. CATTERICK CAMP/YORKS-D/ring dated 16.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  16. BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE-Skeleton cancels dated 11.9.1916 ties 2 x ½d values to cover addressed to Surrey Res £15
  17. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DORSET-D/ring dated 29.7.1942 cancels GEO VI 2d postal stationery postcard addressed to Reigate Res £8
  18. S ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/578-Duplex cancel ties 6c airmail value to postcard of Bournemouth addressed to Portland, Oregon on 8.2.1944. This APO was situated at SHERBORNE, Dorset Res £12
  19. FELTWELL R.A.F.P.O/THETFORD NORFOLK-S/ring dated 15.9.1947 cancels small OHMS envelope addressed to RAF WATCHFIELD, SWINDON Res £18
  20. HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW, BEDS-S/rings dated 10.6.1953 ties ½d, 3d, 5d & 1/- postage dues to underpaid cover from BARBADOS addressed to the camp on 4.6.1953-see illustrations Res £25


  1. STAMPED Cover addressed to the HAZARA MOUNTAIN BATTERY, LINDI KOTAL, AFGHANISTAN With East India Company ½ Anna tied by 0-3 SITAPUR squared duplex cancel dated 2nd July 187? Part of the back od the cover is missing-see illustration Res £65
  2. AFGHANISTAN TO NORTH WALES-Stamped cover addressed to Abergele with East India Company ½ Anna x 2 & single 4 Anna tied by LINDI KOTAL R.O.-L Square duplex cancel dated 23.7.1879, during the 2nd Afghan War-see illustration Res £75
  3. KABUL FIELD FORCE-Cover addressed to the HAZARA MOUNTAIN BRIGADE, 2nd DIVISION OF THE KABUL FIELD FORCE with GB 6d grey from plate 16 tied by WHITCHURCH/SALOP-876 four-bar duplex cancel dated 8.1.1880. On the back is the SEA/POST OFFICE mark dated 16th January [1880] Res £75
  4. MALTA-Cover addressed to PEMBROKE CAMP, MALTA with 2½d lilac tied by BLACKHEATH S.O./S.E squared circle cancel dated 10.9.1886 with index DX. On the back is the Malta receiver dated 20.9.1886 Res £25
  5. WINSTON CHURCHILL-Envelope front only [not a complete cover] addressed to Miss Spencer Churchill from South Africa when Churchill was a war correspondent. Sadly, the stamps and postmarks have been removed, but it was redirected to Windsor on 4.8.1900-see illustration Res £45
  6. ROYAL NAVY/ROYAL MARINES EXPEDITIONARY FORCE-December 1915 pamphlet issued by the GPO on how to send letters and parcels to these particular forces and what the rates whers for letters and parcels etc. Pristine condition with just one central fold Res £22
  7. IRELAND-Coloured postcard of MEAGHER STREET, DUNGARVAN addressed to Derby with GEO V ½d tied by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/41 dated 22.7.1916-This APO was situated at FERMOY-see illustration Res £50
  8. POSTED BY WOUNDED SOLDIER IN / NORFOLK WAR HOSPITAL / THORPE, NORWICH-Framed mark in violet ink on stampless, untaxed envelope addressed to Bewdley and cancelled by s/ring THORPE/NORFOLK dated 4.6.1917 Res £65
  9. FIELD POST OFFICE/SZ55-Skeleton cancel dated 5.8.1918 with index A on stampless postcard of JERUSALEM addressed to Scotland. At left is the octagonal tombstone censor No.1201 in red ink. Res £25
  10. “A MESSAGE FROM ONE OF AMERICA’S FIGHTING MEN”-Mini-postcard being a thank you for a tobacco gift addressed to New York and cancelled by inverted USAPO duplex cancel. Card is dated 20.5.1918 and has US censor mark at left Res £20
  11. UNITED STATES ARMY POSTCARD-“BOLSTER THE LINE WITH LIBERTY BONDS” Pictorial postcard addressed to Vermont, cancelled by machine cancel FITCHBURG MASS/DEVENS BRANCH dated 14.10.1918 Res £15
  12. STARS AND STRIPES-Printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Milwaukee with A.E.F PASSED AS CENSORED/2876 d/ring in violet ink. Nice survivor! Res £18
  13. OCEAN TRANSPORT SERVICE-“WELL DONE BOYS AMERICA GREETS YOU” Printed message on YMCA postcard addressed to Virginia, cancelled by U.S Coat-of-Arms MILITARY/POST OFFICE/SOLDIERS MAIL Flag cancel without date Res £22
  14. RUSSIA-Stampless postcard addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/P.B.2 dated 6.12.1918 with index A. At base is the oval framed censor mark in green/blue ink and signature of C. Cooper-see illustration Res £65
  15. PALESTINE-Postcard addressed to London cancelled with skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/SZ35 [not Army Post Office] dated 24.2.1919 with index B [unlisted by the Late Ted Proud] Res £25
  16. FIELD POST OFFICE/22-D/ring cancel dated 21.11.1936 ties GEO V 3d to Crested Lincolnshire Regiment airmail cover addressed to Surrey. This FPO was used in TULKARM, PALESTINE Res £22
  17. “CONDOR-ALA LITTORIA”-S/line cachet on postcard from Argentina addressed to Germany on 11.12.1940. Alongside is the Wehrmacht Swastika & Eagle mark as well as framed numeral marks-nice LATI item Res £22
  18. THOMAS COOK-LISBON “WAGON-LITS” Envelope addressed to Stockholm, Sweden with the Lisbon agency cachet on the back. The $1.75 Rowland Hill stamp is tied by 1940 cancel. Possibly an undercover address response from P.O. Box 506 Res £30
  1. AUSTRALIA-Longer OHMS cover to New York with a pair of 2/- ‘Roos tied by s/ring SHIP MAIL ROOM/MELBOURNE dated 29.8.1941. Below is the diamond shaped 3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR in violet ink Res £22
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-Cover from Esher, Surrey addressed to South African Department of Customs, New York with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by ESHER machine cancel dated 6.2.1942. At left is the oval cachet UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA/DATE/DEPT OF CUSTOMS/NEW YORK dated 9.3.1942 Res £22
  3. SWEDEN TO USA VIA UK-Heavily censored cover addressed to Detroit with 3 x 30 and single 5 & 10 Ore values tied by s/rings STOCKSUND/B dated 17.9.1942. At right & bottom is the British special censorship tape [black on brown] and at left is plain brown tape and PC90 Opened by Examiner 9091 tape. Nice looker! Res £20
  4. DELAYED BY ENEMY ACTION-Violet/blue cachet with bomb at centre on cover from Rochester & Chatham addressed to Nottingham. Originally bought by John Field from Bill Hart [with original invoice] Bill sold it for what it was and the person who bought it from John remarked on the invoice dated 25.11.1995 that he bought it as a “forgery”. Bill Hart didn’t think it a forgery-comes with further strike on piece-see illustration Res £120
  5. MEXICO-Real photo postcard of a Mexican and a donkey addressed to Los Angeles with stamp tied by BUZONES cancel dated 26.3.1942. Alongside is the framed PASSED BY/U.S 4-SA/EXAMINER in red and below is the unframed RELEASED BY AUTHORITY OF/THE DISTRICT POSTAL CENSOR in violet ink Res £22
  6. SOUTH AFRICA-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Oldham [see paquebot section for similar] with 2 x 3d miniature War Effort values tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT with Durban removed from the cancel on 9.11.1943. At left is lovely squared RAF censor No.977 Res £22
  7. CZECH FORCES-Cover addressed to London with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by blue pictorial Czech FPO cancel dated 4.5.1944 Res £12
  8. SOUTH AFRICA/ZULULAND-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Oldham with a pair of 3d miniature War Effort values tied by DURBAN machine cancel dated 9.8.1944. At bottom right is the framed ORDERLY ROOM/DATE/R.A.F DETACHMENT/ST LUCIA, ZULULAND dated 8.8.1944. The letter was written from the base at MTUBATUBA Res £22
  9. NEW ZEALAND-Stampless OAS postcard addressed to Invercargill, New Zealand, cancelled by d/ring NEW ZEALAND ARMY BASE P.O-U.K dated 21.8.1945 Res £15
  10. DUTCH AIRFORCE-Real photo postcard of Hunstanton addressed to Holland, cancelled by violet inked large s/ring VELDPOST/LONDEN. The sender’s details are those of a member of the Dutch Air Force based at RAF LANGHAM, HOLT, Norfolk Res £25
  11. POST WAR GERMANY DOUBLE CENSORSHIP-Cover from BIRSTEIN addressed to Austria with 75Pf tied by d/ring dated 19.8.1947 and by the U.S CIVIL CENSORSHIP/ MUNICH “star” machine cancel in red ink, dated 22.8.1947. At left is German “GEOFFNET!” censor tape tied by German language CIVIL CENSORSHIP IN THE BRITISH ZONE/0510 Res £25
  12. AUSTRALIAN/BRITISH ATOM BOMB TESTS-Forces illustrated airmail letter envelope addressed to Norfolk with GB QEII ½d & 2½d Wildings tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/1046 dated 23.12.1959 Res £12


