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  1. DIGBY COLLIERY COMPANY, NOTTINGHAM-Cover, with contents addressed to Dorset with ½d vermilion perfin DCC/G tied by squared circle cancel NOTTINGHAM dated 17.8.1897 with figures 12 in the bottom corners of the cancel Res £15
  2. LONDON & HANSEATIC BANK LTD., LONDON-Pre-addressed envelope registered & addressed to New York with EDW VII 5d & 1/- values perfin L&HB tied by oval registered cancels of LOMBARD ST dated 7.9.1904 Res £22
  3. JOHN HARRIS, LONDON-EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope addressed to France with added strip of 3 x ½d values perfin JH tied by oval registered cancels of EAST CHEAP dated 8.8.1905 Res £12
  4. BRABY & COMPANY, BELFAST-Trade postcard addressed to Armagh with EDW VII ½d perfin FB/&Co., tied by d/ring BELFAST dated 28.11.1905 Res £10
  5. T KIRBY & SONS, WALSALL-Trade postcard addressed to Glasgow with EDW VII ½d perfin with large inverted “K” tied by WALSALL d/ring dated 18.5.1909 Res £7
  6. DUNLOP RUBBER COMPANY-Illustrated advertising window envelope with GEO V 1d perfin DR/C tied by BIRMINGHAM AM Krag cancel dated 5.8.1914 Res £12
  7. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-Advise of goods receive at St Neots station addressed locally with GEO V ½d perfin GNR tied by d/ring dated 25.2.1915 Res £9
  8. H WILLCOV & Co., LONDON-Folded price enquiry addressed to Newark with GEO V ½d perfin W/L tied by LONDON S.E.1 machine cancel dated 28.11.1919 Res £6
  9. THE A.A-Crested envelope addressed to Whauphill with GEO V 1½d perfin AA, tied by Glasgow telephone slogan dated 30.9.1932 Res £8
  10. GERHARD & HEY, LONDON-Printed envelope to Zurich with GEO V 1d & 1½d perfin G&H tied by London F.S slogan fir the British Industries Fair, Birmingham dated 18.2.1924 Res £8
  11. WILLIAM BRANDT’S SONS & COMPANY-Cover registered to FINLAND with GEO V 1½d & 4d values perfin WB/S tied by oval registered cancel of FENCHURCH STREET dated 27.3.1926 Res £9
  12. S DIXON & SON, LEEDS-Trade postcard addressed to Newark with GEO V 1d perfin with large letter “D” tied by Leeds British Industries Fair slogan dated 29.1.1930 Res £7
  13. THE ASSAY OFFICE, LONDON-Crested cover addressed to DUBLIN with GEO V 1½d photogravure perfin JM/C tied by LONDON/K machine cancel dated 2.6.1936 Res £8
  14. COWELL’S, THE PRINTERS ART-Pictorial advertising cover addressed to London with EDW VIII 1½d perfin WSC tied by IPSWICH machine cancel dated 23.4.1937 Res £12
  15. THE CO-OP WHOLESALE SOCIETY-Small cover from the BANKING DIVISION addressed to Enfield with GEO VI ½d perfin CWS tied by London E.1 “Post Early” sunburst slogan dated 1.6.1937 Res £6
  16. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Printed envelope addressed within HOCKLEY, Essex with adverts for all sorts of services from C-O-D, Removals, Registered Transits etc. with GEO VI ½d perfin LN/E tied by d/ring dated 30.4.1938 Res £7
  17. STAMP CENTENARY 2½d value perfin partial CURRIE tied to cover addressed to Edinburgh by GLASGOW machine cancel dated 28.5.1940 Res £12
  18. ENFIELD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL-Correspondence card referring to Air Raid Shelters addressed locally with 2 x 1d GEO VI values perfin EU.DC tied by machine cancel dated 13.11.1940 Res £8
  19. RUSTON & HORNSBY LTD., LINCOLN-Typed communication to Newark with GEO VI 2½d tied by LINCOLN slogan cancel dated 3.6.1946 Res £6
  20. THE RED HAND COMPOSITIONS COMPANY, LONDON-Trade postcard addressed to the British Rail stores office at Doncaster with 2d Wilding perfin RH/CCo., tied by London W.1 machine cancel dated 13.5.1963. Underpaid with framed 1d/W1-TO PAY/LIABLE TO/ PRINTED PAPER/RATE/ABOVE.....OZ and a 1d postage due affixed [not cancelled] on arrival Res £7
  21. WESTMINSTER FIRE OFFICE Printed window envelope from Gloucester with 2½d Wilding perfin SA of the Sun Alliance company on 16.9.1963 Res £5
  22. INTERNATIONAL BOTANICAL CONGRESS 3d value perfin 106 on cover addressed to Hertford, tied by SOUTHEND-ON-SEA Illuminations slogan dated 2.9.1964 Res £12
  23. “GM” Perfins on Machin 2d & 3d values tied to envelope addressed to Edinburgh with a crest on the back of a fouled anchor surrounded by an oval of hollow dots by London SW1 machine dated 13.4.1970 Res £8
  24. H SMITH & SONS-Large part wrapper pre-addressed to THE BRITISH GARRISON, BRITISH HONDURAS with Machin 10p, 50p [large type] & £1 values all perfin WHS but not cancelled Res £9
  25. NATIONAL STAMP DAYS-1975 & 1978 Commemorative covers with commemorative stamps perfin either NSD/1975 or NSD/1978 as well as souvenir letter card with 8½p Silver Jubilee value perfin SCPC of the Stamp Collecting Promotion Council tied by special cancel on 11.5.1977 [3] Res £9


  1. H CLAYTON, BRONZE & BRASS FOUNDERS OF BRADFORD-Cover addressed to High Wycombe with front & back adverts with ½d vermilion tied by BRADFORD/16 d/ring dated 5.9.1896 Res £22
  2. CONTINENTAL MOTOR TYRES-Cover addressed to Great Malvern with LONDON/PAID ½d s/ring dated 30.10.1905 at top right. At bottom left is a publicity label marking the successes of Continental Tyres in the TOURIST TROPHY & HERKOMER TROPHY during 1905-see illustration Res £28
  3. ELEY’S 12 BORE CARTRIDGES and ROYAL DAYLIGHT PETROLEUM-Advertising cover addressed to Sweden on 25.11.1907 & returned to the UK on 5.12.1907. Originally from NAILSWORTH with illustration at left of a 12 Bore cartridge case, the cover was taxed in the UK & Sweden Res £25
  4. MOTOR CYCLES-Lovely full-back illustration of a motorbike as supplied by FRED C POYNER of WOLVERHAMPTON addressed within WOLVERHAMPTON on 2.1.1922-see illustration Res £30
  5. EWART’S GEYSERS-Window envelope with GEO V ½d perfin E&S/LD tied by British Goods slogan of London N.W.1 dated 15.3.1926. The full-back advert has a label “WE ARE EXHIBITING AT THE DAILY MAIL IDEAL HOME EXHIBTION” affixed at right Res £22


  1. LANARK GRANDSTAND-Very scarce s/ring cancel dated 10.8.1910 ties stamp to unrelated postcard addressed to Leith. This was the mark used at the First British Air Show, held at Lanark-see illustration Res £150
  2. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL MAIL-Illustrated brown-red postcard addressed to Hampstead with GEO V ½d tied by the No.3 London cancel dated 9.9.1911 Res £45
  3. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL MAIL-The green postcard addressed to Bedford with GEO V ½d tied by the No.2 London cancel on 9.9.1911 Res £40
  4. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL MAIL-Chocolate brown postcard addressed to Edinburgh with GEO V ½d tied by the No.1 London cancel dated 13.9.1911. No flights took place on the 13th due to bad weather-all mail was taken [11 bags] on the 14 Diagonal crease at top right doesn’t affect the stamp. Res £30
  5. “DROPPED FROM AIRSHIP, PLEASE POST”-Annotation on plain postcard addressed to a HOUSEBOAT at Hampton Court, dropped from 3,000 feet south east of WOOLWICH and found in a garden at “Forest Lodge”, Eltham at 5.20pm on the 16th August 1915 and posted from SIDCUP [just down the road] on 16.8.1915 at 6.45pm!! Must be totally unique!!! Res £120
  6. LOVELY Little commercial cover to Paris with GEO V 2d & 3d values tied by s/rings THREADNEEDLE ST B.O/E.C dated 5.1.1922. This was one of the 8 post offices in London which airmail correspondence was accepted over the counter. Lovely little thing Res £22
  7. INSTONE AIRLINE-Cover to Berlin with GEO V 2d & 3d values tied by d/rings LONDON F.S/21 cancels dated 13.4.1923 Res £22
  8. PAR VOIE DE TERRE VIA PRAGUE-HAIFA-BAGHDAD. A red on white label translated to “BY LAND TO......” [so clearly not an airmail, but hey-ho] on cover from BOHEMIA addressed to the Imperial Bank of Persia at Baghdad on 20.9.1927. Airmail or not, still a nice thing!! Res £22
  9. CALCUTTA FLYING BOAT EXPERIMENTAL Flight cover from Belfast to Liverpool addressed to Sutton Coldfield at the 2½d rate dated 2.10.1928 [return flight] with green pictorial map cachet at left Res £22
  10. MISR AIRLINES-Scarce COMPLETE booklet of 16 airmail labels with text in both Arabic & English and a full frontal advert for the airline on the front-see illustration Res £25
  11. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS-Five different advertising labels intended for letters & parcels in pristine, mint condition. Includes 3 x smaller and 2 x larger labels [5] Res £20
  12. LONDON TO INDIA-Less common postcard rate from the UK to South India with GEO V 4d tied by d/ring LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 12.5.1934, arriving on 20th May at the Maharajah Jaipur’s house!! Res £18
  13. WESTERN AIR EXPRESS-First flight cover from the Plymouth-London service with 1d pre-paid package label applied at CROYDON and tied by the oval company cachet. Res £35
  1. WESTCOUNTRY AIR SERVICES-The successors to the Western Air Express company with 3d label tied by the Croydon company cachet dated 25.11.1933 on cover addressed to Ipswich and posted from SOUTHAMPTON on the same day Res £35
  2. ISLE OF WIGHT AIR FERRY-Complete booklet of 20 labels [blue] in pristine condition Res £35
  3. AUSTRALIA FIRST AERIAL POST-The blue 1919 label in mini-sheet format from the 1930’s reproduction-see illustration Res £25
  4. EGYPT-Commercial cover addressed to Edinburgh University with 7 x 5m brown values tied by s/rings CAIRO STATION dated 27.12.1932 Res £8
  5. BLUE AIRMAIL POSTBOX-GPO Leaflet listing all the blue boxes in the PADDINGTON DISTRICT with the addition in violet of a further box at 113a, Hammersmith Road. Res £15
  6. AIRMAIL Labels LBA 432 [blue on white] for mail destined for SINGAPORE and to MALAYA [DIVN] in pristine, mint condition [2] Res £15
  7. USA NAVAL DIRIGIBLE “MACON”-Commemorative cover marking the flight of the “Macon” over the Armistice Day Parade at OAKLAND, California on 11.11.1934 with 6c airmail tied by SAN BRUNO CALIFORNIA machine cancel dated the following day Res £20
  8. HILLMAN’S AIRWAYS-Illustrated first flight cover for the London-Liverpool-Belfast-Glasgow service addressed to London with the stamps tied by BELFAST machine cancel dated 1.12.1934 Res £22
  9. CROYDON SURREY/AIR MAIL-First day of use on 1.1.1936 of the d/ring cancel as found on this cover from Croydon to France Res £22
  10. CROYDON AERODROME CROYDON/SURREY-S/ring dated 6.1.1937 ties GEO V 1/- to cover addressed to CEYLON. The EDW VIII ½d & 5 x 2½d values are tied by d/ring cancels AERODROME B.O CROYDON SURREY/AIR MAIL dated the same day. Nice to get both on the same commercial cover Res £25
  11. TEST LETTER-Cover addressed to Imperial Airways at the Poste Restante, Hudson’s Place, London with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring GPO SYDNEY/AIR/DATE/N.S.W AUST dated 2.8.1938. The cover was carried on the extension of the Empire “All Up” scheme and has the arrival mark on the back, dated 12.8.1938 Res £18
  12. GOLD COAST TO SWITZERLAND-Registered cover to Bern with GEO VI 6d & 1/3d values tied by ACCRA registered cancels dated 23.10.1945. The ACCRA-D registration label is at top left Res £18
  1. LONDON TO BOMBAY-Longer registered cover addressed to Bombay with GEO VI 3d & 2/6d values perfin “V” of J.H Vavasseur & Co., Ltd tied by s/rings SEETHING LANE [115] B.O E.C.3/4 dated 11.10.1946, arriving in Bombay on the 16th Res £25
  2. CROYDON AIRPORT B.O CROYDON/SURREY-S/ring arrival mark dated 18.9.1947 on back of registered cover from France addressed to Croydon Airport, but redirected to GATWICK Airport Res £25
  3. E.A-Cover addressed to ST MARY’S AIRPORT, Isles of Scilly with the 2nd issue B.E.A 6d, 11d & 1/4d air letter labels, all with manuscript +1d on the 6d and “plus 1d” or “plus 2d” on the 11d & 1/4d values respectively. All 3 are tied by framed B.E.A/DATE/PENZANCE/A dated 12.10.1951. The GEO VI 2½d is tied by Penzance machine cancel dated the same day Res £25
  4. E.A-GEO VI 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to the USA with BEA 6d, 11d & 1/4d air letter labels with manuscript up-rate of 1d on the 11d, hand-stamped up-rate of 2d on the 1/4d and no up-rate on the 6d, all tied by unframed B.E.A/DATE/EDINBURGH 1 dated 7.12.1951. On arrival, the unframed NOT CALLED FOR was applied in the States and the Return to Sender cachet applied in the UK Res £22
  5. SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/SINGAPORE 13-3-1954. The very much scarcer EMBOSSED cachet in red ink on OHMS ambulance cover complete with the original burned envelope from New Zealand addressed to Bradford on 10.3.1954-see both illustrations of comparisons of the cachets [2] Res £50
  6. CROYDON AIRPORT CROYDON SURREY-Continuous wording s/rings dated 8.10.1956 ties 6d Wilding to 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to the USA. Comes with appropriate certificate of posting [2] Res £15


