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  1. ADEN-Real photo postcard of the “EMPIRE WINDRUSH” addressed to Littlehampton with 2 x 2 Anna GEO VI values tied to the picture side by d/ring ADEN/+ dated 6.12.1947 Res £7
  2. AFARS AND ISSAS-Underpaid cover from France addressed to a police officer at TADJOURAH on 10.3.1972 with manuscript T tax mark. Upon arrival, 1, 2, 5 & 10 Franc Afars & Issas postage dues were affixed & tied by TADJOURAH s/ring on the 16th March Res £22
  3. AITUTAKI-“Wilson” cover addressed to Birmingham with a block of 4 x ½d NZ GEO V overprints tied by framed INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID in black ink, struck at Liverpool. The stamps are cancelled by s/ring AITUTAKI/NZ dated 7.10.1920. The 2 x 3d GB postage dues are tied by poor Handsworth cancel dated 29.12.1920. ON the back is large d/ring COOK ISLANDS/RAROTONGA dated 30.10.1920 and Liverpool transit dated 28.12.1920 Res £25
  4. ALAOUITES-Postcard addressed to France with Syrian 1p x 2 [one damaged] and a single 50c, all with the overprint; tied by LATTAQUIE cancel dated 1.1.1926 Res £22
  5. ALBANIA-Cover from TRIESTE addressed to DURRES with Austrian 1 Heller tied by d/ring dated 26.4.1914. On the back is the overprinted TAKSE/2/GROSH postage due [SG D44] tied by d/ring on 13.5.1914 Res £25
  6. ALBANIA, ITALIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to Rome with Albanian 5q with MBLEDHJA/BUSHTETUES/12-IV-1939/XVII tied by TIRANA d/ring dated 19.6.1939 Res £18
  7. ALBANIA, ITALIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to a military unit with 5q green tied by DURRES d/ring dated 10.4.1941. At top is circular framed 5 censor mark and framed E VERTETUEM/PER CENSURA, both in violet ink Res £22
  8. ANGOLA-Unpaid cover from South Africa, posted from Cape Town on 21.8.1939 and addressed to LOBITO with S.A octagonal framed 30c tax mark on the front. At left are 3 x 50c Angola postage dues tied by d/rings of LOBITO dated 22.8.1939. On the back are further 10c x 3 & 20x x 2 dues with similar cancels Res £25
  9. ANTARCTICA, BRITISH-Postcard addressed to Washington D.C with 24p Hut Point value tied by s/ring FARADAY dated 5.3.1988. At left is unframed FARADAY F/5 MAR 1988 and circular framed Penguin & map cachet of Faraday in black Res £9
  10. ANTIGUA-Stampless entire dated 15.3.1851 addressed to London and refers to the sale of land in DOMINICA. Rated at 1/- in Antigua, the only postal marking is a London receiver on the back, dated 18.4.1851 Res £45
  11. AUSTRALIA, N.S.W-Wrapper addressed to Maitland with 2d blue imperf [SG 25] tied by 66 [or 99] numeral with unframed oval cancel on the back of SINGLETON/NEW S WALES dated 16.2.1853 Res £30
  12. AUSTRALIA, N.S.W-Underpaid postcard from JAMAICA addressed to Sydney with ½d value tied by Kingston Street Letter Box cancel dated 6.7.1904. Taxed in Jamaica & Sydney, the 1d green postage due is cancelled by messy dumb cancel Res £15
  13. AUSTRALIA, NSW-Lovely illustrated advertising envelope from Prescott Ltd., Grain & Produce Merchants of Sussex Street, Sydney addressed to Seattle, Washington with QV 2d x 2 & single 1d tied by SYDNEY NSW continuous machine cancel dated 22.2.1908 Res £40
  14. AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND-Postcard of the Victorian Mounted Rifles [Boer War] addressed to Brisbane with 1d [6d] claret Anglo-Boer War Patriotic Fund value tied by circular, unframed MACKAY / QUEENSLAND cancel dated 14.8.1900-see illustration Res £150
  15. AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA-Postcard addressed to Germany with ½d & 1d values tied by s/rings SCOTTSDALE/TASMANIA dated 28.8.1909 with space left for an additional word after Scottsdale Res £15
  16. AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA-Postcard of Caves House, Jenolan addressed to Surrey with QV 1d tied by s/ring JENOLAN CAVES/N.S.W dated 15.4.1912 Res £10
  17. AUSTRALIA-First flight cover from Brisbane to Charleville with three very different airmail etiquettes affixed. The GEO V 2d red & 2d brown are tied by BRISBANE cancel dated 17.4.1929. Taxed 1d for being underpaid, the 1d postage due is tied by CESSNOCK/NSW cancel dated 30.4.1929-see illustration Res £100
  18. AUSTRALIA-Airmail cover registered to Kew, Victoria with the 2d & 3d Kingsford Smith values tied by s/rings UNLEY/S.A dated 19.3.1931 [First Day of Issue], arriving the following day Res £25
  19. AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to Manly with 2d Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp tied by the special slogan cancel used on the opening day celebrations, dated 19.3.1932-superb! Res £20
  20. AUSTRALIA-Parcel tag with 4 x 4d [SG 129] and 2 x 5d [SG 130] tied by s/rings PERTH/W.A dated 19.3.1934. Lovely little thing! Res £30
  21. AUSTRALIA-1935 Illustrated FDC for the Silver Jubilee issue addressed to Sydney with the three values tied by s/rings AIR MAIL/1-DATE-1/BRISBANE QLD dated 2.5.1935 Res £25
  22. AUSTRALIA-Commercial, small cover addressed to London with 2 x 3d & the 1/- S.A Centenary values tied by SHIP MAIL ROOM / MELBOURNE dated 25.8.1936 Res £22
  23. AUSTRALIA-Very clean FDC for the GEO VI 3d blue [SG 168a die I] showing the WHITE WATTLES” Variety addressed within Alberton, S.A and tied by s/ring dated 2.8.1937-see illustration Res £50
  24. AUSTRALIA-WWII Cover addressed to Knebworth with 1/6d Hermes value tied by SUBIACO/WEST AUST cancel dated 7.6.1940. At left is the five-dot scarcer censor tape and at right, the framed PASSED BY/CENSOR 3 in violet ink Res £12
  25. AUSTRIA-10c Orange postal stationery postcard addressed to Essen, cancelled by NS Flier Corps patriotic slogan dated 29.5.1938. Also with a mix of German & Austrian stamps used immediately after the “union” with Germany Res £20
  26. BAHAMAS-1d pictorial postal stationery envelope registered & addressed to Hannover with added pair of SG 81 and a single SG 82 tied by NASSAU cancels dated 6.8.1914. Comes with good BPA 1984 certificate Res £45
  27. BAHAMAS-GEO V registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Manchester with added 2½d x 2 values tied by NASSAU s/ring dated 4.3.1945. At top is framed AIR MAIL cachet and below, tying one of the adhesives is the further framed BY AIR MAIL/IN UNITED STATES ONLY, both in violet ink Res £30
  28. BANGLADESH-Airmail cover addressed to DACCA with 2 x Pakistan 10 Paisa values with crude overprints BANGLADESH/LIBERATION in deep purple ink. The cancel is dated 1.4.1972 Res £10
  29. BARBADOS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid airmail cover from Toronto addressed to the Windsor Hotel, Barbados on 6.8.1950. Taxed 18c in Canada, the Barbados authorities placed a pair of the 1d dues at bottom left, tying them with d/ring AIR MAIL/BARBADOS dated 11.8.1950 Res £35
  30. BARBADOS-Postcard from New York addressed to Dorset, UK on 29.9.1983 with s/line MISSENT TO BARBADOS at bottom right in violet ink Res £7
  31. BASUTOLAND-Real photo postcard of Orient Beach, East London addressed to Truro with Transvaal EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring MASERU/+ dated 26.9.1912 Res £22
  32. BASUTOLAND/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover to Maseru with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring MASERU/+ dated 19.2.1934. Below are the 1d & 2d postage dues tied by similar MASERU cancel dated the same day-see illustration Res £150
  1. BATUM, UNDER BRITISH OCCUPATION-Russian postal stationery postcard with full message addressed to ???? with an imperf block of four of the 5k green overprints cancelled by BATUM d/ring dated 16.1.1920-see illustration Res £65
  2. BECHUANALAND/POSTAGE DUE-Small cover from Bolivia addressed to RAMOUTSA from COCHARANBA, Bolivia on 21.2.1951. With manuscript tax marks, the ½d & 2d postage dues are tied by d/ring RAMOUTSA STA dated 5.3.1951-see illustration Res £150
  3. BELGIAN CONGO/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Exmouth addressed to Lt Colonel Peake, Senior British Commissioner of the Anglo-Belgian Boundary Commission in the Belgian Congo with GEO V 1½d tied by Krag cancel dated 16.12.1930. Taxed 20c in London, the 10c, 30c & 1f Congo postage dues [SG 142a, 144 & 146] are tied by ELISABETHVILLE cancels dated 9.1.1931-nice! Res £45
  4. BELGIAN CONGO/BELGIUM-Underpaid cover posted on board a German steamer and addressed to Belgium with 40c on 35c, 20c, 50c & 40c values tied by oval DEUTSCHE SEEPOST/HAMBURG-/WESTAFRIKA/DATE/LX111 dated 10.2.1935. On arrival, a 30c postage due was tied at Antwerp on the following day Res £25
  5. BELGIAN CONGO/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Australia addressed to Elisabethville on 10.9.1935 with 2d Silver Jubilee value tied by s/ring SARGO/N.S.W. On arrival, 2 x 10c & 3 x 50c postage dues were tied at Elisabethville on 25.10.1935 Res £30
  6. BELGIAN CONGO TO USA, VIA GOLD COAST-Registered commercial cover to New York with three-stamp franking tied by KINDU s/ring cancels dated 14.7.1941. At left is Belgian Congo censor tape and centrally are two strikes of the No.7 Gold Coast censor in red Res £25
  7. BERMUDA-Cover to Philadelphia with QV 2½d tied by HAMILTON/BERMUDA-1 Duplex cancel dated 15.5.1889 Res £15
  8. BERMUDA-Folded Bank of England entire addressed to Hamilton with GB GEO V 1d tied by LONDON F.S Krag machine cancel dated 25.1.1916. On arrival, the circular framed P.C./BERMUDA censor mark was applied in violet ink, further tying the stamp Res £20
  9. BERMUDA-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by the Hamilton machine cancel dated 5.5.1916. Alongside the stamp impression is the P.C./BERMUDA mark in violet ink Res £18
  10. BERMUDA-OHMS Envelope, registered to New York with a pair of the 2½d values tied by HAMILTON d/rings dated August 1918. Centrally is struck the P.C./BERMUDA mark in blue-black ink & NOT the usual violet ink Res £25
  11. BERMUDA-Anchor Line crested envelope addressed to California with 3d & 1/- badge values tied by HAMILTON “Isle of Rest” slogan dated 23.3.1929 Res £25
  12. BERMUDA-Censored, registered cover to the USA with 6d tied by HAMILTON s/ring dated 21.11.1940. At left is the PC 102 red on white censor tape No.76 which is UNRECORDED in Flynn Res £35
  13. BERMUDA-Registered, censored cover to New York with 6d tied by s/ring ST GEORGE’S dated 8.9.1941. The registered label “BERMUDA” is tied by the addition of the s/line ST GEORGE’S in red ink. At left is the BC1 blue on white censor tape No.140 Res £20
  14. BOLIVIA-Postcard showing troops [or miners] crossing a river, addressed to ???? with 2 x 1c values tied by very good oval cancel of PULACAYU [Undated] Ca.1904 Res £22
  15. BRITISH GUIANA-Aerial view of The Strand, New Amsterdam postcard addressed to Scotland with 2c tied by superb s/ring cancel BERBICE RAILWAY/B GUIANA dated 1906 with year slug inverted. Res £25
  16. BRITISH GUIANA/POSTAGE DUE-Small cover from ST KITTS addressed to Buxton with GEO VI 2d Leeward Islands value tied by BASSETAIRE/ST KITTS dated 14.6.1952. On arrival, the 1c, 4c, 2c & 12c postage dues were tied by s/rings BUXTON dated 8.7.1952-see illustration Res £75
  17. BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS-Sepia postcard of the school for girls at TANGARARE addressed to Cardiff with 1d value tied by s/ring BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS/GIZO dated 29.10.1908 Res £25
  18. BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from GREEN CASTLE, BAHAMAS Addressed to Honiara with the 2 x ½d values tied by s/rings dated 10.1.1952. At top left is 1/- manuscript tax mark & below is the 1/- postage due tied by s/ring HONIARA dated 9.6.1952 Res £65
  19. BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Airmail letter sheet addressed to the engineer on board the MV “MALAKUA” at Bilua with ½d GEO VI value tied by GIZA cancel dated 8.3.1951. At left is 2d postage due with similar cancel alongside circular MORDA / TAX / [2]d / BRITISH SOLOMON IDS in violet ink Res £40
  20. BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Australia addressed to Yandina with Australian tax mark at left, below Solomon Islands 1d, 2d & 3d postage dues tied by YANDINA cancel dated 30.9.1955-see illustration Res £65
  21. BRUNEI-Registered cover to Illinois with 2c, 15c, 25c & 50c mixed franking tied by s/rings BRUNEI dated 27.1.1950. On the back is Singapore & New York transit marks Res £18
  22. BULGARIAN OCCUPATION OF ROMANIA-Postcard of Bucharest addressed locally with various [4] different overprint values as well as 2 un-overprinted values tied by Bucharest cancels dated 10.4.1917 Res £12
  23. BURMA-Postcard from Lincoln addressed to Rangoon on 7.11.1902 and refirected on 27.11.1902 to TOUFOO??? With transit marks of Rangoon as mentioned, FRASER STREET dated the same day and the arrival mark dated 29.11.1902 Res £15
  24. BURMA/RAILWAY/HONG KONG/UK-Airmail cover to Bournemouth with GEO VI 1 Rupee value tied by SET-2 Railway cancel in May 1941 from KALAW in the Shan States. On the front is the framed NOT OPENED/BY/CENSOR in violet ink, applied in Hong Kong on the 13th May 1941 Res £30
  25. CAMEROON-German postcard of a group of topless native women of all ages addressed to Frankfurt with 10pf KAMERUN overprint tied by RIO DEL RAY cancel dated 21.7.1899, arriving almost 5 weeks later Res £30
  26. CAMEROON-Postcard of BUEA addressed to Vienna with 10pf KAMERUM overprint tied by s/ring VIKTORIA dated 24.4.1899 Res £25
  27. CAMEROON-Military postcard addressed to OESLAU with 5pf Yacht type tied by s/ring KRIBI dated 14.4.1901 Res £22
  28. CAMEROON-Postcard of he Catholic Mission, Duala addressed to Munich with 3pf Yacht type tied by s/ring DUALA/KAMERUN dated 22.11.1901 Res £25
  29. CAMEROON-Postcard of cocoa drying addressed to New York with 10pf Yacht type tied by s/ring DSCHANG dated 10.7.1908 Res £22
  30. CAMEROON-Postcard of the Strand, Liberia addressed to Germany with 5pf Yacht type tied by s/ring DUME/KAMERUN dated 22.6.1911 Res £22
  31. CAMEROON-Postcard of a cocoa plantation addressed to Thuringen with 5pf Yacht type tied by AKONOLINGA/KEMERUN cancel dated 9.8.1912 Res £22
  32. CAMEROON/GABON-Artist drawn postcard of a native person addressed to BUEA with 5pf Yacht type tied by lovely violet inked d/ring cancel EKODODO/GABON dated 8.2.1913 Res £22
  33. CAMEROON-Postcard of MOLUNDU addressed to Charlottenburg with 5pf Yacht type tied by NOLA/[KAMERUN] cancel dated 22.11.1913 Res £25
  34. CAMEROON-Stampless, registered OHMS cover addressed to Frodsham, cancelled by the d/ring DUALA/[KAMERUN] dated 16.2.1915. At bottom left is the signature of G.B Hebden, for the Director of Posts and Communications Res £30
  1. CAMEROON-Postcard of a Cocoa Farm addressed to France with the C.E.F 1d overprint tied by the d/ring DUALA/[KAMERUN] dated 27.2.1915, apparently before the stamp was issued in the July of 1915-see illustration Res £45
  2. CAMEROON-Stampless O.A.S cover addressed to Bristol, cancelled by d/ring DUALA/[KAMERUN] dated 10.11.1915. The cover has the endorsement of an officer at top, ON ACTIVE SERVICE, NO STAMPS AVAILABLE signed by S.A Deacon, Lieutenant. The postmark has at some stage been cut from the envelope and replaced Res £25
  3. CAMEROON-Stampless cover addressed to GOSPORT, cancelled by the d/ring DUALA/[KAMERUN] dated 24.11.1915 and has the authorisation signature at bottom left of an officer of the A.S.C.M.Y Res £45
  4. CAMEROON-Cover addressed to a French medical orderly within Duala with Middle Congo 4c French Occupation overprint tied by the German d/ring DUALA/KAMERUN dated 14.3.1917. The cover is endorsed FM at top left. Res £25
  5. CAMEROON-Postcard of local merchants addressed to London with Middle Congo 15c occupation overprint pair tied by d/rings DUALA/CAMEROUN dated 10.7.1923 Res £22
  6. CAMEROON-Nigerian GEO VI 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to Newcastle, cancelled by d/ring BUEA-CAMEROONS/UNDER BRITISH MANDATE dated 4.3.1949. Includes transcript of a very chatty letter Res £25
  7. CAMEROON-Cover addressed to Cameroon from London at the 1/- airmail rate, dated 8.3.1950 with arrival skeleton cancel on the back KUMBA CAMEROONS/U.U.K.T dated 31.3.1950 Res £25
