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Scans of any lot can be sent by email







  1. J HAMBRO & SON-Entire addressed to Florence, Italy with 2½d lilac perfin CIH/&S and is tied by the LONDON 95 duplex cancel on 1.4.1876 Res £25
  2. PENNY RED-Roughly opened cover addressed to Burton on Trent from London with 1d red plate 212 perfin THB [inverted] and tied by LONDON E duplex cancel on 22.7.1879 Res £25
  3. J HAMBRO & SON-Entire to Bergen with 2½d blue from plate 23 tied by London fancy geometric squared circle dated 2.12.1881. Inside is a 1d lilac affixed to pay revenue, perfin CIH/&S Res £25
  4. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Crested company envelope addressed to Launceston with 1d lilac perfin LS/WR tied by BRANDIS CORNER squared circle cancel dated 3.4.1892 Res £12
  5. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Registered QV 2d envelope size G addressed to Euston Station with ½d vermilion & 1d lilac perfin GWR and tied by s/rings PADDINGTON/ SPRING ST B.O dated 14.3.1894 Res £18
  6. PANTIN-Full name perfin on ½d vermilion tied to printed circular addressed to Monmouth by unusual d/ring cancel LONDON dated 28.9.1894 Res £15
  7. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-1d lilac on crested company cover addressed to Halesworth, Suffolk, perfin GER and tied by LONDON hooded circle dated 10.10.1895 Res £15
  8. THORNELOE & CLARKSON, LEICESTER-Trade postcard addressed to Huddersfield with ½d vermilion perfin T&C/L tied by LEICESTER/6 squared circle dated 2.11.1899 Res £7
  9. LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-Company correspondence postcard addressed within Emsworth with ½d blue-green perfin LB/SC tied by EMSWORTH-277 three-bar duplex dated 18.6.1900 Res £12
  10. G/&Co.-Perfin on 2½d Jubilee issue tied to QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Germany and tied by s/ring QUAYSIDE/NEWCASTLE ON TYNE dated 14.7.1900 Res £8
  11. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS-Cover with railway contents addressed to LLANYMYNICH R.S.O and redirected to Bangor with EDW VII ½d blue-green perfin CAM/RYS and tied by d/ring LLANYMYNECH S.O/MONT dated 28.11.1905 Res £22
  12. ARMY & NAVY STORES-EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Switzerland, perfin through the stamp impression and the two added stamps 1/2d & 1d] cancelled & tied by d/rings LONDON S.W/5 dated 20.1.1906 Res £9
  13. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Printed company EDW VII ½d newspaper wrapper addressed to the Taff Vale Railway at Cardiff with added 1d perfin SE/CR of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway tied by LONDON/T rubber packet cancel dated 24.1.1906. Nice combined company item!! Res £15
  14. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY-As previous lot, but with added ½d yellow-green perfin SE/CR and tied by d/ring LONDON S.E/3 dated 25.1.1906. Again, a nice combination item Res £15
  15. LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Germany with added 1d x 3 perfin LB/SC and tied by oval registered cancelks dated 1.1.1908 Res £15
  16. S MAW, SON & SONS-Crested & printed company statement envelope addressed to Finsbury with EDW VII ½d perfin SMS/&S tied by London machine cancel on 20.6.1910 Res £9
  17. SUTTON/&/SONS-Flower seed advertising postcard addressed to Waltham Abbey with EDW VII ½d perfin & tied by READING/3 d/ring dated 21.4.1910 Res £7
  18. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-“Farm and Dairy Produce from Country to Town” advertising parcel department correspondence postcard addressed within Henley on Thames with GEO V ½d perfin GWR and tied by d/ring dated 9.11.1914 Res £18
  19. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY- Registered cover addressed to the Goods Agent of the GWR at Park Royal Station with a strip of 3 x 1d GEO V values perfin GWR tied by oval registered cancels of the London Chief Office dated 18.1.1915 Res £12
  20. GRACE BROTHERS OF BRISTOL-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Cirencester with added ½d perfin GB [inverted] and tied by the BRISTOL Krag machine cancel on 17.2.1918 Res £6
  21. WATERLOW & SONS LTD-Trade correspondence postcard addressed to Cambridge with GEO V ½d perfin W&/SLd., tied by London machine cancel on 25.7.1922 Res £5
  22. H SMITH & SONS-Envelope addressed to the Secretary of the G.P.O at Mount Pleasant with GEO V 1½d perfin WHS and tied by London W.C machine on 17.6.1925 Res £6
  23. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Registered cover addressed to Hylton, Sunderland with manuscript GONE AWAY/LEFT NO ADDRESS at left. the 3 x GEO V 1½d values are perfin LN/E and tied by s/rings MICKLEGATE dated 26.11.1926. Tying the York registration label is the d/ring HYLTON/SUNDERLAND dated the following day Res £15
  24. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY-BLOCK Of four GEO VI 10/- values [1951] perfin CP/R and cancelled by oval registered cancels of CORN EXCHANGE LIVERPOOL on 254.7.1953 Res £8
  25. WEST MIDLANDS GAS BOARD-Cover addressed to Denmark with QEII Wildings ½d, 1d & 2½d values perfin WM/GB, tied by Birmingham British Industries Fair slogan dated 22.3.1957 Res £5


  1. UNIVERSAL POSTAL FRANKERS LTD-Display “poster” advertising the benefits of having a franking machine over having to stick stamps on to letters. Undated, but would appear to be circa 1920-see illustration Res £25
  2. SUNRIPE CIGARETTES-Envelope addressed to Parkstone, Dorset from London, dated 4.5.1940. At left is advert for the cigarettes with prices and duty free prices for H.M Forces [200 fags for 5/-] Res £15
  3. YE OLDE BUNN SHOPPE-Cover addressed within Brighton with a hand drawn illustration of “A BIT OF REGENCY BRIGHTON” on 31.10.1948. On the back is a Brighton publicity label showing a long view of the beach and prom. Res £12
  4. CARAVANS & CARS-Longer envelope showing a caravan being towed by a car at HEATH GARAGE, DERSINGHAM addressed to Peterborough with stamp tied by d/ring DERSINGHAM/KINGS LYNN NORFOLK dated 7.5.1952 Res £15
  5. PADSTOW, CORNWALL-Illustrated envelope addressed to London from the Chamber of Commerce, Padstow listing a whole bunch of natural Bays for your ideal holiday on 8.6.1965 Res £8


  1. DENMARK-Scarce cover addressed to Francis Field from Copenhagen with 60 Ore & 5 Ore values tied by d/rings KOBENHAVN/LUFTPOST dated 23.4.1924-see illustration Res £55
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard to Durban with 1d airmail & 1d definitive tied by CAPE TOWN d/ring dated 26.2.1925. Across the bottom of the card is the CAPE TOWN “AIR MAIL SAVES TIME” slogan dated the same day and centrally at bottom is the d/ring S.A AIR MAIL/S.A LUGPOST dated again, on the same day Res £25
  1. NORTHERN RHODESIA-Cover addressed to WINDHOEK, South West Africa with GEO V ½d x 2, 1d & 3d values tied by d/rings BROKEN HILL/NORTHERN RHODESIA dated 17.12.1931. At top left is struck the unframed BY FIRST AIR MAIL/FROM N. RHODESIA in violet ink. There is a Johannesburg transit dated 21.12.1931 and the WINDHOEK-KIBERLEY arrival/transit mark dated the same day Res £32
  2. WESTERN ISLES ROCKET POST-Three labels; one red, unused and 2 x green ones; one mint and the other used [3] Res £15
  3. ZEPPELIN MAIL-Cover addressed to Montevideo with GEO V 2/6d Seahorse, 6d & 1/- values tied by LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL d/rings dated 30.6.1933.Has three different cachets and an arrival mark dated 9.7.1933-carried on the 3rd flight of 1933-see illustration Res £95
  4. MOROCO AGENCIES-Cover to Paris with British currency ½d x 2, 4d & 6d values tied by s/rings of the British Post Office, Larache dated 17.10.1933 Res £25
  5. LONDON TO SANTIAGO-Commercial small cover from I.C.I with 2/6d & 5/- Seahorses with added 6d [perfin ICI] tied by London F.S Air Mail d/rings dated 29.12.1934. On the back is the Paris transit slogan dated the same day and Santiago arrival mark dated 7.1.1935-see illustration Res £85
  6. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Commercial cover annotated “DIRECT” ADDRESSED TO London with French currency GEO V overprints 2½d & 1/- x 2 tied by d/rings of he British Post Office, Casablanca dated 3.12.1934 Res £25
  7. LONDON TO VALPARAISO AT THE £1-00-00 RATE-Cover to Chile with a pair of 10/- Seahorses tied by London airmail machine cancel dated March 1935. On the back is the arrival d/ring dated 16.3.1935-see illustration Res £175
  8. LONDON TO BUENOS AIRES AT A RATE OF £1-8-00-Longer cover with 3 x 1/-, 5/- & 2 x 10/- Seahorses tied by d/rings MANCHESTER/25 dated 21.6.1935-see illustration Res £175
  9. MALAYA-“Hold-to-Light” envelope addressed back to Imperial Airways, London with 25c Silver Jubilee of the Straits Settlements tied by SINGAPORE “Save Time and Money/Use Air Mails” slogan dated 3.10.1935. Nice Imperial Test Airmail cover Res £28
  10. LONDON TO PARIS-Cover addressed to Paris with 1½d & 2½d Silver Jubilee values tied by d/rings CROYDON SURREY/1 dated 4.11.1935. Alongside is a superb strike of the d/ring CROYDON AERODROME B.O CROYDON/SURREY dated the same day-superb item!! Res £30
  11. AUSTRALIA-First flight cover flown on the KALGOORLIE-WILUNA Service on 20.2.1936 with FIVE/PENCE on 4½d surcharge tied by KALGOORLIE/W.A cancel Res £45
  12. AUSTRALIA-First flight cover flown on the WILUNA-MOUNT MAGNET Flight of 21.2.1936 with FIVE/PENCE overprint surcharge on 4½d tied by WILUNA cancel Res £45
  13. BIRMINGHAM TO BUENOS AIRES-G.E.C Printed envelope with 2 x 9d & a 2/6d Seahorse tied by d/rings ASTON MANOR B.O BIRMINGHAM/5 dated 5.7.1936 and endorsed “Via Germany” Res £45
  14. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard addressed to Germany with French currency overprints on EDW VIII 1½d and GEO V 10d & 1/- values tied by d/ring cancels of the British Post Office, Casablanca dated 10.12.1936 Res £15
  15. LONDON TO COLOMBO-Cover to Ceylon with 3 x 2d GEO V values tied by d/rings AERODROME B.O CROYDON SURREY/AIR MAIL dated 16.12.1936. Carried on the first flight & Special Christmas flight Res £25
  16. KENDAL TO ARGENTINA-Neat cover addressed to Buenos Aires with a block of 6 x 1/- & a 10/- Seahorse tied by s/ring cancels dated 1.2.1937-see illustration Res £125
  17. LEYLAND TO BUENOS AIRES-Printed “Leyland” envelope with pair of GEO V 9d values and a 2/6d Seahorse tied by d/rings LEYLAND PRESTON LANCS/2 dated 7.12.1937 Res £40
  18. NEW GUINEA-First Official flight cover to Sydney with 2½d & 3½d AIR MAIL overprints tied by s/ring RABAUL/NEW GUINEA dated 3.6.1938, arriving on 5.6.1938 Res £22
  19. AUSTRALIA-Cover to New York with GEO VI 1d, 6d & 1/- values tied by SYDDNEY airmail cancels dated 13.10.1939. Not censored, but airmail label is cancelled by red parallel bars Res £12
  20. TANGIER-REGISTERED, Censored cover to the U.K with Stamp Centenary ½d x 3, 1d x 3 & 1½d x 3 tied by oval registered cancels of the British Post Office, dated 17.9.1940 Res £22
  21. AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to London with 1d & 2/- Roo tied by SYDNEY machine cancel dated 13.6.1942. Endorsed at top “Via U.S.A & u.k”, the cover has not been censored Res £12
  22. BARBADOS TO THE U.S.A-Commercial cover to Illinois with the typed endorsement “BY AIR MAIL TO TRINIDAD/& THEN BY STEAMER TO DESTINATION” with 2 x ½d & 3 x 2d values tied by d/ring G.P.O cancels on 24.8.1942 Res £15
  1. MOROCCO AGENCIES-“VIKING” Illustrated, censored envelope addressed to SWEDEN with GEO V 2d x 2 British currency Agencies values, 1937 Tangier overprint Coronation x 2 & unoverprinted GEO VI 7d all tied by d/ring cancels of the British Post Office, Tangier on 23.3.1945 Res £25
  2. BAHRAIN CRASH MAIL-Cover from Madras registered to Cornwall, dated 19.8.1947 with framed DAMAGED BY SEA WATER in violet ink at right. This was damaged in the B.O.A.C flight at Bahrein after a failed landing resulted in the craft sinking with the result that 7 passengers and 3 crew lost their lives on 23.8.1947-comes with newspaper cutting-see illustration Res £75
  3. TANGIER-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Florida with 6d Tangier GEO VI overprint tied by d/ring cancel of te British Post Office on 4.4.1949. Alongside is he smaller “O.A.T” cachet in violet ink-see illustration Res £25
  4. AUSTRALIA-Registered cover from Sydney to London with 9d definitive & 2/- Tasmania commem tied by SYDNEY/R.S s/rings dated 10.10.1953 Res £8
  5. LONDON TO CANADA-Cover addressed to the Viscount Boyd of Merton, C.H in Montreal with 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- Castles tied by London packet cancels dated 11.9.1961-lovely franking Res £40
  6. LONDON TO CANADA-Robson Lowe printed address label on registered cover to Canada with 6d Wilding and 10/- Castle tied by s/rings ST JAMES’S ST B.O dated 2.6.1967 Res £25