  1. DOG LICENCE-Brown on white licence cancelled & issued at MACCLESFIELD with s/ring Money Order Office cancel MACCLESFIELD/M.O.O dated 19.1.1899 Res £15
  2. SOUTHAMPTON-Used 6d and unused 1/- and 2/- “Fine or Fee Stamps”, Ca.1900 [3] Res £10
  3. WATERLOW & SONS-1924 Wembley Exhibition “stamp” showing the company premises at London Wall with the overprint FA in black. Scarce presentational label showing the company printing quality in green Res £15
  4. WATERLOW & SONS-DITTO in blue with the overprint EJ1 Res £15
  5. BRADBURY WILKINSON & COMPANY-A similar label produced in 1924 in blue and imperforate Res £15
  6. 1962 STRIKE MAIL-Stampless [or label-less] cover addressed to London N.W 11 with manuscript “Golders Green” in pencil at bottom left. At top is the unframed BY URGENT MAIL/DELIVERY SERVICE in red ink and with s/line date 11.JAN 1962 below. With contents. Res £20
  7. YORK CASTLE-Printed paper rate cover to the USA with 1d black A-C from the Castle Museum tied to the front of the cover by red Maltese Cross cancel. The 2½d NPY value is tied by KIDDERMINSTER [Rowland Hill’s birthplace] machine cancel dated 27.11.1963 Res £8
  8. NATIONAL SAVINGS STAMP-Cover pre-addressed to the Universal Beauty Club, London with 10p “Golden Hind” savings stamp tied by LEISTON/SUFFOLK machine cancel dated 7.9.1973. Not taxed, so accepted for postage Res £12
  9. “OVERNITE EXPRESS”-£1 & £5 values depicting the TNT [Tonight, Not Tommorrow] lorries on the delivery run [2] Res £6
  10. PENNY BLACK COMMEMORATIONS-Complete sheet of the Isle of Man 1p value issued to mark London 1980, the stamp booklet, ditto and blocks of six each facsimile 1d blacks from York Castle Museum and two anonymous issuers Res £8


  1. AUSTRALIA-Censored cover to the USA with 2½d ‘Roo tied by ELIZABETH ST./MELBOURNE machine cancel dated 27.10.1917. At right is s/line PASSED in blue ink. On the back is the LIBERTY LOAN label depicting the Union Flag and the Australian Ensign and Battleship. Not tied, but does belong. Res £25
  2. WWI-“GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND” [May God Punish England] labels in pink, green, blue, violet & brown, all with the design of a winged, bearded Kraut descending from the skies and “punishing” England. All are unused and very clean [5] Res £15
  3. WWI-A similar theme, but this time aimed at ITALY in four labels showing the Teutonic Thug beating a poor, hapless Italy with his giant cudgel in red, violet, green & blue [4] Res £12
  4. WWI-“Gott Strafe England” labels, one printed in Austria and the other, depicting a helmeted little angel [Hell’s Angel!!] striking fire into England [2] Res £5
  1. WWII-“V” FOR VICTORY Economy label on re-used cover from WALLINGFORD addressed to Oxford on 3.7.1943. The text on the back refers to patriotism and the saving to the economy of thousands of tons of shipping if you use these labels Res £12


  1. ONE FOR THE LADIES PERHAPS-Four advertising labels in colour for the HAIRDRESSING FAIR OF FASHION at the White City, The WOMEN’S FAIR at Olympia; the DRAPERY, TEXTILE & WOMENS WEAR Exhibition, 1921 at the Agricultural Halls and the FESTIVAL OF WOMEN at Wembley Stadium [4] Res £20
  2. THE IMPERIAL FRUIT SHOW, Granby Hall, Leicester and a further label for the Belle Vue Gardens, Manchester-no years indicated, but 1920’s [2] Res £8
  3. THE SMITHFIELD SHOW-Eight different labels for the show at Earls Court, but again, no years shownp1930’s-40’s [8] Res £18
  4. THE ROYAL SHOW, NOTTINGHAM and the ROYAL SHOW, NEWTON ABBOT-Two labels with no years shown. Ca.1935 and 1960 [2] Res £5
  5. COMMERCIAL MOTOR SHOW-Five different labels for the show held at Earls Court in the 1950’s & early 60’s [6] Res £12
  6. DAILY MAIL IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION-Three different labels for the events at Olympia in the 1930’s [3] Res £12
  7. BRADFORD CORPORATION ELECTRICAL EXHIBITION-Label for the October 1914 show. Res £8
  8. ROYAL LANCASHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOWS-Eight labels advertising the shows at PRESTON, BURNLEY, BLACKBURN, BOLTON, LIVERPOOL, OLDHAM, SALFORD and a further event at BOLTON. All without year indicated, but from the 1920’s & 30’s [8] Res £22
  9. CHEALSEA FLOWER SHOW-Red & Gold metallic label for an unspecified year, but Ca. 1935 Res £6
  10. “RADIOLYMPIA”-Five different labels for the Olympia based shows during the 1950’s [5] Res £9
  11. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to C.R Halse of West London, cancelled by the 19th May star cancel without index Res £22
  12. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-Plain card with the 1d & 3d TUBE POST cancels and the circular cancel, all dated 2.7.1890 in violet ink [tubes] or black Res £25
  13. CRYSTAL PALACE No.3 FLAG Cancel ties EDW VII ½d to postcard of the Crystal Palace addressed to Edinburgh on 9.6.1911 Res £20
  14. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Real photo postcard of small boys “Paring Coconuts” produced in Singapore for the 1924 Exhibition. Not postally used and with two very small pinholes in opposite corners Res £12
  15. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Sepia postcard of the “ROYAL EDWARD DOCK, SECTION OF GRAIN EQUIPMENT” at the Port of Bristol. Unused. Res £10
  16. “YOU NEED NEVER BUY ANOTHER POSTAGE STAMP! GET A NEOPOST”-GEO V ½d meter slogan dated 19.12.1928 with SPECIMEN around the datestamp-see illustration Res £22
  17. NEWCASTLE EXHIBITION-Postcard of the venue and a cover addressed to Norway with ½d P.U.C value tied by 545 triangular machine slogan cancel for the exhibition applied at Newcastle Res £12
  18. 24th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN, FOLKESTONE-Oval cancel dated 10.6.1937 ties EDW VIII 1d to postcard addressed to Glasgow. At left is the “SECOND DAY” overprint on blue publicity label Res £15
  19. AIR POST EXHIBITION-John S Davis publicity leaflet for his APEX labels and flown cards. He lists destinations of the very few that were posted to overseas destinations. A scarce piece of APEX postal history-see illustration Res £35
  20. 1938 GLASGOE EMPIRE Exhibition card with the large CLACHAN POST OFFICE label tied by the Exhibition machine slogan cancel on 5.5.1938 Res £12
  21. THIRD ANNUAL LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION-Illustrated cover addressed to Harrow with the four shipping labels issued for the exhibition cancelled by single special d/ring cancel on the last day, 28.1.1938 Res £15
  22. NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, LONDON 1947-GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Edgware with publicity label at bottom left tied by special cancel on the last day, 8.3.1947 Res £7
  23. NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION, MANCHESTER 1947-Cover addressed within Manchester on 20.11.1947 with imperforate publicity label tied at left by special cancel Res £9
  24. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A-S/ring dated 23.6.1948 cancels GEO VI 2d orange postal stationery postcard addressed to Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire. This MPO was situated at the Royal Highland Show, Aberdeen Res £15
  1. MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A-S/ring dated 10.5.1955 ties 9d Wilding to registered cover addressed to Devon. The blank registration label is similarly tied. This MPO was used at the Devon County Agricultural Show at Whipton Res £12
  2. SHOWGROUNDS HELSTON/CWLL-Skeleton cancels dated 6.6.1956 ties Wilding ½d x 2, 2d, 2½d & 9d to registered cover addressed to Kingsbridge, Devon. See illustration Res £50
  3. STAMPEX 1957-“TOWN OF ORIGIN” 2½d meter slogan cancel dated 16.3.1957 struck on blank cover. At top right is the printed SPECIMEN in black ink-see illustration Res £22
  4. 1957 STAMPEX-Harrison & Sons photogravure “Stamp cards”, one used and one unused [2] Res £8
  5. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B-S/rings dated 9.6.1959 ties 3d, 4d & 8d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Devon. At top left is the LISKEARD registration label. This MPO was used at the Royal Cornwall Show Res £15
  6. THE LAWN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS / ALL ENGLAND / L.T.C / TIME / DATE / WIMBLEDON S.W 19-Special cancel dated 23.6.1960 cancels QEII 2½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Devon Res £7


  1. HAMBURG TO LONDON-Cover at the 45Pf rate with two oval EXPRESS cachets in red and the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 3d, also in red Res £18
  2. COSHAM TO BISLEY CAMP-Nice little cover with GEO V 1½d photogravure and 6d value tied by s/rings COSHAM/PORTSMOUTH HANTS dated 5.6.1936 Res £18
  3. EXPRESS AIRMAIL TO SWITZERLAND-Small cover to Geneva with a block of four EDW VIII 1d values tied by LONDON F.S machine & d/ring cancels dated 14.9.1936. On arrival, a black on red label “Express without tax” was applied to the front Res £12
  4. EXPRESS AIR MAIL-Cover from Germany to London and redirected to Hertfordshire with the addition of a 6d GEO V stamp, tied by LONDON/444 rubber cancel on 16.9.1938 Res £25
  5. EXPRESS AIR MAIL TO GERMANY-Neat cover with GEO V 1½d & 3 x 2½d with sole EDW VIII 1d tied by LONDON W.C/8 d/rings dated 7.10.1936 Res £10