  8. CAMEROON-Registered cover to YABA with GEO VI ½d & a block of four of the 1d purple values tied by oval registered cancels REGISTERED/KUMBA CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 14.4.1952. At left is the framed rubber R-KUMBA/No. in black ink Res £25
  9. CANAL ZONE/POSTAGE DUE/NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to a steward on board the M.V “WAIWERA” at Cristobal with NEW ZEALAND 1/3d GEO VI value tied by Wellington slogan cancel dated 21.12.1951. On arrival, a 1c & 15c Canal Zone were tied by oval, undated cancels of CRISTOBAL [on 2.1.1952] Res £30
  10. CANADA-Small registered cover to Berlin, Ontario with 3c orange & the 2c registration stamp tied by dumb cancels of PLATTSVILLE/U.C on 30.9.1885. The s/line cachet REGISTERED also further ties the registration stamp. On the back are two lovely strikes of the scarcer UNDATED railway cancel REGISTERED/B & L.H.R Res £30
  11. CANADA-Advertising pictorial envelope for the Toronto VICTORIAN ERA EXPOSITION to be held from 30.8.1897 to 11.9.1897. The cover is addressed to St Catherine’s and has 3c VR Jubilee tied by s/ring ST JOSEPH STREET/TORONTO dated 30.8.1897, the first day of the show Res £30
  12. CANADA-Pictorial advertising private postcard addressed to Little Britain, Ontario with 1c green tied by Toronto flag cancel for the Toronto CANADA’S EXPOSITION/AUG 26/TO/ SEP 7/TORONTO dated 19.8.1901. The card advertises “KOLONA” Ceylon Tea Res £28
  13. CANADA/BERMUDA/UK/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to the Pacific Club, Victoria, Canada with GB GEO V 2d tied by HAMILTON machine cancel dated 20.12.1928. Taxed variously 20c and 4c [both obliterated] and with 2 x 2c Canadian dues tied by rubber cancels VICTORIA/CANADA dated 3.1.1922. Really interesting with a story to tell Res £22
  14. CANADA-Registered cover to Germany with 2 x 10c GEO V values tied by oval framed R cancels of FORT McMURRAY on 9.4.1924. At left is the blue inked, framed FORT McMURRAY/ALBERTA/ORIGINAL No. with manuscript 692. On the back are three German TPO/Railway cancels and various Canadian transit marks Res £22
  15. CAPE VERDE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Ashford, Kent addressed to St Vincent with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring dated 11.2.1929. The hexagonal framed T/20/L tax mark on the front is in black ink and the block of four 20c postage dues cancelled by d/ring S. VICENTE dated 1.3.1929 Res £25
  16. CAROLINE ISLANDS-Postcard of an Island view addressed to JALUIT, MARSHALL ISLANDS with BISECTED 10pf Yacht type tied by negative mail bag seal impression of PONAPE. Known as the “TYPHOON PROVISIONALS” due to the fact that all stocks of the 5pf stamps were lost in a typhoon and were in use from 20th April to 9th July 1905. Although undated, the arrival mark on the front is dated 11.5.1905-see illustration Res £85
  17. CAYMAN ISLANDS-Registered cover to Manitoba, Canada with 3 x ½d and a single 2½d Silver Jubilee values affixed & tied by d/rings of GEORGETOWN dated 6.5.1935 [1st day] Res £28
  18. CAYMAN ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Canada with 2 x ½d & a single 2½d Silver Jubilee values tied by GEORGETOWN d/rings dated 6th May 1935 [1st day] Res £22
  19. CAYMAN ISLANDS-Postcard of HM The King & Queen addressed to London with ½d Silver Wedding on the front and the back, tied by s/rings THE CREEK/CAYMAN BRAC C. IS dated 29.11.1948 [1st day] Res £10
  20. CAYMAN ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to Cayman Brac with U.S stamp tied by CORK [Ireland] Paquebot d/ring dated 2.6.1951. On arrival, GEO VI 1d & 2d definitives are cancelled by a single circular framed T tax mark Res £18
  21. CEYLON-QV “FIVE/CENTS” with DOUBLE OVERPRINT on 4 cents overprinted envelope addressed to Colombo tied by barred numeral 83 of URUGALLA on 22.2.1887 Res £35
  22. CEYLON-QV 5c blue postal stationery envelope addressed to Colombo, cancelled by superb barred numeral cancel 47 on 28.1.1892. At left is the s/ring PUNDUL.CYA/PAID and the red/brown inked, framed TOO LATE-Really nice item! Res £20
  23. CEYLON-QV 5c grey/blue postal stationery envelope addressed to Colombo as previous lot, dated 2.7.1893 and with the TOO LATE struck in black ink Res £20
  24. CEYLON-QV 5c brown on blue postal stationery letter card addressed to Frankfurt cancelled by barred oval letter “A”. The added 5c x 2 are similarly tied at Colombo on 21.11.1896. Centrally is the French octagonal sea post office cancel LIGNE T/PAQ FR No.1 dated 23.11.1896-see illustration Res £25
  25. CEYLON-QV 2c yellow-brown postal stationary postcard addressed to Switzerland with added 2c green, 3c brown & blue-green and 4c rose tied by individual strikes of Colombo “A” duplex cancel dated 14.2.1899 Res £22
  26. CEYLON/BOER WAR-Cover addressed to UTRECHT, Holland with QV 15c blue tied by d/ring COLOMBO/+ dated 18.10.1900. At bottom left is the d/ring cachet with Crown at centre “CONSULAAT DER NEDERLANDEN / COLOMBO in violet ink-nice looker and NOT censored Res £25
  27. CEYLON-QV 10c postal stationery registered envelope size G addressed to Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire with added 2c brown, 4c yellow-orange & 12c green & red tied by s/rings MATURATA dated 13.2.1901. Nice item-see illustration Res £45
  28. CEYLON-Postcard addressed to Wellington, Somerset with EDW VII 5c tied by d/ring COLOMBO dated 27.3.1906 AND by very good oval PENINSULAR & ORIENTAL/ COLOMBO/AGENCY/S.N COMPANY in violet ink Res £12
  29. CEYLON-EDW VII 6c red postal stationery letter card addressed to the USA, cancelled by d/ring NUWARA ELIYA/+ dated 14.4.1909. Below is the T tax mark-pristine! Res £12
  1. CEYLON/WAR TAX-GEO V 2c dark yellow postal stationery postcard addressed to India with added 2c WAR/STAMP overprint tied by COLOMBO machine cancel dated 19th February 1919 [with the second 19 being absent from the date slug]. The Indian arrival mark is that of 1919 Res £18
  2. CEYLON/WAR TAX-Cover addressed to DENMARK with 3c WAR/STAMP tied by Colombo machine cancel as previous lot with 19 missing, dated 21.1.1919. At right is the circular framed PASSED/COLOMBO/CENSOR in violet ink Res £10
  3. CEYLON-Postcard addressed to the UK with GEO V 6c tied by Colombo “ARE YOU A BROADCAST LISTENER” License fee slogan dated 7.2.1928 Res £7
  4. CEYLON/POSTAGE DUE-Postcard addressed to Massachusetts with GEO V1c & 6c values tied by Colombo “DO NOT ENCLOSE ARTICLES OF VALUE” slogan dated 12.12.19??? with U.S 1c & 5c postage dues covering the date Res £7
  5. CEYLON/PERFIN-Airmail cover of the BLUE FUNNEL LINE addressed to Cheshire with GEO V 10c & 30c values perfin DF/&Co., inverted and tied by d/ring COLOMBO dated 2.1.1936. On the back are 2 x 2c values with same perfin & cancel Res £12
  6. CEYLON-GEO V 3c grey postal stationery postcard addressed to Florida with added GEO V 9c tied by GALLE s/ring dated 9.3.1937 Res £9
  7. CEYLON-Postal stationery 12c GEO V postcard addressed to London by airmail with added GEO V 3c & 10c values tied by KANDY s/rings dated 25.6.1937 Res £12
  8. CEYLON-Plain postcard addressed to Norwich with GEO VI 30c tied by d/ring Indian FPO No.76 dated 11.4.1942. Below is framed [BIRD]/RAF/CENSOR/161 in red ink Res £9
  9. CEYLON-Postal stationery airmail letter sheet addressed to Washington DC with imprints of GEO VI 10c x 3 and single 5c cancelled by s/rings POLGOLLA dated 4.10.1950. The added 5c x 3 adhesives are similarly tied, but still not enough as it was taxed 12c in Ceylon Res £15
  10. CHINA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from BLACKBURN addressed to Shanghai with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by Empire Exhibition slogan dated 17.8.1938. Below is the hexagonal framed T/20/L and at left, the Chinese 20c postage due tied by Shanghai cancel Res £35
  11. CILICIA-Postcard addressed to Peterborough with French Sower 20 Paras & 1 Piastre overprint values tied by ADAUA d/ring dated 1.3.1920. On the message side is partial undated d/ring CONTROLE POSTA Res £22
  1. COOK ISLANDS-Postcard of a native hut on RAROTONGA addressed to FOOCHOW, CHINA with a pair of 1d values tied by d/ring COOK ISLANDS/RAROTONGA dated 26.9.1910. Below is the s/ring FOOCHOW of the British Post Office dated 11.11.1910 Res £30
  2. COSTA RICA-Francis Field addressed 1st flight cover to Sutton Coldfield with a block of ten [10] Airmail 008 Centimos overprints on 1c tied to the back by d/rings CORREO AEREO/ COSTA RICA dated 11.3.1920. On the front is the framed 1st flight cachet with EXTRA [20] included within the cachet Res £25
  3. CUBA-Postcard of the Isle of Pines addressed to Northampton with 2c tied by U.S type duplex MAC-INLEY/ISLA DE PINES dated 20.12.1913 Res £15
  4. CURACAO-Censored cover from CROYDON addressed to the BRITISH NAVY OFFICE, Curacao with GEO VI ½d & 2½d tied by machine cancel dated 22.1.1944. At left is he British special censorship tape 6224 tied by unframed “John Bull” type cachet PRINSES JULIANA/IN ONS MIDDEN/CURACAO [FLOWER] in violet ink, applied on 28.2.1944 Res £25
  5. CYPRUS-QV 1 Piastre brown postal stationery newspaper wrapper pre-cancelled by undated RURAL/V.R/MORPHOU/SERVICE in black ink Res £22
  6. CYPRUS/ETHIOPIA/WWI-Trade postcard addressed to Addis Abeba with a pair of GEO V ½ Piastre values tied by d/ring LARNACA/CYPRUS dated 3.4.1918. Below is the d/ring PASSED BY CENSOR/No.8 in black, applied in Egypt on 5.4.1918 Res £25
  7. CYPRUS, TURKISH-Postcard addressed to Coventry with 3TL Europa value & 50Krs on 25m overprint value tied by indistinct s/ring dated 2.1.1979 Res £8
  8. DANZIG/POSTAGE DUE-Cover from Munich addressed to Danzig with 12pf “Schiller” value tied by machine cancel dated 25.12.1934. At left is manuscript 30 tax mark & at right, the 30c postage due tied by d/ring DANZIG dated 27.12.1934 Res £22
  9. DOMINICA-Small cover addressed to New Jersey with a pair of GEO VI ½d values tied by d/ring ROSEAU/DOMINICA dated 10.5.1941. At left is s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in violet ink Res £18
  10. DUTCH EAST INDIES, JAPANESE OCCUPATION-Money Order card with MALAYA GEO VI 5c Straits Japanese Occupation value tied by d/ring SIDJOEN/DJOENG dated 3.10.1942, whilst on the back are d/rings FORT DE KOCK dated 5.10.1942-see illustration Res £30
  1. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN-Coloured vignette postcard of TANGA addressed to Konstanz with GERMAN 10pf marginal example tied by s/ring LINDI dated 23.5.1898-a scarce cancel on German stamps-see illustration Res £75
  2. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN-5Pf pictorial vignette postal stationery postcard of KILWA addressed to Berlin with 3 PESA overprint on the stamp impression which is cancelled by s/ring MIKINDANI dated 28.9.1899 Res £45
  3. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN-Postcard of the village at MPAPUA addressed to Wolfenbutell, Germany with 3 PESA overprint stamp tied by s/ring MPAPUA dated 2.2.1900 Res £35
  4. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN-Postcard of a couple of rows of dead wild pigs addressed to Germany with 4H Yacht type tied by s/ring RUANDA dated 10.12.1910 Res £30
  5. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN-Postcard of the locals performing a War Dance at SCHIRATI addressed to Saxony with 4 & 7½ Heller values tied by SCHIRATI s/ring dated 2.12.1912. Also on the card are transit marks of KISIMU and MOMBASA dated 6th & 9th January 1913 respectively Res £30
  6. EAST AFRICA, GERMAN/WWI-Plain postcard addressed to Germany with a pair of 4 Heller values tied by s/rings WILHELMSTHAL dated 7.9.1915. At right is 80% strike of the German East Africa censor mark in violet/red ink; and at left bottom is a manuscript receipt date of 25.9.1919, but no further postal or other markings Res £60
  7. EGYPT, BRITISH POST OFFICE-Registered cover to Malta with a pair of QV 4d orange, plate 13 and 2d blue, plate 14 cancelled by two strikes of the B01 four-bar vertical oval numeral cancel with red inked s/ring REGISTERED/ALEXANDRIA alongside, dated 13.9.1873-see illustration. On the back is the manuscript “ABSENT WHEN PRESENTED FOR DELIVERY” above the MALTA receiver dated 18.9.1873 Res £65
  8. EGYPT/BURMA/POSTAGE DUE-Stampless, unpaid postcard from RANGOON dated 19.2.1914 with d/ring at bottom left. Taxed in Burma with horseshoe RANGOON GPO/DUE/ ½ ANNA. The 4m postage due is tied by d/ring ALEXANDRIA dated 9.3.1914. At top right is the unframed, REEXIPEDZA in black ink Res £20
  9. EGYPT-10m registered postal stationery envelope addressed in Arabic to Alexandria with s/ring of KAFR EL ZAIYAT tying the added 5m with Crown overprint on 23.4.1923 Res £15
  1. EGYPT/SWITZERLAND/AIR MAIL-Commercial air mail cover addressed to Winterthur with 10 & 50m airmail values tied by CAIRO cancels dated 31.12.1934. At left is the Swiss 40c value tied by WINTERTHUR/BRIEFTRAGER d/ring dated 3.1.1935. This was applied [I believe] to enable an “Express” delivery upon arrival, but no doubt one of you Swiss guys will be able to tell me the truth-See following item also Res £45
  2. EGYPT/SWITZERLAND/AIR MAIL-Commercial air mail cover similar to the previous lot with 2 x 30m air stamps tied by CAIRO Telephone slogan dated 11.2.1936. On arrival the 40c value is tied by WINTERTHUR Telegraph cancel dated 13.2.1936-see illustration Res £45
  3. EGYPT-Cover addressed to New Zealand with the 10m green stamp issued for the visit of the Saudi King in January 1946, cancelled by s/ring CAMP CESARE dated 11.1.1946 Res £8
  4. ERITREA/M.E.F-Plain postcard formerly of the Governor [Italian] of Eritrea addressed within NEFASIT with GB GEO VI overprint values 1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d & 5d tied by d/rings NEFASIT/[ERITREA] dated 2.4.1942 Res £25
  5. ERITREA-Italian language postcard of ASMARA addressed to Stockholm, Sweden with a pair of GB GEO VI 25c B.A overprints tied by d/ring ASMARA/ERITREA dated 22.1.1952 Res £22
  6. ESTONIA, GERMAN OCCUPATION-Easter postcard addressed to Vienna with 20c white on green Swastika value tied by violet d/ring cancel KAARLI VIKSAL/EESTI dated 8.8.1941 Res £22
  7. ETHIOPIA, ITALIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard of a local beauty addressed to Italy with 30c Italian Colonial issue tied by d/ring HARAR/ARRIVIE PARTENZE dated 9.7.1937 Res £15
  8. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered cover to Dorchester, Dorset with a block of four of the GEO V 4d orange values cancelled by excellent strike of the d/ring PORT STANLEY/FALKLAND ISLANDS dated 19.12.1936, arriving in Dorchester on the 5th February 1937-see illustration Res £45
  9. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered air mail cover to the USA with GEO VI 1d, 2d & 3 x 6d values tied by s/ring cancels of PORT STANLEY dated 18.12.1947, arriving in New York on the 30th December Res £45
  10. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered cover to New Jersey with 5 x GEO VI 2½d values tied by s/rings of Port Stanley dated 12.7.1947 Res £35
  11. FALKLAND ISLAND DEPENDENCIES-Registered air mail cover to Switzerland with the GRAHAM LAND Dependency 1d, 2d, 4d & 6d values and the 1/- Silver Wedding value tied by the Graham Land s/rings dated 29.12.1950. The 6d value being the blue-black, SG A6a Res £40
  12. FIJI/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid FDC for the 1946 Australian Peace issue addressed to the Garrick Hotel, Fiji with framed 1/1d tax mark applied in Melbourne on the 18th At left are the 1d & 1/- postage dues tied by poor SUVA cancel-see illustration Res £200
  13. FIJI/SWITZERLAND/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover to Basel with GEO VI ½d x 2 & 1d x 2 tied by UNDATED rubber circular cancels of UTUMA with separately inserted s/line dates of 10OCT 1950 with some of the date appearing outside of the s/ring. On arrival, a 30 & 5c Swiss potage due was affixed and tied on the 12th December-scarce cancel!! Res £75
  14. FRENCH COLONIES, BENIN-Coloured postcard of German Cameroon addressed to Berlin with 10c Peace & Commerce value tied by d/ring GRAND POPO/DAHOMEY dated 20.12.1899. At right is the French sea post office octagonal cancel LOANGO A MARSEILLE/1 M No.2 dated 23.12.1899, arriving in Berlin on the 16th January 1900 Res £25
