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SALE 225






SALE 225


  1. INTERNATIONAL BANK OF LONDON LTD-QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Hartlepool with QV 1d perfin IBHL tied by oval registered cancel of Throgmorton Street dated 12.3.1887. Alongside is the oval company cachet Res £12
  2. SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, HAMILTON, KENT & Co., Ltd-Printed QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Bremen with added ½d vermilion perfin SM/HK tied by London hooded circle cancel dated 9.6.1893 Res £12
  3. CHARTERED BANK OF INDIA, AUSTRALIA & CHINA-Cover addressed within London with 1d lilac perfin C.B.I., tied by large d/ring cancel LONDON dated 6.9.1895 Res £9
  4. CHURCHILL & SIMS-QV 2½d grey postal stationery envelope registered & addressed to OHIO with added 1½d, 2d & 5d values, all perfin C&S tied by oval registered cancels of the London Chief Office dated 11.9.1901. At left is the less common framed LATE FEE 4d in black ink-see illustration Res £28
  5. YM/CA-Perfin on GEO V ½d green tied to postcard of Skipton Woods addressed to Bradford on 3.4.1915 and tied by Skipton d/ring Res £7
  6. GEORGE HATCH-Cover addressed to Cirencester with GEO V ½d perfin GH tied by LONDON/257 d/ring dated 1.12.1922 Res £6
  7. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY-Cover addressed to the Nautical Section of the GPO, London with GEO V 1½d perfin CPR tied by LONDON/W.C machine cancel dated 13.5.1925 Res £8
  8. THE UNITED ALKALI COMPANY, BRISTOL-Cover addressed to Cirencester with GEO V ½d perfin UA tied by Bristol “British Goods are Best” slogan dated 27.2.1926 Res £7
  9. FS & COMPANY, FARRINGDON ROAD-Two covers addressed to Cirencester with ½d GEO V values perfin FS/&Co/Ld., tied by London British Goods or London Pageant of Empire slogans dated 10.9.1926 & 30.8.1924 respectively Res £8
  10. PUBLISHERS OF “THE MOTOR SHIP”-Illustrated EXPRESS Cover addressed to Switzerland with GEO V 1d, 1½d & 6d values perfin TP/LD tied by d/rings LONDON W.C/81 dated 25.1.1932 Res £22
  11. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, BRISTOL-Printed matter rate cover to Cirencester with EDW VIII perfin CFC/LD tied by BRISTOL/B machine cancel dated 28.4.1937 Res £7
  12. THE LONDON & LANCASHIRE INSURANCE COMPANY-Illustrated [on the back] cover addressed to Rawtenstall with GEO VI ½d perfin L&L/I/CoLd [inverted], tied by Manchester British Industries Fair slogan dated 1.3.1938 Res £8
  13. HEELAS LTD, READING-Printed trade postcard addressed to Wellington, Somerset with GEO VI 1d perfin HL/R tied by Reading “British Industries Fair” slogan dated 6.1.1939 Res £6
  14. JOHN TERRY & COMPANY-Trade postcard addressed as previous lot with GEO VI 1d x 2 perfin with letters T, tied by d/ring LONDON/149 dated 2.9.1941 Res £6
  15. CHARLES SHARPE & COMPANY, SLEAFORD-Printed airmail cover to Philadelphia with GEO VI 3d & 1/- values perfin S/&, tied by SLEAFORD machine cancel dated 10.5.1941. At left is British censor tape 320 Res £12
  16. GLASGOW-Badly damaged [pins missing] large double edged G on GEO VI 2½d tied to window envelope by Glasgow VICTORY BELLS Slogan dated 6.9.1945 Res £5
  17. FOWLIE, REID & WILLS LTD-Cover addressed to Bury with GEO VI 2½d perfin FR/W tied by London “Fly by British Airlines” slogan dated 1.6.1949 Res £6
  18. ROSING BROTHERS & COMPANY-Window envelope with GEO VI 2½d perfin RB/&Co., tied by London “Colonial Month” slogan dated 22.6.1949 Res £6
  19. DERRY & TOMS-Window envelope with GEO VI 1½d perfin DT tied by KENSINGTON machine cancel dated 3.11.1951 Res £5
  20. WESTERN GAZETTE-Printed newspaper wrapper pre-addressed to the Yeovil office with added 2d Wilding perfin W/G. Not postally used Res £4
  21. BUCK & HICKMAN LTD-GEO VI 1½d oval die postal stationery window envelope with added ½d Wilding perfin B&H tied by Manchester machine cancel dated 9.11.1956 Res £6
  22. ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY, LONDON-Window envelope with ½d & 1½d Wildings perfin RI/Co/Ld tied by Kingston-on-Thames Radio & TV licence slogan dated 26.1.1957 and further cover with 2½d value similarly perfin & tied on 7.9.1957 Res £5
  23. LYONS & COMPANY-Pre-addressed envelope to Oxford Street with 3d Wilding perfin JL/&Co. tied by Southend-on-Sea “Illuminations” slogan dated 2.10.1964 Res £5
  24. CROYDON HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - Cover addressed to Thornton Heath with 4d Wilding perfin CRO/HMC, tied by Muscular Dystrophy slogan of Croydon dated 12.10.1965 Res £5
  25. JANET FRAZER-“BY PARCEL POST” Gummed label pre-addressed to the catalogue queen at Bolton with a vertical strip of 3 x 1/6d Machins perfin JF. Not postally used Res £7


  1. ARDEN HILL & COMPANY-PERFIN Advertising postcard for Arden Hills GAS Cookers addressed to Cirencester with 2 x ½d GEO V values perfin WER tied by BIRMINGHAM “Pageant of Empire” slogan dated 7.8.1924 Res £15
  2. “ALMA” GAS MANTLES-Illustrated perfin postcard to Cirencester from John Russell & Company of Bristol with GEO V ½d perfin JR/&/Co., tied by Bristol “London Defended” slogan dated 23.4.1925 Res £15
  3. MORRIS CARS-“THE WHEEL OF THE WORLD” Advertising window envelope cancelled by early 1½d red meter cancel of OXFORD dated 26.11.1929 Res £18
  4. H SMITH & SON-Lovely green on white illustrated advertising cover addressed to the Dowager Duchess of Milford Haven at KENSINGTON PALACE with GEO V ½d tied by KENSINGTON W.8 machine cancel dated 8.1.1930 Res £22
  5. MOISERS OF GRIMSBY-Everything for the baby!! Cover to Letchworth with exhaustive list at left of all things “baby” that Mr Moiser can supply with 3d Wilding tied by the Cleethorpes slogan dated 24.1.1965 Res £12