  1. WWI NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE-Medals series of patriotic labels of Q.V to GEO V including Tibet, Rhodesia, South Africa etc. All are pristine mint and includes strips and pairs [13] Res £22
  2. WWI NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE-Victoria Cross series in a strip of four and three singles in mint condition [7] Res £10
  3. WWI NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE-Naval Series depicting various vessels and actions, all unused [10] Res £12
  4. EAT MORE EGGS-Lovely “Sunshine” advertising label from the Scientific Poultry Breeders Association, Rudgwick, Sussex Res £6
  5. HEALTH PENSIONS INSURANCE-GEO VI 4d, 9d, 1/8d, 2/-, 3/4d & 4/- singles [all unmounted mint] and pairs of 10d & 1/6d values together with a 1941 contributions book with the less than common meter impressions of 1/10d values. Cancelled at top left by s/ring ALTRINCHAM dated 6.1.1942 Res £18
  6. PRESCRIPTION CHARGE STAMPS-One shilling blue x 2, 2/- red x 3, 2/- blue x 2, 10p red x 4 “One Unit pink x 3 & “One Unit” brown x 1, all on piece and dated 1960’s to 1984 Res £12
  7. HERM ISLAND-Jersey National Trust postcard with bisected 2d & 1/- Herm Island triangular values tied by s/ring ISLAND OF JETHOU/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 1.12.1961 Res £6
  8. JETHOU-IMPERF PROOF Printings on gummed sheet of the 1966 Norman Invasion issue 3d, 6d, 1/- & 1/9d values-very clean and folded in half horizontally-scarce item Res £25
  9. HILBRE ISLAND-Proof strikes x 2 of the HILBRE/ISLAND overprint in black on thin paper circa 1966 Res £12
  10. YORK CASTLE MUSEUM-Related postcard addressed to Newcstle with 4d red Machin tied by machine cancel on 1.4.1970. At left is the Castle Museum 1d black tied by red Maltese Cross cancel Res £7
  11. POST OFFICE TRAINING BAR CANCELS-Two covers addressed to Bridlington with either 2½p or 3p Machins with vertical training bar cancels tied by SCARBOROUGH & FILEY tourist slogans dated 13.11.1971 [2] Res £10
  12. JIM’LL FIX IT-Cover with the stamp depicting Carol Tully and a profile head of Saville at right, tied by special cancel on 13.3.1982-realisation will be donated to Dorset S.T.A.R.S [Sexual Trauma & Recovery Service] Res £8
  13. “ONE BONE, ALGY”-Mint sheet of 6 x blue labels depicting the dog, Algy with a letter in his mouth. Includes within the sheet, two tete-beche pairs Res £6
  14. MULLION ISLAND/LOOE ISLAND-Postcard with Looe Island £1 value tied by framed MULLION/ISLAND in brown & triangular LOOE-ISLAND in red on 2.2.2011 Res £6
  15. LIHOU ISLAND-Postcard with Lihou £1 value tied by framed LIHOU/GUERNSEY in blue ink on 23.4.2011 Res £6
  16. LIHOU ISLAND-1d, £1 & £2 values as well as an imperf 1d value based upon the wartime occupation issue, mint condition [4] Res £6
  17. GREEN ISLAND, JERSEY-Postcard with 2½p, £1 & £2 values based upon the wartime arms occupation issue tied by unframed GREEN ISLAND/JERSEY in green ink [naturally] on 11.4.2013 Res £6
  18. BIRNBECK ISLAND-Postcard of Weston-super Mare with £1 stamp marking 50 years of the W-S-M Concerts, tied by s/line BIRNBECK ISLAND in red ink. Below is a cachet for the Odeon Cinema, W-S-M for the 22nd to 27th July 1963 and a s/line posting date of 27.7.2013 Res £6
  1. LIHOU ISLAND-First day of issue postcard with the 1d arms occupation facsimile tied by framed LIHOU/GUERNSEY on 17.4.2014 Res £6
  2. HILBRE ISLAND-Postcard with £2 value tied by unframed cancel LITTLE EYE/HILBRE/ LITTLE HILBRE in green ink on 7.2.2015 Res £6


  1. GLASGOW INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, 1901-Season ticket in blue with gold tooling, issued at a cost of one guinea-excellent condition throughout Res £22
  2. EXHIBITION B.O/EDINBURGH-S/ring dated 31.8.1908 ties stamp to card of the exhibition addressed to Alnwick Post Office Res £8
  3. POSTAGE STAMP EXHIBITION & CONGRESS/MANCHESTER-D/ring dated 18.2.1909 ties stamp to congress advertising postcard for the Hulme Town Hall event, addressed to BALLYMONEY Res £22
  4. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 22.5.1909 ties 1d stamp to unrelated postcard addressed to Paris Res £7
  5. SHEPHERDS BUSH/CORONATION/EXHIBITION No.2 cancel ties GEO V ½d to real photo postcard of the Coronation Procession dated 23.6.1911, the day after the Coronation and the day after the issue of the stamp Res £12
  6. SHEPHERDS BUSH/CORONATION/EXHIBITION No.1 cancel dated 26.6.1911 ties ½d stamp to postcard of “Amritsar, Indian Section” of the exhibition Res £12
  7. CRYSTAL PALACE1 FLAG Cancel dated 26.10.1911 ties a pair of EDW VII ½d stamps to cover [with contents] addressed to the United States. Very hard to find this cancel on envelopes!! Res £25
  8. PALESTINE / JERUSALEM / STREET / EXHIBITION-Blue cachet on postcard of the “Way of the Tears” addressed within London on 7.6.1914 Res £12
  9. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION/E.C.4/LONDON-Double ring cancel dated 22.11.1928 ties 1d stamp to Exhibition souvenir postcard. Also a further card used on 17.11.1928 to enable you to show both sides Res £10
  10. AIRPOST EXHIBITION-“APEX” Postcard addressed to Scotland with 1d tied by the winged d/ring cancel on 12.5.1934 [last day] with blue & white label and brown publicity label at left alongside the red APEX cachet Res £10
  11. 21st PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/MANCHESTER-D/ring cancels dated 22.5.1934 ties 3 x ½d GEO V values to cover addressed locally Res £8
  12. P.O/EXHIBITION-POST OFFICE/YOUNG PEOPLE’S EXHIBITION-Machine slogan dated 15.1.1937 cancels unaddressed envelope Res £9
  13. 1938 EMPIRE EXHIBITION Postcard addressed to Surrey with GEO VI 1d and large CLACHAN POST OFFICE pictorial label tied by the exhibition site slogan cancel on 6.10.1938 Res £9
  14. 1938 EMPIRE EXHIBITION Postcard as previous lot to Durham with large label tied on 1.10.1938 Res £9
  15. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Registered George King cover with a block of four 2½d F.O.B values tied by the special cancel dated 24.9.1951 Res £7
  16. THE SECOND ANNUAL LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION-Special cancel dated 16-26 October 1937 ties green publicity label to cover as well as the 1937 All Empire Airmail label on 22.10.1937 Res £6
  17. LEYTONSTONE, WANSTEAD & DISTRICT PHILATELIC SOCIETY-GEO VI 1½d green postal stationery postcard marking the 8th convention of June 1952 with added ½d orange tied by s/ring SOUTH WESTERN T.P.O/NIGHT UP dated 20.5.1952 Res £8
  18. AS Previous lot, similar design postal stationery postcard marking the 10th annual convention of the Chelmsford & District Philatelic Society of May 1954 addressed to Glasgow and cancelled by d/ring CHELMSFORD ESSEX/1 dated 8.5.1954 Res £8
  19. IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION-QEII 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Hull with added 6d Wilding tied by the special Olympia cancel dated 12.3.1955. At top left is the brown EXPRESS label Res £7
  20. 2002 MANCHESTER COMMONWEALTH GAMES-Cover to Marple, Stockport with Games stamp tied by Manchester inkjet cancel on 7.8.2002. Alongside is the self-inking datestamp M2002 ATHLETES VILLAGE/POST/OFFICE dated 6.8.2002 and below is the rubber receiver MARPLE/STOCKPORT dated the 8th August-also comes with info leaflet on the Games and a certificate of posting with the Games Village cancel Res £8


  1. PRESTON-Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show registered cover to Biggleswade with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/C dated 3.9.1952 Res £10
  2. LIBERAL PARTY CONFERENCE-Registered cover to Tring with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 8.4.1953 with ILFRACOMBE registration label No.2 Res £20
  3. BATH & WEST SOUTHERN COUNTIES SHOW-Two first day Coronation covers with four values tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 3.6.1953 at Bath Res £10
  4. ALDERSHOT HORSE SHOW-Registered cover to Rotherham with GEO VI ½d & 8d tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 12.8.1953 Res £10
  5. SALISBURY ROYAL COUNTIES AGRICULTURAL SHOW-Registered cover to Cheltenham with ½d & 8d Wildings tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/B dated 23.6.1954 Res £10
  6. ROYAL NORFOLK AGRICULTURAL SHOW-Registered cover to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 30.6.1954. The blank registration label has manuscript NORWICH/NORFOLK Res £10
  7. ARAB HORSE SHOW, ROEHAMPTON-Registered cover to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 28.7.1954. The blank registration label has the manuscript ROEHAMPTON/A/SW 15 Res £10
  8. ABERGAVENNY HORSE SHOW-Registered cover addressed to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/P dated 2.9.1954. The blank registration label is cancelled by superb strike of the violet inked, straight-line ABERGAVENNY Res £10
  9. RHYL ROYAL WELSH SHOW-Registered envelope to Rotherham with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 25.7.1956. The blank registration label is similarly tied Res £10
  10. MONMOUTH SHOW-Registered cover to Bedford with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 29.8.1957. The blank registration label is cancelled by a superb strike of the straight-line MONMOUTH in violet ink Res £10


  1. EXETER “TOO LATE” Straight-line mark on back of entire from Exeter to Plymouth, dated 22.10.1830 Res £25
  2. MISSENT/TO/STONE-Lovely framed mark struck perfectly at top left on an entire from London to WHITMORE, Staffs on 28.1.1835-see illustration Res £55
  3. POSTED SINCE/7.30 LAST NIGHT-E.C Duplex cancel dated 31.5.1865 with index AF ties 1d red plate 98 to cover addressed to Cambridge Res £30
  4. RETURNED LETTER-Cover addressed locally within LEEK with returned letter branch envelope with enclosed cover returned from the MANCHESTER R.L.B on 18.6.1908 Res £25
  1. WWI DUTCH Embassy cover addressed to Wimbledon from London on 11.12.1916 with embassy cachet at left and on the back. Taxed 2d for being overweight, the 2 x 1d dues are tied by s/rings on the following day Res £9
  2. NORWAY-Underpaid cover from Middlesbrough with 1½d P.U.C value tied by machine cancel on 28.6.1929 and addressed to a passenger on board S.S “OTRANTO” at Norway. Below is the unusual & quite uncommon straight-line PLEASE PAY SURCHARGE 3 [ORE] AT PURSER’S OFFICE in violet ink. On the back are 2 x 12 Ore definitives with circular framed T tax marks and an OSLO receiver dated 1.7.1929 Res £22
  3. DELAYED THROUGH BEING/POSTED IN A LETTER BOX/FOR “LONDON” LETTERS/PLEASE ADVISE SENDER-Red framed mark on cover from London to Bury, dated 25.2.1936 Res £10
  4. UNKNOWN AT FELTHAM-S/Line mark in violet ink on postcard from Austria to “Twickenham Road”, London. Variously redirected to Teddington, Feltham and Twickenham 24.3.1938-Returned to Sender Res £9
  5. ISLE OF WIGHT-STAMPLESS, Unpaid postcard addressed to Ramsgate with 4d/TO PAY/ 682 tax mark of Shanklin at base and 4d green postage due at top, tied by RAMSGATE/ KENT rubber cancel dated 16.9.1949 Res £12
  6. CEYLON TO MANCHESTER-Airmail cover to Manchester with GEO VI 25c & 50c values tied at Colombo on 25.8.1953 with 3½d/TO PAY/F.S at right and 2d and 1½d postage dues tied by d/ring MANCHESTER/P.B dated 29.8.1953 Res £12
  7. NEW ZEALAND TO NEWCASTLE-Airmail cover from Christchurch with 2 x 9d GEO VI values tied by cancel dated 5.12.1953. Taxed 3/- in New Zealand with a block of 6 x 5d and a single 5d and 1/- dues cancelled by s/rings NEWCASTLE ON TYNE/20 dated 9.12.1953 Res £15
  8. ALDERSHOT-Registered cover to London dated 28.8.1957 with green inked POSTED OUT OF COURSE/36 at right. No postage dues affixed Res £9
  9. RHODESIA-Plain postcard registered to Southampton with 2/6d INDEPENDENCE value tied by d/ring UNION AVENUE SALISBURY / RHODESIA dated 17.1.1966. At left is the framed INVALID STAMPS/USED/MP/18-POSTAGE DUE [1/3d]. The 3 x 5d postage dues are tied by oval registered cancel of TOTTON SOUTHAMPTON dated 19.1.1966 Res £12
  1. RHODESIA-INDEPENDENCE First Day Cover addressed as previous lot with 9d & 1/- Independence overprints tied by d/ring UNION AVENUE cancel on 17.1.1966. Below is the unframed INVALID STAMPS USED/POSTAGE DUE [2/4d with 2 x 2d & 2 x 1/- dues tied as previous lot on the same day Res £15
  2. RHODESIA-Airmail cover to United Press International in London with 2/6d Independence overprint tied by SALISBURY machine cancel on 1.2.1966. Tying the 2/6d stamp is the framed STAMPS NOT/VALID of the Foreign Section. Also below is a framed tax mark indicating that the letter was over ½ ounce and taxed 5/-. The 5/- due is tied by s/ring on 7.2.1966 Res £20
  3. S.A TO SURREY-Underpaid airmail cover to Weybridge from New York on 16.6.1966 with framed Mount Pleasant 4½d tax mark in green. Alongside is the ½d & 4d postage dues tied by violet rubber cancel WEYBRIDGE/SURREY dated 20.6.1966 Res £8
  4. UNDERPAID Postcard from the U.S.A to Portsmouth with framed Southampton 3½d tax mark below ½d & 3d dues tied by s/ring PORTSMOUTH/HANTS on 30.9.1966 Res £8
  5. UNDERPAID Cover from Italy to London with ½p, 4p & 2 x 5p postage dues tied by rubber cancels of LONDON E.C dated 16.1.1976 Res £6
  6. UNDERPAID Window envelope from the U.S.A on 23.12.1975 with 19½p tax mark and a ½p, 4p, 5p & 10p postage due tied by LONDON W.C d/rings dated 4.1.1976 Res £6
  7. INVALID GREENLAND Stamp used on a cover from the Faeroes to Cheshire dated 26.7.1977 and with a TORSHAVN PAQUEBOT cancel at top. The 7p & 11p postage dues are tied by s/ring HADFIELD/HYDE CHESHIRE dated 29.7.1977 Res £8


