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  1. JOSEPH TRAVERS & SONS-Printed newspaper wrapper with printed official receipt as contents addressed to the Isle of Wight with ½d green perfin JT/&S tied by undated NPB cancel on 3.3.1881 Res £12
  2. UNION STEAMSHIP COMPANY-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Bordeaux with stamp impression perfin UN/Co, cancelled by oval EC/49 numeral cancel Res £12
  3. BOLLING & LOWE-Printed ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Germany with added ½d vermilion & 1d lilac perfin BIRD tied by LOMBARD STREET LATE FEE “L1” duplex cancels dated 15.8.1889 Res £22
  4. ARMY & NAVY STORES-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to York perfin through the stamp impression A&N/CSL cancelled by a NPB cancel dated 22.11.1895 Res £18
  5. H WEDEKIND & Co-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to PORT ELIZABETH with added ½d vermilion x 2 & 2½d Jubilee perfin JLB/Co., tied by NPB/Z undated cancels. At top is manuscript VIA LISBON PER “SPARTAN” Res £22
  6. G STEINTHAL & FUCHS-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with added ½d vermilion perfin CSF tied by NPB E cancel Res £10
  7. JOHN RICHARDSON & CO., LEICESTER-Embossed envelope from Leicester with 1d lilac perfin JR/&, tied by squared circle dated 27.1.1895. Much travelled, there are 13 different cancels and 8 different manuscript instructional marks before being returned to sender-nice item!! Res £12
  8. JOSEPH TRAVERS & SONS LTD-QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Switzerland with added 1d lilac perfin JT/&S/LD tied by hexagonal LATE FEE duplex cancel L1 of Lombard Street dated 3.2.1899 Res £12
  9. DAILY MAIL-Printed QV ½d blue green newspaper wrapper addressed to Berlin with added ½d blue-green perfin CH of Carmelite House tied by NPB cancel Res £9
  10. BOER WAR-SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN Printed postcard being a receipt for parcels of TOBACCO FORWARDED TO TROOPS IN SOUTH AFRICA with ½d vermilion perfin S&G tied by LONDON No.2 four-bar machine cancel dated 4.5.1900-scarce card and one of the earliest tobacco for the troops cards I’ve seen Res £25
  11. DE LA RUE-EDW VII ½d blue-green newspaper wrapper perfin DLH through the stamp impression at London on 21.12.1903 Res £10
  12. EGERTON BURNETT-Somerset serge uniform provider cover addressed to SWEDEN with EDW VII ½d perfin EB tied by triangular telegraphic code WEF of WELLINGTON, Somerset Res £8
  13. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-F.G.O STUART Postcard of His Majesty’s Transport “SICILIA” addressed to Scotland with EDW VII ½d perfin LS/WR tied by d/ring DOCKS B.O/SOUTHAMPTON dated 28.9.1906 Res £12
  14. THE STANDARD-EDW VII ½d & 1d dies on printed newspaper wrapper addressed to CONSTANTINOPLE with added GEO V ½d perfin STD tied by NPB cancel. The stamp impressions are cancelled by hatched LONDON cancels dated 15.5.1912 Res £12
  15. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Official correspondence postcard with s/line DINTON station mark on the back addressed to Chilmark, Salisbury with GEO V ½d perfin LS/WR tied by rubber cancel CHILMARK/SALISBURY dated 2.5.1913 Res £10
  16. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-Official correspondence postcard addressed to BISLEY CAMP with GEO V ½d perfin SE/CR tied by d/ring LONDON S.E/2 dated 26.3.1914 Res £10
  17. DAILY HERALD-“PHOTOGRAPH-WITH CARE” part parcel front addressed to Doncaster with GEO V 2d perfin DH tied by triangular cancel “C/LONDON” circa 1924 Res £7
  18. STONE, KING & WARDLE, Solicitors of BATH-Embossed cover addressed to Hatch End, Middlesex with GEO V 1½d perfin “S”, tied by BATH British Goods slogan dated 21.8.1926. Redirected once or twice with various transit marks etc Res £7
  19. STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA-Airmail cover to Germany with GEO V ½d x 2 & 3d perfin SB/SA tied by LONDON E.C/52 d/rings dated 9.4.1932 Res £12
  20. S MAW & SONS LTD-Printed window envelope with GEO VI ½d perfin SMS cancelled by London E Empire Exhibition slogan on 7.6.1938 Res £6
  21. L & R TOD LTD, FLOUR MILLERS-GEO VI 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed within Edinburgh with added 1d Stamp Centenary stamp perfin A&R/T tied by machine cancel on 21.5.1940 Res £9
  22. CADBURY BOURNVILLE-Printed envelope addressed to London with GEO VI 2½d perfin CB/B tied by BIRMINGHAM Staggered Holidays slogan dated 13.3.1947 Res £6
  23. CADBURY BOURNVILLE-Cover addressed to Paris with 6d Wilding perfin CB/B tied by Birmingham World Refugee Year slogan dated 14.4.1960. On the back is the framed POST OFFICE/DATE/CADBURY BROS LIMITED Res £8
  24. ROWNTREE CHOCOLATE-Two different postal stationery postcards in mint condition with added 1½d Wilding or added ½d Wilding and 1d Machin all perfin RCo./Y Res £7
  25. H SMITH & SON-Military form for sending Sunday Newspapers to Allied Air Forces Central Europe at BFPO 109 with 10p, 20p & £2 large Machin perfin WHS tied by sadly, undated Field Post Office d/rings Res £6


  1. “STOCKEN, STATIONER, DRESSING & WRITING CASE MAKER TO HER MAJESTY & THE ROYAL FAMILY, LONDON”-Full inside advert for the company’s goods including stationery etc., used from London to Tewkesbury on 7.5.1842-see illustrations Res £65
  2. PHOTOGRAPHY-Lovely newspaper wrapper addressed to Stockport from London depicting on the front, the “NEW BARONESS” camera with ½d vermilion tied by NPB cancel. On the back is the arrival mark dated 23.4.1893-see illustration Res £35
  3. THE PHILATELIC CHRONICLE-Full back of the cover advert for the Birmingham published paper addressed to Belgium with ½d vermilion tied by 20.10.1896 NPB cancel. Underpaid and taxed with 2 x 20c dues tied at Brussels and refused-returned to sender-nice! Res £25
  4. CADBURY’S COCOA-QV ½d vermilion advertising postal stationery envelope addressed to Christchurch, cancelled by d/ring BIRMINGHAM/27 dated 9.4.1897. At top left is a beneficial quote from “The Lancet” Res £22
  5. CRESSWELL BROTHERS & SCHMITZ, Sponge importers, exporters and merchants-EDW VII ½d blue green advertising postal stationery envelope addressed to Birmingham, cancelled by s/ring W.C NPB cancel dated 22.10.1902 Res £22
  6. BRIGHT & SONS WHOLESALE LIST-Printed newspaper wrapper from the London Stamp Dealer addressed to Leipzig with EDW VII ½d blue-green tied by W.C NPB cancel on 30.12.1903 Res £20
  7. PRATT’S PERFECTION SPIRIT-ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL Illustrated EDW VII ½d yellow-green pictorial envelope with speeding car and roadside hording advert for the appropriate brand of petrol. Postally used to Leeds from Hull and cancelled by a dumb cancel of three parallel black bars Res £25
  8. VICARS & POIRSON-Illustrated BOOK POST cover addressed to Alnwick from the London art needlework company depicting a stone age man trying to thread an equally stone aged needle with EDW VII ½d tied by LONDON machine cancel on 27.8.1909 Res £22
  9. HEN & CHICKENS HOTEL, BIRMINGHAM-Illustrated advertising postcard addressed to the U.S.A with 1½d GEO V value tied by EDINBURGH British Goods slogan dated 12.7.1926 Res £9
  10. FORTT’S CONFECTIONERY-Pictorial advertising window envelope from the BATH based company with GEO V ½d tied by BATH “Quicker to Telephone” slogan dated 13.1.1932 Res £10


  1. MOURNING Cover addressed to MAGDEBURG, Germany with GEO V 2d & 2½d tied by HARROGATE machine cancel dated 8.1.1924 with the manuscript VIA LONDON & COLOGNE Res £22
  2. MOROCCO-Commercial cover addressed to Senegal with 2f airmail tied by s/rings of Casablanca dated 1.6.1925. Carried on the 1st flight by CGEA-the aeroplane was forces down at Port Etienne, Mauritania and subsequently abandoned. The mail was transferred to an accompanying aircraft & arrived in Dakar on 3.6.1925 Res £25
  3. SWITZERLAND-20c postal stationery postcard addressed to Ludwigshafen with added 20c green airmail tied by oval cancel FLUGPOST/1 FLUG/DATE/VASEL-MANHEIM dated 28.9.1925. The airmail label is tied by a framed German airmail cachet in red ink Res £25
  4. SWITZERLAND-Real photo postal stationery 10c postal stationery postcard with a photo taken from the air of Le Locle and addressed to Basle with an added 15c airmail tied by the rectangular framed 1st flight cachet for the service between LA CHAUX DE FONDS to BASLE dated 15.5.1926-nice!! Res £25
  5. SWITZERLAND-Real photo 40c airmail impression postal stationery postcard showing an aircraft over the Alps addressed to ROME with added 40c Helvetia tied by framed Zurich International Air Meeting cancel on 22.8.1927-lovely item-registered-see illustration Res £25
  6. CAIRO TO BASRA-Cover addressed to Bombay with printed route guidance via Cairo & Basra with GB GEO V 1½d x 2 & QV 4½d Jubilee value tied by London cancels dated 14.12.1927. The Jubilee value has been cordoned and disallowed for postage. At left is the distorted rubber cancel INSUFFICIENTLY PAID FOR/TRANSMISSION BY AIR MAIL Res £25
  7. SWITZERLAND-40c impression pictorial postal stationery postcard registered to Zurich with added pair of 2½c values tied by red inked d/ring AERODROME DE GENEVE [COINTRIN]/POSTE AERIRNNE dated 1.8.1928 Res £25
  1. S.A TO INDIA-Cover addressed to Bombay from Philadelphia with 2 x 10c orange tied by No.1 duplex dated 11.11.1930. The airmail labels have been cancelled by hollow cross dumb cancels and arrived on 2.12.1930 Res £22
  2. PARAGUAY-70c postal stationery postcard addressed to Suffolk stamp dealers, Whitfield King with added values tied by oval PRIMER VUELO OFFICIAL/VIA “PANAGRA”/ PARAGUAY A N. AMERICA in violet ink. Undated, but circa 1930-see illustration Res £25
  3. LONDON TO BULAWAYO-Lovely little cover addressed to Bulawayo with GEO V 3d & 6d values tied by superb strikes of the rubber cancels BATSON/SALCOMBE/DEVON dated 7.12.1931-see illustration Res £25
  4. LONDON TO BULAWAYO-Similar cover to previous lot with a corner control N30 strip of the GEO V 3d value tied by same cancels on the same day Res £25
  5. NEW ZEALAND-Gold & blue less common 1st flight cover addressed to Mount Eden from Gisborne with 3d airmail & 2d definitive tied by s/rings dated 10.12.1931 Res £32
  6. NEW ZEALAND-1st flight cover flown from Gisborne to Rotarua with 4d airmail & 1d universal tied by s/ring dated as previous lot on 10.12.1931 Res £22
  7. NEW ZEALAND-Pair of flown covers from the SOUTH ISLAND AIR PAGEANT on 20/22.2.1932. One to Invercargill and the other to Timaru and both signed by Captain T.W White, pilot [2] Res £40
  8. NEW ZEALAND-Pictorial 1st flight cover for the special flight from Auckland to North Auckland with FOUR PENVE overprint airmail tied by RUSSEL/N.Z cancel dated 30.4.1932. At left is the special flight cachet in red ink Res £15
  9. DUTCH EAST INDIES-5c postal stationery postcard with added 5c definitive and 10 & 30c airmails affixed for the flight to Germany, tied by d/rings TJIBADAK dated 11.5.1932, arriving two weeks later Res £28
  10. ZEPPELIN/LUXEMBURG-Cover addressed to Brazil with 1¾f airmails x 2 from Luxemburg tied by LUXEMBOURG/VILLE cancel dated 23.9.1932. At left are German values: 1m Zeppelin and 10 & 15Pf airmails tied by GIEBEN-TRIER-OLEDEHAFFEN Railway TPO cancel dated 23.9.1932 Zug 245. The registration label is tied by the gold coloured 7th flight cachet of 1932-see illustration Res £85
  11. LIVERPOOL TO MOROCCO-Registered cover to MOGADOR with GEO V 1½d x 2; 2d x 2 & 2½d tied by oval registered cancels of the Liverpool Exchange dated b17.5.1933. The cover arrived in Casablanca on 19.5.1933 and was returned to sender Res £30
  12. ZEPPELIN-Advertising 15Rpf postal stationery postcard for the 1933 39th annual stamp exhibition in the Bundestag addressed to Potsdam with added 25, 50Rpf x 2 [one brown-the other bi-coloured] tied by rubber cancels LUFTSCHIFF/GRAF ZEPPELIN dated 9.9.1933 with blue Horse rider postman Zeppelin post cachet tying the airmail label-nice looker!! Res £85
  13. DUTCH EAST INDIES-Real photo postcard addressed to Holland with 15c 1933 commem and triangular 30c airmail tied by d/rings PADANG & POSTJAGER/MEDAN respectively on 2.1.1934 & 4.1.1934 respectively; arriving on 11.1.1913-nice! Res £18
  14. LUNDY ISLAND-[See Cinderella & Revenues section also]-Cover addressed to Yorkshire with 1935 Silver Jubilee 1½d tied by BRAUNTON/DEVON d/ring dated 7.8.1935. At bottom left is the ½d black on red “tram ticket” airmail stamp No.01639 tied by the signature of F.W Gade and the pilot, R.T Boyd. On the back flap [opens out to display is the ½ Puffin value tied by the pictorial cancel dated 6.8.1935-see illustration Res £75
  15. BELGIUM-35c pictorial postal stationery postcard addressed to BASLE with added 1Fr on 1Fr50c airmail and 70c definitive tied by s/rings of the POSTAL MUSEUM dated 7.11.1936. Nice item, Pilot Signed Res £25
  16. LIBERIA-First direct flight cover from MONROVIA to PARIS, addressed to the Liberian Vice-Consul in London and flown on 5.3.1937 with six triangular stamp franking tied by d/rings MONROVIA/LIBERIA dated the same day-with pictorial cachet at base. Res £25
  17. JERSEY AIRWAYS LTD-Cover addressed to Phillips at Newport with GEO VI Coronation value tied by the Jersey machine cancel on 31.5.1937. At left are the inverted “L” 1st flight cachets in red and blue Res £8
  18. AUSTRIA-20g Blue-bordered airmail postcard addressed to Italy with added 1/- red airmail tied by the FIRST MILITARY FLIGHT Cachet dated 19.9.1937. At left is a pictorial cachet of a dove and a balloon Res £22
  19. CANADA TO THE U.K-WWII WRECK Cover addressed to the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping at its wartime address in WOKINGHAM with remaining Canadian GEO VI 3c war effort value cancelled by unknown cancel [from Halifax, N.S] with partially framed DAMAGED BY FIRE & WATER cachet at top in violet ink. A proper wreck cover!! Res £40
  20. K TO MOROCCO WWII-Airmail letter sheet addressed to a French soldier at BOU-ARFA, Morocco with G.B GEO VI 9d tied by unknown cancel [under the French censor tape] with French censor tape tied by the oval OUVERT/MA-B/PAELES AUTORITIES DE CONTROLE in blue-black ink. On the back is the d/ring POSTES AUX ARMEES F.F.C/B.C.M.7 dated 14.2.1945 Res £22
  21. DUTCH EAST INDIES-5c on 3½c surcharged postal stationery postcard addressed to Denmark with mixed franking D.E.I 2, 2½, 3 & 20c values and INDONESIA 15s tied by d/rings MAKASSER dated 28.11.1949-taxed 20c, but no postage dues affixed upon arrival-see illustration-has full message Res £25
  22. NEW ZEALAND/LUXUMBURG-First flight cover addressed to Auckland from Luxemburg with 12c postage tied by RUMELAGE d/ring dated 1.4.1957 for the flight on the 4th, via Paris. 1st flight cachet is at top left and the Auckland arrival mark below, dated 18.2.1957. The cover was returned and arrived back on the 23.4.1957 Res £15
  23. TAUNTON TO THE U.S.A-QEII 3/4d registered postal stationery envelope with added 8d Wilding and 5/- Castles tied by s/rings TAUNTON SOMERSET/3 dated 19.6.1968 Res £20


