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  1. QV 1d pink envelope perfin with a large N addressed to London and cancelled by the MAIDSTONE-493 Duplex cancel dated 17.6.1874-scarce perfin on postal stationery Res £22
  2. QV larger style 1d brown postcard addressed to Rome, perfin HR/&Co., of Hayn, Roman & company [cachet on the back] cancelled by the four-bar duplex cancel of Liverpool Exchange dated 20.2.1880 Res £22
  3. AIRE & CALDER NAVIGATION-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Hamburg with added ½d vermillion perfin A&C tied by GOOLE-319 three-bar duplex cancel on 9.9.1887 Res £18
  4. A&N/CSL-Army & Navy Stores perfin through QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper from London addressed to Wareham on 16.11.1891 Res £22
  5. BANK OF NEW ZEALAND-Cover from London addressed to Scotland with 1d lilac perfin BNZ tied by d/ring dated 25.1.1892 Res £12
  6. BAYLISS, JONES & BAYLISS-Printed receipt for £7 from the Wolverhampton company with 1d lilac perfin BJ/&B tied by signature Res £8
  7. THOMAS WILSON & SONS - QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Leeds from Hull on 19.10.1900 with perfin TWS/&Co., cancelled by d/ring dated 19.10.1900 Res £22
  8. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Crested envelope addressed to Launceston with a pair of QV ½d blue-green perfin GWR and tied by PLYMOUTH-620 duplex cancels dated 12.8.1901 Res £15
  9. A&N/CSL-Army and Navy Stores company perfin through 1d pink envelope addressed to HOLLAND from London on 13.12.1901. Underpaid, the cover was taxed in London and a 15c Dutch postage due affixed upon arrival in Haarlem Res £22
  10. FREDERICK HUTH-QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Italy with added 1d lilac perfin HUTH tied by the rated hexagonal Late Fee duplex cancel L1/LOMBARD ST-LS/6 dated 28.12.1901 Res £15
  11. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Official correspondence postcard addressed within Shaftesbury with EDW VII ½d blue-green perfin LS/WR tied by duplex cancel dated 25.9.1902 Res £12
  12. BAGNIERE AND COMPANY-EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Vienna with added 1½d perfin AB/&C., tied by s/ring WESTERN DISTRICT OFFICE/W dated 23.10.1905 Res £10
  13. WILLIAM MACLAY, Glasgow corn factor EDW VII ½d newspaper wrapper addressed to Leipzig with added ½d perfin W/McL tied by GLASGOW/24 d/ring dated 22.5.1908 Res £17
  14. COOPER AND COMPANY, Glasgow Tea Merchants headed invoice with EDW VII 1d perfin C/&CO tied by oval company cachet on 22.9.1909 Res £6
  15. MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY, MANCHESTER-Printed postcard addressed to Bristol with EDW VII ½d perfin M/C tied by Manchester machine cancel dated 10.4.1910 Res £6
  16. FERGUSON, SHAW AND SON, Imperial OIL WORKS calling card for a rep to call with GEO V ½d perfin FSS tied by GLASGOW machine cancel dated 10.10.1913 Res £6
  17. FERGUSON, SHAW AND SON, Invoice with GEO V 1d perfin FSS tied by oval company cachet dated 18.3.1914 Res £6
  18. WILLIAM DIXON & SON, Edinburgh company with GEO V 1½d perfin WD&/S tied by TRADE BUYERS Slogan of the British Industries Fair, dated 5.1.1923 Res £6
  19. JOHN MILLER LTD, Glasgow manufacturing stationers postcard addressed to Newark with GEO V 1d perfin JM tied by GLASGOW/B British Empire Exhibition slogan dated 20.3.1924 Res £5
  20. CARDIFF CITY MENTAL HOSPITAL-Printed postcard addressed to Colchester with GEO V 1d photogravure perfin CC tied by Cardiff machine cancel dated 24.10.1936 Res £6
  21. COLVILLES STEEL WORKS, Motherwell printed envelope addressed to Glasgow with EDW VIII 1d perfin large C with LTD set entirely within the curve of the C, tied by MOTHERWELL machine dated 29.6.1937 Res £6
  22. 1946 VICTORY ISSUE [2½d] perfin D/BL on a reused WWII Army/RAF envelope with a BOOTS Chemist economy label affixed for reuse, tied by Nottingham machine dated 24.6.1946 Res £8
  23. PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY-Printed window envelope with 2½d Wilding perfin PL/A tied by VICTORIA DOCKS/E16 machine cancel dated 23.10.1961 Res £6
  24. H SMITH-Envelope with logo addressed within London with 3d Wilding perfin W/H/S tied by London Students Carnival slogan cancel dated 11.2.1964 Res £5
  25. J WIPPELL & COMPANY, EXETER-Printed envelope addressed locally with 4d red Machin perfin W tied by EXETER DISTRICT/8 Country Code slogan dated 27.8.1970 Res £5


  1. THE WORLDS BEST TRUCKS AND LADDERS BY H.C SLINGSBY OF BRADFORD-Illustrated envelope addressed to Germany with GEO V 1d & 2d values PERFIN HCS tied by BRADFORD machine cancel dated 18.10.1921 Res £20
  2. CARTER’S TILES OF HAMWORTHY, POOLE, Lovely illustrated envelope addressed to Helsinki with GEO V ½d & 2 x 1d values tied by POOLE/+ d/rings dated 26.2.1924-see illustration Res £22
  3. THE STRAND MAGAZINE-A George Newnes publication with lovely street scene of The Strand at left advertising the monthly magazine addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 2½d tied by LONDON W.C machine cancel dated 9.5.1928 Res £22
  4. CUNARD SHIPPING LINE-Beautifully illustrated envelope addressed to Sweden with GEO V 2½d perfin CSS tied by SOUTHAMPTON machine cancel dated 12.9.1934 Res £22
  5. KENRICK & JEFFERSON LTD-WINDOW Envelope manufacturers cancelled by ½d meter slogan of West Bromwich “Use window envelopes/and stop addressing/send for samples” dated 16.12.1935-see illustration Res £22


  1. DAILY GRAPHIC BALLOON POSTCARD-Card addressed to Italy from Brighton on 29.9.1907 BEFORE the balloon flight. This is one of about a dozen souvenir cards given out by Mr J.L. TANNAR to close associates and friends prior to the flight and are very scarce-see illustration of both sides Res £150
  2. BLACKPOOL AIR PAGAENT-Black & white postcard of Farman flying at Blackpool addressed to Goole with the message “HE WON THE LONG DISTANCE PRIZE OF £2,000” [£239,630.20p today]. With EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring SOUTH SHORE/ BLACKPOOL dated 22.10.1909 Res £65
  3. REAL PHOTO Postcard of Mr Graham White in his machine “Ready to Fly over The Fleet in Torbay”. Not postally used, but a lovely postcard Res £28
  1. REAL PHOTO SIGNED Postcard of Mr H SALMET in his machine with some details below. The card was purchased in TAUNTON during the Daily Mail tour on 29.5.1912. The writer tells of being introduced to various dignitaries. The card is signed in ink by Salmet on the picture side Res £45
  2. IRELAND-IMPERIAL AIRWAYS Illustrated “Africa” cover addressed to NAIROBI with a strip of 4 x a single 1½d purple & a 2d 1930 commem tied by d/ring cancels of BAILE ATHA CLIATH dated 26.2.1931. On the back is the “GIVE YOUR LETTER WINGS” label and arrival/transit marks of Nairobi and Kisumu dated 11th & 10th march respectively Res £40
  3. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL AIRWAYS-Lovely Christmas Greetings pictorial envelope addressed to Richmond, Australia with GEO V 1d, 6d & 1/- values tied by s/rings BODMIN/CORNWALL dated 21.12.1931 Res £30
  4. CROYDON TO ZANZIBAR-Registered cover addressed to Zanzibar with GEO V 5d x 2 tied by s/rings PURLEY S.O/SURREY dated 19.1.1932. Comes with the matching certificate of posting. On the back are marks of BOMA, KISUMU, NAIROBI, DAR-ES-SALAAM and the Zanzibar arrival mark, dated 30.1.1932 Res £35
  5. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-First flight cover flown on the BIRMINGHAM-CARDIFF-PLYMOUTH Service on 22.5.1933 with 3d pictorial airmail stamp tied by GWR cachet of Birmingham station and the 1½d definitive, tied by PLYMOUTH machine dated the same day Res £40
  6. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-First flight cover as previous lot, flown on the return route of PLYMOUTH-CARDIFF-BIRMINGHAM on 22.5.1933. The 3d airmail label is tied by the GWR Plymouth, North Road station cachet in violet ink Res £40
  7. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover flown on the Southampton to Plymouth service on 25.11.1933 with the 3d airmail stamp tied by company cachet and the Plymouth machine cancel, both dated 25.11.1933 Res £30
  8. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS-First flight cover addressed to BUGLE, Cornwall with 3d airmail stamp and definitive tied by PLYMOUTH machine cancel dated 25.11.1933-see illustration Res £30
  9. BANDON, THAILAND/MALAYA-Superb Thai arrival mark dated 21.12.1933 on the back of a cover addressed to Bandon, Malaya from LONDON and flown on the first airmail extension flight on 9.12.1933 Res £25
  10. SEAHORSE-Longer cover addressed to Buenos Aires with 3 x 6d & a 2/6d Seahorse tied by London F.S Airmail machine cancel dated 25.9.1937 Res £30
  11. SEAHORSES-Longer cover addressed to Buenos Aires at the £1 rate with GEO V 6d x 4, 1/- x 3, 2/6d Seahorses x 2, a single 5/- Seahorse on the front, all tied by rubber cancels of LONDON/F.S dated 30.3.1938. On the back are a further GEO V 6d x 2 and 1/- x 2 and GEO VI 3d x 8, all similarly tied-see illustration Res £65
  12. AUSTRALIA-“ALL UP” Cover from SYDNEY addressed to NAIROBI and redirected to NANYUKI upon arrival. With GEO VI 1½d, GEO V ½d & 3d airmail tied by Minimum Letter Rate to the USA slogan of Sydney dated 4.8.1938, arriving in Nairobi on 18.8.1938. Res £12
  13. LONDON TO THE AZORES-George King cover addressed to HORTA with GEO VI 6d tied by LONDON/3 d/ring dated 31.5.1939, arriving in Horta on 2.6.1939 and sent back as “UNKNOWN” on 3.7.1939 Res £20
  14. CENSOR PERMIT NO C4-S/line mark in violet ink on plain postcard addressed to SWEDEN from Sutton Coldfield, flown on the first flight from Shoreham on 24.11.1939. The censor has removed the departure point from the message Res £25
  15. MALAYA/SERVICE SUSPENDED-Cover addressed to RAF SELETAR, SINGAPORE with GEO VI 2/6d brown tied by rubber packet cancel of Huddersfield dated 3.11.1941. Across the address is the framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink. On the back is the GEO VI RLS 54 gummed label of the Returned Letter Section, London-see illustration Res £65
  16. TANGIER/O.A.T-Cover addressed to New York with un-overprinted GB GEO VI ½d and overprinted 2½d & 1/- values tied by d/rings of the British Post Office dated 14.5.1949. Centrally is the smaller type double rimmed oval O.A.T in violet ink for onward air transmission, applied in London Res £28
  17. BAHRAIN/CONCORDE-Outward and return illustrated first flight covers for the inaugural flight from London to Bahrain and back. Both with appropriate cachets and cancels [2] Res £15