  1. ENTIRE Written from the ship BOMBAY CASTLE on 1.9.1806 to Scotland. The writer tells of his journey from China, via Macau, Prince of Wales Island, Cape Town to the U.K and a visit to ST HELENA on 2.7.1806 having just missed the attentions of the French Squadron under JEROME BONAPARTE, younger brother of Napoleon. He speaks at length of his St Helena visit and of the Governor, Colonel Patton. Nice item, arriving in London on 6.9.1806 Res £65
  2. STEAMER “ARCADIA”-Entire letter carried on the 3rd crossing of the Atlantic by the Arcadia from Liverpool to Halifax and onward to Montreal With superb bevelled PAID AT/LIVERPOOL/SP 18 1841 in red ink at top centre-right. Res £30
  3. JERSEY/SHIP LETTER-Superb strike of the unframed mark in black ink at top right of entire from RIO DE JANEIRO dated 23.10.1845 to London and carried on the British Packet “COURIER” to Jersey. On the back is the red inked JERSEY transit mark dated CHRISTMAS DAY 1845 and a London receiver dated 30th December-see illustration Res £250
  4. FRANCE TO LIMA VIA SOUTHAMPTON, LONDON & PANAMA-Entire written from HAVRE on 31.5.1852 to Lima with French d/ring BUREAU MARITIME/HAVRE dated 31.5.1852 alongside curved FRANCO, London PAID mark and Southampton d/arc dated 1.6.1852. On the back is a lovely strike in bright blue of the framed VAPOR Res £40
  5. WOKINGHAM TO LONDON, CANADA WEST-Cover addressed to Eldon House, London with 6d lilac [no corner letters or plate number] tied by a three-bar oval numeral cancel 904 on 9.10.1862, arriving in Canada on 17.11.1862 Res £35
  6. WINCANTON TO BUENOS AIRES-Neat little cover with 1/- green [small corner letters] from plate 1 tied by 1844 type numeral cancel 883 on 8.10.1863-received 13.11.1863-see illustration Res £60
  7. LIVERPOOL TO BUENOS AIRES-Entire with a pair of 1/- values [one damaged] from plate 4 tied by LIVERPOOL 466 duplex cancels on 23.6.1866. Carried by French Mail via London & Calais Res £45
  8. BRITISH HONDURAS-Entire addressed to Belize from London, dated 16.10.1873 with a BELIZE arrival mark dated 8.11.1873 and rated at 2/- paid Res £65
  9. MOURNING Cover to Ontario, Canada with 3d rose tied by the 3HOS numeral cancel 863 of WELLS, Norfolk on 15.3.1875, arriving on the ship “CARLISLE” on 2.4.1875 Res £35
  10. EDINBURGH TO NOVA SCOTIA-MOURNING Cover addressed to Picton with 3d rose from plate 17 tied by EDINBURGH *131* Duplex cancel on 20.4.1875, arriving on 5.6.1875 Res £35
  11. LONDON TO BUENOS AIRES-Wrapper with 4d brown from plate 17 tied by inverted LONDONC-E.C/54 dated 3.9.1881 with company cachet at bottom left, dated the same day. On the back is the French style octagonal arrival mark dated 1.10.1881 Res £45
  12. LONDON TO TAONA, PERU-Entire with 4d brown from plate 18 tied by London E.C hooded circle dated 1.12.1883. On the back is the arrival mark dated 20.1.1884 Res £55
  13. MANCHESTER TO VENEZUELA-Entire addressed to Caracas with a vertical pair of 4d green at the double letter rate tied by Manchester duplex cancels dated 24.12.1885. Endorsed PER ST[EAMER] “AMERICAN” / FROM LIVERPOOL at top left Res £50
  14. SOUTHAMPTON TO GUATEMALA-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Guatemala with a pair of 2½d Jubilee values tied by SOUTHAMPTON H.P.O registered cancels on 10.4.1895. Below is the oval registered receiver dated 12.5.1895 Res £25
  15. BLYTH TO BERGEN-Cover with 2½d Jubilee issue tied by three-bar duplex cancel BLYTH /NORTHUMBERLAND-B74 dated 12.12.1896, arriving three days later Res £18
  16. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring cancel of the COLUMBA dated 1.6.1909 with index A ties stamp to a coloured postcard of the steamer at Ardrishaig Res £15
  17. AUF HOHER SEE / DATE/AN BORD /DES / SCHNELLDAMPFERS COBRA-Circular framed cachet in violet ink, dated 29.5.1910 on postcard of Heligoland addressed to France Res £12
  18. M M.V “HIGHLAND MONARCH”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS Oval cachet dated 3.11.1938 alongside a pair of GEO VI ½d values tied by LONDON machine cancel dated 20 days later on the 23rd November Res £8
  19. SWEDEN-Real photo postcard of the “GRIPSHOLM” addressed to Scotland with Swedish 20 Ore tied by d/ring SJP 7 GOTEBORG-NEW YORK dated 29.12.1951. Alongside is the d/ring BREMEN/5Z dated the next day Res £8
  20. EGYPT-Airmail cover to Glasgow with Egyptian 17m x 3 & a 1m brown tied by s/rings PORT TAWFIQ/DATE/PAQUEBOT dated 19.9.1956. Ex M.S “USAMBARA” Res £8


  1. ALDERSHOT CAMP-Uncommon dated double arc cancel dated 1.8.1857 with index C on back of a small cover addressed to South Camp, Aldershot from Bodmin. A note at bottom left states “If left, on board the “CHAMPION OF THE SEAS”, Portsmouth, a ship employed on the Australian Clipper service-see illustration Res £25
  2. ALDERSHOT CAMP-046 Large sideways duplex cancel dated 21.11.1856 ties 1d red stars to Lady George Lennox at Portsmouth-see illustration Res £35
  3. ALDERSHOT CAMP-Small size sideways duplex dated 17.7.1857 ties 1d red stars to cover addressed to Woolwich S.E [A very early use of the district letters] Res £30
  4. ALDERSHOT CAMP-Circular duplex dated 26.4.1859 ties stamp to Mourning cover addressed to Eltham, Kent, S.E Res £20
  1. ALDERSHOT CAMP-Parcel Post Label from here with 2 x 2½d Jubilee issue tied by target parcel cancels ALDERSHOT CAMP B.O and with s/ring ALDERSHOT CAMP B.O/M.O & S.B alongside, dated 17.5.1900-see illustration Res £40
  2. CURRAGH CAMP-S/ring dated 21.8.1906 ties stamp to unrelated postcard addressed to Six Mile Cross Res £5
  3. STANHOPE LINES-Parcel Post Label from here, cancelled by s/ring STANHOPE LINES/ALDERSHOT dated 21.12.1909-no stamps ever affixed Res £28
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE/2-S/ring dated 23.8.1913 ties GEO V ½d stamp to postcard of flying at Stonehenge addressed to Weedon, Northants. Used by the R.F.C on manoeuvres in the North Bucks area-comes with full write up Res £22
  5. WEEDON, NORTHANTS-Real photo postcard showing staff and local girls assembled in a pose outside of the clearly signed “FIELD POST OFFICE of the 4th CAVALRY BRIGADE”. addressed to Manchester on 209.9.1913 during the period of “The Great Manoeuvres” of September 1913. The girl who writes is in the picture, wearing a soldiers hat and she says “….thousands of soldiers here-the King & Queen came through….” Res £25
  6. FRENSHAM COMMON CAMP-Scarce skeleton cancel dated 1.12.1914 ties 1d stamp to small OHMS envelope addressed to London Res £22
  7. BLACKDOWN CAMP B.O-Scarcer skeleton cancel dated 10.1.1915 ties 1d stamp to envelope Res £22
  8. GAILES CAMP IRVINE/602-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 19.1.1915 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  9. BRAMSHOTT CAMP B.O/+ D/ring dated 22.7.1916 ties stamp to postcard of Royal Marines landing at Ostend Res £7
  10. BALLINVONEAR CAMP BUTTEVANT-D/ring dated 31.12.1916 ties stamp to postcard addressed back to England Res £15
  11. BLACKDOWN CAMP/FARNBOROUGH-Facsimile parcel post rubber cancel dated 15.5.1917 ties 3 x 2½d GEO V values to cut out piece from parcel Res £22
  12. KINMEL PARK CAMP B.O/RHYL-D/ring dated 6.2.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  13. MYTCHETT CAMP/ALDERSHOT-Late use skeleton cancel on stampless, unpaid & untaxed cover addressed to Bath on 1.8.1924 Res £18
  1. ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE B.O/CAMBERLEY-S/rings dated 12.9.1931 ties 2 x ½d & 2 x 2d values to GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope registered to London-see illustration Res £30
  2. BALLYKINLER CAMP/DUNDRUM COUNTY DOWN-D/ring dated 21.11.1939 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Holywood Res £12
  3. CROOKHAM CAMP/ALDERSHOT HANTS-D/rings dated 21.7.1948 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to PIDDLEHINTON CAMP, Dorchester. At top left is the camp registration label Res £22

MILITARY 1900 TO 1920

  1. BOER WAR/AUSTRALIAN CONTINGENT-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to SINGLETON, N.S.W with added ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 27.2.1900 with index 7. At left is the SINGLETON/N.S.W arrival mark dated 31.3.1900 Res £28
  2. BOER WAR-Boer mail addressed to PAARDEKOP, cancelled by oval cancel VELD-POST/DATE/INGAGANE dated 14.4.1900. The mark is struck over where a postage stamp had once been placed-Ex Bill Hart-see illustration Res £40
  3. BOER WAR/AUSTRALIAN CONTINGENT-Cover addressed to Adelaide with 3 x 1d lilacs tied by the d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 3.12.1900 with index 17. On the back is the Adelaide receiver dated 7.1.1901 Res £28
  4. BOER WAR-Cover with letter [written from Edenburg] addressed to Pietermaritzburg with 1d lilac tied by superb strike of the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 9.10.1901 with index 27. At top is blue inked NPB and on the back, is the d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/BLOEMFONTEIN dated the same day Res £22
  5. BOER WAR-Small, blue OHMS envelope addressed to Clitheroe and redirected to St Andrews upon arrival with 1d lilac tied by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/BLOEMFONTEIN dated 14.12.1901. Alongside is the d/ring CLITHEROE dated 9.1.1902 Res £22
  6. BOER WAR-Very nice cover addressed to Stony Stratford, Bucks with 1d lilac tied by lovely strike of the d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/MACHADODORP dated 9.1.1902 with index A-see illustration Res £25
  7. LORD ROBERTS MEMORIAL FUND STAMP ALBUM-Black on red album COMPLETE all but one with the set of Poster Stamps depicting the leaders and V.C’s of WWI and with the majority having the history labels on the blank pages. Excellent condition throughout Res £35
  8. GLASGOW TO RUSSIA-GEO V registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Russia [in Russian] with added GEO V 1½d tied by s/ring REGISTERED/GLASGOW dated 6.5.1915. The envelope was undelivered and returned and has a lovely censor mark on the back, likely applied at PETROGRAD Res £22
  9. ARMY POST OFFICE/1-D/ring dated 15.8.1915 ties GEO V 1d to small OHMS envelope pre-addressed to the Post Office Savings Bank, London and has the triangular censor mark No.1061 in red Res £7
  10. WAR OFFICE TO GIBRALTAR-Stampless Official Paid cover addressed to Major-General Johnston at Line Wall House, Gibraltar with red rubber Official Paid cancel of London E.C dated 30.6.1916. At bottom left is the oval WAR/OFFICE cachet with Crown at centre and at right, the framed BY BRITISH PACKET/LONG SEA ROUTE in red ink; the same red as the Official Paid cancel. On the back is a further strike and an arrival mark dated 6.7.1916 Res £40
  11. EGYPT-FIELD POST OFFICE/22Y Skeleton cancel dated 9.8.1916 with index B on stampless card of the “Procession of the Holy Carpet” addressed to Lincoln Res £12
  12. RAILWAY FACILITIES FOR VISITING SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL IN THE UNITED KINGDOM-Army Form W.3229 being an Official Paid postcard addressed to a next of kin allowing them to travel to see an injured serviceman. This one from, and with the cachet of, “2nd GENERAL WESTERN HOSPITAL/ALMA PARK, LEVENSHULME” addressed to Newport, Wales, cancelled by d/ring LEVENSHULME / MANCHESTER dated 6.3.1917. The writer gives details of visiting times at top in manuscript Res £15
  13. TAKING THE WEE WEE-Stampless postcard posted in Folkestone from a Jock soldier writing back to Edinburgh, saying in his message that he arrived in good time in London from York, having had a “good time”. No stamp affixed, so rightly taxed ½d with ½d postage due tied in Edinburgh on 28.8.1917 after being posted in Folkestone on 26th Res £10
  14. FIELD SERVICE POSTAL RE-DIRECTION CARD-Army form A2042C being a pre-addressed postcard to the O/C of the BASE ARMY POST OFFICE with space on the back for change of address and forwarding details-unused Res £9
  15. GERMANY, 1920- Pictorial envelope & notepaper depicting COLOGNE CATHEDRAL addressed to Great Grimsby, cancelled by the A.P.O S.40 Krag machine cancel on 2.1.1920. At base is the rectangular, vertical CROWN/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/No./11? in red ink. The notepaper has printed image of the Cathedral and “Greetings From Cologne” Res £22

