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  1. SAMPLE POST Envelope pre-addressed to Germany with 2d blue from plate 1 perfin HR/&, tied by a newspaper branch cancel on8.4.1880 Res £25
  2. QV 4d BROWN-Examples with different perfins including DB, RB/&Co., W&A/C, RTS, K and SM/& All are used, sound copies [6] Res £12
  3. QV 5d SLATE/INDIGO BLUE-A “mirror” pair with the left stamp perfin RHB and the right stamp perfin BHT; used in London on 2.5.1884 Res £10
  4. FUNCHAL-POSTCARD TO Scotland with 25c perfin C/BB and tied by d/ring dated 9.3.1903. Alongside is a clue; the straight-line PER S.S NORMAN in violet ink Res £8
  5. LAZARD BROTHERS, Bankers of London Guatemalan cheque for $800 dated 24.7.1906 with EDW VII 1d affixed with perfin L tied by company cachet Res £8
  6. LONDON & HANSIATIC BANK-Embossed envelope registered to Hamburg with EDW VII ½d and 4d brown & green perfin HB [1/2d] & L& [4d, tied by oval registered cancels of LOMBARD STREET dated 15.10.1907 Res £12
  7. S.A-GUITERMAN, ROSENFELD & COMPANY-Cover addressed to Switzerland with 5c blue perfin with a circle within a diamond tied by New York cancel dated 17.4.1911. Carried on the steamer KAISER WILHELM II Res £7
  8. S.A-A Similar cover to Switzerland with the same stamp, same perfin and same cancel dated 11.8.1911 but carried by the steamer ST LOUIS Res £7
  9. S.A - A Similar cover as previous lots, but carried by the R.M.S OLYMPIC ON 8.12.1911 Res £7
  10. S.A - Again, a similar cover but with a 10c orange tied by the duplex cancel UNITED STATES/SEA P.O-5 dated 8.6.1912 and carried by the OCEANIC Res £22
  11. BARING BROTHERS, Bankers of London-GEO V 1d long postal stationery envelope addressed to Ross, Herefordshire with added 2d perfin BB and tied by THREADNEEDLE STRET oval registered cancel dated 13.3.1914. At bottom left is the printed oval FORWARDED BY/LONDON/BARING BROTHERS & Co., LTD Res £8
  12. HARRISONS & CROSSFIELDS LTD-Embossed, censored envelope addressed to Copenhagen with GEO V ½d & a pair of 1d values perfin H&C, tied by LONDON E.C “WAR BONDS” Slogan dated 6.5.1918 Res £6
  13. WALWORTH RATES OFFICE-Printed envelope addressed to Finsbury Square with ½d GEO VI perfin B[Diamond]S tied by WALWORTH S.E machine cancel on 16.7.1919 Res £5
  14. JOHN RUSSELL & COMPANY, WALSALL-Printed trade postcard to Newark with GEO V ½d perfin JR/&/Co., tied by WALSALL machine on 8.11.1923 Res £6
  15. GEORGE HATCH LTD-Printed envelope to Eastbourne with GEO V ½d perfin HG [reversed], tied by LONDON British Industries Fair slogan dated 29.11.1926 Res £6
  16. BURGIS & COLBOURNE LTD-Printed trade postcard to London with 1d P.U.C commemorative perfin BC [inverted and reversed] tied by LEAMINGTON SPA machine dated 23.9.1929 Res £7
  17. S COWELL LTD-Printed trade postcard to Hatton Garden with 1d 1929 P.U.C value perfin WSC tied by Post Early for Christmas slogan of IPSWICH dated 9.12.1929 Res £7
  18. LEWIS, COATES & LUCAS-Printed invoice/receipt dated 26.8.1938 with GEO VI 2d receipt stamp perfin LC/L tied by signature Res £5
  19. CENSORED TRANSATLANTIC Airmail cover to New Hampshire from Acton dated 1.5.1941 with a pair of GEO VI 1½d & a 1/- value, perfin EP/B Res £7
  20. E.C-FIVE Covers to SINGAPORE or MALAYA with various GEO VI & QEII Stamps perfin GE/C from 1929 to 1954 [5] Res £12
  21. LAMPORT & HOLT LINE-Cover to Devon from London with 2d Wilding perfin L&H/L tied by London machine cancel on 10.6.1959 Res £6
  22. ROAD TRANSPORT & GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY-Cover addressed within YEOVIL with 1d Wilding perfin RTG tied by machine cancel on 19.6.1961. Underpaid, the cover has a 2d postage due tied by s/ring the following day Res £5
  23. BOOSEY & HAWKES-Printed cover to Didcot with 3d Wilding perfin B&H tied by EDGWARE Stamp Booklet slogan dated 24.2.1961 Res £5
  24. SOUTH WEST GAS BOARD-Advertising cover for “GLOCO & GLOCO NUTS”, The new super solid smokeless fuels addressed to Pool, Redruth with ½d & 2d Wildings perfin SW/GB tied by PENZANCE machine on 31.1.1962 Res £7
  25. GLASGOW CITY CORPORATION-Cover addressed to British Rail, Scottish Board with ½p & 2½p Machins perfin with large letters “G” tied by machine cancel on 3.4.1974. At left is the unframed cachet POSTED IN THE OLDEST/PILLAR BOX IN SCOTLAND/AT THE GLASGOW/MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT in red ink Res £5


  1. NATIONAL REFORM ASSOCIATION-Full INSIDE cover advertisement for this Electoral Reform Lobby Group inside a folded envelope to MIDHURST from YARMOUTH, Norfolk with 1d red imperf tied by 927 numeral cancel on 28.9.1852. Also on the front of the envelope is the undated HEMSBY in black ink-see illustrations Res £55
  2. BIRMINGHAM-SINGLETON & COLE LTD Pictorial letter and printed envelope from the Birmingham Tobacco, Snuff, Cigar and Cigarette makers to George Singleton from his partner J Cole, addressed to Cole at the EXHIBITION at the AGRICULTURAL HALL at ISLINGTON on 26.4.1896 Res £40
  3. THE JOHN BULL CYCLE COMPANY-Pictorial pre-addressed postcard to the Birmingham Company at St Paul’s Chambers. Has stamp on, but not been posted-see illustration Res £25
  4. BIRKENHEAD-Pictorial envelope from the ARGYLE THEATRE, BIRKENHEAD with matching notepaper addressed to Leicester violinist James Young with GEO V 1½d tied by BIRKENHEAD machine cancel dated 27.7.1924 Res £25
  5. SCOUTS ON STAMPS SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL-Lovely cover registered and addressed to Sutton Coldfield with 1/3d tied by s/ring of GRESHAM HOUSE B.O dated 6.11.1957 Res £22


  1. AUSTRALIA-Imperial Airways pictorial first flight cover addressed to London with 3d airmail and 4d & 1/4d definitives tied by s/rings DARWIN-N.T/AUSTRALIA dated 26.4.1931 Res £30
  2. O.X-Standard Oil Company pictorial envelope SIGNED by two members of the crew of the huge German aircraft as it lands in the U.S.A for the first time at MIAMI on 22.8.1931. The signatures are those of Commander Hammer and the Chief Radio Operator, Henry Kiel. On the back is the signature of a Florida Public Notary and his seal, attesting to the authenticity of the signatures-a lovely item!! See both scans Res £75
  3. NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to Christchurch with 3d airmail & 2d definitive tied by INVERCARGILL cancels dated 11.11.1931 and carried on the 1st flight between the two cities/towns. Only 145 were ever flown Res £30
  4. K TO WESTERN AUSTRALIA-First flight cover to Bayswater with GEO V 6d & 10d values tied by d/rings LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 21.12.1931, arriving at PERTH on 25.1.1932. Tying the airmail label is the unframed First Flight cachet in violet ink Res £25
  5. NEW ZEALAND-NELSON TO WELLINGTON First flight cover with FIVE PENCE surcharge overprint on 3d airmail ti9ed by NELSON cancel dated 20.1.1932. At left is the pictorial Wellington to West Coast [of South Island] cachet in blue-green ink Res £25
  6. NEW ZEALAND-DANNEVIRKE TO WELLINGTON-Cover addressed to Masterton with 4d airmail value tied by DANNEVIRKE cancel dated 16.3.1932. At left is the appropriate first flight cachet in red ink Res £25
  7. GREECE-First flight cover from ATHENS TO LIMASSOL with four-stamp Greek franking tied by ATHENS cancels dated 19.4.1932. At right is a red inked s/ring commemorative cancel dated the same day, the bilingual airmail cachet and a straight-line “BY IMPERIAL AIRWAYS” Res £25
  8. SEAHORSES-Cover addressed to Buenos Aires with GEO V 5/- x 3 and 10/- x 2 along with a stray 1/- value tied by LONDON/F.S 38 d/ring cancels dated 30.4.1932. Cover opens out to display both the stamps and the Zeppelin flight cachets-a scarce item-see illustration Res £350
  9. LONDON TO INDIA-Imperial Airways pictorial first flight cover addressed to Rawalpindi with a pair of GEO V 4d values tied by LONDON F.S/N machine cancel dated 1.7.1933. Comes with the Imperial Airways letter telling all about the new service etc., etc. Res £28
  10. LONDON TO BURMA-First flight cover to Rangoon with GEO V 2d & 6d tied by d/rings LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 23.9.1933. On the back is the binocular first flight cachet and the “SEND YOUR LETTERS BY/AIR MAIL/AFRICA INDIA” Res £25
  11. LONDON TO SINGAPORE-Imperial Airways pictorial first flight cover with GEO V 1d & 10d values tied by d/ring cancels LONDON/AIR MAIL dated 9.12.1933 Res £25
  12. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Cover addressed to GENOA, Italy from the Italian Consulate at Tetuan with 2½d & 4d Agencies overprints [British Currency] tied by s/ring of the British Post Office at TETUAN dated 24.4.1934. The attached airmail label is “cancelled” by a large black inked cross, applied in Paris Res £25
  13. SEAHORSE/MOROCCO AGENCIES-Neat little cover addressed to the U.K with French Currency overprints including 6 Francs on 5/- Seahorse tied by d/ring cancels of the British Post Office at CASABLANCA on 9.5.1934-see illustration Res £70
  1. NEW ZEALAND-C.T.P ULM Illustrated first flight cover to New York, carried on the N.Z to Papua first flight with 4d & 7d airmails and FIVE PENCE surcharge overprint on 3d tied by registered cancels of AUCKLAND dated 23.6.1934. There is a transit mark of KAITAIA dated 2.7.1934 and a further transit mark of SAMAIMAUR dated 31.7.1934 on the front. On the back are a number of Australian, New Guinea and U.S cancels and two different first flight cachets Res £30
  2. SEAHORSES/MOROCCO AGENCIES-Cover addressed to Germany with a strip of three and a pair of the 3 Francs on 2/6d Seahorses as well as a [pair of 10 Centimes overprints tied by d/rings of the British Post Office at CASABLANCA dated 28.8.1934-see illustration-a stunning item!! Res £125
  3. GREECE-Imperial Airways pictorial first flight cover addressed to Australia with stamps tied by ATHENS AIRPORT cancels dated 10.12.1934. Below is the Greek Flag with December first flight cachet in blue, naturally! Res £25
  4. ISLE OF MAN-First flight cover from the Isle of Man to Liverpool with ½d & 1d GEO V values tied by d/ring cancels of CASTLETOWN dated 31.1.1935. At left are two different first flight cachets in red or violet inks; one being the BLACKPOOL & WEST COAST AIR SERVICES LTD Res £18
  5. AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to Sunbury-on-Thames with a block of four and a pair of GEO V 3d values tied by s/ring cancels of SOUTHPORT/QLD dated 2.2.1937 Res £15
  6. SHETLAND TIMES Illustrated first flight cover for the first airmail to Shetland from Leeds with GEO VI 1½d tied by Leeds machine cancel dated 22.11.1937 for the first flight leaving on the next day Res £15
  7. AUSTRALIA-FDC For the NSW issue with 2 x 2d & a 3d tied by SYDNEY cancels dated 1.10.1937. On the front of the cover are two labels marking the 150th year of Australia in 1938. On the back is a further label Res £22
  8. WRECK MAIL-Longer cover from Melbourne carried on the CYGNUS with stamp washed off and a superb strike of the violet inked, framed DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER/IN AIRPLANE/ACCIDENT. The Cygnus crashed on 4.12.1937 Res £25
  9. AUSTRALIA TO HOLLAND-Cover with the 1938 150th Anniversary values and added 2d definitive and 9d ‘Roo tied by BRISBANE Airmail cancels dated 7.3.1938 Res £22
  1. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Cover addressed to Germany with GB 4d [un-overprinted] GEO VI value tied by a single ring of the British Post Office at TETUAN dated 25.4.1939. The airmail label is cancelled by the violet inked cross applied in Paris. On the back is a s/ring transit mark of the B.P.O at Tangier dated the same day Res £25
  2. LONDON TO THE U.S.A-CENSORED Cover to Philadelphia with GEO VI 3d & 5/- perfin MB of the Midland Bank tied by undated oval registered cancels of Threadneedle Street. The cover arrived in New York on the 4th October 1941 Res £25
  3. LONDON TO TRINIDAD-Longer cover addressed to the Port of Spain from the Royal Bank of Canada with GEO VI 6d and 3 x 2/6d London E.C.3 meter cancels struck on 17.3.1942. On the back is the arrival mark, dated 3.4.1942 Res £22


