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SALE 228  


  1. THE MANCHESTER FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF 1824-Printed envelope addressed to Paisley from Manchester with 1d lilac perfin MF/Ace., tied by absolutely spot on squared circle cancel of MANCHESTER dated 1.12.1881 Res £12
  2. STAMP DISTRIBUTION COMPANY-Single 1d lilac perfin with the very scarce SDC perfin, cancelled by LONDON/S.W squared circle cancel dated 14.8.1893 Res £50
  3. STAMP DISTRIBUTION COMPANY-Single 1d lilac as previous lot perfin SDC cancelled by partial duplex cancel 264 of WOOLWICH Res £45
  4. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to EUSTON STATION with added ½d vermilion & 1d lilac perfin GWR tied by oval registered cancels of Paddington dated 15.6.1893 Res £18
  5. LATE FEE TO BERLIN-QV 1d vermillion postcard from Joseph Travers & Sons Ltd with added 1d lilac perfin JT/&S/LD tied by superb hexagonal shaped “L1” LS/5 Late Fee duplex cancel of Lombard Street dated 3.1.1898 Res £15
  6. J ARNOLD, STATIONERS OF LEEDS-Printed envelope with vignette of the company premises on the back, addressed to Ashford, Kent with EDW VII 1d perfin E/J/A [sideways], tied by d/ring HUNSLET B.O/LEEDS dated 11.8.1902 Res £8
  7. J CALEY & SON OF NORWICH-Receipt dated 20.10.1909 with EDW VII 1d perfin AJC/LD tied by signature Res £4
  8. COPESTAKE, CRAMPTON AND COMPANY-Printed wrapper addressed to Forres from London with EDW VII ½d perfin CC&Co., tied by machine cancel dated 17.2.1909 Res £6
  9. SALFORD BOROUGH TREASURER-Printed envelope with “Water Rent” bill enclosed, addressed to Manchester with EDW VII ½d perfin SC tied by Manchester machine cancel dated 7.5.1909 Res £7
  10. JEREMIAH ROTHERHAM & COMPANY-Printed invoice addressed to STROOD, Kent with GEO V ½d perfin JR/CLD tied by LONDON E machine cancel dated 25.7.1917 Res £6
  11. TEMPERANCE PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY-Envelope with printed content addressed within London with GEO V 1½d perfin TP/BS, tied by LONDON E.C machine cancel dated 17.6.1919 Res £6
  12. WALKERS, PARKER & COMPANY OF NEWCASTLE-Envelope addressed to SWEDEN with a pair of GEO V 1½d values perfin WP/CoLd., tied by NEWCASTLE-TYNE machine cancel dated 14.3.1922 Res £6
  13. WOLSELEY MOTOR COMPANY, BIRMINGHAM-Embossed window envelope with 1d GEO V value perfin Co/MW [reversed and inverted] tied by Birmingham machine cancel dated 11.10.1922 Res £7
  14. TUBBS, HISCOCK & COMPANY-Embossed envelope addressed to Dartford with GEO V 1½d perfin THC/Ld., tied by London “Cable to Canada, Australia & New Zealand” slogan dated 31.10.1922 Res £5
  15. WILLIAM HOLLINS & COMPANY OF NOTTINGHAM-Printed window envelope with GEO V ½d perfin W/H tied by NOTTINGHAM machine cancel dated 30.7.1924 Res £5
  16. STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA-Printed envelope addressed to Cambridge with GEO V 1½d perfin SB/SA tied by London machine cancel dated 1.3.1927 Res £5
  17. QUEEN’S HOTEL, LEEDS Envelope addressed to London with GEO V ½d & 1d values perfin GH/AL tied by LEEDS machine cancel dated 29.2.1928 [Leap Year date] Res £5
  18. TEMPERANCE PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY-Embossed cover with contents addressed to Battersea Park with GEO V ½d & 1d values perfin TP/BS tied by London E.C machine cancel dated 1.3.1928 Res £6
  19. THE GRAND CLOTHING HALL, LEICESTER-Cover addressed to Thurnby & redirected to SHERINGHAM upon arrival with GEO V ½d perfin GCH tied by Leicester machine cancel dated 16.10.1933. The THURNBY s/ring transit mark is dated 1.10.1933 Res £6
  20. J LYONS AND COMPANY-The Corner Cafe people printed window envelope with GEO V 1½d photogravure value perfin JL/&Co., tied by WEST KENSINGTON/W.14 machine cancel dated 5.7.1935 Res £7
  21. CHELSEA POLYTECHNIC-GEO VI 4½d registered envelope size G addressed to SW17 with added GEO VI ½d & 1d values perfin CP tied by oval rubber registered cancels of CHELSEA dated 21.6.1940 Res £8
  22. IRELAND-Censored, printed cover to the USA with GB GEO VI 2½d perfin JNR of JN Richardson and Owden of Belfast, tied by BELFAST machine cancel dated 3.2.1942. At left is the PC90 Examiners tape Res £8
  23. PINCHIN, JOHNSON AND COMPANY-Printed invoice/receipt addressed to Hinderwell, Yorks with GEO VI 1d perfin PJ/C tied by GODALMING/SURREY machine cancel dated 8.10.1942 Res £5
  24. FOWLIE, REID & WILLS LIMITED-Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1d perfin FR/W tied by London E.C “British Industries Fair” slogan dated 4.4.1949 Res £5
  25. METROPOLITAN VICKERS ELECTRICAL COMPANY-Registered cover addressed within Manchester with GEO VI 2½d & 6d values perfin VM/Co [inverted & reversed] tied by s/rings TRAFFORD PARK/MANCHESTER dated 23.5.1952 Res £8


  1. NORTH BRITISH INSURANCE COMPANY-Folded, printed letter sheet with printing on all five inner surfaces addressed to Wigton, Cumberland with 1d red from the black plate 11 cancelled superbly by the PEEBLES Maltese Cross cancel on 3.5.1842-superbly clean inside and out!! Res £85
  2. WELCH & SON OF GREAT YARMOUTH-Price list of Yarmouth Bloaters, Ham Cured Herrings etc. from the local Herring & Oyster merchants addressed to Ware, Herts with lovely illustrations inside of kippers or bloaters and a fishing boat. The ½d vermilion is tied by 3VOD cancel of GREAT YARMOUTH dated 15.9.1890 Res £35
  3. MIDLAND RAILWAY HOTELS-Crested envelope from the ADELPHI HOTEL, Liverpool addressed to the USA with 2½d Jubilee value tied by hooded circle cancel LIVERPOOL/466 dated 30.10.1893. At left is the fancy printed list of the company’s hotels such as the Queen’s at Leeds, the Midland at Leeds; the Adelphi at Liverpool; the Midland at Derby and the Midland at Morecambe Bay Res £25
  4. SCHULTZE GUNPOWDER-Pictorial advertising envelope addressed to Stirling with full adverts on the back for gastight cartridges, smokeless powder and so on. The ½d vermilion is tied by London EC/1/11 oval numeral cancel on 20.1.1898 Res £22
  5. THE “LONDONER BORSEN-HALLE” German Language Newspaper advertising postcard addressed to Austria and aimed at the German speaking population of London with EDW VII ½d perfin L&P tied by LONDON E.C hooded circle dated 4.12.1907-see illustration Res £22


  1. LONDON TO ENTEBBE-George King cover addressed to Entebbe, via Cairo and Kisumu with GEO V ½d, 1d x 2 & 5d values tied by s/rings LONDON S.E.1/R dated 6.10.1927. This ill fated flight was the last as the aircraft crashed in Kenya and the mail went overland to Uganda, arriving on 6.11.1927, a month after leaving London!! Res £35
  2. LIVERPOOL TO HAVANA-Cover to Cuba via New York & Miami, carried by the “Deutschland” across the Atlantic to New York and then by air in the USA. With GEO V ½d & 9d values tied by Liverpool “British Industries Fair” slogan dated 1.2.1929. On the back is an undated transit mark of New York and the Havana airmail slogan arrival mark dated 13.2.1929 Res £25
  3. NEW ZEALAND-Pictorial special flight envelope addressed to Queensland, Australia and carried on the flight from DARGAVILLE to WHANGAREI with FIVE PENCE surcharge on 3d air mail stamp tied by DARGAVILLE cancel dated 30.4.1932. At bottom left is the appropriate 30th April special flight cachet Res £28
  4. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS LONDON TO BURMA-Pictorial Imperial Airways envelope addressed to Rangoon with GEO V 1/- postal stationery cut-out from an envelope tied by d/ring LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 23.9.1933. The arrival mark is dated 1.10.1933 and is on the back-see illustration Res £28
  5. CEYLON TO SURREY, Via Madras & Karachi-Cover with GEO V Ceylon 9c, 10c & 25c x 2 tied by s/rings RAMBODA dated 12.1.1934. Nice looker!! Res £15
  6. ZUCKER ROCKET MAIL-Scarce trial/specimen strike of the Trial Firing cancel used on the HARRIS TO SCARP Rocket Mail on 27.7.1934-see illustration Res £25
  7. PORTSMOUTH, SOUTHSEA & ISLE OF WIGHT AVIATION LTD-Mint booklet panes of four of the blue and of the black ISLAND AIR EXPRESS labels-superb!! Res £22
  8. ISLE OF WIGHT TO BRISTOL-Railway Air Services cover illustrated envelope addressed to Bristol with black on pink label “BY/FIRST AIR MAIL/[AT ORDINARY LETTER RATE]/ISLE OF WIGHT-BRISTOL” alongside GEO V 1½d tied by COWES d/ring dated 20.8.1935 Re £18
  9. ISLE OF WIGHT TO SOUTHAMPTON-Real photo postcard of the Parade, Cowes addressed to WOOLSTON, Southampton with GEO V 1d tied by Cowes d/ring dated 20.8.1934 with the message “This card is sent by the first Inland mail service in Britain from Cowes, I.W 20/8/34”. Scarcer than covers, the postcard has central fold Res £12
  10. ISLE OF WIGHT TO BIRMINGHAM-Undelivered commercial Railway Air Services cover addressed to Selly Park, Birmingham with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring TOTLAND BAY/ISLE OF WIGHT dated 20.8.1934. The cover was undelivered and returned to sender on the following day Res £15
  11. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES LAST FLIGHT-Cover addressed to Manchester and redirected to PRESTON with GEO V 1½d tied by COWES d/ring dated 29.9.1934. At left is the London, Midland & Scottish Railway 3d parcel stamp issued at Preston for the outward railway journey to the Isle of Wight before being flown back, via Manchester. On the back is the unusual Manchester d/ring cancel MANCHESTER/P.R dated “1/OCTR/34” Res £30
  12. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Pictorial cover to Glasgow Renfrew Airport, flown on the Liverpool-Glasgow first flight of 1.12.1934 Res £12
  13. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Similar cover addressed to the Essex, STAPLEFORD Airport, flown on the Liverpool to Essex first flight of the 1st December, 1934 Res £12
  14. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-1st flight cover addressed to WICK, flown on the 1st flight from Inverness on 1.12.1934 Res £10
  15. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-1st flight cover from WICK addressed to Inverness, flown on the return flight on 1.12.1934 Res £10
  16. HIGHLAND AIRWAYS-Lovely illustrated flown cover from Wick addressed to Inverness with the Highland Airways arrival label cancelled by cachet upon arrival on 1.12.1934-see illustration Res £28
  17. BIRMINGHAM TO BUENOS AIRES-Small cover addressed to Argentina with GEO V 6d, 1/- & 2/6d Seahorse tied by d/rings HOCKLEY B.O BIRMINGHAM/2 dated 1.2.1935, arriving on 6.2.1935, via Paris on 2.2.1935 Res £40
  18. MISR AIRWAYS-Printed first flight cover from CYPRUS TO ALMAZA AIRPORT, Heliopolis with 1½ Piastre Silver Jubilee value & 1 Piastre pictorial definitive tied by d/rings LARNACA/CYPRUS dated 4.8.1935. At top right is the d/ring slogan cancel VISIT/[CYPRUS MAP]/CYPRUS. On the back are cancels of Nicosia, Cairo & Heliopolis, all dated 4.8.1935 Res £28
  19. SURREY TO BUENOS AIRES-Small, clean cover addressed to Argentina with GEO V 9d x 2 & 2/6d Seahorse tied by d/rings KINGSON ON THAMES SURREY/2 dated 25.9.1936-see illustration Res £40
  20. JERSEY AIRWAYS-Incoming cover to Jersey from Newport, Monmouthshire with Coronation value tied by machine cancel dated 31.5.1937. At left is the red inked angular cachet for the 1st flight, while on the back is the identical cachet in blue Res £20
  21. JERSEY AIRWAYS-Incoming cover to Jersey from Southampton with GEO VI ½d & 1d values tied by sunburst Post Early slogan dated 31.5.1937. At top left is the 1st flight cachet in violet ink Res £20
  22. JERSEY AIRWAYS-Outward mail [scarcer] addressed to Southampton Airport with Coronation stamp tied by JERSEY machine cancel dated 31.5.1937. At left is the s/line “FROM JERSEY” and the usual angular cachet in blue ink x 2. On the back is the violet version of the 1st flight cachet Res £25
  23. NORTH EASTERN AIRWAYS-Trio of covers carried on the 1st flights from Doncaster to Croydon, Perth to London & Bradford to London on 3.10.1938; all with the blue 1st flight labels tied by cachets or arrival mark. Superb condition throughout [3] Res £25
  1. LONDON TO RIO DE JANEIRO-Small cover addressed to Brazil with GEO V 1/- & 2/6d Seahorse tied by LONDON W.C machine cancel dated 3.10.1938. Below is the pictorial German Luftpost cachet in red ink Res £40
  2. BELFAST TO MANCHESTER & V/V-Pair of matching 1st flight covers flown both ways on 12.3.1951 in excellent condition [2] Res £15
  3. DUBLIN TO MANCHESTER & V/V-Pair of matching covers as previous lot, flown both ways on 12.3.1951, again, both in excellent condition [2] Res £15


