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  1. DE LA RUE-QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Berlin with 2½d Jubilee value perfin DLR tied by s/ring BUN HILL ROW/E.C dated 26.8.1891 Res £9
  2. BOULT, WADE & KILBURN-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Berlin with added pair of 1d lilacs perfin B&W, tied by dumb FB cancels Ca.1892 Res £8
  3. DOWN-Cover from Kingston-on-Thames addressed to Hereford with 1d lilac perfin DOWN, tied by duplex cancel dated 4.12.1893 Res £8
  4. R HORNSBY & SONS, GRANTHAM-Plain trade postcard addressed to ARMAGH with QV ½d blue-green perfin RH/&S tied by GRANTHAM d/ring dated 29.11.1901 Res £8
  5. LEVER BROTHERS, PORT SUNLIGHT, LTD-Advertising postcard for Lifebuoy Soap addressed to Edinburgh from Birkenhead with EDW VII ½d perfin LB/PS/LD and tied by duplex cancel dated 27.10.1905 Res £12
  6. QUEEN MARY’S HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, CARSHALTON-Postcard addressed to Kings Cross with EDW VII ½d perfin MAB and tied by d/ring CARSHALTON dated 2.7.1911 Res £8
  7. BRITISH PETROLEUM-Price increase trade card communication addressed to Emsworth from London with GEO V ½d perfin BP/Co Ld tied by d/ring dated 15.12.1919 Res £7
  8. HOUGHTONS LTD, HIGH HOLBORN-Printed statement/receipt dated 4.12.1920 with ½d value perfin H/LTD [paying postage] and a 2d value affixed to the receipt with same perfin, tied by initials Res £6
  9. CARLTON HOTEL-Crested cover addressed to Belgium with 2½d GEO V value perfin CH/LD tied by LOBDON SW1 machine cancel dated 23.5.1921 Res £7
  10. BENNETFINKS, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON-Trade postcard addressed to Leamington Spa with GEO V 1d perfin B&Co., tied by triangular framed MTP machine vancel of Mount Pleasant, Ca.1925 Res £6
  11. ALLAN & HANBURY’S-Cover with contents addressed within London with GEO V 1½d perfin A&H/LTd and tied by machine cancel dated 2.5.1927 Res £5
  12. GORDON HOTELS LTD-Printed trade postcard addressed to Stroud with 1d 1929 PUC value perfin GHL tied by SW1 machine cancel dated 26.6.1929 Res £9
  13. C BAILEY & COMPANY-Envelope addressed to Germany with GEO V 2½d perfin JCB tied by London FS machine cancel dated 16.1.1931 Res £6
  14. THE NEW CONVEYANCING BUREAU, TEMPLE BAR-Printed trade postcard addressed to Highworth, Wilts with GEO V ½d photogravure perfin B&C tied by triangular framed cancel 1/WC, Ca.1935 Res £5
  15. HALL & COMPANY, STATION APPROACH, CHEAM-Window envelope with GEO V ½d photogravure perfin HC/Ld, tied by SUTTON machine cancel dated 24.1.1936 Res £5
  16. CREDIT LYONNAIS-Printed envelope addressed within London with an irregular block of 3 x ½d photogravure values tied by LONDON E.C cancels dated 19.5.1936 Res £6
  17. DE ZOETE & GORDON-Postcard addressed to Margate with EDW VIII 1d perfin D&G tied by WILLESDEN machine cancel on 31.8.1937 Res £6
  18. LONDON AUXILIARY FIRE SERVICE-Air Raid Precautions Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1½d perfin LCC of London County Council, tied by London S.E.1 Post Early for Christmas slogan dated 6.12.1938 Res £8
  19. THE DENTAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY LTD-Censored cover addressed to OHIO with GEO VI 2½d perfin DM/CL tied by BARNET/HERTS machine cancel dated 8.1.1942. Below is he octagonal tombstone censor T.168 in violet ink Res £9
  20. BRITISH GLUES & CHEMICALS-Reused window envelope with1d GEO VI value perfin BG/C tied by CROYDON machine cancel dated 7.7.1944 Res £6
  21. OVERPRINTS-Cover addressed to Basingstoke from Kingston-on-Thames with an irregular block of three x 2d Wildings with SE/EB overprints of the South Eastern Electricity Board tied by machine cancel dated 16.1.1969 at the new 1st class rate Res £7
  22. CORPORATION OF LONDON-Lovely registered cover addressed to Bishopsgate with an irregular block of three of the 1/- Machins and a single 5d value; all with the cross & shield perfin tied by oval registered cancel of BOND STREET dated 7.8.1969 Res £7
  23. EASTBOURNE CORPORATION-Lovely pictorial advertising envelope for the new CONGRESS THEATRE addressed to Sheerness with 2½p Machin perfin E.C tied by machine cancel dated 13.3.1972 Res £12
  24. POPE JOHN-PAUL II Commemorative cover marking the 10th anniversary of the Pontificate of John Paul II with 19p Machin perfin J/P/II tied by special cancel dated 15.10.1988 Res £7
  25. SECOND CLASS INDICATOR Stamp perfin SC on longer cover addressed to the Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, cancelled by LONDON SOUTH inkjet cancel dated 4.5.2007 Res £5


  1. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL POST-The black/green postcard addressed to Uppingham, Rutland with the GEO V ½d tied by the London No.3 cancel dated 13.9.1911 Res £35
  2. “BY FLYING BOAT”-S/line cachet in violet ink on flown cover from LIVERPOOL to BELFAST addressed to LISBURN on 1.10.1928 Res £22
  3. “EXPERIMENTAL AIRMAIL/BELFAST-LIVERPOOL/SEPTEMBER 24-29 1928” Green inked cachet on printed last day flight cover addressed to Liverpool from Belfast, dated 29.9.1928 Res £22
  4. PICTORIAL ROUTE Cachet in red ink on front of cover addressed to Lisburn and flown to Belfast from Liverpool on 2.10.1928 Res £22
  5. “DAMAGED IN PLANE CRASH / INDIANAPOIS, IND / NOV 2 1929 / ROBT H BRYSON, P.M” Typed label on front of fire damaged window envelope from California, recovered from the Embry Riddle company’s crashed aeroplane which killed the pilot. Res £45
  7. DAMAGED BY IMMERSION/IN SEA WATER I.S-Rubber cachet in black ink on front of water damaged cover from PERTH, Western Australia addressed to WATFORD on 3.3.1930. This cover was carried on the S.S “COMORIN” which caught fire at Colombo on the 12th March 1930-comes with full write up Res £40
  8. CROYDON TO RHODESIA-Imperial Airways illustrated first flight cover addressed to Salisbury with GEO V 3d & 4d values tied by CROYDON SURREY machine cancel dated 27.2.1931 Res £18
  9. LUFTHANSA PRESS PHOTO Showing the interior of a cabin with patrons taking a meal on the finest German silver. Dated 1931, the photo was taken on the Berlin to Budapest service Res £22
  10. CRASH MAIL-“RECEIVED IN BAD CONDITION AT/SAN FRANCISCO, CAL” unframed cachet on cover from PORTLAND, Oregon addressed to San Francisco on 2.3.1931. At bottom left is the typed endorsement “THIS LETTER IN PLANE CRASH ON CAM #8/10:00PM MONDAY NIGHT MARCH 2 1931/GROVER TYLER, PILOT/PACIFIC AIR TRANSPORT, INC, CONTRACTORS/CRASH OCCURED 20 MILES EAST OF ROSEBURG” Res £45
  1. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Neat little cover addressed to Sutton Coldfield with 2 x 3d airmail values & a 6d definitive tied by the WINDHOEK airmail d/ring cancel dated 26.1.1932. On arrival in the UK, the red inked SUTTON COLDFIELD/BIRMINGHAM “PAID ½d” was struck at bottom right on 17.2.1932. At left is the s/line DIRECT FLIGHT in blue ink Res £25
  2. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-Cover addressed to ORKNEY with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring INVERNESS/+ dated 29.5.1934. Carried on the 1st flight and with a Phillips wafer seal on the back flap Res £8
  3. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-Cover addressed to CANTERBURY with 1½d stamp tied by d/ring KIRKWALL/+ dated 29.5.1934. Redirected upon arrival to London, the d/ring BRIDGE/CANERBURY KENT was struck on 30.5.1934 Res £8
  4. KENT TO SLIGO-Cover addressed to the Irish Free State with 2 x 1½d values tied by SIDCUP/KENT Krag cancel dated 18.8.1934. Carried via Belfast on the Railway Air Service Res £12
  5. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-Illustrated first flight cover addressed to Wick with a strip of 3 x ½d photogravure values tied by d/rings KIRKWALL/+ dated 1.12.1934 Res £12
  6. AUSTRALIA “SOUTHERN CROSS”-1935 Silver Jubilee of GEO V commemorative flight cover addressed to Timaru with 2d ANZAC and 2d & 3d Victoria Centenary values tied by s/rings SHIP MAIL ROOM/MELBOURNE dated 12.5.1935. The aeroplane ran into trouble half way across the Tasman Strait and of the 28,279 covers carried, only 1,000 remained on board; the remainder being jettisoned to save the ‘plane. Cover is signed by J.D Stannage & P.G Taylor, crew members-see illustration Res £65
  7. AERODROME B.O CROYDON SURREY/AIR MAIL-D/rings dated 16.10.1936 ties EDW VIII ½d x 2 and single 1d, 1½d & 2½d to piece Res £8
  8. SINGAPORE-1937 MAP SHOWING NAVAL BASES, AIR BASES & Civil airport etc., published by Sifton, Praed & Co., of London Res £8
  9. AUSTRALIA-DECEMBER 1947 Illustrated cover marking the 25th anniversary of the 1st Qantas flight and the first through flight to London, addressed to Qantas Airways in London with 1/6d Hermes value tied by s/ring SYDNEY airmail cancel dated 1.12.1947. Signed by Jackson & MacMaster on the front. Res £40
  10. QANTAS EMPIRE Airways cover carried on the first return flight from Japan to Sydney with BCOF/JAPAN/1946 3d overprint tied by s/ring A.F.P.O 28/R.A.A.F JAPAN dated 18.12.1947 and is signed by Harding on the front-see illustration Res £40
  11. HELICOPTER MAIL-Series of near identical covers addressed to Peterborough from DEREHAM, NORWICH, GREAT YARMOUTH, BECCLES & LOWESTOFT and all dated 1st June 1948 with appropriate cachets etc. [5] Res £25
  12. LAST EXPERIMENT/HELICOPTER MAIL-Similar cover from Peterborough addressed to Norwich dated 24.9.1948 with blue cachet etc. at left. Res £18
  13. E.A-Longer cover addressed to B.E.A at Terminal House, London with the 8d, 1/2d and 1/9d airways letter service stamps tied by the BIRMINGHAM company cancel on 26.11.1953 Res £18
  14. E.A-Longer cover addressed to the air terminal, Birmingham Civic Centre with same stamps tied by the WATERLOO AIR TERMINAL Company cachet dated 25.11.1953 Res £18
  15. LONDON [HEATHROW] AIRPORT CEN HOUNSLOW-S/ring dated 26.5.1984 cancels certificate of posting of a letter addressed to Derby Res £8


  1. LONGER OHMS Envelope addressed to SOUTHALL from Kingston-on-Thames with 1d lilac I.R/OFFICIAL overprint tied by duplex cancel dated 13.8.1891 with index C. On arrival, the envelope was redirected to London with the SOUTHALL duplex being applied afew days later Res £22
  2. LONGER OHMS Cover addressed to PENRITH with 2 x 1d I.R/OFFICIAL values tied by CARLISLE duplex cancels dated 10.1.1894 Res £22
  3. SMALL OHMS Registered envelope addressed to SURBITON, via London with a strip of 3 x 1d I.R/OFFICIAL values [one damaged] tied by s/rings CROYDON dated 26.8.1899 Res £28
  4. CYCLING-Commercial cover from GIBRALTAR addressed to Westminster with 2d grey pictorial tied by the Travel Key d/ring slogan dated 20.1.1934. On the back is a lovely advertising label for FERODO CYCLES with a Stone Age couple enjoying the experience-see illustration Res £22
  5. POACHED EGG LABEL-Cover addressed within SHEPHERD’S BUSH with EDW VIII 1d and a green poached egg label tied by machine cancel dated 24.5.1937. Not taxed, so accepted for postage Res £12
  6. POACHED EGG LABEL-Cover addressed to FARNHAM with contents. The GEO V 1d photogravure and green poached egg label are affixed and tied by d/ring READING/BERKS dated 13.9.1937 Res £12
  1. ISLE OF SHUNA-1951 Cover addressed to Harrow with GEO VI 2½d tied by d/ring ARDUAINE dated 16.6.1951. On the back is the violet Shuna 2[d] label tied by s/ring rubber cancel SHUNA/SHUNA dated the same day. Cover comes with a letter with printed letter head of the Isle of Shuna requesting a donation for the servicing of the cover Res £22
  2. LUNDY ISLAND-1953 Coronation set of stamps [only once very lightly mounted] ½ Puffin to 12 Puffins in GUTTER PAIRS. Does include the air values. [14] Res £20
  3. SCOTLAND-Printed postcard from the Scottish Secretariat, Glasgow with the 1st and 2nd issues of the Robert Burns Bi-Centenary issue affixed for advertising purposes, 1956 & 1957 in pristine condition Res £12
  4. PENNY BLACK 125th ANNIVERSARY-Embossed New Years greetings card for 1965 with a pair of 1d blacks [not real ones!!!] tied by red Maltese cross cancels and from Stanley A Garnett, President of the I.S.C.A Res £7
  5. 1971 POSTAL STRIKE-Envelope addressed to the manager of the Westminster bank, South Molton containing a compliments slip from Messrs Riccard and Son of South Street and a complete sheet of 10 x 5p [1/-] dual currency labels in a nice pink colour Res £8
  6. STRIKE MAIL-Southeby’s auction catalogue envelope addressed to Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol with green inked, unframed BRISTOL / EMERGENCY/TEL: 78095 POST struck at right Res £12
  7. TEST LABELS-Large part sheets of 150 labels, each in the issued colours of the 1971 Machins with values 2p, 2½p, 3p, 3½p and 4p [750] Res £25
  8. GUGH ISLAND-Postcard of the old quay, St Agnes addressed to Shrewsbury with 4½p Machin tied by ST AGNES/ISLES OF SCILLY d/ring dated 6.9.1974. At left is the 5p “Sea Thistle” label tied by rubber cancel LOCAL POST/GUGH ISLAND dated he same day Res £6
  9. DRAKES ISLAND-Commemorative cover with 5p, 10p & 15p labels tied by rubber d/ring cancel DRAKE’S ISLAND/PLYMOUTH SOUND dated 22.10.1978. Below is the framed OPERATION DRAKE-OCT ‘78/THE “EYE OF THE WIND”/PASSES DRAKE’S ISLAND/WITH HRH PRINCE CHARLES/AT THE HELM Res £8
  10. ISLE OF WIGHT-Sheet of 10 labels showing views from around the island together with information card-from the 1983 first issue Res £5
  11. CHESHAM & AMERSHAM SCOUT POST-Complete sheet of 28 stamps and 2 blank labels for the 2006 Christmas scout post. One stamp shows the double overprint [both different] of the sponsor of the labels Res £9