  1. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS Illustrated envelope for the 1st flight to KISUMU, Kenya with GEO V 1d & 6d values tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel dated 27.2.1931. On the back is the Kisumu arrival mark. Res £22
  2. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS-Illustrated envelope for the 1st flight to MWANZA FROM ALEXANDRIA with Egyptian 10m surcharge value, 27m brown airmail & 3m brown definitive tied by Alexandria s/rings dated 5.3.1931. Very few covers were serviced for this flight-see illustration Res £65
  3. COMBINED SEA & AIR SERVICE Cover addressed to McGill University, Montreal with GEO V 2½d tied by rubber LONDON/F.S/AIR MAIL cancel dated 8.5.1931 Res £22
  4. U.T-Cover addressed to Athens with framed AIR FEE PREPAID/TO EUROPE struck centrally in violet ink. On the front of the cover are 15 x 1c and single 10c & 20c values tied by NAIROBI s/rings dated 9.5.1931. On the back are a further 5 x 1c & a single 20c; all similarly tied, but on the following day!!. The cover arrived one week later on the 17th May Res £35
  5. CALSHOT AERODROME / STHMPTN - Skeleton cancels dated 20.8.1931 ties GEO V ½d & a pair of 2d values to registered cover addressed to Warwickshire. The Southampton registration label has the additional CALSHOT AERODROME in manuscript applied-some light foxing around left & top edges which will clean, hence low reserve of.... Res £45
  6. IMPERIAL AIRWAYS TO BAHRAIN-First flight printed cover with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring WILTON ROAD cancel dated 1.10.1932. The Bahrain arrival mark on the back is dated 7th October Res £28
  7. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-1st flight cover carried from Birmingham to London on 20.8.1934 and addressed commercially to HARROW. Res £22
  8. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Final flight under the current contract from London to Glasgow with stamps tied by d/ring LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL dated 30.11.1934. This was also the last use of the d/ring FS airmail cancel. To make matters worse, the aircraft was laid-up at Liverpool with a damaged tail & the mail was sent on its way by rail for the rest of the journey Res £28
  9. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Illustrated First flight cover for the flight from Liverpool to Belfast on 1.12.1934 Res £22
  10. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Illustrated 1st flight cover for the London-Liverpool-Belfast-Glasgow flight addressed to Belfast with stamp tied by the London machine cancel dated 1.12.1934 Res £22
  11. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Plain 1st flight cover addressed to the ESSEX AIRPORT at STAPLEFORD Which has been flown on the scarcer Belfast-Essex flight on 1.12.1934 Res £35
  12. HILLMAN AIRWAYS-Plain 1st flight cover as previous lot addressed to the Essex Airport from GLASGOW on the same day Res £35
  13. AUSTRALIA TO GERMANY-Cover addressed to Hamburg, via Italy with 1/6d & 4d values tied by LATE FEE/SYDNEY-Air Mail Section machine cancel dated 20.8.1937. The printed airmail label is cancelled by black inked cross Res £22
  14. NORTH EASTERN AIRWAYS-1st Flight cover to Croydon Airport from Leeds, flown on the 3rd October 11938 with blue advertising label tied by company receipt cachet dated the same day-also with the similar 1st flight cover to Leeds from Newcastle Res £30
  15. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-Superb real photo postcard of the R.A.S “DRAGON” on the tarmac at Croydon airport. Addressed to Tiverton, the pair of GEO VI ½d values are tied by SUTTON, SURREY “Post Early in the Day” sunburst slogan dated 29.11.1938-see illustration Res £25
  16. PORTSMOUTH TO RIO DE JANEIRO-Lovely clean little cover addressed to a British Army Colonel on board the “ANDALUCIA STAR” at Rio with GEO V 1/- & 2/6d Seahorse tied by Portsmouth machine cancel dated 28.2.1938. Carried by German aircraft, it arrived on the 4th March-lovely looker-see illustration Res £35
  17. GUERNSEY AIRWAYS-1st Flight cover from Southampton addressed to Guernsey and flown on the 8th May 1939; inauguration day of the airline. With Guernsey Airways receipt cancel in green-very few carried on this day Res £25
  18. GUERNSEY AIRWAYS - 1st Flight cover from ST PETER PORT to Southampton with stamp tied by the d/ring of St Peter Port dated 22.5.1939. With circular green inked Guernsey Airways cachet and square Guernsey Airways cachet in violet ink dated the same day Res £22
  19. RAILWAY AIR SERVICES-First flight postcard flown on the Birmingham to Belfast service on 31.8.1941. Addressed to DUNMURRY, there is a GEO VI 2d used as a receipt, cancelled by a d/ring DUNMURRY/BELFAST dated 2.9.1941 and placed alongside the red tombstone censor mark-see illustration Res £28
  20. LATI-Cover from Argentina addressed to Germany with stamps tied by Buenos Aires s/ring dated 18.10.1941. At top left is the framed cachet VIA LATI with a stylised “M” at the front, struck in violet ink. On arrival 3 censor marks were applied to the front-nice! Res £22
  21. LATI-Cover from Argentina addressed to Switzerland with stamps tied by Buenos Aires airmail s/rings dated 5.3.1941. At top left is the typed endorsement “POR AVION CONDOR-LATI” Res £20
  22. LATI-Cover from Brazil addressed to Switzerland with stamps tied by d/ring airmail cancel dated 4.11.1941. At top centre is the framed VIA L.A.T.I cachet in violet ink Res £22
  23. LATI-Cover addressed to Switzerland with stamps tied by s/rings Buenos Aires dated 3.9.1940. At top left is the typed “POR AVION VIA CONDOR-LATI” Res £20
  24. LATI-Cover addressed to Hamburg from BAHIA, Brazil with stamps tied by d/ring dated 12.7.1940-see illustration Res £25
  25. DAGENHAM TO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Stampless cover addressed to a PO Box in Port of Spain cancelled by the red inked circular cancel DAGENHAM ESSEX/PAID/24 DEC/1/GT BRITAIN with manuscript 9d inserted in red ink followed by initials of the postmaster. On the back is the Port of Spain arrival mark dated 13.1.1944 Res £25
  26. S.A.A-Cover from Argentina addressed to Sweden with stamps tied by s/ring BUENOS AIRES dated 11.3.1947. Centrally is the speed bird airmail label VIA B.S.A.A Res £18
  27. GHANA-Cover addressed to London with 1/3d Independence value tied by s/ring ACCRA AIRPORT/GHANA dated 27.10.1957 Res £18
  28. MAURITIUS-Cover addressed to Camberley, Surrey with stamps to 1 Rupee 55c tied by skeleton cancels FIRST FLIGHT BOAC/MAURITIUS dated 9.1.1962 Res £12
  29. WALLIS & FOTUNA-Commemorative cover marking the 35th anniversary of the 1st flight to Samoa in 1931 with the special label tied by the oval reproduction of the original cachet used in 1931. Pilot signed as flown to Samoa Res £15
  30. E.A 10th ANNIVERSARY Cover addressed to Paris with Christmas stamps tied by simple s/ring reading LONDON AIRPORT dated 1.12.1970. Cover number 30 of 50 flown!! Res £22