  1. VERY CLEAN Cover addressed to MARLBOROUGH, Wilts with 1d Inland Revenue fiscal tied superbly by the HUNGERFORD-390 3VOD duplex cancel dated 8.9.1891-see illustration Res £60
  2. ISLE OF WIGHT-Small, neat cover addressed to Bickley Park, Kent with the large 1d Inland Revenue fiscal cancelled and tied by the RYDE squared circle cancel dated 1.2.1882. On the back is the s/ring BICKLEY STATION dated the following day Res £60
  3. LIVERPOOL TO BIRMINGHAM-Very clean, small cover addressed to Handsworth, Birmingham [WT Wilson] with small 1d Inland Revenue tied superbly by the LIVERPOOL/21 d/ring cancel dated 8.2.1895 Res £60
  4. LONDON TO NEW ZEALAND-Lovely little registered postal stationery envelope with embossed 6d QV value and small 1d Inland Revenue Fiscal tied by oval registered cancels of 128a, Queen Victoria Street, London, dated 9.8.1895. On the back is the unusual d/ring arrival mark REGISTERED/No._________/DATE/1/AUCKLAND dated 11.9.1895-see illustration Res £125
  5. CYCLING-Three labels by German publisher Kornsand & Co. of Frankfurt from 1913, depicting cycles from 1817, 1880 & a further label for 1880; all three published for Heinrich Kleyer who’s shops are in the background of all 3 labels-see illustrations Res £20
  6. CYCLING-Labels 4, 5 & 6 as previous lot showing cycles from 1886, 1900 and 1913 Res £20
  7. TRICK CYCLISTS-No, not your local psychiatrist; three embossed labels depicting tricks being performed on Penny Farthings-see illustrations Res £22
  8. TRICK CYCLISTS-A further three different labels showing more ways to ride your Penny Farthing Res £22
  9. LUNDY ISLAND-Commercial cover addressed to the Clovelly garage with ½ & 1 Puffin values tied by the pictorial rectangular cancel LUNDY/DATE/LUNDY dated 28.8.1930. No postage stamps to pay postage, so accepted in payment-not taxed!! Res £25
  10. LUNDY ISLAND-Cover addressed to Lundy, via Heanton Court Aerodrome, near Barnstaple with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by BRISTOL machine cancel dated 8.4.1936. Below is the ½d ACAS airmail stamp tied by the Barnstaple, Lundy Island cancel dated 9.4.1936. Below this is the ½ Puffin value tied by the pictorial Lundy cancel dated 10th April-a lovely item of exhibition quality Res £45


  1. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Large, 206 x 162mm label with text in ARABIC-see illustration Res £25
  2. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-As previous lot, but with text in TURKISH Res £25
  3. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-As previous lot, but with text in PORTUGUESE Res £25
  4. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-As previous lot, but with text in SPANISH Res £25
  5. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-As previous lot, but with text in ARABIC in its entirety [not bi-lingual] Res £25


  1. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to a Mrs Winch of Stoke Newington, cancelled by the No.6 “star” cancel dated 19.5.1890 Res £25
  2. PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The 1d pictorial postal stationery envelope with insert card [full message] addressed to INDIA with added 4d value tied by s/ring PENRYN dated 3.7.1890-nice provincial use of this envelope which arrived in DEHRA DUN on the 22nd July Res £95
  3. BALLYMACLINTON/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBITION W-S/ring dated 30.9.1908 ties stamp to postcard of the Franco-British Exhibition addressed to Yorkshire Res £5
  4. COWES/REGATTA-Skeleton cancel [wording complete, but rim incomplete] dated 3.8.1920 ties 2d stamp to postcard of “Royal yachts at Cowes Regatta” addressed to New York. The writer is a competitor in the races taking part during the Regatta!! Res £65
  5. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Five examples of the 1924 1½d commemoratives, all with different perfins [5] Res £12
  6. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Five further examples of the 1924 1½d value with different again, perfins [5] Res £12
  7. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Four examples of the 1925 1½d with different perfins [4] Res £10
  8. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY-DAGENHAM JUNIOR STAMP CLUB Commemorative programme for an exhibition marking the stamp centenary between the 6th & 11th May 1940 Res £15
  9. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY-EAST CHESHIRE PHILATELIC SOCIETY Commemorative souvenir programme for the centenary exhibition of postage stamps of the British Empire at the Textile Hall, Chestergate, Stockport on 11.5.1940 Res £15
  10. DEVON & CORNWALL POSTAGE STAMP CENTENARY EXHIBITION Pre-exhibition flier telling of the arrangements in hand for the May 1940 exhibition Res £12
  11. QUENDON STAMP CLUB-Printed special centenary exhibition cover [No.141] for the 6th May 1940 exhibition at LETCHWORTH, Herts which contained the special post-exhibition souvenir. Addressed to Sevenoaks, the 2½d stamp centenary value is tied by LETCHWORTH/HERTS Krag cancel dated 16.12.1940 Res £18
  12. 27th PHILATELIC CONGRESS, BOURNEMOUTH-Scarce congress admission ticket to the PHILATELISTS’ SERVICE at St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth on the 5th May-see illustration Res £25
  13. POSTAGE STAMP CENTENARY-Real photo postcard of Sir Rowland Hill’s statue outside the GPO, London with appropriate legend added for the centenary. Unused condition Res £10
  14. 27th PHILATELIC CONGRESS, BOURNEMOUTH-Advertising flier for the Dr William Byan, O.B.E pictorial lecture “A Hundred Years of Postage Stamps” in the concert hall of the Bournemouth pavilion on 4th May 1940 Res £15
  15. STAMP CENTENARY-DONCASTER Philatelic Society souvenir in the form of a greetings card [without the greetings] with 1d black at centre. Inside is a Mulready envelope image, signed by Albert Drury, the society organiser. Also comes with a proof card without the 1d black [2] Res £15
  16. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Greater London fund for the blind poster stamp album complete with the ten red labels Res £12
  17. 33rd PHILATELIC CONGRESS, FELIXSTOWE-Printed commemorative cover addressed to the USA with 2½d Festival of Britain value tied by the special d/ring cancel on 31.5.1951 Res £7
  1. POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY CONFERENCE-Two printed envelopes from the Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn addressed locally and to Sheffield [same person] with either 2½d or 3d Wildings tied by the framed, step-type LYNN/SHIP LETTER in black on 5.10.1962. At bottom left is a similar mark, but with added conference details [2] Res £8
  2. LONDON 1990-150th Anniversary of the 1d black dinner menu with “1d black” S-W affixed and with cancels of black Maltese Cross and dated d/arc “cancel2 CAFE ROYAL dated 4.5.1990. Also the PALMARES 48 page booklet of exhibits; both in excellent condition Res £12
  3. PHILLIPS AUCTIONEERS-Special card marking 100 years of stamp and cover auctions issued for the 76th Congress at Writtle, Essex on 9.9.1994. The card has an unused 1d lilac & an unused 1p Machin marking the stamps from 1894 to 1994 Res £6


  1. CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION PERIOD-Registered, express mail item in the form of a GEO VI 4½d registered envelope size F addressed to St Martin’s, Guernsey with added GEO V 2½d, 3 x 1d & 3 x 2½d occupation “Arms” types, including the two blued paper values. All are tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 24.2.1943. At top left is the Guernsey 8 registration label-a scarce item-see illustration Res £65
  2. CHANNEL ISLANDS OCCUPATION PERIOD-Registered, express mail item addressed within COBO with the 2½d Guernsey “Arms” value, GEO VI 9d and the 2½d & 3d views values tied by d/rings COBO/GUERNSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 12.4.1944. At top left is the COBO registration label and the different [to previous lot] express label Res £35
  3. LEICESTER FROG ISLAND-S/rings dated 1.12.1953 ties GEO VI ½d, 1d x 2 & 6d values to neat little cover addressed to BELFAST-See illustration Res £22
  4. ITALY TO LONDON-Colourful commercial cover addressed to Covent Garden on 8.11.1961. At bottom right are the oval POST OFFICE/EXPRESS/DELIVERY in red ink and the unframed EXPRESS FEE PAID 1/-. A really nice looking item with all the marks very visible Res £12
  5. ITALY TO NOTTINGHAM-A 26.9.1962 express item from RIMINI with very good framed EXPRESS FEE/ 1/- PAID in black ink at top left Res £9


  1. ISLE OF MAN-Wrapper from Liverpool dated 7.4.1840 addressed to Douglas with a fine strike of the Liverpool Uniform Penny Postage 1d mark in orange. At top is the manuscript TRY RAMSEY Res £25
  2. POSTAGE DUE FOR REDIRECTION-Entire addressed to DUBLIN from London on 13.9.1842 with imperf 1d red tied by black Maltese Cross cancel. On redirection to the PANTHENON Club, London in Dublin, the distinctive 1d mark was applied centrally in black-nice!! Res £30
  3. POSTED SINCE/LIVERPOOL/DATE/9.30 LAST NIGHT-The unframed circular Liverpool mark dated 1.5.1860 on back flap of wrapper from Liverpool addressed to Jersey-a scarce mark Res £35
  4. ISLE OF WIGHT TO QUETTA-QV 1d brown postcard addressed to the Chaplain to The Forces, Quetta, cancelled by RYDE 666 four-bar duplex cancel dated 22.11.1887. At right is the violet inked, framed VALUE OF STAMPS 1d/DEFICIENCY 1d and the Indian OVERLAND POSTAGE/DUE/A/2 etc. Res £25
  5. BATH-1d pink envelope addressed to Bath from London on 14.1.1888 with framed NOT TO BE FOUND/53 struck at left on 19.1.1888 Res £22
  6. LONDON TO BELGIUM-Much travelled QV 1d vermilion postcard from London, cancelled by superb squared circle cancel LONDON N.W with 17 in bottom corners, dated 19.1.1900. The card was eventually returned after much redirection Res £22
  7. ISLE OF WIGHT-Quite an ordinary looking postcard of Brading church addressed to Cowes with EDW VII ½d tied by NEWPORT-560 duplex cancel on 26.9.1905. Alongside is the framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/560 and the distinctive 1d tax mark. I see no reason for tax being levied on this postcard; perhaps you can!! Res £7
  8. LIVERPOOL-Glitter postcard from the USA addressed to Liverpool from Chicago on 21.1.1906. At left is the small cluster of Liverpool markings including the small triangular framed 466, framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/466 and the 3d/466 tax mark Res £7
  9. LONDON TO HOLLAND-Undelivered plain postcard addressed to Amsterdam with a pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by PALMERS GREEN S.O N/1 d/rings dated 23.5.1911. Various Dutch marks and the inevitable Undelivered for Reason Stated applied upon return to the UK Res £10
  10. “ I OWE YOU A PENNY/CAN’T GET A STAMP”-Stampless postcard posted from HARROGATE to GRANTHAM and dated 21.7.1911 with 1d tax mark applied. I wonder if Miss Cookson ever got her Penny? Res £6
  11. WWI-MARSHALL FOCH SIGNED COVER-Stampless cover addressed to the president of the Royal British Colonial Society of Arts, Burlington House, being an attempt at getting free postage under the wartime arrangement between the two allies. The signature of Marshall Foch at bottom left would indicate this. Taxed 3d, the 3d postage due is tied upon arrival from W.1 to London W on 3.12.1918 Res £25
  12. EDINBURGH-Unpaid cover addressed locally on 19.9.1919 with the distinctive 3 of Edinburgh indicating 3d to pay. The postage due is tied by d/ring EDINBURGH/+ dated the following day Res £9
  13. S.A TO LONDON-Underpaid postcard from New York dated 6.12.1924 with both British & US tax marks. On arrival, the 1½d postage due is tied by s/ring WEST KENSINGTON W14/2 dated 19.12.1924 Res £15
  14. FRANCE TO CAMBRIDGE-Underpaid cover from Paris dated 25.2.1927 with British & French tax marks. Upon arrival, the 3d & ½d postage dues are tied by s/rings CAMBRIDGE/1 dated 2.3.1927 Res £12
  15. LONDON F.S-PAQUEBOT Machine cancel dated 30.1.1926 ties GB GEO V 1d to postcard of the P&O vessel “KASHMIR” written upon leaving Port Said and addressed to Finchley. Taxed 1d, the 1d postage due is tied by s/ring FINCHLEY CHURCH END N.3/3 dated 31.1.1928 Res £8
  16. BUNDLE HEADER-Undelivered cover from May & Baker of London with framed ½d postage due for return to sender struck at top. On arrival a 1d postage due was added for 2 items. This charge was not collected and a ½d AND 1d postage due was added for the 2nd This of course was for 3 items, not two!! The final dues were tied by s/ring BATTERSEA SW11 dated 18.5.1928 Res £22
  17. ISLE OF WIGHT-Underpaid novelty pull-out postcard from Sandown addressed to Ealing with 1d value tied by d/ring dated 2.8.1928. Alongside is the unframed 1d/TO PAY/677 tax mark and the framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/677 is struck at bottom. No postage dues affixed on this occasion Res £8
  18. GEO V 4½d registered envelope size G addressed to Margate from London on 2.10.1929 with LONDON I.S registration label affixed after being Posted out of Course. At left is the unframed POSTED OUT/OF COURSE/I.S struck just below the 3d postage due which is tied by s/ring MARGATE/KENT dated the following day Res £15
  1. INDIA TO BRISTOL-Underpaid early airmail cover with a block of 6 x 1 Anna GEO V values on the back addressed to Bristol. On the front is a superb strike of the T/C/40 hexagonal tax mark applied in Karachi on 9.10.1929. Taxed 4d in Bristol, the pair of 2d dues are tied by s/rings BRISTOL dated 21.10.1929 Res £18
  2. FRANCE TO LONDON-Unpaid cover from La Touquet, Paris dated 8.8.1934 with both French & British tax marks including 5d/F.B. the 2d & 3d dues are tied by s/rings LONDON W dated the following day Res £9
  3. NIGERIA TO LONDON-Stampless, unpaid cover cancelled by d/ring WARRI/NIGERIA dated 7.12.1934. Taxed 4d in the UK, the 4d postage due is tied by d/ring LONDON S.W.1 dated 7.1.1935 Res £18
  4. SHEFFIELD-Pair of underpaid covers one from Sheffield to Denmark & the other from Scunthorpe to the USA dated 21.10.1982 or 5.12.1969 respectively. Both have examples of the hexagonal framed T/700 marks of Sheffield in black or green respectively [2] Res £8
  5. UNPAID Cover from MAIDSTONE to RUGBY with red inked rubber cancel MAIDSTONE /DATE/SURCHARGE/DUTY/KENT at top right, dated 15.12.1984. Taxed 23p the 3p & 4 x 5p dues are tied by s/rings RUGBY/WARWICKSHIRE dated 21.12.1984 Res £5
  6. NOT KNOWN/NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Framed mark in violet-blue ink on front of small cover from Bembridge dated 11.6.1985 Res £8
  7. REFUSED BY ADDRESSEE-Framed mark in black ink on longer, unpaid cover addressed to the Royal Courts of Justice, London from Bournemouth dated 3.4.1987. The 3p & 20p postage dues are cancelled by the framed CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/X/FRESH LABELS REQUIRED Res £6