  1. 1931 Cover addressed to San Diego from Seattle on 2.3.1931. The aircraft caught fire while making a landing at ROSEBURG, Oregon, where the s/line mark DAMAGED IN FIRE AT ROSEBURG, ORE was applied in violet ink Res £28
  2. CHALLENGER CRASH-Cover from London addressed to South Africa with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by LONDON F.S machine dated 21.4.1939. At top is the framed bilingual TLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER in violet ink Res £55
  3. TORONTO TO LONDON-IMPERIAL OIL Shipping company envelope sent on 28.5.1940 with unframed SALVED FROM THE SEA struck at base. Comes with OHMS Returned Postal Packet envelope adapted to read POSTAL PACKET SALVED FROM THE SEA with the application of the cachet to make this so. On the back is a receipt cachet dated 3.8.1940- See illustration of this scarce pair Res £95
  4. ARGENTINA TO DORSET-Cover from Buenos Aires addressed to CHARMOUTH with unframed DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER struck at left in violet ink. Stamp washed off, so date unclear, but Ca. 1940 Res £45
  5. BIRMINGHAM TO CANADA-Cover addressed to Winnipeg from Birmingham on 2.12.1954 with framed SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/PRESTWICK 25-12-54 applied in violet ink. Comes with an OHMS Post Office ambulance envelope addressed to Winnipeg with the same cachet applied at bottom left. [2] Res £50


  1. CENTENARY OF THE NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE-Set of five labels marking the 1897 centenary-fine and fresh [5] Res £30
  2. NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE-Cover from Norwich to France with the blue & pink label affixed at bottom left [top right corner damage]. The QV 2½d Jubilee value is tied by the three-bar duplex cancel NORWICH-575 dated 15.12.1897 Res £22
  3. LUNDY ISLAND-The very, very scarce straight-line mark LUNDY in black ink ties the ½ Puffin value to the back of cover addressed to London with 1937 Coronation value tied to the front by INSTOW d/ring dated 29.6.1937. Also on the back is the ½d Atlantic Coast Air Services map label-see illustration Res £150
  4. POACHED EGG-Cover addressed to LLANDAFF with EDW VIII 1d & poached egg label tied by CARDIFF machine cancel dated 20.5.1937 Res £12
  5. SPECIMEN OVERPRINTS-GEO VI 2½d Victory, 2½d Silver Wedding & 3d UPU values, all with unframed SCHOOL/SPECIMEN overprints [3] Res £15
  1. NATIONAL THANKSGIVING FUND-The 6d, 1/-, 2/6d and 10/- labels tied by s/ring cancels of BICESTER dated 23.3.1950-see illustration Res £25
  2. NATIONAL THANKSGIVING FUND-Mint examples of the 6d, 1/- & 2/6d values [3] Res £10
  3. SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS-Pictorial economy label on reused cover; now used from PETERSFIELD to Hythe, Kent on 18.4.1952 with illustration of a young Donkey being shielded from the sun by its mother Res £15
  4. LANDS END-The triangular label tied to postcard along with the 4d red Machin by SENNEN & LANDS END/PENZANCE machine cancel dated 30.7.1969 Res £8
  5. SUMMER ISLES-Postcard of the islands addressed to Easingwold with 20p “Heron” label and 19p Machin tied by d/ring AGHILL TIBUE ULLAPOOL/ROSS-SHIRE dated 3.7.1995. The label is further tied by the rubber cancel in Gaelic, dated 30.6.1995 Res £8


  1. EVENING NEWS RED CROSS FUND Labels in the Ancient Greek style by EDMUND DULAC. The full set of six labels [6] Res £22
  2. DAILY MAIL RED CROSS FUND Labels-The set of five labels depicting work by the Red Cross at The Front [5] Res £15
  3. BRITISH RED CROSS FUND Labels-The set of six labels depicting our heroic nurses in action at the front [6] Res £18
  4. FRENCH & BELGIAN WARTIME Leaders-Five labels with the King & Queen of the Belgians and French President and an Admiral and General [5] Res £10
  5. BRITISH WAR HEROS AND LEADERS-From the same set as the previous lot, General I Hamilton, General Foch [a frog], Lt Colonel H Wilberforce; General Rundle and Major Cutbill [5] Res £10


  1. 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee insert card addressed to Stamford Hill with 1d lilac tied by the circular Jubilee cancel dated 2.7.1890 Res £22
  2. 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee 1d envelope addressed to Stratford-upon-Avon, cancelled by the four-bar duplex cancel SWANAGE-845 dated 20.9.1890. The handwriting is that of H R EWEN, stamp dealer of [at the time] Swanage Res £35
  3. ROYAL NAVAL EXHIBITION-EDYSTONE Lighthouse postcard addressed to Brixton, cancelled by the “Fouled Anchor” special d/ring cancel dated 22.6.1891 in blue ink Res £45
  4. SCOTTISH VILLAGE/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBN W-D/ring dated 14.8.1909 ties stamp to Imperial International Exhibition postcard addressed within London Res £20
  5. CRYSTAL PALACE/3-The less common flag cancel of the Festival of Empire exhibition dated 9.6.1911 ties stamp to postcard of Crystal Palace addressed to Edinburgh Res £22
  6. CRYSTAL PALACE/1-The more common No.1 Flag cancel dated 19.10.1911 ties 2 x ½d stamps to plain postcard addressed to George King’s brother, R.C King Res £15
  7. 1911 CORONATION EXHIBITION-Complete set of six coloured postcards of the African Section of the exhibition together with the original envelope showing scenes from the African Section-pristine! Res £20
  8. ROYAL NATIONAL HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION AT THE ROYAL HOSPITAL, CHELSEA - Three different labels advertising the May 1912 exhibition [3] Res £12
  9. NATIONAL PHILATELIC WAR FUND, 1916-Marginal, bottom of the sheet strip of four green labels with the script inscription in aid of the British Red Cross and Order of St John Res £20
  10. 27th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN, 1920 AT NEWCASTLE-The set of five labels advertising the Congress in orange, red, blue, green and violet [5] Res £20
  11. INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION/LONDON-D/ring cancels dated 17.5.1923 ties 1d GEO V value to 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Holland Res £15
  12. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-First Day Cover used commercially with the 1½d 1924 value tied by the Empire Exhibition pictorial machine cancel dated 23.4.1924-see illustration Res £95
  13. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-TANGANYIKA Government postcard of a group of IKOMA Natives addressed to Ipswich with the 1924 1d tied by the d/ring pictorial cancel dated 30.8.1924 Res £25
  14. IRELAND-Postcard addressed to Woodford Green with a pair of GEO V ½d values tied by the BELFAST “VISIT THE BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1925 ULSTER PAVILION dated 26.6.1925 Res £25
  15. MONETARY & ECONOMIC CONFERENCE/LONDON-S/rings dated 12.6.1933 ties GEO V 1½d & 9d values to registered cover addressed to George King. At left is the conference registration label Res £40
  16. OLYMPIA/WEST KENSINGTON W.14-Registered cover addressed within London with GEO V ½d and 2 x 2d values tied by s/rings dated 19.7.1933-an uncommon cancel!! Res £30
  17. AIR POST EXHIBITION-Six different colour labels advertising the May 1934 APEX exhibition [6] Res £12
  18. AIR POST EXHIBITION-A complete sheet of twelve IMPERFORATE grey-blue advertising labels in mint condition [12] Res £30
  19. AIR POST EXHIBITION-A complete sheet of twelve of the PERFORATED labels in mint condition [12] Res £20
  20. GOLF TOURNAMENT-Post Office Telegram envelope addressed to Sutton Coldfield, cancelled by s/ring MOBILE POST OFFICE/B dated 7.4.1937. This MPO was used at the LITTLE ASTON GOLF TOURNAMENT [1st day]. Comes with certificate of posting which was originally contained within the envelope-see illustrations Res £65
  21. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 24.5.1938 ties GEO VI 1d & 2 x 2d values to registered cover addressed to Essex Res £25
  22. EXHIBITION P.O/GLASGOW-Machine cancel dated 29.10.1938 [last day] ties ½d EDW VIII value to underpaid cover addressed to Bristol. Alongside is the framed 1d-TO PAY / LIABLE TO / POSTCARD RATE / S42 and the 1d postage due is tied by d/ring WESTBURY-ON-TRYM / BRISTOL dated 31.10.1938 Res £20
  23. INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT WORKERS CONGRESS/LONDON-Special cancels dated 21.7.1954 ties GEO VI 6d and QEII 8d & ½d x 2 to airmail cover addressed to the USA Res £12
  24. MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/F-Less common type of cancel dated 14.9.1963 [with year slug above the date slugs] ties 1/3d & 2/6d stamps to telegram addressed to Dagenham and handed in at the BURLEIGH HORSE TRIALS. I do not recall ever seeing a telegram used with Mobile Post Office cancels Res £25
  25. PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN CENTENARY ISSUE POSTCARDS-The set of eight postcards marking the centenary of the 1909 Manchester Congress together with information sheet [9] Res £12


  1. LONDON TO MARGATE-Cover travelled by the 5.10 train from Holborn Viaduct Station to Margate with EDW VII 1d & 3d values tied by s/rings of the West Central District Office dated 22.9.1905. Closed tear at top centre to left-see illustration Res £22
  2. LYME REGIS TO LONDON-GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to London with added GEO V 6d tied by s/ring LYME REGIS/M.O & S.B dated 10.7.1923 Res £20
  3. LONDON TO DUBLIN WWII-Cover from the Prudential addressed to Dublin with GEO VI 1½d & 6d values tied by temporary rubber cancel LONDON/446 dated 6.11.1939 Res £15
  4. WIMBORNE TO TUNBRIDGE WELLS-Cover with GEO VI 2½d & 6d values tied by oval registered cancels of WIMBORNE dated 15.7.1941. On the back is the sub-office cancel THE SQUARE/WIMBORNE dated the same day Res £15
  5. NORTHERN IRELAND-Cover with content [Ulster Transport Authority] written from the Midland Hotel, Belfast addressed to London with regional 3d, 6d & 1/3d values tied by s/rings BELFAST/O dated 10.8.1962 Res £15


  1. PAID AT FROME-A superb strike of the s/line mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to London on 17.6.1831, arriving on the 20th June-lovely!! Res £50
  2. MISSENT-TO/WORCESTER Unframed mark in black ink on front of 1d pink envelope addressed to Middle Hill, Worcestershire from London on 13.8.1856-a lovely strike! Res £45
  3. FRENCH 15c postal stationery postcard addressed to London on 29.10.1878 with the quartered circle mark M-D-M-W with one letter in each quarter. Res £15
  4. NIGERIA-Underpaid postcard from LAGOS addressed to Reading with very good 1½d/620 tax mark of Plymouth tying the Nigerian GEO V ½d stamp which is also tied by the d/ring cancel of Lagos dated 29.8.1924. Applied in Reading is the 1½d postage due tied by s/ring READING/6 dated 13.9.1924 Res £18
  1. FRANCE TO NORFOLK-Underpaid cover from Paris addressed to West Runton with 50c stamp tied by slogan cancel on 27.10.1926. No French tax mark, but taxed 3½d with ½d & 3d dues tied by s/rings WEST RUNTON on 28.10.1926 Res £15
  2. CORNWALL/BUNDLE HEADER-Cover from Bodmin addressed to London on 18.6.1936 with ½d due for return to sender. A 4d postage due is tied by d/ring LANIVET / BODMIN CORNWALL dated 19.6.1936, paying for 8 undelivered covers Res £22
  3. UNKNOWN AT LINCOLN-Framed mark in violet ink on the back of an undelivered cover from Germany. On the front is the framed INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/458 mark of Lincoln, struck on 18.8.1939 Res £15
  4. TWENTY NINE GEO VI 1/- Blue postage dues on a large piece [complete piece of paper] tied by d/rings TAMWORTH/STAFFS dated 24.9.1947. They are arranged in a block of 24 and a strip of 5-nice item! Res £22
  5. UNPAID Cover addressed within London with 5d/79 London tax mark applied on 3.1.1949. The 1d & 4d dues are tied by s/ring KENSINGTON/4 dated the next day Res £12
  6. DEVON TO BRIGHTON-Stampless unpaid postcard addressed to Brighton from Brixham on 6.6.1950 with nice tax mark 4d/TO PAY/136 and a 4d postage due tied by s/ring BRIGHTON/SUSSEX/D dated 8th June Res £9
  7. BUTLINS BOGNOR REGIS-Cover from SIDCUP addressed to Butlin’s on 29.8.1962 with the framed NOT CALLED FOR struck in blue ink at the camp. Res £12
  8. NOT DORCHESTER / DORSET / TRY.......[BROADSTONE] - Framed mark in black ink on a Department of Employment Official Paid envelope from London addressed to “Dorset” and forwarded to Broadstone [near Poole] on 23.8.1974 Res £8
  9. RETURNED POSTAL PACKET-Post Office envelope No.447 addressed to Borstal, Kent from Aldershot on 4.1.1975. The cover contains 2 x guarantee registration cards-clearly no good as they were undelivered and returned to the purchaser of dodgy central heating!! Res £12
  10. TRAINING SCHOOL-Block of 8 x £5 mint postage due labels from the decimal period with training bar cancels Res £10
  1. INDIA TO LONDON - Neat little 50NP green postal stationery envelope addressed to the B.M.A in Tavistock Square from SIVIKASI BAZAAR in October 1983. Taxed in India & the UK, the 1p, 2p & 20p dues are tied nicely by d/rings on 28.10.1983 Res £6