  1. PRICES CURRENT From the London New Leather Market dated 7.12.1852 addressed to Glasgow with an impressed 1d Newspaper tax stamp “PRICES CURRENT OF LEATHER”. No other stamps affixed or applied-see illustration Res £35
  2. NORTHAMPTON HERALD-Large part front page arranged to look like a lot more, dated 22.11.1851 with the NORTHAMPTON HERALD 1d Newspaper stamp impressed at top right Res £25
  3. BRISTOL PARCEL DELIVERY COMPANY-2d Light blue-green stamp in used condition-not at all common!! Res £20
  4. SUTTON AND COMPANY-Three different sized “frank Stamps” from the Manchester company-Smallest being the 2d vermilion, 3d blue and a larger 3d blue cancelled by a diamond-shaped UNION/ST/DEPOT in black ink [3] Res £22
  5. FOSTER’S EXPRESS PARCELS AND GOODS-Two different styles of label with two used, different labels of each; black on blue, black on white, blue on white and green on white [4] Res £22
  6. SHAKESPEARE STAMP-Postcard of his grave addressed to Essex with the 1908 purple stamp and EDW VII ½d tied by d/ring cancel of STRATFORD ON AVON dated 1.5.1908-see illustration Res £85
  7. 1912 HEALTH & INSURANCE Stamps 1d to 10d in mounted mint condition-12 values plus contribution card for 1915 in pristine condition Res £25
  8. 1912 HEALTH & INSURANCE Stamps a block of 60 of the 6d grey issue with watermark NHI in mint condition-a spectacular block of 5 high x 12 long Res £30
  9. SCOTTISH MULTI-LICENCE For Armorial Bearings, Carriages, Dogs and Male Servants issued at DUMFRIES on 16.2.1914 for a carriage [15/-] and a dog at 7/6d Res £12
  10. IRISH HOSPITALS SWEEPSTAKE-Complete sheet of 24 labels numbered 1-24 with brown edges which mean you can swap the 24 labels for 50 Virginia Cigarettes-nothing like drumming up a bit of business for the hospitals!! Res £22
  11. POACHED EGG-Cover addressed to E.C.1 from WALTHAMSTOW with 2 x ½d EDW VIII values and a poached egg label in between, tied by the WALTHAMSTOW machine cancel dated 4.5.1937 Res £12
  12. HEALTH INSURANCE STAMPS-A Block of 8 “stamps” on gummed paper with the overprint on white “NO/CONTRIBUTION/PAYABLE” together with a 1937 contributions card Res £15
  13. COMPLETE BOOOKLET OF TOBACCO DUTY RELIEF TOKENS WITH MUCH SCARCER wallet Cancelled by s/ring issuing office cancel of LLANRWST/ DENBIGHSHIRE dated 1.9.1956 Res £22
  14. YORK MUSEUM-1st Anniversary cover of the museum sub-post office and also marking the 2nd STOCKTON Philatelic Exhibition with 2d Wilding perfin YK/C [York Council] tied by TV licence slogan dated 4.5.1961. The facsimile penny black is tied by a red Maltese cross and the Stockton-on-Tees arrival mark is dated 2 days later Res £8
  15. KEBLE COLLEGE/OXFORD-Oval cancel ties the KEBLE College, Oxford centenary stamp to cover addressed to Christ Church college, 1970 Res £7
  16. POSTAL STRIKE-Union of Postal Workers emergency medical delivery envelope for delivery by volunteers during the 1971 strike. This one issued by the UPW branch at Andover-unused Res £8
  17. GODREVY ISLAND-Postcard of the Island [off Cornwall] addressed to Yeovil with £1 label tied by red inked, framed GODREVY ISLAND dated 3.2.2011 on the first day of issue Res £8
  18. SKOMER-Postcard of Puffins in Pembrokeshire addressed to Yeovil with £2 label tied by framed SKOMER in blue ink on 5.7.2012 on the first day of issue Res £8
  19. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard of Tenby addressed to Yeovil with a se-tenant strip of three, being a 50p, £1 & £2 values tied by large blue inked, framed CALDEY ISLAND on 19.3.2014 on the first day of issue Res £8
  20. DRAKES ISLAND-Postcard of places in Devon associated with Sir Francis Drake addressed to Yeovil with £1 label tied by framed, red inked cancel DRAKES ISLAND dated 26.9.2014 Res £8

FANTASY COVERS [Alice in Wonderland]

  1. COVER To Humpty Dumpty marking the JABBERWOCKY Centenary with a mini-sheet tied by a chess board cancel etc. Res £10
  2. HUMPTY DUMPTY-Jabberwocky centenary cover with one & two “Golden Slumbers” stamps tied by TULGEY WOOD cancel of Looking Glass Land. Again, a chess theme with this one Res £10
  3. KNIGHT MAIL-Chess theme again with this cover addressed to Alice Liddell at the fireplace, Looking-Glass Hall with 1 Knight chess stamp tied by a cancel of the GPO/LOOKING-GLASS LAND dated 1871 Res £10
  4. INTERNATIONAL CHESS CONFERENCE-Cover marking the conference at Looking-Glass House in December 1871 with stamps tied by 1871 GPO cancels of Looking-Glass House and the Deanery, Christchurch on 18.12.1871 Res £10
  5. “PAID AT PIGPEPPER” Cancels tie National Wildlife Week stamps to cover addressed to the Queen of Hearts and was delivered by a FROG FOOTMAN Res £10
  6. H.M.S Cover addressed to the Duchess in response to the letter [see previous lot] addressed to The Queen of Hearts and delivered by a FISH FOOTMAN. The stamps are tied by s/rings of the ROYAL PALACE with a heart below the crown in the cancel Res £10
  7. MOURNING Cover addressed to Walrus and Carpenter with stamps tied by chess cancels and has a SHORE STREET “PAID” mark with an ace of spades at centre Res £10
  8. JULY 1865 OLYMPIC GAMES-Cover marking the games held at Wonderland with stamps tied by the “CROQUET LAWNS” cancel of the Queen of Hearts Royal Palace Res £10
  9. EXPRESS OHMS Cover addressed to the Knave of Hearts at the West Wing Pantry with stamp tied by Law Courts “All in a Summers Day”. On the back is a Court Fee stamp cancel which is similarly tied Res £10
  10. “WONDERPEX” STAMP EXHIBITION-Card addressed to His Sighness the Mock Turtle at Wonderland with stamps tied by the exhibition cancel for 1865 Res £10


  1. 1890 LONDON PHILATELIC EXHIBITION-Official catalogue and handbook for the exhibition with list of countries and a short history of their stamps, rarities etc. and a list of all the exhibits and exhibitors with pencil notes as to which medal [if any] was awarded. Nice!! Res £45
  2. CRYSTAL PALACE-No.1 FLAG Cancel dated 28.6.1911 ties stamp to postcard of Queen Mary Res £12
  3. 1924 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-FIRST DAY COVER Flown to Paris with the two stamps and an added 3d are tied by the exhibition site slogan on 23.4.1924. At left is the scarce unframed cachet 23.4.24/B.R EXHIBITION/BY AIRMAIL CROYDON-PARIS-See illustration Res £85
  4. 1924 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-The less common illustrated slogan of BELFAST ties ½d stamp to cover addressed to Dublin dated Christmas Eve 1923-see illustration Res £30
  5. 1925 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Postcard addressed to Dublin with 2 x ½d stamps tied by the VISIT THE ULSTER PAVILION slogan dated 4.6.1925 Res £20
  6. 1925 BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Postcard addressed within London with a 1d stamp tied by the TORCHLIGHT TATTOO slogan with dates removed and replaced by two dots and a dash on 20.10.1925-see illustration Res £25
  7. LONDON NAVAL CONFERENCE-Registered cover addressed to the U.S.A with a block of eight and a single ½d GEO V value tied by s/rings dated 24.3.1930. The London S.W 227 registration label is similarly tied Res £40
  8. 19th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-IMPERFORATE Pair of the blue advertising labels for the Brighton Congress Res £25
  9. AIR POST EXHIBITION 1934-Souvenir pigeongram with the black pictorial APEX cachet at bottom Res £25
  10. AIR POST EXHIBITION 1934-Souvenir pigeongram as previous lot, but now with the red cachet Res £25
  11. THE SECOND ANNUAL LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION-“One Hundred Years of Postal Progress” cover addressed to the U.S.A with cachet struck centrally with 1d GEO VI value tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel on 1.11.1937 Res £10
  12. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 24.5.1938 tie three stamp franking to registered cover addressed within London. At bottom is the red and gold coloured metallic label which shows that the cover was serviced BEFORE the show opened on the 25th May Res £25
  13. 1938 EMPIRE EXHIBITION, GLASGOW-Cover to London with the large “CLACHAN” Post Office label tied by the site slogan on 16.6.1938 Res £15
  14. 1938 EMPIRE EXHIBITION, GLASGOW-Postcard of the exhibition addressed to Morpeth with the small “CLACHAN” label tied by the site slogan on 31.8.1938 Res £15
  15. LONDON 1950 Stamp Exhibition labels produced by John Nicklin in the U.S.A., advertising the show-three different colours showing St George slaying the dragon Res £12
  16. 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Envelope and letter from the FACSIMILE LETTER PRINTING COMPANY of London addressed within London on 4.5.1951. The letter states that it was posted inside the exhibition and will be of value. The 2½d F.O.B value is tied by the site machine cancel Res £12
  17. LEYTONSTONE, WANSTEAD & District Philatelic Society 8th Annual Convention GEO VI 1½d green postal stationery postcard produced for the event to be held in June 1952 with the added 2½d stamp and stamp impression cancelled by d/ring BATH ASSEMBLY/ POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITION dated 24.5.1952 Res £9
  18. BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE-Registered cover addressed within Liverpool with stamps tied by the skeleton cancel BAAS/LIVERPOOL dated 4.9.1953. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled Res £12
  19. STAMPEX 1957-“TOWN OF ORIGIN” NEOPOST 2½d advertising meter slogan on a SPECIMEN overprinted envelope. The cancel bears an advert for both Neopost and Stampex and is dated 16.3.1957 Res £15
  20. EMPIRE GAMES VILLAGE, BARRY-Registration label on registered cover to Surrey with stamps tied by the rubber hooded circle cancels REGISTERED/EMPIRE GAMES VILLAGE/BARRY dated 7.7.1958 Res £15
  21. KELVIN HALL GLASGOW-S/ring with wording around the circle, dated 13.3.1961 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to Essex Res £8
  22. SHOWGROUND BELFAST-S/rings dated 24.5.1961 ties blank registration label and a seven-stamp franking to cover addressed to Ilford Res £20
  23. THE WORTHING MAIL-A little booklet by D.C Walker produced for the 44th Philatelic Congress at Worthing in June 1962. It is noted that the printed “cancel” for the show on the front cover, does not carry the date!! Res £8
  24. PIER PAVILION/LLANDUDNO-Skeleton cancels dated 19.9.1962 tie stamps to a registered cover addressed to Essex. This was used at the LIBERAL PARTY CONFERENCE for three days only [see also skeleton section]. A scarce cancel Res £25
  25. RALPH ALLEN-Cover marking 200 years since his birth addressed within Bath with the 3d stamp being tied by the BATH slogan marking the event for the postal reformer on 29.6.1964 Res £7
  26. FEDERATION OF MIDDLESEX & ASSOCIATED PHILATELIC SOCIETIES-Special cancels dated 20.3.1965 tie regional stamps to an airmail cover addressed to New Zealand. The exhibition was held at Christ’s College, Finchley Res £8
  27. 4th INTERNATIONAL MINING CONFERENCE, LONDON-Special cancels dated 16.7.1965 cancels QEII 3d postal stationery envelope addressed within London Res £7
  28. 50th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Two labels, each of a block of four 1d blacks or 2d blues on gummed labels produced by the Manchester Societies for the Buxton Congress Res £6
  29. 1975 BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION-Season Ticket for the event Res £5
  30. 90th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Congress handbook for the Stratford-upon-Avon event, 2008 Res £7


  1. ROYAL ASCOT-Registered cover to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B dated 21.6.1956 with Ascot 10 registration label Res £8
  2. NEWCASTLE-Registered cover to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B dated 4.7.1956 and used at the Newcastle Royal Show Res £8
  3. GOLF-Registered cover to Rotherham with stamps tied by the s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/B dated 25.7.1956 and used at the British Close Golf Championship. The blank registration label has a manuscript LLANDUDNO in ink Res £30
  4. CARSHALTON-Registered cover used from the CAMPING & CARAVANNING CONGRESS RALLY at Carshalton on 31.7.1959 with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A Res £8
  5. MALVERN-Registered cover used from the three counties agricultural show with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 14.6.1960 Res £8
  6. HORSHAM-Registered cover used from the Sussex Agricultural Show with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 15.6.1960 Res £8
  7. BADMINTON HORSE TRIALS-Registered cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/C dated 20.4.1961 Res £8
  8. NEWARK, NOTTS-Registered cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE2/A dated 5.5.1961 and used from the Newark & Nottingham Agricultural Show Res £8
  9. SILVERSTONE-Registered cover to Ilford with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 4.5.1961 and used at the British Racing Drivers Championships at Silverstone Res £15
  10. HAYWARDS HEATH-Registered cover to Essex with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/C dated 14.6.1961 and used from the Sussex Agricultural Show Res £8