  1. BRISTOL “TOO LATE” Unframed mark in black on back of entire to St Columb, Cornwall dated 4.6.1827. On the back, alongside the Too Late is the unframed circular BRISTOL/122 mileage mark dated 4.6.1827 Res £22
  2. “REDIRECTED AT” Manuscript notation followed by BRADFORD YORKS dated d/arc in blue on the 14th February 1840. The cover is from London and has London paid mark and the distinctive PAID/ONE/PENNY circular mark of Bradford with the reversed N. Res £28
  3. 2 MORE TO PAY-Straight line mark in black on front of cover addressed within London on 5.12.1843. The imperf 1d red is tied by No.3 in Maltese Cross. Res £18
  4. TOO LATE-Fancy mark of OSWESTRY on front of entire addressed to Newtown, Wales on 15.4.1846. Also with hand-struck 1 in red of Oswestry Res £30
  5. RETURNED LETTER Wrapper with Freeling’s blurb inside, addressed to Leeds with manuscript “MISDIRECTED TO”, followed by the LEEDS d/arc dated 7.5.1835. Also taxed 2d for their efforts Res £30
  6. MISSENT TO/WORCESTER-Unframed mark on 1d pink envelope to Middle Hill, Worcestershire from London on 13.8.1850-see illustration Res £45
  7. 1878 French 15c postal stationery postcard to London dated 29.10.1878 with quartered circular mark with letters MWDM in the quarters struck in black ink at right Res £22
  8. NORTHAMPTON-Cover addressed simply to Northampton from KETTERING on 20.12.1900 with framed INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/570 at top left and tying the brown sealing tape on the back. Also on the back are the initials of 19 postmen Res £25
  9. SOMERSET-Postcard addressed locally with glitter applied to the picture side on 9.3.1905. Alongside is framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/123 and large hand-struck 1d below Res £12
  10. CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED-Unusually struck in red ink, tying a 4d postage due cancelled at Cardiff on 22.11.1921. Redirected to London, the new 4d due is tied by LONDONE.1/D cancel dated 24.11.1921 and has the 4d/162 tax mark of Cardiff below. Centrally is the s/ring CARDIFF/R.L.B dated 23.11.1921 Res £22
  1. IRELAND/LATE USE-Cover front only [not a complete cover or envelope] addressed within Dublin on 6.3.1925 and taxed 2d with the British 2d postage due tied the same day. Also a piece with 1d postage due tied by ATHLONE cancel dated 3.4.1925 Res £22
  2. RETURNED LETTER [R.L.B 15] Envelope addressed to a serving soldier in Cardiff with CARDIFF registration label at top left, the s/ring CARDIFF/R.L.B at top right and a 3d postage due tied by s/ring CARDIFF on 25.8.1927. At right is the manuscript COMPULSORY REGISTRATION 3d TO PAY in red ink-see illustration Res £30
  3. BRITISH & DUTCH POSTAGE DUES-Meter slogan cancel for ½d dated 30.11.1934 on cover with contents addressed to The Hague from London with 4d/F.B tax mark. On arrival, the 20c Dutch due was tied by d/ring dated 2.12.1934. Returned to the UK, the 4d postage due is tied by s/ring dated 10.12.1934-nice!! Res £28
  4. MALTA TO LIVERPOOL-Underpaid airmail cover to Liverpool with 2 x 1½d red values tied by AIR MAIL/MALTA d/ring dated 2.11.1935. Taxed 40c in Malta and 4d in the Inland Section, the 4d postage due is tied by d/ring LIVERPOOL dated 8.11.1935 Res £22
  5. BUNDLE HEADER-Meter mail cover from Bodmin addressed to London and returned with ½d to pay for return to sender on 18.6.1936. At left is the 4d postage due collecting 8 x ½d tied by LANIVET/BODMIN CORNWALL d/ring dated the next day!! Res £25
  6. SOMERSET-Cover addressed within TAUNTON to be collected at the GPO with framed NOT CALLED FOR in violet ink struck twice on the front & once on the back on 5.1.1942. Res £20
  7. INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS/NOT KNOWN IN PADDINGTON/HEAD OFFICE OR S.W DISTRICT/W.2-Large framed mark at top left in violet ink on cover from SW1 addressed to “W2” and redirected to GLASGOW on 1.2.1944 Res £18
  8. MISDELIVERED TO / VERNONS POOLS LTD / DATE/SECURITY DEPARTMENT-Framed mark on back of cover from London addressed to Birmingham on 27.2.1948 Res £15
  9. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/752-Framed mark alongside 3d/TO PAY/752 tax mark of STOWMARKET on cover with contents addressed to Herts with 2 x ½d values tied by d/ring dated 9.3.1953. No postage dues attached- Res £8
  10. SECOND CLASS AIR MAIL Cover from TANGANYIKA underpaid to SWINDON on 11.12.1954 and taxed 1d in London. The 2 x ½d orange dues tied by s/ring SWINDON WILTS/7 dated 18.12.1954 Res £10
  1. INCORRECT METER Franking of 1½d dated 7.10.1957 from the North Thames Gas Board addressed to Hornchurch from Romford. Judged to be unpaid, it was taxed 3d [which it wasn’t], 2 x 1½d green postage dues are affixed & tied by rubber ROMFORD cancel dated 8th October Res £22
  2. CHARGE NOT COLLECTED-Unpaid cover from GREAT YARMOUTH to London dated 30.5.1958 taxed 6d. The 1st attempt to collect the 6d resulted in 2 x 3d dues tied by the Charge Not Collected..... mark. When redirected within London, the 1d & 5d dues were tied by LONDON S.E.1 d/ring dated 4.6.1958 Res £15
  3. BUNDLE HEADER-Cover addressed to the book club, Charing Cross on 7.1.1964 from Lytham St Anne’s with 6d/953A tax mark of Lytham at bottom. In all, there is a total of 4/9d of postage dues with 2 x 1½d green values, 2 x 1/- and a single 2/6d tied by LONDON W.C/3 dated 29.1.1964 Res £25
  4. NOT KNOWN/LUTON BEDS-Unframed mark in violet ink on cover dated 5.11.1965 from London Res £7
  5. WORCESTER PARK/SURREY-Framed mark on cover from London addressed to Cheam, Surrey on 25.1.1966 Res £7
  6. RHODESIA-Plain card addressed to Totton, Hants with 2d Independence overprint tied by BULAWAYO slogan dated 15.2.1966. At left is the green inked, unframed INVALID STAMPS USED/POSTAGE DUE........ with 4d inserted in hand. The 4d due is tied at right Res £10
  7. RHODESIA-Large Rhodesia & Nyasaland OHMS pre-registered envelope containing registered items addressed to London with no postage paid. Cancelled by d/ring SALISBURY/RHODESIA dated 2.3.1966, the cover was taxed at eight time the rate, 11/3d with a strip of 4 x 2/6d and single 3d & 1/- dues tied by WANDSWORTH d/ring dated 4.3.1966-see illustration Res £30
  8. £.S.D STAMPS/NOW INVALID-Framed mark in violet ink on cover from Enfield addressed to Uxbridge on 12.7.1972 with 5d Machin tied by slogan cancel dated the same day. The 2p & 3p postage dues are tied by UXBRIDGE/MIDDX s/ring dated 12.7.1972 Res £8
  9. LUNDY ISLAND-Postcard of the Island addressed to Woking with ½ Puffin value at top right, uncancelled. Landed at Clovelly and cancelled at Bideford on 24.8.1987, the card was taxed 23p and has 20p & 3p dues tied by WOKING SURREY/A s/ring dated 26.8.1987 Res £8
  10. STAMPLESS Cover addressed to Harmers of London with 40p to pay mark at top. At bottom left is the pair of 20p new [3rd issue] postage dues tied by red inked PAID Res £7


  1. NEW YORK TO LYON, FRANCE-Entire dated 29.8.1856 with manuscript “STEAMSIP BALTIC” at top left. At right is the d/ring ETATS-UNIS PAQ AM/A CALAIS D dated 12.9.1856. Centrally is the large black 16 accountancy mark Res £28
  2. AMERICA/LIVERPOOL-S/ring dated 11.4.1858 on the back of cover from St Paul, Minnesota addressed to RINGINGLOW, Sheffield Res £22
  3. NEWCASTLE ON TYME/SHIP LETTER-Unframed mark on Norwegian 10 Ore postcard addressed to Scotland from Bergen on 11.8.1888, arriving in Newcastle 2 days later. Central fold in the card hardly detracts Res £75
  4. QUEENSTOWN-Postcard of the Esplanade at Queenstown addressed to Germany with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring dated 21.7.1904. At top left is the oval framed A.C HORNE & Co./SHIP AGENTS/QUEENSTOWN in blue ink Res £15
  5. FRENCH LEVANT-Postcard to Wimbledon with French Levant 10c tied by CONSTANTINOPLE-PERA d/ring dated 5.6.1906. Alongside is the 21mm PAQUEBOT mark in black ink Res £25
  6. PLYMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-S/ring dated 6.9.1907 ties EDW VII ½d to postcard of the RMS “ARAWA” addressed to York. Alongside is the 1d/620 tax mark of Plymouth Res £18
  7. ST JOHN N.B/SHIP LETTER-Unframed mark in black ties EDW VII ½d on postcard of the Donaldson Line ship “CASSANDRA” addressed to Scotland Res £75
  8. POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/DATE/”ARAGUAYA”-Oval cachet dated 26.7.1909 on postcard by FGO Stuart of the ship addressed to Croydon with 2 x ½d EDW VII values tied by s/line PAQUETE and d/ring LISBON dated 26.7.1909 Res £12
  9. YOKOHAMA-Postcard of the port city addressed to the USA with 4 Sen tied by partial d/ring cancel dated 21.8.1909. Alongside is a framed PAQUEBOT cancel in black. Hosking acknowledged in 1998 that this mark was a new discovery. The letter is included with the lot Res £30
  10. PAQUEBOT/A/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/TIME/CARDIFF-S/ring dated 14.11.1910 ties stamp to bas-relief postcard of the MAURETANIA addressed to Manchester Res £15
  11. PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/TIME/DOVER-S/ring dated 9.5.1914 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Belgium Res £12
  12. LOURENCO MARQUES-The scarce mark “PAQUEBOT” with handles at either end used only in the first two weeks of WWI ties GB GEO V 1d to postcard of a Beira street addressed to Hertfordshire on 17.8.1914 Res £65
  13. LONDON MOVEABLE BOX-Scarcer WWI USAGE of this mark dated simply January 1915 on stampless, unpaid postcard of Ypres addressed to Ringwood from the English hospital at Calais. Corner creases, but still uncommon in this period Res £20
  14. PAQUEBOT/LIVERPOOL-D/ring cancel dated 1.8.1927 ties GB GEO V 1d to White Star Line advertising postcard of the RMS “CELTIC” addressed to Ipswich with 1d/TO PAY/466 tax mark alongside. The 1d due is tied on arrival by thimble cancel dated 2.8.1927 Res £10
  15. THOMAS COOK’S “OCEAN SAILING LIST” for November 1929 to January 1930 containing 20 pages of adverts & timetables including railways en-route to Australia, Tasmania & New Zealand Res £25
  16. PAQUEBOT/MALTA-D/ring cancel dated 11.5.1931 ties GB GEO V 1d to postcard of Athens addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea and redirected locally upon arrtival. Alongside the stamp is the green inked oval cachet POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/DATE/T.S.S “ARAGUAYA” dated the same day Res £18
  17. GALWAY-Postcard of the “ANTONIA” Cunard liner addressed to Lowestoft with GB GEO V 1d & ½d values tied by partial Galway Gaelic cancel dated 7.3.1932. The ½d is further tied by the scarcer Hosking 390 framed PAQUEBOT in violet ink and made from rubber Res £22
  18. MALAGA-The huge unframed PAQUEBOT [the length of the postcard] struck at top in violet ink tying the GB GEO V 1½d to postcard of TETUAN addressed to Norwich Res £25
  19. SWEDEN-Nice postcard of the SVENSKA-LLOYD Vessel “BRITANNIA” addressed to Broadstairs with GB GEO V 1½d photogravure tied by d/ring GOTEBORG dated 12.6.1936. Alongside is the framed PAQUEBOT in black ink Res £12
  20. BELGIAN ROYAL MAILBOAT SERVICE AND RAILWAY-Spring 1937 handbook of adverts and timetables connecting Ostend to Dover etc. Complete with foldaway map and all 36 pages Res £22
  21. SHIP LETTER / AVONMOUTH / BRISTOL-Unframed mark in black on E & F Lines crested envelope addressed to Plymouth with JAMAICA ½d & 1d GEO V values tied by d/rings AVONMOUTH/BRISTOL dated 20.12.1937 and by unframed OCEAN MAILS/S.S “CAVINA” in violet ink-see illustration Res £65
  22. AT SEA/M.V ROYAL SOVEREIGN-Black, unframed cachet on back of unused postcard of the ship Res £5
  23. MANX MAID-S/line cancel in blue ink ties 19½p clown issue to envelope addressed to Bath Res £12
  24. POSTED/ON/BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-Red inked cachet on cover addressed to Bath with 24p Nelson issue tied by BRISTOL slogan dated 17.6.1983 Res £9
  25. POSTED/BALMORAL/ABOARD-Blue inked cachet on postcard from Colwyn Bay addressed to Winchester on 17.9.1992 Res £6


  1. ALDERSHOT CAMP-S/ring transit mark dated 22.4.1866 with index A on the front and back sheets of a copy of PUNCH addressed to Belford, Northumberland. The 1d stamp is tied by the 023 3HOS numeral cancel of FARNBOROUGH STATION Res £25
  2. CURRAGH CAMP-Irish double rimmed skeleton cancel dated 30.3.1904 with index 14 ties stamp to postcard addressed to JERSEY-see illustration Res £22
  3. SHORNCLIFFE CAMP-F46 3VOD dated 4.8.1904 with time code EIXP ties stamp to postcard of Cheriton village addressed to Watford Res £12
  4. CAMP/BRIDESTOWE RSO DEVON-S/ring dated 4.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard of Lydford village addressed to Axminster Res £8
  5. LARK HILL CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 10.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. LARK HILL CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-S/ring dated 1.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  7. GAILES CAMP IRVINE/602-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 27.9.1914 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. CHYNGTON CAMP SEAFORD/SUSSEX-S/ring cancels dated 2.5.1915 ties ½d & 2 x 1d stamps to cover addressed to France Res £18
  9. SAND HILL CAMP/WILTS-D/ring cancel dated 2.6.1916 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Tenbury Wells. Comes with Commonwealth War Graves Commission history of the writer who was killed in September 1918 Res £10
  10. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/16-S/ring dated 16.8.1915 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the camp at EPPING addressed to Surrey Res £12
  11. PERHAM DOWN CAMP B.O-Skeleton cancel dated 19.9.1915 ties stamp to postcard of the camp with many aircraft visible on the ground Res £12
  12. BROCTON CAMP B.O/STAFFORD-D/ring dated 14.11.1917 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the camp Res £8
  13. UPAVON CENTRAL FLYING SCHOOL/PEWSEY WILTS-S/ring dated 5.8.1918 ties 1d stamp to postcard of a temporary camp at Stonehenge Res £25
  14. UPAVON CENTRAL FLYING SCHOOL/PEWSEY WILTS-S/rings dated 25.6.1920 cancels two parts of a money order advice issued at the school-see illustrations Res £22
  15. DELNIES CAMP/NAIRN-Very uncommon skeleton cancel dated 25.6.1928 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Sutherland and written from the camp-see illustration Res £35
  16. BULFORD BARRACKS/SALISBURY WILTS-D/ring dated 25.7.1954 cancels Official Paid electoral communication addressed to Hertford and redirected upon arrival locally Res £5
  17. NAVAL CAMPS-Selection of pieces including two registered pieces with stamps tied by s/rings THE DOCKYARD PLYMOUTH/DEVON dated 5.5.1954 and RALEIGH/ TORPOINT CORNWALL dated 3.5.1954 and a pair of 2½d values on piece tied by s/ring PORTSMOUTH DOCKYARD PORTSMOUTH/HAMTS dated 7.8.1954 [3] Res £6
  18. RAF CAMPS-Similar lot on pieces from UPWOOD R.A.F.P.O / HUNTINGDON dated 6.3.1963 in blue with appropriate registration label; NORTHWOOD AIRPORT RUISLIP/ MIDDLESEX dated 5.8.1954; RAF STATION UPAVON PEWSEY/WILTS d/ring dated 7.10.1953 and HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW BEDS dated 2.11.1963 [4] Res £8
  19. ANDOVER/HANTS-S/ring dated 14.1.1960 cancels larger OHMS registered envelope addressed to the RAF Hospital at Wroughton, Wilts. The registration label is that of the RAF P.O., Andover Res £10
  20. BULFORD BKS/SALISBURY WILTS-Krag machine cancel dated 17.3.1964 ties stamp to cover addressed to London Res £6

