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  1. J HAMBRO & SON-Wrapper addressed to Bergen, Norway with 2½d lilac perfin CIH/&S and tied by a lovely LONDON E.C HOISTER Machine cancel dated 21.12.1886 with index X. Company cachet is at bottom left Res £22
  2. HOPE, SMITH & COMPANY-Embossed cover to Wolverhampton with 1d lilac perfin HS&C tied by London E squared circle dated 17.8.1893 Res £6
  3. RALLI BROTHERS-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed within London with added 1d lilac perfin RB tied by oval registered cancel of Threadneedle Street dated 14.9.1895-complete wax seal below Res £9
  4. JOHN DICKINSON AND COMPANY LIMITED-Lovely cover with embossed details on the back flap [opens out to display] addressed to Birmingham with QV ½d blue-green perfin JD & Co. tied by HEMEL HEMPSTEAD-353 duplex cancel dated 25.9.1900 Res £7
  5. PLANT & GREEN, BUTTON WORKS, BIRMINGHAM-Printed [back flap] cover addressed locally with 1d lilac perfin P&G/B tied by d/ring BIRMINGHAM/35 dated 26.10.1900 Res £8
  6. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS-Cover from London [with contents] addressed to Oswestry with EDW VII 1d perfin CAM/RYS tied by London S.W machine cancel dated 16.3.1904 Res £15
  7. C CALVERT & COMPANY-Carbolic & Prickly Heat soap makers-Pictorial advertising postcard addressed to Bridge of Weir from Manchester on 9.11.1905 with EDW VII ½d yellow-green perfin FC tied by Withenshaw s/ring Res £9
  8. CHARRINGTON, SALES, DALE-Embossed envelope addressed within London with 1d Downey head perfin CSD/&, tied by London N machine cancel dated 8.2.1912 Res £8
  9. GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY-Unrelated postcard addressed to Seven Kings, Essex with ½d Downey head perfin GER tied by London E.C dated 16.4.1913 Res £8
  10. RUSSIAN BANK FOR FOREIGN TRADE-Censored, registered cover addressed to Copenhagen from London with GEO V 6d perfin RB [sideways reading down] tied by Gracechurch Street oval registered cancel on 23.7.1917 Res £9
  11. YMCA-Postcard of Field-Marshal Sir John French addressed to London with GEO V ½d perfin YM/CA tied by d/ring CLIPSTONE CAMP dated 23.7.1915 Res £10
  12. FIELD & SONS, BOROUGH HIGH STREET-Printed envelope [back flap] addressed to Cornwall with GEO V 1d perfin F&S and tied by London S.E.1machine cancel dated 26.4.1918 Res £6
  13. BANCA COMMERCIALE ITALIANA-Crested, censored cover addressed to Geneva with GEO V 2½d perfin BCA [inverted] and tied by Threadneedle Street B.O d/ring dated 25.9.1918 Res £7
  14. BARING BROTHERS-GEO V Registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Paris with added 1½d perfin BB tied by Threadneedle Street oval registered mark dated 14.6.1919. Intact company wax seal at bottom right Res £7
  15. HEDLEY, NORRIS & COMPANY-Crested envelope addressed to Cornwall with GEO V 1½d perfin HN/&C tied by LONDON/246 d/ring dated 15.1.1926 Res £6
  16. COMPTROLLER’S OFFICE, CITY OF LONDON-Embossed cover addressed to Cornwall with GEO V 1½d perfin Large Crossed Shield, tied by LONDON machine cancel sdated 20.4.1927 Res £5
  17. METAL AGENCIES, BRISTOL-Pictorial [on the front] advertising trade postcard for the “Melton” Automatic Cattle Drinking Bowl addressed to Pewsey, Wilts with GEO V 1d perfin M/A/C tied by Bristol machine cancel dated 9.3.1929. Two file hole punches away from the business end of the card Res £8
  18. BRACE, WINDLE & BLYTH & COMPANY-Trade postcard addressed to Oswestry with GEO V 1d perfin BW/B tied by Walsall machine cancel dated 13.2.1934 Res £6
  19. D WILLIAMS & COMPANY-Pre-printed and pre-addressed trade card addressed to the Dale Street, Manchester Warehouse with added ½d GEO V photogravure perfin JD/W [inverted]. Not postally used Res £5
  20. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS-Printed window envelope with GEO VI ½d perfin CAR/TER, cancelled by WEST WIMBLEDON/S.W 20 machine cancel dated 7.11.1938 Res £6
  21. ENGLISH ELECTRIC COMPANY-Cover addressed to the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough with GEO VI 2½d perfin EE/Co., tied by London S.W.1 machine on 12.1.1951 Res £6
  22. COMMERCIAL ASSURANCE CIOMPANY-Crested envelope addressed to Swanage from Dorchester on 13.9.1962 with 3d Wilding perfin CU tied by machine cancel. At topleft is hand-struck pictorial cachet in pin k ink with the slogan “GET THE STRENGTH OF INSURANCE AROUND YOU” Res £4
  23. H.B.M.S Printed airmail letter sheet addressed to the U.N in New York with 6d Wilding perfin HM/SO tied by London S.E.1 machine on 26.3.1964 Res £5
  24. HERBERT REEVES & COMPANY, SOLICITORS-Printed envelope [back flap] addressed within London with 3d Wilding perfin R/&, tied by d7umb cancel o9f parallel bars on 5.10.1964 Res £5
  25. BIRMINGHAM MUNICIPAL BANK-Cover addressed to London with 4d brown Mavchin perfin CB [City of Birmingham], tied by Birmingham slogan marking the 50th anniversary of the bank, dated 16.2.1969. At bottom left is a gold blue on white label marking the anniversary also Res £7


  1. STOCKEN STATIONERS-Envelope addressed to Basingstoke with imperf 1d red tied by a superb No.8 in Maltese Cross cancel of London on 21.4.1843. Inside is an advert for Stocken Stationery products including “Stockens Patent Damping Bottle for Postage Stamps”-see illustrations Res £75
  2. SCHULTZE “OLDEST & BEST SPORTING POWDER”-Lovely shooting scene illustrated envelope addressed to Stirling from London, dated 16.8.1901 with very early E-Crown-R No.5 machine cancel tying 1d lilac on 16.8.1901-see illustration Res £40
  3. NABOB SAUCES AND PICKLES-Lovely illustrated postcard with coloured, pictorial advert on the front showing the Nabob enjoying the goodies. Postally used from ARMLEY, Leeds on 17.8.1906 Res £25
  4. COMPO WASHING POWDER, HOE’S SAUCE & PIERIES COFFEE-Pre-addressed advertising cover to Whitley Bay with GEO V 1d Downey head tied by d/ring RAVENSTONEDALE/PENRITH, CUMB dated 2.12.1911 Res £22
  5. YATE’S CASTLE BREWERY, BIRKENHEAD-Superb double-sided advertising card pre-addressed to the brewery with ½d Downey head tied by rubber cancel BARNSTON/ BIRKENHEAD dated 25.2.1913-see illustrations Res £30
  6. HAROLD SPENCER OF OLDHAM-Pictorial trade postcard addressed to Huddersfield with shop premises illustrated at left and used from Oldham on 20.7.1915 Res £22
  7. SHELL MOTOR SPIRIT-Easter card? advertising the petrol with greetings inside the card for a “Most successful Easter Tour”-see illustration of front & back Res £25
  8. “THE WINNER” SELF-RAISING FLOUR Advertising envelope showing lady tossing pancakes, addressed within Glasgow and with 3 x ½d P.U.C values tied by s/rings dated 2.6.1929 Res £22
  9. FOLKESPEARE TIES-Printed window envelope for Folkes Ties and neckwear of London with ½d P.U.C tied by London machine on 13.8.1929 Res £15
  1. PLAYERS NAVY CUT-The famous trademark at top left in a lovely vibrant violet colour on envelope addressed to Wakefield with GEO V 1 ½d photogravure perfin JP/&S tied by Nottingham machine on 4.9.1936 Res £22


  1. THE “EVENING NEWS” Airship starting out with Mr Stanley Spencer at the controls, lifting off from the Crystal Palace for his maiden flight to St Paul’s. Postally used postcard from Kensington on 9.12.1903 Res £22
  2. K TO PERU-Lovely little registered cover with ½d, 5d, 1/- & 2/6d Seahorse affixed and tied by s/rings DORKING dated 10.10.1929 and carried across the Atlantic by the Aquitania. Arrival & transit marks on the back dated 1st & 2nd November 1929 Res £40
  3. SUDAN-Lovely illustrated [not the normal] addressed to Germany & carried on the first airmail from Khartoum to Germany on 6.4.1931. Underpaid and taxed 25c in Sudan-see illustration Res £25
  4. NEW ZEALAND-1st Flight cover from GISBORNE to HAMILTON with 3d air, 1d definitive & 1d Health stamps tied by s/rings dated 10.12.1931, arriving the same day Res £25
  5. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Registered cover from Windhoek to Caledon, Cape with 4d & 1/- overprint airmail values and 1d SWA value tied by the usual airmail cancel for the Windhoek to Kimberley flight on 19.12.1931-arriving on 22.12.1931 via Kimberley & Cape Town Res £30
  6. NEW ZEALAND-Special Christmas 1931 flight from TIMARU to INVERCARGILL with 5d on 3d green air stamp tied by s/ring on 24.12.1931. At left is the green pictorial flight cachet and above, is the signature of McGregor, the pilot Res £30
  7. K TO SUDAN-Covert to MALAKAL, Sudan with 2 x ½d & 2 x 2d values tied by NORWICH machine on 17.1.1932. On the back is the less common SUDAN AIR MAIL/MALAKAL dated 26.1.1932 Res £18
  8. SURREY TO SOUTH AFRICA-Registered cover to Pietermaritzburg with GEO V 1d x 5 & a 10d value tied by s/rings of PURLEY dated 19.1.1932, arriving on 1.2.1931 Res £22
  9. SURREY TO TANGA-Similar cover to the previous lot with 2 x 5d values tied by s/ring cancels of PURLEY dated 19.1.1932 and with transit d/ring of MOSHI, 28.1.1932 and TANGA arrival mark dated 1.2.1932 Res £22
  10. LONDON TO BROKEN HILL-Imperial Airways illustrated 1st flight cover to Broken Hill with GEO V 9d green tied by LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL d/ring dated 20.1.1932, arriving on 30.1.1932 Res £22
  1. RHODESIA TO DORSET-“FIRST OFFICIAL AIR MAIL” S/line cachet on cover with 10d tied by d/ring “MAKWIRO/S RHODESIA” dated 25.1.1932. On the back is a SALISBURY transit mark dated 27.1.1932 Res £28
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Plain postcard addressed to UPINGTON with SWA 2d tied by d/ring MARIENTAL/S.W.AFRICA dated 4.10.1932, arriving the next day Res £20
  3. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Commercial cover from SWAKOPMUND to Germany with 3d, 6d & 9d air stamps and 1d & 4d pictorials tied by the Swakopmund HEALTH RESORT d/ring cancels dated 7.11.1932. On the back is a coloured label encouraging people to visit the town with an image of the lighthouse, front and centre!! Res £30
  4. WEST COUNTRY AIR SERVICE-Commercial looking cover addressed to Cornwall with 3d Provincial Airways label & 1 ½d stamp tied by PLYMOUTH machine cancel on 25.11.1933-lovely item Res £30
  5. NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA & NEW GUINEA-Much travelled cover by Trans-Tasman air mail to Timaru, starting there on 22.6.1934 and flown from KAITAI to SYDNEY where 8d worth of stamps were cancelled on 2.7.1934 and finally from SALAMAUA on 31.7.1934 back to Timaru, collecting various cachets on the way-lovely cover Res £30
  6. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Undelivered commercial cover from London to Liverpool with 1 ½d tied by LONDON W.1 machine on 20.8.1934 with return to sender cachet on the front-carried on the 1st flight Res £15
  7. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Pair of return tickets still joined for the outward & return flights in mint condition Res £22
  8. MIDLAND & SCOTTISH AIR FERRIES LTD-Real photo postcard of a three-engined, ten-seater saloon ‘plane G-ACF 13 in pristine condition Res £20
  9. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Imperial Airways illustrated first flight cover to Australia with a pair of the 2d & 6d SWA overprint OFFICIAL Stamps and an overprinted 4d air and the imperf 4d Cape Triangular tied by WINDHOEK/LUGPOST small d/rings dated 30.11.1934-see illustration Res £40
  10. U.T-Cover addressed to New York with GEO V 20c & 50c values tied by NAIROBI Coffee slogan dated 2.4.1935. At bottom left is the unframed PAR AVION/JUSQU’A LONDON in violet ink Res £22
  11. LONDON TO BRAZIL-“VIA FRANCE” Typed endorsement on longer cover to Pernambuco with GEO V 1/- x 2 & 5/- Seahorse tied by London Air Mail machine cancel dated 19.11.1935, arriving on the 28th. Centrally is the pictorial German airmail cachet in red Res £55
  12. LONDON TO URUGUAY-Longer cover to Montevideo with 2 x 1/- & 2 x 5/- Seahorses tied by London rubber packet cancels dated 1.1.1935. With pictorial German airmail cachet in red and black Condor-Zeppelin cachet at right-see illustration Res £75
  13. SOUTH WEST AFRICA TO THE U.S.A-Small cover with a pair of the 1 ½d values tied by d/ring WINDHOEK dated 1.3.1937 with the airmail label “cancelled” by the unusual, unframed “AIR MAIL LABEL/CANCELLED” in violet ink Res £25
  14. LONDON TO SAO PAULO-Longer cover with 2 x 1/- & a 5/- Seahorse tied by Rubber airmail packet cancels on 7.4.1937. At left is the red pictorial German airmail cachet Res £55
  15. LONDON TO RIO-Smaller cover with GEO V 1/-, 2/6d Seahorse & a pair of EDW VIII 1½d values tied by lovely oval registered rubber cancels of KILBURN dated 7.4.1937 Res £45
  16. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Official S.A Airways envelope addressed to London with a block of four SWA 1½d values cancelled by d/ring airmail cancel of the Windhoek to Kimberley cancel on 15.4.1937. On the back is a lovely company advertising label “WHEN YOU FLY-FLY WELL” Res £22
  17. RHODESIA-INAUGURATION FLIGHT Cover for the service from Bulawayo to Cape Province, celebrating the 2d postal rate to the U.K with 2d Coronation value tied by d/ring dated 30.6.1937 Res £20
  18. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-1st Through Flight by S.A. Airways from Windhoek to LUSAKA, Northern Rhodesia with an irregular block of 3 x 1 ½d Coronation values tied by the Windhoek-Kimberley air mail cancel dated 19.6.1937-redirected upon arrival to Salisbury on 23.6.1937 Res £20
  19. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-First “All Up” rate illustrated cover to UPLANDS, Kenya with ½d & 1d Coronation values tied by d/ring KEETMANSHOOP dated 2.7.1937 Res £9
  20. NEW ZEALAND-Printed envelope of the UNION AIRWAYS with further printed “AUCKLAND TO DUNEDIN FIRST ONE DAY SERVICE” with 2½d Coronation tied by Auckland cancel dated 31.10.1937 and flown from there to Napier Res £22
  21. BLUE STAR LINE Shipping company envelope addressed to Brazil with GEO V 6d x 2, 4d photogravure x 6 & GEO VI 3d x 2 tied by LONDON F.S d/rings dated 2.2.1938. One 4d is further tied by the red inked pictorial German airmail cachet-carried by Condor Flying Boat Res £25
  1. SOUTH AFRICA/RHODESIA-GWELO Municipality envelope addressed to GWELO with S.A 1½d tied by Johannesburg slogan dated 2.2.1938. Carried on the first “Inter-Town” air service but flown from QUE-QUE as the airfield at Gwelo was flooded. On the back is a GWELO publicity label Res £22
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA TO BECHUANALAND-Cover addressed to MAUN with SWA pair of ½d values tied by uncommon d/ring cancel OCBABIS dated 1.11.1938, arriving on the day of the flight, the 5th November-flown on the Kalahari Feeder Service Res £22
  3. MALTA-Registered cover to Ipswich stamp dealers, Whitfield King with a block of four of the 6d AIR/MAIL overprints cancelled by d/ring AIR MAIL/MALTA dated 22.12.1938 Res £25
  4. CRASH MAIL-Small OHMS envelope to King William’s Town, South Africa with GB GEO VI 1½d tied by LEICESTER machine cancel on 21.4.1939. Below is the bilingual cachet FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEA WATER in violet ink-see illustration Res £55
  5. SOUTH AFRICA/SOUTH WEST AFRICA/ANGOLA-Series of five matching WEST COAST 1st Flight Covers from Cape Town to KEETMANSHOOP, OUTJO, LUANDA, LOBITO and MOSSAMEDES; all dated 21.8.1939-all have receipt cancels [5] Res £60
  6. WWII CRASH MAIL-On Active Service cover addressed to the U.K with GB GEO VI 10d tied by EGYPT/30 military cancel on 11.6.1941. Alongside is the framed DAMAGED BY SEA WATER in violet ink-see illustration Res £45
  7. NEW ZEALAND-Illustrated commercial cover from Griffiths Ltd, seedsmen & growers of Auckland to the U.K with GEO VI 3d blue & 3 x 1/3d orange Arms issue tied by AUCKLAND cancels dated 2.12.1945 Res £25
  8. BRITISH SOUTH AMERICAN AIRWAYS-Circular gummed baggage label in mint condition with “Speedbird” logo at centre Res £20
  9. ZANZIBAR-Registered cover to ARGENTINA [Scarce destination from here!!] with nine-stamp franking tied by s/rings REG/ZANZIBAR dated 24.2.1950-cover apparently arrived at destination on 6.3.1950-see illustration Res £30
  10. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-First flight by balloon in SWA at the Agricultural Show, OTJIWARONGO on 30.5.1958 with illustrated cover and cachet-flown on “FREEBALLOON 00-BGX” Res £12