  1. JAMAICA-Entire dated 2.1.1802 addressed to London and redirected to Dorking from Kingston and carried to the UK on board HMS “LA SEINE”, a captured French warship. The letter concerns itself with matters of climate, health and comings and goings of various persons. Very, very clean with a feint oval SHIP LETTER/CROWN/JAMAICA at top right Res £65
  2. 1811 ENTIRE Addressed to London with red inked, oval framed SHIP LRE/CROWN/ PLYMOUTH DOCK struck at top right on 23.12.1811 Res £65
  3. DEAL/SHIP LETTER-Framed step-type cancel in black ink at top right of entire addressed to BELFAST from BAHIA, Brazil on 16.7.1824. Various rate markings, but the GPO settled on 2/9d!! See illustration Res £65
  4. BRISTOL/SHIP-LETTER Framed mark in black ink at top right of wrapper addressed to London from South Dakota on 19.12.1837 Res £40
  5. AMERICA/L-Superb strike of the elliptical oval cancel in black ink on the back of an entire from WILMINGTON, DELAWARE addressed to Liverpool on 15.5.1842. The letter was carried by the “CALEDONIA”, via Boston-see illustration Res £45
  6. 1842 ACT “For regulating the Carriage of Passengers in Merchant Vessels”-a twenty-one page act covering all aspects of the carrying of passengers in merchantmen Res £25
  7. AMERICA/L-A further, superb strike of the oval mark on the back of an entire from WILMINGTON, DELAWARE addressed to Liverpool on the 27th February 1844. This letter, too was bound for the “CALEDONIA”, via Boston Res £45
  8. AMERICA/LIVERPOOL/DATE-Superb cancel dated 14.4.1846 on back of an entire addressed to Liverpool from Wilmington on 30.3.1846 and carried by the “CALEDONIA” Res £30
  9. AMERICA/LIVERPOOL/DATE-Similar cancel dated 14.5.1847 on back of an entire from New York dated 30.4.1847. The letter is addressed to Joseph Barley of the Irish [famine] relief committee Res £45
  10. LA HAVRE TO PERU, VIA SOUTHAMPTON-Entire addressed to LIMA on 31.5.1852, cancelled by Southampton d/arc dated 1.6.1852. Alongside is the London transit dated the same day and the French d/ring BUREAU MARITIME/HAVRE dated 31.5.1852. Also, the curved, framed FOREIGN PAID mark of Southampton is struck quite weakly. On the back is the superb blue-inked VAPOR Res £55
  11. AMERICA/PAID/DATE/LIVERPOOL-Red inked cancel dated 20.4.1857 with index G followed by a sideways triangle on very clean entire from Boston, USA addressed to EXETER on 8.4.1857 Res £40
  12. YOKOHAMA A MARSEILLE/LN No.1-Octagonal cancel dated 6.8.1907 ties French Indo-China 10c value tied to the front of a lovely postcard of HONG KONG “The Harbour from Kennedy Road with Military Buildings in foreground” addressed to France. On the address side is a further, equally superb strike Res £25
  13. SOUTHAMPTON/FRANCE/MB-S/ring Moveable Box cancel dated 6.7.1909 ties French 10c value to postcard addressed to Surrey Res £8
  1. “DRESDEN/NOT ON BOARD”-Unframed cachet on front of cover addressed to a passenger on board the ship at New York. Also with very large RETURN TO SENDER in green ink & unframed NY “Returned to NYPO by “care” as unclaimed/date/Returned to Writer/Inquiry Section. The cover came from Brooklyn on 4.4.1928 Res £15
  2. “NICHT AN BORD/NOT ON BOARD-S.S “MUENCHEN”-Unframed bilingual mark on address side of a postcard from CUXHAFEN addressed to a passenger on board the ship on 10.4.1929 Res £22
  3. LEEWARD ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Brooklyn with GEO V 1½d brown tied by NEW YORK, NY/PAQUEBOT duplex cancel [with no number] dated 11.10.1931 Res £20
  4. BERMUDA/CANADA/USA-Real photo postcard of a Bermuda home addressed to Canada with Canadian GEO V 3c tied by BOSTON Red Cross slogan dated 11.11.1932. Below is the large d/ring RMS LADY DRAKE cancel in violet/red ink Res £15
  5. RECEIVED AFTER SHIP’S DEPARTURE-Straight line mark in violet ink on front of cover from the Isle of Wight, addressed to a passenger on board S.S “CHITRAL” at Port Said which is then forwarded to YOKOHAMA on 17.1.1935 Res £12
  6. AN BORD DES DAMPFERS/”STOLZENFELS”-Unframed mark in violet ink on postcard addressed to London with 15Rpf value tied by d/ring ASSMANNSHAUSEN dated 4.7.1937 Res £8
  7. WWII-Stampless O.A.S cover addressed to Dorset, cancelled by the DURBAN machine PAQUEBOT dated 21.4.1941 with “Durban” removed for security reasons Res £12
  8. TELEGRAM-Post Office Telegram [with envelope] addressed to a passenger on board the MV “QUEEN ALIA” at Southampton Docks, cancelled by s/ring DOCKS B.O SOUTHAMPTON/7 dated 8.6.1955 Res £9
  9. PAQUEBOT BRIXHAM/DEVON-D/ring with line arcs dated 2.1.1956 ties stamp to cover addressed to Bath Res £7
  10. EDINBURGH/PAQUEBOT-Machine cancel dated 8.8.1966 ties 1966 World Cup value to cover addressed to Surrey. At top left is unframed POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/R.M.S “CARONIA” Res £6
  11. NOT ON BOARD/ANDES-Unframed mark in violet ink on postcard from DUBROVNIK addressed to a P.O Box number in BARBADOS on 14.9.1968. Res £6
  12. POSTCARD Of the Kiel Canal addressed within West Germany with Norwegian 60 Ore value tied by d/ring KIEL dated 16.11.1970. Below is the framed PAQUEBOT of Kiel in violet ink and the unframed cachet MS KRONPRINS HARALD/JAHRELINE Res £7


  1. THE CAMP/YARMOUTH-S/ring dated 30.7.1905 on postcard from Great Yarmouth addressed to Lincoln from a member of the 1st Volunteer Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment Res £7
  2. BEAULIEU CAMP/LYMINGTON-Superb strike of the less common skeleton cancel ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  3. STRENSALL CAMP/YORK-930 Duplex cancel dated 26.8.1907 with index B ties stamp to comic military camp postcard Res £9
  4. LOVESGROVE/CAMP-Uncommon skeleton cancel dated 17.6.1911 ties stamp to real photo military scene postcard addressed to Crewe Res £12
  5. BOURLEY CAMP/ALDERSHOT-Skeleton cancel dated 18.8.1911 with index C ties stamp to postcard addressed to Essex Res £12
  6. GAILES CAMP IRVINE/602-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 22.7.1913 with index D ties stamp to postcard of Troon reservoir Res £8
  7. WOODBURY COMMON-Skeleton cancel dated 2.8.1913 ties stamp to real photo postcard of soldiers in the rifle butts addressed to Bath. This cancel didn’t have the designation “CAMP”, but was ONLY used at the camp Res £12
  8. FIRST DAY OF USE OF POSTAGE DUES-SHORNCLIFFE CAMP-S/ring dated 20.4.1914 ties 2d postage due on unpaid George King cover from CHARLTON dated 19.4.1914. At top right is the 2d/J85 tax mark of CHURCH LANE, OLD CHARLTON-See illustration Res £125
  9. HALTON CAMP/BUCKS-Superb strike of the d/ring cancel dated 6.2.1918 ties 1d stamp on crested ROYAL FLYING CORP envelope addressed to MELBOURNE, Victoria Res £12
  10. STANHOPE LINE/ALDERSHOT-Skeleton cancel dated 28.5.1915 ties stamp to postcard of the sailors’ home, Cardiff. This cancel is infinitely more uncommon than the version with the S after LINE Res £15
  11. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/24-S/ring dated 24.9.1915 ties stamp to real photo postcard of Rose Barn Lane, Rickmansworth Road, Watford addressed to London. This camp was located at WATFORD Res £12
  12. DIBGATE CAMP/SHORNCLIFFE-D/ring dated 30.3.1916 ties stamp to postcard of Quebec addressed to Dover Res £7
  13. BLACKDOWN CAMP/ALDERSHOT-D/ring dated 19.3.1919 ties stamp to Easter card addressed to Portsmouth Res £6
  14. BRAMSOTT CAMP-KRAG Machine cancel dated 5.5.1919 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Wash Common, Berks-see illustration Res £25
  15. BLANDFORD CAMP BLANDFORD/DORSET-S/rings dated 22.12.1941 ties GEO VI 2½d & 3d values to very nice little registered cover addressed to Bournemouth-see illustration Res £25
  16. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DORSET-KRAG Machine cancel dated 28.2.1950 ties stamp to cover addressed to Worcester-see illustration Res £25
  17. SCAMPTON R.A.F.P.O/LINCOLN-S/ring dated 15.9.1952 cancels small air ministry registered Official Paid envelope [small] addressed to RAF UPWOOD. At top left is the appropriate RAF Scampton registration label Res £22
  18. BULFORD BKS/SALISBURY WILTS-KRAG Machine cancel dated 1.7.1967 ties 4d Machin to postcard of Salisbury addressed to Norfolk Res £6
  19. BASSINGBOURN BARRACKS/ROYSTON HERTS-D/ring dated 15.6.1968 ties 5½p Machin to commercial cover addressed to London Res £5
  20. CROOKHAM CAMP/ALDERSHOT HANTS-S/ring transit/redirectional mark dated 20.5.1972 on redirected commercial cover from Farnham redirected to Trowbridge Res £6

MILITARY-1856 TO 1919

  1. 1856 non-postcard “postcard-sized” card “GRATITUDE FOR NATIONAL MERCIES, 1856” published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge after the Crimean War with the Russians. A footnote at the base of the card states that it is hoped to build a church at Constantinople in memory of “Our Brave Countrymen who have Fallen in the War”-Superb condition-see illustration Res £35
  2. 1859 Cover addressed to an officer of the5th Fusiliers at MAURITIUS with a wing margin 6d [no corner letters] cancelled by the oval numeral cancel 54 of BATTLE on 9.9.1859. On the back is the superb undated d/arc WESTFIELD in blue ink and the Crowned Mauritius arrival mark dated 17.10.1859 Res £65
  3. INDIA-9 Pies vermilion “SOLDIERS’ AND SEAMEN’S ENVELOPE” addressed to London, cancelled by the AGRA duplex cancel dated 4.8.1892. The cover is from a member of the 9th Field Battery, Royal Artillery and is endorsed appropriately by his commanding officer at left Res £55
  4. ARMY/OFFICIAL-Longer OHMS cover addressed to BRADING, Isle of Wight with 1d lilac overprint tied by d/ring SANDOWN/ISLE OF WIGHT dated 20.3.1897 Res £28
  5. BOER WAR-Orange Free State 1d orange postcard with V.R.I/1d overprint with contemporary newspaper cutting “UNDER THE UNION JACK” 1900 stuck to the left of the address side. Not postally used-nice!! Res £22
  6. BOER WAR-Registered cover addressed to Tunbridge Wells with 3 x 2d QV values tied by s/rings HEILBRON/O.R.C dated 15.8.1902. At left is the endorsement of Sergeant Corporal Chatfield of the 2nd Royal West Kent Regiment-see illustration Res £45
  7. “ARF A MO KAISER” Tobacco card addressed to Oldham, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/79 dated 1.1.1915 and sent by a Private in the RAMC at the 2nd Cavalry Ammunition Park, B.E.F Res £12
  8. EGYPT-Postcard addressed to Paignton, Devon with unframed ATTACHED/IND EXP FORCE/NOV 5 1915 struck in black at top right during the 1st week of the force arriving at Suez. The writer has been suffering from diphtheria and been in Suez hospital for 3 weeks before joining the I.E.F Res £22
  9. FREE MAIL PROVISION BY TRAIN-Stampless postcard addressed within France during WWI with s/line MILITAIRE DE PASSAGE EN GARE in red ink at top, and the d/ring SERVICE MILITAIRE DES CHEMINS DE FER / GARE / DE / MONTPELLIER / LE COMMISSIONAIRE/MILITAIRE struck centrally at bottom. Scarce to find free railway mail; a service offered to French soldiers, but not to her allies!! Res £22
  10. E.F “B”-F.P.O No.302/POSTAGE-FREE Unframed mark in violet ink on stampless O.A.S postcard of a Leopard addressed to London and cancelled by the d/ring Indian FPO/No.302 dated 30.11.1916 Res £22
  11. EAST AFRICA-Stampless O.A.S cover addressed to SHANGHAI, with lovely, unframed I.E.F “B”-F.P.O No.52/POSTAGE FREE struck in black ink. Also on the front is the octagonal framed OPENED BY CENSOR/UNDER MARTIAL LAW in black ink. On the back is the HONG KONG/VI transit mark dated 7.8.1916, alongside the Indian FPO No.52 dated 5.7.1916 Res £25
  12. EGYPT-Stampless cover addressed to Twickenham, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ22 dated 17.1.1918 with index B. Also on the front is the razorblade-shaped PASSED BY/BASE CENSOR/E.E.F in green ink Res £15
  13. EGYPT-Cover addressed to Cairo in Arabic with 5m value tied by superb s/ring ABU TIG dated 18.3.1918. At top right is the razorblade censor PASSED/CENSOR/4 in black ink. On the back is an Egyptian TPO cancel dated the following day-see illustration Res £22
  14. PALESTINE-Stampless postcard from JERUSALEM addressed to Haworth, Yorks, cancelled by the scarce skeleton cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/SZ58 dated 16.3.1919 Res £25
  1. REC’D FROM ARMY/BORDEAUX-U.S Forces machine cancel dated 7.4.1919 on stampless “Soldier’s Mail” postcard addressed to the USA. At bottom left is the d/ring A.I.F PASSED AS CENSORED/*A.1890* in violet ink Res £15
  2. INDIA, NWFP-Stampless cover addressed to SIALKOT, cancelled by framed FIELD SERVICE/POSTAGE FREE at top right. On the back is the arrival mark dated 11.2.1920 Res £25