  1. POSTAGE NOT PAID/TO LONDON-Framed mark in red ink on front of an entire to London from LIMERICK and redirected to ONGAR, Essex, and dated 5.11.1835 Res £45
  2. CROWNED, Framed mark in black ink I.B/CONTAINS A COMMUNICATION/OF THE NATURE OF A/LETTER on the front of a folded entire sent at the ½d rate from London to Dorset on 25.3.1872-see illustration Res £45
  3. ”STITCHED CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS”-Manuscript notation on QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Harpenden from London on 27.4.1874. Also has the circular framed 1d/N.P.B tax mark, circular MORE TO PAY/N.P.B/ABOVE OZ and the NPB lozenge cancel dated 27.4.1874 Res £30
  4. OF THE NATURE/OF A LETTER-Framed mark on a wrapper addressed to London with ½d Bantam tied by KELLS Irish duplex cancel on 18.4.1977. Below is the circular framed E.C/1d tax mark Res £25
  5. INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/N.P.B-Framed mark on undelivered QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to “Bridgehampton” from London on 23.5.1881. The NPB lozenge cancel is at top left Res £25
  6. OF THE NATURE /OF A LETTER-Framed, red inked mark on a wrapper from WOBURN to Ampthill with ½d green tied by duplex cancel dated 3.3.1884. Taxed 1d and treated as a letter Res £25
  7. FOUND IN N.P.B/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark in QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Leeds from London on 9.5.1887. Also has the framed “4/N.P.B/DATE” in black ink and two strikes of the s/ring N.P.B [straight-line across the circle and underlined] dated 10.5.1887 in both black and red inks. Taxed 1d and with an ARMLEY receiver dated the same day Res £30
  1. FOUND IN W.D.O/WITHOUT A COVER-Framed mark on a letter alongside the LONDON W s/ring dated 1.2.1887. Somehow, it was traced back to the editor of the Temple Bar, placed in a returned Letter Office envelope and returned. Some contemporary notes on the back of the envelope-see illustration Res £40
  2. CONTAINS A COMMUNICATION/OF THE NATURE OF A LETTER/53-Framed mark from BATH along with a deleted 1d/53 tax mark, replaced by one for 2d on the front of a wrapper addressed to Worthing. On the back is the s/ring WORTHING STATION B.O/ WORTHING dated 3.9.1891. The 1d lilac is tied by the BATH squared circle cancel dated 2.9.1891-see illustration Res £40
  3. ABOVE TWO OZ/1d/MORE TO PAY/N.P.B-Lovely strike of the framed tax mark on the front of a ½d brown QV newspaper wrapper addressed to Newcastle from London on 13.12.1893. Also with a manuscript “FOREIGN NEWSPAPER BOOK RATE” adjacent to the tax mark Res £35
  4. P.B/½d CHARGED FOR/REDIRECTION-Two separate markings on an ½d vermilion postal stationery envelope addressed to Camberley after being redirected from London on 9.2.1894 Res £25
  5. CHARGED FOR/RE-DIRECTION/W-Framed mark on ½d vermilion envelope with Army & Navy Stores perfin through the stamp impression addressed within London and redirected to Surrey on 1.3.1894. At left is the circular framed W/½d tax mark Res £25
  6. CHARGE NOT PAID/I.S No.4-Framed mark in violet ink on a cover with contents [refers to the liquidation of a goldmine] addressed to Bushey from London on 28.10.1896. Also with an oval, unframed OVER 1 OZ/1d/E.C/MORE TO PAY in black and a WATFORD transit mark dated 29.10.1896 Res £22
  7. FOUND IN N.P.B/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark on a ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Tunbridge Wells from London on 4.12.1897. With both the red and black circular N.P.B marks dated the same day Res £25
  8. IMITATION TYPEWRITING-Manuscript endorsement on a QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Burnley from London on 18.6.1900. Has a 1D/150 tax mark in black and a framed GONE NO ADDRESS/150 in violet ink Res £22
  9. BOER WAR-Cover to St Leonard’s, Sussex with Orange Free State 1d VRI surcharge overprint tied by s/ring of BLOEMFONTEIN dated 4.6.1900. Alongside is a South African 15c tax mark and below, the N.P.B/3d tax mark. On the back is the s/ring ST LEAONARD’S ON SEA/STATION OFFICE dated 8.7.1900 Res £22
  10. GIBRALTAR-Postcard of Tangier addressed to Exeter with Gibraltar ½d green tied by the A26 duplex dated 4.7.1900. Alongside is the Gib T Tax mark and below, the N.P.B/1d mark Res £22
  11. ADDRESSED TO INITIALS/CONTRARY TO RULE-Bilingual French/English framed mark on a postcard from France to Weymouth, dated 14.8.1901 with the stamp removed from the picture side before cancelling. Also on the address side is the framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/N.P.B with the manuscript “STAMP AFFIXED”. Taxed 3d, the card was refused and has the s/ring of the RETURNED LR OFFICE/LONDON dated 19.8.1901-see illustration Res £35
  12. MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [4] OZ/N.P.B-Unframed mark on QV ½d blue-green newspaper wrapper addressed to Plymouth from London on 15.1.1902 with the added EDW VII ½d tied by a newspaper cancel dated 15.1.1902. Also with the 1d/N.P.B mark alongside and the lozenge N.P.B mark on the back dated 16.1.1902 Res £25
  13. QV ½d blue-green postal stationery postcard from IPSWICH addressed to Tenterden, Kent on 7.2.1902 with the very scarce triangular N.P.B/SUB [suburban] mis-sort mark in violet ink Res £25
  14. CORNWALL-Lovely clean cover posted without stamps from SALTASH on 6.2.1941 with d/ring cancel at top right. Alongside is the 5d/991-TO PAY/POSTED/UNPAID mark and with a 5d postage due tied by s/ring BOW S.O E.3/5 dated the following day Res £12
  15. IRELAND-Novelty postcard from ARKLOW with Irish 1½d tied by d/ring on 24.4.1948, taxed 2d and with an Irish 2d postage due at left, tied by DUBLIN cancel dated the following day Res £15
  16. DEFINITIVE PAYING POSTAGE DUE-Neat little cover from London addressed to COBHAM, Surrey on 5.6.1956. Taxed 1d with a 1d Wilding paying postage due, tied by an oval registered cancel of Cobham-see illustration Res £45
  17. RETURNED LETTER-Cover from Watford addressed to Wormley on 5.10.1995 which was undelivered. It was placed in a Royal Mail “Returned Postal Packet” envelope and returned Res £12


  1. LIVERPOOL/SHIP LETTER-Black framed mark on the back of an entire from SARATOGA, via New York to Aberdeen, arriving on 5.8.1834 in Edinburgh Res £30
  2. PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-Step type cancel on front of a wrapper addressed to London, arriving on 10.11.1839 and with an oval, Red inked “FORWARDED BY/GEO DOUGLASS/NEW YORK” on the back flap Res £35
  3. HULL/SHIP-LETTER/DATE-Blue inked mark on front of a wrapper to RUSSIA, via HAMBURG on 6.8.1850 with index B before the date Res £35
  4. SOUTH AFRICA-Cover addressed to Edinburgh with GB QV ½d blue-green tied by the s/line PAQUEBOT in violet ink on 11.12.1901 Res £25
  5. GIBRALTAR-Postcard to London with GB EDW VII 1d tied by the A26 duplex cancel on 23.9.1902 with index B. Alongside is the italic PAQUEBOT cancel in black Res £15
  6. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring cancel of the COLUMBA with index A on 29.6.1903 addressed to Hartlepool, but with a SUNDERLAND receiver dated the following day. The postcard is a David MacBrayne steamer advertising card of the Columba Res £25
  7. M.S “LORD OF THE ISLES”-The buckle type cachet in violet ink, dated 4.7.1904 on a postcard posted at Greenock on 4.7.1904 Res £45
  8. FOLKESTONE-Stampless, unpaid postcard of Paris addressed to Leicester, cancelled by the d/ring FOLKESTONE on 11.7.1907 with a 1d tax mark alongside and the larger type s/line PAQUEBOT-Scarcer mark Res £25
  9. POSTED ON/”LA MARGUERITE”-Blue cachet on postcard of the paddler addressed to Oldham, but posted from Liverpool on one of the scarcer runs out of the port [95% of these cards are posted at Llandudno] Res £40
  10. GK & ARDDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring cancel of the COLUMBA used on 15.8.1912 with index B ties GEO V stamp to card Res £25
  11. JAMAICA-Postcard of a country village on the Spanish Town Road addressed to New York with U.S 1c tied by the KINGSON machine cancel on 17.2.1914 and by the violet inked cancel UNITED FRUIT Co. STEAMSHIP “ALMIRANTE”/PURSER with Posted on the High Seas at centre Res £22
  12. FINLAND-Commercial cover from STETTIN addressed to Helsinki with German 10 & 2 x 30Pf stamps tied by the pictorial ship cancels on 11.10.1926 Res £25
  13. SOUTH AFRICA-Pictorial 1½d postal stationery postcard of the Drakensberg registered and addressed to Germany with an added imperf pair of the Cape Triangular commem tied by oval cancels SHIPPING POSTMASTER/DATE/CAPETOWN with index 3 on 4.9.1927. The card was posted from the Hapag Line “TOLEDO” and was taxed, but the correct rate was paid; 4d Late Fee, 4d Registration and 1½d for postage-see illustration Res £45
  1. TRINIDAD/ANTIGUA-Commercial cover from Antigua addressed to Port of Spain with GEO V 1½d tied by the framed PAQUEBOT/TRINIDAD in violet ink. Alongside is the Port of Spain d/ring dated 2.2.1935 and below, the d/ring C.N.S “LADY HAWKINS”/POSTED/ ON THE/HIGH/SEAS/PURSERS OFFICE in violet ink Res £22
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Cover addressed to the Magistrate at SWAKOPMUND with 3d Silver Jubilee value tied by d/ring PER POSTALE ITALIANO/”SISTIANA” dated 25.9.1935. Alongside is a further strike and the d/ring WALVIS BAY PAQUEBOT dated the same day Res £25
  3. QUEEN MARY-Pictorial maiden voyage cover to New York with 1½d GEO V stamp tied by the SOUTHAMPTON machine cancel dated 27.5.1936, the day of sailing Res £22
  4. M.S.P “ASTURIAS”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS-Oval cachet dated 26.1.1936 on crested envelope addressed to Sheffield. The GEO V 1½d stamp is tied by the LONDON F.S-PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA machine cancel dated 28.1.1936 Res £12
  5. SHIP LETTER/TANGIER-Unframed mark on a postcard of the German ship “ADOLPH WOERMANN” with the Moroccan 1 Franc stamp tied by the DEUTSCHE AFRIKA LINIEN cancel dated 6.4.1938. Alongside the stamp and partially over the ship letter mark is the d/ring of the British Post Office Tangier dated the same day Res £28
  6. GB GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to the Orange Free State, cancelled by the d/ring DEUTSCHE SCHIFFSPOST/DEUTSCHE-AFRIKA-LINIEN/DATE/ HAMBURG-AFRIKA dated 11.1.1939. The cover was posted on the “WATUSSI” which was sunk by H.M.S “SUSSEX” on 2.12.1939 Res £30
  7. SOUTH AFRICA-½d PICTORIAL Postal stationery postcard of Port St John’s addressed to India with an added pair of ½d values tied by the undated d/ring PAQUEBOT cancels of Cape Town. At left is the JUBBULIPORE arrival mark dated 10.3.1941 and the Indian triangular censor mark. The card is from the P&O Agent at Cape Town Res £22
  8. DRIFT CARD-Oceanography drift card found at SKELLISTER NESTING, SHETLANDS on 14.3.1955 and returned to Surrey for the 1/- reward for returning such cards. Cancelled by a d/ring SKELLISTER/LERWICK SHETLAND d/ring on 19.3.1955, the card was received on the 23rd after travelling 560 miles. Res £15
  9. DRIFT CARD-Similar card found at TRONDHEIM after travelling 1150 miles and returned to Surrey on 12.12.1955 after being posted from SKJORA on 5.12.1955 Res £15
  10. SIR FRANCIS CHICHESTER-Special Railway Ticket issued at SALTASH to travel to Plymouth to see the return of one of our great sailing heroes at Plymouth on the 28th May 1967 Res £10
  11. SHIP TELEGRAMS-Three different forms, one is for Radio Telegrams TO Ships [buff], one for Radio Telegrams FROM Ships [green] and the other, is for Ship Letter Telegrams [pink]. All are very good condition and the green one has a straight-line cachet LANDS END RADIO [all one word] in violet ink Circa 1969 [3] Res £10
  12. THURSDAY ISLAND-Postcard of RABAUL Brach addressed to Yorkshire with Australian 90c stamp tied by THURSDAY ISLAND / QLD-AUST dated 26.2.1991. At bottom left is the mis-spelled, framed PAQUEBOAT in black Res £10

MILITARY-1855 TO 1918

  1. CRIMEAN WAR-Cover addressed to Hampshire with a strip of three 1d red stars tied by London 19 numeral cancels on 28.8.1855. The letter was landed in the U.K at LONDON and travelled via DANZIG on the 24th August 1855-see illustration Res £180
  2. CRIMEAN WAR-A strip of three 1d red stars cancelled by the oval OXO cancels-very fine-see illustration Res £100
  3. “THE QUEEN’S OWN” GAZETTE-1st August 1876 edition from CURRAGH CAMP and addressed to the 35th Regiment in TRINIDAD with 1d red tied by BISHOPS STORTFORD duplex cancel dated 7.8.1876 Res £35
  4. BOER WAR-GB QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Cradock, Cape Colony with added pair of EDW VII 1d values tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 21.5.1902 with index 44. At right is the large double triangular PASSED-PRESS/CENSOR in black Res £25
  5. TUNISIA/MALTA/SWITZERLAND-Undelivered cover addressed to Geneva with Tunisian 25c value tied by s/ring TUNIS cancel dated 3.4.1914. The letter has the senders details at the top which includes “Commandant Valletta, Rue St Charles” which could be the reason it has a MALTA back-stamp dated 16.4.1914 Res £22
  6. FIELD POST OFFICE/SZ1-Skeleton cancel dated 28.7.1915 on a Field Service postcard addressed to VALLETTA, MALTA Res £22
  7. PLEASE RETURN/THIS COVER/TO THE POSTMASTER-Unframed Canadian mark on the front of a WWI Honour envelope from FIELD POST OFFICE/T.1 dated 26.4.1915. On arrival, a Canadian 2c was affixed and tied at MONTREAL on 10.5.1915-see illustration Res £30
  8. RUSSIA TO FRENCH MILITARY ADDRESS-Underpaid cover from Moscow addressed to a French military unit in France with stamps tied by d/rings dated 19.11.1915 but delayed until the 21st in Moscow. Has Russian oval censor and French censor tape at right tied by double ring COMMISSION MILITAIRE DE CONTROLE / BUREAU / FRONTIERE / B in violet ink-nice looker!! Res £22
  9. H.B.M.S Smaller “ARMY POST OFFICE” printed cover addressed to the HQ of the B.E.F with on the back, the unframed R.E POSTAL SECT, L DON N.W.1/DAMAGED BY IMMERSION IN SEA/WATER THROUGH ENEMY ACTION in violet ink-see illustration Res £150
  10. EAST AFRICA-Cover addressed to the Rev. Falloon at Nairobi with d/ring INDIAN F.P.O No.51 on the back dated 22.12.1915. This was located at the time at VOI, KENYA Res £18
  11. EAST AFRICA-Similar cover to the previous lot with Indian FPO No.73 on the back dated 9.2.1916. This was used from MBUYUNI, Kenya Res £22
  12. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Censored cover addressed to Switzerland with Spanish currency ½d & 1d x 2 tied by s/rings BRITISH POST OFFICE/FEZ dated 3.8.1916. At bottom is the French censor tape tied by the oval censor 404 in black Res £28
  13. SPECIAL HANDLING OF MILITARY MAILS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES-Large red inked “S” within circle on censored honour envelope with letter addressed to Washington with 1d stamp affixed, but not cancelled 1917 Res £18
  14. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Censored cover addressed to Switzerland with 25c French currency value tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/CASABLANCA dated 30.3.1918. Alongside is the very scarce framed censor mark in black ink PASSED BY/CENSOR. On the back is the TANGIER B.P.O transit s/ring dated 12.4.1918-see illustration Res £45
  15. AMERICAN YMCA Envelope addressed to Ohio with unframed EXAMINED BY/L19 censor mark in violet ink. The envelope has senders address which is given as being in Germany, so late 1918 or early 1919 Res £22