  1. REGISTERED Cover addressed to Berlin with 2 x 3d INLAND REVENUE values [SG F24] tied by oval registered cancels of MARK LANE dated 10.8.1890. The name has been excised and all that remains of the back is a side-flap with the Berlin arrival mark dated 12.6.1890-shame!! Res £25
  2. THE LIVERPOOL PARCEL DELIVERY COMPANY-4d black on blue-green used parcel stamp Res £8
  3. SHAKESPEARE-Court-size postcard of the Bard addressed to Holland with EDW VII 1d & orange 1/- Shakespeare label tied by separate cancels of STRATFORD ON AVON dated 5.8.1902-see illustration Res £75
  4. INLAND REVENUE-Small OHMS cover addressed within Hornsey with EDW VII 1d I.R/OFFICIAL tied by d/ring on 31.12.1903 Res £15
  5. IRISH FENIAN LABELS 1940 Reprints in a strip of three on gummed paper Res £15
  6. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Folder with the complete set of turquoise labels affixed inside Res £9
  7. “MERIT” TOY Postal Order for £4 with counterfoil and with Merit Post “stamp” affixed and tied by violet POST cancel. Also further 6d postal order from the TOY TOWN Postal Service [2] Res £12
  8. “DOLLY’S MONEY ORDER” Two 6d money orders, one mint and the other used with 2½d Toyland stamp and a Toy Post Teddy Bear stamp affixed [2] Res £12
  9. MERIT TELEGRAM Forms, one mint and the other with two “Merit” stamps tied by POST cancels [2] Res £12
  10. MERIT TELEGRAM & ENVELOPE-Matched pair, both with 2 x Merit stamps tied on the telegram and one of two tied to the envelope [2] Res £12
  11. BROADCAST RECEIVING LICENCES-Two licences, 20/- & £4; the 20/- one having a “Postage” stamp tied at bottom right [2] Res £12
  12. IMPERIAL TELEGRAM & ENVELOPE-Matching pair with Merit stamps tied in the usual manner by POST cancels [2] Res £12
  13. DRAKES ISLAND-Postcard of Drakes Drum addressed to Sussex with 3p local tied by the rubber d/ring dated 22.10.1980 Res £6
  14. DRAKES ISLAND-Postcard of the island addressed to Cambridgeshire with 5p local tied as previous lot on 20.7.1981 Res £6
  15. INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON C22-Complete coupon placed on a pre-addressed envelope to the DHSS in Newcastle, cancelled by issuing s/ring of France dated 7.11.1985-unusual acceptance of postage even though there is no value on the coupon Res £15


  1. BLUE CROSS FUND WWI Label to aid horses in wartime, mint condition Res £8
  2. ST JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION-Superb block of four of the 1d labels in black & red-see illustration Res £20
  3. CROYDON RED CROSS WEEK-Three labels-1d, 3d & 6d issued in support of the Red Cross at the Front 1916 in mint condition Res £22
  4. 1941 “OFFICIAL AUCTION CACHET/CANADIAN/STAMP COLLECTORS’/FUND /FOR/BRITAIN’S/WAR VICTIMS/TORONTO NOVEMBER 1941-Green inked cachet ties censor tape to censored cover from London to California on 23.4.1941 Res £22
  5. TRACTOR USERS ASSOCIATION-Economy label issued by the TUA with printed TRACTOR USERS!-/HELP YOUR NEIGHBOUR on reused cover with 1d tied by d/ring WALLINGFORD/BERKS dated 26.7.1942 Res £15
  6. RHODESIA-“SAVE YOUE ENVELOPES” With stylised V for Victory in the word “SAVE” economy label on reused cover to the U.S.A with 3d Rhodes commem tied by BULAWAYO d/ring dated 11.5.1942. On the back is a label of the NATIONAL WAR FUND OF SOUTHERN RHODESIA-Nice item from either side Res £30
  7. “PUT OUT YOUR PAPER, METAL, BONES FOR THE DUSTMEN TO COLLECT” Economy label reused on cover from LEICESTER to Oxford and returned to Leicester on 8.1.1943. The label is from the local authority Res £22
  8. THE RADIO INDUSTRY DRIVE-WANTED; 5,000 TONS OF WASTE PAPER-DO YOUR BIT-Mint block of four labels printed black, white & green Res £20
  9. FIREMAN/NORTHAMPTON-Economy label [removed nicely from a over] from Northampton Corporation Water Company with an image of a Fireman and the legend “WATER IS VITAL-DON’T WASTE IT-IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME”-Used from Northampton on 12.2.1945 Res £18
  10. IRELAND-Cover addressed to the Red Cross in Geneva with printed label of the Irish Red Cross Society, Dublin tied by Dublin road safety slogan dated 20.9.1948 Res £12


  1. FORESTERS FETE & INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION-MIDLAND RAILWAY Advertising notice for the service to the exhibition at Crystal Palace from Bradford and other stations for the exhibition on 19.8.1873-excellent condition and a scarce survivor Res £25
  2. NATIONAL CAT SHOW-Similar notice for the show at the Crystal Palace on 22.9.1873 from the same stations-again, excellent condition Res £25
  3. MANCHESTER ROYAL JUBILEE EXHIBITION, 1887-Medal by “Heaton” depicting QV on one side and a view of the buildings at rooftop level and stating that the exhibition was opened by the Prince & Princess of Wales on 3.5.1887 Res £20
  4. ELLIOT Uniform Penny Postage Jubilee advertising envelope for shop display with insert card-see illustration Res £65
  5. MANCHESTER PHILATELIC SPCIETY WAR FUND-Labels, 1d & 2½d in unused condition Res £12
  6. MANCHESTER PHILATELIC SOCIETY WAR FUND-Block of four of the 1d values from the top left of the sheet-superb quality show piece Res £25
  7. CITY OF LONDON PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Six different coloured labels with founding date of 13.11.1902 in pristine condition [6] Res £25
  8. CITY OF LONDON PHILATELIC SOCIETY-IMPERF Pair of 5/- blue labels depicting the knave of clubs-believed to be receipt stamps for one years membership Res £15
  9. FRANCO-BRITISH EXHIBITION LONDON-S/ring cancel dated 11.9.1908 ties 1d stamp to exhibition postcard addressed to the U.S.A Res £8
  10. FRANCO-BRITISH EXHIBITION-Block of four blue labels advertising the 1908 exhibition Res £18
  11. FRANCO-BRITISH EXHIBITION-Five different coloured labels with same design advertising the 1908 exhibition in mint condition [5] Res £18
  12. “BEAUMONT’S AEROPLANE ON VIEW AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE” Real photo postcard depicting the aircraft at the Festival of Empire Exhibition, 1912-superb condition Res £15
  13. MARGATE PHILATELIC CONGRESS 1912-Five different coloured labels with same design of the Queen’s Highcliffe hotel, Margate in mint condition [5] Res £22
  14. MARGATE PHILATELIC CONGRESS 1912-Blue label & ½d & 1d Downey head GEO V values tied by scarce s/line MARGATE CONGRESS in black ink and grey advertising label tied by the congress cancel on 5.5.1912; both sadly only on piece-see illustration Res £22
  15. ELECTRICAL EXHIBITION, OLYMPIA-Printed EDW VII ½d postal stationery invoice envelope from the City of London Electric Lighting Company addressed within London with printed advert encouraging the addressee to visit the company at the exhibition. Cancelled by LONDON E.C machine cancel on 11.10.1911 Res £22
  16. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE Envelope overprinted o the front in red ink with an advert for C. FOX & Co., Stamp Dealer at the 1923 International Stamp Exhibition at the Horticultural Hall, London from May 14th to the 26th-see illustration Res £35
  17. 1923 STAMP EXHIBITION-Three different colour advertising air labels for the show at the Royal Horticultural Hall [3] Res £12
  18. GLASGOW 11th PHILATELIC CONGRESS-Four lovely engraved publicity labels in different colours and in superb condition [4] Res £22
  19. POSTAL UNION CONGRESS-First Day Cover FORGERY with the four low values tied by the forged d/ring of the Congress dated 10.5.1929-comes with Royal Philatelic Society certificate dated 2007 Res £35
  20. 1934 AIR POST EXHIBITION-Cover addressed within London with 1½d tied by the winged d/ring cancel dated 8.5.1934 and at bottom left is the red advertising cachet. On the back are three different coloured publicity labels, uncancelled!! Res £8
  21. CANADIAN NATIONAL PHILATELIC EXHIBITION 1937-Set of four different coloured labels; all marginal-two from the left of the sheet & two from the right in mint condition Res £12
  22. GLASGOW EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Illustrated first day cover of the exhibition addressed within Glasgow with EDW VIII ½d & 1d values tied by the site slogan cancel on 3.5.1938 Res £10
  23. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION 1939-Blocks of six different labels depicting ships [blue] or aircraft [red]; issued for the 1939 show [12] Res £12
  24. LINCOLN PHILATELIC EXHIBITION 1949-SCARCE Mini-sheet of four 6d green labels based upon the £1 P.U.C value in unused condition-small faults, but so very scarce-see illustration Res £30
  25. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION, MANCHESTER 1948-Cover addressed to the Wirral with 2½d GEO VI stamp and publicity label tied by MANCHESTER “BRITISH INDUSTRIES FAIR slogan on 4.2.1948 Res £12
  26. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 1951-Official, printed longer cover addressed to Hertfordshire County Council with bthe address label tied by rubber cachet/cancel FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN, OFFICE/CROWN/2 in violet ink on 9.5.1950 Res £25
  27. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Publicity postcard of the festival site addressed to INDONESIA with “UNITED KINGDOM/2d” postal stationery stamp imprint “cancelled” by LONDON S.W.1 “cancel” dated 20.7.1950 Res £25
  1. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Similar postcard “The Romantic Beauty of Scotland” addressed to MISR with the message written in Arabic. The same 2d “stamp” is printed at top right and “cancelled” by GLASGOW “cancel” dated 20.8.1950 Res £25
  2. SCOTTISH ANNUAL PHILATELIC CONGRESS-Printed invitation to attend at the University of Stirling on 22.4.1972 to view selections from the Royal Philatelic Society’s collections. With 3p Keats value tied by congress cancel on the front of the invite Res £12
  3. FOLKESTONE 1937 CONGRESS Sheet of 12 green labels overprinted for the 1958 Congress at Folkestone. The sheet has separated, but when mounted together look OK-scarce overprint sheet Res £5
  4. WRONG CATEGORY, But here goes!! 6d Shakespeare airmail letter sheet addressed to New Zealand, cancelled by oval HEALTH CONGRESS/TORQUAY DEVON dated 27.4.1964 Res £7


