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  1. HOLLOWAY BROTHERS-Folded entire addressed to Paris with 2 x 2½d rose from plate 11 perfin HB tied by LONDON E.C duplex cancels dated 23.7.1878 Res £15
  2. GLASGOW CORPORATION WATER WORKS-Folded notice of intention to turn off the supply to a premises in the city which is leaking and losing water. With 1d lilac perfin GC/WW and toed by Glasgow duplex dated 7.7.1883 Res £12
  3. BROWN, SMITH & Co.,-Printed invoice dated 4.4.1890 with 1d lilac receipt stamp perfin BS/&, tied by manuscript signature Res £6
  4. INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY-Printed notice of exam dates and fees addressed to Glastonbury from London on 21.2.1888 with 1d lilac on envelope perfin I.L.C and tied by squared circle cancel of London WC Res £12
  5. DCC/N-Perfin on ½d vermilion on cover from Nottingham addressed to Moreton Station, Dorset and tied by NOTTINGHAM-583 duplex cancel with 4 in basal bars dated 5.10.1897 Res £8
  6. THE DUKE OF BRIDGEWATER-Printed invoice from the Bridgewater Trust Collieries dated 15.1.1898 with 1d lilac with overprint FOR THE/BRIDGEWATER/TRUSTEES affixed to separate receipt and tied by signature Res £9
  7. MANCHESTER TO PERU-QV registered envelope size H2 with added ½d vermilion, 2 x 1d lilacs and a 5d value, all perfin KK/&Co., of Kolp, Kullmann & Co. At top left is the unframed VIA U.S/BY BRITISH PACKET in violet ink and a New York transit registration label affixed centrally. Stamps are tied by oval registered cancels 2d REGISTERED 2d/MANCHESTER dated 19.5.1900 Res £20
  8. HENRI PICARD & FRERE-QV size H2 registered envelope addressed to Switzerland with added 2½d x s EDW VII values perfin HP/&F tied by HATTON GARDEN oval rubber registered cancels dated 15.6.1903 Res £15
  9. SUTTON SEEDS-Pictorial advertising postcard addressed to Carlisle from Reading with EDW VII ½d yellow-green perfin and tied by d/ring READING dated 3.4.1905 Res £7
  10. WILLIAM MACLAY, CORN FACTOR-Oval cachet on back of EDW VII ½d newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with added ½d perfin W/McL tied by d/ring GLASGOW/24 dated 22.5.1908 Res £7
  11. WC/&Co. Perfin on 1d GEO V Downey Head affixed to a cheque-like receipt from Upperlands, Belfast with stamp tied by signature on 12.3.1913 Res £7
  12. EAST HAM TECHNICAL COLLEGE-Printed trade postcard addressed locally to Silvertown with GEO V ½d perfin EHC tied by EAST HAM E machine cancel dated 24.6.1915 Res £6
  13. BARCLAYS BANK-Printed GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Nuneaton with added ½d perfin B/BK tied by London War Bonds slogan dated 13.7.1918 Res £5
  14. HONG KONG & SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION-Added 2d GEO V value perfin with a large H on GEO V 4½d registered envelope size G addressed to Hill Head, Hants. Stamp is tied by GRACECHURCH STREET oval registered cancel dated 26.10.1923 Res £7
  15. HAYWARD-TYLER & Co., Engineers of Queen Victoria Street, London with 2 x ½d GEO V values perfin with stylised HTE and tied machine cancel dated 10.1.1925 Res £5
  16. SPRATT’S PATENT DOG, GAME, POULTRY & CAGE-BIRDS BISCUITS, FOODS & APPLIANCES-Pictorial printed invoice dated 20.5.1925 with GEO V 2d perfin SP/L tied by company cachets Res £7
  17. FALK, STADELMANN & COMPANY-Veritas Lamp Works printed trade postcard with GEO V 1½d perfin FS/&Co., tied by London “British Goods are Best” slogan dated 14.1.1926 Res £7
  18. BOROUGH OF POOLE-Thuderstorm report card addressed to Huddersfield with GEO VI ½d perfin BP tied by machine cancel dated 13.8.1937 Res £5
  19. THE EXCHANGE TELEGRAPH COMPANY-Cover addressed to the Rumanian Minister, M Tilea at 1, Belgrave Square with a strip of 3 x ½d GEO VI values perfin ETC tied by London EC machine dated 25.7.1939 Res £7
  20. DAILY SKETCH-Cover addressed as previous lot to Belgrave Square with GEO VI 1½d perfin DS/LTD [inverted & reversed] tied by LONDON/A machine cancel dated 27.7.1939 Res £6
  21. TOWNSON & MERCER LTD-Censored cover addressed to the USA with GEO VI 2½d perfin T&M tied by LONDON F.S/M machine cancel dated 11.6.1940 Res £6
  22. MONTAGU, STANLEY & COMPANY-Contract Note for the sale of ICI Shares with GEO V 1/- Contract Note revenue affixed with perfin MS/&Co., affixed at top right Res £7
  23. ROAD TRANSPOER & GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY-Envelope addressed to Bridport with 3d Wilding perfin RT/G tied by Dorchester “BATH & WEST SHOW” slogan cancel dated 3.3.1966 Res £5
  24. J WIPPELL & Co., LTD, EXETER-Envelope addressed locally with 4d red Machin perfin W tied by EXETER DISTRICT “Country code” slogan dated 27.8.1970 Res £5
  25. BOROUGH ENGINEER, BRIGHOUSE-Cover addressed to Leeds with 6d Machin perfin BC of Brighouse Council tied by Decimal Currency slogan dated 8.3.1971 Res £4


  1. CARTERS TILES, POOLE-“Mulready” style advertising envelope addressed to Carnoustie from the Pools tile company with ½d vermilion tied by s/ring POOLE dated 13.10.1896. Closed tear at left has been repaired Res £22
  2. HILL VIEW BUTTERS, OKEFORD FITZPAINE-Lovely pictorial envelope advertising the Edward Phillips & Son butters addressed to Emmental, Switzerland with P.U.C ½d x 2 & 1½d values tied by s/rings OKEFORD FITZPAINE dated 15.7.1929-see illustration Res £22
  3. ALAN C THWAITES, PHILATELIST OF WEST LULWORTH, DORSET-Printed cover from him, addressed & registered to New York with a block of 4 x 1d & a single ½d tied by d/rings WEST LULWORTH/WAREHAM DORSET dated12.7.1932 Res £15
  4. HILL VIEW BUTTERS, OKEFORD FITZPAINE-Similar to a previous lot, addressed to Bridport with 1d Stamp Centenary tied by d/ring OKEFORD FITZPAINE / BLANDFORD DORSET dated 25.6.1940 Res £22
  5. BADGER BEER-Nice simplistic pictorial advertising envelope from Hall & Woodhouse Brewery addressed to Scotland, cancelled by BLANDFORD FORUM 3d meter cancel “NOTHING BETTERS... / BADGER BEERS” dated 9.3.1973 Res £8


  1. DAILY GRAPHIC BALLOON CARD-“A MESSAGE FROM MID-AIR” Postcard tossed from the Daily Graphic Balloon in Sweden, cancelled by TOSSE dotted circle dated 14.10.1907. Taxed 2d and with SHAFTESBURY arrival mark dated 17.10.1907. Interesting message re: air-sickness-see both illustrations Res £250
  2. DAILY MAIL WATERPLANE-Real photo postcard of the Daily Mail Water ‘Plane addressed to London from Weymouth on 23.7.1912 with the CARRIED BY/DAILY MAIL/ WATERPLANE pictorial cachet at left. Just 6 cards were flown from Weymouth and only on this day. See illustration Res £175
  3. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL POST-Brown postcard addressed to Parkstone, Dorset with ½d stamp tied by the London No.3 cancel dated 9.9.1911 Res £35
  4. 1911 CORONATION AERIAL POST-Brown postcard addressed to Lyme Regis with ½d tied by the No.4 London cancel dated 12.9.1911. At left is triangular S.W/4 inspectors mark Res £40
  5. WRECK MAIL-Censored, water damaged cover addressed to Holland from the USA and carried by the Norwegian which was lost on 13th March 1918 off Ireland. Unusually, the cover is not resealed by the usual brown tape, but by BLANK PARCEL POST LABELS tied by s/lines DAMAGED BY SEA WATER-See illustrations Res £125
  6. “AIR MAIL VIA CROYDON SPECIAL”-Manuscript endorsement at top of cover to Sydney with GEO V 4d & 6d x 2 tied by d/rings TARRANT HINTON/BLANDFORD DST dated 23.4.1931. Carried on the 2nd Experimental Flight to Australia Res £25
  7. NEAT Cover addressed to Cape Colony with 3 x 4d GEO V values tied by d/rings DORCHESTER DORSET/2 dated 18.1.1932, arriving 2.2.1932 Res £22
  8. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Stampless, unpaid cover from Glasgow addressed to London and taxed 3d on 20.8.1934 with framed UNPAID alongside 3d tax mark of Glasgow. The 3d postage due is tied by LONDON S.W.1 d/ring the following day Res £22
  9. GAMBIA TO LONDON-ELDER DEMPSTER LINE Envelope addressed to Sir David Chadwick in London with GEO V 1d & 1/- values tied by s/ring BATHURST/GAMBIA dated 9.4.1937 Res £25
  1. BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE Cover addressed to Perth, Western Australia with GEO VI dark colours 2d & 3d values tied by superb d/ring cancels TURNWORTH / BLANDFORD DORSET dated 31.1.1938 Res £18
  2. COVER Addressed to the TSS “AVALON STAR” at Buenos Aires with the instruction “To Await Arrival” at top left. With 2 x 9d photogravure & 2/6d Seahorse tied by d/rings SWANAGE/DORSET dated 13.6.1938 and by Deutsche Luftpost pictorial cancel in red Res £35
  3. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Sao Paulo, Brazil with GEO V 2/6d Seahorse & GEO VI 7d & 8d values tied by s/rings KING ST WEYMOUTH/DORSET dated 2.4.1939. Lovely item-see illustration Res £50
  4. GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed as previous lot with added GEO V 9d photogravure, 2/6d Seahorse and GEO VI 1½d tied by s/rings WEYMOUTH/ DORSET dated 27.4.1939-exhibition quality!! Res £60
  5. DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER-WWII Period cover from Argentina addressed to Charmouth, Dorset with violet cachet at top centre. Undated, but Ca.1940 Res £75
  6. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS LTD/POOLE HARBOUR-Printed British Post Office airmail bag label with hand struck Imperial Airways etc and further hand stamp AIR MAILS FOR followed by AFRICA-See illustration of a rare thing!! Res £35
  7. CENSORED AIR MAIL COVER Registered from LAS PALMAS and addressed to the CENSOR’S OFFICE, POOLE AIRPORT, POOLE. This “airport” was at Sandbanks and was carried by flying boat from Lisbon to Poole, via Madrid-a scarce item Res £30
  8. GOLD COAST TO CASABLANCA-Commercial cover from ACCRA to Casablanca with GEO VI 6d, 1/- & 2/- values tied by d/rings dated 18.4.1946 Res £20
  9. ISLE OF WIGHT-Cover addressed to Cowes from Bournemouth on 4.4.1949 with Thunder & Clayden 2½d meter cancel. At left is “John Bull” style DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER in violet ink. The Isle of Wight ferry was in collision with a warship in the Solent, was holed severely with the loss of three bags of mail and a passenger-see illustration Res £125
  10. GOLD COAST TO PARIS-Commercial cover to Paris with GEO VI 5/- tied by ACCRA d/ring dated 30.12.1949 Res £20
  11. FLOODED POSTING BOX-Cover addressed to Shaftesbury with stamp washed off. At left is P125H label explaining that the cover is damaged through being posted into a flooded posting box. The label is cancelled by rubber cancel BRIDPORT/DORSET dated 31.5.1979-comes with 3 colour photos of the flooding Res £25