  1. 1852 HERMANN COX & Co.-PRICES CURRENT dated 27.8.1852 sent under separate cover with 1d newspaper tax stamp impression HERMANN COX’S/TRADE REPORT/[STAMP]/NEWSPAPER struck in red Res £25
  2. 1859 BOUTCHER, MORTIMORE & COMPANY PRICE CURRENT OF LEATHER-Two-page list of prices addressed to Beith, Glasgow from London on 1.3.1859 with superb strike of the 1d newspaper stamp PRICE CURRENT/OF LEATHER/[STAMP]/NEWSPAPER in red ink-see illustration Res £28
  3. 1855 BARNHILL WARDROPE & COMPANY PRICES CURRENT dated 10.4.1855 and addressed to France with 1d newspaper stamp BARNHILL WARDROPE/&CO’s PRICES CURRENT/[STAMP]/NEWSPAPER struck in red ink Res £25
  4. 1851 THOMAS JAMES & THOMAS POWELL PRICES Current for Leather and Hides at Leadenhall addressed to NANTES on 5.8.1851 with 1d newspaper stamp T.J & T POWELL’S/PRICE CURRENT / [STAMP] / NEWSPAPER struck in red ink Res £25
  5. SOMERSET-Lovely clean cover addressed to Stroud with 1d Inland Revenue fiscal affixed & tied by WESTON SUPER MARE squared circle cancel dated 20.7.1881-early date-see illustration Res £30
  6. INLAND REVENUE-Strip of 3 x 1d lilac overprints tied to small OHMS registered cover addressed within Glasgow and tied by d/ring cancels REGISTERED/GLASGOW dated 23.7.1885. Below is the sub-office s/ring CAMBRIDGE ST/GLASGOW dated the same day Res £25
  7. UNIVERSAL TELEGRAPH PRIVATE COMPANY Block of 4 x 6d stamps from the bottom right corner of the sheet, mint condition Res £15
  8. DITTO-A block of the 1/- values from the same sheet position Res £20
  9. LICENCE TO KILL GAME-1923 printing certificate issued to a gentleman from CUDWORTH, Somerset, cancelled by s/ring ILMINSTER dated 16.9.1925. On the back is an advert for Nobel Industries “Eley & Kynoch Cartridges” Res £22
  10. SOMERSET-Postcard of Germany addressed to Trowbridge with GEO V 1d and label “YEOVIL/CARNIVAL/JULY 3-9th” tied by YEOVIL machine cancel on 22.6.1927 Res £22
  11. LUNDY ISLAND-Cover addressed to Lundy Island from Plymouth on 13.9.1935, via DARTMOUTH with “tram ticket” ½d black on red Atlantic Coast Air Services stamp from roll 7, tied by the pictorial Puffin cancel dated 13.9.1935, as is the added ½ Puffin value. Res £45
  12. SHUNA-Unmounted mint block of four of the 2d blue map values with red overprint SPECIAL/BOAT RUN from the right of the sheet. A scarce overprint-very few were produced and none have been seen used-circa 1947/9 Res £25
  13. HERM ISLAND-PIGEONGRAM Form with ½, 1, 2 & 6d definitives and the 1/- PIGEON SERVICE value tied by HERM ISLAND rubber cancels dated 2.9.1949 Res £25
  14. HERM ISLAND-Cover addressed to the U.S.A from the Old Government House Hotel on 1.5.1957 with ½d & 2d Wildings tied at St Peter Port on the same day with 8 Doubles tied to the back by rubber cancel HERM ISLAND/HERM ISLAND dated 1.5.1957 also. Inside is a postcard of the island Res £9
  15. WALES-Cover addressed to Cardiff with 1d Wilding and a 3d regional value OVERPRINTED in black ink CYMRU and the added label marking emigration to Patagonia, tied by CRAVEN ARMS machine cancel on 18.9.1965 Res £15


  1. BRITISH ARMY IN EGYPT-QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed within London, cancelled by the No.10 index star cancel on 16.5.1890. Centrally is struck the oval BA/E of the British Army in Egypt-see illustration Res £85
  2. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Liverpool, cancelled by the no index variety of the star cancel on 16.5.1890 with the message “This postcard will be rare” Res £30
  3. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-1d Blue illustrated postal stationery envelope registered to Finchley with added 2d Jubilee tied by oval cancel of 101, CANNON STREET dated 2.7.1890-1st day Res £40
  4. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV ½d pink postal stationery postcard cancelled by the circular cancel on the 1st day; 2nd June 1890 Res £30
  5. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-1d postal stationery envelope addressed within London, cancelled by a s/ring CLERKENWELL GREEN/E.C dated 10.9.1890. It comes with a letter directed at the addressee, a certain G.H.C Overman, stamp collector and artist who is being commissioned by five signatories to the letter to produce “IN GREAT DIMENSIONS, THE SCHEME OF A GIANT STAMP, REPRESENTING THE BUST OF A CERTAIN YOUNG LADY, AS A JUBILEE REMEMBRANCE FOR A LOVING FRIEND”-See illustration Res £65
  6. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-Insert card utilised as a change of address card from W.H Maunder informing his correspondent of his new address at Raynes Park-with printed details Res £25
  7. GLASGOW EXHIBITION-Postcard addressed to London with ½d blue-green tied by d/ring EXHIBITION/GLASGOW dated 3.9.1901 Res £12
  8. JAPAN BRITISH/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 22.7.1910 ties stamp to exhibition postcard Res £6
  9. CRYSTAL PALACE FESTIVAL OF EMPIRE-No.1 Flag cancel dated 22.7.1911 ties stamp to exhibition postcard Res £12
  10. M.C CONF/REDRUTH-The very rare skeleton cancel of the UNITED METHODIST CONFERENCE dated 14.7.1914 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Cheshire-see illustration Res £165
  11. PHILATELIC CONGRESS/NEWCASTLE-Printed paper rate cover addressed to Birmingham with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring dated 26.5.1920. At bottom left is the black & orange publicity label for the congress-not tied Res £18
  12. PHILATELIC CONGRESS/NOTTINGHAM-GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed to ABADAN, PERSIAN GULF with added 3d tied by d/ring dated 21.6.1927-arriving 1.7.1927 Res £25
  13. 16th PHILATELIC CONGRESS/BIRMINGHAM-D/ring dated 4.6.1929 ties ½d P.U.C value to printed postcard of the Croydon Philatelic Society Res £9
  14. AIR POST EXHIBITION-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed within London, cancelled by the special winged d/ring cancel on 7.5.1934 Res £8
  15. 25th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/CAMBRIDGE-Postcard addressed to Maidstone with GEO VI 1d tied by the special hexagonal cancel on 23.6.1938 Res £8
  16. PENNY POSTAGE CENTENARY-Original “Press Notice” announcing the issue of the new stamps on 6.5.1940-excellent condition Res £22
  17. STAMP CENTENARY-The 1d black & 2d blue souvenir mini-sheets produced for the Bournemouth Congress TOGETHER with the ORIGINAL printed envelope for the two sheets-a scarce survivor!! Res £28
  18. LONDON/STAMP CENTENARY [RED CROSS] EXHIBITION-Special d/ring cancels ties 1d Stamp centenary value to GEO VI 1d postal stationery postcard on 9.5.1940 Res £12
  19. LONDON STAMP CENTENARY-Imperf “1d blacks” in brown, violet, orange, green and purple-brown-cut from mini-sheets-all with VR/DK lettering [5] Res £7
  20. LONDON STAMP CENTENARY-A similar lot to the above lot, but with stars instead of the VR-same colours though Res £7
  21. LONDON STAMP CENTENARY-The five RED CROSS Charity mini-sheets in the same colours as the previous lots and containing the imperf values [5] Res £25
  22. 23rd INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT WORKERS CONFERENCE, LONDON 1954-Sheet of headed notepaper depicting Tower Bridge and logo etc. folded in half and very clean Res £6
  23. GLASGOW/JUBILEE EXHIBITION CALEDONIAN N.P.S-Special d/ring cancel dated 10.5.1956 ties 2d Wilding to printed exhibition postcard addressed to Aberdeen and a cover addressed to Surrey with stamp tied by special d/ring ASSN SCOTTISH PHILATELIC SOCIETIES/GLASGOW/SCOTEX dated 12.4.1962 Res £8
  24. STAMPEX 1957 NEOPOST “TOWN OF ORIGIN” Pictorial meter cancel dated 18.3.1957 overprinted SPECIMEN in black Res £10
  25. 10th ANNIVERSARY STAMPEX 1963-Special oval cancel ties 3 x 1d Wildings and a German stamp to neat cover addressed within London on 18.3.1963 Res £7