  1. MORETON IN MARSH AGRICULTURAL & HORSE SHOW-Registered cover to Essex with 6 x 2 ½d values tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/B dated 6.9.1958 Res £10
  2. YEOVIL AGRICULTURAL SHOW-Registered cover as previous lot with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/C dated 11.9.1958 Res £10
  3. BRITISH RACING DRIVERS MEETING, SILVERSTONE-Similar registered cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/C dated 13.9.1958 Res £10
  4. LIBERAL PARTY CONFERENCE-Registered cover as previous lots with stamps tied by s/rings TORQUAY/DEVON dated 20.9.1958-the conference was held in the phone box at the end of the High Street Res £10
  5. NEWBURY & DISTRICT SHOW-Similar registered cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/C dated 20.9.1958 Res £10
  6. MARDEN, KENT FRUIT SHOW-Similar cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/B dated 29.10.1958 Res £10
  7. DEVON COUNTY SHOW-Similar cover with 3 x Scottish regional 6d values and 2d + 4d Wildings tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 16.5.1961 with the 6 omitted Res £10
  8. ROYAL COUNTIES SHOW, WINDSOR-Registered cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/A dated 20.6.1961 Res £10
  9. LIVERPOOL SHOW-Similar cover with stamps tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE 2/A dated 12.7.1961 Res £10
  10. HERTS SHOW, ST ALBANS-Similar cover with 3 x 6d Scottish regionals and 2d +4d Wildings tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE No.3/C dated 16.5.1963 Res £10


  1. 1832 ENTIRE Addressed to a carpenter at “HANNINGTON, HANTS” which had been redirected to BASINGSTOKE with manuscript “NOT” followed by the undated d/arc cancel BASINGSTOKE and again followed by the further manuscript “DELIVERY”. The letter was eventually forwarded to Newbury Res £25
  2. 1833 Wrapper addressed to Alton, Hants from Salisbury with manuscript MISSENT TO WEST MEON at top and a further MISSENT TO followed by the undated d/arc cancel BASINGSTOKE Res £25
  3. 1835 ENTIRE from HUNGERFORD addressed to Andover with manuscript CHARGED ON followed by the undated d/arc WHITCHURCH HANTS. On the back is the equally superb strike of the undated d/arc HUNGERFORD Res £25
  4. 1837 ENTIRE to AMESBURY, Wilts with manuscript TOO LATE AT within the centre of the undated d/arc WHITCHURCH HANTS. The letter was then forwarded to the Southampton Dock Company, arriving on 25.1.1837 Res £25
  5. IRELAND-QV 1d pink envelope addressed to “BOSWORTH HALL”, cancelled by the Scots numeral 131 of Edinburgh. At top is the manuscript MISSENT TO WEXFORD and below, is the manuscript TRY WELFORD Res £22
  6. MOURNING Cover addressed to CHRISTCHURCH with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral 21 of ANDOVER with the manuscript MISSENT TO followed by the dated d/arc WHITCHURCH HANTS dated 19.2.1850. On the back is the dated d/arc ANDOVER ROAD in blue Res £25
  7. SUNDERLAND-Two covers addressed to either Hartlepool or locally within Sunderland with 1d red stars tied by sideways duplex cancels SUNDERLAND-761 dated 22.9.1860. The 1st cover has manuscript NOT KNOWN, TRY WEST [Hartlepool] and the other GONE NO ADDRESS [2] Res £15
  8. TOO LATE/CHARING CROSS-Framed mark on HOUSE OF COMMONS crested cover addressed to BRENTWOOD on 2.5.1868 Res £30
  9. MOURNING Cover addressed to Edinburgh with 1d red plate 136 tied by ANNAN Scots duplex on 4.7.1870. At left is the manuscript OVER ½ OZ followed by a lovely strike of the 2 indicating 2d to pay Res £22
  10. FOUND OPEN AND/RESEALED AT BOURNEMOUTH-Superb & scarce mark on the back of a MOURNING Cover addressed to the Baroness Hambro in France with ½d vermilion & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by BOURNEMOUTH-B60 three-bar duplex cancels dated 14.10.1897-lovely item-see illustration Res £45
  11. L.O/CLOSED AGAINST/INSPECTION-Violet inked rubber mark on front of cover addressed within London on 6.6.1902. Taxed 1d, but the letter was refused Res £22
  12. GONE NO ADDRESS/575-Large, unframed mark in red on cover from Norwich addressed to Thorpe Hamlet on 13.1.1905 Res £12
  13. FRANKFURT TO KETTERING-Postcard with various German instructional markings from Frankfurt to Northants on 13.1.1907 with bilingual framed INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS in violet ink. At right is the s/ring of the London Returned Letter Office dated 16.1.1907 Res £10
  14. “RE-ISSUED FREE FROM R.L.O”-Printed label R.L.B.-No.10 printed in February 1913, cancelled by superb crowned oval GLASGOW / RETURNED LETTER BRANCH dated 18.10.1913-see illustration Res £22
  15. DEVON-Much travelled cover from SIDMOUTH to NEWTON POPPLEFORD dated 28.3.1914 with seven manuscript notations trying to find the addressee including cancels from OTTERY ST MARY, NEWTON POPPLEFORD, COLATON RALEIGH, TIPTON ST JOHN Res £22
  16. RUTLAND/NORTHANTS-Underpaid cover from UPPINGHAM addressed to KETTERING with 1d Silver Jubilee tied by d/ring UPPINGHAM/RUTLAND with 1d/825 tax mark below. At top left is the framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/825 and below, the 1d postage due tied by a straight-line cancel KETTERING in black ink-exhibition quality Res £25
  17. EXPRESS FEE PARTLY PAID/CHARGE OF [1/-] d TO BE/COLLECTED ON DELIVERY-Framed green inked cachet on express cover from West Germany to Oxford dated 3.7.1965-no postage dues affixed upon arrival Res £22
  18. LIVERPOOL TO GLOUCESTER TO SCOTLAND-Cover with label from stamp booklet “SEE/OTHER/PAGES” tied by Liverpool “Change & Challenge” slogan dated 5.12.1968. At bottom left is the framed 8d/TO PAY/12-OVER……OZ/POSTED UNPAID/LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/INADMISSIBLE AT P.P. RATE. No postage dues affixed on delivery either at Gloucester or in Musselburgh Res £8
  1. RHODESIA-Commercial cover to a London book shop with 2 x 3 ½c & 8c tied by UMTALI slogan dated 11.6.1970. Taxed in the U.K at 3/6d for having invalid stamps, the 1/- & 2/6d dues are tied at PADDINGTON on 15.6.1970 Res £18
  2. RHODESIA-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Gloucester with 5c & 2 ½c tied by AVONDALE machine cancel dated 29.4.1970. At bottom left is the large INVALID STAMPS USED/POSTAGE DUE [1/9d]. The 1d, 8d & 1/- dues are tied by d/rings on arrival Res £18
  3. K TO BURMA TO U.K-Registered cover from GREAT PORTLAND STREET, London to Burma with 31p, 20p & the large green £1 tied by d/rings on 21.10.1986. On the front of the cover is the label with cachet “UNCLAIMED LETTER DLO-10/REFUSED/FROM THE DEAD LETTER OFFICE AT RANGOON/TO”. The cover was returned and has 7 cancels on the back, arriving back in London on 5.3.1987 Res £12


  1. WRAPPER To HUTH in London with step-type cancel PENZANCE/SHIP LETTER on the back in black ink.. Carried on the ship “LADY LOUISA”, arriving in London on 8.2.1840 Res £75
  2. UNDELIVERED Cover from Sunderland addressed to CAPTIAN SIMION of the ship “OUSE” at Portsmouth with 1d red plate 96 tied by SUNDERLAND sideways duplex cancel dated 30.12.1867. Below is the s/ring PORTSMOUTH dated 27.3.1868 alongside the manuscript NOT CALLED FOR Res £25
  3. MANCHESTER TO MONTEVIDEO-Entire with 1/- green from plate 12 tied by 498 3VOS numeral cancel of Manchester on 18.5.1876. Alongside is the large circular framed 20 in black. The letter travelled by BORDEAUX Res £40
  4. MITCHAM, SURREY TO AUSTRALIA-Cover addressed to MITCHELLS CREEK with 6d green tied by the Mitcham D24 duplex cancel dated 6.2.1885. At top is the framed DEFICIENT POSTAGE 6d/FINE 6d-1/- in violet ink. The letter arrived at Mitchell on 18.3.1885, via RYDAL & SYDNEY-See illustration Res £65
  5. COLCHESTER TO RIO DE JANEIRO-Nice, clean little cover with 4d green tied by the Colchester 210 duplex cancel on 23.7.1885. At top is the manuscript PER MAIL VIA SOUTHAMPTON-See illustration Res £65
  6. LONDON TO CAPE TOWN, VIA DARTMOUTH-Cover with 1/- green from the green & lilac issue tied by LONDON E.C hooded circle cancel on 1.4.1886 with manuscript PER NORHAM CASTLE VIA DARTMOUTH at top left. Res £65
  7. QV 1d vermilion postal stationery postcard addressed to Hamburg, cancelled by s/ring BUTE DOCKS/CARDIFF dated 4.6.1895 Res £18
  8. NEW ZEALAND-Postcard of Mount Wellington addressed to the U.K with Tasmanian 1d tied by double framed PACKET BOAT with d/ring BLUFF alongside dated 21.12.1912 Res £22
  9. GREENOCK & ARDRISHAIG PKT/A/IONA/+ D/ring dated 18.8.1904 ties EDW VII ½d blue-green to postcard addressed to Newcastle-superb, upright strike Res £30
  10. LONDON/MB-S/ring dated 2.9.1904 ties 10c French sower to postcard of the Signal Station, Newhaven addressed to Coventry Res £8
  11. NEW ZEALAND-Superb real photo postcard of WASHINGTON AVENUE [Christchurch] LOOKING NORTH addressed to Christchurch with EDW VII ½d & 1d universal tied by lovely s/ring CHRISTCHURCH/LOOSE LETTER dated 13.12.1911 Res £25
  12. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Postcard of SWAKOPMUND addressed to Sussex & redirected to Kent with 2 x 5Pf Yacht types tied by s/rings DEUTSCH SEEPOST/OST-/AFRIKANISCHE HAUPTLINIE dated 13.4.1914 with 3 inverted and with index G Res £20
  13. ANCON, CANAL ZONE-Postcard of indigenous Peruvians addressed to Stockport wityh GB GEO V 1d tied by machine cancel ANCON/CANAL ZONE dated 21.7.1914. Below is the s/line PAQUEBOT in violet ink Res £15
  14. ENGLAND VIA OSTENDE-DOVER-Superb colourful block of four advertising labels for the service from the Continent circa 1936 Res £18
  15. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Cover addressed to Walvis Bay with South African 1d tied by d/ring German Sea Post cancel of the PRETORIA dated 4.2.1937. Alongside is the d/ring WALVIS BAY PAQUEBOT dated the same day and carried on the maiden voyage of the Pretoria Res £25
  16. AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND-Commercial cover addressed to Dunedin from Sydney with GEO V Australian 1d & 2d values tied by WELLINGTON C.I roller cancel. Alongside is the s/ring WELLINGTON/N.Z/DATE-TIME/LOOSE LETTER dated 30.3.1937 Res £22
  17. DONALDSON ATLANTIC LINE Envelope addressed to Glasgow from the “LETITIA” with GEO VI 1 ½d tied by LIVERPOOL/A-PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA cancel dated 21.7.1939 Res £8
  18. COMMERCIAL Envelope with printed details of ELDER DEMPSTER [Canary Islands] Limited at top with Spanish stamps tied by s/ring PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/ RECEIVED/DATE/SOUTHAMPTON dated 11.3.1948 Res £8
  19. SOUTHAMPTON SLOGAN PAQUEBOT MARK-UNNION CASTLE Envelope addressed to Exmouth with South Afican small 1 ½d value tied by SOUTHAMPTON/PAQUEBOT-FLY/BY/BRITISH AIRLINES dated 18.6.1949 Res £15
  20. WEATHER SHIP “WEATHER RECORDER”-Cover with letter from Bearsden, Glasgow addressed to the ship, care of the GPO at St Ives, Cornwall with GEO VI 2 ½d tied by d/ring dated 29.12.1952. The cover is marked FOR DELIVERY AT SEA and has manuscript NOT CALLED FOR; therefor returned to sender Res £15
  21. BURNS LAIRD LINE-Cover addressed to Middlesbrough with GLASGOW 2d meter slogan IRELAND / MOST DIRECT ROUTES / BURNS LAIRD LINE dated 21.6.1957 Res £7
  22. “T.S DUCHESS OF HAMILTON”-S/line italic cachet on cover from GOUROCK addressed to Essex on 30.7.1962 Res £9
  23. THE CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO / P.S / DATE / ”CALEDONIA” / LIMITED-Oval cacahet on cover posted from AYR to Essex on 2.8.1962 Res £9
  24. POSTED ON BOARD THE/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-Framed cachet in blue ink on postcard of the ship arriving at Dunoon, posted from AYR on 12.7.1980 Res £9
  25. POSTED/ON/BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”-Red inked d/ring cachet on postcard of the ship leaving Montrose and posted from Bristol on 25.6.1983 Res £8


