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  1. BOLTON, ROBBINS & BUSK-Cover addressed to Bruton, Somerset with 1d Venetian red & ½d green perfin BRB and tied by LONDON WC duplex cancels dated 20.4.1881 Res £22
  2. DEUTSCHE BANK-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope pre-addressed to the Lombard Street office with added 1d lilac perfin DB tied by oval registered cancel of Saint Martin’s Place dated 6.2.1891 Res £15
  3. ROBERT OUTRAM & COMPANY LTD-Printed postal stationery postcard addressed to Belgium with added ½d vermilion perfin RO/&Co., tied by London hooded circle cancel dated 27.8.1894 Res £10
  4. ARMY & NAVY STORES-BLOCK OF Eight QV 1½d values with the company perfin, used with the uncommon parcel post hooded circle cancel of the SOUTH WESTERN DISTRICT OFFICE on 20.8.1889. Nice item Res £10
  5. ARMY & NAVY STORES-BLOCK OF Eight QV 6d values with same perfin as previous lot with same cancel dated 17.6.1890 Res £12
  6. ARTHUR & COMPANY LTD-Crested envelope from the Glasgow company addressed to Sweden with QV ½d & 2d values perfin A&Co/Ld and tied by d/rings GLASGOW/9 dated 27.5.1897 Res £10
  7. BODDINGTON’S BREWERY-EDW VII ½d blue-green on printed postcard addressed to Scotland with stamp perfin B tied by MANCHESTER/23 d/ring dated 27.10.1902-two fickle holes hardly detract Res £7
  8. A GAGNIERE & COMPANY LTD-EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Vienna with added 1½d value perfin AG/&Co/Ld tied by WESTERN DISTRICT OFFICE s/ring dated 23.10.1905 Res £12
  9. CENTRAL AGENCY, GLASGOW-Folded communication addressed to Forres with EDW VII ½d perfin CA/G tied by GLASGOW/21 d/ring dated 21.4.1909 Res £7
  10. BELL & BIEBERSTEDT-Printed envelope from this Leith company addressed to Germany with EDW VII ½d x 2 & 1d GEO V perfin B&B tied by EDINBURGH machine cancel dated 19.10.1911 Res £8
  11. FERGUSON, SHAW & SON-Trade postcard from the Glasgow Soap, Candle, Lard & Oil merchants addressed to Leeds with GEO V ½d perfin FSS tied by Glasgow Krag cancel dated 10.10.1913 Res £6
  12. BUSK, MELLOR & NORRIS-Crested envelope from the London solicitors addressed to Cornwall with GEO V ½d & 1d values perfin BM/&N tied by LONDON W.C d/rings dated 28.7.1915-nice Late Fee item Res £8
  13. BROWN & TAWSE-Censored, printed envelope addressed to New York with GEO V 1d perfin BT [reversed] tied by DUNDEE Krag cancel dated 28.8.1916 Res £8
  14. COX-Full name perfin on GEO V 2½d tied to censored envelope from Sunderland addressed to Copenhagen on 31.7.1917 Res £8
  15. BRITISH PETROLEUM-Trade postcard addressed to Manchester with GEO V ½d perfin BP/CoLd., tied by d/ring ECCLES/+ dated 20.12.1919 Res £6
  16. WILLIAM DICKSON & SON-Embossed envelope from the Edinburgh company addressed to Glasgow with GEO V 1½d perfin WDS/E tied by Edinburgh British Industries Fair slogan cancel dated 5.1.1923 Res £7
  17. BORAX CONSOLIDATED-Trade postcard addressed to Edinburgh with GEO V ½d perfin BC/Ld tied by London machine cancel dated 2.4.1923 Res £7
  18. POSTAL UNION CONGRESS-Brown & Tawse envelope addressed to Darlington with the 1½d PUC value perfin DT tied by Dundee machine cancel dated 7.8.1929 Res £12
  19. SMITH & CHRISTIE-Trade postcard addressed to Newark with GEO V 1d perfin S&C tied by Glasgow S.E.D.O machine cancel dated 6.8.1931 Res £7
  20. POLICE-Selection of 21 German commemorative stamps 1933-36 [all different] including high values; all with the POL perfin of various regional & city police forces. All are used and very sound stamps. [21] Res £20
  21. HARRODS/LIMITED-Black overprint on GEO V 2d photogravure value attached to a receipt dated 17.10.1935 Res £5
  22. MONTAGU STANLEY & COMPANY-Stock Exchange transaction receipt dated 8.6.1944 with a GEO V 1/- Contract Note revenue perfin SM/&Co affixed and cancelled by s/line date Res £8
  23. THEW, ARNOTT & COMPANY LTD-Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1d perfin TA/&Co., tied by SUTTON, SURREY Victory Bells slogan dated 4.6.1945 Res £6
  24. BROWN & TAWSE-Envelope addressed to Bolton with Scots 4d brown regional value perfin BT tied by Dundee postcode slogan dated 4.10.1968 Res £7


  1. LIFEBUOY SOAP-Lovely printed colour envelope from E White, Grocer & Provision Merchant of Alnwick in mint condition Res £22
  2. WOOL SPINNERS-Illustrated envelope addressed to Maidenhead from W & J Smith, wool spinners of Great Holme Mills, Leicester with GEO V ½d tied by triangular LE machine die of Leicester Ca.1923 Res £18
  3. BOOKSELLERS-Printed, censored envelope addressed to IRAN from the Alfred Wilson company of Ship Tavern Passage with GEO VI 3d tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel dated 15.8.1941 Res £22
  4. “GOLDEN GUERNSEYS FOR QUALITY MILK”-Slogan advertising the milk quality of Shepton Mallet producer, Sage & Son of Batcombe Vale; used to Bruton on 17.8.1964 Res £15
  5. VICTORIA PALACE THEATRE-Advertising window envelope from the London theatre dated 5.9.1994 with lovely advert for BUMBLES RESTAURANT on the back Res £10


  1. 1911 CORONATION AIRMAIL-The very uncommon violet postcard in immaculate condition, unused-see illustration Res £120
  2. 1911 CORONATION AIRMAIL-FINAL Flight postcard [brown] addressed to Wandsworth with GEO V ½d tied by the No.3 London cancel on 15.9.1911 Res £55
  3. INSTONE AIRLINE-Cologne to London flown cover with GEO V ½d, 1d & 2 x 1½d values tied by s/rings ARMY POST OFFICE/S.40 [Cologne] dated 31.8.1923. Res £25
  4. DAIMLER AIRWAYS-Cover addressed to Hamburg carried on the last combined flight as operated by Daimler & KLM with 3 x 1½d values tied by HORNSEY d/rings dated 3.10.1923-uncommon! Res £25
  5. HANDLEY PAGE AIRWAYS—Cover flown to Paris by Handley-Page at the 4½d rate with 2d & 2½d GEO V values tied by s/rings KENILWORTH dated 15.11.1923 Res £22
  6. NO FLIGHT/SENT BY/ORDINARY SERVICE-Framed cachet in violet ink on front of EXPRESS Airmail cover from London to Berlin with GEO V ½d, 6d & 2 x 2½d values tied by cancels dated 16.3.1925 Res £30
  7. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS-Scarce surviving timetable & list of fares for the winter 1927-28 season with an option to travel by the “Silver Wing” [first class] service-see illustration Res £35
  8. IRISH SEA AIRMAIL-Flying Boat carried registered cover from MACCLESFIELD addressed to Belfast with GEO V 1½d, 6d & 9d values tied by s/rings MACCLESFIELD/1 dated 22.9.1928 Res £25
  9. LIVERPOOL CIVIC WEEK/IRISH AIRMAIL-Illustrated “By Flying Boat” cover addressed to Belfast with GEO V ½d & 2d values tied by d/rings LIVERPOOL/26 dated 25.9.1928. At top, centre is the unframed LIVERPOOL CIVIC WEEK / SEPTEMBER 24-29 1928 / EXPERIMENTAL AIRMAIL / TO BELFAST in red ink Res £25
  10. LONDON TO PARIS AT THE NEW 4d RATE-Cover with printed airmail label as a part of the design addressed to Paris with GEO V 4d tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel dated 2.6.1930 Res £18
  11. INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES LTD-Pilot signed cover addressed to Plymouth with IAL yellow label tied by the Croydon, London Airport company cancel on 26.8.1933. No postage stamp affixed as I.A.L didn’t always pay postage [the GPO effectively stopped them flying mail shortly afterwards, closing down the company]-one of just 100 carried-see illustration Res £35
  12. INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES LTD-Western Air Express cover to Newport, Wales flown on the London to Plymouth service on 26.8.1933 with the yellow label tied by unframed Croydon First Flight cachet in violet ink, dated 25.8.1933 Res £35
  13. PROVINCIAL AIRWAYS/WEST COUNTRY AIR SERVICE-Cover addressed to London flown on the Plymouth to London flight of the 26th November 1933. The 3d label is tied by company cachet & London machine cancel Res £356
  14. CROYDON AIRPORT-Rohan & Company booklet of 6 “souvenir views” of the airport complete with cover and all cards. Staple removed as was rusty. Res £40
  15. BLUE AIRMAIL POST BOXES-GPO Leaflet listing all of the blue boxes in the Western District of London. Res £15
  16. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS-Illustrated first flight cover from Croydon to Cape Province with GEO V 2d & 5d values tied by machine cancel dated 27.2.1931. On the back is a d/ring transit mark of MWANZA and an arrival mark of ALICE dated 10.3.1931 & 4.4.1931 respectively Res £35
  17. SEAHORSES-Lovely little registered cover addressed to Buenos Aires with GEO V 1½d photogravure pair and single 1/-, 5/- & 10/- values tied by oval registered cancels of MANCHESTER dated 8.11.1935-see illustration Res £150
  18. JOHANNESBURG 1936 EMPIRE EXHIBITION Postcard addressed to London with ½d tied by the Exhibition cancel dated 9.12.1936. You could post these cards to anywhere on the planet for just one ½d Res £10
  19. SELFRIDGES Facsimile postcard of the 1911 Coronation Airmail postcard addressed to Gulbenkian & Poole at 392, Strand with the EDW VIII Selfridges promotional meter cancel for ½d dated 15.2.1937 cancelling the card. Issued by “Stamp Collecting” as a souvenir of the Coronation [GEO VI] Airmail Exhibition and used on the 1st day of the show Res £18
  20. SEAHORSES-Longer commercial cover to Buenos Aires with GEO V 6d, 2/6d & 5/- values tied by LONDON F.S machine cancels dated 11.5.1938 Res £70
  21. SEAHORSE-Lovely little cover addressed to Buenos Aires with GEO V 2/6d below GEO VI 9d & 1/- values. All are tied by s/rings MARBLE ARCH B.O/W.1 dated 29.9.1939-not censored-see illustration Res £50
  22. CROYDON AIRPORT CROYDON SURREY-Registered cover to Leamington Spa with ½d & 8d Wildings tied by s/rings dated 5.7.1954. At left is the framed NO ANSWER/ INITIALS……. In violet ink. At left is the Croydon 96 registration label Res £22
  23. HENDON COMMEMORATIVE Illustrated cover marking the 45th anniversary of the 1911 Coronation flights with detail in brown, used from there on 16.8.1956 Res £12
  24. HENDON COMMEMORATIVE Illustrated cover as previous lot but with detail now in blue Res £12
  25. DITTO-Now in black, used to same address from Hendon on 16.8.1956 Res £12


  1. LUNDY ISLAND-1929-1939 OVERPRINT Set in mint condition [catalogued £55 as mounted mint in 2009] [5] Res £25
  2. LUNDY ISLAND-“BY AIR 8” Overprint values 4-all different in mint condition. The stamp [Aitchison 78ca] shows the H for L variety in Lundy-see illustration Res £55
  3. LUNDY ISLAND-The “TIGHEARNA” Imperforate mini-sheet, mint with black overprint Res £5
  4. LUNDY ISLAND-The “TIGHEARNA” Perforated sheet with overprint in gold, mint Res £15
  5. GERMAN POLICE REVENUE RECEIPT STAMPS-Examples of the 2, 25 & 50Rm values and a block of four of the 5Rm stamps with Eagle & Swastika at centre-all are mint condition [7] Res £12
  6. MARSHALL & SNELGROVE CENTENARY-Cover addressed to West Moors, Dorset from Bournemouth on 19.4.1937 with EDW VIII 1½d and colourful centenary label tied by machine cancel Res £15
  7. FOLKESTONE, GEM OF THE KENTISH COAST-Red label on postcard addressed to Wimbledon as a Christmas greetings card on 18.12.1952. Not tied, but does belong Res £8
  8. LUNDY ISLAND-1943 Surcharge values 1½ & 2½ Puffins on 12 & 6 Puffins, mounted mint; 8 Puffins on 12 Puffins [1951] mint & two 1 Puffin on 9 Puffin examples with left & right misplaced overprints [1969], mint [5] Res £22
  9. LUNDY ISLAND-Cover addressed to the Manor Farm Hotel, Lundy from WARMINSTER on 20.10.1969 with a scarce PAIR of the 1 Puffin on 9 Puffins surcharge values tied to top left by the rubber Lundy cancel in green ink-see illustration Res £25
  10. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard of the island addressed to Yorkshire with 1st class Welsh regional and the 2 Dabs Caldey Island value tied by inkjet cancel dated 2004. The label is further tied by the pictorial d/ring cancel CALDEY ISLAND/WALES Res £6


