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  1. GR&Co.,-Perfin on QV 1 ½d lilac tied to entire addressed to Teignmouth, Devon by LONDON W.C duplex cancel dated 19.11.1884 Res £15
  2. ELDER DEMPSTER & Co. Shipping company envelope addressed to SWEDEN from MAJORCA with Spanish 25c perfin ED/&Co., tied by d/ring of LAS PALMAS dated 28.9.1892. Alongside is a lovely strike of the s/ring LIVERPOOL/SHIP in red ink, dated 4.10.1892. On the back is the company cachet of Grand Canaria-see illustration Res £25
  3. BOARD OF TRADE-Range of Jubilee issue from ½d to 1/- [no ½d vermilion], but all values in between; all with the Board of Trade official perfins-see illustration Res £65
  4. BOARD OF TRADE-Pre-addressed front only [not a complete cover] addressed to Lubeck with 6d QV value perfin with the Board of Trade perfin, tied by newspaper cancel of London dated 5.4.1898-see illustration Res £75
  5. J HAMBRO-Entire addressed to BERGEN, Norway with 5d Jubilee perfin CIH/&S, tied by LONDON/XR Hooded circle dated 25.7.1888. Inside is a 1d lilac attached with same perfin and manuscript cancel dated the previous day. Company cachet of Hambro at bottom left Res £22
  6. BLESSIG, BRAUN & Co.,-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Berlin with added EDW VII 2½d x 2 perfin BB/&Co., tied by oval registered cancels of the EXCHANGE, LIVERPOOL dated 7.4.1902 Res £12
  7. WALTER LAWRIE & COMPANY, GLASGOW-Printed envelope to Denmark with EDW VII 2½d perfin WL/&, tied by d/ring GLASGOW/6 dated 1.5.1908 Res £7
  8. WALTER LAWRIE & COMPANY, GLASGOW-Cover to the same address in Denmark with a pair of EDW VII 1d and a GEO V ½d perfin as previous lot, cancelled by same cancel dated 14.12.1911 Res £7
  9. HAMBRO & SHARONI, LONDON-CENSORED Envelope to Zurich with GEO V 1d & 1½d perfin with large “H” tied by London FS machine cancel [1d] & d/ring LONDON/F.S 7 dated 18.2.1915 Res £7
  10. COLDHURST HALL MILL, OLDHAM-James Stott crested cover to Bury with a pair of GEO V ½d values perfin CMH/O, tied by OLDHAM machine cancel dated 30.3.1916 Res £7
  11. COLDHURST HALL & WERNETH MILLS, OLDHAM-James Stott envelope to same address as previous lot with ½d perfin JS/CHM/O tied by Oldham machine dated 17.4.1916 Res £7
  12. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA-Trade postcard addressed to Carlisle with GEO V 1d perfin GTR [sideways, top to bottom] and tied by LONDON machine cancel dated 18.4.1921 Res £7
  13. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Undelivered cover from Paddington to DOWLAIS, Wales dated 18.9.1922 with GEO V 1½d perfin GWR tied by machine cancel. The cover was returned as “NOT KNOWN” Res £8
  14. LAZZARD BROTHERS-Cover addressed to ESTONIA with GEO V 3d perfin “L” and tied by the less common LONDON F.S “BRITISH/INDUSTRIES FAIR/FEB19-MCH 2 1923/ TRADE BUYERS ONLY” slogan dated 16.2.1923 Res £8
  15. INTERNATIONAL GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY - Printed envelope [on back flap] addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d & 1½d perfin B/TH of British Thomson Houston, tied by LONDON W.C machine cancel dated 2.9.1924 Res £7
  16. BOULTON & PAUL, LTD; NORWICH-Printed window envelope with GEO V 1½d perfin B/P, tied by NORWICH machine cancel dated 10.4.1930 Res £6
  17. LAW SOCIETY-Envelope containing a lovely card invitation to attend dinner at “their Hall” on 11.12.1930 together with the envelope addressed to Stroud from London on 14.11.1930. The 1½d GEO V value is perfin LS and is tied, sadly by a pencil cancel Res £6
  18. HARRISONS OF MARLON HOUSE, LONDON-Censored airmail cover to New York with GEO VI 1½d x 2 & a 1/- value perfin H/Ld., tied by d/ring cancels of LONDON E.C/52 dated 3.7.1941 Res £8
  19. LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL-Censored cover to the Red Cross in Switzerland with GEO VI ½d & 2½d perfin LCC tied by EPSOM / SURREY machine cancel dated 16.7.1941 Res £6
  20. HASLAM FABRICS OF MANCHESTER-Advertising cover addressed to SWEDEN with 3d & 1/- GEO VI values perfin HLtd., tied by MANCHESTER/L machine cancel dated 3.7.1945 Res £8
  21. LORD MAYOR/CITY OF PORTSMOUTH-Violet cogwheel cachet in violet ink with city arms at centre on cover addressed to the British Zone of Germany with GEO VI 1d & 2d values tied by Portsmouth & Southsea Nursing slogan dated 22.5.1948 Res £6
  22. NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMS DEPT-Printed envelope addressed to Brussels with GEO VI 3d perfin NZ and tied by LONDON W.C machine dated 8.11.1949 Res £7
  23. THOMAS COOK-Stamped and pre-addressed envelope addressed to the company in London with SWEDISH 15 Ore x 2 and a GEO VI 2½d perfin TC/S tied by STOCKHOLM machine cancel dated 30.5.1951 Res £12
  24. BOARD OF TRADE-Small OHMS envelope addressed to Switzerland from the British Industries Fair office at Lacon House, London with GEO VI 4d perfin HM/SO tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel dated 12.1.1953 Res £7
  25. LEP TRANSPORT LTD-Trade postcard addressed within London with QEII 1½d Wilding perfin LEP tied by London W.C “L” machine cancel [L = bulk mailing] dated 30.3.1955 Res £5
  26. MARIE CURIE-Envelope produced to mark the birth of the Polish scientist with two sets of stamps [26p gold, 1st class red, 1st class gold, 20p green, 5p brown & 1p claret] perfin with a logo intertwined M/SC. Two sets so you can show both the front and back presumably [13 items] Res £7


  1. LIVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIVERPOOL-Hand addressed envelope with inside, a full view of the office at Liverpool and on each flap, statistics to impress potential customers. Not postally used, but just addressed to a Mr Hall-see illustration Res £35
  2. CARPET MANUFACTURY, MILL BRIDGE, NEAR LEEDS-Super illustrated entires from the carpet maker addressed to Nice from London on 1.9.1857 with lovely undated d/arc TOO LATE/G.P.O struck in blue-see illustrations Res £55
  3. RED CROSS-MANCHESTER SATURDAY & SUNDAY HOSPITAL FUND-Early advertising envelope addressed to Longsight with ½d vermilion tied by the framed triangular MR telegraph code, Ca.1897-see illustration Res £35
  4. HAMILTON CALDWEKLL & SONS, SCOTIA LEATHER WORKS, GLASGOW-Lovely illustrated envelope addressed to Holland with GEO V ½d, 1d & 2½d values tied by s/rings SOUTH EASTWERN D.O/GLASGOW dated 14.1.1915 Res £30
  5. GROSVENOR HOTEL, MANCHESTER-Illustrated hotel envelope addressed to Havre, “Belgium” with GEO V ½d & 2d values tied by MANCHESTER/K machine cancel dated 23.3.1929. The 2d is further tied by a large, hollow FS in violet ink Res £25


  1. UK AERIAL POST-1911 Brown postcard addressed to London with GEO V ½d tied by the No.2 cancel dated 9.9.1911 Res £25
  2. AUSTRIA-Publicity label “RUNDFLUG DURCH OESTERR UNGARN DEN/SCHICHT-PREIS/K.100 000/19-26 APRIL 1914” With stylised man flying with fireworks exploding around him. This was the prize on offer for the winner of the flight through Austria & Hungary in 1914 Res £12
  3. ZEPPELIN-Lovely hand-illustrated card of palm trees etc. addressed to Germany, via RECIFE, PERNAMBUCO from Brazil with the August 1933 Condor-Zeppelin cachet at top left, in blue ink-see illustration Res £35
  4. “DOUBLE” Airmail label pair translated to read “ANSWER IS REQUIRED-SAVES WEEKS ON CORRESPONDENCE” on joined PAN-AM airmail labels with text in Spanish Res £12
  5. ZEPPELIN/CHILE-Flimsy style pictorial airmail cover addressed to BRISTOL with four-stamp franking tied by SANTIAGO cancels dated 26.8.1934. At bottom left is the unframed “VIA GRAF ZEPPELIN / SANTIAGO [CHILE]-GRIEDRICHSHAFEN” with device below, both in black ink Res £25
  6. INDO-CHINA-Airmail cover to France with 66c airmail value tied by s/ruing HANOIP/ TONKIN dated 31.1.1934. Alongside is the framed SAIGON-MARSEILLE in black ink, arriving on 13.2.1934 Res £15
  7. HMS “MEDWAY”-Cover addressed to the warship, care of the GPO, London with GEO V 1d, 1½d 2½d, 3d, 5d, 9d & 10d values tied by d/rings LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 9.11.1934. The stamps add up to 2/8d which is 10d short of the 3/6d rate for the China Station where the 1st purpose-built Submarine Depot ship was stationed at this time. At bottom right is the less common “INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED FOR/ TRANSMISSION BY AIR MAIL. / SPECIAL FEE REFUNDED BY BRITISH / POST OFFICE ON APPLICATION” Res £35
  8. “ENGLAND-S. AFRICA / FIRST/EMPIRE AIR MAIL / AT ORDINARY / POSTAGE RATE” Framed cachet in green ink at bottom left of cover from HAVANT addressed to Bloemfontein on 27.6.1937 Res £12
  9. SEAHORSE-Small, neat cover addressed to SAO PAULO, Brazil with GEO V 1/- & 2/6d values tied by LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL machine cancel dated 31.8.1937. Below is the red inked German pictorial airmail cachet Res £28
  10. SEAHORSE-Very nice LEYLAND advertising envelope addressed to Buenos Aires with 2 x 9d & a 2/6d GEO V value tied by d/rings LEYLAND PRESTON LANCS/2 dated 20.12.1937-see illustration Res £30
  11. SEAHORSE-Neat little cover addressed to Rio de Janeiro with GEO V 1/- & 2/6d values tied by BRADFORD/YORKSHIRE A machine cancel dated 30.6.1939-very clean and simple cover-nice!! Res £30
  12. “1/3 PER ½ OZ AIR MAIL LETTER/SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE”-Unframed cachet in violet ink on cover from TEDDINGTON to the Middle East Staff College, M.E.F on 11.4.1944 with a strip of 6 x 2½d GEO VI values tied by Krag machine Res £18
  13. STAMP DEALER-Registered airmail cover from R Roberts of ROTHERFIELD, Sussex addressed to San Francisco with GEO VI 3d & 2/6d green tied by indistinct cancels. Passed free of U.S customs, arriving in New York on 13.1.1945 for onward transmission Res £25
  14. AUSTRALIA-QANTAS Empire Airways envelope addressed to the Qantas office, care of the R.A.A.F at BOFU, Japan with 1/6d tied by SYDNEY AIR cancel dated 16.12.1947 and flown on the first flight to Japan. Pilot signed and with appropriate label at left-vertical fold-see illustration Res £25
  15. E.A-Cover flown from JERSEY to the B.E.A office in London with 6d “PLUS 1d” AIR LETTER STAMP tied by the Jersey cancel dated 20.10.1953. The Coronation stamp is tied by LONDON S.E.1 machine dated the same day Res £12
  16. E.A-Cover flown from LAND’S END Airport to the ISLES of SCILLY with 8d B.E.A Letter Stamp tied by the airport cancel dated 25.11.1953. The coronation stamp is tied by the d/ring ST MARY’S/ISLES OF SCILLY dated the same day Res £12


  1. URUGUAY-Registered first flight cover addressed to NATAL, Brazil from Montevideo on 21.11.1927 with stamps tied by the framed “SERVICIO/POSTAL/AEREO” in red ink. The C.G.A Experimental flight came down at SANTOS on the 22nd No special cachets were applied and the mail carried on by train-see illustration Res £65
  2. GERMANY-GERMAN Dornier Mail transport aircraft crashed into the Atlantic Ocean with the crew & mail rescued by a Portuguese torpedo boat on 15.9.1931. The cachet translates to having been in an aircraft crash-see illustration Res £55
  3. CYGNUS CRASH-Cover addressed to the UK from India, posted 29.11.1937 with superb framed “DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT” in violet ink-comes with contemporary newspaper cutting about the recovery of the mail etc. see illustration Res £40
  4. CALPURNIA CRASH-Cover from Southampton to New Zealand dated 23.11.1938 with the unframed, scarcer cachet “RECEIVED AT/WELLINGTON/IN DAMAGED CONDITION”. The central part of the cachet is hardly visible due to the prominence of the two outer lines of wording whilst being impressed upon the envelope. Res £50
  5. S.A-Cover from Minneapolis addressed to New York on 10.4.1942 with unframed DAMAGE DUE TO AIRMAIL/INTERUPTION NEAR/NEW YORK, N.Y Res £35
  6. PORTUGAL, BRAZIL TO SWEDEN-Censored cover to Stockholm from Rio de Janeiro with two labels in Swedish placed front & back translated to “THIS ITEM OF MAIL HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY WATER AT THE CRASH OF A CLIPPER MACHINE AT TAJO RIVER OUTSIDE LISBON 22 FEB 1943. The cover is backstaped STOCKHOLM on 8.3.1943 Res £50
  7. FRANCE-Postcard addressed to Holland from MENTON with lovely unframed cachet COURRIER-DETERIORE/AVION ACCIDENTE in violet ink, struck on 22.1.1956-see illustration Res £45
  8. S.A-Damaged cover with ambulance envelope addressed to Colorado from Park Ridge, Illinois dated 10.7.1961 with unframed DAMAGED IN HANDLING/IN THE POSTAL SERVICE in violet ink. Damaged as a result of the United Airlines DC8 crashing on landing at Denver airport on 11.7.1961 Res £35
  9. K TO AUSTRALIA-HIJACKED ‘PLANE AT DUBAI-Cover front only [not a complete cover] addressed to Australia from Hamilton, Scotland on 18.11.1974 with unframed “DELAYED EN ROUTE/-AIRCRAFT HI-JACK-“ struck in blue ink. The aeroplane was hijacked at Dubai and flown to Tunis. Comes with an article from the London Evening Standard dated 22.11.1974-see illustration Res £120