  1. ALDERSHOT CAMP-026 Large sideways duplex cancel dated 8.3.1856 ties 1d red stars to envelope addressed to Ireland, via FARNBOROUGH STATION on the same day Res £25
  2. THE CAMP/BODMIN-D/ring cancel dated 10.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard of Tintagel addressed to St Leonards on Sea Res £12
  3. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING-J62 Duplex cancel dated 11.7.1907 with index F ties stamp to postcard of competitors shooting it out in the Butts for the Kings Cup Res £15
  4. BEAULIEU CAMP/LYMINGTON-Skeleton cancel dated 23.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  5. PUDDAVEN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 5.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. OKEHAMPTON CAMP B.O/OKEHAMPTON-S/ring dated 29.7.1908 ties 1d stamp to cover addressed to London Res £7
  7. BUSTARD CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 2.8.1909 ties stamp to YMCA postcard headed with printed VENTRAL YMCA MARQUEE / TERRITORIAL CAMP Res £12
  8. BELHUS PARK CAMP/AVELEY-Scarcer Essex skeleton cancel dated 30.7.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  9. BLACKDOWN CAMP/ALDERSHOT-D/ring dated 29.7.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  10. SUTTON VENEY CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 24.10.1915 ties stamp to postcard of the High Street, Warminster Res £5
  11. PERHAM DOWN CAMP/ANDOVER-Super strike of the s/ring dated 27.1.1916 ties stamp to postcard of Lord Kitchener on Salisbury Plain Res £6
  12. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/22-S/ring dated 10.6.1917 wit index A ties stamp to postcard of Sandwich Bay. This camp was located at Sandwich Res £7
  13. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/33-S/ring dated 25.9.1917 without index, ties stamp to postcard written from BOURNE PARK CAMP Res £9
  14. POSTAGE DUE-YMCA Envelope with O.A.S at top, addressed to Winslow, Bucks and cancelled by d/ring SLING CAMP/SALISBURY on 14.12.1918. Below is the 1½d/TO PAY/683 tax mark of Salisbury. The ½d & 1d postage dues are tied on the 16th December-see illustration Res £22
  15. TWESELDOWN CAMP/ALDERSHOT-George King unpaid cover addressed to him in London, cancelled by the scarce inter-war skeleton dated 6.8.1930. Alongside is the 2d/TO PAY/78 tax mark of Aldershot with the 2d due tied upon arrival-see illustration Res £28
  16. WITTERING CAMP R.A.F.P.O/PETERBOROUGH-S/rings dated 25.7.1944 ties stamps to registered cover addressed to Sutton Coldfield. The cover was posted out of course and taxed 3d-the due being tied upon arrival. Also miniature parcel post label with same cancel dated 15.11.1944 Res £256
  17. BINBROOK R.A.F.P.O/LINCOLN-P.O.W Letter sheet addressed to the French Zone of Germany, cancelled by s/ring dated 17.12.1946. The P.O.W was based at P.O.W camp 702 at Peterborough, but clearly working at the R.A.F camp at this time Res £25
  18. WYTON HUNTINGDON/R.A.F STATION-D/ring dated 16.4.1962 on Official Paid economy label attached to a cover addressed to R.A.F Thetford Res £7
  1. N.A STN/DATE/CULDROSE/HELSTON CORNWALL-Rubber parcel post cancel dated 13.9.1963 on large piece addressed to R.A.F Feltwell, Norfolk. Tying the economy label to the piece is an oval cancel No.7 M.U R.A.F/CENTRAL/DATE/REGISTRY/QUEDGELEY in green ink, dated 17.1.1963 and a GLOUCESTER machine cancel dated same day Res £8
  2. SCAMPTON R.A.F STATION/LINCOLN-S/ring dated 23.3.1965 cancels 6d Parliament airmail letter sheet registered & addressed to the U.S.A. Comes with matching certificate ogf posting Res £12


  1. COVER Addressed to a P.O.W at Simons Town, redirected to ST HELENA with 1d CGH tied by s/ring GEORGE/CAPE COLONY dated 10.4.1900 [1 day before the camp opened at St Helena]. At left is the manuscript ST HELENA alongside the d/ring CENSOR/PRISONER OF WAR in violet ink Res £30
  2. BATTLE OF BELMONT-Stampless O.A.S cover to Cheshire, cancelled by s/ring BELMONT/C.G.H dated 28.5.1900; 5 days after the Battle of Belmont. Alongside is the d/ring BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE d/ring dated 30.5.1900 and below, the LONDON/PAID s/ring dated 15.6.1900. This was the only battle that General Lord Methuen won in his failed attempt to relieve Kimberley Res £30
  3. ENVELOPE & LETTER From a Private in the 2nd Battalion, the Norfolk Regiment who marched around 400 miles from the Orange River to Pretoria, ending in the annexation of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. With 1d V.R.I overprint ied by PRETORIA d/ring dated 26.6.1900 Res £30
  4. MOURNING Cover addressed to a Boer prisoner at DAYATALAWA CAMP, Ceylon with OVS V.R.I 1d overprints and ORANGE RIVER COLONY overprint on CGH ½d tied by BLOEMFONTEIN s/rings dated 30.11.1900. Also tying the ½d is the large oval PASSED/CENSOR of Dayatalawa P.O.W Camp Res £35
  5. PASSED-CENSOR/MEREBANK-Diamond-shaped censor mark with signature at centre on censored cover from POST OFFICE AGENCY No.73 with Natal 1d tied by oval P.O.A/73. At top is the small oval P.B.C/KRUGERSDORP in violet ink which ties the QV Opened Under Martial Law tape, as does the d/ring KRUGERSDORP on the back, dated 26.9.1901-superb item-see illustration Res £60
  1. P.O EAST No.1-D/ring cancel dated 21.10.1900 ties 1d lilac to cover with contents, addressed to Kent with letter from an officer of the 2nd Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment who tells of the guerrilla warfare from the Boers on the Eastern Front. At this time, the officer was in the area between Barberton and Komati Poort on the line to Lourenco Marques Res £35
  2. ARMY POST OFFICE/KROONSTAD-Lovely d/ring dated 1.12.1901 with index B cancels 1d pink envelope addressed to Wotton-under-Edge Res £22

MILITARY-1901 TO 1919

  1. SMALL OHMS Blue envelope addressed within YORK with a vertical pair of the ½d blue-green ARMY/OFFICIAL overprints tied by d/rings dated 22.4.1901 Res £40
  2. LANCASHIRE YMCA TENTS Illustrated envelope addressed to Kirkby-in-Furness, cancelled by d/ring ARMY BASE POST OFFICE/+ dated 10.11.1914-lovely thing Res £22
  3. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Indistinct postcard addressed to Chute Vicarage, Hants and redirected to London on 21.2.1915 with d/ring cancel ARMY BASE P.O.6 dated 24.1.1915 at top right. Also framed POSTAGE FREE/BASE 6a/PASSED BY/CENSOR and bilingual PASSED BY CENSOR/BASE 6A; both in violet ink Res £25
  4. LANCASHIRE YMCA TENTS-Pictorial envelope-different from a previous lot-addressed to Liverpool with 1d stamp tied by d/ring PRESCOTT/2 dated 30.3.1915 Res £20
  5. COMMERCIAL Cover addressed to SWEDEN with French 25c Sower tied by Paris sub-office s/ring dated 18.5.1915. Tying a strip of plain censor tape to the front is the large, framed OUVERT/PAR/L’AUTORITE MILITAIRE in blue ink Res £15
  6. EGYPT-O.A.S Stampless postcard addressed to Woodstock, Oxon, cancelled by Indian FPO d/ring No.29 dated 7.6.1915. Alongside is the magenta d/ring PASSED BY CENSOR/ INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/95 Res £18
  7. EGYPT-Stampless, O.A.S postcard addressed to County Kilkenny, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/D31 dated 8.1.1916 with index A. At left is the square PASSED BY/CROWN/No.3250/CENSOR, unusually in black ink Res £12
  8. EGYPT-Stampless postcard addressed to Sheffield, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/33 dated 8.2.1916 Res £6
  1. WAR OFFICE TO GIBRALTAR-Stampless official paid cover to Major-General Johnstone at Line Wall House, Gibraltar with red rubber LONDON E.C Official Paid mark dated 30.6.1916. At bottom left is the oval War Office cachet with Crown at centre and at right, the framed BY BRITISH PACKET/LONG SEA ROUTE in red ink; the same ink as the official paid cancel. On the back is a further strike and an arrival mark dated 6.7.1916 Res £40
  2. ARMY FORM W 3229-“Railway Facilities for visiting soldiers in hospital in the United Kingdom” Addressed to HEADCORN, Kent, the card is cancelled by HASTINGS machine cancel on 2.6.1917 from a soldier recently arrived at the Red Cross Hospital, West Dean, St Leonards-on-Sea Res £18
  3. EGYPT-Stampless O.A.S postcard addressed to London with skeleton ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ22 at top right, dated 20.7.1917. At left is the green inked, bevelled frame PASSED BY/BASE CENSOR/E.E.F Res £20
  4. EGYPT-Stampless O.A.S postcard addressed to FPO H21 at the 21st ARMY CORPS H.Q., cancelled by skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/GM1 dated 26.10.1917 with index B. At bottom is the blue inked triangular censor mark No.3078 Res £15
  5. “THE PATRIOTIC LEAGUE OF BRITONS OVERSEAS / GOOD / WISHES / G.B”-Violet inked d/ring cachet on postcard addressed to Sudbury, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.101 dated 23.12.1917 Res £15
  6. SERVICE SUSPENDED-Commercial cover addressed to the commercial bank of Siberia at Petrograd with GEO V 2 ½d tied by LONDON E.C “War Bonds” slogan dated 19.1.1918. Across the address is the distorted rubber mark “SERVICE SUSPENDED” in violet ink Res £25
  7. EGYPT-Stampless O.A.S postcard to Scarborough cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ11 dated 4.8.1918 Res £10
  8. DURRANTS PRESS CUTTINGS REF Envelope addressed to ANSTERDAM with contents still intact with ½d stamp tied by LONDON d/ring dated 27.6.1918. At bottom left is the framed PASSED BY CENSOR/5483. M.1.9.C.4.B in black ink-Not seen this mark before-see illustration Res £30
  9. AMERICAN YMCA-STAFF Letter home to Missouri with GB GEO V 1d tied by dumb cork cancel. Alongside is the italic PAQUEBOT cancel. On the back is the OPENED BY/CENSOR/3630 label, tied by the St Louis “FOOD WILL WIN THE WAR” slogan dated 18.1.1918 Res £25
  10. LEBANON-George King cover addressed to him in London with GB GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by Indian d/ring FPO cancel No.396 dated 22.6.1919-this FPO was located in Beirut Res £35

MILITARY-1940 TO 1995

  1. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Cover addressed to a Channel Islander Soldier at RUSHMOOR CAMP, Aldershot with GEO VI 1½d definitive and 1d Stamp Centenary tied by JERSEY machine cancel dated 30.6.1940. At left is the manuscript NO POSTAL SERVICE/PTO and below is struck the UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink Res £45
  2. CHANNEL ISLANDS-Cover addressed to JERSEY from MOUNT HERMON, Massachusetts on 11.8.1940. Alongside is the unframed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink. It reached the writer on 17.11.1940-see illustration Res £45
  3. RED CROSS PENNY-A-WEEK FUND-Printed postcard addressed to an organiser at WEST BRIDGFORD, Notts from the central fund office at Basingstoke on 10.12.1941. The card shows how much is collected in that area and has a message on the back from CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL who announces a “Penny-a-week” fund being set up by the Red Cross in order to help the “AID TO RUSSIA” Fund Res £18
  4. CEYLON-Censored, commercial cover to Glasgow with GEO VI 1 Rupee tied by s/ring COLOMBO dated 1.10.1942 with hand-struck MORSE “V” FOR VICTORY and large V at centre Res £12
  5. EGYPT-MARCONI of Egypt telegram from wife in Northampton to husband in Egypt, cancelled by d/ring 3378 [inverted 4] M.P.T.G/BASE ARMY POST OFFICE dated 2.8.1943. At top is the MARCONI RADIO TELEGRAPH s/ring of Cairo, struck on the sane day Res £15
  6. CZECH FORCES-Cover addressed to Long Island with GB GEO VI 2d, 2½d x 2 & 2 x 4d values tied by the Czech Forces d/rings dated 3.12.1943 Res £12
  7. CZECH FORCES-Cover addressed to a Czech in London with printed ARMOURED REGIMENT 2/CZECHOSLOVAK FORCES at top left. The 2½d stamp is tied by the Czech Forces d/ring dated 13.3.1944 Res £15
  8. CZECH FORCES-Cover addressed to a Czech in New York with 3d & 1/- stamps tied by d/rings BURTON LATIMER/KETTERING N’HANTS dated 2.5.1944. On the back is the large pictorial label “CZECHOSLOVAK ARMY/IN ENGLAND/1940” Res £15
  9. CANADA-POSTAL CENSORSHIP NOTE “C. No.1½” along with GEO V 2c + GEO VI 1c die postal stationery envelope addressed to the U.S.A with added 1c & 10c values tied at MONTREAL on 30.8.1944. The envelope contained two blank sheets of paper and the Canadians want to know why! The label is cancelled at Montreal the following day Res £30
  10. LETTER FROM THE KING-Letter sent to the bereaved widows of servicemen from GEO VI with original envelope-both in pristine condition Res £12
  11. VICTORY IN EUROPE-First unofficial day use of the slogan at GLASGOW on the actual day, 8th May 1945 instead of the official first day of use on the 10th Res £15
  12. RETURNED TO U.K-AWAIT ARRIVAL-Framed cachet on 6d airmail letter sheet from OLDHAM addressed to to a member of the R.A.F in South Africa5.1945. Redirected from GEORGE to PORT ALFRED and then on to WESTLAKE before being sent back to the U.K Res £18
  13. OCCUPATIONAL FORCES TRAVEL PASS-Travel permit for a British citizen to travel from British Vienna to the Russian Zone in September 1949. With British & Russian cachets Res £12
  14. GAN-Postcard of a local beach addressed to the U.K with GB 3p Machin tied by less common rubber cancel FORCES POST OFFICE/140 dated 30.10.1972 Res £12
  15. IRELAND/LEBANON-Airmail cover to the BBC World Service with Irish 32p tied by oval UNITED NATIONS/DATE/INTERIM FORCE LEBANON dated 29.10.1995 and by Galway machine slogan dated 1.11.1995 Res £8