  1. AUSTRIA-Postcard of LINZ addressed to Bavaria with 5 Heller green Franz Josef and blue Kaiserin Elisabeth label tied by LINZ machine cancel dated 30.5.1908 Res £8
  2. GEO V 2/- Passport stamp on passport page, tied by oval FOREIGN OFFICE cachet dated 24.5.1920 Res £6
  3. IRISH HOSPITALS SWEEPSTAKE-Complete set of 20 sepia labels with green borders depicting Irish female folk heroines etc. [20] Res £10
  4. “OUR BEAUTIFUL EMPIRE”-Complete sheet of the Great Britain issue in blue, depicting the best of British views [24] Res £18
  5. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Poster stamp album with the complete set of the green labels affixed within Res £12
  6. THOMAS DE LA RUE-Mint blocks of four of the 1955 centenary publicity labels in blue or green [different labels] [8] Res £8
  7. LITHOU-Commercially used envelope to Haywards Heath with 4d GB painting issue tied by Guernsey slogan dated 15.8.1967. On the back is the JETHOU 4d label tied by blue inked rubber s/ring ISLAND OF LITHOU/[CROSS]/DATE/GUERNEY CHANNEL ISLANDS dated the same day Res £6
  8. GUGH ISLAND-Postcard of the Bar to the Island addressed to Northants with 3p Machin tied by ST AGNES/ISLES OF SCILLY dated 16.6.1973. At left is the 5p Gugh Island “Sea Thistle” label tied by rubber LOCAL POST/GUGH ISLAND dated the same day Res £6
  9. DOG LICENCE-Uncommon decimal currency 37½p licence cancelled by s/ring LICHFIELD/STAFFS dated 9.11.1973 Res £6
  10. 1977 SILVER JUBILEE-Series of the South West Printers, Exeter mini-sheets of 4 labels each celebrating HM The Queens Silver Jubilee-7 mini-sheets of which 6 are different Res £6


  1. PEACE PLEDGE UNION-Green label on underpaid cover from Whiteleafe [Surrey] addressed to Upper Norwood in 1938. Taxed 2d in error with LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/938A and 2d/983 tax marks crossed out and the 2d postage due removed after being cancelled. Nice item apart from the postage due being removed Res £12
  2. “HELP PAY FOR THE WAR-THEREFORE COLLECT STAMPS”-Purple on white label on back of registered cover from London addressed to Tenterden, Kent on 8.6.1940. Also, an unused example of the label-see illustration Res £28
  3. BRITAIN DELIVERS THE GOODS-Uncommon straight-line cachet in violet ink on the front of a longer cover addressed to the USA from Boreham Wood on 18.2.1941 Res £15
  4. SOUTH AFRICA-Longer cover addressed to the UK with the “V” For Victory 1d label issued by the Home Comforts Fund at City Hall, Johannesburg and tied by Johannesburg slogan cancel dated 25.7.1941 Res £22
  5. CANADA/IRAQ-Censored airmail cover to Habbaniya with 90c meter cancel of Montreal “WIN THE WAR/[AIRCRAFT]/BUY/WAR SAVINGS STAMPS” dated 17.8.1942 Res £12