  1. O.W Printed letter sheet addressed to Germany dated 3.5.1918 and written from KEGWORTH POW CAMP. On the back is the P.W 307 censor tape Res £22
  2. AUSTRALIA-Airmail cover to a civil address in Switzerland with 2½d, 9d & 1/- values tied by s/rings SHIP MAIL ROOM/MELBOURNE dated 3.3.1942. At left is manuscript “FROM PORT AMERICA” above diamond censor 3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/199 in violet ink. Further below is the unframed APPROVED FOR TRANSMISSION/BY CAMP COMMANDANT/2/No.18. On the back is the LISBON transit mark dated 11.4.1942 Res £35
  4. PETERSFIELD TO ITALY-GEO VI 2½d airmail letter sheet addressed to a POW in Italy on 26.12.1943. On the back is the scarcest of the undeliverable cachets “THIS LETTER HAS BEEN RETURNED/BY THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS/COMMITTEE AT GENEVA WHO WERE/UNABLE TO REFORWARD IT”-See illustration Res £45
  5. NORFOLK TO MUNICH-POW Printed letter sheet addressed to Munich from a German P.O.W at Diss on 4.7.1948 with superb violet inked s/ring CO9MDT GUARDS 231 [PW] MILITARY HOSPITAL/DISS, NORFOLK. Exhibition quality throughout-see illustration Res £30


  1. E.F 1943 Illustrated airgraph showing Santa on his sleigh with the searchlight battery picking him out and one saying “WELL, WELL, I ALWAYS THOUGHT MOTHER WAS KIDDING!” Used 28.10.1943 and addressed to Ramsgate. Res £12
  2. 1943 Christmas greetings from India showing locals on a bullock cart Res £8
  3. A.F CEYLON-1943 Christmas greetings from Ceylon to Ramsgate showing monkeys celebrating Christmas on the beach with all the trimmings Res £12
  4. GREETINGS FROM CEYLON, 1943-Illustratedb form showing Santa on a charging elephant and hanging on for dear life. Addressed to Ramsgate and dated 25.10.1943 Res £12
  5. “OUR 50 MILLIONTH V….MAIL FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM”-Lovely commemorative V Mail to the Adjutant General of the U.S Forces, Washington on 14.1.1944-see illustration Res £25
  6. WAR SAVINGS BOND Illustrated form addressed to a military address care of the U.S P.O in New York at Christmas on 15.12.1944-lovely item Res £22
  7. 1944 Airgraph from RAF KUMALO, RHODESIA addressed to RAF BENSON and redirected to RAF DUNKERWELL, DEVON dated 26.2.1944-complete with envelope Res £15
  8. V-MAIL Showing an EASTER Greeting inside. Original form, not postally used Res £22
  9. V-MAIL ORIGINAL FORM Addressed to Karachi Airport with Indian GEO VI 1½ Anna value tied by indistinct APO cancel dated 4.5.1944. Inside is an Easter greeting from a U.S serviceman serving in India. The original form has a yellow, not red border and text. Res £25
  10. V-MAIL/PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT-Illustrated form addressed to the President of the USA showing a V-Mail message form with the message “DEAR UNCLE SAM, GREETINGS VIA THIS, OUR 200,00,00th V-MAIL LETTER” Signed by G.I Joe-see illustration Res £25


  1. SERVICE SUSPENDED-Cover from London addressed to St Hellier with 2½d Stamp Centenary value tied by London W.1 “Help to Win on the Kitchen Front” slogan dated 29.6.1940. At right is the framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink. On the back is the London Postal Region returned Letter Section label across the back flap Res £55
  2. BISECT TO GERMAN-Cover addressed to Inspector Werner Brandt, care of the Royal Hotel, Guernsey with bisected 2d Stamp Centenary value tied by s/ring GUERNSEY/ CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 8.1.1941 Res £30
  3. BISECT/POSTAGE DUE-Window envelope with bisected 2d Stamp Centenary tied by GUERNSEY machine cancel dated 28.1.1940 with framed UNDELIVERED FOR/REASON STATED/1d-POSTAGE/DUE FOR/RETURN/TO/SENDER in violet ink. On the back is the cachet of the General Accident & Life Assurance Company Res £35
  4. BISECT-COMMERCIAL Cover addressed to St Peter Port from H.M RECEIVER-GENERAL, Guernsey with 2d Stamp Centenary bisect tied by Guernsey machine dated 29.1.1941. Central fold is it may have been a “stamped and addressed envelope” Res £35
  5. NEWSPAPER WRAPPER Addressed to Jersey with bisected 2d Stamp Centenary value tied by d/ring cancel of St Peter Port dated 15.2.1941-see illustration Res £40
  6. COVER Addressed to CASTEL with Guernsey 1d occupation value, GEO VI ½d and a bisected 2d Stamp Centenary tied by GUERNSEY machine cancel dated 24.2.1941 Res £40
  7. LIBERATION POSTCARD Addressed to Welwyn Garden City with 1d Guernsey occupation issue tied by St Peter Port d/ring dated 18.5.1945. Below is a 2d/324 tax mark for being underpaid-no postage dues were demanded by the British GPO!!. See illustration Res £45
  8. LIBERATION POSTCARD Addressed to Knutsford with a block of four of the Guernsey occupation values cancelled by St Peter Port d/rings dated 1.6.1945. The writer tells of taking the addressees around the Island to see what the Germans have done to “OUR LOVELY ISLAND”. Res £40
  9. “LL” Postcard of the natural arch at Discart Bay with superb & uncommon overprint in red ink showing the Royal Standard, Union Flag and the inscription “THE DEAR CHANNEL ISLANDS AS MR CHURCHILL CALLED THEM, ARE FREE AFTER FIVE YEARS OF MISERY UNDER GERMAN DOMINATION”. The card is addressed to Cardiff and has GB GEO VI ½d x 2 and single 1d tied by GUERNSEY machine cancel dated 19.6.1945. At this time, Sark P.O was not yet reopened, so may have originated in Sark-see illustrations Res £45
  10. GUERNSEY 1945 CHRISTMAS CARD Showing Santa in an aeroplane, emptying his sack of evacuees in a boat and Peace down a Guernsey Not used, but drawn by Bert Hill-see illustration Res £25


  1. COVER Addressed to Cornelia Hospital, the Isolation Hospital at Baiter, Poole with distorted rubber RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED in black and d/ring LONDON/174 dated 30.12.1914 Res £9
  2. VENDOME, FRANCE-Stampless postcard to London with the circular framed triangular PASSED-NAVAL-CENSOR in violet at top right with Army Post Office cancel dated 18.7.1917 Res £8
  3. SUPERB Double rim cork cancel in concentric circle form ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Ilfracombe. At top left is framed PASSED/SHIP’S/CENSOR in violet ink alongside initials of the censor-exhibition quality Res £15
  4. CROSS HATCHED CORK Cancel in black ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Ilfracombe. Alongside is the circular framed PASSED/CENSOR in straight lines Res £12
  5. COVER Addressed to Clapham with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by dumb cancels of 14 rectangular protrusions from a cork cancel and formed into a circular fashion. Below, is the framed PASSED/SHIP’S/CENSOR in violet ink and censor’s initials Res £9
  6. HMS BOADICEA-Cover addressed to an Engineer Commander at Wyke Castle, Weymouth with a pair of GEO V ½d values tied by triple ring cork dumb cancels. At top left is a framed [partially framed] PASSED/CENSOR in black ink Res £8
  7. SUPERB Strikes of the quartered circle cork cancel tying a 1d value on cover addressed to Ilfracombe Police Station and the s/line CENSORED, both in black ink-exhibition quality Res £15
  8. COVER Addressed to Halifax with 1d tied by London framed machine cancel RECEIVED FROM ETC dated 20.4.1915 with lovely double framed CENSORED on the back with censor’s initials Res £15
  9. COVER ADDRESSED TO Halifax with 1d stamp tied by unframed, small RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED. The mark is made up from pieces of type and is in black ink Res £12
  10. CEN-O-SOR MARK-Stampless postcard from North Africa with large CEN-O-SOR mark with 6 at centre. Card is dated 4.9.1918 and is addressed to Torpoint, Cornwall Res £12
  1. M HOSPITAL SHIP “SICILIA”-Much travelled cover from Wandsworth, London to the Hospital Ship at Alexandria on 2.8.1915 and variously redirected to Thomas Cook in Egypt, to India and back to Egypt. On the back are 13 cancels of Indian & Egyptian origin and a lovely strike of the oval THOMAS COOK cachet applied in Alexandria on it’s return, on 27.10.1915 Res £25
  2. FRANCE-Cover addressed to Alexandria with Algerian 50c x 8 tied by s/rings POST NAVALE dated 4.12.1943, At right is “Controlle Postal” censor tape and the s/line ALGER-NAVAL. Posted from the French Cruiser “GEORGES LEYGUES” at Algiers Res £18
  3. EAST AFRICA-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Lamberhurst from Mombasa on 27.6.1945. Cancelled by a dumb d/ring dated the same day, at bottom left is a very good [for this mark] triangular PASSED BY-NAVAL-CENSOR with signature & date within. From a P.O Wren serving at Mombasa Res £12
  4. M AUSTRALIAN SHIP “NAPIER”-Cover sent at the 1/3d airmail rate to the ship, care of GPO, London from Portsmouth on 1.10.1942
  5. HMS DIDO-Airgraph addressed to Newcastle from the ship on 6.4.1942 Res £8