MILITARY-1939 TO 1944

  1. GERMANY TO AUSTRALIA-Commercial cover from Germany to Melbourne dated 24.8.1939 at Munich with plain “OPENED BY CENSOR” tape applied on arrival with the framed PASSED BY/CENSOR/V 45 in blue ink. Received on 13.11.1939 Res £20
  2. AUSTRALIA-Cover to the U.S.A with 3d blue tied by Adelaide “Check Address” slogan dated 20.4.1940. At left is the black on white OPENED BY CENSOR with 4 dots centrally, below “BY” Res £9
  3. TANGIER TO GIBRALTAR-Postcard addressed to a civil address in Gibraltar with 2 x ½d GEO VI Tangier overprints tied by a d/ring of the British Post Office on 29.4.1940. Alongside and at left are two strikes of the d/ring GIBRALTAR/25 dated 1.5.1940 and the red inked, framed PASSED/CENSOR Res £15
  4. AUSTRALIA-Censored cover from Brisbane to the U.S.A with three-stamp franking tied by “Christmas Mail” posting slogan dated 21.12.1940. At left is the diamond-shaped 1/NOT/OPENED BY/CENSOR/7 in violet ink Res £8
  5. EGYPT-British Field Service postcard addressed to Sussex, cancelled by the s/ring EGYPT/11/DATE/POSTAGE/PREPAID dated 17.6.1941. At left is the triangular censor No.2381 in violet ink Res £7
  6. AUSTRALIA-Window envelope from SYDNEY franked by the 1d meter slogan cancel “THE ENEMY HAS/LONG EARS/DON’T GOSSIP” dated 2.7.1941 Res £8
  7. IRELAND TO THE U.K-Postcard of Tramore from Gallwey’s Hill addressed to Manchester with 2 x 1d values tied by d/rings BAILE MHIC ANDAIN dated 5.9.1941. Below is the unframed bilingual PASSED BY CENSOR [1] in violet ink Res £12
  8. EAST AFRICA TACTICAL SCHOOL-Original art work for the Christmas 1942 greetings card and two examples as produced by Captain Philip Catt, Commanding Officer of the school Res £15
  9. CHURCHILL-GERMAN Caricature envelope [with letter] addressed to Germany, depicting a down-trodden Churchill with cigar at top right on a facsimile stamp cancelled by a German Feldpost cancel on 23.12.1942-see illustration Res £85
  10. SUSSEX-Telegram with damaged envelope addressed to Pagham from Captain Philip Catt in East Africa with s/ring NYETIMBER BOGNOR REGIS/SUSSEX dated 16.3.1943 cancelling the telegram Res £8
  1. TANGIER-Postcard of the English church at Tangier addressed to the U.S.A with unoverprinted GB GEO VI 2d tied by the d/ring of the British Post Office, Tangier on 13.12.1943. Below is the octagonal framed CROWN/PASSED/1A/6181 censor mark in red ink. Also has a U.S censor mark at top and arrival mark dated 3.2.1944 Res £15
  2. CANADA-Armed Forces air letter addressed to London with 10c Parliament stamp tied by mute d/ring cancel dated 17.6.1944 and from an R.A.F trainee pilot Res £7
  3. AUSTRALIA-Mint example of the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE “POSTAGRAM” printed March 1944, green on cream stock Res £12
  4. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Window envelope franked by the pictorial meter slogan of Montreal “WIN THE WAR / [AIRCRAFT] / BUY/WAR SAVINGS STAMPS” dated 28.3.1944 Res £7
  5. INDIA TO CALIFORNIA-On Active Service airmail envelope addressed to Oakland with GEO VI 1 Rupee tied hy No.7 ADVANCED BASE POST OFFICE machine cancel dated 14.11.1944. Below, alongside British & Egyptian censor marks is the straight-line RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION. At right is brown sealing tape covering, I assume, the very minimal damage!! Res £25


  1. SWISS INTERNMENT CAMP-Stampless postcard addressed to Chelsea with d/ring CHATEAU D’OEX dated 16.6.1916 and fancy script hand-stamp “DESPATCHED BY BRITISH PRISONER [OF]/WAR IN CHATEAU D’OEX in red ink. Over this is a further, unframed INTERNMENT DES PRISSONIERS DE GUERRE/CHATEAU D’OEX SUISSE in violet ink Res £20
  2. ROYAL NAVAL BRIGADE-U.S 1 Cent postal stationery post card written from New York and addressed to a British P.O.W of the 1st Royal Naval Brigade [Ex-Hawke Battalion] in No.1 Kommando Lager at FRIEDRICHSFELD, Germany, cancelled by a LONDON W.C machine cancel dated 29.3.1917. Centrally is the German camp censor mark Res £25
  3. CIVILIAN INTERNED IN GERMANY-Real photo postcard of the Wesleyan Chapel at Clar Park, Leiceester addressed to Ruhleben-Spandau Camp, Berlin on 24.3.1916. Below is the red inked circular framed POST FREE / P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR and a d/ring FREIGEGEBEN / RUHLEBEN, also in red ink Res £22
  1. PRISONERS OF WAR/CROWN/INFORMATION BUREAU-Oval cachet in blue on buff OHMS P.O.W Correspondence postcard addressed to Germany. The text is in German and only has the signature of the sender Res £22
  2. LIBAU/RUSSIA-Areal photo postcard of a Coat-of-Arms adopted by British Prisoners interned in the Latvian Camp during 1916-1917; which has the motto: WITH OPTIMISM AND PATIENCE. Not postally used Res £10
  3. ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION-Comic postcard by Cecil A Tooke, a member of the R.N.D interned at DOBERITZ camp, Germany. The card is addressed to Perth and depicts a sailor sitting on a 1916 egg-timer with the caption “GET A MOVE ON” [from 1915 to 1916]. Cancelled by a LONDONS/PAID machine cancel dated 21.12.1915, the card has the Doberitz censor mark at top right Res £22
  4. O.W Printed envelope front and flap only addressed to Germany from a P.O.W at Dorchester Camp. The envelope was undelivered and returned to sender with the large blue-black ZURUCK struck at top-see illustration Res £18
  5. WWII Christmas & New Year greetings postcard printed on P.O.W postcard stock with the illustration of a British airman waving his cap at a distant U.K by K.V Wood, a British P.O.W in an un-named camp. Addressed to Yorkshire, it is cancelled by a mute d/ring dated 14.1.1943-just a little late for Christmas!! Res £22
  6. ISLE OF MAN-Two letters to a Prisoner named MICHAELIS interned at “P” Camp on the Isle of Man from a lady from Glasgow, dated 15.12.1944 and 3.1.1945. The earlier letter has the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/W.22 in red and the oval cachet of the METROPOLITAN POLICE, PEEL CAMP dated 24.12.1944. They come in a period OHMS envelope with the prisoner’s name and location Res £25
  7. GEO VI 2½d airmail postal stationery letter sheet addressed to an officer at OFLAG XIIB from Croydon on 16.11.1944 with blue pencil cross through the address and an indication on the back to return to the cordoned address. At left is the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/P.W 7812 in red ink Res £22


  1. VICE ADMIRAL 2nd IN COMMAND/DATE/CHANNEL FLEET-Oval cachet dated 26.6.1905 at top left of a real photo postcard of a man playing golf, addressed to HMS CAESAR of the Channel Fleet at Devonport Res £12
  2. HMS JASON-Stampless postcard addressed to Tunbridge Wells, cancelled by s/ring FLEET POST OFFICE dated 21.2.1915 with the distinctive d/ring with white ensign at centre as used by HMS Jason with PASSED BY CENSOR at top Res £12
  3. HMS GANGES-Cover addressed to Essex with 1d stamp tied by the HARWICH 7 bar dumb cancel. At left is the tiny s/ring PASSED/BY/CENSOR in red ink and with the signature of the censor Res £12
  4. HMS QUAIL-Postcard of Birtley Church addressed to Cornwall with ½d stamp tied by 8 bar dumb cancel. Alongside is the s/ring PASSED BY/CENSOR in violet ink. The card is written from the ship on 21.12.1915 Res £12
  5. HMS YARMOUTH-Cover addressed to Chatham with 2 x ½d stamps tied by two strikes of a mure cork cross cancel. At left is the unframed PASSED BY/CENSOR in blue ink with ornaments either end of “Censored” Res £12
  6. ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY-Stampless postcard from France addressed to Cheltenham, cancelled by d/ring Army post office S.10 dated 3.4.1916. At top left is the framed CENSORED BY LIEUT R.M.A in violet ink. Although dated April 1916, Gould says that RMA was removed in July 1915 Res £15
  7. CEN-O-SOR Marking in green ink with R.M.A at centre on postcard addressed to Portsmouth on 30.12.1918 and cancelled by the London “Received From” etc. dated 31.12.1918 Res £12
  8. CENSORED/S.N.O-Framed mark of the Senior Naval Officer, Lerwick on postcard dated 26.6.1915 addressed to Devonport with ½d stamp tied by cork dumb cancel Res £20
  9. CENSORED IN/HMS JUPITER-Cogwheel type circular framed censor in blue-black ink on Egyptian postcard addressed to Plymouth and with ½d stamp tied by d/ring LONDON/160 dated 17.4.1916 Res £20
  10. HMS EUROPA-OHMS Cover addressed to the 3rd Royal Marine Battalion at MUDROS with the d/ring HMS “EUROPA” with a space at top for the PASED BY CENSOR dated 18.3[1917]. Also with ARMY / TELEGRAPHS d/ring dated same day and cachet too Res £15
  11. HMS/PASSED BY/CENSOR/OROTAVA-Double oval mark in violet ink on stampless postcard from Senegal addressed to London, dated by the sender on 8.5.1917 Res £22
  12. HMS SALCOMBE-Cover addressed to Stoke Poges with GEO VI ½d & 2d values tied by d/rings SALCOMBE/DEVON dated 2.8.1943 with naval tombstone censor at bottom left, applied at the combined ops base at Salcombe Res £15
  13. N.A.S MILLTOWN- Invitation to a Farewell Dance at the Morayshire air base to be held on 1.9.1949 with the oval datestamp of the Regulating Office at top right, dated the day og the Bop Res £8
  14. M.S ARK ROYAL-Superbly executed drawing of the aircraft carrier in 1939 complete with envelope. The airgraph is addressed to Francis Field at Sutton Coldfield from a member of the M.E.F-See illustration Res £22
  15. M.S ARK ROYAL/KENYA-Registered Airmail cover addressed to a young lady in Australia from an officer on board the carrier at Mombasa with Kenya 5/- tied by s/ring KILINIDINI ROAD B.O MOMBASA/KENYA dated 23.2.1966. The cover is much travelled within Australia and has a total of 14 cancels on the back plus various instructional markings Res £9


  1. FORWARDING AGENT CACHET-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Charkow, Russia, cancelled by HULL-282 duplex cancel dated 10.9.1892 with oval cachet of HELMSING & SON, Forwarding agents at Hull. Alongside the cachet are s/ring cancels of the Postal Telegraph Offices at CHARKOW & VILNA Res £12
  2. QV 1d bright carmine postcard addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by lovely s/ring cancel NORTH BERWICK dated 30.12.1901 Res £7
  3. JEBB BROTHERS, GLASGOW-EDW VII 1d printed envelope addressed to Belgium with added ½d & 1d values tied by GLASGOW machine on 9.5.1908 Res £7
  4. VOTING PROXY LETTER SHEET-EDW VII ½d letter sheet pre-addressed to the Army & Navy Co-operative at Victoria Street with inside, a 1d revenue embossed with date 3.4.1906 Res £12
  5. TYPHOO TEA-Superb black-edged mourning, advertising envelope pre-addressed to the company in Birmingham from a pharmacist in London. Undated, but circa 1936-see front illustration-scans of the insides & back are available upon request Res £40
  6. INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON-GB 6d coupon overprinted and with added 8d overprint issued at 303, EUSTON ROAD, LONDON B.O N.W.1 on 30.1.1950 Res £8
  7. HEARTS OF OAK BENEFIT SOCIETY-Series of three different size/colour envelope, all with GEO VI 2½d red or blue embossed values in unused condition [3] Res £12
  8. HEARTS OF OAK-Superb GEO VI 2d orange larger size printed to private order postcard from the Benefit Society in mint condition Res £22
  9. BOURNEMOUTH-GEO VI 8½d size G registered envelope addressed to Northwood, Middx, cancelled by s/ring BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/18 dated 5.7.1954 Res £7
  10. ROWNTREES OF YORK-GEO VI 1½d green reps calling card/advert card addressed to Martock, Somerset from Weymouth on 8.4.1955. Interestingly, the card advocates sucking on fruit gums [Rowntree of course] when smoking is banned!! Res £15
  11. HEARTS OF OAK-QEII 2½d postcard the same size & format as the GEO VI card earlier-mint condition Res £12
  12. HEARTS OF OAK-QEII Tudor Rose envelopes 2½d red, 3d purple, 4d blue & 4d red, all in mint condition [4] Res £15
  13. HEARTS OF OAK-3d Tudor rose envelopes with added 1d Wilding on two and added 1d Wilding & 1d Machin on a third, addressed to the Society at the original address and two with different redirection labels to the new, temporary addresss. All used 1968-1970 [3] Res £9
  14. CADBURY’S DAIRY MILK-Reps calling/order card advertising the Nation’s Favourite at top left with ½d orange & 2½d red rectangular dies. Addressed to the Isle of Wight, but not used Res £12
  15. CADBURY’S DAIRY MILK-Reps calling/order card as previous lot with single 3d violet impression. Again addressed to Poersmouth but not used Res £9