MILITARY-1940 TO 1974

  1. REAL PHOTO Postcard of the CHOLMONDELEY PARK CZECH FORCES CAMP in 11940 with 1d GEO VI tied by special cancel of the Army Post Office cancel on 28.10.1940 Res £8
  1. AUSTRALIA-Longer airmail cover to the U.K with 1/6d tied by Sydney airmail slogan dated6.2.1941. At left is the two-dot censor tape tied by unframed PASSED BY CENSOR/S.109 in violet ink. At top is the unframed LIVES ARE IN YOUR HANDS!!/DON’T DISCLOSE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Res £12
  2. WORTHING TO SWITZERLAND-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard with added GEO VI 1d tied by Post Early for Christmas slogan dated 17.2.1941. Below at left is the violet inked octagonal CROWN/PASSED/P.97 censor mark Res £12
  3. RETURN TO SENDER/SERVICE SUSPENDED-Unframed mark on front of cover from New York to the Free Zone of France, dated 6.6.1941. Also with two strikes of the RETOUR A L’ENVOYEUR/RELATIONS POSTALES/INTERROMPTUES in blue ink. The cover reached New York on 24.9.1941 Res £25
  4. BELGIAN FORCES IN NORTHERN IRELAND-GEO VI 5½d registered postal stationery envelope from London addressed to a Belgian Captain at the H.Q of the 2nd Belgian Brigade, Northern Ireland. Undated, but Circa 1942 Res £22
  5. “NO 3d AIR POSTCARD/SERVICE”-Framed mark in violet ink on a postcard addressed to a military address in BASRA, IRAQ from LEICESTER with machine cancel dated 14.1.1942 tying a GEO VI 7d value Res £45
  6. CZECH FORCES IN THE U.K-Censored airmail cover to CANADA with GB GEO VI 2d & 3d values tied by the framed FPO cancel on 10.4.1942. The envelope has the embossed crest of the Czech forces on the back flap in red Res £15
  7. PEMBROKE DOCKS-TELEGRAMS [3] Addressed to Brighton between February and November 1942. All with different cancels of PEMBROKE DOCK and all referring to R.A.F matters Res £12
  8. ROYAL DANISH LEGATION, LONDON-Lovely oval cachet ties economy label to previously used cover now addressed to N.W.6 from S.W.1 on 27.5.1942 Res £12
  9. IT IS REGRETTED THAT / THIS ITEM COULD NOT BE / DELIVERED AT THE / ADDRESS STATED-Framed mark on a red airmail postcard addressed to Army post office 1515 from Peterborough on 28.7.1942. At bottom left is the unframed AIR MAIL FEE S D/REFUNDED with 2d refunded to sender Res £22
  1. FAEROE ISLANDS-Censored cover to an Army officer at LYNESS, Care of the GPO at STROMNESS with Danish stamps [9] tied by pictorial d/ring cancels THORSHAVN/SPIS FAEROSK KLIPFISK dated 29.10.1942. Has the PC5 Censor label “THIS COVER WAS OPEN WHEN IT REACHED THE CENSOR with “open” scored through and “EMPTY” inserted-see illustration Res £45
  2. POLISH FORCES IN THE U.K-Cover addressed to R.A.F HENLOW with a strip of six Polish patriotic labels tied by framed FIRST COLLECTION/ON THE/OPENING DAY/OF THE/R.A.F POST OFFICE/SEALAND in green ink. The 2½d GEO VI value is tied by d/ring QUEEN’S FERRY CHESTER dated 9.6.1943 Res £22
  3. ORIGINAL GRAMAPHONE RECORD MESSAGE With envelope; all in pristine condition Res £22
  4. CZECH FORCES IN FRANCE-Censored cover to a Czech Brigadier serving with the British Liberation Army in Europe with a strip of three of the 1f50c French stamps tied by a Paris machine cancel dated 18.11.1944. On the back is the circular Czech National Consul cachet in red ink-lovely item and I assume, not common Res £25
  5. A.F MIDDLE EAST-1944 CHRISTMAS Greetings and Good Wishes card designed by D Mackay Res £8
  6. CZECH FORCES IN THE U.K-Green Honour envelope addressed to a Czech soldier at the Czech Forces training centre at SHELFORD, Cambridge, cancelled by the d/ring Czech Field Post cancel dated 20.4.1945 Res £18
  7. CZECH FORCES IN THE U.K-EARLY 1945 Airmail cover addressed to a Czech soldier at the training centre at SHELFORD, Cambridge with Czech stamps tied by a temporary rubber d/ring cancel OHUMIN dated simply as 1945 Res £18
  8. LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY BICYCLE REGISTRATION CARD For a bike owned by Eileen Blythe of TONGE, Bolton dated 27.12.1945
  9. BURMA-O.A.S Airmail cover addressed to Ramsgate, cancelled by d/ring of the Indian FPO No.189 dated 7.10.1946 Res £9
  10. NORTHERN IRELAND-Stampless forces airmail letter sheet addressed to a Colonel at the Northern Army Group, cancelled by machine cancel in red ink B.F.P.O/27-OFFICIAL PAID dated 13.6.1974 Res £9


  1. BRITISH INTERNEE SOLDIER IN HOLLAND-Postcard from a British soldier interned at the ROYAL HOTEL, Schevening on 24.5.1918 and addressed to London with Military Internee cachet at top right Res £12
  2. COVER ADDRESSED TO NEW YORK With French stamps tied by s/rings CAMP DE CURS/BASSES PYRENNEES dated 30.11.1940. The cover is from Jewish internee WALTER JAFFE Res £35
  3. FEMALE CHANNEL ISLANDER CIVILIAN-GEO VI postal stationery letter card [flap at top] addressed to Mrs J Trevarrow at BIBERACH RISS Concentration camp, Germany from OLLERTON, CHESHIRE on 29.3.1943. With British & German censor markings and a chemical wash looking for invisible writing Res £30
  4. GERMAN PRISONER OF THE AMERICANS-P.O.W printed letter sheet addressed to SWEDEN on 18.3.1943 from camp Forrest. On the front is the large circular framed U.S CENSORSHIP/*/EXAMINED/BY 515 in violet ink Res £25
  5. POLISH P.O.W-Printed German P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Poland from OFLAG IID on 29.12.1944. Cancelled by a dumb d/ring dated 3.1.1945. At top left is the shield-shaped cachet OFLAG / IID / 22 / GEPRUFT in violet ink Res £22


  1. A.I FORCE-ILLUSTRATED Airgraph of a nice beech scene etc. addressed to London from R.A.F SHAIBAH on 2.11.1943 Res £10
  2. BERLIN-AERIAL MAP OF Berlin showing massive bomb damage. Addressed to Birmingham from New Zealand on 27.4.1945-comes with envelope Res £12
  3. FIRST CIVILIAN SERVICE TO CANADA-Francis Field signed airgraph to Toronto from Sutton Coldfield dated 7.8.1942 with envelope Res £12
  4. ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL INVOICE STYLE AIRGRAPH in mint condition and printed on a yellow/cream paper Res £25
  5. ORIGINAL AIRGRAPH Form on blue paper with AIRGRAPH Printed up the two sides and bottom across eight continuous parallel lines Res £25
  6. THE “AERO FIELD” Privately produced Christmas 1943 pictorial Airgraph with various airmail cachets as the main feature including ZEPPELIN ones!! Mint condition Res £25
  7. “SPRINGTIME IN BOURNEMOUTH” EASTER Greetings illustrated original airgraph form in mint condition Res £25
  8. CHRISTMAS 1944 Illustrated airgraph with printed 3d GEO VI value on the back, in mint condition Res £22
  9. BIRMINGHAM POST OFFICE-Lovely illustrated original form for Christmas 1943 and New Year 1944 Res £25
  10. BIRMINGHAM POST OFFICE-The original artwork for the previous lot airgraph on thick card Res £20


  1. HMS BOADICEA-ONE PENNY CONCESSIONAL RATE Cover addressed to the United States with QV 1d lilac tied by the s/ring PLYMOUTH TO BRISTOL T.P.O dated 14.11.1883. At top is the declaration by Seaman George W Hicks at SIMONS BAY, South Africa and at left the endorsement of his Commanding Officer. On the back is the ships crest. The letter was carried by the “DRUMMOND CASTLE” to the U.K and by rail to Liverpool and then by the White Star Line “BRITANNIC” to New York-see illustration Res £100
  2. HMS NEW ZEALAND-Postcard of the ship written from the ship to Cornwall with EDW VII ½d tied by DEVONPORT d/ring dated 10.1.1906 Res £8
  3. HMS NEPTUNE-Postcard addressed to Potterne, Wilts with ½d GEO V tied by London Krag machine dated 29.6.1915. At top is the s/line CENSORED in violet ink [Gould 4A68]. The card is written from the ship Res £10
  4. M HOSPITAL SHIP “EBANI”/DATE/M.E FORCE-Oval cachet dated 17.8.1918 on an Active Service Honour envelope addressed to Cape Province. At centre is the d/ring DURBAN dated 28.8.1918 and adjacent is the framed PAQUEBOT cancel. The ship was manned by the Natal Medical Corps and served from 1914-1919 as a hospital ship-see illustration Res £50
  5. PASSED BY CENSOR/OCT 29 1917-Unframed mark in blue ink on a cover addressed to the U.S.A with GB GEO V 1d tied by a hexagonal “nut” dumb cancel Res £15
  6. PASSED BY CENSOR/DATE DEC 3 1917-Framed green censor on a stampless cover addressed to the U.S.A with same “nut” cancel as the previous lot Res £15
  7. PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR-Cover pre-addressed to Rye with the fancy cogwheel censor mark [Gould 6D45] at top in violet ink. The 1d stamp is tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel Res £12
  8. RETURNED POSTAL PACKET-OHMS Envelope addressed to HMS GLOUCESTER containing an undated letter on lovely illustrated “anchor” notepaper Res £25
  9. HMS PEEL CASTLE-Postcard of Walmer addressed to Manchester with ½d stamp tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. The card is written from the ship, an Armed Boarding Steamer Res £12
  10. HMS BEAVER-Postcard written from the ship on 16.7.1918 to Kent with off-set PASSED/CENSOR in blue struck at base of card Res £10
  11. PASSED BY/NAVAL/CENSOR-Framed mark in blue ink on postcard addressed to Kent from ZANZIBAR on 14.11.1916. The 1d stamp is tied by the London Krag cancel dated 23.12.1915 Res £12
  12. M HOSPITAL SHIP “WARILDA”-Postcard of the ship in Red Cross livery described as the Armed Transport “WARILDA” addressed to Liverpool and cancelled by the SOUTHAMPTON “RECEIVED FROM” etc. in black ink on 22.9.1917 Res £30
  13. NAVAL TRANSPORT OFFICER / CAPE TOWN-Lovely oval cachet dated 20.5.1919 on a South African 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Bradford Res £22
  14. GERMAN NAVAL SHIP AT TANGIER-Postcard of the unidentified ship addressed to Germany with GEO VI 1½d TANGIER overprint tied by the d/ring cancel of the British Post Office dated 2.10.1937 Res £15
  15. GERMAN SUBMARINE U-35 A Postcard of the U-Boat addressed to Berlin with MOROCCO AGENCIES Overprint GEO V 2d & EDW VIII 1d Spanish Currency values tied by s/rings of the British Post Office at TETUAN on 8.4.1938. The Boat had a very short lived war, being scuttled in October 1939 with all the crew being rescued on the orders of Lord Mountbatten. She was also an unlucky Boat, being run over twice by ships, having been hit in 1939 by an aircraft and much more!! Lovely item-see illustrations Res £65
  16. HMS KENT-Airmail cover to Sussex with a block of 6 & a block of 4 GEO VI 1½d values tied by rubber cancels RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS dated 18.12.1939. At bottom left is the circular framed CENSORED ONBOARD H.M SHIPS/SGD……../DATE…………. with date 7.12.1939 inserted. She was at sea in the Indian Ocean at this time Res £25
  17. DIVISIONAL SEA TRANSPORT OFFICER/DATE/CAPE TOWN-Oval cachet on OHMS cover addressed to Cape Town with undated d/ring PAQUEBOT cancel struck nicely alongside the ON NAVAL SERVICE/OFFICIAL FREE/AFRICA STATION in blue. The cover has the embossed GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION, LONDON on the back flap Res £25
  18. JAPANESE SURRENDER-Souvenir cover from the 3rd Amphibious Force at Tokyo on 2.9.1945. The homemade cancel is TOKYO/BAY dated 2.9.1945 with framed slogan AMPHIBIOUS FORCES/U.S NAVY/FIRST TO LAND Res £22
  19. M.S EXCELLENT/DATE/WHALE ISLAND-Rubber cancel dated 1.5.1962 on longer OHMSW cover addressed to London cancelled by Portsmouth & Southsea machine dated the same day Res £12