  1. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE 1d postal stationery jubilee postcard addressed to a Mr A Hargreaves in Wootton Bassett, Wilts, cancelled by the star cancel dated 16.5.1890 without index-see illustration Res £25
  2. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to E Carpenter of Streatham, cancelled by the star cancel dated 19.5.1890 with index 4 Res £25
  3. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-1d postal stationery jubilee postcard addressed to Mrs Shanks of Notting Hill, cancelled by the star cancel dated 19.5.1890 with index 10 Res £22
  4. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The 1d blue illustrated postal stationery envelope addressed within Wimborne, cancelled by the s/ring WIMBORNE dated 2.7.1890. Scarcer usage from a small Dorset market town-see illustration Res £45
  5. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The insert card from the 1d blue envelope addressed to Yorkshire with ½d & 1½d Wildings tied by EASTBOURNE “Post Early for Christmas” slogan dated 7.12.1954. The back of the card has printed details from STAMP DEALER, G.P Keef of Willingdon, Eastbourne-see illustrations Res £35
  6. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE ELLIOT Envelope & insert card with black promotional overprint “JUBILEE CARD / AND / ENVELOPE / ONE PENNY” on the front-see illustration Res £65
  7. ROYAL NAVAL EXHIBITION-Blue Eddystone Lighthouse pictorial cancel dated 15.8.1891 on ½d brown QV postcard with illustration on the back of the lighthouse. Addressed to Beckenham Res £45
  8. POSTAGE STAMP EXHIBITION & CONGRESS/MANCHESTER-D/ring cancel dated 20.2.1909 [last day] ties ½d stamp to special congress postcard addressed to Warrington Res £22
  9. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL/EXHIBITION-D/ring cancel dated 8.9.1909 ties stamp to official exhibition postcard Res £8
  10. LONDON 1910 CONGRESS-Blocks of four of the Perkins Bacon promotional labels depicting a young Queen Victoria-all are unmounted mint & very fresh [16] Res £35
  11. SHEPHERD’S BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION/1-Special d/ring cancel dated 8.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard of the exhibition Res £12
  12. CRYSTAL PALACE/1-Flag cancel of the Festival of Empire Imperial Exhibition dated 29.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Manchester Res £12
  13. LONDON NAVAL CONFERENCE-S/rings dated 21.2.1930 ties ½d & 2 x 2d GEO V values to registered cover addressed within London Res £35
  14. INTERNATIONAL AIR POST EXHIBITION-The 6 1934 APEX labels in purple, blue, red, green, orange & brown Res £12
  15. GLASGOW EXHIBITION-Postcard of the exhibition addressed within Scotland with the large Clachan Post Office label and the GEO VI 1d tied by the exhibition machine cancel dated 21.5.1938 Res £12
  16. GLASGOW EXHIBITION-Last day exhibition plain postcard addressed to Bristol with EDW VIII ½d tied by the Glasgow Exhibition machine cancel on 29.10.1938. Underpaid, the card was taxed 1d and has a 1d postage due tied by d/ring of WESTBURY-ON-TRYM/BRISTOL dated 31.10.1938 Res £12
  17. INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE CONGRESS-GB 3d Imperial Reply Coupon cancelled by the scarce hexagonal framed 1938 / C.C.I.F. / LONDON-See illustration Res £75
  18. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY-Mulready caricature envelope from the 27th Philatelic Congress at Bournemouth with the full set of values tied by 6th May Congress cancels Res £25
  19. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY EXHIBITION AT LANCASTER HOUSE-The souvenir sheets of labels in aid of the Red Cross in purple-brown, orange, green, brown & violet Res £25
  20. 1948 30th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain folder containing the congress souvenir labels in blue, green, pink & brown-pristine!! Res £22
  21. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW-Skeleton cancels dated 23.5.1950 [1st day] ties GEO VI ½d and 2d x 3 to registered cover addressed to Cheltenham Res £15
  22. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 22.5.1951 ties GEO VI 2½d and 4d Festival of Britain values to registered cover addressed to Aylesbury Res £15
  23. SBAC EX/FARNBOROUGH HTS-Skeleton cancel dated 16.9.1951 ties Festival of Britain 4d to GEO VI 2d brown postal stationery postcard registered to Watford. This was used at the Society of British Aircraft Constructors exhibition which was to develop into the Farnborough Air Show Res £25
  24. MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A-S/rings dated 10.9.1953 ties ½d & 8d Wildings to registered cover addressed to Glasgow. This MPO cancel was used at the British Aircraft Constructors Exhibition [see previous lot] Res £12
  25. LONDON 1980-Series of pictorial commemorative covers, each of which arrived/travelled to the show by a different method, i.e. foot messenger, horse, cycle, Victorian mail coach, sorting carriage, mail van, ship, hovercraft, balloon, helicopter, and CONCORDE. A series of 11 with one [ No. C73] missing. Res £15


  1. GERMANY-INFLATION Period cover to the ship “AQUITANIA” at Southampton with 7 stamp franking tied by BERLIN cancels dated 12.8.1922. At left is manuscript “UBER HOLLAND”. On arrival, the EXPRESS FEE PAID 6d was applied in London and the NOT CLAIMED framed mark applied in Southampton. On the back is the oval cachet of the CUNARD MAIL DEPARTMENT cachet dated 12.8.1922 Res £22
  2. SWITZERLAND-Neat little cover addressed to London with 90c green & red definitive tied by CHAMBY d/ring dated 20.3.1930. On arrival, the EXPRESS FEE PAID 6d was applied Res £18
  3. ICELAND TO DUNDEE-Cover addressed to Dundee from Reykjavik on 5.3.1958 with lovely strike of the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 1/- GW of Glasgow on the back Res £22
  4. SCOTLAND TO SOMERSET-Neat little cover addressed to Bruton with a block of six of the 3d Scots regionals tied by s/rings OBAN/ARGYLL dated 16.7.1959. With both brown Express label and the oval POST OFFICE/EXPRESS/DELIVERY cachet in violet ink Res £15
  5. POLAND TO SUTTON COLDFIELD-Express airmail postcard marking some sort of Polish aviation event with stamps tied by Warsaw cancels dated 13.1960. At top is the unframed EXPRESS FEE PAID 1/- in violet ink Res £15


  1. “NOT TO BE FORWARDED” Straight line mark in violet ink on QV ½d vermilion postal stationery envelope addressed to St Leonard’s on Sea from Norwich on 24.1.1895. Despite the instruction, it was forwarded to London & has the transit s/ring ST LEONARD’S ON SEA/STATION OFFICE s/ring at bottom left, dated 25.1.1895 with index KAXA Res £20
  2. MOURNING COVER Addressed to an army officer in London with a block of four of the GEO V 3 Pies grey cancelled by d/ring FEROZEPORE/SET 2 dated 18.5.1919. Taxed ½d, the postage due is tied by PADDINGTON d/ring dated 14.6.1919 and is alongside a pictorial cachet GURU BE WITH ME Res £20
  3. EGYPT-Underpaid postcard from Kantara addressed to Bournemouth with 3 Mils tied by s/ring dated 3.4.1921 and is further tied by the ½d Inland Branch tax mark. The ½d due is tied by BOURNEMOUTH/6 s/ring dated 12.4.1921 Res £12
  4. BELGIUM-MINERALS EXHIBITION Special cancel ties 5c value to postcard addressed to London on 31.7.1923 which has been taxed 2½d. The fine is made up with a 1d & 1½d postage due tied by s/ring STREATHAM S.W dated 2.8.1923-a lovely combination seldom seen Res £25
  5. DELAYED THROUGH BEING/POSTED IN A LETTER BOX/FOR “LONDON” LETTERS/PLEASE ADVISE SENDER-Red inked mark at bottom left of a cover addressed to Bury from London on 4.2.1927 Res £8
  6. INDIA TO BOURNEMOUTH-Underpaid cover with 2 x 2 Anna values tied by d/ring CALCUTTA GPO dated 6.11.1938. Taxed 5½d in the Inland Section, the ½d, 2d & 3d dues are tied by undated WINTON/BOURNEMOUTH HANTS d/rings. Res £15
  7. MALTA TO SUSSEX-Underpaid cover to Bexhill with 2 x ½d GEO VI values toed by VALLETTA d/ring dated 14.2.1939. taxed 2d, the due is tied by BEXHILL ON SEA d/ring dated 18.2.1938 Res £8
  8. BUNDLE HEADER-Window envelope from Brighton to Sevenoaks on 10.12.1940 returned to sender with a pair of 4d postage dues paying for 8 letters tied by s/rings BRIGHTON SUSSEX/D dated 16.12.1940 Res £25
  9. NEW YORK TO SALISBURY-Underpaid postcard dated 27.12.1951 taxed 1/1d in the Inland Section with 1d & 1/- dues tied by s/rings SALISBURY/WILTS dated 1.1.1952 Res £9
  10. BURMA TO MANCHESTER-Airmail cover underpaid to Manchester taxed 2½d in the Inland Section with ½d orange & 2d dues tied by d/rings MANCHESTER/P.B dated 14.3.1952 Res £12
  11. VENEZUELA TO LONDON - Underpaid cover from the Creole Petroleum Corporation sent on 5.11.1952 with framed T Bs……… applied in Venezuela and the framed SD/FS-MORE TO/PAY/[AIR] RATE/ABOVE….OZ mark applied in London with 1/1½d to pay. The 1/- & 1½d green postage dues are tied by d/rings LONDON W.C dated 11.11.1952 Res £22
  12. BARBADOS TO LONDON-Underpaid airmail cover to London with GEO VI 8c & 12c values tied by AIRMAIL/GPO BARBADOS d;/rings dated 29.6.1953. Below is the framed INSUFFICIENT/AIR POSTAGE in violet ink. Taxed 1/6d, the pair of 3d and a single 1/- due are tied by d/rings on arrival Res £22
  13. SURREY TO JERSEY-Stampless, unpaid cover addressed to Jersey from Sutton on 18.6.1954 with 5d/I.S tax mark. The British5d due is tied by s/ring JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS/5 dated 21.6.1954 Res £8
  14. DECEASED/342-Framed mark in black on undelivered cover from Stourbridge addressed to RYE, Sussex on 18.7.1954. The tax mark is that of Hastings or St Leonard’s as they both shared the same number, 342 Res £12
  15. OHMS Post Office P259H Official Paid postcard addressed to Newark, cancelled by s/ring PETERBOROUGH/NORTHANTS dated 4.7.1962. On the back are a block of 10 x 1/-, two strips of 3 x 1/-, a pair of 4d and a pair of 2/6d postage dues paying “charges due to be paid” on a parcel Res £22
  16. OPEN PANEL / RETURN TOP SENDER / INADMISSIBLE FOR / TRANSMISSION ABROAD - Framed cachet on front of window envelope returned to Lilley & Skinner of Oxford Street on 1.7.1965. On the back is the framed RETURN TO SENDER/OPEN PANEL [F.S]/CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/SEE PAGE [126] P.O GUIDE [3] Res £20
  17. NO SUCH STREET IN PINNER-Framed mark in violet ink on undelivered cover from London dated 1.8.1966 Res £10
  18. FRANCE TO A SUSSEX CONVENT-Underpaid cover from Paris dated 26.9.1968 with framed INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/………………TO PAY/258 of Dover. The 4d & 5d dues are tied by registered cancel of Midhurst dated 30.9.1968 Res £6
  19. RHODESIA-Small cover addressed to Sale with 3 x 1d QEII Independence overprint values tied by uncommon d/ring cancel EMERALD HILL/RHODESIA dated 13.8.1969. At left is the framed INVALID STAMPS USED/POSTAGE DUE….6d…. above the rubber cancel DERBY/GREAT/DATE/BRITAIN/* dated 9.9.1969. The 6d due is tied by SALE d/ring dated 12.9.1969 Res £22
  20. RHODESIA-Rhodesian formula registered envelope addressed to Lombard Bankers, London with 10c, 12½c & 50c values tied by d/rings WEST END BULAWAYO/RHODESIA dated 18.4.1970. Taxed 8/6d [how the hell do they calculate these rates???] the 1/-, 2/6d & 5/- dues are tied by oval cancels dated 23.4.1970n Res £25
  21. RHODESIA-Commercial cover addressed to the ISLE OF MAN with 3d & 2 x 6d values tied by SALISBURY machine cancel dated 2.11.1970. Taxed 9d, the 3d & 6d GB dues are tied by rubber cancels of RAMSEY/ISLE OF MAN dated 9.11.1970 Res £22
  22. ZAMBIA TO ST ALBANS-Underpaid cover to St Albans with 2 & 8n values tied by d/ring cancel CHIMWEMWE dated 25.6.1975. taxed 8½p, the ½p, 3p & 5p dues are tied by oval registered cancels dated 2.7.1975 Res £8
  23. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Unpaid, stampless cover addressed locally on 4.8.1978 and taxed 12p with the 1p & 11p dues tied by the s/ring JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS/12 dated the same day and by the CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED cachet in violet ink Res £8
  24. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Small cover addressed to the Social Security office with a 12p British Jane Eyre value tied by Return to Sender cachet on 16.10.1980. Alongside is the framed STAMP INVALID/14p TO PAY in violet ink. The 14p due is cancelled by s/ring and the Fresh label Required cachet Res £8