  1. MISSENT TO/DERBY R.O-Unframed mark in black on the front of a cover from Tunstall to Portland Colliery, Alfreton on 3.11.1856 Res £65
  2. PADDINGTON STATION-Dated double arc cancel on the back of a cover addressed to Chippenham, dated 2.2.1858 with index A. On the front are 7 x 1d red stars [includes three pairs] tied by numeral cancels 285 of Exeter. Lovely Late Fee item. This is the EARLIEST RECORDED date of the Paddington cancel-beating the previous date by a full 10 months!! Res £65
  3. DUNKETTLE STN/R.S.O-Very scarce s/ring cancel dated 22.1.1877 with index A on a cover from Limerick to Dunkettle. One of just THREE known examples-see illustration Res £120
  1. WEYBRIDGE STATION-B87 Four bat pointed duplex cancel dated 2.7.1879 ties 1d red from plate 184 to cover addressed to Shepton Mallet. On the front is also the quartered circle M/N W/A in black ink-see illustration Res £25
  2. SWANLEY JUNCTION-Superb strike of the squared circle cancel dated 17.3.1883 with index A cancelling a QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard to Stourbridge from the “HOME FOR FLOWERS” Swanley-see illustrations Res £28
  3. BARNHAM JUNCTION-S/ring dated 23.3.1887 on postcard from Bognor addressed to Emsworth. This is the EARLIEST RECORDED Date for this cancel Res £25
  4. REGISTERED/BRIGHTON STATION OFFICE-Oval cancel dated 3.8.1887 on QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to NEWARK, Notts with 1½d Jubilee value tied by s/ring LEWES RD/BRIGHTON dated the same day Res £25
  5. TUNBRIDGE/STATION OFFICE-818 Duplex cancel dated 27.6.1888 ties 1d lilac on superbly illustrated cover front only [not a complete envelope]-see illustration Res £45
  6. LIVERPOOL/LATE [L] FEE-Scarce d/ring cancel dated 10.3.1894 ties 3d Jubilee issue to Late Fee [ ½d] cover addressed to Italy. The stamp is further perfin with initials of the Braun company of Liverpool Res £30
  7. RED HILL/STATION OFFICE-A21 Duplex cancel dated 17.1.1895 with index K* cancelling a ½d brown postcard to Brighton-superb strike! Res £18
  8. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From Broadstairs, Under Ramsgate with 3d Jubilee tied by the scarce target parcel cancel BROADSTAIRS/STATION B.O. Alongside is the s/ring BROADSTAIRS dated 16.3.1895-see illustration Res £45
  9. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From BICKLEY STATION, Under Bromley, Kent with 3d Jubilee tied by the Bromley target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring BICKLEY dated 15.7.1901 Res £30
  10. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From CASTLE EDEN STATION, Under Ferry Hill with manuscript MISSENT TO NORTH SHIELDS and cancelled by s/ring CASTLE EDEN R.S.O/Co. DURHAM on 5.11.1901. Top right corner has been clipped-see illustration Res £35
  11. FRESHWATER STATION/I OF WIGHT-H06 Duplex cancel dated 17.3.1904 as a redirection mark on a postcard from Egypt to Freshwater to Sutton, Surrey-very unusual to have used the duplex cancel in this way-usually the s/ring cancels would have sufficed Res £12
  1. BRIDGE OF GAUR/RANNOCH STATION-S/ring cancel dated 9.6.1904 with index B on postcard addressed to Henley-on-Thames with stamp tied by d/ring RANNOCH STATION/678 Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated the same day Res £12
  2. TARBOLTON STATION/591-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 30.9.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION-Indian QV I Anna surcharge postal stationery envelope addressed to the college from India and redirected to France upon arrival with the adding of EDW VII ½d & 1d values, tied by squared circle cancels dated 6.5.1905 Res £25
  4. ABBEYCWMHIR/PENNYBONT STN R.S.A-S/ring dated 25.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard with s/ring PENNYBONT STATION/RADNORSHIRE alongside with the same date Res £15
  5. AIRTH ROAD STATION/547-Scote d/ring numeral cancel dated 21.11.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. KILDARE RAIL-S/ring arrival mark dated 1.6.1908 on the back of a cover from Dublin addressed to the Dean of Kildare Res £25
  7. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION-Superb crested envelope & headed notepaper from the College addressed to Amersham with EDW VII 1d tied by a an equally superb, upright d/ring cancel WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION S.O/BERKS dated 19.7.1909 Res £22
  8. ST BLAZEY PAR STN/CWLL-Rarer skeleton cancel dated 18.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard addressed to London-see illustration of what is likely to be the finest strike of this cancel Res £30
  9. LIMERICK JUNCTION-Skeleton cancel dated 11.6.1910 ties stamp to postcard [some foxing will clean up] addressed to Reigate. One of JUST TWO KNOWN Examples of this scarce cancel-see illustration Res £40
  10. FRESHWATER STATION/I OF W-S/rings dated 24.4.1902 ties 6 x 1d ARMY/OFFICIAL stamps to piece-nice item Res £22
  11. SWANLEY JUNCTION/KENT-Skeleton cancel dated 17.4.1915 ties stamp to postcard-lovely, complete strike Res £25
  12. RUGBY STATION-D/ring cancel dated 29.7.1929 ties a 2d Postage Due to unpaid postcard from Harrogate addressed to Rugby. At top right is the distinctive 2d tax mark of Rugby Station in black ink. This is the LATEST RECORDED DATE of use for this 2d mark Res £25
  13. LANGWITH JUNCTION/MANSFIELD-D/ring transit mark dated 13.6.1930 on postcard from Belgium redirected to SHIREBROOK. This is the EARLIEST RECORDED Date for this cancel Res £25
  14. LLANDUDNO JUNCTION / CAERNARVONSHIRE - D/ring dated 28.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  15. FRESHWATER STATION/I OF W-S/ring dated 24.6.1932 cancels an entry in a Post Office Savings book Res £18
  16. ORTON/ORTON STATION/MORAYSHIRE-Superb rubber cancel dated 22.8.1934 ties stamp to postcard. This is the LATEST of TWO KNOWN DATES-See illustration Res £35
  17. PLUCKLEY STN/ASHFORD KENT-S/rings dated 24.6.1935 ties 2 x ½d Silver Jubilee values to postcard Res £15
  18. MICHELDEVER STATION/WINCHESTER-Scarce d/ring cancel dated 22.2.1937 ties EDW VIII 1d to postcard. One of just THREE KNOWN Examples Res £18
  19. PERRANWELL STATION/TRURO CORNWALL-D/ring dated 8.8.1941 ties 2d stamp to postcard addressed to London Res £12
  20. SOUTH KENSINGTON STATION/1/REGISTERED/B.O S.W.7-Undated WWII oval registered cancel ties stamps to neat registered cover addressed to Mayfield, Sussex circa 1943. So far, the ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE of this cancel-see illustration Res £30
  21. MINTLAW STATION/ABERDEENSHIRE-Two parcel post rubber cancels dated 9.12.1964 tying firstly the parcel post label to a piece and a second piece with 2 x 1/3d Scots regionals tied Res £20


  1. TENDER Note to purchase £2,000 of stock in the LONDON & CHATHAM RAILWAY in the form of a printed circular pre-addressed to the company at Victoria Station with ½d Bantam plate 1 tied by the CHELTENHAM duplex cancel dated 17.9.1874 Res £8
  2. CARNFORTH & WHITEHAVEN T.P.O-J54 Duplex cancels tie stamps to piece between 1891 & 1911 with the 1891 strike having the scarcer index A used only on Late Mail [3] Res £12
  3. CALEDONIAN T.P.O/DAY UP-S/ring dated 23.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  4. GRIMSBY & PETERBORO’/STG TENDER-D/ring dated 28.10.1904 ties ½d stamp to postcard. Not taxed even though no Late Fee had been paid Res £8
  5. LONDON & DOVER SORTING CARRIAGE-Cover addressed to Vienna with EDW VII ½d & 1/- values tied to the front by d/ring cancels of WALTHAMSTOW on 12.1.1905. On the back is the superb strike of the undated L.D/S.C/N in black ink. Thought only to have been used in 1906, this one is clearly used in 1905-see illustration Res £80
  6. L & N.W TPO/MIDDAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 16.9.1905 with index * on postcard from Llandudno to Luton Res £22
  7. FIFE SORTING TENDER UP/458-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 7.4.1906 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  8. MANCHESTER/S.T-S/ring dated 7.9.1906 wit index 12 below the tear slug, ties stamp to postcard addressed to Timperley Res £15
  9. GT NORTHERN/T.P.O/MIDDAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 4.7.1907 as transit mark on postcard from London to Bishops Stortford Res £15
  10. EXETER & TORRINGTONC/UP-S/ring dated 11.5.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  11. QUEENBOROUGH-VLISSINGEN Dutch d/ring railway TPO cancel ties Dutch 5c stamp to postcard of the Flushing Line Day Boat addressed to Brylston on 9.11.1908 Res £15
  12. WHITEHAVEN S.T-Larger s/ring cancel dated 5.11.1909 on the back of a registered cover from Lincoln’s Inn addressed to Whitehaven with EDW VII 1d and 2d values tied by s/rings LINCOLNS INN B.O/S.W dated 4.11.1909 with index PP [Parcel Post]. Also on the front is the framed GONE NO ADDRESS/877 Res £22
  13. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS-Crested envelope addressed to Knaresborough, cancelled by the scarce red inked skeleton cancel OSWESTRY/PAID dated 28.2.1914 Res £15
  14. HULL LEEDS RLY SORTING CARRIAGE/+D/ring transit mark on a WWI YMCA envelope addressed to a member of the Rifle Brigade at SHURLAND HALL, Sheerness, Kent with 1d stamp tied by s/ring OF SALISBURY dated 21.7.1916. At left is the framed INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/447 mark of Leeds. No idea why it was that far north-any ideas Richard? Res £22
  15. BANGOR CREWE TPO-S/ring dated 25.8.1933 ties stamp to postcard Res £6


  1. WEST LANCASHIRE RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 12 x 2d RLS with control numbers 49 to 60 in lovely condition from the only issue of 1891 Res £35
  2. GLASGOW & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 12 x 2d from the June 1893 issue in very good condition Res £35
  3. PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND DOCKS COMPANY-Pair of 2d RLS with control numbers 407 & 408 from the 1st printing of February 1901 from the bottom right corner of the sheet Res £30
  4. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 12 x 2d RLS with control numbers from 9121 to 9132 in very good condition from the 2nd issue of 1907 Res £35
  5. MANCHESTER & MILFORD RAILWAY-Pair of the 2d RLS with controls 1844 & 1845 from the 2nd issue of December 1897 in mint condition Res £20
  6. LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 6 x 3d RLS in mint condition Res £15
  7. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY NORTH BRITISH SECTION-Complete sheet of 12 x 4d RLS in mint condition. Res £35
  8. SOMERSET & DORSET JOINT LINE OF THE SOUTHERN AND LONDON, MIDLAND & SCOTTISH RAILWAYS-Block of four of the 4d RLS in mint condition with control numbers 7041-42 & 7045-46 Res £15
  9. H L’ESTRANGE EWEN-Lovely 1/- advertising label in the form of a Railway Letter Stamp advertising his Railway Letter Stamp reference list Res £20
  10. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Scarce PROOF issues of the 3d black on green & the 4d black on white prepaid newspaper parcel stamps. Proofs were the only stamps not to have been given control numbers in these issues-see illustration Res £35


  1. 1897 DIAMOND JUBILEE Commemorative stamps in blocks of four showing the future EDW VII & Princess Alexandra on the 4d blue values and the future GEO V and Princess Mary on the 6d grey values Res £18
  2. 1905/1906 ROYAL TOUR OF INDIA & BURMA-Postcard of Madras museum addressed to Lady McLeod in London with the message “T.R.H’s ARE JUST ARRIVING IN H.M.S RENOWN”. The 1d EDW VII 1d is tied by a naval cancel in London, dated 9.2.1906 Res £25
  3. “FROM/THE KING & QUEEN/DATE/WINDSOR CASTLE”-Crowned rectangular cachet in violet ink dated 26.6.1917 on a postcard of the castle. Given out to wounded troops Res £12
  4. SANDRINGHAM/NORFOLK-D/ring cancel dated 20.9.1961 ties POSB 3d to crested cover addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea. Enclosed is a compliments slip from the ROYAL TAPISSIER TO H.M THE QUEEN at Sandringham House, R.C Marrington. Res £22
  1. OFFICE OF/H.R.H THE DUKE/OF GLOUCESTER/KENSINGTON PALACE/LONDON W.8-Oval cachet I blue on envelope addressed to Colonel Philip Catt at Felpham with stamps tied at Kensington on 15.5.1980. The letter, signed by Lt Colonel Simon Bland refers to the absence of the Colonel and gives hope that he “doesn’t over do it”. A further letter from the Lady-in-Waiting to the Duchess of Gloucester to the Colonel expresses similar sympathies and offers thanks for a recently received gift. This one is signed by Jane, A Lady-in-Waiting Res £25
  2. ROYAL VISIT TO NAURU-Cover addressed to Austria with 5c Rowland Hill stamp tied by pictorial cancel on 25.10.1982. At left is the crowned EIIR/THE ROYAL YACHT in red ink and the framed MAIL OFFICE/DATE/H.M ROYAL YACHT dated 24.10.1982 Res £8
  3. ROYAL VISIT TO FIJI-Similar cover with same marks etc to the same address dated 1.11.1982 at Suva with the Mail Office cachet dated similarly Res £8
  4. CLARENCE HOUSE-Crested envelope & headed notepaper addressed to Kingswinford on 10.9.1990 with a compliments slip of the Lady-in-Waiting the Queen Mother with an added, typed message SENT TO CLARENCE HOUSE IN ERROR, AND KEPT AMONG HER MAJESTY’S BIRTHDAY LETTERS-WHICH ARE STILL BEING ANSWERED Res £15
  5. LORD CHAMBERLAIN/CROWN/BUCKINGHAM PALACE-Printed cachet on buff envelope addressed within London on 8.6.2004 containing information on Royal Garden Parties, a large X car pass, information on Congestion Charging and a video order form Res £15
  6. BUCKINGHAM PALACE - `Small crested envelope and Buckingham Palace headed invitation to attend at the Bow Room for drinks to say farewell to Mr Jeffrey Cook on 10.2.2009 Res £12