  1. PRINTING, STATIONERY & ALLIED TRADES EXHIBITION 1925, 1929 & 1914 Advertising labels in pristine condition [3] Res £15
  2. CARDIFF & DISTRICT MAY HORSE SHOW-Three different colour labels advertising the event & a single label for the City of Cardiff Civic Week, 1932 [4] Res £12
  3. 25th PHILATELIC CONGRESS-Special postcard depicting a very early Cambridge scene addressed to ARUBA with GEO VI 1½d tied by the special Cambridge cancel on 24.6.1938, the last day. Alongside is the ARUBA arrival mark dated 13.7.1938 and at bottom left, the brown publicity label Res £15
  4. 26th PHILATELIC CONGRESS-Postcard showing early Liverpool postmarks addressed to Derby Haven, Isle of Man with GEO VI 1 tied by the special Liverpool congress cancel dated 14.6.1939. At top is the black inked CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/594 mark of Southport Res £8
  5. MOBILE POST OFFICE2/A-S/rings dated 13.7.1939 ties GEO VI ½d block of four, a single ½d, 1d and 2 x 1½d values to longer registered cover addressed to Surrey. At left is the HALIFAX registration label-this mark was used at the Great Yorkshire Agricultural Show Res £12
  6. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY-THE Royal Philatelic Society illustrated white & buff FDC envelope used subsequently by the Red Cross with a red overprint SUPPORT THE/RED CROSS and addressed to Leeds from London on 2.12.1942. Postage is paid by means of a 2½d meter cancel Res £22
  7. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY-Similar envelope in grey and blue addressed to St Mary’s Vicarage, Middleton, Leeds with same overprint and meter cancel dated 12.4.1943-see illustration Res £25
  8. LONDON INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, 1950-Complete sheetlet of 10 publicity labels for the show Res £7
  9. 10th ANNUAL POSTAL HISTORY CONFERENCE, BRIGHTON-Series of advertising meter cancel covers in different colours with meter advert cancels for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th of October 1954. Also with ticket for the opening ceremony of the Brighton Art Galleries centenary exhibition of Brighton Postal History on 27.9.1954. The scarce d/ring special cancel BRIGHTON SUSSEX/[PAVILION]POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITION is struck at right on 27.9.1954 [5] Res £25
  10. LONDON INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, 1960-Complete sheets of 10 labels in all of the issued colours; in pristine conditions [50] Res £12
  11. ASHFORD [KENT] PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Special cover marking the Kent Federation Day on 4.5.1963 which has been posted unpaid and has the framed 5d/31-TO PAY/POSTED/UNPAID struck in green ink. The cover is cancelled by s/ring ASHFORD/KENT dated 4th May and the postage due is tied by SITTINGBOURNE s/ring dated 6th May Res £7
  12. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION, SEYMOUR HALL and STAMPEX 1973, ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Complimentary pass out and ordinary pass out respectively [2] Res £5
  13. 50th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Unfolded 1d & 2d Mulready wrappers with adverts from “Stamp Collecting”, J.E Lea, dealers of Manchester, the Buckingham Hotel and Buxton Council [2] Res £8
  14. 1970 BALLON MONTE “COVER” Addressed to PHILYMPIA, London, being a menu and Toast list for the London 1970 dinner on 20.9.1970 with a talk from the late Arthur Negus on “Collecting”. Res £12
  15. 65th PHILATELIC CONGRESS, BATH-Stamp book produced for the event which contains a block of four of the “Royal Scots” regiment 16p issue Res £5
  16. CORONATION 25th ANNIVERSARY-Stamp booklet issued by Cancer Research containing the 9p and 10½p anniversary issue and the gold-edged 11p black print [the only source of this particular black print] Res £12
  17. LONDON 1980-Special wallet containing a ticket for the BUFFET RECEPTION at Guildhall on 6th May 1980-scarce!! Res £18
  18. LONDON 1980-FIRST DAY ISSUE Sheetlet tied to envelope containing the PALMARES BANQUET Menu and toast list. Res £12
  19. LONDON 1980-“MASTERPIECES IN MINIATURE”-Complete sheet of paintings from the National Gallery contained within special folder Res £8
  20. ROBERT SINCLAIR TOBACCO COMPANY-Special cover marking the 70th anniversary of Sinclair’s Aerial Delivery in 1913 and also marking the 7th North East Philatelic Weekend at the Airport Hotel, Newcastle on 10th June 1983 Res £5


  1. IF DELIVERED BEFORE/9 O’CLOCK ON MONDAY/MORNING, THE PORTER/OR L. CARR TO BE PAID 6d ADDITIONAL-Manuscript endorsement at bottom left of entire addressed to Green’s Hotel [COFFEE HOUSE], London from WHITTINGHAM, Northumberland. Undated, but Ca.1790 Res £30
  2. TOO LATE-Fancy mark in black on entire from Great Yarmouth addressed to Norwich on 2.7.1839 Res £18
  3. PREPAID-The black mark of NORWICH on front of entire [top right] addressed to Wymondham on 21.2.1845 together with manuscript 1 Res £25
  4. CROWNED, CIRCULAR FRAMED “R” On 1d pink envelope addressed within London and redirected on 23.6.1860 Res £15
  5. MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [2] OZ/485 framed mark and 1d/485 tax mark of LYMINGTON on QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Milford-on-Sea from WEYMOUTH on 26.11.1896 Res £15
  6. WOODBRIDGE, SUFFOLK-Locally addressed cover to Alderton with 1d red plate 179 affixed but not cancelled. Below is the d/ring WOODBRIDGE/+ dated 22.11.1909 and alongside is the 1d/907 tax mark of Woodbridge Res £15
  7. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/996-Framed mark and the distinctive 1d tax mark of STURMINSTER NEWTON on novelty postcard addressed to Studley, Warwickshire with GEO V 1d tied by superb d/ring STURMINSTER NEWTON/+ dated 30.9.1911 Res £12
  8. SENT BACK TO ENGLAND/WITHOUT A REASON/FOR NON-DELIVERY-Framed marks in both black AND red on undelivered postcard from Liverpool dated 22.2.1912 and addressed to a ship, the R.M.S “ORCOMA” at the Cape Verde Islands. A manuscript endorsement states that the item was returned and received at BOOTLE POST OFFICE on 4.4.1912 Res £25
  9. ISLE OF WIGHT-GEO V 3½d registered envelope size F addressed to London, cancelled by oval registered cancel of VENTNOR on 15.7.1918. At bottom left is the manuscript POSTED OUT OF COURSE and at right a very nice strike of the Ventnor 2d. The 2d postage due is tied upon arrival Res £22
  10. HOLT, NORFOLK-Underpaid postcard addressed to Docking with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring HOLT/NORFOLK dated 18.8.1921 with the scarce and distinctive 1/TO PAY of Holt struck alongside. No postage dues added upon receipt Res £12
  11. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/H74-Scarce framed mark of PARKSTONE, Dorset on refused cover addressed to Poole on 15.4.1922. The original 2d postage due is tied by POOLE/+ d/ring and Fresh labels Required mark. The 2nd postage due is on the back flap [opens out nicely to display] and is tied by PARKSTONE/DORSET d/ring dated 20.4.1922-Nice!! Res £15
  12. INADMISSIBLE AT [P.P] RATE/158-Framed mark of CAMBRIDGE on postcard addressed locally on 11.1.1925 with the 1d/158 MARK ALONGSIDE. The 1d postage due is tied by s/ring CAMBRIDGE/4 dated 12.1.1925 Res £8
  13. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/996-Framed mark of STURMINSTER NEWTON on front of cover addressed to MARNHULL with unframed ......D TO PAY/996 with large 2 inserted. The 2d postage due is tied by s/rings MARNHULL/STURMINSTER NEWTON dated 10.11.1933 and the ½d definitive is tied by the d/ring STURMINSTER NEWTON / DORSET dated the same day Res £15
  14. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to France from Paddington on 5.5.1936 with hexagonal 20c/76 tax mark below. Upon arrival, 2 x 60c French postage dues were affixed & tied before being returned to WALSALL GUILDHALL where a 2d postage due was tied by d/ring on 12.5.1936-see illustration Res £25
  15. FRANCE TO ESSEX-50c Postal stationery postcard showing the Canadian War Memorial at VIMY addressed to Southminster with the card tied by the special VIMY Memorial machine slogan dated 26.7.1936. taxed 1½d in the UK, the ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by superb strikes of the s/rings SOUTHMINSTER/ESSEX dated 28.7.1936 Res £9
  16. RELEASED BY/CENSOR-Red inked, framed mark on neat registered cover addressed to DUBLIN from London on 25.9.1940. The cover has been opened unofficially and has the Irish Free State MP480 bilingual COVER FOUND OPEN [OR TORN] sealing tape at bottom right, tied by Irish d/ring dated the following day. On the front also, is the oval PASSED BY BRITISH PHILATELIC ASSN in blue Res £25
  17. YOUR CORRECT POSTAL ADDRESS IS / WIMBORNE, DORSET / ANY OTHER FORM OF ADDRESS/MAY LEAD TO DELAY-Framed mark in violet ink on cover from the BAHAMAS, addressed to Ferndown, Dorset. The Bahamas 10d value is tied by NASSAU s/ring dated 12.11.1943 and has no censor markings Res £20
  18. IRELAND-Postcard of the Vale of Glengariff addressed to South Shields with 2d Irish stamp cordoned at top right and taxed 4d as being unpaid at LARNE on 24.8.1955. The 4d blue postage due is tied by d/ring dated 26.8.1955 Res £10
  19. GONE AWAY/387 and NOT KNOWN/387 Marks of Huddersfield on 2 window envelopes from the Borough Treasurer addressed locally on 14.6.1957 and 19.7.1956 respectively. The 2d postage dues for return to sender are tied by d/rings upon arrival [2] Res £15
  20. NOT KOWN AT/CHESTER-Framed mark on cover from Chester addressed locally on 22.8.1957 Res £7
  21. RE-ISSUED/583-The very uncommon framed mark on previously undelivered cover from Manchester addressed to Nottingham with the framed NOT TO BE FOUND/583 mark excised in blue pencil Res £15
  22. IRREGULARLY INCLUDED BY POSTER/IN A BUNDLE OF LATE POSTED/METER-FRANKED PRINTED PAPERS-Superb strike of the framed mark in green ink on front of neat little cover from London addressed to Cambridge on 6.4.1960 Res £8
  23. QEII 3d Wilding used on a postcard addressed to Leicester from MIAMI on 19.1.1963 with Southampton tax mark indicating 7½d to pay. The ½d, 1d & 6d dues are tied by s/rings LEICESTER dated 20.2.1963 Res £9
  24. NO SUCH ADDRESS/IN HOVE SUSSEX-Unframed mark in violet ink on undelivered cover from LIVERPOOL, LIME STREET STATION addressed to Hove on 16.11.1966 Res £7
  25. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Cover from Ross-on-Wye addressed to St Martin’s, Jersey on 6.8.1968 with two strikes of the large, unframed GOREY struck over part of the address Res £8
  26. DAMAGED BY STAMP CANCELLING/MACHINE AT VICTORIA, B.C-Unframed mark on commercial cover addressed to New York from Victoria on 9.3.1976 Res £10
  27. PITCAIRN ISLAND-Illustrated envelope addressed to TORQUAY with 35c value tied by s/ring PITCAIRN ISLAND/POST OFFICE dated 5.6.1983. At bottom right is the uncommon “RETURN FOR BETTER ADDRESS:/SHOW COUNTRY OF DESTINATION IN/ ENGLISH AND NO ABREVIATION”. The cover has a manuscript receipt date of 14.10.1983 on the back Res £22
  28. NOTTINGHAM-Receipt for postage due on a parcel from GALWAY with 6 x £5, 3 x 2p and a single 1p postage due tied by d/rings EASTWOOD/NOTTINGHAM dated 22.9.1988 Res £12
  29. CHECKED BY STOCK/EXCHANGE MAIL/ROOM-Framed mark on postcard from Portugal addressed to the Exchange on 3.9.1973 at the height of the IRA bombing campaign Res £12
  30. ANTHRAX CHECKS-Cover addressed to the BBC from Plymouth on 27.12.2001 with the larger type CHECKED/2 in blue at top left. Comes with appropriate write-up and has selotape sealing the bottom of the cover Res £8