  1. REGISTERED Cover from BATH addressed to Shepton Mallet, containing AN AUCTIONEERS LICENCE Issued at Bath on 2.9.1904. Comes with Inland Revenue OHMS envelope with a strip of three x 1d EDW VII values tied by the oval 2d registered cancel of Bath dated 2.9.1904 Res £25
  2. SIMILAR Registered cover containing an Auctioneers licence issued on 21.7.1911. Comes with Customs & Excise printed envelope with a strip of three 1d EDW VII values tied by the oval REGISTERED 2d/BATH dated 6.7.1910-see illustration Res £25
  3. HARRISON & SONS-“BRITANNIA” Design coil stamp machine testing label in brown Res £12
  4. NATIONAL SAVINGS-GEO V 1/- red & blue savings stamp tied to book receipt page by s/ring NOBLE HILL/DUMFRIES dated 15.12.1924 Res £12
  5. NATIONAL SAVINGS-Book of receipts with six 15/- national savings certificates and one £1.0.6d certificate cancelled by various Dorset cancels in including SWANAGE [1940 x 3] and HILVIEW [1943-1947 x 3] Res £22
  6. UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE Stamps 1/2d x 3, 1/4d x 8 and on a separate card, 1/5d x 8 affixed at Bristol during 1940 Res £15
  7. HERM ISLAND-Imprint bottom rows of 5 of the 11d & 1/6d 1963 Europa values showing printers details [Harrison & Sons Ltd/ and the Artist details [V. Whitely] Res £7
  8. LUNDY ISLAND-“DOCTOR” Postcard addressed to the USA with 1 Puffin value tied by s/ring LUNDY/LUNDY dated 9.4.1962 in violet ink. At right is the 2d Wilding tied by BRISTOL TV Licence slogan dated 12.4.1962 Res £12
  9. SHRUB OAK LOCAL POST-Airmail letter sheet addressed to the UK with 2c Shrub Oak local post triangular tied by local cancel on 10.9.1962. The postage stamps are tied by the SHRUB OAK, N.Y machine cancel dated the same day Res £8
  10. 1971 STRIKE POST-PLYMOUTH “PENNY CABS” 3/- dual-currency value tied by PENNYCOMEQUICK framed cancel to cover addressed to DORCHESTER Res £9
  11. “CAPTIVE NATIONS WEEK”-Cover to London from NOTTINGHAM with stamps tied by Nottingham Festival slogan dated 29.4.1972. At left is “FREEDOM” label depicting an Armed Soviet Union marching across Europe Res £8
  12. GUGH ISLAND-Postcard addressed to Sevenoaks with 5p “Sea Thistle” value tied by rubber “LOCAL POST/GUGH ISLAND” dated 8.5.1974. The 3½p Machin is tied by ST AGNES/ISLES OF SCILLY d/ring dated 9.5.1974 Res £8
  13. CALDEY ISLAND-Illustrated first day cover with insert card for the 1979 Golden Jubilee value tied by diamond “CALDEY/ISLAND” in blue and the 9p regional is tied by s/ring CALDEY ISLAND TENBY/DYFED dated 5.1.1980 Res £6
  14. DRAKES ISLAND-Commemorative cover marking the date of the sailing of The Fleet to meet the Armada from Plymouth on 19.7.1588. On the back flap is the 5p Drakes Island local tied by d/ring DRAKE’S ISLAND/DATE/PLYMOUTH SOUND dated 19.7.1980. Comes with notice bemoaning the poor standard of the GPO franking-nothing wrong with it at all!!! Res £7
  15. STAMP VENDING MACHINE “POACHED EGG” Grey label “FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY” tied by TWICKENHAM Post Office Charter slogan dated 11.4.1992 Res £7


  1. WWI “PEACE” Labels depicting a baby holding palm fronds with a design below showing AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRY, COMMERCE and MUSIC, Together with another label giving details of where to buy the labels from the Peace Society of America-see illustration Res £20
  2. ROYAL NAVY-“DELANDRE” Artist pictorial labels of H.M SHIPS Marlborough, King Alfred, Edinburgh, Weymouth, Agamemnon, Southampton, Defence, Antrim, Shannon, Africa and Birmingham [11] Res £20
  3. ROYAL NAVY-“DELANDRE”-Similar lot with H.M SHIPS Queen Mary, Superb, Drake, HMAS Sydney, Thunderer, Essex, Suffolk, Agamemnon, Dartmouth, Queen Elizabeth and King Edward VII [11] Res £20
  4. ROYAL NAVY-“DELANDRE”-Similar lot with H.M SHIPS Temeraire, Hercules, Falmouth, Hind, Centurion, Drake, Warspite, Nelson, New Zealand, Duke of Edinburgh and Superb [11] Res £20
  5. ROYAL NAVY-“DELANDRE”-Similar lot with H.M SHIPS Drake, Defence, King Alfred, Berwick, Duncan, Suffolk, Queen Mary, Gloucester and St Vincent [11] Res £20
  6. ROYAL NAVY-German label depicting the Red Ensign and the White Ensign; by Dresden printer Robert Bernhardt Res £5
  7. “WHAT WE HAVE, WE HOLD”-Silver, blue & red label showing a Nazi plummeting to the ground in a parachute Res £5
  8. WE REALISE IN EGYPT THAT THE SAFE ARRIVAL OF THIS LETTER IS DUE TO THE BRITISH NAVY. The scarcer label with “THIS” inserted and the usual label without “THAT” from RHODESIA [2] Res £15
  9. SOUTH AFRICA-“V” FOR VICTORY Green label tied to advertising cover for “DANDY” addressed to New York by Johannesburg greetings telegram slogan dated 23.12.1941. On the back is also a 4d Red Cross label tied by offset postmark as previous Res £25
  10. ROYAL NAVY WAR LIBRARY-Economy label affixed to reused cover now addressed to Edinburgh with GEO VI 2½d tied by BIRMINGHAM “BM” dumb parcel cancel in black Res £12


  1. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV 1d blue postal stationery envelope addressed to Wilson in Birmingham, cancelled by the large circular cancel dated 2.7.1890. On the BACK of the envelope is the smaller circular cancel, the “shield” type 2nd July 1790 Guildhall mark, the 1d Tube Post cancel, the d/ring crown cancel of South Kensington Museum and the Birmingham arrival mark dated 3.7.1890-lovely-with insert card cancelled by the larger cancel in BLACK ink Res £45
  2. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-As previous lot, addressed to Thames Ditton, cancelled by s/ring WESTON GREEN [Surrey] dated 19.9.1890 Res £25
  3. SIXTH PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Ticket No.40 to admit bearer [Mrs D Field] to WINDSOR CASTLE at the invitation of His Majesty the King [GEO V] on 21.5.1914; signed by HANS REICHENHEIM Res £35
  4. EIGTH PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Souvenir Mulready card published by “Stamp Collecting” to mark the May 1921 Congress at LEEDS Res £12
  5. 1937-SHEET OF 25 Blue labels depicting the Houses of Parliament, marking both the Coronation AND the London stamp exhibition at the Dorland Hall in October-minor perf splits at one edge Res £15
  6. 1939 26th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Sheet of 12 of the red publicity/souvenir labels by Harrison & Sons marking the 1939 Liverpool Congress Res £10
  7. 1946 SECOND Annual Convention of Essex Philatelic Societies at Leytonstone, 15th June 1946-cover addressed to Ilford with special printed cachet at left in blue ink. Used from Leytonstone on the day Res £8
  8. 1949-“Visit the Convention of the Association of Essex Philatelic Societies” at Colchester-Circular map cachet in green on cover from Southend addressed to Rayleigh on 16.1.1949-two days after the show Res £8
  9. BRITISH INDUSTRIES FAIR, 1950-His Majesty’s Government invitation to an American company in Athens, Ohio to attend the fair at Earls Court and Olympia, London and Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, between 8-15 May 1950. Comes with B.I.F OHMS envelope addressed to the company and with GEO VI 2½d perfin HM/SO tied by London F.S B.I.F slogan cancel dated 8.3.1950 Res £18
  1. OCEAN PENNY POSTAGE-Deraedemaeker reprint envelope addressed to CHICAGO with GEO VI 1/- tied by the No.6 LONDOJN INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION cancel dated 6th May 1950-see illustration Res £25
  2. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Real photo postcard of the Festival of Britain ship, “CAMPANIA” addressed to Lincoln from LIVERPOOL on 10.9.1951 with unframed VISIT THE FESTIVAL SHIP/”CAMPANIA” at top left in violet ink, struck on the ships visit to Liverpool Res £22
  3. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-“POSTED ON BOARD / THE SHOWBOAT / FESTIVAL GARDENS, BATTERSEA PARK”-Unframed cachet on cover addressed to Surrey from Chelsea, dated 18.10.1952 Res £22
  4. STAMPEX, 1956-Illustrated cover with a pair of IMPERF 2d brown postal stationery values TETE-BECHE, tied by the 21.3.1956 pictorial cancel Res £22
  5. STAMPEX, 1958-Mint block of ten grey-green on yellow publicity labels for the March exhibition Res £7
  6. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A-S/rings dated 8.5.1964 ties 6d & 1/3d Shakespeare values to 6d Shakespeare Festival postal stationery airmail sheet addressed to Canada. This was used at the Air Show, Biggin Hill and has blank registration label saying just that!! Also a similar item to America used at MPO 2/C on 18.9.1965, again at Biggin Hill [2] Res £15
  7. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION, 1965-Two headed letters, one from and signed by ROBSON LOWE dated 28.2.1965, addressed to Mr Waterton, the founder of the 1960 “PEOPLE’S EMERGENCY DELIVERY” Service during the postal strike. Mr Lowe comments on the display in frames 189-190; saying in not so many words that the display is crap!! The other letter is from the secretary dated 13.1.1965 and is concerning tickets for exhibitors etc. Also a press photo of Mr Waterton with his exhibit [3] Res £22
  8. 1969 51st PHILATELIC CONGRESS Cover, unpaid and taxed 8d at Bristol on 24.6.1969, cancelled by the illustrated CONCORDE cancel. The 8d postage due is tied on arrival at CHELTENHAM 3 days later Res £7
  9. PHILYMPIA 1970 INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION-Two sheet-lets depicting 1d black & 2d blue with embossed distinctive Maltese Cross cancels of Wotton-under-Edge in red or black placed below the stamps. One sheet-let has the added details of R.C Alcock at the base-unrecorded in Morgan & Wilson [2] Res £15
  1. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION, 1973-Three different covers marking either the 60th anniversary of the Seahorse issue, the 21st anniversary of the Polish Philatelic Society, or the 21st anniversary of the New Zealand Society; all having their “own day” at the exhibition [3] Res £9
  2. STAMPEX, 1975-“SPECIMEN” overprint in black on sheet-let marking the 10th anniversary of the United Nations in 1955, with a Stampex “cancel” marking 30 years of the U.N Res £12