  1. ROYAL WELSH SHOW-Registered cover to Essex with 6 x 2½d Wildings from booklets tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B dated 23.7.1958 with reg label of BANGOR, CAERN at top left Res £8
  2. SUFFOLK GAME FAIR-Reg cover as previous lot with stamps tied by s/ring MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 25.7.1958 and with Newmarket “C” Suffolk reg label at top left Res £8
  3. ROYAL LANCASHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW, BLACKPOOL-Reg cover as previous with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B dated 29.7.1958-appropriate reg label at top left Res £8
  4. CHARD & DISTRICT SHOW-Reg cover as previous with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/C dated 30.7.1958. The dater is dated 31/7 and this has been altered to read 30/7-Chard reg label at top left Res £8
  5. ROYAL NATIONAL ESTEDDFOD, EBBW VALE-Reg cover as previous with stamps and blank reg label tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFICE/C dated 4.8.1958 Res £8
  6. DARLINGTON AGRICULTURAL SHOW, DARLINGTON-Reg cover as previous with 4 stamp franking tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 16.8.1958-appropriate reg label at top left Res £8
  7. KEMPSTON SHOW, BEDFORD-Reg cover as previous lots with 4 stamp franking tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 16.8.1958-Bedford reg label at top left Res £8
  8. SHREWSBURY FLORAL & MUSICAL FETE-Reg caver as previous with four-stamp franking tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 20.8.1958-Shrewsbury reg label at top left Res £8
  9. ALDERSHOT SHOW-Reg cover as previous with four-stamp franking tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 27.8.1958-Aldershot reg label at top left Res £8
  10. BRITISH TIMKEN LTD SHOW-Reg cover as previous with 6 x 2½d values from booklets tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 29.8.1958-Northampton reg label at top left Res £8


  1. CHURCHMAN’S CIGARETTE CARD No.6 From a series of 50 from the “In Town Tonight” set depicting Bray with two of his postal curiosities Res £10
  2. COLONEL LUCAS M.P-Card of the House of Commons signed on the picture side by Colonel Lucas & returned to Bray on 17.6.1901. Lucas was the Conservative M.P for Lowestoft Res £25
  3. H PIKE PEASE M.P-Similar postcard signed on the front by the M.P and returned to Bray from TOTNES on 23.7.1901-Pike Pease was the M.P for Darlington as a Liberal Unionist and then as a Unionist Res £25
  4. W PERKS M.P-Similar postcard signed on the front by Perks and returned to Bray from Dudley on 18.10.1901 and forwarded within London to Kensington Palace Gardens-Perks was the Liberal Imperialist M.P for Louth and was prominent in the Methodist Church Res £25
  5. SIR F.S POWELL M.P., F.R.G.S-Similar card signed on the front and returned to Bray from Battersea and has a further QV ½d blue-green affixed and tied at Paddington on 1.7.1901. Powell was the Conservative M.P for Wigan for 25 years Res £25


  1. Entire from LEIPZIG to London with Leipzig semi-oval cancel at top left dated 21.10.1827 alongside the accountancy mark 1OZ AT 5/8 PER OZ in black ink. Lovely strike on a very clean entire. Res £45
  2. POSTAGE NOT PAID/TO LONDON-Framed mark on an entire from London to Reading to Lyme [Regis] dated 1.9.1838. Has READING cancel on the back flap and undated LYME on the front flap-opens out to display nicely Res £40
  3. “NOT FOR” in manuscript followed by the unframed circular cancel LONG STRATTON in blue ink, dated 3.11.1849. The mourning cover is clearly addressed to MORWENSTOW IN STRATTON, CORNWALL Res £22
  4. “FOUND INSIDE A BOOK PACKET AT” Manuscript mark on unstamped, unpaid cover addressed to London, followed by the dated d/arc WNDERMERE dated 13.4.1856 Res £30
  5. TOO LATE/FOR/EVNG DISPh/B/G.P.O-S/ring cancel on large part wrapper with stamps tied by NPB cancel circa 1867-according to Parmenter in his Late Fee book, this mark is only recorded once on a stamp Res £85
  6. TOO LATE FOR/EVENG DISPATCH W.C-Long, octagonal framed mark on front of BOOK POST wrapper addressed to York from London with 1d red tied by WC/17 oval numeral Circa 1878 Res £65
  7. KEENES BATH JOURNAL-Complete newspaper addressed to Bridgwater, dated 22.5.1880 with ½d Bantam tied by 3VOS 53 numeral of BATH on the same day. Below is a manuscript 1d and the framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [2] OZ/53 of Bath Res £30
  8. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/159-Framed GLASGOW marking on a printed circular with added manuscript [Contrary to Regulations] with ½d green tied by KIRRIEMUIR s/ring dated 2.11.1882. Also manuscript 1d to pay and framed INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS in red ink Res £22
  9. BRISTOL-Stampless, unpaid cover to London cancelled by the BRISTOL squared circle dated 21.3.1892. Alongside is the circular framed CH and the 2d/134 tax mark of Bristol Res £22
  10. CHARGED FOR/RE-DIRECTION/W-Framed “T” mark on redirected newspaper wrapper from London addressed locally and redirected to Brighton on 11.4.1894. Also with large circular framed W/½d tax mark Res £18
  11. POSTED TOO LATE-Large, framed mark in violet ink on the front of a cover to the U.S.A with ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by two good strikes of the ILFRACOMBE squared circle on 3.8.1896 Res £22
  12. MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [4] OZ/N.P.B Tax mark on QV ½d brown postal stationery newspaper wrapper addressed to Much Wenlock, cancelled by s/ring RAST GRINSTEAD dated 20.7.1897. Alongside is the unframed 2d/N.P.B tax mark Res £22
  13. P.B/5d-Tax mark on small German cover addressed to London with 20m Germania cordoned at PARTENKIRCHEN on 23.6.1900 Res £25
  14. NOT CALLED FOR/871-Framed mark of WESTON SUPER MARE on front of EDW VII ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to the Post Office at Weston with the stamp impression cancelled by s/ring WESTON SUPER MARE/M.O.O dated 29.8.1902 Res £22
  15. EXCEEDS LIMITS OF SIZE/H53-Framed mark with 1d/H53 on perfectly normal postcard addressed to Nelson, cancelled at AMBLESIDE on 10.2.1906 Res £8
  16. AUSTRALIA TO CORNWALL-Unpaid, stampless cover from Sydney to Saltash dated 22.3.1932 with Australian manuscript T40 and U.K 4d/I.S/M with the 2 x 2d dues tied by triangular telegraphic codes SCW of SALTASH Res £15
  17. CLOSED CONTRARY/TO REGULATIONS/134 and 2d/TO PAY/134 Marks of BRISTOL struck in red on underpaid cover addressed to Brighton from AXBRIDGE, dated 12.4.1934 Res £12
  18. SILVER JUBILEE STAMPS NOT ALLOWED-Cover addressed to Cardiff from COPENHAGEN with ½d & 1d Silver Jubilee values cancelled by dumb cork cancels with d/ring of Copenhagen alongside dated 23.8.1935. With Danish & British tax marks, the ½d & 3d dues are tied by s/rings CARDIFF dated 26.8.1935 Res £12
  19. POSTED OUT OF COURSE-WARTIME ECONOMY Re-use of a previously used registered envelope originally addressed to PINNER and then used to Hindhead with GEO VI ½d & a pair of 2½d values tied by s/rings CHANCERY LANE [78] B.O/W.C.2 dated 30.10.1942. On the back and tying a 3d due to the front is the s/rings HINDHEAD dated 2.11.1942 Also on front and back are the oval A.R marks Res £25
  20. DELAYED THROUGH BEING/POSTED IN A ETTER BOX/FOR “LONDON” LETTERS/PLEASE ADVISE SENDER-Red mark-superb strike on cover from London to Cardiff, posted on 13.2.1950 Res £12
  21. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-Cover from Cardiff addressed to RADYR sent without postage with 2d/TO PAY/162 of Cardiff struck between a 2d postage due tied by d/ring and the framed CHARGE NOT COLLECTED and 2 x 1d postage dues tied by s/rings dated 22.5.1950-nice item!! Res £12
  1. FOUND IN G.P.O/LONDON [F.N.S]/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark in violet ink on front of a newspaper wrapper addressed to Natal, South Africa with GEO VI 4d & 8d values tied by rubber cancel WATFORD/HERTS dated 21.11.1951 Res £15
  2. FOUND IN INLAND SECTION/WITHOUT CONTENTS-Framed mark in red ink on front of newspaper wrapper addressed to Salisbury from London on 25.2.1954. Comes with printed slip from the G.P.O stating that the lost contents cannot be found Res £15
  3. IRAQ TO HILLINGDON-Underpaid airmail cover from Basra taxed in Iraq and the U.K with 1½d green & 2d dues tied at UXBRIDGE on 11.8.1955 Res £8
  4. POST OFFICE Form with 4 x 1p, single 10p, 20p & 50p as well as 3 x £5 and a block of 4 x £1 affixed and tied by oval registered cancels of BLANDFORD FORUM dated 2.9.1982 Res £8


  1. TAUNTON TO INDIA-Neat little cover addressed to a member of the 27th Regiment at LUCKNOW with 1/- green [no corner letters] tied by the TAUNTON Circular duplex cancel dated 18.6.1858 with manuscript “VIA SOUTHAMPTON JUNE 18th The cover travelled via London the following day and likely missed the sailing-arriving in CALCUTTA on 30.7.1858 Res £35
  2. POST OFFICE CIRCULAR-Two page circular with SHIP LETTER information on the front page dated 1.7.1878-much more information inside Res £22
  3. POST OFFICE CIRCULAR—DITO dated 21.1.1879 with lots of information Res £22
  4. LEITH TO ICELAND-Cover addressed to Reykjavik with 2 x 2½d lilac values tied by LEITH-221 Scots duplex cancels on 1.6.1885. At top is manuscript “PER S.S LAURA” and at bottom left, the company cachet of John Lowrie. On the back is the arrival mark of Reykjavik dated 7th June Res £30
  5. MISSENT TO THE H&K PACKET-QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard from Chard addressed to Gloucestershire, cancelled by the CHARD squared circle on 4.10.1886. Alongside is the d/ring H&K PACKET/A/DATE/8/YEAR dated 5.10.1886-clearly misspent-see illustration Res £45
  6. SHIP LETTER/PAID/LONDON-Red inked s/ring dated 30.8.1894 on NORWEGIAN 5 Ore postal stationery postcard addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring SOGNS POSTEXP/1 dated 24.8.1894. An added 5 Ore value at left is similarly tied Res £22
  7. SWEDEN-5 Ore postal stationery postcard addressed to Paris with added 5 Ore definitive tied by unframed FRA SVERIGE/M , as is the postal stationery impression. Alongside is the large framed PAQUEBOT cancel applied on 1.9.1902 Res £22
  8. POSTCARD Of MARINE SQUARE, TRINIDAD addressed to Dorset and written from the R.M.S.P “MARINA” at Trinidad with EDW VII 1d GB value tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT/ SOUTHAMPTON on 30.5.1909-nice card and cancel Res £10
  9. SHIP LETTER/PORTLAND HARBOUR S.O/DORSET-Very rare unframed mark in black on a postcard from VIGO sent by a sailor on board H.M.S “DOMINION” with Spanish 10c tied by d/ring of PORTLAND HARBOUR dated 5.4.1910-comes with a further card from the Dominion to the same address, dated 7.9.1908-see illustration Res £250
  10. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET Co/DUCHESS/OF ARGYLL / LIMITED-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard of LOCHRANZA addressed to Parracombe RSO, Devon with stamp tied by ARDROSSAN d/ring dated 29.9.1910 Res £75
  11. TRINIDAD TO LONDON-Postcard of a pineapple plantation addressed to London with Trinidad 1d tied by s/ring PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/SOUTHAMPTON dated 19.3.1912 Res £8
  12. BELGIUM-15c pictorial postal stationery postcard from the Belgian State Steamers employed on the Ostende to Dover route addressed to MONS with 5 CENTS overprint together with an added b5c value, tied by MONS/BERGEN cancel dated 29.4.1924 Res £25
  13. BELGIUM-30c pictorial postal stationery postcard as previous lot with 10 CENT overprint addressed to Malmedy, cancelled by special Brussels International Exhibition cancel on 26.5.1924 Res £22
  14. BELGIUM-DITTO 30c pictorial postal stationery postcard as previous lots with 5 CENT overprint and added 35c tied by s/ring MONS/BERGEN s/ring dated 27.6.1931 Res £25
  15. BELGIUM-DITTO-15c pictorial postal stationery postcard as previous lots overprinted 10 CENT, tied by slogan cancel on an unknown date Res £22
  16. TRINIDAD-Real photo postcard of a sugarcane plantation with railway lines running through addressed to the U.S.A with GEO V 1½d Trinidad value tied by NEW YORK N.Y/PAQUEBOT s/ring dated 3.11.1931. Alongside is the circular cachet FURBESS PRINCE LINE/POSTED / AT.SEA / M.S SOUTHERN PRINCE in black ink-lovely thing from either side!! Res £22
  17. IRELAND-Cunard White Star line crested envelope addressed to the U.S.A with GB EDW VIII 1½d tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT/GAILLIMH of Galway dated 3.5.1937-superb!! Res £22
  18. CURACAO-Real photo postcard of the N.Z ship “RANGITATA” addressed to the U.K with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by CURACAO slogan cancel on 24.6.1952. Vertically at centre is the s/line PAQUEBOT cancel in violet ink Res £8
  19. LE HAVRE-Postcard of the Cunard “CARMANIA” addressed to Wiltshire with QEII 2½d Wilding with Left Phosphor Band tied by s/line PAQUEBOT cancel in black. At left is the s/ring of LE HAVRE dated 29.11.1964 Res £6
  20. ASCENSION/ST HELENA-South African postcard addressed to Dorset with St Helena 6p pictorial tied by s/line PAQUEBOT in black. Alongside is the tonnage mark of the R.M.S “ST HELENA” and below is the s/ring ASCENSION dated 12.12.1979 Res £8