  1. WEYMOUTH/SHIP LRE-Superb strike of the unframed mark on the front of an entire from ANTIGUA dated 28.4.1794 and addressed to Wells, Somerset. Carried by Captain Ross of the ship “Lady Jane Halliday” and landed at Weymouth-see illustration Res £200
  2. SHIP LETTER/CROWN/DOVER-Again, a superb strike of the framed oval mark on the front of a large part [single, final page] of an entire from the West Indies received in London on 9.11.1806. The writer tells of finding a schoolmaster for the “Poor Blacks”. The letter was carried by the ship “Endeavour” Res £65
  3. PORT GLASGOW/SHIP LETTER-Framed mark on the front of entire addressed to Inverness on 16.8.1816 from BERBICE. A lovely mark-see illustration Res £125
  4. HOLLAND-Entire written in English from New York dated 6.2.1835 and addressed to SCHIEDAM with the oval ZEE-BRIEF/DATE/DEN-HELDER dated 8.3.1835 and struck in red ink at top right. A lovely item-see illustration Res £95
  5. EXEMPT SHIP LETTER-Wrapper addressed to London with receipt date of 15.5.1837 with step-type framed WETMOUTH/SHIP LETTER at top right in black ink. Below is the unframed CROWN/EXEMPT SHIP LR in red ink-carried by the “LUSITANIA”-see illustration Res £200
  6. MANCHESTER TO BOSTON-Entire dated 17.6.1859 in Manchester with s/ring at top right. At left is the superb strike of the large circular cancel BOSTON/DATE/BR PKT/24 dated 30th The letter was carried by the “Arabia” and is in superb condition throughout Res £30
  7. SCOTLAND TO CEYLON-Mourning cover addressed to KANDY with 6d QV value [small corner letters] tied by the Scots numeral cancel 171 of HADDINGTON on 12.4.1865. On the back is KANDY/PAID in red ink, struck on 23.5.1865 Res £28
  8. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/M.B-Scarcer tombstone cancel dated 10.1.1891 cancels French 10c postal stationery postcard addressed to Castle Douglas. Edges are a little scuffed, but the cancel cannot be faulted-see illustration Res £60
  9. GREENOCK & ARDRISHAIG PKT/+ D/ring cancel of the IONA with index B dated 15.9.1905 Res £22
  10. H&K PACKETDATE.M4-S/ring dated 7.8.1904 on postcard from Penzance addressed to Dublin Res £18
  11. PAID/LIVERPOOL/COL PACKET-Red inked s/ring dated 28.11.1903 on postcard from Cape Town dated 10.11.1903 and addressed to Liverpool Res £12
  12. BAHAMAS-Lovely postcard of the Sponge Exchange addressed to New York with EDW VII 1d tied by vertical bar machine cancel of MIAMI dated 5.4.1908. Below is the s/line PAQUEBOT cancel in black ink of Miami Res £12
  13. LEVER BROTHERS FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE-Envelope carried by the “LUSITANIA” with long letter addressed to JD Lever of Lever Brothers Toronto operation and with GB EDW VII 2½d tied by d/ring LIVERPOOL/8 dated 9.9.1911 Res £10
  14. TOO LATE/SHIP SAILED-Unframed mark in violet ink on postcard from Glasgow addressed to a passenger on board the TSS “MAUIGANUI” at Plymouth, Bound for Australia on 29.12.1911 Res £15
  15. FREMANTLE-Orient Line crested envelope addressed to London with GB GEO V 1½d P.U.C tied by s/ring FREMANTLE/W.A dated 7.1.1930. Alongside is the framed PAQUEBOT cancel in black ink Res £12
  1. MALTA-Greek postcard addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea and redirected locally upon arrival with GB GEO V 1d tied by d/ring PAQUEBOT/MALTA dated 11.5.1931. Alongside is the oval POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/DATE/TSS “ARANDORA STAR” dated 11.5.1931 Res £15
  2. SWITZERLAND-Postcard addressed to Taunton with 2 x 10c values tied by d/rings LUZERN FLUELEN/SCIFF dated 23.6.1931 with index 10 Res £15
  3. NORWAY-Postcard of the North Cape addressed to Manchester with GB GEO V 1d tied by d/ring TRONDHEIM dated 22.7.1933 and by the s/line, unframed PAQUEBOT cancel Res £18
  4. SILVER JUBILEE-Postcard of the RMS “ATLANTIS” addressed to Hove with 1½d GEO V Silver Jubilee value tied by NAPLES cancel dated 26.5.1935 with s/line, framed PAQUEBOT alongside the oval framed R.S.S “ATLANTIS”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS in violet ink on 31.5.1935 Res £12
  5. FREMANTLE-Northern Assurance crested envelope addressed to Aberdeen with EDW VIII 2½d tied by the machine PAQUEBOT cancel dated 24.8.1937 Res £10
  6. SOUTHAMPTON-Postcard of the Canadian Pacific vessel “EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA” addressed to Lincolnshire with 2 x ½d GEO VI values tied by the s/ring PAQUEBOT / POSTED AT SEA / RECEIVED / DATE / SOUTHAMPTON dated 11.8.1938. At the bottom of the card is the machine cancel version of the PAQUEBOT mark dated the same Res £12
  7. WWII-CENSORED Cover to the Red Cross in Geneva with GB GEO V 2½d toed by distorted framed rubber PAQUEBOT cancel of GLASGOW in violet ink. At left is the PC90 British Examiner tape No.487 Res £25
  8. BERMUDA-Postcard addressed to New Orleans with GEO VI Bermuda 3d “Perot” value tied by blue-inked rubber SHIP MAIL/NASSAU dated 6.12.1950. Alongside is the further rubber cancel of the QUEEN OF BERMUDA Posted on the High Seas in dull violet ink Res £10
  9. LISBON-Postcard to Shropshire with Spanish 3.50 Peseta stamp tied by PAQUEBOT cancel of LISBON; alongside is the Lisbon d/ring dated 27.6.1968 Res £5
  10. SOUTHAMPTON-Cover addressed to Portugal with 10p “Black Prince” value tied by the Southampton machine PAQUEBOT cancel dated 10.4.1976 Res £7


  1. WHITTINGTON BARRACKS-S/ring dated 2.9.1903. The card id from FORT WILLIAM and is addressed to Wellington Barracks and has been around the bazaars until ending up in the Army Barracks in Birmingham Res £7
  2. BOVINGTON CAMP / WAREHAM-Violet inked rubber cancel ties stamp to postcard on 26.5.1905 Res £15
  3. STRENSALL CAMP/YORK-930 Duplex cancel dated 16.9.1905 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE/6-S/ring dated 25.9.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard of Dorchester addressed to Westcliff-on-Sea. The card is written from DORCHESTER CAMP Res £22
  5. LODMORE CAMP/WEYMOUTH-Skeleton cancel dated 7.8.1908 ties stamp to lovely real photo postcard of the 1st Battalion, the Wiltshire Regiment marching to/from camp Res £12
  6. WORGRET/CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 10.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard of Wareham Res £10
  7. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-Skeleton cancel dated 19.2.1915 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to London & redirected to Harrogate Res £12
  8. MOORE PARK/CAMP-Irish double rim skeleton dated 12.4.1915 ties stamp to postcard of Fermoy addressed to Eastbourne-a scarce cancel-see illustration Res £28
  9. BOYTON CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 3.1.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  10. BETTISFIELD PARK CAMP B.O/WHITCHURCH-S/ring cancel dated 29.3.1917 ties stamp to real photo multi-view postcard of BETTISFIELD PARK Res £10
  11. NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-D/ring cancel dated 24.4.1916 ties stamp to postcard of the HOSPITAL SHIP “AQUITANIA” addressed to Slough. The writer tells of being brought back to the UK in this ship from GALLIPOLI Res £22
  12. BOVINGTON CAMP/POOLE-Skeleton cancel dated 1.9.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  13. STRENSALL CAMP-Scarcer s/ring cancel dated 5.9.1916 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  14. PERHAM DOWN CAMP/ANDOVER-Skeleton cancel dated 16.11.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  1. FOUR CAMP CANCELS ON THE SAME COVER!! OHMS Returned Postal packet envelope originally addressed to the Connaught Hospital, Aldershot before ending up at Worgret Camp. The cancels are all d/rings of HAZELEY CAMP, MARLBOROUGH LINES, TWEZELDOWN CAMP & WORGRET CAMP With dates from 10th May to 28th May 1918 Res £18
  2. BLANDFORD CAMP/BLANDFORD-Registered OHMS cover from the camp addressed to Bournemouth with GEO V 1½d & 2d values tied by poor cancels dated 12.3.1919. On the back though is a lovely strike Res £12
  3. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DST-D/ring dated 9.6.1926 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  4. 624B TRIANGULAR Cancel of Bovington Camp ties 2½d GEO VI value to cover addressed to Plymouth during the run-up to D-Day and has shield censor 10851 at left in violet ink Res £20
  5. A.F / POST OFFICE / WYTON / HUNTS-Rubber RAF cancel on undelivered cover from Nottingham to the air base dated 14.9.1956. At left is the HUNTINGDON 396 Tax mark for return to sender. No postage dues affixed Res £8
  6. BOVINGTON CAMP/DATE/PARCEL-POST/WAREHAM/DORSET-Rubber parcel post cancel dated 18.7.1986 ties 8p & £2 Machins to large piece Res £10

MILITARY-1900 TO 1936

  1. BOER WAR-Stampless cover addressed to Stansted, Essex cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 31.5.1900 with index 16. Not taxed & very clean Res £22
  2. POSTAGE DUE-Stampless postcard from HAVRE addressed to London with ½d tax mark of the I.S and circular censor 197 in red. The ½d postage due is tied by s/ring BRIXTON S.W dated 20.8.1914 Res £22
  3. POSTAGE DUE-Stampless postcard cancelled by d/ring ARMY BASE POST OFFICE/+ dated 27.8.1914. Taxed 1d and with circular 198 censor in red ink. The 1d postage due [should only have been a ½d] is tied by d/ring EDINBURGH dated 29.8.1914 Res £22
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE/75-Superb strike of the d/ring dated 20.11.1914 on GEO V 1d postal stationery letter card addressed to Paris Res £15
  5. “ARF A MO ‘ KAISER”-Tobacco fund card addressed to Oldham on 1.1.1915 with square censor No.1536 in red ink. The card is from a member of the 2nd Cavalry Division Ammunition Park Res £8
  1. “SOLDIER’S LETTER”-Manuscript mark on stampless crested Royal Artillery cover addressed to Ashton-under-Lyne from ALDERSHOT on 3.10.1914. With tax mark 78 of Aldershot, the 1d due is tied by s/ring dated 7.10.1914 Res £22
  2. BRITISH BARRACKS/CAIRO-S/ring bilingual cancel dated 11.10.1915 on stampless, unpaid and un-taxed postcard addressed to London Res £8
  3. IMPROPERLY/POSTED/DELAYED-Framed mark in black on stampless postcard addressed to Exeter from a member of the B.E.F Pay Office staff on 30.6.1915 Res £20
  4. BRITISH BARRACKS/CAIRO-S/ring dated 8.1.1916 on postcard addressed to Essex. At top right is the red inked PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/79 Res £10
  5. AUSTRALIAN BASE/DETAILS P.O-S/ring dated 24.5.1916 ties GB GEO V ½d to cover addressed to an Australian officer who was to become the repatriation officer for Aussie troops at the end of WWI Res £22
  6. BERMUDA-Postcard addressed to the USA with GB GEO V 1d tied by the violet inked circular P.C/BERMUDA on 22.2.1916 Res £18
  7. DORSET QUEEN’S OWN/YEOMANRY-Oval cachet on stampless postcard from Alexandria addressed to Portland, cancelled by the machine cancel RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED on 20.4.1917 Res £12
  8. 4th DORSET REGIMENT-Cover addressed within India with GEO V ½ Anna tied by d/ring INDORE-SHARAFA dated 29.4.1917. At top is the unframed NOT AT PASHAN and on the back are 16 cancels including experimental P.O cancels & Railway cancels Res £22
  9. ROYAL AIR FORCE-Terms & Conditions of Service dated March 1918 in original cover etc-lovely condition with just a central fold Res £20
  10. PALESTINE-BIBBY LINE Crested cover addressed to Christchurch, Hants & redirected to London with EDW VIII 1½d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/16 dated 27.10.1936 [Jerusalem] Res £18


  1. PALESTINE-Very clean cover addressed to Stoke Poges with GEO V 1½d photogravure tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/25 dated 10.11.1936. This FPO was located at HAIFA Res £18
  2. PALESTINE-Cover addressed to Egypt with GEO V 1d & EDW VIII ½d tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/16 dated 24.11.1936. This FPO was located at JERUSALEM and the cover has Military Post Office cancels of ABU QIR in red ink and ALEXANDRIA in black on the back Res £15
  3. FRANCE-French military correspondence postcard addressed to Paris & redirected on arrival, cancelled by s/ring ISLE JOURDAIN dated 10.10.1939 Res £8
  4. CIVILIAN CENSORSHIP-Plain postcard addressed to Porto, Portugal from Wolverhampton on 8.11.1939 with the scarce usage of the WWI framed censor mark with just the bottom half being used temporarily in WWII showing just the number, 3376/CENSOR Res £22
  5. PASSED FREE/OF POSTAGE-Unframed mark in violet ink on reused envelope with Official Paid economy label addressed to the secretary of the AUSTRALIAN COMFORTS FUND, Sydney Town Hall. Undated, but Ca.1940 Res £15
  6. FRANCE TO THE BBC-Censored cover from the cheese eating surrender monkeys addressed to the BBC in London with short-lived use of the EXAMINED BY CENSOR tape as applied by the British in late December 1939 & early January 1940. Used from BAPAUNE on 20.1.1940 [Daynes tape type ACL 20] Res £25
  7. AUSTRALIA-Small OHMS Invest For Victory registered envelope addressed from Victoria Barracks, Sydney to the Australian Army HQ in TEL EL KEBIR, Egypt with s/ring ARMY P.O/0107 dated 24.7.1944 and appropriate registration label from the APO. On the back are transit marks of theNo.1 AUSTRALIAN BASE P.O/D & E dated 24 & 26th July and the arrival mark of APO 217 dated 27.7.1944 Res £12
  8. TRIPLE CENSORSHIP-Postcard from France addressed to BERMUDA and then redirected to South Africa. Leaving France on the 9.7.1942 and transiting Bermuda on the 23.10.1942, it was on its way to Johannesburg, but sadly has non arrival mark. With censor markings of the UK [P.130]; Bermuda No.22 in green & the USA 16625 in black-see illustration Res £25
  9. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Three different labels in Chinese, French & Portuguese with the recurring theme that Britain delivers the goods-see illustration Res £22
  10. CZECH FORCES IN THE UK-Cover addressed to the Czech Brigade HQ with patriotic label “CZECHOSLOVAKIA FIGHTS TO WIN” at top right, tied by Czech Forces Field Post Office cancel dated 11.11.1942 Res £18
  11. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Registered small envelope to Port Lincoln, Australia with 2 x 3d values tied by s/ring AUST ARMY P.O/221 of New Guinea dated 10.9.1943 Res £10
  12. PERSIA-Green Honour envelope addressed to Egypt cancelled by Indian FPO No.53 cancel dated 30.10.1944 [PAY-I-PUL] Res £8
  13. NOT IDENTIFIED/AS DESCRIBED-Framed mark of Lloyds Bank on front of undelivered cover from Droitwich to London on 28.2.1949-not a military mark or cover, but so what!! Res £7
  14. KOREA-Airmail cover to Tasmania with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by s/ring No.8 AUST BASE P.O [Kure] dated 10.11.1952 Res £8
  15. JAPAN/COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION-5 Sen postal stationery postcard with added 10s x 3 tied by Japanese cancels dated [in Japanese] 40.4.13. The card is addressed to the Commonwealth War Cemetery at HADOGAYAM and has a translation of the text on the back Res £12