  1. CHRISTMAS 1915 Greetings card addressed to Stuttgart and depicting the Alexandra Palace, with superb d/ring PRISONERS OF WAR/P.C/ALEXANDRA PALACE at left in violet ink-superb card from either side!! Res £25
  2. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Printed P.O.W envelope addressed to WINDHOEK, South West Africa from a prisoner in PIETERMARITZBURG with d/ring dated 4.5.1918 and s/line PASSED BY CENSOR alongside. The item arrived the next day Res £25
  3. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Plain cover addressed to SWEDEN from a P.O.W at Windhoek with former railway cancel oval dated 17.12.1918. At left is 15 over 99 censor mark and on the back, the Swedish arrival mark dated 13.2.1919 Res £25
  4. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Cover from Windhoek to GOBABIS from a P.O.W., cancelled by machine cancel on 21.8.1940. At top right is the framed, bilingual INTERNMENT CAMP/OFFICIAL FREE in violet ink Res £25
  5. JAVA CAMP-Cover from Northampton addressed to a member of the R.A.F held at “JAVA CAMP”, Censored in the U.K and with Japanese marks on the front Res £40
  6. “RECOVERED P.O.W MAIL/FROM EUROPE/RECENTLY RECEIVED/BY BRITISH P.O”-Superb, unframed cachet on letter sheet from Luft 3 camp, Germany dated 25.11.1944-see illustration Res £30
  7. RETURNING P.OW. FROM THE FAR EAST-American V Mail form from a recently liberated British P.O.W of the Germans addressed to Devon & redirected to Hampshire, cancelled by ILFRACOMBE Victory Bells slogan dated 11.5.1945 Res £20
  8. LITTLE ADDINGTON CAMP/KETTERING/NORTHANTS-Unframed cachet in violet ink on printed P.O.W letter sheet addressed abroad on 3.2.1946 Res £15
  9. A.F KINGSCLIFFE, PETERBOROUGH-P.O.W postcard addressed to Germany from the camp on 12.4.1946, but with the oval STATION HEADQUARTERS/DATE/R.A.F KINLOSS at right, dated 3 days later-No idea why the mail was dispatched from Scotland Res £15
  10. 259 PW CAMP/LITTLE ADDINGTON CAMP/KETTERING NORTHANTS/GREAT BRITAIN-Superb framed cachet on back of P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Germany on 15.7.1946 Res £20
  11. ORDERLY ROOM/DATE/R.A.F STATION/RACKHEATH-Framed mark at top right of P.O.W letter sheet dated [25th] July 1946. The prisoner gives his address as the P.O.W camp at R.A.F KINGSCLIFFE, Peterborough, so clearly working “away” Res £20
  12. 95 M.S.U R.A.F/DATE/NUTHAMPSTEAD-Framed mark dated 18.11.1946 at top right of P.O.W postcard addressed to the Russian Zone of Germany. The prisoner is lodged at camp 702 at Peterborough and working from Nuthampstead Res £18
  13. SCOTLAND-Plain envelope with letter written from DEER PARK CAMP, MONYMUSK, Aberdeenshire to Spandau, Berlin on 22.9.1947. At top right is the s/ring P.O.W CAMP/No.111/GREAT BRITAIN in violet ink Res £18
  14. ADDRESSEE REPATRIATED/RETURN TO SENDER-Unframed mark on cover from Berlin to camp 273 at DEBACH AIRFIELD, WOODBRIDGE, Suffolk on 25.11.1947. Comes with letter Res £25
  15. WILTSHIRE-P.O.W letter sheet addressed to the American Zone of Germany on 31.12.1947 with circular, unframed P.O.W CAMP/No.114/GREAT BRITAIN at bottom left. The Prisoner gives his address as CAMP WESTBURY, EDENVALE, WILTS RES £20


  1. SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION AIRGRAPH Which was run-off as a souvenir for V.I.P visits to the Kodak facility at Harrow depicting Field-Marshal Montgomery. This one, with envelope was produced on 13.4.1943-see Keeton, page 66 for details-see illustration Res £35
  2. 11 MAP REPRODUCTION SECTION, R.E-Pictorial Christmas 1943 form depicting all that a map-man would like for Christmas, including a Corned Beef Christmas Pudding and a bag of maps etc. Res £12
  3. 1941 ILLUSTRATED Form of a whole load of Arabs wrapped up on a camel with the driver telling a curious British soldier, “Jealousy, Jealousy” at Christmas 1941 from the 96th General Hospital Res £12
  4. CHRISTMAS Greetings form with British Soldier in his Jeep throwing a shadow of a Crusader on horseback addressed to Hillingdon Res £10
  5. ADDRESSEE UNTRACEABLE/UNDER NUMBER STATED-Framed mark on envelope with contents addressed to a soldier in the M.E.F from the Bournemouth War Services Organisation dated 1.12.1943-returned to sender Res £15
  6. EGYPT-Typed message on plain airgraph telling of a party attended by the writer and all of the Egyptian great and good at the British Embassy in June 1943-a good read Res £9
  7. JUNE 1943 Illustrated form, presumably a self-portrait of the writer, a member of the R.A.F serving in the M.E.F Res £9
  8. UNION FLAG & THE ROYAL STANDARD-Lovely illustrated form addressed to Francis Field showing Crown, pillars with Lions at tops and the names of the Dominions, dated 1.1.1943-complete with envelope Res £10
  9. TRI-SERVICE Illustrated form with relevant service and ensign for the Air Force, Navy and Army addressed to Francis Field from the Army of the M.E.F dated 12.12.1942 Res £12
  10. LOVELY Illustrated form with two pictures of the Curtiss “Kittyhawk”, together with envelope addressed to Francis Field from the M.E.F on 4.9.1942 Res £12


  1. ENTIRE Dated 6.8.1847 from London, addressed to the deputy director of the Naval Hospital at MALTA , cancelled by London PAID Maltese Cross cancel dated same day. In manuscript is the less common “BY MONTHLY CLOSED MAIL VIA MARSEILLE”. The writer tells of the naval ship SAMSON trawling around the Pacific looking for prospective sites for a naval depot amongst the Islands and at CALLOA. On board the ship were an extra 50 persons and an Admiral who travelled a total of 3957 nautical miles in their search Res £65
  2. COVER Addressed “Care of Cox and Company” [a holding and forwarding address for military personnel mail] with 1d red stars tied by London S.W duplex cancel S.W/17 dated 12.5.1860. Upon redirection to the “CHAPLAIN TO THE FORCES, MALTA” a 6d lilac [no check letters or plate number] was affixed at left at the officers rate and tied by No.10 London barred diamond oval cancel Res £55
  3. HMS CRUISER-Printed ships envelope addressed to MALTA with Greek 25c stamp tied at Crete in November 1895. On the back is the MALTA arrival mark dated 16.11.1895 and the oval framed 1 Res £28
  4. BOER WAR-Stampless cover addressed to the Fleet Engineer on board H.M.S MONARCH at Simons Bay, cancelled by d/ring HOWICK/NATAL dated 25.7.1900. Alongside is a 1d tax mark in black. On the back is the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S.AFRICA dated 26.7.1900 with index 1 and two Simons Town cancels dated 2nd & 4th August 1900 Res £25
  5. HMS GANGES-Postcard addressed to Kent with 7 bar dumb cancel of HARWICH tying ½d stamp. At bottom right is the small PASSED/BY/CENSOR s/ring in red ink Gould 668 Res £12
  6. PASSED-BY CENSOR-SICILY-Triangular mark with Crown at centre and indistinct number at top on postcard addressed to Cheltenham, cancelled by the London “Receiver Fromm” etc dated 6.1.1916 Res £15
  7. HMS GLORY-Postcard of the ship addressed to Cornwall with ½d tied by dumb cork cancel. Alongside is the s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in blue ink Res £12
  8. HMS LION-Postcard of the ship addressed to Halifax with ½d tied by 8 bar dumb cancel. At bottom is the unframed, green inked PASSED BY/SHIP’S CENSOR/No.3 Res £12
  9. ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY-Stampless postcard addressed to Portsmouth with blue-green CEN-O-SOR marking with RMA at centre. The card is cancelled by the London “Received From” etc cancel dated 23.11.1918 Res £12
  10. HMS TIGER-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Rye, Sussex with crude cork cross cancel. Alongside is the cogwheel PASSED CENSOR/8 in violet ink Res £12
  11. EGYPT-FOUR Postcards from the same correspondence addressed to Cornwall with unframed PASSED/BY CENSOR in violet or blue-black ink. The stamps are tied by d/rings BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/Z dated 1915 [2], LONDON/26 1915 and the stampess card with no postal markings at all [4] Res £15
  12. SUBMARINE E51-Stampless cover addressed to London, cancelled by the Krag cancel XXXXX/X XXX with feint strike of the Depot Ship HMS MAIDSTONE at left. The censor’s initials are those of Geoffrey Garnons-Williams, Jimmy the One on board E51 Res £40
  13. MUDROS-OHMS Envelope addressed to the 3rd Royal Marine Battalion at Mudros, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.X.3 dated 6.8.1917. At left is certifying signature, manuscript THASOS and the red inked, oval cachet of the Orderly Room of the 3rd Battalion at Mudros with manuscript date of the 6th August Res £15
  14. MUDROS-Similar cover dated 3.10.1917, cancelled by d/ring ARMY/MW DATE/MW/ TELEGRAPHS dated same day. At left is the same unit cachet, in black ink Res £15
  15. THE S/M’s ARE AT RIGA-Is the message on a postcard from Helsinki addressed to Surrey with 2 x ½d GEO V values tied by d/rings LONDON/7 dated 19.6.1924. Interesting message with framed POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S and a 1½d postage due tied by d/ring WALLINGTON/SURREY dated the same day. The card is addressed to Mrs Edward Phillips, wife of a naval officer, presumably from one of the Boats-see illustration-offered recently, but now unexpectedly made available again, so all you under-bidders get another chance!! Res £35
  16. POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/I.S-Framed mark on postcard of Copenhagen addressed to Lewes from an unidentified ship. The added 1d stamp is tied by rubber cancel LONDON/79, a known naval cancel on 8.6.1927. Taxed 1d, the due is tied by LEWES parcel cancel Res £15


  1. MULREADY Letter Sheet addressed to ALRESFORD, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross cancel of ANDOVER on 11.8.1840-see illustration Res £95
  2. MULREADY Envelope addressed to BEECHING STOKE, DEVIZES, cancelled by black Maltese Cross Cancel of BRIDGWATER on 219.4.1841 Res £95
  3. QV ½d violet postcard addressed to Erith, cancelled by superb strike of the 4VODA WINCHFIELD-963 dated 25.7.1871 Res £12
  4. LIVERPOOL Sloper Arrow perforated cancel through ½d violet postcard addressed to Blyth from Liverpool company W.H STOTT & Co., dated 28.10.1871 Res £35
  5. POSTAL TELEGRAPH CARD-1/- Value embossed on card with plug date of 6.2.1872 and the Coat-of-Arms measuring 25mm and in mint condition Res £30
  6. POSTAL TELEGRAPH CARD-Similar item with date 26.1.1872 and the Coat-of-Arms measuring 22mm Res £30
  7. LONDON Sloper Arrow perforated cancel through ½d violet postcard with printed message from S Owens and Company, dated 4.2.1873 Res £30
  8. QV 1/2d Brown, printed thick postcard from Barford and Perkins of Peterborough addressed to Sweden with added 1d red from plate 188, tied by PETERBOROUGH-612 Four bar duplex cancel on 13.10.1876 Res £20
  9. “DIRECT” LINE OF STEAM PACKETS-QV ½d brown printed advertising card for the service between GLASGOW & TRINIDAD addressed to Northampton from London, dated 7.2.1977 Res £25
  10. DRAKEFORD, Leather Merchant of Northampton, illustrated premises ½d brown postcard addressed to London, cancelled by NORTHAMPTON-570 Four Bar duplex cancel on 22.6.1877 Res £25
  11. “THE FARTHING POSTCARD COMPANY”-Scarce used advertising card from the company, carrying twelve different adverts around the space remaining for writing. Addressed to Brighton from London dated 21.6.1888, there is a s/ring BRIGHTON/S.C Sorting Carriage receiver/transit mark dated the next day-see illustration Res £45
  12. WILLIAM BRADBURY, STAMP DEALER-1½d yellow & 2d plum embossed dies on printed, registered envelope from stamp dealer William Bradbury of Ipswich addressed to MEXICO with added 1d lilac tied by oval registered cancels of Ipswich dated 23.8.1893 Res £30
  13. QV 1½d yellow & 3d rose embossed dies on small envelope registered to Germany and cancelled by oval REGISTERED/AT DUNDEE dated 25.9.1893 Res £28
  14. QV 1d brown newspaper wrapper with oval cachet of MORRIS WALTON & Co on the back, addressed to BRAZIL with added pair of ½d Bantams tied by dumb Newspaper Branch cancels circa 1873 Res £25
  15. “BURN PARMERS CANDLES”-Pictorial QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed within London on 24.7.1895 with a sunset scene at sea with a bouy at forefront with the company address on Res £30
  16. BROWN, GOULD & COMPANY-1d pink envelope pre-addressed to the company “Near Mudie’s Library” with a full back of the envelope advertisement for the activities of the Advertising Agents-mint condition Res £45
  17. SAVORY AND MOORE/LONDON-Advertising ring surrounds ½d vermilion impressed upon plain envelope-pristine condition-see illustration Res £45
  18. H SMITH & SON-Superb example of the QV 3d rose & ½d vermilion newspaper wrapper in mint condition Res £25
  19. “STAMPS” Advertising QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to the U.S.A with publishers details at top left “F.L HEYGATE, RUSHDEN R.S.O., ENGLAND”, cancelled by d/ring RUSHDEN/* dated 1.2.1898 Res £18
  20. QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Russia with added 1d & 1½d values tied by s/rings HIGH ST B.O/TUNBRIDGE WELLS dated 6.3.1896. Below is the s/ring FRANT from the original office of posting Res £22
  21. HORNCASTLE CENTRAL ADVERTISING OFFICES-Two different size QV advertising postcards with cancels LONDON E.C/30 [smaller card] dated 26.1.1898 and the larger one cancelled by LONDON E.C machine cancel with 7 parallel bars, dated 13.3.1905 [2] Res £22
  22. STEPHENSON BROTHERS-Pictorial advertising EDW VII ½d postcard for Furniture polishes and “Duchess” boot polish addressed to Folkestone from Brighton on 18.9.1909 Res £22
  23. HANTS-GEO V 4d registered envelope addressed to London, cancelled by s/ring HARTLEY WINTNEY dated 5.11.1920 Res £12
  24. JAIL MAIL-GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size F addressed to Prisoner 1661 at Bedford Jail, cancelled by s/ring REGENT SQUARE NORTHAMPTON on 5.9.1946 Res £15
  25. H SMITH & SON-Commemorative 1½d brown newspaper wrapper cancelled by hatched s/ring cancel of LONDON dated 29.10.1948. Across the top is printed in red ink 1848 A CENTURY OF BOOKSTALL SERVICE 1949 in red ink Res £22