  1. CHOBHAM CAMP-Very elusive dated double arc cancel dated 6.8.1853 from the depot created to assemble troops for the Crimean War-Only a piece, but not common-see illustration Res £25
  2. CURRAGH CAMP-Irish double rimmed skeleton cancel dated 30.3.1904 with index 14 ties stamp to postcard addressed to JERSEY Res £22
  3. SHORNCLIFFE CAMP-F46 Duplex cancel ties ½d EDW VII value to EDW VII ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Germany-lovely thing-see illustration Res £25
  4. THE CAMP/CAMELFORD-Less than common d/ring dated 7.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  5. LARK HILL CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 4.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  6. PERHAM DOWN CAMP/ANDOVER-S/ring dated 16.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard of the Hay Wain Res £6
  7. PIRBRIGHT CAMP B.O/WOKING-S/ring dated 22.5/.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY AT STONEY CASTLE CAMP Res £8
  8. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING-J62 Duplex cancel dated 4.9.1914 with index D ties stamp to real photo postcard of soldiers posing for the camera Res £9
  9. MARLBOROUGH LINES/HANTS-Skeleton cancel dated 24.11.1915 ties stamp to postcard. The word HANTS is a mistake as Marlborough Lines is of course in Wiltshire Res £15
  10. BULFORD CAMP/SALISBURY-Skeleton cancel dated 14.1.1916 ties stamp to real photo postcard of “B” Lines, Bulford Camp Res £9
  11. PARCEL POST LABEL-Undesignated PPL Used at WORGRET CAMP, cancelled by s/ring WORGRET CAMP/POOLE dated 14.3.1916-no postage stamps ever affixed Res £25
  12. CROWBOROUGH CAMP B.O-Skeleton cancel dated 14.6.1916 ties stamp to postcard of the Warren New Mill, Crowborough Res £8
  13. ARMY POST OFFICE [H.D]/20-S/ring dated 21.9.1916 ties stamp to postcard of Great Yarmouth. HD 20 was located at LOWESTOFT Res £7
  14. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From BOVINGTON CAMP, Under Poole, cancelled by d/ring BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE on 2.2.1917-no postage stamps ever affixed Res £25
  15. HALTON CAMP NORTH/TRING-S/ring dated 4.5.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  16. HEYTESBURY CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 14.5.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  17. CHYNGTON CAMP/SEAFORD-D/ring dated 11.11.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. LYDD AMP/+ D/ring dated 28.8.1918 ties 1d stamp to postcard of the local High Street Res £7
  19. ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE B.O/CAMBERLEY-S/rings dated 7.2.1920 on GEO V 3½d blue registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to London Res £25
  20. HOLLOM DN BARN CAMP HANTS-Skeleton cancel dated 16.9.1935 ties 1d & 2½d Silver Jubilee values to GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed to George King-scarce cancel Res £30

MILITARY 1862 TO 1919

  1. 10th DORSET RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS-Printed entire from London partially pre-addressed to the Commanding Officer at STURMINSTER [NEWTON] from London, dated 12.3.1862 and redirected to Staffordshire on 15.3.1862. The contents refer to the issuing of Signal Flags for Volunteer Corps-nice item!! Res £25
  2. BOER WAR-Cover addressed to Scotland with NATAL 1d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 1.12.1899 with index 7 Res £22
  3. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV 1d brown pictorial postal stationery postcard depicting “PRESENTS FOR OUR BOYS” addressed to Leeds with added ½d tied by AUCKLAND CANCELS dated 9.7.1900 Res £25
  1. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV 1d brown pictorial postal stationery postcard as previous lot to Leeds with added ½d tied at AUCKLAND on 9.7.1900 and depicting “CAPTAIN MADOCKS, FIRST CONTINGENT” Res £25
  2. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-Similar postal stationery postcard depicting “THE CAMP, SECOND CONTINGENT” addressed to Leeds and tied at Auckland on 9.7.1900 Res £25
  3. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-Similar pictorial postal stationery postcard addressed within Auckland on 13.9.1900 depicting “BREAKFAST IN CAMP” Res £25
  4. BOER WAR-QV GB 1d pink envelope addressed to Somerset, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 1.5.1901 with index 23 Res £22
  5. BOER WAR-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Edinburgh with added 2d Jubilee values x 2 tied by s/rings ARMY P.O 45/S AFRICA dated 22.10.1901-lovely thing Res £25
  6. EGYPT-Field Service Postcard addressed to North Wales, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ5 dated 7.3.1916 with index “A” below the date Res £12
  7. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Cover addressed to the U.S.A from London in 1916 with censors slip 27 inserted. The slip bans photographic images, postcards and a whole bunch of other stuff-see illustration Res £65
  8. MALTA-The well-known & iconic St JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION “MALTA CENTRE” postcard addressed to London from Valetta on 23.6.1916-see illustration Res £22
  9. SCOTTISH [RED CROSS] WOMEN’S HOSPITAL-Oval cachet with some text in French on undated postcard addressed to York Res £30
  10. BIRTLEY BELGIAN REFUGEE CAMP, COUNTY DURHAM-Cover from “The Times” addressed to Block D27 at ELISABETHVILLE, BIRTLEY with ½d GEO V value perfin TT and tied by London machine cancel on 8.3.1917 Res £25
  11. CERCLEMILITAIRE/ALBERT/FOLKESTONE-D/ring cachet of the Belgian Forces refuge/club in Folkestone on paid postcard to London Res £12
  12. EGYPT-Censored O.A.S postcard addressed to London, cancelled by skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/180 dated 26.7.1917 Res £12
  13. EGYPT-Stampless postcard addressed to Sussex, cancelled by skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/F2 dated 13.8.1917-arrived at HORSHAM after being redirected on 16.9.1917 Res £12
  14. EGYPT-O.A.S Cover addressed to Derby, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ36 dated 15.12.1917 Res £25
  15. ORDERLY ROOM/DATE/R.N.W.M.P/CAVALRY DRAFT C.E.F-Superb strike of an oval cachet dated 29.6.1918 on stampless postcard addressed to the U.S.A from a member of the Royal North West Mounted Police of Canada Res £25
  16. END OF THE WAR-Souvenir “CHARD & ILMINSTER NEWS WAR TELEGRAM” announcing the end of the war on 11.11.1918 Res £18
  17. PALESTINE-Real photo postcard of JAFFA with New Zealand troops present addressed to Folkestone and cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ20 dated 20.12.1918-arrived at Folkestone on 14.1.1919 and has octagonal tombstone censor mark No.927 Res £22

MILITARY-1933 TO 1949

  1. 1933 CHRISTMAS Greetings card from the Army Pay Office at REGENTS PARK BARRACKS dated 25.12.1933 with dated cachet at left, inside. Also comes with a crested letter from the writer Res £8
  2. EGYPT-Postcard of Cairo addressed to Sussex with 5m green [large type] ARMY POST stamp tied by s/ring MPO/CAIRO dated 22.12.1936-a very scarce stamp to find properly used on a postcard [for which it was intended] Res £30
  3. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL, FRANCE-1f and 55c pictorial postal stationery postcards depicting the War Memorial on unveiling day at VILLERS-BRETONNEUX on 22.7.1938-nice pair Res £18
  4. AMERICAN WAR MEMORIAL, FRANCE-1f & 55c pictorial postal stationery postcards depicting the memorial on unveiling day at POINTE DE GRAVE on 4.9.1938-nice pair Res £18
  5. INDIA TO EGYPT I.E.F-Airmail cover with very good embossed crest of QUEEN VICTORIA’S OWN MADRAS SAPPERS AND MINERS on the back flap from BANGALORE to an officer in Egypt serving with the Indian Expeditionary Force in Egypt, dated 24.4.1940 Res £10
  6. SERVICE SUSPENDED-Small, censored cover from WANDSWORTH to PARIS dated 13.6.1940 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER across the address Res £22
  7. HUNGARY-SCARCE UNDERCOVER ADDRESS Cover addressed to P.O BOX 506, Lisbon from Budapest, dated 31.11.1941-less than 15 of these have been recorded Res £65
  1. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Memo from the assistant chief mechanical engineers office at Doncaster dated 3.10.1944 concerning the repairing of damage to London property’s caused by Flying Bombs. The note says that anyone receiving a request to attend interview at any Labour Exchange is to tell the engineer immediately so that he can “Obstruct any attempts to withdraw any of the men from railway employment” Res £12
  2. 3rd SOMERSET BATTALION, HOME GUARD-Crested Christmas greetings card and envelope from the YEOVIL BOROUGH Company Circa 1942 Res £6
  3. FRENCH 80c Marshall Petain brown postal stationery postcard addressed to ALGERIA with LE HAVRE machine cancel and framed RETURN TO SENDER/[POSTAL] RELATIONS SUSPENDED on 11.11.1942 Res £25
  4. CZECHOSLOVAK FORCES In the U.K-Registered cover addressed to the U.K with GEO VI 6d & 1/- values tied by d/rings of London with the wording on the postmark obliterated. There are two registered labels, one from ILMINSTER with the name cut out and one from London which is intact. Nice item with label on the front and a further one on the back Res £25
  5. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM NORTH AFRICA-Card from a soldier serving in North Africa with a photo of the writer inside Res £8
  6. FRANCE-“FRANCHISE MILITAIRE” Blue postal stationery postcard addressed to Paris with a straight-line dater cancel of the 19th October 1944 in blue ink. The writer expresses surprise about a cheque he sent Res £12
  7. “HELD BY BRITISH CENSOR/RELEASED JAN 1946” “John Bull” style type face on the front & back of a cover addressed to the U.S.A from Walsall, Staffs on 20.8.1941 Res £35
  8. M.M TO ETHIOPIA/DATE/POST OFFICE-Blue-black cancel dated 13.10.1949 on airmail cover addressed to Birmingham with GB GEO VI ½d & 1d x 2 tied by d/rings BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/4 dated 17.10.1949. The sender gives his address as being a member of the British Military Mission to Ethiopia-see illustration of this scarce mark Res £75


  1. PAID LETTERS/FOR/PRISONER OF WAR CAMP/LANCASTER-Printed black on blue label attached to thin card-no postal markings Res £22
  2. PAID LETTER/FOR/PRISONER OF WAR CAMP/LEIGH, LANCS-As previous lot-no postal markings Res £22
  3. JERSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS-Stampless postcard of Fritz standing outside of his barrack on Jersey addressed to Germany on 5.4.1916 with usual black POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR Res £40
  4. WALES-Printed P.O.W envelope addressed to the London tailor, Gamage with 2 x ½d values tied by s/rings LLANFAIR TALHAIARN dated 4.4.1916. Centrally is the small circular framed P.C in red and the unframed D.A below, also in red ink. He gives his address as being at DYFFRYN ALED, ABERGELE Res £25
  5. PRISONERS OF WAR/COMMANDANT/LIBURY HALL-Superb strike of the circular cachet in violet ink at top right of printed P.O.W envelope addressed to Chelmsford, cancelled by the s/ring DANE-END/WARE dated 28.9.1915. The writer gives his address as being at LIBURY HALL FARM, WARE-See illustration Res £25
  6. WALES-Printed P.O.W envelope addressed to Berlin complete with letter from a German in the camp at FRONGOCH, Near BALA. The letter is dated 27.12.1915 Res £22
  7. MOROCCO-Stampless plain envelope addressed to CASABLANCA from a P.O.W interned at LEIPZIG with unframed CORRESPONDANCE DES / PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE in violet ink at top right-undated, but Circa 1915 Res £22
  8. TONBRIDGE-Real photo postcard of a rowing boat on the “NORTH FRITH, TONBRIDGE” addressed to Germany and cancelled by a large part d/ring TONBRIDGE on 5.1.1916. With both German & British markings applied to the address side Res £22
  9. FRANCE-WWII 5c PETAIN postal stationery P.O.W correspondence postcard addressed to OFLAG VIIIA from Orleans Station on 7.1.1942, but the card was printed especially for Christmas 1941-ah well!! Res £22
  10. NUNEATON-Printed WWII P.O.W letter sheet dated 28.12.1946 and addressed to the British zone of Germany with a superb framed CAMP POST OFFICE/196/GREAT BRITAIN in violet ink at top right. The sender gives his address as being at ARBURY HALL, NUNEATON Res £15