  15. FRENCH COLONIES, EQUITORIAL AFRICA / POSTAGE DUE / GREENLAND-Cover from GODTHAB, the capital of Greenland addressed to the USA on 5.8.1950 and redirected to FORT LAMY, TCHAD with 20c postage due tied by s/ring FORT LAMY/A.E.F dated 26.10.1950-see illustration Res £35
  16. FRENCH COLONIES/POSTAGE DUE/GABON/EQUITORIAL AFRICA-Underpaid cover addressed to PORT GENTIL, Gabon with Gabon strip of 5 x 1c A.E.F overprints tied by d/rings LIBREVILLE dated 28.6t.1932. taxed in Libreville, the marginal pair of 45c green postage dues with overprint GABON/A.E.F tied by PORT GENTIL/GABON dated 1.7.1932 Res £35
  17. FRENCH COLONIES, GUADELOUPE/POSTAGE DUE-Front only addressed within BASSE TERRE, cancelled by d/ring GUADELOUPE / BASSE TERRE dated 28.9.1881 with T Tax mark at top right. At bottom left is the imperf 15c postage due tied by dotted diamond G.P.E in black Res £50
  18. FRENCH COLONIES/POSTAGE DUE/USA TO FRENCH GUINEA-Underpaid cover from Middletown, Ohio addressed to BEYLA, French Guinea on 26.1.1931. Taxed 15c in New York, the 10c & 50c Guinea postage dues are tied by d/rings BEYLA/GUINEE FRANCAISE dated 28.4.1931. The cover travelled via Port Said on the 11th February Res £35
  19. FRENCH COLONIES, COMORES ISLANDS/MAYOTTE-Postcard of Zanzibar beauties addressed to France with MAYOTTE 10c value tied by MAYOTTE cancel dated 10.10.1902 Res £22
  1. FRENCH COLONIES, MIDDLE CONGO/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed locally with tax mark and IMPERFORATE 1, 2, 15 & 30c postage dues tied by d/rings BRAZZAVILLE PLAINE/MOYEN CONGO dated 9.7.1925 Res £30
  2. FRENCH COLONIES/POSTAGE DUE/MIDDLE CONGO/TCHAD-Cover addressed to FORT LAMY from Paris dated 3.12.1935 with 5c Sower tied by machine cancel. On arrival, a vertical pair of the 20c green postage dues with TCHAD/A.E.F overprint and 60c black on vermilion Middle Congo postage due value tied by d/rings FORT LAMY/TCHAD dated 28.1.1936 Res £30
  3. FRENCH COLONIES, ALGERIAMIDDLE CONGO/POSTAGE DUE-First flight cover to Brazzaville with 5 stamp franking tied by s/rings ALGER GARE/SECTION AVION dated 4.11.1938. On arrival the 2f pictorial postage due was affixed & tied by d/ring BRAZZAVILLE/A.E.F dated 6.11.1938 Res £25
  4. FRENCH COLONIES, OCEANIC SETTLEMENTS / BELGIUM / POSTAGE DUE-Close up real photo postcard of the ship “VILLE DE AMIENS” addressed to Belgium with 2f40c overprint on 25c FRANCE LIBRE OCEANIE value tied by PAPEETE/ILE TAHITI dated 17.1.1947. On arrival, the Belgian 30c & 2f postage dues were tied by s/rings COUILLET dated 13.6.1947 Res £25
  5. FRENCH COLONIES / NEW CALEDONIA / OCEANIC SETTLEMENTS / POSTAGE DUE -Air mail cover to Papeete from Noumea dated 28.10.1947 with 5f + 20f value tied by d/ring. On arrival, the 1 Franc overprint ETABTS FRANCAIS / DE L’OCEANIE/2 /FRANCS / A PERCEVOIR tied by Papeete s/ring dated 1.11.1947. At left is the first flight cachet of T.R.A.P.A.S Res £30
  6. FRENCH COLONIES, ST PIERRE & MIQUELON/POSTAGE DUE-Locally addressed cover with France Libre 5c & 10c values tied by dotted s/rings dated 23.2.1943. At left are the overprint 50c postage dues x 2 FRANCE/LIBRE/F.N.F.L tied by same cancel on the same day-see illustration Res £35
  7. FRENCH COLONIES, WALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDS/LEEWARD ISLANDS/ POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to the USA & redirected to Wallis Island with GEO VI Leeward Islands ½d, ½d, 1d & 1½d values tied by undated s/rings PAQUEBOT with two stars at base. The manuscript taxe mark at left is below the New Caledonia 15c postage due overprinted ISLES WALLIS/ET/FUTUNA tied by hexagonal cancel dated 1.4.1950-see illustration Res £45
  8. GERMANY, BADEN-Entire addressed to Grindelburg [?] with four margin 3 Mark black on yellow value [SG 3] tied at bottom left by figure 3 in concentric circles on 14.1.1852 Res £40
  9. GERMANY, BADEN-Entire addressed to Hollensbeig from Carlsruhe with SG 4 at bottom left, tied by numeral cancel on 8.3.1854 Res £40
  10. GERMANY, WURTTEMBERG-Entire addressed to VERRENBERG with imperforate SG3 tied by super strike of the d/ring MUNSINGEN dated 10.3.1855 Res £40
  11. GERMANY, BAVARIA-Envelope addressed to Windsheim with four margin 3k, SG4 tied by 356 circular cancel of Nurnberg on 3.6.1860 Res £35
  12. GERMANY, HANNOVER-Cover to LATHERN with SG24 four margin 1 Groschen value tied by d/ring NEUENHAUS dated 26.1.1859/60 as the canceller doesn’t have a year slug. Res £30
  13. GERMANY, THURN & TAXIS-Entire addressed to HOGEL with SG14 tied by 320 numeral in concentric circles of BUCKEBURG on 22.7.1861 Res £35
  14. GERMANY, BAVARIA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid postcard addressed within LECHAUSEN with 2Pf value paying the postage on 22.6.1908. The overprinted 2Pf & 3Pf postage dues are tied by the same cancel on the same day. Res £12
  15. GERMANY/WWII RUSSIAN FRONT-Cover addressed to Upper Silesia from an SS man at Feldpost 09088F with 2 x 20k & 2 x 30k Russian stamps tied by then SS unit cachet on 27.11.1941. Scarce usage Res £40
  16. GERMANY, OCCUPATION OF DALMATIA-ZARA-Postcard of a small boy with Italian 2.55 value overprint tied by d/ring ZARA/RACCOM ASSICURATE dated 20.10.1943. cancelled by favour, unaddressed Res £20
  17. GHANA-Real photo postcard of the village dispensary with the quack dishing out the goodies to the younger population addressed to a military address in Aldershot from the Military Hospital at Accra with QEII Gold Coast independence overprint tied by temporary d/ring cancel GIFFORD CAMP/GHANA dated 20.11.1958 Res £15
  18. GIBRALTAR-Longer, registered cover addressed to Rouen, France with QV 1d & 1/- values tied by oval registered cancels dated 20.12.1898, transiting London on Christmas Eve Res £50
  19. GIBRALTAR-Folded, printed letter addressed to the Berkeley Daily Gazette, California at the ½d rate from a member of the round-the-world society who tells of the virtues of flight. The stamp is tied by the d/ring GIBRALTAR/25 dated 2.4.1926 Res £22
  20. GIBRALTAR-Unsealed envelope to the UK at the ½d rate with GEO V ½d tied by the Travel Key slogan dated 14.12.1936 Res £18
  21. GIBRALTAR-Airmail cover to London with GEO V 1d, 1½d x 2 & a 6d value all tied by d/rings GIBRALTAR/25 dated 12.3.1937 Res £20
  22. GIBRALTAR-Airmail cover to London with GEO V 2d x 3 & ½d x 2 tied by d/rings GIBRALTAR/25 dated 18.3.1937 Res £20
  23. GIBRALTAR-Airmail cover to Lincoln with GEO V 6d tied by the Travel Key slogan dated 15.6.1937 Res £20
  24. GIBRALTAR/NORWAY/UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-Cover addressed to the Norwegian Shipping & Trade Mission at the surface rate of 2d with the 2d tied by the travel key slogan machine cancel with the Travel Key bit removed, dated 18.11.1942. Below is the framed PASSED/CENSOR in red & at top left is the circular framed KGL NORSK KONSUL/ GIBRALTAR in violet ink. The Leadenhall Street address was the undercover address of the Norwegian Maritime Fleet during WWII Res £30
  25. GIBRALTAR-EXPRESS Rate postcard addressed to Middlesex with QEII 2½d & 1/- values tied by the Holiday and Shopping slogan dated 16.9.1963. The Express label is tied by the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID in violet ink Res £22
  26. GIBRALTAR/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Weymouth addressed to Gibraltar in March 1976 with UK tax mark at right & the 1p & 3 x 2p postage dues at top tied by d/rings GIBRALTAR/GIBRALTAR dated 15.3.1976 Res £22
  27. GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS-Postcard of native children addressed to Switzerland with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by purple inked d/ring GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS/ PROTECTORATE-GPO/BUTTATARI ISLD dated 20.4.1914 Res £30
  28. GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed within TARAWA with GEO VI ½d tied by s/ring dated 24.2.1955. Taxed 1d, the 1d postage due is similarly tied by a similar cancel on the same day Res £65
  29. GOLD COAST-Postcard of the Basel Mission Factory addressed to Frankfurt with a pair of QV ½d values tied by s/rings AKUSE dated 24.11.1902 Res £22
  30. GOLD COAST-Vignette postcard of LOME, Togo addressed to France with EDW VII tied by three-bar numeral cancel H27. Alongside is the s/ring KWITTA/GOLD COAST dated 10.5.1903Res £25
  31. GOLD COAST-Postcard addressed to MUNSTERLINGEN, Germany with a pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by s/rings AKROPONG/GOLD COAST dated 2.8.1904 Res £22
  32. GOLD COAST-Postcard of water carriers addressed to Essex with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring VICTORIABORG ACCRA/GOLD COAST dated 19.9.1905 Res £22
  33. GOLD COAST-Postcard of the Accra beach, Port Office, James Fort & Lighthouse addressed to Liverpool with EDW VII 1d tied by the s/ring USSHER FORT ACCRA/GOLD COAST dated 20.10.1905 Res £22
  34. GOLD COAST-Postcard of Fort St Anthony addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring AXIM/GOLD COAST COLONY dated 5.12.1912. Also with crowned d/ring SECONDEE dated the following day Res £15
  35. GOLD COAST-Postcard of a Haussa musician addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by crowned d/ring DUNKWA/GOLD COAST dated 7.12.1908. Alongside is a further strike alongside that of SEKONDEE dated the same day Res £18 Res £18
  36. GOLD COAST-Postcard of Sekondi Market addressed to London with 1d EDW VII value tied by s/ring OBUASSI/GOLD COAST dated 5.1.1909 Res £20
  37. GOLD COAST-Postcard of native children beside a display of native fruits addressed to London with EDW VII ½d tied by crowned d/ring WINNEBA/GOLD COAST dated 27.4.1911. At left is an obliterated tax mark and the d/ring ACCRA dated the following day and the manuscript NOT TO BE TAXED with the postal official’s initials alongside Res £22
  38. GOLD COAST-Postcard of Palm Oil Preparation addressed to Switzerland with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring ODUMASI/GOLD COAST COLONY dated 27.7.1911. Alongside is the d/ring UOOGWAH[?]/GOLD COAST dated the following day Res £20
  39. GOLD COAST-Real photo postcard of “The new Woermann liner, a very fine vessel” addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by crowned d/ring TARQUAH/GOLD COAST dated 30.9.1911 Res £18
  40. GOLD COAST-Nice size OHMS envelope registered & addressed to New Jersey with a pair of GEO V 3d values tied by d/rings ACCRA dated 11.1.1917. Below is the Crown at centre s/ring PASSED BY CENSOR in black. The cover travelled via London & New York, arriving on 13.2.1917 Res £25
  41. GOLD COAST-British Empire Exhibition postcard of the Nigeria Buildings at the 1924 exhibition addressed to London with the GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring NSAWAM/GOLD COAST dated 27.3.1926 Res £22
  1. GOLD COAST/POSTAGE DUE-Incoming airmail from Germany addressed to KUMASI with German 25Rpf & 100Rpf Swastika airmail values tied by HAMBURG d/ring dated 13.5.1937. Taxed in Germany, the 1d postage due is tied by KUMASI d/ring dated 21.5.1937. The cover travelled by French airmail via Paris, Dakar and Takoradi Res £30
  2. GOLD COAST-Crested cover of the Gold Coast Regiment, West African Field Force addressed to Captain Pitman in Uganda with 4 x 1d & 2 x 6d GEO VI values on the back of the cover, tied by d/rings KUMASI dated 27.12.1938. The cover travelled via Khartoum & Entebbe Res £22
  3. GOLD COAST/POSTAGE DUE-Longer OHMS cover addressed to the cocoa research director at TAFO from Accra dated 11.5.1944. taxed 4d in Accra, the block of four x 1d dues are cancelled by s/ring TAFO/GOLD COAST dated 19.5.1944. Nice item-scarcer usage Res £45
  4. GOLD COAST-Censored cover to Chicago with a pair of GEO VI 1½d values tied by d/ring ACCRA dated 28.5.1941. At left is the black on buff GOLD COAST/OPENED BY CENSOR tape, tied by hexagonal No.6 censor mark in red ink Res £18
  5. GOLD COAST-Incoming mail from the USA dated 19.11.1941 with black on buff GOLD COAST/OPENED BY CENSOR tape with manuscript 220. At right is the Gold Coast No.9 censor mark in red Res £18
  6. GOLD COAST/MIDDLE CONGO-Airmail cover addressed to Reading, UK with A.E.F 1f25c Worlds Fair, 2 x 10f & a single LIBRE/1fr overprint on 65c tied by POINTE NOIRE/MOYEN CONGO dated 25.1.1942. Two of the stamps are tied by the very deep blue Gold Coast censor No.10. At left is the black on red GOLD COAST/OPENED BY CENSOR Res £35
  7. GOLD COAST-Commercial cover addressed to BAMAKO, via Dakar with GEO VI 1/- tied by CAPE COAST d/ring dated 9.4.1940. centrally is the No.12 censor mark in red & the circular framed F/2 in violet ink Res £25
  8. GOLD COAST-UN-CENSORED Airmail cover to Manchester with GEO VI 6d & 2/- values tied by ACCRA d/rings dated 18.5.1944 Res £25
  9. GOLD COAST-Pictorial airmail cover addressed to LAGOS with 6d & 9d GEO VI values tied by CAPE COAST d/rings dated 16.1.1945-not censored in either country Res £18
  10. GOLD COAST-Registered advertising cover for FIRESTONE TYRES addressed to New York with GEO VI 9d & 2 x 2/- values tied by oval registered cancel of ACCRA dated 26.1.1945, arriving on 8.2.1945 via Miami. At left is PC90 Opened By Examiner tape 00/332-see illustration Res £25
  11. GOLD COAST-Registered GEO VI 3d registered postal stationery envelope addressed Switzerland with added GEO VI 5/- tied by registered cancel of ACCRA dated 26.4.1948 Res £35
  12. GOLD COAST-Cover addressed to the Church Missionary Society, Lagos with CAPE COAST 1½d meter cancel dated 9.4.1949 on the front with licence No.U1. On the back is a further 1d meter making the correct rate of 2½d to Nigeria Res £18
  13. GOLD COAST-Forces airmail letter sheet addressed to Bletchley, Bucks with a pair of 2½d UPU values and 2 x ½d definitives tied by d/rings MPRAESO/GOLD COAST dated 4.2.1950 Res £22
  14. GOLD COAST/POSTAGE DUE/SURINAME-Cover addressed to HO, “TOGOLAND” with 2 x 1 Cent overprint Suriname values tied by d/ring PARAMARIBO dated 12.9.1950. On arrival, the 3d Gold Coast postage due is tied by d/ring HO/GOLD COAST dated 7.11.1950 Res £30
  15. GOLD COAST/RAILWAY-Registered cover addressed to KOFORIDUA from AKOASI with GEO VI 1d & 2 x 2d values tied by temporary d/rings AKOASI /GC dated 9.1.1951. On the back are various marks including the d/ring TPO EASTERN/GOLD COAST dated 9.1.1951 with index A. The registration label on the front is that of JEJETI which has been altered to come from “AKHOSI” Res £35
  16. GOLD COAST-Easter greetings postcard addressed to Clevedon, Somerset from the Rev. John Herbert Brewer of St Cyprian’s English church mission at KUMASI with GEO VI 1d tied by KUMASI d/ring dated 1.3.1951. The blurb on the back tells of his parish, the length, number of parishes and schools etc. Res £12
  17. GREECE-Censored, registered cover to Copenhagen from the Royal Danish Consulate at PIREE [Piraeus] with British censor tape at right. On the back are overprinted pair of 25l values tied by d/ring dated 11.10.1917. The cover travelled via London where it was censored on the 9th November Res £18
  18. GREECE/CYPRUS/FIRST FLIGHT/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to a poste restante, Athens with Cyprus 1 Piastre GEO V definitive & 1½ Piastre 1928 commen tied by LIMASOL d/ring dated 25.4.1932. Alongside is 20l postage due tied by Athens cancel dated the same day. Also, on the back is the pictorial airmail cachet Res £22
  19. GRENADA/SAN MARINO/POSTAGE DUE-EXPRESS Cover from SAN MARINO addressed to St George’s, Grenada with 60 Lira value & 80 Lira Express stamp tied by d/ring dated 15.3.1951. Below is the local TO/PAY/D with manuscript 3. The 1d & 2d postage dues are tied by s/ring GPO GRENADA/B.W.I dated 26.1.1951-see illustration Res £35
  20. GUYANA/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to KITTY with 2 x 1c values tied by d/ring dated 7.3.1974. With manuscript T 12, the 2 x 2c & 2 x 4c postage dues are tied by d/rings KITTY/GUYANA dated the same day Res £22
  21. HAWAII-Cover from the Honolulu Police Department addressed to WAIMEA with U.S 2c tied by HONOLULU/HAWAII Flag cancel dated 16.9.1909. Slightly trimmed at left Res £7