  1. THE WAREHOUSEMEN CLERKS & DRAPERS’ SCHOOL Proxy vote form letter sheet dated 26.4.1897 with 1d revenue embossed within. The form is pre-addressed to the secretary at Bread Street, London Res £25
  2. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS-EDW VII 2d plum gummed label on piece, addressed to Winchester with 5.9.1911 N.W packet cancel Res £30
  3. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS-EDW VII 4d orange gummed label on piece addressed as previous lot to Winchester and cancelled by PADDINGTON Facsimile parcel post label cancel dated 20.12.1911-see illustration Res £30
  4. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS-EDW VII 2½d grey/blue gummed label on piece addressed as previous lots, cancelled by d/ring LONDON N.W/12 dated 14.8.1912 Res £30


  1. CRAIGELLACHIE STATION-86 Duplex cancel dated 17.9.1883 with index A cancels QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to London. The only Scottish station to use a duplex cancel-see illustration Res £120
  2. DALSTON JUNCTION B.O/E-S/ring dated 25.4.1884 on telegraph handed in at PETERSFIELD, Hants. This is the ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE of this mark Res £65
  3. HORSHAM/STATION OFFICE-381 Duplex cancel dated 13.7.1888 with index D cancels QV 1d brown postcard to Germany-superb strike! Res £22
  4. LEWES/STATION OFFICE-Squared circle cancel dated 25.11.1893 with index F ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to London-superb strike! Res £12
  5. BOOTLE STATION-K58 Three bar duplex cancels dated 30.10.1894 with index A ties ½d vermilion & 1d lilac to registered postal stationery envelope addressed to London. This is THE EARLIEST RECORDED DATE of use of this mark-see illustration Res £45
  6. CHESTER/STATION OFFICE-Superb strike of the squared circle cancel with three broken rings dated 28.11.1894 with index N, cancelling a ½d postcard to London Res £12
  7. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION-Squared circle cancel dated 22.7.1895 with index A ties 1d lilac to mourning cover addressed to the Isle of Wight. This is one of the VERY FEW examples of this where the month is made up from loose letters from a typewriter and is known used for NINE DAYS ONLY, THIS BEING THE LATEST KNOWN-See illustration Res £75
  8. KINGS CROSS B.O/GT NORTHERN RLY STN N-Superb s/ring dated 27.9.1895 on telegram handed in at CANNON STREET STATION. This is the EARLIEST RECORDED EXAMPLE of this cancel-exhibition quality Res £45
  9. KINGS CROSS G.N RLY STN N-Very scarce skeleton cancel dated 16.1.1896 with index A on telegram handed in at Lombard Street. Only USED FOR TWO DAYS-This being the earliest date-see illustration Res £65
  10. C & D.R/VICTORIA STAN-S/ring dated 2.5.1897 on OHMS ROYALTY TELEGRAM addressed to the Royal Mews, Windsor from the Master of The Horse. This is the earliest known example of this mark Res £45
  11. LEWES/STATION OFFICE-D/ring cancels dated 26.2.1899 ties 2 x 1d lilacs & a ½d vermilion to cover addressed to a military address in CANDIA, CRETE-See illustration Res £25
  12. PARCEL POST LABEL-BELVEDERE STATION Label [damaged, but repaired sympathetically] with EDW VII 1/- tied by indistinct cancel. Alongside is the s/ring BELVEDERE STATION S.O/KENT dated 22.11.1902 Res £45
  13. MILNTLAW STATION-The larger s/ring dated 4.6.1907 with index A as a receiver on stampless, unpaid postcard from BAKEWELL. Alongside is the 1d/41 tax mark of Bakewell Res £7
  14. CARSTAIRS JUNCTION-Large s/ring dated 3.12.[1915] ties ½d stamp to cover addressed to Glasgow Res £20
  15. LIVERPOOL ST STATION/E.C-S/rings dated 28.6.1916 ties 3 x 1d EDW VII [late use] values to registered cover addressed to Bedford. The registration label has the index number 29, that allocated to Liverpool Street Station Res £25
  16. ANGMERING STATION-Unpaid, stampless postcard from Woodbridge, Suffolk addressed to Sussex on 9.8.1916 with 1d/907 tax mark of Woodbridge. On delivery, the card was redirected to SALVINGTON and has the 1d postage due tied by the s/ring ANGMERING STATION on 10.8.1916. Over a period of 40+ years collecting station cancels, I have only found 16 covers/cards with postage due stamps tied by station cancels; Angmering being a single usage so far!!-see illustration Res £35
  17. BATH/STATION OFFICE-S/rings dated 4.7.1928 ties GEO V 1½d x 3 and a 1d value to airmail cover addressed to Sweden Res £22
  18. FRESHWATER STN/I OF W-Skeleton cancel dated 1.7.1927 ties stamp to postcard-scarce cancel-see illustration Res £30
  19. CAERWYS STATION/FLINTS-D/ring cancel dated 20.7.1932 with index A ties stamp to postcard-only 2 or 3 of this cancel have ever been recorded Res £25
  20. RATHO STATION/MIDLOTHIAN-D/ring cancel dated 7.7.1933 [2 years earlier than recorded] ties GEO V 1½d to mourning cover with contents addressed to Moffat. Not the best strike [in places] but still 2 years early Res £12
  21. PARCEL POST-Facsimile parcel post label cancel HAMPSTEAD HEATH.STATION N dated 7.8.1934 ties a strip of GEO V 5d values to piece. This is the ONLY RECOREDED EXAMPLE of this cancel Res £40
  22. NEW LEEDS/MINTLAW STATION-Lovely sub-office cancel dated 15.5.1940 ties a pair of GEO VI 1d values to postcard addressed to Murray Royal, Perthshire. This is the LATEST RECORDED DATE. Res £25
  23. LIVERPOOL ST STATION/E.C.2-S/ring cancel dated 6.11.1944 cancels a Christmas 1944 illustrated airgraph addressed to a member of the British North Africa Force-to date, only two airgraphs have been recorded having been used at stations Res £25
  24. BEDLINGTON STATION/NORTHUMBERLAND-Lovely 1d + 1d QEII meter cancel dated 25.4.1958 with licence N3 on window envelope from Welwyn Electrical Laboratories, Bedlington-see illustration Res £25
  25. PARCEL POST-Parcel tag with 4 x 3d Machins tied by the facsimile parcel post label cancel TILBURY STATION/DATE/TILBURY/EXXEX dated 31.10.1969-the ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE Res £25


  1. R/P.O-The smaller s/ring mark of the Caledonian Railway on neat little cover addressed to Brechin from London on 23.7.1866 Res £15
  2. PARKSTONE RS /DO SET-Skeleton cancel with the “O & R” missing, dated 24.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  3. TOBACCONIST & CONFECTIONER/E. ELSEY/15, RAILWAY APPROACH/ TWICKENHAM-Oval buckle cachet in violet ink at top centre of postcard from Twickenham addressed to Chislehurst Res £12
  4. LIVERPOOL/LIME ST STN BOX-Superb & scarce d/ring cancel dated 27.4.1907 ties EDW VII 3d to commercial cover addressed to Paris-see illustration Res £45
  5. CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL/C.X-D/rings dated 1.6.1908 ties 3 x 1d EDW VII values to postcard addressed to Paris Res £45
  6. IPSWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 14.6.1910 ties stamp to postcard addressed locally Res £12
  7. FORDYCE PORTSOY RSO/-S/ring dated 10.6.1912 ties 1d Downey head to local view letter card addressed to Grange-by-Keith. On the back is the d/ring PORTSOY/+ dated the same day Res £8
  8. CREWE TO LIVERPOOL S.C/1-S/ring transit mark dated 29.6.1913 on back of registered cover from Russia to the Isle of Wight, redirected to Liverpool Res £22
  9. GLASGOW PRESTON R.S.C/UP SPECIAL-S/rings dated 3.3.1916 ties ½d & 1d GEO V values to cover addressed to Sussex-see illustration Res £75
  10. FURNESS RAILWAY-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope with embossed crest of the railway on the back flap addressed to Cardiff [Taff Vale Railway] with perfin FR through the stamp impression on 28.8.1916 Res £22
  11. UP SPECIAL/TPO-D/rings dated 3.6.1920 with index G ties GEO V 1d & 2d values to Late Fee cover addressed to London Res £15
  12. YORK SHREWSBURY/RLY S.C-D/ring transit mark dated 12.9.1923 on postcard from DENT addressed to North Wales Res £30
  13. NEWHAVEN LONDON/R.S.C-S/ring dated 9.8.1927 ties French 90c value to postcard addressed to Eastbourne-see illustration Res £28
  14. LONDON LEEDS/TPO-D/ring transit mark dated 28.7.1930 on novelty postcard from Lowestoft addressed to Bedfordshire Res £22
  15. LINCOLN TAMWORTH S.C-S/rings dated 31.3.1933 ties GEO V ½d x 2 & single 1d to cover addressed to Surrey Res £20
  16. UP SPECIAL G/T.P.O-Skeleton cancel dated 3.7.1934 ties a pair of GEO V 1½d values to piece. A scarce mark!! Res £22
  17. WESTCOMBE PARK/NEAR STATION S.E.3-S/rings dated 23.4.1935 ties GEO V ½d & 4d values to registered cover to Bromley. A further strike is on the back Res £18
  18. EAST ANGLIAN TPO DOWN [KINGS LYNN SECTION]-S/rings dated 20.9.1935 ties 2 x 1d values to Late Fee cover addressed to Glasgow-exhibition quality!! Res £22
  19. UP SPECIAL TPO/E.H SEC-S/rings dated 5.3.1936 ties GEO V 1d, 2d x 6 & 1/- x 2 to EXPRESS DELIVERY Parcel label from Edinburgh to London-see illustration Res £45
  20. LONDON NEWHAVEN S.C-S/rings dated 12.8.1936 ties GEO V photogravure 1d, 1½d & 2d values to cover addressed to Paris. The index is a large letter H indicating having been posted at HOLBORN VIADUCT STATION-See illustration Res £40
  21. LONDON YORK EDINBURGH/TPO-S/rings dated 14.2.1949 ties GEO VI 1d & 2d values to cover addressed to the USA Res £7
  22. BIRMINGHAM CREWE TPO-S/rings dated 3.3.1955 ties QEII ½d to GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Harrow Res £8
  23. TRALEE MALLOW S.C-Skeleton cancels dated 19.12.1959 ties Irish ½d & 3d values to cover addressed to Birmingham [philatelic] Res £22
  24. TRAIGHLI MALA S.C-The Irish version skeleton cancels dated 22.12.1960 ties 2d Irish value to cover addressed to Birmingham as previous lot. At left is 2d tax mark and framed POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE Res £25
  25. DN AND SLIGO S.C-Skeleton cancels dated 19.12.1961 ties 3 x 1d Irish values to cover addressed to Kenilworth [philatelic] Res £22