  1. 1807 ENTIRE Addressed to PHILADELPHIA from London, dated 28.9.1807 with lovely red inked octagonal mark “RETURNED/FOR POSTAGE” in fancy script, struck centrally. Re-posted on the 7th October Res £60
  2. MISSENT/TO/BIRMINGHAM-Red inked oval mark on front of an entire from BROSELEY addressed to BEWDLEY on 9.8.1816. At top right is the unframed SHIFNALL/PENNY POST in brown-red ink and on the back flap is the framed No.2 receiving house mark. Opens out to display very nicely-very clean Res £28
  3. “MISSENT TO” Followed by lovely large type KNUTSFORD/176 mileage mark struck centrally at top in black ink on 14.9.1820. At left is the unframed HOLMES CHAPEL/194 framed mileage mark in black Res £35
  4. RETURNED LETTER-Francis Freeling wrapper addressed to Ludlow from the GPO, London on 16.1.1828 with printed “1827” changed to 1829 by hand. [no letter] Res £25
  5. RETURNED LETTER-W.L MABERLEY Wrapper addressed to Grays Inn together with entire addressed initially to Ludlow on 3.7.1837. On the back of the entire is the manuscript “OPENED BY THE WIDOW/OF RICHd WILLIAMS, GLAZIER/& NOT FOR HER DECd HUSBAND” Res £60
  6. PAID AT/LANCASTER-Framed mark in red ink on wrapper addressed to London on 3.6.1838 Res £28
  7. PAID/AT/ALSTON-Scarce oval mark in a dirty red ink at top left of entire addressed to the HOWARD ARMS INN, BRAMPTON on 29.10.1839. On the back is the green/blue inked undated d/arc ALSTON and the dated cancel of HAYDON BRIDGE dated same day-see illustration Res £65
  8. CORNWALL-PARCEL “CHARGE” LABEL With 3 x 2d postage dues tied by s/rings DEVORAN dated 12.10.1918 and issued at HAYLE with s/ring cancel dated the previuos day Res £15
  9. EGYPT-Underpaid cover from a member of the R.A.F addressed to Cambridge from Abu Suwer with 27m airmail & 1m definitive tied by TPO cancel on 4.4.1933. Taxed in Egypt and the UK at 7d; the 3d & 4d postage dues are tied by s/rings dated 10.4.1933-see illustration Res £22
  10. INDIA TO NEWCASTLE-Underpaid cover from MEERUT dated 18.5.1936 with 11d tax mark of the Inland Section. The 2 x 1d & 3 x 3d postage dues are tied on arrival by s/rings dated 27.5.1936 Res £22
  11. AUSTRALIA TO THE UK & REDIRECTED-8th March 1935 cover from Adelaide with 1/6d Hermes value tied by slogan cancel. Taxed 360c in Adelaide and 3/-in the UK, the 3 x 1/- dues are tied by ASCOT/BERKS d/rings dated 26.3.1935. The cover was redirected to Worcester Res £22
  12. BELFAST TO DENMARK-Damaged cover with GEO V 2½d photogravure tied by machine cancel dated 14.9.1936. Below is the unframed DAMAGED/IN TRANSIT in violet ink. On the back is the d/ring LONDON/F.S 22 dated two days later Res £22
  13. FOUND IN INLAND SECTION/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark in violet ink on front of empty cover addressed to Dartford from London on 1.12.1938. Attached to the cover is the M.45 form cancelled by s/ring LONDON/10 in the same violet ink, dated 2.12.1938-rarely seen label still attached to the cover-see illustration Res £25
  14. SOUTH AFRICA TO STROUD-Cover from Johannesburg to Stroud with 3d & 1/- values tied by slogan cancel dated 1.1.1940. Taxed 300c in S.A and 2/6d in the K. On the back are 10 x 3d postage dues tied by STROUD s/rings dated 16.1.1940 Res £22
  15. BROKEN PACKET/POSTAGE PREPAID IN THE FIRST INSTANCE-Unfamed mark on OHMS ambulance cover addressed to Leicester from London on 7.3.1947 Res £20
  16. GEO VI DEFINITIVE PAYING POSTAGE DUE-Cover & contents from Huddersfield addressed to Alderley Edge on 20.8.1948 with a 1d definitive paying the 1d for return to sender-see illustration Res £45
  17. FOUND TORN/AND ENCLOSED AT/INLAND SECTION-Framed mark on ambulance OHMS envelope with contents addressed to Aberdeen from London on 26.6.1950 Res £15
  18. FOUND IN W.D.O/WITHOUT A COVER/W.1-Red inked, framed mark on OHMS window envelope cancelled by d/ring OFFICIAL PAID/LONDON W.1 dated 11.12.1967 Res £15
  19. PILLAR BOX FIRE-Badly burned envelope from PORTSMOUTH addressed to SAUDI ARABIA with letter from the postmaster dated 3.10.1974 explaining that the letter was in a letter box which was set on fire Res £18
  20. PILLAR BOX FIRE-Cover addressed to Rickmansworth, Herts from GRAYS, Essex dated 15.6.1981 with the P125H label indicating that the cover was burned in a pillar box fire at Grays. The label and sealing tape is tied by s/rings GRAYS ESSEX/1 dated 15.6.1981 Res £15


  1. SHIP LRE/CROWN/WEYMOUTH-Oval mark in black ink on front of an entire addressed to London from MOUNT HARMONY, NORTH CAROLINA on 19.6.1801. The letter is full of religious quotes from The Bible and tells of the local people. Res £65
  2. CAMPBELTON/STEAM BOAT-The very scarce mark supplied to masters of the Clyde Steamers to combat revenue deficiencies experienced by the GPO by masters smuggling mail to the mainland and islands. Used in 1830 only, the mark is struck perfectly on a reinforced wrapper from AYR to Campbeltown on 5.10.1830-just a handful known [Tabeart S3]-see illustration Res £350
  3. ENTIRE TO New York with lozenge type octagonal mark in red ink “PAID AT /LIVERPOOL/DATE” dated 28.8.1852 with a small “2” in the date, struck on the front alongside “5/CENTS” in the same colour ink and the PAID mark of New York. Carried on the “EUROPA” Res £30
  4. PAID/DEVONPORT/CAPE PACKET/DATE-Red inked s/ring dated 23.9.1867 struck on the front of a cover from Cape Town addressed to AMPTHILL on 15.8.1867-40 days in transit Res £45
  5. CAPE PACKET/DEVONPORT-S/ring dated 31.3.1869 with index A on back of a mourning cover from CHESTER addressed to the Colonial Chaplain, DURBAN with 1/- green from plate 4 tied by four-bar CHESTER Duplex cancel 180 dated 29.3.1869. Also on the back is the quartered circle mark dated 30th March Res £55
  6. POSTED ON BOARD/LORD OF THE ISLES/STEAMER-Unframed mark in magenta struck upside down on a redirected cover from KINGUSSIE to Inverrury Castle to Oban with added 1d tied at GREENOCK on 10.9.1879-only used for two years 1877-79. Mark is on blue-grey envelope and doesn’t show all that well Res £145
  7. IONA STEAMER/GREENOCK-163 Scots duplex cancel dated 19.4.1880 with index B ties 1d Venetian red to cover addressed to Paisley. On the back is Scots skeleton cancel TARBERT as the starting point for the letter, dated 19.4.1880 and with index D alongside the year slug [as is normal with Scottish skeleton cancels-see illustration Res £145
  1. TARBERT & LOCH ELLEN TIME-BILL Pre-addressed to the GPO Surveyor at Ayr with d/ring IONA STEAMER/163 on the back dated 29.12.1891 with index B, the item is a bit fragile and is only 90-95% complete, but as they say, “Find me another one” Res £65
  2. COLUMBA STEAMER/GREENOCK-S/ring dated 15.8.1892 with index B on the back of a cover from TARBERT addressed to London on the same day. This is Tabeart GA P2[a] being the date portion only of the duplex cancel Res £65
  3. TYNE DOCK-B.O/SOUTH SHIELDS-S/rings dated 1.8.1901 tie added 1d & 1½d values to QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Norway Res £22
  4. THAMES CRUISER “LA MARGUERITE”-The UNIQUE d/ring mark “POSTED ON/LA MARGUERITE” during her spell as a Thames pleasure cruiser during the 1903 season. This mark struck in black ink on postcard of the ship off Southend, addressed to Scotland on 7.9.1903-comes with postcard of the ship published by the “New Palace Steamers Ltd”-see illustration. Res £250
  5. POSTED ON BOARD S.S “FAIRY QUEEN” / LOCH ECK / ARGYLESHIRE-Complete strike of the circular “buckle” cancel in violet ink on postcard of “Whistlefield”, Loch Eck addressed to DEVIZES, Wilts from Greenock on 13.9.1904 Res £65
  6. CALEDONIAN STEAMER Advert card showing, on the front, the paddle steamer “GALATEA” AT Gourock Pier, addressed to Croydon from Bearsden, Glasgow on 16.9.1903. On the back of the card are views of Whiting Bay and Goat Fell Res £28
  7. “NEW/TURBINE STEAMER/QUEEN ALEXANDRA”- Double lined lozenge octagonal cachet in violet ink struck centrally at top of a postcard of Kildonan Castle addressed to Chorley from Greenock on 27.9.1905-comes with postcard of the ship-see illustration Res £150
  8. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO / P.S / DUCHESS OF / HAMILTON / LIMITED - Oval mark in violet ink struck centrally at top of an official postcard of the Caledonian Steamers showing Coulport, addressed to Beckenham from Greenock on 4.7.1906 Res £70
  9. TURBINE/”KING EDWARD”/STEAMER-Circular framed mark in violet ink struck at top left corner of a postcard of the ship addressed to the nephew of the owner of the company from the owners wife at Greenock on 11.7.1906-see illustration Res £125
  10. “POSTED ON/ST ELVIES”-D/ring mark in violet ink with small crosses at centre left & right, struck at left of postcard addressed to Everton from Llandudno on 25.5.1911-earlier than recorded Res £225
  11. “POSTED ON/SNOWDON”-D/ring as previous lot struck superbly on real photo postcard of the ST TUDNO addressed to Wellington, Shropshire from Llandudno on 29.5.1911-comes with postcard of he ship-see illustration Res £150
  12. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/IONA/DATE/+ D/ring dated 18.9.1912 with index B ties stamp to postcard addressed to a member of the Highland Brigade at camp at Barry Camp, Dundee Res £25
  13. “P.S SLIEVE BEARNAGH/TAY/PLEASURE/STEAMER”-Circular framed mark in black on a postcard of the ship, but written from the “PRINCESS MAUD” where the writer is out-going on this vessel, having lunch and then returning on the Slieve Bearnagh. The stamp is cancelled by a partial strike of the PERTH machine cancel of 1913-comes with a real photo card of the ship-see illustration Res £125
  14. LONGER OHMS Cover with unframed CHAIRMAN/T.F.A ARGYLL in violet ink at bottom left, addressed to a hotel at “Connil Ferry”, Argyll with GEO V 1d tied by superb strike of the d/ring cancel “GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/GRENADIER/DATE/+” with scarcer index A, dated 29.10.1914-almost two years later than Tabeart and is rarely seen on an envelope!!-Comes with lovely postcard of the ship at Iona-see illustration Res £125
  15. ROYAL EAGLE-Large framed mark in violet ink on a comic postcard from the Eagle Steamer publications “Feeding an old seadog” addressed to Surrey & posted from London on 4.7.1938 Res £22
  16. RECEIVED AFTER/DATE/SHIPS DEPARTURE-Framed mark dated simply “NOV 1941” struck in violet ink on the front of a censored cover from Leeds addressed to the Elder Dempster vessel M.V “DEIDO” at Liverpool. Also, there are strikes of the unframed LEFT SHIP/RETURN TO SENDER, struck both front & back. Nice WWII usage Res £25
  17. “ROYAL/DAFFODIL”-Rectangular framed mark with unframed “AT SEA/M.V ROYAL DAFFODIL” and straight-line “CHANNEL CRUISE”, all in a pinkish ink on postcard of the ship addressed to Belvedere, Kent from Margate on 12.7.1951 Res £22
  18. STRAIGHTS OF MESSINA/BOTTLE [BOTTLE IMAGE] POST/S.S “EL MALEK FAUD”-Red inked mark on the back of a cover from MESSINA addressed to Devon on 27.3.1951-comes with write-up Res £22
  19. “VIA SOUTHAMPTON/I.O.W STEAM PACKET CO LTD”-The UNIQUE mark in black ink on a postcard of the Red Funnel line vessel “BALMORAL” addressed to Northumberland and posted [as directed] from Southampton on 30.7.1951-comes with letter from the Red Funnel Line archivist Res £50
  20. “AT SEA/M.V CRESTED EAGLE-Unframed mark in black ink on postcard of the ship addressed to Reigate from Southend on15.7.1953. Also comes with a further postcard of the ship [different view] Res £15
  21. KINABALU SABAH/PAQUEBOT-Skeleton cancel dated 13.6.1984 ties two Panamanian stamps to cover addressed to the USA Res £8
  22. POSTED ABOARD/WAVERLEY-Pictorial label of the paddler tied to postcard of the ship leaving Tarbert, addressed to Glasgow and tied by PAISLEY machine cancel dated 5.7.1986. Below is the black inked rubber cancel “PADDLE STEAMER/DATE / WAVERLEY” dated 3.7.1986. These labels are nearly always ONLY found on first day covers!! Res £18
  23. POSTCARD Of the QEII addressed to Devon with the QEII stamp tied to the front by oval WAVERLEY/EXCURSIONS LTD dated 10.8.2001. On the address side are the tonnage mark of the Waverley and the d/ring POSTED/ON/BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/ WAVERLEY” with ships name in upper case Res £15