  22. HAWAII-Real photo postcard of the Fern Forest addressed to Iowa with 2 x 3c Defense values tied by machine cancel HILO, HAWAII dated 23.3.1942. At top left is a superb strike of the unframed RELESED/BY I.C.B-5 in black ink Res £15
  23. HOLLAND-Commercial cover to Hamburg with 12½c tied by BREDA cancel dated April 1916 with two strips of the Dutch censor tape tied at right by framed COMMANDANT/IN ZEELAND/CENSUUR in violet ink Res £12
  24. IFNI-“Doctor” card addressed to Cardiff with 70c value tied by d/ring SIDI IFNI dated 16.6.1956 Res £9
  25. INDIA-Cover addressed to Essex with East India Company 2 Anna, 4 Anna & 6 Pies value tied by octagonal concentric shapes with B4 at centre. At left is framed INDIA/PAID in red & EPPING arrival mark dated 7.4.1864 Res £22
  26. INDIA-SOLDIERS’ AND SEAMEN’S POSTAL STATIONERY Envelope addressed within AGRA on 25.5.1895. On the back is the framed TOO LATE and s/ring AGRA for the following day Res £18
  27. EDW VII CORONATION WATCH-Lovely advertising postcard from the Great Eastern Watch Company which advertises “Our Coronation Gift to You” during April & May, 1902 at a 2/3rds reduction. Postally used to Ceylon with QV ¼ Anna overprint tied by s/ring SIAEM BAZZAR/CALCUTTA dated 5.4.1902, arriving in Ceylon on the 9th Res £20
  28. INDIA-EDW VII ¼ Anna pictorial advertising postal stationery postcard addressed to Ceylon and which advertises watches from around the world and those made in India. Postally used from Calcutta on 18.6.1904, arriving in Ceylon on the 22nd. Res £20
  29. INDIA-QV ½ Anna postal stationery envelope addressed to London, cancelled by the large s/ring EXPERIMENTAL P.O/M-53 dated 15.7.1901. On the back are two strikes of the London arrival mark [identical], with the year slug inverted to read 1910. The cover was taxed 1 Anna which related to 1d in the UK. Where was Experimental P.O No.M-53? Res £25
  30. INDIA-Postcard of the Indian Foreign Office addressed to Exeter with 2 x ½ Anna GEO V values tied by superb d/ring IMPERIAL SECRETARIAT/DELHI dated 30.9.1915 Res £9
  31. INDIA-Postcard of Darjeeling addressed to Glasgow with GEO V 1 Anna tied by d/ring GOVERNOR’S CAMP BENGAL dated 1.12.1915 Res £20
  32. INDIA-MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION Label tied to postcard addressed to Petersfield by the GLACIER BASE CAMP cachet and posted from DARJEELING on 11.9.1924 Res £25
  33. INDIA-Lovely coloured advertising envelope from a Doctor Batliwalla of Bombay addressed to the USA with GEO V 1 Anna on the back, tied by d/ring DADAR/BOMBAY dated 27.5.1932. The good Doctor manufactures & supplies the “Only remedy for Cholera”-see illustration Res £22
  34. INDIA-Censored cover to Denmark with GEO VI ½ Anna, 1 Anna, 4 Annas and 1 Rupee value tied by d/rings BOMBAY GPO dated 30.11.1939. At left is Indian censor tape Res £12
  35. INDIA-Commercial airmail cover to the UK with, on the back, a block of nine [9] of the GEO VI 1½ Anna values and a 6p definitive, tied by a Calcutta machine cancel dated 21.4.1954; late use for GEO VI values Res £20
  36. INDO CHINA-Postcard addressed to France with KOUANG TCHEOU overprint value tied by d/ring FORT BAY???? dated 7.12.1906 Res £22
  37. ITALY, MODENA-SG1 tied to entire addressed to CASTEL NOVO with the stamp tied by a grid of blue-green parallel bars with MODENA cancel alongside dated 21.2.1855 Res £45
  38. ITALY, TUSCANY-SG 42 on entire addressed to PISTOIA with the 10c value tied by dumb cancel of black bars at SIENA on 30.1.1860 Res £30
  39. ITALY, PAPAL STATES/POSTAGE DUE-Wrapper addressed to NARNI with Papal Staes BAJ 2 tied by barred diamond cancel. At top is the 1866 postage due [10c yellow on white] Res £30
  40. ITALY/LAKE STEAMER-Postcard of ISOLA BELLA addressed to Southsea with a block of 4 x 1c & 3 x 2c values tied by d/rings NATU APONA-LOCARNO dated 8.10.1902 Res £20
  41. ITALY/MILITARY OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to TRAPANI with ALLIED MILITARY POSTAGE Overprint 15c, 25c, 30c, 50c & 1 Lira values tied by d/rings TRAPANI SUCC/[VIA XX VIII OTTOBRE] dated 18.10.1943. At bottom left is the framed CENSORED C.C.C/ALLIED FORCES/No.1011 in black ink-see illustration Res £25
  1. ITALY, POST OFFICE IN SCUTARI-Postcard of Albanian troops at Scutari, addressed to Lancashire with Italian 10c overprint SCUTARI/DI ALBANIA/20 PARA 20 tied by s/ring of the Italian P.O dated 13.8.1913. The writer tells of troops from five powers patrolling the streets “day and night” Res £30
  2. ITALY, OCCUPATION OF NISIROS-Local postcard addressed to Rhodes with Italian 2c NISIROS overprint tied to the picture side by d/ring POST ITALIANE/NISEROS [EGIO] dated 19.6.1914 Res £25
  3. ITALY, POST OFFICE IN VALONA-Postcard of tobacco sellers addressed to Messina with 5c Italian overprint VALONA/10 PARA 10 tied by d/ring RR POSTE ITALIANE/VALONA dated 5.9.1915. Alongside is the framed POSTA ESTERA/VERIFICATO PER CENSURA/ VALONA in viol ink Res £25
  4. JAMAICA/WAR TAX-Lovely, clean registered cover to Switzerland with a vertical pair of the 3d WAR/STAMP overprints tied by oval registered cancel of KINGSTON dated 20.11.1917. At left is oval framed R alongside the registration label Res £22
  5. U.T-Plain postcard addressed to BUGANDA with QV ½ Anna UGANDA overprint tied by MENGO cancel dated 25.5.1902 Res £40
  6. U.T-Postcard of the Sewibwa Falls, Kyagwe, Ugana addressed to Surrey with 2 x ½ Anna EDW VII values tied by s/ring MASINDI/U.P dated 9.12.1906. Below is s/ring HOIMA/U.P dated 16th December. At left is the large s/ring MOMBASA/B.E.A dated 30.12.1906 and Bagshot transit s/ring dated 28.1.1907 Res £25
  7. U.T-Postcard of the CMS school at BUDO, Uganda addressed to Rotherham with EDW VII 1 Anna tied by s/ring KAMPALA/UGANDA dated 20.5.1907. Alongside is the Mombasa transit d/ring dated 26.5.1907 Res £18
  8. U.T-Postcard of the thatched roofed, Uganda Cathedral addressed to Nottingham with lovely art-drawn UGANDA’S GREETINGS on the picture side along with the QV 1 Anna value tied by s/ring KAMPALA/UGANDA dated 6.1.1909 Res £18
  9. U.T-Postcard of a large walled compound [Fort Portal] addressed to Belgium with EDW VII 6c value tied by s/ring FORT PORTAL/U.P dated 2.8.1910. Alongside are cancels of Entebbe & Mombasa dated 5th & 21st August respectively Res £18
  10. U.T, G.E.A Overprint 1c & 6c values on the front of a German postcard addressed to France and tied by lovely strikes of the d/ring BAGAMAYO dated 6.2.1918 Res £22
  11. U.T, G.E.A Overprint 6c tied to the front of a postcard of the Theatre Royal, Nairobi addressed to France, tied by d/ring MWANZA dated 6.10.1920 Res £22
  12. U.T, G.E.A Overprint 6c value tied to postcard of topless female water carriers addressed to London, tied by d/ring TABORA dated 9.2.1921 Res £22
  13. U.T, G.E.A Overprint values 3c x 2 tied by d/ring TANGA dated 16.4.1921 Res £22
  14. U.T-Cover addressed to FORT GEORGE, GUERNSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS with GEO V 20c tied by temporary s/ring cancel BOMBO dated 19.4.1926 Res £25
  15. U.T-Postcard of New York addressed to UPLANDS, Kenya with Tanganyika 10c tied by d/ring MANYONI dated 29.7.1929. Below is the Daressalaam transit dated 2 days later Res £15
  16. U.T-Printed, registered OHMS cover addressed to PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia with GEO V 10, 15, 20 & 30c values tied by lovely strikes of the d/ring TELEGRAPHS/KAMPALA dated 21.9.1930. The blank registration label has the s/line KAMPALA in violet ink. The senders address is given as being in BULAWAYO, RHODESIA-see illustration Res £30
  17. U.T-Strange postcard showing the distribution of [????] around the world, but with a large red dot on Eastern Southern Africa and addressed to London with 15c Tanganyika value tied by d/ring NUOMBE dated 30.11.1931. Alongside is the d/ring IRINGA dated 6th December Res £18
  18. U.T/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed to a P.O Box number in DAR-ES-SALAAM with 5c Tanganyika value tied by Dar d/ring dated 31.1-.1933. Taxed 30c, the 10c & 20c KENYA & UGANDA postage dues at left are tied by d/ring DAR-ES-SALAAM POSTE RESTANTE dated 1.11.1933 Res £45
  19. U.T-Postcard of the SEZI BWA FALLS, Uganda addressed to Cirencester with 15c GEO V value tied by s/ring FORT PORTAL/UGANDA dated 29.12.1933 Res £12
  20. U.T-WWII Censored cover to France with 2 x 15c GEO VI values tied by d/ring MUSOMA dated 17.12.1939. Below is the framed PASSED-No.9/BY CENSOR in violet ink, at left is black on very pale grey-green OPENED BY CENSOR label Res £25
  21. U.T-Underpaid, censored cover to the USA with 5c value [corner damage] tied by the d/ring TABORA-MWANZA TPO DOWN d/ring dated 20.10.1940. At left is framed PASSED-No.9/BY CENSOR in violet ink Res £22
  22. U.T-Cover addressed to New York with a pair of 15c values tied by d/ring KIJABE/ KENYA dated 8.3.1941. Alongside is the framed PASSED BY CENSOR/B.2 in violet ink Res £20
  23. U.T/NYASALAND-Censored cover addressed to Philadelphia with 20c value tied by d/ring SHINYANGA/+ dated 8.4.1944. Strangely, at left is the South African censor tape and on the back, a transit d/ring of BLANTYRE/NYASALAND dated 30th April Res £22
  24. U.T-Cover addressed to Missouri with 20c tied by d/ring FAKARA dated 2.2.1945. Below is the British octagonal framed CROWN/PASSED/0/3 in blue-black ink Res £18
  25. U.T/POLISH REFUGEE CAMP-GEO VI 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to the Polish refugee camp at MASINDI, cancelled by lovely d/ring cancel WEST FELTON/OSWESTRY SHROPSHIRE dated 1.4.1948. Over 13,000 Polish refugees were located throughout East Africa with many staying on after the war. The sender was a Lt Felix Stotwinski who was at the REDUAL CAMP, OSWESTRY Res £40
  26. U.T-Cover addressed to New York with 10c & 20c values tied by d/ring IGANGA/ UGANDA dated 27.4.1948 with the unframed ST FRANCIS LEPER VILLAGE, NAMAGERA on the back Res £22
  27. U.T/MALTA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Malta addressed to Kampala with Malta Self-Government 4½d value tied by d/ring BIRKIRKARA/MALTA dated 1.7.1949. taxed 30c, the 30c K.U.T postage due is tied by ENTEBBE cancel dated 9.7.1949-see illustration Res £28
  28. U.T-Postcard of Malindi Street, Zanzibar addressed to Western Australia with 15c value tied by SPELLING ERROR d/ring NAIROBIC KENYA dated 11.11.1950-see illustration Res £40
  29. U.T-25c IMPERIAL REPLY COUPON cancelled by d/ring TEMPLE RD B.O/NAIROBI dated 3.9.1954-Pristine!! See illustration Res £30
  30. U.T-75c OVERPRINT on 65c INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON Without any cancellations at all-pristine mint-see illustration Res £35
  31. U.T-COMMONWEALTH 25c REPLY COUPON Cancelled by d/ring KAMPALA/ UGANDA dated 1.2.1957-pristine! Res £22
  32. U.T-COMMONWEALTH 35c overprint on 25c REPLY COUPON cancelled by d/ring NAIROBI/KENYA dated 11.2.1957-pristine! Res £25
  33. U.T-Tanganyika FDC for the UHURU issue 5c to 20/- tied by superb strikes of the skeleton cancels EXPEDITION/KILIMANJARO dated 9.12.1961 Res £22
  34. U.T-GB 5d COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON cancelled in the UK by s/ring QUEEN’S ROAD BRISTOL 8 dated 12.10.1963 and by the redeeming skeleton cancel ADJUMANI LIRA/UGANDA dated 18.12.1963-pristine! Res £25
  35. U.T-35c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON cancelled by s/ring DAR-ES-SALAAM/TANZANIA dated 26.9.1967-pristine! Res £22
  36. U.T-35c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON Cancelled by s/ring WESTLANDS NAIROBI/KENYA dated 18.10.1967-Pristine! Res £22
  37. U.T-Uganda 35c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON Cancelled by d/ring KAMPALA/UGANDA dated 18.6.1969-Pristine! Res £22
  38. U.T-Tanzania 35c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON Cancelled by s/ring TANGA/TANZANIA dated 20.8.1969-Pristine Res £25
  39. U.T-U.P.U REPLY COUPON With 1/- scored through and a new manuscript value of 1/40 inserted in red ink, cancelled by s/ring ARUSHA/TANZANIA dated 25.1.1972-Pristine! Res £22
  40. U.T-Kenya 50c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON Cancelled by s/ring NAIROBI/KENYA dated 3.12.1974-Pristine! Res £22
  41. U.T-Uganda 50c COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON without any issuing cancel-pristine mint Res £22
  42. U.T-40c KENYAN Postal stationery postcard sent airmail to the BBC World Service in London with added 70c & 3/- values tied by s/rings KAPSARA KILALE/KENYA dated 21.1.1987 Res £10
  43. KUWAIT-Real photo postcard of a BEDOUIN, his Donkey & his tent addressed to Denmark with QEII overprint 1 Anna & 2½ Anna values tied by d/ring KUWAIT dated 18.3.1956 Res £18
  44. LEEWARD ISLANDS-Registered cover to Philadelphia with two sets of the University values tied by s/rings ST KITTS dated 16.5.1951 Res £15
  45. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to MALLING ABBEY, West Malling with QV 40 PARA overprint tied by s/ring SMYRNA dated 10.10.1891 with index A. Alongside is a further, very good strike Res £25
  46. LEVANT, BRITISH-MOURNING Cover addressed to South Kensington with 40 PARA overprint tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/SMYRNA dated 3.2.1902 with index B. Alongside is a further, excellent strike-see illustration Res £25
  47. LEVANT, BRITISH-Registered cover addressed to the USA with EDW VII 80 PARAS overprint tied by oval registered cancel of SMYRNA dated 2.12.1903 with index A. Alongside is a further, very good strike Res £25
  48. LEVANT, RUSSIAN-Postcard of Constantinople addressed to Derbyshire with 2k overprint tied by the s/ring cancel f the Russian P.O in Constantinople dated 25.7.1904 Res £20
  49. LEVANT, ITALIAN-Greek postcard addressed to Scotland with Italian 20 PARA overprint tied by the Constantinople Italian P.O s/ring dated 24.6.1910 Res £20
  50. LEVANT, AUSTRIAN-Postcard of JAFFA addressed to Birmingham with Austrian 10 Heller tied to the front of the card by d/ring BEIRUT dated 22.4.1911 Res £20
  51. LEVANT, BRITISH-Postcard from CARDIFF addressed to the ship “START” of the Glamorgan Coal Company at Constantinople on 11.2.1912. Below is the s/ring arrival mark of the British P.O Constantinople dated 15.2.1912 with index B Res £8
  52. LEVANT, FRENCH-Stampless plain postcard addressed to ANGERS, cancelled by s/ring TRESOR ET POSTES/530 dated 4.6.1920 of the French Military P.O in Constantinople Res £22
  53. LIBYA-Postcard of Tripoli market addressed to Tunisia with Turkish 10 Para with red Arabic overprint tied by bilingual d/ring TRIPOLI D’AFRIQUE dated April 1910 in Arabic Res £20
  54. LIBYA, ITALIAN POST OFFICE-Lovely advertising postcard for the February to November 1911 PRO CLAMAZONE Festival addressed to Rome with 2 x 5c TRIPOLI/DE BARBERIA overprints tied by squared circle cancel TRIPOLI DI BARBERIA dated 18.6.1911 Res £22
  55. LITHUANIA, CENTRAL-Plain postcard registered & addressed to SWEDEN with Polish stamps with additional SRODKOWA/LITWA within the text on the stamp, tied by WILNO cancel dated 26.10.1920. At centre is the s/line censor mark SEKETA DET REFER PRACY I CENZURI in blue-black ink Res £25
  56. MADAGASCAR/POSTAGE DUE-15c postal stationery envelope addressed within MAJUNGA with a block of four [4] 1f postage dues tied by MAJUNGA/MADAGASCAR d/ring dated 24.8.1927 Res £30
  57. MALAYA, KEDAH-Registered cover to Canada with 1c black & large 30c values tied by d/ring REGISTERS & PARCELS/ALOR STAR KEDAH dated 28.3.1938. The registration label is similarly tied-see illustration Res £50
  58. MALAYA, JOHORE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from BURMA with contents addressed to Johore with an irregular block of three [3] of the 1c postage dues tied by indistinct d/ring dated 7.3.1939-see illustration Res £120
  59. MALAYA/ KELENTAN-Censored airmail cover to a member of the Staffordshire Regiment in Egypt with 4c, 6c, 10c & 30c “chef’s hat” values tied by s/ring dated 7.11.1941. The cover has the crest of the BRITISH ADVISER/KELENTAN GOVERNMENT on the back flap and arrived in Cairo on the 24th November-see illustration Res £35