  1. SUTTON, SURREY-Blue London PPL from here with QV 4½d tied very nicely by the target parcel cancel and by the s/ring SUTTON/SURREY dated 30.4.1895. Alongside is a further strike of the s/ring-see illustration Res £30
  2. WOLLASTON, Under Wellingborough-PPL From here with QV 10d tied by the Wellingborough target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring WOLLASTON/N’PTON dated 28.4.1902-see illustration Res £30
  3. WHITEHAVEN-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring WHITEHAVEN dated 28.8.1902 with a further strike alongside Res £22
  4. WELLINGBOROUGH, MIDLAND ROAD-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring MIDLAND RD/WELLINGBOROUGH dated 18.10.1902 Res £22
  5. STREET, Under Bridgwater-PPL From here with EDW VII 2½d pair tied by the BRISTOL roller cancel. Alongside is the s/ring STREET/SOM dated circa 1905 Res £22
  6. 92a BALHAM HIGH ROAD B.O-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by BALHAM/S.W target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring BALHAM No.92a HIGH Rd B.O S.W/2dated 24.4.1906 Res £22
  7. SEASCALE, Under Whitehaven-PPL From here with no stamps attached, but cancelled by s/ring SEASCALE dated 9.8.1906 Res £18
  8. GLASS HOUGHTON, Under Castleford-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by the CASTLEFORD target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring GLASS HOUGHTON dated 12.5.1909 Res £22
  9. LONDON, CLIFTON ROAD S.E [SOUTH NORWOOD]-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange & 5d values tied by s/rings SOUTH NORWOOD/CLIFTON Rd S.E dated 12.5.1910 Res £22
  10. LONDON, CLAPTON COMMON, CLAPTON, E-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring CLAPTON COMMON N.E dated 1.11.1912 Res £22
  11. WARLINGHAM, WHYTELEAFE, Under Croydon-PPL From here without stamps ever being affixed, cancelled by s/ring WARLINGHAM / WHYTELEAFE S.O CROYDON dated 19.5.1913 Res £20
  12. COLLEGE TOWN, Under Camberley-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by black rubber cancel COLLEGE TOWN/CAMBERLEY dated 13.2.1914 Res £25
  13. CROYDON, UPPER WOODCOTE, PURLEY-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by black rubber cancel WOODCOTE/PURLEY/SURREY dated 25.11.1919 Res £25
  14. WALLINGTON, Under Sutton-Blue London PPL From here with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring WALLINGTON dated 27.5.19?? without year slug inserted, circa 1919 Res £22
  15. METER PARCEL CANCELS-Three meter cancels from ABERDEEN11.1954; TORQUAY 4.4.1963 and ROMFORD 7.9.1953. Three different designs [3] Res £20

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. CORLEY/DURSLEY-Cancel dated 25.7.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. MAREHAY/DERBY-Cancel dated 16.4.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. PORCHFIELD/NEWPORT/ I OF W-Cancel dated 29.5.1906 on postcard addressed locally with stamp tied by d/ring cancel of Newport on the same day-see illustration Res £22
  4. WHITEMOOR/ST AUSTELL-Cancel dated 24.9.1909 on postcard with stamp tied by s/ring NANPEAN dated the same day Res £8
  5. COMPTON DUNDON/SOMERTON/SOMERSET-Cancel dated Christmas Day 1909 ties stamp to postcard addressed to West Pennard with squared circle cancel of SOMERTON alongside Res £8
  6. ELWOOD/COLEFORD/GLOS-Black cancel dated 10.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. LEIGH GREEN/RENTERDEN/KENT-Black cancel dated 5.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  8. SHIPTON/MARKET WEIGHTON/YORKS-Black cancel dated 29.2.1912 [Leap Year date] ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. OLD LAKENHAM/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 13.9.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. QUENINGTON/FAIRFORD/GLOS-Black cancel dated 31.12.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. SHIDE/NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Black cancel dated 1.9.1914 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £22
  12. BLUBBERHOUSES/OTLEY-Black cancel dated 21.6.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. STAPLEFORD/CAMBRIDGE-Black cancel dated 25.9.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. ALLITHWAITE/GRANGE OVER SANDS/LANCASHIRE-Black cancel dated 10.8.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  15. WALTON/LUTTERWORTH/LEICESTERSHIRE-Black cancel dated 25.10.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. GIANTS CAUSEWAY/BUSHMILLS/Co. ANTRIM-Black cancel dated 28.8.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  17. PORCHFIELD/NEWPORT/I OF WIGHT-Black cancel dated 27.6.1925 ties stamp to postcard-different format to the previous Porchfield cancel earlier Res £22
  18. PRAH SANDS/MARAZION/CORNWALL-Violet inked cancel dated 26.10.1929 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. SCRIBBAGH/ENNISKILLEN/Co FERMANAGH-Lovely black cancel dated 21.8.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  20. ANSLOW/BURTON-ON-TRENT/STAFFS-Superb strike of the black cancel dated 14.9.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. BALLISODARE-IRISH Double rimmed cancel dated 29.7.1904 with index 23 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  2. LEENANE/GALWAY-IRISH Single rimmed skeleton dated 16.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  3. INCE/CHESTER-Cancel dated 24.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. YARMOUTHO/I W [Isle of Wight]-Superb cancel dated 29.5.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  5. NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Another superb, complete strike dated 10.5.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  6. SEAVIEW/RYDE [Isle of Wight]-Cancel dated 1.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  7. SEAVIEW I OF WIGHT-Cancel dated 2.8.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  8. BRADFORD ON AVON-Cancel dated 28.4.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. EARLESTOWN/NEWTON LE W-Cancel dated 2.7.1926 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  10. SOWERBY BRIDGE/YORKS-Cancel dated 16.2.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. BRIDGWATER-Cancel dated 22.1.1881 with index H cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to London-early date, if not the earliest Res £22
  2. SAXMUNDHAM-Cancel dated 29.8.1894 with index 1C cancels ½d brown postcard to Halesworth Res £25
  3. SHANKLIN-Cancels dated 27.6.1896 with index I cancels 1d pink & 6d violet embossed dies on postal stationery envelope registered to Germany. On the back is the sub-office Isle of Wight cancel THE ESPLANADE/SHANKLIN dated the same day Res £25
  4. HERTFORD-Superb strike dated 11.11.1896 with time 9.30pm on 1d pink envelope addressed to Bishops Stortford Res £8
  5. FOWEY-Lovely strike dated 11.2.1898 with time 5.30pm ties ½d vermilion to cover addressed to SWEDEN Res £10
  6. LEWDOWN-Cancel dated 26.2.1900 with index B ties 1d lilac to cover Res £8
  7. BILDESTON-Cancel dated 10.5.1902 with index B ties 1d stamp to cover Res £15
  8. ARDLEIGH-Nice cancel dated 11.3.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. SEDGLEY-Cancel dated 14.3.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  10. ST TUDY-Nice cancel dated 8.12.1910 with index B ties stamp to cover Res £5


  1. 150 BURNLEY-3CDS cancel dated 17.10.1900 with s/line Burnley ties ½d blue-green to trade postcard Res £8
  2. 233 DARLINGTON-1844 Type cancel on 1d pink envelope with undated d/arc HEIGHINGTON on the back in blue ink Res £18
  3. 447 LEEDS-3VOD dated 22.11.1881 with index 46B ties 2½d blue from plate 23 to entire addressed to Naples Res £15
  4. 449 LEICESTER-3VOD with No.15 in basal bars cancels EDW VII ½d blue-green postal stationery postcard to Loughborough-superb strike Res £8
  5. 738 BYFIELD-3VOD dated 18.2.1884 with index C ties 1d lilac to cover with contents Res £8
  6. 956 HURSTPIERPOINT-1844 Type cancel on 1d pink envelope with undated d/arc HENFIELD at left in black ink Res £18
  7. D57 BUTE DOCKS B.O/CARDIFF-3VOD dated 16.9.1895 with time 3.15pm ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Dublin. On the back is a superb strike of the s/ring H&K PACKET/3 dated the following day with time 2.45am-wrong section really, but hey-ho! Res £25
  8. H16 BROTTON-3VOD dated 15.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  9. IRISH 7 ABBEYFEALE-Diamond cancel applied on 1.10.1886, tying 2½d lilac to 2d QV registered envelope size G addressed to Montreal Res £22
  10. IRISH 445 WATERFORD-Diamond cancel applied to 1d red stars on 20.3.1860 to entire addressed to London Res £12