  1. DOVER/SHIP LRE-Unframed mark on the front of an entire from LISBON dated 25.4.1775, arriving in London on the 16.5.1775. At top right is the manuscript IN 4 and in the bottom left corner, the manuscript BY THE POLLY/CAPTAIN STREETON/2.D.C Res £75
  2. JAMAICA-Entire dated 20.4.1788 at KINGSTON, addressed to SCALLASDALE, ISLE OF MULL with the manuscript “FAVr BY/Lt A McLEAN”, so probably carried to the UK by a Naval vessel. On the back are two strikes of the s/line DUNBARTON where it entered the postal system in the UK Res £55
  3. IN ALL/4-Two separate markings on the front of an entire addressed firstly to Fleet Street & then redirected to Westminster with the 2d rate mark cancelled by a mark featuring peaks and troughs in black ink. The letter was written on 17.8.1820 from Fitzroy Square, so not a maritime mark at all-sorry; but it is nice-see illustration!! Res £45
  4. INDIA LETTER/DEAL-Framed mark in black ink on the back of a wrapper from COLOMBO addressed to the Wesleyan Mission House, London on 12.12.1822, arriving in London on the 6th June 1823 Res £55
  5. GRAVESEND/SHIP LETTER-Superb strike of the italic, framed mark in black ink on a side flap of an entire [opens out to display very nicely] and written from JEREZ, SPAIN on 6.12.1833, arriving in London on Christmas Day, 1833-Absolute stunner!! Res £65
  6. FALMOUTH PACKET-Entire from JAMAICA addressed to Aberdeen on 6.2.1839 at Kingston. Rated at 2/6d, the letter was carried by the Royal Mail Packet “LYRA”, arriving at Falmouth on 14.3.1839. On the front is the scarce Falmouth green framed additional ½,struck centrally-exhibition quality-see illustration Res £175
  7. 1862 CONSIGNEES LETTER-Entire addressed to Philadelphia from Liverpool and carried privately by the U.S ship “SHATEMAC” and put into the postal system on arrival in Philadelphia on 28.7.1862. On the front are the figure 5, s/line SHIP and the Philly s/ring dated 28th July; as well as the manuscript “CONSIGNEES PR SHATEMAC” at top left Res £65
  8. PER WEST INDIA STEAMER FROM SOUTHAMPTON-Manuscript instruction on top of entire addressed to PERU at the 2/- paid rate on 16.8.1864. On the front are also the PAID LIVERPOOL & PAID LONDON cancels, the rate mark of 2/- in red ink and the British cancel of PANAMA dated 7.9.1864. Carried by the RMSP “ATRATO” to St Thomas and then by the RMSP “SOLENT” to Panama and onwards by coastal steamer-nice thing!! Res £70
  9. UNPAID Entire from Liverpool to Hartford, Connecticut dated 25.4.1865 with the Liverpool accountancy mark 3/CENTS scored through and replaced with a manuscript DUE 32. Below is he depreciated currency mark N YORK 24 AM PKT/DATE/U.S 32 NOTES in black ink. On the back flap which shows very nicely when opened, is the s/ring of the LIVERPOOL PACKET OFFICE dated 26.4.1865-carried by the CITY OF MANCHESTER on its final, official voyage for the Inman Line Res £65
  10. SHIP LETTER/TROON-Framed mark in black ink on a postcard from ICELAND addressed to Cambridge with the Icelandic stamp tied by d/ring REYKJAVIK on 7.8.1902-see illustration Res £150
  11. ROYAL SOVEREIGN-Thames Paddle Steamer straight line cachet in violet ink on postcard of the ship addressed to Watford and posted at Margate on 17.7.1905. Some top left corner damage which is nowhere near the stamp or markings Res £75
  12. LONDONDERRY COLONIAL PKT-Scarce red inked s/ring transit mark dated 31.1.1906 on postcard from Canada addressed to Belfast-a beautifully struck mark-see illustration Res £65
  13. JERSEY PAQUEBOT CANCEL-The very uncommon italic PAQUEBOT cancel in black ink on postcard from France addressed to ST OWENS, Jersey with French 10c tied by s/ring JERSEY on 8.2.1907-a scarce mark indeed!! Res £65
  14. SHIP LETTER/TYNE DOCK/SOUTH SHIELDS-The unframed mark in black ink on postcard from Norway addressed to Cardiff with the Norwegian 10 Ore stamp being tied by the d/ring cancel TYNE DOCK B.O/SOUTH SHIELDS dated 11.1.1909. Below the ship letter mark is the equally scarce PAQUEBOT cancel in black ink also. Res £250
  15. SWANSEA/SHIP LETTER-S/ring cancel dated 4.3.1910 ties GB EDW VII 1d to postcard addressed to Manchester and carried by the ship S.S.“UMBRIA”. Very, very few of these cancels have been recorded-see illustration Res £250
  16. TRANSATLANTIC POST OFFICE/8-S/ring cancel dated 4.3.1901 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard addressed to Cardiff, arriving on the 12th March Res £40
  17. SHIP LETTER/NEWCASTLE ON TYNE-Unframed, superb strike in black ink just ties EDW VII 1d to postcard addressed to Surrey from Norway with the EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring cancel of NEWCASTLE ON TYNE dated 19.7.1911-see illustration Res £150
  18. JERSEY/FRANCE/M.B-Two strikes of the octagonal framed MOVEABLE BOX cancel dated 23.9.1913 ties a French 10c value to postcard addressed to St Owens Res £65
  19. PAQUEBOT/PENANG-D/ring cancel dated 17.7.1932 ties a pair of GEO V Indian 1 Anna values to postcard of Rangoon wharf addressed to London, arriving on 15th August Res £12
  20. ABERDEEN/PAQUEBOT-Undated violet rubber cancel used in WWII, ties GEO VI 2½d to censored cover addressed to Stanley Gibbons. No, it isn’t philatelic!!!! It’s scarce, so there you detractors!! Res £35


  1. TIDWORTH PARK CAMP B.O/ANDOVER-S/ring cancel dated 3.8.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 10.5.105 tie stamp to postcard Res £18
  3. POSTAGE DUE-CURRAGH CAMP Double rim skeleton cancel ties stamp to postcard of the Royal Bastion, Londonderry with glitter applied. Alongside is the Curragh Camp 1d tax mark-see illustration Res £25
  4. BUDDON CAMP-Scottish skeleton cancel dated 1.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  5. BEAULIEU CAMP/LYMINGTON-Skeleton cancel dated 21.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard of the Abbey Res £12
  6. KNOCKALOE CAMP/PEEL-Skeleton cancel dated 29.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £65
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE/8-S/ring dated 13.9.1910 with index A ties stamp to postcard of Blandford, and is written from Blandford to Bingley, Yorks Res £22
  8. BOURLEY CAMP/ALDERSHOT-Skeleton cancel with the M of Camp removed, dated 14.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard of the High Street, North Finchley Res £12
  9. BLACKDOWN CAMP B.O-Skeleton cancel dated 22.12.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the troops all sat nicely having their photo taken Res £12
  10. SAND HILL CAMP/WILTS-D/ring cancel dated 16.6.1916 ties 1d stamp to cover with contents, addressed to Elstree, Herts. The notepaper has the blue embossed crest of the 151st BATTALION OF THE CITY OF LONDON REGIMENT, PRINCE OF WALES’S OWN CIVIL SERVICE. The envelope has the same crest on the back flap Res £15
  11. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/30-S/ring dated 8.9.1914 ties stamp to postcard written from OLD WARDEN CAMP Res £12
  12. BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE-Skeleton cancels dated 11.9.1916 ties a pair of GEO V ½d values to cover addressed to College Town, Camberley Res £15
  13. HALTON CAMP NORTH/TRING-S/ring cancel dated 3.11.1915 ties stamp to military comic postcard Res £7
  14. TWESELDOWN CAMP/+ D/ring dated 10.5.1918 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to Bradford Res £7
  15. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/29-S/ring dated 9.9.1918 with index B ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to Preston. This cancel was used at the HERRING FLEET HALL CAMP, NORFOLK Res £15
  16. KINMEL PARK CAMP B.O/RHYL-D/ring dated 28.4.1919 ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to PARIS Res £8
  17. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM/DORSET-S/rings dated 25.11.1942 ties GEO VI ½d & 2 x 2½d values to small registered cover addressed to CORFE CASTLE HOME GUARD. The Bovington Camp registration label is similarly tied Res £22
  18. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM/DORSET-Violet inked rubber cancels dated 23.2.1945 struck on the back of a OHMS registered cover from India. Also on the back are the Indian GEO VI 1½ Anna x 2 & single 1 Rupee SERVICE values tied by d/rings CAMP P.O/A-71 dated 12.2.1945. This is the ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE of this cancel Res £45
  19. HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW BEDS-D/ring cancel dated 30.8.1961 ties 2½d POSB value to postcard addressed to Plymouth Res £7
  20. BOVINGTON CAMP/DATE/WAREHAM/DORSET-Parcel post cancel dated 18.7.1986 ties 8p Machin & £2 value to large piece Res £12