  1. FRANCE-Postcard of Southsea boating lake addressed to France with GEO V 1d tied by PORTSMOUTH Krag cancel on 14.9.1915 on the picture side. On the address side is the unframed cachet CONTRE-TORPILLEUR/”SABRE” and the French Naval cachet in violet ink. The Sabre was a French destroyer launched in 1904 and sent to Port5smouth in 1914 as a part of the Anglo-French agreement on the defence of France Res £15
  2. ROYAL MARINE GARRISON, CROMARTY-Undated cover addressed to London with GEO V 1d tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel. At left is the thimble censor mark PASSED BY/R.M.G.C/CENSOR in violet ink Res £12
  3. M.S MACEDONIA-Stampless postcard of Cape Verde natives addressed to Durham with “john Bull” style lettering making up the violet inked RECEIVED FROM H.M SHI[P/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED. At the top of the card is the manuscript STAMPS NOT AVAILABLE POSTED AT SEA/H.M.S MACEDONIA Res £12
  4. M.S “ROYAL GEORGE”-Postcard of the ship addressed to London and cancelled by d/ring DEVONPORT on 29.7.1915-the day she left for the Dardanelles. At bottom is the ½d/260 tax mark of PLYMOUTH and the ½d postage due tied by s/ring SOUTH TOTTENHAM dated 30.7.1915 Res £15
  5. CENSORED/NORTHERN PATROL-Small type d/ring censor mark in violet ink on small cover addressed to Fulwood, Preston from London on 27.8.1915 Res £12
  6. ROYAL NAVAL ARMOURED CARS-Three telegrams addressed to the Commanding Officer at 48, Victoria Street, London. This was the H.Q of the Royal Naval Armoured Cars Division. The telegrams instruct the C.O to check the contents of a parcel addressed to Petty Officer FROST of “This Force” who is under arrest for stealing. The sender signs off as “Number 237, Armoured Cars”-complete with envelope. The telegrams are cancelled down the road at No.32 on 4.10.1916 Res £45
  7. AMBULANCE SHIP ST DENIS-Medical documents envelope for Private N Jeandin of the 1/9th Liverpool’s who has a GSW [Gunshot Wound] to his left wrist and has the framed AMBULANCE SHIP/ST DENIS cachet struck Res £35
  8. HOSPITAL SHIP R.A.M.C No.31-D/ring cachet in a red-violet ink at top right of an unstamped cover addressed to Manchester and is cancelled by the London Received From etc., dated 13.4.1919 Res £35
  9. ROSYTH DOCKYARD B.O/DUNFERMLINE-D/ring cancels dated 27.7.1920 ties stamp to novelty postcard of Dunfermline Res £18
  10. POSTED ON BOATD SHIP ABROAD/I.S-Framed mark on postcard of SYDNEY, Nova Scotia addressed to London with 1d tax mark and 1d postage due tied by WOOD GREEN d/ring dated 26.8.1927. The 1d GEO V value is tied by the LONDON/7 d/ring dated the same day-ship is unknown Res £18
  11. M.S ROYAL OAK-Sheet of crested notepaper and matching envelope in unused, unfolded condition Res £8
  12. M.S TRESPASSER-O.A.S Cover addressed to the R.A.F Officers Mess at China Bay, Ceylon with letter written from the ship on the 23rd February 1945. Cover has naval tombstone censor dated this day Res £8
  13. AIR RAID CASUALTY REPORTING CARD-Tri-Service Official Paid postcards with space for details of dead or injured air raid victim to be sent to H.M Forces-card has a printing date of September 1940 and is unused Res £7
  14. GERMAN U-BOAT TRAINING SCHOOL, PILLAU-Cover with letter addressed to Germany from an engine room NCO serving at the German U-Boat training base at Pillau with d/ring PILLAU/1 dated 27.4.1944 at top right. The writer’s details place him in the 1st UNTERSEEBOOTSLEHRDIVISION 21st U-Boat Flotilla Res £22
  15. ROYAL NETHERLANDS NAVY H.Q/4, NORTH ROW, LONDON W.1-Unframed cachet on British OHMS envelope addressed to LEIDEN, cancelled by the GRAVENHAGE slogan cancel dated 17.10.1946. At bottom right is the Dutch Navy cachet in red Res £8


  1. PENNY PINK Envelope turned and used twice-taxed the second time. Envelope from London dated 10.3.1843 and addressed to Reading, and then being turned inside-out and redirected to BATH from Reading, arriving on 18.6.1843 without a stamp being affixed. Taxed 2d in manuscript Res £30
  2. IRELAND-QV ½d violet [large format] postcard addressed to FORTON BARRACKS, Gosport and cancelled by s/ring YOUGHALL dated 30.10.1870-a VERY early date for the use of this card in Ireland Res £30
  3. CERTIFICATE OF POSTING-A pad of nine certificates with the top two having been used. The top one is cancelled by s/ring PARADE/BIRMINGHAM and the 2nd one is not cancelled, but has the manuscript THESE CERTIFICATES ARE NOW CALLED IN with the date 28.6.1879. The certs have a printing date of October 1877 Res £45
  4. PENNY FARTHING Postcard addressed to Holland with added 1d red from plate 207 tied by hexagonal LONDON 1d LATE FEE Cancel of MARK LANE dated 3.5.1878 Res £22
  5. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Plymouth, cancelled by a superb upright strike of the s/ring WISH ST/SOUTHSEA dated 27.8.1879 Res £22
  6. QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Hannover, cancelled by the oval GLASGOW/N.P.B cancel dated 23.8.1880-early date for this cancel Res £18
  7. QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Copenhagen, cancelled by the d/ring GLASGOW/N.P.B dated 14.4.1885 Res £10
  8. BRISTOL MERCURY-Printed QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Tunbridge Wells, cancelled by an undated NPB cancel Circa 1885 Res £18
  9. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB Strike of the LONDON E.C HOSTER Machine cancel on a QV 1d brown postcard addressed to Saxony dated 12.2.1886-see illustration of what can only be described as the best strike you will ever find!! Res £25
  10. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Belgium with added ½d slate tied by WIGAN-878 duplex cancel dated 12.7.1886. At bottom left is the sub-office cancel UP-HOLLAND dated the same day Res £15
  11. PENNY PINK Envelope addressed to Hamburg with added par of 2d Jubilee values tied by three separate strikes of the London bevelled N.P.B cancel dated 8.3.1893-see illustration Res £25
  12. IRELAND-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed locally within LIMERICK, cancelled by scarce s/ring LIMERICK/N.P.B dated 15.4.21894 Res £25
  13. OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION LTD-QV 1d printed letter card addressed to Coventry with squared circle cancel of ALDGATE B.O/E dated 10.6.1895. Inside is the printed details of what the company could offer the addressee Res £25
  14. HOUSE OF COMMONS-QV ½d vermilion postcard with embossed HOUSE OF COMMONS devise opposite the Queen’s Head-unused condition-pristine Res £22
  15. THE STAMP COLLECTORS MAGAZINE-Printed to Private Order ½d pink postcard from ALFRED SMITH of Bath Street, Bath who elicits annual subs of 4/- post free for the magazine-unused, pristine condition Res £25
  16. S FRY & SONS LTD-QV 2½d advertising envelope for the chocolate & cocoa company addressed to Paris, cancelled by the BRISTOL-134 duplex cancel with 22 in basal bars, dated 7.1.1897 Res £25
  17. LATE FEE-QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Belgium, cancelled by the hexagonal L1/LUDGATE CIRCUS-L.C/1 dated 15.4.1898, At bottom left is the s/ring TOO LATE/F.B G.P.O Res £22
  18. IRELAND-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to ALGERIA, cancelled by the uncommon s/ring CORK/N.P.B dated 14.5.1901 Res £22
  19. CONTAINS LOOSE COINS, REPORTED AT CHELTENHAM-Manuscript annotation on EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Bourton on the Water with blank registration label cancelled by the undated s/ring LOWER GUITING. The stamp impression is cancelled by the dated version on 14.4.1908-not compulsorily registered for some reason!! Res £25
  20. CHURCHILL/OXFORDSHIRE-Undated s/ring cancels a blank registration label on EDW VII registered envelope addressed as previous lot. The dated version is for the 18th October 1909-superb item-see illustration Res £25
  21. PENNY PINK MOURNING Envelope addressed to Bishopthorpe Vicarage, York, cancelled by s/ring NACTON dated 26.6.1911-late usage Res £15
  22. RUISLIP-Umdated s/ring cancels blank registration label on GEO V 3d registered envelope size F addressed to London with an added GEO V 1d tied by the dated version on 11.6.1913 Res £22
  23. IRELAND-Free State 1d postcard addressed to Berlin with added ½d tied by BRITISH s/ring cancel CASTLE CONNELL S.O/Co. LIMERICK dated 10.9.1925 Res £22
  24. GEO V 1d plain postcard registered and addressed to Germany with the added EDW VIII ½d, 1d & 1½d and GEO VI ½d, 1d & 2½d values tied by s/rings SOUTHSEA B.O/HANTS dated 10.5.1937 Res £20
  25. NATIONAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE-GEO VI 1½d + 1½d joined postcards with the outer portion addressed to Wigston from Leicester on 18.10.1954 and the return portion pre-addressed to the Leicester donor panel at Leicester Res £25


  1. CHESTER-Cover addressed to Richmond, Yorkshire with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel 180 of Chester. On the back is the very scarce straight-line mark RAUILWAY STATION applied at Chester on 8.9.1851-see illustration Res £125
  2. FARNBORO’ STATION-023 Duplex cancel dated 3.2.1871 ties a pair of 6d values to cover addressed to CALCUTTA, via Brindisi-arriving on 8.3.1871-nice!! Res £35
  3. EUSTON STATN/BRANCH OFFICE-The UNIQUE s/ring cancel dated 10.3.1871 on a longer LNWR registered cover to Macclesfield with 3d rose & 6d violet tied by N.W/14 oval cancels. A lovely Euston Late Fee cover-much sought after!! Res £125
  4. WOKING STATION-C66-Four VOD dated 2.9.1876 with index D cancels ½d violet postal stationery postcard to London Res £22
  5. GENSING STATION RD/HASTINGS-F37 3VOD dated 16.11.1880 ties 1d Venetian red to MOURNING cover addressed to Norfolk Res £22
  6. BICKLEY STATION/KENT-S/ring dated 17.5.1871 on QV 1½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Belgium with stamp impression cancelled by BROMLEY/KENT/144 3VOD dated the same day Res £15
  7. HORSHAM/STATION OFFICE-381 3VOD dated 24.1.1887 with index D cancels ½d brown postcard to Dorking Res £15
  8. WORTHING STATION B.O/WORTHING-923 3VOD dated 10.3.1887 with index B cancels 1d brown postcard at Switzerland Res £15
  9. WARLINGHAM STATION-Cover addressed to Oxford with 1d lilac tied by the UNIQUE 3VOS numeral cancel 515 of Whyteleaf [Formerly known as Warlingham] with s/ring WARLINGHAM STATION on the back, dated 20.9.1888 Res £85
  10. CREWE STATION-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Switzerland with added ½d vermilion tied by squared circle cancel dated 12.2.1889 with index B Res £15
  11. RUGBY STATION-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Bicester, cancelled by the squared circle cancel dated 12.8.1889 with index L Res £15
  12. ASHFORD/STATION OFFICE-31 3VOD dated 27.11.1889 with index K cancels ½d brown postcard to Biddenden Res £15
  13. LEWES/STATION OFFICE-Squared circle cancel dated 11.12.1891 with index S cancels ½d brown postcard addressed locally Res £15
  14. BEXHILL STATION/K27 3VOD dated 8.8.1893 with index C cancels ½d brown postcard to St Leonards Res £75
  15. BARNHAM JUNCTION-S/ring dated 2.11.1893 with index A on ½d brown postcard addressed to Emsworth, cancelled by squared circle BOGNOR on the same day Res £15
  16. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From EAGLESCLIFFE JUNCTION, Under Darlington with 1½d & 3d Jubilee values tied by dumb parcel cancel. Alongside is a manuscript date of January 4th 189?-see illustration Res £40
  17. TONBRIDGE/STATION OFFICE-818 3VOD dated 20.9.1897 withtime 1.45pm cancels 1d vermilion postcard addressed to France Res £15
  18. ATHERSTONE/STATION-The UNIQUE target parcel cancel with 95% complete strike on the 4½d Jubilee stamp Res £25
  19. PERRANWELL STATION-The UNIQUE block of 6 x ½d blue-green QV values tied to piece by the target parcel cancel in violet ink-see illustration Res £30
  20. BROADSTAIRS STATION-Scarce Victorian skeleton cancel dated 15.10.1900 with index X on postcard from France-only 3 examples are known-see illustration Res £35
  21. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From HARPERLEY STATION R.S.O., Under Darlington cancelled by s/ring HARPERLEY STATION on 31.8.1901 Res £45
  22. WANDSWORTH SOUTHFIELDS, NEAR RAILWAY STATION, LONDON S.W-Parcel Post Label from here, cancelled by s/ring WANDSWORTH SOUTHFIELDS NR RLY STN/S.W dated 27.8.1902 Res £25
  23. WEST NORWOOD, 357, NORWOOD ROAD, LONDON, S.E-PPL From here, cancelled by oval RAILWAY/BORNE in red and the s/ring NORWOOD RD No.357/NR TULSE HILL STA S.E dated 31.10.1902 Res £25
  24. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From SALTNEY FERRY, Under Chester with EDW VII 3d tied by CHESTER/STATION target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring SALTNEY FERRY dated 3.11.1902 Res £45
  25. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From RAMSGATE, BROADSTAIRS STATION B.O with EDW VII 4d & 6d values tied by s/rings BROADSTAIRS/STATION OFFICE dated 6.10.1903-a further strike is alongside-see illustration Res £45
  26. LONDON, NEAR STATION, ANERLEY, S.E-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d tied by s/ring ANERLEY NR STATION/S.E dated 7.3.1905 Res £30
  27. KILLEARN STATION-Miniature envelope containing a wedding compliments card addressed to ASKRIGG R.S.O with ½d stamp tied by s/ring dated 4.10.1905 with index B Res £15
  28. LONDON, VAUXHALL NEAR STATION, KENNINGTON, S.E-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d tied by dumb cancel. Alongside is the s/ring VAUXHALL NR RAILWAY STATION/S.E dated 8.1.1906 Res £25
  29. LONDON, 420, BRIXTON ROAD, STOCKWELL, S.W-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring BRIXHAM Rd 420/NR RY STN S.W dated 8.12.1908 Res £22
  30. LONDON, 420, BRIXTON ROAD, STOCKWELL, S.W-PPL From here, cancelled by the UNIQUE skeleton cancel BRIXTON RD 420/NR RLY STN dated 12.10.1909 Res £30
  31. LONDON, 93, STREATHAM HILL, BRIXTON, S.W-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring STREATHAM HILL 93 S.W/NR RLY STATION dated 13.5.1914 Res £22
  32. CHESTER STATION/P.P-The UNIQUE s/ring cancels dated 2.1.1922 ties GEO V ½d & 1d values to trade postcard addressed to Birkenhead Res £50
  33. GREENISLAND STN B.O/Co. ANTRIM-S/ring dated 28.9.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  34. PRUDHOE STATION/NORTHUMBERLAND-D/ring transit mark dated 23.8.1928 on postcard from Alnwick addressed to PRUDHOE-ON-TYNE redirected to Newcastle and back to Prudhoe Res £10
  35. NUNTHORPE STN/MIDDLESBROUGH YKS-D/ring dated 11.6.1946 ties 2½d Victory stamp to locally addressed cover Res £18