  1. 1789 Entire from CAMPIE HOUSE addressed to the bank of Scotland on 21.10,.1789 with straight-line cancel MUSLEBROUGH in black ink on the back Res £30
  2. 1794 Entire to Chester with superb PETER/BOROUGH curved cancel at top right of entire ddated 28.4.1794-see illustration Res £65
  3. 1794 Entire to London, rated at 4d with curved NEWMARKET at top left, struck on 7.4.1794 Res £35
  4. 1797 Entire to the Oxford Canal Office, Oxford dated 3.9.1797 with superb s/line BRACKLEY at bottom laft. At top right is the large, red inked PAID mark of London, dated 4th September Res £60
  5. 1799 Free Front addressed to Fleet Street, London from the Earl of Cardigan at Oundle, Member of Parliament for Marlborough on 23.8.1799 with one of the 1799 EXPERIMENTAL FREE Marks, this one with FREE outside of the circle and a small crown within the circle, dated 24.8.1799. At the bottom is the s/line OUNDLE-See illustration Res £125
  6. WANSFORD-Entire written from Peterborough to Uxbridge on 17.4.1801 with superb WANDES/FORD at top right, in black ink-see illustration Res £125
  7. THRAPSTONE-Entire letter written from BRIGSTOCK to GRANTHAM on 24.12.1805 with lovely THRAPSTONE/92 mileage mark at top right. Redirected upon arrival to Cavendish Squaare, London, the GRANTHAM mileage mark was struck at right Res £40
  8. NEWPORT I.W/100-Framed mileage mark of Newport, Isle of Wight at top right of entire addressed to London on 6.7.1821 Res £35
  9. TURNED LETTER-Original letter dated 17.3.1824 to Lincolns Inn with P9 in red from Bath and used secondly back to Bath on the following day. Folded in such a way that both addresses are fully visible-nice item[s] Res £50
  10. OUNDLE-Undelivered front addressed to St Neots, dated 9.2.1830, rated 7d and with the horseshoe OUNDLE presented nicely on the back flap [opens out nicely to display]. This s the former unframed circular mileage mark with the mileage removed. Above the 7d rate mark is the red inked, manuscript RETURN Res £45
  11. IRISH DISINFECTED MAIL-Entire to Stirling from LIMERICK, dated 8.3.1832 with vinegar stains on the front and back. The letter concerns the supply of tartan for military uniforms and has the Limerick and Dublin mark on the back, dated two days later. On the front is the green inked additional half mark Res £45
  1. DAVENTRY/PY POST-Framed mark in black at top right of entire dated 18.7.1832 addressed to Coventry and written from LONG BUCKBY. Shown are the 1d manuscript mark used in the 1st year of the Long Buckby Penny Post system and a manuscript 6d making up the 5d to Coventry and a local 1d charge-nice item Res £45
  2. THRAPSTONE, NORTHANTS/CALNE, WILTS-Large part free letter addressed to Thrapstone, Northants on 22.12.1832, signed by the Marquise of Lansdowne, Member of Parliament for Calne. On the back is the s/line CALNE with mileage removed and on the front, the framed THRAPSTONE/PENNY POST Res £55
  3. HIGHAM FERRERS-Superb red inked undated circle on the back of a repaired wrapper with most of the address removed, addressed within Northamptonshire on 23.6.1834-see illustration Res £30
  4. LONG BUCKBY-ERROR OF SPELLING-Entire addressed to Daventry dated 1.2.1838 with a superb strike of the incorrectly spelled LONG BUCKLY in black ink-see illustration Res £50
  5. BRAUNSTON-ERROR OF SPELLING-Entire written from Willoughby Spa to Northampton with the s/line BRANNSTON struck on the back flap-opens out to display- on 29.7.1838. At top right is a weakly struck DAVENTRY/PENNY POST-See illustration Res £65
  6. WORSTEAD-Undated d/arc in black ink on entire letter endorsed FREE on account of having paid 6d to get it to Yarmouth, Norfolk on 10.12.1838 Res £22
  7. KETTERING-TURNED Entire addressed firstly ro ROTHWELL from Northampton and then turned and addressed back to ROTHWELL on 11.12.1838. Although the same distance was travelled, it took 1d more to get it from Rothwell as 1d extra was charged for the local penny post. At top right is a superb but inverted strike of the KETTERING/PENNY POST in black ink Res £60
  8. PETER/BOROUGH/PENNY POST-Framed mark in black on large part wrapper addressed to Falkingham with the scarce framed No.3 Receiving House mark of CROWLAND at right, struck on 4.2.1839 Res £40
  9. TORIES WIN IT IN BURTON LATTIMER-Small cover addressed to Burton Lattimer from Kettering on 15.6.1841 containing a card urging the addressee to vote for Mr Cartwright and Sir Charles Knightley, Conservative candidates. Although the addressee was deemed not to live at Burton, both candidates were elected with 2,436 & 2324 votes respectively. Res £28
  10. LEEDS-Entire addressed to Wakefield on 28.10.1843 with Universal Penny Postage 1d in red at right Res £12
  11. PAID/AT/LEEDS-Bright red oval mark at centre of entire addressed to Huddersfield on 27.8.1944. At top is the framed CLECKHEATON / PENNY POST with manuscript PAID 7 after. Res £40
  12. SUSSEX-Entire endorsed OHMS and addressed to HAUSLEY, Near Emsworth with imperf 2d blue [1841 issue] tied by numeral cancel of Chichester on 19.5.1847. At top left is the superb undated d/arc cancel WESTBOURNE in black ink. Undelivered & returned to Chichester-see illustration Res £30
  13. KIDSGROVE, STAFFS-Undated d/arc in an acidic brown ink on the back of an entire to Cheadle, via Newcastle, Staffs on 19.3.1852 Res £22
  14. KETTON, LINCS-Undated d/arc on back of 1d pink envelope from Stamford to Louth on 3.10.1855. The envelope is cancelled by the STAMFORD-742 Sideways duplex cancel Res £22
  15. OXFORD UNIVERSITY-Cover addressed to Kingsbridge, Devon with Oxford University crest on the back flap with 1d red stars with the vertical O.U.S overprint tied by the circular duplex cancel of Oxford dated 13.2.1862-see illustration Res £75
  16. EARL OF DERBY-Crested FOREIGN OFFICE envelope Officially Paid to Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg Strelitz, daughter of the Duke of Cambridge on 28.8.1867 during the Earl’s third spell as Prime Minister and longest [to date] leader of the Conservative Party. Signed at left “STANLEY”, he abolished discrimination against Jews becoming Members of Parliament, ended the Slave Trade and brought in a far-reaching Reform Act-nice item-see illustration Res £65
  17. HULL TO DENMARK-Entire addressed to Copenhagen with a vertical strip of three x 1d reds from plate 150 tied by HULL-383 duplex cancels dated 10.12.1874 Res £35
  18. HOUSE OF COMMONS-Crested, embossed envelope and notepaper addressed within London to Temple with 1d red plate 182 tied by a superb upright oval No.1 diamond cancel on 22.6.1876. The letter is signed by Sir John Holker, M.P for Preston who served in the 2nd Disraeli Government as Attorney General-see illustration Res £40
  19. TELEGRAM-TELEGRAM WITH ENVELOPE Addressed within Derby, with telegram & envelope cancelled by s/rings DERBY dated 6.9.1878 Res £18
  20. MOURNING ENVELOPE/ISLE OF WIGHT-Mourning cover addressed to Shardlow Hall, near Derby with 1d Venetian red tied by four-bar duplex cancel VENTNOR-971 dated 29.12.1880. On the back is the sub-office s/ring cancel MADEIRA RD/VENTNOR dated the same day Res £25
  1. JERSEY-Crested, embossed envelope with embossed letter headed paper from “THE FIRS” addressed to Liverpool with 1d Venetian red tied by JERSEY-409 four-bar duplex cancel dated 27.2.1881. On the back is the s/ring MILLBROOK [without Island name] dated the same day. Catalogued in Collect British Postmarks at £225 in 2013 Res £75
  2. NORFOLK-Cover addressed to Italy with 2½d blue from plate 28 tied by 3 bar duplex cancel LYNN-488 dated 19.7.1883 with index D. On the back is the sub-office cancel ALEXANDRA DOCKS/LYNN dated the same day and also a superb oval cachet RUSSIAN, AUSTRIAN & ITALIAN CONSULATES / JAMES BOWKER / LLOYD’S AGENT / DATE/ KINGS LYNN/SHIP & STEAM SHIP BROKER again, dated the same day Res £30
  3. PLUMPTON HOUSE, BURY ST EDMUNDS Embossed notepaper & envelope addressed to the U.S.A with ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by three-bar duplex cancels dated 26.11.1889 Res £15
  4. THE BEACH/LITTLEHAMPTON-Superb sub-office s/ring dated 28.4.1890 ties 1d lilac to tiny envelope addressed to London-see illustration Res £22
  5. ST JOHNS/ISLE OF MAN-Superb s/ring cancel dated 20.9.1904 with index B ties a very deep [almost a double print] blue-green EDW VII value to postcard Res £10
  6. PETER STON SUPER ELY-S/ring dated 1.8.1905 ties EDW VII ½d yellow-green to postcard addressed to Pontypridd. Res £8
  7. INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON-GB 3d coupon USED ON THE FIRST DAY OF ISSUE, cancelled by s/ring HACKWORTHINGHAM dated 1.10.1907. How this came to be issued at this small Lincolnshire village of less than 400 people in 1907 is beyond me, but I’m glad they did!! See illustration Res £200
  8. ERRINGTON & MARTIN, Stamp Dealers-COSTA RICAN 1c postal stationery card bearing the company’s advert on the back Res £10
  9. MANCHESTER CHRISTMAS CROSS-1907 Machine cancel ties stamp to postcard addressed to DERBY-Good strike Res £65
  10. MOURNING Cover with contents with stamp tied by WHITEHAVEN d/ring dated 28.12.1909 with two strikes of the s/ring BIGRIGG dated next day Res £7
  11. BROOK/NEWPORT I OF W-S/ring dated 28.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  12. BRIGHTSTONE / I OF WIGHT - S/ring dated 25.8.1911 ties Harrison printing ½d to postcard Res £8
  13. LONDON E.C/1d/POSTAGE PAID/CROWN-Lovely “Penny in the Slot” machine cancel on George King cover with the accompanying d/ring LONDON E.C/172 in red ink, dated 31.8.1912 Res £45
  14. ASWARBY/FOLKINGHAM S.O LINCS-S/rings dated 21.7.1914 ties stamps to GEO V 3d registered envelope size F addressed to Switzerland Res £8
  15. BINSTEAD [Isle of Wight] S/ring dated 24.12.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  16. FISHGUARD/WIRELESS STATION-S/ring dated 28.2.1918 cancels postcard-no stamp-no address, just the message-see illustration Res £22
  17. CORRIE ARRAN/453-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 2.7.1921 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  18. NITON UNDERCLIFF/VENTNOR-S/ring dated 15.7.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  19. INSURED PARCEL Tag addressed to BERMUDA with GEO V 5d, 2/6d & 5/- Seahorses tied by rubber parcel cancels of ENFIELD on 26.7.1935 . At left is the Imperial & Foreign Parcel Post label of Enfield-nice item and unusual destination-see illustration Res £150
  20. LEEDS TO NAZI PARTY H.Q-GEO V 4½d registered envelope addressed to Munich with added 2½d tied by registered cancel on 3.12.1936. On the back is the customs sealing tape and the Munich receiver of “HEADQUARTERS OF NAZI PARTY MOVEMENT” dated 5.12.1936 alongside an oval MUNICH 2BZ railway mark Res £25
  21. MANOR HALL ROAD SOUTHWICK/BRIGHTON-S/ring cancels dated 10.5.1937 ties GEO VI ½d, 1d & 2½d values to plain first day cover addressed locally Res £12
  22. SHERBORNE/DORSET-Krag cancel dated 8.10.1937 ties EDW VIII ½d to folded poster advertising the anniversary services for the HOLWELL METHODIST Church on 17.10.1937 and the annual rally on 20.10.1937. The poster is addressed to one of the soloists, Mrs Bolitho. Lovely piece of local ephemera in excellent condition throughout Res £25
  23. GOOSE GATE, NOTTINGHAM-Locally addressed cover with a strip of three GEO VI ½d values with control number B/37 from plate 16 dot tied by British Industries Fair slogan of Nottingham dated 3.1.1938. On the back is a lovely cachet of A & E Clarke Ltd, sweets and chocolate sellers of 28, Goose Gate showing of course, a Goose on a Gate!! Res £12
  1. SALVATION ARMY-Airmail cover from the DUTCH EAST INDIES addressed to General EVANGELINE BOOTH at H.Q in London with stamps tied at BANDOENG on 8.4.1938. She was the 1st woman General in the Salvation Army and the 7th child of General William Booth, founder of the movement. Part of the back is missing, but doesn’t detract from the front Res £20
  2. POST OFFICE MOTOR TRANSPORT-June 1936 Post Office Green Paper No.28a with illustrations of early and “modern” GPO transport from motorcycles to vans to lorries etc. Excellent condition Res £15
  3. LANGHAM HOTEL W/1-S/ring dated 30.3.1939 cancels illustrated greetings telegram handed in at Wolverhampton Res £12
  4. COWLEY WORKS/OXFORD-S/ring dated 14.2.1941 cancels GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size G addressed to Whitehall. It is further cancelled by oval rubber cancel REGISTERED/2/OXFORD dated same day. At top left is the COWLEY WORKS B.O OXFORD registration label and at bottom right a part strike with part wording missing Res £15
  5. MRS CHURCHILL-Real photo postcard showing The P.M’s wife on an ice-covered warship at sea, with the Admiral alongside. On the back is the framed SUITABLE FOR TRANSMISSION / THROUGH THE POST / [NOT FOR PUBLICATION] in blue ink. Res £20
  6. ISLE OF WIGHT-Registered cover to a soldier based near Newport with GEO VI ½d & 5d values tied by d/rings WROXTON/BANBURY OXON dated 17.4.1941 Res £15
  7. BRIGHTSTONE/NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT-D/ring dated 16.1.1942 ties stamp to greetings postcard Res £8
  8. OWENS COLLEGE MANCHESTER 13-GB 6d International Reply Coupon tied by s/ring dated 2.7.1946 Res £12
  9. PHILATELIC CENSORING OF CONTENTS OF MAIL TO FORMER BELLIGERENT NATIONS-Cover addressed to a British army officer based in Germany with 3d tied by British Airlines slogan of LONDON W.1. Alongside is the oval PASSED BY BRITISH PHILATELIC ASSN/ CONSIGNMENT No./3, BERNERS VST., LONDON W.1. Applied to stop capital flow during WWII, but now seems to be doing the same after the war to dormer enemies Res £15
  10. AS PREVIOUS LOT, Addressed to Italy from London5.1950 Res £15
  11. LUTON PHOSPHOR DOT TRIALS/EXPERIMENTATION-Three covers and a postcard posted 1961-63 showing the alignment of the various phosphor dots to aid mechanical sorting. All are very visible and includes incoming mail also [4] Res £30
  1. EYAM PLAGUE TERCENTENARY-Special cancel dated 19.8.1965 marks the Sheffield event by tying 3d Wilding to postcard Res £5
  2. ANTHRAX SCARE-Cover from NOTTINGHAM addressed to the dreaded BBC on 18.2.2002 with red inked CHECKED/7 struck on the front Res £8
  3. ANTHRAX SCARE-DITTO From OXFORD, dated 6.3.2002 with CHECKED/9 in red ink Res £8
  4. 100th BIRTHDAY TELEMESSAGE-Carded telemessage to a Welsh lady on her 100th birthday from RHODRI MORGAN, First Minister of Clapham Common dated 6.3.2002-comes with envelope Res £10
  5. 100th BIRTHDAY TELEMESSAGE from ALISTAIR DARLING, Minister of Work & Pensions to the same lady as previous lot. Inside is a picture of the Houses of Parliament and the front cover has the Royal Coat-of-Arms-comes with envelope Res £10