  1. MILFORD JUNCTION-Cover addressed to York with 015 numeral cancel of Milford Junction cancelling the stamp. On the back is the red-orange double arc cancel dated 14.5.1855 with index B Res £45
  2. MICHELDEVER STATION-Less common THIN four-bar duplex cancel dated 25.2.1873 with index C cancels 1d pink envelope addressed to Basingstoke Res £12
  3. SWINDON STATION-Superbly struck s/ring dated 18.7.1883 with index E cancels printed telegram envelope addressed to LECHLADE Res £15
  1. PARCEL POST LABEL USED ON THE LONDON-BRIGHTON PARCEL COACH-“WORTHING, WORTHING STATION B.O”-Orange PPL of the London to Brighton Parcel Coach with 4½d Jubilee tied by s/ring dated 6.2.1892-a truly scarce item-see illustration Res £250
  2. TUNBRIDGE/STATION OFFICE-818 Duplex cancel dated 1.6.1888 ties 1d lilac to hand-illustrated envelope [front only] of a chap on horseback with address details on his back pack for an address in Leeds Res £35
  3. BOSHAM STATION-S/ring dated 18.3.1898 with index B on QV 1d postcard addressed to Holland and cancelled by squared circle cancel CHICHESTER/STATION OFFICE dated the same day Res £15
  4. RUGBY STATION-Three bar duplex cancel dated 1.10.1896 cancels ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Southport Res £9
  5. PEVENSEY/STATION OFFICE-S/ring back-stamp dated 4.6.1898 with index C on back of a cover addressed to HMS TERRIBLE at Portsmouth with 1d lilac tied by HASTINGS/ STATION OFFICE duplex dated the same day Res £12
  6. STRAFFAN/STATION-S/ring dated 8.11.1900 cancels PARCEL POST LABEL-No stamps ever affixed-see illustration Res £50
  7. ANGMERING STATION-S/ring dated “11.45AM/FE PM/02” on PARCEL POST LABEL-No stamps ever affixed-see illustration for strange cancel Res £35
  8. PERANWELL STATION-Squared circle cancel dated 10.7.1906 with index D ties stamp to postcard. Alongside is the s/ring PERRANAWORTHAL dated the same day Res £9
  9. PARCEL POST LABEL-SUNNINGDALE STATION, Sunningdale, Under Ascot-PPL with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by ASCOT target parcel cancel and alongside is the s/ring SUNNINGDALE STATION/ASCOT dated 11.11.1909 Res £45
  10. SWANLEY JUNCTION/KENT-Superb strike of the skeleton cancel dated 6.2.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of a horse and carriage on “THE DRIVE, PARKWOOD HOME, SWANLEY” Res £25
  11. PARCEL POST LABEL-MEOPHAM STATION, Under Gravesend-PPL from here with GEO V 3d tied by s/ring MEOPHAM STATION dated 2.10.1914-see illustration Res £45
  12. PARCEL POST LABEL-MITCHAM, MITCHAM JUNCTION-PPL From here with GEO V 8d tied by triangular telegraphic code cance. Alongside is the s/ring MITCHAM JUNCTION/MITCHAM dated 23.4.1917 Res £35
  13. ON ACTIVE SERVICE/POSTED FROM AMBULANCE TRAIN AT/LIVERPOOL STREET G.E.R-Scarce framed cachet on stampless postcard addressed to Grimsby, cancelled by War Bonds slogan, 1918 Res £75
  14. PARCEL POST LABEL-SWANLEY, SWANLEY JUNCTION, Under Bromley, Kent-PPL From here with GEO V 2d & 1/- tied by s/rings SWANLEY dated 20.1.1920 Res £35
  15. STRAFFAN STN S.O/Co. KILDARE-S/ring British cancel dated 25.8.1924 alongside a pair of Irish Free State stamps tied by the Irish rubber cancel sof KILL in Gaelic on the same day Res £25
  16. BATH STATION OFFICE/5-Less common d/ring cancel dated 1.8.1928 on postcard misdirected to NEWTON ST LOE from HORNS CROSS Res £15
  17. PEVENSEY STN OFFICE/SUSSEX-Scarce and superb strike of the d/ring cancel dated 5.2.1930 tying 1d stamp to postcard addressed to Eastbourne Res £35
  18. BOSHAM STATION/CHICHESTER-S/ring cancel dated 19.6.1930 ties GEO V 5d to airmail cover [underpaid] to QUETTA, India and redirected to ZIARAT on 30.6.1930 and with mis-spelled receiver ZNRAT on the back dated 3.7.1930-see illustration Res £25
  19. PERRANAWARTHAL/PERRANWELL ST C’WALL-Scarce d/ring sub-office cancel dated 12.8.1935 ties stamp to postcard of PERRAN WHARF addressed to London Res £22
  20. PRUDHOE STATION/NORTHUMBERLAND-D/RING DATED 29.10.1939 ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to London Res £8
  21. BATH/STATION OFFICE-Very late use of the s/ring cancel dated 10.8.1943 which cancels GEO VI 5½d postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Beomley-this is the LATEST Recorded date of use Res £25
  22. BOOTLE STATION/CUMBD-S/ring cancels dated 5.6.1945 with 2 x 1d, 2 x 2d & 1/- values tied to registered airmail cover addressed to a member of the R.C.A.F at Trenton, Ontario from a Naval Officer at H.M.S MACAW, a transit hostel for newly qualified pilots who had trained in Canada. At left is the station registered label Res £25
  23. PERRANWELL STATION/TRURO CORNWALL-D/ring dated 15.1.1946 as a transit mark on cover from Truro redirected to FEOCK and then on to DEVORIAN Res £8
  24. CENTRAL STATION BOURNEMOUTH HANTS-S/ring dated 6.2.1957 cancels lovely little OFFICIAL PAID OHMS registered envelope addressed to Parkstone from the Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation Res £25
  25. BOSHAM STATION/CHICHESTER-S/ring dated 25.6.1958 ties 3d postage due to underpaid postcard from Holland-Postage dues cancelled by Station cancels are particularly rare Res £20
  26. BEDLINGTON STATION/NORTHUMBERLAND-Krag machine cancel dated 21.4.1960 ties 3d Wilding to commercial cover addressed to London Res £12
  27. PARK STATION BIRKENHEAD/MERSEYSIDE-S/rings dated 8.2.1983 cancels added 4p Machin on £1.15½p registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Germany Res £20


  1. SEDBERGH R.S.O-Four bar duplex with thimble datestamp for the 14th January1878 with index A and without the year slug being struck, ties 1d red to crested cover from INGMIRE HALL addressed to London Res £30
  2. GLASGOW & CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/rings dated 6.11.1891 with index L ties added 1½d & 2½d to Late Fee paid 1d pink envelope addressed to Copenhagen-see illustration Res £30
  3. GLASGOW & CAELISLE/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 13.1.1892 with index L cancels 1d brown postcard addressed to Denmark Res £22
  4. BRISTOL TO PLYMOUTH TPO-1d/B16 tax mark on underpaid 1d blue postal stationery postcard from JAMAICA addressed to the Colchester stamp dealer, Winch Brothers, cancelled by s/ring MAY PEN/JAMAICA dated 31.5.1892 Res £35
  5. MANCHESTER/S.T-S/ring transit mark dated 17.5.1898 on 1d brown pictorial postal stationery postcard of Mount Egmont addressed to Sale, Cheshire. The added ½d stamp is tied by squared circle cancel HASTINGS dated 12.4.1898 Res £25
  6. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Postcard of the 2nd Dragoons [Scots Greys] on advertising postcard for the railway station at ALDERSHOT addressed to Abingdon with ½d vermilion tied by BASINGSTOKE duplex dated 11.5.1900 Res £25
  7. PARCEL POST LABEL-CASTLECONNELL, Under Limerick-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by poor target parcel cancel of Limerick. Alongside is the s/ring CASTLECONNELL R.S.O/Co. LIMERICK dated 23.9.1902 Res £30
  8. MINEHEAD R.S.O-Superbly struck skeleton cancel dated 9.7.1904 with index E ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  9. BRISTOL SHREWSBURY & YORK T.P.O/FROM WEST-S/ring dated 6.4.1905 with index S ties stamp to postcard of Clifton Downs addressed to Richmond, Surrey Res £25
  10. SOUTH WESTWERN TPO/DAY MAIL DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 15.3.1907 as transit mark on postcard from Basingstoke addressed to Guernsey Res £12
  11. POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE-Lovely little cover addressed to Brighton with 1d GEO V value tied by d/ring UP SPECIAL/T.P.O dated 4.11.1932. Taxed 2d, the 2d postage due is tied by d/ring BRIGHTON dated the following day-see illustration Res £45
  12. HIGHLAND TPO UP/SOUTHERN SECTION-D/rings dated 15.3.1933 ties 2 x ½d & a 1d value to Late Fee cover addressed to Surrey Res £15
  13. WHITEHAVEN PRESTON TPO-D/rings dated 20.4.1933 ties 2 x ½d & a 1d value to Late Fee cover addressed to Surrey Res £15
  15. CALEDONIAN T.P.O UP/E-S/ring dated 3.6.1953 ties 2½d Coronation stamp to postcard of H.M The Queen addressed to Edinburgh & used on the first day Res £8


  1. COVER Front only [not a complete envelope, but does have the back flap!!] addressed to BANBURY with 2d RLS of the London & North Western Railway cancelled by an indistinct s/line company cancel and by OXFORD-603 duplex cancel dated 23.6.1892. The added ½d vermilion stamps are similarly tied Res £65
  2. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS and 2 x 1d lilacs on Late Fee cover addressed to London with the instruction “TO BE POSTED AT EUSTON”. The RLS and stamps are cancelled by ink crosses and tied by squared circle cancels LONDON N.W dated 20.1.1893. Res £70
  3. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Nice little cover addressed to Bromley with 2d RLS & 1d lilac tied by ink crosses and a lovely strike of the BROMLEY-144 Duplex cancel dated 2.3.1894 Res £85
  4. LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS and 1d lilac tied to MOURNING Cover by oval undated telegraphic cancel of LITTLEHAMPTON STATION, by red pencil crosses and by squared circle cancels of WEST KENSINGTON dated 2.8.1894-see illustration Res £85
  5. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS and 1d lilac tied by blue crayon cancels on MOURNING Cover addressed to WEST MOORS, Dorset with the instruction “VIA BIRMINGHAM, BATH & BROADSTONE” Which is a sure-fire sign that the letter went by the SOMERSET & DORSET Railway from Bath Undated, but circa 1895 Res £85
  6. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Commercial Wilson’s Brewery printed cover [on back flap] addressed to the brewery at Newton Heath, Manchester with 2d RLS and 1d lilac tied by d/rings CREWE STATION/* dated 10.5.1895 Res £100
  7. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Cheadle Hulme with 2d RLS and 1d lilac tied by DONCASTER duplex cancels dated 15.9.1894 Res £85
  8. RHYMNEY RAILWAY-Cover addressed to the Secretary of the Taff Vale Railway, G Sibbering at his home in Newport with 2d RLS and EDW VII tied by NEATH CARDIFF/1 d/ring dated 4.1.1909. The RLS is further tied by blue pencil-see illustration Res £120
  9. “PER PASSENGER TRAIN-URGENT” Is the instruction on this commercial cover addressed to London from WESTON-SUPER-MARE station with GREAT WESTERN/RAILWAY overprint on 2d Manchester & Milford Railway ELS. The RLS and the EDW VII 1d are tied by the PADDINGTON W machine cancel and the framed GWR cancel of Weston-super-Mare, dated 16.3.1909-see illustration Res £100
  10. LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Uncommon £5 paid parcel stamp in used, no gum condition-looks unused from the front Res £20