  1. MALAYA, JAPANESE OCCUPATION/POSTAGE DUE-Large part parcel wrapper addressed to SERENBAN with Perak 8c DAI NIPPON/YUBIN overprint tied by d/ring KUALA PILAH with T within circle below. The pair of MPU 3c postage dues with overprint DAI NIPPON/2602/MALAYA [SG JD29] tied by SEREMBAN cancel. Ex-Rowell collection-see illustration Res £65
  2. MALAYA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover addressed within SITIAWAN with 1c black tied by s/ring dated 10.2.1953. The added MPU 1c x 2, 3c, 5c & 8c postage dues are tied by similar cancels dated the same day Res £35
  3. MALAYA/POSTAGE DUE-Indian 6 Anna airmail letter sheet addressed to Sitiawan on 6.4.1953 with, on the back, 2 x 3c & 2 x 5c MPU postage dues tied by s/ring SITIAWAN dated 13.4.1953 Res £30
  4. MALAYA/POSTAGE DUE-Indian 2 Anna postal stationery envelope addressed to BATU GAJAH with an irregular block of four [4] of the MPU 4c values tied by s/rings BATU GAJAH dated 2.9.1954 Res £30
  5. MALTA-Entire addressed to Paris with GB QV 4d vermilion, plate 14 tied by inverted strike of the A25 circular duplex cancel of MALTA dated 15.6.1875 Res £28
  6. MALTA-Cover addressed to a Belgian Convent with an example of the QV 2½d “Red Tick” value pre-cancelled and included in a line-up of 2 x ¼d & QV ½d & 1d values tied by VALLETTA oval cancels dated 26.11.1902-see illustration Res £150
  7. MALTA-Underpaid postcard to Southampton with 2 x ¼d values tied by VALLETTA oval cancel dated 9.1.1905. Taxed in Malta & again 1d in the UK Res £8
  8. MALTA-Lovely little OHMS envelope registered to Hull with a pair of the ONE/PENNY QV overprint values tied by the scarcer oval POST OFFICE/MALTA dated 7.6.1919. Very late use by the Malta GPO of the overprint values-see illustration Res £30
  9. MALTA/POSTAGE DUE-Unpaid cover to the SS “URSULA” at Valletta with an imperforate strip of 3 x ½d postage dues tied by d/rings of Valletta dated 23.4.1925-see illustration Res £65
  10. MARIANA ISLANDS-Postcard of a Mission child at RALUANA addressed to Denmark with 10Pf yacht type tied by s/ring SAIPAN dated 3.5.1912 Res £30
  1. MARTINIQUE-DOUBLY Censored cover from PORT DE FRANCE to SIERRA LEONE with 2 x 2f values tied by s/ring dated 28.8.1942. At left is plain French colonial censor tape tied by French censor marks front & back. At right is the British EXAMINED BY/1039 and on the back, the No.8 Martinique cogwheel censor mark, a Dominican Republic transit dated 12th September and the Freetown arrival mark for the 20th ?? 1943 Res £25
  2. MARTINIQUE-Registered, censored cover addressed to New York with 70c, 80c, 1f & 10f values tied by FORT DE FRANCE dated 11.9.1943. At left is US censor tape 8698. On the back is the No.12 Martinique cogwheel censor and various New York marks and those of Puerto Rico & Miami Res £22
  3. MARTINIQUE-Underpaid censored cover to New York with 6 stamp franking tied by FORT DE FRANCE cancels dated 3.3.1944. Below is triangular tax mark and the unframed THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN HELD/BY THE OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP in black. At left is US censor tape and underneath the tape, on the back is the Martinique cogwheel censor Res £25
  4. MARTINIQUE-Similar cover to the same address with all the attractions of the previous lot Res £25
  5. MARTINIQUE/GUADELOUPE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from BASSE TERRE to Martinique with 15f value tied by s/ring dated 21.8.1947. At bottom left is the 3f pictorial postage due tied by FORT DE FRANCE cancel dated 21.8.1947 Res £22
  6. MAURITIUS/MADAGASCAR/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Madagascar addressed to Port Louis & redirected to CUREPIPE on 2.2.1934. Taxed in Madagascar, the 2 x 2c, 4c & 10c postage dues are tied by s/rings CUREPIPE dated 24.2.1934-see illustration Res £40
  7. MAURITIUS-Censored commercial cover to London with GEO VI 12c tied by GENERAL POST OFFICE s/ring dated 4.6.1940. At left is black on white censor tape A No.30979/ OPENED BY CENSOR/MAURITIUS tied by double framed oval censor mark of Mauritius in violet ink-see illustration Res £35
  8. MAURITIUS-P.O BOX 1,000 Registered, censored cover addressed to Switzerland with GEO VI 3c and a set of the 1937 Coronation values tied by oval registered cancels dated 5.8.1942. Below is the triangular Mauritius censor No.34 in violet ink. The cover is from a Jewish detainee No.1776 in the internment camp, Mauritius Res £120
  1. E.F-Longer registered cover addressed to Yorkshire with the 1d x 2, 2d x 2, 2½d x 2, 3d x 2 and a set to the 3d of the postage dues tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/601 dated 30.12.1943. At left is star type RAF Censor No.399 Res £30
  2. MEMEL-German 30Pf postal stationery postcard with the MEMEL-/GEBIET overprint addressed to Kiel with an added French 30Pf overprint tied by d/ring MEMEL dated 29.11.1920-nice combination of the two countries values-see illustration Res £40
  3. MEMEL, LITHUANIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to SKULTI [?] with 25c KLAIPEDA stamp tied by d/ring KLAIPEDA/LATVIJA dated 25.12.1923 Res £25
  4. MEXICO/U.S.A/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed within Mexico with USA 2c tied by VERA CRUZ MEX/U.S.M AG-2 dated 27.7.1914. At left are 2 x 5c blue postage dues tied by d/ring cancels Res £22
  5. MEXICO-Postcard to Mexico City with 2c SONARA value tied by duplex cancel dated 31.12.1914 Res £12
  6. MOROCCO, SPANISH-Postcard to Paris with 5 stamp Spanish Protectorate franking tied by d/rings TETUAN/PROTEC/ESPANOL/[MARRUECOS] dated 14.7.1936 Res £22
  7. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Cover with the Royal Coat of Arms embossed on the back flap with a two of the EDW VII 5 Centimos Gibraltar values overprinted MOROCCO/ AGENCIES tied by s/ring MOGADOR dated 12.10.1905 with index C. The cover is addressed to the British Consul at DARELBAIDA, but no other postal markings Res £35
  8. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of SAFI addressed to London with GB EDW VII 10 Centimos value [corner damage] tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/SAFFI dated 6.8.1907. At left is the GIBRALTAR transit mark dated the 9th August Res £12
  9. MOROCCO AGENCIES, GERMAN-Postcard of AZIMOOR addressed to Belgium with 10Pf Germania overprint tied by the German P.O cancel of ASIMMUR dated 21.12.1909-a scarce mark-see illustration Res £35
  10. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Bank of British West Africa crested envelope addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d & 2d Agencies overprints tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TANGIER dated 28.2.1924 Res £15
  11. MOROCCO AGENCIES/RAILWAY-Postcard to Dresden with GEO V 40 & 50 Centimos overprints tied by the French style railway TPO cancel MARAKECH A CASABLANCA dated 30.3.1934. Under the stamps is the 29th March cachet of a visiting German ship, the SS MONTE ROSA-See illustration Res £35
  12. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Airmail cover to Germany with French Currency 2½d Silver Wedding & 3 Franc overprint SEAHORSE tied by d/rings of the British P.O in Casablanca dated 19.10.1935 Res £40
  13. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Registered cover to Tetuan with EDW VIII 5 Centimes x 2 and single EDW VIII 15 Centimes and 1 Franc 50c on 1/- overprints tied by the scarcer rubber registered cancel of the Casablanca office, dated 11.3.1937 Res £25
  14. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Registered cover to Shrivenham with GEO V 20 Centimos on 2d photogravure, 40 Centimos on 4d definitive & 15 Centimos on EDW VIII value tied by oval registered cancels of the British P.O at TETUAN dated 2.3.1937 Res £25
  15. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Registered cover to Germany with EDW VIII pair of 5 Centimes and single 15 Centimes together with GEO V irregular block of three x 90 Centimes, single 50 Centimes on photogravure issue and a pair of the Coronation 15 Centimes values tied by oval registered cancels of the British P.O at FEZ dated 13.5.1937 Res £25
  16. MOROCCO AGENCIES/LAST DAY OF P.O/LAST DAY OF SALE-Postcard addressed to the British Consulate at HARAR, ABYSINNIA with GEO V photogravure 10 & 90 Centimes overprints tied by the s/ring of the British P.O at FEZ on 8.1.1938, the LAST DAY OF ISSUE & USE of the French currency stamps Res £40
  17. MOZAMBIQUE/BOER WAR-Postcard from the Canaries addressed to the Beira & Mashonaland Railway and redirected to CARDIFF with German 20Pf tied by German Sea Post Office cancel of the East Africa Line and a 25 Reis value added for transmission to the UK, but not cancelled. On the card are the censor mark of PRETORIA, the original Canaries cancel dated 4.5.1902, d/ring PRETORIA dated 25.5.1902; a LOURENCO MARQUES d/ring of the 27th May and a lovely hexagonal strike in violet ink of BEIRA dated 1.6.1902-see illustration Res £30
  18. MOZAMBIQUE-Postcard addressed to MALTA with 2 x 10 Reis INHAM/BANE values tied by hexagonal INHAMBANE dated 28.6.1911. Alongside is the LOURENCO MARQUES cancel for the following day, above cancels of VALLETTA & SLIEMA dated 27th July Res £25
  19. MOZAMBIQUE/POSTAGE DUES-Underpaid GEO V GB 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to SS “CRESSDENE” at BEIRA from Reading on18.10.1937. Taxed 20c in London, on the back are ½, 2 & 3c postage dues tied by BEIRA cancels dated 11.11.1937-uncommon! Res £25
  1. NAURU/MARSHALL ISLANDS-Postcard of a Nauru village scene addressed to Liverpool with German colonial Marshall Islands 10Pf Yacht type tied by NAURU/MARSHALL-/INSELN dated 29.9.1913-see illustration Res £45
  2. NEW BRUNSWICK-MOURNING Cover addressed to STUDHOLM, N.B with QV 5c [SG 15] tied by dumb cancel. On the back are the undated d/arc cancel WEYMOUTH MILL STREAM with manuscript date 4.10.1866; SUSSEX VALE cancel of the 4th, BATHURST of the 4th & STUDHOLM of the 2nd!! Res £28
  3. NEW CALEDONIA-Postcard addressed to France with 10c Commerce tied by d/ring NLLE CALEDONIE/NEPOUI dated 13.1.1904. At left is a further strike alongside NOUMEA cancel of the following day. At right is the Octagonal French Sea Post Office cancel LIGNE N/PAQ FR No.8 dated 21.2.1904, arriving in France on the 9th March Res £22
  4. NEW CALEDONIA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid airmail cover from NEWCASTLE, Australia addressed to Noumea on 10.6.1948, taxed 46½c in Australia, the 10 Franc purple postage due with no country name was affixed upon arrival and tied by d/ring dated 14.6.1948. On the back is a block of four [4] of the 50c pictorial postage dues cancelled by similar cancels Res £35
  5. NEW CALEDONIA/POSTAGE DUE/MILITARY MAIL-Cover addressed to a French military officer at LAMAP with French military stamp tied by s/ring ASSIGNAN/ HERAULT dated 15.9.1971. At left is a pair of the TIMBRE-TAXE overprint postage due 10c values tied by d/ring LAMAR dated 4.10.1971 Res £30
  6. NEWFOUNDLAND-Real photo vignette postcard of Commercial Street, North Sydney addressed to Liverpool with 2c orange tied by unframed s/ring CHANNEL/NEWFD dated 20.11.1903. At left is the red inked PAID/LIVERPOOL/U.S PACKET dated 3.12.1903 Res £18
  7. NEWFOUNDLAND-Postcard addressed to the USA with 3c Queen Mary value tied by unframed s/ring CORNER BROOK/NEWF’D dated 24.8.1935 Res £15
  8. NEWFOUNDLAND-Lovely full-back advertising cover for “DUX-BACK” roofing which “SHEDS WATER LIKA A DUCK’S BACK” addressed to Carbonear with 1c green codfish value tied by St John’s Forest slogan dated 22.4.1933. On the front is a separate advert for SUNLIGHT SOAP and a Fertilizer as sold by Colin Campbell Res £25
  1. NEWFOUNDLAND/SOUTH WEST AFRICA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from WINDHOEK to New York, redirected to BONAVISTA with SWA 1½d tied by machine cancel dated 8.3.1950. On arrival, the 5c postage due was tied by BONAVISTA cancel dated 4.5.1950 Res £55
  2. NEWFOUNDLAND/TRINIDAD & TOBAGO/POSTAGE DUE-Taxed cover from SCARBOROUGH, TOBAGO Addressed to BONA VISTA with GEO VI 8c & 12c values tied by s/rings dated 6.4.1950. On arrival, the 3c & 4c postage dues [SG D3a & 4a] were tied by unframed s/ring cancel dated 4.5.1950-see illustration Res £95
  3. NEW GUINEA, GERMAN-Real photo vignette postcard addressed to Germany with German 5Pf overprint tied by s/ring STEPHANSORT dated 19.9.1900-see illustration Res £55
  4. NEW GUINEA, GERMAN-Postcard addressed to Germany with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring HERBERTSOHE dated 2.11.1902, arriving in Germany on 20.2.1902 Res £35
  5. NEW GUINEA, GERMAN-Lovely Gruss Aus Dem BISMARK ARCHIPEL Postcard addressed to Rome with 10Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring MATUPI dated 11.11.1901-see illustration Res £45
  6. NEW ZEALAND-Lovely illustrated cover showing The Dragons Mouth, The Twins & The Eagles Nest addressed to Christchurch with a pair of QV 1d values tied by s/rings WAIRAKEI dated 17.2.1898-see illustration Res £35
  7. NEW ZEALAND-Tasmanian postcard addressed to London with 1d Universal tied by PORT CHALMERS-P.O duplex cancel dated 22.8.1904 Res £12
  8. NEW ZEALAND/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid postcard from Moreton Hampstead addressed to Auckland on 29.7.1916. Taxed in London & NZ, the 1d postage due is tied by s/ring LETTER CARRIERS/NZ/AUCKLAND dated 12.9.1916 Res £10
  9. NEW ZEALAND/NEW CALEDONIA/PACKET BOAT-Longer cover addressed to Wellington with a six-stamp New Caledonia franking tied by framed PACKET BOAT cancels of Wellington, struck on the 13th October 1939 Res £25
  10. NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to Tasmania with GEO VI 3d tied by superb oval cancel NEW ZEALAND/DATE/ARMY P.O 444 dated 12.9.1950 Res £22
  11. NEW ZEALAND-Airmail cover to BERMUDA with a scarce counter coil pair [21] of the 8c flag value & 2c tied by Auckland Overseas slogan cancel dated 17.8.1974 Res £15
  12. NIGERIA, LAGOS-Postcard of Grand canaria addressed to Chatham with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring AKASSA with fleuron at base, dated 21.8.1906 Res £22
  13. NIGERIA, LAGOS-Gold Coast postcard of Cape Coast addressed to Kent with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring FORCADOS/+ dated 19.11.1906 Res £20
  14. NIGERIA, LAGOS-Real photo postcards of a bust Hamburg Docks addressed to Edinburgh with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring EGEANGA dated 9.3.1907 Res £15
  15. NIGERIA, LAGOS-Postcard of Ivory Coast natives addressed to Cheshire with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring BRASS dated 18.4.1907 Res £15
  16. NIGERIA, NIGER COAST-Postcard addressed to the Isle of Man with QV 1d tied by s/ring FORCADOS RIVER dated 5.4.1900 Res £22
  17. NIGERIA, NIGER COAST-Postcard of Old Calabar addressed to London with QV 1d tied by s/ring AGBERI dated 6.9.1905 Res £22
  18. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Postcard of LOKOJA Beach addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring LOKOJA NORTHERN NIGERIA/+ dated 10.2.1911 Res £18
  19. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Lovely real photo postcard of a beach scene at LOKOJA addressed to Bournemouth with EDW VII 1d tied by superb d/ring MINNA/NORTHERN NIGERIA dated 25.11.1912 Res £20
  20. NIGERIA, NORTHERN-Super real photo postcard of a group of Nigerian labourers standing around while one mixes the “muck” addressed to Bath with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring BARO/NORTHERN NIGERIA dated 7.4.1913. Alongside is a further strike and one of MINNA dated the same day Res £22
  21. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Super postcard of the single line [mono] railway at Old Calabar addressed to Birkenhead with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring OLD CALABAR dated 27.7.1904 Res £35
  22. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Real photo river scene postcard addressed to Leominster with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring SAPELE dated 6.10.1904 Res £20
  23. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Lovely postcard of a very busy Slaughter House at KING JIMMY with EDW VII ½d tied to the picture side by superb s/ring LUCAYA dated 22.9.1905 Res £18