MILITARY-1915 TO 1928

  1. EGYPT-O.A.S Postcard to Oxon with s/ring cancel C.S OFFICE/I.E.F dated 11.6.1915. Alongside is the red inked large d/ring censor mark PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/81 in a red/violet ink Res £15
  2. LETTER DESTROYED/POSTED IN CIVIL POST OFFICE / CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS- "With DESTROYED and CIVIL POST OFFICE" Crossed Out - Framed scarce mark on postcard addressed to London with manuscript UNFRANKED below the cachet applied on 24.10.1915. Also two strikes of the framed IMPROPERLY POSTED / DELAYED, all struck in black-see illustration Res £35
  3. LETTER DESTROYED ETC as previous lot dated October 1915 [no date slug] to the same address with DESTROYED and CIVIL POST OFFICE excised by blue pencil. Also the framed IMPROPERLY/POSTED/DELAYED Res £30
  4. AUSTRALIAN BASE/DETAILS P.O-S/ring dated 20.12.1915 on stampless postcard addressed to AUSTRALIA with oval framed SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION cachet alongside with s/line PASSED, both in violet ink Res £25
  5. BIRMINGHAM GAZETTE-Pictorial smoking card addressed to Edgbaston on 11.1.1916 from a member of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment from FPO 143 Res £15
  6. EGYPT-O.A.S Postcard of Suez addressed to Scotland with lovely d/ring censor mark PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/100 struck in violet ink on 7.3.1916 Res £15
  7. IRELAND-Postcard of Trinity College addressed to Grimsby, cancelled by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/41 dated 9.5.1916. This APO was situated at BALLSBRIDGE Town Hall Res £45
  8. IRELAND-Postcard of Dublin addressed to Derbyshire with ½d tied by the DUBLIN ROLLER CANCEL. Alongside is the rubber Derbyshire village rubber cancel dated 29.5.1916 Res £25
  9. PORTUGAL-Cover addressed to Lyon, France, cancelled by d/ring C.E.P/S.P.C.7 dated 26.6.1917. At left is the superb strike of the curved, framed CENSURADO/No.34 in red ink Res £25
  10. CARRIER PIGEON SERVICE-Postcard addressed to “Pioneer C.H Smith” of the Royal Engineers Carrier Pigeon Service in France, from Manchester on 29.8.1917. At left is d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/H10 dated 2.9.1917 Res £22
  11. UNITED STATES AIRMAN-Stampless postcard addressed to the USA with endorsement at top by a private in the U.S Air Service. At bottom is the usual A3131 A.E.F censor mark in violet ink Res £12
  12. HAZELEY CAMP/WINCHESTER-D/ring cancel dated 18.8.1919 on postcard from APO S88 [dated 14.8.1919 addressed to Kent & redirected to Chester upon arrival. Which leaves the question as to why it went to Hazeley Camp at all!!?? Res £9
  13. IRAQ-Stampless real photo postcard of a Arab hut addressed to Birmingham, cancelled by what looks like a badly damaged Indian FPO No.85 d/ring cancel dated 4.1.1920. The card is written from Baghdad. Res £12
  1. ARMY COURIER OFFICE-S/ring dated 6.7.1920 cancels blank registration on 2d black registered envelope addressed to the Isle of Wight. The stamp impression is cancelled by the s/ring ARMY COURIER OFFICE/S.5 and there is a further strike at bottom Res £35
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE/S.40-S/rings dated 1.11.1928 with index C cancels GEO V 4½d registered envelope addressed to Manchester. The “NO” is excised by pencil on two cancels with the result that two more strikes are made, this time dated 1.10.1928 but with the month slugs inverted!! Res £22

MILITARY-1939 TO 1964

  1. OVERSEAS LEAGUE TOBACCO FUND-O.A.S Printed pictorial postcard addressed to the fund in London, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/26 dated 18.11.1939. At left is the circular RAF censor mark No.181 in violet ink. Res £15
  2. DES JA VOUS-Stampless cover addressed to Ashington, Nthbd, cancelled by UNDATED d/ring cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/26 [see previous lot]. At left is the framed censor No.248 in violet ink. This cancel was used on a troopship en-route to the Middle East-see illustration Res £35
  3. CZECH FORCES-Small cover addressed in Czech with FREE CZECHOSLOVAKIA label tied by the Czech FPO cancel dated 11.11.1942 Res £15
  4. CZECH FORCES-A similar cover with CZECHOSLOVAKIA FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM label tied by the same cancel, dated the same day Res £15
  5. OVERSEAS LEAGUE TOBACCO FUND-Royal Navy illustrated postcard addressed to the USA from HMML 1024. With tombstone & octagonal censors at centre & left Res £15
  6. OVERSEAS LEAGUE TOBACCO FUND-“WE’RE ALL LIT UP, LET BATTLE COMMENCE” Postcard addressed to the USA from FPO 233 on 19.7.1943. With Egyptian & British censor marks Res £15
  7. HOLLAND-Dutch 5c green postal stationery postcard addressed to a member of the POLISH FORCES of the British Liberation Army. The card is cancelled by d/ring BREDA-NIEU WEHAAGDIJK dated 29.10.1944. Alongside is the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/251 dated the same day. Also with 3837 shield censor in red at left. Res £22
  8. A.F CHRISTMAS 1944 Pictorial airmail letter sheet [the one folded sheet type with mounted camel image] addressed to Congleton. The sheet is cancelled by blue ink ADEN dated December 1944 Res £18
  9. MAIL OFFICE-R.A.F MISSION-TO AUST-AND NEW ZLD-Locally made cachet in violet ink dated 25.6.1947 on cover from SOUTH YARRA, Australia addressed to Manchester and redirected to Stockton on Tees and then on to Astley Bank, Darwen Res £22
  10. CEYLON-CHRISTMAS 1947 Card from the Sergeants Mess at DIYATALAWA CAMP [Formerly a Boer Prisoner camp] Res £7
  11. FIELD POST OFFICE/993-D/ring dated 1.4.1957 ties 3d Empire Games value to real photo postcard of CRUMLIN, WALES addressed to the BBC. This FPO was situated in Germany Res £8
  12. SECURITY COURIER SERVICE/292/DATE/MIDDLE EAST FORCES-Oval cachet in red dated 31.7.1959 on small cover addressed to R.A.F SALALAH, MUSCAT Ad has the red SCO registration label at left and s/line marks COURIER SERVICE and NOT BY POST, both struck in red ink-see illustration Res £30
  13. FORCES POST OFFICE/129-Scarcer rubber cancel dated 22.7.1960 ties 3d GLO value to airmail cover addressed to the BBC from GAN ISLAND RAF BASE Res £20
  14. ROYAL CEYLON AIR FORCE/DATE/KATUNAYAKE-Crowned cachet dated 24.5.1963 on OHMS envelope addressed to RAF KENLEY, Surrey. Cancelled by anonymous POST/OFFICE-MARITIME/MAIL in black ink Res £15
  15. FIELD POST OFFICE/574-D/ring dated 25.6.1964 ties ½d & 2d Wildings to real photo postcard of a field of German Swastika bearing aircraft. The card is addressed to Ware, Herts. No publication can tell me where this mark was applied!! Res £18


  1. EGYPT-Stampless cover addressed to Bournemouth from Cairo on 14.12.1915 with plain sealing tape across the top which is tied on the back by oval 2/5thO.W/A Co./DEVON REGT in violet ink. A further strike is on the front and is signed by W.L Pengelly Res £35
  2. JAPAN TO GERMANY-Printed P.O.W envelope addressed to Berlin, cancelled by d/ring Japanese cancel dated 3.11.22 and with a different strike below dated 25.11.1918 alongside a weakly struck oval POW cachet. The P.O.W was held in BADO BEL TOKUSHIMA Camp, Japan Res £50
  3. WITTENBERG WWI DEATH CAMP-Postcard addressed to a member of the 1st Coldstream Guards from Birmingham, dated 3.2.1916 by the sender. Usual German censor marks etc and comes with an account of life in the camp during a Typhus outbreak. The privations they endured at the hands of their captors were appalling! Res £28
  4. FEMALE CIVIL INTERNEE IN FRANCE-Cover with letter from a Bournemouth man to his interned wife in the VITTEL CAMP, France dated 27.6.1941. He writes a very supportive letter!! Res £30
  5. CIVIL INTERNEE IN SUMATRA CAMP-GEO VI 3d violet P.O.W airmail postal stationery postcard addressed to a Civil Internee on 25.9.1944 from Edinburgh. With UK & Japanese censor markings-see illustration Res £50


  1. “PHILIPPINES INVADED”-Pictorial airgraph showing map and newspaper headlines from New Zealand addressed to Birmingham on 25.10.1944 from CARTERTON-See illustration Res £18
  2. RAF INDIA-Illustrated Christmas 1943 airgraph showing the Indian snake charmer with his rope pointing to the sky and Santa sliding down it with plenty of goodies for the astonished airmen looking on Res £12
  3. INDIA TO UK-Silhouette maps of India and the UK bridged by Christmas Cracker at Christmas 1942. Addressed to Cornwall from a member of the14th Infantry Brigade Res £12
  4. INDIA TO NELSON, Lancs-Illustrated airgraph showing a snowy village scene with a four fingered sign post pointing to CHEER, LOVE, LUCK & HOPE at Christmas 1943 Res £12
  5. CEYLON TO WALLASEY-Christmas 1942 illustrated airgraph showing the Island of Ceylon with tank, aircraft & battleship surrounding it Res £12
  6. “GT TARGET”-Leader airgraph [1st one on the reel of film] dated 8.3.1945 and all others that follow are for HQ 41 Combined Signals Res £12
  7. SOUTH AFRICAN HELD ITALIAN P.O.W’S-Typed list of names of Italian prisoners and messages to be broadcast by the BBC, dated 18.3.1943 addressed to the South African High Commissioner in London. Res £25
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE 8th ARMY-1944 pictorial airgraph addressed to Barrow-on-Soar, Leics showing a night skyline in Italy Res £12
  9. “A JERRY CHRISTMAS AND A JAPPY NEW YEAR” Illustrated airgraph showing a brave RAF pilot shooting down a flying TOJO at Christmas 1944 Res £12
  10. ILLUSTRATED Airgraph of a grasshopper and accompanying text sent from India to Swindon on 24.7.1943 Res £12


  1. LONDON TO BADEN-BADEN-Returned cover addressed to GREMERSBERG in Germany on 30.6.1919 with ½d and 2 x 1d values with perfins. On the front is large framed UNDELIVERABLE/ RETURN TO SENDER. Mail to Germany was not normalised until July 1919 except where under allied control, hence the undeliverable cachet as Baden-Baden was not under allied control at this time-see illustration Res £45
  2. HOLLAND TO LONDON-Window envelope to London from Rotterdam dated 9.5.1940 with two strikes of the unframed RETOUR AFZ/VERBINDING VERBROKEN in violet ink Res £40
  3. GERMANY TO HOLLAND-6Rpf plain postcard addressed to Amsterdam with added 3 & 6Rpf values tied at LEIZIG on 8.5.1940. Struck in violet ink centrally is the unframed “ZURUCK/POSTVERFURH EINGGESTELLT” Res £35
  4. NEW YORK TO HONG KONG-Censored, returned cover from New York dated 26.11.1941 with unframed RETURN TO SENDER/SERVICE SUSPENDED struck in violet ink across the address-see illustration Res £65
  5. S.A TO GERMANY/P.O.W “RETURN TO SENDER/BY DIRECTION OF THE WAR DEPARTMENT/ UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED”-Framed mark on POW printed letter sheet addressed to an American officer POW in Stalag Luft 1, Germany from New York on 2.5.1945 Res £45


  1. HMS SYBILLE-Headed notepaper and envelope addressed to Torquay with 2½d Jubilee value tied by s/ring CH/LONDON dated 9.11.1897. The letter is written from CRETE on the 1st November 1897 Res £30
  2. HMS CUMBERLAND AT COPENHAGEN-Danish postcard addressed to Honiton with GB GEO V 1d tied by d/ring LONDON/176 dated 23.6.1914. The card was written two days earlier. Res £9
  3. FLEET POST OFFICE-S/ring dated 30.10.1914 ties ½d stamp to postcard addressed to Didcot Res £9
  4. UNPAID POSTCARD OF EMBERTON Addressed to Liverpool with 1d tax mark and 1d postage due affixed and tied on arrival. With LONDON Krag cancel dated 11.10.1918, there is a s/line COMMANDER in violet ink Res £12
  5. CENSORED/M.B-Crude censor mark in violet ink on front of cover addressed to London with stamp tied by FPOa Krag cancel dated 6.4.1918 Res £12
  6. PASSED BY CENSOR/HM.S COLOSSUS-Violet d/ring censor mark on postcard of Dunfermline addressed to Devonport Res £15
  7. CEYLON-Postcard addressed to Hatfield from the Royal Naval Rest Camp at DIYATALAWA, dated 3.10.1946. Stampless, cancelled by the POST/OFFICE-MARITIME/MAIL in red ink Res £7
  8. ST PETER’S ROYAL NAVAL HOSPITAL, COLOMBO-Postcard addressed to Liverpool with framed PASSED BY CENSOR in a dirty brown colour at top. Undated and cancelled by red Maritime Mail machine cancel Res £12
  9. NAVAL ISSUING SHIP “HONG SIANG”-January 1946 airmail letter sheet addressed to Rosyth from a serviceman en-route to Singapore who is hitching a lift on the Hong Siang. Currently he is in Colombo and expects to make Singapore in 8 days Res £9
  10. HMS MANCHESTER CITY-Airgraph with envelope written from the ship on 3.10.1943 and addressed to Shipley Res £12
  11. HMS BRAGANZA-Airgraph addressed to Glasgow written from the ship on 18.8.1944 Res £8
  12. HMS SAUNDERS-Airgraph with envelope addressed to Manchester and written from the ship on 15.2.1942 Res £12
  13. HMS PALLISER-Cover, registered from the ship to Gloucester with a block of 6 and a single 2d and single 1d Wildings tied by large rubber, undated POST OFFICE/MARITIME MAIL in black, Ca.1954 Res £7
  14. HMS FALCON/SUEZ CRISIS-CENSORED ENVELOPE Addressed to Glamorgan with 2½d Wilding tied by Maritime Mail machine cancel. At bottom is naval TOMBSTONE CENSOR in violet ink with initials at centre. HMS FALCON was the Royal Naval Air Station at Hal Far, Malta. Censored naval mail is very scarce from this era-see illustration Res £65
  15. FLEET MAIL OFFICE/DATE/TRINCOMALEE-Oval cachet in blue ink dated 7.6.1957 at bottom left of airmail cover to Yorkshire. The 15c Ceylon commemorative is tied by COLOMBO/FOREIGN d/ring dated 8th June Res £8