  1. BOOK POST PAID-Printed on a 2d blue newspaper wrapper pre-addressed to Vienna from the North British & Mercantile Insurance Company of London. With stamp impression cancelled by a NPB cancel Res £25
  2. DAILY GRAPHIC-1/2 d Brown pictorial newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with an added ½d vermilion tied by a dumb NPB cancel Res £25
  3. HUNGARIAN 5g + 5g Postcards [joined] with the outer being addressed to FORT MONKTON, Gosport and the reply part addressed to Vienna and cancelled by a superb strike of the GOSPORT-320 four-bar duplex cancel dated 11.4.1896. Unusual for three countries to be involved here; Hungary, U.K and Austria Res £25
  4. SHAFTESBURY PLACE/BRIGHTON-S/ring cancel dated 13.11.1890 cancels ½d brown postcard from Clarke, Sharp and Co. to Emsworth Res £12
  5. STAMP DEALER-QV 3d vermilion postcard addressed to Sweden and cancelled by the three-bar duplex cancel CARDIFF-162 dated 30.12.1890. On the back is the cachet of H.G HARRISON, Stamp Dealer Res £20
  6. H SMITH & SON-Wrapper addressed to India with 6d violet embossed cancelled by an oval FB cancel Res £20
  7. THE POTTERY GAZETTE-Lovely 3d QV wrapper addressed to Staffordshire with the stamp impression cancelled by a dumb NPB cancel Res £25
  8. CADBURY BROTHERS-Very early reps calling/order card addressed to Winslow from Oxford with the EDW VII ½d blue-green impression cancelled by d/ring OXFORD on 8.3.1902 Res £22
  9. H SMITH & SON-EDW VII ½d blue-green wrapper addressed to the ORKNEY ISLANDS, cancelled by the less than common “S” within a diamond cancel dated 7.8.1902 Res £22
  10. IRELAND-EASON AND SON LTD [LATE W.H SMITH & SON] EDW VII ½d blue-green newspaper wrapper addressed to LEAP, Co. CORK, cancelled by the “S” within diamond cancel on 20.9.1902-see illustration Res £25
  1. MORRIS’S HAMS, BACON & LARD-Pink stock EDW VII ½d yellow-green pictorial advertising envelope showing a tin of their corned beef addressed within London, cancelled by LONDON S.E machine cancel dated 3.5.1907 Res £22
  2. IRELAND-GEO V 2d orange letter card addressed to London, cancelled by the d/ring DUNGIVEN/LONDONDERRY dated 22.9.1920 Res £22
  3. GEO V 2d envelope from G Street & Company of London addressed to the Herts & Essex Observer on 25.11.1922 with the triangular D/E.C in black struck on the front denoting a price decrease Res £30
  4. IMPERIAL BISCUIT WORKS, OSTERLY-Lovely pictorial GEO V ½d postcard addressed to Melksham, Wilts, cancelled by a HOUNSLOW machine on 18.5.1934 Res £18
  5. CADBURY BROTHERS-GEO VI 1d red reps calling/order card addressed to Hexham with added ½d orange perfin CB/B [Cadbury Brothers, Bournville] tied by NEWCASTLE machine cancel on 1.8.1951 Res £22
  6. LYONS & COMPANY LTD-Reps calling/order card addressed to Epsom from ACTON on 19.10.1953 with GEO VI ½d orange and 1½d green impressions cancelled by machine Res £22
  7. CADBURY BROTHERS-Reps calling/order card with adverts for Roses Chocolates, Milk Tray & Dairy Milk addressed within Burnley with GEO VI 2d brown tied by slogan cancel for Civil Defence on 20.9.1956 Res £20
  8. SAMPLE POST-Series of QEII Newspaper wrappers with “SAMPLES” printed at top left with dies as follows: 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, ½d + 2d and 1d + 1½d, all in mint condition [6] Res £22
  9. “FORCES PRINTED PAPERS”-Printed at top left on QEII stationery as follows: Postcards on white stock 1½d, 1d + 1½d; postcards on buff stock: 1½d and 1d + 1½d; Newspaper wrappers 1½d [white stock] and 1½d on buff stock [6] Res £22
  10. CADBURY LIMITED-4d red Machin reps calling/order card addressed to Bude & Stratton Urban District Council, Cornwall, cancelled by the PLYMOUTH Yellow Pages advert on 26.6.1970 Res £12


  1. MISSENT TO/BRISTOL STATION-The second only recorded example of the LARGE size cancel in black on the front of an entire from Germany and addressed to Bradford, Wilts, but sent to Bradford Yorks, arriving in BRADFORD, WILTS on 11.10.1854. On the back is the d/arc cancel BRISTOL STATION dated 10.10.1854 Res £175
  2. WHITMORE STATION-Scarce undated d/arc cancel in green ink on the back of a cover [with contents] addressed to Rugeley, via Newcastle, Staffs on 5.8.1853 Res £60
  3. FARNBORO’ STATION-023 Circular duplex cancel dated 8.6.1867 with index D ties a 1/- green from plate 4 to a cover addressed to Cape Town, arriving on 12.7.1867-see illustration Res £55
  4. WASHINGTON STATION-QV ½d violet postal stationery postcard addressed to Pickering, cancelled by one of two recorded B43 oval numeral cancels. Alongside is the s/ring WASHINGTON STATION dated 22.6.1871 with index C-see illustration Res £75
  5. EUSTON SQR STATION B.O/N.W-S/ring dated 11.11.1882 on QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Hamburg. The added 2½d blue is tied by an oval registered cancel of LONDON N.W dated the same day Res £30
  6. MINTLAW STATION-Cover addressed to Edinburgh with the 1d lilac tied by the Scots numeral cancel 248 and on the back is the s/ring MINTLAW STATION dated 4.2.1886-scarce used in conjunction with the s/ring station cancel, proving that this numeral was employed at the station Res £60
  7. GLOSTER STATION-S/ring cancel dated 7.11.1883 with index H ties 1d lilac to QV registered 2d postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Ledbury. I have only seen one other cover where this cancel ties a stamp to the cover-99.9% of the usage of this cancel is always as a back-stamp Res £25
  8. STRAFFAN STATION-Mourning cover to Ranelagh, Dublin with the 1d lilac tied by the 415 numeral cancel of the station. Alongside is the s/ring STRAFFAN/STATION dated 10.12.1886-see illustration Res £45
  9. REGISTERED/TUNBRIDGE STATION OFFICE-Oval registered cancel dated 16.9.1891 ties a 5d QV Jubilee value to a QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to BRAZIL-See illustration Res £45
  10. REGISTERED/ASHFORD STATION OFFICE-Oval cancel dated 20.12.1893 with index D cancels QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Hamburg-superb strike! Res £35
  11. NEW KILLEARN STATION-S/ring dated 2.1.1895 with index C on back of a mourning cover from Glasgow to Stirling Res £22
  12. WORTHING STATION B.O/WORTHING-Superb strike of the duplex cancel on stampless OHMS cover addressed to Angmering on 7.3.1895 Res £22
  13. OLD KILLEARN STATION-S/ring dated 5.11.1895 with index A on back of a cover to Stirling from Glasgow Res £22
  14. PARCEL POST LABEL From WASHINGTON STATION with QV 3d tied superbly by the s/ring cancel WASHINGTON STATION dated 22.8.1901 with index B. Further, superb strike alongside-see illustration Res £50
  15. PARCEL POST LABEL From the STATION SORTING OFFICE, HASTINGS Cancelled by s/ring HASTINGS dated 10.12.1902 after the station cancels were withdrawn-see illustration Res £40
  16. WINGATE STATION H49 Duplex cancel dated 10.8.1905 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £35
  17. KILDARE RAIL-S/ring transit/arrival mark on the back of a cover from Dublin addressed to the Deanery at Kildare on 1.9.1908 Res £30
  18. ST BLAZEY PAR STN/CWLL-Skeleton cancel dated 11.10.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £-see illustration Res £28
  19. ORPINGTON STATION/B.O/DATE/TIME/KENT-Black rubber cancel dated 8.4.1911 on underpaid, taxed postcard from India addressed to Chelsfield, Kent Res £25
  20. AUCHTERLESS/AUCHTERLESS STN/ABERDEENSHIRE-Black rubber cancel dated 27.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Gibraltar-the ONLY RECORDED Example of this cancel on cover or card Res £30
  21. WELLINGTON/COLLEGE STN-Skeleton cancel dated 16.3.1919 ties stamp to postcard-one of two known Res £30
  22. ORTON/ORTON STATION/MORAYSHIRE-Black rubber cancel dated 21.7.1919 ties stamp to postcard-one of only two recorded Res £30
  23. PARCEL POST LABEL From BEKESBOURNE STATION with GEO V 9d uncancelled, but with black rubber cancel BEKESBOURNE STATION/CANTERBURY alongside, dated 27.2.1920 Res £45
  24. PARCEL POST LABEL From SWANLEY JUNCTION With GEO V 2d & 1/- values tied by s/rings SWANLEY JUNCTION dated 20.1.1921-see illustration Res £45
  25. PARCEL POST LABEL From NEW WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON STATION with GEO V 2d x 2 tied by indistinct cancels dated 6.11.1914 Res £40
  26. TAUNTON STATION GREAT WESTERN RLY-S/ring dated 12.5.1921 struck on a communication from Paddington Station Res £22
  27. ST BUDEAUX STATION/DEVONPORT-D/ring dated 14.3.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  28. BOGSIDE/STATION/ALLOA-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 29.10.1926 ties stamp to postcard-a very scarce cancel with just one other recorded Res £45
  29. LONDON BRIDGE STN/SOUTHERN RLY S.E.1-S/rings dated 31.8.1963 ties stamps to EXPRESS Cover addressed to Poole Res £18
  30. STATION S.O BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/4-S/ring dated 1.7.1964 on stampless, unpaid taxed postcard from the Borough Engineers Office, Poole addressed to Broadstone with unframed LIABLE TO POSTAGE SURCHARGE/IMPERFECT METER FRANKING [no sign of the slightest part of a meter franking!!] with 1d & 4d postage dues tied by s/ring BROADSTONE/DORSET dated 2.7.1964 Res £8


  1. BRISTOL & SOUTH WALES JUNCTION RAILWAY-A superb impression embossed on a seal attached to part of a legal document, 1846 Res £25
  2. MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD & LINCOLNSHIRE RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Southwell, Notts with a strip of five x 1d reds from plate 81 tied by 498 numeral cancels of Manchester on 7.7.1865 Res £25
  3. EDINR-CARLISLE SORTING TENDER/+ Unframed circular cancel dated 11.2.1875 with index D on back of a cover from BRISTOL to Burntisland Res £12
  4. OCEAN, RAILWAY & GENERAL ACCIDENT ASSURANCE COMPANY-Railway and Steamboat only insurance ticket with 1d lilac affixed and tied by signature. At right is the punctured [perfin] date 18.5.1888 Res £15
  5. WHITEHAVEN & CARLISLE TIME BILL-Unused Time Bill from the 1890’s for use on the CARLISLE & WHITEHAVEN NIGHT MAIL Res £40
  6. NORTH WEST TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 17.1.1901 cancels a QV “Found Open and Officially Sealed label superbly Res £22
  7. PARCEL POST LABEL From HIGHAM FERRERS R.S.O cancelled by s/ring HIGHAM FERRERS dated 18.9.1902 Res £35
  8. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Correspondence postcard with s/line SEMLEY GOODS on the back, addressed locally to Shaftesbury with the EDW VII ½d blue-green perfin LS/WR and tied by the Shaftesbury duplex dated 25.9.1902 Res £10
  9. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 15.5.1905 with index D on a registered letters way bill-see following item Res £35
  10. ABERDEEN & ELGINC-S/ring dated 15.5.1905 with index U on a registered letter way bill-see previous lot Res £35
  11. LYNDHURSTS.O/HANTS-Skeleton cancel dated 26.4.1905 with index X ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  12. GRIMSBY & PETERBOROUGH/STG CARRIAGE-D/ring dated 24.12.1908 ties stamp to real photo postcard of SCREMBY MANOR Res £9
  13. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 7.4.1909 on EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope from Cheltenham to Chilworth Res £8
  14. PETERBOROUGH AND ELY/SORTING CARRIAGE-Scarce s/ring dated 8.6.1911 on postcard from Northampton addressed to Papworth St Agnes Res £50
  15. WHITEHAVEN S.C-Larger size s/ring dated 18.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard posted at DRIGG Station and comes with a modern photo of the wall box still in situ at the station Res £8
  16. WHITEHAVEN PRSTON T.P.O-D/ring dated 14.7.1931 ties a pair of GEO V 1d values to cover addressed to Manchester Res £10
  17. BALA R.S.O/MERIONETH-S/ring dated 24.7.1931 cancels a memorandum from the Stamp Office Res £10
  18. POST OFFICE SERVICE TELEGRAM-Small format telegram addressed to Ipswich [station], cancelled by the d/ring E.A.T.P.O UP/PETERBOROUGH SECT dated 6.7.1951. The message concerns the transfer of registered mail to and from the TPO-see illustration Res £25
  19. NORTH WESTERN TPO/NIGHT DOWN-D/rings dated 1.8.1955 cancels QRII 8½d registered envelope size G addressed to Whitehaven and the added 1/6d value. The blank registration label is similarly tied Res £18
  20. RAILEX-Block of six red on white gummed EXPRESS labels for use on RAILEX items-this block is the scarcer type with the addition of a space for the TRANSFER Station and the DESTINATION Station Res £12


  1. COVER Addressed to Bromley with SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Railway Letter Stamp with control 22562 and the added 1d lilac tied by duplex cancels BROMLRY/KENT-144 dated 13.6.1894 Res £75
  2. METROPOLITAN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Horsham, Sussex with the 2d red RLS and the added 1d lilac tied by LONDON N.W duplex cancels dated 25.4.1898. On the back is the s/ring HORSHAM/STATION OFFICE dated the next day Res £95
  3. MIDLAND RAILWAY-Ewen cover to London with 2d RLS with control 1992 and the added EDW VII 1d tied by LONDON N.W machine cancel dated 13.6.1905. Both are cancelled as well by ink crosses Res £65
  4. CLONTARF & HILL OF HOWTH TRAMWAY COMPANY-Very scarce parcel tickets; 2d, 3d, 4d & 6d in mint condition [4] Res £30
  5. DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS COMPANY-The scarcer large 5d green & 7d blue Prepaid Parcel Stamps in mint condition-see illustration Res £30
  6. DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS COMPANY-3d, 4d, 5d, 1/- & 5/- parcel tickets in mint condition [5] Res £35
  7. DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS COMPANY-1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d & 6d parcels tickets in mint condition [different styles to previous lots] [6] Res £35
  8. ISLE OF MAN STEAM PACKET COMPANY-Scarce prepaid 1d parcel stamp from Douglas with oval cancel dated 26.11.1935 Res £25
  9. ISLE OF MAN STEAM PACKET COMPANY-Equally scarce 1/3d parcel stamp from Douglas with oval cancel dated the same date-clearly from the same parcel Res £25
  10. SOMERSET & DORSET RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 12 4d RLS with controls A7853 to 7864 in mint condition-imperf around borders Res £25