  1. LOFTHOUSE/P.C/PARK-Oval cachet in red ink on printed POW envelope addressed to London with GEO V 1d tied by WAKEFIELD machine cancel on 5.5.1916. Sender details are on the back Res £25
  2. PRISONERS OF WAR HAVE RIGHTS-Title of official communication PW/47/40 which is the text [for the layman] of an International Agreement between 61 Nations currently at war. Original item; NOT a reprint Res £22
  3. O.W MOVEMENTS-GB GEO VI 2½d printed postal stationery letter sheet addressed to a British Sergeant at Oflag 64Z [Hohensalza] from London, dated 6.9.1943 and then forwarded to Stalag XXIC at Warthegau, Poland. It never got there as there is the framed RETURNED FROM/CONTINENT IN/UNDELIVERED MAILS struck on the back in violet ink Res £40
  4. MALAYA-GEO VI 2½d blue POW airmail letter sheet addressed to an officer of the Royal Malayan Naval Reserve in 25 Ward, SINGAPORE, MALAYA. Sent from Bromborough, Cheshire on 16.11.1944 there is a British and lightly struck Japanese censor mark. The nice thing about this item is that these letter sheets were only meant for use to Prisoners in the European and African Theatres of war; this being THE ONLY ONE I HAVE EVER SEEN GOING TO MALAYA-See illustration Res £85
  5. THIS LETTER HAS BEEN RETURNED BY/THE SWISS POST OFFICE WHO WERE/ UNABLE TO FORWARD IT TO GERMANY / BECAUSE OF THE INTERRUPTION OF / COMMUNICATIONS-Framed mark on back of GEO VI 2½d POW airmail letter sheet addressed to STALAG LUFT 3, Germany from Whitstable, Kent on 19.3.1945 Res £40


  1. CHRISTMAS 1944 Illustrated form addressed to New Zealand from Newquay on 21.11.1944 Res £8
  2. “AIR PORTRAIT” Airgraph form incorporating a photographic image of the sender; in this case, the mother of an officer serving with the M.E.F at Christmas 1943. Comes with photocopies of a news article launching the very short-lived service-very, very uncommon item-only the 2nd I have had in 40 years-see illustration Res £35
  3. INDIA COMMAND Christmas 1944 illustrated form used to Ramsgate from RAF India with Santa at top right holding aloft the “V” For Victory sign. Res £10
  4. PENGUIN-The only recorded example of a Penguin in military uniform [radio operator] depicted on an airgraph form addressed to Ramsgate on 2.12.1943 and complete with envelope Res £40
  5. BURMA CAMPAIGN-Illustrated form addressed to Ramsgate showing the Burma/Assam/Thailand/Indo-China area at Christmas 1944 addressed to Ramsgate on 15.11.1944 Res £12
  6. ORIGINAL FORM-Christmas Greetings 1943 British issue with single central fold Res £22
  7. ORIGINAL FORM-R.A.F MIDDLE EAST Christmas 1943 Egyptian Postal Service with illustration of Mosque, palm trees, aircraft and buildings etc. Unfolded, pristine Res £25
  8. ORIGINAL FORM-Christmas 1944 R.A.F Middle East showing the silhouette image of a British soldier mounted upon a camel in a desert scene. Unfolded, pristine Res £25
  9. ORIGINAL FORM-SOUTH AFRICAN Original form for Christmas & New Year with “V” For Victory & Holly decorated borders. Unfolded, very good condition Res £25
  10. ORIGINAL USED FORM-Christmas 1944 illustrated original form addressed to an officer on board HMS STARLING from Bexhill on 28.11.1944 with the form cancelled by s/ring BEXHILL-ON-SEA SUSSEX/3 Res £35


  1. HMS SIDON-Cover with contents addressed to the captain of the Sidon at NAPLES on 5.9.1848 from the British Consulate at CIVITA VECCHIA [near Rome] who advises the skipper that he must meet various different people of interest. No postal markings, so sent by messenger Res £25
  2. HMS QUEEN-QV 1d pink envelope addressed to an officer on board the ship at Devonport from RYDE on the Isle of Wight on 22.5.1853. Comes with interesting history of this ship Res £12
  3. HMS TOURMALINE-Egyptian 20 Mils postcard [vertical crease]] addressed to the ship at the East India Station from Cairo, dated 15.1.1983. On the front is s/ring ADEN dated 24th January Res £12
  4. HMS EMPRESS OF INDIA-Malta QV 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to a naval tailor at Gosport on 30.9.1897 and from an officer of the ship Res £15
  5. HMS TERRIBLE-Postcard of the ship addressed to GOREY, JERSEY with stamp tied by the skeleton cancel CASTLETOWN S.O/PORTLAND dated 19.11.1906 Res £8
  6. HMS WATERWITCH-Cover at the 2½d rate addressed to the ship with Harrison 1911 1d values affixed & tied by d/rings HARPENDEN dated 11.12.1911. The Waterwitch was a survey vessel which was rammed & sunk at anchor in Singapore on 1.9.1912 Res £15
  7. M.S ANDANIA-Woven “Hands Across the Sea” silk postcard postally used to a military camp of the Royal Field Artillery at DUNTON GREEN, Sevenoaks. With unframed RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED struck in black Res £30
  8. HMS AGINCOURT-Cover addressed to Leeds with 1d stamp tied by XXXXX machine cancel. At left is the framed PASSED BY/CENSOR mark of the Agincourt who served at JUTLAND Res £10
  9. HMS MARLBOROUGH-Headed notepaper letter with envelope addressed to Faygate, Sussex on 9.6.1916 [just after JUTLAND] with a pair of 1d values tied by an indistinct roller cancel of Invergordon. On the front is the black inked distinguished mark of the Marlborough censor Res £15
  10. HMS HECLA-Postcard dated 7.5.1916 addressed to Dartford with ½d stamp tied by framed PASSED CENSOR/No.1 in black ink and by anonymous Krag machine cancel Res £15
  11. HMS EXMOUTH-Cover addressed to Sheffield with 1d tied by London machine cancel dated 4.1.1916. At left is the framed ON ACTIVE SERVICE/PASSED CENSOR in violet ink-Gould 5B40 at Salonika Res £15
  12. 1 WING R.N.A.S-Comforts for Troops card addressed to Nottingham from a member of the RNAS at Vendome dated 4.12.1916. On the address side is a hidden 1 Wing Cen-O-Sor mark Res £6
  13. N.A.S VENDOME-Postcard addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.5 dated 20.6.1917. Alongside is the elliptical triangular PASSED CENSOR mark Res £7
  14. HMS DORSETSHIRE-Christmas 1936 greetings card together with a card of the ship Res £8
  15. FRENCH NAVAL FORCES, ALGERIA-Small envelope addressed to Algiers with plate gutter pairs of the French 10c & 15c values tied by s/rings POSTE NAVALE/BURTEAU No.22 dated 14.3.1940. Also, the s/line version at top left & anchor cachet of the French navy Res £22
  16. BETTY EVERARD, PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO LORD LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN-Censored postcard from Belfast addressed to her husband at Wembley with a pair of GEO VI 1d values [coil stamps] tied by BELFAST machine cancel dated 25.6.1941. Below is the British censor mark No.P.109 in purple Res £20
  17. HM HOSPITAL SHIP “VITA”-Illustrated Christmas 1943 airgraph from a member of the QARNNS on board the Hospital Ship addressed to Devizes Res £25
  18. AIRMAIL LETTER SHEET Addressed to Bromley on 22.8.1944 from the Royal Naval Hospital at Colombo with the locally overprinted ROYAL-NAVY triangular device at left. The GB GEO VI 3d is tied by the Post Office-Maritime Mail machine cancel Res £8
  19. HMS RAJALIYA-GEO VI 1½d brown airmail letter sheet addressed to the ship from Hull on 28.6.1945. This was a Royal Naval Air Station in Ceylon, carved from the jungle!! Res £8
  20. CLYDE SUBMARINE BASE/HELENSBURGH-S/ring dated 6.8.1968 ties 3d Scots regional value to cover addressed to Essex Res £6


  1. QV PENNY FARTHING Postcard addressed to Italy, cancelled by s/ring ST IVES/ CORNWALL dated 14.9.1875 Res £12
  2. QV REGISTERED Envelope size H with crinkle edge flap, overprinted SPECIMEN across the 2d stamp impression. Crease at top doesn’t overly show from the Specimen side Res £30
  3. PLYMOUTH-QV ½d brown postcard from the LONDON, CORK, ROTTERDAM AND ANTWERP STEAMSHIP Office addressed locally on 17.4.1876 Res £12
  4. SOUTHAMPTON-QV ½d brown postcard from “YE OLDE BOKE SHOPPE” addressed to the Isle of Wight on 7.4.1877 Res £12
  5. STAMFORD MERCURY-QV ½d brown wrapper addressed to Downham, cancelled by the hooded circle cancel STAMFORD MERCURY/742 cancel Ca.1880 Res £25
  6. DRESS TRAVELLING BASKETS-QV ½d brown postcard advertising the new baskets by HJ Cave & Sons of Wigmore Street, dated 28.3.1883 Res £12
  7. WH SMITH & SONS-QV 1½d brown ADVERTISING RING newspaper wrapper addressed to Bavaria, cancelled by dumb FB cancel Res £55
  8. IRELAND-QV ½d brown postcard from the Representative Body of the Church of Ireland addressed to Strabane from Dublin on 5.9.1887 Res £12
  9. WHOLESALE STATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, Lithographers, Letter Press etc., Emrose & Son of Derby and London advertising ½d brown postcard to Hitchin from Derby on 13.2.1890 Res £12
  10. RETURN TO THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE-Used 1890 Return from GIRVAN dated 28.5.1890 and addressed to Straiton. Res £30
  11. WESTERN COUNTIES AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LTD-Printed QV ½d brown postcard from Plymouth addressed to Liskeard on 1.10.1892 Res £12
  12. CADBURY BROTHERS-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Liskeard from Plymouth on 7.1.1894 with representative details on the back Res £12
  13. QV 2d plum & 6d violet impressions on smaller cover addressed to QUEBEC, Canada with added 2d QV value tied by d/ring LOMBARD ST B.O/E.C dated 18.1.1896 Res £28
  14. WILLIAM WHITELEY’S WINTER CLEARANCE SALE-QV ½d brown postcard from the Royal Warrant Holder of Bayswater addressed to Brighton on 31.12.1896 Res £12
  15. QV 1d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to SEKONDI, GOLD COAST with added 1d Venetian red, 1d red plate 158, ½d vermilion & an EDW VII 1d tied by s/rings ASHFORD/ KENT dated 24.4.1902-see illustration Res £25
  16. WEBSTER BROTHERS, TEA MERCHANTS-EDW VII 1d advertising postcard addressed to Germany from London on 28.5.1906 with image of the company premises at left Res £22
  17. FULHAM ROAD CANCER HOSPITAL-EDW VII 1d letter card addressed to Shrewsbury with printed detail inside offering the annual accounts, officers and trustees of the hospital etc. Res £25
  18. POSTCARD COUPON-LEVBER BROTHERS, Port Sunlight postcard coupon for 1½d to introduce the public to “SKI” Soap Essence, available from Franter & Son of Gulham; addressed to Fulham from BIRKENHEAD on 25.10.1906 with manuscript GONE AWAY-See illustration Res £30
  19. EDW VII registered envelope addressed to France with added 1½d tied by WOKING/M.O & S.B s/ring dated 13.2.1910 Res £18
  1. H EDGAR WESTON-Cover addressed to London with an imperf block of 8 x 10d blue GEO V embossed values tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/H13 dated 28.7.1916 [Somme] and with hexagonal censor mark 1037 at left-see illustration Res £45
  2. PRICES MOTOR LUBRICANTS-GEO V ½d advertising envelope addressed to the Taff Vale Railway, Cardiff from Battersea on 5.3.1918 Res £25
  3. PROXY VOTE POSTCARD-GEO VI 1½d green postcard pre-addressed to Cardiff from the board of the CHELLEW NAVIGATION COMPANY LTD. No revenue imprint Res £8
  4. THE OCEAN ACCIDENT & GUARANTEE CORPORATION LTD-GEO VI 1½d green insurance postcard addressed to a military address in Canada with added 2d x 2 & 2½d Wildings tied by PRESTWICK machine cancel dated 9.5.1955 Res £18
  5. BARCLAYS BANK-CTO 1/3d Registered envelope addressed within London, cancelled by LOMBARD STREET oval registered cancel dated 26.9.1960-simplistic & stunning Res £25
  6. QEII 1d + 3d Tudor Rose small envelope addressed originally to Farnborough from London before redirection to NAIROBI with the added 1d, 4d & 6d Wildings tied by FARNBOROUGH/HANTS machine cancel dated 24.11.1965-lovely looker Res £15