MILITARY-1893 TO 1918

  1. GENERAL SIR WILLIAM BUTLER-A letter written by Gen Butler from ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT on 19.6.1893 and signed by him as a Major-General. A man with a considerable military history-nice item Res £65
  2. ARMY/OFFICIAL-Overprint on 1d lilac tied to nice small OHMS cover addressed to Winchester by the d/ring ALDERSHOT/+ dated 26.4.1900-see illustration Res £45
  3. BOER WAR-Censored cover addressed to Lourenco Marques with 1d VRI overprint tied by BETHULIE s/ring dated 19.7 [1900] and with VR Opened Under Martial Law tape at top. At bottom left is the unframed censor mark ASST DIST COMR/BOTHUTTO in a blue-violet ink. The censor tape is tied on the back by the arrival mark dated 7.8.1900 Res £25
  4. ARMY/OFFICIAL-Small OHMS cover addressed to the Devon Constabulary at Honiton with the 1d official tied by d/ring WEYMOUTH/+ dated 30.3.1901. The Her has been respectfully crossed out and a hand struck “HIS” put in its place Res £40
  5. BOER WAR-Censored cover addressed to Kalk Bay with 1d VRI tied by HEILBRON s/ring dated 8.3.1902. At top is the PBC of Bloemfontein and a separate PASSED BY CENSOR in blue at left, ties the EDW VII Opened Under Martial Law tape on the front. This type 35 censor label has not previously been recorded used at Heilbron Res £30
  6. DARDANELLES-Field Service postcard addressed to Anglesey, cancelled by the skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ4 dated 22.10.1915. This was used at SUVLA BAY Res £30
  7. BOURNEMOUTH TO THE USA-Postcard from an American soldier addressed to the USA on 27.10.1918 with the very neat EXAMINED BY/L8 struck in violet ink centrally at top Res £15
  8. POSTAGE DUE-Stampless unpaid postcard from Folkestone to Glasgow dated 15.12.1916 with the distinctive ½d of Folkestone struck at top right. The ½d due was tied in Glasgow by the s/ring GLASGOW No.1 on the 17th. Res £18
  9. I.F/PASSED BY CENSOR-Blue inked, unframed mark at top left corner of cover posted from London to Warrington on 13.4.1917 Res £15
  10. POSTED BY WOUNDED SOLDIER IN/NORFOLK WAR HOSPITAL / THORPE, NORWICH-Violet inked cachet on stampless cover addressed to Bewdley, cancelled by s/ring THORPE/NORFOLK dated 4.6.1917 Res £45
  11. ILLUSTRATED ENVELOPE-Lovely farmyard scene of a horse kicking a dog, addressed to Ipswich and cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S36 dated 2.12.1917-see illustration Res £65
  12. SERVICE SUSPENDED-Censored cover addressed to RUSSIA from London on 22.1.1918 with the distorted rubber framed SERVICE SUSPENDED struck across the address in black ink Res £35
  13. JERICHO-O.A.S Postcard of Jerusalem addressed to Twickenham, cancelled by the skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/179 dated 6.2.1918 with index A Res £25
  14. MULLEBBIS, PALESTINE-Stampless cover addressed to London, cancelled by the Indian d/ring FPO No.79 dated 1.9.1918 used at Mullebbis, Palestine Res £25
  15. MESOPOTAMIA-Stampless cover addressed to India with the red inked d/ring PASSED/D/CENSOR on the front. On the back is the d/ring BASE POST OFFICE/13TH DESP/DATE/M.E.F dated 6.9.1918. The Indian arrival mark is dated 17.9.1918 Res £25

MILITARY-1940 TO 1969

  1. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Green on white label on cover from BIRKENHEAD addressed to Ireland on 11.9.1940. Enclosed is the PC98 slip referring to sending banknotes abroad. See illustration Res £60
  2. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Window envelope with a BISECTED 2d stamp centenary value tied by Guernsey machine cancel dated 28.1.1941. Below is the framed UNDELIVERED FOR / REASON STATED /1d-POSTAGE / DUE FOR / RETURN / TO/SENDER in violet ink Res £35
  3. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Locally made newspaper wrapper addressed to JERSEY with the bisected 2d stamp centenary value tied by d/ring of ST PETER PORT dated 15.2.1941 Res £28
  4. DAMAGED AS A RESULT/OF ENEMY ACTION-Unframed mark in violet ink on a postcard from Corscombe Rectory, Dorset to the Isle of Wight with the senders writing date of 19.9.1941. The mail to the Isle of Wight was carried by the Paddle Steamer “PORTSDOWN CASTLE” when it struck a mine in Southampton Water with the loss of all the mail, seven crewmen, fifteen passengers and the Captain, Captain Chandler on the 20th September-see illustration Res £150
  1. UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-Cover from CHILE addressed to the River Plate House, London; an undercover address for those serving in the British Forces from South America. This cover, addressed to a member of the W.A.A.F was redirected to RAF RUDLOE MANOR, BOX, WILTSHIRE in 1943. On the back is the cachet of the BRITISH NATIONAL SERVICE COMMITTEE, VALPARAISO Res £35
  2. UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-A similar cover from Chile addressed as previous lot and redirected to RAF RUDLOE MANOR, WILTSHIRE, Via Mexico on the 24th May 1943 Res £35
  3. CHANNEL ISLANDS/GERMAN OCCUPATION-Registered, stampless cover from FELDPOST No.33905, the 319th Division serving in Jersey and cancelled by the Eagle & Swastika device on 31.8.1943. A scarce item of registered mail from this period-see illustration Res £150
  4. JEWISH AUSTRALIAN SERVICEMAN-Green “Honour” envelope addressed to a Private Leo Corngold of the Postal Censor section, Care of the GPO, NORTHAMPTON from Melbourne, dated 31.7.1943. The cover has been redirected to HATDIELD Military Hospital and eventually to the Empire Hotel, BUXTON Res £22
  5. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Underpaid cover from La Rochelle addressed to Guernsey on 22.10.1943 with the scarce wartime usage of the 4d/TO PAY/409 tax mark of JERSEY; Confirming that mail for Guernsey was often routed via Jersey-a possibly unique cover at the 4d postage due rate!! Res £150
  6. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Civilian letter posted through the German FELDPOST System to France from an address in Jersey. The large 25Rpf Hitler head stamp is tied by the Feldpost cancel of Jersey on 9.11.1943 and censored in Paris Res £125
  7. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Printed FELDPOST Letter sheet addressed to Gotha, Germany from a German soldier serving on Guernsey on 24.4.1944 as a member of the MIRUS Battery. Res £95
  8. CHANNEL ISLANDS-LIBERATION Postcard addressed to Knutsford, Cheshire with a block of 4 x Guernsey occupation ½d values cancelled by St Peter Port d/rings dated 1.6.1945. The writer says to his young daughter that he will take her around the Island when she comes home to show her “what the Germans have done to our lovely Island” Res £30
  1. IRELAND-Real photo postcard of the “MILITARY EXHIBITION 1945” addressed to Drogheda with a block of four of the ½d commem tied by two strikes of the uncommon skeleton cancel MILITARY EXHIBITION & TATTOO/DUBLIN dated 31.8.1945-now, bearing in mind that the war has been over for almost 4 months, the enterprising Irish are keen to sell arms to the rest of the world!!!!!!! Res £40
  2. POLAND-Post War cover addressed still, to the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS of PO Box 260/290 in London with a strip of 4 x 1Z overprints tied by s/rings GLASKOE dated 18.12.1945. At top right is the Imperial Polish censor mark, No.743 in violet ink. See illustration Res £35
  3. MALAYA-Postcard of the Penang Hill Railway addressed to TERENDAK CAMP, MALACCA with the Prince of Wales Investiture 9d & 1/- values tied by the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/1007 dated 1.7.1969 Res £12


  1. A.F MIDDLE EAST-Illustrated Christmas 1944 airgraph with envelope addressed to Preston, depicting the poor old aircrew sweltering under the wing of his aircraft and with his Christmas stocking hanging rather sadly in anticipation!! Res £12
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-First sending of civil airgraph from a father to his daughter in Dartmouth with a nice message referring to a military recruitment parade through town [Grasmere, Transvaal] Comes with envelope Res £18
  3. SOUTH AFRICA-Christmas and New Year 1942 illustrated airgraph from Johannesburg addressed to Worthing on 8.12.1942 Res £12
  4. 25th ANNIVERSARY OF THE KLM SERVICE TO AUSTRALIA-Francis Field concocted commemorative airgraph addressed to Queensland from Sutton Coldfield on the anniversary date of 7.10.1944 Res £22
  5. CANADA-First sending by 3d Airgraph civilian service to CANADA by Francis Field, dated 24.8.1944 with an Airgraph “AIR MAIL/POSTAGE PAID” blue meter cancel on the back dated 30.8.1944 Res £18
  6. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS 1944-ORIGINAL Illustrated Form folded into four-very clean Res £18
  7. DAMAGED-S/line mark on U.S V Mail form addressed to New York from a recovered film roll sent from England on 10.3.1945 Res £20
  8. SINBAD THE SAILOR-Comic strip illustrations on V Mail addressed to New Jersey from a U.S Naval rating on 21.1.1945 Res £15


  1. ALIEN INTERNMENT CAMP Correspondence postcard addressed to the Stuttgart home of the wife of Dr Paul Weil, via the Red Cross in Vienna, an internee at ONCHAN Camp on 26.2.1941. On the back is the large s/ring 009ALIEN INTERNMENT CAMP/DATE/ HUYTON, LIVERPOOL dated 26.2.1941. On the front is d/ring HUYTON / LIVERPOOL dated 27.2.1941 and Swiss and German Red Cross/Censor marks Res £100
  2. HEADQUARTERS, POST OFFICE / DATE / INTERM CAMPS, DOUGLAS, I.O.M-Large oval cancel dated 23.1.1942 in violet ink on the address side of a postcard from Stuttgart, dated 15.12.1941 and addressed to Dr Paul Weil, Care of the Postal Censor, Liverpool. The card was redirected to BALLAQUANE HOSPITAL, PEEL and has the double oval METROPOLITAN POLICE/PEVERIL CAMP/DATE/PEEL struck at top right-see illustration Res £125
  3. TAXE PERCUE 10Rpf cachet in blue on postcard addressed to Dr Weil by airmail from Stuttgart on 28.3.1942. Below is the d/ring cachet of the METROPOLITAN POLICE / PEVERIL CAMP / PEEL I.O.M dated 18.4.1942 Res £100
  4. TAXE PERCUE 10Rpf mark in red on airmail postcard from Stuttgart dated 11.7.1942 and addressed to Dr Weil at BALLAQUANE Internees hospital and redirected to the COUNTY MENTAL HOSPITAL, PRESTWICH, MANCHESTER. With the oval METROPOLITAN POLICE cachet of Peveril Camp dated 3.8.1942 and the British censor mark W22 in red ink struck on the address side Res £100
  5. INTERNEE Correspondence postcard addressed directly to Stuttgart [not through the Red Cross] with the scarce oval cachet BALLAQUANE INTERNMENT HOSPITAL/No./DATE/ ISLE OF MAN struck in violet ink on 24.7.1942-see illustration Res £125


  1. O.W CAMP/PC/STOBS-Printed POW envelope addressed to London with 1d stamp tied by d/ring HAWICK dated 19.7.1915 and the red inked camp cachet at bottom left Res £25
  2. RETURNED FROM/CONTINENT IN/UNDELIVERED MAILS-Framed mark in violet ink on the back of the GEO VI 2½d postal stationery letter sheet addressed to OFLAG 64Z from South Norwood on 6.9.1943. Unusually, there is a STALAG XX1 D mark in violet ink on the front-not readdressed, so why the mark and it was clearly delivered to XX1D? Res £45
  3. MALAYAN P.O.W-Japanese POW postcard addressed to Salburn-by-Sea with the British octagonal PASSED/P.W 5877 mark struck at top right in a dirty red ink. Undated Res £45
  4. MALAYAN CAMP-GEO VI 3d POW airmail postcard addressed to a Captain Spark in “Malaya Camps” with BEDFORD machine cancel dated 7.7.1944. Has both British and Japanese censor markings Res £45
  5. DACHAU-Cover addressed to a German, Karl Lechler, interned in the DACHAU DEATH Camp. The stamps are tied by d/ring KUPFERZELL dated 23.1.1946-see illustration Res £100