  1. HEAVY MOURNING Cover addressed within Dorchester with 1d Inland Revenue affixed & tied by superb strike of the DORCHESTER squared circle cancel dated 20.9.1882-see illustration Res £60
  2. SMALL OHMS Cover addressed to Donhead, Salisbury with 1d Inland Revenue overprint on 1d lilac tied by SHAFTESBURY-698 duplex cancel dated 28.3.1896 Res £25
  3. LONGER On Her Majesty’s Service cover with His substituted for Her and addressed to the Chief Constable at Honiton with EDW VII 1d ARMY/OFFICIAL tied by DORCHESTER squared circle dated 13.5.1902 Res £45
  4. SMALL OHMS Cover addressed to Athelhampton House with 1d lilac overprinted I.R/OFFICIAL tied by BLANDFORD d/ring dated 9.9.1902 Res £25
  5. NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE-Cover from Weymouth to London with 7d N H Insurance stamp tied by Weymouth machine cancel dated 11.1.1920-not taxed, so accepted in payment for postage-see illustration Res £35
  6. IRELAND-Celtic Cross Irish “Freedom” stamp in indigo blue and ultramarine, unused Res £10
  7. “I’M A STAMP COLLECTOR” Blue on pink label tied to the back of a cover from Fort William, Ontario addressed to Philately House, [Vallancey Press] London on 3.6.1931. The Label depicts the collector carrying his letter to the mail box with the letter addressed to “Stamp Dealer”. Nice! Res £18
  8. POACHED EGG-Registered cover addressed within Glasgow with EDW VIII ½d, Poached Egg label & GEO VI 1d & 2½d values tied to the FDC by s/rings CROFTFOOT/GLASGOW S.4 dated 10.5.1937 Res £22
  1. B-Registered cover addressed to MANDALAY, BURMA and redirected on arrival to India with GEO V 2d & GEO VI 1d & 1½d tied by s/rings PARKSTONE/DORSET dated 19.2.1940. On the back is a block of four of the 1938 Anti-TB labels tied by NAGPUR CITY d/ring dated April 1940 Res £12
  2. CONSERVATIVES & UNIONISTS-Cover addressed to HR Harmer, New Bond Street with GEO VI 2½d perfin NU/A of the National Unionist Association tied by Bromley & Beckenham Volunteer for a Forces Career slogan dated 1.6.1947. On the back is the controversial Conservative label urging the public to join the Party. Inside is a compliments slip from Gerald O’Brian, Central Office Press Officer Res £22
  3. CALF OF MAN-Postcard addressed to Knaresborough with 3d IoM value tied by Holiday slogan of Port St Mary dated 31.7.1967. At left is 6 Murreys Shag value tied by framed CALF OF MAN cancel dated the same day Res £6
  4. IRELAND-Cover posted from Dorchester on 8.8.1972 to East Grinstead with 2½p Machin with unofficial overprint SUPPORT/SINN/FEIN tied by machine cancel. At left is P460G label instructing the addressee to return the over to the postmaster at Dorchester for enquiries into the use of the overprinted stamp-see illustration Res £40
  5. SUMMER ISLES-Postcard addressed to Tiverton from Inverness on 7.9.1994 with 15p Summer Isles value tied by rubber AIRD NA GOINE/TANERA MOR dated 6.9.1994 Res £6
  6. SUMMER ISLES-Postcard addressed to Easingwold with 19p Machin & 20p Summer Isles value tied by d/ring AGUIL TIBUIE ULLAPOOL/ROSS-SHIRE dated 3.7.1995. The Summer Isles value is further tied by blue rubber cancel as previous lot Res £6
  7. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard of Tenby Harbour addressed to Haddenham, Bucks with Welsh regional 1st class indicator tied by inkjet slogan cancel dated 29.7.2010. At bottom left is the newer 2 Dabs lighthouse Caldey Island value tied by pictorial CALDEY ISLAND cancel Res £6


  1. STAMPLESS Commercial cover with contents from Berkhampstead, addressed to Broadstone, via Bournemouth & Parkstone. At top left is the MACGREGOR AND/MEHARG cachet, at right is the mark of the Bournemouth Emergency Post and at top right the mark of E.C MARKBY of Bournemouth Road, Parkstone. Contents are details about the Bournemouth Emergency Post and an invoice for £1-12-00 See illustration Res £25
  2. COMMERCIAL Cover from Plymouth addressed to Poole with framed cachet in red ink MONDAY/DATE/PENNYCOMEQUICK dated 8.2.1971. At left is the MacGregor & Meharg Enterprises Bournemouth delivery label tied by cachet dated 12.2.1971. The reference to delivery by Rolls Royce motor is scored through!! Res £25
  3. TWICKENHAM EXPRESS SERVICE 1/- brown label on cover addressed to St James’ Street, London, tied by oval cachet dated 10.2.1971 Res £10
  4. BMTH/LIFE GUARD/POST-Unframed, undated cachet at top right of longer commercial cover from the Provincial Insurance Company [of Bournemouth] addressed to Poole Res £20
  5. RANDALL POST & BOURNEMOUTH EMERGENCY POST-Commercial cover from London addressed to the Chief Accountant of Hamworthy Engineering, Poole with 3/- Randall Post tied by Chelsea cancel dated 15.2.1971 and at top left, the MacGregor & Meharg label tied by receipt date stamp of the 19th February Res £22
  6. DECIMAL DAY-Window envelope showing the new decimal coins ½p, 1p & 2p with se-tenant ½p, 1p & 2p Machins tied by special Decimal Day cancel of Windsor dated 15.2.1971. The IVER, BUCKS 10p Postal Service label is similarly tied-perhaps the UK’s first coin cover!! Res £15
  7. COVER ADDRESSED TO Parkstone from Wimborne dated 20th February 1971 with cachet at left of DELIVERED BY/E.C MARKBY, LTD/106 B’MTH RD/PARKSTONE 69 in violet ink. At top right is framed 12 WEST ROW/WIMBORNE/TEL 4225 Res £22
  8. C MARKBY 5p Black on pink emergency post label tied by s/line DELIVERED BY in violet ink. On the stamp is the s/line date19 Feb 1961 [error for 1971]. At top left is the Bournemouth Emergency Postal Services cachet in red ink, dated 23.2.1971-see illustration Res £25
  9. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE WANTS A LETTER FROM YOU-10p OR 2/- Norfolk’s private postal service label tied to commercial, small cover to Swans Travel Agents, London, tied by unframed 5 MA6 1971/LONDON SW1 in black Res £12
  10. EXETER EMERGENCY DELIVERY “NEW VALUE” 4/- on 1d tied to commercial cover addressed to Stockport and tied by Watson/18, South Street, Exeter cachet. At left is a partial meter cancel of “Warwickshire” dated 9.3.1971 Res £22


  1. WAR SAVINGS CERTIFICATES-Booklet issued to a Miss Kathleen Dunning of Beaminster with a receipt affixed for a 15/6d War Savings Certificate, redeemable after 22.7.1924 for £1. The receipt is cancelled by s/ring BEAMINSTER dated 22.7.1919. The remaining 9 unused certificates are still in place Res £25
  2. SHAFTESBURY WARSHIP WEEK-Cmmercial cover addressed to London with GEO VI 2½d and Patriotic advertising label for the Shaftesbury Warship Week, March 14th to 21st 1942 tied by Krag machine cancel of Shaftesbury dated 8.3.1942-see illustration Res £40
  3. DORSET! KEEP THE FLAG OF FREEDOM FLYING WITH NATIONAL SAVINGS-Printed slogan with Union Flag on economy label placed upon a previously used cover from STURMINSTER NEWTON addressed to London on 2.6.1945 Res £25
  4. STAMPS FOR HEROES-U.S Booklet of 41 out of 48 labels for placing on letters & parcels to members of the U.S Armed Forces during 1942 Res £22
  5. COMMONWEALTH BEFORE COMMON MARKET-JOIN THE ANTI-COMMON MARKET LEAGUE-Patriotic label for all of you old Empire Loyalists and Brexiteers on postcard of Bournemouth addressed to London on 8.7.1962. Res £12


  1. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-1d red postal stationery postcard addressed to Strand Green, cancelled by the star cancel dated 16.5.1890 with index 10 Res £25
  2. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-1d blue postal stationery envelope & insert card addressed to KANSAS CITY from DUBLIN on 6.7.1890 with added 1½d Jubilee tied by DUBLIN-186 duplex cancel-see illustration Res £75
  3. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-As previous lot, addressed to Woolland House, Woolland, Blandford, cancelled by DORCHESTER-256 duplex cancel dated 26.7.1890 Res £45
  4. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-As previous lot, addressed to Stratford-on-Avon, cancelled by four-bar duplex cancel SWANAGE-845 dated 20.9.1890 Res £45
  5. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-As previous lots, addressed to Nottingham, cancelled by three-bar duplex cancel BRIDPORT-127 dated 23.12.1890 Res £45
  6. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-As previous lot [no insert card] addressed to Bishops Stortford with 20p Machin QEII/VICTORIA value tied by London 1990 FIP Day cancel dated 13.5.1990 Res £25
  7. PORTLAND “RAINBOW BAZAAR”-Postcard of Portland Harbour addressed within the bazaar with EDW VII ½d selvage tied by unframed RAINBOW POST/1 APR 1911/DELIVERED. A scarce Portland item Res £25
  8. 1924 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1½d postcard addressed to Holland, cancelled by the Empire Exhibition slogan cancel applied on site, dated 16.6.1924 Res £25
  9. 1924 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1d postcard addressed to Plymouth, cancelled by the Empire Exhibition slogan applied on site on 29.7.1924 Res £25
  10. 1925 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1½d letter card addressed to Plymouth [as previous address], cancelled by Empire Exhibition slogan applied on site on 21.8.1925 Res £25
  11. DORCHESTER SHOW-Letter to George King from the head postmaster at Dorchester dated 21.5.1928 with the news that registered covers will be serviced at the show by special post marks “Dorchester Show”. Comes with envelope Res £25
  12. DORCHESTER/SHOW-Registered George King cover with ½d, 1d x 2 and 2d values tied by skeleton cancels DORCHESTER/SHOW dated 25.5.1928. Also comes with the certificate of posting-see illustrations Res £65
  13. SHOW GROUND/WEYMOUTH-Skeleton cancels dated 5.6.1935 ties GEO V ½d & 2 x 2d photogravure values to registered cover addressed to Bournemouth Res £65
  1. SCOUTING-Plain postcard registered to Croydon with 4 x 1d GEO VI values tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/B dated 19.7.1939. At top centre is the CRIEFF registration label. This MPO was used at the WORLD ROVER SCOUT MOOT Res £45
  2. BOURNEMOUTH 1940 CONGRESS-Facsimile 1d black on a wrapper addressed to Hugh Vallancy at the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth. The stamp is tied by red Maltese Cross cancel and has the black inked, unframed BOURNMOUTH / PENNY POST at left. The wrapper would have contained an invitation to the Congress Dinner, held at the Hotel-see illustration Res £30
  3. BRITISH EXHIBITION, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK-Publicity label on front of commercial cover from Walthamstow addressed to London from engineers A Wells & Company with 2½d Olympic Games tied by Blood Donors slogan dated 25.8.1945 Res £12
  4. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/B-S/rings dated 31.5.1951 ties GEO VI 2d & 2 x 2½d values to registered cover addressed to Southampton. This MPO was used at the Bath & West Agricultural Show, Dorchester Res £9
  5. MOBILE POST OFFICE/B-S/rings dated 20.6.1956 ties 6d Wilding to 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to Illinois. This MPO was used at the Royal Counties Show, Poole Res £8
  6. ROCKLEY SANDS POOLE/DORSET-S/rings dated 11.5.1959 ties 3 x 4d Wildings to 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to Memphis, USA. This was used at the famous caravan holiday camp at Rockley Sands during the season only Res £12
  7. HOSPITAL FETE/POOLE PARK/10th AUGUST 1966-Framed cancel in red ink ties 4d Wilding to cover addressed to Surrey. The stamp is further tied by Bournemouth-Poole machine cancel dated 10.8.1966 Res £15


  1. NEWMARKET TO LISBON-Small cover with EDW VII ½d & 5d values tied by d/rings NEWMARKET/+ dated 22.2.1906 with manuscript “Via France & Spain” at top left. The Express label is at bottom left Res £55
  2. LONDON TO MILAN-Small cover with EDW VII 2½d & 3d values tied by LONDON E.C/11 dated 15.6.1910. At bottom right is s/ring 89, Finsbury Pavement B.O dated the same day. The 3d is further tied by Italian Express cachet in red ink Res £55
  3. SWANAGE TO LONDON-Lovely little cover addressed to London with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring SWANAGE S.O/DORSET dated 1.4.1911-see illustration Res £35
  4. CRANBORNE TO LONDON-Commercial cover to London with EDW VII 3d & GEO V 1d tied by s/rings CRANBORNE dated 10.9.1912 Res £25
  5. LONDON TO PARIS-Cover with 9d agate tied by s/ring LONDON W.C/25 dated 8.7.1921. On the back is the s/ring STORE ST/W.C dated the same day. Nice single stamp franking Res £55
  6. LYME REGIS TO LONDON-GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to the East India United Services Club with added GEO V 6d tied by s/ring LYME REGIS/M.O & S.B dated 10.7.1923 Res £30
  7. YUGOSLAVIA TO LONDON-Pre-addressed envelope to the British Medical Association from Belgrade with Yugoslav express label at top left and the rubber framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 6d at bottom left. Cover was sent on 4.2.1926, arriving 4 days later Res £22
  8. DORCHESTER TO LONDON-Pre-addressed cover to Covent Garden with GEO V photo values 1½d & 3 x 2d values tied by s/rings DORCHESTER dated 22.8.1935 Res £22
  9. CZECHOSLOVAKIA TO LONDON-Express airmail cover to London dated 27.7.1936 with the Czech airmail & express labels tied by the newer rubber cachet EXPRESS FEE PAID 6d in black Res £22
  10. BRAZIL TO LONDON-Airmail cover to St Dunstan’s Hill, London with 7 meter impressions of 6,200 Reis and a 100 Reis definitive tied by d/ring VICTORIA dated 15.8.1936-nice looker! Res £22
  11. WEYMOUTH TO COVENT GARDEN-Commercial cover from Drake & Son of Weymouth, wholesale fruit & potato merchants with GEO VI 1½d and 3 x 2d dark colours tied by s/rings WEYMOUTH/DORSET dated 6.1.1940 Res £25
  12. WEYMOUTH TO COVENT GARDEN-A similar cover from the same address with same stamps tied by s/rings WEYMOUTH / DORSET dated 16.1.1940 Res £25
  13. GILLINGHAM, DORSET TO LONDON-Neat little cover addressed to Box D1758 at “The Times”, London with GEO VI 1d & 3 x 2½d values tied by s/rings GILLINGHAM/DORSET dated 3.1.1941 Res £22
  1. WIMBORNE TO TUNBRIDGE WELLS-Lovely little thing with GEO VI 2½d & 6d values tied by oval registered cancels of Wimborne, dated 15.7.1941. On the back is the s/ring THE SQUARE / WIMBORNE dated the same day Res £22
  2. POOLE TO CALIFORNIA-Airmail cover to a passenger, care of the P&O Lone, San Francisco with 2 x 1/- Wildings & a 1/6d EFTA value tied by s/rings ASHLEY ROAD WEST POOLE/DORSET dated 10.4.1967. The cover was undelivered & returned to sender Res £18