  1. LONDON EXETER RAILWAY POST OFFICE-Small cover to BRIDGWATER from London dated 3.6.1864 with 15mm s/ring L&E/R.P.O struck below the stamp Res £28
  2. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY POST OFFICE-1d pink envelope from London to Peebles dated 18.5.1866 with red inked 14½mm s/ring C.R/P.O struck at left Res £22
  3. CARLISLE AND GLASGOW RAILWAY POST OFFICE-Cover from London to Peebles dated 5.12.1866 with 14mm s/ring C&G/R.P.O at left in black ink Res £22
  4. GLASGOW CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-159 Scots duplex cancel dated 17.8.1875 with index 2 ties ½d Bantam to printed invoice from Glasgow to Kings Lynn Res £22
  5. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 22.7.1892 with index E ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Dorset Res £18
  6. HEATHFIELD STATION ROAD/+ D/ring dated 10.6.1897 with time 1pm ties ½d vermilion to plain postcard addressed to Ludlow-a superb strike and the earliest recorded Res £15
  7. EDINR & NEWCASTLE SORTING TENDER/+ Unframed circular mark dated 6.2.1899 with index D on postcard from Germany addressed to Edinburgh Res £12
  8. GIMSBY & LINCOLN SORTING TENDER-Squared circle cancel dated 6.11.1901 ties 1d lilac to postcard addressed to Sweden Res £18
  9. SOUTH WALES S.C/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 30.7.1905 on postcard from Ilfracombe addressed to Monmouthshire Res £9
  10. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From TOTLAND BAY R.S.O, Under Newport, I of Wight with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring TOTLAND BAY dated 16.9.1903-see illustration Res £45
  1. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From STOKE ABBOT, Under Bridport with EDW VII 3d tied by the UNIQUE target parcel cancel BEAMINSTER/R.S.O. Alongside is the also UNIQUE superb violet rubber cancel STOKE ABBOTT/BEAMINSTER R.S.O/DORSETSHIRE dated 3.11.1903. Note the two spellings of Abbot[t]-see illustration Res £65
  2. FIFE SORTING TENDER UP/458-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 21.7.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  3. BRISTOL & EXETERP.O/DAY MAIL-S/ring transit mark dated 23.8.1906 on postcard from Reading to Clevedon Res £45
  4. SOUTH WALESP.O/NIGHT MAIL EAST-S/ring dated 7.1.1907 ties EDW VII ½d with perfin GWR to postcard addressed to Narberth Res £20
  5. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From GROSMONT R.S.O., Under Whitby with EDW VII 4d tied by s/ring GROSMONT/YORKS dated 11.4.1907-see illustration Res £45
  6. WEMBLEY R.S.O-GEO V registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to the United States with blank registration label cancelled by undated target parcel cancel WEMBLEY/MIDDLESEX. The stamp impression is cancelled by the d/ring WEMBLEY R.S.O/MIDDLESEX and below is the s/ring WEMBLEY R.S.O/MIDDLESEX, both dated 19.9.1910-see illustration Res £30
  7. GREAT NORTHERN S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/ring transit mark dated 12.9.1912 on postcard from Hunstanton redirected back to Norfolk after not being known at MIDDLETON, Manchester Res £12
  8. DININGTON COLLIERY/DUDLEY R.S.O-S/ring dated 30.6.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  9. TOO FRAGILE FOR TRANSFER BY APARATUS-GEO V 5d orange postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Holland with a pair of added ½d values tied by s/rings RIBY SQUAREO/GRIMSBY dated 26.4.1922. The envelope is further crossed by diagonal blue lines indicating that it is not to be transferred by TPO apparatus. Res £25
  10. SOUTH WESTERN T.P.O/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 21.1.1931 ties a pair of 1d values to cover with letter addressed to SWAY. The letter is written from Station Hill, Eastleigh Res £12


  1. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Martins Bank, Bromley with 2d RLS with control number 19434 and a pair of ½d vermilion values tied by BROMLEY-144 duplex cancels dated 8.5.1894 Res £75
  2. THE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-Large part parcel wrapper from Waterlow & Sons addressed to Wakefield with the GNR “BEEHIVE” label affixed at Kings Cross on 31.8.1895-see illustration Res £55
  3. MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD & LINCOLNSHIRE RAILWAY-Early Ewen cover addressed to London with 2d RLS tied by red ink cancel with added 1d lilac tied by RETFORD squared circle cancel dated 12.10.1896 Res £70
  4. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Commercial cover endorsed PER EXPRESS DELIVERY-IMMEDIATE addressed to Birmingham with 2d RLS cancelled by manuscript date 12.7.1897 and the added 1d lilac tied by BIRMINGHAM/26 d/ring dated the same day-nice item!! Res £75
  5. EAST & WEST JUNCTION RAILWAY-COMPLETE SHEET of the distinctive red on yellow 2d RLS with control numbers 4560-4570 Superb, unmounted mint-see illustration Res £45
  6. SOUTH WEST & MIDLAND COMPANY’S SOMERSET & DORSET JOINT LINE-Cover front only [not a complete cover addressed to Ewen with 2d RLS with control number A4205 tied by two strikes of the s/line WIMBORNE PARCELS in the form of a cross. The 1d EDW VII value is also tied thus and further tied by the LONDON S.E machine cancel dated 27.2.1911 Res £50
  7. THE HIGHLAND RAILWAY COMPANY-Ewen cover with 2d RLS and 1d EDW VII tied by d/ring cancels of SOUTH NORWOOD dated 2.6.1906. Both are also cancelled by ink crosses Res £65
  8. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-Ewen cover with 2d RLS and added EDW VII 1d tied by d/rings MONTROSE dated 2.6.1906 Res £65
  9. NEATH & BRECON RAILWAY-Ewen cover with 2d RLS and added 1d EDW VII value tied by d/ring SWANSEA/5 dated 4.6.1906. Both are further cancelled by pencil crosses Res £65
  10. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-Ewen cover with 2d RLS and 1d EDW VII value tied by LONDON N.W squared circles dated 22.6.1905-both have ink cross cancels Res £65


  1. TOWER OF LONDON-Pictorial cachet in violet in on front of small OHMS cover addressed to Hyde Park, cancelled by s/ring LONDON E.C OFFICIAL PAID/4 dated 18.7.1905-see illustration Res £45
  2. 1937 CORONATION-Complete sheet of 60 souvenir stamps in the original envelope Res £25
  3. EDW VIII-Real photo of King Edward village, Banff addressed to Lerwick with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring KING EDWARD/BANFF dated 29.7.1937 Res £20
  4. CONSTABLES OFFICE/TOWER OF LONDON-Pictorial crowned cachet in violet ink on front of cover addressed within London and cancelled by LONDON/GT BRITAIN A-OFFICIAL PAID machine cancel dated 13.9.1955 Res £22
  5. ROYAL VISIT-GB QEII 2½d postal stationery postcard reply portion addressed to Oxford, cancelled by machine cancel VISIT OF H.M QUEEN ELIZABETH/DATE/CHITTAGONG /PAKISTAN dated 15.2.1961 Res £12


  1. IRELAND-FIRST TYPE PPL Of WICKLOW on exploded 1d pink envelope used as a label attached to a parcel with added 4d orange impression and added 1d lilac tied by dumb cancels. The PPL is cancelled by a very good s/ring WICKLOW dated 17.4.1884-see illustration Res £65
  2. POSTAL STORES DEPARTMENT, GPO, LONDON-PPL From here with GOVT/PARCELS overprinted 1½d & 1/- values tied by depot dumb cancels-see illustration Res £85
  3. BRIGHTON, OLD STEINE-PPL From here with added 2d & 1d lilac tied by BRIGHTON parcel target cancel. At left is the s/ring OLD STEINE/BRIGHTON dated 21.12.1895 Res £28
  4. WAREHAM-PPL From here with 6d Jubilee tied by s/ring WAREHAM dated 24.8.1896 Res £30
  5. FARNHAM-PPL From here with 2d & 6d Jubilee values tied by s/rings FARNHAM/SURREY dated 27.12.1899 and by 95% complete COACH/ROAD-BORNE in black ink Res £32
  6. PETERBOROUGH, NARROW BRIDGE STREET-PPL From here with the sub-office name scored through and used from Peterborough, cancelled by squared circle cancel PETERBOROUGH/PARCEL POST dated 9.11.1901 Res £28
  7. ALDBURY, UNDER TRING-PPL From here with QV 4d tied by superb TRING target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring ALDBURY/TRING dated 8.4.1902 Res £25
  8. PROBUS, UNDER GRAMPOUND ROAD-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by well worn target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring PROBUS dated 9.4.1904 Res £25
  9. ELGIN-PPL From here with attached to a parcel tag addressed to Edinburgh with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by superb target parcel cancel ELGIN. Alongside is the s/ring ELGIN dated 23.12.1904 Res £25
  10. UPPER HALE, UNDER FARNHAM-PPL From here with a pair of EDW VII 2½d values tied by target parcel cancels of FARNHAM. Alongside is the s/ring UPPER HALE dated 15.5.1908 Res £25
  11. MORLEY ST BOTOLPH, UNDER WYMONDHAM-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by target parcel cancel WYMONDHAM S.O/NORFOLK and with s/ring MORLEY ST BOTOLPH/WYMONDHAM NORFOLK dated 16.11.1908 Res £25
  12. KIMMERIDGE, UNDER WAREHAM-PPL From here with EDW VII 1d & 5d tied by WAREHAM target parcel cancels. Alongside is a superb strike of the violet inked rubber cancel KIMMERIDGE/WAREHAM dated 25.5.1910-see illustration Res £30
  13. MILTON UNDER WYCHWOOD, UNDER OXFORD-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by the scarce skeleton cancel MILTON UNDER WYCHWOOD dated 22.9.1911-see illustration Res £30
  14. SHANKLIN, UNDER RYDE-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring SHANKLIN/ISLE OF WIGHT dated 19.10.1911-alongside is a further, superb strike Res£30
  15. DEREHAM, UPPER NORWICH ROAD-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange tied by dumb cancel of horizontal, parallel bars. At right is the rubber cancel UPPER NORWICH RD/DEREHAM dated 25.8.1912 Res £25
  16. CREECH, UNDER WAREHAM-PPL From here with GEO V 3d tied by d/ring WAREHAM/+ dated 16.8.1913. Alongside is the s/ring CREECH dated the same day Res £25
  17. GRAYSHOTT, HINDHEAD, UNDER PETERSFIELD-PPL From here with GEO V 9d agate tied by d/ring GRAYSHOTT/HINDHEAD SURREY dated 26.8.1915. Alongside is A FURTHER STRIKE Res £22
  18. ASPENDEN, BUNTINGFORD, UNDER WARE-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by rubber cancel ASPENDEN/BUNTINGFORD/HERTS dated 28.1.1916-alongside is a further strike Res £22
  19. NETTLESTONE, UNDER RYDE-PPL From here with GEO V 1d & 10d values tied by rubber cancel NETTLESTONE/RYDE dated 30.8.1917-further strike alongside Res £28
  20. LOWER BOURNE, UNDER FARNHAM-PPL From here with GEO V 9d agate tied by the uncommon skeleton cancel LOWER BOURNE/FARNHAM dated 29.7.1919-further strike alongside Res £28