  1. HMS BARHAM-Registered cover addressed to Chatham with large PASSED BY CENSOR/* in violet ink struck underneath the London I.S registration label. The 3 x 1d GEO V values are tied by oval registered cancels of London on 22.2.1915-nice item!! Res £18
  2. HOSPITAL SHIP “SULTAN”-Postcard of Alexandria addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE / Z dated 7.8.1915. In ink at top is the manuscript ON ACTIVE SERVICE/HOSPITAL SHIP SULTAN Res £28
  3. FELIXSTOWE, SUFFOLK-Birthday postcard addressed to a Sergeant Davis in France with ½d stamp tied by s/ring FELIXSTOWE dated 2.11.1917 with the s/line CENSORED in violet ink alongside. The sender does not give his ship name, but is in 16 Mess-he also gives his home address as Wimbledon Res £15
  4. CEN-O-SOR MARKING-Postcard addressed to Dover with ½d stamp tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. At bottom is the ATT within circle CENOSOR mark in pale violet ink Res £12
  5. HOSPITAL SHIP “ABERDONIAN”-Postcard of the ship addressed to Manchester and is dated 31.1.1918 by the sender. At the top is he unframed RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP./NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED in black Res £25
  1. HOSPITAL SHIP “ST DAVID”-Postcard of the ship addressed to Christchurch, Hants dated 18.2.1918 with the lovely violet inked, unframed RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED at top right Res £25
  2. S NAVAL FORCE/EUROPE/DATE/CENSORED-Blue inked, framed mark at top centre of cover addressed to Edinburgh with the additional 8 bar dumb cancel at top right-exhibition quality Res £25
  3. LONDON NAVAL CONFERENCE-S/rings dated 24.3.1930 ties a block of 4 x 1d values & a ½d to registered cover addressed to PHILADELPHIA. The London S.W 227 is similarly tied Res £35
  4. PLYMOUTH DEVON/A-RECEIVED FROM/HM SHIPS Machine cancel dated 18.2.1937 ties 1d stamp to real photo postcard of GIBRALTAR addressed to Colchester Res £12
  5. LONDON EVACUEE PROBLEMS - Postcard addressed to South Hackney from the dad of a boy evacuated to Northampton who says that the “London Boys” are getting all the blame for the trouble started by the Northampton Boys!! With GEO VI 1d tied by LONDON machine cancel RECEIVED FROM/HM SHIPS dated 28.10.1939. At left is the s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in blue ink Res £15
  6. GRAF SPEE SURVIVORS HOME-Three postcards of the luxurious surroundings which are home to the sunken battleship survivors at BURZACO [3] Res £20
  7. HMS PYRAMUS-Mail bag tag crossed with registered lines from the shore base at KIRKWALL, ORKNEY with the naval tombstone censor mark and the facsimile signature in red of PHYLLIS M DISS, THIRD OFFICER WRNS. Res £15
  8. BRITISH FLEET MAIL/31-Lovely strike of the d/ring dated 20.5.1945 on stampless cover addressed to the Royal Canadian Air Force Base at OTTAWA, Canada. This was used at BOMBAY Res £15
  9. TO BE RETURNED TO/SENDER BY ORDER OF/ADMIRALTY IN VIEW/OF TIME DELAYED SINCE/LETTER WAS WRITTEN-Red inked, unframed mark on postcard from Liverpool addressed to HMS WOOLWICH and redirected variously to RN Barracks, Portsmouth, HMS SERUWA [Ceylon naval transit camp] & HMS MAYINA [Ceylon shore base] Res £22
  10. NAVAL BARRACKS PLYMOUTH DEVON-S/rings dated 29.11.1954 cancels QEII 8½d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to California [NOT Patka] Res £15


  1. “EMBOSSED POSTAGE STAMPS TO BE STRUCK UPON/PAPER AND ENVELOPES” Printed instruction on card with embossed 4d vermillion, 6d violet and 1/- green, all with SPECIMEN overprints and dated 26.11.1855-see illustration Res £95
  2. SLOPER ARROW CANCEL-QV ½d violet postcard addressed to London from Liverpool showing the Sloper perfin cancel of Liverpool, struck on 16.12.1871 Res £45
  3. QV 2½d colour trial die in purple/lilac struck on card with the hand struck date 14 FEB 76 struck at top in blue ink-see illustration Res £65
  4. H SMITH & SON 2d ADVERTISING RING on postal stationery newspaper wrapper addressed to SINGAPORE, cancelled by F.B oval. Undated, but nice!! Res £65
  5. QV 2d blue envelope addressed to Paris with added ½d green tied by LONDON N.E duplex cancels dated 8.4.1882. At left is the French TPO cancel CALAIS A PARIS/F dated the same day Res £25
  6. H L’ESTRANGE EWEN-Printed ½d vermilion advertising envelope from the Swanage [at the time] stamp dealer addressed to France, cancelled by the SWANAGE-845 four-bar duplex cancel dated 9.9.1896-see illustration Res £60
  7. H L’ESTRANGE EWEN-3d rose QV impression on cover registered to Germany with added ½d vermilion & 1d lilac tied by s/rings SWANAGE dated 11.9.1896-see illustration Res £35
  8. QV PATENT OFFICE ½d brown Postcard with embossed 7½d value on the business side-unused and very clean Res £35
  9. GERMANY-QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to the German Battleship “HAGEN” at Kiel with the stamp impression cordoned by blue pencil and the 10pf red affixed and tied by s/ring BERLIN dated 7.10.1896. The card is written from PLYMOUTH, to Edward, from Adolph!! Res £28
  10. EDW VII PATENT OFFICE-1/2d green postcard with embossed 7½d on the other side-mint condition and the least common of the three reigns Res £45
  11. GERMANY-EDW VII 1d reply portion postcard addressed to London and cancelled by s/ring KIRKHEIMBOLANDEN dated 12.10.1910 Res £18
  12. RETURN FOR THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE-EDW VII 1d complete form “addressed” to RUMBURGH [Suffolk]. Dated 4.6.1902, the form has been totally ignored by the farmer; therefore in mint condition!! The other side is pre-addressed to the Inland Revenue at HALESWORTH Res £45
  13. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS-EDW VII 2d purple embossed value on pictorial advertising label on piece and cancelled by London N.W newspaper cancel dated 5.9.1911 Res £25
  14. GEO V PATENT OFFICE-The GEO V ½d green postcard with the embossed 7½d of EDW VII on the other side. Pristine condition Res £40
  15. GEO V 2d black registered envelope with added 3d violet die below in mint condition RP 35b Res £40
  16. PROXY VOTE CARD-GEO V ½d rectangular die on 1929 SOUTHERN RAILWAY pre-addressed postcard to Waterloo Station with 1d revenue embossed on the back Res £12
  17. PROXY VOTE CARD-GEO V ½d rectangular die on 1930 R E Jones postcard pre-addressed to Newport, Monmouthshire with 1d embossed on the back Res £12
  18. H. SMITH & SON-Less common GEO V 2d orange postcard pre-addressed to DARLINGTON Railway Station, cancelled by YORK machine cancel dated 14.7.1943 [late use for GEO V] Res £22
  19. PROXY VOTE CARD-GEO VI 1d rectangular die postcard pre-addressed to the BUENOS AYRES WESTERN RAILWAY with 1d revenue embossed on the other side Res £12
  20. GEO VI 4½d registered envelope size H2 with added 1d adhesive [RP50]. At left, the “PRICE 5½d” is overprinted by a solid black inked rectangle due to the wartime price increases-mint condition and considered to be quite scarce Res £55
  21. GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size H2 [RP53] in mint condition-catalogues some ten years ago at £150 Res £65
  22. GEO VI 4d green Military registered envelope [RPF6] in mint condition with the registration fee on the back changed from 3d to 4d by overprint Res £50
  23. GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size F [RP65] in mint condition-unpriced in Huggins and Baker catalogue, such is the scarcity of this envelope. Res £75
  24. GEO VI 5½d registered envelope as previous lot [RP65] in good used condition from PERIVALE to Norwood on 15.12.1947-again, unpriced in the catalogue Res £75
  25. H SMITH & SON-The GEO VI 1½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Darlington, cancelled by the hatched London cancel dated 16.6.1948. Overprinted at top in red ink is the commemorative legend 1848 A CENTURY OF BOOKSTALL SERVICE 1948 Res £25
  26. FANCY A NEW HAT? QEII 2d brown reps calling order card for Dulcis & MacQueen headwear addressed to Sittingbourne from Tunbridge Wells on 27.11.1958 Res £12
  27. BLOOD DONORS-QEII 2d brown PAIR of postcards still joined with the outward portion cancelled by COLCHESTER slogan cancel dated 25.4.1960. The unused reply portion is pre-addressed to Ardleigh, Essex Res £22


  1. PADDINGTON STATION-Dated double arc for the 22nd June 1871 on the back of a perfin GWR cover addressed to Worcester with the 1d plate tied by the 964 3HOS numeral cancel [the only recorded example of the 3HOS to date] Res £145
  2. LINTZ GREEN STATION-The scarce 4VOD cancel dated 27.6.1876 with index A ties 1d red plate to cover addressed to Edinburgh, via Newcastle Res £85
  3. THE TWO DIFFERENT “GLOUCESTER/GLOSTER” Station postmarks on the back of a cover from BROMYARD addressed to THORNBURY. The two different lines coming into Gloucester had two different offices, one for the Midland Railway and the other for the Great Western Railway and to get them both on the same cover is some achievement I can tell you!! These are dated 7th & 8th September 1880 Res £35
  4. PARCEL POST LABEL-The first type label with the “S” after Parcel, issued at YOUNG STREET [Paddington] with 3 x 1d lilacs tied by the HOODED CIRCLE cancels PADDINGTON STA’/PARCELS POST/DEPOT dated 13.1.1884-the known period of use is only 6 weeks for this mark Res £125
  1. PARCEL POST LABEL-First type label with the “S” after parcel has the 6d green value perfin O&Co., tied by dumb cancel. At right is the superb strike of the hooded circle cancel EUSTON STA LONDON/PARCELS POST/C/DATE/2/DEPOT dated 9.6.1884-one of JUST TWO EXAMPLES KNOWN-See illustration Res £150
  2. SUSSEX-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Alfriston, Sussex from London on 27.7.1885 with s/ring transit mark BERWICK STATION dated the following day with index A Res £28
  3. ASHFORD/STATION OFFICE-31 Three-bar duplex cancel ties QV ½d vermilion & 2d Jubilee to cover addressed to Paris on 19.7.1888 Res £22
  4. EXPRESS MAIL-Lovely little cover addressed to Eltham with 4 x 1d lilacs tied by s/rings CHICLEHURST/STATION OFFICE dated 11.9.1897. The Express label is similarly tied-see illustration Res £75
  5. HUNTLY STATION, SCOTLAND-OHMS “Return to the Inland Revenue of SERVANTS, CARRIAGES, ARMORIAL BEARINGS AND DOGS” addressed to CABRACH and with ½d vermilion tied by the unrecorded [by me] telegraphic cancel HPJ of Huntly Station, struck in 1894-collectable for both angles!! Res £40
  6. PARCEL POST LABEL-LONDON BRIDGE [STATION] PARCEL OFFICE Label cancelled by the hooded circle cancel LONDON BRIDGE STA/PARCELS POST/DEPOT dated 23.2.1901 with index D below the date. One of TWO EXAMPLES KNOWN Res £120
  7. PORTARLINGTON RLY STN-Scarcer Irish station postmark dated 23.11.1910 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Killkenny Res £35
  8. WINGATE STATION-S/ring cancel dated 9.8.1912 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  9. MICHELDEVER STN-Skeleton cancel dated 15.7.1914 cancels George King addresses 1d GEO V postal stationery letter card addressed to him at Lewisham-superb strike Res £25
  10. HOSPITAL SHIP-Postcard of the “VALDIVIA” addressed to Bridlington, landed at TOTLAND BAY, Isle of White on 26.7.1915 and taxed manually a ½d in manuscript. The ½d postage due is tied by s/ring BRIDLINGTON/STATION OFFICE dated 27.7.1915 Res £40
  11. HOLMBUSH/PAR STATION/CORNWALL-Black rubber cancel dated 5.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard-this is the latest recorded date Res £25
  12. RUGBY/STATION-Unique skeleton cancel dated 1.3.1919 ties stamps to cover addressed to CLIPSTONE CAMP, NOTTS-See illustration Res £50
  13. LONDON BRIDGE STATN/BRIGHTON LINE S.E-S/rings dated 11.1.1924 ties GEO V 1d to 4½d registered envelope size G addressed to France-superb looker Res £28
  14. KIVETON PARK STATION/SHEFFIELD-The UNIQUE s/ring cancel dated 16.6.1927 ties stamp to postcard-bought on ebay for £80!! See illustration Res £65
  15. PEVENSEY STN OFFICE/SUSSEX-The latest recorded date of use of the d/ring cancel tying 1d stamp to postcard on the 15th October 1930. Only three have been recorded Res £40
  16. ABERDEEN STATION/+ D/rings dated 5.1.1932 ties GEO V ½d x 3 & 1½d to cover addressed to Montreal. At top left is the less common LATE FEE PAID mark of Aberdeen Station Res £45
  17. LIMERICK JUNCTION-Irish censored, registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Surrey with the added ½d & the stamp impression cancelled by the Gaelic LIMERICK JUNCTION on 12.3.1942. Unusually, they are still using the BRITISH registration label-see illustration of the only recorded date of use Res £45
  18. VICTORIA STATION S.W.1/2-S/ring dated 16.6.1943 cancels an airgraph addressed to R.A.F Middle East Forces from an address in New Malden-only three airgraphs known cancelled at stations-this the only one from Victoria Station Res £35
  19. UPHALL STATION/576-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 25.5.1951 cancels GEO VI 6½d registered evelope size F addressed to Edinburgh. A very late use [in this case, the latest known use] of a Scottish numeral cancel. At left is the appropriate station registration label Res £45
  20. NIGG/NIGG STATION ROSS-SHIRE-D/ring sub-office cancel dated 21.7.1952 ties GEO VI 2d brown to postcard Res £22
  21. REGISTERED/STATION S.O HEREFORD-Double rimmed oval cancel dated 23.8.1985 cancels QEII £1.27 registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Kington, Herefrdshire Res £22