  1. 1767 ENTIRE FROM HAITI Addressed to COGNAC dated 26.9.1767 with reasonable, unframed COLN PAR/LA ROCHELLE struck in black ink at top right Res £65
  2. PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-Framed step-type mark in black ink at top right of entire pre-addressed to the Eagle Life Assurance Company, London on 3.11.1835 at MONTREAL. Rated 2/8d!!! And carried by the “GREAT BRITAIN”-See illustration Res £40
  3. ITALY-Postcard of the East Terrace at Winsor Castle addressed locally in SAINT POLO DI PIAVE with QV 1d lilac tied by s/ring S. POLO DI PIAVE dated 1.10.1901 Res £18
  4. THE ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET COMPANY/POSTED ON HIGH SEAS-Oval buckle cachet in violet ink ties a pair of EDW VII ½d values to postcard of Lisbon addressed to Middlesex. Alongside is the d/ring PAQUEBOT/LIVERPOOL dated 25.10.1905 Res £15
  5. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/M.B-S/ring Moveable Box cancel dated 12.5.1908 ties 10c Sower to postcard of Le Havre addressed to Liverpool Res £9
  6. “NOT ON MANCHURIA”-S/line mark in violet ink on cover addressed to the ship on 10.4.1911 at San Francisco after having left HONG KONG. Also with s/line RETURNED FROM CONSIGNEE and three strikes of the s/line RETURNED TO WRITER Res £20
  7. ANCHOR LINE SERVICE Between New York & Glasgow advertising envelope addressed to London from Glasgow on 12.1.1928. Also Anchor Line letter sheet written on 10.2.1926 from the T.S.S “TRANSYLVANIA” to Maine with GB GEO V 1½d tied by green rubber cachet BRITISH MAIL/EX-/T.S.S/”TRANSYLVANIA” [2] Res £15
  8. S “BELGENLAND”-Embossed notepaper and crested envelope of the Red Star Line with contents [letter and photo] addressed to New York with GB GEO V 1d & 1½d values tied by Krag machine cancel PLYMOUTH/PAQUEBOT dated 3.7.1927 Res £12
  9. MUCH TRAVELLED Cover from Berlin addressed to a ship at BUENOS AIRES on 15.8.1929 with cachets from the Hamburg-South America Line and eventually, a ZURUCK mark applied along with a 10c tax mark. On the back are various Buenos Aires marks and the uncommon CLASIFICASSION/CARGO mark dated 7.9.1929 Res £18
  10. RMS “DEMERARA”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS-Single oval cachet dated 20.8.1930 on Royal Mail Line postcard addressed to Newcastle with GB GEO V 1½d tied by bilingual PAQUETTE / PAQUEBOT cancel of Lisbon Res £12
  11. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/M.B-S/ring dated 11.11.1930 [late use] ties GB GEO V 1½d to Canadian National Steamships Limited headed notepaper written from the SS “BEAVERHILL” at Le Havre. Res £15
  12. AMERICAN EXPORT LINES-Cover addressed to Springfield, With U.S 1c green tied by duplex cancel AMERICAN EXPORT LINES-POSTED/ON THE HIGH SEAS/PURSER/ S.S EXCALIBUR dated 3.3.1932 Res £8
  13. SOUTHAMPTON SLOGAN PAQUEBOT MACHINE CANCEL-Cover with the White Star Line crest together with headed notepaper from the R.M.S “HOMERIC” addressed to Barnet with machine cancel SOUTHAMPTON/PAQUEBOT-IT’S QUICKER TO/TELEPHONE dated 21.8.1933 Res £20
  14. “LEFT SHIP/21 APR 36”-Unframed mark on front of cover addressed to a passenger on board the White Star Line S.S “CERAMIC” at Cape Town and forwarded to MOSSEL BAY on 29.5.1936, arriving on 4.6.1936 Res £15
  15. GERMAN SHIP “MONTE ROSA”-Postcard of Tenerife addressed to Magdeburg, Germany with 15Rpf Hindenburg value tied by the large d/ring DEUTSCHE SCHIFFSPOST/MS / MONTE ROSA / DATE / HAMBURG-SUDAM/D-GES HAMBURG/ATLANT INSEL REISE dated 7.9.1937. The Monte Rosa was to be renamed the EMPIRE WINDRUSH in 1945 after being taken from the Nazis. At top is the unframed CENSOR marking of SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE in red ink Res £25
  16. BILINGUAL MARK “NICHT AN BORD/NOT ON BOARD/D “USARAMO”-In violet ink on front of cover addressed to the USARAMO at Port Said, Cairo; specifically to a member of the Scots Guards. Posted in London, the 6d value is tied by machine cancel dated 23.11.1936. Res £15
  17. CUNARD, WHITE STAR LINE-Cover with crested, headed notepaper from the “GEORGIC” addressed to New Jersey with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by machine cancel SOUTHAMPTON/PAQUEBOT dated 3.7.1938 Res £8
  18. S “NITTA MARU”/NOT ON BOARD-Unframed mark in violet ink on postcard of Wilmington addressed to a passenger on board the ship in Japan on 10.1941 Res £15
  19. S “RICHARD HENRY LEE”-Postcard addressed to the ship from Maddison, Tennessee on 9.5.1941 with s/line NOT ON BOARD struck over the erased ships name in the address. The ships name also appears elsewhere within the address Res £10
  20. DURBAN-Forces airmail letter sheet addressed to Sleaford, Lincs with 6d miniature war Effort stamp tied by the anonymous d/ring cancel “PAQUEBOT” dated 15.2.1944 with DURBAN removed for security reasons. The writer is a P.O Wren, Care of the Fleet Mail Office, Durban Res £18
  1. HIGH SEAS MAIL/R.M.S SAMARIA-Unframed mark in blue ink on postcard of the Samaria addressed to London with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by NEW YORK N.Y-PAQUEBOT machine cancel dated 26.2.1952 Res £7
  2. QUEEN MARY-Cunard crested envelope & Queen Mary headed notepaper addressed to New York with 1/3d Wilding definitive tied by SOUTHAMPTON/PAQUEBOT-PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA dated 14.9.1954 Res £12
  3. THE CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO., LTD/DATE/P.S WAVERLEY-Oval cachet dated 16.4.1966 struck in black ink on QEII 4d postal stationery cover addressed to Greenock, cancelled by d/ring ARDRISHAIG/ARGYLL dated the same day Res £20
  4. S “GREAT BRITAIN”-Illustrated cover addressed to Pinner marking the return of the ship from the Falkland Islands on 23.6.1970. With unframed “GREAT BRITAIN”/ARRIVAL BACK AT AVONMOUTH/AFTER 84 YEARS AT FALKLAND IS Below the special cancel tying the 1/- ships issue [Great Britain] to the cover Res £8
  5. POSTED/ON/BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-Black cancel on postcard of the paddler addressed to Glasgow with 1st class stamp tied by Glasgow “Philips” slogan dated 2.4.1991 Res £7

MILITARY-1864 TO 1923

  1. GENERAL GORDON-Calling card of Lt Colonel Charles G Gordon with the manuscript + Capt Villiers Stewart in pencil at top. General Gordon was promoted Lt Colonel on 16.2.1864 and Stewart became a member of Parliament for County Wexford-see illustration Res £75
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE/75-Cover addressed to Paris with GB GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/rings dated 5.12.1914 Res £12
  3. GERMAN MULTI-LANGUAGE FELDPOST Postcard cancelled by d/ring KuK ETTAPENPOSTAMT/137 dated 20.10.1915 with “I am fine and well” printed in various languages and with a further choice in German of other states of wellbeing. Not in the same style as our Field Service Postcards-quite different Res £12
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE/52-Super strike of the d/ring cancel dated 2.1.1915 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery Field Service Postcard addressed to Earls Court. Res £12
  5. AUSTRIA-Letter & envelope addressed within Vienna from Captain Heinrich of the 4th Tyrol Kaiser Jager Regiment who is in the Austrian Landwehr Hospital, Vienna on 1.11.1915. The envelope has the superb cachet of the Officers Hospital Res £15
  6. UNABLE TO LOCATE-Straight line mark in violet ink on front of cover addressed to a soldier of the FIRST CANADIAN CONTINGENT, B.E.F. Much redirected and with other cachets evident. The cover was sent from MINEHEAD on 19.4.1915 and was returned to sender Res £22
  7. TOBACCO FUND CARD-More unusual card depicting Miss Carrie Copeland who will sell signed postcards of herself to raise money for tobacco & cigarettes for the brave men at the front. Published by the “Performer” tobacco fund, a branch of the Newspapers Patriotic Tobacco Fund, licensed by the War Charities Act, 1916 Res £22
  8. FIELD POST OFFICE/DY-Stampless OAS cover with contents addressed to Admiral Sir George Egerton from his son, Captain Mark Egerton, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/DY dated 28.5.1916. In the letter, he writes of arriving here and bumping into “Asquith”, the son of the Prime Minister Res £12
  9. SECOND NEW ZEALAND BRIGADE-Field Service Postcard addressed to Manchester, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/2Z dated 20.6.1916 Res £12
  10. FRENCH ARMY POSTCARD Used by a French Soldier to write [to his second?] home in London with a 10c Sower added and tied by s/ring TRESOR ET POSTES/91 dated 15.1.1917. Below is the oval French censors mark in black ink. Nice usage Res £10
  11. ARMY POSTOFFICE/SZ27-Skeleton cancel dated 2.11.1917 with index A cancels stampless real photo postcard of a Camel Train addressed to Canterbury Res £10
  12. REGISTERED Little cover addressed to Paris with 2 x 1d GEO V values tied to the back by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/110 dated 5.11.1917. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled on the front and has transit marks ARMY POST OFFICE/R 48 and ARMY POST OFFICE/S.1 on the back, dated 5th & 6th November respectively Res £9
  13. PRESENT LOCATION UNCERTAIN R.L.O LPS GPO-Framed mark on much travelled cover addressed to the BEF from London on 17.12.1917 Res £8
  14. POSTCARD Showing the troop train full of British troops at the British Camp railway station at Mont d’or Allier. Postally used from ARMY POST OFFICE S.5 to London on 23.12.1917 Res £8
  15. CHURCH ARMY “OPEN TO ALL” O.A.S Printed envelope addressed to Bradford, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.W.Z dated 19.4.1918 Res £8
  1. ARMISTICE DAY SOUVENIR-Belgian prisoner of War postcard with GB GEO V 2d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/TW5 dated 11.11.1918 with a s/ring above of QUEVAUCAMPS dated the same day Res £8
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-Example of late censorship with postcard of Durban beach addressed to Belgium with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring DURBAN dated 5.2.1919. Alongside is the CAPE TOWN transit mark dated 10.2.1919 and the circular framed PASSED CENSOR/C-6/99 in violet ink Res £10
  3. TURKEY-Green “Honour” envelope addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/Y1 dated 1.11.1920 with index A Res £22
  4. OFFICIAL PAID Postcard with text in red, being an application from a demobbed or discharged British soldier for the British War Medal Riband-unused Res £9
  5. ARMY POST OFFICE/S40-S/ring dated 8.9.1923 ties GEO V 1½d to postcard of Ostende addressed to Nottingham Res £7