  1. FARNBOROUGH STATION-023 Large size Sideways duplex cancel dated 2.1.1857 ties 1d red stars to entire addressed to London. Res £65
  2. FLAXTON STATION-Undated d/arc cancel in black on back of small cover addressed to Beverley with the 1d red tied by the YORK Sideways Duplex cancel on 25.1.1859 [The LATEST Recorded date of use of the UDC] Res £65
  3. GLOUCESTER STATION-Exploded cover [opened out to display] addressed to Ledbury with the 1d stamp tied by the 312 numeral cancel applied at Gloucester Station. On the back is the s/ring GLOSTER STATION dated 15.6.1859 [EARLIEST Date of use of this numeral cancel] Res £40
  4. FARNBORO STATION-023 Four bar duplex cancel dated 6.11.1869 ties 6d purple from plate 8 & 1d red from plate 109 to cover addressed to CANADA Res £40
  1. POSTAGE DUE-Cover from Chatham addressed to the army officer Arthur Sandbach at Aldershot camp with 1d lilac tied by CHATHAM duplex cancel dated 22.1.1882. On redirection to North Wales, the distinctive 1d tax mark of Farnborough station was struck below the squared circle cancel FARNBOROUGH STATION dated 23.1.1882-the ONLY recorded date of use of the station tax mark. On the back is the s/ring FARNBORO’ STATION dated the same day Res £65
  2. HORSHAM STATION-381 Superb strike dated 13.12.1884 on MOURNING Envelope complete with mourning stationery addressed to Winchfield-see illustration Res £25
  3. WORTHING STATION B.O/WORTHING-Squared circle cancel dated 9.1.1890 ties QV 6d Jubilee value to neat little cover addressed to QUEENSLAND, Australia, arriving on 20.2.1890-see illustration Res £30
  4. BRIGHTON STATION OFFICE-Oval registered cancels dated 26.10.1896 on QV size F registered envelope addressed to Austria with added ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by duplex cancels PRESTON RD/BRIGHTON-132 dated the same day Res £35
  5. LEWES/STATION OFFICE-D/ring dated 29.4.1899 ties 1d lilac I.R/OFFICIAL overprint to cover addressed to London Res £25
  6. BYFLEET STATION/WEYBRIDGE-S/rings dated 16.9.1902 on postcard from Chester. The Station cancels are different in that one has a time of 8pm and the other has no time or index. Res £25
  7. MINTLAW STATION-The large s/ring dated Christmas Day 1903 with index D ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  8. KIPPEN STATION 655-Scots d/ring dated 9.9.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. EARLS COURT B.O NR RLY STN/S.W-S/ring dated 29.10.1904 with index B on telegram form Res £22
  10. CARSTAIRS JUNCTION/70-Scots d/ring dated 23.6.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. MISSENT-Postcard from Darlington addressed to Eastgate, County Durham on 3.9.1909 with manuscript MISSENT TO followed by s/ring HARPERLEY STATION dated 4.9.1909 Res £22
  12. PLYMOUTH STATION/S.O-S/ring dated 9.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Yealmpton Res £25
  13. LAINDON STATION/ESSEX-UNRECORDED SKELETON Cancel dated 17.8.1922 ties stamp to lovely real photo postcard of LAINDON addressed to Leyton. Not the best strike, but readable with not too much imagination!! Res £25
  14. EUSTON STATION-Superb strike of the UNIQUE oval rubber registered cancel REGISTERED/1/DATE/EUSTON STATION B.O N.W.1 dated 16.3.1933 Res £40
  15. MICHELDEVER STATION/+ D/ring dated 18.7.1934 ties a pair of GEO V ½d values to underpaid postcard addressed to Australia. On arrival, the 1d postage due is tied by the s/ring WYONG/NSW dated 23.7.1934 Res £25
  16. LONDON BRIDGE STN S.E.1-S/rings dated 23.1.1940 tie the four EDW VIII values to registered cover addressed to Essex. The blank registration label has the manuscript LONDON S.E 31. This is the FIRST DAY of use of this new cancel which was to have a life of 21 years!! Res £25
  17. SOUTH KENSINGTON STATION/3/REGISTERED/B.O S.W.7-Undated oval registered cancel on stampless OHMS cover from the exiled French Government in the UK addressed to Aylesbury-see illustration of this UNIQUE mark Res £35
  18. WATERLOO STATION/B.O/DATE/S.E.1-Temporary Rubber cancel dated 15.7.1942 cancels GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed to the USA & ties the added GEO VI 3d to the front & the added ½d & 1/- values on the back-temporary use after the bombing raid on the station on the 14th July-see illustration Res £45
  19. PADDINGTON STATION-Registered commercial cover to Sheffield with GEO VI 2½d & 3d values tied by the elusive rubber cancel REGISTERED/PADDINGTON STATION B.O W.2 dated 3.3.1948 Res £25
  20. AIRTH STATION/FALKIRK-D/rings dated 31.8.1949 ties GEO VI ½d & 6d values to registered cover addressed to Slough. The AIRTH STATION registration label is at top left. This is the ONLY RECORDED DATE of use. Res £40
  21. HEREFORD STATION-Underpaid TPO cover addressed to Hereford with 1p postage due tied by the rubber oval registered cancel of HEREFORD STATION S.O dated 20.2.1975 Res £22


  1. ANERLEY NR STATION/S.E-70 London duplex cancel dated 5.6.1878 ties 1d red to cover addressed to Edinburgh Res £25
  2. LLANBERIS R.S.O-Skeleton cancel dated 3.9.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  3. TINTAGEL R.S.O/CORNWALL-Skeleton cancel dated 30.8.1904 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. SHREWSBURY & ABERYSTWYTH S.C-Two strikes of the s/ring ties 2 x ½d EDW VII values to Late Fee postcard addressed to Wolverhampton Res £9
  5. HOLT R.S.O/NORFOLK-Skeleton cancel dated 6.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. STATION RD LLANDAFF/CARDIFF-S/ring dated 17.3.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. LLANFALTEG RSO/CARMARTHENSHIRE-S/ring dated 2.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  8. NORTH WEST TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 20.10.1911 on postcard from Middleton to Garstang Res £8
  9. PARCEL POST LABEL-Blue London PPL from London, Near Railway Station, Putney, S.W with EDW VII 3d tied by superb target parcel cancel PUTNEY/B.O S.W with s/ring PUTNEY/S.W alongside dated 5.12.1911 Res £25
  10. CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL/C.S-D/ring of CANNON STREET STATION dated 2.4.1913 ties GEO V ½d & 2½d values to plain trade postcard addressed to France-see illustration Res £45
  11. IPSWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/DOWN/DAY-S/ring missent mark dated 28.5.1914 on postcard from Salisbury to Enfield, so clearly missent Res £22
  12. LONDON & DERBY S.C/GOING NORTH-S/ring dated 11.2.1915 on LONDON F.S Paid Krag machine in red, dated 19.2.1915 after being returned from GRONINGEN Internment Camp, Holland Res £35
  13. HULL LEEDS SORTING CARRIAGE/+ D/ring dated 16.5.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  14. GRIMSBY & PETERBORO/STG CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 8.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £18
  15. LONDON & HOLYHEAD TPO/DAY UP-S/ring dated 11.11.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  16. SHREWSBURY TAMWORTH/R.S.C-S/rings dated 5.1.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  17. CARDIFF & YORK TPO/GOING EAST-S/ring dated 12.8.1918 with index C ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £35
  18. WEST GRINSTEAD NEAR STATION/HORSHAM-D/ring dated 25.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. TYORDES R.S.O/ANGLESEY-S/ring dated 2.9.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. SOUTH WESTERN T.P.O/NIGHT UP-S/rings dated 10.2.1934 ties GEO V ½d & 6d values to GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope sent at the EXPRESS RATE to London Res £25
  21. ABERYSTWYTH SHREWSBURY S.C-S/ring dated 30.8.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  22. SHREWSBURY YORK T.P.O-S/ring dated 27.8.1933 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  23. HOLYHEAD LONDON TPO/DAY-S/ring dated 4.11.1938 ties GEO V Irish overprint values to Late Fee cover addressed to Croydon Res £22
  24. HIGHLAND TPO/UP-D/rings dated 22.8.1975 ties 2 x 3½p values to Late Fee cover addressed to Birkenhead & redirected to Maghull with framed POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE/………2p TO PAY at top. The 2p postage due is tied by violet rubber cancel MAGHULL/LIVERPOOL dated 26.8.1975 Res £7
  25. SOUTH DEVON-RAILWAY/BY TRAIN-FROM TOTNES Tourist cachet on postcard from Exeter addressed to Sussex on 10.10.2017 Res £6


  1. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-1½, 3, 6, 12 & 24Lb prepaid newspaper parcel stamps in mint condition-all are overprinted in red LOCAL [5] Res £22
  2. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Block of four of the uncommon 48Lb prepaid newspaper parcel stamps from the bottom left corner of the sheet, mint condition-see illustration Res £30
  3. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Unmounted mint block of six of the 4d RLS from the bottom right of the sheet with the roulette placed upon patterned design akin to a zip!! Res £18
  4. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY COMPANY-2d RLS on cover addressed to a “horse-hirer” of Dunfermline with the RLS & EDW VII 1d cancelled by pen star cancels. The RLS is further cancelled by the unframed O MOFFAT/N.B.R GUARD cancel in violet ink. One of the scarcer guard’s marks Res £85
  5. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-COMPLETE SHEET OF the 4d RLS with sheet number 4304 qt top right. [2] Res £40
  6. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Commercial cover pre-addressed to HAMPTON WICK STATION by means of a sticky label with 3d paid parcel stamp at top right cancelled by s/line date 3 December 1936 with the EDW VIII 1½d tied by lovely s/line cancel EARLSFIELD in black ink Res £45
  7. LMS-Pre-addressed cover to London with 3d parcel stamp issued and used from DUNDEE WEST STATION on 30.3.1937. The EDW VIII ½d & 1d values are tied by LONDON N.W.1 machine cancel dated 30.3.1937 Res £35
  8. SEALE-HAYNE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Printed envelope addressed to EXETER ST DAVID’S STATION with GWR 8d prepaid parcel stamp at top right cancelled by the NEWTON ABBOT GWR Cancel on 3.4.1944. Also, with large part TO BE CALLED FOR label at bottom right Res £35
  9. LNER-Cover addressed to Cambridge with the miniature 4d paid parcel stamp issued at and used from WELWYN NORTH STATION on 1.4.1945. The GEO VI 3d is tied by CAMBRIDGE machine cancel for the same day Res £35
  10. VICTORIA STATION-GEO VI 2½d red postal stationery envelope addressed to WANDSWORTH ROAD STATION, cancelled by violet inked VICTORIA STATION Company cancel dated 1.3.1953. At bottom left is the 8d paid parcel stamp. On the back is the British Railways T.C.F [To be Called For] label Res £28


  1. CHATSWORTH-Very scarce skeleton cancel dated 8.1.1904 on postcard of Haddon Hall addressed to the Royal Chef in London with the EDW VII ½d tied by BAKEWELL d/ring dated 8.1.1904. This was the occasion of the FIRST VISIT of the King to Chatsworth. There is a further strike of the skeleton cancel on the picture side-see illustration Res £175
  2. OSBORNE HOUSE / KAISER’S YACHT & THE KAISERINE’S YACHT-Pair of joined advertising postcards for “VELURE” a type of paint “Used Very Satisfactorily” on, and show both of the yachts and Osborne House. Postally used from London on 13.5.1904-a nice item!! Res £22
  3. MOURNING STATIONERY & ENVELOPE From MARLBOROUGH HOSE addressed to Mrs Mackay, the Housekeeper at YORK COTTAGE on 25.10.1910 on the occasion of the Death of Francis, Duke of Teck, the brother of Queen Mary [of Teck]-at the bottom left is a very early GEO V Cypher-any used within the May-December period of 1910 are considered to be quite scarce-see illustration Res £65
  4. OFFICIAL PAID/SANDRINGHAM R.S.O NORFOLK-Red inked s/ring dated 10.4.1912 with time 11am on neat SANDRINGHAM/NORFOLK crested cover addressed to London Res £30
  5. ROYAL YACHT BRITANNIA-Pair of December 1988 tickets to attend the Yacht’s Christmas Ball at the Portsmouth Guildhall on 9.12.1988; together with a naval message form [S.1320B] which refers to the tickets Res £22