  1. QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Germany with 2½d blue from plate 17 tied by London numeral cancel on 25.2.1880. In transit, the German registration label VOM AUSLANDE UBER/BAHNP 10 VERVIERS-COLNE was applied Res £30
  2. LONDON & HOLYHEAD TPO-Cover from London addressed to Ireland on 19.5.1884 with the red inked thimble cancel I/RPO/M struck below the 2 x slate blue ½d values. Top left corner damage on the cover, but still a very good strike and well away from the damage Res £35
  3. TOO FRAGILE FOR THE APPARATUS-Cover front only [not a complete cover] addressed to Plymouth from TRING with the EDW VII label affixed and cancelled by the TRING/+ d/ring dated 3.3.1902 Res £25
  4. LUCAN RSO/Co. DUBLIN-S/rings dated 30.9.1903 ties additional EDW VII 2½d to EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to France-nice usage Res £25
  5. WINSFORD RSO/CHESHIRE-D/rings dated 1.1.1904 ties EDW VII ½d & 4d values to registered cover addressed to Paris Res £22
  6. NORTH OF SCOTLAND/SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 8.4.1904 with index B tie stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £75
  7. TINTAGEL RSO/CORNWALL-Skeleton cancel dated 30.8.1904 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  8. CATON RSO/LANCASHIRE-Skeleton cancel dated 7.10.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  9. BETCHWORTH RSO/SY-Skeleton cancel dated 7.11.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  10. HIGHD SORTG CARRIAGE/NIGHT MAIL-S/ring dated 3.4.1905 with index U cancels Parcel Bill addressed to Keith Res £45
  11. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 15.5.1905 with index U cancels pink Way Bill to Keith Res £45
  12. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring companion cancel to the previous lot, cancelled on the same day, but with the Down, D index Res £45
  13. NORTHWOOD RSO/MIDDLESEX-Skeleton cancel dated 24.6.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  14. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 4.1.1906 with the Up, U index ties stamp to postcard Res £45
  15. BRISTOL SHREWSBURY & YORK TPO/FROM WEST-Scarcer s/ring dated 3.9.1906 as a transit mark on a postcard from Blackpool addressed to Selby, Yorks-see illustration Res £65
  16. KENMARE RSO/Co. KERRY-S/ring dated 26.9.1907 cancels unpaid postcard addressed to Newcastle, County Down. Alongside is the 1d tax mark of the RSO Res £18
  17. PORTSMOUTH SORTING CARRIAGE-Very late use of the “STAR” cancel POR/S.C on postcard addressed to Lyndhurst from London on 4.10.1907. At left is the further TPO cancel of the SOUTH WESTERN TPO/NIGHT DOWN dated the following day. I suspect that this was MISSENT to the Portsmouth Sorting Carriage-see illustration Res £100
  18. PARCEL POST LABEL-PLL From CALEDON, Under Armagh, cancelled by the s/ring CALEDON RSO/Co. TYRONE dated 3.8.1909 Res £25
  19. AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES MINISTRY “DRIFT” CARD-A very early example of the “Letter in a Bottle” drift card found on the sands at MARSH CHAPEL, Lincolnshire on 29.3.1911. Returned to the ministry for the 1/- reward and cancelled by the GRIMSBY & PETERBOROUGH/STG CARRIAGE d/ring dated 29.3.1911-see illustration Res £35
  20. YORK SHREWSBURY/RLY S.C-D/ring transit mark dated 12.9.1923 on a postcard from Dent addressed to North Wales Res £22
  21. NORWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/UP-S/rings dated 31.8.1925 ties 2 x 1d & a single 1½d 1925 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION stamps to cover addressed to George King in Lewisham Res £25
  22. NEWHAVEN LONDON/R.S.C-Postcard from France with 10c value tied by the s/ring dated 9.8.1927 Res £22
  23. LONDON LEEDS/T.P.O-D/ring transit mark dated 28.7.1930 on a novelty postcard from Lowestoft addressed to Wilstead, Beds Res £20
  24. UP SPECIAL TPO/GW SECT-S/rings dated 8.7.1936 ties a strip of 3 x 1/- GEO V values to luggage label Res £28
  25. NEWHAVEN LONDON/R.S.C-French 90c postal stationery picture postcard addressed to Worcester with added 10c tied by the s/ring dated 19.8.1938 Res £22


  1. PARCEL Label from SOUTH LEIGH, Oxfordshire addressed to CULHAM, via OXFORD with the GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Pin k Carriage Paid label affixed on 28.1.1888 which is prior to the issue of Railway Letter Stamps-see illustration Res £65
  2. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-1d red plate 154 with the scarce G.E.R UNDERPRINT postally used with a London cancel Res £30
  3. MIDLAND RAILWAY-IMPERFORATE PAIR Of the 2d prepaid newspaper parcel stamps with control numbers 169 & 170 in mint condition-so very scarce!! Res £65
  4. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Glasgow with 2d RLS with control number 193313 alongside EDW VII 1d with pen cancel. Bdelow is the black on purple L&NW RY PAID PARCEL Label from EUSTON STATION Agency office at 22, Aldersgate Street, E.C Res £75
  5. H L’ESTRANGE EWEN-His mock-up of the Railway Letter Stamp with a value of 1/- and with control number 1161 in unused condition, advertising his list of “Railway Letter Post Stamps” Res £22
  6. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-Very scarce 3d on 2d “Four Newspapers” parcel stamp tied to piece by rubber company cancels of BROXBOURNE STATION on 15.7.1920 Res £45
  7. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 12 x 4d RLS in mint condition [12] Res £65
  8. LONDON PASSENGER TRANSPORT BOARD-GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Oxford with the 1d & 3d newspaper parcel stamps paying the EXPRESS Railway rate of 4d, tied by s/line cancels AYLESBURY JOINT in blue/violet ink on 3.5.1941 and posted on arrival at Oxford-see illustration Res £150
  9. GREAT CENTRAL & MIDLAND JOINT COMMITTEE 3d paid arcel stamp issued at ROMILEY Station on GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Pettswood, Kent and posted from N.W.1 on 9.10.1940. The parcel stamp has a hand struck date of 8 OCT 1940 Res £150
  10. BRISTOL OMNIBUS COMPANY LIMITED-Cover addressed to Evesham with 5p & 20p paid parcel labels affixed but not cancelled Res £15


  1. SIXTY YEARS OF GLORY-Superb, mint condition postcard 1837-1897-see illustration Res £65
  2. CUMBERLAND LODGE-Headed notepaper of Princess Helena and a Coronet envelope addressed to a nun at Vincent Square and redirected to a home in Folkestone on 12.8.1904. She mentions her brother, the Duke of Connaught and is signed affectionately, Helena Res £45
  3. TOWER OF/LONDON-Superbly struck pictorial cachet in black ink on nice, small OHMS cover addressed within London on 2.7.1907-see illustration Res £95
  4. SCHOMBERG HOUSE, PALL MALL Headed notepaper of Princess Helena and Coronet envelope addressed within London on 26.4.1916. She thanks Sir John Fearley, C.B for taking the time to sort out a problem for her Res £45
  5. GEO VI-Official Paid cover to Maidenhead dated 28.5.1938 with the black certifying Frank CROWN/GRI/VI at bottom left. Exhibition quality-see illustration Res £65
  6. QUEEN MARY-Stampless cover and contents addressed to J.M Barlerin, the Royal Chef, with the manuscript endorsement on the cover “THE QUEEN”. The Queen thanks him for his kind donation of a cheque on 26.2.1929 Res £10
  7. CROWN Embossed envelope addressed to London from WINDSOR on 9.6.1929 with printed MASTER OF THE HOUSEHOLD in black at bottom left and the signature over this of Derek Kepple, Master of the Household. Res £10
  8. ROYAL HOUSEHOLD STATIONERY-Includes black/gold embossed Crown/Windsor Castle envelope, Windsor Castle crested card and envelope and three sheets of Windsor Castle headed notepaper Res £12
  9. HOLYROOD PALACE/+ S/rings dated 29.6.1963 ties 1d Wilding to QEII 2/- registered envelope size F addressed to Edinburgh. The Edinburgh [EH]/PH registration labrl is at top left Res £8
  10. SECURITY AT THE PALACE-Cover from Doncaster addressed to Buckingham Palce on 13.3.1978 at the height of the IRA bombing campaign with unframed cachet EXAMINED / BY / LSGT E BEWSHEAR / [DUTY ORDERLY struck at right in black ink Res £5