MILITARY-1940 to 1983

  1. THREE AIRMAIL Postcards addressed to Copenhagen from Tottenham & Stoke Newington during February 1940. All have the octagonal tombstone censor marks P.5 in red and are addressed to a family KONIGSBERG. [3] Res £25
  2. SWITZERLAND-Postcard addressed to London from DAVOS dated 29.4.1940 with the adapted octagonal tombstone censor mark with the “BY CENSOR” removed, leaving just “PASSED, CROWN & T.62”. Known used April to September, 1940 Res £18
  3. A.F-Cover addressed to a member of the E.F.I [NAAFI] attached to the RAF as part of the B.E.F from WORTHING on 26.5.1940. On the front is the framed UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER. On the back is the framed NOT NOW AT ADDRESS STATED/FORWARDING PARTICULARS NOT AVAILABLE Res £22
  4. IRELAND-Cover addressed to a soldier serving with the Home Forces with the scarce WWI framed crown censor mark with NUMBER & PASSED BY CENSOR removed, leaving just the crown. This ties “ARMY FORM W 3424-OPENED/BY/CENSOR 51-157” censor tape to the front. Not seen this before Res £25
  5. DISPATCH RIDER LETTER SERVICE-Stampless cover addressed to RAF ASTON DOWN [Gloucestershire] with framed R.A.F STATION [ZEALS]/DRLS/ROUTE M at bottom left Res £25
  6. NIGERIA-Cover addressed to Barton-on-Humber with GEO VI Nigerian 1½d tied by KANO d/ring dated 3.4.1941. At bottom left is the crudely cut square censor mark PASSED-BY UNIT-CENSOR/30 in violet ink. Res £25
  7. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Cover addressed to Ireland to a Doctor Jacobson together with a letter from ADDENBROOKES HOSPITAL acknowledging receipt of an application for the post of House Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s on 22.7.1941 Res £25
  8. AIRMAIL Cover from Worthing addressed to California with a strip of 3 x 5d GEO VI values tied by sunburst “Post Early” slogan dated 21.12.1941. At left is the PC90 censor tape and at right, plain brown tape tied by rubber d/ring PASSED BY/1641/BIC in violet ink Res £22
  9. BRIDPORT-Small Admiralty OHMS envelope addressed to a military address in Donnington, Shropshire, cancelled by BRIDPORT/DORSET machine cancel dated 13.8.1941. At bottom left is the triangular “T” BATTERY-2ndA BRIGADE/ROYAL MARINES Res £15
  10. INDIA-Pictorial airmail letter sheet addressed to Liverpool with red overprint 1943 on the ERROR of printing 1934 with illustration inside of an Elephant flying over the Taj Mahal on an RAF Roundel Res £45
  11. OVERSEAS LEAGUE TOBACCO FUND Card addressed to CHESHAM, cancelled by Indian FPO No.55 [Italy] dated 23.2.1944 with shield censor No.1221 Res £12
  12. CZECH FORCES-Cover addressed to London with GB GEO VI ½d x 3 and single 1d tied by commemorative d/ring cancels dated 4.5.1944 Res £18
  13. A.F STATION, HAMWORTHY, POOLE-Two covers addressed to either CORFE CASTLE or MANCHESTER with stamps tied by either BOURNEMOUTH-POOLE machine cancel dated 3.7.1944, or the simple, undated POSTAGE/PAID machine cancel. On both is the oval RAF CENSOR/536 which locates the two letters having been posted from the RAF Sea Base at Hamworthy, Poole during the D-Day build up and afterwards [2] Res £22
  14. DOUBLE BAD NEWS-Airmail letter sheet from Squadron Leader R Gee to the family of a missing Flying Officer who was lost over the Gulf of Martaban, Burma on 10.2.1945. A later letter dated 18.6.1946 from the Standing Committee of Adjustment, India stating that due to the time lapse since he was reported missing, it must be assumed that he is dead [2] Res £22
  15. RAF POST OFFICE/001-S/ring cancel dated 12.7.1945 on stampless OAS envelope addressed to London from the RAF Base in ICELAND Res £22
  16. CANADA-Envelope printed in French “PROTECT OUR FAITH, OUR LANGUAGE, OUR RIGHTS” addressed within Quebec on 13.11.1945 with framed CENSORED/W.D.C.S in red ink at top. What is this, some sort of internal censorship against the French speaking separatists?? See illustration Res £30
  17. BUTLINS-Receipt for a stay at Clacton-on-Sea Butlins dated 15.1.1948 with the framed RATION BOOK RETURNED in violet ink Res £12
  18. REDIRECTED Letter from Bristol to RAF WILMSLOW and back to Bristol with RAF redirection label affixed and cancelled by d/ring R.A.F POST OFFICE WILMSLOW CHESHIRE with separately applied s/line date 11 JUL 1952 at centre Res £12
  19. QEII 3/- Magenta Forces Overseas Registered Envelope size G2 addressed to Aldershot with added 5d Machin tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/308 dated 8.8.1970 [Germany] A really nice looking item Res £8
  20. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Two “LIBERATION ISSUE” Airmail letter sheets in the two different sizes addressed to the same family in Somerset & Cornwall. Cancelled by either the s/ring PORT STANLEY dated 6.5.1983 or by the rubber cancel LONDONS/2/DATE/ MARITIME MAIL dated 23.5.1983 [2] Res £12


  1. DORCHESTER-Stampless cover addressed to the St James Palace Hotel, London, from CAPTAIN, BARON GOERING, cancelled by London W.C machine cancel dated 12.9.1914. At top right is the oval cachet of the PRISONER OF WAR INFORMATION BUREAU. And at bottom left, the s/line DORCHESTER in violet ink-see illustration Res £30
  2. DORCHESTER-Stampless real photo postcard of a German officer having a fag addressed to Germany with red POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR struck across the address Res £22
  3. GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to the Red Cross in Geneva with added 1d value perfin H/&Co., tied by London machine cancel dated 6.2.1917. At bottom left is the framed cachet VENDA PAR:/ L’AGENCE INTERNATIONALE / DES PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE in violet ink Res £12
  4. RETURNED POSTAL PACKET Envelope addressed to Hull and redirected? To STALAG XV111A, Germany containing a water stained letter addressed to a Sapper R Bushby. The camp was situated at Wolfsberg, Austria Res £22
  5. MOTCOMBE PARK CAMP, DORSET P.O.W 6d CURRENCY NOTE-6d green currency note cancelled by s/ring POW/DATE/No.47 dated 31.8.1945-see illustration Res £25
  6. LLANDDAROG CAMP-Printed airmail letter sheet addressed to Italy on 22.10.1945 with s/line 102 P.O.W CAMP in violet ink at top right. This was situated at the Carmarthenshire camp of LLANDDAROG Res £15
  7. CRANBORNE, DORSET-Printed airmail letter sheet addressed to Milan, dated 7.2.1946 with senders details on the back given as NINE YEWS CAMP, CRANBORNE, DORSET Res £18
  8. CATTISTOCK/MAIDEN NEWTON CAMP, DORSET-Printed postcard addressed to the British Zone, Germany with s/ring P.O.W CAMP/No.295/GREAT BRITAIN at base. The sender gives his address as CATTISTOCK/MAIDEN NEWTON camp Res £15
  9. RUSKIN AVENUE, KEW, SURREY-Very uncommon printed letter sheet from this modest Surrey P.O.W camp at RUSKIN Avenue, Kew dated 24.9.1945 and addressed to Italy Res £22
  10. PRINTED Postcard addressed to Italy from POW Camp No.101 situated at GLANDULAS, NEWTOWN, WALES and dated 17.1.1946 with the circular unframed P.O.W CAMP/No.101/GREAT BRITAIN struck at top right Res £15


  1. THE SALVATION ARMY-Airgraph to Canada with an image of a Salvation Army newspaper article from “The Commissioner” which is addressed to Commissioner Orames in Toronto. Cancelled by s/ring OAKLANDS ST ALBANS/HERTS on 9.7.1945 Res £15
  2. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT DEAD-Newspaper headline on airgraph from CARTERTON, NEW ZEALAND addressed to Birmingham on 20.4.1945-see illustration Res £22
  3. THREE COMMANDO, ROYAL MARINES-Illustrated airgraph with two Tommies languishing under a Palm tree with their big heavy coats on from a member of 3 Commando addressed to Shenley, Herts at Christmas 1944 Res £10
  4. CHRISTMAS 1944-Illustrated airgraph from North Africa depicting a typical Arab desert scene with obligatory Camel and Arabs, local to RAF MAISON BLANCHE, North Africa-complete with envelope Res £12
  5. SALAMU-Christmas greetings from East Africa illustrated airgraph addressed to Rochdale on 28.10.1943-see illustration Res £22
  1. POLISH FORCES-Illustrated airgraph for Easter 1945 addressed to a member of the Polish Forces serving with the Central Mediterranean Forces. Cancelled by s/ring GEORGE STREET/PERTH on 19.3.1945 Res £12
  2. WAR PROGRESS-Illustrated airgraph from CARTERTON, New Zealand addressed to Birmingham showing headlines about areas being captured in Europe by the Russians on 8.12.1944-comes with envelope Res £15
  3. BERLIN SURRENDER-Headline, text and map of Berlin addressed to Birmingham from New Zealand on 12.5.1945 Res £15
  4. SURRENDER ACT RATIFIED BY ENEMY IN RUINED BERLIN-The long awaited headline on airgraph from Carterton to Birmingham on 15.5.1945 Res £15
  5. TOTAL SURRENDER SIGNED-VICTORY IN EUROPE-Headline dated 7.5.1945 on airgraph addressed to Birmingham from New Zealand on 15.5.1945 Res £22


  1. WWI Stampless postcard of ISLES CHAUSEY addressed to France, with the cachet of ARTILLERIE DU FRONT DE MER DEFENSE DES ILES CHAUSEY with naval anchor at centre. Forwarded to France via GRANVILLE on 12.9.1917-some staining at top, but scarce Res £25
  2. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Fountain Street, Guernsey with GEO VI 1½d and a block of four of the 1d Guernsey Arms issue tied by s/rings MARKET PLACE GUERNSEY/ CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 7.3.1941. At top left is the registration label GUERNSEY 2 Res £22
  3. GEO VI ½d postal stationery envelope addressed within Guernsey with 2 x ½d & 1d Arms values and 3d Stamp Centenary value tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 25.11.1941. At left is the Guernsey No.5 registration label Res £28
  4. REGISTERED Cover addressed to the Richmond Hotel, St Peter Port with Guernsey 1d & 3 x ½d Arms values & GEO VI 3d tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 25.3.1942. At left is the Guernsey No.4 registration label Res £22
  5. RED CROSS Message form with original envelope addressed to a Mr Frank Bater of Guernsey dated 12.2.1942 and an envelope from ST ALBANS addressed to the same man at St Albans on 13.2.1943 [3] Res £30
  1. GUERNSEY-Registered envelope addressed within COBO with 1d x 3 & single 2½d Arms values tied by d/rings COBO/GUERNSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 12.4.1944. At top left is he COBO registration label No.0007 Res £22
  2. REGISTERED Cover addressed to St Martin’s with ½d x 2, 1d x 2 & single 2½d Arms values tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 15.6.1944. At top left is the Guernsey No.7 registration with 7 crossed out Res £22
  3. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Fountain Street with a marginal inscription block of 6 x 2½d Guernsey Arms values tied by d/rings ST MARTIN’S/GUERNSEY CH IS dated 28.11.1944. The inscription is “PRESS” and the registered label is that of St Martin’s Res £35
  4. POST OCCUPATION Registered cover addressed to Boxmoor, Herts with GEO VI ½d definitive, 1d Stamp Centenary and the 3 Guernsey Arms issue tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 5.6.1945 Res £22
  5. POST OCCUPATION Registered cover to Rotherham with GEO VI 2d & 2½d values and Guernsey 1d Arms tied by GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS s/rings dated 8.6.1945 Res £22


  1. HMS DILLIGENCE-Postcard addressed to Ashford, Kent with ½d GEO V stamp tied by the XXXX Krag cancel. Below is Gould 6B3 circular framed PASSED/BY/CENSOR Res £10
  2. RUSSIA/PALESTINE/ITALY/GERMANY-Small correspondence of postcards addressed to Wadebridge, Cornwall and one addressed to ARCHANGEL, RUSSIA From Palestine, cancelled by the SZ7 skeleton dated 23.4.1917. Others include one from Archangel, one from Murmansk, one from Hamburg [1919], one from the British Naval Transport Officer, Naples with Transport Office cancel dated 6.7.1918 and one from Rome cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/LB dated 22.9.1918 [6] Res £65
  3. PASSED/CENSOR/1-S/ring censor mark in black-blue ink on postcard of Edinburgh addressed to Gaddesby, Leics. The ½d stamp is tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel Res £10
  4. HOSPITAL SHIP “ST DAVID”-Postcard of the Hospital Ship addressed to Stalybridge with nice, unframed RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED struck at top in violet ink. The writer tells of having arrived in England and he will let his wife know which hospital he will be in Res £22
  5. HOSPITAL SHIP “OXFORDSHIRE”-Postcard of the Hospital Ship addressed to Taunton with red inked SOUTHAMPTON/PAID cancel dated 2.6.1915. He tells his wife that this is the ship he came back to England on Res £20
  6. IMMINGHAM DOCKS-Real photo postcard of the Sheds at Immingham [with Immingham erased] addressed to Ashford, Kent, cancelled by the London “Received From” etc. on 19.4.1915. The card is written from the Docks at Immingham and has the square framed PASSED/BY/CENSOR applied in purple ink Res £15
  7. HMS ERIN-Real photo postcard of the ship written from there to Kidderminster with s/line PASSED CENSOR in violet ink and distorted rubber in black ink “Received From” etc Res £12
  8. N.A.S-Cover addressed to Minehead, cancelled by the London “Received From” etc. on 26.6.1916. At top right is the green inked CENOSOR mark with 4/W in the central “O” Res £15
  9. HMS BRITANNIA-Cover addressed to RYE with Gould 5A46 CENSORED struck in violet ink. The 1d stamp is tied by a very distinctive “K” cork cancel Res £15
  10. PASSED NAVAL/CENSOR R.G.M-Framed mark in blue ink on cover cancelled by LONDON d/ring dated 10.7.1915 addressed to Taunton Res £15
  11. CENSORED URGENT-Two separate strikes in red ink on small registered cover addressed to Rye with 3 x 1d values tied by oval registered cancels of LONDON dated 27.10.1914. At top left is the London, I.S registration label Res £15
  12. HMS PARIS-Censored cover addressed to the former merchant vessel used as a minelayer, with 1d stamp tied by the distinctive cork cross cancel. At top left is the manuscript censor mark Res £20
  13. M SUBMARINE K2-Cover addressed to London with 1d tied by 8 bar dumb cancel. At bottom left is the circular PASSED BY/CENSOR in red ink. At top is the manuscript HM SUBMARINE K2 Res £25
  14. COVER Addressed to Edinburgh with a pair of ½d values tied by the anonymous machine cancel BUY NATIONAL/WAR BONDS/NOW with town die removed for security reasons. The lower ½d is further tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. At top is he distorted rubber cancel PASSED BY CENSOR in blue ink-see illustration Res £25
  15. HMS ROYAL OAK-Headed notepaper and envelope in mint condition Res £12
  1. FREE POSTAGE/H.M SHIPS-WWII Cover addressed to Glasgow with the framed mark in red ink at top left. Also with naval tombstone censor [undated] and unframed RECEIVED FROM/HM SHIPS in black Res £12
  2. HMS SALADIN-GEO VI 5½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Runcorn, cancelled by the undated d/rings POST OFFICE/MARITIME MAIL. At top left is the M.M 433 registration label. The sender gives his address details on the back and has tombstone censor signed by the writer on 24.7.1944 Res £22
  3. POLISH SUBMARINE “WILK”-Cover addressed to Brigadier Sir David Petrie of M.I.5 at the War Office with Polish 55Gr tied by the framed Polish Marine cancel No.27-attributed to the “WILK”, dated 17.12.1943. At bottom left is the naval tombstone censor dated 15.12.1943-see illustration Res £35
  4. HMS DIAMOND-Cover addressed to Kendal with GEO VI 1½d green tied by undated d/ring POST OFFICE/MARITIME MAIL. On the back is a cut-out crest of the Diamond with the annotation, HMS DIAMOND “ON THE CLYDE” with the s/line date 3.7.1952 Res £8
  5. COMMANDO/NORWAY-Christmas 1973 greetings card with a photo inside of the MAALOEY BRIDGE, Norway which was the target [successfully] of Royal Marines Commandoes in 1941 Res £7