  1. MAREHAY/DERBY-Violet cancel dated 22.1.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. CHILGROVE/CHICHESTER-Violet cancel dated 4.2.1908 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £9
  3. RUBBER SKELETON-FRENSHAM/FARNHAM Violet cancel dated 8.3.1911 on parcel post label Res £25
  4. SORTINGTON/UPTON LEVEL/WILTS-Violet cancel dated 7.3.1912 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the school at Botley Res £9
  5. RUBBER SKELETON-KIRBY ORME/BUNGAY Black cancel dated 10.2.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  6. RUBBER SKELETON-SOUTH POOL/KINGSBRIDGE-Black cancel dated 19.9.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  7. BODFFORDD/LLANGEFNI/ANGLESEY-Superb strikes dated 20.5.1915 ties stamp to GEO V 3d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Switzerland-see illustration Res £35
  8. DIAL POST/HORSHAM-Black cancel dated 30.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. CHERHILL/CALNE/WILTS-Black cancels dated 24.3.1917 cancels GEO V 3d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Bourton on the Water Res £12
  10. PRESTON PLUCKNETT/YEOVIL-Black cancels dated 10.4.1918 cancels GEO V 3d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to London Res £12
  11. UPTON/SOUTHWELL/NOTTS-Black cancel dated 1.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. FARMINGTON/NORTH LEACH/GLOS-Black cancel dated 17.9.1918 cancels GEO V 3½d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Bourton on the Water Res £9
  13. SOUTH BREWHAM/BRUTON/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 11.4.1921 cancels GEO V 4d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Portesham, Dorset Res £12
  14. WATNALL/NOTTINGHAM-Black cancel dated 20.11.1923 ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £9
  15. BEGUILDY/KNIGHTON/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 22.12.1926 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £10
  16. PLUMMERS PLAIN/HORSHAM/SUSSEX-Black cancel dated 14.7.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  17. KNOCKLAS/KNIGHTON/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 14.10.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  18. BATSON/SALCOMBE/DEVON-Black cancels dated 7.12.1931 ties a strip of 3 x 4d GEO V values to registered cover flown from the U.K to BULAWAYO on the 1st flight-see illustration Res £25
  19. LLANELLTYE / DOLGELLY / MERIONETH-Black cancel dated 11.8.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  20. MARIAN GLAS/ANGLESEY-Black cancel dated 1.12.1932 ties 1d & 2d postage dues to unpaid postcard from the BRITISH POST OFFICE, TANGIER Res £15


  1. HALIFAX-UNFRAMED Traveller dated 9.1.1844 on back of clean entire from Halifax to Pennistone Res £65
  2. BATH-Framed traveller dated 28.8.1844 as receiver on back of entire from London-see illustration Res £65
  3. WORCESTER/5-Black unframed traveller dated 17.12.1846 on back of entire from Birmingham Res £55
  4. OTTOXETER-Superb strike of the skeleton cancel dated 10.4.1894 with index D cancelleing ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Burton-on-Trent. The year slug and index have been transposed with the year slug at top Res £-see illustration Res £25
  5. WEM/SHREWSBURY-Cancel dated 12.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. SEAVINGTON S.O/SOMERSET-Cancel dated 15.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  7. BARCOMBE/LEWES-Cancel dated 24.12.1905 on postcard to Brighton from Lewes Res £9
  8. IRELAND-KILLINGHY/DOWN Irish double rimmed skeleton ties stamp to postcard on 31.12.1907 Res £18
  9. KINGSWOOD/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 8.1.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. CREWKKERNE-Less common 23mm skeleton dated 10.5.1909 with index C on postcard from Taunton to Crewkerne, redirected to Birmingham Res £9
  11. NEW SHILDON/Co. DUTHAM-Cancel dated 3.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  12. ATTLEBOROUGH/NORFOLK-Cancel dated 12.8.1912 on parcel post label of Attleborough Res £10
  13. TWYFORD/WINCHESTER-Cancel dated 10.10.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  14. RAMSEY/HUNTS-Superb strike dated 27.2.1921 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed locally Res £12
  15. BISHOPS LYDEARD/TAUNTON SOMT-Cancel dated 29.7.1948 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to Brighton Res £15


  1. OLDBURY-Cancel dated 10.3.1882 with index B cancels Penny Farthing postcard to Paris Res £15
  2. ASHFORD/KENT-Cancel dated 1.10.1883 with index 1 cancels ½d brown postcard to Birmingham Res £20
  3. STONHAM-Cancel dated 3.1.1884 with index C cancels ½d brown postcard to Saxmundham Res £28
  4. OSSETT-Cancel dated 14.1.1888 with index B cancels ½d brown postcard Res £15
  5. BRIDGWATER-Cover addressed to North Petherton with 1d lilac tied by cancel dated 2.7.1889 with index H. Alongside are two further strikes dated 3 & 4 July with index D & G respectively Res £10
  6. FALLOWFIELD-Cancel dated 27.3.1892 with index F cancels ½d brown postcard Res £20
  7. STEVENAGE-Cancel dated 17.11.1894 with index K cancels ½d brown postcard Res £7
  8. HITCHIN-Cancel dated 24.11.1895 with time 1.15am cancels ½d brown postcard Res £7
  9. LISCARD/LIVERPOOL-Cancel dated 17.7.1896 with index A5 cancels ½d brown postcard Res £25
  10. SOMERTON/SOMERSET-Cancel dated 13.5.1923 ties 1d stamp to trade postcard Res £6


  1. WATCH TOWER / ON / BEACHY HEAD / ENGLAND / HARRY RANDAL-Blue/black cachet on card from Eastbourne dated 3.8.1909 Res £15
  2. HELL’S-MOUTH-CORNWALL-Triangular framed cachet in red ink on postcard dated 16.9.1950 Res £9
  3. HADDON HALL/BAKEWELL-Violet rubber cancel dated 17.9.1957 on postcard from Matlock Res £5
  4. WAVERLEY/LAST SEA-GOING/PADDLE STEAMER/IN THE WORLD-Framed violet inked cachet on postcard from Dumbarton dated 4.8.1975 Res £7
  5. POSTED AT/THE/BLACK COUNTRY/MUSEUM-Unframed cachet in blacl on postcard. Used, but indistinct postmark Res £5


  1. 53 BATH-3VOS cancels ½d brown newspaper wrapper circa 1895 Res £20
  2. 90 PADSTOW-1844 Type cancel ties ½d Bantam to wrapper claiming a 1d postage due claimed by the station master at Padstow from the station master at Wadebridge. Only thing wrong is that the Padstow station master has written inside the wrapper as did the Wadebridge guy. Yes, taxed a further 1d!! Res £15
  3. 230 CREWKERNE-4VOS cancels ½d violet postcard addressed to Plymouth on 4.2.1878 Res £18
  4. 249-DEVIZES-3VOS cancels undated ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Salisbury circa 1880 Res £40
  5. 342 ST LEAONARD’S ON SEA/MARINA-3VOD dated 16.1.1884 with index J cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to London Res £12
  6. 545 NEVILLE ST/NEWCASTLE ON TYNE-4VOD dated 1.3.1876 ties 1d red to prices current addressed to Denmark Res £22
  7. 594 SOUTHPORT-3VOS cancels ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed locally. Undated, but circa 1880 Res £30
  8. 658 ROYSTON-3VOS ties EDW VII 4d green & brown to parcel post label from QUEEN’S ROAD, ROYSTON on 7.5.1908-see illustration Res £25
  9. 685 WILTON-3VOS cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to Weymouth-undated, but circa 1880 Res £28
  10. 802 BAMPTON, DEVON-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Dulverton on 3.6.1892 Res £55
  11. 805 TORQUAY-3VOS cancels printed ½d green newspaper wrapper from the “TORQUAY DIRECTORY” newspaper addressed to “Chippendale”. Undelivered, but redirected to Chippenham circa 1872 Res £25
  12. 081 CASTLETOWN, PORTLAND-3VOS ties QV 4d brown & green to parcel post label on 6.3.1901-see illustration Res £40
  13. B84 HALWELL, DEVON-3HOS cancels ½d brown printed postcard from the KINGSBRIDGE & SALCOMBE RAILWAY addressed to London on 15.12.1886-very scarce cancel-see illustration Res £90
  14. G52 BECKERMET-3VOS ties QV 1d BANKRUPTCY Fiscal to locally addressed cover on 19.10.1885-see illustration Res £65
  15. J18 BRIERFIELD-3VOD dated 9.6.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  16. K64 LINDAL-3VOD dated 11.9.1907 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  18. IRISH 248 DIAMOND SINGLE NUMERAL Cancel on ½d brown postcard with THOMASTOWN s/ring at left, dated 21.11.1881 Res £25
  19. SCOTTISH 267-NEWINGTON B.O/EDINR Duplex cancel dated 30.9.1881 cancels ½d brown postcard Res £12
  20. SCOTTISH 396-LYNEDOCH PLO/EDINR Duplex dated 27.6.1882 cancels ½d brown postcard Res £12


  1. BACKBARROW-Black cancel on back of wrapper from Burton to Kendal on 30.6.1843 Res £22
  2. BOURTON, BRISTOL-Black/brown cancel on a locally addressed cover within Bristol on 18.8.1853 Res £25
  3. BRUTON-Black cancel at top left of wrapper addressed to Bridgwater, via Bath with 1d red tied by superb Maltese Cross cancel on 31.1.1842-see illustration Res £28
  4. GOOSNARCH, LANCS-Blue strike on the back of a cover from Preston to Lancaster on 23.1.1860-superb strike!! Res £25
  5. CRONDALL-Black cancel at top right of entire addressed to Shaftesbury with horseshoe cancel of FARNHAM alongside, dated 27.8.1846 Res £22
  6. LYNEHAM & SUTTON BENGER, WILTS-Black cancels on back of cover from Sutton Benger with 1d stars tied by the 045 cancel of Sutton Benger on 11.8.1857 Res £30
  7. POULTON-LE-FYLDE-Superb blue strike on back of entire addressed to Shrewsbury, via Preston on 1.1.1847 Res £25
  8. SOUTH CHARD-Black cancel on back of cover to Nottingham, via Chard & London on 6.7.1857 Res £22
  9. STOGUMBER-Yellow cancel on registered letter certificate of posting dated 13.11.1848 and signed by the Postmaster, William Barker Res £30
  10. TANDRIDGE-Black/green cancel on back of cover from RED HILL to Bath, dated 18.4.1859 Res £25