  24. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Sierra Leone postcard of children at Bakeh Lokkoh addressed to Manchester with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring BRASS dated 12.6.1906 Res £15
  25. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of native hut addressed to Edinburgh with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring BONNY/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 11.12.1908 Res £15
  26. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Real photo postcard of Calabar properties along the river addressed to London with EDW VII pair of ½d values tied by s/rings CALABAR/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 22.11.1910 Res £20
  27. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of the Native Chief’s \canoes on the river addressed to London with ½d EDW VII value tied by FORCADOS/SOUTHERN NIERIA dated 7.3.1911. Alongside is a tax mark which has been cross out in Forcados Res £15
  28. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of “Boys pulling Steamer off Sand bank-Niger” addressed to France with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring IGBEIN HILL ABEOKUTA/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 5.4.1911-see illustration Res £28
  29. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of the village blacksmith at YORUBA addressed to Norwich with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring ABEOKUTA/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 3.4.1912 Res £20
  30. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of IBIDAN Railway Station and Barracks “in the distance” addressed to Glasgow with GEO V 1d Nigeria value tied by s/ring BENIN CITY/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 25.11.1914 Res £22
  31. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of the Main Road, BO, Sierra Leone addressed to London with Nigeria 1d GEO V value tied by s/ring KWALE/SOUTHERN NIGERIA dated 5.1.1916 Res £18
  32. NIGERIA-Postcard by H Sanya Freeman, Photographer-in-Chief to E.H [sic] the Governor of Nigeria showing fruit vendors in Lagos addressed to Cambridge with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring ILESHA/NIGERIA dated 8.2.1928 Res £15
  33. NIGERIA-Plain postcard addressed to Frankfurt with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring APAPA/ NIGERIA dated 27.1.1930 Res £12
  34. NIGERIA-Airmail cover addressed to the UK with, on the back, two strips of three of the GEO VI 2d red tied by s/rings UYO/NIGERIA dated 3.6.1950 Res £10
  35. NORTH BORNEO-Censored cover to HOLLAND with 12 x 6c balues tied by d/ring JESSELTON dated 17.10.1939. At left is the framed PASSED BY/5/CENSOR/NORTH BORNEO in blue-black ink-see illustration Res £65
  36. NORTH BORNEO/HONG KONG,USA-Censored cover to California with 2c & 10c values at the surface rate tied by SANDAKAN cancels dated 10.5.1940. At left is the framed North Borneo censor No.21 and at right is the triangular HONG KONG Censor No.17 in violet ink-see illustration Res £100
  37. NORTH BORNEO-Surface rate letter to the USA with 2 x 4c on the front & one on the back tied by d/rings SANDAKAN dated 3.6.1940. At left is the framed North Borneo censor No.23 in black Res £65
  38. NORTH BORNEO-Surface rate cover to the USA with 3 x 2c & 2 x 3c values tied by JESSELTON d/rings dated 10.12.1940. At left is the triangular censor No.8 in violet ink Res £65
  39. NORTH BORNEO/WAR TAX-Imperial airway cover to the UK with 10c, 20c & 25c values and the 2c WAR TAX tied by SANDAKAN d/rings dated 29.9.1941. On arrival, the cover was redirected to Reading on the 15th December, a transit time of 88 days. At left is the red inked, triangular No.20 censor mark Res £65
  40. NORTH BORNEO-Longer, registered airmail cover to Fleet, Hants at the triple rate with 8c, 12c, 15c 50c & $1 values tied by s/rings SANDAKAN dated 1.11.1948. Strangely, there is no A.V.2 mark, but does have a SINGAPORE transit mark-see illustration Res £85
  41. NORTH BORNEO/POSTAGE DUE-Incoming airmail cover from BURMA, to Jesselton redirected to Sandakan with the addition of a 1c & 2 x 15c values tied by d/rings Sandakan -dated 7.6.1949 paying the 31c POSTAGE DUE-See illustrations Res £125
  42. NORTH BORNEO-Registered airmail cover to St Louis with 6c, 15c & $1 values tied by d/rings JESSELTON dated 27.5.1950-see illustration Res £50
  43. NORTH BORNEO-Airmail cover to the USA with GEO VI 10c & 3 x 30c values tied by s/rings TAWAO dated 27.10.1950 Res £35
  44. NORTH BORNEO-Lovely registered cover to Sandakan with, on the front, the 8c GEO VI value tied by the temporary rubber cancel PAPAR/NORTH BORNEO dated 18.6.1951. Alongside is the framed PAPAR registration mark and on the back, 3 x 2c & 2 x 8c values similarly tied-see illustrations Res £175
  45. NORTH BORNEO-Printed paper/unsealed letter rate to a police officer at Mile Three [Batu Tiga], Jesselton with GEO VI 3c tied by s/ring KENINGAU dated 5.11.1951 Res £35
  46. NORTH BORNEO-Airmail cover to Texas with GEO VI $1 tied by s/ring PAPAR dated 13.8.1953 at the Dollar rate per ½oz. On the back is a 10c Coronation value similarly tied Res £30
  47. NORTH BORNEO-Registered airmail cover to Lowestoft, UK with 2c, 3c, 20c x 2 & 50c values tied by s/rings TUARAN dated 10.11.1953. At left is the appropriate village registration label Res £35
  1. NORWAY-Strange thing being an advert for the Anne Kures Hotel, Voksenkollen addressed to London with hand-drawn illustrations of various native Indian musical instruments and their descriptive uses. On the back is a detailed account of a Board of Inquiry into how an “E Flat” Bombardon [a low pitch brass musical instrument] came to be damaged on the journey from Florence to Milan, Italy on 2.3.1918 [The property of the Irish Guards]. With 4 x 5 Ore block tied by VOKSENKOLLEN d/ring dated 25.4.1918-comes with full transcript of the inquiry-see illustration Res £30
  2. NORWAY-ARCTIC Carried postcard by the “FRAM” addressed to SANDEFJORD with 60 Ore definitive & commemorative 1 Krone green and 1.5 Krone blue tied by pictorial d/rings POLHAVET/SHIP/4 VIII 24 NBR7 6 5 and a similar strike POLHAVET/SHIP/13 X 18 NBR 17 followed by a very small “3” and large 33-see illustration Res £65
  3. NORWAY-Telegram dated 2.3.1925 addressed to the Savoy Hotel, Kristiania with a telegraph stamp seal on the back tied by hotel receipt cachet. The telegram tells of KING HAKON being ill in bed with a fever Res £25
  4. NORWAY-NORTH POLE MAIL Postcard addressed to Bergen with TRANS-POLAR FLIGHT Stamp impression at top right with a 25 Ore airmail value tied by d/ring KINGS BAY dated 18.6.1925. On the other side is a 15 Ore definitive tied by d/ring BERGEN-see illustration Res £45
  5. NORWAY-Censored cover to SWEDEN with Norway 40 Ore “Ski Troops” value tied by s/ring POSTKONTORET N.L/STOCKHOLM dated 5.7.1945. Alongside is a further strike, and at left is the Swedish or Norwegian censor tape tied by d/ring FELTPOST/NR 634 in violet ink Res £ 35
  6. NOVA SCOTIA-Cover addressed to ARICHAL with SG 24 tied by oval dumb cancel on 29.3.1863. Back flap missing Res £22
  7. NYASSA COMPANY-Real photo postcard of PORTO AMELIA addressed to Southampton with 2c & 30c pictorials tied by hexagonal PORTO AMELIA cancels dated 20.4.1929 Res £22
  8. PAKISTAN-Postcard addressed to Scotland [Paisley] from the USA on 15.10.1971 with unframed AR AIR/3/MISSENT TO/PAKISTAN in violet ink Res £8
  9. PALESTINE-Postcard of BETHLEHEM addressed to Germany with Turkish 10 Para green tied by bilingual d/ring BETHLEHEM dated 24.4.1913 Res £18
  1. PALESTINE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Alexandria, Egypt addressed to Jerusalem on 27.10.1942 with 20m & 5m values tied by s/ring. Not taxed in Egypt, the TO PAY/[3]/MILS tax mark was applied & the 1 & 2m postage dues tied by s/ring JERUSALEM dated 7.11.1942 Res £30
  2. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Air dropped propaganda leaflet dropped during WWII by the British with ident SMN/2 Res £18
  3. PAPUA NEW GUINEA/POSTAGE DUE-Cover addressed within KONEDOBU with 2d value tied by s/ring dated 4.3.1960. At left is the exceedingly rare SG D1 POSTAL/ CHARGES/6d./IXIXIXIXIX overprint with similar cancel. The stamp is catalogued at £450 as a used stamp without the premium of being used on cover-see illustration Res £350
  4. PERSIA-Blue woodblock printed postcard of the Palace of Darius at the ruins of Persepolis addressed to Tehran with 1, 2 & 3Ch values tied to the picture side by d/rings SEMNAN dated 24.12.1929 Res £22
  5. PERU-Neat cover addressed to Chile with 10c green [SG 27] tied by LIMA d/ring dated 4.8.1878. On the back is the LIMA horseshoe receiver dated 14th April Res £22
  6. PHILIPPINES-Postcard of the “Post Exchange” at PARANG MINDANAO addressed to Copenhagen with a pair of 2c green values tied by rubber duplex cancels ORMOC/LEYTE, P.I. dated 7.7.1911 Res £12
  7. PITCAIRN ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Scotland with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by SOUTHAMPTON Empire Exhibition slogan dated 14.5.1938. On the back is a strike of the d/ring PITCAIRN ISLAND/DATE/N.Z POSTAL AGENCY dated 10.4.1938 Res £25
  8. PITCAIRN ISLANDS-Large part parcel wrapper with 2 x 10c & a 5c QEII tied by s/rings PITCAIRN ISLANS/POST OFFICE dated 26.5.1970. Below is a complete PITCAIRN ISLAND parcel post/customs label addressed to England with the declaration that the parcel contained “Wood Wark” with a value of $1. At this time, the Islanders were flogging off parts of the Bounty to get a few quid in to the bucket!! Res £22
  9. PUERTO RICO, U.S ADMINISTRATION-Postcard showing various views of PONCE addressed to Sir Francis Fleming at Government House, ANTIGUA with 2c PEURTO RICO overprint tied by the PONCE duplex cancel dated 17.12.1900. On the address side are transit marks of ST THOMAS [DWI] dated 19.12.1900 and ANTIGUA [with fleuron] dated 2.1.1901 Res £18
  10. REUNION-Postcard of the Island addressed to Germany with 1c & 2c values on the address side tied by SAINT PAUL d/rings dated 6.1.1908. On the picture side is a further 2c similarly tied Res £22
  11. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of a wagon train crossing a river in the Matoppo Hills addressed to Cardiff with 1d value tied by superb d/ring SEBAKWE/RHODESIA dated 2.12.1904-see illustration Res £40
  12. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of a Crane which Philip’s [a native] holds and Uncle Jim shot, addressed to Troon with 1d tied by d/ring ABERCORN/N.E RHODESIA dated 19.11.1906. At left is the d/ring transit FORT JAMESON/N.E RHODESIA dated 7.12.1906 Res £22
  13. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of Tangier [corner damage at top right] addressed to the USA, via London with 1d tied by d/ring BELINGWE/RHODESIA dated 9.5.1907 Res £22
  14. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of Victoria Falls addressed to London with 1d tied by d/ring SELUKWE/S. RHODESIA dated 23.5.1908 Res £18
  15. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of the “Leaping Waters” addressed to Cumberland with 1d tied by superb d/ring cancel PENHALONGA/S RHODESIA dated 15.1.1909 Res £25
  16. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of the Falls addressed to Ohio with 1d RHODESIA overprint tied by d/ring GOLDEN VALLEY/S. RHODESIA dated 4.12.1909. Alongside is a further strike and below the d/ring GATOOMA dated the same day Res £22
  17. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Birthday card addressed to Thetford with 1d Double Heads tied by d/ring QUEQUE/S. RHODESIA dated 14.10.1913 Res £22
  18. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of the Falls addressed to Switzerland with a pair of foxed ½d Double Heads tied by d/rings SHAGARI/S. RHODESIA dated 24.11.1913 Res £22
  19. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard of the Public Gardens, Salisbury addressed to Johannesburg with GEO V ½d Admiral tied by d/ring SINOIA/S. RHODESIA dated 24.7.1915 Res £25
  20. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Postcard [real photo] of the beach at MUIZENBERG, Cape Colony addressed to Bristol with 1d Admiral tied by d/ring BINDURA/S. RHODESIA dated 21.2.1916 Res £20
  21. RHODESIA, NORTHERN/POSTAGE DUE-South African Travel Bureau pictorial airmail cover addressed to Bulawayo with GEO V 6d & 1d postage due tied by BROKEN HILL continuous machine cancel dated 29.1.1932. Below are the 2d, 3d & 4d postage dues, all tied by d/rings for the same day-see illustration Res £65
  22. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard drawing of a native woman & child [in black & white] addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1½d tied by very nice d/ring ANTELOPE MINE/S. RHODESIA dated 30.1.1935 Res £45
  1. RHODESIA, NYASALAND-Real photo postcard of Lake Nyasa fish drying in the sun addressed to the CALIFORNIA POSTAL CONCESSION, Southern Rhodesia with GEO VI 2d tied by d/ring SALYMA/NYASALAND dated 8.9.1939 Res £22
  2. RHODESIA, NORTHERN/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from CAPE TOWN to LUSAKA with a single 2d midget war effort tied by SAVE MEAL slogan dated 21.8.1941. Taxed 3d in A., the 1d & 2d postage dues are tied by LUSAKA cancel dated 27.8.1941 Res £45
  3. RHODESIA & NYASALAND/POSTAGE DUE-Postcard of the Victoria Falls addressed to France with QEII 6d tied by d/ring LUSAKA/NORTHERN RHODESIA dated 30.8.1957. Alongside is the South African style UNDERSTAMPED-SURCHARGED/DOUBLE DEFICIENCY. PLEASE/ADVISE CORRESPONDENT in violet ink alongside French 5f & 20f postage dues tied by PARIS cancels dated 3.9.1957 Res £15
  4. RHODESIA & NYASALAND/SOUTH AFRICA/DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-Undelivered, stampless cover from South Africa to the Apostolic Mission, care of the head post office, Salisbury dated 11.10.1961. Taxed 5c in S.A, the 2d Rhodesia & Nyasaland postage due is affixed & tied. The cover was redirected to Cape Town and has additional 1c & 4c dues tied on its return Res £35
  5. ROUAD ISLAND-Postcard of Port Said addressed to Southampton with 10c Egyptian overprinted stamp ILE ROUAD tied by Port Said cancel dated 9.2.1921 Res £35
  6. ROMAGNA, ITALY-Wrapper addressed to MINERBIA [?] with Romagna SG 3 tied by hatched diamond of parallel bars to the back of the cover [opens out to display]. On the address side is the d/ring BOLOGNA dated 12.11.1859 Res £35
  7. ROMANIA-Postcard from Belgium addressed to the Restaurant at the BUCHAREST EXHIBITION on 30.8.1906. On arrival, the Exhibition d/ring cancel BUCURESTI/ EXPOSITIA JUBILARA was struck on the 2nd September 1906 in violet ink Res £22
  8. RUSSIA-Scarce Russian Military CAMP CANCEL [Temporary] BREST LITOVSK LAG GRUD dated 4.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard addressed to somewhere else in Russia!! Res £28
  9. RUSSIA/CIVIL WAR/WESTERN ARMY-Postcard addressed to {??} with imperf 25k with overprint circular framed 3 A with Cross of Lorraine at centre tied by violet inked d/ring cancel dated 1919-see illustration [you may know the cancel-I don’t!!] Res £25
  1. RUSSIA/CIVIL WAR/GENERAL DENIKIN FORCES-Postcard of people being towed across a frozen lake with imperf 35k value tied by d/ring OPENB dated 13.9.1919. Alongside are two other strikes and a d/ring KPOMbI OPNOB dated the following day Res £25
  2. RUSSIA/CIVIL WAR-Postcard of a boy and a goose addressed to [??] with a pair of 5k values overprinted PYb, tied y d/ring of KHARKV dated 27.12.1920. Alongside is the d/ring receiver/transit NONTABA dated 1.1.1921 Res £25
  3. ST HELENA-Letter from the Postmaster of St Helena to the Controller of Money Orders in London dated 25.1.1912 concerning a Money Order sent to St Helena in error from Vancouver for $5, dated 4.12.1911. The reply from the Controller on the same sheet of paper gives advise as to what has been done. The postmaster has made an impression of the s/ring ST HELENA at top, dated 20.3.1912 with index C Res £40
  4. ST HELENA-Real photo postcard of HUTTS GATE addressed to Alresford, Hants with GEO V 1d value tied by s/ring dated 7.11.1935 Res £22