  1. TOO LATE-The very scarce framed TOO LATE of WEYMOUTH on the back of an entire addressed to Crewkerne on 13.7.1827-see illustration Res £100
  2. MANUSCRIPT “MISSENT TO” followed by s/line BRIDPORT on the top of entire addressed to “The Minster, Near a Castle, Dorsetshire” from London on 14.7.1831 Res £25
  3. TOO LATE-The italic, framed mark of BLANDFORD on the back of neat entire from Blandford to Dorchester, dated 4.7.1838 Res £25
  4. MISSENT/TO/EDINBURGH-Framed mark on the front of an entire addressed to Langholm from WOODYATES, Dorset with undated d/arc WOODYATES on the back flap, struck on 8.3.1839. The Woodyates mark is particularly scarce! Res £35
  5. TOO LATE-Exhibition quality strike of the latest recorded use of the SHERBORNE mark on front of entire addressed to Castle Cary, Somerset on 7.9.1841-see illustration Res £65
  6. MISSENT TO/TAUNTON-Blue/green inked mark on the front of a cover addressed to Huish Campflower, Somerset from Blandford on 9.8.1857. On the back is the undated d/arc IWERNE MINSTER, transit marks of Wiveliscombe, Wellington & Taunton-see illustration Res £65
  7. DUNGANNON-Crested cover from the Dungannon Royal School addressed locally with 1d red stars tied by numeral cancel 193 on 21.12.1859. At top left is the large 2 and unframed MORE/TO/PAY in black-see illustration Res £45
  1. HALF PENNY TO PAY FOR REDIRECTION-Wrapper addressed to Corscombe, Dorset with ½d Bantam tied by s/ring ILCHESTER dated 17.10.1875 and the DORCHESTER duplex cancel dated 19.10.1875. Alongside is the scarce Dorchester ½d tax mark for postage due for redirection to London Res £22
  2. SHAFTESBURY-Stampless, unpaid cover with contents addressed to South Camp, Aldershot, cancelled by the four-bar duplex cancel SHAFTESBURY-698 dated 27.7.1877. Alongside is the circular framed 2d tax mark of Shaftesbury. On the back is s/ring FARNBOUROUGH STATION dated 28.7.1877 & s/ring ALDERSHOT CAMP dated the same day Res £25
  3. POST CARDS TO THIS ADDRESS/CANNOT BE FORWARDED-Red inked mark on front of 2d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Melbourne and cancelled by LONDON hooded circle cancel dated 13.7.1886 Res £30
  4. GONE NO ADDRESS/1-Framed mark of Aberdeen on the front of locally addressed cover dated 12.10.1896. At top left is the framed ½d-POSTAGE/DUE FOR/RETURN/TO/ SENDER in violet ink Res £15
  5. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/025-Framed mark at top left, below manuscript EXCEEDS SIZE LIMIT and alongside 1d/025 tax mark of Bletchley on postcard from Aylesbury Res £8
  6. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/996-Framed mark on postcard from STURMINSTER NEWTON addressed to Bagber Res £10
  7. ADEN TO DORSET-Underpaid real photo postcard of Aden Bay addressed to Shillingstone with Indian GEO V 1 Anna tied by ADEN d/ring dated 16.9.1921 with circular framed T tax mark alongside. On arrival, the ½d and 1d dues are tied by s/rings SHILLINGSTONE dated 30.9.1921 Res £12
  8. POSTCARD From Hythe, Kent dated 21.9.1938 and addressed to Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth with framed MISDIRECTED at top right in violet ink alongside COSHAM PORTSMOUTH HANTS/3 dated 22.9.1938 Res £9
  9. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to the South of France from WAREHAM on the 12.4.1939 with 6 x 30c postage dues affixed and tied by s/rings before being forwarded to MONTE CARLO where Monaco postage dues, 6 x 30c were applied and tied on arrival Res £22
  1. BRITISH ORDER OF ANCIENT FREE GARDENERS-ORANGE BLOSSOM LODGE No.139 Printed envelope used within Aberdeen with manuscript Gone Away applied on 15.7.1941 the 1d postage due for return to sender is tied by s/ring ABERDEEN/9 dated the same day Res £8
  2. INCOMPLETE ADDRESS-Framed mark applied at Wimborne on cover from India addressed to Victoria Road, Wimborne on 17.8.1944 at Bombay and then forwarded to Ferndown-nice! Res £22
  3. BRIDPORT-Unpaid postcard addressed to Sonning Common, Berks, cancelled by d/ring BRIDPORT/DORSET dated 10.8.1948. Below is the framed 4d/127-TO PAY/POSTED/ UNPAID and at top is the 4d green postage due tied by READING BERKS/6 d/ring dated 11.8.1948 Res £10
  4. DORCHESTER-Unpaid window envelope cancelled by s/ring DORCHESTER/DORSET dated 8.11.1948 with 2d/256 at left & 2d postage due tied by same cancel, the following day Res £7
  5. BRITISH RAILWAYS correspondence card addressed locally within Parkstone, Dorset on 11.11.1951 with framed NOT TO BE FOUND/492 of Radlett, Herts!!!!???? Returned to sender, the ½d & 1d postage dues are tied by d/rings BOURNEMOUTH-POOLE Res £12
  6. LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/882-Scarcer mark from WIMBORNE on stampless, unpaid cover with no address, posted on 7.11.1955. At left is the framed 5d/882-TO PAY/ POSTED/UNPAID and with 5d due tied by d/ring WIMBORNE/DORSET dated the next day Res £8
  7. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Cover addressed within Luton with 3d Wilding & 1d EDW VIII Morocco Agencies overprint tied by slogan cancel dated 3.12.1967. Below is the manuscript NOT VALID GRT BRITAIN and centrally to the left is the 2d postage due tied by rubber cancel dated the next day Res £6
  8. DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT Official Paid envelope addressed to “Dorset” with no post town from Paddington on 21.8.1974. At the bottom is the framed NOT DORCHESTER/ DORSET/TRY [BROADSTONE] Res £8
  9. CHEWED BY SNAILS-Badly chewed cover addressed to Hanworth, Middx with 7p Machin tied by d/ring DORCHESTER/S&W DORSET dated 30.8.1977. On the back is P125H label explaining that the cover was damaged due to having been “Chewed by Snails” Res £15


  1. WEYMOUTH FORWARDING AGENTS MAIL-Entire from BATH addressed to Guernsey on “Monday Morning, 1807” with s/line BATH at top right. At bottom left is the manuscript “TO BE FORWARDED BY Mr NICHO[LAS] ROBILLIARD, WEYMOUTH” Nice! Res £65
  2. ART-2 Scarce Liverpool marking on the back of a stampless cover from Jamaica addressed to Bridport, Dorset on 19.11.1851. On the back is also the AMERICA/LIVERPOOL cancel dated 2.12.1851 & Bridport arrival mark dated 3.12.1851-unusual on a letter from Jamaica-see illustration Res £175
  3. SALVED FROM THE WRECK/OF THE ALVA-Unframed script mark in black on back of mourning envelope with contents addressed to Lyme [Regis] from Calcutta on the 10th February 1858. The letter is cross-written, but mentions the Indian Mutiny-see illustration Res £250
  4. COVER From BLANDFORD addressed to Illinois with 1/- green [no corner letters] tied by 87 numeral cancel on 25.6.1861 with unframed 21c alongside and the scarcer CHICAGO AM PKT/24 PAID at top right. Carried on the Allen Line ship “NORTH BRITON” Res £75
  5. WEYMOUTH TO AUSTRALIA-MOURNING Cover addressed to West Melbourne with 6d violet EO/OE and 6 x 1d red stars tied by WEYMOUTH duplex cancels dated 18.12.1864. Carried on the ships “CEYLON”, “NEMESIS” & “NORTHAM”, arriving on 11.2.1865 Res £65
  6. COSENS & CO, WEYMOUTH-Lovely oval pictorial cachet depicting a steam ship on the back of a ½d brown postal stationery postcard from Weymouth to Blyth, cancelled by four-bar duplex cancel WEYMOUTH-873 dated 10.5.1879 Res £12
  7. BRIDPORT TO NOVA SCOTIA-Entire printed prices current dated June 1880 with a separate copy enclosed [illegally]. The 2½d blue plate 18 is tied by the four-bar duplex cancel BRIDPORT-127 dated 21.6.1880. Lovely item from rope & net maker Joseph Gundry Res £40
  8. S “OBERON”-Crested envelope of the Oberon & the Royal Yacht Squadron with contents addressed to Parkstone and written from the ship off Portland on 6.6.1887. The 1d lilac is tied by three-bar duplex cancel WEYMOUTH-873 dated 6.6.1887 and has s/ring CASTLETOWN/PORTLAND on the back Res £15
  1. S “OBERON”-Plain envelope addressed as previous lot, written from “Half-Way across West Bay” to Parkstone and landed at Dartmouth with 1d lilac tied by three-bar duplex cancel DARTMOUTH-237 dated 1.6.1888. The letter is interesting and has a political interest!! Res £18
  2. YACHT “PEREGRINE”-MOURNING Cover & contents written from the yacht “Peregrine” “near Portland” and addressed to Bideford with 1d lilac tied by d/ring CASTLETOWN/ PORTLAND dated 20.5.1901 Res £15
  3. SHIP LETTER/CASTLETOWN/ISLE OF PORTLAND-Very scarce, unframed mark on the front of SIERRA LEONE 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to HAMBURG, cancelled by d/ring CASTLETOWN/PORTLAND dated 29.11.1902, arriving at Hamburg on 1.12.1902-see illustration Res £300
  4. AUSTRALIAN CONVICT SHIP POSTCARD-Postcard showing men under guard onboard the ship on its visit to Weymouth on 12.7.1905. Addressed to London, the message tells of “Terrible things on here” Res £15
  5. SOUTHAMPTON/SHIP LETTER-S/ring dated 25.1.1907 ties 15c Spanish stamp to postcard of Las Palmas addressed to Bath Res £8
  6. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET Co. / P.S/DUCHESS OF / HAMILTON / LIMITED - Large part oval cachet in violet ink on postcard of the paddler addressed to DANZIG from Ardrossan on 14.6.1911 “an steam p” is off the card at top Res £25
  7. MARSEILLE A YOKOHAMA/No.8 Octagonal cancel partially ties 10c Sower to postcard of Hong Kong addressed to Surrey on 6.7.1911. At bottom left is a further, better strike Res £12
  8. PACKET BOAT-Double rimmed framed rectangular mark in black on postcard of Tenerife addressed to Wellington, NZ with 2 x EDW II GB ½d values tied by WELLINGTON machine cancel dated 6.10.1911 Res £12
  9. COVER Addressed to a passenger on board the SS “IONIC” at New Zealand, enroute from Jamaica with GB GEO V 2½d stamp tied by d/ring BRIDPORT/DORSET dated 11.5.1933. On the front & back is the unframed RETURN TO SENDER, ADDRESS NOT/KNOWN BY LEVIN & Co., Ltd in violet ink. Also other NZ marks Res £12
  10. QUEEN MARY-Real photo postcard of the liner addressed to Philadelphia with 1d photogravure & 2½d Silver Jubilee value tied by SOUTHAMPTON machine cancel dated 28.5.1936-a day after she sailed!! Res £8
  11. QUEEN ELIZABETH-Cover addressed to a passenger on board the ship on her first commercial Post-War sailing from the USA to England. The cover is addressed to Southampton Docks from Bridport on 28.10.1946 to meet the ship on the 31st October Res £12
  12. FISHERIES DRIFT CARD-Stampless drift card pre-addressed to the Institute of Oceanography, cancelled by WEYMOUTH blood donors cancel dated 23.5.1955. The card was found at Fleet, Chesil Beach on 22.5.1955 after drifting 665 miles Res £20


  1. ARMY POST OFICE/8-S/ring dated 14.9.1910 with index A ties stamp to postcard of Sherborne addressed to Andover Res £18
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE/10-S/ring dated 20.9.1910 ties stamp to real photo postcard of STURMINSTER NEWTON CAMP addressed to Burgess Hill. The card is written from Binghams Melcombe Res £25
  3. WORGRET/CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 5.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE-Scarce skeleton cancel dated 19.6.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  5. WORGRET CAMP/WAREHAM-Even scarcer skeleton cancel dated 28.10.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcards of “The Dorsets at Wareham” addressed to London-see illustration Res £25
  6. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-Skeleton cancel dated 12.2.1915 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to W.T Wilson Res £12
  7. WEST LULWORTH CAMP/+ The ONLY Recorded example of the d/ring so far recorded, dated 9.4.1915 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Glasgow Res £18
  8. PLESSEY CAMP/CRAMLINGTON-Skeleton cancel dated 7.10.1915 with index PM ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-D/ring cancel dated 24.1.1917 ties stamp to postcard “FROM ONE OF THE ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION” addressed to Scotland Res £10
  10. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-D/ring dated 1.5.1917 ties 3d GEO V value to small registered cover to Dublin with Blandford 2 registration label at left Res £22
  11. WORGRET CAMP/POOLE-D/ring dated 31.7.1918 cancels unpaid, stampless postcard addressed to the USA from an American soldier based at Worgret Res £8
  12. BOVINGTON CAMP WAREHAM/DORSET-S/ring dated 22.3.1934 ties 4d GEO V value to airmail cover addressed to Lady Brunton at Menton, France before being returned to the Royal Solicitor’s Club, London Res £12
  13. BLANDFORD CAMP BLANDFORD / DORSET-S/ring cancels certificate of posting of 6 George King registered covers which is attached to the letter from the postmaster at Blandford Camp B.O. and is dated 15.8.1939 Complete with envelope cancelled by BLANDFORD/DORSET Krag cancel dated 15.8.1939 Res £12
  14. BLANDFORD CAMP BLANDFORD/DORSET-S/rings dated 4.11.1940 ties GEO VI 5d & ½d Stamp Centenary value to longer registered cover addressed to Leicester. At top left is the Camp registration label Res £22
  15. BLANDFORD CAMP    BLANDFORD / DORSET-S/rings dated 22.12.1941 ties GEO VI 2½d & 3d values to small, neat registered cover addressed to Boscombe-the camp reg label is at top left Res £22
  16. BOVINGTON CAMP WAREHAM/DORSET-S/rings dated 8.1.1943 ties stamps to longer registered OHMS cover addressed to the O/C the 7th Battalion the Dorset Home Guard at Corfe Castle. With appropriate Camp reg label & transit registered cancel of Wareham and Corfe Castle arrival dated 9.1.1943 Res £22
  17. BOVINGTON CAMP-Scarce triangular framed 624B telegraphic code cancel of BOVINGTON CAMP tying GEO VI 2½d to censored cover addressed to Euston, London. At top left is the shield censor No.10849 in violet ink Res £25
  18. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DORSET-Scarce Krag machine cancel dated 28.2.1950 ties stamp to cover addressed to Worcester Res £22
  19. BOVINGTON CAMP WAREHAM/DORSET-S/ring dated 18.5.1967 cancels 1/- postal order complete with counterfoil Res £18
  20. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DORSET-S/ring dated 4.6.1968 cancels OHMS Official Paid economy label on small cover addressed to Walsall-lovely! Res £18