  1. VERY CLEAN, Unused 2d blue envelope of 1841 with two silk threads Res £45
  2. QV ½d brown thick postcard with SAMPLE printed on the back and supplied by the L and W.S.A of New Bridge Street, London Res £22
  3. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to Milnthorpe with added 1d red stars on blue paper tied by MANCHESTER sideways duplex cancel dated 1.3.1856 Res £18
  4. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to New York with added pair of 1d reds from plate 105 tied by KILMARNOCK Sots duplex cancels dated 11.11.1874 Res £25
  5. 1878 DECKLE EDGE Registered envelope size G addressed to Southport with added 1d red from plate 177 tied by superb SHREWSBURY-708 3VOD dated 23.7.1879 Res £25
  6. PENNY PINK-Envelope addressed to Saxony with added 1d pink die impressed alongside and cancelled by hooded circle cancels of London dated 30.10.1888. At left is an addition ½d vermilion paying the Late Fee Res £35
  7. ROYAL NAVAL REVIEW BY THE KAISER-Pair of ½d brown postcards from the ST GEORGE’S CLUB, Hanover Square soliciting ticket money t attend the review at Spithead on 27.7.1889. The outward portion is addressed to Lytchett Matravers and the return is pre-addressed to the club Res £30
  8. ASOKA BLOTTING PAPER-EDW VII ½d pictorial advertising postcard for the John Dickinson blotting paper addressed to Chirnside from London on 6.5.1910-see illustration Res £25
  9. “THE STANDARD”-EDW VII ½d wrapper with added 1d die alongside addressed to Berlin and cancelled by London cancel dated 9.10.1912 Res £22
  10. J WATTS, MONUMENTAL MASONS OF IPSWICH-EDW VII 1d pre-printed & addressed letter card with a form inside to tell the mason where the grave is and in which cemetery etc. Not used Res £25
  11. BRITISH SCHOOL OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN EGYPT-Lovely pictorial court size postcard depicting Egyptian treasures on the back addressed to Stamford Hill on 11.6.1914. The card advertises the annual exhibition at University College, London Res £22
  12. GEO V 3½d registered envelope size G with added ½d die below, addressed to Dresden with further ½d adhesive, all tied or cancelled by oval registered cancels of THREADNEEDLE STREET dated 17.8.1920 Res £22
  13. PRINTED PAPER RATE-Printed ½d postcard from Staffordshire County Council with printing date of March 1924 addressed to Leicester with added ½d definitive tied by d/ring STAFFORD/2 dated 23.9.1924 Res £15
  14. PROXY VOTE POSTCARD-April 1931 pre-addressed postcard to Messrs Godfrey Phillips of London with 1d revenue embossed on the back Res £15
  15. GEO V ½d fold-over lettercard addressed to Alvechurch cancelled by W.1 triangular machine cancel. Inside are details of how to obtain the Christmas 1933 Austin Reed booklet for Christmas. Nice item-I don’t recall having anything quite like this before Res £25
  16. GEO V 1d postcard in an uncut vertical strip of three with printed SHALL EXCEED IN SIZE THE OFFICIAL POST CARD at left. Res £25
  17. PROXY VOTE LETTER SHEET-GEO V ½d letter sheet pre-addressed to the Consett Iron Company, Consett with 1d revenue embossed inside with embossed date of 11.3.1936-pristine condition Res £25
  18. WRIGHTS COAL TAR SOAP-GEO V ½d reps calling/order card addressed to Dartford from Epsom on 2.1.1939. On the back is a comprehensive A-Z of the company’s products Res £22
  19. WHITBREAD LONDON STOUT-GEO V 1½d illustrated envelope addressed to Belgium with added 4d GEO VI value tied by oval registered cancels of Kings Cross dated 29.3.1939. Some light rust spots on the front that will clean up nicely Res £25
  20. CASTROL OILS-Two different size GEO VI 2½d window envelopes used from HAYES, MIDDLESEX on 30.6.1948 or from London on 9.9.1949 [2] Res £12
  21. QEII 2½d pair of uncut postcards in pristine condition Res £20
  22. QEII 6d airmail letter sheet with black hand-stamped CANCELLED across HM’s portrait Res £20
  23. QEII Registered envelope with 1d & 2/- Tudor rose impressions and the printed return address details [Cambridge] in pristine mint condition Res £22
  24. QEII Registered envelope with 3d & 2/- Tudor rose impressions and return address details as previous lot. Again, pristine condition Res £22


  1. EXETER STATION-The UNIQUE dated double arc cancel dated 16.8.1855 on the back of an entire addressed to the Deputy Commissioner at the Punjab with 1/- embossed [cut-to-shape] cancelled by poor Exeter numeral cancel. On the back is the PETROCKSTOW undated d/arc and the BEAWORTHY/PENNY POST mark-see illustration Res £500
  2. EXETER/STATION OFFICE-S/ring dated 14.2.1891 on the back of 2d registered envelope addressed to Birmingham. The added 1d lilac is tied by registered cancel of EXETER dated the previous day!!!!! One of just 3 recorded examples of this mark Res £65
  3. HORSHAM/STATION OFFICE-Two strikes of the s/ring cancel dated 14.6.1893 on ½d brown postcard addressed to Horsham from London and redirected to Oxford. At bottom left is the UNIQUE ½d 381 tax mark of HORSHAM STATION Res £75
  4. FOLKESTONE HARBOUR STATION/S.E RLY-Two strikes of the scarce s/ring on a telegram addressed to Lord Carrington in London. One strike has the 22 inverted and the other, rectified Res £45
  5. PARCEL POST-PPL From LONDON BRIDGE [station] Parcel Office cancelled by the exceedingly scarce hooded circle cancel LONDON BRIDGE STA/PARCEL POST/DEPOT with index A dated 22.2.1901. At left is the POSTED OUT OF COURSE tax cachet-see illustration Res £175
  6. REGISTERED/HASTINGS STATION OFFICE-The unique cancel dated 22.5.1901 on back of lovely little registered cover from BATTLE addressed to London with 3d Jubilee tied by d/ring BATTLE S.O/SUSSEX dated the same day-exhibition quality Res £65
  7. BATH STATION OFFICE/5-S/ring dated 23.12.1904 ties stamp to glitter postcard addressed to Chippenham. At left is framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/53 and the 1d tax mark of Bath, but applied at the station [a set was issued to the station in 1895] Res £25
  8. PORTARLINGTON RLY STN-Scarce Irish cancel dated 19.12.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £35
  9. SUTTON SCOTNEY/MICHELDEVER STATION-S/ring sub-office cancel dated 23.12.1910 ties stamp to postcard addressed to London Res £25
  10. HORSHAM STATION/L.B & S.C RY-The UNIQUE s/ring cancel dated 10.5.1917 on telegram from soldier serving in France Res £65
  11. KNEBWORTH STATION-S/ring cancel dated 17.1.1921 cancels blank registration label on GEO V 4d registered envelope addressed to London. A further strike cancels the stamp impression Res £30
  12. SWINDON STATION/+ The very scarce d/ring cancel dated 27.3.1922 ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed locally. At left is the tax mark 1d/881 and the unique INADMISSIBLE AT......RATE/881 of Swindon Station. The 1d postage due is tied by the s/ring SWINDON the next day-see illustration Res £45
  13. LAINDON/LAINDON STATION ESSEX-D/ring sub-office cancel dated 6.9.1923 cancels GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Chesterfield. One of only two known examples known Res £35
  14. KNEBWORTH STATION/STEVENAGE HERTS-Scarce d/ring cancel dated 23.11.1923 with index A on incoming registered cover from Portugal redirected to Loughborough Res £35
  15. CUSTOM HOUSE STATION/VICTORIA DOCKS E-Uncommon s/ring cancels dated 13.6.1925 ties added GEO V 1½d, 4d & 1/- values on insured GEO V 4½d registered envelope addressed to Sweden. This is the latest known date for this cancel Res £35
  16. PEVENSEY STATION OFFICE/SUSSEX-D/ring cancel dated 15.10.1930 ties stamp to postcard. This is the later of the two known examples of this cancel-see illustration Res £35
  17. GEO V SILVER JUBILEE 6d POSTAL ORDER [With counterfoil intact] cancelled by s/ring PADDINGTON STATION B.O W.2 dated 22.5.1935-this was the day on which the new post office at Paddington Station opened!! See illustration Res £35
  18. SERVICE SUSPENDED-Registered, Censored FDC for the Stamp Centenary issue addressed to FINLAND with stamps tied by d/rings NUNTHORPE STN/ MIDDLESBROUGH YORKS dated 6.5.1940. At left is the Station registration label and across the address is he framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER-See illustration Res £55
  19. UPHALL STATION/576-Very, very late use of the Scots numeral d/ring cancel on 25.5.1951; cancelling a GEO VI 6½d registered envelope [size F] addressed to Edinburgh Res £40
  20. STH KENSINGTON STN B.O/SW7 3JG-Rubber cancel dated 14.6.1996 cancels certificate of posting of a letter addressed to Hampshire. Superb, and the only recorded example to date!! Res £25


  1. HACKNEY WICK NR STATION/E-S/rings dated 12.8.1896 ties 1d lilac to registered envelope size F and cancels the 2d stamp impression Res £25
  2. WESTCOMBE PARK/NEAR STATION S.E-S/ring dated 30.5.1908 on blue parcel post label [stamp removed] of Westcombe Park Near Station Res £18
  3. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 30.6.1903 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  4. H04 3VOS Numeral cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed to Great Yarmouth. Alongside is the s/ring ORFORD RSO/SUFFOLK dated 14.9.1904-see illustration Res £28
  5. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 26.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. DINNINGTON COLLIERY/DUDLEY R.S.O-S/ring transit mark dated 25.10.1904 on postcard from Dudley, Northumberland Res £22
  7. BORTH RSO/CARDIGANSHIRE-Skeleton cancel dated 25.7.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  8. GOLBERDON/CALLINGTON RSO/CORNWALL-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 12.9.1905 on postcard from Callington. Also a similar mark, but with just CALLINGTON S.O instead of the RSO, dated 10.11.1906 on a further postcard [2] Res £25
  9. HIGHLAND S.C/NIGHT MAIL-S/ring dated 12.6.1911 with index U ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  10. TAMWORTH & HEREFORD S.C UP-S/ring dated 9.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. 1911 RAILWAY STRIKE-Real photo postcard of troops on HULL STATION PLATFORM with appropriate message concerning the Railway Strike. Addressed to Chichester & redirected to Aberdour-see illustration Res £45
  12. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From EAST FINCHLEY, NEAR STATION with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring cancel dated 25.6.1914 Res £25
  13. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark on postcard from Shipley addressed to a member of the 1st TRAIN PARTY, R.N Barracks, Chatham Res £12
  14. LONDON & BRIGHTON SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 19.4.1915 without time or index on the back of a WWI Honour envelope addressed to Brighton from France Res £18
  15. TOO FRAGILE FOR APPARATUS-GEO V 2d black registered envelope addressed to London with added 1d & 2d values tied by s/rings BUNGAY dated 4.10.1921. The cover has been diagonally crossed which indicates to GPO staff that the item is not to be transferred by TPO trackside apparatus Res £25
  16. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 2.10.1926 with index U ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £15
  17. IPSWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/DOWN/DATE/DAY-S/ring transit mark dated 19.10.1928 ties 1d stamp to postcard, as does the SHEFFIELD machine cancel for the previous day. Res £20
  18. MULLINGAR & SLIGO SORTING CARRIAGE-Irish language d/ring cancels dated 20.6.1930 ties 2 x 1d GEO V values with overprints to small cover addressed to Croydon. Below is the 1d/TO PAY/186 and the framed POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE/186 marks of Dublin Res £28
  19. LATE FEE/PAID-Framed mark in black ink of Glasgow on neat little cover addressed to London on 16.12.1936. The GEO V ½d & EDW VIII 1½d are tied by d/rings GLASGOW/17 Res £12
  20. THE MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION, Central Hall, Westminster-Two similar publicity labels for the 1937 and 1950 exhibitions. Both are pristine!! [2] Res £15


  1. COVER With Royal Coat-of-Arms embossed on the back with inter-twined initials there within addressed to Wellington College with EDW VII 1d tied by CAMBERLEY d/ring dated 16.6.1904. At left are initials AE or AH, which are very similar to the then deceased Prince Albert!! Res £25
  2. GEO V SILVER JUBILEE-One used and one unused ½ Anna violet labels celebrating the Silver Jubilee and raising funds for the relief of Distress & Suffering in India [2] Res £8
  3. CANADA/USA-Complete sheet of nine large pictorial labels issued for the ROYAL VISIT to Canada in 1939 Res £25
  4. BUCK HOUSE GARDEN PARTY INVITE-Envelope from the Lord Chamberlain with printed device at bottom left in black. The invite is for the 26th July 1990 [2] Res £8
  5. BALMORAL CASTLE/CROWN-S/ring dated 18.9.1992 ties 24p definitive to postcard addressed to Hertfordshire Res £7

RUBBER CANCELS [Violet ink unless stated]