  1. CROYDON, BRIGHTON ROAD PPL With 4½d Jubilee tied by CROYDON target parcel cancel and with s/ring CROYDON / BRIGHTON RD alongside, dated 15.6.1895 Res £35
  2. HAWKCHURCH, Under Axminster-PPL with 6d Jubilee and 2 x 1d lilacs tied by target parcel cancels of AXMINSTER and with violet inked rubber HAWKCHURCH/ AXMINSTER alongside, dated 27.8.1900 Res £25
  3. ELTHAM, MOTTINGHAM-PPL With QV 5d tied by ELTHAM target parcel cancel and with the s/ring MOTTINGHAM alongside, dated 18.9.1901 Res £25
  4. KILMUN, Under Greenock-PPL With 10d EDW VII value tied by GREENOCK target parcel cancel. Alongside is the d/ring Scots numeral d/ring KILMUN/743 dated 16.6.1903-see illustration Res £55
  5. WEDMORE, Under Weston-Super-Mare PPL With EDW VII 5d tied by BRISTOL Roller cancel. Alongside is the s/ring WEDMORE dated 23.4.1904 Res £22
  6. SEATON, Under Axminster-PPL with EDW VII 5d tied superbly by a lovely crisp s/ring SEATON/DEVON dated 21.7.1905. Alongside is a further strike-see illustration Res £25
  7. BELLS YEW GREEN, Under Tunbridge Wells-PPL cancelled by s/ring BELLS YEW GREEN dated 21.2.1906 Res £20
  8. BANTHAM, Under Kingsbridge-PPL cancelled by a superb violet inked rubber cancel BANTHAM/KINGSBRIDGE dated 30.4.1906-see illustration Res £22
  9. AVETON GIFFORD, Under Kingsbridge-PPL with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by lovely strike of the s/ring AVETON GIFFORD dated 14.2.1908 Res £25
  10. FELPHAM, Under Bognor-PPL with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring FELPHAM dated 15.5.1911 Res £22
  11. EAST PECKHAM, PADDOCK WOOD, Under Tonbridge-PPL cancelled by the s/ring EAST PECKHAM dated 24.10.1911 Res £20
  12. RIVERHEAD, Under Sevenoaks-PPL with EDW VII 6d tied by nice s/ring cancel of RIVERHEAD dated 8.11.1911 Res £25
  13. NEWBURY, SHAW-PPL With GEO V 2d & 4d values tied by rubber cancels SHAW/NEWBURY dated 12.4.1913 Res £22
  14. WIVENHOE, Under Colchester-PPL With GEO V 1d & 3d values tied by d/rings WIVENHOE/* dated 14.11.1913 and cancelled by a partial Coach-Road/Borne mark in black Res £20
  15. BRISTOL, BEDMINSTER, WEST STREET-PPL With GEO V 4d & 1/- values tied by s/rings BEDMINSTER/WEST ST dated 28.7.1916 Res £22

RUBBER CANCELS [Violet ink unless stated]

  1. PODE HOLE/SPALDING-Cancel dated 1.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  2. CLYNE/NEATH-Transit mark dated 15.7.1905 on postcard from Neth Res £10
  3. CRAMLINGTON COLLIERY-Cancel dated 20.10.1906 on postcard from Cramlington to Monkseaton Res £25
  4. POLGOOTH/ST AUSTELL-Cancel dated 22.4.1907 as transit mark on postcard from St Austell addressed locally Res £8
  5. APPERLEY/TEWKESBURY-Cancel dated 8.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. TRINITY/JERSEY-Cancel dated 15.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard-probably the scarcest of the Jersey rubbers!! Res £50
  7. AKELEY/BUCKINGHAM-Transit mark dated 4.11.1907 on postcard from Buckingham to Treherbert, Wales Res £8
  8. STANFORD RIVERS/ROMFORD-Cancel dated 14.10.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. WITHYCOMBE/TAUNTON-Cancel dated 24.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. EMBORROW/BATH-Cancel as transit mark dated 16.12.1908 on postcard from CHILCOMPTON addressed to London Res £9
  11. BARTON ST DAVID/SOMERTON S.O/SOMERSET-Cancel dated 18.2.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  12. HARRINGTON/NORTHAMPTON-Cancel dated 10.12.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. FARLEY/SALISBURY-Black cancel dated 25.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. WETWANG/RORK-Black cancel dated 4.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  15. WEREHAM/STOKE FERRY/NORFOLK-Black cancel dated 9.9.1911 ties stamp to real photo postcard by Harold of Stoke Ferry of the village addressed to Scotland Res £12
  16. DRAYTON/TAUNTON-Black cancel dated 24.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. BALLYARDLE/Co DOWN-Violet inked cancel dated 30.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  18. CLONMORE/KING’S Co.-Black cancel dated 6.9.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  19. BALLYGALLY/BELFAST-Black cancel dated 12.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  20. AINSTABLE / CARLISLE / CUMBERLAND - Black cancel dated 28.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. WEYMOUTH-Superb strike of the circular framed traveller in black ink, dated 18.7.1844 on the back of a cover from GLASTONBURY addressed to Weymouth-see illustration Res £70
  2. ENNIS-Superb strike [again] of the Irish traveller in blue ink & dated 6.12.1886 with index 8 at the base Res £65
  3. MIDHURST-Cancel dated 28.1.1898 with index B cancels QV ½d postcard addressed to London Res £22
  4. ENFIELD/MIDDLESEX-Lovely mark on unpaid, taxed postcard to London on 6.5.1906 with manuscript 1d and UNPAID alongside Res £10
  5. MAGHERA/S.O-Lovely strike of the Irish double rim skeleton dated 5.9.1906 tying stamp to postcard Res £15
  6. RUBBER SKELETON-Very good strike of the WARLINGTON / SOHAM mark in black ink, dated 21.1.1912, tying stamp to postcard Res £25
  7. BONMAHON/KILMACTHOMAS RSO-Irish mark dated 15.6.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  8. ABERCYNON/PONTYPRIDD-Cancel dated 30.6.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. GILSLAND/CARLISLE CUMB-Two strikes dated 17.9.1925 ties 2 x ½d values to postcard Res £9
  10. HAWKSWORTH/NOTTINGHAM-Cancel dated 31.12.1969 ties 2 x ½d Machins to certificate of posting. Put into action as a result of a post office robbery on Christmas Eve Res £8


  1. ISLEWORTH-Superb strike of the 17.3.1886 mark with index D on QV 1d newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany Res £18
  2. PORTSEA/PORTSMOUTH-Lovely cancel dated 1.6.1887 with index C on QV ½d postcard Res £22
  3. LONDON FANCY GEOMETRIC Cancels dated 29.3.1895 with index A12 ties ½d vermilion to QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Germany Res £22
  4. WASHAWAY-Excellent strike dated 26.4.1901 with index C on the back of a cover from London addressed to WASHAWAY RSO Res £50
  5. KILMINGTON-Superb upright strike on a parcel post label of Kilmington, under Axminster, dated 17.2.1904 Res £50
  6. PETERBOROUGH/PARCEL POST-Very good strike on Parcel Post label from Peterborough dated 5.12.1903 Res £50
  7. LOMBARD ST B.O/E.C-Superb strike on a joined pair of EDW VII postcards addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea, dated 14.5.1904 Res £18
  8. STRETFORD-Transit mark dated 14.2.1905 on a postcard from SHIPLEY/YORKS [further squared circle cancel] addressed to Old Trafford and redirected to Eccles Res £18
  9. RILLINGTON-Lovely upright strike dated 26.6.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  10. ETCHINGHAM-Superb strike dated 24.12.1910 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £20


  1. SHELL GROTTO-Absolutely pristine strike of the undated d/ring cancel on postcard from AYR addressed to Port Glasgow on 3.6.1905 [the 3rd day of use]-see illustration Res £60
  2. JOHN O’GROATS HOUSE N.B-Violet inked triangular mark on postcard from Wick addressed to Driffield on 30.8.1906. On the picture side is a further, equally very good strike Res £18
  3. FIRST & LAST REFRESHMENT HOUSE/LANDS END-Black inked oval cachet on postcard from Penzance, dated 28.9.1909 Res £12
  4. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/IoM-Vertical diamond cachet struck in deep violet ink and dated 26.8.1930 on postcard from Douglas Res £25
  5. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/DATE/I.O.M-Horizontal diamond cachet in black ink dated 3.8.1936 Res £25
  6. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/DATE/I.O.M-Horizontal diamond cachet in black ink dated 17.6.1959 on postcard from Douglas Res £12
  7. POSTED IN/WOOKEY/HOLE-Framed cachet n red ink depicting a witch on her broomstick, struck on postcard dated 26.8.1965 Res £6
  8. POSTED IN THE OLDEST/PILLAR BOX IN SCOTLAND/AT THE GLASGOW/ MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT-Unframed, red inked mark on postcard addressed within Glasgow on 15.3.1967 Res £5
  9. POSTED/FROM/THE/TOP/OF/BLACKPOOL/TOWER/HEIGHT 518 FEET-Pictorial cachet in blue ink on postcard addressed to Aberdeen on 17.7.1986 Res £5
  10. POSTED AT BLISTS HILL/[MINING EQUIPMENT]/IRONBRIDGE SHROPSHIRE-Black pictorial cachet on postcard to Potters Bar on 8.6.2009 Res £5


  1. 253 DEWSBURY-3VOS ties 1d lilac perfin BB/Ld to registered QV 2d envelope size G addressed to London on 15.11.1886-one of just three recorded examples and a superb strike to boot!! Res £40
  2. 291 FAVERSHAM ERROR-3HOS ties 1d red to cover on 1.10.1881 Res £100
  3. 498 MANCHESTER-4VOS cancels in a blue-grey ink ties 2 x 1d lilacs and a ½d vermilion to QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Leipzig on 17.10.1891-exhibition quality throughout Res £22
  4. 561 NEWPORT DOCKS-3VOD dated 6.7.1883 with index D ties a 2½d blue from plate 22 to neat cover addressed to France-see illustration Res £50
  5. 567 NEWTON ABBOT-3VOS ties 6d grey/brown to cover addressed to a member of the PESHAWAR FIELD FORCE, India on 15.5.1879 Res £40
  6. 620 DEVONPORT ERROR-Sideways duplex cancel dated 29.12.1855 ties 1d red to cover addressed to Bagshot Res £90
  7. 685 WILTON-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 20.1.1890 Res £22
  8. 767 CRICKLADE-CUT DOWN Cancel with just two bars top and bottom of the numeral. Don’t recall seeing this cancel before-see illustration Res £25
  9. 864 WELLS-1844 Type cancel in bright blue ink ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to London on 13.11.1851 Res £35
  10. 887 STALBRIDGE-1844 Type cancel ties imperf 1d red to entire addressed to Shaftesbury on 16.12.1848. Also on the front is the undated double arc cancel STALBRIDGE in black ink-both are superb strikes Res £55
  11. 926 YARM-4VODST dated 8.6.1871 with index A ties 1d red to cover-Superb strike Res £25
  12. A87 FORESTFACH-3VOS ties EDW VII ½d value to undated postcard, Ca.1905 Res £80
  13. B89 SHANKLIN, ISLE OF WIGHT-3VOS Ties 1d red to cover addressed to London on 30.6.1876 Res £35
  14. C55 WOOTTON BRIDGE, ISLE OF WIGHT - 3HOSTH ties ½d vermilion and part 1d lilac to QV 1d postal stationery letter card addressed to MALTA on 15.3.1892 Res £55
  15. J13 MORLEY-3VOD dated 5.5.1890 with index C ties 1d lilac to cover Res £22