  1. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-Skeleton cancel dated 12.2.1915 ties GEO V 1D TO COVER ADDRESSED TO Birmingham. Also postcard “The R.N.D are holding their own at Blandford”, used from the camp 17.4.1916 Res £15
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/7-S/ring dated 22.8.1916 with index + ties stamp to postcard. Used and written from the camp at BLAIR ATHOLL Res £9
  3. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/25-S/ring dated 25.9.1916 with index + ties 1d stmp to longer OHMS envelope addressed to London with oval unit cachet at left of the 3rd Provisional Battery & Amm. Company dated the previous day Res £12
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/35-S/ring dated 20.7.1917 with index A ties 1d stamp to novelty pull-out view card of Canterbury, viewable by lifting the roof on the barracks hut Res £10
  5. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/3-S/ring dated 8.7.1918 with index A ties 1½d stamp to small OHMS cover addressed to Feltham Res £9
  6. HASLAR HOSPITAL/GOSPORT-S/rings dated 16.7.1925 ties 4d & ½d GEO V Values to small registered cover to Enfield. At left is the “GOSPORT 8” registration label Res £25
  7. DIGBY AERODROME/LINCOLN-S/ring dated 2.4.1953 with index B cancels small OHMS cover to RAF Heywood Res £8
  8. FORT BLOCKHOUSE GOSPORT/HANTS-S/rings dated 19.10.1954 ties stamps to registered postcard addressed to Yorkshire. At left is the GOSPORT 11 registration label. Also known as H.M.S Dolphin Res £12
  9. WYTON HUNTINGDON/R.A.F STATION-D/Ring dated 5.11.1957 with index B on the back of an undelivered item from Nottingham Res £6
  10. THE BARRACKS READING/BERKS-S/ring dated 4.11.1959 cancels certificate of posting of a parcel addressed to St Quinton, Wilts Res £6
  11. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING SURREY-S/rings dated 19.6.1961 ties stamps to cover addressed to Rickmansworth Res £6
  12. N.A. STATION / DATE / CULDROSE / HELSTON, CORNWALL-Rubber parcel post cancel dated 8.4.1963 ties 2 x 1/6d Wildings to part parcel wrapper with receiving s/ring SOUTH DOWN R.A.F P.O/HIGH WYCOMBE BUCKS dated 24.1.1963!!! Res £12
  13. N.A.S BRAWDY / HAVERFORDWEST PEMBS-S/rings dated 23.3.1965 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to London. At top left is the registration label R.N.A.S BRAWDY /HAVERFORDWEST Res £15
  14. NAVAL BARRACKS CHATHAM/KENT-S/ring dated 7.5.1965 ties 3d Wilding and a lovely label of HMS VICTORY, tied during the “VICTORY” BICENTENARY WEEK [Used 1st day]. Also special cachet at left-see illustration Res £22
  15. MEDENHAM R.A.F P.O/MARLOW BUCKS-S/rings dated 5.10.1968 ties 3d, 8d & 2/6d to registered cover addressed to Surrey, marking the closing of the base on this date. Also at left is the R.A.F Post Office rubber cancel dated the same day Res £15
  16. YEOVILTON R.N. AIR STN/YEOVIL SOM-S/rings dated 18.2.1975 ties added stamps to Forces 20p registered postal stationery envelope addressed to R.A.F Rhinedahlen, Germany Res £12
  17. NAVAL BARRACKS PLYMOUTH/DEVON-S/rings dated 10.3.1975 ties added stamps to 20p Forces postal stationery registered envelope addressed as previous lot Res £10
  18. FORT BLOCKHOUSE GOSPORT/HANTS-S/rings dated 11.3.1975 ties added stamp to 23p registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Essex. On the back is the framed cachet CAPTAIN [SM]/DATE/1st SUBMARINE/SQUADRON dated the same day Res £12
  19. NAVAL BARRACKS CHATHAM/KENT-S/rings dated 10.3.1975 ties added stamp to 23p postal stationery envelope addressed as previous lot to Essex Res £10
  20. SULTAN/GOSPORT HANTS-S/rings dated 11.3.1975 ties added stamps to 23p registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Essex-this is H.M.S Sultan. Res £10

MILITARY-1795 TO 1919

  1. VERY RARE INCOMING MAIL To a Major Lee of the 16th Light Dragoons, “ON THE CONTINENT”, fighting in the French Revolutionary Wars at TOURNEY, Belgium. The letter is from the Quartermaster of the NEW ROMNEY LIGHT DRAGOONS based in Canterbury Barracks and is dated 22.10.1795. He writes of the Colonel not playing ball with his warrant to be the quartermaster and is only allowed to draw 2/- per day. On the front is a lovely curved CANTERBURY in blue. On the back is the manuscript “APPLY TO MR COLLYER, L’ISLE Lt/FOR 1/4d FOREIGN & INLAND/ POSTAGE FROM CANTERBURY/[TO] LONDON”-See illustration Res £150
  2. INDIA-QV 9 Pies Soldier’ and Seamen’s Envelope addressed to Wareham, Dorset, cancelled by the s/ring KASAULI dated 3.8.1888. The Private soldier of the 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment is stationed at the KASAULI HILL DEPOT. The envelope is further endorsed at left by the commanding officer. Also comes with a similar unused envelope overprinted One Anna Res £35
  3. INDIA-QV 9 Pies envelope as previous lot addressed to Bristol from a soldier from a detachment of the 2nd GLOSTER REGIMENT at DEESA. Envelope is cancelled by the DEESA squared circle cancel dated 22.5.1890 Res £35
  4. BOER WAR-QV GB 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Wormley, Herts with added CGH 1d, ½d and a pair of 1d VRI overprints on OVS values, tied by s/rings HARRISMITH dated 10.10.19 in error for 19.10.1900. On the back are cancels of Durban clearly dated 12.10.1900 and Broxbourne, dated 3.11.1900 Res £22
  5. BOER WAR-Much travelled cover from Peterborough dated 2.12.1902 addressed to a soldier of the 1st Welsh Regiment at MACHADODORP and variously redirected to UMBALA and India Res £22
  6. EGYPT-Stampless postcard of the Nile addressed to NEW ZEALAND with just a blue-green inked d/ring PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/80 censor mark. The sender dates the card as 13.2.1915 Res £8
  1. THE BEAUFORT WAR HOSPITAL/DATE/BRISTOL-Cogwheel oval cachet dated 14.9.1915 in violet ink on stampless O.A.S cover addressed to Kent, cancelled by d/ring FISHPONDS/BRISTOL dated the same day Res £25
  2. FIELD POST OFFICE/N.L.1-D/ring cancel dated 1.10.1915 on green 1st type honour envelope addressed to London Res £9
  3. ARMY POST OFFICE/X-Skeleton cancel dated 10.12.1915 with index B cancels O.A.S envelope to London Res £8
  4. ROYAL ENGINEERS-Illustrated badge postcard at left of address panel addressed to Tidworth Barracks, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S13 dated 27.1.1916-odd crease Res £5
  5. SOUTHMEAD SECTION/2nd S GENL HOSPITAL/SOUTHMEAD, BRISTOL-Unframed cachet in violet ink on Army form W3229 giving information on how to visit injured soldiers in U.K hospitals. Only one snag here, the addressee lives in KARACHI Res £25
  6. SOLDIER ON THE MOVE-Postcard of an un-named ship addressed to Bristol from ARMY POST OFFICE/1 dated 30.1.1917. He tells of arriving quite sfe, but still on th move, to where, he does not know!! Res £5
  7. PRESENT LOCATION/UNCERTAIN/BRISTOL R.L.B-Red inked cachet on undelivered cover from Cork addressed to the B.E.F on 19.4.1917 Res £15
  8. WRECK OF THE “KINGSTONIAN”-Cover addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/GZ dated 30.3.1918 [Palestine]. Struck over the address is the framed DAMAGED BY IMMERSION/IN WATER in violet ink. The Kingstonian was torpedoed off Italy on the 11th April 1918 Res £28
  9. THIRD ARMY/APO 740-U.S D/ring dated 10.5.1919 on stampless U.S Soldiers letter to Brooklyn and with U.S Censor mark at bottom left Res £7

MILITARY-1940 TO 1983

  1. DUNKIRK EVACUATION-A letter home from a naval rating, cancelled by the rather weak d/ring HOME DEPOT R.E.P.S/19 dated 20.6.1940. At left is the naval tombstone censor mark in blue Res £22
  2. PALESTINE-Crested military envelope addressed to the Force H.Q., Jerusalem with 7 Mil stamp tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/124 dated 7.5.1940. At top left is the rectangular censor mark No.1613 Res £9
  1. CENSORED Cover written in Polish and addressed to HUNGARY with GEO VI 3d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/165 dated 12.2.1941. On the back are BUDAPEST d/ring cancels dated 13th & 14th March 1941 Res £22
  2. MALTA-Green honour envelope addressed to Yorkshire, cancelled by the VALLETTA continuous machine cancel dated 21.11.1941. Struck centrally at top is the triangular framed censor No.60 in violet ink. At left is scarcer tape OPENED BY/EXAMINER 20/MALTA tied front and back by circular framed “10” Res £22
  3. BIRMINGHAM-Reused cover with plain economy label addressed within Birmingham on 3.2.1942. At left, tying the label is the d/ring B.R.C.S & S.J.A.B/WAR ORGANIZATION/ WOUNDED/MISSING &/RELATIVES DEP./B’HAM BRANCH/100 LIONEL ST in violet ink Res £22
  4. MALTA-Postcard of Hassan’s Cave, Hal-Far, Malta addressed to London & redirected locally upon arrival with GEO VI 2d grey/black tied by poor VALLETTA d/ring dated 19.12.1941. When it eventually arrived in the UK, it was redirected on 18.4.1942!! Centrally, at top is the triangular censor mark No.61 in violet ink Res £22
  5. EVACUATED U.K/RETURN O.C., A.P.O.,/DURBAN-Framed South African cachet in violet ink as well as the unframed FROM-R.A INDEX/TRACED [FIELD] BRANCH, also applied at DURBAN with bilingual d/ring PITERMARITZBUFG CAMP/KAMP dated 3.7.1942. The cover was redirected to ROEHAMPTON [Plastic Surgery] hospital and then to Scotland on 3.10.1942 Res £22
  6. KEEPING AN EYE ON THE WELSH!!! GEO VI 2d postal stationery postcard addressed to Llandaff from TENBY on 29.6.1943 with tombstone octagonal censor mark P.160 at top left Res £8
  7. SUPPORT THE/R.A.F/BENEVOLENT FUND-GEO V 1d meter slogan used on window envelope from BROMLEY on 10.1.1944 Res £7
  8. PALESTINE-Postcard of Arab women in traditional full body dress addressed to Worthing with 7 Mil tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/146 dated 12.4.1945. Below is the diamond censor mark of the R.A.F No.177 in violet ink Res £8
  9. MILITARY HOSPITAL/NAIROBI-Oval cachet on airmail cover to the Uk with 2½d Wilding tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/256 dated 10.5.1954 Res £6
  1. F.P.O/CHRISTMAS ISLAND-Superb strike of the s/ring cancel dated 5.3.1957 tying 2½d & 6d Wildings to registered airmail cover to an army officer at Bromley. At top left is the FPO DS No. registration label with the framed 158 inserted. Registered mail from here is uncommon during the Atom Bomb testing period Res £20
  2. SWAZILAND-Airmail cover to the UK with ½d & 2½d Wildings tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/1041 dated 6.4.1964. Sende gives his dtails on the back as being in Swaziland Res £15
  3. NORTHERN IRELAND-Cover addressed to Surrey with Ulster 4d red regional tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/551 dated 27.8.1970 Res £6
  4. UNITED NATIONS-Stampless cover addressed to an Irish Lt Colonel in Athlone, cancelled by rubber UNITED NATIONS / LOGO / DATE / INTERIM FORCE IN LEBANON dated 17.6.1983 Res £8


  1. POSTCARD Of London Bridge addressed back to Germany from a P.O.W in DORCHESTER camp on 6.1.1915 and then redirected from Hamburg on 26.1.1915 Res £18
  2. BULGARIA-Cigarette & tobacco hank you card from a British P.O.W in Bulgaria from the King’s Own Royal Lancashire regiment. Addressed to Manchester, the card has a Bulgarian censor mark on the front and a LONDONS/PAID machine cancel in red, dated 15.9.1916-see illustrations of a scarce item!! Res £45
  3. ISLE OF MAN-Postcard from the wife of Dr Paul Weil, whose husband was interned on the Isle of Man with a part economy label with his new address on at the the County Mental Hospital, Prestwich, Manchester, tied by d/ring PEEL/ISLE OF MAN dated 19.8.1942. Beneath the label is the Stuttgart cancel dated 29.7.1942 and a mark from the internment camp-see illustration Res £40
  4. PRISONER OF THE JAPANESE-Envelope with letter, addressed to a British soldier at the KAWASAKI Internment Camp, Tokyo from west London and dated 21.10.1943. The soldier received his letter on 8th May 1945, V.E DAY!!! Res £45
  5. N.V.R-P.O.W Printed postcard from a Royal Naval Reservist in the MARLAG & MILAG NORTH Camp, Germany, addressed to Liverpool on 26.12.1944 and posted on “17.1.1944” [error for 1945] and has a National Bank receiver on the back, dated 1.3.1945 Res £25
  1. SCOTLAND-Printed P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Germany with superb P.O.W CAMP /No.19/GREAT BRITAIN in violet ink on the front. On the back are senders details as being at HAPPENDEN CAMP No.19, DOUGLAS, LANARKSHIRE-Written on 6.3.1946 Res £12
  2. LUDLOW, SHROPSHIRE-Printed P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Germany on 5.5.1946 with very good s/ring P.O.W CAMP / No.84 / GREAT BRITAIN on the front. The senders details on the back are those of SHEET CAMP, LUDLOW, SALOP Res £12
  3. SUSSEX-Printed P.O.W letter sheet dated 10.11.1946 addressed to the Soviet Zone of Germany with nice, unframed cachet on the back “KINGSFOLD CAMP/BILLINGSHURST, SUSSEX” in violet ink Res £15
  4. GLOUCESTERSHIRE-Printed P.O.W postcard addressed to the British Zone of Germany on Advent Sunday, 1946 with the senders details as being at SPRINGHILL CAMP, BLOCKLEY, MORETON-IN-MARSH Res £12
  5. WORCESTERSHIRE-Printed P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Switzerland with oval No.277 P.O.W CAMP/GREAT BRITAIN on the front. His details on the back place this camp at SOUTH LITTLETON, NEAR EVESHAM, WORCS on 26.3.1947 Res £12