  1. AUSTRALIA-Superb unfolded “SOCIAL TELEGRAM” modelled on the British version of the same time, circa 1936 and in mint condition-see illustration Res £25
  2. AUSTRALIA-WWII Registered cover to N.S.W with 3d & 1d values tied by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/058 of Brisbane dated 21.3.1944. The cover has two framed AUSTRALIAN/ MILITARY FORCES/PASSED BY CENSOR/3100 and 3012 IN VIOLET INK. The registration label is of APO 058 Res £12
  3. AUSTRALIA-Pictorial greetings telegram cancelled by s/ring MANNUM / SOUTH AUST dated 12.7.1953 Res £8
  4. BAHRAIN-Airmail cover to Liverpool with a block of four Indian 2 Anna values tied by d/ring BAHRAIN dated 6.2.1937-see illustration Res £35
  5. BERMUDA-Lovely little registered cover to Texas with 1/6d brown tied at Hamilton on 29.10.1939 with appropriate registration label and circular framed PASSED BY CENSOR/8/BERMUDA at left in a blue-green ink Res £22
  6. CAMBODIA-Postcard addressed to France with Indo-Chine 6c stamp tied by s/ring ANGKOR LES RUINES/CAMBODGE dated 20.4.1930. Alongside is a further equally superb strike. Card shows the ruins and comes with a further card showing more ruins [2] Res £22
  7. CAMBODIA-Airmail cover to Paris with 4 x 15c & a 6c tied by PNOM PENH hand-struck slogan cancels on 15.10.1932. Below is the black inked, unframed PAR AVION/JUSQU’A MARSEILLE Res £25
  1. CAMBODIA 36c Postal stationery airmail envelope addressed to Paris, cancelled by s/ring PREYVENG/CAMBODGE dated 7.6.1936. At top left is the black, unframed PAR AVION/JUSQU’A MARSEILLE. The added EXTREME-ORIENT AMERIQUE DU SUD/VIA AIR FRANCE is tied by hand-struck slogan CONSMMEZ/LE RIZ ET LE CAFÉ Res £25
  2. CHINA-Registered cover addressed to Germany with nine-stamp franking [7 overprint values] tied by d/rings TCH’ONG KING dated 23.5.1908. Alongside is the d/ring HAN KOU CHINE/POSTE FRANCAIS dated 2.6.1908-se illustration Res £86
  3. CHRISTMAS ISLAND-30c Christmas Island registered postal stationery envelope addressed to New Zealand with added 2c overprint tied by s/ring CHRISTMAS ISLAND/INDIAN /DATE/OCEAN dated 26.4.1961. Redirected locally upon arrival-see illustration Res £25
  4. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Entire addressed to Batavia with oval BEZOEKIE / ONGEF RANKEERD in black with 170c entered in manuscript, 1843 Res £25
  5. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Entire to SCHIEDAM from Batavia with single arc cancel BATAVIA in blue ink dated 30.9.1851. At left is company cachet in orange ink Res £25
  6. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Entire addressed to Batavia with orange inked oval cancel POSTKANTOOR/SALATIGA/FRANCO at bottom left, applied 1862 Res £25
  7. EGYPT-Cover addressed to Kings Lynn with QV 2½d rosy mauve value from plate 6 tied by four-bar vertical oval cancel B01. Alongside is the s/ring ALEXANDRIA dated 18.3.1877-see illustration Res £55
  8. EGYPT-Underpaid postcard from SUEZ addressed to CAIRO on 26.4.1908 with 2m green postage due affixed & tied on 27.4.1908. Below is the Railway TPO cancel CAIRO-ALEXANDRIA/& V.V dated 26th April showing Trip 34 Res £15
  9. EGYPT-1935 SILVER JUBILEE Overprint on back of cover addressed to Scotland, tied by two black Retta diamond cancels. On the front is the crowned EGYPT/14/POSTAGE PREPAID in red and the s/ring ABU QIR dated 6.5.1935-the First Day of Issue, as is the Alexandria mark on the back-see illustration Res £275
  10. FIJI-Illustrated First Day cover addressed to Bombay with the two GEO VI Silver Wedding values tied by SUVA-FIJI/REGISTERED cancel dated 17.12.1948 Res £22
  11. FRENCH COLONIAL EXHIBITION, 1922-Complete sheet of labels depicting various people in national dress. twelve very colourful labels in total-see illustration Res £25
  12. GOLD COAST-Registered cover addressed to Manchester with GEO VI 9d & 1/- values tied by oval registered d/rings of KIBI dated 20.10.1939. Tying the registration label is the hexagonal censor No.5 in red ink. Carried by French Airmail Res £22
  13. GOLD COAST-Printed cover from the Swiss Consulate at Accra addressed back to Switzerland with GEO VI 2d, 3d x 2, 4d & 2/- values tied at ACCRA on 8.11.1939. Below is the censor No.9 in red ink-lovely cover-see illustration Res £30
  14. HOLLAND-Cover flown on the “ABEL TASMAN” Test Flight from Holland to Australia with stamps tied by d/rings GRAVENHAGE / CONRADKADE 1 dated 29.4.1931. After various mishaps, the craft arrived in Sydney on 18.5.1931-see illustration Res £30
  15. HONG KONG-BOOK POST Rate cover to the U.S.A with GEO VI 1c x 2 & 4c x 2 tied by d/rings HONG KONG/4 dated 26.4.1950 Res £18
  16. HONG KONG-British Armed Forces 4d green registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Australia with added $2 and 30c values tied by d/ring KOWLOON/HONG KONG dated 29.11.1952-see illustration Res £40
  17. INDO CHINA-Stampless Military envelope addressed to France endorsed at top CORPS D’OCCUPATION DU TONKIN, cancelled by d/ring CAOBANG dated 7.10.1895. Opposite, is the d/ring TONKIN/CORPS EXPEDITRE and below the French Military unit cachet in violet ink over the commanding officers declaration Res £35
  18. INDO CHINA-Stampless French Naval cover addressed to France, cancelled by d/ring HA-NOI/TONKIN dated 28.10.1893. Alongside is the d/ring TONKIN/CORPS EXPEDITRE dated the same day. At bottom left is the French Navy cachet in blue ink Res £30
  19. INDO CHINA-25c Postal stationery envelope addressed to Saigon, cancelled by d/ring SAIGON PORT/COCHINCHINE dated 30.10.1894-see illustration Res £30
  20. INDO CHINA-25c Postal stationery envelope addressed to Austria with d/ring cancel SAIGON CENTRAL/COCHINCHINE dated 9.2.1895. At left is the octagonal sea post office cancel LIGNE N/PAQ FR No.6 dated the following day-superb! Res £30
  21. INDO CHINA-Registered cover to France with3 x 10c & single 5c tied by d/rings BAC NINH/TONKIN dated 7.1.1914 Res £25
  22. INDO CHINA-Stampless postcard addressed to Paris with red inked, unframed BATIMENTS DE SERVITUDE DE SIAGON at top. The card is dated 27.5.1916 by the sender Res £22
  23. INDO CHINA-Airmail cover to France with four-stamp franking tied by s/rings SAIGON KHANHOI/COCHINCHINE dated 2.1.1930. The cover originated at VINH [s/ring] on 17.12.1929 and has the framed PAR MALLE AERIENNE/HOLLANDAISE in red struck centrally Res £30
  24. INDO CHINA-AIRMAIL RECORD FLIGHT-Registered cover addressed to Paris, flown by pilots CODOA & ROBIDA on 21.1.1932, arriving in Paris on the 24th, having covered the 6,300 mile journey in a record 60 hours & 22 minutes flying time. Comes with newspaper cutting in English Res £45
  25. INDO CHINA-LAST TRIAL FLIGHT By the pilot FALACHIER in a Fokker VII by Air France from Saigon to Hanoi on 24.12.1934. At left is the framed cachet TRANSPORTE EXCEPTIONNELLMENT/PAR AVION DE/SAIGON A HANOI Res £35
  26. IRIAN BARAT-Postcard to Djakarta with Indonesian stamps overprinted IRIAN BARAT, tied by Dutch style d/ring MANOKWARI dated 22.9.1969 Res £15
  27. ITALY-First fight cover by Seaplane to France from Naples by A.U.L.O with airmail stamps and definitives tied at Naples by d/rings NAPOLI/POSTA AEREA dated 24.1.1930-see illustration Res £45
  28. JAMAICA-SOUTH CAMP ROAD HOTEL Headed notepaper and printed envelope addressed to London with GEO V 1½d green pictorial tied by KINGSTON “Vacation Land” slogan dated 11.3.1929-very nice pair Res £20
  29. U.T-Underpaid cover to the U.S.A with 20c GEO V value tied at KAMPALA on 4.2.1933. Alongside is a superb strike of the hexagonal framed T/15 CENTIMES in violet ink. Taxed 4c in New York, the 2 x 2c dues are pre-cancelled at top left Res £25
  30. U.T-Registered cover addressed to the Surgeon Commander on board H.M.S NORFOLK at Port Victoria, SEYCHELLES with 65c Silver Jubilee value tied by d/ring MOMBASA/ REGISTERED dated 17.8.1935. Incidentally, the cover was being carried by the Norfolk, East Indies Flagship to the Seychelles Res £25
  31. U.T-Lovely Trans-Atlantic Clipper registered airmail cover to Missouri with GEO VI 1/- & 5/- values tied by MBEYA d/rings on 16.11.1942. The cover flew across Africa to Nigeria where the censor tape was tied front & back by registered cancels of LAGOS on 30.11.1942-see illustration Res £35
  32. LAOS-Registered airmail cover to Saigon, via Hanoi with 2 x 10c Indo China stamps tied by s/ring VIENTIANE/LAOS dated 27.12.1931. At top left is a very large PAR AVION framed mark-see illustration Res £35
  33. LAOS-Specially produced 1st trial flight cover for the proposed Vientiane-Hanoi service with 3 x 2c airmail stamps tied by single strike of the s/ring VIENTIANE/LAOS dated 22.5.1939 Res £25
  34. LAOS-36c Postal stationery airmail envelope addressed to Paris with added 1c & 3c values tied by s/ring PHONTIOU/LAOS dated 12.3.1940 during the period from 18.9.1939 when service was resumed after stopping on 3.9.1939. The service lasted until the fall of France on 22.6.1940 Res £25
  35. MADAGASCAR-WWII AIRMAIL Cover to Middlesex with mixed franking France Libre and France Libre overprints tied by d/rings NOSSI BE/MADAGASCAR dated 14.11.1944. At left is the British censor tape ZB/1 tied by TANANARIVE s/ring dated 18.11.1944 Res £25
  36. MAURITIUS-2c Brown postal stationery postcard addressed to CUREPIPE ROAD, cancelled by superb strike of the very uncommon s/ring RIVIERE DES ANGUILLES dated 1.7.1901. Alongside is the CARRIER No.2 [inverted numeral] envelope mark dated the same day, next to the CUREPIPE receiver, also dated 1st July Res £25
  37. MONTSERRAT-Illustrated first day cover addressed locally with the two Silver Wedding values tied by s/rings SALEM/MONTSERRAT dated 3.1.1949 Res £28
  38. NEW GUINEA, GERMAN-German 5pf [forerunner] pair of joined postal stationery postcards addressed to Germany and cancelled by the s/ring HERBERTSHOHE/ DEUTSCHE/NEU GUINEA dated 3.12.1900. The German arrival mark of ERLAU is at bottom left, dated 1.2.1901-see illustration Res £65
  39. NORTH WEST PACIFIC ISLANDS-Registered cover to Bradford with Australian 2½d Roo and GEO V ½d with N.W/PACIFIC/ISLANDS overprints tied by s/rings RABAUL dated 27.3.1916. At top left is the unframed PASSED CENSOR/RABAUL and below, the German Colonial registration label-see illustration Res £45
  40. PAPUA-Censored airmail cover to London with six-stamp franking tied by cancels of PORT MORESBY dated 8.9.1939. At bottom are two labels OPENED BY CENSOR and a manuscript TAX 1/- alongside the Foreign Branch 1/- tax mark-no postage dues affixed upon arrival in London-nice item of Colonial censorship-see illustration Res £40
  41. PORTUGAL/JAIL MAIL-Two postcards sent under separate cover to a prisoner [political] of that old rogue, Salazar in a Portuguese jail from Florida with the unframed arc censor mark CADEIA DE FORTE DE PENICHE/CENSURA in blue at top left side, applied to the card written on 7.4.1967 [2] Res £12
  42. SAMOA-Registered commercial cover to the U.S.A with a pair of New Zealand GEO V 2½d values overprinted SAMOA tied by s/ring APIA dated 26.11.1920 Res £22
  43. SIERRA LEONE-Registered airmail cover to the Isle of Man with QEII 1½d, 2d & 5/- values tied by s/rings FREETOWN QUAY/S.L dated 27.10.1956. At bottom left is the appropriate registration label Res £15
  44. SOMALILAND-Cover addressed to Glasgow with the Victory pair tied by Indian style d/rings HARGEISA/+ dated 6.2.1947 Res £20
  45. SOUTH AFRICA/IRAQ-Cover addressed to a British Able Seaman at BASRA and forwarded to Cape Town and then returned to sender. With GB GEO VI 3d & 1/- values tied by d/rings KINGTON/HEREFS dated 26.10.1940. On the back are BASRA cancels dated 10th & 12th December 1940. On the front is unframed CAPE TOWN/RELEASED BY CENSOR in red ink and for unframed UNCLAIMED/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink Res £28
  46. SWEDEN/U.S.A-2c postal stationery envelope addressed to Stockholm on 25.5.1893 with U.S and Swedish tax marks for 24 Ore on the front. On the back is the d/ring RAILWAY cancel PKXP No.2 B UTR U/* dated 7.6.1893 Res £22
  47. TANGANYIKA-Cover with letter from a British Army Officer stationed at MAHENGE, addressed to Sussex with 5c & 15c Giraffe values tied by d/ring MAHAENGE dated 3.2.1926. On the back is the transit d/ring KILOSA dated 10.2.1926 Res £25
  48. TANGANYIKA-Cover with letter to Sussex from British Army officer, Captain Philip Catt with 15c Giraffe value tied by d/ring MAHENGE dated 26.5.1926. On the back is the transit d/ring KILOSA dated 1.6.1926 Res £25
  49. THAILAND-Airmail cover by KLM addressed to Birmingham with 5s & 2 x 15s values tied at BANGKOK on 28.1.1937 Res £15
  50. TIMOR-Stampless cover addressed to BATAVIA with the provisional framed local post cancel POSTKANTOOR/KOEPANG with manuscript date 26.12.1945-see illustration Res £65
  51. YEMEN-Official cover addressed in Arabic with Hashemite Kingdom 4 Bogasch value tied by bilingual Crown & Sword cancel of SHIDA-1966-67. On the back is a large oval Arabic cachet-see illustration Res £20
  52. YEMEN-Cover addressed to the U.K from Brigadier-General the Prince of Conde at CAMP MANSUR with five-stamp franking tied by blue rubber camp cancels. At left is the framed bilingual Sword cachet DELAYED IN TRANSIT/THROUGH ENEMY ACTION-See illustration Res £35
  53. ZANZIBAR-Censored airmail cover to Yorkshire with 5c, 10c, 15c & 1/- values tied by d/rings ZANZIBAR/+ dated 7.12.1943. At bottom left is the East African Forces censor mark No.1/110 in violet ink-see illustration Res £35






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