  1. SOUTH AFRICA ROYAL VISIT-Registered cover addressed locally within Cape Town with the three blocks of four Royal Visit stamps cancelled by framed cancel MAIL OFFICE.DATE/HMS “VANGUARD” dated 6.3.1947. Centrally is struck the d/ring CAPE TOWN dated the same day Res £35
  2. CORONATION NAVAL REVIEW, 1902-Postcard of the GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY Company’s S.S “STAVELEY” addressed to HARBURY from the Isle of Wight on 27.6.1902. The sender tells of the “delightful excursion etc.”-see illustration of a scarce card and usage Res £30
  3. ROYAL VISIT TO THE U.S.A-Illustrated cover to Stanley Gibbons in London with 2c stamp tied by the ROYAL TRAIN R.P.O/U.S.A-RAILWAY/MAIL/ SERVICE machine cancel dated 8.6.1939 Res £12
  4. ABERGELDIE CASTLE/ABERDEEN-Skeleton cancel dated 20.8.1955 ties 1d & 1½d Wildings to cover addressed to Manchester. Comes with a piece from the Manchester Guardian telling of the sale of work taking place at the Castle on that day only Res £22
  5. ROYAL MAIL/POSTAGE PAID/HIGHGROVE HOUSE/TETBURY GL8 8TN 1st class crowned mark on cover to St Albans on 19.4.2004. At left is the EIIR Cypher in black ink Res £8
  6. EIIR BUCKINGHAM PALACE / SW1A 1AA-2-ROYAL MAIL / POSTAGE PAID G.B/W7047 2nd class meter cancel dated 8.3.2011 on cover to Telford Res £8


  1. WALLINGTON, Under Sutton, Surrey-Blue London label cancelled by s/ring WALLINGTON on 20.6.1903-no stamps affixed Res £12
  2. WALLINGTON, Under Sutton-White label cancelled by s/ring WALLINGTON on 13.11.1906-no stamps affixed Res £12
  3. FAIR ISLE, Under Lerwick-PPL From here with EDW VII 1d & 3d values tied by LERWICK target parcel cancel only-no other cancels-see illustration Res £75
  4. BELMONT, SUTTON-Blue London label cancelled by s/ring BELMONT/SUTTON SURREY dated 14.8.1908-no stamps affixed Res £12
  5. CLARK GREEN, BATLEY-PPL From here with framed COACH/ROAD-BORNE in a black & red ink with CLARK GREEN/BATLEY s/ring dated 11.8.1908 alongside-no stamps affixed Res £15
  6. DIABAIG, Under DINGWALL-PPL From here with a pair of GEO V 4d values tied by s/rings DIALBAIG dated 8.12.1916-alongside is a further cancel Res £25
  7. ELPHIN, Under Lairg-PPL From here with GEO V 3d & 7d values tied by rubber cancels ELPHIN/LAIRG dated 9.11.1917 Res £25
  8. STRATHY Under Thurso-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by d/ring STRATHY/ THURSO dated 7.3.1918 Res £25
  9. ACHILTIBUIE Under Dingwall-PPL From here with a pair of GEO V 4d values tied by d/rings ACHILTIBUIE GARVE/ROSS-SHIRE dated 19.12.1917 Res £25
  10. NORTH ERRADALE, Under Dingwall-PPL From here with a GEO V 1/- tied by s/ring NORTH ERRADALE/ROSS-SHIRE dated 23.11.1918 Res £25
  11. TOMINTOUL, Under Grantown-on-Spey-PPL From here with GEO V 9d black tied by s/ring TOMINTOUL/BANFFSHIRE dated 7.10.1918 Res £25
  12. SCOURIE, Under Lairg-PPL From here with GEO V 3d & 9d black tied by s/rings SCOIRIE dated 12.4.1919 Res £25
  13. SHEILDAIG, Under Dingwall-PPL From here with GEO V 1/- tied by s/ring SHIELDAIG STRATHCARRON/ROSS-SHIRE dated 1.12.1919 [note the two spellings of SHEIDAIG & SHIELDAIG on the cancel against that on the PPL Res £28
  14. BLANK LABEL With GEO V 1/- tied by s/ring ALLIGIN dated 26.12.1919 and with a further strike alongside Res £28
  15. BLANK LABEL With GEO V 9d black tied by s/ring FORT AUGUSTUS dated 19.2.1920 Res £25
  16. BREAKISH, ISLE OF SKYE, Under Kyle-PPL From here with GEO V 6d & 9d black tied by s/rings BREAKISH BROADFORD/SKYE dated 4.11.1920-see illustration Res £45
  17. DALHALVAIG, Under Thurso-PPL From here with GEO V 3d & 1/- values tied by d/rings DALHAL VAIG/SUTHERLAND dated 31.1.1921 Res £28
  18. BERRIEDALE, Under Wick-PPL From here with a pair of GEO V 9d black values tied by d/rings BERRIDALE/697 dated 5.11.1921 Res £28

RUBBER CABCELS [violet unless stated]

  1. WHATLEY/FROME-Cancel dated 1.1.1894 as a receiver on a printed and registered MONEY LETTER addressed to the postmaster. No idea where it had been as it is cancelled by s/ring FROME/M.O & S.B s/ring dated 16.12.1893-see illustration Res £25
  2. WEST HARPTREE/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 20.10.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. SHOTESHAM/NORWICH-Cancel dated 24.11.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. ALLERTHORPE/YORK-Cancel dated 14.9.1907 with serif lettering on postcard from there with the stamp tied by LONDON d/ring dated the following day Res £10
  5. WREAY/CARLISLE-Cancel dated 19.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. PIRTON/HITCHIN-UNDATED Cancel on blank registration label affixed to OHMS cover addressed to Luton. On the back is the dated version for 25.2.1911 Res £10
  7. LONGBRIDGE DEVERILL/WARMINSTER-Cancel dated 23.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. WHIXLEY/YORK-Cancel dated 26.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. CLYFFE/DORCHESTER-Black cancel dated 25.3.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. ALDWORTH/READING-Black cancel dated 16.4.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. BIRCHMOOR/TAMWORTH-Black cancel dated 23.11.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. ASH/WHITCHURCH-Black cancel dated 12.3.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. LYDART/MONMOUTH-Black cancel dated 16.8.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. BARTLETT STREET/BATH/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 23.3.1931 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to Chepstow Res £20
  15. SARNAU/LLANYMYNECH/MONT-Black cancel dated 15.1.1934 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. BURNLEY/2-Super strike of the unframed traveller dated 22.7.1845 on the back of an entire addressed to Clitheroe with 1d red tied by 1844 numeral cancel 150 of Burnley-see illustrations Res £65
  2. PATRICROFT-Cancel dated 23.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. MORTIMER/READING-Cancel dated 11.4.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. DALTON IN FURNESS-Cancel dated 5.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. JARROW-The less common 23mm skeleton cancel dated 22.10.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. PEMBURY/TUNBRIDGE WELLS-Cancel dated 16.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. GRANGE OVER SANDS-Cancel dated 21.4.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. GUISBOROUGH-Cancel dated 28.10.1910 with index H ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. GRANGE OVER SANDS-Much bigger cancel dated 2.8.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. PIER PAVILION/LLANDUDNO-Cancels dated 21.9.1962 ties stamps to registered cover posted from the LIBERAL PARTY CONFERENCE [see also exhibition section] Comes with certificate of posting with same cancel Res £30


  1. DEREHAM-Cancel dated 12.6.1882 with index H cancels ½d brown postal stationery postcard Res £8
  2. MARK LANE E.C-Cancels tie ½d green & 2 x 1d lilacs to cover addressed to Paris on 9.3.1887 Res £12
  3. HIGHGATE N-Arrival mark dated 2.5.1890 with index AZ on ½d pink postal stationery postcard-see illustration Res £60
  4. ROCK FERRY/BIRKENHEAD-Cancel dated 2.3.1894 with index F3 on ½d brown postcard Res £12
  5. ALFRETON-Cancel dated 30.11.1895 with index D ties stamp to card Res £12
  6. CASTLEGATE B.O/MACCLESFIELD-Cancel dated 30.6.1896 with index F ties stamp to card Res £25
  7. NEWBRIDGE/CORNWALL-Cancel dated 20.9.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  8. RILLINGTON-Cancel dated 26.6.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  9. ST TUDY-Cancel dated 24.5.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  10. ETCHINGHAM-Cancel dated 21.12.1910 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £22


  1. POSTED IN ADVANCE/M.R/1904/FOR DELIVERY ON XMAS DAY-OVAL Cancel tied stamp to postcard addressed to Oldham Res £45
  2. POSTED IN ADVANCE/M.R/1905/FOR DELIVERY ON XMAS DAY-Oval cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed to Kendal Res £45
  3. MANCHESTER19X06/MAS-Circular framed cancel for Christmas 1906 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Hulme Res £45
  4. BIRKENHEAD/19X08/MAS-Circular framed cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed to Tavistock, Devon Res £85
  5. POSTED IN ADVANCE FOR DELIVERY ON XMAS DAY-Selection on piece and two stamps including GLASGOW 1904, MANCHESTER machine cancels for 1907, 08 & 09 and WARRINGTON etc Res £25


  1. 86 BLACKBURN-Obvious 2VOS ties 1d lilac to registered cover addressed to Manchester on 9.10.1886-see illustration Res £25
  2. 134 BRISTOL-3HOS on postcard from Windsor dated 25.2.1908 addressed to Clifton Res £8
  3. 447 HYDE PARK CORNER B.O/LEEDS-3VOD dated 29.10.1899 ties stamp to plain postcard Res £9
  4. 738 BYFIELD-3VOD dated 28.6.1879 ties 1d red to cover Res £6
  5. F58 PONERS END-3VOD dated 7.11.1899 ties 1d lilac to OHMS cover addressed to Brierley Hill Res £8
  6. G24 CARKE IN CARTMEL-4VOD dated 2.11.1885 cancels ½d brown postcard Res £8
  7. G52 BECKERMET-3VOD dated 8.8.1898 ties 1d lilac to cover Res £8
  8. G53 FRIZINGTON-3VOD dated 17.10.1901 cancels 1d pink envelope Res £7
  9. K41 SWINTON/LANC-3VOD dated 13.6.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  10. K64 LINDAL-3VOD dated 24.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £22