  1. 1817 ENTIRE From MADEIRA addressed to a Midshipman on board an unspecified ship with the endorsement, “IF SAILED TO BE RETURNED TO LT MADDOCK, SALOPIAN/COFFEE HOUSE CHARING CROSS”. The entire reached London on the 4th March 1817 after only being posted in February Res £65
  2. HMS TWEED-Entire addressed to Lt Dalyell on board the ship at Portsmouth on 30.4.1827 and sent from Linlithgow at the one shilling and 2½d rate with the framed additional ½ alongside Res £28
  3. PLYMOUTH/H.M.S-620 Two strikes of the very rare duplex cancel dated 10.6.1875 cancel a pair of 1d reds-see illustration Res £85
  4. HMS FIREFLY-MOURNING Cover and letter addressed to Boldre House, Lymington and redirected to the ship at LOWESTOFT on 6.11.1893. The headed notepaper is that of 45, Rutland Gate, Hyde Park [sold for £10.2 million in 2018]-the house, not the notepaper!! Res £18
  1. KINGSTOWN LIFEBOAT DISASTER, DECEMBER 1895/HMS ONYX-Headed notepaper from GLENAGEARY, Kingstown and envelope addressed to a newly promoted Commander of HMS ONYX at HARWICH with stamp tied by KINSTOWN duplex dated 2.1.1896. The writer tells of the lifeboat disaster on Christmas Eve and the destruction of the SS “PALME”-also comes with print-out of the tragedy Res £25
  2. BOER WAR-LADYSMITH SIEGE Cover addressed to BOMBAY, cancelled by d/ring LADYSMITH/NATAL dated 22.1.1900. Initially taxed 5c in South Africa, this was scored through in red ink and is endorsed by Surgeon J.G Fowler, R.N., the LADYSMITH BRIGADE Surgeon. On the back is the DURBAN transit mark dated 3.3.1900 and Indian marks dated 3rd & 8th April 1900-see illustrations Res £125
  3. HMS DREADNOUGHT-Postcard of PONTEVEDRA written from the ship and addressed to London with ½d EDW VII tied by d/ring LONDON/174 dated 16.2.1911. Alongside is a lovely strike of the framed POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S in violet ink. Taxed 1d in the UK Res £22
  4. THE HOOD BATALLION, ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION-Printed detail on the back flap of an envelope addressed to Lady Egerton, wife of the Admiral Egerton & mother to the young Lt Egerton at ADMIRALTY HOUSE, Devonport with GEO V 1d tied by skeleton cancel NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD dated 8.1.1915-opens out to display Res £25
  5. HOSPITAL SHIP “OXFORDSHIRE”-Real photo postcard f the ship addressed to Hessle, Yorks and cancelled by d/ring BASINGSTOKE dated 2.6.1915. The writer tells of coming home to hospital, presumably at Basingstoke Res £22
  6. HMS MALAYA-“THE CHURCH AND JUTLAND MEMORIAL PLACED THEREIN”-Grey folder containing a photo of the ships chapel and the memorial to the officers and men who died on the Malaya at the Battle of Jutland. There is a manuscript date 21st October 1918 on the back. Lovely item Res £22
  7. HMS THUNDER-Naval comic postcard to Cardiff, cancelled by the 8 bar dumb cancel. Alongside is the d/ring CENSORED LETTER/O.A.S in violet ink. Gould 6D25 Res £12
  8. N.A.S VENDOME-Stampless cover addressed to the Officers Mess, R.N Depot, Crystal Palace, cancelled by s/ring VENDOME dated 18.12.1916. At bottom left is the hexagonal “triangular” PASSED-NAVAL-CENSOR in violet ink Res £10
  1. ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION-Cover from SOUTH SHIELDS addressed to a member of the R.N.D at BLANDFORD Camp on 2.1.1917. Redirected from Blandford to Howe Battalion in France [not there] and forwarded to the 63rdN.D [not there either]. Centrally is the framed PRESENT LOCATION/UNCERTAIN/P/L/S, L.P.S G.P.O struck in black ink Res £22
  2. PASSED BY/[INITIALS]/SHIP’S CENSOR-Oval, double rimmed mark in red ink on postcard of a scene “Near Fawley Beach”, Hants addressed to London and written from R.N.A.S CALSHOT Res £25
  3. NAVAL AIR SERVICE MAIL OFFICE/LONDON-D/ring cancel dated 28th May [1917] struck at top of postcard from Italy addressed to a rating serving with No.5 Wing, HMS “QUEEN II”. The card is from TURIN and is dated 22.5.1917 Res £22
  4. FLEET POST OFFICE/KIRKWALL-S/ring cancel dated 30.6.1917 cancels telegram addressed to Commander Fothergill of HMS MARLBOROUGH and handed in at London Res £25
  5. HMS COLLINGWOOD-Postcard addressed to London with ½d stamp tied by the F.P.O a machine cancel dated 5.2.1918. Below is the s/ring PASSED/CENSOR in violet ink. The card was written from the ship the previous day-comes with a postcard of the ship “In which the King’s Son serves” Res £9
  6. HMS DILIGENCE-Stampless postcard addressed to Sheffield on 9.7.1918 with s/ring PASSED/BY/CENSOR in blue ink Res £9
  7. HMS HOOD-Headed notepaper with envelope addressed to Portsmouth with EDW VIII 1½d tied by the less common machine cancel PLYMOUTH/DEVON-RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS dated 10.3.1937 Res £10
  8. M SUBMARINE TRENCHANT-Airmail cover addressed to MALTA with GEO VI 2½d tied by the d/ring BRITISH FLEET MAIL/15 dated April 1951 and the London Maritime Mail machine cancel dated 23.2.1951 Res £15


  1. LIVERPOOLK SLOPER “ARROW” Cancel through QV ½d violet postcard addressed to Scarborough-undated Res £22
  2. VACCINATION CERTIFICATE-QV ½d green with date 14.12.71 on certificate addressed to Llandovery. The form has been filled in on 20.11.1873 Res £25
  3. SOMERSET HOUSE DIE Of the 3d envelope with die 6 struck on envelope blank dated 10.5.1875 Res £25
  4. H SMITH-Printed wrapper with 2d die I [single curl] and 3d die II [hair in a bunch]-Superb condition with just a central fold-see illustration Res £30
  5. QV 1d vermilion reply portion postcard addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring KIEL dated 9.9.1895 Res £22
  6. QV 3d vermilion postcard overprinted SPECIMEN across the stamp impression-minor rust spots will clean up Res £22
  7. H SMITH-Folded to shape, unused ½d brown, 1d brown and 1½d yellow newspaper wrappers, all in mint condition [3] Res £25
  8. LONGER Cover to QUEBEC with embossed dies of the 1/-, 3d & 2d values [L-R], cancelled by d/rings LOMBARD ST B.O/E.C dated 16.11.1900 Res £25
  9. THE DECIMAL ASSOCIATION-Printed envelope 228 x 152mm addressed within London with EDW VII 1d die cancelled LONDON E.C/74 dated 14.5.1903 Res £15
  10. EDW VII 1d RETURN FOR THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES With partial printed address for the Officer of Inland Revenue at Cheddar. The form has not been filled in and has been sent initially to a farmer at WINSCOMBE with the other 1d die cancelled at WESTON SUPER MARE on 30.5.1904 Res £30
  11. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-EDW VII 3d gummed parcel post label addressed to Aston Harwick, cancelled by the London Parcel Post label cancel on 20.5.1911-see illustration Res £25
  12. GEO V ½d + ½d pair of postcards without the full stop. Unrecorded in the original Huggins book-pristine condition-ex-John Rouse Res £45
  13. IRELAND-O.H.M.S Official Paid entire [Irish form 8D] covering the Old Age Pensions Acts 1908 to 1919 and the Blind Persons Act of 1920] with partial printed address TO PENSION OFFICER, CUSTOMS AND EXCISE dated 1921 and has the manuscript PROOF at bottom left Res £22
  14. BARING BROTHERS-Longer GEO V 2d envelope with company detail at bottom left, addressed to Fareham and cancelled by LONDON machine cancel dated 8.5.1922 Res £12
  15. PRISONER OF WAR Letter sheet addressed to a Royal Marines Officer in an Italian Camp from Worthing on 24.2.1943. The letter sheet was redirected to another Italian camp before delivery on 4.4.1943-comes with unused version of the letter sheet also Res £25
  16. GEO VI 1½d green die newspaper wrapper addressed to the Imperial Fine Art Corporation, London, cancelled by SOUTH KENSINGTON machine cancel dated 24.2.1955 Res £8
  17. MIXED FRANKING-Barclays Bank longer window envelope with GEO VI 1½d green die at right, alongside the QEII Tudor Rose die, at left. Mint condition Res £18
  18. STAMFORD MERCURY-The scarce newspaper wrapper with the ½p die printed in the blue colour of the 3p die alongside the 4p brown die. Comes with a normal one for comparison [2] Res £35
  19. STAMFORD MERCURY-Pre-cancelled 2nd class postage paid indicator on unused wrapper “cancelled” by the printed STAMFORD MERCURY/742/STAMFORD hooded circle Res £15
  20. POSTAL STATIONERY SOCIETY-Printed second class postage paid envelope addressed to Reading from “South East Division” dated 7.1.2001 Res £5