  1. LOVELY 1d MULREADY Wrapper addressed to London, cancelled by the orange Maltese cross cancel of [Kings] Lynn on 11.9.1840 [a Friday]-see illustration Res £125
  2. 2d BLUE MULREADY Wrapper in folded-to-shape, in unused condition and with a97 on the back flap-see illustration. Res £95
  3. QV 2d blue envelope with silk threads at bottom right in unused condition Res £35
  4. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to GIBRALTAR, “SPAIN” with added ½d green tied by two strikes of the WEST HARTLEPOOL-029 3 bar duplex cancel dated 24.3.1884, arriving on 29th March Res £22
  5. QV ½d vermillion advertising envelope from YOUNG & MARTEN, Merchants & Manufacturers of Stratford addressed to Loughborough on 12.3.1891 Res £25
  6. POST OFFICE INLAND TELEGRAM With embossed 6d purple with date slugs 6.9.1889 in folded [in half], unused condition-very clean Res £28
  7. QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Belgium with 2½d Jubilee tied by oval registered cancel of the S.E.D.O dated 27.4.1887. On arrival, the BELGIQUE red on white registration label was affixed at left Res £12
  8. THE EASTERN TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED-1/2d brown printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Colchester from London with dumb cancel Ca.1890 Res £9
  9. QV 1d vermilion postcard with SPECIMEN overprint across the stamp impression-lovely condition Res £22
  10. REGISTERED ENVELOPE-Formula envelope size F in unused condition with space for two normal definitive stamps Res £15
  11. QV 1d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with added 2d Jubilee value tied by d/ring BOURNEMOUTH/7 dated 11.9.1899 Res £12
  12. BAXENDALE & COMPANY, MANCHESTER-Pictorial QV ½d green newspaper wrapper addressed to Widnes, cancelled by d/ring MANCHESTER dated 28.11.1901 Res £18
  13. REGISTERED 1d EDW VII newspaper wrapper addressed to Austria with added ½d & 3d values tied by oval registered cancels of MARK LANE dated 29.11.1905 Res £22
  14. EDW VII Longer OHMS envelope to “THE SURVEYOR OF TAXES” with s/line EXETER added-folded as is usual for a stamped, addressed envelope Res £25
  15. MAPLE & COMPANY-Lovely advertising postcard being an advise of furniture and marble being dispatched by the LNWR to the addressee at Birmingham, from London on 22.12.1906 Res £22
  16. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The 1d blue pictorial envelope marking the 1890 Jubilee addressed to Poole, cancelled by the d/ring ACTON W/5 dated 14.1.1911. Not taxed as being “out of reign”, so accepted as payment of postage in full-see illustration Res £25
  17. EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Zurich with added 7d value tied by s/ring of KILBURN dated 15.9.1911 Res £45
  18. UNIVERSITIES & PUBLIC SCHOOLS ATHLETIC CLUB-GEO V ½d postcard pre-addressed to WEMBLEY PARK with details on the back of probable Ball tickets likely to be required on 5.2.1913-mint condition Res £12
  19. GERMAN CURRENCY CONTROL TAPE-GEO V 5d registered envelope size G addressed to Germany with added 1d tied by oval registered cancel of HATTON GARDEN dated 27.4.1922. At right is the currency control tape, tied front and back by German cachet Res £22
  20. MANCHESTER SPINNERS-GEO V ½d oval die on “PRINTED PAPER” postcard without Coat of Arms and with details on the back about reps calling in the future. Mint condition Res £8
  21. GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size G with added oval 1d die placed below-mint condition Res £10
  22. THE OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION LIMITED - QEII 2d brown postcard with text in blue and compensation £2000 addressed to Wembley, cancelled by HOUNSLOW machine cancel dated 3.3.1958 Res £12
  23. PLAIN CARD –[No Postcard or coat of arms at top] with QEII ½d orange and 2d brown dies-mint condition Res £8
  24. QEII 23p Machin registered envelope size G with added 2p green below. Pristine condition Res £15
  25. QEII 3p Machin + 3p Machin reply card [not GPO issue] addressed to Manitoba, Canada, cancelled by s/ring BILLESDON POSTBUS / LEICESTER dated 6.9.1973. The still attached card is cancelled by machine cancel FLIN FLON/MANITOBA dated 10.10.1973 Res £8


  1. GLOUCESTER/STATION-Currently the EARLIEST RAILWAY STATION CANCEL IN THE WORLD That I have seen-Dated d/arc cancel as a receiver on the back of an entire addressed to Gloucester from London on 18.3.1842 with index A-see illustration Res £275
  2. GLOUCESTER/STATION-Dated d/arc cancel dated 4.8.1843 on stampless, prepaid ADVERTISING cover addressed to Gloucester from BROADWAY. Inside the envelope is a full advert for STOCKEN Stamped 1d envelopes Res £65
  3. SHERBURN STATION-Scarce undated thimble cancel on side flap of small envelope addressed to London, via York on 20.9.1859 [Latest recorded date of just four recorded]. Side flap opens out to display very nicely. Also on the back is the further undated thimble cancel of WYKEHAM-see illustration Res £65
  4. FARNBORO’ STATION-023 Circular duplex cancel dated 18.10.1864 with index C ties 6d value [small corner letters] to mourning cover addressed to YORKE’S PENINSULAR, AUSTRALIA. At top is the framed MIS-SENT TO/MELBOURNE, VICTORIA in blue ink and below, the arrival mark dated 16.12.1864. Carried variously by the ships “CEYLON”, “MOOLTAN” and “BOMBAY”-See illustration Res £125
  5. ASHFORD/STATION OFFICE-31 Duplex cancel dated 6.11.1889 ties 1d lilac to small OHMS Income Tax envelope addressed to Bethersden Res £18
  6. BRIGHTON STATION/R.L-The Returned Letter s/ring dated 26.6.1893 on front of snmall OHMS cover addressed within Brighton with ½d I.R/OFFICIAL tied by Brighton duplex cancel dated 23.6.1893. On the back is the framed NOT TO BE FOUND/132 Res £25
  7. NORMANTON STATION-THE UNIQUE SQUARED CIRCLE Cancel dated 14.3.1895 with index C ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Halesworth, Suffolk. One further example is known in the Late Ted Kertzner collection, but is only cancelling the stamp PARTIALLY only, on piece-see illustration Res £500
  8. KNOWLE STATION-S/ring transit mark dated 15.1.1897 with index B on back of cover from Birmingham Res £25
  9. AYSGARTH STATION-Early squared circle cancel dated 1.5.1897 with index sideways C cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to West Hartlepool. Embossed upon the card is the the address, given as: THE VICARAGE/AYSGARTH/YORKS R.S.O Res £25
  10. BROADSTAIRS STATION-One of just two recorded examples of the early skeleton cancel dated 3.10.1900 [earliest date] as an arrival mark on picture side of a postcarfd from Switzerland-see illustration Res £45
  11. FRESHWATER STATION/I OF WIGHT-H06 Duplex cancel dated 5.1.1901 with index C cancels ½d vermilion envelope addressed to Yarmouth which was unable to be delivered Res £22
  12. BIRMINGHAM [SNOW HILL] STN/G.W.RY-S/ring cancel dated 23.1.1905 cancels GWR Railway Dispatch Telegram. The ONLY RECORDED DATE of use Res £45
  13. KNEBWORTH STN/STEVENAGE-Superb strike of the scarce skeleton cancel dated 17.2.1911 ties stamp to postcard of Datchworth church addressed to Marlborough College Res £30
  14. DUNSYRE/CARSTAIRS JUNCTION/LANARKSHIRE-Rubber cancel dated 8.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £28
  15. FESHWATER STN/I OF WIGHT-Skeleton cancel dated 8.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard. Some wording missing from the bottom of the cancel Res £22
  16. HIGH PEAK JUNCTION/MATLOCK-Scarce rubber cancel dated 12.11.1912 [Earliest date] ties stamp to postcard Res £40
  17. LIVERPOOL ST STATION/GT EASTERN RY-S/ring dated 20.11.1914 cancels GPO Telegraph handed in at Winchester Res £25
  18. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STN-Very scarce skeleton cancel dated 13.2.1921 ties 2d stamp to cover addressed to Bournemouth-just TWO EXAMPLES KNOWN-See illustration Res £45
  1. POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid postcard from Las Palmas addressed to Crewe with GB GEO V 1d tied by PAQUEBOT/LIVERPOOL 1 dated 8.10.1923. Taxed 1½d in Liverpool, the ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by d/ring CREWE STATION/1 dated 8.10.1923-Station cancels on postage dues are rare!! Res £30
  2. POSTAGE DUE-Stampless, unpaid postcard from Bournemouth addressed to Freshwater Bay on 13.6.1928 with 2d/B60 tax mark of Bournemouth at bottom right. The 2d postage due is tied by s/ring FRESHWATER STATION/I OF W dated 14.6.1928 Res £30
  3. NUNTHORPE STATION/NUNTHORPE/YORKS-The UNIQUE rubber cancel dated 7.12.1933 ties GEO V 1d x 2, 4d & 5d values to airmail cover addressed to BANGKOK, arriving on 18.12.1933-see illustration Res £45
  4. IRELAND-Pictorial official envelope of the Great Northern Railway of Ireland addressed to the USA with 2d value tied by the UNIQUE d/ring cancel STASION/DUNDEALGAN O.S dated 13.4.1937-see illustration Res £35
  5. WWI ILLUSTRATED AIRGRAPH For Christmas 1944 addressed to DRIFTSANDS AIR SCHOOL, South Africa, cancelled by s/ring WATERLOO STATION B.O. S.E.1 dated 3.11.1944 with index 3. Only three airgraphs have been recorded used from railway station Res £28
  6. COMMONWEALTH REPLY COUPON-GB 3d coupon issued at EUSTON STATION and cancelled by the d/ring EUSTON STATION N.W.1/2 dated 4.5.1956 and placed on the back of a cover addressed to the British Transport Commission, London from Jamaica. On the front is the cancel LONG BAY/JAMAICA dated 24.5.1956-see illustration Res £45
  7. IRELAND-Neat little commercial cover addressed to Cheshire with QEII 2½p Machin tied by the very elusive s/ring BALLYCARRY STATION/BELFAST 2 dated 16.3.1971 [Earliest of two recorded dates]-see illustration Res £22


  1. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-Entire addressed to Scotland from London with four margin 1d red imperf tied by No.14 diamond numeral cancel of London on 22.6.1853. Alongside is the black inked CR cancel Res £20
  2. ST PAUL’S, WALWORTH-Early flier for the Annual Excursion to BROADSTAIRS with pick-up from WALWORTH ROAD STATION on 27.8.1867, calling at Margate & Ramsgate Res £25
  3. GALLOWAY/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 23.4.1879 ties 1d red to cover addressed to Edinburgh. Alongside is a further, equally good strike. Some filing notes on front of envelope Res £25
  4. T/MANCHESTER-S/ring arrival/transit mark dated 15.7.1870 with index 6 on back of 1d pink envelope cancelled by 4VOD RHYL dated the previous day Res £22
  5. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 30.12.1892 with index E cancels 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Switzerland Res £22
  6. LATE FEE-Postcard of London addressed to France with EDW VII 1d tied by hooded circle cancel LONDON/L3d dated 21.2.1902 with index 5. Below is the s/ring TOO LATE/F.B.G.P.O in black ink Res £12
  7. FIFE SORTING TENDER UP/458-Scots nuleral d/ring dated 17.7.1903 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  8. NORWICH SORTING TENDER/DOWN-S/ring dated 23.5.1907 without index or time, ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. BANSHA RSO/Co. TIP-Four line cancel dated 5.11.1909 with time 4pm ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. PARKSTONE R.S.O/DORSET-S/Ring transit/arrival mark dated 18.10.1910 with index * on postcard from Canada redirected to Poole upon arrival. Also with s/ring PARKSTONE S.O/DORSET dated same day Res £6
  11. EXETER & TORRINGTON S.C/UP-Two strikes dated 20.3.1911 ties a pair of EDW VII ½d values to trade postcard from Yeo Vale, Lapford, Devon to Chulmleigh Res £12
  12. GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY-Souvenir pictorial letter card addressed to Harrow with 1d stamp tied by s/ring CHORLON-CUM-HARDY/MANCHESTER dated 13.4.1911 Res £8
  13. LINCOLN SORTING CARRIAGE/WEST/+ D/ring dated 18.9.1915 with index WEST ties stamp to postcard addressed to Nottingham Res £20
  14. SOUTH EASTERN/T.P.O-D/rings dated 11.9.1922 with index DOWN ties 2 x 1d & a single 2d GEO V values to undelivered cover addressed to MARDEN, KENT Res £22
  15. PM N.W NIGHT MAIL-S/rings dated 16.3.1924 ties GEO V ½d, 1d & 1½d to George King cover Res £18
  16. LIVERPOOL HUDDERSFIELD/RLY S.C-D/rings dated 25.4.1927 without time or index ties GEO V ½d & 1½d values to small cover addressed to London Res £22
  17. EAST ANGLIAN TPO DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 14.8.1934 on back of commercial cover from RAMSEY, Hunts addressed to Barclays Bank. Ipswich Res £12
  18. BLACK FOREST-Lovely advertising German postcard “SCHWARZWALDBAHN” addressed to Hamburg with 3Rpf Hindenburg value tied by special unframed circular cancel for the German philatelic exhibition being held on the German ship “OCEANA” on 13.6.1938 Res £18
  19. WWII-Press photograph showing school children SORTING LETTERS ON A TPO?? The caption is in French and is dated 23.12.1944 Res £20
  20. CRASH MAIL-Cover from New York addressed to Pennsylvania on 26.3.1964. Cover shows signs of having been on fire and is accompanied by a mimeographed slip stating that the letter was damaged by fire in RPO NY & Washington 191 on 27.3.1964 Res £35