MILITARY-1858 to 1918

  1. COVER From York addressed to a Lt Colonel of the 2nd West Yorks Light Infantry at the Barracks, Weymouth with 1d red stars tied by YORK-930 Spoon cancel dated 11.4.1858 with index D Res £22
  2. NETHER SEALE HALL, ASHBY DE-LA-ZOUCH-Headed notepaper and envelope addressed to an army officer at the Barracks, Dorchester and redirected to OKEHAMPTON CAMP on 29.6.1887. The 1d lilac is tied by three-bar duplex cancel of Ashby on 28.6.1887 Res £18
  3. 1d CONCESSION RATE FROM EGYPT-Crested envelope of the Dorsetshire Regiment addressed to Bourton, Dorset with partially printed endorsement from Private M Mullins and with endorsement of the LT Colonel Commanding at left. The 5m Egyptian stamp is tied by Cairo cancel dated 17.4.1893-nice item-see illustration Res £85
  4. STAMPLESS Real photo postcard of the TITANIC ENGINEERS MEMORIAL, Southampton addressed to Portland, cancelled by SOUTHAMPTON machine cancel dated 16.8.1914. Alongside is the ½d/723 tax mark of Southampton and a ½d postage due tied by superb s/ring EASTON/PORTLAND dated 17.8.1914 Res £25
  5. COMING HOME FOR A SCRAP! Real postcard of two Dorset Regiment soldiers addressed to Nettlecombe, Poorstock, cancelled by red inked s/ring SOUTHAMPTON/PAID dated 9.10.1914. The soldier gives his address as MHOW, India and has just landed at Southampton Res £15
  6. FIELD Service Postcard addressed to Andover from L/Cpl W.T Baiden to his father at Upton, Andover, cancelled by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/15 dated 1.11.1914. William Baiden was Killed in Action at Hill 60 on 1.5.1915 Res £8
  7. REAL PHOTO Postcard of Wool Bridge, Dorset addressed to Manchester from Cpl Sgt Arthur Tippet with stamp tied by s/ring BOVINGTON CAMP dated 28.11.1914. Arthur Tippet was killed in action on 11.8.1918 in France Res £8
  1. ARMY POST OFFICE/Z-Stampless postcard of The Lagoon, Gibraltar addressed to the COASTGUARD STATION at FLEET, DORSET, cancelled by d/ring dated 27.9.1915. Alongside is the unframed CENSORED/E.T; which Gould allocates to Edward Thomas, a temporary S/Lt RNR attached to the Armed Boarding Steamer “SNAEFELL”. She was taken up by the Admiralty from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and she was lost between Malta & Crete on 5.6.1918 by being torpedoed by U105 with the loss of 8 crew Res £25
  2. PRINCESS CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL/WEYMOUTH-Unframed mark in violet ink on the front of a stampless, unpaid cover from Weymouth addressed to Oxford on 29.9.1915. Taxed 1d, but no due affixed. At left is manuscript “FROM A WOUNDED/SOLDIER” Res £35
  3. ANZAC COVE-Real photo postcard of Australian soldiers with stores etc on the beach addressed to High Wycombe with ½d stamp tied by Weymouth krag cancel dated 22.2.1916. The writer tells of it being “ONE OF THE MOST AWFUL PLACES ON EARTH” Res £12
  4. OPENED BY CENSOR/RETURN TO SENDER-Cover addressed to ??? with black on light blue label across the address, tied by LIVERPOOL/R.L.O dated 30.5.1916. Inside is a little note from a soldier at the Naval Camp, Blandford with his address details for his father. Comes with the GPO Ambulance envelope addressed back to the sender at the Naval Camp. The 2 x ½d values are tied by d/rings of the Naval Camp on 16.5.1916 Res £25
  5. NORTHAMPTON-Cover addressed to the 18th Training Reserve Battalion, Delapre Park, Northampton with 1d tied by FINSBURY PK N Krag cancel dated 4.9.1917 Res £7
  6. I.F CAMP P.O-D/ring cancel dated 8.4.1918 cancels stampless, unpaid pictorial letter card with pictures inside of the No.1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital at HAREFIELD PARK, MIDDX. The item is written from MONTEVIDEO CAMP, WEYMOUTH on the 8th April where the writer is awaiting repatriation to Australia after being wounded in France and spending 1 year at Harefield-a truly scarce item!! Res £65
  1. EARLY R.A.F-Cover addressed to a Captain GK Greig, RAF care of the Admiralty on 22.10.1918. The cover has framed ADDRESS NOT KNOWN in red and has been redirected to the MARINE TRAINING DEPOT, SANDBANKS, NR POOLE. On the back is the rubber s/ring cachet AIR MINISTRY/DATE/PERSONAL/LETTER SECTION dated 26.10.1918 -Scarce! Res £25
  2. STAMPLESS Postcard of North Street, Wareham addressed to the USA with the endorsement SOLDIERS MAIL at top right, cancelled by d/ring BOURNEMOUTH dated 27.10.1918. Alongside is the small, unframed EXAMINED BY/L8 in violet ink Res £20

MILITARY-1939 to 1945

  1. POLAND/GERMANY-Postcard addressed to Germany with 6c Hindenburg tied by d/ring POTTANGOW dated 26.5.1939. Alongside is the cachet of the LANDJHARLAGER at Pottangow in violet ink. This was formerly a Polish town called POTEGOWO and was sent from the Country Service Camp of the Hitler Youth Res £15
  2. PRE-WAR RETURN TO SENDER Cover addressed to Germany from the ISLE OF WIGHT with GEO VI 2½d tied by SHANKLIN machine cancel dated 31.8.1939. At left is the framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink. Censored, with PC66 tape 322 across the top Res £40
  3. COVER Addressed to Philadelphia with GEO VI ½d & 1d values tied by London “Received From HM Ships” machine cancel dated 21.9.1939. At right is the oval CENSORED/C.C.S.B of the Contraband Control Service Branch. A further strike is on the back-the letter originates from Amsterdam Res £25
  4. POOR MR CHURCHILL-German propaganda postal stationery field postcard addressed to Vienna showing a warship being broken over Churchill’s head with added 6Rpf Hindenburg alongside, tied by d/ring RATIBOR 1 dated 6.6.1940. Complete with message! Res £35
  5. AIR MINISTRY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT / WORTH MATRAVERS / SWANAGE / DORSET-Unframed cachet in violet ink on official paid small OHMS envelope addressed to a Captain of the 6th Dorsets at the Wilton Road Drill Hall, Salisbury. Cancelled by SWANAGE machine cancel dated 10.9.1940-this is where the first Radar research & experiments took place Res £15
  1. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Green on white PC23 label on front of cover addressed to Ireland from SHAFTESBURY on 3.10.1940 with black on lilac PC80 slip telling of the transmission of photographs to certain destinations is forbidden under Statutory Rules and Orders No.1440 of 1939 Res £65
  2. DORSET WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE-Printed and published Christmas greetings card “From Dorset” with view inside of Lulworth Cove. Res £12
  3. GERMANY-Stampless letter sheet addressed within Germany from the Territorial camp [Landesshutzen batt 739] at FALLINGBOSTEL cancelled by d/ring FALLINGBOSTEL [LAGER] dated 28.5.1941. This camp was a territorial camp, POW Camp & a Displaced Persons Camp during WWII Res £12
  4. GERMANY-Postcard of a rural view addressed to Germany with 6Rpf Hindenburg tied by d/ring MERZDORF dated 11.6.1941. At bottom is the cachet of the LANDJHARLAGER Hitler Youth Camp Res £15
  5. AIRGRAPH from BRIDPORT addressed to an RAF Officer in Transvaal, South Africa on 17.3.1943. Complete with envelope, the envelope & airgraph has many endorsements and cachets applied including NOT FOUND AIR SCHOOL / LYTTLETON CAMP and RETURN TO SENDER ON AIR MINISTRY INSTRUCTIONS. It arrived in Manchester over a year after it was originally posted Res £22
  6. GERMANY-Stampless Feldpost envelope to Vienna. Cancelled by d/ring LAGER/HAMMELBOURG dated 23.8.1943. At left is Eagle & Swastika cachet. This camp was opened by the Kaiser in the 19th century and has been variously a children’s home run by nuns, a POW camp and is still used by the German Army today Res £12
  7. ADDRESSEE UNTRACEABLE/UNDER NUMBER STATED-One of various cachets on airgraph and envelope from CANFORD CLIFFS to an M.E.F Soldier on 1.12.1943. The airgraph is from the Bournemouth War Service Organisations Res £22
  8. D DAY BUILD UP-Censored cover addressed to Haywards Heath with GEO VI 2½d tied by d/ring BOVINGTON CAMP / WAREHAM DORSET dated 6.4.1944. At left is the shield censor mark No.10851 Res £12
  1. ALLIED CONTROL MISSION IN ROMANIA [BRITISH MISSION] Cable & Wireless telegram addressed to an officer of the Commission from Cambridge, complete with envelope addressed to the officer at the Commission, cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/15 dated 3.10.1944. The Control Commission in Bucharest was established in September 1944 and consisted of British & Soviet Officers Res £35
  2. PORTLAND-Programme for the unveiling of a Memorial Tablet by the American Ambassador to the UK at Portland on 22.8.1945 to mark the departure of troops and equipment to the D-Day Beaches which left from the Island from June 1944 to the end of the War. Also comes with two photos of the Ambassador making his speech and the leader of the Urban District Council about to do the same Res £25


  1. POSTCARD OF CHINGFORD STATION ROAD Addressed to a German Civilian interned at Barrack 3a, Dorchester, cancelled by d/ring CHINGFORD/+ dated 31.5.1915 and with the endorsement POST FREE in the place of the postage stamp Res £25
  2. CHRISTMAS 1916 Postcard from Dorchester POW camp addressed to Germany & redirected on arrival with nothing but the s/ring P.C mark on the address side-no message either! Res £18
  3. AUGUST 1915 Printing of an OHBMS postcard for the use of POW’s, addressed to the POW camp at Dorchester on 17.5.1917 with information about a POW Res £18
  4. DORCHESTER SUB-CAMP AT BANBURY-Printed POW letter sheet addressed to Germany on 30.8.1917 with address details given on the back flap. Res £25
  5. DORCHESTER SUB-CAMP AT BRAMLEY, HANTS-Printed POW letter sheet addressed to Switzerland on 18.11.1917 with address details given on the back. The PW217 tape is tied by GENEVA transit mark dated 6.12.1917 Res £25
  6. NOT KNOWN GOTTINGEN-Label affixed to stampless envelope addressed to a member of the 1st Dorsets at Gottingen camp with camp cachet and violet inked rubber receipt mark of CLAPGATE / WIMBOURNE [Note incorrect spelling of Wimborne] dated 23.5.1918 Res £25
  7. DORCHESTER SUB-CAMP AT HAMPTON IN ARDEN-Printed POW letter sheet addressed to Bavaria on 7.6.1918 with address details given on the back flap Res £25
  8. MOTCOMBE PARK CAMP, SHAFTESBURY - Printed POW postcard addressed to the Russian Zone of Germany on 5.10.1946 with circular P.O.W CAMP/No.47/GREAT BRITAIN on the address side. Address information given in appropriate place for sender details Res £18
  9. MERLEY PARK CAMP, WIMBORNE - Printed POW postcard addressed to the Russian Zone of Germany with circular framed 1021/[G] P.W.W/COY at top centre in black ink. Sender gives address details at left Res £25
  10. GREEN “HONOUR” Envelope re-used with registered OHMS Official Paid economy label affixed & addressed to a Colonel Smith at Park Farm, Broadwindsor with framed 295 P.O.W CAMP / DATE / ORDERLY ROOM cachet dated 15.8.1947 tying the label to the cover. At top left is the CATTISTOCK registration label and also with cancels of CATTISTOCK, BRIDPORT & BEAMINSTER Res £25