  1. CRAMLINGTON COLLIERY/NORTHUMBERLAND-Cancel dated 8.9.1906 on postcard from Cramlington to Monkseaton Res £25
  2. PONTSTICILL/MERTHYR TIDVIL-Cancel dated 2.9.1910 on postcard from CEFN-COED Res £10
  3. NORTH BOARHUNT/FAREHAM-Cancel dated 24.9.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. GREENCASTLE/BALLYARDLE/Co. DOWN-Cancel dated 11.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  5. FORTY FOOT BRIDGE/HUNTINGDON-Black cancel dated 14.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. MARSTON LANE END/YORK-Cancel dated 15.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. ODD DOWN/BATH-Black/blue cancel dated 1.1.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. COBO/GUERNSEY-Black cancel dated 9.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  9. STEEL/RIDING MILL/NORTHUMBERLAND-Black cancel dated 6.1.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. PEAK FOREST/STOCKPORT-Black cancel dated 9.1.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. BLEDDFA/LLANGUNLLO/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 23.7.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  12. CHENIES/RICKMANSWORTH/HERTS-Black cancel dated 7.8.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  13. WHITTINGTON/NEWCASTLE ON TYNE—Cancel dated 13.8.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. CROCKERTON/WARMINSTER/WILTS-Black cancel dated 25.8.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. EDMUNDBYERS/SHOTLEY BRIDGE/Co. DURHAM-Black cancel dated 4.9.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. NOTTINGHAM/+ Scarcer traveller cancel dated 25.4.1844 in black ink on back of entire addressed to Henley-in-Arden from Nottingham Res £55
  2. NEWBURY/5-Uncommon blue inked traveller dated 2.8.1847 used as a receiver Res £60
  3. BACKWORTH/SHIREMOOR-Unrecorded skeleton cancel dated 17.5.1907 with index 3 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  4. LEENANE/GALWAY-Irish double rim cancel dated 16.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  5. HANDLEY/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 24.5.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  6. WINCHFIELD-Cancel dated 7.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. ASKERSWELL/DORCHESTER-Rubber skeleton cancel dated 1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  8. CORBRIDGET/NORTHUMBERLAND-Skeleton that is plainly meant to read CORBRIDGE dated 31.12.1929 [postman has had a little too much on New Year’s Eve and he’s trying to impress his wife or girlfriend. “Cor!! Bridget”] Res £15
  9. DIRTY POSTMARK-NOT TO BE READ BY THE PRUDISH!! Skeleton cancel LEY ST ILFORD SEXES ties a pair of ½p Machins to certificate of posting on 23.5.1975 [should read Essex] Res £10
  10. CHIDEOCK/BRIDPORT DORSET-Cancel dated 4.2.1992 with manuscript year on certificate of posting of a registered letter Res £6


  1. SOUTH HACKNEY, 75, LAURISTON ROAD-BLUE PPL From here with QV 3d tied by HACKNEY target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring SOUTH HACKNEY/75 LAURISTON Rd E dated 5.2.1895 Res £22
  2. GREAT YARMOUTH-PPL From here with QV 3d tied by s/ring dated 7.5.1895. Alongside there is a further strike Res £22
  3. WROTHAM, Under Sevenoaks-PPL From here with stamp removed, cancelled by s/ring WROTHAM dated 24.8.1901 Res £8
  4. POOLE-PPL From here with a pair of QV 4d values tied by s/rings POOLE dated 5.12.1901. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  5. CORFE CASTLE, Under Wareham-PPL From here with QV 6d tied by s/ring dated 4.2.1902. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  6. UN-NAMED PPL With EDW VII 2d & 9d values tied by cork dumb cancels. Alongside is s/ring LEWISHAM/LEE BRIDGE S.E dated 25.6.1902 Res £25
  7. LUDFORD, Under Market Rasen & WALESBY, Under Market Rasen PP Labels from here, in mint condition [2] Res £22
  8. EAST PECKHAM, Under Tonbridge-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring EAST PECKHAM dated 26.11.1903 with index reversed B. No stamps ever affixed Res £18
  9. STURMINSTER NEWTON, Under Blandford-PPL From here with EDW VII 5d tied by very good strike of the target parcel cancel STURMINSTER NEWTON S.O. Alongside is the s/ring STURMINSTER-NEWTON dated 4.4.1907 Res £22
  10. GREENFORD AVENUE, HANWELL-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring HANWELL/ GREENFORD AVENUE 55 W dated 12.8.1910. Also tying the label to a piece is the framed COACH ROAD-BORNE mark in black Res £15
  11. BROWNHILL ROAD, CATFORD-Blue London PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by s/ring CATFORD/BROWNHILL Rd S.E dated 6.1.1911. A further strike is alongside Res £20
  12. LONDON, BERNERS STREET-Facsimile label rubber impression dated 24.6.1916 ties 3d & 6d GEO V values to large part parcel wrapper Res £12
  13. BOVINGTON CAMP-PPL From here, cancelled by d/ring BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE dated 4.1.1917-see illustration Res £25
  14. PILT DOWN, Under Uckfield-PPL From here with GEO V 5d tied by UCKFIELD target parcel cancel. Alongside is the black rubber cancel PILT DOWN/UCKFIELD dated 18.6.1917-some foxing at top Res £18
  15. WITCHAMPTON, Under Wimborne-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by superb s/ring WITCHAMPTON dated 16.8.1917. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  16. WYKE REGIS, WEYMOUTH-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by good s/ring WYKE REGIS dated 30.8.1917. A further strike is alongside Res £22


  1. SWANSEA-3rd I SC dated 26.1.1887 with index C cancels QV 2½d purple postal stationery envelope addressed to Hamburg. Rated “S” by Cohen Res £30
  2. ROYSTON/CAMBS-I SC dated 28.8.1890 with index E ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Ware-comes with contents Res £9
  3. CALVERLEY/TUNBRIDGE WELLS-I SC dated 26.5.1894 with index G ties 1d lilac to cover to Canterbury & redirected to London. Res £25
  4. OSSETT-I SC dated 31.10.1895 with index G ties ½d vermilion to trade postcard addressed to Milnsbridge Res £8
  5. TONTINE ST B.O/FOLKESTONE-I SC dated 16.1.1896 with index D ties 2d Jubilee issue to ½d vermilion postal stationery envelope addressed to Switzerland-see illustration Res £35
  6. KILMINGTON-I SC dated 17.2.1902 with index B cancels PARCEL POST LABEL of Kilmington-rated “RR” by Cohen-see illustration Res £65
  7. HAXBY-I SC dated 26.5.1902 with index B cancels QV 1d postal stationery letter card addressed to Malton Res £30
  8. CORNHOLME-I SC dated 22.8.1903 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £40
  9. PONTLOTTYN-I SC dated 11.11.1903 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  10. WALSDEN-I SC dated 29.4.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £75


  1. KRAG Hand-cranked machine impression CHELSEA S.W dated 22.8.[1911] ties stamp to postcard. This is a late use of the TRIAL Machine. Not the best strike, but it is what it says on the tin!! Res £25
  2. TIME MAIL MARKING MACHINE COMPANY-Lovely strike of the CRICKLEWOOD cancel dated 2.1.1913-see illustration Res £200
  3. ALMA Machine cancel LONDON E.C dated 22.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard. Superb! Res £6
  4. ALMA Machine cancel LONDON E.C dated 6.10.1913 on ½d GEO V postal stationery postcard-better than superb! Res £6
  5. ALMA Machine cancel WOOLWICH S.E 18 dated 12.6.1919 tied M19 control single GEO V 1½d to cover addressed to Worthing Res £6
  6. KRAG Cancel of SCARBOROUGH with the experimental heavy wavy line bars dated 17.8.1925 Res £25
  7. LONDON/F.S 26-BUY/BRITISH/MADE/GOODS-D/ring slogan cancel dated “3/27” cancels 1d red DAILY MAIL newspaper wrapper addressed to Curacao Res £30
  8. LONDON/F.S 26-Ditto as above lot, dated “9/28” on 1½d Daily Mail wrapper addressed again to Curacao Res £30
  9. KRAG SINGLE IMPRESSION MACHINE-Window envelope from the Manchester Guardian cancelled by square ½d PAID die with “YOU ARE WANTED/ON THE PHONE” slogan in red ink, dated 18.4.1932 Res £12
  10. KRAG SINGLE IMPRESSION MACHINE-Two postcards showing the original & altered “LA TELEPHONE” slogans dated 6.6.1932 [LA] at Aberdeen and [L removed] at Bournemouth, dated 23.9.1933 [2] Res £10


  1. KERRYCROY/ROTHESAY-Violet inked rubber dated 29.8.1904 on postcard to Dundee from ROTHESAY Res £25
  2. UIG-S/ring dated 17.8.1906 without index on postcard from Portree to Spean Bridge Res £15
  3. BIXTER-Superbly upright struck s/ring dated 14.9.1906 ties stamp to postcard of the CLOUSTA HOTEL, Bixter-exhibition quality Res £22
  4. BURRAVOE-S/ring dated 18.9.1906 with index C on postcard from Lerwick Res £15
  5. UYEA SOUND/LERWICK-S/ring dated 24.6.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  6. WEISDALE-S/ring dated 30.10.1911 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  7. TRESTA-S/ring dated 4.10.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  8. WHALSAY-S/ring dated 7.12.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  9. DUNVEGAN/ISLE OF SKYE-S/ring dated 6.9.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  10. CANNISBAY-S/ring dated 22.7.1935 ties 1d Silver Jubilee issue to postcard Res £15


  1. POSTED END OF PIER/SOUTHEND-Red unframed cachet on postcard of he pier addressed to Bristol on 11.9.1913-see illustration Res £40
  2. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/I.O.M/DATE-Superbly struck GREEN cachet dated 12.8.1926 on postcard from Douglas to Runcorn Res £30
  3. DARTMOOR-Real photo postcard of “Hawker’s Hut” with s/line black inked HAWKER’S HUT on the back. Not postally used Res £7
  4. POSTED IN THE OLDEST/PILLAR BOX IN SCOTLAND/AT THE GLASGOW/ MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT-Red inked unframed mark on postcard from Glasgow dated 15.3.1967 Res £7
  5. POSTED AT “A MODEL /”WARTIME” EMERGENCY COUNTER / OPENED AT PHILATELIC RENDEZVOUS BRIGHTON CORN EXCHANGE-1978 Unframed mark on illustrated Brighton Festival commemorative cover addressed to Seaford on 29.4.1978 Res £8


  1. MANCHESTER-Oval M.R coded cancel for 1903 ties stamp to postcard addressed locally. Res £95
  2. ALRTRINCHAM-Oval A.D.J coded cancel for 1905 ties stamp to postcard addressed locally to Bowden-part of the bottom of the cancel is not struck-see illustration Res £150
  3. LEICESTER-Circular X/MAS cancel for 1908 ties 1d red plate 218 to ½d vermilion QV postal stationery envelope addressed to PARIS-Some light foxing-includes the original 1994 invoice for £300!!-see illustration Res £175
  4. LEICESTER-Circular cancel as previous lot for 1908 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Hastings-I wonder if it got there on the day? Res £150
  5. OLDHAM-Circular X/MAS cancel for 1909 ties stamp to envelope [rare on envelopes] addressed to Manchester Res £250


  1. ABERSYCHAN-Black inked cancel on back of entire addressed to Shrewsbury on 4.6.1851 Res £25
  2. ADDINGTON PLACE-Superb strike of the RAMSGATE Sub-Office cancel on back flap [opened out for display] of mourning cover addressed to Maidstone with 1d red stars tied by RAMSGATE sideways duplex dated 11.8.1958-see illustration Res £28
  3. ALBERT BRIDGE-Green/black reduced format d/arc on back of cover from Manchester addressed to London on 19.11.1858 Res £22
  4. BUTE ST-Blue inked cancel on back of entire addressed to London from Cardiff with 1d stamp tied by the sideways duplex cancel Res £22
  5. DEVILS BRIDGE-Red/brown inked mark on back of FREE wrapper addressed to Hastings and dated 9.10.1838 Res £25
  6. HOYLAND-Black inked mark on back of entire addressed to Stourbridge, via Sheffield on 1.12.1843 Res £22
  7. LONG BREDY-Brown/orange mark on back of cover addressed to London, via Dorchester on 26.9.1850 Res £25
  8. ROGATE-Black inked mark at top left of cover addressed to Edinburgh, viaPetersfield & London on 31.7.1846. Why this cover with the Sussex village mark travelled via Petersfield, Hants is a mystery!! Res £25
  9. SURBITON-Lovely blue inked cancel on entire from KINGSTON to London, dated 24.4.1854. The 1d stars is tied by 73 London numeral and has s/line KINGSTON alongside in brown ink Res £25
  10. WANLIP-Lovely blue cancel on back flap [opened out to display] of cover to Lutterworth, via Leicester with the badly perfed 1d stars tied by LEICESTER sideways duplex cancel dated 30.7.1855 Res £25


  1. 37 SEATON-Large 1844 type cancel ties id red stars to cover addressed to Chard on 5.9.1857. On the back are the undated d/arc cancels of SEATON & AXMINSTER Res £60
  2. 272 EAST GRINSTEAD-3HOS cancels x 3 tie ½d & 2 x 1d Wildings to postcard addressed to West Hoathly Ca.1958 Res £18
  3. 428 HURST GREEN-3HOS MOURNING Cover with contents with the 3HOS cancelling an incorrectly dated s/ring for the 8th August 1869. The correctly dated cancel is for the 7th. The stamp is tied by the 170 cancel of Chepstow. Res £22
  4. 693 SOUTH CLIFF B.O/BLACKPOOL-3VOD dated 7.9.1900 with index F ties QV ½d blue-green to postcard Res £10
  5. 778 DUNSTER-3VOS cancels ½d brown QV postcard addressed to Taunton on 8.4.1877 Res £25
  6. 782 TEIGNMOUTH-4VOS cancels 1d red stars from plate 94 on cover to Torquay on 20.11.1867 [Earliest recorded date by young Parmenter] Res £35
  7. E89 TYNE DOCK/SOUTH SHIELDS-3VOD dated 27.8.1900 ties 1d lilac to postcard addressed to Holland Res £20
  8. E98 ABERAVON-3VOS cancels QV ½d violet postcard addressed to Neath on 17.4.1877-see illustration Res £65
  9. G63 SNETTISHAM-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 5.7.1911 Res £18
  10. K81 DANBY-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 26.7.1904 Res £18