  1. DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE Signed envelope addressed to DONNINGTON PARK, DERBY with red, crowned PAID at top right, dated 2.10.1857 Res £30
  2. BOARD OF THE GREEN CLOTH-MOURNING Cover addressed to the Viscount Melville in London with black embossed crest on the back flap and a superb, intact black wax seal below. The 1d lilac on the front is tied by the scarce FOOTS CRAY squared circle dated 16.4.1884 Res £55
  3. THE MERCHANTS OF WINDSOR-Crested envelope addressed to Lower Clapton, London with black printed crest on the back flap in Latin, which translates to “THE PROPERTY OF THE MERCHANTS OF WINDSOR”. The 1d lilac is tied by WINDSOR squared circle dated 27.2.1889 Res £35
  4. EDW VIII 40th Anniversary of his death commemorative cover with the full set of the EDW VIII values tied by s/rings KING EDWARD BANFF dated 10.9.1976 as are the 3 x 3½p Machins Res £20
  5. LORD CHAMBERLAIN/CROWN/BUCKINGHAM PALACE/LORD CHAMBERLAIN-Printed oval cachet on cover addressed to Bsrbican, London, cancelled by BUCKINGHAM PALACE/S.W1A 1AA 1st class meter cancel in blue, dated 3.6.2003 Res £8


  1. WELLINGBOROUGH-PPL from here with 4½d Jubilee tied by lovely single ring cancel of WELLINGBOROUGH dated 21.9.1892 with index E Res £30
  2. CLONMELLON, Under Kells-PPL From here with ½d vermilion & 2½d Jubilee tied by the DUBLIN roller cancel. At right is the s/ring CLONMELLON dated 8.7.1895 Res £25
  3. WELLINGBOROUGH, MIDLAND ROAD-PPL From here with a pair of 1½d Jubilee values tied by target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring MIDLAND RD/WELLINGBOROUGH dated 23.12.1895 Res £25
  4. WELLINGBOROUGH OXFORD STREET-PPL From here with 3d Jubilee tied by a target parcel cancel of WELLINGBOROUGH and with a partial strike of the Oxford Street cancel at right Res £22
  5. KETTERING-PPL From here with 4½d Jubilee tied bya superb target parcel cancel KETTERING. Alongside is an equally very good s/ring KETTERING dated 27.5.1897-see illustration Res £30
  6. CLIFFONEY, Under Sligo-PPL From here with 3d Jubilee tied by lovely SLIGO target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring CLIFFONEY dated 22.11.1898 Res £25
  7. PORTAFERRY, UNDER Downpatrick-PPL From here with 1d lilac & 3d Jubilee tied by s/rings PORTAFERRY dated 6.2.1901. Alongside, at right is a further strike Res £25
  8. MAIN STREET, CAVAN-PPL From here with QV 5d Jubilee tied by superb CAVAN target parcel cancel. Alongside is an equally superb strike of the s/ring MAIN ST CAVAN dated 19.6.1901 Res £28
  9. PORTADOWN-PPL From here with 2d & 6d Jubilee values affixed upside down [as an insult to the monarch] and tied by d/rings PORTADDOWN dated 24.8.1901-see illustration Res £28
  10. KETTERING-PPL From here with 3d EDW VII value tied by target parcel cancel of LEICESTER Circa 1902 Res £22
  11. CLONDALKIN-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by a BRADFORD [England!!] roller cancel. Alongside is the s/ring CLONDALKIN dated 18.10.1902 Res £25
  12. RUGBY HIGH STREET-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring HIGH DT/RUGBY dated 4.7.1911. Alongside is a further, equally superbly struck strike Res £25
  13. GROOMBRIDGE, Under Tunbridge Wells-PPL From here with s/ring GROOMBRIDGE at right dated 23.5.1912 alongside a 95% complete strike of the framed COACH/ROAD-BORNE in black ink. No stamps ever affixed Res £20
  14. KETERING, ROCKINGHAM ROAD-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring ROCKINGHAM RD/KETTERING with a further strike alongside Res £22
  15. HANNINGTON, Under Basingstoke-PPL From here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring HANNINGTON/BASINGSTOKE dated 19.4.1919-a further strike is alongside Res £22

RUBBERS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. STOKE ALBANY/MARKET HARBOROUGH-Cancel dated 13.10.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. BOLINGEY/PERRANPORTH/CORNWALL-Cancel dated 22.11.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  3. OXENDON/MARKET HARBOROUGH-Black cancel dated 1.9.1911 ties 1d stamp to cover, redirected from CROMARTY to DUBLIN Res £8
  4. CORTLINGTON?/UPTON LEVEL/WILTS-Cancel dated 30.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard. Note the mis-spelling of UPTON LEVEL FOR UPTON LOVELL Res £18
  5. ASTHORPE/TOWCESTER-Black cancel dated 13.1.1912 cancels GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard Res £8
  6. RUBBER SKELETON Cancel in black “OXENDEN / MARKET / HARBORO” datd 28.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £30
  7. BRADDEN/TOWCESTER-Black cancel dated 30.5.1912 cancels GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard Res £9
  8. CHARTER ALLEY/BASINGSTOKE-Black cancel dated 20.12.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. NETTLESTONE/RYDE-Isle of Wight cancel in black, ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  10. ROTHWELL/KETTERING-Black cancel dated 24.12.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. TUNWORTH/BASINGSTOKE-Black cancel dated 28.6.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. GLANVILLES WOOTTON/SHERBORNE-Black cancel dated 25.9.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. LONGNEY/GLOUCESTER-Black cancels dated 26.5.1921 cancels GEO V 4d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to London Res £9
  14. HOLYWOOD/BIRMINGHAM-Black cancel on postcard redirected from Sutton Coldfield to Holywood to Stratford on Avon, dated 4.1.1922 Res £8
  15. MOUNT/BODMIN/CORNWALL-Superb upright strike in black, dated 29.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard [latest recorded date of use] Res £10


  1. BASINGSTOKE/ Unframed traveller dated 3.5.1839 on the back of a wrapper from Basingstoke to London-superb strike-see illustration Res £65
  2. WELLINGBOROUGH-Cancel dated 26.3.1906 ties a QV 1d pink postal stationery cut-out to cover addressed to Henley-on-Thames Res £10
  3. CROWLAND/PETERBOROUGH-Cancel on postcard from Peterborough to Spalding, dated 17.5.1906 Res £10
  4. RADSTOCK/BATH-Superb upright strike dated 15.1.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  5. HOUNSLOW-The less common 23mm skeleton cancel dated 11.5.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. PRINCES RISBORO S.O-Cancel dated 4.7.1908 ties stamp to postcard-superb strike Res £8
  7. CALNBROOK/SLOUGH-Cancel dated 25.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  8. CALNE/WILTS-Cancel dated 4.8.1914 ties stamp to postcard on the FIRST DAY OF WWI Res £8
  9. BULWELL/NOTTINGHAM-Cancel dated 3.6.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. KETTERING-Less common 23mm skeleton cancel dated 20.4.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  11. MANATON/DEVON-Cancel dated 28.4.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. USK/NEWPORT, MON-Cancel dated 9.5.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. LIVERSEDGE/LEEDS-Cancel dated 23.7.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. HAYES/MIDDOESEX-Large cancel dated 23.4.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. SALE/MANCHESTER-Large cancel dated 14.11.1922 ties stamp to postcard-perfect, upright strike Res £8


  1. PENARTH-Cancel dated 12.8.1886 with index D ties 1d lilac to cover Res £8
  2. KETTERING & THRAPSTON Cancels dated 3.12.1896 & 5.12.1896 with clock time & index C respectively on redirected cover from Kettering to Thrapston, via RINGSTEAD-Returned to sender Res £7
  3. RILLINGTON-Cancel dated 7.7.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard-perfect, upright strike Res £22
  4. BAWTRY-Superb strike ties stamp to postcard on 15.8.1905 with clock time Res £5
  5. MILFORD/SURREY-Cancel dated 24.10.,1905 with clock time ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. FLADBURY-Cancel dated 3.8.1907 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  7. MERTHYR VALE-Cancel dated 5.2.1909 with clock time, ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. MAWGAN-Late use of cancel tying 1d stamp to postcard addressed to the U.S.A on 2.4.1913 Res £12
  9. SPALDING-Superb strike tying stamp to postcard on 25.6.1912 with clock time Res £3
  10. RUAN MINOR-Cancel dated 11.1.1923 with index A ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to Wadebridge Res £5


  1. CALDEY/ISLAND-Diamond cachet on postcard with 10p Machin tied by s/ring CALDEY ISLANDTENBY/DYFED dated 2.7.1980 Res £4
  2. ACROSS THE ARCTIC CIRCLE-Bilingual Norwegian/English cachet in red on postcard addressed to the U.K and with stamp tied by TRONDHEIM-KIRKENNES cancel dated 22.6.1983 Res £5
  3. POSTED / ON / BOARD / PADDLE STEAMER / ”WAVERLEY”-D/ring cancel in red on postcard of the paddler addressed to Biggar from Glasgow on 20.7.1989 Res £7
  4. POSTED AT/THE/BLACK COUNTRY/MUSEUM-Unframed mark with Pillar Box at left on card sent from Wolverhampton to Cambridge on 1.10.1993 Res £5
  5. CAPE OF GOOD HOPE/WHERE THE OCEANS MEET-Pictorial cachets in black, grey and red on three postcards dated 1992, 93 & 95 [3] Res £7
  6. POSTED AT/AMBERLEY/CHALE PIT MUSEUM/NEAR ARUNDEL, WEST SUSSEX-Red pictorial cachet on postcard addressed to Surrey on 31.5.11994 Res £5
  7. POSTED UNDERGROUND / AT / DATE / LLECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS-Black cancel dated July 19989 with index 8 on postcard to Southampton Res £4
  8. THE CHAMPIONSHIPS SW19/POST/OFFICE-Self-inking datestamp dated 25.6.2001 with index A on postcard addressed to Cambridge Res £5
  9. POSTED/ON/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY” Black inked cachet on card of the paddler leaving Oban on 2.6.2007 Res £5
  10. CAIRNGORM MOUNTAIN/UK’s HIGHEST POST BOX/1097m-Unframed mark in black on postcard addressed to Warwick on 12.8.2014 Res £5


  1. BLACKWATER-Red cancel on front of entire addressed to BAGSHOT from ALRESFORD with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral 10 on 22.9.1845 Res £22
  2. EDGBASTON-Black cancel on back of cover from Birmingham to London with 1d red stars tied by the BIRMINGHAM Spoon cancel on 31.3.1855 Res £22
  3. FREEFOLK-Lovely blue cancel on back of cover to Basingstoke with 1d red stars tied by circular duplex cancel MISHELDEVER STATION-22 on 1.8.1859 Res £25
  4. KIRBY LONSDALE-Black cancel on front of entire addressed to London at the 1/- rate on 2.7.1831 Res £22
  5. MONKS SHERBORNE-Red-orange cancel on back of printed entire addressed to a carpenter at Monks Sherborne from London on 2.3.1846 Res £25
  6. ODIAM-Black cancel on front of entire addressed to London on 12.3.1831 Res £22
  7. HARTFORDBRIDGE-Black cancel on back of entire addressed to ANDOVER on 19.3.1829 Res £22
  8. HURSTBOURNE TARRANT-Black cancel on front of entire addressed to Andover on 28.3.1849 Res £22
  9. KINGSCLERE-Black cancel on front of entire addressed to Basingstoke with imperf 1d red tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel of NEWBURY on 27.11.1847 Res £25
  10. PARKGATE-KENT Black cancel on front of MOURNING Cover with contents addressed to Maidstone with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel 493 of Maidstone on 27.2.1845 Res £25
  11. PREES-Black cancel on the back of entire addressed to London with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel 876 of WHITCHURCH on 6.5.1845 Res £25
  12. WANDSFORD-Black cancel on back flap of FREE wrapper addressed to an Old Bond Street bookseller with Crowned Free at top right, dated 7.10.1834-opens out to display nicely Res £25
  13. WHITTLESEA-Black cancel on front of wrapper addressed to Westminster with 1d red imperf tied by a lovely strike of the PETERBOROUGH Maltese Cross cancel on 20.4.1844 Res £25
  14. WYMODHAM [RUTLAND] Black cancel on back of 1d pink envelope addressed to London, via OAKHAM on 26.1.1845 Res £25


  1. 89 WADEBRIDGE-1844 Type cancel on ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Plymouth on 7.5.1876-late use for this cancel Res £20
  2. 123 BRIDGWATER-1844 Type cancel ties 2d blue to wrapper addressed to Yeovil on 14.7.1846 Res £35
  3. 239 DAWLISH-3VOS with curved top to “3” ties 1d red plate 140 to cover addressed to Hinckley on 19.2.1877 Res £18
  4. 393 RAMSBURY, WILTS-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Marlborough on 17.3.1891 Res £8
  5. 447 LEEDS-3HOS CANCELS An incorrectly dated s/ring on the back of an entire addressed to Leeds from Liverpool on 9.2.1858-the corrected date being struck alongside Res £25
  6. 447 LEEDS-3HOS CANCELS An incorrectly dated s/ring on cover from DUBLIN to Leeds on 12.7.1862 with correctly dated strike alongside Res £25
  7. 590 ODIHAM, HANTS-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to wrapper addressed to Basingstoke on 23.11.1848 Res £25
  8. 644 RINGWOOD-3VOS ties 1d red from plate 173 to cover addressed to Andover on 17.12.1875 Res £25
  9. 780 TAVISTOCK-3VOS [UNRECORDED BY YOUNG PARMENTER] ties 1d Venetian red to cover addressed to Launceston, via CALLINGTON on 13.4.1881 Res £45
  10. 780 TAVISTOCK-SCARCE Use of the sideways duplex cancel dated 23.4.1858 as an arrival mark on a wrapper from Bridgwater with the 1d stars tied by the 3HOS 123 cancel on the previous day Res £25
  11. 963 WINCHFIELD-4VODB with flat top to the “3” dated 1.6.1878 ties a ½d Bantam to printed form of the record of rainfall locally at HARTFORD BRIDGE and addressed to London Res £6
  12. 036 RAMSEY, ISLE OF MAN-Entire addressed to Basingstoke with a pair of 1d red stars tied by 3HOS cancels on 21.10.1856 Res £35
  13. D58 HARRINGTON, CUMBERLAND-3VOD dated 19.10.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  14. F90 SHARPNESS POINT-Less common 4VOD dated 3.5.1895 ties 2½d Jubilee to cover addressed to Italy-see illustration Res £45
  15. H59 WITTERSHAM-3VOD dated 16.10.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £6