NAVAL MAIL-1806 TO 1930

  1. ENTIRE TO London “BY FAVOUR OF J DYER ESQ” dated 11.11.1805 on arrival in London. On the back is the WEYMOUTH /131 framed mileage mark. The writer asks a favour of William A OTWAG of Great George Street, London on the recommendation of Captain HARDY......Which one?? He also refers to a Captain G.... Res £45
  2. OFFICERS LETTER TO PANAMA-MOURNING COVER To the Master of HMS ALERT at Panama with 6d violet from plate 6 tied by BRIDPORT circular duplex cancel dated 16.2.1867. Endorsed at top left “OFFICERS LETTER”, it was carried by the RMS “LA PLATA” from Southampton on the 18th Feb and would have reached the Alert at TABOGA, Panama between the 13th to 15th March 1867. Comes with Geoff Osborn’s write-up Res £85
  3. HMS EMPRESS OF INDIA-Crested notepaper and envelope addressed to Mrs Arthur Limpus at Ivybridge with 1d lilac tied by d/ring CASTLETOWN/PORTLAND dated 9.10.1896 Res £18
  1. HMS AUSTRALIA-French 10c postal stationery postcard addressed to the Commander of the ship at Portland from Menton with s/ring receiver CASTLETOWN/PORTLAND dated 1.3.1900. The writer requests a steam boat as he has lots of luggage!! Res £22
  2. HMS MARTIN-Four postcards written from the 16 gun brig at Portland from April to October 1902 to the same addresses in Dover & Boscastle. She was launched in 1850 and used as a training brig from 1890 Res £25
  3. KIEL BRITISH NAVY WEEK-Postcard addressed to London with 10pf tied by special s/ring KIEL / P.A / fdk BRITISCHE / GESCHWADER dated 27.6.1904 Res £25
  4. HMS TEAZER-Real photo postcard of the ship addressed to the COAST GUARD STATION at Swanage with stamp tied by d/ring CASTLETOWN/PORTLAND dated 15.3.1905 Res £6
  5. HMS DEVONSHIRE-Real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Faversham with stamp tied by the skeleton cancel CASTLETOWN S.O/PORTLAND dated 3.11.1906 Res £7
  6. HMS GOOD HOPE-Postcard of Chesil Beach addressed to London, written from the ship with stamp tied by CASTLETOWN / PORTLAND skeleton cancel dated 8.11.1907 Res £6
  7. HMS HERCULES-Real photo postcard of HMS ALBERMARLE addressed to Bournemouth with stamp tied by d/ring WEYMOUTH/4 dated 6.11.1913. The card was written from the Hercules whilst at BANTRY BAY, Ireland Res £7
  8. CENSORED/HMS CENTURION-S/ring mark in violet ink on postcard addressed to Eastbourne with stamp tied by 8 bar dumb cancel Res £9
  9. HMS BOSCAWEN-Christmas & New Year card with a picture of the sail ship Boscawen inside. The card is embossed in gold lettering “HMS BOSCAWEN,/PORTLAND” Res £7
  10. HOSPITAL SHIP/ST GEORGE-Oval cachet in green ink on postcard of Rouen addressed to New Alyth, Scotland on 18.7.1915-see illustration Res £55
  11. PASSED BY CENSOR-Circular framed mark on postcard addressed to Bradford with tax mark 1d/086 of FORTUNESWELL alongside d/ring PORTLAND S.O dated 15.5.1918 Res £12
  1. HMS DESPATCH-Real photo postcard of Milton Abbas village addressed to a Pay Lt on board the ship, Care of the GPO, London with 1d GEO V stamp tied by DORCHESTER/DORSET krag cancel dated 6.9.1930. Centrally, at top is the ½d tax mark for underpaid mail Res £12

NAVAL MAIL-1938 TO 1957

  1. S.S/NASHVILLE-PORTLAND/ENGLAND-U.S duplex cancel ties 1½d Coronation value to George King cover on 13.9.1938 Res £12
  2. HMS TITANIA-Registered cover from Weymouth addressed to the ship at Portland on 21.11.1938 with 5d GEO VI value tied by s/ring WEYMOUTH/DORSET dated 21.11.1938, the first day of issue Res £22
  3. HMS ATTACK-W.R.N.S Officers Christmas Greetings postcard addressed to the fish shop in Ringwood with GEO VI 2d tied by d/ring PORTLAND HARBOUR/PORTLAND DORSET dated 20.12.1941. The card is written from the Attack which was renamed “OSPREY” and became the accommodation Barracks for the Dockyard and visiting ships Res £15
  4. HMS RESOLUTION-GEO VI 3d green Forces registered postal stationery envelope addressed to London, cancelled by undated d/ring RECEIVED FROM/HM SHIPS. At left is the H.M SHIPS registration label and at right is the tombstone censor without date. The senders details are on the back Res £9
  5. HMS DORSETSHIRE-Dorset War Savings Committee Christmas card for 1942 with the wording HMS DORSETSHIRE imposed upon the previous wording “HMS DORCHESTER”. She was lost off Ceylon on 5.4.1942 as a result of Japanese Bombers with the loss of 19 officers, 192 British & 16 South African ratings. T\he greeting inside says the ship is being replaced by War Savings!! Res £18
  6. HMS BEE-Registered OHMS printed envelope from the War Office addressed to the Captain with hooded circle REGISTERED/LONDONW.1/OFFICIAL PAID dated 9.2.1943. Below is the cachet of the General Staff M.19, Director of Military Intelligence dated the previous day. At top left is the LONDON X registration label. HMS BEE was the Costal Forces Motor Launch Work-Up Base at Weymouth Res £22
  7. N Auxiliary Hospital at MINTERN MAGNA-Letter with envelope written from the home of Lord Digby to Essex on 29.10.1944. He is glad it is Naval run as he is allowed to smoke! Res £15
  8. HMS TURTLE-Christmas 1945 greetings card from the naval base at Poole, which was also known as Royal Marines, Poole and bears the tri-service badge on the front of the card Res £12
  9. HMS PURBECK-Letter and envelope from Taunton addressed to the Naval Base at STUDLAND, Dorset on 18.3.1946. The wife writes to her husband that a young girl has been strangled and thrown into a pond at Taunton!! Purbeck was a Range Clearance Depot which dealt with volatile armaments & ammunition Res £15
  10. PORTLAND HARBOUR/PORTLAND DORSET-S/ring cancel dated 3.9.1946 ties 2d stamp to postcard addressed to London. This cancel was used within the Dockyard and not available to non-serving personnel Res £12
  11. N HOSPITAL/SHERBORNE/DORSET-Two strikes of the red inked, framed cachet on a cover addressed to the RNH at Haslar and redirected to the Sherborne Hospital. The cover originates from Brooklyn, USA on 24.2.1947 and transits Gosport on 14.3.1947 Res £22
  12. PORTLAND DOCK PORTLAND/DORSET-S/ring dated 27.9.1952 ties GEO VI ½d & 8d values to cover addressed to Tring. This was the successor to the Portland Harbour At left is appropriate registration label Res £12
  13. CAPTAINS OFFICE/DATE/HMS EAGLE-Framed cachet on small OHMS cover addressed to HMS VANGUARD, cancelled by WEYMOUTH/DORSET machine cancel dated 24.1.1953 Res £7
  14. INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS WITHOUT/NAME OF SHIP-Unframed mark in violet ink on front of cover addressed to a S/Lt “care of the GPO, Portland” from Weymouth on 1.3.1954. On the back is s/ring PORTLAND DOCK B.O PORTLAND/DORSET dated 2.3.1954 and undated POST OFFICE/MARITIME MAIL in red ink Res £18
  15. HMS OBDURATE-QEII 8½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Malton, Yorks from an officer on board the ship at Chatham. The envelope is cancelled by s/rings NAVAL BARRACKS B.O CHATHAM/KENT dated 15.2.1957 Res £12


  1. QV COLOUR STANDARDS-The original sheet of SPECIMEN overprinted impressions of STO values 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d & 1/- values with the top row having nine dots in florets & the bottom row having five dots. This sheet is the only source of the 1½d & 4d values with 5 dots because, although these dies were available, they were never put into use-see illustration Res £250
  2. QV 2d longer envelope with impressed/embossed details on the back flap of THE LORD CHANCELLOR’S VISITORS addressed to Witney, Oxon, cancelled by LONDON W.C duplex cancel dated 27.6.1870-scarce item! Res £45
  3. QV 1d pink envelope addressed to Norway with added 1½d Jubilee value tied by superb strike of the three-bar duplex cancel BRIDPORT-127 dated 22.8.1891. On the back is embossed details of S Whetham & Sons of London & Bridport-exhibition quality. Res £25
  4. CORBETT HOSPITAL-QV ½d vermilion envelope with printed detail at top, addressed to Clent & cancelled by three-bar duplex cancel STOURBRIDGE-750 dated 27.10.1894 Res £12
  5. H SMITH & SON-2d claret newspaper wrapper addressed to Berlin cancelled by the bulk mailing cancel SS/F as used by the company Ca.1895 Res £22
  6. NIMROD CLUB, ST JAMES’S SQUARE-QV 1d letter card addressed to Piccadilly & redirected to Dunkeld on 8.10.1895 with printed detail inside informing the addressee of membership election to the club Res £25
  7. WEST BROMWICH BRICK MAKER-Pair of QV ½d brown postcards to & from Joseph Hamblet of West Bromwich with the outer portion addressed to Hertford, cancelled by three-bar duplex cancel WEST BROMWICH-868 dated 12.12.1895. The return portion is still attached Res £18
  8. EDW VII COLOUR STANDARDS-Complete sheet of the embossed issued currently in general use at the GPO: ½d blue-green, 1d, 1½d, 2d, 2½d 3d, 4d, 6d, 10d & 1/- values; all with SPECIMEN Overprints-see illustration Res £250
  9. ADMIRALTY/OFFICIAL-The very, very scarce EDW VII ½d blue-green postcard with official overprint addressed to the engineering officer on board HMS “MINATAUR” moored in Portland Harbour, cancelled by d/ring CASTLETOWN/DORSET dated 15.2.1904. H&B No.C06 with blunt “V” in M-see illustration Res £450
  10. CHURCH OF ENGLAND HOMES FOR WAIFS & STRAYS-Pair of EDW VII ½d blue-green postcards with the outer portion sent from Dorchester to Little Bredy on 7.4.1904 and the return half still attached and pre-addressed to KNOWLE, BRISTOL Res £22
  11. OVERSEAS CLUB & PATRIOTIC LEAGUE-GEO V 1d + 1d Downey Head impressions on newspaper wrapper addressed to Blackpool after redirection from Birmingham and originally sent from Tunbridge Wells on 6.9.1920 Res £22
  12. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA-1921 printed letter sheet being a form of PROXY VOTING with 1d revenue embossed on the inside Res £15
  13. BANK OF ENGLAND-Longer printed GEO V 1d envelope with revaluation mark L/E.C within triangle below the stamp impression. Addressed to Newport, Wales, the added 1d definitive is tied by POST EARLY IN THE DAY Slogan of London dated 13.10.1922 Res £45
  14. IRELAND-GEO V 5d yellow-green envelope for use in Ireland addressed to Galway with 3 x 1d map values tied by s/rings BALLYNAHOWN/GALWAY dated simply 1923 with no other slugs entered-see illustration Res £120
  15. GEO V 4½d registered envelope size H2 in pristine mint condition-H&B No. RP45 Res £30
  16. GEO V ½d oval die on form of proxy letter sheet pre-addressed to the secretary, BOLCKOW, VAUGHAN & COMPANY of Middlesbrough with 1d revenue embossed within Res £18
  17. SAVOY HOTEL-Proxy voting postcard with GEO V ½d oval die. The 1d revenue is embossed on the back with date 3.3.1929 Res £12
  18. TILLING-STEVENS MOTORS LTD-GEO V ½d rectangular die proxy voting postcard pre-addressed to Maidstone with 1d revenue dated 10.5.1930 on the back Res £12
  19. GEO VI 2½d letter sheet used on the 1st day after prices were increased on 24.7.1940. This is the error of rate letter card where the old rate of 1½d is still remaining within the text on the back. Cancelled by s/ring NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE/6 dated 24.7.1940 Res £35
  20. GEO VI 4½d registered envelope size H2 in pristine, mint condition-H&B No.RP 47 Res £45
  1. GEO VI 4½d registered envelope size H2 addressed to the USA with added 1d x 2 GEO VI values tied by s/rings IVY MOUNT LEEDS/6 dated 28.10.1940. Rated **** by Huggins & Baker which is akin to getting real poo from a rocking horse!! H&B No.RP47 with a vertical fold at left hardly detracts from a very scarce item of stationery Res £150
  2. BUENOS AYRES WESTERN RAILWAY LTD-Pre-addressed postcard to Reading with GEO VI 1d red rectangular die. On the back is the 1d revenue with embossed date 19.5.1944 Res £15
  3. GEO VI ½d orange & 1d blue impressions on window envelope from STEMCO LTD, cancelled by LONDON W.1 machine cancel dated 9.7.1951 Res £10
  4. ANSELLS BREWERY, LEICESTER-GEO VI 2d brown pre-addressed postcard, being an order form for bottled beers in pristine, mint condition Res £20
  5. HOWARDS, [NEWCASTLE] LTD-Proxy voting card with GEO VI ½d orange & 1d red rectangular dies. Pristine, unused for the AGM on 16.10.1951 Res £12
  6. CONFIDENTIAL-Dual monarch gummed label pre-addressed to the Crown Agents with GEO VI ½d orange oval die alongside QEII 2½d Tudor Rose die-pristine, mint Res £25
  7. SKETCHLEY CLEANERS-GEO VI irregular sized postcard addressed to Mansfield with GEO VI 1½d green rectangular die with ½d Wilding alongside, tied by MANSFIELD/ NOTTS machine cancel dated 3.3.1955. The card informs the addressee that their order is now ready for collection Res £22
  8. NATIONAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE-Pair of 2d brown QEII rectangular die postcards with the outer card addressed to Dartford from Tunbridge Wells on 3.4.1958. The return portion is pre-addressed to the South London Transfusion Centre at Southborough Res £25
  9. NATIONAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE-Pair of GEO VI ½d orange & 1½d green GEO VI rectangular dies addressed to Petersfield and cancelled by MIDHURST/SUSSEX machine cancel dated 28.4.1961. The return portion is addressed to Redford Common, Midhurst Res £25
  1. POSTAGE PAID SYMBOLS-Post Paid 1st Class Indicator postcard pre-addressed to Royal Mail, Edinburgh with form to fill in on the back with reference to information on Postage Paid Symbols on your mail. Pristine, mint condition Res £8