  1. 1709-Entire letter written from BRIGSTOCK on 19.1.1709 and addressed to “Mr Tho Shotbolt at his house in Hitchen in Hartford Shear by ye waye of London” with a very good and early s/line cancel WEL.N.BOROUGH on the back in black ink. Why a letter from Brigstock should come to be posted in Wellingborough is anyone’s guess!! See illustration Res £300
  2. 1720 Entire latter addressed to The Duke of Montagu at Montagu House, London on 5.6.1720 with a superb KETTA/RING cancel on the back-the earliest recorded example of this mark-see illustration Res £350
  3. 1766 Entire addressed to Woburn with very good NEWPORT/PAGNEL on the back in black ink Res £50
  4. MILNTHORPE/PENNY POST-Framed mark in black at top right of entire addressed to Kirby Lonsdale. The framed No.2 receiving house mark of FLOOKBOROUGH at bottom Res £35
  5. HOUNSLOW-1834 Entire addressed to Tetbury with superb undated d/arc HOUNSLOW at top right Res £22
  6. BLACK IRISH “PAID” Mark dated 20.1.1836 on free front addressed to Carlisle from MONASTEREVEN Res £45
  7. HALESWORTH-Superb strike of the undated d/arc cancel in a red ink at top right of wrapper addressed to Saxmundham on 16.9.1837. At top left is an equally good manuscript 4 Res £15
  8. PETERBOROUGH-Entire written from CROWLAND to Burghley, Stamford on 4.8.1840 with a manuscript 1 in red and the framed PETER/BOROUGH/PENNY POST in a nice red-orange colour. At top right is the framed No.3 receiving house mark Res £35
  9. CONSERVATIVE PARTY Communication dated soliciting votes addressed to BARTON HARTSHORN [Bucks] but sent instead to BARTON near KETTERING on 15.6.1841. At top is the manuscript “NO SUCH PERSON AT BARTON, NEAR KETTERING” Res £30
  10. WAFER SEAL-Entire from PETERBOROUGH to PARIS, prepaid 10d cancelled by d/arc cancel dated 10.8.1841. On the back is a black embossed wafer seal “YOU DESERVE A GOOD THRASHING” Wording around a sheaf of corn-nice item-opens up nicely to display Res £50
  1. ISLE OF WIGHT/FORWARDING AGENT-Entire addressed to London from the Forwarding Agents, William Stuart Day Ross & Company of Cowes on 29.9.1842. Willcocks lists him as a Forwarding Agent in Southampton at this time and doesn’t mention the Isle of Wight-perhaps this was an error, or a second office on the island Res £35
  2. UNIVERSAL PENNY POST-Two different hand-struck 1d marks of THRAPSTON on an entire to Hemingford Mills on 17.3.1841 [large type] and the smaller type on a part entire dated 26.1.1841 [2] Res £75
  3. WALES-Wrapper addressed to CHEPSTOW from London on 15.6.1844 with undated d/arc RAGLAND in black on the back flap alongside d/arcs of MONMOUTH dated 17.6.1844 Res £22
  4. STRIP OF FOUR 1d red stars tied to cover addressed to Market Harborough by circular sideways duplex cancels of LEICESTER dated 26.12.1859 with index E Res £25
  5. STRIP OF SIX 1d red stars [plate 48] on neat little cover addressed to Saxony, via Belgium and tied by circular duplex cancels of SLOUGH dated 3.9.1863-see illustration Res £75
  6. IRELAND-Large part wrapper [good from the front] addressed to GUALALAJARA with a 1/- green from plate 1 tied by a very neat Irish duplex cancel of BELFAST dated 23.10.1864. Alongside is a very good strike of a hollow figure 2 in blue-green ink Res £45
  7. LONDON TO PALERMO-Entire with 6d purple from plate 8 tied very nicely by the LONDON E.C-72 duplex cancel dated 4.4.1870 Res £28
  8. KINGSTON ON THAMES-Folded advertisement to be inserted into the Surrey Advertiser on 17.2.1875 addressed to London with ½d Bantam plate 6 tied by superb four-bar duplex cancel KINGSTON ON THAMES-422 dated the same day Res £22
  9. GOVAN-Cover addressed to Denmark with ½d Bantam from plate 13 and a pair of 1d reds from plate 218 tied by Scots duplex cancels GOVAN-397 dated 9.2.1880 Res £30
  10. REGISTERED COVER TO PARIS With a block of six and two single 2d lilacs with a ½d slate blue tied by indistinct London numeral cancels on 29.5.1895 –catalogued at over £700 on cover!!! Res £40
  11. LONDON/N.P.B HOSTER Cancel without date [date replaced by three * and a hollow five-pointed star] ties a ½d Slate blue with perfin W&S of Waterlow & Sons to a pictorial acknowledgment card dated 15.10.1885 addressed to Ashbourne [card cost £200 in 1983] See illustration Res £300
  12. EXPRESS MAIL-Neat little cover addressed within RAMSGATE with QV 3d tied by s/ring RAMSGATE/M.O & S.B dated 30.3.1897-see illustration Res £30
  13. ISLE OF WIGHT-Telegram handed in at Berkley, Oxon cancelled by s/ring YARMOUTH/ OF. WIGHT dated 15.3.1904 Res £9
  14. SOMERSET-Neat little cover addressed to Switzerland with EDW VII 5d tied by lovely s/ring thimble cancel CHEDDAR dated 18.10.1906 Res £25
  15. MOURNING COVER-Diplomatic mail from the Belgian Ambassador in London to the Belgian Legation in WARSAW with GEO V 2½d Silver Jubilee value tied by LONDON S.W.1 machine cancel dated 12.9.1935 Res £18
  16. EXPRESS MAIL - REDIRECTED Cover incoming from CZECHOSLOVAKIA addressed firstly to SOUTHAMPTON on 29.7.1938 where a GEO V 6d was affixed for redirection to BECCLES, Suffolk and tied by a s/ring SOUTHAMPTON/10 on 1.8.1938 Res £25
  17. HOYLAKE WIRRAL/CHESH-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 7.10.1939 on telegram with envelope addressed locally Res £8
  18. FIRST DAY OF THE WWII 2 ½d RATE-Cover addressed to Bakewell with GEO VI 2½d tied by SHEFFIELD “POST EARLY IN THE DAY” Slogan dated 1.5.1940 Res £12
  19. TIPTON STAFFS/1d/PAID/GREAT BRITAIN-Red inked circular cancel dated 9.10.1946 on commercial cover to Spalding Res £7
  20. ROYAL WEDDING ILLUSTRATED Souvenir FDC pre-addressed to Poste Restante, Charing Cross with a pair of GEO VI values tied by the LONDON W.C “E-P” wedding slogan dated 20.11.1947 Res £8
  21. 1964 STRIKE POST-Covers with dates removed from the cancels from HOUNSLOW, BARNSLEY [2], BRIGHTON and a registered letter allowed through during the strike, cancelled by UPPINGHAM ROAD LEICESTER dated 6.7.1964 [5] Res £20
  22. “DESTROY/RATS” Red inked cachet on small OHMS window envelope from the Man at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food at Huntingdon on 209.12.1967 Res £5
  23. PAYMENT FOR REDIRECTION OF MAIL-Post Office form with 6 x 7½p 1973 cricket values and a 5p definitive tied by s/rings HOLLINGWOOD CHESTERFIELD DYS/2 dated 25.6.1973 Res £9
  24. PARCEL FORCE DESPATCH CERTIFICATE with 30p & £1 values tied by self-inking datestamp cancels HORSHAM WEST SUSSEX/POST OFFICE dated 17.5.1998 Res £5
  25. FIRST CLASS SMALL PARCEL Label with a value of £3.40 printed in black and red on white. Comes with a REJECTED POSTAGE LABEL RECEIPT dated 30.6.2017 for this label Res £7