  1. GLOUCESTER/STATION-Previously the World’s earliest railway station cancel on the back of an entire addressed to Uckfield, Sussex with 1d red tied by the black Maltese Cross cancel applied at the station on 19.3.1842. The earliest date is the 18th March!! Res £45
  2. WOLVERTON STATION-THE UNIQUE UNDATED CIRCLE Cancel in black ink on back of a small cover addressed to London from Stoney Stratford on 14.11.1844. This cancel only came to light in 2010, a full 166 years after being used-see illustration Res £450
  3. MISSENT TO/BRISTOL STATION-Unframed mark on the front of a “patent banking envelope” addressed to “Tortington” from Manchester on the 10th May 1849. On the back is the dated d/arc cancel of BRISTOL STATION dated 11.5.1849. There are many instructions on the front including TRY STOCKPORT, NOT FOR TORTINGTON NEAR STOCKPORT, TRY TORRINGTON, DEVON, Where it eventually ended up on 15.5.1849 Res £65
  4. MISSENT TO/DERBY R.O-Unframed mark in black ink on the front of an envelope from Hereford addressed to Bakewell on 6.6.1855, arriving in Derby on the same day [R.O stands for Railway Office], the LATEST Recorded date of use of this mark Res £65
  5. FORT GEORGE/STATION-S/ring at top left of cover dated 17.12.1879 with manuscript “NOT” placed before. The 1d red is tied by a superb s/ring HIGHD SORTG CARRIAGE/NIGHT MAIL dated 17.12.1879 withy index D-see illustration Res £45
  6. GLOUCESTER STATION-S/ring dated 24.7.1886 with index 6 ties added 1½d lilac to 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to St Neots. Below, is the scarce s/ring GLOUCESTER DOCKS dated the same day Res £35
  7. BRIGHTON STATION/R.L-Uncommon and early use of the Returned Letter cancel of Brighton Station dated 23.1.1888 with index I on the back of a registered cover from Mirzapore, India addressed to Brighton Res £30
  8. SWANLEY JUNCTION-Two strikes of the squared circle cancel dated 9.10.1890 with index D, tie a ½d vermilion to a QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany. This is the LATEST Recorded date of use of this cancel Res £25
  9. WATERLOO STATION/L & S.W RLY-S/ring dated 7.2.1893 cancels telegram handed in at Beckenham-this is the EARLIEST date of use of this cancel, only being proofed on the 1st February Res £30
  10. IRELAND-QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Dublin with added 1d lilac tied by the numeral cancel of FARRANFORE on 21.1.1895. Centrally is the undated oval telegraphic cancel GORTATLEA/STATION/GT S & W RY with the manuscript “REGD AT” preceding the cancel. This is the ONLY Recorded use of this cancel and what a wonderful usage!! See illustration Res £125
  11. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From TONBRIDGE STATION OFFICE, cancelled by the exceedingly scarce s/ring TONBRIDGE STATION OFFICE/P.P dated 27.2.1895. To make your wallet even lighter, there is a manuscript POSTED OUT OF COURSE, FINE 1d-See illustration Res £75
  12. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From LANCING STATION with 2d, 2½d & 6d Jubilee values tied by s/rings LANCING STATION dated 4.5.1897 with index C-see illustration Res £50
  13. REGISTERED/CHESTER STATION-Oval cancel dated 7.5.1897 with index O on back of a registered cover from RUTHIN addressed to Chester with a strip of 3 x 1d lilacs tied by s/rings RUTHIN dated the same day Res £30
  14. TONBRIDGE STATION-Homemade newspaper wrapper addressed to Dover with 2 x ½d blue-green QV values tied by the 3VOS numeral cancels 818 of the Station Office, struck on 26.4.1900. Alongside is the UNRECORDED, framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [4] OZ/818 and the 1d/818 tax mark, both used at the station. On the back is the s/ring DOVER/STATION OFFICE dated 27.4.1900-see illustration Res £65
  15. MAGHULL STATION-Scarcer s/ring type [without Liverpool] dated CHRISTMAS DAY 1903 on an EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope from London addressed to Maghull Res £25
  16. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION-Squared circle cancels dated 3.1.1904 ties a pair of EDW VII ½d blue-green values to envelope [with letter] addressed to Scotland Res £22
  17. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From PLUCKLEY STATION with EDW VII 4d and 2 x 6d values tied by s/rings PLUCKLEY STN/ASHFORD KENT dated 16.5.1904-see illustration Res £50
  18. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From MITCHAM JUNCTION cancelled by s/ring MITCHAM JUNCTION/MITCHAM on 6.5.1907-no stamps ever affixed Res £30
  19. BOOTLE STATION/CUMBERLAND-S/ring ated 3.8.1909 ties a pair of ½d EDW VII values to postcard addressed to NEW YORK Res £12
  20. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From MAGHULL STATION with a pair of EDW VII 2½d stamps tied by the s/rings MAGHULL STATION S.O/LIVERPOOL dated 14.1.1913. Alongside is the other cancel MAGHULL STATION dated the same day-very, very unusual to have two different station cancels on the one item-see illustration Res £45
  21. ANGMERING STATION /WORTHING - The UNIQUE SKELETON Cancel dated 10.11.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £40
  22. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From MICHELDEVER STATION, cancelled by the d/ring cancel MICHELDEVER STATION/+ dated 21.12.1915-no stamps ever affixed Res £30
  23. MARTIN MILL STATION/DOVER-Black rubber cancel dated 5.3.1918 as a receiver on a postcard from a prisoner of war interned in Holland, who sent his card to the UK on 20.2.1918 Res £22
  24. PICTURE POSTCARDS ARE RETURNED/BY THE CENSOR-Framed mark on stampless postcard addressed to a corporal of the King’s Own Yorkshire Regiment who is interned in Holland. The card is cancelled by d/ring ASHFORD STATION/MIDDX dated 30.5.1918. Top right corner damage, but a nice item all the same!! Res £25
  25. PERRANWELL STATION/CORNWALL-Less common d/ring cancel dated 13.9.1934 ties GEO V 1d to postcard Res £15
  26. ANNBANK STATION/AYR-S/ring cancel dated 18.8.1944 with index A ties 2d GEO VI stamp to postcard-this is the EARLIEST Recorded use of this cancel Res £22
  27. £5 PREMIUM BOND Cancelled at the issuing office by s/ring STH KENSINGTON STN B.O S.W.7/1 dated 19.11.1956-the first month of issue Res £12
  28. THE STATION KIRKBY/LIVERPOOL-S/ring dated 31.5.1963 ties 2½d Lifeboat issue to a locally addressed cover-this is the EARLIEST Recorded use of this cancel Res £15
  29. STAFFORD STATION/BRITISH RAILWAYS-Three SPECIMEN Strikes of the undated version on an A4 sheet of paper with cancels from other Stafford, Stoke, Stone, Uttoxeter, Leek, Newcastle and Rugeley, including the s/ring RUGELEY STAFFS/POWER STATION!! Res £35
  30. MAGHULL STATION/LIVERPOOL-S/rings dated 9.2.1994 tie stamps to a total of £2.95p to a Royal Mail Guaranteed Deliver cover addressed to Cheshire. Incredibly, this seems to be the only recorded date of use of this modern cancel Res £12


  1. MANCHESTER/DATE/ST-S/ring dated 17.5.1867 with index A on back of a 1d pink envelope addressed to Alderley Edge, cancelled by circular duplex MAIDENHEAD-492 dated 16.5.1867 Res £12
  2. YORK & NEWCASTLE TPO/GOING NORTH-S/rings dated 22.10.1877 and 5.10.1888 on cut-outs Res £8
  3. TAYLOR’S DEPOSITORY, PIMLICO-Lovely illustrated letter concerning an under-payment on an account with railway loco and wagons advertising the company and services, both on the front and back; also a photographic reproduction [contemporary] of the company premises. Lovely item dated 5.3.1878-see illustrations Res £35
  4. TAY BRIDGE DISASTER-Damaged envelope with manuscript “RECOVERED FROM THE FIRTH OF TAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT TO THE TAY BRIDGE 28th DEC 1879”. All people on the train were killed & just two bags of mail was recovered, taken to Dundee, dried & delivered the next day, all with the manuscript annotation-see illustration Res £250
  5. LIVERPOOL & LONDON/N. WESTN T.P.O-Complete strike on QV 2/6d value dated 27.7.1883, a further partial strike on a ½d vermilion and the smaller LIVERPOOL & LONDON TPO cancels dated 2.10.1884 on a 6d green and 5.7.1895 on a piece with 2 x ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs Res £18
  6. PERTH “P” IN STAR INSPECTORS MARK-Piece from BRIDGE OF ALLAN with 2 x ½d slate blue tied by duplex cancels dated 12.3.1885-see illustration Res £25
  7. CORNWALLS.T-Squared circle cancel dated 24.2.1887 with index A ties stamp to piece; also many others including B16, PLYMOUTH & EXETER/N.M TENDER dated 26.11.1891; LONDON & HOLYHEAD/T.P.O/UNITED STATES MAIL dated 19.11.1904. [18 items]-see illustration Res £30
  8. CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL-C.S/2 Duplex cancel ties stamp to part 1d postcard dated 31.10.1893, other Continental Night Mail cancels on stamp and piece and a lovely C68 four-bar numeral cancel on W.H Smith 1d pink advertising ring [6 items] Res £20
  9. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 16.9.1895 with index E ties ½d vermilion to plain trade postcard addressed to Dudley from Glasgow Res £18
  10. TRURO & FALMOUTHT-S/ring cancels on piece or stamp dated 13.5.1899, index A; 18.3.1897, index A; 20.7.1905, no index;22.2.1909. index E and 15.11.1913, index E Res £9
  11. GREAT NORTHERN S.T-S/rings dated 23.7.1900 & 24.11.1902, both index I; GREAT NORTHERN S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/rings dated 6.5.1903, 27.2.1911 & 11.9.1916, all with six-pointed star index; GREAT NORTHERN S.C/UP DAY MAIL S/ring dated 5.8.1907 with same star index and the framed G.N/S.C on piece from Falmouth dated 15.8.1896. Res £22
  12. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From SOUTH CAVE R.S.O, YORKS [SMS], Under Hull in pristine, mint condition-see illustration Res £25
  13. LONDON & QUEENSBOROUGH/S.T-Hooded circles dated 30.9.1900, 6.1.1906 and 4.8.1899, all with index A; s/ring LONDON & QUEENBOROUGH/S.T dated 10.1.1903, index A and s/rings LONDON & QUEENBOROUGH S.T dated 28.4.1911 tying Austrian stamps to piece and further strike dated 30.9.1898 on cut-out ½d vermilion-both index A Res £18
  14. LONDON & HOLYHEAD/TPO/DATE/UNITED STAES MAIL-S/rings dated 5.10.1907, 16.12.1906 on EDW VII 2/6d, 18.6.1903; K48 numeral cancels on QV 2d & 3d values, EDW VII 2d & 5d values and the scarce d/ring LONDON & HOLYHEAD/U.S/DATE/TPO on 2½d EDW VII value dated 20th June 190?? Res £22
  15. BRIGHTON & HASTINGS/SORTING CARRIAGE UP-S/rings dated 16.3.1899 ties ½d vermilion to piece and two further examples dated 28.12.1902 and 31.3.1916 [LAST DAY OF USE] on piece Res £20
  16. PARKSTONE R.S /DORSET-Skeleton cancel with “O” missing, dated 17.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  17. LONDON & FOLKSTONE S.C-REGISTERED Hooded Circle cancels dated 21.6.1911, 17.6.1911 & 13.2.1912, all on piece and the framed POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE/1d TO PAY Res £12
  18. EXETER & TORRINGTON S.C/UP-S/ring dated 8.2.1911 cancels EDW VII ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Chumleigh from Bratton Fleming Res £12
  19. LONDON & DEBY S.C/GOING NORTH-S/rings dated 11.6.1912 ties EDW VII ½d & GEO V 1d to Late Fee cover addressed to George King Res £25
  1. GLOUCESTER-BRISTOL TPO S/rings dated 14.3.1932 & 21.9.1931; GLOUCESTER & BRISTOL TPO/GOING SOUTH-S/rings dated 19.10.1918 & 11.1.1929, all tie stamps to piece except the 1918 date Res £5
  2. CHESHIRE LINES COMMITTEE-3d RAILWAY LETTER STAMP On cover addressed to Manchester, cancelled by s/line NORTHENDE[N] in violet ink. The 2d postage stamp is tied by STOCKPORT/3 d/ring dated 18.8.1920-see illustration Res £85
  3. EAST LONDON RAILWAY JOINT COMMITTEE-4d RAILWAY LETTER STAMP On cover addressed as previous lot, tied by East London Railway cancel in violet ink. The 1½d stamp is similarly tied as well as being tied by the MANCHESTER d/ring dated 24.10.1922 Res £85
  4. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-5d square stamp issued at WELWYN NORTH Station on cover posted at London N to West Runton, Norfolk on 9.12.1947 Res £40
  5. RAILEX RECEIPT-Form P.43B with GEO VI 2d, 7d & 2 x 1/- values tied by s/rings ASHFORD MIDDLESEX/2 dated 5.7.1951. The form is missing the boring bit from the top left Res £25
  6. LONDON YORK EDINBURGH TPO/1-D/ring dated 14.1.1975 cancels Forces Air Letter addressed to R.A.F ALDERGROVE, Northern Ireland which has the endorsement H.M FORCES/NORTHER/IRELAND in the space for the stamp Res £6


  1. YORK COTTAGE, SANDRINGHAM-Envelope sealed by wax seal of the “EQUERRY” addressed to Captain Neate, R.N at H.M PACKET OFFICE, Dover with EDW VII 1d tied by KINGS LYNN squared circle dated 26.3.1902. Initials of the Equerry at bottom left. Res £25
  2. BAYHAM ABBEY-Ticket to attend the 12th August 1902 Coronation Fete-very colourful item; together with five editions of the “Bayham Estate magazine, 1930-31 Res £18
  3. TRIAL BY A COURT OF PEERS-Ticket No.14 to attend the trial in the House of Lords for Lord de Clifford, the last man in the Kingdom to have been tied in the House of Lords by his Peers on 12th December, 1935. Comes with envelope addressed to the Viscount Clifden from the office of the Lord Chamberlain-see illustration Res £35
  4. EDW VIII-Abdication day cover addressed to Sussex with EDW VIII ½d tied by d/ring SANDRINGHAM/NORFOLK dated 10.12.1936 Res £20
  5. GEO VI-Tucks postcard of The King together with a manuscript “APPD/G.R.I” ona small piece of paper. If it refers to the card, I am unsure Res £25
  6. OFFICE OF/ST JAMES’ PALACE/H.R.H THE DUKE OF GLOUCESTER - The original, INCORRECT cachet in blue ink [apostrophe in the wrong place] on longer cover addressed to the Secretary of Stampex, Edgar Lewy on 27.11.1958 Res £12
  7. OFFICE OF / ST JAMES’S PALACE / H.R.H THE DUKE OF GLOUCESTER-The amended cachet on small cover addressed to Glasgow on 23.5.1962 Res £15
  8. EDW VIII-MOURNING Postcard addressed to London from WINDSOR on 5th June 1972, the day of his burial at Windsor Res £12
  9. CHRISTMAS 1986 CARD Of the Trooping The Colour with auto-pen signatures of The Queen & Prince Philip in blue & black respectively Res £15
  10. ROYAL YACHT-Cover to Royston with 26p stamp tied by Mount Pleasant slogan dated 30.6.1997 with red inked Royal Yacht cachet and framed COMMODORE / ROYAL YACHTS / DATE / H.M YACHT / BRITANNIA dated 27.6.1997; 1977 commemorative cover carried on the Britannia during the Royal Visit to New Zealand on 22.2.1977 with smaller, blue Royal Yacht cachet and 1963 commem cover sent during the Royal Visit to Fiji on 1.2.1963, addressed to Superintendent Kelley on board the yacht [3] Res £15