  1. PARCEL POST LABEL From STATION ROAD, WIMBORNE cancelled by s/ring STATION RD/WIMBORNE on 6.9.1894 Res £25
  2. BRIXTON RD 420/NR RLY STN S.W-S/ring cancel on the picture side of a postcard of Brixton Library addressed to Paris. Stamps from the address side have been removed Res £12
  3. PARCEL POST LABEL-WESTGATE ON SEA RSO, Under Margate PPL with 4 x QV ½d blue-green tied by s/rings WESTGATE ON SEA RSO/KENT dated 15.5.1901-see illustration Res £45
  4. PARCEL POST LABEL-KINGHORN RSO, Under Kirkcaldy PPL with a pair of QV 2½d values tied by dumb parcel cancels. Alongside is s/ring KINGHORN dated 6.8.1901-see illustration Res £45
  5. PARCEL POST LABEL-LUNDIN LINKS RSO, Under Leven PPL with QV 6d tied by target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring LUNDIN LINKS dated 20.8.1901 Res £45
  6. LSWR-Correspondence postcard addressed to Shaftesbury from SEMLEY GOODS Station, Wilts with EDW VII ½d blue-green perfin LS/WR tied by Shaftesbury duplex cancel dated 25.9.1902 Res £10
  7. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 17.5.1903 on small cover from Weymouth to Winscombe, Somerset with transit mark of DORCHESTER dated the next day Res £12
  8. PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET-Skeleton cancel dated 3.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  9. PARCEL POST LABEL-YIEWSLEY, Under Uxbridge PPL with 2 x 1½d EDW VII values tied by poor target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring YIEWSSLEY RSO/MIDDLESEX dated 27.2.1905 Res £35
  10. POWERSTOCK/MELPLASH RSO DORSET-S/ring dated 15.3.1905 on postcard addressed to the USA with the 2 x ½d values tied by MELPLASH-K18 duplex cancels dated the same day Res £12
  11. SWANAGE RSO/DORSET-Scarcer s/ring cancel dated 26.4.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  12. 68 10c Hexagonal framed tax mark of the London-Dover Sorting Carriage on underpaid postcard from France addressed to the UK on 14.7.1906 Res £8
  13. GRIMSBY & PETERBOROUGH SORTING CARRIAGE-“Glitter” postcard addressed to BURGH RSO from Nottingham with the scarce framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/K97 and 1d/K97 tax marks of the TPO placed at left-see illustration Res £150
  14. MORCOMBELAKE CHARMOUTH RSO/DORSET-S/ring dated 16.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. NORFOLK-Postcard addressed to Mildenhall with s/line DERSINGHAM in violet ink, as used at the railway station at the top of the message. The stamp is tied by s/ring DERSINGHAM dated 22.11.1907. The message refers to a letter by train to follow Res £12
  16. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 3.7.1909 on postcard from Clare, Suffolk addressed to HMS BRILLIANT at Portland, but redirected to ST JOHN, NEWFOUNDLAND the following day Res £15
  17. CARNFORTH & WHITEHAVEN TPO-J54 Duplex cancel dated 9.3.1912 ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to Windermere. Nice Late Fee usage Res £12
  18. WHITEHAVEN S.C-S/ring dated 4.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Liverpool Res £9
  19. PARCEL POST LABEL-COURT HILL, SWANAGE, Under Wareham with 9d agate tied by weak target parcel cancel of Wareham. Alongside is the s/ring COURT HILL/SWANAGE RSO DORSET dated 23.8.1913 Res £45
  20. TAMWORTH & HEREFORD S.C UP-S/ring dated 14.11.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  21. EDINR & NEWCASTLE SORTING CARRIAAGE-S/ring dated 9.6.1914 with index U ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  22. HIGHLAND S.C/NIGHT MAIL-S/rings dated 19.6.1915 ties 2 x ½d values to postcard addressed to Birmingham Res £22
  23. PARKSTONE RSO-GEO V registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Reading, cancelled by s/rings PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET dated 27.6.1919 Res £22
  24. PARKSTONE RSO-GEO V 5d orange postal stationery envelope sent insured to Germany with added GEO V 1d & 2d values tied by s/rings PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET dated 21.1.1922 Res £25
  25. DONCASTER LONDON/TPO-S/rings dated 7.3.1932 ties a pair of GEO V 2d values to GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed by air mail to Germany. This is the first day of the new cancel, Wilson 613 Res £25
  26. EDINBURGH YORK TPO-S/rings dated 13.8.1933 tie GEO V ½d & 1½d values to commercial cover addressed to Botley, Hants. The letter is on FENHAM BARRACKS, Newcastle headed notepaper with this scored through & replaced by manuscript Claremont Street Res £12
  27. SOUTH EASTERN/TPO-D/ring dated 30.9.1934 with index UP cancels GEO V 1½d postal stationery postcard posted at Folkestone central station to Manchester Res £18
  28. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/rings dated 23.7.1936 ties GEO V 1/2d x 2 & 1d photogravure values on Late Fee cover to Bournemouth Res £10
  29. LIMERICK/S.C-Large rubber cancel dated 20.12.1938 ties 2 x 1d Free State values to slightly reduced cover addressed to Croydon Res £30
  30. WATERLOO STATION B.O S.E.1-S/ring dated 25.11.1950 with index 5 cancels GB 8d overprint on 6d International Reply Coupon Res £8


  1. METROPOLITAN RAILWAY-Ewen cover with 2d purple/red RLS damaged at right, cancelled by pen cross cancel with 2 x GEO V ½d Downey head values tied by d/rings LONDON N.W/29 dated 23.6.1911-one day after first day of issue! Res £75
  2. RAILEX-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY 2d RLS with top right corner damage on longer cover addressed to the Taff Vale Railway, Cardiff; cancelled by PADDINGTON company cachet on 22.9.1911. Alongside is the oval EXPRESS cachet and below is the M.-No.72 label with instruction to hand to P.O messenger at Cardiff Station. The EDW VII 4d orange is tied by s/ring QUEEN VICTORIA ST B.O/E.C dated 22.9.1911 with index L Res £125
  3. RAILEX-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope front only [not a complete cover] addressed to Whetstone with NORTH LONDON RAILWAY 2d RLS cancelled by BROAD ST STATION company cancel on 7.4.1914. The express label is at top with instruction to hand to P.O messenger at TOTTERIDGE Station Res £45
  1. RHONDDA & SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 4d on 2d RLS cancelled by company cancel of SWANSEA STATION on 21.9.1920. The 2 x 1d GEO V values are tied by d/ring cancels of PORT TALBOT on the same day Res £125
  2. NEATH & BRECON RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 4d RLS with low control 064 with lovely s/line BRECON at the bottom of the RLS in violet ink. The 2 x ½d & 1d GEO V values are tied by d/rings NEATH dated 12.1.1921-see illustration Res £125
  3. GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 3d RLS tied by MANCHESTER machine cancel dated 30.1.1920 and further cancelled by ASBURY’S station company cancel. The 1½d definitive is tied by cross cancel & MANCHESTER/14 d/ring dated the same day Res £100
  4. NEATH & BRECON RAILWAY-Wilson cover with 3d RLS tied by s/line NEATH in violet ink. The 1d & ½d definitives are tied by d/ring BRECON dated 28.5.1920 Res £125
  5. EAST LONDON RAILWAY JOINT COMMITTEE-4d RLS with control number 62 tied to Wilson cover by indistinct company station cancel. The 1½d definitive is similarly tied and over-cancelled by d/ring MANCHESTER/1 dated 24.10.1920 Res £85
  6. GREAT CENTRAL & NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE RAILWAY-3d RLS tied to Wilson cover by unframed BOLLINGTON station cancel. The 1½d definitive is tied by d/ring MANCHESTER11.1920 Res £95
  7. WIRRAL RAILWAY-4d on 2d RLS tied to Wilson cover by oval WIRRAL RAILWAY AUDIT OFFICE cancel dated 7.3.1921. The ½d & 1½d definitive are tied by WALLASEY machine cancel dated 7.3.1921 Res £120
  8. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-4d on 3d on 2d RLS on Wilson cover, cancelled by pen line cancels. The 2d definitive is tied by CARDIFF machine cancel dated 14.9.1921 Res £125
  9. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Commercial cover to London with 4d RLS tied by two strikes of the SUNNINGDALE station s/line mark in the form of a cross. The 1½d is similarly tied on 20.7.1923-see illustration Res £120
  1. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Malaya with added ½d, 4d & 6d values tied by LONDON FS/AIR MAIL d/rings dated 26.7.1933. At bottom left is the 3d paid parcel stamp from BROMLEY NORTH Station. Sadly, most of the address detail has been scored through with black ink Res £25
  2. CHESHIRE LINES COMMITTEE-3d RLS on commercial cover to Liverpool, cancelled by CLC oval company cancel of CUDDINGTON STATION on 18.8.1936. The 1½d photogravure is tied by Liverpool machine cancel dated the same day-see illustration Res £120
  3. LONDON PASSENGER TRANSPORT BOARD-GEO VI 2½d blue postal stationery envelope addressed to Oxford with 1d & 3d Newspaper Parcel stamps tied by s/lines AYLESBURY JOINT in violet ink. The envelope is cancelled by d/ring OXFORD dated 3.5.1941-see illustration Res £110
  4. BRITISH RAILWAYS 11d paid parcel label on commercial cover from the Grand Hotel, Brighton addressed to London on 8.6.1956 with ½d & 2 x 1d Wildings tied by s/lines BRIGHTON Res £35
  5. BRITISH RAILWAYS 1/8d red on white paid parcel label on longer commercial cover to London, issued at BROCKENHURST with s/line date 19.2.1958. At top right is TO BE CALLED FOR AT [Waterloo] LABEL Res £45
  6. BRITISH RAILWAYS 1/-Paid parcel label on neat cover from Waterloo Station to Ashford, Middlesex Station dated 20.9.1963 with TO BE CALLED FOR AT Label at top. The 3d Wilding is tied by s/line dates 20.9.1963 in violet ink Res £45
  7. BRITISH RAILWAYS-Larger cover addressed to Colchester with 12p Queen Mum stamp tied by lovely oval cancel BRITISH RAILWAYS/PARCELS DEPT/DATE/NORWICH THORPE dated 8.8.1980 Res £25
  8. RETURNED POSTAL PACKET Addressed to Southampton from Exeter on 7.1.1982 with Red Star label with instruction to transfer at READING tied by framed “CANCELLED” and unframed EXCISE DUTY/CHARGED, both in red ink Res £30


  1. MOURNING Cover with contents from the Daughter of the Countess Fremantle addresse from POOLE to London with 1d red stars tied by the large type Sideways Duplex cancel POOLE-624 dated 5.12.1859. Res £25
  2. HIS MAJESTY’S YACHT/[CROWN]-S/ring cancel dated 9.5.1912 on the front of a real photo postcard of the Fleet at Portland Roads addressed to the Isle of Wight. The ½d GEO V value is tied by d/ring WEYMOUTH dated 9.5.1912 Res £75
  3. HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES’ CAMP P.O-Princes Feathers large s/ring dated 5.3.1922 ties QV 9 Pies value to cover addressed to Bombay, arriving 3 days later Res £20
  4. CORONATION MEDAL, 1937-GEO VI crested certificate of award of the 1937 Coronation medal to Chief Fire Office of Poole Fire Brigade Res £25
  5. SPECIAL Cover addressed to the USA marking the ACCESSION TO THE THRONE OF QEII on 8.2.1952 with printed detail at top left and GEO VI 1d & 1½d values tied by s/ring GARAGE? Rd WATFORD/HERTS dated the same day Res £12


  1. THORNCOMBE, Under Chard-PPL From here with QV 3d tied by CHARD target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring THORNCOMBE dated 25.7.1894 Res £25
  2. WITCHAMPTON, Under Wimborne-PPL From hare cancelled by s/ring WITCHAMPTON dated 8.1.1897-no stamps affixed Res £12
  3. UPLYME, Under Lyme Regis-PPL From here with 3d tied by LYME REGIS target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring UPLYME dated 12.4.1894 Res £22
  4. CHARMOUTH RSO, Under Bridport-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring CHARMOUTH dated 3.2.1899 Res £35
  5. BEAMINSTER, Under Bridport-PPL From here with 5d value tied by s/ring BEAMINSTER dated 26.7.1900. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  6. FORTUNESWELL, PORTLAND, Under Weymouth-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring FORTUNESWELL/PORTLAND dated 2.4.1901. On the label is manuscript REDIRECTED/ UNPAID-No stamps affixed Res £22
  7. BUCKHORN WESTON, Under Bath-PPL From here with manuscript date cancel of 31.7.1901-no stamps affixed Res £18
  8. BRIDPORT-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring BRIDPORT/M.O & S.B dated 4.3.1903-no stamps affixed Res £20
  9. PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET dated 8.3.1910-no stamps affixed Res £30
  10. CORFE CASTLE, Under Wareham-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring CORFE CASTLE dated 26.9.1911-stamps have been soaked off Res £12
  11. SHERBORNE-PPL From here, cancelled by s/ring SHERBORNE/M.O & S.B dated 19.2.1913-no stamps affixed Res £15
  12. WIMBORNE-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by lovely s/ring WIMBORNE dated 8.5.1916 Res £22
  13. WAREHAM, Under Poole-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by s/rings WAREHAM dated 24.6.1916 Res £18
  14. SHAFTESBURY-PPL From here with GEO V 4d tied by s/ring SHAFTESBURY/M.O & S.B dated 22.5.1917 Res £15
  15. UPLYME, LYME REGIS, Under Axminster-PPL From here with 2 x 3d GEO V values tied by s/rings UPLYME dated 8.7.1919-label has been trimmed Res £12