  5. ST KITTS-Censored cover to Chicago with GEO VI 1d & 1½d values tied by s/ring ST KITTS dated 18.9.1939. Across the address is the superb strike of the s/line PASSED THE CENSOR in red ink Res £25
  6. ST KITTS-Censored cover to New York with GEO VI 3d tied by s/ring dated 1.11.1940. At left is plain brown censor tape tied by d/ring censor mark ST KITTS/CROWN/PASSED BY CENSOR in red ink Res £22
  7. ST KITTS-Censored airmail cover to Glasgow with the 5/- GEO VI value tied by s/ring dated 14.8.1941. At left is the oval framed R and on the back, the PASSED BY CENSOR in blue-black ink-see illustration Res £45
  8. ST KITTS-Censored airmail cover to New York with GEO VI 1/- Leeward Islands & 1½d St Kitts value tied by s/ring dated 11.4.1942. At left is the s/line PASSED THE CENSOR in red ink Res £25
  9. ST KITTS-Censored airmail cover to Connecticut with 1/- Leewards and 1½d St Kitts values tied by s/rings dated 20.5.1942. At left is the plain brown tape which is not tied by the small octagonal, bevel edged censor mark CROWN/PASSED/BB/....... with manuscript 6 inserted. This is a very early date for this censor mark Res £35
  10. ST KITTS-Censored airmail cover to Canada with 1/- Leewards & ½d St Kitts values tied by s/ring dated 6.1.1943. At left is the plain brown censor tape tied by the small, bevelled octagonal CROWN/PASSED/BB/...... with manuscript 2 inserted Res £35
  1. ST KITTS-Registered cover to Canada with a horizontal strip of six [6] of the Tercentenary 1d value tied by s/rings CHARLESTOWN/NEVIS dated 19.2.1954. Below is a s/ring transit of BASSETERE dated the next day Res £12
  2. ST LUCIA/TRINIDAD/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover to Major Kerr, Chief of Police with GEO V 1d brown value tied by Trinidad Sugar slogan of Port of Spain dated 18.7.1932. taxed in Trinidad, the 1d black on blue postage due is tied by s/ring CASTIES/ST LUCIA dated 21.7.1932 Res £45
  3. ST LUCIA/TRINIDAD/POSTAGE DUE-Similar cover to the same address as previous lot with ½d tied by same slogan on the same day, but with 2d black on yellow postage due tied by CASTRIES cancel dated 21.7.1932 Res £45
  4. ST LUCIA-Scarce censored cover to New York with 1d & 2½d Coronation values tied by d/ring CASTRIES/ST LUCIA dated 21.12.1939. At right is the black on very pale green-blue OPENED BY CENSOR tape with hand-struck 1 in black. It will be noted that this cover is the only one known [therefore the earliest] which shows the postmarks BENEATH the censor tape-see illustration Res £40
  5. ST LUCIA/CAYMANS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from the Bahamas with GEO VI ½d x 2 tied by s/rings NICHOLLS TOWN dated 30.12.1951. Taxed 5c in the Bahamas, the 2c & 8c postage dues are tied by s/rings of CASTRIES dated 11.3.1952-almost 2½ months in transit Res £35
  6. SAMOA, GERMAN-Postcard addressed to Canada with 2 x 5Pf Yacht types tied by s/rings SALELAVALU/[SAMOA] dated 3.4.1914 Res £35
  7. SAMOA-Registered, censored cover to Switzerland with NZ EDW VII ½d, 2d, 6d & 1/- values as well as the 1d Universal and 2½d pictorial tied by s/rings APIA dated 23.11.1916. At left is the framed No.2 Samoan censor, struck above the rubber registered cachet of Apia in black Res £30
  8. SARAWAK/NORTH BORNEO/MIXED FRANKINGS-Registered airmail cover to Yorkshire, via Singapore with North Borneo12, 20 & 25c BMA overprints tied by s/rings JESSELTON dated 6.4.1947 as are the 3c & 15c SARAWAK values making the 55c airmail rate & 15c for registration Res £55
  9. SARAWAK/NORTH BORNEO/MIXED FRANKING-Airmail cover to Sussex with North Borneo 25c x 2 and Sarawak 2c & 3c values, all with BMA overprints, tied by s/rings JESSELTON dated 24.12.1947-see illustration Res £50
  10. SARDINIA-Entire addressed to Palermo with SG 24 & 36 tied bu GENOVA cancels dated 8 GEN 1860 Res £30
  11. SARDINIA-Wrapper addressed to Lyon with SG 51 tied by GENOVA cancel dated 14.11.1861. Below is the orange inked d/ring in the French style ITALIE V/LANSLEBOURG dated two days later Res £35
  12. SEYCHELLES-Postcard addressed to Warwickshire with R2 overprint on the Royal Wedding issue tied by s/ring CENTRAL POST OFFICE/VICTORIA-MAHE dated 14.12.1984 Res £8
  13. SINGAPORE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Switzerland addressed to Singapore with 5c UPU commem tied by railway cancel of WALENSTADT dated 25.9.1977. On the front are framed Singapore marks such as multi-choice boxes PAYABLE BY ADDRESSEE, GONE AWAY, NO SUCH NUMBER ETC. On the back is the block of 10 x 8c and a strip of 5 x 1c postage dues tied by s/ring cancels of JALAN KAYU/SINGAPORE 20 dated 4.11.1977 Res £25
  14. SLOVENIA, ITALIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard to Germany with the CIVIL COMMISSIONER, LUBIANA overprint 50c & 1.50c values tied by LUNIANA machine cancel dated 9.5.1941 Res £25
  15. SLOVENIA, ITALIAN OCCUPATION/MONEY ORDER-Money Order for 287 Serija payable in LJUBLJANA on 10.4.1941 with, on the back, the CIVIL COMMISSIONER overprint postage due values 1d & 50np tied by s/ring MOSTE PRI LJUBLJANA dated 10.5.1941 Res £35
  16. SOMALIA-Independence Day First Day of issue with the three overprinted values tied to a plain card addressed within Hargeisa by s/rings HARGEISA/SOMALILAND dated 26.6.1960 with index 3. Lovely and clean. On the back is an endorsement to the fact that the card was given by the addressee who lived & worked in Hargeisa-see illustration Res £95
  17. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Commercial cover to Worcester, Cape Colony with 4d blue tied by oval No.1 cancel of Cape Town applied on 14.11.1874 containing an invoice from L Bombail & Co’s. Maison Francaise Res £22
  18. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Commercial cover from RUDGE-WHITWORTH addressed to Worcester with 1d tied by squared circle cancel of Cape Town GPO dated 30.3.1898 containing an invoice from the company Res £22
  19. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Commercial cover to Worcester with ½d black tied by squared circle cancel CAPE TOWN/NPB dated 30.3.1897 containing an invoice from BRIFFAULT, General Importers Res £22
  20. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Nice advertising cover with enclosure from Dr Wiliam’s Blood Builder & Nerve Tonic “PINK PILLS FOR PALE PEOPLE” with 1d tied by squared circle cancel Cape Town dated 22.5.1897 Res £25
  21. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Rudge Whitworth envelope and invoice addressed to Worcester with 2 x ½d bright green values tied by squared circle cancel GOP CAPE TOWN/CGH dated 2.4.1898 Res £22
  22. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Different Rudge-Whitworth envelope & enclosure addressed to Worcester with ½d tied by d/ring CAPE TOWN dated 6.1.1899 Res £22
  23. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Pages woven wire fence pictorial advertising envelope & enclosure addressed to Worcester with 2 x ½d bright green values tied by d/ring CAPE TOWN dated 31.1.1899 Res £22
  24. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-James Searight enclosure & cover advertising CLAN LINE STEAMERS, NOBEL DYNAMITE and the Northern Assurance Company addressed to Worcester with 1d tied by d/ring CAPETOWN dated 23.2.1899. The envelope contains a length of heavy wire Res £22
  25. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Cresswell & Sons illustrated invoice & printed envelope addressed to Worcester with 1d squared circle cancel GPO CAPE TOWN/CGH dated 27.2.1899 Res £22
  26. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-GARLICK’S CYCLE SUPPLY Advertising envelope & enclosure addressed to Worcester with 1d tied by squared circle Cape Town GPO mark dated 24.3.1899 Res £22
  27. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Woodhead, Plant & Company printed envelope & enclosure addressed to Worcester with 1d tied by d/ring Cape Town dated 9.4.1899. At bottom left of the cover is one of the company’s blue advertising labels Res £25
  28. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to Cornwall with ½d value tied by s/ring MULDERSVLEI JUNCTION dated 9.9.1903 Res £18
  29. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to Leipzig with 1d value tied by the numeral cancel 1121 of DARLING, struck on 5.8.1904 Res £25
  30. SUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard of Craddock town hall addressed to ZVARTKOPS with EDW VII ½d tied by small skeleton cancel FISH RIVER dated 27.12.1904. Alongside is the s/ring ZWARTKOPS/STATION dated the same day Res £22
  31. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to Salisbury, Wilts with EDW VII 1d tied by squared circle WOODSTOCK STATION/CGH dated 7.6.1905 Res £8
  32. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Lovely pictorial advertising envelope for the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, Cape Town addressed to Mossel Bay with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring MILL STREET/CAPE TOWN dated 20.6.1905 Res £22
  33. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to Mossel Bay with EDW VII 1d tied by triangular cancel with blank centre, struck at PLETTENBERGS BAY on 12.5.1905 Res £22
  34. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard of Glasgow addressed locally with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring ZWARTKOPS/STATION dated 9.8.1906 Res £8
  35. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Real photo postcard of a tented beach at East London at Christmas, addressed to Essex with 1d tied by d/ring KROOMIE SIDING railway cancel dated 17.2.1908 Res £18
  36. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to NEW ZEALAND with 1d tied by skeleton cancel HAZENJACHT dated 5.8.1910 Res £22
  37. SOUTH AFRICA, C.G.H-Postcard addressed to Dartford, Kent with 1d tied by superb d/ring EASTERN/TPO 2 dated 8.8.1910 with index UP Res £25
  38. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-MOURNING Cover from SIDMOUTH, UK addressed to Newcastle, natal with 6d green tied by SIDMOUTH squared circle cancel dated 22.1.1885. On arrival, a 4d QV value was affixed for redirection to MOODIES RIEF and tied by NEWCASTLE s/ring dated 23.2.1885. Lovely item which travelled initially by the NORHAM CASTLE, via Dartmouth-see illustration Res £65
  39. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Postcard addressed to Nottingham with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring NEW HANOVER RAIL/NATAL dated 30.11.1905 Res £20
  40. SUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Postcard addressed to Durban with EDW VII ½d tied by d/ring INGOGO RAIL/NATAL dated 6.2.1907 Res £18
  41. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Cover to Cape Town with 4 x ½d values [SG 43] placed over each other, leaving just the value showing, cancelled by a single strike of the oval numeral cancel 10 of PHILOPOLIS, struck on 19.2.1884 Res £35
  42. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Cover addressed to Switzerland with 1d & 2d values tied by s/rings of the SPRINGFONTEIN RAILWAY OFFICE [R.O] dated 20.9.1892. On the back is a s/ring MIDLAND/UP dated 21.9.1892 Res £45
  43. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Locally addressed cover with an amazing array of the different ½d surcharge values on 3d with types a-f and type g with a DOUBLE OVERPRINT [SG 69-75]. Also the “Half Penny” overprints showing varieties bar above, bar below & NO BAR varieties. All are tied by s/rings SENEKAL/O.V.S dated 22.2.1893-see illustration Res £100
  44. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Cover addressed to CANADA with 4 x 1d brown values cancelled by partial numeral cancels of JAGERSFONTEIN, applied on 28.5.1894. The cover arrived in Canada on 30.6.1894 Res £35
  45. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Cover addressed to Holland with 8 x 1d values tied by s/rings PHILIPPOLIS dated 17.6.1895, arriving on 7.7.1895 Res £35
  46. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S/BOER WAR-Early war cover addressed to Berlin, via DELAGOA BAY with ½d & 2 x 1d values tied by ROUXVILLE/O.V.S s/rings dated 5.12.1899. At left are two file holes, and at right, the scarce, crested BOER POSTMEESTER GENERAAL oval hand-stamp in blue ink-see illustration Res £120
  47. SOUTH AFRICA, O.R.C-CASTLE BREWERY illustrated envelope addressed to London with a vertical pair of EDW VII 1d values tied by d/ring BLOEMFONTEIN/O.R.C 3 dated 29.11.1909 Res £25
  48. SOUTH AFRICA/BOER WAR-Lovely illustrated cover of a horse and meadow from C Greatrex & Son, of the City Saddlery & Carriage Emporium addressed to Pretoria with E.R.I ½d on 2d tied by PRETORIA cancel dated 23.1.1902. Below is the Pretoria Press Censor Res £28
  49. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard addressed to Johannesburg with Transvaal EDW VII ½d tied by EAST LONDON/A. AFRICA dated 9.1.1912. The cancel has a large broken [for the date] solid triangle, which is a little unusual Res £8
  50. SOUTH AFRICA/RAILWAY-Postcard of a Zulu Kraal addressed to London with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring cancel S.A.R/JOHANNESBURG dated 13.4.1922 Res £22
  51. SOUTH AFRICA-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Wellington Station from Cape Town on 12.6.1922 with violet inked image at left of a two furrow COCKSHUTT GANG PLOUGH, While on the back are more illustrations of farm equipment-see illustration Res £35
  52. SOUTH AFRICA/SUDAN AIRMAIL/POSTAGE DUE-Imperial Airways illustrated 1st flight cover from KHARTOUM to PRETORIA with 2 x 5m airmail overprints; 5,10 & 15m pictorial airmails, a Sudan tax mark, South African tax mark and ½d & 2d postage dues tied by PRETORIA/8 d/ring dated 21.12.1931 Res £35
  53. SOUTH AFRICA/GREECE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid airmail cover from Athens to South Africa dated 20.5.1955. taxed 40c in Greece & 1/- in South Africa, the 2 x 6d dues are tied by d/ring DEPOT/RONDEBOSCH dated 23.5.1955 Res £15
  54. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-GERMAN 10Pf postal stationery postcard without overprint addressed to Germany and cancelled by s/ring OTJIMBINGUE dated 4.11.1895-a very scarce use of plain German stationery from this very small place-see illustration Res £125
  1. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of the railway line between Swapokmund & Windhoek addressed to Dresden with 5Pf overprint value tied by s/line JAKALSWATER and dumb s/ring SUDWEST-AFRIKA dated 23.11.1899 Res £35
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-5Pf postal stationery postcard addressed to Colditz with added 1d overprint tied by s/ring HASIS/DEUTSCHE-SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 9.8.1900 Res £35
  3. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-“SCHOOL FOR NIGGER CHILDREN IN WINDHOEK” Postcard addressed to London with 10Pf Yacht type tied by temporary rubber s/ring with larger lettering REHOBOTH/DATE/DEUTSCH-SUDWEST/AFRIKA dated 12.8y.1902 Res £40
  4. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of the SWA Railway with engine crossing a bridge addressed to Berlin with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/line KAPENOUSSEU in violet ink and dumb s/ring DEUTSCH/SUDWEST AFRIKA dated 8.10.1902 Res £40
  5. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard addressed to Belgium with 5Pf & 2 x 3Pf Yacht types tied by s/rings OMARURU dated 11.3.1906 Res £25
  6. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of bushmen addressed to London with 4 x 3Pf Yacht types tied by s/rings GOBABIS / DEUTSCH / SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 12.10.1909 Res £30
  7. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of Swakopmund Harbour addressed to Rosenberg with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring RICHTHOFEN / DEUTSCH/SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 2.7.1908 Res £22
  8. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of a German military memorial at Windhoek addressed to Germany with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring ABBABIS/DEUTSCH/SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 1.1.1909 Res £22