  1. BECKINGHAM, UNDER NEWARK-PPL From here with 6d Jubilee value tied by NEWARK target parcel cancel. Alongside is the manuscript MAR 2/96 Res £22
  2. WIGAN, GREEN OUGH STREET-PPL From here with QV 2d & 3d Jubilee values tied by dumb cancel of parallel bars. At right is the s/ring GREENOUGH ST/WIGAN dated 7.10.1901 Res £20
  3. REDDITCH-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring REDDITCH/P.P dated 11.10.1902-no stamps ever affixed Res £15
  4. BEDALE-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by s/ring BEDALE dated 3.4.1903. Alongside is a further strike Res £20
  5. DUNSTON, GATESHEAD B.O [GAW]/UNDER NEWCASTLE ON TYNE-PPL From here with EDW VII 1d, 3d & 6d values tied by target parcel cancels GATESHEAD B.O/ NEWCASTLE ON TYNE. Alongside is the s/ring DUNSTON/GATESHEAD dated 15.6.1906 Res £22
  6. BELFAST, OLD PARK ROAD-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring OLD PARK ROAD/ BELFAST dated 21.9.1907-no stamps ever affixed Res £20
  7. CAMBRIDGE, CASTLE END-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring CASTLE END/ CAMBRIDGE dated 14.10.1907-no stamps ever affixed Res £18
  8. CAMBRIDGE, FITZROY STREET-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring FITZROY ST/ CAMBRIDGE dated 19.3.1910-no stamps ever affixed Res £18
  9. BRENTWOOD, WARLY COMMON-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by target parcel cancel BRENTWOOD. Alongside is the s/ring WARLEY COMMON/BRENTWOOD dated 1.4.1911. Also struck on the label is a 98% strike of the oval RAILWAY/BORNE in black ink Res £22
  10. EASTBOURNE, MARINE PARADE-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring MARINE PARADE/EASTBOURNE dated 26.4.1911. Also has a complete strike of the framed COACH/ROAD-BORNE in black ink Res £18
  11. EDINBURGH, COCKBURN STREET-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring COCKBURN STREET/EDINBURGH dated 3.7.1911 Res £15
  12. EDINBURGH, GEORGE STREETO-PPL From here with EDINBURGH 1 registration label placed in the stamps area, cancelled by s/ring GEORGE STREET/EDINBURGH dated 14.3.1912-no stamps ever affixed Res £16
  13. EDINBURGH, GEORGE STREETO-Similar to the previous lot with reg label in stamp space, cancelled by a similar cancel GEORGE STREET/EDINR dated 26.8.1912-no stamps ever affixed Res £16
  14. CHEWTON MENDIP, UNDER BATH-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring CHEWTON MENDIP dated 10.12.1913 Res £15
  15. BELFAST, FINISTON-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring FINISTON/BELFAST dated 10.1.1916-no stamps ever affixed Res £18


  1. EXPERIMENTAL “FREE” Cancel with dotted circle and “FREE” at top, unframed, dated 9.8.1799 at top right of free entire addressed to Lt Colonel Sir William Lee at SWINLEY CAMP, Windsor. The free is signed by William Morland, M.P for Taunton Res £95
  2. AN UNDATED NOTICE TO SWEAR AN OATH BEFORE GOD-CIRCA 1800 Notice to swear an Oath that the voter has not received any sums of money, gifts etc. to persuade him to vote for a particular person in the forthcoming election. The penalty for so doing is a fine of £500 [about £50,000 today Res £30
  3. IRELAND-Free entire addressed to Bath on 30.6.1825 with very nice Irish FREE at top right, dated 2.7.1825. At left is red inked mileage mark CT ROCHE/116 Res £35
  4. FREE Wrapper from Guildford addressed to THE MARQUESS OF BRADALBANE at TAYMOUTH CASTLE with London FREE dated 19.3.1834 struck nicely at top right Res £22
  5. FREE MOURNING WRAPPER AND LETTER Addressed to Aberystwyth from TUXFORD, NOTTS on 13.2.1835 with London FREE at top right, dated the same day. On the back is the s/line mark TUXFORD in black ink [catalogued at £200!!] See illustration Res £50
  6. TO BE POSTED AT THE HOUSE OF COMMONS ONLY/POST PAID-ONE PENNY-WEIGHT NOT TO EXCEED ½ OZ-Scarce post paid envelope front only [as is usual] addressed to PHOENIX PARK, DUBLIN, cancelled by crowned PAID mark dated 1.5.1840-see illustration Res £175
  7. UNIFORM PENNY POSTAGE-QV 1d blue postal stationery envelope cancelled by s/ring HOUSE OF COMMONS/S.W dated 8.7.1890 Res £65
  8. QV ½d Brown postal stationery postcard addressed within London with an oval impressed Coat-of-Arms and “HOUSE OF COMMONS”, cancelled by LONDON S.W-SW/51 with 44 in basal bars dated 11.5.1898 Res £25
  9. HOUSE OF COMMONS Crested 1d pink envelope addressed to HOVE, cancelled by the excellent strike of the HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 duplex cancel dated 15.2.1900-see illustration Res £85
  10. HOUSE OF COMMONS LIBRARY-Crested envelope addressed to Bramley, Surrey with a pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by a superb strike of the HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 Duplex cancel dated 10.6.1907 Res £65
  11. CRESTED MOURNING Envelope from the Solicitor-General addressed to Chelsea with EDW VII 1d tied by the HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 Duplex cancel dated 4.4.1911-see illustration Res £75

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. BISHOP NORTON/LINCOLN-Cancel dated 10.1.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. CLEVE PRIOR/EVEHAM-Cancel dated 19.12.1904 on card from Eveham to Worcester Res £8
  3. MILLTIMBER/ABERDEEN-Cancel dated 30.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. MILL GREEN/INGATESTONE S.O/ESSEX-Cancel dated 20.3.1908 on postcard from Ingatestone to Margaretting Res £8
  5. OXWICH/REYNOLDSTON/GLAM-Cancel dated 2.9.`1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. CONEYSTHORPE/MALTON-Cancel dated 17.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  7. COSSINGTON/LEICESTER-Cancel dated 8.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Belgium Res £9
  8. COLBREN/NEATH-Black cancel dated 18.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. ILAM/ASHBOURNE-Black cancel dated 22.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. CONGHAM/KINGS LYNN-Cancel dated 1.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. KIRBY UNDERDALE/YORK-Cancel dated 2.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £10
  12. SUTTON MALLET/BRIDGWATER-Black cancrel dated 14.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. COLTON/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 3.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. THELNETHAM/DISS-Black cancel dated 11.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. HETTON/SKIPTON-Black cancel dated 22.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. CHELVESTON/HIGHAM FERRERS S.O/NORTHANTS-Black cancel dated 26.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. CORBY/CARLISLE-Black cancel dated 1.7.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. RINGLAND/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 22.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. NEW CUBBINGTON/LEAMINGTON SPA-Black cancel dated 27.12.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. PYWORTHY/HOLSWORTHY-Black cancel dated 14.3.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  21. SHUTLANGER/TOWCESTER-Black cancel dated 3.8.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  22. NETHERTHONG/HUDDERSFIELD-Black cancel dated 8.6.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  23. PAYHEMBURY/EXETER/DEVON-Black cancel dated 12.11.1926 tie stamps to postcard Res £9
  24. PENEGOES/MACHYNLLETH/MONT-Black cancel dated 24.7.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  25. PENISARWAEN/CAERNARVON-Black cancel dated 8.9.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. PENNY FARTHING Postal stationery postcard addressed to Berlin from IPSWICH on 24.6.1878 with lovely oval cachet of WHITFIELD, KING & Co. on the message side Res £12
  2. BUTLER BROTHERS-1895 Price list of packets & sets of Foreign postage stamps from the Oxford dealer Res £25
  4. S LINCOLN-1901 Price ist of cheap sets of postage stamps, all illustrated withy order form on one side Res £20
  5. L AARONS & SON LTD-Registered cover from the MITCHAM, Surrey dealer addressed to Austria with EDW VIII ½d & 1½d and a pair of GEO V 2½d photogravure issue tied by s/rings MITCHAM/SURREY dated 8.10.1936. On the back is his fancy gold and silver advertising seal Res £15


  1. BEN NEVIS SUMMIT/J MILLER/HOTEL-Oval cachet on postcard of the mountain, unused Res £5
  2. CRANMERE-The scarce 20mm cachet struck in black ink on real photo postcard of Cranmere “post Office” addressed to Bournemouth-used in the 1st week of use-a superb and scarce mark only in use during WWI-see illustration Res £45
  3. CRANMERE-The 24mm cancel in violet ink, struck three times on postcard of Cranmere Cairn addressed to Plymouth on 7.6.1925 Res £18
  4. NORTH CAPE-Cover addressed to the UK with Norwegian stamps tied by pictorial d/rings NORDKAPP/NLAT 71’10’2’ dated 24.9.1965 Res £12
  5. CARRIED BY/PONY EXPRESS-Red framed cachet on illustrated cover of the 1967 Whitfield, Dover Wild West Show of 8.7.1967 Res £6
  6. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/DATE/I.O.M-Flattened diamond-shaped cachet in blue-black ink dated 2.7.1977 on postcard from LAXEY dated 4.7.1977 Res £7
  7. POSTED ON BOARD S.S “GREAT BRITAIN”/GREAT WESTERN DOCK/BRISTOL BS1 6TY-Black inked pictorial cachet on postcard of the ship addressed to Aldershot on 4.2.1981 Res £5
  8. SNAEFELL SUMMIT/2036FT/DATE/HOTELIER/KEN WHIPP-Blue oval cachet dated 9.8.1983 on back of a postcard of the M.V “MANX VIKING” Res £8
  9. BRITAINS OLDEST POST OFFICE / 1763 / SANQUHAR / DUMFRIESSHIRE - Pictorial, large cachet in red on FDC for historic buildings cancelled at SANQUHAR on 6.3.1990 Res £8
  10. BRITAINS NORTHERN MOST / POST OFFICE / DATE / HAROLDSWICK / UNST SHETLAND-Black cancel dated 5.6.1896 ties stamp to postcard. Also comes with postcard of the post office [2] Res £5


  1. 1676 ENTIRE Addressed to “LORD HALTON, HIS MAJ’TIES THR [Treasury] DEPUTY OF SCOTLAND”. The letter is dated 8.6.1676 and is from his brother at Ham, Surrey. He tells of hosting THE QUEEN who dined with him on Monday. He goes on to rail against the isolated areas of POPERY in Scotland and urges his brother to take action. He is also in correspondence with Lord St Andrews and other Scottish notables. It is sealed by a complete ROYAL wax seal “HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE”-Comes with full transcript Res £125
  2. 1721-ENTIRE Addressed to John Richards of Coleman Street, London, dated 11.12.1721 and has a s/line OXFORD on the back, alongside a Bishop mark for the 13th December Res £65
  3. 1756 ENTIRE addressed to ORCHARD WYNDHAM, Somerset from the Lord Bishop Edward of Bath & Wells on 10.7.1756. On the back is a Bishop mark for the 10th July and a letter carriers mark MP within a circle Res £65
  4. 1790-ENTIRE addressed to London on 6.3.1790 with a lovely s/line GLOCESTER in black ink at top right Res £45
  5. 1794 EXPERIMENTAL LONDON “POST/PAID” Hand-stamp in red, dated 25th April at top right of wrapper addressed to BRUSSELS & redirected to SPA. On the back is a lovely strike of the curved LINTON [Cambs] in black ink [cat £200] Res £125
  6. 1791-Entire addressed to Darlington on 25.8.1791 with lovely s/line BEDALE in black ink, struck centrally at top Res £25
  7. UNDATED Entire from BAMBUDGE addressed to Ross, Herfordshire with superb unframed WINCHES/TER in black at top right corner Res £30
  8. 1797 Entire addressed to Edinburgh in March 1792 with a lovely unframed NEWCASTLE/UNDER LINE at top right corner Res £40
  9. 1792 Entire addressed to Litchfield with superb s/line FRODSHAM struck at top right on 5.5.1792 Res £40
  10. 1794 Entire to London with very good s/line NEWARK struck at top right on 9.7.1794. The letter is written from Scriveton hall Res £15
  11. 1796 Entire addressed to Warrington on 18.3.1896 with a superb horseshoe cancel MACCLESFIELD struck in black at centre-left Res £35
  12. 1796 Entire addressed to Warrington [same address as previous lot] on 10.6.1796 with lovely horseshoe cancel KNUTSFORD in black, at top right corner Res £50
  13. 1797 Entire addressed to Ludlow with lovely unframed BRIDGE / NORTH struck at top right corner in black Res £40
  14. 1800 Entire addressed to “BOLZEN” [Austria], prepaid 3/4d on 24.5.1800 with superb closed horseshoe cancel PRESCOT in black at bottom right corner. On the back is the d/ring FOREIGN OFFICE/37/1800 in red ink Res £40
  15. 1801 Entire addressed to Warrington on 8.6.1801 with lovely dated cancel CHESTER, dated the same day Res £40
  16. 1803 Wrapper [OHMS FREE] addressed to a Captain Bartlett at WAREHAM from Blandford, dated 20.10.1803 with the unnecessary instruction TO TURN AT SARUM-The damned thing has no reason what so ever to go anywhere near Salisbury!! At bottom left is the BLANDFORD/106 framed mileage mark Res £30
  17. NEWCASTLE-U-LINE-Framed mileage mark struck in black at top right of wrapper addressed to London on 22.8.1804 Res £15
  18. UTTOXETER-Superb strike of the s/line mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Derby on 27.2.1808 Res £25
  19. MONEY LETTER-Entire money letter addressed to Edinburgh on 25.6.1825 previously containing 2 x £5 notes. The letter is endorsed at top MONEY-WITH £10 and was rated at 1/9d from Stirling Res £65
  20. BINGHAM-Superb s/line mark in black on the back of an entire addressed to Nottingham on 16.10.1827 Res £25
  21. CRAWLEY-S/line mark on the back of an entire addressed to Brighton on 29.1.1834 concerning a meeting at the George Hotel, Crawley where a Sovereign was presented in payment, change given and the sovereign re-pocketed again by the solicitor to whom he now writes to in Brighton!! Don’t trust solicitors!!! Res £35
  22. OLLERTON-Superb undated d/arc in black ink on free wrapper with contents addressed to Oxford on 2.12.1835. The letter is written from Clumber House & has the London FREE at right dated 2 days later Res £25
  23. WELSH ADDITIONAL HALF-Entire addressed to Dublin from HAVERFORDWEST, via WATERFORD, dated 12.11.1836, rated at 7½d on the front. On the back flap, which opens out to display very nicely is the horseshoe cancel HAVERFORDWEST and the WATERFORD transit mark dated 14.11.1836-this was charged on letters from Wales to Ireland instead of going via London etc.-see illustration Res £125
  24. IRELAND-Entire addressed to TORPOINT, Cornwall on 19.10.1839 with lovely undated d/arc [reduced format] BRAY on the back flap. Opens out to display very nicely. The letter arrived in Plymouth on 22.10.1839 and has the Irish FREE dated 19.10.1839 in red ink at right Res £35
  25. COMMENCEMENT OF THE PENNY POST ON 10 JANUARY 1840-Complete copy of the STAFFORDSHIRE ADVERTISER dated 28.12.1839 telling of the introduction Res £35