MILITARY 1939 TO 1978

  1. THE DORESTSHIRE REGIMENT-Lovely OHMS registered cover addressed to Colchester with GEO V ½ Anna and 4 Anna with further 1 Anna GEO VI value, all with SERVICE overprints tied by d/rings NOWSHERA dated 11.2.1939. At bottom left is the frank of the Commanding Officer dated the same day. The cover has three intact embossed regimental wax seals on the back-see illustration Res £25
  2. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Cover from BRIDPORT addressed to Switzerland on Boxing day 1939 with PC90 slip giving reason for the return by the censor as including an image of a soldier stood outside of a shed-see illustrations of PC9 and the offending photo Res £75
  3. SCOTLAND TO INDIA-Airmail cover addressed to Madras from AYR on 11.1.1940 with 2/6d brown GEO VI value tied by machine cancel. At right is the triangular PASSED-CENSOR/3/MADRAS in violet ink. No sign of there ever having been any censor tape though to reseal this unopened [as then] envelope!! Res £25
  4. IRELAND-Window envelope with GB GEO VI 1d tied by BELFAST “Save Waste Paper, Metals, Bones, Rags” slogan dated 5.10.1940. At bottom left is the unusual s/ring in blue ink PASSED BY/CENSOR Res £22
  5. RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Cover from GILLINGHAM, Kent addressed to the USA on 25.11.1940 with PC3 slip giving reason for return by the censor as having “descriptions of local places and landmarks.......” Res £45
  6. SAN JUAN/VIRGIN ISLANDS/USA-Postcard of the Virgin Islands addressed to New York with 6c airmail tied by SAN JUAN machine cancel dated 30.7.1942. At bottom are the unframed PASSED BY/ARMY CENSOR in violet ink and the framed, more usual U.S Army censor mark 01006 in blue ink Res £12
  1. DELAYED BY/[BOMB]/ENEMY ACTION-Purple/blue cachet on front of cover addressed to Nottingham on 20.11.1942 from Rochester & Chatham. Also comes with a cut-out piece with the same mark struck in black ink. Offered a few months ago, but returned by bidder. Research findings by myself and others suggest that this is NOT a forged mark, although the assumption before today was that it could be, as forgeries do exist [as attested to on the back of the cover] Res £125
  2. DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER Framed mark on the front of water damaged cover addressed to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, London from Indian FPO No.273 on 13.8.1942 Res £40
  3. D-DAY BUILD UP-Clean cover addressed within Dorset to the RAF Station at RINGSTEAD from a member of the RAF at the experimental radar tracking station at WORTH MATRAVERS with the GEO VI 2½d tied by a superb strike of the 3VOS numeral cancel 843 of WAREHAM. At left is the oval RAF censor mark No.480 Res £25
  4. D-DAY BUILD UP-GEO VI 5½d registered envelope size G addressed to Cheltenham, cancelled by oval registered cancel of DORCHESTER dated 24.4.1944. At left is the crowned shield censor No.1034 in violet ink. He sender gives his address as being that of the Searchlight Battery at MUCKLEFORD Res £22
  5. CHRISTMAS 1944 INDIAN S.E.A.C Illustrated airmail letter sheet in mint, folded-to-shape condition with locally produced printings of Army Corp badges inside Res £28
  6. INDIA CHRISTMAS 1944 Illustrated airmail letter sheet addressed to Bedhampton, Hants from KOHAT on 29.11.1944. Inside is a representation of the Taj Mahal, monkeys, an elephant, tiger and Indian people. Res £28
  7. NEW ZEALAND FORCES IN JAPAN-Cover with contents addressed back to New Zealand, cancelled by s/ring N.Z.A.P.O/222/DATE/F.P.O.3 dated 3.6.1946. This APO was situated at CHOFU, Japan Res £25
  8. NORWAY-Postcard of Oslo addressed to Essex with 9p cycling value tied by d/ring FORCES POST OFFICE/867 dated 27.9.1978. The card was written from SANDVIKA Res £7


  1. O.W Printed letter sheet addressed to Germany on 18.6.1917 and written from BLANDFORD CAMP. On the back is the P.W 443 censors tape Res £25
  2. DORCHESTER SUB-CAMP. P.O.W Printed letter sheet dated 9.2.1919 and written to Germany from FRAMPTON-ON-SEVERN, A sub-camp of Dorchester Res £22
  3. OSWESTRY, SHROPSHIRE-Printed P.O.W letter sheet dated 21.9.1919 addressed to Holland and written from camp E3 at Oswestry Res £22
  4. DONNINGTON HALL, DERBY-P.O.W Printed envelope addressed to Germany with sender details on the back of Donnington Hall Res £20
  5. BRADDA PRIVATE CAMP W-Printed WWII P.O.W letter sheet addressed to New York and written on 21.11.1941. Underneath the PC90 Examiner 4452 tape is the rectangular cachet [visible] of the WOMAN’S INTERNMENT CAMP, ISLE OF MAN. The sender writes to her uncle and gives her address as the “Bradda Private Camp W”. On the front is the small red-inked cancel OFFICIAL PAID dated 26.11.1941 Res £55


  1. ORIGINAL FORM Addressed to a soldier [in Egypt??] from Blandford, Dorset on 16.2.1943 with the unframed TRANSMITTED BY ORDINARY MAIL/NO AIRGRAPH SERVICE AVAILABLE TO ADDRESS struck at top. Also struck here is the framed IT IS REGRETTED THAT/THIS ITEM COULD NOT BE/DELIVERED BECAUSE THE / ADDRESSEE IS REPORTED/PRISONER OF WAR and has sealing label from the Army Post Office. Returned to Claysmore School, Iwerne Minster on the 14th August-see illustration of the business end of a scarce item! Res £35
  2. FIJI-Exceedingly rare airgraph from Fiji addressed to Birmingham on 24.7.1944 with senders address given as St Andrew Street, Suva Res £50
  3. AUSTRALIA/MERCHANTMAN-Airgraph addressed to London from the M.V “CAITHNESS” on 23.11.1943. She was, at the time at Adelaide, arriving from the USA on the 21st November and remained there until the 2nd December when she left for BAHRAIN Res £18
  4. TOBACCO/EAST AFRICA-Typed form addressed to the British-American Tobacco Company, Egham, Surrey from DAR ES SALAAM on 24.6.1942. The writer discusses various options including lowering the weights & increasing the prices of tobacco to bring into line with other dutiable weights/prices Res £12
  5. BIRMINGHAM POST OFFICE-ORIGINAL Form folded in half and in very good, clean condition issued for Christmas 1943 with floral and acorn decoration and large V for Victory at the bottom Res £25
  6. “FROM SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA”-ORIGINAL Form folded in half and in very good condition Res £25
  7. “FROM SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA”-Reduced photographic form addressed to Titchfield with the date redacted and the location address given simply as “IN TRANSIT” Res £12
  8. HMS NILE TO NORTH WALES-Form addressed to Rhos-on-Sea from a Wren serving at HMS NILE, the Alexandria shore base on 16.1.1944-complete with envelope Res £9
  9. GOLD COAST-The first day airgraph service from the Gold Coast, addressed to an officer of the East Yorkshire Regiment at Edgbaston, Birmingham on 20.1.1944. Complete with envelope Res £20
  10. FIRST CHRISTMAS GREETINGS AIRGRAPH FROM THE U.K-Pictorial Christmas Cracker 1943 form addressed to an American officer serving in North Africa and sent from ROTHERHAM on 2.11.1943-complete with envelope Res £25


  1. ANTI-GERMAN Leaflet “Die Toten an die Lebenden”, or “THE DEAD TO THE LIVING” dropped over German troops serving in Russia during 1943 and showing German soldiers dying or about to die Res £35
  2. AERIAL SALUTE TO [THE] U.S.O-Bomb-shaped souvenir leaflet dropped over the USA by the air force on 2.6.1941 with blurb on the back aiming to raise $10,765,000 to fund its intended operations in the US to help servicemen Res £30
  3. LEAFLET WITH TEXT IN CHINESE and images of Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt at top. At top right is the US 1c stamp tied by d/ring NEW YORK N.Y/U.S.S MARVIN H McINTYRE PR dated 10.1.1946-see illustration Res £25
  4. L’AMERIQUE EN GUERRE-French language newspaper of 4 sides dropped over France on 15.3.1944 showing the advances made by the Allies around the world etc., etc Res £25
  5. OGNI MASCHERA E’ORMAI CADUTA or “EVERY MASK WILL FALL” Italian language leaflet dropped over German occupied areas after the advances of the Allies Res £25
  6. ETHIOPIA-Pictorial leaflet showing the return of The Emperor, Haile Sellasie in an R.A.F aeroplane in 1941. He leaflet was dropped widely over Abyssinia by the RAF Res £25
  7. “FOUR WAYS TO COME HOME”-Leaflet in German depicting hairy hands counting to four [Jewish hands?] with the four ways roughly translated as “Persevere and have pig”, “a shot at home, up to a thousand golden shots”; “If you are badly wounded”, and as a Prisoner of War”. On the other side are 5 reasons why “this” should not continue. Res £25
  1. PEPPIATT “ONE POUND NOTE” With Arabic text on the back, together with a further leaflet in Arabic showing the Union Flags Res £35
  2. “HE HAS LIED TO YOU ONCE ALREADY”-Anti-Hitler leaflet giving the correct numbers of dead during various campaigns including Poland, Russia, Norway, Balkans etc. Comes with English translation Res £25
  3. ITALIAN ANTI-COMMUNIST ELECTION Leaflets dropped over Rome during late October 1951 [19th to 21st ] and made to look like pro-communist literature. The “headline” is written as “In the Soviet Union the is no unemployment” STALIN. Res £22


  1. UNDERPAID Cover addressed to St Andrew’s, Guernsey from St Peter Port with a pair of bisected 2d stamp centenary values [1d total] tied by d/ring of St Peter Port dated 9.1.1941. Below is struck the 1d/324 tax mark of Guernsey-see illustration Res £65
  2. JERSEY-Stampless German occupation military cover with letter addressed back to Germany from Feldpost number 19918, the Army Coastal Artillery battalion 469 located on Jersey-see illustration Res £70
  3. REGISTERED Cover addressed to St Peter Port with Guernsey “Arms” ½d and 2 x 2½d values tied by d/rings ST MARTINS/GUERNSEY CH IS dated 12.4.1944. At top left is the ST MARTIN’S,/GUERNSEY registration label-see illustration Res £30
  4. GEO VI 1d + 1½d postal stationery letter card registered and addressed locally with added GEO VI ½d & 2½d Arms issue tied by s/rings LES GRAVES/GUERNSEY dated 12.4.1944. At top left is he GUERNSEY 1 registration label-superb item! Res £40
  5. ST PETER-IN-THE-WOOD Registration label on registered cover addressed to St Peter Port with GEO VI 3d & 2½d Arms tied by d/rings ST PETER IN THE WOOD/GUERNSEY CH IS dated 12.4.1944 Res £35
  6. INTER ISLAND MAIL-GEO VI 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size K [largest size] addressed to Jersey with added GEO VI 1d tied by s/ring GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 31.3.1943. The JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS/4 s/ring arrival mark below is dated 6.4.1943 and the GUERNSEY 8 registration label is at top left-scarce usage Res £35
  7. REGISTERED Commercial cover addressed to BRAMLEY, Surrey with GEO VI light colours 2½d x 2 and ½d Arms of Guernsey tied by s/ring GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 5.7.1945 Res £25
  1. ALDERNEY-Registered cover addressed to Jersey with the full set of 6 of the Jersey views occupation issue, plus the ½d & 1d Arms issue of Jersey and the three Guernsey Arms values affixed & tied by s/rings ALDERNEY/CH IS dated 13.4.1946. Affixed is the ALDERNEY C.I registration label-see illustration Res £50
  2. REGISTERED AIRMAIL Cover to HOLLAND with Guernsey Arms issue set of three in pairs tied by s/rings GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 13.4.1946. At left are the airmail & Guernsey registration labels Res £35
  3. LAUFEN-Cover addressed to Mr J Parr at St Peter Port with German stamp tied by LAUFEN d/ring dated 21.11.1946. Alfred & Lucy Parr were interned during WWII in Germany and this may be from them to a relation Res £25


Wanted for my own NEW collection, Named WWI & WWII ship’s censor markings-If you have any, please forward details to me. Ta. Bill

  1. HMS MEDEA-Cover addressed to Lt Arthur Limpus on board the ship of “C” Squadron [no destination offered by the writer]. The 1d lilac is tied by D23 Sutton duplex cancel dated 16.8.1890 Res £10
  2. HMS TAURAUGA-Long letter home to Sandy, Beds from Royal Marine William Kay who is on board the ship at PORT DARWIN in February 1894. He writes of officers amusing themselves by shooting kangaroos & alligators and passes comment on the eating habits of the local: Chinese are favourable to whites as they are more tender!! The NSW 2½d blue stamp is tied by SYDNEY-NSW duplex cancel dated 17.2.1894 Res £30
  3. HMS ONYX-MOURNING COVER With matching notepaper addressed to the ship at KIRN, Argyelshire from KIRKWALL with 1d lilac tied by the 207 duplex cancel dated 20.2.1895 Res £12
  4. HMS GIBRALTAR-Nice little cover from FRANCE addressed to Captain Arthur Limpus on board the ship at SIMON’S TOWN, South Africa with 25c stamp tied by ST SERVANT d/ring dated 4.11.1903, arriving on 24.11.1903 Res £12
  5. ROYAL NAVAL GUNNERY SCHOOL, SHEERNESS-Postcard of the esplanade, Sheerness addressed to Beckenham and written from the gunnery school with EDW VII stamp tied by skeleton cancel SHEERNESS dated 24.8.1906 Res £9
  1. HOSPITAL SHIP “LANFRANC”-Stampless, crested R.M.S.P cover addressed to Southampton, with framed ON ACTIVE SERVICE struck at top in violet ink. Below is the inverted triangular mark CENSORED/MASTER in the same colour in. This is Gould 3BA3 and was used from Egypt on 25.12.1916 Res £40
  2. AMERICAN YMCA Staff letter home to St Louis, Missouri with GB GEO V 1d tied by dense parallel line cork cancel. Alongside this is Hosking 291 PAQUEBOT in black ink. On the back is the Opened By Censor 3630 label tied by St Louis “Food will win the War” slogan dated 18.1.1918 Res £35
  3. HMS PRINCE GEORGE-Stampless plain postcard addressed to Devonport with distorted rubber strike of the unframed RECEIVED FROM...... in black ink. Centrally is struck the unframed CENSORED/W.H.M of Chaplain William Herbert Maundell, Gould 3A13 Res £20
  4. HMS UNDAUNTED-Stampless cover addressed to London, cancelled by the 8 bar dumb cancel. Alongside is the large framed PASSED/CENSOR in violet ink Res £12
  5. HMS ESSEX-Postcard of Cape Verde Islands addressed to Fareham with GB GEO V 1d tied by LONDON machine cancel dated 25.7.1916. Also just tying the 1d stamp is the unframed PASSED BY/CENSOR in red-Gould HC 137 ink Res £12
  6. HMS ENDEAVOUR-Superb strike of the s/line PASSED BY THE CENSOR in violet ink measuring47 x 2½mm ties 1d GEO V value to small cover addressed to Westminster on 6.8.1915. The stamp is further tied by the London machine cancel of the 6th Res £15
  7. HMS CANOPUS/DARDANELLES-Neat little cover addressed to Walton, Suffolk with unframed cachet ON ACTIVE SERVICE/NO STAMPS AVAILABLE struck in violet ink. Postage is paid by LONDON/PAID Krag cancel dated 5.4.1915. Endorsed on the front is the manuscript MLN CANOPUS; a ship with a great history-comes with that story Res £25
  8. NORWAY-Real photo postcard of an R.A.F Bi-Plane and all the attendant kit and men at LERVIK as a part of the 1919 British mine clearing operations ongoing at the time-see illustration Res £30
  9. UNION CLUB, MALTA-Printed envelope addressed to Stanley Gibbons with GB GEO V 2d tied by the framed machine cancel LONDON A/1922-RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS dated 29.5.1922 Res £8
  10. ISLE OF WIGHT, HMS MEDINA-GEO VI 1½d postal stationery letter card with added 1d tied by SANDOWN machine cancel dated 5.11.1940. The card was written from this shore base to London Res £12
  11. ISLE OF WIGHT, HMS OSBORNE-Two postcards written from HMS OSBORNE to the same Halifax address; one with tombstone naval censor and both with 2d values tied by POST/OFFICE-MARITIME/MAIL cancels. Also comes with a nice postcard of the Royal Esplanade Hotel, which was renamed HMS OSBORNE during WWII [3] Res £20
  12. ISLE OF WIGHT, HMS MANATEE-Cover addressed locally to a soldier at Freshwater from YARMOUTH [Site of HMS Manatee] on 12.8.1944. Below is naval tombstone censor mark with s/line date 12 AUG 44 in red Res £12
  13. THE DOCKYARD PLYMOUTH/DEVON-S/rings dated 19.11.1956 tie 2 x 6d & single 2½d Wildings to registered Barfoot cover addressed to Southgate. At top left is the PLYMOUTH 100 registration label Res £22
  14. SHIP LETTER TELEGRAM-Undated SLT from “WARSHIP TRAFALGAR” addressed to the Isle of Wight wishing the addressee, a very happy birthday. Undated, but Ca.1960 Res £15
  15. CHURCHILL DEATH-Unorthodox FDC for the two Churchill values with a photograph affixed to the front of the cover, showing Churchill on board HMS KIMBERLEY just before Churchill was to be taken through the lines of the INVASION FLEET assembled for the D-DAY LANDINGS on 6.6.1944. The cover is sent recorded Delivery to London, from Fareham Res £35