  1. 1698 ENTIRE Addressed to “EXON” [Exeter] from MARTINHOE dated 24.5.1698. No postal markings, but complete Res £75
  2. FREE-Entire written from “SARUM” [Salisbury] to KING WESTON, Near Somerton, Somerset and redirected to London on arrival with lovely 180 SOMER/TON 1st type mileage at bottom left. At right is the d/ring FREE with P at centre and on the back, a s/line SALISBURY applied on 4.12.1789-see illustration Res £175
  3. FREE-Entire from the same correspondence as the previous lot, and to the same address with 1st type mileage 64 RYE over-struck by the d/ring FREE as previous lot with C at centre, struck on 30.101788-see illustration Res £175
  4. WELLING/TON Two line cancel in black on front of entire addressed to London on 30.11.1803 Res £25
  5. 1807 entire addressed to ALBANY, NEW YORK on 25.6.1807 from Oxford Street, London. The writer complains to his sister that letters dated February, March, April & May had all arrived together in a bundle in June 1807 from the USA. He asks why mail is not taken by any ship crossing the Atlantic etc. A very nice letter, full of interest; but no postal markings at all and possibly carried by a CARTEL SHIP who were operating across the Atlantic at this time Res £65
  6. PAID/AT/GLASGOW-Bevelled rectangular cancel in black on entire addressed to Edinburgh on 27.11.1822 Res £12
  7. MOLD-Entire addressed to Chester on 11.2.1834 with the s/line MOLD with milage removed struck in black ink on the back Res £20
  8. PAID/AT/LEICESTER-Red ink oval cancel with flat top & bottom struck on the front of entire addressed to London on 26.8.1839 Res £35
  9. ORIGINAL STRIKES-Three strikes in violet ink on lined paper [clearly old paper] of CHISELHURST/2PY P POST; HOUNSLOW/PENNY POST and AYCLIFFE/PENNY POST-See illustration Res £65
  10. STRAKER, LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICES, BISHOPSGATE-Lovely illustrated letter sheet dated 23.1.1843 addressed to POOLE [stamp partially/mostly removed]. The illustrations are all inside, so shouldn’t detract Res £50
  11. PAID AT/COLERAINE-Blue inked mark at top right of entire addressed locally on 7.3.1843 Res £22
  12. BLUE MALTESE CROSS CANCEL-Wrapper from NEWTON MOUNT KENNEDY addressed to DRUMCONDRA on 18.8.1843 with the two-margin 1d red tied by the BLUE MALTESE CROSS cancel of Mount Kennedy. Redirected to the ISLE OF MAN on the 19th, there is a dated ISLE OF MAN receiver on the back, dated 21.8.1843. The original address has been comprehensively scored through in black ink [contempory]. Catalogued generally as a blue cancel at £1700-see illustration Res £150
  13. PAID AT/SLIGO-Orange framed cancel at top right of wrapper addressed to Glasgow, via “Derry” on 9.12.1843, arriving on the 12th Res £25
  14. WRAPPER Addressed to Lt General Patrick Stuart at Charing Cross with a pair of 1d reds imperf & a 1841 2d blue affixed & tied by 71 circular framed London numerals on 29.7.1846. The cover was redirected to Park Lane and has additional CHARING + in black, at left. Why the 4d rate? At this time, the General was Governor of MALTA; perhaps this was a letter carried privately from Malta and put into the postal system here-see illustration Res £65
  15. SCOTLAND-Entire addressed to the Sheriff-Clerk at Aberdeen on 18.2.1850 with 1d red imperf tied by Scots numeral 1 of Aberdeen. On the back is the s/line sub-office mark of SUMMERHILL in black ink-opens out very well for display Res £25
  16. PAID/1d-Framed square mark in red ink of BRADFORD on front of entire addressed to Skipton on 16.12.1850. Very clean with interesting content Res £30
  17. MADELEINE SMITH CANCEL-Wrapper addressed to Crieff with 1d red stars tied by lovely strike of this experimental duplex cancel of Glasgow dated 19.6.1856 Res £30
  1. ROBERT PEEL-Stampess, Official Paid envelope from London addressed locally on 15.6.1863. This is the 3rd Baronet, the son of the great Tory Reformer and the politician who repealed the Corn Laws. This one’s claim to fame was to be the Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1861-1865. At bottom left is his signature “Robert Peel” Res £25
  2. FALKIRK TO DEMERARA-Cover addressed to Georgetown with 1/- green from plate 5 tied by FALKIRK-139 Scots duplex cancel dated 1.9.1871. There is a feint arrival mark on the back, partially dated September 1871. Nice item, a little grey, but good Res £65
  3. POST OFFICE CIRCULAR-Circular No.711 dated 3.1.1889 giving thanks to all GPO staff who worked over the Christmas period of 1888. Res £25
  4. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-POST OFFICE CIRCULAR-Circular No.105 being a list of offices where porterage on telegrams from race meetings at Colchester & Mullacurry [Ireland] was to be paid. Also a longer list of SPECIAL EVENTS from the 13th to the 24th May 1890, including political speeches, race meetings, cricket matches etc were postal & telegraphic services will be offered. Noted within the list is the 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE Where no additional facilities would be on offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Res £65
  5. BIRMINGHAM-Postcard addressed to Devon at Christmas 1902-5 with EDW VII ½d blue-green tied by the BIRMINGHAM target parcel cancel. Was this the Birmingham version of “Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas Day”? See illustration Res £25
  6. SCOTS ISLAND/AUSTRALIA/REDIRECTED-Postcard addressed to Melbourne and redirected to Tasmania and Victoria with EDW VII 1d tied by superb strike of the Scots numeral 604 of ST MARGARETS HOPE [Scots Isle cancel]. On arrival, a Victoria 1d was affixed & tied by MELBOURNE/2 d/ring dated 30.11.1904-Nice item, see illustration Res £25
  7. PERCY MAIN-S/ring cancel dated 22.8.1902 ties stamp to postcard. This cancel was used in the village and likely also at the PERCY MAIN pit Res £6
  8. CONTINENTAL HAMMER “LONDONC/DATE-TIME/1” D/ring dated 11.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard-superb, upright strike on very clean card-see illustration Res £50
  9. R-Advice of delivery of an inland registered item with EDW VII 2d tied by superb s/ring PRESCOT dated 4.11.1908. Below is the s/ring BALL’S BRIDGE/D.O dated 5.11.1908. On the other side is the Ball’s Bridge s/ring and d/ring DUBLIN/3 dated the same day. Res £45
  10. EAST MOLESEY-Superb EDW VII 1d envelope registered to Germany with the blank registration label being cancelled by the UNDATED s/ring EAST MOLESEY. The stamp impression and added 1½d & 2d values are tied by the d/ring version dated 3.11.1911 and at bottom left is the registered oval cancel of KINGSTON-ON-THAMES dated the same day-Exhibition quality-see illustration Res £30
  11. IRELAND-Former OHMS cover changed to read differently in Gaelic addressed to Glasgow with 5d GEO V overprint value tied by Dublin Irish cancel dated 2.2.1923. At top left is he DUBLIN registration label-see illustration Res £45
  12. “SPECIMEN”-Thin card with meter d/ring SPECIMEN struck in red ink on 19.11.1928 with, at right, two strikes of the 1½d and single strikes of the ½d & 1d impressions. All have the licence number obliterated by a red shaped blob-see illustration Res £25
  13. LUNDY ISLAND-Postcard addressed to Liverpool with ½ Puffin & GEO V 1d tied by the framed LUNDY cancel. The 1d is also tied by the s/ring INSTOW dated 12.8.1931. The writer complains of a rough, 2 hour crossing on the boat!! Res £22
  14. CHANNEL ISLANDS-1941 New Potatoes [Maximum Prices] [Jersey] Order, 1941-Printed States of Jersey communication laying down the maximum price for new potatoes. Lovely condition, but file punch holes at left res £22
  15. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Roughly opened cover addressed to Samares with 1½ strikes of the red inked JERSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS 2½d PAID cancel dated 8.3.1943 Res £22
  16. SOUVENIR FROM GUERNSEY-The little folded booklet containing stamps from the Occupation period as sold to grackles with mint [mounted] examples of the ½d, 1d & 2½d values Res £12
  17. BLOCK OF SIX GEO VI 10/- Values along with 2d, 2½d & 1/- values on unaddressed parcel label cancelled by LONDON/45/FS rubber parcel cancel. Undated, but Ca.1948 Res £35
  18. SCOUTS HELP OTHERS-ZERO Priced meter slogan cancel dated 24.3.1982 which marks 75 years of the Scout Movement on unaddressed cover Res £15