  1. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-The 1890-1891 Christmas & New Year greetings “card” in excellent condition-see illustration Res £65
  2. HARRY FURNISS Caricature envelope addressed to the well known philatelist D.B Armstrong. Contained within the envelope is the usual insert card listing the Toasts & Artistes performing at the Annual Dinner of the S.T.P.A [Stamp Trade Protection Association] on 27.2.1923-see illustration Res £75
  3. MANCHESTER PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Bottom right corner marginal pairs of the blue & violet and Brown & green 1900 Boer War Fund labels. Odd tone spots, but still very good Res £22
  4. GENEVA 11th ESPERANTO CONGRESS labels, embossed designs in four different colours for the 1906 Congress [4] Res £10
  5. EXHIBITION B.O/EDINBURGH-S/ring dated 10.6.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. JAPAN BRITISH/EXHIBITION-Less common machine cancel dated 2.9.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  7. SHEPHERD’S BUSH W/2-CORONATION/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 19.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard-minor faults Res £8
  8. STUTTGART 1913 8th German Esperanto Congress labels-seven different colours Res £10
  9. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1924 SET OF POSTAL STATIONERY With 1d & 1½d postcards, 1½d envelope & 1½d letter card in mint condition Res £18
  10. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Postcard [unrelated] addressed to Basel with 1924 1½d and 1½d definitive tied by d/rings LONDON W.1/6 dated 5.7.1924 Res £8
  11. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Postcard of the MYSORE COURT, Indian Pavilion addressed to Beaston, Derby with 1924 1d value tied by the slogan cancel dated 8.8.1924. At top left is the inverted, framed cachet JAMES CARTER & Co.,/BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION/ WEMBLEY in violet ink Res £22
  12. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-The 1925 set of postal stationery in mint condition-four items Res £20
  13. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1925 LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY Flyer advertising the October 1925 services to Wembley Exhibition from SHEFFIELD and area with timetable & prices etc. Very good condition Res £25
  14. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1925 LNER Flyer as previous lot, but from Liverpool and area Res £25
  15. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-1925 1½d envelope addressed to Gresham Street, London, cancelled by the exhibition slogan cancel dated 30.10.1925-exhibition quality Res £35
  16. WEMBLEY EXHIBITION-Postcard of the Palestine Pavilion addressed to Devon with 1925 1d tied by the slogan cancel on 31.10.1925; the FINAL DAY of the exhibition Res £30
  17. 1940 STAMP CENTENARY EXHIBITION-Five sheets of 6 labels each in orange, purple, violet, green & brown; all in mint condition Res £22
  18. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Ten different green publicity labels for the 1951 show and raising funds for the Greater London Fund for the Blind [10] Res £8
  19. WESTMINSTER SCHOOL POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITION-“A short guide to the Postal History Exhibition 1482-1961” Res £10
  20. BOURNEMOUTH PHILATEX-The freebies dished out at the 1972 exhibition; all in pristine condition [3] Res £6
  21. ROYAL SHOW STONELEIGH/COVENTRY-S/ring dated 2.7.1979 ties 7½p Machin to postcard addressed to the USA Res £6
  22. YORK STAMP & COIN FAIR-Three “mini-sheets” for the 1976, 1977 & the 1975 shows; one marks the opening of the York Railway Museum [3] Res £6
  23. LONDON 1980-Special envelope containing the PALMARES BANQUET Menu at Grosvenor House on the 13th may 1980. The envelope has the 50p mini-sheet tied by 7th May 1st day cancel. Pristine condition throughout Res £22
  24. 16th BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION-1911 Coronation aerial post facsimile postcard addressed to Worksop with stamp tied by the scarcer “VESTING DAY” cancel dated 1.10.1981 and a similar card with the opening day cancel of the 29th [2] Res £5
  25. THE LONDON 2000 STAMP SHOW-Sheet of fifteen of the self-adhesive publicity labels Res £7


  1. SCOTLAND-Entire written from Loudon to LONDON on 1.9.1828 with unframed GALSTON/PENNY POST at top right. On arrival, the entire was redirected to “ASHBY”, Leicestershire and has a lovely, sweet little additional half mark alongside a very, very good framed POSTAGE NOT PAID/TO LONDON in black ink. At bottom left is the manuscript “TO BE FORWARDED IF GONE TO ASHBY”-See illustration Res £45
  2. “ST NOETS” ERROR OF SPELLING-Entire with MISSENT TO/LEICESTER/97-Unframed mark in orange/brown addressed to Norton, Stockton-on-Tees from ST NEOTS on 18.11.1829. On the back is the very scarce undated double arc error of spelling ST NOETS in orange-brown ink-see illustration Res £75
  3. TUNBRIDGE WELLS-Entire dated 14.5.1833 addressed to PEMBURY, Tunbridge Wells from London with “Wells” crossed through and the undated, red inked TUNBRIDGE WELLS struck at top right with the manuscript NOT at the centre Res £30
  4. IRELAND-Stampless postcard addressed to ENNISKILLEN, cancelled by d/ring BLACKROCK on 3.10.1907 with 1d tax mark alongside Res £7
  5. EDINBURGH-Postcard from France addressed to a drummer of the Royal Scots with many redirectional instructions and framed INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS/131 at bottom left. At top is EDINBURGH/R.L.O s/ring dated 10.7.1909 Res £12
  6. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/498-Manchester instructional on postcard addressed to Altrincham on 21.1.1910. Below the mark is the manuscript “PRESS CUTTING/ ATTACHED” Res £7
  7. COVER Addressed to the Rector of the London JEWISH SCHOOL from Berlin, dated 9.6.1928 with framed INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/E.C.5 and French language cachet Return to Sender, Insufficient Address-Odd faults, but OK Res £12
  8. NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES-Postcard addressed to Portobello with DEI 20c tied by BANDOENG d/ring dated 22.11.1937. Taxed 3½d in London, the ½d & 3d dues are tied by d/ring on 30.11.1937 Res £9
  9. INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS-Two strikes of the framed cancel; one in black which is crossed out and the other in violet ink which is allowed!! The cover from DENTON, Manchester is addressed to Refrewshire on 19.5.1938 and has the manuscript NO POST TOWN at top and the s/ring GLASGOW/RETURNED LETTER BRANCH at left, dated 21.5.1938 Res £8
  10. RETURNED TO SENDER/BY ORDER OF H.M. CUSTOMS-Label affixed at top of a registered envelope addressed to MONTREAL from BURY on 13.3.1950-see illustration Res £25
  11. ESSEX-Postcard from France addressed to HAINAULT on 18.8.1950 with framed MISDIRECTED TO ILFORD/CORRECT POSTAL ADDRESS/CHIGWELL/ESSEX in violet ink struck over the lower part of the address Res £12
  12. PLACE OF/DESTINATION/REQUIRED-Framed rubber cachet in violet ink on unaddressed cover with GEO VI 2½d tied by rubber LONDON cancel dated 28.4.1951 Res £15
  13. AUSTRIA TO PINNER-Underpaid postcard taxed 3½d in the UK on 23.7.1951 with ½d & 3d dues tied by lovely s/ring PINNER/MIDDX dated 28.7.1951 Res £9
  14. RUTLAND-Stampless cover addressed to Dumbarton, cancelled by d/ring UPPINGHAM/ RUTLAND dated 17.12.1954. Alongside is the tax mark 3d/TO PAY/825 of Uppingham. No postage dues affixed on arrival-rather unlike the Scots!! Res £22
  15. NOT KNOWN/AT HEREFORD-Selection of covers with three different marks, framed & unframed and one adapted to read NOT HEREFORD. All on mail addressed to Hertford in the 1950’s-1970’s [4] Res £20
  16. INCOMPLETE METER IMPRESSION-Cover from Saltash to Looe, Cornwall dated 13.1.1969 with framed 620 Plymouth framed mark indicating 8d to pay. On the back are 10 x ½d orange and 3 x 1d dues tied by oval registered cancels of LOOE dated 14.1.1969. The item was refused and Fresh Labels Required marks were then applied Res £12
  17. POSTAL STATIONERY PHOENIX ASSURANCE Company Insurance Policy postcard with 4d red Machin and added 2d Machin tied by HORLEY, SURREY machine cancel dated 8.4.1971. Unaddressed, the postcard insurance policy has the framed RECEIVED IN/INLAND SECTION/ UNADDRESSED in black ink Res £15
  1. RETURN TO SENDER / FOR REASON STATED / DATE / HUDDERSFIELD / HD1 1AA-Framed mark on cover from Dover dated 1.3.1974 and simply addressed to “Westaby Homes”, Huddersfield. Inside is a short note saying if you get this, give me your full address and I’ll write more fully Res £5
  2. INCOMPLETE ADDRESS-S/line mark on front of cover addressed very clearly to York from Aldershot on 22.11.1978. What the writer had not done was to put YORKSHIRE in the address-a note on the back confirms this. Must have passed the desk of the “Jobsworth” with the big clipboard and the huge bunch of keys!!!!! Res £6
  3. NO SUCH STREET/PLACE/IN SHEFFIELD/K-Framed mark on cover from Nottingham dated 11.5.1979 Res £6
  4. NOT KNOWN/ORPINGTON, KENT-Unframed mark on undelivered postcard from John O’Groats dated 23.5.1979 Res £6
  5. CUSTOMER SERVICES/SWINDON SN1 1AA-Rubber cancel dated 14.11.1981 cancels label P125H on postcard from Germany to Malmesbury Res £6
  6. ESSEX-Christmas card envelope from Romford addressed to Becontree, Barking dated 11.12.1981. Barking is scored through and the s/line DAGENHAM, ESSEX struck below Res £6
  7. FOUND IN AN OTHERWISE/EMPTY BAG/BAG CONTROL MANCHESTER-Framed mark on cover from Manchester addressed to the Royal Courts of Justice on 1.11.1984. At right is the rubber s/ring MANCHESTER/BAG CONTROL dated 6.11.1984 Res £7
  8. NOT KNOWN AT L.S.E/RETURN TO SENDER-Framed mark on undelivered cover with contents from the Prime Minister’s Office dated 13.12.1985 and addressed to Allan Johnson Res £12
  9. WALK TO ENDORSE PLEASE-Framed mark in black ink on undelivered cover addressed to Finsbury on 19.12.1985 Res £5
  10. VAGUE ITEM/UNTRACEABLE/AT BIRMINGHAM-Framed mark on cover addressed to the George Michael fan club on 1.2.1989 Res £7
  11. MISSENT TO/IRELAND-Two different types of framed mark on covers from Russia addressed to the BBC in 1989 or from Wales, sent to Newcastle on 3.8.1989 Res £12
  12. NOT FOR WHITCHURCH HANTS / [RG28] / TRY / 1.SALOP / 2.BRISTOL / 3. PANGBOURNE, READING / 4.BUCKS, 5.DORSET-Framed mark on cover from Tonbridge addressed to Whitchurch, Bucks on 28.3.1994 Res £5
  1. UNDERPAID Cover from Southampton addressed to Emery Down, Lyndhurst with 1p Machin tied by s/ring SOUTHAMPTON dated 29.5.1998. Taxed 39p, the 1p x 2 and single 2p, 5p, 10p & 20p final issue postage dues are tied by the same Southampton cancel Res £18