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. BOLVENTOR/LAUNCETON-Cancel dated 20.7.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. BISHOPSWORTH/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 44.12.1905 which has been changed in manuscript to read 24.12.1905 Res £12
  3. BLISLAND/BODMIN-Cancel dated 3.1.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. BROAD TOWN/SWINDON-Cancel dated 20.4.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. BRYN-Y-MAEN/COLWYN BAY-Cancel dated 28.11.1906 on postcard from Colwyn Bay Res £10
  6. LAMORNA/PENZANCE-Cancel dated 15.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. DOUGLAS HALL/DALBEATTIE-Violet/blue cancel dated 11.7.1911 ties stamp to postcard. Superb strike Res £18
  8. STEEPLE LANGFORD/WILTS-Cancel dated 2.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. DROMWELL/NEWARK-Black cancel dated 19.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. WISTANSTOW / CRAVEN ARMS / SALOP-Black cancel dated 23.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. ABBEY DORE/HEREFORD-Black cancel dated 15.10.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. CORTINGTON/UPTON LOVEL/WILTS-Black cancel dated 27.7.1921 ties stamps to postcard Res £10
  13. LLANWRTHWL/RHAYADER/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 28.7.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  14. OVING/AYLESBURY-Black cancel dated 10.10.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  15. LLANTHONY/ABERGAVENNY-Black cancel dated 19.4.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. ENNIS/8-Scarcer IRISH framed traveller dated 6.12.1856 in blue-green ink on back of very clean cover from Dublin addressed to Ennis-this is the ONLY RECORDED DATE of use-see illustration Res £65
  2. WARBOROUGH [BERKS]-Cancel dated 9.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  3. FERNDALE/PNTYPRIDD-Cancel dated 12.2.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  4. DOWNHAM-Less common 23mm skeleton dated 31.3.1904 with index N ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. WILMSLOW/MANCHESTER-Cancel dated 10.1.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. CROWLAND/PETERBOROUGH-Cancel dated 25.6.1906 with index B on postcard from Peterborough to Spalding Res £10
  7. CLYDACH S.O/GLAMORGAN-Cancel dated 23.10.1906 on postcard addressed to CLYDACH R.S.O Res £8
  8. ABERCANAID/MERTHYR TIDVIL-Cancel on postcard from Merthyr to Germany dated 24.10.1906 Res £9
  9. WATER ORTON/BHAM-Cancel dated 16.2.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. KINGSWOOD/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 11.8.1921 on postcard from Weymouth to Wick, Bristol Res £10


  1. GOVERNMENT PARCEL OVERPRINTS-PPL From TOWCESTER with QV 2d pair and single 6d GOVT/PARCELS overprint values tied by target parcel cancels TOWCESTER. Alongside is s/ring TOWCESTER dated 9.8.1898-two slight imperfections at base which hardly detract-see illustration Res £150
  2. EASTBOURNE GRAND HOTEL BUILDINGS-PPL From here with QV 6d tied by target parcel cancel EASTBOURNE. Alongside is the s/ring GRAND HOTEL BUILDINGS/ EASTBOURNE dated 13.3.1899 Res £35
  3. ELY-PPL From here with QV 6d tied by s/ring ELY dated 2.8.1901. Alongside is a further strike Res £30
  4. ALTON, HAMNTS-PPL From here with QV 3d & 4d values tied by s/rings ALTON/HANTS dated 30.9.1901. Alongside is a further strike-see illustration Res £30
  5. STAINES-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring STAINES dated 16.10.1903. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  6. STAINES, THE HYTHE-PPL From here with a pair of EDW VII 1½d values tied by STAINES target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring THE HYTHE/STAINES dated 19.4.1904 Res £25
  7. RIPON-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by s/ring RIPON dated 3.10.1905. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  8. SOUTH FARNBOROUGH, Under Farnborough-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring SOUTH FARNBOROUGH dated 28.2.1910. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  9. FARNBOROUGH, Under Banbury-PPL From here with a pair of EDW FVII 5d values tied by target parcel cancel BANBURY. Alongside is the s/ring FARNBOROUGH/ WARWICKSHIRE dated 24.5.1910 Res £25
  10. CAMBRIDGE, CASTLE END-PPL From here with EDW VII 5d tied by s/ring CASTLE END/CAMBRIDGE dated 4.12.1911. Alongside is a further strike Res £25
  11. KINGSTON ON THAMES, HAMPTON WICK-Blue London PPL cancelled by s/ring HAMPTON WICK/KINGSTON ON THAMES dated 4.11.1913-no stamps ever affixed Res £18
  12. WEST END, PWLLHELI-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by rubber cancel WEST END/PWLLHELI dated 9.5.1914-see illustration Res £25
  13. KENTISBEARE, Under Cullompton-PPL From here with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring KENTISBEARE dated 11.5.1914. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  14. CHIVELSTONE, Under Kingsbridge-PPL From here with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring CHIVELSTONE/KINGSBRIDGE dated 6.10.1916. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  15. BANTHAM, Under Kingsbridge-PPL From here with GEO V 4d & 5d values tied by rubber cancels BANTHAM/KINGSBRIDGE dated 24.9.1918 Res £22


  1. AFENMAER, YSGUBOR, WEN ROAD / BOARD / RESIDENCE / MRS /ROBERTS / PENMAENMAWR-Superb oval cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Blackpool from Colwyn Bay dated 1.6.1936 Res £12
  2. HALF-WAY HOUSE/G WILLIAMS/SNOWDON-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard from Capel Curig dated 2.4.1956 Res £8
  3. HALF-WAY HOUSE/G HUGHES/SNOWDON-Oval cachet in blue ink on postcard from Carnarvon on 7.8.1963 Res £8
  4. POSTED/AT/MUNCASTER/CASTLE-Framed cachet in blue ink on postcard addressed to Liverpool from Seascale on 28.8.1974 Res £6
  5. CARRIED FROM ST KILDA/DATE/BY HMAV ARDENNES-Oval cancel dated 24.6.1981 and ST KILDA/THE FURTHEST STATION WEST cachet on FDC for the St Kilda issue of 24.6.1981 Res £12
  6. POSTED ON BOARD/[SHIP]/HMS VICTORY-Blue inked circular pictorial cachet on postcard from Portsmouth dated 22.8.1986 Res £5
  7. ST KILDA/TIN CAN MAIL/8o SR’W 57o 50’N/…………../………….. Blue inked cachet on postcard addressed to Northumberland from BALIVANINCH on 3.8.1993. Alongside is the pictorial “Furthest Station West, also in blue ink Res £15
  8. POSTED ON THE WORLD’S FIRST CAST IRON BRIDGE / IRONBRIDGE / [IMAGE] / SHROPSHIRE-Red inked pictorial cachet on postcard to Oxfordshire dated 21.8.1997 Res £6
  9. POSTED AT BLISTS HILL [Pit head gear] /IRONBRIDGE SHROPSHIRE-Pictorial cachet in black ink on postcard from Shrewsbury dated 8.6.2009 Res £8
  10. POSTED UNDERGROUND/POLDARK MINE, CORNWALL-Black inked cachet on postcard to Essex dated 2.7.2016 Res £6


  1. 98 DINAS MAWDDWY-3VOS ties EDW VII 1d to postcard on 24.11.1904 Res £15
  2. 119 TREBANOS-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 25.6.1904 Res £35
  3. 194 CHARMOUTH-3VOS ties 1d lilac [14 dots] to cover addressed to Cardiff on 30.10.1881 Res £60
  4. 312 GLOUCESTER-Spoon cancel dated 3.7.1855 with index E cancels 1d pink envelope to Ledbury. Res £22
  5. 401 ILMINSTER-3VOS ties a pair of ½d Bantams from plate 4 to cover addressed to Curry Rivell on 22.7.1873 Res £25
  6. 480-KNIGHTON-1844 Type cancel ties imperf 1d red to cover addressed to London on 20.9.1850. On the back is the undated d/arc KNIGHTON in black ink Res £22
  7. 601 OUNDLE-4VOS ties 1d red to cover addressed to Great Berkhampstead on 14.12.1868 Res £22
  8. 628 PRESTON-3VOS cancels [2] ties QV 3d to longer OHMS Pre-Registered cover addressed to Burnley on 7.3.1898 Res £30
  9. 656 WATH UPON DEARNE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to Sheffield on 6.2.1851. On the back flap is the very nice undated d/arc WATH-UPON-DEARNE in a blue-black ink Res £35
  10. 723 SOUTHAMPTON-3VOS ties 1d lilac to QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Scotland on 19.4.1894 Res £35
  11. 856 CHURCHSTOKE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to cover addressed to Newport, Shropshire on 22.2.1845. On the back is a lovely undated d/arc cancel CHURCHSTOKE in black ink Res £25
  12. B45 WEST TOWN-3VOS ties 1d Venetian red to cover addressed to Bridgwater on 18.4.1880. A really scarce cancel, but not the best looking of covers!! Res £65
  13. G50 DOLWYDDELAN-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 28.5.1908 Res £10
  14. G89 PANTPERTHOG-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 19.7.1910 Res £18
  15. H57 ST DOGMAELS-3VOD dated 20.11.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £6


  1. PLYMOUTH CORSINI LETTER OF 7.3.1593 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION-Complete letter which mentions prices current for wheat, the availability of Flemish crews for the ships. He promises to send commodity prices by the next letter-ex lot 177 of Christies 11th October 1988 sale-see illustration Res £400
  2. POCKLINGTON-Wrapper addressed to the Queen Anne’s Bounty, London on 19.5.1761 with two-line POCK/LINGTON on the back in black ink. This is EARLIER than listed in the County catalogue Res £65
  3. 63 KIMBOL/TON-12st type mileage mark in black ink on the back of a wrapper addressed to London on 15.2.1785. Also, on the back is the large Bishop Mark for the following day. Res £85
  4. POCKLINGTON-Wrapper addressed to the Bounty Office, London on 30.4.1788 with lovely centrally struck POCK/LINGTON in black ink on the front of the wrapper-This is 2 years earlier than listed in the County Catalogue-see illustration Res £65
  5. BATH-S/line mark in black on front of entire addressed to London on 25.8.1795-really clean and very presentable Res £30
  6. FREE-Entire dated 27.4.1826 in London, addressed to Whitby with beautiful crowned free at right dated the same day Res £20
  7. MIDDLEHAM/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in blue ink on the back of wrapper addressed to Wales, via BEDALE on 24.3.1840 at the 1d rate Res £40
  8. BLUE MALTESE CROSS CANCEL-Entire addressed to Liverpool from PRESTON with the 1d red imperf tied by a very dark blue cancel on 10.8.1842 Res £125
  9. NUMBER 7 IN MALTESE CROSS-Penny pink envelope addressed to BRISTOL with the No.7 in Maltese Cross cancel placed neatly on the stamp impression. Alongside is the s/line CHARING CROSS in black on 9.6.1843 Res £75
  10. NUMBER 8 IN MALTESE CROSS-Entire addressed to a Sheffield Iron Works with 1d red imperf tied by very good No.8 in Maltese Cross cancel in black ink on 30.9.1843 Res £65
  11. NUMBER 9 IN MALTESE CROSS-Entire addressed to Ripon with 1d red imperf tied by superbly struck No.9 in Maltese Cross cancel on 6.5.1843 Res £75
  12. TWO SEPARATE STRIKES OF THE SHREWSBURY MALTESE CROS Cancel ties 1d red imperf to small cover addressed to BANGOR on 29.6.1843 Res £45
  13. SAINT SIDWELL/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on back of cover addressed to London from Exeter on 10.1.1853 Res £22
  14. COLCHESTER-210 Sideways duplex cancel dated 1.12.1857 ties stamp to mourning cover addressed to Hastings. On the back is the undated d/arc SHORTORD SUFF in black ink Res £18
  15. DORCHESTER-Two strikes of the smaller sideways duplex cancel dated 13.1.1859 ties a pair of 1d red stars to a small, purpose made folding letter sheet written from Evershot on the same day Res £18
  16. FENCHURCH STREET RAILWAY STATION-Miniature envelope & letter addressed to Burnley dated 17.5.1873 with 1d red tied by LONDON E duplex cancel. The address of the sender is in the form of an unframed cachet REMOVED TO 19 5 20 LONDON STREET / OPPOSITE FENCHURCH ST RAILWAY STATION in blue/green ink Res £35
  17. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY “PITT” CLUB Crested envelope addressed to Beckenham with 1d Venetian red tied by a superb 4VOD cancel CAMBRIDGE-158 dated 16.10.1880 Res £15
  18. PENNY PINK Envelope addressed to Holbeach cancelled by superb 3VOD CHERTSEY-179 dated 27.12.1899 Res £7
  19. WEST HARTLEPOOL-Printed envelope from Metcalfe, Simpson addressed to Sweden with the EDW VII ½d tied by the triangular framed telegraphic code WP of West Hartlepool, Ca.1904 Res £7
  20. CARDIFF, BUTE DOCKS-Cover addressed to Sweden with EDW VII ½d tied by the telegraphic code CBV of Bute Docks, Ca.1905 Res £7
  21. MACKINTOSH PLACE/CARDIFF-S/ring dated 3.4.1905 cancels stampless, unpaid postcard addressed to ABBOTSBURY, Dorset. Not taxed!! Res £10
  22. IRELAND-Local postcard addressed to ST PETERSBURG, Russia with EDW VII ½d & 2 x 1d GEO V values tied by s/rings COLERNE dated 22.11.1911. The red triangular piece of plain gummed paper is tied by St Petersburg d/ring dated in the Russian calendar; i.e. 6 days before it was sent!! Res £22
  23. LEEDS-STAMPLESS Postcard from a soldier serving in EGYPT addressed to BINGLEY and cancelled by s/ring CAIRO on 21.7.1915. At top left is the small 447 triangular framed number of Leeds Res £7
  1. WEEK END TELEGRAM-Printed, registered envelope addressed to Stoke Poges with GEO V 3d tied by oval registered cancel of 49 FORE ST B.O. E.C dated 20.12.1915. Comes with Eastern Telegraph Company telegram with perfin PBCIL at top Res £22
  2. HOME DISTRICT/S-Scarcer d/ring cancel dated 12.5.1937 ties GEO VI ½d & 1d pairs to airmail postcard to TRIPOLI on Coronation Day Res £22
  3. KING EDWARD SANATORIUM-D/ring cancel dated 25.7.1937 ties EDW VIII ½d & 1d to postcard of the Sanatorium addressed to Switzerland Res £12
  4. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Printed newspaper wrapper from the Guernsey Evening Press addressed to Jersey with Guernsey 1d arms occupation issue tied by St Peter Port d/ring dated 15.12.1941 Res £18
  5. LONDON [POSSIBLE BOMB DAMAGE TO P.O]-Postcard addressed to Harrogate with 2 x 1d values tied by LONDON S.W1/91 without date, but replaced by five parallel bars. At top left is the s/line date 27.6.1942 struck in red [by the Post Office?]-see illustration Res £22
  6. IRELAND-Registered envelope addressed to the vicar at Antrim Manse with GEO VI ½d & 5d values tied by d/rings SION MILLS/STRABANE Co. TYRONE dated 1.3.1944. At top left is the appropriate registration label Res £22
  7. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Printed newspaper wrapper from the Weekly Press and Guernsey Advertiser addressed to Jersey with a pair of the ½d occupation Guernsey issue tied by d/rings of St Peter Port dated 3.5.1945, just a few days before Liberation Res £30
  8. WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM-Telegram with envelope handed in at Toronto and forwarded to Felpham, Bognor Regis on 3.7.1948 Res £8
  9. POST OFFICE SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-1950 Christmas greetings card with mail coach made from POSB books, certificates and coins for the wheels!! Lovely item-see illustration Res £22
  10. BLACKHALL COLLIERY-Postcard addressed to Grimsby with 2½d Wilding tied by superb d/ring BLACKHALL COLLIERY/WEST HARTLEPOOL Co. DUR dated 5.9.1958 Res £15
  11. BISECT-Commercial cover addressed to Gloucester from Cheltenham with 3d Wilding and bisected 2d Wilding tied by CHELTENHAM Festival slogan dated 26.5.1965-not taxed Res £22
  12. POST OFFICE CLOSURE-Deckle-edged souvenir plain card marking the closure of DANYBRYN Post Office, Swansea and the retirement of the Postmaster on 31.3.1966. The card is signed by the postmaster and has the s/ring struck centrally on 31.3.1966 Res £10
  13. IRELAND-Printed envelope of the ARBUTUS HOTEL, KILLARNEY addressed to Sevenoaks with 3 x 1d values tied by KILLARNEY District Numbers slogan dated 7.9.1966 Res £7
  14. SCOTTISH SELF-GOVERNMENT/IS OVERDUE-Unframed Jockinese political statement in the form of an unframed cachet in Tory blue on front of cover addressed to two PLAID CYMRU members, care of the party HQ at Queen Street Cardiff. The 1968 Christmas stamp was placed upside down on the cover as an insult to The Queen on 8.1.1969 Res £20
  15. SOUTH DEVON/PAID/DATE/GREAT[2]BRITAIN-Red inked large s/ring cancel dated 18.12.1969 cancels Paignton postcard of the Belvedere Hotel with a printed calendar for 1970 on the address side Res £7
  16. NIGHTRIDER-A ROYAL MAIL SERVICE-Two LPR 176 postage paid indicator labels and a card to fill in to collect your nightrider parcel. All are in mint condition Res £8
  17. IRELAND-Bisect stamp on postcard from Dublin addressed to KILKENNY on 6.6.1984. Not taxed, so accepted for payment of postage Res £22