  1. CHATSWORTH-Seeing as you all wanted the one in the last sale, here’s another of the very scarce skeleton cancels dated 8.1.1904 on postcard of Chatsworth addressed to Balham from Bakewell. Res £175
  2. OSBORNE COTTAGE, EAST COWES-Crested envelope & notepaper with added Coronet with letter addressed to Sir James Drummond with EDW VII 1d tied by EAST COWES d/ring dated 29.10.1909. At the bottom left is the signature WALES-See illustration Res £65
  3. WINDSOR CASTLE-Locally addressed envelope with Crown & WINDSOR CASTLE printed upon the back flap. No stamps added and no postal markings, so perhaps delivered by hand Res £15
  4. EDW VIII-GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Surrey with the four EDW VIII values affixed & tied by s/rings WINDSOR/BERKS dated 11.12.1936-ABDICATION DAY-See illustration Res £28
  5. “MAIL OFFICE/DATE/H.M YACHT BRITANNIA” Dated cachet for the 29th July 1969 on 4d Tudor Rose postal stationery envelope addressed to Essex, cancelled by the Royal Visit to the Western Fleet at Torbay on the same day Res £8

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. HUTTON BUSHEL/WEST AYTON S.O/YORKS-Cancel dated 24.12.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  2. NEWMARKET/STROUD/GLOUCESTER-Cancel dated 8.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  3. ILE ABBOTS/TAUNTON-Cancel dated 22.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. NEWBOROUGH/PETERBORUGH-Cancel dated 29.2.1908 [Leap Year date] ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. NEW MILL/PENZANCE-Cancel dated 16.1.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. IDEFORD/CHUDLEIGH S.O/DEVON-Cancel dated 15.3.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  7. MITCHELL/GRAMPOUND ROAD/CORNWALL-Cancel dated 1.3.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  8. OLDHAMSTOCKS/COCKBURNSPATH/BERWICKSHIRE-Black cancel dated 1.8.1911 ties GEO V value to postcard Res £9
  9. TYORWYN/LLANFYLEIN S.O/MONT-Cancel dated 7.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  10. QUEMERFORD/CALNE/WILTS-Black cancel dated 17.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  11. MOLESWORTH/HUNTINGDON-Black cancel dated 5.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. PAGAN HILL/STROUD, GLOS-Black cancel dated 16.2.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  13. LLANFOIST/ABERGAVENNY-Cancel dated 1.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  14. NETTLESTONE/RYDE-Black Isle of Wight cancel dated 11.9.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  15. MARDEN/DEVIZES-Black cancel dated 31.1.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  16. OLD WESTON/HUNTINGDON-Black cancel dated 4.4.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  17. RIVELIN BRIDGE/SHEFFIELD-Black cancel dated 29.3.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  18. PAINTERS LANE END/REDRUTH/CORNWALL-Black cancel dated 19.3.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  19. LONG DOWN/EXETER/DEVON-Black cancel dated 19.5.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  20. BLEDDFA/KNIGHTON/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 21.3.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. SKIPTON/4-Unframed traveller in blue-green ink and dated “4 1845” [Real date is 4.11.1845] on back of entire addressed to Skipton from London on 3.11.1845. The “O” is spectacularly raised from the cancel-see illustration Res £65
  2. SEAFORD/LEWES-Cancel dated 27.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. HAYES, HAYES END MIDDLESEX-Cancel dated 2.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  4. WAREHAM-The “spaced” lettering cancel dated 30.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. PENRYN CORNWALL-Scarcer type skeleton with all wording at the top of the cancel dated 30.5.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. WHITCHURCH/CARDIFF-Cancel dated 19.4.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. BOXMOOR/HEMEL HEMPSTEAD-Cancel dated 12.2.1917 ties 1d stamp to cover Res £10
  8. EBBW VALE/NEWPORT M N-Cancel with the “O” missing ties stamp to postcard on 26.8.1918 Res £10
  9. ABERCYNON/PONTYPRIDD-Cancel dated 30.6.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  10. BALA/MERIONETH-Cancel dated 12.8.1967 ties stamp to postcard Res £7


  1. USHERS QUAY, Under Dublin-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring USHERS QUAY dated 28.1.1896-no stamps affixed Res £22
  2. EXMOUTH-PPL From here, cancelled by lovely EXMOUTH Squared circle ancel dated 16.4.1896 Res £22
  3. UNION STREET, PLYMOUTH-PPL From here with QV 10d tied by PLYMOUTH target parcel cancel. At right is s/ring UNION ST/PLYMOUTH dated 25.6.1901 Res £30
  4. PORT MARNOCK, Under Dublin-PPL From here with QV 3d tied by DUBLIN roller cancel. At right is the s/ring PORT MARNOCK dated 13.12.1901 Res £25
  5. UP OTTERY-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by HONITON parcel target cancel. At right is the s/ring UP-OTTERY dated 28.7.1903 Res £22
  6. TEIGNMOUTH, BITTON STREET-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring BITTON ST/ TEIGNMOUTH dated 2.11.1903. No stamps ever affixed Res £18
  7. BRIDGEND, EVANSTOWN-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by s/ring EVANSTOWN/BRIDGEND, GLAM dated 4.11.1904. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  8. MILTON-UNDER-WYCHWOOD, Under Oxford-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by s/ring MILTON UNDER WYCHWOOD dated 27.4.1911. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  9. RHYDYCLAFDY, Under Pwllheli-PPL From here, cancelled by violet inked rubber cancel RHYDYCLAFDY/PWLLHELI dated 17.6.1911. No stamps ever affixed Res £22
  10. STOKENHAM, Under Kingsbridge-PPL From here, cancelled by black rubber cancel STOKENHAM/KINGSBRIDGE dated 25.9.1912. No stamps ever affixed Res £20
  11. WIVENHOE, Under Colchester-PPL From here with GEO V 1d & 3d values tied by d/ring WIVENHOE/* dated 14.11.1913. Alongside is a further strike and also a partial COACH/ ROAD-BORNE mark in black Res £20
  12. LONDON, UPPER BAKER STREET-PPL From here with GEO V 6d & 1/- values tied by s/rings UPPER BAKER ST/N.W dated 24.6.1915 Res £22
  13. DUBLIN, HARCOURT ROAD-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring HARCOURT ROAD/DUBLIN dated 2.9.1915. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  14. LYME REGIS, Under Axminster [scarcer and short-lived period]-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring LYME REGIS dated 3.9.1915. Alongside is a triangular framed mark P/4A in violet ink-see illustration Res £22
  15. LEIGH ON SEA, Under Southend on Sea-PPL From here with GEO V 4d & 1/- values tied by s/rings LEIGH ON SEA S.O/ESSEX dated 23.9.1918. Alongside is a further strike Res £22


  1. EXETER-1st 1SC Dated 23.5.1881 cancels ½d postcard addressed to Plymouth Res £45
  2. PORTSMOUTH 1st 1A-1 SC Dated 22.12.1881 cancels ½d newspaper wrapper with invoice intact addressed to the Isle of Wight Res £22
  3. TETBURY 1SC Dated 17.1.1887 with index C ties 1d lilac to ST JAMES’S PALACE crested cover addressed to Scotland. [Eleven months earlier than recorded by Cohen-see illustration] Rated “RR” Res £45
  4. WEST DERBY/LIVERPOOL-1CT Dated 30.10.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  5. LONGFIELD-1SC Dated 26.6.1906 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. HINSTOCK-1SC Dated 10.8.1907 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  7. WELBURN-V SC Dated 30.8.190? with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  8. HUTTOFT-1SC Dated 1.9.1908 WITHOUT TIME OR INDEX ties stamp to postcard. Cohen recognised this error/variety, but sadly passed away before he could list it. Possibly unique Res £35
  9. HOCKLIFFE-1SC Dated 5.8.1909 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  10. COPPLESTONE-1 CC Dated 19.4.1909 with index time HLXP ties stamp to postcard Res £25