  9. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Real photo postcard of horsemen and native troops with a bullock cart addressed to Bavaria with 2 x 3Pf Yacht types tied by s/rings WALDAU/DEUTSCH/ SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 2.12.1910 Res £22
  10. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Real photo postcard of a bush scene addressed to Luderitzbucht with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring SEEHEIM / DEUTSCH/SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 27.12.1910 Res £22
  11. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of the fort at Outju addressed to Duisburg with 10Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring PRINZENBUCHT / DEUTSCH/SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 5.6.1911 Res £22
  12. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of the Evangelical church at Winhoek addressed to Hungary with 2 x 5Pf Yacht types tied to the picture side by s/rings GOBABIS dated 6.10.1911. At top left is a German military cachet in violet ink Res £22
  13. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Real photo postcard of the settlement at BERSEBA addressed to SEEHEIM with 5Pf Yacht type tied by lovely s/ring BERSEBA/DEUTSCH/SUDWEST AFRIKA dated 21.12.1912 Res £25
  14. SOUTH WEST AFRICA/POSTAGE DUE-GEO V 4d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to OMARURU with stamp impression cancelled by d/ring OTJIWARONGO dated 10.3.1918. The cover was POSTED OUT OF COURSE and taxed 6d which is made up of SOUTH AFRICAN 1d postage dues in a block of 6 tied by d/rings OMARURU/S.W AFRICA dated 11.3.1918-see illustration Res £45
  15. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Plain South African GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Swapokmund with added GEO V ½d tied by d/ring WINDHOEK/S.W.A P dated 23.7.1920. What does the added P stand for? See illustration Res £22
  16. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Overprint on S.A postcard with a pair of ½d overprints tied by d/ring ELIZABETHBUCHT/S.W.A dated 3.3.1928 Res £25
  17. SOUTH WEST AFRICA/COLOMBIA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid airmail cover addressed to New York on 2.7.1951 and redirected to GOBABIS with 2 x 2d overprint postage dues [a pair] tied by GOBABIS/S.W.A dated 29.8.1951 Res £30
  18. SOUTH WEST AFRICA/POSTAGE DUE-Unpaid cover addressed within Windhoek on 9.9.1960. At right is s/ring T6d/S.W.A struck above the 2 x 3d postage dues tied by d/ring WINDHOEK/12 dated 12.9.1960 Res £12
  19. SPAIN-WARAPPER Addressed to CUENCA with SG 2 tied by devise with four arms protruding at the extremes on 16.6.1850 at VALLODOLID Res £35
  20. SPAIN-CIVIL WAR Stamps, loose and on piece. A good lot [50-ish] Res £25
  21. SUDAN-Postcard of the “Principal Road” at Port Sudan addressed to Paignton with 4m large camel tied by poor Port Sudan cancel dated 23.9u.1913. At left is the s/ring SHELAL-HALFA/TPO/No.2/S dated the same day. On arrival, the card was redirected to South Farnborough, Hants and a GB GEO V ½d affixed & tied by pencil signature!! Res £22
  22. SWAZILAND-Postcard addressed to Durban with GEO VI 1½d tied by superb d/ring STEGI/SWAZILAND dated 19.3.1951 Res £22
  23. SWAZILAND/GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from the G.E.I addressed to HLUTI with GEO VI ½d & 1d values tied by d/rings POST OFFICE/NUKUFETAU dated 28.4.1952. Taxed 3d, the 1d & 2d postage dues are tied by d/rings HLUTI/+ dated 25.6.1952-see illustration Res £120
  24. SWEDEN/FEATHER LETTER-Very scarce “FEATHER” Mail of 1820 with the feather still attached. This was the indicator of mail which needed to go by “speed”. This one is a pamphlet mailed from Stockholm-see illustration Res £150
  25. SWEDEN-4 ORE Grey postal stationery envelope addressed to Helsinki, cancelled by the DANISH TPO Cancel HELSINGOR JB PE/3 TOG dated 11.1.189? [With no year slug]. Alomngside is the smaller framed FRA SVERRIG in black Res £28
  26. SWEDEN/SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard addressed to the Orange Free State with 10 Ore tied by STOCKHOLM 1 machine cancel dated 26.11.1916. On arrival, the d/ring SMITHFIELD/+ was applied alongside the d/ring censor mark PASSED/41/CENSOR in violet ink Res £22
  27. SWITZERLAND-Superb collection of Swiss Police Department stamps from 1862. Mounted on pages, the collection is well written up and comprises, singles, block of 12 1864 issue, block of 10 1867 issue; strips; stamps with receipt coupons attached; military police stamps; border police stamps, municipal issues both mint & used Res £120
  28. SYRIA-Postcard addressed to Allepo with “1920” brown stamp tied to the picture side by d/ring DAMAS dated in Arabic. Bu probably 1920 Res £22
  29. SYRIA/FRANCE/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from France dated 20.7.1923 with French overprint O.M.F/SYRIE/1/PIASTRE overprint pair on 20c & a single 50m value overprint with the “S” of the overprint off the stamp at right. All are tied by s/rings ALEP dated 29.7.1923 Res £28
  30. SYRIA-Postcard of the MERJE MOSQUE at Damascus addressed to Germany with 30p commem tied by s/ring DAMAS dated 3.3.1957 Res £7
  31. TANGIER-Lovely 2d purple postal stationery envelope registered from WIMBLEDON and addressed to Tangier with added ½d vermilion & a vertical pair of the 1d red STARS tied by squared circle cancels WIMBLEDON and a single strike of the s/ring, both dated 14.9.1893. On the back is the oval, REGISTERED/TANGIER dated 20.9.1893-very late use of the 1d red stars issue-see illustration Res £65
  32. TANGIER-Postcard of the Grand Soko at Tangier addressed to London with QV Overprint on 10c Gibraltar value tied by TANGIER-A26 duplex cancel dated 11.3.1903 Res £15
  33. TANGIER-Cover addressed to the Midlands with non-overprint GEO V 1d photogravure & overprinted 1½d Tangier value tied by d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TANGIER dated 29.11.1934 Res £12
  34. TANGIER/SILVER JUBILEE-Postcard addressed to Birmingham with Tangier overprint 1½d Silver Jubilee value tied by the d/ring cancel dated 16.7.1935 Res £22
  35. TANGIER/POSTAGE DUE/TURKEY-Underpaid postcard of the El Minzah Hotel addressed to the British Embassy at Ankara, Turkey with GEO VI 1d overprint tied by the d/ring cancel on 21.6.1939. Alongside is the T tax mark applied in Tangier & a receiver of CANKAYA [Ankara] dated 29.6.1939 Res £15
  36. TANGIER-Postcard of the Mosque grounds, Tangier addressed to Aberdeen with 4 x ½d GEO VI orange value overprints tied by the d/rings dated 26.7.1952 Res £10
  37. THAILAND-OVERPRINTED Postal stationery postcard addressed to Bangkok from TALATUOI cancelled by Thai language cancels with Thai dates!! See illustration Res £30
  38. THRACE-Postcard of ancient ruins with a pair of overprint THRACE/INTERALLIEE tied by s/ring DUMURDUNA dated 16.1.1920 to the picture side Res £25
  39. TOGO-Postcard of a harbour scene addressed to Hamburg with 5Pf Yacht type tied by s/ring KLEIN-POPO dated 1.4.1904 Res £22
  40. TOGO-Postcard of the “Regierungstation” at MISAHOE, written from there and addressed to Dresden, redirected upon arrival. The 5Pf Yacht type is tied by s/ring AGOME-PALINE dated 11.8.1910 Res £25
  41. TOGO-5Pf postal stationery postcard with full message addressed to Berlin, cancelled by s/ring ATAKPAME dated 18.8.1911-see illustration Res £25
  42. TOGO-CENSORED Postcard of KPANDU addressed to WINNEBAH, Gold Coast with Gold Coast GEO V ½d x 2 & 1d values with ANGLO-FRENCH OCCUPATION overprints tied by d/rings LOME dated 11.5.1916. Below is the Togo censor mark in violet ink Res £25
  43. TONGA-Real photo postcard “NEIAFU, WITH GOVT WHARF” addressed to Royston, Herts with 1d “tree” value tied by s/ring VAVAU/TONGA dated 3.9.1921 Res £22
  44. TONGA-Postcard of a warrior dance addressed to Marlow, Bucks with 21s 5th anniversary of the first palladium coinage tied by d/ring NUKU’ALOFA dated 23.7.1972 Res £8
  45. TONGA-Postcard of the local basket-ware as offered to the tourists addressed to Liverpool with 1/- banana, 18/- 1989 peace corps and 10/- Nikon camera lens value tied by s/rings, 1989 Res £5
  46. TRANS-JORDAN/SOMALILAND/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover to TULKARM, JORDAN with GEO VI 15c overprint tied by s/ring HARGEISA/SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE dated 9.1.1952. Taxed in Somaliland [manuscript “T”], the 1f, 4f & 50f postage dues [SG D350, 352 & 346] are tied by d/rings TULKARM dated 5.4.1952 Res £55
  47. TRANSYLVANIA, ROMANIAN OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to Paris with 15 Bani Romanian value together with 2 & 3f Hungarian values overprinted in Bani and with a circular overprinted devise at centre, tied by KARANSEBES d/rings dated 13.8.1920. The Paris arrival mark on the back is dated 27.8.1920-scarce item Res £45
  48. TRINIDAD/UK/POSTAGE DUE-Postcard of Land’s End addressed to Port of Spain with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring SENNEN dated 19.7.1925. The stamp is further tied by a Port of Spain machine cancel, as is the 1d postage due on the 6th June 1925 Res £25
  49. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Airmail cover to Oban with GEO VI 4c, 12c & $1.20c tied by Port of Spain d/rings dated 6.11.1940-not censored Res £25
  50. TRINIDAD-Postcard of the Crane Hotel Casino, Barbados addressed to Farnham with GEO VI 4c tied by superb s/ring ST ANNS/TRINIDAD dated 13.11.1941 Res £12
  51. TRIPOLITANIA-Cover addressed internally to the HQ, B.M.A., Tripolitania with the full set of the BMA Tripolitania postage dues to 1/- tied by d/rings TRIPOLI dated 9.11.1948 Res £175
  52. TRIPOLITANIA-Postcard addressed to Skelton, Yorks with GEO VI B.A/TRIPOLITANIA 2d & 2½d overprint values tied by d/ring CASTEL BENITO/TRIPOLI dated 9.6.1951 Res £12
  53. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Superb strike of the type IV cachet in violet ink on unstamped, untaxed cover addressed to Leicester, 1927-see illustration Res £180
  54. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Two pieces with either the type Iva or IV cachets struck. The type IV ties GB 1½d to piece, as does the London F.S PAQUEBOT cancel dated 8.3.1929. The type Iva is struck on a plain piece of envelope with a brief message on the back of an islanders wife having had a baby [the type IV cachet fetched £95 in an earlier Murchie sale-invoice enclosed] [2] Res £75
  55. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-R.M.S.P “ATLANTIS” postcard together with a crested ompany envelope addressed to the Isle of Wight, cancelled by type V cachet in blue. Alongside is the “Atlantis” company cachet dated 19.2.1934 and the 1½d value tied by partial PAQUEBOT machine cancel. On calling, this vessel brought the Rev Wilde back to the island after a break in the UK Res £70
  56. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover addressed to London & redirected to Ramsgate on arrival with type V cachet in blue ink. On the back is the Paddington transit mark dated 14.9.1936. Not taxed!! The British steamer HARMALA enroute from South America to Japan brought the mail off from the Rev Wilde & six others when passing Res £65
  57. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-HMS “CARLISLE” Crested envelope and notepaper addressed to Exeter with type V cachet in blue at top right. Taxed 1½d in the Foreign Branch, the ½d & 1d dues were tied by s/rings EXETER dated 31.3.1937. At bottom right is d/ring LONDON F.S/PAQUEBOT dated 30.3.1937 & at left, the manuscript “FORM 739 IN BOX 31.3.37” Res £65
  58. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover to Surrey with type VIII cachet struck in violet ink. Alongside is the s/line TRISTAN DA CUNHA in black. Not taxed-see illustration Res £65
  59. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-POTATO STAMP Tied to cover by type XII cachet in blue/violet ink on cover addressed to Cosham, Hants. The framed RESETTLEMENT/SURVEY-1962 is struck in the same colour ink at top left, while the South African 2½c stamp is tied by Cape Town PAQUEBOT d/ring dated 9.10.1962. The cover comes with an insert card with a short history and further strikes of the type XII & XIII cachets-see illustrations Res £65
  60. TRISTAN DA CUNHA - HMS JAGUAR Mail Office cachet cover addressed to Paisley with the TRISTAN DA CUNHA/M.V./TRISTANIA cachet below. The 2½c S.A stamp is tied by the Cape Town PAQUEBOT cancel dated 10.3.1964. Comes with a picture of the Jaguar at sea Res £25
  61. TURKEY-Postcard addressed to Germany with French “DEDEAGH” inscribed Colonial type stamp tied by violet inked French style cancel DEDEAGH/TURQUIE dated 20.9.1904, arriving in Germany on the 26th September Res £25
  62. TURKS ISLANDS-QV 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Belgium, tied by s/ring TURKS ISLANDS dated 8.1.1904, arriving in Belgium on 2.2.1904-see illustration Res £28
  63. S.A-Advertising cover from BRIGGS & BROTHER of Rochester addressed to Windsor County with US 3c value [SG 62] cancelled by superb concentric rings cancel. At centre is he d/ring ROCHESTER/N.Y dated 22.3.1862-see illustration Res £45
  64. S.A-Entire addressed to France and carried by the “BATAVIA” with U.S 5c blue [SG 181] tied by NEW YORK cancel dated 9.11.1880. At bottom left is the oval cachet of the FORWARDING AGENT, DE RHAM & Co., of New York in blue ink Res £30
  65. S.A-Small registered cover to SICILY [Letter home from the Mafia boss!!!!????] with 12c black tied by ROCHESTER duplex cancel dated 8.9.1905. With red on white registration label, registered cachet and s/line REGISTER No......... all on the front Res £22
  1. S.A/COLOMBIA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from MEDELIN to New Brunswick, New Jersey with 2c tied by rubber cancel dated 14.7.1910. Taxed in Colombia & he USA, the strip of 3 x 2c U.S dues are tied by oval, undated NEW BRUNSWICK/N.J cancels Res £18
  2. VATICAN CITY/TRIPOLITANIA/POSTAGE DUE-Air mail cover addressed to the Vatican City with Italian Tripoli 10c & 50c values tied by d/rings FIERA CAMPIONA/TRIPOLI dated 8.3.1932. Taxed in Tripoli, the SEGNATASSE 20c overprint is tied by d/ring dated 13.3.1932 Res £30
  3. VIETNAM/POSTAGE DUE-Embossed map envelope depicting the Vietnamese peninsular addressed to CAN THO with 10d stamp tied by s/ring VI THANH dated 18.5.1974. Taxed, the 2 x $5 & single $20 postage dues are tied by s/rings CAN THO dated the same day Res £28
  4. ZANZIBAR-Vignette PC addressed to Dar-Es-Salaam of the Fruit Market and a water carrier with 2 x 5c French values overprinted ½ /ANNA/ZANZIBAR in red & tied by d/rings ZANZIBAR dated 26.8.1902 Res £22
  5. ZANZIBAR/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from London addressed to Zanzibar with GEO V ½d value tied by machine cancel dated 1.11.1933. Taxed 20c in London, the black on blue 12c [SG D22] is tied by d/ring cancel dated 27.11.1933-see illustration Res £125
  6. ZANZIBAR-Postcard of Kandy addressed to the USA with GB GEO V 1½d and Ceylon GEO V 3c & 9c tied by d/rings PAQUEBOT/ZANZIBAR dated 9.4.1934-lovely combination card Res £25
  7. ZANZIBAR-Neat little cover addressed to W.H Smith at The Pier, Worthing with 20c tied by d/ring dated 16.11.1939-not censored Res £12
  8. ZANZIBAR-Real photo postcard of the Market, Zanzibar addressed to London with 15c value tied by d/ring MKOANI/ZANZIBAR dated 8.10.1950 Res £22
  9. ZANZIBAR-Postcard of the TIP-PU-TIB House addressed to Austria with 15c value tied by d/ring dated 2.10.1952. On arrival, the Allied Censor mark 167 was applied and a 70g postage due tied by VIENA cancel dated 6.12.1952-over 2 months in transit Res £18
  10. ZANZIBAR/BRITISH HONDURAS/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover with 15c Maya Frieze value tied by oval cancel COALERS OINT [?]/B/H dated 14.3.1952 with the 2 changed by hand to read 4. Taxed 36c in British Honduras, the cover has 20, 30 & 40c postage dues [SG 27, 28 & 29] tied by d/ring dated 12.7.1954-stamps catalogued £60 x 30 on cover-£1800!!-see illustration Res £180.




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