  1. ADEN-TOO LATE Framed mark on postcard to Cornwall with GB EDW VII 1d tied by framed PAQUEBOT cancel. Below is s/ring ADEN dated 25.8.1902 Res £20
  2. ADEN-Registered cover to California with GEO VI 14 Anna, 1 Rupee & 2 Rupee values tied by d/rings ADEN CAMP/REG/+ dated 27.6.1946 Res £22
  3. ADEN-Registered airmail commercial cover to London with QEII 70c & 10/- values tied by s/rings ADEN GPO/REG dated 18.10.1954 Res £22
  4. AUSTRALIA, NSW-Postcard to Cornwall with QV 2d blue tied by s/ring MOUNT McDONALD/NSW dated 23.10.1905 Res £10
  5. AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA-Postcard addressed to Italy with 1d & miniature ½d tied by circular numeral cancels 53. Alongside is the s/ring KANGAROO GROUNDS/VIC dated 16.5.1906 Res £15
  6. AUSTRALIA-Postcard to Taunton with 1d ‘Roo tied by squared circle cancel DINCABLE DINCA/S.A dated 1.11.1912 Res £12
  7. AUSTRALIA-SURVEY FLIGHT TO CHILE addressed to Texas with 2 x 3½d and 2 x 1/- green Mitchell values tied by s/rings GPO SYDNEY/AIR dated 12.3.1951 with VALPARAISO arrival/transit mark on the back dated 26th March Res £15
  8. AUSTRALIA-O.A.S Service airmail cover to Scotland with Australian 3d green QEII value tied by s/ring A.F.P.O/R.A.A.F JAPAN dated 26.7.1954. The sender serves at RAAF IWAKUNI in Japan Res £12
  9. BECHUANALAND-Postcard of the Bechuanaland Protectorate Police Camp, Mafeking addressed to Cape Town with EDW VII 1d overprint tied by s/ring MOCHUDI/B.B dated 25.7.1909-see illustration Res £28
  10. BECHUANALAND-Victoria Falls real photo postcard addressed to Shropshire with GB GEO V overprint tied by s/ring MAHALAPYE SIDING/C.G.H dated 6.6.1914-see illustration Res £28
  11. BERMUDA-Registered, censored cover to the USA with 6d value tied by s/ring ST GEORGE’S/BERMUDA dated 15.1.1915. At top left is the HAMILTON registration label and below is the triangular framed PASSED-POSTAL/CENSOR, BERMUDA in violet ink Res £25
  12. BERMUDA-Postcard to the USA with GEO VI 1½d tied by s/ring HAMILTON/BERMUDA dated 31.4.1943 with green inked, circular framed PASSED BY CENSOR/9/BERMUDA Res £22
  13. SILVER JUBILEE-Registered FDC with the £1 value tied by s/ring IRELAND ISLAND dated 1.12.1948. At left is the appropriate registration label Res £30
  14. BRITISH GUIANA-1c grey postal stationery postcard addressed to London with added pair of 1d values tied by d/rings GEORGE TOWN/B. GUIANA dated 14.12.1890 Res £22
  15. BRITISH GUIANA-Postcard of Camp Street, Georgetown addressed to Plymouth with 1d 1897 Jubilee value tied by s/ring WHIM/B. GUIANA dated 5.12.1899 Res £25
  16. BRITISH GUIANA-Postcard of fruit-sellers addressed to Berkshire with 2c value tied by large s/ring WAKENAAM/B.GUIANA dated 14.10.1910-see illustration Res £22
  17. BRITISH GUIANA-Registered airmail cover addressed to UPPER RAMU, NEW GUINEA with GEO V 12 & 24c values and 2c, 4c x 2 and 6c Coronation values affixed & tied by d/rings AIR MAIL GPO/BRITISH GUIANA dated 13.6.1937. Below is the large, unframed LATE FEE with, alongside the unframed BY AIR/FROM BRITISH GUIANA/TO NEW YORK in red ink Res £35
  18. BURMA-Anchor Line Cover addressed to Washington with GB GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring RANGOON GPO/F dated 29.3.1927. Alongside is the petite s/line PAQUEBOT in black ink which is three years earlier than recorded by Roger Hosking see illustration Res £30
  19. BURMA-Registered airmail cover to Lancashire with GEO VI 2 Rupees & 3 Anna values tied by d/rings MOULMEIN/REG dated 2.7.1946. At left is the Appropriate registration label Res £22
  20. CEYLON-Pre addressed longer airmail cover to Colombo with GB GEO V 4d & 1/- values tied by EDINBURGH S machine cancel dated 6.5.1932. On the back is the larger s/ring DOWN INDO CEYLON TPO dated 20.5.1932 with SET 2 index Res £18
  21. CEYLON-Postcard addressed to Towcester with GEO VI 5c & 30c values tied by d/rings ROZELLE/TELEGRAPHS dated 22.12.1947 Res £15
  22. CHINA-Postcard of Tientsin addressed to the transport office, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich with Indian EDW VII C.E.F overprint tied by d/ring BASE OFFICE/C dated 9.4.1908 Res £28
  23. CHINA-Postcard addressed to Welwyn Garden City with six-stamp franking tied by KWANGCHOW cancels dated 5.10.1972-see illustration Res £45
  24. CYPRUS-Postcard addressed to County Kildare, Ireland with GEO V 1 Piastre value tied by d/ring TROODOS/CYPRUS dated 3.7.1936. The card is written from “NALTAR’S CAMP” Res £25
  25. CYPRUS-Postcard of the Byzantine Church of PERISTERONA addressed to Anglesey with GEO VI 1p & 2p values tied by s/ring PLATRES/CYPRUS dated 28.4.1955 Res £25
  26. FAEROES-Postcard of “GALME TVERAA” addressed to Manchester with Danish 15 Ore tied by TRANGISVAAG cancel dated 12.7.1927 Res £30
  27. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered cover addressed to Norwich with a pair of GEO VI 2d & a single 1d tied by Port Stanley d/rings dated 8.8.1939. A little ragged at left, but a nice thing that has done the job!! See illustration Res £40
  28. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered airmail cover to Maidstone with 3 x 1d and a single 2/- ITU value tied by FOX BAY d/rings dated 26.5.1965 Res £25
  29. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered airmail cover to Maidstone with 2 x ½d, 2 x 1d & a single 2/- Churchill value tied by s/rings of Port Stanley dated 29.1.1966-see illustration Res £25
  30. FALKLAND ISLANDS/FALKLANDS WAR-Cover addressed to a soldier on the Falklands from Argentina with 1700 Peso Malvinas overprint tied by s/ring dated 18.5.1982. At right is plain censors’ tape? Res £25
  1. FALKLAND ISLANDS DEPENDENCIES-Airmail cover addressed to Washington and flown by the helicopter of the U.S.S STATEN ISLAND from the ship to the British Base at HALLEY BAY on 29.12.1956. Pilot signed and British Base Commander signed cover with Expedition overprint values 1d, 2½d, 3d & 6d tied by INTERNATIONAL GEOPHYSICAL YEAR cancel dated 29.12.1956 Res £28
  2. FALKLAND ISLANDS DEPENDENCIES-Neat registered cover to Nottingham with 50p on 10/- surcharge value tied by SOUTH GEORGIA cancel dated 9.12.1971. At top left is the unframed SOUTH GEORGIA/FALKLAND ISLANDS/DEPENDENCIES in black ink Res £25
  3. FIJI-P.O BA/FIJI S/ring cancel dated 7.1.1927 ties GEO V ½d & 1d values to postcard addressed to Germany with arrival mark at top left dated 19.2.1927 Res £25
  4. GOLD COAST-GEO VI 6d postal stationery air mail letter sheet addressed to Liverpool, cancelled by s/ring DZELUKOPE/GOLD COAST-Superb strike of exhibition quality Res £18
  5. HELIGOLAND-Lovely sepia vignette postcard of the British island addressed to ERFURT, Germany with QV 1½d/10 Pfennig value tied by dated double arc cancel HELIGOLAND dated 19.7.1887-see illustration Res £35
  6. HELIGOLAND-Vignette postcard of a ship and the British island addressed to Stetin with 1½d/10 Pfennig value tied by the less common s/ring HELIGOLAND datedb 10.8.1890 Res £30
  7. INDIA-EDW VII ¼ Anna postal stationery postcard addressed to Dunblane with added QV ½ Anna & EDW VII 3 Pies values tied by superb strikes of the d/ring cancel GULISTAN [BALUCHISTAN] dated 21.10.1902 Res £22
  8. INDIA-Postcard addressed to Devon with a pair of EDW VII ½ Anna values tied by d/rings FORT ST GEORGE/MADRAS dated 29.5.1906 Res £7
  9. INDIA-Postcard addressed to MALAKAND, N.W.F.P with GEO VI 9 Pies tied by d/ring NEDOUS HOTEL dated 21.12.1940. The arrival mark is alongside, dated 23rd December Res £12
  10. IRAQ-1933 ISSUE OF The first ever airmail letter sheet, designed and patented by Douglas Gumbley on 15.2.1933 at Stationer’s Hall. The 15 Fils letter sheet in folded, mint condition Res £22
  11. JAMAICA-QV ½d postcard addressed to Kingston and returned to CHESTER CASTLE; with CHESTER CASTLE outward mark dated 27.5.1896, the Kingston arrival mark dated 28th & the return CHESTER CASTLE mark dated the 29th May Res £12
  12. U.T-Hand drawn image [printed] on plain postcard of a Warthog by Miss Margaret Collyer addressed to Sweden with GEO V 15c tied by d/ring RUIRU/KENYA dated 26.11.1930 Res £15
  13. U.T-GEO V 10c black postal stationery postcard addressed to Bicester with a picture postcard glued to the back of the card!! The added 5c green is tied by d/ring MOIBEN/KENYA dated 14.11.1933 Res £18
  14. U.T-GEO V 15c postal stationery postcard addressed to Nottingham with added 15c pictorial making the airmail rate, tied by s/ring NJORO/KENYA dated 7.5.1937 Res £18
  15. U.T- Plain postcard sent by airmail to Zurich with GEO VI 1c x 5 and single 5c & 20c values tied by s/ring cancels RONGAI/KENYA dated 15.7.1938 Res £15
  16. LEVANT, BRITISH-Lovely little cover addressed to Boston, USA with GB QV 2½d blue from plate 22 tied by oval C cancel. Alongside is the s/ring in red ink BRITISH POST OFFICE/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 1.12.1882 with index A Res £35
  17. LEVANT, BRITISH-GB QV 2½d postal stationery envelope with 40/PARAS overprint addressed to Hamburg, cancelled by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/STAMBOUL dated 3.5.1893 with index C Res £25
  18. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover partially pre-addressed to New York with GB GEO V 2½d tied by d/ring BRITISH A.P.O/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 9.10.1919 with index A. Below is the framed CENSORED BY/2/MILITARY AUTHORITY in violet ink Res £25
  19. LEVANT, BRITISH-VACUUM OIL COMPANY Envelope registered and addressed to CAIRO with GB GEO V ½d & 2 x 2d values tied by d/rings BRITISH A.P.O/ CONSTANTINOPLE dated 2.7.1920 without index Res £25
  20. LEVANT, BRITISH-Commercial cover addressed to London with a block of four and a single GB GEO V 1½d values tied by BRITISH POST OFFICE/CONSTANTINOPLE d/rings dated 29.9.1920 with index 1 Res £25
  21. LEVANT, BRITISH-Commercial cover to the Bank of Athens [as previous lot] with GB GEO V ½d & 4 x 1d values tied by the d/ring cancels of the BRITISH POST OFFICE/ CONSTANTINOPLE dated 26.11.1920 with index B Res £25
  22. LIBERIA-Postcard “On the Lagune” addressed to London with 3c value tied by s/ring HARPER/LIBERIA dated 14.10.1902 Res £25
  23. LIBERIA-Postcard of a native chief addressed to London with 2c stamp tied by d/ring BUCHANAN/LIBERIA dated 2.2.1916-see illustration Res £25
  24. MALAYA, SELANGOR-Postcard of “Mangosteen” fruit addressed to Ramsgate with 4c range tied by d/ring SUNGEI BESI/F.M.S dated 14.1.1936 Res £22
  25. MOROCCO-Postcard of FEZ addressed to Casablanca with Spanish Morocco 5c overprint tied by d/ring of Spanish MEQUINEZ-A very uncommon cancel dated 1912!! Res £25