  1. EIFFEL TOWER-1889 Postcard [early] of the Tower addressed to London with 10c tied by PARIS cancel dated 5.10.1889. At top left is the violet d/ring cachet SOMMET DE LA TOUR EIFFEL/X dated the same day Res £22
  2. ST MICHAEL’S MOUNT-Double framed cachet in violet ink on postcard of the Mount-not postally used Res £6
  3. AILSA/CRAIG-Double oval mark in black on front of postcard of a nesting gannet on the Isle-not postally used Res £8
  4. WATCH TOWER/BEACHY HEAD-Oval violet cachet on postcard addressed to Surrey from Eastbourne, dated 22.8.1938 Res £5
  5. ENGLANDS HIGHEST INN, TAN HILL/1732 FT/ABOVE SEA/LEVEL-Violet cacahet on unused card of Scarborough Res £8
  6. ST KILDA-D/ring cancel dated 20.5.1960 ties 2½d Wilding to postcard of the Island addressed to Salisbury. At bottom centre is the circular pictorial cachet ST KILDA/THE FURTHEST STATION WEST in violet ink Res £10
  7. ST KILDA TIN CAN MAIL-Postcard from the Island addressed to Newcastle, Staffs with stamp washed off and card showing other signs of having been in a leaky tin can, posted eventually from Dumbarton on 23.7.1980 [2 days after posting]. At left is the ST KILDA/ TIN CAN MAIL/[CORDINATES]/LAUNCHED....../BY........ in red ink Res £10
  8. POSTED ON/MAP/BROWNSEA ISLAND-Black map cachet on Scout and Guide FDC dated 24.3.1982 Res £9
  9. LLANFAIR BLAH, BLAH, BLAH GOGOGOCH/POST/OFFICE cachet in black as well as the similar one with the Welsh Dragon [Mrs Kinnock] at centre, and the s/ring of the post office of the same name, dated 1.8.1991 on postcard addressed to Glasgow Res £7
  10. THE OLD POST OFFICE/TINTAGEL-Blue cachet dated 23.6.2002 and a pictorial cachet below of the Old P.O on postcard addressed to Lincoln Res £6


  1. POSTED IN ADVANCE/M.R/1903 FOR DELIVERY ON XMAS DAY-Oval cancel of 1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £90
  2. LEICESTER/19X08/MAS Circular cancel for 1908 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £140
  3. LIVERPOOL/19X08/MAS Circular cancel for 1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £45
  4. MANCHESTER19X08/MAS Machine cancel for 1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £75
  5. NORWICH/19X08/MAS Circular cancel for 1908 ties stamp to locally addressed postcard with Xmas message-see illustration Res £175


  1. FROME-Double arc cancel in black on back of entire to Chard, dated 22.3.1828 Res £22
  2. BEAMINSTER-Lovely mark on back of wrapper addressed to Dorchester on 4.12.1843 Res £25
  3. HARBOUR STREET-Blue cancel on back of cover from RAMSGATE to Exeter on 3.6.1852 Res £22
  4. COLLEGE GREEN-Black inked mark on back of cover from Bristol addressed to Berkeley, Glos on 1.2.1853 Res £22
  5. REDLAND-Black inked mark on back of cover from Bristol to Berkeley on 16.2.1853 Res £22
  6. HENLOW-Brown inked mark on back of entire addressed to London on 31.3.1853 Res £25
  7. PORTSLADE-Green inked cancel on back of cover from Shoreham addressed to Kingston-on-Thames on 15.10.1856 Res £22
  8. EAST DENES-Blue inked mark on back of cover addressed to Middlesex via Yarmouth, Norfolk on 11.8.1857 Res £22
  9. FORDCOMBE-Green inked mark on back of cover addressed to London, via TUNBRIDGE WELLS on 11.1.1858 Res £22
  10. BRAMFORD SPEKE-Green/brown inked cancel on back of cover addressed to Keith Hall, Scotland, via Exeter on 11.6.1858 Res £22


  1. BRIGHOUSE/PENNY POST-Green mark on front of entire addressed to Calverley, near Leeds [crossed out & replaced with Bradford] on 8.8.1839. At top left is the manuscript MISSENT TO followed by the LEEDS d/arc for the 9th August Res £25
  2. BRISTOL/DATE/PY POST-Black cancel dated 26.11.1847 addressed to London with d/arc WESTON SUPER MARE alongside, dated 23.11.1847 Res £22
  3. DORCHESTER/PY POST-Framed mark in black and brown inked KINGSTON/PENNY POST on free front addressed to Richmond, Surrey dated 9.1.1840 THE LAST DAY OF THE PARLIAMENTARY FREE MAIL Res £45
  4. GT MALVERN/PENNY POST-Framed mark in green-grey ink at top left of entire addressed to London on 9.7.1834-unlisted in my “Collect British Postmarks”-see illustration Res £35
  5. LEEDS/PENNY POST-Framed cancel in black at top right of entire addressed to Halifax on 25.20.1834 Res £35
  6. LYNN/PENNY POST-Framed mark in black on free front alongside ATTLEBROUGH/ -PENNY POST, also in black, struck on 5.10.1829 Res £25
  7. MALVERN WELLS/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in orange ink at top left of entire addressed to Bewdley on 3.11.1831 Res £40
  8. NEWBURY/PENNY POST-Black inked, framed mark on back of wrapper addressed to Hungerford-undated Res £25
  9. SETTLE/PENNY POST-Framed, black inked mark at top right of entire addressed to Settle from BURTHAM HOUSE on 17.7.1832. On the back is a framed No.2 Receiving House mark in red ink Res £40
  10. SHIFFNAL/PY POST-Blue inked, framed mark at top centre of entire from IRONBRIDGE to Ludlow, dated 22.9.1831. Alongside is the framed No.1 Receiving House mark in black Res £30


  1. 63 WOOLER-1844 Cancel ties good 1d red imperf to cover containing accountancy differences on a drainage system on 9.4.1854 Res £40
  2. 82 BISHOPS CASTLE-4VOD dated 20.12.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  3. 285 EXETER-Charles Ridout style circular duplex cancel dated 7.9.1865 with index K ties 1d red to cover addressed to London Res £22
  4. 285 EXETER-3VOS cancels x 2 on ½d brown postcard addressed to Birmingham on 28.11.1884 Res £22
  5. 297 FAZELEY, STAFFS-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to cover addressed to Shropshire on 8.2.1848 Res £40
  6. 337 HARLOW-4VOS cancels ½d violet postcard addressed to Bishops Stortford on ??? Res £20
  7. 377 OTTERY ST MARY-4VOS cancels ½d violet postcard addressed to Plymouth on 20.5.1872 Res £18
  8. 405 IPSWICH-Triangular framed machine cancel ties ½d Silver Jubilee value to locally addressed cover, Ca.1935 Res £12
  9. 567 NEWTON ABBOT-3VOS ties 6d QV value from plate 16 to cover addressed to the PESHEWAR FIELD FORCE [AFGHANISTAN] on 15.5.1879 Res £65
  10. 561 NEWPORT DOCKS-3VOD dated 6.7.1883 ties plate 22 2½d blue to cover addressed to France-see illustration Res £60
  11. 575 NORWICH-3VODX Ties 1d red plate to cover addressed to Cromer on 20.11.1873, the day BEFORE the ONLY DATE listed by Parmenter-see illustration Res £200
  12. 781 CALLINGTON-3VOS ties 1d red to cover addressed to Launceston on 24.2.1876 Res £12
  13. K52 GOSFORTH-3VOD dated 1.9.1922 ties 1d GEO V value to postcard Res £8
  14. 33 BALLANTRAE-Triangular machine die ties ½d Silver Jubilee value to cover addressed to London, Ca.1935 Res £12
  15. IRISH 67-BLCK ROCK/DUBLIN Diamond duplex cancel dated 28.11.1872 with index D on ½d violet postcard to Dublin. Vertical stain Res £15