  1. 1791 ENTIRE To Edinburgh from the Hampshire Attorney-General with lovely s/line ALTON on the back flap-opens out to display very nicely Res £50
  2. 1793 ENTIRE to Wiveliscombe with superb BRIDGE/WATER struck at top right on 14.11.1793 with the NO 14 hand-struck receiving mark of Mr Hancock, the addressee-see illustration Res £40
  3. 1794 ENTIRE Addressed to ANDOVER on 27.1.1794 with a superb curved BASING/STOKE in black ink at top right Res £35
  4. 1795 ENTIRE Addressed to a Member of Parliament in London [and therefore carried free] on 26.11.1795 with the scarce two-line WANDES/FORD struck in black ink at bottom left. The letter tells of presenting the wife or daughter [who became Lady Exeter] of the writer, Charles Proby to The Queen [Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz] “In order to cure her of her shyness…” Res £120
  5. TURNED LETTER/FRANKING ABUSE-Entire originally sent to Salisbury to a Mr White from SHERBORNE on 12.8.1805 with the “apple” FREE dated 14.8.1805 at top right in red ink. The letter is from the Sherborne solicitor, FOOKS, but is signed by the Lord Digby, an abuse of the Franking system. The letter was redirected to the Post Office, Northampton to await collection. This may or may not have happened and the letter was turned with a full message and sent back to Fooks in Sherborne on 15.8.1805 and has the framed mileage mark NRHAMPTON/66 AT TOP RIGHT. Lovely item with a story to tell Res £50
  6. IRELAND-ENTIRE With added enclosure addressed to Lt General Sir Thomas Reynell at AVISFORD, ARUNDEL on 17.4.1838 with the Crowned Irish FREE at top right dated 18.4.1838. On the back flap is the d/arc ATHY dated 17.4.1838 Res £30
  7. IRELAND-ENTIRE Addressed to Dublin with manuscript 4d applied at MOATE, County West Meath on 10.12.1839 during the 4d post period Res £65
  8. UNIVERSAL PENNY POSTAGE-Large part Entire via London to Basingstoke dated 11.1.1840 [second day of the Penny Post] with hand-struck one of London in red ink at top Res £30
  9. ESSEX-Entire written from PATTISWICK HALL to the writers sister at STANSTED MOUNT FITCHET on 16.1.1840 with a very early strike of the circular framed PAID/1 in red ink, presumably of BRAINTREE-See illustration Res £85
  10. PENNY BLACK-PLATE 1b with four very large margins on wrapper addressed to London, cancelled by two strikes of the red Maltese Cross cancel of BASINGSTOKE on 2.12.1840-see illustration Res £175
  11. MITCHELDEVER/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on neat little entire addressed to Basingstoke with dated WHITCHURCH HANTS d/arc below, dated 1.2.1841 Res £45
  12. PAID AT LEEDS-1d TWO Separate strikes in red ink on lovely printed list of bankrupts transcribed from the London Gazette to the LEEDS MERCURY on 8.2.1841. The item is folded neatly & addressed to a Barnsley solicitor Res £30
  13. LONGPAEISH/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on front of neat entire addressed to London with dated WHITCHURCH HANTS d/arc on the back dated 5.3.1841-opens out nicely to display Res £50
  14. BASINGSTOKE-Entire to Andover dated 6.3.1841 with a superb strike of the U.P.P mark Pd/2 in red ink at top right Res £85
  15. PENNY BLACK-Entire from CHERTSEY dated 25.3.1841 and addressed to Basingstoke with 1d black with four large margins tied by a lovely black Maltese Cross Res £175
  16. PENNY BLACK-ENTIRE From BRIDGWATER addressed to Wellington with four margin 1d black from plate 8 tied by black Maltese Cross cancel on 2.6.1841 Res £175
  17. BASINGSTOKE-Entire to Fareham dated 14.5.1842 with a superb strike of the U.P.P mark Pd/1 in red ink at top right Res £45
  18. MANCHESTER-Wrapper to Kendal with 1d red imperf tied by a lovely strike of the MANCHESTER Maltese Cross cancel on 24.12.1842 Res £15
  19. DISTINCTIVE NORWICH MALTESE CROSS-Entire addressed to the treasurer of the Norwich Blind Institution in application for the jobs of Secretary & matron, dated 23.4.1843 with unframed, fancy TOO LATE on the back flap. The 1d red imperf is tied by the distinctive Maltese Cross cancel in black-catalogued at £1800 on cover-see illustration Res £750
  20. MONK WEARMOUTH/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in black on front of an entire addressed to Newcastle, via Sunderland on 14.10.1843 Res £35
  21. NORTHAMPTON-U.P.P red inked, unframed PD1 on entire addressed to Daventry on 30.1.1844-this is the final type of mark used, issued in April 1842 Res £35
  22. WAFER SEAL-ENTIRE Addressed to London with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral 405 of IPSWICH with superb embossed wafer seal [still intact] “NEW-JERUSALEM-CHURCH-DOCTRINES” “IN JESUS / CHRIST / DWELLS THE / FULNESS / OF / GODHEAD / BODILY” affixed on 22.9.1844-See illustrations Res £85
  23. OULNEY [OLNEY] UNDATED D/arc in black at top right of entire addressed to London, via NEWPORT PAGNEL on 30.3.1845 with grey-red strike of either the OULNEY or NEWPORT PAGNEL U.P.P mark Pd1 at top left Res £75
  24. WRAPPER Addressed to Salisbury with a superb strike of the BASINGSTIKE Pd/4 in red ink of the Universal Penny Post system on 7.4.1845-a very scarce marking with very few known to have survived-see illustration Res £250
  25. ST MARY BOURNE/PENNY POST-Unframed mark at bottom left of entire written from BINLEY on 21.9.1846 to Andover Res £40
  26. IRELAND-Small cover addressed to LOUGHALL with 1d red imperf tied by numeral cancel of Dublin on 5.7.1848. On the front is a lovely sub-office s/line mark of SUMMER HILL in black ink Res £25
  27. ILLUSTRATED NOTEPAPER-Lovely sheet of notepaper illustrating a scene at CARNARVON, published by Williams & Hughes of Bridge Street, Carnarvon and engraved by J Newman & Company of London in 1847 Res £25
  28. ILLUSTRATED NOTEPAPER-Lovely illustration of TAUNTON, published by F May of Fore Street Res £30
  29. ILLUSTRATED NOTEPAPER-1st June 1841 illustration of the VICTUALLING OFFICE, STONEHOUSE [Plymouth] by J & E Harwood of Fenchurch Street, London Res £25
  30. ILLUSTRATED NOTEPAPER-Uncommon scene of BANGOR, County Down, drawn by J Burgess and engraved by Mould & Tod of Edinburgh and published by Marcus Ward of the Corn Market, Belfast Res £30
  31. CHOLERA OUTBREAK IN HARTLEPOOL-Wonderful bit of social history contained in a letter from Hartlepool to Bedale dated 9.9.1853 telling of an outbreak of Cholera in the town Res £40
  32. ENTIRE Addressed to Messageries Maritime, Paris from London dated 23.12.1853 with less common French d/ring RETARD DU CONVOI/PARIS dated 24.12.1853 struck on the back Res £25
  33. PEARSON HILL BINOCULAR CANCEL-Cover addressed to Newcastle with 1d red stars tied by very good, almost complete strike of this scarce experimental cancel on 25.11.1857 with index A as used in the second machine-see illustration Res £400
  34. TURNED COVER-Statement of accounts sent to a Wesleyan Minister at NEW MILLS from London, dated 28.11.1857. The entire was turned and a1d red stars affixed and tied by STOCKPORT-733 Sideways duplex cancel dated 4.2.1858 for return to London. Also with NEW MILLS d/arc dated 4.2.1858 Res £30
  35. SCOTTISH “WESSEX” CANCEL-Cover addressed to London with 1d red stars Diee II LC perf 14 tied by unframed circular cancel CALTON/GLASGOW dated 24.4.1858-see illustration Res £100
  36. CHARLES RIDOUT-Machine cancel No.1 ties 1d red stars to wrapper addressed to Lancaster on 10.2.1859 Res £45
  37. CHARLES RIDOUT-Machine No.2 ties 1d red stars to cover addressed to Chorley on 14.9.1859 Res £50
  38. VALENTINES CARD & ENVELOPE Addressed to BANBURY with a pair of 1d red stars tied by two strikes of the BIRMINGHAM circular duplex cancels dated 13.2.1862 Res £45
  39. DEEP MOURNING Cover addressed to MORTIMER with 1d red stars tied by READING duplex cancel dated 6.3.1862, transiting BASINGSTOKE on the next day Res £22
  40. REGISTERED Little cover addressed to London with 1d red stars & 2 x 2d blues from plate 9 tied by 3HOS numeral strikes 258 of DOVER on 15.12.1862. Below is the oval framed REGISTERED/LONDON dated the next day and the crowned, curved REGISTERED at top left in red ink-see illustration Res £65
  41. TURNED LETTER-Entire addressed to ASHFORD, Kent from London, dated 13.12.1862 and then turned & returned to London with 1d red stars tied by circular duplex cancel ASHFORD-31 dated 26.12.1862 Res £25
  42. 1863 Cover addressed to Warminster from Chippenham which contains a sheet of illustrated notepaper depicting WATERGATE STREET, CHESTER and containing a photo of the father and pen & ink drawings of the family cats, posted on 2.7.1863 Res £45
  43. PAYMENT OF TAXES BY POSTAGE STAMPS AND POST OFFICE ORDERS-Printed circular addressed to UNST from KIRKWALL, via LERWICK on 11.12.1864 giving details of who can pay land taxes etc by payment by postage stamps or by postal orders Res £25
  44. JURY SUMMONS-Entire addressed to Basingstoke from Winchester with 3d rose from plate 5 tied by WINCHESTER FOUR-BAR DUPLEX CANCEL DATED 3.12.1869. At top left is the manuscript “SPECIAL JURY SUMMONS” and inside is struck the Seal of the Sheriff of Hampshire Res £45
  45. BIRMINGHAM TO NORWAY-Entire addressed to Christiania, cancelled by s/ring BIRMINGHAM dated 25.4.1870 with index 32. Directly below is the black inked 4d accountancy mark Res £35
  1. NORTHAMPTON-QV ½d violet postal stationery postcard addressed to MARLBOROUGH with superb strike of the four-bar duplex cancel NORTHAMPTON-570 dated 9.1.1875. At top left is the strangely arranged sub-office cancel NORTHAMPTON/MARE FAIR dated the same day. Unusually, this cancel has the sub-office at the bottom instead of the usual mark having it at the top Res £25
  2. NORTHANTS-Cover addressed to LEIPZIG with 3 x 1d reds from plates 207, 174 and 194 tied by two strikes of the WANSFORD-830 duplex cancel dated 4.7.1878. On the back is German label/sealing tape KAISERL DEUTSCHE/LEIPZIG/1/POSTANSTALT in black Res £30
  3. NORTHAMPTON-Cover addressed to the U.S.A with ½d Bantam from plate 8 & 2d blue from plate 15 tied by NORTHAMPTON four-bar duplex cancels on 26.3.1879-the new 2½d value had been available for 4 years at this time, so makes a chap wonder why they should use these clearly out of date stamps!! Res £30
  4. IRELAND-Cover addressed to Dublin with ½d vermilion & 1d lilac tied by the hooded circle [or scroll] cancel LONDONDERRY dated 14.10.1887 Res £55
  5. REGISTERED Cover addressed to TREVORNAN, Wadebridge with 3 x 1d lilacs tied by s/rings BATH dated 27.2.1894. On the back is the sub-office cancel BATHWICK HILL/ BATH dated the same day Res £22
  6. EXPRESS MAIL-Cover addressed to SALISBURY with 4 x 1d EDW VII values tied by s/rings ST MARTINS LE GRANDE/E.C dated 21.5.1902. At right is the oval EXPRESS cancel in black ink Res £25
  7. HAND ILLUSTRATED Cover addressed to CARLTON HOUSE, MAMBEY PARK, STRATFORD with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring LONDON E.C/25 dated 24.6.1903-see illustration Res £65
  8. BROWNEY COLLIERY-S/ring dated 6.2.1905 cancels unpaid postcard addressed locally and not taxed Res £18
  9. DUKE OF YORK’S SCHOOL/DOVER-S/ring cancel dated 12.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard of a group posing at a railway station. The writer tells of being “fagged” and having to “dine with kids” Res £12
  10. EXPRESS MAIL-Cover addressed to WIMBLEDON with 4 x 1d EDW VII values tied by s/rings LONDON W dated 14.9.1909. Below is the large type black on red Express label-see illustration Res £25
  11. STAMP DEALER-Registered envelope addressed to SWEDEN with GEO V ½d & 5d values tied by s/rings IPSWICH/SUFFOLK dated 11.8.1930. On the back is the Whitfield King embossed seal, tied by the s/ring cancel Res £20
  1. WALES-TELEGRAM Handed in at GLYNCORRWG, Cancelled by s/ring GWAUN CAE GURWEN/AMMANFORD CARM dated 1.5.1943 Res £12
  2. IRELAND-Registered Advertising cover from FOGWILLS SEEDS pre-addressed to the company at Guildford with GB GEO VI 3d Victory & 2½d tied by s/rings LURGAN/Co. ARMAGH dated 7.8.1946 Res £15
  3. GENERAL LETTER OFFICE 3d Value showing the BROKEN MANE Flaw on reused window envelope cancelled by machine cancel on 25.5.1960. Res £20
  4. KENT-QEII 1/9d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Dartford with added 3d Red Cross value tied by s/rings ROCK ROAD SITTINGBOURNE/KENT dated 27.8.1963 Res £7
  5. CLEARED/10, DOWNING STREET-Framed anti-terrorism strike in violet ink on small cover addressed to Prime Minister [unelected], Jim Callaghan from Birmingham on 23.5.1977 Res £8





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