  1. DEAL/SHIP LRE-1776 Entire from JAMAICA addressed to London on 14.5.1776 and carried on the ship “JAMAICA” to Deal. Good content-see illustration Res £75
  2. PORTSMOUTH/SHIP-LRE Unframed mark at top right of entire from Jamaica addressed to London on 30.8.1783. Contains an addition Bill of Lading and was carried by the ship “SUCCESS” to Portsmouth-see illustration Res £85
  3. PAID SHIP LETTER/CROWN/DATE/SYDNEY-Unframed oval mark in red ink on front of entire addressed to London on 5.10.1840. On the back is the s/line SHIP LETTER in black ink, struck in London on 14.2.1841-opens out to display both markings very well Res £65
  4. PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-The framed “step-type” mark in black ink at top right of entire from the “Agency of the A.B.C.F.M.” at New York on 10.12.1839. Rated 8d, it arrived in London on 13.1.1840 Res £45
  5. DEUTSCH - AMERIK. SEEPOST / HAMBURG- / NEW YORK-S/ring dated 1.9.1893 with index C ties German 10Pf value to postcard of the HAPAG vessel “NORMANNIA” addressed to Austria and redirected locally upon arrival Res £25
  6. H&K PACKET/94-Small d/ring dated 2.12.1894 with index A on the back of a QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Dublin from London the previous day-superb strike Res £30
  7. H&K PACKET-S/ring dated 4.9.1902 with index L3 on back of EDW VII ½d newspaper wrapper addressed to Dublin from London-superb strike Res £25
  8. FREMANTLE-Lovely vignette postcard of the Orient-Pacific Line “OMRAH” with printed details on the picture side of being located at the time in Colombo on 14.11.1904, addressed to Withernsea with 2 x ½d EDW VII values tied by s/rings FREMANTLE dated 24.11.1904. At far left is the larger type s/line PAQUEBOT in black ink-nice item from either side! Res £22
  9. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring cancel of the COLUMBA dated 5.7.1909 with index B ties stamp to postcard of Dunstaffnage Castle, Oban addressed to Leicester Res £22
  10. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring COLUMBA cancel dated 16.5.1912 with index A ties stamp to postcard of the Columba addressed to Edinburgh Res £25
  11. WWI-Cover addressed to Eastbourne & redirected to London with GEO V 1d tied by framed PAQUEBOT cancel of Port Said, struck on 17.11.1914. On the back is the oval cachet THE R.M.S.P COY/S.S “DESEADO”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS dated 16.11.1914 Res £12
  12. “Q FOR O” IN “ONE” VARIETY-Postcard of the MV Shropshire with GEO V ½d & the 1d variety tied by framed PAQUEBOT cancel. SG 357a-see illustration Res £75
  13. JERSEY/FRANCE/M.B-Lozenge shaped cancel dated 1.8.1923 ties French 30c value to postcard addressed locally within Jersey. Most unusual to find a locally addressed card or item of mail cancelled in such a way-see illustration Res £65
  14. M.S.P “ARAGUAYA”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS-Oval cachet dated 4.9.1928 alongside GEO V 1½d tied by bilingual, framed PAQUETE/PAQUEBOT in black ink of Lisbon Res £7
  15. SOUTHAMPTON SLOGAN PAQUEBOT-Cover addressed to Canada with GB GEO V 1d & ½d stamps tied by Southampton machine cancel IT’S QUICKER TO TELEPHONE dated 11.12.1933 Res £12
  16. AMERICAN EXPORT LINES-POSTED/ON THE HIGH SEAS/PURSER/S.S EXCAMBION-U.S Duplex style cancel dated 10.8.1935 ties U.S 1c to postcard of the Tomb of Napoleon addressed to Detroit Res £8
  17. GLASGOW/14 D/rings dated 11.4.1936 ties a pair of GEO V ½d values to postcard of the CPR Liner “Duchess of Bedford” addressed to the Isle of Wight with the “D” rated framed PAQUEBOT cancel alongside Res £22
  18. POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS/29 NOV 1937/T.S.S “AVILA STAR”-Black cachet on postcard of Mount Estoril addressed to Copenhagen with uncancelled GEO VI 1½d at top right Res £7
  19. SOUTHAMPTON/PAQUEBOT-PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA-Machine cancel dated 28.8.1953 ties 4 x 2½d GEO VI values to cover addressed to Oklahoma and redirected to Missouri with the s/ring PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/ SOUTHAMPTON dated 28.8.1953 tying a further two 2½d values Res £8
  20. POST/OFFICE-PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA-Scarce use of the Naval Post/Office die on a Paquebot machine cancel tying a 2½d Wilding to postcard of the Corridor Lounge, T.S.S “Captain Cook” addressed to Southend on 28.6.1958 Res £18
  21. LE HAVRE PPA/SEINE MARITIME-PAQUEBOT Framed machine cancel dated 14.12.1958 ties a 2½d Wilding to postcard of the RMS “MAURETANIA” addressed to Stanmore Res £4
  22. STORNAWAY ISLE OF LEWIS/PAQUEBOT-S/ring cancel dated 22.3.1968 ties 4d Wilding to cover addressed to London Res £8
  23. LUDERITZ/PAQUEBOT-D/rings dated 3.2.1968 ties a strip of 3 x 1c South African values to airmail cover addressed to Germiston, South Africa Res £6
  24. PAQUEBOT/A/DATE/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/PEMBROKE DOCK-S/ring in violet ink dated 29.5.1980 ties 12p Machin to postcard of the M.V “INNISFALLEN” addressed to Oxford-nice commercial usage Res £7
  25. FOLKESTONE Postcode slogan ties 10p Machin to postcard of the SS “CAESAREA” addressed to Hythe on 7.10.1980. Below is the larger type framed PAQUEBOT cancel in violet ink; at left is the POSTED AT SEA cachet and the ship’s tonnage mark Res £6