  1. MULREADY Original print on thin paper of the front only-it has been suggested that this was a trial printing-see illustration Res £150
  2. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to Abingdon, cancelled by a superb strike of the WANTAGE Maltese cross cancel on 21.1.1844 Res £22
  3. SLOPER ARROW PERFIN-1d violet postcard addressed to Blyth with stamp impression punctured by the eight-hole arrow of London on 17.2.1871 Res £28
  4. ADVERTISING RINGS-Four different rings-W.D FORDHAM & SONS [1d with blue border, used], THE HOME NEWS [1½d brown, used]; SAMUEL ALLSOP & SONS [1d pink, used] AND WILLIAM LINCOLN [3d rose, unused] Res £22
  5. ADVERTISING RINGS-Four different rings-WH SMITH & SON [1½d, used] SMITH ELDER [1/- green & 4d vermilion with manuscript cancels 23.3.1864 and 9.3.1864] and the INTERNATIONAL FUR STORE [1d pink, used] Res £22
  6. ADVERTISING RING-“SPECIMEN” OVERPRINT ON SAUNDERS, OTLEY & COMPANY 2d blue advertising ring-see illustration Res £22
  7. ADVERTISING RING-4d vermillion envelope with advertising ring of Cn.NE & SON/LONDON W in unused condition-some light toning at right which will clean up with a bit of “foxit”-see illustration Res £55
  8. ADVERTISING RING-W.H SMITH & SON 2d blue advertising ring on newspaper wrapper addressed to Rome, cancelled by oval SS/F Res £65
  9. ADVERTISING RING-W.H SMITH & SON 1d pink advertising ring on newspaper wrapper addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by circular dumb cancel Res £45
  10. PARCEL LABEL-THORNTON PICKARD Parcel post label addressed to Belgium with 3d rose & 1/- green embossed values cancelled by ALTRINCHAM parcel target cancels Res £45
  11. PARCEL LABEL-THORNTON PICKARD Parcel post label addressed to Germany with embossed 1/- green cancelled by much better target parcel cancel of Altrincham than the previous lot-see illustration Res £55
  12. STAMP DEALER-Privately produced ½d pink postcard to Bradford with details on the back from W CLIFFORD, Foreign Stamp Importer of Cranbourne Street, Hull, used on 10.3.1880 Res £20
  13. PRINTING ERROR-1893 Printing of the 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Berlin with added 2½d tied by oval registered cancel of REGISTERED/E.D.O dated 7.5.1894. On the back is the error of PUBLISBED for Published, a recognised variety Res £30
  14. WILTS-Church of England Temperance Society printed ½d brown postcard pre-addressed to Rathmell G Wilson, Cotswold, Salisbury with details on the back of Sermons and collections etc-not postally used Res £15
  15. EDINBURGH ST CUTHBERTS WARD, QV ½d + ½d brown pre-addressed postcards [joined] asking for the support of electors for Robert Lockhart in his attempt to get onto the Town Council-Postally used within Edinburgh on 25.10.1889 Res £25
  16. ROYAL WARRANT HOLDERS LODGE No.2789-Printed ½d brown postcard pre-addressed to Cavendish Square giving meeting date etc-not filled in or postally used Res £10
  17. CROSSE & BLACKWELL-Monthly Prices Current addressed to Batavia, D.E.I., cancelled by London W newspaper cancel dated 4.7.1899. The Batavia receiver is dated 3.8.1899 Res £35
  18. PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION FOR IMPROVEMENTS TO LETTERCARDS AND TELEGRAPH CARDS-Printed specifications dated 23.2.1899 on two pages and two pages of drawings of Tissot’s improvements to the letter cards Res £25
  19. WHITFIELD KING Printed envelope addressed to the USA with embossed 2½d grey & 2d purple alongside 2½d Jubilee value tied by oval registered cancel of IPSWICH dated 30.11.1900-see illustration Res £30
  20. QV 2d envelope addressed to BERNE with added 1d lilacs x 5 tied by s/rings STRAND B.O/W.C dated 21.7.1894. One stamp is folded over the top edge and a lovely embossed seal of CARL SCHLEICHER & SCHULL at bottom right-see illustration Res £25
  21. FREEMASONS MAIL-Penny pink embossed letter sheet addressed to Blandford, Dorset, cancelled by W.C newspaper cancel dated 26.5.1898-scarcer item of stationery Res £35
  22. PETERBOROUGH TO BELGIUM-Lovely EDW VII envelope addressed to Belgium with stamp impression & added 1½d tied by lovely s/ring cancels PETERBOROUGH dated 16.1.1903. At top centre is the BELGIQUE registration label Res £18
  23. EDW VII registered envelope addressed to Anvers, Belgium with added EDW VII 6d with perfin R/B/L of RALLI BROTHERS, tied by oval registered cancel of THROGMORTON AVENUE dated 30.4.1907 Res £18
  24. FERRAIRA DEEP-Mining company envelope registered to Frankfurt with embossed ½d and 4d values cancelled by oval registered cancel of THROGMORTON AVENUE dated 4.5.1907 Res £15
  25. FORCES 3d green registered envelope FPP3a in superb, mint condition Res £30
  26. PROXY VOTE Postcard pre-addressed to the Aerated Bread Company of Camden with 1d rectangular die to pay postage back to the company for the AGM on 30.12.1949 Res £9
  27. H EDGAR WESTON 1½d green on blue paper cut-out tied to cover addressed to The Strand and tied by RICHMOND & TWICKENHAM machine cancel dated 11.1.1952 Res £10
  28. MIXED REIGN FRANKING-Envelope with 3d violet QEII die alongside GEO VI 1½d green die, mint condition Res £22
  29. HEARTS OF OAK BENEFIT SOCIETIES-QEII 2½d postcard with full company details etc at left-pristine, mint Res £12
  30. IRELAND-ELECTRICITY METER READING POSTCARD With 2½d brown and an added 1d blue embossed below. Unused, perfect mint condition Res £20


  1. MANCHESTER STA/LATE BOX-Three separate strikes of the hooded circle cancel on 1d pink envelope with further embossed 2½d purple and 2d adhesive similarly tied/cancelled on 13.8.1887-See illustration Res £75
  2. PARCEL POST-Two very different facsimile rubber parcel post cancels of PADDINGTON STATION/PARCEL DEPOT struck in violet or black on 14.3.1893 and 27.2.1892 respectively. See illustrations Res £60
  3. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL Of CLIFFE, LEWES with QV 3d tied by target parcel cancel LEWES/STATION; alongside is the s/ring CLIFFE/LEWES dated 29.5.1895. Comes with QV ½d vermilion, 1d lilac, 4½d Jubilee and 1/- green, all with similar cancels Res £45
  4. LANCING STATION-S/ring transit mark dated 29.6.1894 on back of cover [with contents] with 1d lilac tied by 3VOD cancel WORTHING STATION B.O/WORTHING-923 dated the same day Res £35
  5. REGISTERED/TONBRIDGE STATION OFFICE-Oval registered cancel dated 9.7.1898 with index C on QV registered envelope size G addressed to Penshurst. The stamp impression & added 1d lilac are tied by s/rings ASHBY RD/LOUGHBOROUGH dated previous day Res £30
  6. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From BARTON ROAD, DOVER with 4d Jubilee value tied by the target parcel cancel DOVER/STATION OFFICE. Alongside is the s/ring cancel of Barton Road dated 28.6.1901 Res £45
  7. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From MARTIN MILL STATION, Under Dover with stamps floated off and with the intact, complete violet rubber cancel MARTIN MILL STATION S.O /KENT at right, dated 3.12.1903-one of just two examples of this strike ever recorded Res £45
  8. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From MINTLAW STATION [toned] with EDW VII 5d tied by to date, unique parcel target cancel MINTLAW/STATION. Alongside is the s/ring MINTLAW STATION dated 26.10.1905 with index B. Comes with cut-out cancel dated 18.3.1904 with index C Res £45
  9. LAINDON STATION/ROMFORD-S/ring dated 2.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard. Unusually, you can actually read this notoriously badly struck cancel Res £18
  10. RUBBER SKELETON-Violet inked rubber skeleton BROAD CLYST/STATION dated 15.7.1909-see illustration of this UNIQUE cancel Res £50
  1. IRELAND-PARCEL POST LABEL From CARRICHUE, Under Londonderry with a pair of EDW VII 2½d values tied by dumb roller cancel. At right is the very uncommon oval cancel CARRICUE/STATION/B & N.C RY Ca.1905-see illustration Res £75
  2. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From LAINDON STATION, Under Romford with EDW VII 7d tied by s/ring LAINDON STATION / ROMFORD dated 7.9.1911 and by the oval RAILWAY/BORNE in black ink Res £45
  3. RUBBER SKELETON-Black inked rubber skeleton MARTIN MILL/STATION dated 2.11.1912 ties stamp to postcard-a UNIQUE cancel-see illustration Res £50
  4. SWINDON STATION-S/ring transit mark addressed to a member of the Kent Cyclist Battalion at CHISELDON CAMP, Swindon with 1d stamp tied by d/ring BROADSTAIRS B.O/KENT dated 28.3.1916. Also on the front are the d/ring CHISELDON CAMP/WILTS dated 30.3.1916 and the s/ring SWINDON STATION dated 31.3.1916. The cover was returned to sender Res £12
  5. ON ACTIVE SERVICE/POSTED FROM AMBULANCE TRAIN AT/LIVERPOOL STREET, G.E.R-Framed cachet in violet ink on stampless postcard addressed to Grimsby Res £120
  6. CLOLA/MINTLAW STATION/ABERDEENSHIRE-Black inked rubber cancel dated 18.3.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £30
  7. KILL/STRAFFAN STN/Co. KILDARE-Very scarce rubber cancel dated 5.5.1922 ties 2 x 1d GEO V overprint values to mourning cover addressed to London. Alongside is the s/ring STRAFFAN STN S.O/Co. KILDARE dated the same day. Both of these cancels are the latest recorded dates of use-see illustration Res £50
  8. KNEBWORTH STATION-The larger s/ring cancel dated 11.12.1922 cancels GEO V 4½d registered envelope size F addressed to North London. At left is the KNEBWORTH/ STATION registration label No.17 Res £30
  9. PARCEL POST LABEL-The miniature label cancelled by s/ring WEST EALING STN/NORTHFIELD AVE [217] dated 28.5.1925-the only recorded date of use Res £25
  10. MEOPHAM STATION-S/ring dated 19.4.1926 ties stamp to postcard-comes with two different MEOPHAM STATION registered labels Res £15
  11. LANGWITH JUNCTION/MANSFIELD-Superb strike of the elusive d/ring cancel dated 27.3.1935 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Derby-comes with GEO VI 2d similarly cancelled and LANGWITH/JUNCTION registration label Res £25
  12. POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from BURNHAM-ON-SEA addressed to Bath with GEO V ½d tied by d/ring dated 17.6.1935. Alongside is the 1d/TO PAY/581 tax mark and below is the 1d postage due tied by the s/ring BATH/STATION OFFICE dated 18.6.1935. Any station cancel tying postage dues is recognised as being extremely scarce Res £30
  13. STAMP DEALER-Registered cover addressed to Ontario, Canada from ERRINGTON & MARTIN [with contents] with GEO V 5d, 10d & 1/- photogravure values tied by s/rings LONDON BRIDGE STN/[SOUTHERN RLY] S.E.1 dated 25.5.1936. The cover crossed the Atlantic on the MAIDEN VOYAGE of the QUEEN MARY Res £35
  14. POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from Jamaica addressed to DEGANWY with New Constitution 1½d, 2d & 4½d values tied by MAY PEN/JAMAICA cancels dated 23.4.1946. At top is BIRMINGHAM registration label and 3d/I.S tax mark for being Posted Out Of Course. On the back is the 3d postage due tied by s/ring LLANDUDNO JUNCTION/ CAERNARVONSHIRE dated 9.5.1946 Res £35
  15. MARTIN MILL STATION/DOVER KENT-D/rings dated 19.9.1949 ties GEO VI ½d & 6d values on registered cover addressed to Slough. At top left is the MARTIN MILL/STATION registration label Res £25