  1. HALIFAX-Lovely PD1 fancy script mark in red on the front of an entire addressed locally on 23.1.1840 Res £25
  2. SHAFTESBURY-Superb BLACK hand-struck 1 on entire addressed to Exeter on 28.1.1840-see illustration Res £65
  3. DUNDEE-Pristine strike of the 1d in red ink on wrapper addressed to Dunfermline with framed PAID AT/DUNDEE alongside, struck on 22.2.1840 Res £20
  4. NEWCASTLE-The very thick 1 struck on entire addressed to London on 17.2.1840 Res £25
  5. LONDON-Excellent strike of the London 1 on entire addressed to Tetbury on 21.2.1840 Res £15
  6. WIMBORNE-Nice manuscript 1 on entire addressed to Poole with WIMBORNE cancel struck superbly alongside at the top right on 25.3.1840 Res £20
  7. PRESTEIGN-The curved top hand-struck one on entire addressed to Ludlow on 30.11.1840-lovely strike!! Res £45
  8. BASINGSTOKE-The PD/1 struck superbly on entire addressed to Westminster with London PAID mark alongside, dated 12.2.1844 Res £25
  9. NOTTINGHAM-Lovely 1 struck on envelope with contents addressed to RUTLAND on 1.10.1844 Res £30
  10. TUXFORD-Absolutely cracking strike [not a manuscript mark] on wrapper addressed to Lord Newark at Newark, cancelled by d/arc TUXFORD dated 20.12.1850-see illustration Res £65


  1. TWENTY-SIX Imperf 1d red covers, front and pieces with some four margin examples and others; mostly with Scottish numeral cancels [26] Res £55
  2. LIVERPOOL-Entire addressed to Aberystwyth with black manuscript PP1d below unframed CHURCH ST/LIVERPOOL mark in black at top left, struck on 12.11.1841 Res £22
  3. HOLLIN WOOD-Undated d/arc cancel in brown ink on front of entire from Manchester addressed to Halifax on 31.3.1846 Res £22
  4. KNOWLE-S/line mark on front of 1d pink envelope addressed to Wandsworth on 20.2.1847 Res £22
  5. BELLE-VUE-HILL S/line mark in blue on front of 1d pink envelope [with letter] addressed to Tottenham from RAMSGATE on 14.7.1848 Res £22
  6. LUDLOW/3-Blue inked, unframed TRAVELLER dated 30.5.1849 on back of entire addressed to Ludlow. Also on the back is the undated d/arc EASTON-see next item Res £45
  7. LUDLOW/3-Blue inked, unframed TRAVELLER dated 31.3.1849 on back of entire addressed to Ludlow. The style of the two marks [see previous lot] are very different to each other Res £45
  8. KEMERTON-Undated d/arc on back of 1d pink envelope addressed to Ludlow from Tewkesbury on 9.10.1852 Res £22
  9. DIDDLEBURY & BROOMFIELD Undated d/arc cancels on the back of cover addressed to Ludlow in 1853 Res £25
  10. HENSINGHAM-Undated d/arc cancel in blue on the back of 1d pink envelope addressed to Cockermouth, via Whitehaven on 1.6.1854 Res £22
  11. NENTHEAD-Undated d/arc cancel in black on back of cover addressed to Appleby. The stamp is tied by 1844 type numeral 607 of ALESTON, struck on 4.12.1855 Res £25
  12. GREYSTOKE-Undated d/arc on back of cover addressed to GILSLAND with stamp tied by sideways duplex cancel of PENRITH dated 14.10.1857 Res £22
  13. CHESTER-180 SPOON Cancels dated 27.8.1859 ties a pair of 2d blues & a 4d rose on blued paper to cover addressed to Prussia. At right is lovely vermilion 3d accountancy mark Res £35
  14. IRELAND-Entire addressed to Spain with 6d violet from plate 6 tied by a superb DUBLIN-186 dated 29.12.1868-see illustration Res £45
  15. WAFER SEAL SAMPLES-36 Sample wafer seals on a sheet of paper with the price alongside per 100 wafers Res £30
  16. MIDDLESBROUGH TO FINLAND-Entire addressed to Helsinki with four-bar duplex cancel dated 19.12.1876 tying a 1d red from plate 167 Res £25
  17. UTTOXETER-Registered cover to Ashbourne with 1d red & 2 x 2d blue tied by 827 three-bar numerals on 20.12.1876 Res £40
  18. WELSHPOOL-Cover with contents written from the ROYAL OAK INN at Welshpool with 1d red tied by four-bar duplex cancel 852 dated 17.5.1878 Res £22
  19. STOCKPORT-Superb strike of the squared circle cancel tying 14 dot 1d lilac to cover addressed to Hull on 7.8.1881 Res £22
  20. MIDDLESBROUGH-Cover addressed to Bergen, Norway with 2½d lilac tied by superb strike of the four-bar duplex cancel dated 8.11.1886-see illustration Res £25
  21. IRELAND-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Dublin, with added 1d lilac cancelled by s/ring BALLYMOTE dated 11.6.1889 Res £25
  22. LONDON-Two lovely strikes of the large d/ring cancel dated 7.1.1890 ties ½d vermilion to ½d brown postcard addressed to Bergen Res £15
  23. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Stockholm, Sweden with QV ½d vermilion & 9d value tied by s/rings 369 STRAND B.O/W.C dated 3.11.1894-nice item!! Res £40
  24. BRITISH RAINFALL Printed ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Copenhagen, cancelled by d/ring LONDON N.W/5 dated 16.10.1900 Res £12
  25. EMBROIDERED LIST OF POSTAL RATES-Lovely piece of needlework listing postal rates on letters up to 12 ounces etc.-see illustration Res £22
  26. HUNTINGDON-396 Duplex cancel dated 15.8.1902 ties added 2½d EDW VII value to registered envelope size F addressed to Holland-lovey!! Res £22
  27. EMMA COLLIERY-S/ring dated 7.10.1904 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  28. ROYTON-Straight-line mark on blank registration label affixed to GEO V registered envelope size G addressed to London. The stamp impression is cancelled by the s/ring version, dated 8.7.1913 Res £18
  29. HINCKLEY VAGRANCY COMMITTEE-Ticket for a mid-day meal at Earl Shilton on 8.2.1915 Res £7
  1. ALLONBY-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope registered to London with added 1d values, both B12 control singles, tied by s/rings dated 7.9.1917. The envelope has been diagonally crossed indicating that it is TOO FRAGILE TO BE TRANSFERRED BY TPO APARATUS Res £20
  2. WALES-GEO V Registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Germany with added 2d tied by s/ring KINGSBRIDGE/GORSEINON SWANSEA dated 25.9.1923. At left is the appropriate registration label No.1 Res £22
  3. WALES-GEO V Registered envelope as previous lot addressed to Germany with added 1d tied by s/ring MERTHYR TIDVIL dated 1.11.1923 Res £15
  4. FIRST DAY COVER-Registered cover addressed within DUMBARTON with GEO VI 2d & 3d values tied by s/ring DUMBARTON dated 31.1.1938 Res £22
  5. CABLE & WIRELESS Greetings Telegram and envelope addressed to FAKENHAM, Norfolk, cancelled by London meter slogan dated 28.12.1938. The telegram [richly illustrated with sailing ship] was handed in at SEA POINT, Cape of Good Hope Res £18
  6. NIGHT TELEGRAPH LETTERS-GPO Leaflet telling you all about it. Undated, but Ca.1938 Res £8
  7. WITHYPOOL HORSE POST-Cover from London addressed to Withypool, Minhead dated 25.11.1940. Comes with magazine article showing the Withypool postman delivering his letters by horse [Exmoor Horse Post] Res £10
  8. GEO VI 8½d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to South Africa with added 4d blue & 2 x 1/- values tied by s/rings ROSS ON WYE HEREFORDSHIRE/T dated 11.5.1953. At left is customs tape tied by cachet Res £12
  9. 1960 GENERAL LETTER OFFICE Issue on illustrated FDC, cancelled by London Cadet Force slogan clearly dated 15.5.1960 instead of the release date cancel of 15.7.1960 Res £35
  10. 1966 CHRISTMAS FDC Showing the 3d with MISSING T variety, used 1.12.1966 Res £20
  11. EXPRESS DELIVERY-Cover addressed to West Germany with 1/9d “television” issue & 1/- Wilding tied by oval registered cancel of FOLKESTONE dated 20.11.1967 Res £8
  12. STUART FIRST DAY COVER MAKERS-Three calendars, illustrated with classic stamps embossed at tops, numbered 1, 2 & 3 in an “annual series” with date slips below for 1968, 69 & 1970 [3] Res £18
  13. OAKLEY SCOUT GROUP/CHRISTMAS POST-1995 Envelope addressed locally, [Basingstoke]. Res £4
  1. STOLEN POSTMAN’S DELIVERY POUCH-Post Office card explaining that a thief made off with the mail on 4.5.1996 in the Surrey area Res £5


  1. 383 hull-spoon Cancel dated 11.6.1857 with index E ties 1d to cover addressed to Manchester Res £20
  2. 385 HEDDON-3HOS ties stamp to cover addressed to Norwich on 15.10.1855 Res £15
  3. 447 LEEDS-Spoon cancel [type A] dated 18.5.1854 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed locally Res £30
  4. 447 LEEDS-Spoon cancel type B dated 14.12.1857 with index J ties stamp to cover addressed to Stockton Res £30
  5. 447 LEEDS-3VOS ties 2½d blue from plate 23 to 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Bavaria on 17.5.1882 Res £18
  6. 479 LUDLOW-1844 Type cancel in BLUE INK ties imperf 1d red ro mourning envelope addressed locally on 6.2.1852 Res £35
  7. 480 KNIGHTON-1844 Type cancel in BROWN INK ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to Ludlow on 6.1.1846. The undated KNIGHTON is in the same colour ink as the numeral cancel Res £65
  8. 620 PLYMOUTH-3 OR 4 VOS ties 1d lilac to registered envelope addressed to Leominster on 30.5.1888 Res £22
  9. 641-RICHMOND, YORKS-3TH HOS ties stamp to cover addressed to Reeth on 7.11.1866 Res £35
  10. 688 SANDWICH-3VOS ties plate 11 2½d lilac to cover addressed to HMS OPAL, PACIFIC STATION, Care of H.M B.M Consul at San Francisco, on 27.2.1879 Res £40
  11. 702 SHERBORNE-1844 Type cancels ties 1d to cover addressed to London on 5.3.1856-see illustration Res £30
  12. 708 SHREWSBURY-SPOON Cancel dated 15.9.1856 ties 1d red to mourning cover addressed to Ludlow Res £18
  13. 846 WARMINSTER-4VOS ties 1d red to cover addressed to Liskeard on 26.11.1875 Res £18
  14. 852 WELSHPOOL-1844 Type cancel ties stamp to entire on 17.11.1844 Res £8
  15. 931 EASINGWOLD-3VODX dated 20.8.1882 with index A and side bars instead of arcs at side ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Oxford-see illustration Res £65
  16. 081 CASTLETOWN, PORTLAND-3VOS ties 2½d Jubilee to printed envelope from HMS ACTIVE addressed to Wisconsin on 22.10.1887 Res £35
  1. A95 NEWPORT R.S.O-3VOS cancels EDW VII 1d postal stationery letter card addressed locally to South Cave RSO on 19.11.1902. On the back is a partial NEWPORT RSO cancel dated the previous day and the South Cave receiver-see illustration Res £40
  2. A96 NORTH CAVE-3VOS ties EDW VII ½d stamp to postcard addressed to Hessle on 31.3.1904 Res £15
  3. F14 ASKRIGG-4VOS ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Penrith on 17.5.1898 Res £25
  4. K16 BROTHERTON-3VOS ties 1d lilac to piece with s/ring alongside, dated 22.1.1896 Res £25





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