  1. CLEATOR & WORKINGTON JUNCTION RAILWAY-UNMOUNTED MINT Bottom left corner block of four of the first issue in pristine condition Res £20
  2. CLEATOR & WORKINGTON JUNCTION RAILWAY-UNMOUNTED MINT Bottom left corner block of four of the second issue with two bottom stamps imperforate at bottom to the margin Res £20
  3. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Lightly mounted mint bottom left corner block of four of the second issue with left stamps imperforate to the side margins. [2 stamps unmounted] Res £15
  4. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Unmounted mint left side block of four from the 3rd printing of August 1894 Res £18
  6. DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS COMPANY-1d vermillion, black and white label and two 1d yellow, black and red labels; all nicely used Res £18
  7. MANCHESTER SOUTH JUNCTION & ALTRINCHAM RAILWAY-Two different issues of the 1d purple prepaid newspaper parcel stamps, 2d and single newspaper stamp in lilac; all unused [4] Res £18
  8. LANCASHIRE & YORKSHIRE RAILWAY-UNMOUNTED MINT 6d Prepaid newspaper parcel stamp-scarce in this condition Res £12
  9. LANCASHIRE & YORKSHIRE RAILWAY-Complete sheet of the 3d RLS in unmounted mint condition [6] Res £15
  10. THE POTTERIES MOTOR TRACTION COMPANY-Unmounted mint top right corner block of 6 of the 3d paid parcel stamps Res £15


  1. KING EDWARDS HOSPITAL FUND FOR LONDON-Frontispiece “Today & Tomorrow” with a 5/- blue 1893 Prince of Wales Hospital Fund stamp affixed centrally Res £22
  2. 1897 PRINCE OF WALES HOSPITAL FUND Bottom left corner block of six in UNMOUNTED MINT Condition-see illustration Res £35
  3. MARLBOROUGH HOUSE Crested envelope and notepaper addressed to Chippenham from KNOLLYS with 1d lilac tied by LONDON/S.W squared circle cancel dated 16.3.1900. Knollys writes that the Prince of Wales is unable to offer patronage to a poem or song submitted to the Prince Res £22
  4. PRIVY PURSE OFFICE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE-Crested notepaper & envelope addressed as previous lot with much the same message from Queen Victoria. Signed by Sir Arthur Bigge, Private Secretary to The Queen Res £30
  5. ANGLO INDIAN & DOMICILED EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION Envelope addressed to Bombay with QV 9 Pies value tied by s/ring HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES’ CAMP P.O dated 5.3.1922 with time 3pm Res £22
  6. EDW VIII-Unused little cotton flag with portrait at centre made for his cancelled Coronation in 1936 Res £20
  7. MAIL OFFICE/DATE/H.M YACHT BRITANNIA-Framed cachet in blue ink dated 3.8.1974 on cover addressed to Sussex from COWES on the same day Res £10
  8. FLAG OFFICER / ROYAL YACHTS / DATE / H.M YACHT / BRITANNIA - Framed cachet on forces airmail letter sheet addressed to Essex from COWES on 6.8.1974 Res £10
  9. MASTER OF THE HORSE/CROWN/THE ROYAL MEWS, S.W.1-Oval cachet in blue ink on crested envelope from London to Stafford with letter with heading THE ROYAL MEWS/BUCKINGHAM PALACE dated 13.5.1975 Giving details of opening times etc. Also comes with a typed, headed card from the Royal Mews with message Res £25
  10. ROYAL VISIT-Airmail cover addressed to Austria with FIJI $1 Silver Jubilee value tied by first day cancel of Suva dated 1.11.1982 marking the Royal Visit. At left is the framed cachet MAIL OFFICE/DATE/H.M YACHT BRITANNIA dated 1.11.1982 and below, is the d/ring, crowned EIIR/THE ROYAL YACHT in red ink Res £22


  1. LLANGOLLEN-PPL From here with 1½d & 6d Jubilee values tied by s/rings dated 28.9.1891 Res £22
  2. 2, REFORM TERRACE, PARK LANE-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring TOTTENHAM/PARK LANE dated 13.10.1892-no stamps ever affixed Res £18
  3. CHARMOUTH, Under Bridport-PPL From here, cancelled by uncommon CHARMOUTH squared circle dated 8.7.1893-no stamps ever affixed Res £22
  4. FORTUNESWELL, PORTLAND, Under Weymouth-PPL From here with 3d Jubilee tied by nice target parcel cancel WATERLOO [station] and with s/ring FORTUNESWELL/ PORTLAND alongside, dated 8.11.1894 Res £25
  5. DORCHESTER, FORDINGTON-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring DORCHESTER dated 8.5.1894. No stamps ever affixed-Fordington labels are exceedingly uncommon!! Res £22
  6. BRIDGWATER-PPL From here with 4d Jubilee value tied by indistinct cancel [may not belong]. At right is the uncommon BRIDGWATER/PARCELS POST s/ring dated 18.4.1899 Res £22
  7. NORTH SHIELDS-PPL From here with 5d Jubilee value tied by s/ring dated 29.12.1899. An equally good further strike is alongside Res £25
  8. HARROGATE-PPL From here with 6d Jubilee tied by s/ring dated 29.12.1899. Similarly, there is a further strike alongside Res £22
  9. HENSTRIDGE, Under Blandford-PPL From here with 6d Jubilee tied by the superb strike of the BATH target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring HENSTRIDGE dated 29.11.1901 Res £25
  10. 402, EUSTON ROAD-Blue London PPL From here with EDW VII 4d tied by N.W/PARCEL OFFICE target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring EUSTON RD B.O/NR OSNABURCH ST N dated 7.4.1903 Res £22
  11. LONDON, BRUCE GROVE, TOTTENHAM-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d tied by target parcel cancel OTTENHAM B.O/N. Alongside is the s/ring TOTTENHAM/BRUCE GROVE dated 24.8.1906 Res £22
  12. HEATHERLANDS, PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring HEATHERLANDS/PARKSTONE dated 12.6.1908. No stamps ever affixed Res £15
  13. STURMINSTER NEWTON, Under Blandford-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by the target parcel cancel STURMINSTER/NEWTON. Alongside is the s/ring STURMINSTER NEWTON S.O/DORSET dated 20.6.1916 Res £22
  14. DORCHESTER, HIGH WEST STREET-PPL From here with GEO V 6d marginal example tied by s/rings HIGH WEST ST/DORCHESTER dated 31.3.1916 Res £22
  15. ASHLEY ROAD EAST, PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring ASHLEY RD EAST/PARKSTONE dated 14.12.1917. No stamps ever affixed Res £22

RUBBER CANCELS [Violet ink unless stated]

  1. EDGEWORTH/CIRENCESTER-Cancel dated 9.12.1904 on postcard from Cirencester addressed to London Res £9
  2. LONG BREDY/DORCHESTER-Cancel dated 7.1.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  3. MILTON-ON-STOUR/GILLINGHAM/DORSET-Cancel dated 10.11.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. HARMER GREEN/WELWYN-Cancel dated 13.2.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. CONDERTON/TEWKSBURY-Cancel dated 12.2.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. DOXEY/STAFFORD-Cancel dated 9.9.1908 on postcard from Stafford to Oxford Res £9
  7. DETLING/MAIDSTONE-Cancel dated 31.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. LAMORNA/PENZANCE-Very deep violet cancel dated 28.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. WINERBORNE ZELSTONE/BLANDFORD-Cancel dated 24.12.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  10. DEWLISH/DORCHESTER-Cancel dated 1.4.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  11. CORTINGTON/UPTON LEVEL/WILTS-Cancel dated 23.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard. Note spelling of Upton Lovell Res £20
  12. HOVE EDGE/HALIFAX-Cancel dated 30.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  13. BACTON/HEREFORD-Black cancel dated 22.6.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  14. KILMACANOGUE/BRAY-Violet/black cancel dated 4.7.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  15. BERWICK/SHREWSBURY-Black cancel dated 28.2.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. CHARTER ALLEY/BASINGSTOKE-Black cancel dated 29.7.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  17. BLOFIELD CORNER/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 28.11.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  18. BOWLER’S GREEN/GODALMING-Black cancel dated 22.7.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  19. ROOKSBRIDGE/AXBRIDGE/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 23.2.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  20. WATERROW/TAUNTON/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 29.9.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. CHAPELTOWN RD/LEEDS-Cancel dated 7.11.1884 with index C ties perfin JS/L 1d lilac to wrapper addressed to Scotland Res £12
  2. SITTINGBOURNE-Cancel dated 26.4.1886 with index D ties stamp to cover Res £18
  3. SCARBOROUGH-Cancel dated 21.10.1892 with index 1L ties 2½d Jubilee value to cover addressed to the USA Res £12
  4. HERTFORD-Cancel dated 13.2.1894 with index code H*P on cover from Braintree addressed to Ware Res £15
  5. WREXHAM-Superb cancel dated 9.7.1894 with index F cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to Carnarvon Res £15
  6. STRETFORD-Cancel dated 29.8.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  7. GLOSSOP-Cancel dated 31.10.1904 with time 5pm ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  8. CALLESTICK-Cancel dated 22.1.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  9. MOSSLEY-Cancel dated 2.7.1906 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  10. KIRKHAM ABBEY-Cancel dated 20.8.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. 54 ATTLEBOROUGH-3VOS dated 30.6.1880 with index C ties stamp to cover Res £35
  2. 123 BRIDGWATER-3VOS cancels ½d vermilion envelope addressed locally, Ca.1895 Res £55
  3. 338 HARROGATE-3HOSX [Bars instead of side arcs] cancels 1d red imperf on cover to Bedale on 21.10.1853-see illustration Res £35
  4. 492 MAIDENHEAD-1844 Type cancel on 1d pink envelope addressed to London on 1.7.1844-a very early date Res £20
  5. 624 POOLE-Large type sideways duplex cancel dated 6.5.1857 ties stamp to cover Res £18
  6. 708 SHREWSBURY-SPOON Cancel dated 27.6.1856 with index D ties stamp to cover Res £20
  7. 794 WATTON, NORFOLK-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to London on 20.1.1845. On the back is the undated d/arc cancel WATTON NORFOLK Res £25
  8. 878 WIGAN-1844 Type cancel tied 1d red imperf to entire addressed to St Helens on 10.5.1848 Res £12
  9. 884 HENSTRIDGE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to Yeovil on 3.11.1851 Res £30
  10. 996 STURMINSTER NEWTON-3VOS ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Wales on 4.8.1877 Res £35
  11. 048 NORMANTON-Sideways duplex [large type] ties 1d red stars to cover addressed to Leeds on 8.8.1856 Res £22
  12. B88 SANDOWN-4VOS ties 1d red plate 149 to cover addressed to Chester on 6.2.1873 Res £22
  13. B89 SHANKLIN-3VOS ties stamp to cover addressed to London on 9.8.1878-see illustration Res £40
  14. D66 GILLINGHAM, DORSET-3VOS ties stamp to cover on 9.12.1878 Res £40
  15. IRISH 62-BELFAST SPOON Cancel [English] ties 1d red stars to entire addressed to Ballymoney on 10.9.1856-a superb strike!! Res £25


  1. OBTAINED AT THE/HOUSE/ON/THE PROPS/POLPERRO-Green inked circular cachet on postcard of Polperro-unused Res £5
  2. HAMLET’S/ELSINORE/CASTLE-Black cancel on unrelated postcard-unused Res £4
  3. HOLIDAY GREETINGS FROM LANDS END-Pictorial circular buckle type cachet in red as well as the framed POSTED AT/LANDS END-CORNWALL-ENGLAND, also in red on postcard to Waterlooville posted on 31.7.1998 Res £6
  4. POSTED IN/CORONATION STREET-Black cachet on postcard of The Street addressed to Diss with 19p pictorial meter cancel of WEATHERFIELD dated 2.9.1994 and Manchester mark dated the same day Res £6
  5. POSTED AT/LANDS END-CORNWALL-ENGLAND Framed pictorial cachet as well as circular framed POSTED AT / LANDS / END / CORNWALL ENGLAND; both in red ink on postcard dated June 1995 Res £5
  6. BRITAIN’S NORTHERN MOST / POST OFFICE / DATE / HAROLDSWICK / UNST SHETLAND- Unframed mark in black ties 2nd class stamp to postcard on 5.7.1995 Res £5
  7. POSTED AT BLISTS HILL/IRONBRIDGE SHROPSHIRE-Circular pictorial cachet in red ink on postcard dated 1.7.1998 Res £6
  8. SNAEFELL SUMMIT / DATE / SNAEFELL / MOUNTAIN / RAILWAY - Black inked cachet dated 9.7.2003 on unused postcard Res £4
  9. BRITAINS MOST NORTHERLY/POST OFFICE / BALTA SOUND / UNST / SHETLAND-Pictorial cachet ties Scottish 2nd class stamp to postcard-undated, but Ca.2005 Res £5
  10. POSTED ON/BROWNSEA ISLAND-The “Map” cachet in brown on postcard dated 15.6.2009 Res £6