  1. BRISTOL & NEWTON ABBOT TPO/GOING EAST-S/ring dated 9.3.1876 with index A cancels cut-out Way Bill. Also cut-out cancel BRISTOL & NEWTON ABBOT/TPO dated 22.2.1876 with index A [2] The former listed as “not seen” Res £30
  2. BRISTOL/S.C-S/ring on part Way Bill dated 1.10.1895 without index and s/ring BRISTOL S.T dated 8.7.1902, also on cut-out Res £12
  3. LONDON & BRISTOL SORTING CARRIAGE-Framed LB/SC on piece from Ipswich dated 3.5.1901, LONDON & BRISTOL S.T S/ring dated 14.6.1900 ties ½d blue-green to piece and two strikes of the s/ring LONDON & BRISTOL S.T/UP DAY MAIL cancel cut-outs on 13.7.1904 and 12.5.1906 [4] Res £15
  4. BIRMINGHAM & CREWE/PARCEL MAIL-Very, very scarce s/ring cancel dated 13.9.1900 on small piece Res £25
  5. BIRMINGHAM & CREWE S.C/ST-Four different strikes 1894 to 1938 on 6 pieces Res £12
  6. LONDON & LEEDS S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL; UP DAY MAIL, LONDON LEEDS [DAY]/ RLY S.C and LONDON LEEDS/TPO cancels 1907 to 1932 on pieces Res £12
  7. NORM & STALYBRIDGE TPO/FROM WEST-Two strikes on piece dated 29.8.1887 and 22.4.1890 Res £8
  8. LONDON & BRIGHTON S.C-Six different strikes/formats on 10 pieces and a strike of the D33 London cancel on 1d red Res £12
  9. L&SWR-Unrecorded s/ring cancel dated 2.5.1910 with index PM on cut-out and further cancels of the SOUTH WESTERN TPO Res £10
  10. UP SPECIAL/DATE/TPO No.1-Rubber cancel dated 30.10.1938 ties GEO VI 1d to piece and the s/ring UP SPECIAL MAIL/TPO dated 1.5.1914 cancels GEO V label M.-No.10 which states that THIS PACKET HAS BEEN DIVERTED FROM THE USUAL ROUTE AS IT APPEARED TO BE UNSUITABLE FOR TRANSFER BY THE MAIL APPARATUS Res £25
  11. NEWCASTLE LONDON/RLY S.C-D/ring dated 30.6.1925 cancels GEO V similar label to the previous lot Res £25
  12. GREAT WESTERN TPO/NIGHT UP-S/ring dated 18.2.1907 cancels similar EDW VII label as previous lots Res £22
  13. DIVERTED MAIL LABELS-Three different labels [EDW VII x 2 and GEO V] cancelled by various cancels including registered CARNFORTH 1.3.1908, LONDON 12.2.1910 s/ring and d/ring SOUTHALL/+ dated 3.9.1913 Res £15
  14. DIVERTED MAIL LABELS-Two different labels, both EDW VII and both used from EXETER showing the different wording “Unsuitable for transfer”, 11.4.1910 and “Too fragile for transfer”, 10.6.1904 Res £18
  15. MISSENT TO RUGBY/AND NEWCASTLE R.W.P.O-Unframed mark on mourning cover from BIRMINGHAM addressed to Rochester, Kent on 20.6.1849 Res £125
  16. IPSWICH/SORTING TENDER-Arrival/transit mark dated 7.12.1875 on back of cover from Kendal Res £12
  17. LISKEARD AND CARRADON RAILWAY-Printed communication addressed to Liskeard, Cornwall dated December 1881 Res £22
  18. FRENCH NIGHT MAIL-Oval registered cancel dated 23.4.1892 on front of cover from France addressed to Dublin. On the back is the d/ring H&K PACKET dated 23.4.1892 with index 3 Res £45
  19. GLASGOW/SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 14.4.1894 with index 3* struck through cloth on back of small, clean cover from London addressed to Glasgow Res £22
  20. LLANBERIS RSO-Skeleton cancel dated 16.9.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  21. LOWER WALLOP/STOCKBRIDGE RSO HANTS-S/ring dated 31.10.1905 ties stamp to lovely real photo postcard of “The Grange” taken from the banks of the river Res £12
  22. LONDON & BRIGHTON S.C/DAY UP-S/ring dated 1.2.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  23. TAMWORTH & HEREFORD S.C UP-S/ring dated 15.12.1907 ties stamp to postcard addressed to ORLETON RSO and with ORLETON arrival mark Res £8
  24. GREAT WESTERN TPO/GOING EAST-S/ring dated 21.4.1911 with index E ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  25. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Folded time table and list of fares for the cross-channel LONDON AND PARIS Service from 21.10.1936 to 3.4.1937 with advert on the front for the new Through Sleeping Car Service Res £20
  26. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Similar time table as previous lot with fares and times from 1.2.1937 to 21.5.1937 Res £20
  27. TRAVEL LMS/RESERVE YOUR SEAT-EDW VIII 1½d RONEO-NEO POST SPECIMEN pictorial meter slogan cancel dated 8.4.1937 on unaddressed plain card-see illustration Res £22
  28. POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover addressed to Ashton-under-Lyne with GEO VI ½d x 2 & EDW VIII ½d tied by s/rings DONCASTER LONDON/TPO dated 25.10.1938. At left is the manuscript 1d TO PAY/POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE and the 1d postage due is tied by d/ring dated the 26th Res £18
  29. DAMAGED IN FIRE IN RAILWAY/MAIL CAR AT CADIZ, CALIF-Unframed mark on longer cover addressed to Canoga Park, California from SIDNEY, New York on 11.1.1960 Res £30
  30. DAMAGED IN FIRE/IN RAILWAY MAIL CAR/DAGGETT, CALIFORNIA-Unframed mark on front of postal stationery postcard addressed to Hollywood from Shickshinny Park on 26.3.1960. Comes with copy of local newspaper article on the fire Res £30


  1. 1911/1912 DURBAR SOUVENIR Booklet of approx 50 pages showing images of the Indian Durbar for GEO V Res £35
  2. CHIPPENHAM/PAID/GREAT BRITAIN-Red inked s/ring dated 11.2.1940 on GEO VI cipher cover addressed to Bath. This was used from the temporary Royal Residence of Queen Mary at Badminton House during WWII Res £35
  3. REGISTERED/BUCKINGHAM PALACE S.W.1-Rubber oval registered cancel dated 18.12.1945 addressed within London in the hand of Queen Mary and which bears her written monogram MR at bottom left. Some remaining gummed, clear paper [big stamp hinge] at left Res £30
  4. ROYAL VISIT-Pictorial registered FDC marking the 21st birthday of our Queen whilst visiting South Africa in 1947 with a pair of the 3d Royal Visit values tied by special Royal Visit oval cancel dated 21.4.1947 Res £15
  5. BUCKINGHAM PALACE/S.W.1-S/rings dated 8.2.1967 ties a pair of 1/6d Wildings and single 4d to registered cover with contents addressed to Northampton. The stamps are also tied by oval registered cancel of London which does not interfere at all with the other markings. Res £22


 [see elsewhere in the catalogue for more]

  1. WAREHAM-First type PARCELS Post label affixed to parcel label addressed to Shrewsbury with 6d green tied by s/ring WAREHAM dated 11.5.1885-see illustration Res £125
  2. CHAPELTOWN, Under Killarney-Unused PPL from the 2nd issue Res £22
  3. ROTHERFIELD, Under Tunbridge Wells-PPL without stamps ever affixed, cancelled by s/ring ROTHERFIELD dated 24.3.1903 Res £22
  4. ORGANFORD, Under Wareham-PPL with EDW VII 1d & 6d values tied by very good WAREHAM target parcel cancel Ca.1905 Res £25
  5. IRELAND-BLANK, unallocated PPL with EDW VII 6d tied by NEWBRIDGE target parcel cancel. Alongside is the manuscript CALVERSTOWN and date 29 Jan 1907 Res £25
  6. KIRBY OVERBLOW, Under Harrogate-PPL without stamps ever being affixed, cancelled by s/ring KIRKBY OVERBLOW/PANNAL S.O YORKS dated 8.6.1910 [note different spellings on the label and the postmark] Res £20
  7. BELFAST-PPL Without stamps ever being affixed, cancelled by s/ring BELFAST P.P/1 dated 22.9.1911 Res £20
  8. TYNEHAM, Under Wareham-Very, very scarce closed Dorset village [taken over by the military] PPL with EDW VII 5d tied by s/ring CORFE CASTLE dated 12.9.1912. Alongside is the equally scarce s/ring TYNEHAM dated the same day-see illustration Res £75
  9. GREENISLAND, Under Belfast-PPL without stamps ever being affixed, cancelled by s/ring GREENISLAND/Co. ANTRIM dated 2.9.1914 Res £20
  10. CHETNOLE, Under Sherborne-PPL attached to parcel label addressed to MARGATE with GEO V 2d & 10d values tied by s/rings CHETNOLE dated 3.5.1917-see illustration Res £30
  11. STURRY, Under Canterbury-PPL with 2 x 6d GEO V values tied by d/rings STURRY/ CANTERBURY dated 24.11.1921 Res £22
  12. BILTON, SPOFFORTH & BECKWITHSHAW-Unused PPL’s, all under HARROGATE in excellent condition [3] Res £18
  13. GUNNERSIDE and GRINTON-Unused PPL’s, all under Richmond, Yorks and in excellent condition [2] Res £12
  14. MAYFIELD GROVE, DENMARK STREET and COLD BATH ROAD-Unused PPL’s, all under HARROGATE and all in excellent condition [3] Res £18
  15. GAY LANE, OTLEY; LOW ROW and GRINTON, the latter two under Richmond, Yorks. Unused PPL’s in excellent condition [3] Res £18

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. WINTRINGHAM/YORK-Cancel dated 26.5.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. HALSE/TAUNTON-Cancel dated 22.12.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  3. HAMPTWORTH/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 16.10.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  4. CROWN VIEW/WAKEFIELD-Cancel dated 1.2.1911 on postcard from Wakefield Res £9
  5. ELMBLEY/HEREFORD-Black cancel dated 2.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. HELIONS BUMPSTEAD/HAVERHILL-Cancel dated 21.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  7. HARDWICK/AYLESBURY-Black cancel dated 23.12.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  8. GWERNYMYNYDD/MOLD-Black cancel dated 23.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. LANNER/REDRUTH-Black cancel dated 30.1.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  10. NEWLAND/WITNEY-Black cancel dated 6.9.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  11. TREDINGTON/SHIPSTON-ON-STOUR/WARWICKSHIRE-Black cancel dated 15.11.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. WOOD LANE/NEWCASTLE STAFFS-Black cancel dated 16.6.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  13. GORDONSTOWN/ROTHIE-NORMAN/ABERDEENSHIRE-Lovely black cancel dated 25.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  14. PANTYDWR/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 12.4.1918 ties stamp to postcard addressed to H.M.M.L 557, Care of the Senior Naval Officer, Dover Res £9
  15. HIGH CONISCLIFFE/DARLINGTON-Black cancel dated 30.6.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  16. GREAT PAXTON/ST NEOTS-Black cancel dated 12.7.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  17. UPPER MINETY/MALMESBURY-Black cancel dated 2.12.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  18. ST SAVIOURS/GUERNSEY/CHANNEL ISLANDS-Black cancel dated 18.12.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £40
  19. BROMSBERROW HEATH/GLOUCESTER-Black cancel dated 23.6.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  20. GRINTON/RICHMOND/YORKS-Black cancel dated 1.8.1929 ties 1d PUC value to postcard Res £10


  1. BRADFORD/Y-Unframed traveller in black ink dated 17.9.1844 on back of wrapper addressed to Knaresborough from Bradford Res £65
  2. DEREHAM/3-Unframed traveller in black ink on back of entire addressed to Shipdham from Dereham on 5.6.1847. The 2d blue imperf is tied by the numeral cancel of Dereham-see illustration Res £70
  3. LLANIO ROAD LANIO/ABE..-Skeleton cancel dated 16.7.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard. The post office in this small hamlet was situated at the nearby railway station Res £22
  4. CONGRESBURY/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 1.5.1905 on postcard from Bristol addressed to Weston-super-Mare Res £8
  5. EMPINGHAM/STAMFORD-Cancel dated 12.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  6. ARLESEY/HITCHIN-Cancel dated 20.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  7. PRESTONPANS/EDINBURGH-Two strikes dated 9.8.1920 on the back of registered cover from Bombay addressed to Prestonpans Res £12
  8. HOLTSPUR/BEACONSFIELD-Cancel dated 4.11.1967 ties 4d commem to cover addressed to High Wycombe Res £8
  9. WHEELOCK/SANDBACH-Cancel dated 28.5.1975 ties 2 x ½p Machins to certificate of posting of a letter to Hungary Res £8
  10. WESTMILL/BFORD HERTS-Cancels dated 23.1.1982 ties 2p Machin to certificate of posting of a letter addressed to Birmingham Res £8


  1. BIRCHINGTON-Black mark on back of cover with 1d red stars tied by MARGATE-506 Sideways duplex cancel dated 4.3.1858 with index C Res £22
  2. BLABY-Green/yellow cancel on back of mourning cover addressed to Yorkshire with 1d red stars tied by LEICESTER-449 small sideways duplex cancel dated 1.2.1859 Res £22
  3. COLN ST ALDWYNS-Purple/red cancel on back of cover addressed to Hursley, Winchester with 1d red stars tied by numeral cancel 294 of Fairford on 21.3.1855 Res £22
  4. DYMOCK-Black cancel on back of neat cover addressed to Broadway, Worcs with 1d red stars tied by the 312 3HOS cancel of GLOUCESTER STATION on 5.9.1859. Also on the back is the s/ring GLOUCESTER STATION Res £25
  5. LITTLE EATON-Black cancel on back of cover addressed to Bridgnorth with 1d red imperf tied by 2 strikes of the 242 1844 numeral cancel of DERBY on 21.10.1852 Res £25
  6. MIRFIELD-Orange cancel on front of wrapper addressed to Dewsbury with 1d red imperf tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel 253 of Dewsbury Res £25
  7. RUDGEWAY and OLVESTON undated d/arc cancels in black ink on back of mourning envelope addressed to Sonning, Reading with 1d red imperf tied by 134 cancel of BRISTOL on 12.12.1851. On the back is also the unframed BRISTOL/DATE/PY POST dated the same day. Nice to have two different [and difficult] undated cancels on the same cover Res £35
  8. RICHMOND-Undated single arc cancel in black ink on back of cover addressed to London with 1d red stars tied by LONDON S.W/16 duplex cancel dated 12.11.1858 Res £22
  9. SPOFFORTH-Blue-green cancel on back of cover addressed to Budding Park with 1d red stars tied by numeral cancel 872 of Wetherbury on 21.1.1857 Res £22
  10. WARGRAVE-Black cancel on back of cover addressed to BLAGDON, Bristol with 1d red stars tied by numeral cancel of Henley-on-Thames on 25.10.1859 Res £22


  1. ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM HENDON-Circular pictorial cachet in violet ink on postcard posted from the museum on 15.2.1974 Res £6
  2. POSTED UNDERGROUND/AT/DATE/LLECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS-Circular cachet on postcard addressed to Telford with 12p definitive and 5c local label tied by BLANEAU FESTINIOG slogan cancel dated 3.9.1980 Res £5
  3. POSTED AT/FARRINGFORD-Unframed cachet on commem postcard posted from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s home on the Isle of Wight at Freshwater on 10.3.1892 to mark his death centenary. Res £6
  4. PEGASUS BRIDGE CAFE-AIRBORNE 6th Division commemorative cachet on postcard of the 1st house to be liberated in France on D-Day Res £6
  5. WIMBLEDON/TENNIS-Rubber GPO cancel dated 2.7.1997 on postcard addressed to Reigate and posted at Wimbledon Res £6