  1. ADEN TO TASMANIA-Airmail cover addressed to Launceston with GEO VI 3 Anna x 2 & single 8 Anna tied by d/rings KHORMANSAR/+ dated 1.9.1941. At left is inverted hexagonal RAF censor No.35 in blue/black ink Res £25
  2. ADEN-Airmail cover with stamps placed over the address from HADHRAMAUT with 5c to 1/-25 values tied by s/rings SHIBAM dated 3.11.1963 Res £25
  3. AUSTRALIA, N.S.W-Postcard of the “Upper Reserve”, Newcastle, NSW addressed to Belgium with QV ½d green & 1d NSW values tied to the picture side by lovely struck s/ring LIMEBURNER’S CREEK/NSW dated 19.1.1912 Res £18
  4. AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to the USA with 2½d blue ‘Roo tied by s/ring PRAHRAN/VIC dated 24.6.1915. Alongside is the s/line PASSED 1 in violet ink Res £22
  5. BARBADOS-Small, clean cover addressed locally to BYCROFTS, Christchurch with four-margin SG 10 [1d Deep Blue] tied by oval cancel of bars on 28.1.1859. Barbadoes & local cancels on the back, dated 28th January-see illustration Res £125
  6. BELGIUM-WWI BELGIAN S.S LEGION Field Post labels issued for 1941 use on the Eastern Front [4] Res £25
  7. BERMUDA-Postcard addressed to New York with U.S 1c tied by machine cancel AMERICAN BASE FORCES/A.P.O 802 dated 16.4.1942 [Bermuda]. Below is the framed U.S censor mark 313 Res £18
  8. CANADA/WAR TAX-GEO V 1c pink advertising postcard from the Canada Cement Company addressed to Quebec with added 1c green WAR TAX issue tied by MONTREAL machine cancel dated 21.3.1916 Res £12
  9. CANADA-Longer, censored, registered cover addressed to London with GEO VI strip of 3 x 5c values tied by HALIFAX s/rings dated 13.11.1939. The thin “Opened by Censor” tape is similarly tied, which proves the point that mail was censored BEFORE it was cancelled. The tape on the front is tied by framed PASSED BY/CENSOR in violet ink and has PASSED FOR EXPORT s/line at left, struck in green ink Res £15
  10. CEYLON-Registered small cover addressed to Canada with GEO V 3c, 6c & 15c values tied by unusual s/rings KANDY SUB OFFICE dated 3.5.1921. The registration label is also that of the Kandy Sub Office Res £22
  11. CYPRUS-Small cover addressed to Edinburgh with QV 2 Piastres value tied by 982 numeral cancel of FAMAGUSTA on 31.5.1886 Res £65
  12. ETHIOPIA/ERITREA/WWII-Airmail cover from ADDIS ABABA addressed to ASMARA with a strip of 5 x 10c values on the back tied by Addis cancels dated 11.7.1942 and by arrival transit marks of ASMARA dated 12.8.1942. On the front is the Ethiopian airmail label and the s/ring censor mark PASSED BY/1 CENSOR/PASSATO PER CENSURA in violet ink. Why a month in transit? See illustrations Res £40
  13. FRANCE-Illustrated cover from the FRENCH PHILATELIC REVUE addressed to the USA with 10c green tied by s/ring dated 19.9.1922-lovely item! Res £25
  14. FRANCE/GERMANY/WWII-Cover addressed to Germany with French Anti-Bolshevic labels tied by Germany Swastika & Eagle Feldpost cancels dated 30.1.1944 Res £28
  15. GERMANY-Plain postcard showing young WAFFEN S.S members in battle with the legend translated to read JOIN THE WAFFEN SS. Not postally used, but original Res £30
  16. GIBRALTAR-QV 5c postcard addressed to MADRID with added 5c tied by duplex cancels dated 23.10.1895. At left is the oval cachet of the ROYAL HOTEL and the Madrid receiver on the back is dated 25th October Res £22
  17. GOLD COAST-Lovely little cover at the ½d unsealed letter rate to the USA with ½d tied by d/ring ACCRA dated 15.5.1940. Below is the framed No.9 censor mark in red Res £22
  18. HAWAII-GB QV 3d postal stationery postcard addressed to HONOLULU, cancelled by LONDON E.C/63 duplex cancel dated 11.7.1890. On the back is he HONOLULU H.I-2 duplex cancel dated 2.8.1890 Res £35
  19. HELIGOLAND-Postcard addressed to Frankfurt with QV 1½d-10Pf dual value tied by d/arc cancel dated 19.7.1888 Res £35
  20. HELIGOLAND-Lovely Gruss Aus card showing the paddle steamer “FREYA” and a harbour scene addressed to BRAUNSCHWEIG with QV 1½d-10Pf value tied by the GERMAN s/ring cancel HELGOLAND dated 10.8.1890 ONE DAY AFTER THE BRITISH HANDED IT BACK TO GERMANY IN EXCHANGE FOR ZANZIBAR!! See illustration Res £125
  21. HONG KONG-Real photo postcard of a Chinese Junk addressed to London which shows some water damage. The GB GEO V 1d is tied by framed PAQUEBOT cancel and has the d/ring HONG KONG alongside, dated 13.9.1928. Below this is the framed –WATER-/ DAMAGED in violet ink-see illustration Res £75
  22. HONG KONG-Commercial cover addressed to CANTON with the 5c STAMP DUTY value tied by d/ring VICTORIA/HONG KONG dated 15.1.1938. The Canton receiver on the back is dated the following day Res £25
  23. HONG KONG/POSTAGE DUE-Longer cover from Surrey addressed to Kowloon on 1.8.1985 with d/ring tax mark BMZ with 9 over 22 at right. On arrival, a strip of 3 x $1 yellow postage dues were affixed & tied by KOWLOON CENTRAL d/rings dated 4.10.1986 Res £25
  24. HUNGARY-1936 Black & red coloured advertising postcard for “DER RODE HAHN” –Red Rooster at the Dresden Show, 1935 addressed to Berlin with 20f sunrise value tied by BUDAPEST cancel dated 16.3.1936. Really spectacular looker! Res £25
  25. INDIA-1937 ALL-INDIA SCOUTS JAMBOREE, DELHI-Complete sheets of 9 labels each in three colours; red, blue & green intended for ROCKET POST, marking the Jamboree and the Coronation of GEO VI all at once!! [3 sheets, 27 labels] Res £30
  26. JAMAICA-Longer cover addressed to Ipswich dealers Whitfield King with GEO VI 1d tied by the very uncommon slogan cancel of Kingston “VISIT THE JAMAICA TATTOO 1953” dated 21.4.1953 Res £25
  27. U.T-Plain postcard addressed within Mombasa with an irregular block of 5 x 1c GEO VI values tied by skeleton cancels MOMBASA EXHIBITION/1939 dated 24.8.1939 Res £22
  28. U.T-Stampless, un-taxed cover with contents by airmail to Bradford with authorising cachet COMMAND PAY OFFICE / POST / SECTION / P.O BOX 4001 / NAIROBI at bottom left. On the back is the NAIROBI “KENYA” Slogan cancel dated 4.2.1947 Res £12
  29. KOREA-Missionary postcard addressed to the USA with a printed message from PYENG-YANG. The Japanese 4 Sen value is tied by d/ring KEIJO/CHOSEN dated 20.9.1922 Res £25
  30. LEVANT, BRITISH-Neat little cover addressed to the USA with QV 40 PARA overprint on 2½d tied by hooded circle cancel BEYROUT/BRITISH POST OFFICE dated 6.8.1890 with index C, arriving in New York on 27.8.1890 Res £25
  31. LEVANT, BRITISH-QV 1d red postcard addressed to Plymouth, cancelled by d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/SALONICA dated 15.1.1902 with index B. The card is from a crew member of HMS PEGASUS who is there for just the one day Res £22
  1. LEVANT, BRITISH/AUSTRIAN-Postcard of Constantinople addressed to Belgium with GB EDW VII ½d LEVANT overprint value tied by d/ring SMYRNE/CONSTANTINOPLE CONSTANIA with eight-pointed star at base. The cancel is dated March 1908 and has an Arabic inscription at top and the initials S.M.P [or T] below the date. Where was this put on, and by whom? Res £65
  2. LEVANT, BRITISH-Registered cover to Germany with EDW VII 1¼ Piastres x 2 on 3d values and a single 1¾ Piastres value tied by s/rings BRITISH POST OFFICE/STAMBOUL dated 8.7.1910. At top, centre is the registration label No.401 “BRITISH POST OFFICE/ CONSTANTIOPLE/[STAMBOUL]”. Really, really nice looking item! Res £40
  3. LEVANT, BRITISH-Larger envelope from the photographic studio of A GUIRAGOSSIAN of Beirut registered & addressed to the New England Teachers’ Association with EDW VII pair of ½d LEVANT overprints together with 2 x 1 Piastre and a single 2 Piastres overprint values. All are tied by oval REGISTERED/BEYROUT dated 14.7.1910. The label of medal-winning displays by the photographer is tied to the back by New York & Boston marks dated 3rd & 4th August 1910. Res £65
  4. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to Holland with GB GEO V 2½d tied by superb strike of the d/ring BRITISH A.P.O/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 19.7.1919 with index A. Below is the purple framed CENSORED BY/1/MILITARY AUTHORITY. Res £25
  5. LEVANT, BRITISH-Registered cover to London with GB GEO V 2d & 2½d values tied by d/ring BRITISH A.P.O/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 5.1.1920 with index +. The blank registration label is TIED by a similar cancel Res £25
  6. LEVANT, BRITISH-Very clean cover registered from the VACUUM OIL COMPANY and addressed to CAIRO with a block of four x 1d GEO V values and a single ½d all cancelled or tied by the d/ring BRITISH A.P.O/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 10.6.1920 with index B reversed-see illustration Res £30
  7. E.F-Italian envelope of the Governor of LIBIA with the 1943 issue of the MEF stamps 1d to 2/6d tied by TRIPOLI/CORRIS E PACCHI dated 1.6.1943. Folded centrally, vertically, but doesn’t interfere with any stamps at all Res £30
  8. MALAYA-POSTCARD From Hungary addressed to a passenger on board the Austrian-Lloyd steamer “VINCLOBONA” at Singapore on 18.11.1903. Redirected to KOBE, at the left is the d/ring PENANG TO SINGAPORE mark dated 12.12.1903 Res £22
  9. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Small registered cover addressed to the British P.O at Tetuan with GEO V 4d Agencies overprint & 1 Peseta on 10d value tied by oval registered cancels of the BPO in TETUAN dated 5.3.1936. The TETUAN, MOROCCO registration label No.7 is at bottom right Res £25
  10. NIUE-Registered cover to the USA with the 3 values of the GEO V SILVER JUBILEE overprints affixed & tied by d/rings NIUE/NZ dated 23.6.1936. The 1d shows the NARROW “K” and the 2½d shows the NARROW “E” varieties Res £35
  11. NORTH BORNEO-Censored cover to the USA with 1, 2, 3 & 6c values tied by d/rings of JESSELTON dated 11.4.1940. At bottom left is the framed PASSED BY/6/CENSOR/ NORTH BORNEO in black ink. On the back is a further strike of the censor mark Res £65
  12. NORTH BORNEO-Censored cover to Bolton with 8c tied by SANDAKAN d/ring dated 12.8.1940. The black on white censor tape is tied front & back by framed PASSED BY/10/CENSOR/NORTH BORNEO in black ink Res £65
  13. NORTH BORNEO-Censored cover to London with 8c on the back tied by TAWAU d/ring dated 6.5.1940. The censor tape and the stamp are also tied by the framed No.26 censor mark in black ink Res £65
  14. NORTH BORNEO/SARAWAK-Mixed franking airmail cover to Sussex with NB 1 & 4c GVIR overprints and the Sarawak 50c BMA overprint tied by s/rings of JESSELTON dated 11.6.1948 Res £35
  15. NORTH BORNEO-Registered cover with contents addressed to the USA with GVIR overprint 3c, 6c x 2 & 12c on the front and a further 3c on the back are all tied by VICTORIA/LABUAN s/rings dated 18.3.1948. At left is the rubber registered mark of LABUAN in black ink Res £30
  16. PAKISTAN-Small registered cover to Bradford with 32 [thirty-two] GEO VI Pakistan overprints on Indian ½ Anna values on front [12] and on the back [20] tied by KARACHI CITY cancels dated 25.1.1949 Res £25
  17. PITCAIRN ISLAND-Real photo postcard of the Island addressed to Southall, Middx with NZ 1d GEO V value tied by the s/ring PITCAIRN ISLAND/N.Z POSTAL AGENCY dated 14.3.1935-see illustration Res £40
  18. PITCAIRN ISLAND-Postcard of a settlement n the Island addressed to London with Pitcairn QEII 2d and a GB 2½d Wilding tied by POST/OFFICE-MARITIME/MAIL machine cancel Ca. 1956. Nice mixed franking! Res £22
  19. RAROTONGA-Postcard of BORA-BORA addressed to California with 1d & 3d Cook Islands pictorials tied by s/ring RAROTONGA/COOK ISLANDS dated 29.12.1962 Res £10
  20. RHODESIA, B.S.A Co.,-Sepia vignette postcard of NKATA BAY, LAKE NYASA addressed to Cape Colony with 2 x ½d BSAC values tied by d/ring FORT JAMESON/N.E RHODESIA dated 23.11.1904. Alongside is he s/ring arrival mark of COLESBERG dated 20.12.1904 Res £25
  21. NYASALAND-Real photo postcard of a KAVIRONDO WITCH DOCTOR addressed to Hertfordshire with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring LUCHENZA/NYASALAND dated 10.10.1931. A little staining, but OK Will. Res £25
  22. RHODESIA & NYASALAND-Postcard of the Troutbeck Inn, INYANGA addressed to Portugal with a strip of 3 x 3d QEII values tied by the machine cancel RUSAPE/S. RHODESIA dated 28.1.1963 Res £10
  23. ST KITTS-Censored cover to the USA with GEO VI 1½d & 1/- Leewards value tied by s/ring ST KITTS dated 6.1.1943. At left, the plain brown censor tape is tied by bevelled Tombstone censor mark BB/....... with 4 inserted by hand Res £30
  24. SARAWAK/NORTH BORNEO-Mixed franking airmail cover to Singapore with NB 15c BMA overprint & Sarawak 10c BMA overprint tied by s/ring JESSELTON/NORTH BORNEO dated 6.8.1947 Res £25
  25. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Postcard of the Umgeni River addressed to Essex with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring CURRY’S POST/NATAL dated 2.4.1908. Alongside is the d/ring BALGOWAN and PIETERMARITZBURG, both dated the same day Res £15
  26. SOUTH AFRICA-German South West Africa postcard of Swakopmund addressed to MAIZENBURG STATION with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring S.A.R/KALARAS KRAAL dated 28.9.1916 with index No.129. Nice railway cancel Res £25
  27. SOUTH AFRICA-German East African postcard of SCHOTTERUNG addressed to Johannesburg with a pair of GEO V ½d values tied by small skeleton cancel NEW HANOVER STN dated 26.5.1920 Res £22
  28. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard of Cape Town addressed to London with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring ORCHARD RAIL dated 7.7.1920 with index A Res £22
  29. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard from MADAGASCAR addressed to Durban on 20.12.1920 with s/ring PHOENIX RAIL on the picture side, dated 14.1.1921 Res £15
  30. SOUTH AFRICA-Grey & white postcard of the Olde Curiosity Shop, English Village, Albert Park addressed to Durban with 1d mini war effort & Thanksgiving Cavalcade label tied by d/ring THANKSGIVING CAVALCADE dated 2.8.1944 Res £25
  31. SOUTH AFRICA-Illustrated souvenir No.53 “A MESSAGE FROM CAPE TOWN” addressed to PAARL on 2.11.1944 all for the price of a ½d War Effort!! Res £18
  32. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, GERMAN-Neat & very clean little cover addressed to KARIBIB with 10Pf yacht value tied by s/ring GOBABIG/DEUTSH-SUDWEST AFRIKA dated 29.8.1901. The KARIBIB receiver on the back is dated 11.9.1901 Res £35
  33. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, GERMAN-Lovely registered cover to Germany with single 10Pf and a pair and block of four of the 5Pf values tied by s/rings KEETMANSHOOP dated 4.5.1903. The German SWA registration label is placed at top centre. The cover arrived on 7.6.1903 Res £35
  34. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, GERMAN-Even nicer little registered cover to Berlin with 30Pf Yact type tied by s/ring LUDERITZBUCHT dated 10.12.1912. The appropriate registration label is placed at top centre-see illustration Res £35
  35. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, BRITISH-Newspaper wrapper [plain] addressed to OKAHANDJA with South African ½d GEO V value [not overprinted] tied by the former oval TPO cancel with just the WINDHOEK remaining in the cancel, dated 8.2.1917 Res £25
  36. SWEDEN-Military envelope addressed to HAMOSAND, cancelled by superb s/ring SVENSKA FN KONT LIBANON/* dated 1.2.1987. Nice item from the U.N force in Lebanon during the civil war there Res £15
  37. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Pre-addressed airmail cover to the USA with GEO V 6d & 1/- values tied by Port of Spain “BUY BRITISH EMPIRE GOODS” slogan dated 25.9.1929. Carried on the first flight to New York Res £25
  38. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover from Mrs Rachel Glass addressed to Axminster, Devon with the blue inked type V cachet. Taxed 1½d in SOUTHAMPTON, the ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by s/rings AXMINSTER DEVON/1 dated 28.1.1936 Res £55
  39. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to HMS AMPHION at Simonstown with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by the type VI cachet in blue-black ink. On the back is the Simonstown arrival mark dated 5.4.1938 Res £50
  40. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Postcard of the ship VICEROY OF INDIA addressed to London with GB GEO VI 1d tied by the type VII cachet in violet/blue ink. Alongside is the CAPE TOWN/PAQUEBOT d/ring cancel dated 16.2.1939. The card was written from the ship on the 11th January-see illustration Res £60
  41. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to the philatelic adventurer Victor Marsh with a GB GEO VI 4d green postage due tied by framed SETTLEMENT OF EDINBURGH cancel in violet ink and the d/ring PAQUEBOT cancel of Cape Town dated 14.10.1949. Not taxed for non-payment of postage, so accepted for postage Res £45
  42. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Longer FDC addressed to Cape Town with the QEII set to 10c tied by s/rings dated 15.4.1961. Not impressed? OK-it is signed by the administrator, PETER WHEELER in black ink [one of just 10 that he did] Res £35
  43. TURKEY-PAQUEBOTS KHEDIVIE Large form with the name of just one ship upon it. At right is a telegraph receipt for 11.2 Piastres with the Turkish tax stamp tied by manuscript date 25.5.1887. Don’t ask me for the name of the ship as it is written in Arabic!! Res £25
  44. URUGUAY-FDC Registered and addressed to Mercedes with the 17 & 36c triangular airmail values [SG 714 & 715] tied by unframed aero conference cancel dated 1.11.1934. Just 12,500 of these stamps were overprinted-see illustration Res £35




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