  1. 1753 ENTIRE Addressed to Anstruther with the instruction to “TURN AT CAXTON” with a very nice LYNN/REGIS on the back flap-opens out to display quite nicely Res £125
  2. 1783 ENTIRE Addressed to Norwich with very good strike of the s/line LYNN on the back flap in black ink-lovely strike on very clean entire Res £55
  3. 1786 ENTIRE Addressed to the Bank of England with scarce first type mileage mark 99 LYNN in black ink at top left. At right is a superb strike of the red inked, large Inspector’s Crown-see illustration Res £65
  4. RYEGATE-Lovely strike of the s/line mark in black at bottom left of Free Front addressed to London on 15.7.1791. At top right is the d/ring FREE/JY/13/91/P in red ink-nice! Res £40
  5. FREE-1799 [4th December] Free Front addressed to London from Ipswich with curved IPSWICH in black ink at top right. At left is the Crowned FREE in red ink, dated the following day. This is one of the EXPERIMENTAL “FREES” & a nice example to boot!! See illustration Res £175
  6. LYNN/21 NOV 1804-Super strike of the dated s/line cancel in black ink at top right of an entire addressed to Wymondham Res £55
  7. LYNN/PENNY POST-24th April 1827 wrapper addressed to Fakenham with the unframed mark in black ink at top right. On the opened out back flap is the framed No.2 Receiving House mark Res £28
  8. YARMOUTH I W-Wrapper addressed to the Mayor-Elect at Norwich with the unframed horseshoe cancel struck very nicely on the back-opens out to display both sides- and has a London transit mark dated 24.5.1832 and has the seal of Sir Graham Hammond on the back Res £45
  9. LYNN/PENNY POST-The unframed italic cancel in black ink at top left of wrapper addressed to Lynn and with the superb strike of the unframed No.6 Receiving House mark at top right-superb pair of marks on very clean wrapper-see illustration Res £45
  10. LYNN/PENNY POST-A similar cancel at top left on entire addressed to Fakenham with the unframed No.1 Receiving House mark at top right Res £45
  11. WRAPPER Addressed to London with an imperf 1d red tied by a SUPERB strike of the BURNHAM [Norfolk] Maltese cross on 25.8.1841. On the back is he BURNHAM undated d/arc cancel Res £25
  12. RYDE-Small cover addressed to Rochester with 1d red imperf tied by 1844 type numeral 666 on 17.9.1845 Res £12
  13. MILTON/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in RED INK on the front of an entire addressed to Connecticut [Milton Next Sittingbourne] with the Sittingbourne mark alongside, dated 23.10.1848. carried from Liverpool on the Cunard vessel “AMERICA” to New York at the retaliatory rate of 29c [24c Transatlantic & 5 cents inland postage] Res £75
  14. BITTERN/PENNY POST-Blue unframed mark on back of cover addressed to Bournemouth with 1d red imperf tied by the 723 cancel of Southampton on 2.4.1850 Res £22
  15. WARGRAVE Undated d/arc in blue-green on back of cover addressed to Stansted House, Herts on 16.9.1858. The stamp is tied by numeral cancel 355 of Henley-on-Thames Res £22
  16. CAMDEN TN/PRINCESS TERR-Undated thimble cancel on back of cover from London to BATTLE, Sussex with circular framed TOO LATE/GPO on the front Res £22
  17. WINDERMERE-976 Circular duplex cancel dated 12.8.1859 ties a 4d pink [no corner letters] to entire pre-addressed to the Cumberland Union Bank, Workington. Lovely looker!! Res £45
  18. EDINBURGH TO EGYPT-Small cover addressed to Alexandria with 3 x 1d stars and a 6d lilac [no corner letters] tied by the EDINBURGH-*131* duplex cancels on 17.11.1861-nice!! Res £65
  19. REGISTERED ENTIRE TO EDINBURGH With 1d red and 4d orange tied by 466 3HOS cancels on 17.12.1876. Alongside at left is the unframed CROWN/REGISTERED in black, the oval registered cancel of Liverpool in red and the s/ring CASTLE ST/LIVERPOOL dated the same day Res £55
  20. LATE FEE TO MADRID-Wrapper addressed to Madrid with 1d red plate 95 and 1/- green plate 4 tied by vertical oval numerals 1 in diamond of London on 18.4.1867-see illustration Res £65
  21. LONDON TO AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to Melbourne “TO BE CALLED FOR” with 6d lilac from plate 6 tied by LONDON E-E/22 Duplex cancel dated 30.10.1868. Below is the Melbourne arrival mark dated 23.12.1868 and a further strike on the back, dated the previous day Res £45
  22. MOURNING-Lovely black-edged invoice from SINCLAIR & SONS, FURNISHING UNDERTAKERS of Finsbury together with the mourning envelope addressed to Stoke Newington. Would make a wonderful page!! Res £30
  23. QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Stuttgart with 2½d rosy mauve plate 9 tied by dumb cancel. Alongside is he REGISTERED/E.D.O s/ring in red ink, dated 7.9.1878. At bottom left is the German registration label VOM AUSLANDE UBER/BAHNP 10 VERVIERS-COLNE - See illustration Res £35
  24. GREETINGS CARD-VERY, VERY Fancy and intricate design of a greetings card with flowers on the front and which silver intricate panels serve as an envelope on the back. No place for an address, but really nice Res £30
  25. MANCHESTER TO VENEZUELA-Wrapper addressed to CARACAS with 4d green tied by Manchester duplex cancel dated 22.9.1895 with index W46. Travelled via the Calais to Paris TPO to catch a French steamer at BORDEAUX Res £40
  26. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DELIVERY OF AN INLAND REGISTERED LETTER-Postmasters form No.87 with 2d Jubilee value tied superbly by lightly struck d/ring cancel REGISTERED/GLASGOW dated 15.4.1893. On the back is the “struck though cloth” s/ring cancel GLASGOW/SORTING TENDER dated the 18th April and the oval registered cancel of LONDON dated 16th April in red ink Res £40
  27. BLOCK OF FOUR OF THE 2½d Jubilee issue tied to cover addressed to Germany by hooded circle cancels of London, dated 8.5.1897 Res £25
  28. REGINALD BRAY POSTCARD-Card of the Brighton Mail Coach arriving at Mount Pleasant with the mail, addressed to the DRIVER OF THE BRIGHTON MAIL [COACH], Care of the GPO, London. The ACTUAL Guard of the coach has written “THIS IS NOT THE BRIGHTON MAIL COACH/& IS WRONGLY REPRESENTED AS SUCH/SIGNED “S SARGEANT”/GUARD OF BRIGHTONC” [Mail Coach] See both sides Res £125
  1. IRELAND-Irish comic postcard addressed to Worthing with an Irish 1d stamp placed over the top of a British GEO V 1d stamp and tied by Irish d/ring cancel of KILLARNEY dated 22.7.1931. Alongside is a fairly good framed cachet GLEBE HOTEL/LAKES OF/ KILLARNEY in blue ink Res £15
  2. NATIONAL SAVINGS BANK-Empty form for placing 12 x 1d stamps to be exchanged for 2 x 6d National Savings stamps which are then to be placed in a savings book. Printed blue on white, but no print date Res £15
  3. SOCIAL TELEGRAM-Mint condition illustrated telegram envelope with illustration of a gentleman & lady in Victorian garb. At top right is the code T.G 65K Res £15
  4. MAP ENVELOPE-Envelope made from a map of LOMBOK [Indonesia] addressed to Bournemouth with GEO VI 1d tied by the triangular die S.E.5 “FLY BY BRITISH AIRLINES SLOGAN. Maps were used to make envelopes after WWII as there was a national shortage of paper Res £15
  5. MAP ENVELOPE-Envelope made from a map of France addressed to London from NORWICH with GEO VI 2½d tied by machine cancel dated 6.5.1949 Res £15
  6. BISECT-Cover addressed to LINGFIELD, Surrey with EDW VIII ½d & bisected EDW VIII 2½d tied by REIGATE & REDHILL Sunburst “Post Early slogan dated 7.7.1937-not taxed, so accepted in payment for postage Res £18
  7. INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON-GB 9d coupon cancelled by s/ring LONDON CHIEF OFFICE/E.C.1 dated 8.12.1958 with index Q Res £12
  8. HIGH VALUE PARCEL-Registered mail bag tag pre-addressed to the Clydesdale Bank, Glasgow with HVP label affixed to the address side. On the back are QEII 1/- and 2 x £1 Castles tied by oval registered cancels of London dated 13.4.1966 Res £22
  9. MONEY ORDER TELEGRAM-Post Office Telegram money order for £24-00-11d cancelled initially by rubber cancel KINGUSSIE / INVERNESS-SHIRE dated 9.2.1968 and then by the s/ring version dated the same day after being checked. Below is the framed ORDER ISSUED/ORDER CHECKED in violet ink Res £22
  10. REGIONAL FDC’S FOR THE 4d Red values from Ulster, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Wales and Scotland. All are illustrated and addressed to the same person in Cheltenham Res £12
  11. IRELAND-A 5/- Postal Order issued at BALLYJAMESDUFF on 18.6.1969 and paid at KILNALECK on 11.7.1969 Res £20
  12. JAIL MAIL-Postcard of Copenhagen addressed to a prisoner in SAN QUENTIN JAIL, California with 10p GB Silver Jubilee value tied by London Jubilee cancel dated 23.6.1977. At top left is the unframed CALIF STATE PRISON/SAN QUENTIN / JUN 29 1977 / RECORDS OFFICE in black ink Res £12
  13. NATIONAL SAVINGS GIFT TOKEN-Envelope & gift token in the original wrapping depicting two horses and a dog, issued in September 1983 Res £8
  14. NATIONAL SAVINGS GIFT TOKEN-Envelope & gift token in original wrapping depicting a country house scene with a couple playing bowls-issued in September 1983 Res £8
  15. READERS DIGEST COILS-“M-A-TAHF” Card with 4p, 4p, 1p & 4p values and “M-A-BDYT” Card with ½p, 4p, 4p & 4p values [both in coil strips] Res £8
  16. ROYAL MAIL ELECTRONIC SERVICES-Red & yellow window envelope with printed “THIS LETTER WAS TRANSFERRED ELECTRONICALLY/TO ROYAL MAIL FOR DELIVERY TODAY”. Inside is a letter from the Philatelic Bureau referring to the Diana, Princess of Wales issue of stamps. Also comes with a further, empty envelope Res £8
  17. RETURNED FROM ABROAD/WITHOUT REASON/FOR NON-DELIVERY. Unframed mark on front of a cover with contents addressed [although it doesn’t say so, to Denmark] from WESTON SUPER MARE with the manuscript PLEASE TRY AGAIN on the front and SORRY, I FORGOT TO WRITE DENMARK, on the back!! Res £8