  1. ISLE OF/WIGHT-Unframed mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Somerset on 1.10.1793-see illustration Res £55
  2. YARMOUTH I W-HORSESHOE Shaped cancel in black on Free wrapper addressed to Reading on 2.11.1829 Res £22
  3. VENTNOR-Superb strike of the undated d/arc cancel in red/orange ink on the front of small cover addressed to Newport with 1d red imperf tied by 1844 type numeral 560 of Newport-see illustration Res £25
  4. NITON I.W-Unusual s/ring cancel dated 24.12.1907 with index A ties stamp to postcard. The wording is unframed and the area below the wording IS framed-a bit like a single arc cancel of the 1850’s Res £12
  5. YARMOUTHO/I.W-Skeleton cancel dated 19.5.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  6. NETTLESTONE/RYDE-Black rubber cancel dated 22.12.1910 ties stamp to postcard, although the stamp is one of the GEO V ½d values, they clearly didn’t use this cancel that often as it should read 1912 Res £25
  7. CHIDE/NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Black rubber cancel dated 27.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  8. CHILLERTON/NEWPORT/I OF W-Black rubber cancel dated 24.12.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  9. WHITWELL/I OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 17.2.1914 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  10. NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Skeleton cancel dated 14.5.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  11. NEWCHURCH/SANDOWN/I OF WIGHT-Black rubber cancel dated 11.2.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  12. SEAVIEW/RYDE-Skeleton cancel dated 7.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £20
  13. PORCHFIELD/NEWPORT/ISLE OF WIGHT-Black rubber cancel dated 24.5.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  14. YARMOUTH/ISLE OF WIGHT-Skeleton cancel dated 19.8.1922 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  15. SHOREWELL-S/ring dated 2.10.1931 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. 260 DOWNHAM-3HOS Ties 1d red stars to wrapper addressed to Kings Lynn on 26.1.1850-superb strike! Res £22
  2. 338 HARROGATE-3HOSX [bars instead of side arcs] ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to Blackburn on 9.7.1845. On the back is the very good strike of the undated d/arc LOW HARROGATE in black Res £35
  3. 336 HARLESTON-3HOS Ties stamp to cover on 27.1.1859-a superb strike Res £18
  4. 336 HARLESTON-4VOS Ties stamp to cover on 1.3.1878 Res £35
  5. 573 NORTH SHIELDS-Sideways duplex dated 22.11.1856 with index B ties stamp to cover Res £15
  6. 657 ROUGHAM-1844 Type cancel ties stamp to entire on 18.12.1845-see illustration Res £65
  7. 794 WATTON-1844 Type cancel in BLUE ties stamp to cover on 22.4.1850. On the back is the undated d/arc cancel WATTON NORFOLK in the same blue ink Res £35
  8. C16 EAST COWES-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to London on 27.12.1892. Some rusting at bottom right Res £60
  9. C55 WOOTON BRIDGE-3TH.HOS cancels ½d violet postal stationery postcard to London on 24.6.1873 Res £45
  10. C75 NEWCHURCH/MANCHESTER-Scarce 3VOD dated 6.7.1903 with index A ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £45
  11. J06 UPPER BRYNAMMAN-Two strikes of the 3VOD dated 6.9.1890 with index A ties added ½d vermilion & 1d lilac to 1d pink envelope addressed to Germany Res £40
  12. K23 RAVENSTONEDALE-3VOS Ties stamp to postcard on 25.8.1909 Res £15
  13. SCOTTISH 348-PORTOBELLO ties 14 dot 1d lilac to mourning cover on 17.9.1881-a superb looking item in every sense-see illustration Res £22
  14. IRISH 70-BOYLE ties absolutely superbly, an imperf 1d to entire addressed to Dublin-see illustration Res £22
  15. IRISH 177-DONERAILE Ties 1d red imperf to mourning cover addressed to Bridgwater on 1.3.1851 Res £30


  1. 1697 ENTIRE To Hatton Garden written from elsewhere in London on the 4th May with lovely Bishop mark on the back, strangely for the 3rd May 1697 Res £65
  2. 1747 ENTIRE Addressed to Raynham on 24.6.1747 with a slightly curved LYNN on the back in black ink. Addressed to a former Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, the letter carried no charge and was delivered via the Cross Post at Thetford Res £65
  3. NEWPORT/ISLE OF/WIGHT-Large part entire addressed to London on 19.8.1759 with the unframed mark at top right, on the back alongside Bishop mark for the 20th August Res £75
  4. 1775 LONDON TO BRIDGWATER-Entire dated 31.8.1775 with a superb strike of the PARTINGTON Mail sorters mark struck on the back in black ink Res £65
  5. 1792 Entire to Swaffham with large s/line LYNN on the address side, struck on 25.4.1792 Res £40
  6. LYNN/104-Scarce mileage mark in black on entire to Alnwick, struck perfectly at top right on 26.7.1802. In the County catalogue, just one example is recorded Res £75
  7. FREE Wrapper addressed to London from Thetford on 31.10.1802 with the orange “apple” FREE dated 1.11.1802 struck alongside the THETFORD/81 Mileage mark in black Res £25
  8. LYNN/104-Unframed oval mileage mark in red dated 25.3.1814 struck at top right of entire addressed to Wakefield Res £25
  9. TRIANGULAR SHAPED LETTER-Entire addressed to Lynn with framed LYNN/PENNY POST struck at the apex and the framed No.5 receiving house struck above that in black Ca.1830 Res £50
  10. LYNN/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in black on superbly clean entire addressed locally on 20.7.1838. At top right is the unframed, fancy No.2 struck in black ink-exhibition quality Res £50
  11. MANCHESTER “PL”-Entire addressed to Lloyds of London with 1d red imperf tied by MANCHESTER black Maltese cross on 10.12.1841. Alongside is the oval framed PL in black ink Res £30
  12. WILTSHIRE-Entire addressed to SALISBURY with s/line RAMSBURY on the back in black ink. Struck on 17.1.1842. The 1d red imperf is cancelled by the black Maltese cros cancel Res £22
  13. ISLE OF MAN-Entire addressed to Douglas with 1d red imperf with all four corners clipped [to make it look pretty?] and tied by the RAMSAY Maltese cross cancel on 4.3.1843. On the back flap is the framed RAMSEY/ISLE OF MAN in black ink Res £65
  14. NUMBER 3 IN MALTESE CROSS-Entire addressed to Cardiff with 1d red imperf tied by a superb strike of the No.3 in cross cancel on 24.3.1843-see illustration Res £65
  15. BIRMINGHAM-Entire addressed within Birmingham with framed GREAT BARR P.P in red ink, struck at top centre on 21.11.1845 Res £30
  16. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND/+ CROWNED mark printed on the front of a cover addressed to OSWESTRY on 20.11.1849 with handstruck 1 of London at top right Res £30
  17. WASHFORD PEN CANCEL-Scarce cover addressed within Washford, Somerset with 1d red stars cancelled by ink strokes. On the back is the undated d/arc WASHFORD. Undated, but Ca.1853-see illustration Res £55
  18. THORNHAM/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in black on back of cover addressed to East Dereham on 27.3.1855 Res £30
  19. PAIR OF 4d carmine rose [no corner letters] on BLUED PAPER [SG62a] tied by London 17 diamond numeral cancels on cover addressed to Bavaria on 30.8.1856. On the back is the undated d/arc CHEAM in blue ink. Res £125
  20. MAIDSTONE SUB-OFFICE Cancel STOVE ST s/line mark in blue ink on front of entire addressed to Oxted with MAIDSTONE sideways duplex dated 30.6.1855 tying the 1d red stars Res £25
  21. MOURNING COVER Addressed within London on 19.2.1858 with s/line local cancel AT JAMES ST on the back Res £25
  22. ORNATE LITTLE LADIES ENVELOPE Addressed to the ADC to the Governor at DUBLIN with 1d red stars tied by LONDON/SW-SW/16 duplex cancel on 16.2.1859 Res £45
  23. IRELAND-Crested envelope & headed notepaper from the HARKIN’S HOTEL, OMAGH addressed to Scarborough with 1d red stars tied by the OMAGH-367 on 21.6.1861 Res £25
  24. NOTICE OF OBJECTION-Notice addressed within Kings Lynn with 2d blue & 1d red tied by LYNN-488 Circular duplex cancels dated 24.8.1866. At top is manuscript GONE NO ADDRESS and the s/ring LYNN was struck below 3 days later-nice thing! Res £35
  25. SCOTLAND-Penny pink envelope addressed to Forebridge with the stamp impression tied by the HORNHILL-323 Scots duplex cancel dated 8.9.1880. On arrival, the letter was redirected to Edinburgh and a 1d Venetian red was added and tied by the EDINBURGH-131 Duplex cancel dated 10.9.1880 Res £22
  26. LIVERPOOL DAILY COTTON REPORT-Folded report addressed to WESTPHALIA with the ½d Bantam tied by superb squared circle cancel LIVERPOOL/3 dated 20.9.1880-superb! Res £25
  27. GLASGOW TO POLAND-QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Poland with added 2½d lilac tied by blue-inked d/ring REGISTERED/GLASGOW dated 7.11.1884. At bottom left is s/ring HOPE ST/GLASGOW dated the same day Res £28
  28. RICHMOND, SURREY TO INDIA-Cover with a pair of the 5d green values tied by RICHMOND/SURREY-D21 duplex cancel dated 28.11.1884 with index C Res £65
  29. LIVERPOOL TO MAURITIUS-Entire addressed to a company in Mauritius with a pair of QV 4d values tied by two very good strikes of the LIVERPOOL squared circle dated 10.1.1889, arriving on 12.2.1889 Res £45
  30. BATH-Cover addressed to London with QV 1½d Jubilee value tied by 3VOD BATH-53 dated 25.2.1892-nice Late Fee cover Res £20
  31. MOURNING COVER Addressed to Switzerland with QV 2½d tied by d/ring AIGBURTH/LIVERPOOL dated 11.5.1895 Res £15
  32. BICKERDIKE Machine cancel LONDON/1899-V CROWN R/6 dated 1.5.1899 with non-serif lettering cancels 1d pink envelope addressed to Glasgow-superb strike Res £25
  33. BICKERDIKE Machine cancel as previous lot, but with number 2 below crown, dated 16.6.1899 and struck on ½d brown postcard addressed within London Res £20
  34. BICKERDIKE Machine cancel as previous lot dated 3.11.1899 with 2 below crown ties 1d lilac to clean cover addressed to Basingstoke Res £22
  35. BOSTON Machine cancel with 4 bars and figure 3 at centre dated 2.1.1901 ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Salisbury Res £12
  36. STAMP DEALER-Small, registered cover to the USA with QV ½d blue-green & 4d tied by oval registered cancels of IPSWICH dated 7.11.1901 Res £25
  37. LAMLASH/214-Scots d/ring Scottish Island cancel dated 12.7.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £7
  38. NO CROSS ON CROWN-Postcard addressed to Hertford with GEO V ½d showing the No Cross on Crown variety. Tied by squared circle cancel BROXBOURNE dated 4.10.1912 Res £45
  39. U.C-Registered cover addressed to Cheshire with 3 x 1½d commems tied by s/rings BRECHIN dated 11.5.1929. At left is the Brechin registration label Res £15
  40. LOCHMADDY/ISLE OF NORTH UIST-D/ring dated 23.9.1935 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  41. CHIEF MICKEY MOUSE-Cover addressed within Ryde with GEO VI ½d tied by machine cancel dated 6.12.1937. At bottom right isan image of Mickey running with a letter held aloft, while on the back is the printed From Chief Mickey Mouse, The Commodore. Ryde Res £18
  42. CHRISTMAS CARD With “1d Black” tied by Christmas day cancel and red Maltese Cross cancel. Undated, but Ca.1940 Res £12
  43. ERISKAY/LOCHBOISDALE-D/ring dated 30.11.1961 ties 2½d POSB value to plain postcard addressed to Northallerton Res £12
  44. LUNDY ISLAND-Selection of picture postcards in generally good condition [some duplication] [65] Res £70
  45. BRITAIN IN PICTURES; THE BRITISH PEOPLE IN PICTURES-BRITISH POSTAGE STAMPS-Book by S.C Johnson, 1944 telling the story of the British peoples through the issue of their postage stamps Re\s £12