  1. PLYMOUTH-1591 CORSINI LETTER TO LONDON-Very fine and clean entire letter addressed Corsini in London, from WILLIAM LOGANE, his agent in Plymouth. He complains that Corsini has not answered the last 10 letters from him and that the only intelligence he has had from his by word of mouth. He also tells of going “up” to see Corsini in London etc., etc. Ex-Lot 183 of the Robson Lowe sale of 11.10.1988-see illustration Res £400
  2. ISLE OF WIGHT-1738 Entire from DEPTFORD, addressed to William Borman, “LIVEING IN THE IL OF WITE IN THE PARRIS OF CROOK”, dated 25.4.1738. On the back flap [opens to display] is the lovely 25th April Bishop Mark in black Res £55
  3. ENTIRE Dated 2.4.1740 addressed to London with fair two-line cancel on the back SOUTH/ALL which is NINE years earlier than the County Catalogue. Alongside is the 3rd April Bishop Mark Res £75
  4. “AN ACT FOR THE RELIEF OF HIS MAJESTY’S SUBJECTS OF THIS KINGDON PROFESSING THE POPISH RELIGION”. A sixteen-page act 151 x 92mm contained within a card cover. The Act became Law on 1st August 1778 Res £35
  5. TENBY-1781 Entire addressed to London with 18th January Bishop Mark in black on the back, together with s/line TENBY in black Res £45
  6. 131 MON/MOUTH-Scarce first type mileage mark in black at bottom left of a clean entire addressed to Ludlow on 9.3.1788. Nice item-see illustration Res £85
  7. LOTTERY TICKET-Complete 1795 lottery ticket together with a letter from the Royal Exchange stating that the ticket had “Drawn a Blank”-see illustrations of a scarce matched pair Res £75
  8. FREE-1802 “FREE” Struck in error in BLACK INK on 30.9.1802 on a free entire from High Wycombe addressed to Edinburgh-see illustration Res £150
  9. MONEY LETTER-Manuscript endorsement on an entire addressed to the Postmaster of Huddersfield from Norwich on 2.10.1820. Rated at 2/- with unframed circular Norwich mileage mark at top right Res £65
  10. UPTON ON SEVERN-Entire addressed to Ludlow on 29.11.1820 with superb s/line UPTON ON S in black ink at top right Res £45
  11. 1831 COACHING RECEIPT dated July 1831 for goods transported by DEACONS AND COMPANY’S VANS, WAGGONS AND BOATS from the WHITE HORSE INN, CRIPPLEGATE to Norwich for the Earl Hardwick Res £65
  12. ELIZABETH FRY-Complete entire letter from Joseph J Gurney, brother of Elizabeth Fry, dated 19.5.1836 which is a reference letter to enable her to become a “DISTRICT [PRISONER] VISITING SOCIETY Member. It is addressed to her at her West Ham address and is dated 19.5.1836. Joseph goes to some lengths to support his sister and even expounds his own views on the subject. Also with 13p [Elizabeth Fry] Social Reformers stamp on FDC cancelled by Liverpool FDC cancel on 28.4.1976 with oval cachet MERSEYSIDE POLICE/ DATE/MAIN BRIDEWELL dated the same day Res £125
  13. KENT-Entire addressed to London from Tunbridge Wells on 21.3.1844 with superb PD 1D in red ink at top left-see illustration Res £25
  14. NORFOLK-Entire addressed to King’s Lynn with lovely s/line LARLINGFORD on the back, struck on 25.10.1850-the stamp has been removed Res £25
  15. LONDON TO SPAIN-Entire from London with 6d lilac [small corner letters] SG 85 tied by London duplex cancel dated 16.12.1864. Below is the oval CADIZ/FRANCO dated 22.12.1864 Res £40
  16. SHERBURN/SOUTH MILFORD-Neat little cover addressed to London with 1d red tied by numeral cancel on 26.8.1867 with a lovely embossed shield device at top centre with “J DOVE/CHEMIST/DRUGGIST & C/SHERBURN” Res £25
  17. ILMINSTER TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to Adelaide with scarce 8d value from plate 1 tied by superb 3VOS 401 cancel, struck on 7.6.1877, arriving on 20.7.1877-see illustration Res £150
  18. LONDON TO VENEZUELA-Entire addressed to Caracas with 1/- green from plate 18 tied by lovely London duplex cancel dated 16.4.1878. Endorsed at top “VIA SOUTHAMPTON” Res £35
  19. STAMP DEALER-QV 1d brown postcard from WHITFIELD KING addressed to Belgium, cancelled by superb 4VOD IPSWICH-405 dated 20.9.1779 Res £15
  20. T CHAPMAN, STATIONER Of Leicester Square-Large part of the company’s special Christmas mailing wrapper addressed to Buckfastleigh from London on 26.11.1881 Res £22
  21. PICTORIALLY ADDRESSED Postcard from SAXLINGHAM to DEREHAM with various images spelling out the address on 3.4.1902 with QV ½d blue-green tied by s/ring. On the back is a message in similar format!!See illustration Res £25
  22. IRELAND-2d registered envelope addressed to King’s County with added ½d blue-green QV values tied by s/rings BALLINASLOE/M.O & S.B dated 28.7.1900 Res £22
  23. “GIRLS REALM” Magazine illustrated postcard of Elves addressed to a young lady in Shrewsbury with red inked LONDONC/O/PAID/½d/DATE dated 27.7.1904. The cards are sent to girls who have not yet won a prize, but who ever collects 112 of the cards may claim a special prize of a silver charm Res £22
  24. SAMPLE POST-EDW VII 1d newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with added ½d tied by newspaper cancels dated 16.4.1903. At top is manuscript SAMPLES WITHOUT VALUE/MUSTER OHNE WERT Res £12
  25. IRELAND-Postcard addressed locally within Banbridge with ½d EDW VII tied by superb s/ring BANBRIDGE/M.O & S.B dated 8.7.1905 Res £18
  26. EXCHEQUER AND AUDIT/DEPARTMENT-PORT CULLIS Oval cachet in black ink on OHMS OFFICIAL PAID Cover addressed to the Ordnance Survey at Southampton on 4.10.1905 Res £12
  27. EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Berlin with added ½d & 1d values tied by s/rings BENSHAM LANE/THORNTON HEATH dated 13.10.1905. Nice! Res £18
  28. SOMERSET-Postcard to Devon with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring WELLINGTON SOM/M.O & S.B dated 28.3.1906 with index A Res £12
  29. SHEFFIELD-Postcard addressed to Blackpool with ½d EDW VII value tied by s/ring SHEFFIELD RD WOODHOUSE/SHEFFIELD dated 23.8.1906. Alongside is the s/ring WOODHOUSE/SHEFFIELD dated the same day Res £10
  30. MACHINE CANCEL-BOSTON Machine cancel of London dated 17.9.1906 with figure 4 within six straight bars on ½d EDW VII envelope addressed to Carlisle Res £6
  31. SHAKESPEARE-Cover addressed to India with EDW VII 1d tied by SPILSBY Squared circle cancel dated 1.7.1907. On the back flap is the pictorial embossed device SHAKESPEARE LODGE SPILSBY / Shakespeare image]/426 in blue ink. Taxed 10c in the UK Res £25
  32. O.S.B-December 1908 notice “FURTHER ABOLITION OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS” stating that deposits under £5 made after 21.12.1908 will not be acknowledged in future Res £15
  33. ST CATHERINE’S CHURCH/CROSS/LITTLEHAMPTON-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Portsmouth on 19.3.1909 Res £8
  34. MALTON/CONGL CHURCH-Undated cancel with an image of the Pastor in place of the stamp on postcard advertising the following Sunday’s Address; and urges parishioners to bring a friend Res £18