  1. ADEN-Egyptian postcard addressed to Southampton with Indian EDW VII 1 Anna tied by super strike of the s/ring ADEN dated 26.1.1906 Res £6
  2. ADEN-Postcard of the “MAALA VIEW OF WHARF” addressed to Germany with Indian 1 Anna tied by d/ring DEN dated 27.4.1912. Alongside is the French octagonal maritime sorter mark YOKOHAMA A MARSEILLE No.3 dated the same day Res £22
  3. AUSTRALIA, N.S.W-Postcard addressed to West Maitland with 1d rose tied by 128 starburst numeral with s/ring LOCHINVAR/N.S.W alongside, dated 24.12.1906 Res £12
  4. AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND-QV 1d brown pictorial postal stationery postcard addressed to Brisbane with image at left of the Parliament House, Brisbane. The stamp impression is cancelled by unframed circular LOGAN VILLAGE/QUEENSLAND dated 28.9.1901 Res £22
  5. AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA-Postcard of the South Esk, Corra Linn addressed to SKETTY R.S.O., Gloucestershire with 1d pictorial tied by s/ring KING’S ISLAND/TASMANIA dated 18.6.1906 Res £12
  6. AUSTRALIA-Real photo postcard of the Soldier’s Memorial Gardens addressed to Mansfield with GEO V 1d green tied by s/ring VICTOR HARBOUR/STH AUST dated 20.3.1929 Res £9
  7. BASUTOLAND-Real photo card showing locals in a village environment [not postcard, but postcard-size] with 1d 1937 Coronation value tied by d/ring ROMA MISSION dated 19.3.1938 Res £25
  8. BASUTOLAND-GEO VI ½d green postal stationery postcard addressed to MORIGA, cancelled by d/ring MAFETENG/BASUTOLAND dated 2.4.1940. Has complete, commercial message on the back Res £30
  9. BECHUANALAND-Real photo postcard of two rocky outcrops in a desert setting addressed to HUNGARY with GEO VI 1d, 1½d, 2d & 3d values tied by d/ring MUAN/B.P dated 20.5.1939 Res £25
  10. BURMA-First Day Cover addressed to a Mr Chit, Artist & Block Maker, near the P.O., TAMWE with the 10 stamps of the Japanese Occupation affixed [SG j88-97] tied by d/rings KANDAWGWAY RANGOON dated 1.10.1943. On the back is the arrival d/ring dated 3.10.1943-Huge catalogue value on cover-see illustration Res £45
  11. CAMEROON-Airmail cover registered to Scotland with Nigerian QEII 3d, 4d & 1/- values tied to the address side by blue inked skeleton cancels WUM P.A/NIGERIA dated 14.5.1955. Also on the back is the s/ring BAMENDA/CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 18.5.1955 and the registered cancel of Lagos dated 27.5.1955. Strangely, the manuscript registration mark is that of KIUM Res £18
  12. CAMEROON-Registered cover addressed to Devon with Nigerian 3d, 6d & 1/- values tied by the uncommon skeleton cancels BATIBO / CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 13.7.1959. At left is the appropriate registration label Res £22
  13. CHINA, JAPANESE OCCUPATION-Postcard addressed to SERBIA with 8 Sen brown tied by violet inked d/ring DAIREN/I.J.P.O dated 15.7.1926 Res £25
  14. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Postcard of a Sumatran Tiger [sleeping, I hope] addressed to Belgium with 2 x 2½c definitives cancelled by lovely straight line cancel PERBADENGAN in violet ink. Below is a transit mark of MEDAN dated 14.8.1911 Res £25
  15. EGYPT-Postcard of Alexandria addressed to Italy with 2, 3 & 5 Mil values tied by d/rings TRIESTE-CENTRO/ARR ORD dated 23.2.1925. Below is the unframed VAPORE/D’ALLESSANDRIA in black ink-see illustration Res £25
  16. EGYPT/ADEN-Censored airmail cover from Alexandria addressed to Aden camp with 5 x 10 Mil values tied by s/rings dated 29.8.1945. At right is the ADEN circular framed M/90 censor mark in black ink Res £25
  17. GERMAN LOCAL POST-Lovely 2Pf commemorative local post postal stationery postcard addressed within Dresden and marking 800 years of the House of Wettin in 1889. Cancelled by very good HANSA/DRESDEN cancel dated 24.6.1889-see illustration Res £30
  18. GERMANY-Postcard addressed within Germany with Austrian 5 Heller value tied by s/ring FRIEDRICHSHAFEN/AM BODENSEE dated 18.6.1904 with s/line SCHIFFSBRIEF alongside Res £25
  19. GHANA-Postal stationery airmail letter sheet 6p on 6d addressed to the BBC in London with additional old currency 4d value tied by oval cancels BURMA CAMP A/GHANA dated 17.9.1966 Res £12
  20. GOLD COAST-Postcard of CONAKRY addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring ABOSSO/CROWN/DATE/GOLD COAST dated 29.8.1907. Alongside is a further cancel and the similar cancel of SEKONDI dated the same day Res £22
  21. GOLD COAST-Real photo postcard of an old female fish seller addressed to the UK with GEO V 1d photogravure tied by d/ring ACHIMOTA/GOLD COAST dated 22.2.1934 Res £18
  22. GOLD COAST-Censored, underpaid cover to the USA with GEO VI 1½d tied by ACCRA cancel dated 6.5.1942. Alongside is the circular framed T Tax mark of the Gold Coast and alongside is the US version indicating 13c to pay. At bottom right is the superb strike of the rectangular framed CROWN/PASSED/00/2/............. in blue ink Res £22
  23. GRENADA-Postcard of the Botanical Gardens, St Vincent addressed to South Africa with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring GRENVILLE/GRENADA B.W.I dated 7.9.1904. At left is a further strike Res £25
  24. HELIGOLAND-Lovely vignette postcard “GRUN IST DAS LAND / ROTH IST DIE KANT/WEIS IST DIE SAND/DAS SIND DIE FARBEN VON HELGOLAND” With the different legends printed in the appropriate colours. On the address side is a QV 1½d/10Pf stamp, but not addressed or cancelled Res £25
  25. HELIGOLAND-Lovely [again] vignette postcard of a paddle steamer, bathing machines etc and the same colour legends as the previous lot addressed to Germany with 1½d/10Pf stamp tied by the British HELIGOLAND dated d/arc cancel on the 3rd August 1890 Res £30
  26. HONG KONG-Commercial cover addressed to CANTON with the 5c STAMP DUTY value tied by d/ring VICTORIA/HONG KONG dated 15.1.1938 Res £35
  27. INDIA-Rather rough looking postcard addressed to Govan, Scotland with EDW VII 1 Anna value tied by d/ring BACTERIOLOGICAL LABORATORY dated 21.9.1907 Res £15
  28. JAMAICA-1762 ENTIRE Addressed to London with endorsement “BY THE PACKET”. On the back is the straight line JAMAICA and Bishop mark for the 9th September-superb condition throughout Res £85
  29. JAMAICA-GEO VI 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Philadelphia, cancelled by SHOOTER’S HILL/JAMAICA cancel dated 10.1.1940. Below is binocular T/JAMAICA-CENTIMES 20 and the US NEW YORK/N.Y-DUE/4/CENTS Res £22
  30. JAPAN-Postcard of a Chinese family addressed to Missouri with 4 Sen pink tied by YOKOHAMA d/ring dated 7.11.1909 and by framed PAQUEBOT cancel in black ink-a scarce mark!! Res £25
  31. JAPAN-Postcard of Kyoto addressed to the USA with 4 Sen pink tied by superb d/ring TENYO-MARU/I.J SEA POST dated 24.10.1913-see illustration Res £25
  32. U.T-Postcard of the road around the Island, Mombasa addressed to London with GEO V 15c value tied by thin d/ring cancel THIKA / KENYA dated 2.2.1927 Res £15
  33. U.T-Postcard of Kilimanjaro addressed to Germany with the airmail cachet cancelled by large black cross. The TANGANYIKA 15c & pair of 30c values are tied by d/ring MOSHI dated 7.9.1932 Res £20
  34. U.T-Censored postcard addressed to Switzerland with GEO VI 20c value tied by d/ring NJOMBE dated 24.11.1939. Below is the framed PASSED No.18/BY CENSOR in violet ink Res £25
  35. U.T-Superb map envelope depicting the area around NYERI addressed to London with 20c GEO VI value tied by thin d/ring NYERI/KENYA dated 19.9.1949-see illustration Res £22
  36. LEVANT, BRITISH-GB QV 1d vermilion postal stationery postcard addressed to Leeds, cancelled by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE / STAMBOUL dated 2.7.1894 with index C Res £22
  37. LEVANT, FRENCH-Postcard of Constantinople addressed to the USA with 10c Sower tied by superb strike of the s/line PAQUEBOT alongside French d/ring SMYRNE/TURQUIE D’ASIE dated 2.10.1908-see illustration Res £25
  38. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to South Carolina with GB GEO V 2½d tied by he smaller d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/SALONICA dated 15.12.1913 with index B Res £22
  1. MALAYA, STRAITS-Postcard of “Farmer House, Singapore” addressed to Bridgwater with GEO V 3c red tied by d/ring TANJONG PAGAR/SINGAPORE dated 9.12.1913 with index D. Alongside is he d/ring SINGAPORE/B dated the same day Res £12
  2. MALTA/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid postcard of HMS NELSON [Forecastle looking forward], addressed to SLIEMA from Edinburgh on 23.9.1932. Taxed 1d in manuscript the 1d purple Maltese postage due is tied by d/ring VALLETTA/MALTA dated 30.9.1932 Res £22
  3. MOROCCO-Postcard of the 14th July “Carrousel” addressed to France with local post 2c [all text in Arabic on the stamp] tied by s/ring TRESOR ET POSTES AUX ARMEES/ MARRAKECH dated 18.5.1915-see illustration Res £25
  4. MOROCCO-Postcard of Vigo addressed to Kent with GB GEO V 1½d tied by superb diamond of dots with star at centre. Alongside is the d/ring QEUTA/63 dated 26.7.1932 Res £22
  5. MOROCCO AGENCIES-GEO V 3d registered envelope size F overprinted 30/CENTIMOS and MOROCCO AGENCIES. Pristine, mint condition Res £30
  6. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Airmail cover to PORTO, Portugal with GEO V overprint values 5c, 10c, 20c, 25c & 40c Spanish Currency values tied by s/rings BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 29.11.1934. Lovely example of the direct service cover Res £30
  7. NEW CALEDONIA-Postcard of NOUMEA addressed to Bath with French colonial 10c value tied by d/ring NOUMEA/NELLE CALEDONIE dated 7.9.1904. Alongside is the octagonal French marine sorter cancel LIGNE N/PAQ FR No.8 dated 1.10.1904-see illustration Res £28
  8. PALESTINE-Special commemorative postcard addressed to Germany, marking a Religious event on the 31st October 1898 with Austrian Levant 20 Para overprint tied by JERUSALEM cancel in violet ink of the Austrian Post Office, dated 31.10.1898. At left is German cachet in the same violet ink Res £30
  9. RHODESIA, NORTH WESTERN-Postcard of Victoria Falls addressed to Melksham with a pair of the BSAC ½d values tied by d/ring KALENE HILL/N.W RHODESIA dated 13.12.1908. centrally is struck the d/ring cancel of LIVINGSTONE dated [strangely] two days earlier-see illustration Res £65
  10. RHODESIA, NORTHERN-Postcard of the bridge over the KAFUE River addressed to Cape Town with Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1d tied by d/ring CHISAMEA/N RHODESIA dated 15.12.1955 Res £18
  11. RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Real photo postcard showing an African at his homestead with his son milking his cow. Addressed to Devon, the pair of BSAC ½d values are tied by d/rings MAZOE/S RHODESIA dated 10.2.1910 Res £25
  12. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard addressed to Durban with GEO VI 1½d tied by d/ring GREAT ZIMBABWE/S RHODESIA dated 20.1.1942-see illustration Res £30
  13. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-GEO VI ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to ZULULAND with added 1d tied by scarce d/ring GUTU/S RHODESIA dated 20.12.1943 Res £35
  14. ST HELENA-Real photo postcard of the Wharf & Harbour addressed to Hale, Cheshire with EDW VII pictorial tied by s/ring ST HELENA dated 23.9.1903 with index C Res £22
  15. ST HELENA-Stampless, small OHMS cover addressed to Kendal, cancelled by oval POST OFFICE/CROWN/ST HELENA. At bottom left is the s/ring ST HELENA/JAMESTOWN dated 16.3.1971. The enclosed letter tells the addressee that his stamps have already been sent by registered mail Res £15
  16. ST KITTS NEVIS-Postcard of BRIMSTONE HILL “The Old GIBRALTAR of the West Indies” addressed to Heston, Middlesex with Colony Badge 1d tied by lovely strike of the ST KITTS Duplex cancel dated 25.4.1905 with index C Res £25
  17. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard of a “FITISH DANCING GIRL, UPPER MENDI” addressed to Lincoln with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring SEGBWEMA/SIERRA LEONE dated 11.1.1913 Res £22
  18. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard of The Cape lighthouse addressed to Dublin & redirected to Chester with GEO V 1d tied by early strike of the s/ring GARRISON MAIL/SIERRA LEONE dated 30.4.1913. Alongside is the s/ring redirectional marking BALLS BRIDGEO/DUBLIN dated 13.5.1913 Res £25
  19. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard of a Medicine Man addressed to West Bromwich with GEO V ½d tied by s/ring RORUKS/SIERRA LEONE dated 23.9.1913 with index C Res £22
  20. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Vignette postcard of the German vessel “HERZOG” addressed to Paris with 2½d “Hope” value tied by numeral cancel 420. Alongside is the s/ring ALFRED DOCKS/C.G.H dated 7.6.1899 with index B Res £25
  21. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Postcard of Worcester, Cape Colony addressed to POTCHESTROOM with EDW VII ½d tied by large skeleton cancel ROBERTSON dated 11.1.1906 with index D-see illustration Res £22
  22. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Postcard of the Buffalo River, King Williams Town addressed to Fordsburg, Transvaal with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring BLANEY JUNCTION/CGH dated 8.10.1906 Res £15
  23. SOUTH AFRICA, CGH-Postcard of Long Street, Cape Town addressed to Cardiff with 2 x ½d EDW VII values tied by s/ring KLAAS VOOGTS/RIVER dated 30.10.1906 Res £18
  24. SOUTH AFRICA-ADVERTISING Envelope for the TIME LIFE Publication addressed to Johannesburg from Port Elizabeth on 23.4.1943 with ½d War Effort mini value tied by DON’T TALK ABOUT SHIPS slogan Res £18
  25. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Real photo postcard of a huge, beached whale at KOITMANNSKOP addressed to Germany with 1d ship and 1d definitive South African values overprinted for use in SWA, tied by GERMAN COLONIAL d/ring cancel KOITMANNSKOP dated 12.2.1926 Res £22
  26. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Lovely card of Swakopmund addressed to Cape Town with S.A 1d overprinted S.W.A., tied by d/ring WALVIS BAY dated 23.7.1928 Res £22
  27. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Very nice postcard of TSUMEB addressed to Germany with ½d & 1d S.W.A overprints tied by d/ring TSUMEB/S.W.A dated 28.11.1929 Res £20
  28. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Real photo postcard of a native couple “OVATJIMBA WOMAN’S HAIR-DECORATION” addressed to Germany with a pair of the ½d pictorials tied to the picture side by the oval railway cancel S.A.R 811/KALKRAND dated 1.4.1931 Res £22
  29. TONGA-1d pictorial postal stationery postcard addressed to Sheffield depicting a black & white image on the address side of an Island and sea scene. On the other side is the colour image “A Native Village, Tonga”. The stamp impression is cancelled by s/ring NUKUALOFA/TONGA dated 24.2.1908-see illustration Res £30
  30. TRINIDAD/BRITISH GUIANA/BARBADOS-Cover addressed to Barbados with British Guiana 2c value tied by s/ring PORT OF SPAIN/TRINIDAD dated 5.5.1906 and alongside is the s/line PAQUEBOT of Port of Spain. On the back is the s/ring BARBADOS dated 6.5.1905 Res £25
  31. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover addressed to Rose Rogers at “Tristan”, Houghton on the Hill, Leicester, cancelled by type V cachet struck in blue ink at top, centre. Alongside is the 1½d tax mark if the Inland Section. The manuscript receipt date is that of 19.6.1931-no postage dues affixed-see illustration Res £55
  32. TRISTAN DA CONHA-CORONATION DAY Certified posting day cover to a Naval Surgeon Commandeer at Jesmond, cancelled by the type VI cachet on 12.5.1937. Taxed 1½d, the ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by s/rings NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE/D dated 14.1.1938-6 months in transit!! See illustration Res £55





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