  1. ADEN-Censored cover to Southend-on-Sea with a pair of Indian ½ Anna GEO V values tied by d/rings ADEN CAMP dated 21.4.1917. Below is the circular scalloped censor mark PASSED CENSOR/No./AB 105 In violet ink Res £30
  2. ADEN-Small OHMS cover addressed to Paisley with ½ Anna & 1 Anna Dhows tied by d/ring ADEN/+ dated 16.1.1938 Res £25
  3. ADEN-Airmail cover to London with7 x QEII 5c values tied by rubber cancels ADEN GPO/-*- dated 13.4.1956 Res £20
  4. AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND-1d rose postal stationery postcard with printed details of the Royal Exchange Hotel, Maryborough printed on the back-lovely advertising postal stationery postcard Res £45
  5. AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA-Small OHMS envelope from the Senate Office, Melbourne addressed to Perth with QV 1d tied by SOUTH YARRA/VICTORIA-200 duplex cancel dated 6.10.1903. On the back is the s/ring DEAD LETTER OFFICE/MELBURNE dated 7.10.1903 in bright red ink-a perfect strike! Res £12
  6. AUSTRALIA-“MAP & FLAG” PICTORIAL Patriotic Envelope addressed to BATH, SOMERSET with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring cancel with weakly struck date [Ca.1915] Res £65
  7. AUSTRIA-Hitler head 12Rpf value on cover addressed locally with the portrait obliterated by vertical black bars broken by diagonally struck OSTERREICH. The stamp is tied by d/ring BAINBACH [b FREISTADT OBEROONAU] dated 30.5.1945 Res £15
  8. BRAZIL-AIRMAIL Cover [1st flight] by Condor-Lufthansa from Brazil to Europe with 3ix-stamp franking tied by d/ring airmail cancels of RIO DE JANEIRO dated 7.2.1934. The CONDOR air label is tied by the the Dutch arrival mark of THE HAGUE dated 13.2.1934 Res £28
  9. BURMA-Advertising cover from the Druggist and Optician of “B” Road, Mandalay addressed to the USA with Indian EDW VII ½ Anna & 2 x 1 Anna values on the back, tied by d/rings MANDALAY dated 19.9.1912 Res £22
  10. BURMA-Cover addressed to Burma Shipping Agency, Rangoon with GEO VI 2 Anna value tied by the framed slogan cancel for GPO Cash Certificates dated 1.1.1946 Res £10
  11. CAMEROON-Registered cover addressed to Switzerland with EDW VII 2½d and German Cameroon 10 & 30Pf values, both with C.E.F 1d or 3d overprints. All are tied by the British skeleton cancel VICTORIA/CAMEROONS dated 21.6.1919. The blank registration label [British] has the unframed rubber strike VICTORIA/[CAMEROONS] applied in black ink-see illustration Res £55
  12. CAMEROON-Stampless OHMS airmail cover addressed to YABA , cancelled by superb s/ring MUYUKA/CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 24.3.1952 Res £22
  13. CAMEROON-NIGERIAN 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to Surrey cancelled by s/ring BUEA/CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 7.10.1953 Res £12
  14. CAMEROON-Airmail cover addressed to Edinburgh with a block of 9 x 2d Nigerian stamps and a single 1/- value affixed to the front and cancelled by s/rings VICTORIA/ CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 5.11.1956 Res £22
  15. CAMEROON-Cover with contents addressed to Holland with 2 x 3d Nigerian Victoria centenary values tied by the framed slogans VICTORIA CENTENARY/DECEMBER 6th-14th in violet ink Res £22
  16. CANADA-Cover addressed to MAINE with 10c Prince Albert value tied by dumb cancel of Quebec on 19.12.1867. On the back is the d/ring MONTREAL POST OFFICE/C.E dated 20th December Res £65
  17. CANADA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND-Cover addressed to Picton, Nova Scotia with 3d blue tied by dumb cancel. Alongside is the large s/ring SUMMERSIDE/P.E ISLAND dated 7.4.1870. On the back is a further strike and the s/ring PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND dated the following day Res £75
  18. CANADA-Pictorial advertising envelope for the GREAT NORTHERN EXHIBITION at COLLINGWOOD, Ontario from 26.9.1892 to 29.9.1892 addressed to Hamilton, Ontario with 3c small head tied by s/ring WAY/LETTER on 2.5.1892-see illustration Res £45
  19. CANADA-Pictorial advertising envelope the Great Canada Industrial Fair at Toronto from 3rd to 16th September 1894 addressed to Goderich, Ontario with 3c tied by TORONTO triplke ring cancel dated 27.6.1894 Res £35
  20. CANADA-ILLUSTRATED Envelope addressed to Waterloo from the wholesale lumber merchant, R Watt of WIARTON, Ontario with 1c green tied by s/ring railway cancel STRATFORD & WIARTON/M.C dated 29.3.1898 with index TIS Res £25
  21. DANZIG-Registered FDC for the 1932 AIRMAIL EXHIBITION overprint values [5] tied by d/rings LUFTPOST EXHIBITION cancels dated 23.7.1932-see illustration Res £75
  22. DUTCH EAST INDIES-First flight cover addressed to TARAKAN and carried on the flight from BATAVIA on 8.11.1936 and with a further Batavia cancel at left dated 9.1.1937. On the back is the TARAKAN arrival mark of the same day [9th]. Why the delay? See illustration Res £40
  23. FIJI-Stampless postcard of a young Fijian dancer addressed to New Zealand, cancelled by s/ring N.Z.E.F/FIELD/POST OFFICE in violet ink. Below is the triangular No.30 censor mark. The sender writes from the island on 6.12.1941 Res £35
  24. FIJI-Stampless cover addressed to New Zealand, cancelled by large s/ring R.N.Z.A.F/DATE/A/N.Z.A.P.O dated 19.5.1944. Below are two strikes of the triangular censor mark No.55 which was used at LAUTHALA BAY Res £25
  25. FRANCE/BALLON MONTE-Folded letter sheet addressed to London with 2 x 20c values [blue or brown] tied by star cancel 16 of Paris on 29.9.1870. At left is the LONDON PAID s/ring dated 3.10.1870. Comes with mourning envelope with manuscript LETTRE PAR BALLON in pencil-see illustration Res £150
  26. FRENCH GUIANA-Postcard of a children’s festival at Paramaribo addressed to Paris with 2 x 5c GUYANE values tied by d/rings CAYENE/GUYANE dated January 1902 Res £15
  27. GERMANY-Booklet panes of 6 stamps, each comprising of 4 x 10Pf and 2 x 30Pf or 4 x 40Pf and 2 x 30Pf values, all used from DUSSELDORF on 28.9.1922-see illustration Res £22
  28. GERMANY/HITLERS PERSONAL BODYGUARD-Stampless postcard addressed within Germany with details of the sender being that of the SS AH [The Adolf Hitler SS Bodyguard] Res £35
  29. GRENADA-TEN SHILLING Value on cover addressed to Staten Island, cancelled by poor CARRIACOU s/ring dated 10.7.1947 the FIRST DAY OF ISSUE For this value-see illustration Res £120
  30. HONG KONG/POSTAGE DUE-Underpaid cover from China with 31.1.1989 green on white postage due label for $3.30c at top left. On the back is a further label asking the addressee to pay the postman the postage due Res £18
  31. INDIA-Full back advertising envelope for “THE LIVING ANIMALS OF THE WORLD” addressed to London with EDW VII 1 Anna tied by d/ring dated 31.1.1907 Res £20
  32. INDIA-Lovely advertising cover for the CALENDAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Bombay addressed to DUBLIN with GEO V ½ Anna x 2 and single 1 and 3 Anna values tied by d/rings of BOMBAY dated 26.6.1937-see illustration Res £22
  33. ISREAL/PALESTINE-Registered cover from TEL AVIV with JNF label 1943 Diadpora series 2 of Herzl’s Tomb at Vienna and other labels tied by rubber local cancels and by s/ring TEL AVIV at top, dated 5.5.1948-see illustration Res £35
  34. ISRAEL/PALESTINE-Another 5th May 1948 cover from Tel Aviv addressed in Hebrew with three different labels tied by similar local cancels. At top is s/ring TEL AVIV dated 5.5.1948 Res £35
  35. ISRAEL/PALESTINE-Registered cover from Haifa addressed locally with a block of four and a single 5c red showing Herzl. Each stamp has the Haifa overprint in circle and the Haifa local cancel Res £35
  36. ISRAEL/PALESTINE-Further registered cover from Haifa addressed in Hebrew with different labels tied by the local Haifa cancel and the circular overprint is struck on each Res £30
  37. ISRAEL-Cover from WALTHAMSTOW, East London addressed to SZIKUN CHADASZ 387 with GEO VI 9d tied by s/ring dated 13.2.1949. Struck on the front is the scarce, framed NO REGISTERED SERVICE and the usual Undeliverable for reason stated etc. These have been crossed out and the letter has been released from the RLB, London on 21.2.1949 with the manuscript annotation SERVICE RESUMED/REISSUED FROM RLB LONDON at bottom right-see illustration Res £50
  38. JAMAICA-Entire dated 17.6.1778 addressed to London with large IN on the front. The letter refers to the “worn out land” and family matters on the island. On the back is superb s/line JAMAICA in black alongside the 5th April Bishop mark and, on the front the endorsement PER THYNNE PACKET Res £65
  39. JAMAICA-Entire dated 8.10.1799 addressed to London with lovely dated JAMAICA s/line cancel of the 8th October on the back [Proud rates this at 2,000 points] Res £75
  40. JAMAICA-Entire dated 4.3.1826 and rated at 2/4d with s/line SPANISHTOWN/JA on the back. Very long letter about island life etc. Res £60
  41. U.T-Neat little cover addressed to Taunton with 20c on 6d South Africa overprint tied by the NAIROBI slogan cancel THEY ALSO SERVE/WHO SAVE IN THE/POST OFFICE/ SAVINGS BANK dated 18.11.1941 Res £15
  42. MALTA-Postcard addressed to France and redirected on arrival with a pair of ¼d values tied by SLIEMA B.O s/ring dated 14.7.1905. Taxed 5c in Malta, the French put on a 5c & 10c postage due tied by NIMES d/rings Res £15
  43. MAURITIUS-Registered little cover addressed to France with a strip of 4 x 5c values on the front and a 15c commem placed originally on the front and then removed to the back. All are cancelled by s/rings CUREPIPE dated 30.1.1900. Below right is the oval REGISTERED /MAURITIUS dated the same day. Alongside is the octagonal French steamer mark LA REUNION A MARSEILLE/L.V No.2 dated also, 30.1.1900 Res £45
  44. MOROCCO AGENCIES-British EDW VII ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to BIRMINGHAM and overprinted in Spanish currency for use in the Agencies with further 5c adhesive alongside; both cancelled by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 25.11.1908-alongside is a further strike and below, a single ring GIBRALTAR dated the following day. See illustration Res £28
  45. MOROCCO AGENCIES-GB GEO V 3d registered envelope overprinted 30/CENTIMOS and MOROCCO AGENCIES addressed to Casablanca, cancelled by oval REGISTERED BRITISH POST OFFICE RABAT dated 12.11.1915 and with RABAT/MOROCCO registered label at top left Res £50
  46. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard addressed to France with GEO V 5 CENTIMOS value tied to the picture side by s/ring of the BPO CASABLANCA dated 6.1.1917. At left is the BPO TANGIER transit mark dated 8th January and the French arrival mark dated 12th At left is the blue French military cachet Res £22
  1. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Printed envelope of the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES addressed to New Jersey with GB GEO V French Currency overprints on 1d, 4d & 10d values, all tied by s/rings of the British Post Office, Casablanca dated 8.10.1930. At top right is the facsimile signature of ERNEST ACKERMAN Res £25
  2. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Pre-printed and addressed envelope to Manchester with GEO V 6d overprinted Morocco Agencies tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 31.8.1937 Res £18
  3. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Registered airmail cover to Manchester with GEO V 4d [no overprint] and a pair of GEO VI 2½d values overprinted in Spanish currency tied by oval registered cancels of the BPO in TETUAN on 6.7.1938 Res £22
  4. NORTH BORNEO-Registered airmail cover to Wisconsin with GEO VI 2c, 3c, 15c & $1 values all tied by d/rings REGISTRATION / SANDAKAN dated 7.3.1951. The black on yellow registration label is at left Res £22
  5. NORTH BORNEO-OHMS “ON POSTAL SERVICE” small envelope registered and addressed to Kentucky with contents and has GEO VI 30c & $1 tied by d/ring REGISTRATION/JESSELTON dated 24.7.1952 Res £22
  6. NORTH BORNEO-Neat little cover addressed to Jesselton with QEII 4c tied by lovely s/ring BEAUFORT/NORTH BORNEO dated 4.10.1956 Res £15
  7. PANAMA-Stampless entire from London addressed to PERU, cancelled by LOMBARD STREET “PAID” cancel dated 1.12.1868. Rated at 2/-, the letter has attracted a 10c charge and has the British s/ring cancel PANAMA at top right dated 7.1.1869-see illustration Res £65
  8. PITCAIRN ISLAND-Real photo postcard of the Island written from the “RUAHINE” on 13.1.1926. A description of the voyage is on the card and is accompanied by a real photo postcard of the ship with a message “Master Albert Elshaw left for New Zealand on this boat” dated 11.12.1920. The card was sent under separate cover [2] Res £35
  9. PITCAIRN ISLAND-Real photo postcard of “Three Generations” of Pitcairn Islanders [names given on separate small not] written from the “RUAHINE” on 12.7.1929. The card is written by a crew member and sent under separate cover Res £35
  10. PITCAIRN ISLAND-SHIP LETTER TELEGRAM from the “RANGITANE” en-route from London to New Zealand, calling at Pitcairn on the 6th December 1938. The message, received by Portishead Radio requests “big toe wedges and instep binders” and is signed by the GOVERNOR Res £45
  11. RHODESIA, NORTHERN-Postcard addressed to Sidmouth, Devon with GEO V 1d brown tied by d/ring NKANA/N RHODESIA dated 23.11.1930 Res £25
  12. SEYCHELLES-Stampless O.A.S cover addressed to Northern Ireland, cancelled by the South African military d/ring cancel E.A/APO 88 dated 1.11.1943. This APO was situated on the SEYCHELLES and is considered to be very scarce!! Res £50
  13. SOUTH AFRICA, BOER WAR-Censored cover from Johannesburg to Pretoria with censor marks of both places on the front. The ERI overprint is tied by d/ring dated 5.2.1902 and has a very good impression of the PORTUGUESE CONSULATE GENERALS cachet at left in violet ink Res £28
  14. SOUTH AFRICA, BOER WAR-Censored cover to Scotland with endorsement of Lt Christie Thomson, K.O.S.B at bottom left. The strip of three ERI overprints are tied by d/rings KRUGERSDORP dated 23.4.1902 and has a huge cachet on the back of the VARLEY’S HOTEL, Krugersdorp in violet ink. Centrally, on the front is the small oval PBC/ KRUGERSDORP in violet ink also Res £35
  15. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Lovely illustrated envelope of a building with POINT, DURBAN The cover is addressed to ONTARIO, Canada and has Natal QV 2d green tied by d/ring POINT/NATAL dated 26.2.1902. The cover arrived in Canada on 1.4.1902 Res £30
  16. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-Superb illustrated advertising cover from L FATTI & COMPANY, Importers of Italian goods and foods etc. Addressed to GENOA, the EDW VII ½d x 2 & 1d x 2 are tied by d/rings REGISTERED/JOHANNESBURG dated 12.7.1911. A nice example of the stamps of one colony being used in another-see illustration Res £35
  17. SOUTH AFRICA-GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard with a full advert on the back for W.R BECK & COMPANY, Fish, poultry & game dealers of Cape Town. Addressed locally, the card is cancelled by Cape Town d/ring dated 27.6.1916-see illustration Res £30
  18. SOUTH AFRICA-4d registered envelope addressed to GREECE with added ½d, 1d, 1½d & 1/- values, all tied by d/rings BENONI dated 12.12.1940. With South African and Greek censors tape at either end, the cover has Greek and Egyptian censor marks and Greek cachets abound!! Nice looker Res £25
  19. SOUTH AFRICA-O.A.S Envelope from TOBRUK, LIBYA addressed to Johannesburg with 4d & 6d War Effort values tied by d/ring APO-36 d/ring dated 11.4.1942. At bottom left is a superb strike of the framed censor No.230 Res £12
  20. SOUTH AFRICA-4d registered envelope addressed to the Transkei with added 2d mini-war effort value tied by d/ring BEACONSFIELD / KIMBERLEY dated 5.7.1945 Res £12
  21. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-UNPAID Advertising envelope from EDWORKS LTD of Port Elizabeth addressed to BETHANY, SWA on 21.6.1917 with bilingual UNPAID struck in violet ink. On arrival, a South African 2d postage due was affixed and tied by the former German colonial s/ring cancel of BETHANY dated 26.6.1917-nice item!! Res £28
  22. SPAIN, CIVIL WAR-Postcard addressed to the UK with 5c & 40c values tied by TENERIFE cancels dated 12.2.1940. Centrally is the unframed Military Censor No.23 of SANTA CRUZ in purple ink Res £12
  23. SPAIN, CIVIL WAR-Real photo postcard addressed to Germany with 15c stamp tied by San Sebastian machine and the 30c value tied by the SAN SEBATIAN censor mark, 1940 Res £12
  24. SPAIN, CIVIL WAR-Real photo postcard of Bilbao addressed to Germany with three stamp franking tied by BILBAO d/rings dated 19.7.1944. With Spanish & German censor markings on the address side Res £12
  25. TRINIDAD-Advertising envelope for RAMSEY’S PAHARMACY, Port of Spain addressed to the USA with 2½d value tied by two strikes of the Port of Spain d/ring dated 10.4.1907 Res £25
  26. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Cover addressed to the SIPARIA OILFIELDS POST OFFICE with GEO VI 3, 4, 5 & 24c values tied by skeleton cancels SAN FERNANDO/ CENTENARY dated 17.2.1946 Res £22
  27. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to H Edgar Weston in the UK with GEO V ½d cut out on pink paper [from Hearts of Oak proxy voting form] tied by the type 7 cachet in blue ink Res £45
  28. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Cover addressed to Surrey and carried by the vessel “HARMALA” with GB GEO V ½d Silver Jubilee value tied by the s/line TRISTAN DA CUNHA and by the type 5 cachet in blue ink. Taxed in South Africa 1½d, this was changed to 1d in Southampton. The 1d due is tied by EPSOM d/ring dated 15.9.1936-see illustration Res £45
  29. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-NO STAMPS AVAILABLE/AT TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Typed message on the front of a stampless cover addressed to Liverpool and cancelled by the type 5 cachet in violet ink. Taxed 1½d in London, the ½d & 1d EDW VIIIdues are tied by d/rings of Liverpool dated 12.1.1938 Res £45




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