  1. BARRY CAMP/DUNDEE-S/ring dated 20.6.1906 ties stamp to postcard of a camp scene at Barry Camp addressed to Aberdeen Res £7
  2. FIELD POST OFFICE/PERHAM DOWN-D/ring dated 23.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  3. THE CAMP/MINEHEAD S.O SOMERSET-S/ring dated 7.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  4. WHITCHURCH DOWN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 27.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard of Saltash addressed to Exeter Res £12
  5. LARK HILL CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-Superb strike of the s/ring cancel dated 9.5.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  6. BLACKDOWN CAMP B.O-Scarcer skeleton cancel dated 22.12.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of a posed group of soldiers addressed to London Res £15
  7. PERHAM DOWN CAMP/ANDOVER-S/ring dated 27.2.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  8. BULFORD CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-D/ring dated 19.6.1915 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the Royal Engineers Institute at Bulford Camp addressed to Boncath RSO Res £5
  9. SUTTON VENY CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 17.12.1915 tie stamp to postcard of the Horningsham Sham, the oldest Free Congregational Church in the UK [1566] addressed to Bushey Heath Res £6
  1. SANDHILL CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 16.6.1916 ties 1d stamp to crested envelope with the badge of the 15th Battalion, County of London Regt., Prince of Wales’s Own Civil Service, addressed to Elstree. The accompanying letter has the same heading of the Regimental badge Res £15
  2. HALTON CAMP NORTH/TRING-S/ring dated 3.11.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. PIRBRIGHT CAMP B.O/WOKING-D/ring dated 8.12.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  4. RUGELEY CAMP B.O/STAFFORD-Less common s/ring cancel dated 30.1.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. MARLBOROUGH LINES/ALDERSHOT-D/ring dated 3.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard of a military aircraft on the ground being manoeuvred by a worker Res £12
  6. MILTON DEPOT/BERKS-Scarce rubber cancel [distorted rim] dated 30.5.1918 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Hull Res £18
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/D5-S/ring dated 3.9.1918 with index B ties 1d value to postcard of Colchester addressed to Bedfont, Middx Res £6
  8. HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW BEDS-S/ring dated 1.7.1947 ties GEO VI ½d to GEO VI 5½d registered postal stationery envelope size H addressed to Bedford. At top left is the HENLOW CAMP registration label Res £12
  9. HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW BEDS-S/rings dated 18.6.1952 ties GEO VI 2d brown to GEO VI 6½d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Bedford. At top left is the appropriate registration label Res £15
  10. BIRCHAM NEWTON R.A.F.P.O/KING’S LYNN NORFOLK-S/ring dated 14.4.1955 cancels certificate of posting for a registered latter addressed to Wrexham Res £5
  11. MARHAM R.A.F STN/KING’S LYNN NORFOLK-S/ring dated 27.12.1979 cancels Girobank deposit slip Res £5