  1. MILTON ON STOUR/GILLINGHAM-Violet inked rubber dated 27.1.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. KINGTON MAGNA / GILLINGHAM - Violet inked rubber dated 1.11.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. STRATTON/DORCHESTER-Violet inked rubber dated 24.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. STOKE ABBOTT/BEAMINSTER S.O/DORSET-Violet inked cancel dated 30.5.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. WOODCUTTS/SALISBURY-Violet inked rubber dated 26.3.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  6. WELTON/BURGH/LINCS-Violet inked cancel ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. BUCKHORN WESTON/WINCANTON/SOMERSET-Black inked cancel dated 13.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. CHARLTON MARSHALL/BLANDFORD-Black cancel dated 18.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard-scarce! Res £10
  9. HILTON/BLANDFORD-Black cancel dated 22.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  10. APPLETHWAITE/KESWICK-Black cancel dated 29.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. BRADPOLE/BRIDPORT-Black cancel dated 22.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  12. ULHAM/DORCHESTER-Black cancel dated 23.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. LOSCOE/DERBY-Black cancel dated 23.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. PENSELWOOD / BOURTON / DORSET - Black cancel dated 24.12.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. CLAPGATE/WIMBOURNE [Note spelling of Wimborne]-Black cancel dated 20.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  16. MARSHWOOD/CHARMOUTH/DORSET-Black cancels dated 28.6.1920 ties GEO V ½d to GEO V 3½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Crewkerne Res £12
  17. STOURTON CAUNDLE/BLANDFORD-Black cancel dated 3.10.1921 ties GEO V 1d to GEO V 4d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Thanet Res £12
  18. MOSTERTON/MISTERTON/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 3.3.1922 cancels GEO V 5d orange postal stationery envelope addressed to London-Mostewrton is in Dorset, while Misterton is in Somerset Res £15
  19. TOLLER PORCORUM/DORCHESTER/DORSET-Black cancel dated 20.7.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  20. LOUND/LOWESTOFT-Black cancel dated 15.4.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. BRIDPORT/+ Unframed traveller on 1d pink envelope addressed to London, alongside black Maltese Cross cancel of Bridport on 28.3.1844 Res £75
  2. DORCHESTER/+ Unframed traveller dated 15.5.1844 on back of 1d pink letter sheet addressed to London. The stamp impression is cancelled by the 1844 type numeral 256 of Dorchester. The letter is sealed by a lovely wafer seal of CAME HOUSE, DORCHESTER-See illustration Res £75
  3. HUNGERFORD/5/1 Unframed traveller dated 15.7.1858 in blue-green ink on back of cover from Bridport to Hungerford. Below is a poor-ish undated circle in black of BURTON BRADSTOCK-See illustration Res £75
  4. POOLE/3 Unframed traveller in blue ink dated 13.1.1851 on the back of a 1d pink envelope from Hillingdon to Poole with envelope cancelled by 830 numeral of Uxbridge. A further strike of the Poole traveller at left is cancelled out by 1844 numeral cancel 624 of Poole. A lovely usage Res £80
  5. POOLE-Scarce framed skeleton in brown ink dated 29.6.1853 on the back of a wrapper from Poole to Exeter-see illustration Res £65
  6. WIMBORNE-Complete cancel dated 16.6.1899 cancels QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard to the Isle of Wight Res £25
  7. MAIDEN NEWTON/S.O-Cancel dated 3.11.1904 ties stamp to postcard-scarce Res £10
  8. RIVER/DOVER-Scarcer 23mm skeleton dated 17.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  9. LANGTON MATRAVERS / WAREHAM - Complete and scarce impression of the cancel dated 26.4.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  10. CATTISTOCK-Scarcer Dorset mark dated 21.10.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  11. IWERNE MINSTER-Again, a scarce Dorset mark dated 22.11.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  12. CHILD OKEFORD-Cancel dated 28.2.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. DORCHESTER-Cancel dated 5.7.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. RADCLIFFE/MANCHESTER-Cancel dated 30.7.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. WEST LULWORTH/WAREHAM-Cancel dated 3.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard-scarcer than the West Lulworth Camp cancel Res £8
  16. PIDDLETRENTHIDE-Scarcer mark dated 19.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  17. SILLOTH/CARLISLE-Cancel dated 23.9.1915 tie stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. ABBOTSBURY/DORCHESTER-Cancel dated 10.9.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. CLARA/KINGS Co.-Cancel dated 10.7.1922 ties GB IRISH Overprint 1d value to commercial cover addressed to London Res £18
  20. CERNE ABBAS / DORCHESTER - Scarcer Dorset cancel dated 22.4.1924 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. WILLY JACOBI-QV registered postal stationery envelope size H addressed to Amsterdam with added ½d, 2d & 10d values tied by registered cancels of THROGMORTON AVENUE dated 27.7.1892. With 3 strikes of his 33, Maury Road cachet on the back Res £45
  2. EWEN-LOVELY Plain registered cover to CONSTANTINOPLE with 4 x 1d lilacs & 3 x 1d large fiscal stamps affixed & tied by the s/line s/ring SWANAGE dated 4.3.1895-see illustration Res £125
  3. EWEN-Printed QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Galashiels on 14.3.1895 with printed details and address etc on the back for his 3rd edition British catalogue which is “Now Ready!” Res £35
  4. EWEN-Stamped to Order [STO] 1/- green registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Amsterdam with address details etc at top right. The added 2½d & 5d values are tied by the four-bar duplex cancels SWANAGE-845 dated 28.10.1895 Res £65
  5. EWEN-The scarce printed newspaper wrapper for the “THE ENGLISH SPECIALISTS’ JOURNAL” addressed to Denmark with ½d vermilion tied by the 3VOS numeral cancel 845 of Swanage. The Odense receiver on the back is dated 2.11.1895-see illustration Res £60
  1. EWEN-STO 1/- green registered postal stationery envelope addressed to LISBON with the stamp impression cancelled by the s/line s/ring SWANAGE dated 21.12.1895. Full address details etc are at top left-lovely! Res £65
  2. EWEN-STO Three Halfpence yellow envelope addressed & registered to London with added pair & single ½d vermilion tied by the s/line s/ring SWANAGE dated 9.7.1896 with index A-see following item Res £50
  3. EWEN-STO 6d violet envelope registered & addressed to Belgium with added pair of ½d vermilion tied as previous lot on the same day, but with index B. With both British & Belgian registration labels-see illustration Res £55
  4. EWEN-Privately produced & printed ½d vermilion envelope addressed to France with full address details given at left, cancelled by the four bar duplex cancel SWANAGE-845 dated 9.9.1896-see illustration Res £60
  5. EWEN-STO 2½d grey envelope addressed to Prague with added 2d tied by the s/line s/ring SWANAGE dated 10.10.1896 Res £45


  1. POSTED-ON BOARD/HMS VICTORY-Pictorial cachet on postcard signed by the Commanding Officer, addressed to London with Gibraltar ½d Victory stamp affixed & used in Gibraltar on 3.4.1967 and with added 3d Machin at left, both tied by Portsmouth & Southsea Alec Rose slogan dated 11.8.1967. At right is the oval cachet of the Commanding Office, dated 3.4.1967 Res £5
  2. PATROL LEADERS CAMP/BROWNSEA ISLAND-Scarce 3d meter slogan cancel on unaddressed cover, posted on 18.7.1967 Res £12
  3. POSTED ON BROWNSEA ISLAND-S/line mark in black on postcard addressed to Southampton on 20.8.1990 Res £12
  4. POSTED AT/BRITAIN’S HIGHEST POSTBOX [NEVISPORT MOUNTAIN LOGO]/AONACH MOR, FORT WILLIAM 4006 FT-Framed mark in black on postcard dated 25.8.1993 Res £5
  5. POST OFFICE COUNTERS LTD/DATE/WIMBLEDON/TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS-Violet inked circular rubber cancel dated 30.6.1995 on Tennis advert postcard [repro] addressed to Reigate with 25p Wimbledon stamp tied by London cancel on the same day Res £6
  1. POST OFFICE COUNTERS LTD-Ditto as previous lot, but dated 3.7.1995 [last day of the tennis] addressed to the same person Res £6
  2. THIS LETTER WAS POSTED DURING / DORSET ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE WEEK / IN THE OLDEST POST BOX IN BRITAIN-Framed cachet in black ties 20p Carnival value to cover addressed to Stourpaine. Also tied by rubber DORSET &/SOUTH WEST HANTS dated 12.9.1998 Res £6
  3. LANDS END-Red “polar bear look-a-like” cachet on postcard; unfortunately, not dated, but Ca. 1998 Res £4
  4. POSTED ON/MAP/BROWNSEA ISLAND-Map shaped cachet with the scout & guide emblems at centre on postcard to Norfolk dated 1.7.2003 Res £8
  5. POSTED AT BLISTS HILL/IRONBRIDGE SHROPSHIRE-Red pictorial d/ring cachet on postcard dated 23.9.2003 Res £6
  6. POSTED UNDERGROUND/POLDARK MINE, WENDRON-D/ring cachet in black on postcard dated 22.8.2006 Res £5
  7. BRITAIN’S MOST NORTHERLY/POST OFFICE/PUFFINS/BALTA SOUND/UNST/ SHETLAND-Pictorial cachet in black on postcard dated 11.6.2008 Res £5
  8. VISITING/BROWNSEA/ISLAND-MAP Unframed tiny cachet in black ink with scout & guide badges at centre, on postcard dated 3.10.2013-unrecorded mark Res £8
  9. 1986-2011 25th ANNIVERSARY/PUFFIN/ST KILDA/WORLD HERITAGE SITE-Blue circular cancel on postcard dated 19.5.2014 Res £6
  10. ST KILDA / PUFFIN / WORLD HERITAGE SITE-Circular framed cachet on postcard dated 18.5.2016 Res £5