  26. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard of Casablanca addressed to London with GB GEO V 15 & 75 Centimes overprints tied by s/rings of the British Post Office at Casablanca on 24.2.1927-30 years to the day before I was hatched!! Res £15
  27. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Censored airmail cover to Jarrow-on-Tyne with two pairs of the GEO VI GB 2d dark colours tied by s/rings BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 10.1.1941. At left is PC90 Examiner tape No.560 Res £22
  28. NEW ZEALAND-Framed LOOSE LETTER cancel ties a pair of ½d values to postcard addressed to Edinburgh at DUNEDIN on 14.1.1909 Res £15
  29. NEW ZEALAND/WAR TAX-A pair of ½d WAR TAX values on postcard addressed to PAHIATUA tied by s/rings SEATOUN dated 23.12.1915 with index 4 Res £22
  30. NEW ZEALAND-“AIR TRAVEL [NZ] LTD Flown pictorial cover from HOKITIKA to HAAST with 1d value tied by Hokitika cancel dated 29.12.1934. The arrival mark alongside of HAAST is dated 31.12.1934. On arrival, it was redirected to Christchurch. On the back is the scarce label “USE NEW ZEALAND’S SUNNY SKIES/PERMANENT AIR FORCE/AERO CLUBS/AERIAL SERVICES/AIR MAIL SOCIETY-See illustration of this label Res £28
  31. NEW ZEALAND/HMS ACHILLES-Stampless, censored cover addressed to Auckland with framed ON ACTIVE SERVICE cachet in violet ink alongside framed PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR/No.10 [NEW ZEALAND/INITIALS in black ink-see illustration Res £35
  32. NEW ZEALAND-Small parcel tag addressed to Auckland with GEO VI 1d & 2d surcharge values tied by s/ring HANAGAREI dated 3.9.1941-see illustration Res £30
  33. NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of Sierra Leone men with letters painted on their chests spelling BONNE ANNEE addressed to Grimsby with EDW VII 1d tied by s/ring NIGER TRAVELLING POST OFFICE dated 11.7.1903 with index A and + at base-see illustration Res £45
  1. NORTH BORNEO-Illustrated cover addressed to London with the 1, 4, 10 & 20c BMA overprints on the front tied by the unframed local cancel KUALA BELAIT/8/FEB 1946. The 8 & 15c values on the back are cancelled by the unframed local cancel BRUNEI dated the following day-see illustration Res £65
  2. NORWAY/ZEPPELIN FLIGHT-Airmail commercial cover addressed to Rio de Janeiro with 30 Ore definitive & 200 Ore postage due surcharge value tied by KRISTIANSUND dated 19.10.1932. Below are two different Zeppelin flight cachets and a German TPO mark dated 21.10.1932. The cover arrived on 28th October-see illustration Res £75
  3. NYASALAND-German East African postcard of RUNGUE addressed to Glasgow with 1d Arms value tied by squared circle cancel KARONGA/B.C.A dated 11.3.1912 Res £25
  4. NYASALAND-Postcard of a Native village addressed to London with EDW VII 1d tied by FORT JOHNSTON/B.C.A squared circle cancel dated 7.11.1904-see illustration Res £25
  5. NYASALAND-Real photo postcard of the RUO FALLS, SANDAMA addressed to Glasgow with GEO VI 2d grey & 1/- values tied by d/ring LIMBE/NYASALAND dated 31.5.1933. At bottom is the s/line cachet FIRST FLIGHT in violet ink-see illustration Res £25
  6. PANAMA-Entire from MARTINIQUE addressed to Paris with unframed PANAMA/DATE/ TRANSIT struck at right on 29.10.1872-see illustration Res £65
  7. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Stampless meter mark paid cancel of PADDINGTON/NSW for 5d dated 29.7.1944 on much travelled cover addressed variously to Port Moresby, Wagga and elsewhere. With s/ring cancels of MIL P.O WAGGA WAGGA, No.3 AND No.4 AUST BASE P.O.; ARMY P.O 0107 & 217 and FIELD P.O 098 Res £22
  8. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-OHMS Registered small cover addressed to MILNE BAY with APO 0111 registration cachet at top left & s/ring ARMY P.O/0111 at right, dated 18.1.1945 Res £15
  9. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Registered Red Cross cover to Hobart from the 2/3 Australian Genral Hospital at TOROKINO with a pair of GEO VI 3d values tied by s/ring AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/305 dated 23.7.1945 Res £15
  10. RHODESIA, BSAC-Postcard of the Donkin Memorial at Port Elizabeth addressed to Gloucestershire with RHODESIA overprint on 1d tied by d/ring JUMBO MINE/S RHODESIA dated 24.12.1909-see illustration Res £45
  11. RHODESIA, BSAC-Real photo postcard of the hostel, Zimbabwe addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by d/ring ZIMBABWE/S RHODESIA dated 7.1.1914-see illustration Res £40
  12. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard addressed to Glasgow with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring NYAMANDHLOVU/S RHODESIA dated 12.8.1920-see illustration Res £40
  13. RHODESIA, SOUTHERN-Postcard of Victoria Falls addressed to Cambridge with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by d/ring WANKIES/S RHODESIA dated 24.2.1931-26 years to the day before I was popped out!! Res £25
  14. RHODESIA & NYASALAND-Postcard addressed to Reigate with a pair of QEII 4d values tied by d/ring MELSETTER/S RHODESIA dated 22.8.1962 Res £18
  15. ROSS DEPENDENCY-Cover addressed to the Senior Medical Officer [Stewart Slessor] at PORT STANLEY with Ross 3d & 1/6d values tied by SCOTT BASE s/rings dated 18.1.1961. At left is blue pictorial cachet for the HUTS RESTORATION PROJECT at Cape Royds as used by Ernest Shackleton in 1907-09 Res £22
  16. ROSS DEPENDENCY—Cover addressed as the previous lot with Ross 4d, 8d & 1/6d values tied by smaller s/ring SCOTT BASE dated 14.1.1965. At left is the pictorial cachet for the HUT POINT RESTORATION PROJECT to make good the hut used by Captain Scott in 1902-04 Res £22
  17. ROSS DEPENDENCY-Cover addressed to Stewart Slessor at Port Stanley, containing a CHRISTMAS Card depicting Penguins and signed by Eric Gibbs [“The Gibbs Family]. The card also has the printed Penguin logo of the New Zealand Antarctic Society, Canterbury Branch inside. The Ross 4d is tied by s/ring cancel dated 28.10.1966 Res £35
  18. RUSSIA/CZECHOSLOVAKIA-Illustrated First Flight postcard from Moscow to Prague, via CLUJ with Russian stamps tied by d/ring MOSCOW cancel dated 1.9.1936-nice looker! Res £22
  19. SIERRA LEONE/MILITARY-Postcard of Freetown by LOUIS LEVI addressed to London & redirected to Margate with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring Freetown dated 16.5.1919. Alongside is the oval cachet MILITARY HOSPITAL/No…../DATE…../TOWER HILL in a dirty violet ink. The card is written from the hospital & was redirected on 31.5.1919 Res £35
  20. SOMALILAND-Postcard addressed to Newton Abbot with EDW VII 1 Anna value tied by s/ring BERBERA/SOMALILAND dated 19.7.1907 Res £22
  21. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard of Church Square, MIDDELBURG addressed to Birmingham with EDW VII 1d tied by superb strike of the d/ring cancel CANTONMENT B.O MIDDELBURG/TVL dated 3.12.1904 Res £20
  22. SOUTH AFRICA, ORANGE RIVER-Postcard addressed to GUNDAGAI, New South Wales with EDW VII 1d tied by large d/ringed rubber agency cancel of THABA ‘NCHU dated 18.9.1906-see illustration Res £65
  23. SOUTH AFRICA, TRANSVAAL-Postcard addressed to Huddersfield with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring CANTONMENT/POTCHESTROOM dated 11.11.1907 Res £9
  24. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard addressed to France with GEO V 1d on the picture side tied by d/ring GLENCOE JUNCTION dated 27.4.1920. On the address side is the oval cachet A. BANKS/GLENCOE/JUNCTION/S.A.R., NATAL in violet ink Res £18
  25. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard of the FAIRY-DENE Hotel, Sarnia addressed to Johannesburg with ½d value tied by oval cancel of SARNIA STATION of the S.A Railway on 14.12.1926 Res £15
  26. SOUTH AFRICA-Real photo postcard of the GRAAFF RENET Hospital addressed to Stellenbosch with ½d tied by d/ring BURGERVILLE ROAD RAIL dated 23.4.1928 Res £15
  27. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, GERMAN-Neat little cover addressed to Germany with 20Pf overprint tied by large s/ring cancel OKOMBAJE/DEUTSCH/SUDWEST AFRIKA dated 19.3.1901-see illustration Res £30
  28. SOUTH WEST AFRICA, GERMAN-Coloured postcard of German troops in SWA addressed to Dresden with 3pf, 5pf x 2 & a 10pf value all tied by d/rings LUDERITZBUCHT /DEUTSCH-/SUDWESTAFRIKA dated 15.3.1907. Below is the German military unit stamp for a “SOLDIERS LETTER” in violet ink-see illustration Res £30
  29. SUDAN-O.A.S “Honour” envelope addressed to Teignmouth with GB GEO VI 10d tied by d/ring of the Indian FPO No.12 [Port Sudan] dated 29.5.1944 Res £8
  30. SWITZERLAND-Lovely postcard for the Swiss National Exhibition of May-October 1914 addressed and registered to TRIESTE with 10, 12 & 15c values tied by s/ring special cancels for the Exhibition dated 14.7.1914. At top left is the LANDESAUSST registration label & at bottom left is an advertising label for the exhibition which is also tied. Lovely item see illustrations Res £30
  1. SWITZERLAND-Plain 10c postcard overprinted across the stamp impression INDUSTRIELLE/KRIEGS/WIRTSCHAFT [INDUSTRIAL WAR ECONOMY] in black ink. Not postally used and i pristine condition-see illustration Res £35
  2. SWITZERLAND-Unused 1928 National Fete 40c airmail postcard in pristine condition Res £18
  3. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-TYPE III Cachet on stampless, untaxed cover addressed to Leicester. The cachet is struck in black ink and there are no transit or arrival marks-see illustration Res £125
  4. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-TYPE VI Cachet ties GB 1937 Coronation stamp to cover addressed to the assistant magistrate at NYLSTROOM, South Africa. The cover was redirected on 22.1.1938-see illustration Res £65
  5. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-TYPE V Cachet on stampless, taxed cover addressed to Woodstock, Cape Town with 1d tax mark & 1d postage due tied by d/ring SALT RIVER dated 5.4.1938. Comes with a postcard of HMS MILFORD, the ship which carried the mail on this occasion Res £45
  6. TURKEY -Postcard of Constantinople addressed to Frankfurt with 20 Para Turkish value tied by d/ring DEMIR-TACHE dated 2.5.1911 Res £22
  7. ZANZIBAR-Aerial view real photo postcard of BET-EL-AJAIB registered and addressed within Zanzibar with the block of four of the 1936 Silver Jubilee 10c values cancelled by s/ring REG/ZANZIBAR dated 28.12.1936 [1st day]. The Zanzibar registration label is similarly tied Res £22




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