  35. BIRMINGHAM-Locally addressed postcard with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring TEN ACRE ST/BIRMINGHAM dated 18.9.1909 Res £8
  36. SCOTS ISLAND-Postcard with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring DUNROSSNESS dated 23.12.1909 Res £12
  37. NEW BRANCEPETH COLLIERY-S/ring dated 23.8.1910 with index B ties stamp to postcard [some staining] Res £6
  38. DUKE OF YORK’S SCHOOL/DOVER-S/ring dated 26.12.1910 ties stamp to real photo postcard of a military parade at the school addressed to Eastbourne Res £15
  39. LEICS-Postcard addressed to Ringwood with Harrison EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring BATH ST/ASBY DE LA ZOUCH dated 11.8.1911 Res £8
  40. 12 DOWNING STREET Embossed envelope addressed to East Sheen postmarked Official Paid on 18.8.1911. At bottom left is the signature WEDGWOOD BENN, Liberal M.P for St George’s, Tower Hamlets and Father of the former Chesterfield & Bristol Labour M.P Res £25
  41. SCOTS ISLES-Postcard addressed to Dunrossness with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring BURRAVOE dated 22.12.1911 Res £12
  42. SANDWICK/LERWICK-S/ring dated 9.8.1918 ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £9
  43. MOURNING COVER & CONTENTS-Cover addressed to Chumleigh, Devon from Gloucester with 1½d GEO V value tied by WAR BONDS slogan dated 19.10.1918 Res £15
  44. EMMA COLLIERY-S/ring dated 5.11.1919 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  45. EXETER/P.P-S/ring PARCEL POST cancels dated 17.6.1920 ties a pair of GEO V values to postcard addressed to East Barnet Res £8
  46. IRELAND-Two [pair] of the 1922 overprints on plain paper and a single impression of the defaced overprint-see illustration Res £25
  47. IRELAND-Former OHMS Notice of meeting of the House of Industry Hospitals addressed and redirected within Dublin with GEO V 1d overprint value tied by DUBLIN/8 d/ring dated 12.7.1922 and initially by Games slogan [only partial] dated the previous day Res £15
  48. STAFFORDSHIRE MINNIE PIT DISASTER-Receipt postcard for £2-4-00 donated to the Disaster Relief Fund for the disaster in which 155 were killed in an explosion on 12.1.1918. The card is addressed to Tunstall from Wallasey on 28.11.1922 Res £8
  49. LONDON RD No.292/THORNTON HEATH-S/rings dated 22.1.1924 ties 1d value to GEO V 4½d registered envelope size F addressed to Germany Res £12
  50. IRELAND-Registered cover addressed to the USA with GEO V overprint values 1d & 1½d and Irish 2½d tied by s/rings DUKE ST/DUBLIN dated 31.12.1924. The 1½d value has a distinct flaw after the final E of Pence. See illustration Res £50
  51. IRELAND-Cover addressed to Wallington, Surrey marking the OPENING DAY OF THE ULSTER ARLIAMENT BY THE FUTURE EDW VIII on 16.11.1932. Along with the usual cancels and cachet, there is an added cachet of the PRIME MINISTER’S DEPARTMENT dated the same day. Small closed tear at right Res £30
  52. SEASONAL POST OFFICE-Postcard to London with 1d tied by the uncommon d/ring WINCHELSEA BEACH WINCHELSEA/SUSSEX dated 1.9.1933 Res £10
  53. SCOTS ISLAND-Certificates of posting [2] cancelled by black rubber cancels BURWICK/ST MARGARET’S HOPE/ORKNEY dated 29 & 31.10.1934 Res £25
  54. BISECT-Plain postcard addressed within London [SW1] with bisected 2d photogravure tied by LONDON N.W.1 machine cancel dated 1.3.1935-see illustration Res £45
  55. OPENING OF THE GEORGE V HALL, GPO, LONDON, BY THE PRINCE OF WALES ON 31.5.1935. Souvenir programme, original envelope & covering letter and also the original envelope for sending the whole lot to George King. Superb lot-very, very clean Res £40
  56. MOURNING-TELEGRAM, COVER & MOURNING NOTICE For the Late Violetta Hardwick, formerly of Norton-on-Tees addressed to Darlington and posted at Stockton-on-Tees on 4.3.1936. Good lot with abrupt message on the telegram “MUM PASSED AWAY” Res £25
  57. NATIONAL SAVINGS MOVEMENT-Members Penny Stamp card with spaces for 12 x 1d stamps. On the front is the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey. Form S.S 5 in mint condition Res £10
  58. SOUTHSEA-Scarce EDW VIII ½d meter slogan SOUTHSEA/FOR HEALTH/AND PLEASURE dated 15.12.1936 on plain unaddressed card; so probably a specimen strike Res £15
  59. FDC-Registered cover addressed within Guildford with a strip of 3 x 1½d GEO VI values tied by s/rings ST NICHOLAS GUILDFORD/SURREY dated 30.7.1937 Res £22
  60. REGISTERED PARCEL TAG with GEO V 6d & 1/- values tied by oval rubber registered cancels of LOMBARD STREET dated 9.3.1938 Res £12
  61. REMINDER OF THE 1st MAY 1940 INCREASE IN POSTAL CHARGES Addressed to Ponders End with GEO VI ½d & 1d values tied by ENFIELD/MIDDX machine cancel dated 1.5.1940-see illustration Res £22
  1. SUSSEX-OHMS Registered envelope addressed to Hove, cancelled by undated rubber cancel LEWES/2/SUSSEX. On the back is the s/line date 18 JLY 1947 and the cachet of the War Agricultural Executive Committee Res £15
  2. STAMP DEALER-Christmas 1949 gift of a folded calendar for 1950 with adverts etc from RAMSEY STEWART, Proprietor of Philately House, Edinburgh Res £10
  3. CORNWALL-Registered cover to Kingsbridge, Devon with GEO VI ½d orange & 2 x 4d blue tied by s/rings BOWLING GREEN FALMOUTH/C’WLL dated 31.7.1952 with “52” inverted Res £15
  4. SCOTS ISLE-Rubber cancel TOBERMORY/ISLE OF MULL dated 15.9.1952 on back of wedding greetings telegram addressed to the Mishnish Hotel, Tobermory Res £15
  5. IRELAND-Registered cover with content announcing the opening of this particular post office on 1.10.1952. With GEO VI 2½d & 6d values tied by s/ring DOAGH ROAD WHITE ABBEY/BELFAST dated 1.10.1952. The BLANK registration label is similarly cancelled on the same day Res £25
  6. LARGE PART Parcel wrapper with Catle high values 2/6d, 5/- & 3 x 10/- values as well as a 1/6d Europa value tied by parcel post label facsimile cancel of GODALMING dated 14.10.1960 Res £20
  7. BRITISH LEGION VILLAGE/MAIDSTONE KENT-D/ring dated 5.7.1963 ties lifeboat stamp to neat cover addressed to Paisley Res £8
  8. GUERNSEY-Cover addressed to George King with 7p meter cancel of the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR dated 10.7.1978 [very late, if not the latest George King cover]. At bottom left is the cachet of the Lt Governor Res £8
  9. GOVERNMENT HOSPITALITY-Invitation & envelope addressed to one of our most eminent chemists, Betty Savage to attend a reception at 1, Carlton Gardens, London on 24.3.1981. The cover has the oval crowned GOVERNMENT HOSPITALITY cachet at bottom left Res £12
  10. PRE-RELEASE FDC-The 1d Black anniversary stamps on FDC cancelled by FIRST DAY OF ISSUE/COLCHESTER dated 9.1.1990-the day before the release date Res £12