  1. 102 WINFRITH-3VOD [Unrecorded by young Parmenter] dated 11.1.1902 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £150
  2. 127 BRIDPORT-3VOS [Unrecorded by young John P] cancels a 1d/127 tax mark on postcard addressed to Lyme Regis with ½d stamp tied by d/ring on 5.11.1917 Res £65
  1. 128 BEAMINSTER-The scarcest of all Dorset numerals ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to Yeovil with undated d/arc BEAMINSTER on the back flap, on 6.5.1844-a very early date-[catalogued at £300 by John Parmenter]-see illustration Res £200
  2. 194 CHARMOUTH-1844 Type cancel ties 2d blue to cover addressed to Gloucester on 17.4.1863-nice provincial usage of the 2d blue Res £35
  3. 256 DORCHESTER-Smaller sideways duplex cancel dated 23.3.1858 with index C ties 1d stars to mourning cover addressed to London Res £20
  4. 256 DORCHESTER-4VOS ties ½d Bantam to printed list of prize winners of the Dorset Volunteer Association [Military] addressed to Sturminster Newton on 21.6.1873. This is Parmenter’s earliest recorded date of use Res £35
  5. 330 HALIFAX-3VOS Strikes x 3 ties ½d green & 2 x 1d lilacs to QV registered 2d envelope size F addressed to Holland on 15.5.1893-lovely thing! Res £30
  6. 366 HINDON-1844 Type cancel in BLUE INK ties 1d red imperf to cover addressed to Shaftesbury on 2.10.1851. The HINDON d/arc on the back is in the same colour blue Res £30
  7. 399 ILCHESTER-3VOS ties 1d red plate to cover addressed to Dorchester on 31.12.1879-apparently the last day of the Penny Plate issue Res £35
  8. 624 POOLE-3VOS ties EDW VII ½d blue-green to postcard addressed locally. Undated, but Ca. 1903 Res £22
  9. 882 WIMBORNE-4VOS ties 1d plate to cover addressed to the Isle of Wight on 26.12.1872 Res £25
  10. 882 WIMBORNE-Triangular framed numeral ties 1d stamp centenary to locally addressed plain postcard from the Wimborne Urban A.R.P Depot on 13.5.1940 Res £12
  11. 887 STALBRIDGE-1844 Type cancel ties 4 margin 1d red to entire addressed to Shaftesbury on 15.3.1846. At left is the equally superb undated d/arc STALBRIDGE in black ink-see illustration Res £65
  12. 948 BRUTON-3VOS Superb upright strike ties 1d red to cover addressed to Sherborne on 31.7.1877 Res £18
  13. 081 CASTLETOWN-3VOS ties 1d lilac to crested cover of HMS PILOT addressed to Plymouth on 11.6.1886 Res £40
  1. 086 FORTUNESWELL-3VOS cancels [2] tie two 2½d QV values to commercial cover addressed to Sweden on 26.10.1887 Res £40
  2. B10 PERRANARWORTHAL-3HOS ties 1d red stars to pre-addressed envelope to Llandovery on 29.8.1877 Res £30
  3. D66 GILLINGHAM-3VOS ties1d red plate to cover addressed to London on 13.12.1878 Res £35
  4. G76 SHILLINGSTONE-3VOD dated 15.12.1884 with index A [index unlisted by JP and 3 years earlier] cancels ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Sturminster Newton. An exhibition quality strike on a very clean card!! Res £25
  5. J68 WOOL-3VOD dated 9.7.1903 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  6. K18 MELPLASH-3VOD dated 11.12.1912 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. SHERBORNE/POST/OFFICE-The very distinctive dotted circle on the back of an entire written from WEST CAMEL and addressed to William Dickinson, M.P in London on 20.5.1783. At top right is circular framed s/line FREE in red ink Res £75
  2. 1798 ENTIRE Addressed to NAPLES with superb s/line POOL at top right. Below is s/line GERMANIA in black ink. Endorsed “Via Hamburgh” at bottom left. Letter is dated 28.3.1798 Res £50
  3. LYME-Lovely strike of the curved LYME at bottom left of wrapper addressed to “West Square, Surrey” on 28.4.1798 Res £45
  4. WIMBORNE-Scarce SERPENTINE mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to FRANCIS FREELING on 20.3.1799. The writer complains to Freeling about the poor postal service in Wimborne Res £45
  5. BRIDPORT-Superb s/line mark at top right of entire addressed to Hall Garth, Darlington on 26.7.1800. At top left is hexagonal PAID with index F. The very interesting contents refer to the ordering of spinning machinery and the setting up of such in Bridport, an important rope making town Res £30
  6. LEEDS-Very good strike of the unframed circular cancel in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Rochdale on 2.5.1801 Res £25
  7. CHARMOUTH-S/line mark at top centre of entire FREE addressed to Viscount Dudley & Ward in London on 5.8.1801. At right is the “apple” type FREE dated 5.8.1801 Res £60
  8. LEEK/154-Framed mileage mark in black ink at top right of wrapper pre-addressed to Rochdale on 21.5.1818 Res £25
  9. POST PAID Entire dated 25.6.1822 addressed to Sheffield with manuscript Pd 4d on the front. On the back is the red inked ROTHERHAM/169 Res £20
  10. SHAFTESBURY/5th CLAUSE POST-Framed mark in black on the back of an entire from Bruton on 17.1.1827. On the front is the framed No.1 receiving house mark Res £65
  11. LONDON TO COGNAC-Entire dated 4.11.1835 from London with d/ring ANGLETERRE PAR CALAIS in red ink at top right Res £25
  12. PAID 1d-Universal Penny Postage mark of Tunbridge Wells in red ink at top right of wrapper addressed to Chippenham on 23.12.1840-type “C”, earlier than listed by Steve Walker in his book on the subject Res £25
  13. CORNWALL-Wrapper addressed to Hayle with lovely blued paper 1d red tied absolutely perfectly by the black Maltese Cross cancel of PENZANCE on 20.2.1843 Res £22
  14. CERTIFICATE OF POSTING OF A Registered letter to London on 21.6.1846, cancelled by superb strike of the undated d/arc CERNE in black ink-see illustration Res £50
  15. MOURNING Cover addressed to London & redirected to the Duke of Westminster with 1d red imperf tied by indistinct 1844 cancel 256 of Dorchester on 10.5.1847. At top left is the undated d/arc CERNE in black ink. Taxed 1d for redirection in London Res £30
  16. HORSE & CATTLE MEDICINES-Lovely illustrated bill head for 3/6d from John Coppock of BRIDPORT dated simply 1847 Res £25
  17. WINFRITH-One of just two recorded examples of the serif undated d/arc cancel in black ink on the front of stampless envelope addressed to the Rev William Fisher, at The Close, Salisbury on 7.7.1849. Taxed 4d Res £45
  18. BOURN END-Undated d/arc in black on back of cover addressed to Bangor, North Wales on 1.9.1849 with the 1d imperf being tied by the 1844 type numeral 518 of MARLOW Res £25
  19. LANGTON MALTRAVERS-Undated d/arc in blue-black ink on back of 1d pink envelope addressed to Poole on 23.11.1850 Res £28
  20. DRIMPTON-Blue inked undated d/arc on back of cover addressed to Chard on 6.5.1853. The 1d red imperf is tied by 943 1844 type numeral of Beaminster Res £28
  21. DORCHESTER-10d EMBOSSED Value [cut to shape] on neat little cover addressed to France with stamp tied by 256 numeral cancel on 2.6.1854-see illustration Res £150
  22. STAINCLIFFE-Undated d/arc in blue ink on back of entire addressed to Sheffield on 14.5.1857. The stamp is tied by 3HOS cancel of Dewsbury Res £25
  23. MORETON-Undated d/arc in black ink on the back of very clean cover to Marlow with stamp tied by the smaller sideways duplex cancel DORCHESTER-256 dated 5.5.1858-this is the only recorded example of the Moreton mark! Res £30
  24. TEMPLECOMBE-Cover from Cerne to Templecombe dated 20.10.1858 with stamp tied by smaller DORCHESTER s/ways duplex dated the same day with index C. On the back is the dated single arc cancel CERNE dated 20th and the undated s/arc cancel TEMPLECOMBE in black Res £22
  25. CLYFFE-Undated s/line thimble cancel in black on the back of a 1d pink envelope cancelled by smaller Dorchester s/ways duplex cancel and addressed to Cheltenham on 24.3.1859. Res £30
  26. HAWKCHURCH-Undated single arc cancel in black ink on the back of a cover addressed to Chard on 8.8.1859. At this time, Hawkchurch was a little bit of Dorset, surrounded by Devon!! Res £30
  27. WEST ALVINGTON-Black undated d/arc on the back of a neat little cover addressed to Kingsbridge, Devon via UPWAY where the undated thimble with s/line UPWAY was applied. The stamp is tied by circular duplex cancel of Dorchester dated 2.12.1859 Res £28
  28. LYME-Lovely little cover registered to London with 1d red plate 90 and 4d orange plate 8 tied by 3HOS numeral cancels 484 with s/ring LYME below, dated 8.4.1867 Res £50
  29. BLANDFORD TO ILLINOIS-Nice little cover with 6d pale violet plate 6 tied by circular duplex cancel BLANDFORD-87 dated 16.2.1869 Res £30
  30. SHERBORNE-Lovely little cover addressed to CARDIFF with 1d red plate 149 and 4d orange from plate 12 tied by single strike of the four-bar duplex cancel SHERBORNE-702 dated 2.11.1871-see illustration Res £50
  31. BRIDPORT-Plain newspaper wrapper addressed to Lyme Regis with ½d Bantam plate 5 tied by circular duplex cancel BRIDPORT-127 dated 20.3.1874 Res £22
  32. SQUARED CIRCLE-Two strikes of the scarce SHAFTESBURY mark dated 4.10.1880 on cover addressed to Uppingham. Rated “RR” by Cohen = 3 to 4 copies known Res £65
  33. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV registered envelope size F addressed to Belper, Derby’s, with added ½d green and 1d INLAND REVENUE value tied by DORCHESTER cancel dated 8.7.1881-see illustration Res £40
  34. WAREHAM-Mourning cover with contents written from Worgret addressed to Bournemouth with 1d lilac tied by 3VOD WAREHAM-843 dated 30.7.1881 Res £10
  35. SQUARED CIRCLE-Cover addressed to Exeter with 1d lilac tied by excellent strike of the scarce cancel CHARMOUTH dated 8.11.1881 Res £30
  36. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV ½d postcard addressed to Manchester, cancelled by BRIDPORT cancel dated 15.9.1893 with index F [II SC] rated “RR” by Cohen Res £30
  37. SQUARED CIRCLE-Borough of Lyme Regis printed regulations as to the movement of animals into the Borough from BRISTOL after the 11th August 1884 due to an outbreak of FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE in the city. Addressed to the Town Clerk of Shaftesbury, the circular has ½d slate blue tied by squared circle cancel LYME dated 14.8.1884 Res £40
  38. POOLE-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to ROSTOCK with 5d green tied by 4VOD cancel POOLE-624 dated 12.12.1884 Res £65
  39. SQUARED CIRCLE-Lovely cover addressed to the BAY OF CHALEUR, Canada with 2½d tied by superb strike of the BRIDPORT cancel dated 5.10.1887-exhibition quality Res £22
  40. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV ½d advertising postal stationery postcard from Cooper, Box & company of London addressed to Gillingham [Dorset], cancelled by DORCHESTER cancel dated 27.3.1890 Res £12
  41. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV Registered envelope size H addressed to Holland with added 1/- green & ½d vermilion tied by TOTTENHAM S.O squared circle dated 4.4.1893 Res £45
  42. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV registered envelope size F addressed to Morpeth with 1d lilac tied by BEDLINGTON-B75 duplex cancel dated 12.12.1893. On the front is registered cancel of NEWCASTLE and on the back, the squared circle cancel MORPETH dated the same day-10 months later than recorded by Cohen Res £25
  43. SQUARED CIRCLE-2d + 2d plum postal stationery envelope addressed to Montreal, cancelled by lovely large concentric squared circle cancel LOMBARD ST B.O/E.C dated 13.10.1894 Res £22
  44. PLAIN Registered cover to Berlin with 4½d Jubilee tied by oval registered cancel of LOMBARD STREET dated 1.4.1897 Res £28
  45. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS-EMBOSSED STAMP CUT-Manuscript endorsement at top of plain postcard addressed to Glasgow from BATTERSEA on 28.9.1897 with the further irritation of being deemed “OVER SIZE” and charged 1d. At bottom left is quartered S-M-W-B in black Res £18
  46. MACHINE CANCEL-International machine cancel of London with 7 wavy bars ties stamp to postcard on 23.6.1902, but without the “1c” which it should have according to my “Collect British Postmarks”-see illustration & tell me what I’m missing Res £25
  47. PORTSMOUTH-Postcard addressed to “Northsea” with stamp tied by triangular framed telegraphic code PT Ca. 1903 Res £8
  48. BROWNSEA ISLAND-EDW VII 1d postal stationery postcard written from the Island on 5.7.1904 to Germany from Charles Van Ralte and signed by him. He was a Parliamentary hope full & one-time owner of the Island. He wanted to be a member of the Poole Council, so bought Brownsea Island believing it to be a part of Poole. Much to his horror and much emptier wallet, he discovered that all of the islands in Poole Harbour were in the Purbeck District. Unperturbed, he went on to buy the “pretty useless spit of sand” known as SANDBANKS for 21 Guinees!! Comes with one of his election portraits for the Eastern Division of Dorset Parliamentary Elections Res £35
  49. PIEL ISLAND-Postcard of “Peel” castle addressed to Coldstream with ½d EDW VII tied by d/ring BARROW-IN-FURNESS dated 17.8.1906. Alongside is the s/ring PIEL dated the same day. A scarce cancel Res £25
  50. RYE HARBOUR-S/ring dated 26.5.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  51. PARKHURST / NEWPORT I OF W - S/ring dated 15.10.1908 on postcard from Newport Res £5
  52. WEYMOUTH IN A CRAB-Novelty crab shaped postcard with label attached with address to Bridport with ½d EDW VII value tied by s/ring WEYMOUTH dated 2.10.1909. On the back is the s/ring BRIDPORT arrival mark for the next day Res £25
  53. BROWNSEA ISLAND-Postcard addressed to “Branksea” Island with stamp tied by skeleton cancel WHITCHURCH/HANTS dated 30.7.1910 Res £10
  54. BEAR PARK COLLIERY-S/ring dated 22.10.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  55. POSTCARD Addressed to Branksome with GEO V ½d tied by triangular framed telegraphic code OMC Ca. 1917 Res £8
  56. GIBRALTAR-Postcard addressed to Parkstone with Gibraltar 1d tied by s/ring dated 19.10.1920. On arrival it was forwarded locally to Canford Cliffs with the addition of a GEO V 2d value tied by PARKSTONE/DORSET d/ring dated 25.10.1920 Res £8
  57. GEO V 2d very, very bright deep orange on postcard addressed to Forston, Dorchester, tied by s/ring CHARMINSTER/DORSET dated 5.4.1921-see illustration Res £22
  58. PIDDLETRENTHIDE/DORCHESTER-Scarce s/ring cancel dated 18.4.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  59. THREE LEGGED CROSS/WIMBORNE DST-D/ring dated 24.5.1929 ties 1d PUC value to postcard Res £7
  60. ST AUBIN/JERSEY-S/ring dated 15.9.1931 cancels GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to KENYA. At top left is the ST AUBIN registration label No.31 Res £25
  61. BANK OF ENGLAND “LONDON/1 ½d]PAID envelope addressed to Cardiff and redirected to Dinas Powis with CARDIFF Telephone slogan at top right dated 2.7.1932. These are notoriously hard to date-not this one!! Res £22
  62. SILVER JUBILEE-Registered cover addressed to PORT RICO with ½d, 1d x 2, 1½d x 2 & single 2½d Silver Jubilee values tied by s/rings BRIDPORT DORSET/2 dated 7.5.1935, the first day of issue!! Res £25
  63. JERSEY-GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Peterborough, cancelled by the oval registered cancel JERSEY CHANNEL IS dated 9.11.1937-no sub-office cancels Res £22
  64. FAIR OAK/EASTLEIGH HANTS-Dated d/ring 4.3.1942 cancels BLANK Registration label on GEO VI 5½d postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Bishop’s Waltham Res £18
  65. SCOTS ISLANDS-QEII 2½d letter card addressed to Mansfield from EOLIGARRY School House to Mansfield, cancelled by d/ring NORTHBAY/CASTLEBAY I OF BARRA dated 14.8.1957. Complete with proper message Res £8




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