  1. ADEN-POSTCARD ADDRESSED TO France with Indian EDW VII 1 Anna tied by partial ADEN CAMP d/ring dated 8.2.1904. Alongside is the s/ring ADEN with, alongside that, the framed TOO LATE Res £22
  2. ADEN, QU’AITI STATE OF SHIHR & MUKALLA-Registered, Censored cover to Glasgow with 8 Anna tied by d/ring MUKALLA dated 10.2.1943. At left is the Aden censor tape [PC22] and at top left the MUKALLA, ADEN registration label with number altered to 5533 from 4533 Res £22
  3. ALBANIA-Cover from BRINDISI, Italy dated 19.5.1914 with Albanian postage dues 5q, 2 x 10q and a 1 Grosch overprint, all with violet T overprints tied by d/ring cancels of VLONE dated 22.5.1914 Res £35
  4. AUSTRALIA-Cover with letter from a Royal Marine serving on board HMS TAURANGA at Sydney, dated 27.3.1893 who is in his way to remote islands to try natives for Murder. Res £45
  5. AUSTRALIA-Collection of TATTERSALLS Horse Racing fliers, all dated during the 1899 season; all are in pristine condition and mounted on album pages. Twenty-one [21] of these, a history “Tattersalls and the Post Office” and two covers etc. Very nice lot Res £45
  6. BAHAMAS-“SEA FLOOR/BAHAMAS” Oval cancel dated 6.5.1940 ties 4d to cover addressed to New York. At bottom left is the unframed POSTED IN WILLIAMSON PHOTOSPHERE/AT BOTTOM OF SEA, NEAR NASSAU/IN THE BAHAMAS Res £12
  7. BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE-Overprint on GEO V 1d tied to postcard addressed to Belgium by s/ring MAGALAPYE/B.P dated 4.7.1914 Res £22
  8. BOTSWANA-UNDERPAID POSTAGE DUE Cover from South Africa to Gaberone with a strip of three 1t Zebra values used as postage dues & tied by d/rings dated 7.1.1980 Res £15
  9. BOTSWANA-Underpaid postage due cover from South Africa with 2 x 5t bird issue used as postage dues and tied by FRANCISTOWN d/ring dated 5.8.1981 Res £15
  10. BRITISH GUIANA-Postcard of Charlestown addressed to Kent with 1c tied by large s/ring MAHAICONY dated 6.4.1905. Below is a 1d/I.S tax mark Res £22
  11. BURMA-Indian GEO V 1 Anna postal stationery envelope with BURMA overprint addressed to India with d/ring cancel MOULMEIN dated 7.9.1940. On the back is the 9 Pies blue GEO VI value, similarly tied Res £22
  12. BURMA-UNPAID Airmail cover to the U.K with GEO VI 6p, 2 x 2 Annas and an 8 Anna value affixed and cordoned by red ink. Alongside is the manuscript OBSOLETE STAMPS-USELESS. At top is the horseshoe RANGOON/DUE/AS with 70c indicated and on the back, the machine cancel of Rangoon dated 2.12.1947 Res £15
  13. CAMEROONS-Registered cover to London with Nigerian 3d x 3 & 1/- value tied by skeleton cancels BATIBO/CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 13.7.1960-nice item!! Res £20
  14. CAMEROONS-Postcard addressed to Reading with GEO VI 1d [2 types], 2½d & 4d values tied by skeleton cancels BALI CAMEROONS/U.U.K.T dated 6.10.1951. On the back is the s/ring BAMENDA TELEGRAPHS/CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 12.10.1951 Res £22
  15. CANADA-VERY SCARCE [two known] framed cancel in violet ink “UNION STEAMSHIP Co. OF B.C LTD / STR ”COWICHAN” / NANAIMO, UNION, COMOX/EVERY/ SATURDAY AND SUNDAY” ties EDW VII 2c to postcard addressed to York, U.K Circa 1910-comes with article from the TPO & Seapost Journal-See illustration Res £85
  16. CHINA/WWII-Cover from SEVENOAKS posted in London on 22.10.1941 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink at top left-see illustration Res £65
  17. COCOS ISLAND-Scarce BARREL MAIL Commercial cover addressed to the island from London with a pair of GEO VI 1/- values tied by ROTHERHITHE machine cancel dated 28.11.1950. On the back is the unframed circular ORION/BARREL in violet ink and the framed COCOS/-5 JAN 51 in the same colour. Comes with full write-up and postcard of the ORION-See illustration Res £150
  18. CROATIA-Unpaid, stampless cover from SOSNOVI dated 29.6.1941 with a strip of 4 x 1d Croatia overprint postage dues tied by s/rings SLAVONSKI BROD dated 1.7.1941 Res £20
  19. FAEROE ISLANDS-Registered, Censored cover addressed to New York with Danish stamps [4] and the 20 Ore surcharge of the British Occupation tied by d/rings THORSHAVN/SPIS FAEROSK KLIPFISK dated 22.9.1942 Res £30
  20. GAMBIA-ROYAL NAVAL 1d CONCESSION RATE Cover addressed to Clifton, Bristol with 1d lilac tied by PLYMOUTH-620 duplex cancel dated 1.4.1894. At top is the endorsement of the Seaman serving on board HMS RALEIGH, BATHURST. At left is the signature of his commanding officer-see illustration Res £85
  1. GERMANY USED IN HUNGARY DURING WWI-Printed MONEY ORDER Envelope addressed to Germany with a pair of 10Pf values tied by unframed FELDPOSTUMSCHLAGSTELLE / 15r ARMEE / BUDAPEST 72 in violet ink in November 1916. On the back are two superb, intact pictorial Hungarian wax seals Res £25
  2. GOLD COAST-Registered cover addressed within ACCRA with GEO VI 10/- tied by oval registered cancel dated 8.2.1945-see illustration Res £40
  3. GRENADA-Underpaid airmail cover from Barbados with 8c tied by slogan cancel on 3.5.1962. At left is the T tax mark and the 8c postage due applied in Grenada and tied by s/ring SAUTEURS/GRENADA B.W.I dated 17.7.1962 Res £22
  4. HAMBURG-Wrapper addressed to FLENSBURG with a purple 1¼Pf tied by blue inked s/ring ST P.A HAMBURG dated 2.10.1886. On the back is the s/ring HOLST E.B.P.SP.B dated the same day with 3 ZUG. Also the arrival mark of Flensburg dated the following day-see illustration Res £45
  5. HELIGOLAND-Gruss Aus card addressed to Hamburg with QV 1½d-10Pf tied by dated d/arc cancel dated 3.8.1890 Res £35
  6. INDO CHINA-Registered Express airmail cover addressed to TROYES, France with CANTON 16 CENTS overprint surcharge values x 2 and 30 & 40 cent pictorials tied by s/rings HA-GIANG/TONKIN dated 8.10.1930. Carried on the first return flight of the fortnightly service from BANDOENG to AMSTERDAM-See illustration Res £65
  7. ISRAEL-Forerunner cover with 3c green stamp tied by Hebrew language cancel with a fine example of the NAHARIYA MUNICIPALITY Revenue label tied on arrival, 1948. This label was affixed on payment of the delivery fee on incoming mail Res £25
  8. U.T-Censored, registered airmail cover to New York with GEO VI 10c, 2 x 2/- and the 10/- value all tied by d/ring registered cancels of DAR-Res-SALAAM dated 28.3.1945. Cover has both British & U.S censor markings or tape Res £50
  9. U.T-“CONSULAR MAIL” Registered airmail addressed to the Dutch Consul in Pretoria with GEO VI 5c x 2, 1/-, 3/-, 5/- and 70c on South African 1/- tied by registered cancels of MOMBASA dated 9.3.1943. The economy label is tied by the cachet of the Dutch Consul, Mombasa Res £35
  1. LATVIA-CONCENTRATION CAMP MAIL-Cover addressed to a Slave Labourer at LAGER 8 at BRAUNSCHWEIG, a sub-camp of the MEUENGAMME Concentration Camp. With 12Rpf German Hitler stamp with OSTLAND overprint tied by d/ring KANDAVA dated 14.5.1943 Res £25
  2. LEVANT, BRITISH-Prices Current from ODESSA to MALTA, Via the British Post Office at Constantinople with the unframed circular mark on the back dated 12.9.1860 with index A below the date. Alongside is the MALTA receiver dated 19.9.1860 Res £35
  3. LEVANT, BRITISH-Luggage/baggage label addressed to Switzerland with QV ½d vermilion [no overprint] and the 40 PARA overprint tied by the F87 vertical numeral of SMYRNA. Alongside the stamps is the GLARUS arrival mark dated 3.5.1897 Res £35
  4. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to Germany with 40 PARA surcharge overprint tied by the less common vertical “C” barred oval. On the back is the s/ring of the British Post Office, Constantinople dated 26.11.1892 with index C-see illustration Res £40
  5. LEVANT, BRITISH-MAIL DELAYED BY QUARANTINE-Postcard to Switzerland with 1d lilac tied by s/ring of the Constantinople office dated 9.7.1900. Below is the further s/ring strike dated 23.7.1900, both with index A. The card was delayed due to, as the writer says, “LE PESTE” who also indicates that the disease spread from the market area-a scarce item of quarantine mail-see illustration Res £75
  6. LEVANT, BRITISH-Envelope addressed to London with 1 Piastre EDW VII overprint tied by the s/ring of the British Post Office, Smyrna dated 17.8.1909 with the zero missing from the datestamp. The 9 is so placed that this was intentional Res £25
  7. LEVANT, BRITISH/PERFIN-Registered cover to Penzance with EDW VII 1½d LEVANT overprint and 2 x 1 Piastre overprints with one of the 1 Piastre and the 1½d stamp perfin B.I.O of the Imperial Ottoman Bank tied by s/rings of the British Post Office, Constantinople dated 18.3.1909 Res £35
  8. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover pre-addressed to Leeds with EDW VII 1¼ Piastre surcharge value tied by s/ring of the British Post Office, Smyrna dated 4.1.1910 Res £25
  9. LEVANT, BRITISH-Printed paper rate, unsealed letter rate cover to London with GEO V ½d LEVANT overprint tied by the s/ring of the British Post Office, Smyrna dated 20.12.1913. The envelope is endorsed “Card Only” Res £22
  1. LIECHTENSTEIN-Stampless unpaid cover from Switzerland cancelled by d/ring BAHNPOST/AMBULANT dated 2.3.1955 with trip 173. Taxed in Switzerland, there is a 15 & 25c postage due tied by d/ring of TRIESEN dated 3.3.1955 Res £22
  2. MALAWI/POSTAL STRIKE-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Southampton with the 30t on 3/- value with the overprint SPECIAL/UNITED/KINGDOM/DELIVERY/SERVICE and the 8t value tied by LIMBE C.S.O d/ring dated 1.3.1971. On arrival in the U.K, the RANDALL POSTAL SERVICE 15p & a black on red label S.A.D.S tied by the CHELSEA local post cancel Res £18
  3. MALAYA, PERAK-$5 POSTAL ORDER With added 4c, 5c & 25c values tied by d/ring CENTRAL ACCOUNTS OFFICE/MALAYA dated 11.2.1939. At right is the issuing office cancel KAMPAR/M.O dated 9.2.1939 and at left is the receipt office cancel IPOH/M.O & S.B dated 10.2.1939-see illustration Res £95
  4. MALAYA, PERAK-$1 POSTAL ORDER With added 2c & 40c values tied by the CENTRAL ACCOUNTS OFFICE/MALAYA dated 21.12.1939. At right is the issuing office d/ring cancel IPOH/POST OFFICE dated 12.12.1939 and at left, the receipt office d/ring G.P.O/PENANG dated 18.12.1939 Res £95
  5. MALAYA, KELANTAN-Registered airmail cover to the U.K with $5 Silver Wedding value tied by s/ring KOTA BHARU/KELANTAN dated 27.2.1949-ee illustration Res £65
  6. MAURITIUS-EDW VII 6 cents postal stationery envelope addressed to Durban with added pair of 6c values tied by s/line PAQUEBOT cancels of POINT, Natal on 3.7.1909. Also tying the stamps is the unframed mark “THIS LETTER WAS RECEIVED/PER SHIPS BOX/THE UNION CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP Co, LTD/NATAL AGENCY, DURBAN” in violet ink. Carried by the TINTAGEL CASTLE-See illustration Res £125
  7. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Airmail cover to Hamburg with French Currency GEO V 90c and a vertical pair of 3 Francs on2/6d Seahorses tied by d/rings of the British Post Office at CASABLANCA on 15.10.1934-see illustration Res £65
  8. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Commercial airmail cover to London with 5 x Silver Jubilee 2½d and a single 1d Agencies British Currency values tied by s/ring cancels of the British Post Office, LARACHE dated 8th May 1935 THE FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. On the back, due to a lack of space are two further 1d Silver Jubilee values tied by the d/ring of the British P.O at Tangier on the same day-see illustration Res £200
  9. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Commercial airmail cover addressed to London with seven [7] of the French Currency 2½d Silver Jubilee values and a pair of the 9d green values tied by d/rings of the British Post Office, CASABLANCA dated 1.7.1935 Res £45
  10. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Lovely registered cover addressed to Belgium with GEO V 5/- Seahorse with 6 Franc overprint tied by a superb strike of the oval registered cancel of the British P.O in CASABLANCA dated 17.1.1936-see illustration Res £95
  11. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Commercial registered cover addressed to Yorkshire with Spanish currency GEO V 5c, 20c & a pair of 25c values tied by oval registered cancels of the British P.O., LARACHE dated 16.6.1936 Res £35
  12. NEW HEBRIDES-Cover with contents addressed to the UK from DEVONPORT, NEW ZEALAND written at sea on the way to TANNA, an Island in present day VANUATU from a Royal Marine on board HMS TAURANGA dated 8.9.1893 and on the way to deliver mail to Missionaries on the Islands Res £45
  13. NEW HEBRIDES-Cover addressed to NOUMEA with French 10c value overprinted NOUVELLES/HEBRIDES/CONDOMINIUM tied by s/ring VILA/NEW HEBRIDES English cancel dated 27.11.1910. On the back is the New Caledonia d/ring receiver dated 7.12.1910 Res £75
  14. NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to Dunedin with 2d plum tied by s/ring TEMURA dated 8.8.1898. On the back is the s/ring NZ/R.P.O DN/N dated the same day with index 2. Alongside is a further TPO cancel of Christchurch dated the same day also Res £22
  15. NEW ZEALAND-Complete sheet of 10 Publicity labels for the QUEENSTOWN area, Circa 1935 Res £18
  16. NEW ZEALAND-State Fire and Accident Insurance Office window envelope with 2d pictorial overprinted OFFICIAL tied by Christchurch “Health Camps” slogan dated March 1942 Res £15
  17. NEW ZEALAND-Censored cover addressed to the U.S.A with GEO VI 3d tied by LYTTLETON cancel dated 14.4.1943. The P.C 90 “Opened By Examiner/D.D.A./10” censor tape is at left; a small portion of which has been removed by the Censor to allow the full appearance of the superbly struck, framed PACKET BOAT in violet ink Res £30
  18. NEW ZEALAND-Cover from NEPAL addressed within Kathmandu with stamps tied by d/ring in May 1977. At top left is the framed ATTEMPT ABANDONED/AT 26,000 FT/ MAY 16 1977 in red ink. The cover is also signed by all eight members of the failed Everest Expedition Res £25
  19. NIGERIA-Airmail cover to SWEDEN with a strip of three and a pair of 6d U.P.U values tied by d/ring cancels LAGOS dated 21.9.1950 Res £12
  20. NORWAY/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from NORTH SHIELDS addressed to FREDERIKSSTAD with 3 x 1d lilacs tied by duplex cancels on 31.1.1892. On the back are 2 x 1 Ore and single 10 & 20 Ore values tied by FREDERIKSSTAD d/rings dated 4.2.1892 Res £35
  21. ESTONIA TO NORWAY TO LONDON-Cover from NARWA, Estonia to Christiana dated 30.4.1921 and then redirected to London with a pair of 20 Ore values added for onwards transmission to London on 6.5.1921 Res £25
  22. NORWAY-Postcard of the R.M.S “SAMARIA” addressed to Wimborne, Dorset with GB GEO V 1½d tied by ALESUND machine cancel dated 1.8.1934 and by the large framed PAQUEBOT cancel in violet ink Res £22
  23. NORWAY-Underpaid cover from Portsmouth to Oslo with Coronation value tied by d/ring cancel on 14.6.1937. Taxed 20c in London, the pair of 12 Ore definitive with black circular framed T tax marks tied by d/ring OSLO dated 16.6.1937 Res £22
  24. NORWAY WWII Airmail cover addressed to London on the DAY BEFORE THE GERMAN INVASION with stamps tied by the OSLO slogan cancel dated 8.4.1940. The cover was received in London on the 29th April where it was censored and sealed with P.C 66 censor tape 3289 Res £25
  25. POLAND-Cover addressed to POZNAN with Polish tamps and two German stamps, one with a 5 surcharge in red and the other with a surcharge in green tied by d/ring GNIEZNO dated 10.2.1919. An endorsement on the envelope in pencil urges these stamps ONLY to be bought if on cover and passed through the post. See illustration of this cover with huge catalogue value Res £200
  26. RUSSIA-Registered airmail cover to Berlin with the imperf airmail values 5, 10, 15 & 20k overprints tied by MOSCOW cancels dated 5.9.1924. Hinge mark on front and a further 10k overprint on the back, similarly tied Res £25
  27. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard to Cheshire with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring PENDEMBU dated 22.3.1913 and with a FREETOWN transit mark dated 25.3.1913 below Res £15
  28. SOMALILAND-Registered cover to the U.S.A with QV Indian 4 Annas and 1 Rupee overprints tied by thimble cancels of BERBERA dated 29.9.1903. At right is the framed rectangular R/BERBERA in black and a black oval with red inked 115 inserted as the registration number. On the back is a s/ring transit mark of ADEN dated simply Oct 1903 and New York transit dated 22.10.1903-see illustration Res £85
  29. SOMALILAND-Indian postcard addressed to the U.K with Indian EDW VII 1 Anna overprint tied by BERBERA/SOMALILAND s/ring dated 27.11.1903. At left is the ADEN s/ring transit mark dated the next day Res £45
  30. SOMALILAND-REGISTERED Cover to London with Indian EDW VII ½ Anna, 1, Anna, 2 Annas, 3 Annas, 4 Annas & 8 Annas values tied by thimble cancels of BERBERA dated 1.12.1903. No Aden transit mark, but a London receiver dated 12.12.1903 Res £60
  31. SOMALILAND-EDW VII 1 Anna postal stationery postcard addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by the s/ring BERBERA/SOMALILAND dated 14.7.1905. Alongside is the ADEN s/ring dated the following day-see illustration Res £55
  32. SOMALILAND-Cover addressed to HMS BARHAM at ADEN with EDW VII 8 Anna tied by a s/ring BERBERA cancel dated 1908 Res £35
  33. SOMALILAND-Embossed, crested SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE envelope addressed to Bridge House, Taunton with GEO V 2 Anna value tied by the larger type BERBERA s/ring dated 13.11.1924-central fold and closed tear at top Res £30
  34. SOMALILAND-Registered “Wilson” cover addressed to him at Birmingham with GEO V 4 & 6 Anna values tied by the hatched d/ring cancels BERBERA/SOMALILAND dated 13.1.1920, arriving in London on 11.2.1920 Res £50
  35. SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC-Cover addressed to France with a strip of 4 x 1d and single 6d & 2½d values tied by JOHANNESBURG d/rings dated 26.4.1897 Res £20
  36. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Cover addressed within Durban with EDW VII 1d and a QV £1 value with large puncture hole perfin tied by d/ring DURBAN/NATAL dated 12.1.1907. Gibbons list the QV stamps with these large puncture holes, but not the £1 value-see illustration Res £75
  37. SOUTH AFRICA-Printed paper rate cover from BRADFORD addressed to Johannesburg cancelled by a ½d meter advert on 28.5.1948. At bottom left is placed a ½d South African stamp overprinted DOUANE Res £8
  38. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Crested Union Castle Line cover addressed to Somerset with pairs of the SWA 1/- & 1/3d values tied by d/ring bilingual cancels of WALVIS BAY dated 25.1.1954 Res £25
  39. SWITZERLAND-CASH ON DELIVERY Registered, printed cover addressed to Basel from BUTTISHOLZ on 19.2.1891. This type of envelope was used to collect the amount due on Fiscal Duty paid out-considered to be rare Res £25
  1. SWITZERLAND-WWII 1940 Swiss soldiers letter to Berne with an arrangement of four triangular stamps tied centrally by the d/ring FUSILIER KP/111/104/FELDPOST. At top right is a further strike-a striking cover and very clean-see illustration Res £30
  2. SWITZERLAND-Registered official cover addressed within Basle with an irregular block of three 10c values with OFFICIEL overprints tied by BASEL, ST ALBAN d/ring dated 27.8.1943 Res £20
  3. TANGANYIKA-GEO V 30c registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Berlin with added 25c Giraffe value tied by registered d/ring of DAR-ES-SALAAM dated 19.1.1927-Nice item Res £35
  4. TANGANYIKA-Registered cover to New York with a block of 4 x 30c Giraffe values tied by d/ring registered cancels of DAR-Res-SALAAM dated 22.4.1927 Res £35
  5. TANGIER-Scarce INSURED MAIL from Tangier to Milan, Italy with the contents insured for £100. The GEO VI 1½d TANGIER overprint and an un-overprinted GEO V 6d tied by oval registered cancels of the British P.O at Tangier on 7.9.1937. On the back are 8 cancels, Moroccan, Gibraltarian and Italian-see illustration Res £65
  6. TANGIER-Airmail cover registered to Yorkshire with GB 4d definitive and 2 x 6d U.P.U Tangier overprints tied by oval registered cancels of the British P.O at Tangier on 26.11.1949 Res £25
  7. TANGIER-Registered cover to Denmark with Spanish Tangier stamps [1], Spanish stamps [3] Moroccan stamps [10] and British overprints on GEO VI [5] all tied by the various country’s cancellations on 30.4.1951-nice looker with the registration label of the British Post Office at top left Res £30
  8. TOGO-Uncensored registered cover to New York with GEO V GOLD COAST Overprints to 1/- tied by the German period d/ring cancels of LOME dated 28.9.1916-arrived in New York on 4.11.1916. At bottom left is the British registration label LOME, TOGO Res £30
  9. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless postcard of Blackpool addressed to South Africa and redirected locally with the blue inked type V cachet struck in blue at top right. Taxed 1d in South Africa, two x 1d dues were affixed until it caught up with the addressee. The card was written on 3.5.1935 by EARNEST REPETTO as a young school boy. The card didn’t reach South Africa until 11.1.1936!! See illustration Res £55
  10. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover with contents being a headed letter from the P&O Steamer “VICEROY OF INDIA” addressed to Dundee while the ship visited Tristan on the 11th February 1939. With violet inked type VI cachet and d/ring Cape Town Paquebot mark and a 15c charge mark-no postage dues affixed in the U.K Res £55
  11. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to London with the 2d South Africa War Effort value tied by the violet cachet. At left is the 1d Tristan local, but not cancelled-see illustration Res £60
  12. TRINIDAD-Underpaid cover for airmail to Trinidad from Venezuela with 2 x 10c value tied by s/ring cancel. Taxed in Venezuela, the 6c & 8c postage dues are tied by s/ring POINT FORTIN/TRINIDAD dated 2.1.1932 Res £30
  13. S.A-1c Blue on yellow postal stationery envelope addressed to Ashburton, Devon & redirected to Widecombe, via Newton Abbot on 30.7.1875. The stamp impression is cancelled by an intaglio strike of the number 13 in black ink from an unknown start point.






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