  1. 1790 FREE WITH LAUREL-Wrapper addressed to ALLENSMERE, Hereford from London on 12.3.1790 with the FREE cancel with index P and the Laurel below struck on the front. Res £75
  2. 1790 FREE WITH LAUREL-Entire from BRIDGWATER to London, dated 21.3.1790 with a superb BRIDGE/WATER struck at bottom left in black ink. At top right is the Free with laurel and index P Res £100
  3. NEW/RADNOR-Lovely strike of the two-line mark in black at top right of entire addressed to London on 23.9.1793 Res £65
  4. STEYNING/72-Framed mileage mark in black at right of entire addressed to Brighton at the 3d rate, dated 26.7.1802. At bottom left is the endorsement “B.B” [By Bag] Res £40
  5. ENTIRE From SUNDERLAND addressed to COGNAC on 3.2.1833 with PAID London tombstone dated 5.2.1833 and s/line ANGL EST in red Res £22
  6. WHITING ESSAY-A good example of the essay with just minor rusting-see illustration Res £75
  7. LAST DAY OF THE PENNY POST-Free Front addressed to Richmond, Surrey on the 9th January 1840 with Penny Post cancels of DORCHESTER [framed] and KINGSTON [unframed] at top right. A lovely piece to finish that Penny Post display!! Res £75
  8. MONEY LETTER-A wonderful entire from Winterborne Whitechurch, Dorset to Shaftesbury on 3.12.1840 with the manuscript MONEY LETTER DECR 3rd 1840 at top. Rated 4d for the service during the early Penny Post period Res £65
  9. PENNY BLACK-Entire addressed within London with plate 8 state 1 1d black showing the “O” flaw and guide line in the N.E corner. The stamp is at top left, tied by the then experimental Maltese cross cancel in black & the unframed T.P/CHEAPSIDE is at top right-see illustration Res £175
  10. YORK-Pretty little entire addressed to Knaresborough with a lovely blue inked undated d/arc cancel MONK BAR at top right and a manuscript PD1 at left, applied on 14.5.1842 Res £25
  11. IRELAND-Wrapper addressed to Dublin with imperf 2d blue [with lines and three large margins] tied by a wonderful strike of the GALWAY Maltese cross on 15.9.1843 Res £75
  12. TREASURY ROULETTE WITH GOOD CERTIFICATE-Cover addressed to CHILWORTH from GUILDFORD with the treasury roulette stamp cancelled by the Guildford numeral cancel of 325 on 5.1.1854-see illustration Res £5,000
  13. VALENTINE LETTER SHEET-Valentine’s Day “card” in the form of a folded letter sheet addressed to Manchester from Chester with 1d red imperf tied by a black Maltese cross cancel on 13.2.1846-a really nice thing when opened out Res £75
  14. WAFER SEAL-Wrapper from Sheffield addressed to York with black on pink wafer seal with the letter F and what looks to be hallmarks. Used 22.8.1849 Res £18
  15. LIVERPOOL TO BORDEAUX-Entire dated 6.10.1854 with the Liverpool 8 accountancy mark struck at top right along with the green Liverpool datestamp and the French TPO mark Res £22
  16. LEEDS TO FRANCE-Wrapper addressed to Lille with a bottom right corner example of the 4d rose [without corner letters] tied by a beautiful strike of the LEEDS-447 circular duplex cancel on 6.8.1858-see illustration Res £55
  17. FORWARDING AGENTS CACHET-Cover from London to Manchester dated 14.6.1860 with the red inked oval cachet FORWARDED BY/GEO PEABODY & Co./LONDON struck on the back along with the London & Manchester cancels Res £40
  18. SUNDERLAND-Entire addressed to France with 4d vermilion [small corner letters] tied by a superb strike of the Sunderland sideways duplex cancel dated 23.9.1863 with index E-see illustration Res £65
  19. SWANSEA-Wrapper addressed to Paris with 1d red stars and 3d pink tied by Swansea circular duplex cancels on 4.11.1863 Res £25
  20. LONDON TO COGNAC-Wrapper with 2 x pairs of 1d reds and a single from plate 173 [pairs] and 190 [single] tied by London oval 46 numeral cancels on 24.6.1864 Res £30
  21. LONDON TO BORDEAUX-Entire with a strip of 4 x 1d reds from plate 79 tied by London E.C duplex cancels on 13.1.1865 Res £30
  22. NORWICH TO PRUSSIA-Envelope with 6d mauve from plate 5 tied by the NORWICH circular duplex cancel dated 14.9.1865 and by the blue inked d/ring routing mark dated the 16th September Res £35
  23. NEWCASTLE TO PARIS-Entire addressed to Paris with 4d orange-vermilion from plate 7 tied by lovely NEWCASTLE ON TYNE-545 four-bar duplex cancel dated 12.1.1866 Res £25
  24. FALMOUTH TO BREMEN-Entire addressed to Bremen with 6d mauve from plate 5 tied by FALMOUTH circular duplex cancel dated 22.4.1866 with red inked 3d struck centrally Res £35
  25. NEWCASTLE TO PRUSSIA-Wrapper with 2d blue plate 9 and 4d vermilion from plate 8 tied by circular duplex cancels of Newcastle on 8.3.1867. At left is the routing mark in blue ink AUS ENGLAND PER ACHEN/FRANCO dated the 10th March Res £25
  26. DUBLIN TO WASHINGTON D.C-Lovely little cover with 1/- green from plate 4 tied by a superb strike of the DUBLIN-186 Diamond duplex dated 9.6.1867. Alongside is 5/CENTS in red and the s/ring BOSTON BR PKT/24 PAID in red and dated 18th June Res £65
  27. FANCY LADIES ENVELOPE AND PAPER-Crested envelope and sheet or small card with fancy design of hole punched out around the edges, leaving just the smallest of areas to write just the shortest note!! Unused pair Res £20
  1. BLYTH TO CAEN-Wrapper with 3d pink from plate 6 tied by a superb BLYTH/NORTHUMBERLAND-B74 four-bar duplex cancel dated 12.10.1871. Below is the black quartered circle mark, probably applied on the North Eastern TPO-see illustration Res £40
  2. JERSEY-Wrapper addressed to Berlin asking them to invade in June 1940 with a pair of the 1½d reds tied by the four-bar duplex cancels JERSEY-409 dated 27.4.1875-see illustration Res £120
  3. ENFIELD TO INDIA-MOURNING Cover addressed to POONA, via Brindisi with the 8d orange tied by a cracking strike of the ENFIELD-C85 four-bar duplex cancel dated 12.10.1876-see illustration Res £175
  4. EDINBURGH TO FRANCE-Cover with 2½d rosy mauve from plate 14 tied by a very good strike of the Edinburgh 131 duplex cancel dated 4.9.1879 Res £35
  5. ISLE OF WIGHT TO HAMBURG-QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Hamburg with 2½d blue from plate 22 tied by the 3-bar duplex cancel NEWPORT/I OF WIGHT-560 dated 2.12.1881 Res £35
  6. FAKENHAM TO PARIS-Cover with 2½d blue from plate 22 tied by four-bar duplex cancel FAKENHAM-288 dated 12.7.1882 with index B Res £25
  7. NORWICH TO HAMBURG-QV 2d registered envelope size F with 2 x 2½d lilacs tied by oval registered cancels dated 6.11.1884. At left is the sub-office cancel s/ring MARKET PLACE/NORWICH dated the same day Res £25
  8. LONDON TO FRANKFURT-QV registered envelope size G with 1/- green & white and ½d vermilion tied by oval registered cancels of MARK LANE dated 28.4.1896 Res £40
  9. LEYTONSTONE TO HAMBURG-QV 2d registered letter with 2½d & 5d Jubilee values tied superbly by s/rings LEYTONSTONE/HIGH RD 680 E dated 27.9.1897-see illustration of a triple rate cover Res £45
  10. DOLGELLY-A wonderful looking cover addressed to Leipzig with 1d lilac & 2 x 2d Jubilee values tied by two superb strikes of the three-bar duplex cancel DOLGELLY-222 dated 18.8.1900 with no overlapping of cancels!! Res £35
  11. EDZELL-QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Paris with 2½d Jubilee value tied by s/rings EDZELL dated 20.8.1900 Res £22
  12. OFFICE OF WORKS-OHMS Cover front only [not a complete cover] pre-addressed to a London seed crusher with the 1d lilac overprint O.W/OFFICIAL tied by LONDON hooded circle cancel dated 6.2.1901-see illustration Res £95
  13. FIRST DAY COVER-Commercial cover addressed to EXETER from DORCHESTER with EDW VII 1d tied by duplex cancel dated 1.1.1902 Res £70
  14. FIRST DAY COVER-Commercial cover addressed to Weston-super-Mare with EDW VII 1d tied by BRISTOL/21 d/ring dated 1.1.1902. On the back is the sub-office cancel LANGFORD/BRISTOL and the W-S-M mark, all dated 1st January Res £70
  15. INLAND REVENUE-I.R/OFICIAL Overprint on 1d lilac tied to OHMS [His] folded communication addressed to HELENSBURGH and tied by d/ring GLASGOW dated 28.4.1902 Res £22
  16. MONEY ORDER DEPARTMENT-Cover addressed to France, cancelled by LONDON E.C Official Paid cancel dated 25.3.1905 with the superb oval cachet at bottom left POST OFFICE/CROWN/MONEY ORDER DEPT in black ink-see illustration Res £28
  17. LONDON CONTINENTAL HAMMER Cancel dated 11.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard. You will not find a better mark than this one-see illustration Res £45
  18. HOLD TO LIGHT CHRISTMAS CARD, Not postally used but with a Christmas message on the back-see illustration Res £25
  19. ILLUSTRATED ENVELOPE-Black ink illustration of the WELSH LADY with her black hat on. Posted from LLANDUDNO to London on 4.11.1909 Res £45
  20. EDW VII Registered envelope size G addressed to Lubeck with added 1½d & 10d values tied by oval registered cancels of THROGMORTON AVENUE on 18.9.1907 Res £45
  21. NANTYMOEL RAILWAY STATION-Real photo postcard of the station with train in at the platform. Postally used from there on 31.5.1909-see illustration Res £35
  22. NORWICH CHRISTMAS CROSS-The circular 1907 cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed locally Res £200
  23. NORWICH CHRISTMAS CROSS-The circular 1908 cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed locally-see illustration Res £200
  24. WARRINGTON CHRISTMAS CROSS-The circular 1906 cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed to PENKETH-See illustration Res £150
  25. HERTS-EDW VII registered envelope addressed to Paris with added 1½d tied by s/ring BROXBOURNE dated 22.5.1911. The BLANK registration label is similarly cancelled by the UNDATED version Res £22
  26. FIRST DAY COVER-Postcard of Blackpool addressed to Bilston with the GEO V ½d tied by d/ring BLACKPOOL/3 dated 22.6.1911-superb strike-see illustration Res £150
  27. NO CROSS ON CROWN-Postcard addressed to London from Cornwall with the GEO V ½d showing the variety, tied by WADEBRIDGE S.O/CORNWALL d/ring dated 3.3.1912-very visible error!! Res £45
  28. IRELAND-GEO V 5d orange registered envelope addressed to Dublin, cancelled by s/ring ATHY dated 25.10.1921 Res £45
  29. IRELAND-Registered cover to Baltimore, USA with overprinted GEO V 1d & 1½d values and an Irish 2½d brown tied by s/rings of DUKE ST/DUBLIN dated 31.12.1924. The 1½d shows a plate flaw adjacent to the 2nd “E” of halfpence Res £65
  30. NATIONAL UNION OF SHORT DISTANCE FLYERS-Oval cachet apparently paying postage on a postcard from the PIGEON PEOPLE addressed to Ossett on 5.5.1936 Res £25
  31. HOME DISTRICT/S-Scarcer d/ring cancels dated 12.5.1937 [Coronation day] ties GEO VI ½d x 2 & 1d x 2 to airmail postcard addressed to TRIPOLI, arriving on the 15th May Res £25
  32. SUSSEX-Express cover from London to PEVENSY BAY with GEO VI 8d & ½d values tied by s/rings STREATHAM B.O S.W.16 dated 14.9.1944. On the back is the almost impossible to get d/ring WESTHAM STG OFFICE/PEVENSEY SUSSEX dated 15.9.1944 Res £22
  33. PARCEL TAG-TAG With a block of six of the lighter colour GEO VI 10/- values, a 1/- & 2d, all tied by rubber packet cancels of London, Ca.1947-see illustration Res £75
  34. EARLY [AND COLLECTABLE] PHQ Card of the 3½p fire engine issue addressed within London and cancelled on the day of issue, 24.4.1974 Res £35



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