MILITARY-1902 TO 1919

  1. BOER WAR-Cover addressed to NYLSTROOM with EDW VII GB 1d tied by d/ring PIETERSBURG dated 12.7.1902. On the back is the d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/PIETERSBURG dated the same day and with index A Res £22
  2. “SOLDIER IN HOSPITAL”-Stampless cover addressed to Luton from Manchester on 3.1.1916 which the GPO has taxed 1d for being unpaid!! The 1d due is tied by s/ring LUTON dated 5.1.1916 Res £20
  3. INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED / NUMBER OF / BATTALION REQUIRED / 2]-Red inked, unframed mark on front of cover from TENBY addressed to the B.E.F, France Res £15
  4. IMPROPERLEY/POSTED/DELAYED-Framed mark on plain postcard addressed to Woodford, Essex with the machine cancel ARMY P.O 1 dated 29.2.1916 [Leap Year Date]. Nothing wrong in the way in which it was posted as far as I can see Res £25
  5. PRESENT LOCATION/UNCERTAIN/R.L.S., L.P.S., G.P.O-Framed mark on much travelled cover addressed to and redirected to various military hospitals in France from Fulham on 11.7.1916 Res £12
  6. PICTURE POST-CARDS ADDRESSED TO/NEUTRAL COUNTRIES ARE RETURNED/BY THE CENSOR-Superb strike of the framed mark on postcard from MELLS, Somerset addressed to New York on 23.9.1916-see illustration Res £30
  7. 7 AMBULANCE TRAIN/EXPEDITIONARY FORCE-Semi oval cachet in violet ink on plain postcard addressed to Walsall from BRIGHTON on 22.5.1917-see illustration Res £65
  8. HOSPITAL SHIP ST DAVID-Postcard of the Hospital Ship addressed to Weymouth, cancelled by s/ring WEST KENSINGTON dated 12.1.1918. Alongside is the ½d/55 tax mark, but no postage due collected on arrival in Weymouth. With appropriate message Res £18
  9. 3 AMBULANCE TRAIN / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE / ADMIRALTY PIER, DOVER-Oval cachets in violet ink [2] on unpaid cover addressed to Bickley, Kent and posted in West Kensington on 3.5.1918. The 1d postage due is tied by d/ring BROMLEY KENT/2 dated 4.5.1918-see illustration Res £65
  10. “ADDRESS NOT KNOWN/17JUL1918” Unusual unframed mark on cover from Northampton addressed to a member of the Buffs attached to the Kent Yeomanry, E.E.F on 12.5.1918. A further mark PRESENT LOCATION/UNCERTAIN is struck below Res £12
  11. THOMAS COOK-UNCOMMON WWI Thomas Cook undercover mail envelope addressed to CLIFTON, BRISTOL from London with GEO V ½d & 1d values perfin TC/&S tied by LONDON Feed The Guns slogan dated 21.10.1918. On the back is the Opened By Censor 4403 label which is tied by the Thomas Cook & Son/21 DEC 1918/London cachet in violet ink-see illustrations Res £65
  12. FEED THE GUNS-War Bonds Campaign Postcard addressed to London with 1d tied by s/ring WHITCLIFFE dated 12.1.1920. Struck at left is the pictorial s/ring with a large field gun at top, followed by the date, 6.11.1918 and the legend FEED THE GUNS below. Res £30
  13. INDIA TO WOKINGHAM-Underpaid postcard from BHOPAL addressed to Finchampstead dated 29.10.1918. Taxed in India and the UK, the ½d postage due is tied by d/ring WOKINGHAM/+ dated 3.12.1918 Res £9
  14. STORE DEPOT, ROYAL AIR FORCE/KIDBROOKE, S.E.3-Oval cachet dated 31.12.1918 addressed to a wounded soldier in the Herbert Hospital, Shooters Hill from Lee dated the same day Res £12
  15. AUSTRALIAN Y.M.C.A-Cover addressed within London on 28.4.1919 with printed over-lay of the Crowned “AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH / MILITARY FORCES” over a map of Australia with Kangaroos and wattle in abundance-not seen this before Res £25

MILITARY-1938 TO 1993

  1. GERMAN REAL PHOTO Postcard of Hitler, Mussolini, Neville Chamberlain & Edward Deladier in Munich for the pre-war talks; those very talks where Mr Chamberlain came back waving his famous piece of paper promising “Peace in our time”-Postally used from Berlin Res £25
  2. DAMAGED BY IMMERSION/IN SEA WATER-Rubber cachet in violet ink on address side of a Canadian cover addressed to London with GEO VI 3c tied by Toronto tourist slogan cancel dated 28.5.1940-see illustration Res £45
  3. PORTUGAL TO ESSEX-Airmail postcard from ESTORIL addressed to Goldhanger, Essex with stamps tied by d/ring dated 12.12.1940. Below is the scarce wartime usage of the oval A.V. mark in red ink, struck alongside the British tombstone censor mark [CROWN]/ PASSED/P104 in violet ink Res £25
  4. THIS LETTER HAS BEEN DELAYED/ON ACCOUNT OF INCORRECT ADDRESS./PLEASE ADVISE SENDER TO USE YOUR/POST-TOWN ADDRESS-Unframed mark on stampless, unpaid cover addressed B Flight, 2nd Squadron R.A.F with added manuscript SAWBRIDGWORTH, HERTS below. Cancelled at top right by rubber cancel ARMY/POST OFFICE dated 4.4.1942. At bottom left is a strike of the crowned POST OFFICE/CROWN/MONEY ORDER DEPT in black ink Res £22
  5. DELAYED TELEGRAM-Cable & Wireless telegram handed in at BIRMINGHAM and received at Colombo on 16.4.1942 with lovely strike of the unframed DELIVERED-9.5.42/ MOUNT LAVINIA / CEYLON struck in blue ink at top right. No reason given for delay in delivery-see illustration Res £30
  1. NAIRN TO CANADA-Stampless postcard of the Clunyhill Hydro, Forres addressed to Nova Scotia, cancelled by d/ring NAIRN dated 8.10.1942. Alongside is the tombstone censor [CROWN]/PASSED/P136 in red ink Res £12
  2. SWITZERLAND TO UK UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-Doubly censored cover from KLOSTERS dated 12.8.1943 addressed to BOX 237, London; the undercover address in the UK of the DUTCH ARMY fighting with the British. On arrival, the manuscript DL was applied in pencil-this stood for Dutch Legion Res £35
  3. THE UNITED STAES CENSOR/IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MUTILATION OF THIS LETTER-Green slip [Form OC-4 with printing date of April 1942 with cover from Brazil addressed to New York offices of “INTERNATIONAL PEACE”. On the back is the s/line receipt date of 13.5.1943 Res £45
  4. NEW ZEALAND FORCES-Stampless airmail letter sheet addressed to Lower Hutt, cancelled by large s/ring M.P.O/DATE/K.W.5 dated 5.7.1945 Res £12
  5. BRITISH GUIANA REGIMENT-Airmail cover addressed to the Commissioner of Housing at Georgetown with QEII 1/- & 1/3d Wildings tied by s/ring F.P.O/962 dated 2.2.1960, arriving in Georgetown on 28.3.1960 Res £22
  6. HOME POSTAL DEPOT/DATE/R.E-Rubber cancel in violet cancels an AV7 form for the delivery of airmail letters and parcels to ADEN from LONDON AIRPORT on 30.12.1964 Res £12
  7. FORCES POST OFFICE/129-Uncommon rubber cancel dated 17.5.1960 ties 3d Wilding to airmail cover addressed to the BBC from GAN ISLAND, Indian Ocean Res £18
  8. ROYAL SIGNALS GOLDEN JUBILEE REUNION AT CATTERICK CAMP, 28.6.1970-Special cover, short history and display programme in excellent condition Res £8
  9. BRITISH FORCES/POST OFFICE/DATE/ON BOARD/SIR WALTER RALEIGH-Framed mark dated 14.12.1984 ties 13p Machin to commercial cover addressed to Suffolk-see illustration Res £22
  10. INTERNATIONAL FORCE IN SOMALIA-Airmail cover addressed to Belgium, cancelled by oval FREE MILITARY MAIL / MOGADISHU / DATE/SOMALIA/UNOSOM dated 16.7.1993 Res £12