  1. EASING/WOULD-Two line mark on the back of an undated wrapper addressed to Quen Anne’s Bounty with a Bishop mark receiver of 6th February Res £35
  2. DOWN/HAM-Two line mark in a brown/red on the back of entire addressed to Norwich on 27.10.1773 Res £55
  3. FREE-S/line Free in red circle at top right of entire from the Bishop of Oxford to London, dated 3.12.1776 Res £30
  4. CREWK/HERN-Two line mark at top right of entire addressed to Nether Stowey on 10.3.1789 Res £45
  5. CREWKHERNE-Straight-line mark at top right of entire “TO BE LEFT AT THE POST OFFICE, TAUNTON” dated 8.1.1798 Res £45
  6. ROYAL MAIL COACH OFFICE, WHITE SWAN INN, ALNWICK-Printed receipt for a parcel addressed to London and to be carried by the mail coach on 21.7.1827-lovely thing!! Res £40
  7. UNIFORM PENNY POST-Large part wrapper [not complete] addressed to Wells with PAID/1D in red of CHARD at bottom right, struck on 4.2.1840, which seems to be missing from the list of users of such marks Res £75
  8. IRELAND-Entire from CLONES dated 27.10.1840 to Mount Sorrell, Leicester with manuscript 2 and an unframed No.1 of a Penny Post system, likely to be Clones Res £40
  9. WATCHET/PENNY POST & TAUNTON/DATE/PY POST-Two different style Penny Post cancels on an entire from Watchet with the Taunton version dated 11.1.1843 Res £35
  10. TURNED ENTIRE-Entire addressed to Leeds from Wakefield on 11.1.1845 with 1d red imperf tied by the 447 numeral. The cover was then turned and sent to Wakefield with similar stamp tied by the Wakefield numeral the following day. Both have sub-office cancels: NORTH ST/LEEDS and KIRKGATE for Wakefield-see illustration Res £45
  11. UNIFORM PENNY POSTAGE-Entire addressed to Salisbury with lovely PAID/1 in red ink of MARLBOROUGH struck on 21.11.1845-see illustration Res £75
  12. FRANCE TO SCOTLAND TO HULL-MOURNING Cover from Calais with contents, addressed to Helensburgh with a 1d red imperf added at HELENSBUGH and tied by the 176 numeral cancel before arriving in Hull on 19.6.1846 Res £35
  13. UNIFORM PENNY POSTAGE-Cover addressed to Ludlow from Windsor, via London with lovely PAID/1 in red struck at Windsor on 6.9.1849 Res £55
  14. HUNGERFORD TO MALAGA, SPAIN-Entire addressed to Malaga, via GIBRALTAR with d/arc cancel dated 14.11.1849 struck above an undated d/arc for CHILTON-no arrival mark, but a nice item-prepaid 10d Res £25
  15. ENTIRE Addressed to London with 4 pairs of the 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral cancels 332 of TODMORDEN on 20.10.1853 Res £35
  16. PRICES CURRENT-Folded entire from Boldemann, Borries & Co addressed to ELSINASE with 1d red stars tied by NEWCASTLE ON TYNE sideways duplex cancel dated 25.9.1858. On the back is a ST PETERSBURG mark dated 29.9.1858 Res £25
  17. “POSTAL DISTRICT/S”-Embossed black on white buckle on MOURNING Cover at bottom right and addressed within London on 2.11.1859-see illustration Res £40
  18. PRICES CURRENT-Folded, printed entire addressed to MAINE, U.S.A with 1d red stars tied by LOVERPOOL circular duplex dated 5.9.1863. Printed at top right is the “PER ARABIA” in black-lovely thing!! Res £25
  19. GLASGOW-Small registered cover addressed to Edinburgh with 4d vermilion/orange no plate number and 1d red from plate 93 tied by GLASGOW-159 duplex cancels dated 24.8.1865. At left is the framed REGISTERED/AT/GLASGOW in red ink-nice item Res £40
  20. BOOK POST-Fancy white on pink embossed devise at top left of wrapper addressed to New Malton, Yorks with 1d red from plate 106 tied by HULL duplex cancel on 14.5.1869 Res £22
  21. LONDON TO NORWAY-Very clean wrapper addressed to CHRISTIANIA with a pair of 4d orange values from plate 11 tied by LONDON-103 duplex cancels dated 21.7.1869. At left is a superb strike in red/orange ink of the 4d accountancy mark and the oval framed PD-exhibition quality-see illustration Res £45
  22. LONDON TO SWEDEN-Entire addressed to UDDEWALLA with a 6d chestnut from plate 11 tied by a super strike of the LONDON-9 duplex cancel dated 19.8.1872. At left is the oval PD and 2½d accountancy mark, both in red ink Res £40
  23. YORK TO THE MAYOR OF SANDWICH-Lovely embossed cover addressed to the Mayor of Sandwich, Kent with 1½ red from plate 1 tied by York duplex cancel on 16.9.1873. On the back is a superb gold, red, white & blue coat of arms, which is the old coat of arms of York Res £30
  24. QV ½d violet postal stationery postcard addressed to Royston, Herts, cancelled by BRIGHTON-132 duplex cancel on 14.10.1894. to the left is an inverted triangular inspectors mark usually associated with the railways, with initials S&H/M which I have never seen before-see illustration Res £25
  25. PER HALFPENNY POST-Embossed devise at top left of wrapper addressed to Carlisle from Newcastle with duplex cancel dated 12.4.1877 tying a ½d Bantam Res £22
  1. IRELAND-“UNITED SERVICES GAZETTE & NAVAL AND MILITARY CHRONICLE”-Edition dated 7.7.1877 addressed to BRAY with ½d Bantam tied by 186 Irish numeral with a figure 2 above, centrally within the diamond Res £30
  2. SMALL OHMS Cover addressed within Edinburgh, cancelled by a thimble s/ring EDIN.N.P.B dated 14.12.1882 with index E Res £22
  3. POST OFFICE CIRCULAR-December 15th 1887 circular with all the CHRISTMAS ARRANGEMENTS, 1887 Res £22
  4. BOOK POST PHOTOS-The card folder with lace to tie and 5 photos by the London Sterioscopic & photographic company of London included within two card folders within. With ½d green tied by N.P.B cancel-undated, but circa 1888 Res £35
  5. SOMERSET-Lovely little registered cover to ONTARIO, CANADA with 1d lilac & 6d Jubilee tied by s/rings WIVELISCOMBE dated 14.2.1890, arriving on 27.2.1890 at Kingston, Ontario Res £28
  6. “ISSUED IN CONFORMITY WITH THE NEW POSTAL REGULATION, [1st] JANUARY 1892”-Printed blurb at top of longer cover addressed within London with ½d vermilion placed in a printed box on the envelope with “2 OUNCES[STAMP] ½d” and tied by an undated NPB cancel post 1.1.1892-never seen this before Res £30
  7. RURAL POSTMAN’S Certificate of posting of a registered postal packet to Seaford, Sussex and dated in manuscript 6.3.1894 and signed by the rural postman, F LOBB-no indication of office Res £25
  8. JURY SUMMONS-Folded summons addressed to Islington with 3d value tied by squared circle cancel of LONDON W.C Dated 20.2.1899 Res £25
  9. FOREIGN & COLONIAL PARCEL POST-Certificate of posting of a parcel to INDIA with 6d Jubilee tied by s/ring CULLUMPTON dated 19.12.1899-see illustration Res £40
  10. SOMERSET-Neat little registered cover addressed to NORTH CURRY with QV 3d tied by oval registered cancel of BRIDGWATER dated 25.9.1900-superb!! Res £25
  11. IRELAND-Cover addressed to the Bandon Estate Office at Cork with 1d lilac tied by the s/ring cancel CORK/3 dated 10.1.1902. There are two further strikes dated 11/1 & 13/1 as well as the elusive CORK/N.P.B cancel dated 12.1.1902-all in a row!! Res £25
  12. H.M.S Registered, printed MONEY LETTER addressed to the sub-postmaster of WETHERINGSETT with s/rings STOWMARKET on the back dated 25.3.1902 Res £25
  13. LOWER WYKE/CHAPEL-Oval church fete cachet in violet ink with inverted s/line dater for the 26th October 1907 at centre, addressed within the Sunday School Res £15
  14. AVIS DE RECEPTION-Form for the acknowledgement of the receipt of a registered letter from MINEHEAD addressed to STRATHCONA, ALTA, CANADA with EDW VII 2½d tied by s/ring MINEHEAD dated 9.10.1908. Variously, there are cancels of EDMONTON10.1908; RIVIERE QUI BARRE/ALTA 26.10.1908 & 26.10.1908 and STRATHCONA dated 12.11.1908 Res £25
  15. COLONIAL & FOREIGN MAILS-Large GPO notice [M-No.51] giving updates on the states of the various incoming mails from variously, the Canadian Packet; Chinese & Japanese mail via Vancouver; mail from Tangier, via Calais and Scandinavian mail for the 7th November 1908 at 8am. Folded into four-very clean Res £25
  16. BERKHAMPSTEAD-Postcard addressed locally with EDW VII ½d tied by a very distinctive straight-line cancel BFK which is the telegraphic code for Berkhampstead Res £12
  17. IRELAND-Postcard addressed to Ipswich with EDW VII ½d tied by the somewhat uncommon s/ring LIMERICK N.P.B Newspaper Branch cancel dated 16.7.1909 Res £22
  18. AMPLEFORTH COLLEGE/MALTON-S/ring dated 11.5.1916 ties ½d stamp to postcard of the college addressed to Warrington Res £15
  19. OHMS Printed registered Post Office envelope addressed to the manor house at Bourton-on-the-Water, cancelled by s/ring MORETON-in-MARSH dated 1.4.1919-very clean Res £22
  20. IRELAND-Former OHMS small envelope with new Gaelic heading from the GPO Dublin Controller [who is still using the crowned Dublin Postal District Controller cachet!!] addressed to London with the GPO Dublin form for issuing stamps to collectors included. This chap spent £2-5-3d on new overprinted stamps on 6.4.1922 and has the handstamp of H.J TIPPING, Controller at bottom. Also comes with a newspaper cutting from the morning post, dated 17.3.1922 Res £30
  21. IRELAND-Registered covert to Germany with GEO V 6d overprint tied by s/ring “HARC?????/DUBLIN dated 10.3.1922. At bottom left is the Dublin 12 registration label-see illustration Res £45
  22. SCILLY ISLES-Postcard addressed to Croydon with 1d value tied by s/ring TRESCO dated 27.8.1923 with index A Res £12
  23. SCOTTISH ISLES-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to London, cancelled by s/ring SANDWICK ORKNEY dated 22.1.1927. On the back is the printed address details of the “SO. SCHOOL SANWICK, STROMNESS, ORKNEY” Res £22
  24. SILVER JUBILEE FDC-Plain First Day Cover addressed within Bristol with the four values tied by d/rings BRISTOL/15 dated 7.5.1935 Res £45
  25. T WILSON-Cover addressed to California with Wilson’s pictorial label on the back depicting a GUATEMALA stamp and his address details around the outside. With 1½d Silver Jubilee value tied by SUTTON COLDFIELD/BIRMINGHAM Krag cancel dated 13.5.1935 Res £15
  26. SCOTS ISLES-Locally produced certificate of posting of a registered postal packet addressed to SCHOOLTOWN , cancelled by superb d/ring FAIR ISLE/LERWICK dated 16.5.1938-see illustration Res £35
  27. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Guernsey with Guernsey occupation ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring SARK GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 28.5.1941 Res £25
  28. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Printed First Day Cover envelope addressed within Jersey with ½d & 1d views occupation issue tied by JERSEY machine cancel on 1.6.1943. Below is the circular framed SOLDATENHEIM/ST HELIER [JERSEY] in black ink Res £28
  29. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Homemade envelope made from J.W HUELIN of Jersey paper bag or whatever and addressed within Jersey with 2½d view occupation value tied by s/ring dated 29.6.1943. Alongside is the Eagle & Swastika FELDPOST cahet with number removed and dated the same day Res £25
  30. CHANNEL ISLANDS-German postcard of a boy tending goats addressed to Germany with German 6+4Rpf horse value and Jersey 1d views occupation issue tied by s/rings of JERSEY dated 13.10.1943. Also tying the German stamp is the FELDPOST cancel dated the same day Res £25
  31. HEREFORDSHIRE-MOURNING Cover addressed and registered to Bath with blank registration label having the manuscript LLANGARRON inserted in black ink. The GEO VI ½d & 2d values are tied by d/ring LLANGARRON/ROSS-0N-WYE HEREFS dated 28.12.1946 Res £18
  32. DUNDEE-Cover addressed to London with GEO VI 1d tied by the less than common slogan cancel for the International Festival of Music & Drama at Edinburgh, dated 17.5.1949 Res £6
  33. SCOTS ISLES-Postcard of Loch Scavaig & the Coolin Hills addressed to London with GEO VI 2d tied by s/ring CARBOST PORTREE/ISLE OF SKYE dated 29.9.1949 Res £12
  34. CADBURY’S CHOCOLATE-Lovely folded Christmas card “A Message from Colin”, addressed to a young Master in Kings Heath, Birmingham on 15.12.1949 with lots of things inside for a young Master to enjoy including adverts for tons of chocolates!! Our Boris wouldn’t like that, would he? Res £15
  35. “WHEN YOU REPLY / PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR / POSTAL / DISTRICT / NUMBER / IN THE / ADDRESS” Lovely, mint gummed label depicting a post box-circa 1950 Res £8
  36. IRELAND-Cover addressed to Somerset with 2½d Wilding tied by d/ring RATHLIN IS/BALLYCASTLE Co. ANTRIM dated 6.2.1957. Items from Rathlin Island are not common Res £15




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