  1. AUSTRALIA, NSW-SPECIMEN Overprint on 6d OHMS pre-addressed longer registered postal stationery envelope from/to the Cashier, Department of Public Instruction, Sydney. With detail at left of the PUBLIC SCHOOLS SAVINGS BANK RETURNS Res £65
  2. BERMUDA-Cover to Connecticut with a strip of four & a single QV ½d green tied by fairly weak duplex cancels of IRELAND ISLAND dated 11.6.1894 Res £25
  3. BERMUDA/SWITZERLAND/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to YVERDON, Switzerland with just a 1d paying postage. Taxed in Bermuda, the 10c & 20c postage dues were affixed on 28.1.1910. The 1d is tied by ST GEORGES/BERMUDA s/ring dated 8.1.1910 and has 2 x circular framed T Tax marks on the front-see illustration Res £25
  4. BERMUDA-Registered cover to New York with two strips of 3 x 1d values tied by s/rings HAMILTON/BERMUDA dated 30.11.1934 Res £25
  5. CAMEROONS-Cover addressed to Lagos with Nigerian 1½d pictorial tied by lovely d/ring cancel KUMBA-CAMEROONS/UNDER BRITISH MANDATE dated 12.3.1937. On the back is the d/ring transit mark of VICTORIA-CAMEROONS/UNDER BRITISH MANDATE dated 13th March-see illustration Res £25
  6. CAMEROONS-Saxone pre-addressed registered envelope to Kilmarnock with Nigerian QEII 2d x 3 [brown values] tied by s/rings NYASOSO/CAMEROONS UUKT dated 7.2.1955. At top left is a ½d value tied by s skeleton cancel, while on the back are s/rings of KUMBA/429 SAVINGS BANK 429 dated 9.2.1955 and again on the 16th No registration label or cachet, but manuscript NYASOSO/R64 in red Res £22
  7. FRENCH P.O IN EGYPT-Cover addressed to Austria with French 25c value tied by d/ring of the French O PORT SAID/EGYPTE dated 16.8.1898 Res £18
  8. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered airmail cover to Maidstone with 2 x ½d, 2 x 1d & 1/- Churchill values tied by d/rings FOX BAY dated 24.1.1966 Res £22
  9. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Philatelic, stampless cover addressed within the Island from Port Stanley to Fox Bay on 6.2.1991. Taxed 12p, the 2p & 10p postage dues are tied by s/ring FOX BAY/FALKLAND ISLANDS dated 15.2.1991 Res £10
  1. FRANCE-Special postal stationery postcard for the visit of TZAR NICHOLAS II to France used on the day of the visit with added 10c value tied by d/ring PARIS 66/R MEISSONIER dated 6.10.1896-see illustration Res £30
  2. GERMANY-Plain postcard addressed to Rotterdam, Holland with 15Rpf value tied by BRESLAU 13 d/ring dated 24.3.1941. The card is from a Jewish man, Lev Schaefer who had to show the card to postal authorities to ensure he had included the middle name ISRAEL before any Jewish male could be granted permission to send any written communication [SARAH for female Jews]. At top right is the s/line cachet which translates SHOWN AT THE WINDOW-See illustration Res £45
  3. GIBRALTAR-Postcard addressed to Philadelphia with 1d GEO V value tied by superb s/ring N.Y.P.O/PAQUEBOT dated 27.4.1907 Res £18
  4. GIBRALTAR-MURNING Cover addressed to London with GEO V 3d blue x 2 & single 1d pictorial tied by d/rings GIBRALTAR/25 dated 18.5.1932. The cover travelled by air, via Paris Res £18
  5. HONG KONG-Postcard of WEI-HEI-WEI island addressed to London with Hong Kong EDW VII 4c tied by the uncommon WEI-HAI-WEI/PORT EDWARD dated 5.9.1908. Alongside is the d/ring transit mark CHEFOO/BRITISH P.O dated 7th September-see illustration Res £35
  6. HONG KONG-Airmail cover to Darlington with GEO VI 10c tied by d/ring KOWLOON/ HONG KONG dated 23.8.1947. At top right is the oval cachet 148 R & SU [MTLRD] R.A.F/DATE/ORDERLY ROOM dated the same day in violet ink. Comes with long letter Res £25
  7. HONG KONG-Longer cover from Guildford dated 30.12.1985 which has been taxed 22p in the UK. On arrival, a strip of 3 x $1 yellow and a single 10c postage dues were tied by d/rings KOWLOON CENTRAL/HONG[1]KONG dated 21.3.1986 Res £22
  8. INDIA-Cover to NEWFOUNDLAND with GEO V ½ Anna & 2 x 1 Anna values tied by d/rings KUTTA/COORG dated 7.8.1937 Res £12
  9. INDIA-Listed two months ago, but wrongly bid upon, the Australian FDC addressed to a passenger on board the SS “MOLDAVIA” with the 1d & 1/- GEO VI values tied by CANUNGRA cancels dated 10.9.1937. At left is the framed SENT BY LAUNCH FOR DELIVERY/ON BOARD BY PILOT in violet ink Res £25
  10. JAMAICA-Entire addressed to London from a chap on the Island who writes about George’s Valley, dated 21.7.1850. On the back are d/arcs FALMOUTH JAMAICA dated 21.7.1850 and KINGSTON JAMAICA dated 22nd July Res £30
  11. JAMAICA-Cover addressed to the JAMAICA GOVERNMENT RAILWAY with GEO V 1d tied by framed JAMAICA PHILATELIC SOCIETY/THIRD STAMP EXHIBITION/AT NATHAN’S STORE/3rd TO 10th FEBRUARY 1938 in violet ink-see illustration Res £22
  12. JAMAICA-GEO VI registered envelope size F with diagonal printed SPECIMEN across the centre-lovely condition Res £25
  13. JAMAICA-QEII 1d brown postcard addressed to New York with added 4d tied by superb s/ring MYRTLE BANK/JAMAICA dated 9.2.1961 Res £9
  14. K-U-T British view-card addressed to London with 5 and 10c Giraffe values tied by d/rings DARESSALAAM dated 27.12.1920. At left is framed cachet OTTO MOHR/ STANLEYVILLE/CONGO BELGE / CENTRAL-AFRICA in black ink Res £25
  15. U.T-Real photo postcard “MASSAY MOSHI” addressed to Bucks with Tanganyika 15c GEO V value tied by d/ring KOROGWE/+ dated 10.11.1927 Res £18
  16. U.T-Postcard of the Marine Hotel, Durban addressed to a member of the 6th Battalion of the King’s African Rifles, Daressalaam with 10c GEO V Tanganyika value tied by skeleton cancel EXHIBITION P.O/TANGANYIKA dated 6.9.1929. On the other side is the d/ring CAMP POST OFFICE-DARESSALAAM/+ dated the following day-see illustration Res £28
  17. LEEWARD ISLANDS-Cover addressed to the USA with GEO V ½d tied by blue inked cancel POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/S.S./MUNAMAR/* Circa 1930-see illustration Res £25
  18. LEVANT, FRENCH-Entire addressed to Reims, cancelled by d/ring CONSTANTINOPLE/ TURQUI dated 26.8.1868. At bottom left is the 40c perforated Empire issue tied by diamond numeral cancels 5083 of Constantinople Res £45
  19. NAURU-Postcard addressed to “Wilson” with 1d GEO V overprint on the picture side, tied by s/ring P.O PLEASANT ISLAND/[NAURU] dated 27.11.1919-see illustration Res £40
  20. NEW ZEALAND-Small cover addressed to London with unframed circular cancel on the back CHRIST-CHURCH/CANTERBURY dated 11.9.1858. On the front is the small s/ring LONDON/PAID dated 20.12.1858 Res £35
  21. NEW ZEALAND-1d brown/pink postcard from the New Plymouth Harbour Board addressed to Woodville & then redirected all over the place on 26.9.1888. With UNCLAIMED of Wellington struck on 5.11.1888 and s/ring cancels of WAIPAWA, PALMERSTON NORTH, WOODVILLE and more on the back Res £22
  22. NEW ZEALAND-Similar postcard from the New Zealand Clothing Factory at Dunedin addressed to GORE, cancelled by s/ring DUNEDIN dated 22.10.1889 with index 10 below the date. he card was unclaimed and has two different UNCLAIMED marks, one framed in red and the other, unframed in violet Res £22
  23. NEW ZEALAND-QEII 1/3d surcharge registered envelope addressed to HONG KONG with added 1/- pictorial tied by s/ring UPPER SYMONDS STREET/N.Z dated 17.1.1962. The Hong Kong receiver is on the back, dated 2 days later. The airmail label is NAC/AIRMAIL Res £22
  24. NORTH BORNEO-WWII Censored cover addressed to the USA at the foreign surface rate of 18c with 4, 6 & 8c values tied by d/rings of SANDAKAN dated 22.3.1940. At bottom left is the framed PASSED BY/22/CENSOR/NORTH BORNEO in black ink. On th back is the d/ring transit mark VICTORIA/HONG KONG dated 31.3.1940-see illustration Res £65
  25. NORTH BORNEO-Foreign surface rate letter to DENMARK with 1, 2, 3 & 6c BMA overprints tied by s/rings VICTORIA/LABUAN dated 8.3.1947. Nice looker Res £30
  26. NORTH BORNEO-Registered airmail cover to the USA from the Yu Lim Radio Service, Jesselton with GEO VI 30c & $1 values tied by d/rings REGISTRATION/JESSELTON dated 30.4.1952 Res £25
  27. RHODESIA, BSAC-1d pink postal stationery postcard addressed to SMYRNA, cancelled by s/ring TULI/RHODESIA dated 8.10.1900. At left is the d/ring BULAWAYO/RHODESIA dated 12th October and the s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/SMYRNA dated 14.11.1900 with index B-see illustration Res £65
  28. RHODESIA, NORTHERN-Two official publicity labels showing “African Village Life” or wildlife in the “Kafue National Park” Res £10
  29. SARAWAK/NORTH BORNEO-Mixed franking airmail rate letter to the USA with Sarawak 50c BMA overprint and North Borneo 10c & 25c BMA overprints tied by s/rings SANDAKAN/NORTH BORNEO dated 3.10.1947 Res £35
  30. SOUTH AFRICA, OFS-Cover addressed to Cape Town with 1d brown tied by s/ring KROONSTADT/O.V.S dated 25.7.1894. On the back is the s/ring MOWBRAY dated 29.7.1894 Res £22
  31. SOUTH AFRICA, Z.A.R-Cover addressed within Middelburg with large 1d pictorial commemorative tied by the triangular 15 cancel of Middelburg on 4.11.1895. The domestic use of the 1d commem is really quite scarce Res £30
  32. SOUTH AFRICA, Z.A.R-Cover addressed to London with 5 x ½d Z.A.R green values tied by d/rings KRUGERSDORP/Z.A.R dated 22.7.1896 Res £25
  33. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Stampless cover addressed to Cape Town cancelled by ESTCOURT/NATAL d/ring dated 11.12.1899 with index A. Alongside is the s/ring 1d tax mark. On the back is the uncommon s/ring CHARGE CLERK dated 18.12.1899. At this time, Boer forces had surrounded Estcourt, so it was likely that no stamps were available Res £35
  34. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Real photo postcard of the MISGUND HOTEL addressed to Port Elizabeth with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring MISGUND dated 23.3.1907 Res £12
  35. SOUTH AFRICA/CIVIL CENSORSHIP-Real photo postcard of a Durban snake man with a Python addressed to Ireland with 1½d mini War Effort value tied by d/ring DURBAN/96 dated 17.11.1942. At left is the “RELEASED/C” South African censor mark in red and the framed bilingual Irish censor mark RELEASED BY/CENSOR-See illustration Res £22
  36. SOUTH AFRICA-Censored airmail cover to a Prisoner of War in Italy, redirected to a POW Camp in Germany after the allied advance through Italy in 1943. Paying the 9d postage is a 3d mini War Effort value and a GEO V 6d REVENUE, Both tied by FOURIESBURG STATION d/ring dated 1.9.1943-see illustration Res £25
  37. SUDAN-Real photo postcard of the Gordon Statue addressed to San Francisco with 2 Piastre pictorial tied by s/ring SUDAN AIR MAIL/KHARTOUM dated 27.2.1942. Struck centrally is the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/P.140 in red ink-see illustration Res £25
  38. SYRIA/LEBANON-Postcard of the Valley of the Tomb of Jehosophat addressed to Paris with French 5c tied by d/ring BEYROUTH/SYRIE dated 7.10.1902 Res £25
  39. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-H Edgar Weston BOOK POST Cover addressed to London with EDW VII ½d cut out from a newspaper wrapper tied by the Type III cachet. Undated, but it is known that these covers were serviced between 1924 & 1926-see illustration Res £100
  40. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Commercial cover addressed to SYDNEY, Australia with a booklet pair of EDW VIII 1½d values tied by Type VI cachet. On the back is the Sydney arrival mark dated 10.5.1937-see illustration Res £60
  1. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to EPSOM with contents [letter from Arthur Rogers dated 11.4.1949] with Type IX Edinburgh Settlement cancel [no date] at top right, taxed 1½d in Cape Town and with d/ring CAPE TOWN/PAQUEBOT dated 14.10.1949. The ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by s/ring EPSOM SURREY/[P] dated 2.11.1949 Res £65
  2. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Postcard of Jamestown registered and addressed to Pretoria with seven QEII values 1d to 1/- tied by s/rings dated 12.11.1956. At base is the ST HELENA registration label Res £25




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