  1. BOER WAR-Cover addressed to Cape Town with CGH 1d value tied by GREEN POINT d/ring dated 19.1.1901. Alongside is the d/rimmed s/ring mark CENSOR/GREEN/POINT /PRISONERS OF WAR in violet ink Res £25
  2. BOER WAR-Cover from SPRINGFONTEIN addressed to EDENBURG with VRI 1d overprint tied by s/rings dated 31.10.1901. At left is the triangular PASSED-PRESS-CENSOR in violet ink, struck next to the unframed PASSED CENSOR/REFUGEE CAMP, SPRINGFONTEIN, O.R.C in violet ink also. See illustration of a scarce Refugee Camp cover Res £75
  3. WWII-Cover with contents addressed to Hayes, Bromley from London on 15.7.1942 with large Red Cross cachet at top left. The contents are: a French Red Cross message form from a British internee in Paris dated 19.5.1942 and the Red Cross instructions for reply, form FR/CL/29a. The message form passed through the French Red Cross to the German Red Cross and then to the UK-Good and complete lot Res £25
  5. KINGSFOLD CAMP, BILLINGSHURST-Stampless postcard from Germany dated 26.2.1947 addressed to the camp [number 46] with manuscript B143 inserted on arrival [Barrack 143] Res £15


  1. HMS ARK ROYAL-Lovely art-drawn airgraph addressed to Francis Field showing the famous Ark Royal as she was in 1939. Comes with postcard of the ship and airgraph envelope-see illustration Res £25
  2. S FORCES IN NORTH AFRICA-Pictorial Christmas/New Year 1943/1944 U.S V-Mail form from NATOUSA [North Africa Theatre of Operations, USA] addressed to STEWARTSTOWN, Northern Ireland on 30.10.1943-comes with envelope Res £15
  3. A.F BROAD BAY, EYE PENINSULAR, ISLE OF LEWIS-Airgraph complete with envelope addressed to the M.E.F on 31.1.1944, cancelled by d/ring CARRABOST/ STORNOWAY I OF LEWIS Res £12
  1. AN 8,000 WORD AIRGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!-Airgraph form addressed to a pilot training school in the Transvaal, cancelled by s/ring CREWKERNE, SOMERSET/1 dated 24.8.1943. This is believed to be the largest number of words ever submitted on an airgraph Res £25
  2. INDIA-ORIGINAL V-MAIL Form [yellow printing n cream] addressed to the Civilian Aircraft Directorate at New Delhi with GEO VI Indian ½ Anna & 1 Anna values tied by d/ring 411/+ dated 22.3.1944 and sent from KARACHI AIRBASE. Inside is printed, illustrated Easter Greetings Res £25
  3. CANADA-First day usage of the first 3d airgraph to Toronto, Canada by Francis Field on 24.8.1944. On the back is the blue meter mark AIRGRAPH-AIR MAIL/POSTAGE PAID mark dated 30.8.1944 Res £22
  4. “DAMAGED”-S/line mark on U.S V-Mail form addressed to Niagara Falls, New York on 10.3.1945 from APO The write-up claims the image of the airgraph is from a “Recovered film roll” apparently lost en-route from England Res £22
  5. “DAMAGED”-S/line mark on illustrated Easter Greetings V-Mail form showing what looks like the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral of New York addressed to Brooklyn from APO 559 on 12.3.1945. The write-up claims the film roll was recovered from a crashed aircraft Res £22
  6. RHODESIA-Plain airgraph dated 11.7.1945 addressed to Francis Field with the cachet of the DEPUTY PROVOST MARSHAL, SOUTHERN RHODESIA struck at top left Res £12
  7. LAST DAY AIRGRAPH-Plain airgraph addressed to the Airgraph Duty at the GPO, London dated 1.8.1945 with handmade “postmark” at appropriate place on the form dated 1.8.1945. A poignant verse has been penned by a member of staff [addressed to and from GPO HQ, St Martin’s Le Grand] Res £25


  1. COMMERCIAL BISECT Cover addressed to St Peter Port from W.C.A AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATION in Guernsey with 2d Stamp Centenary value bisected, tied by machine cancel dated 10.1.1941. The envelope has a printed commemoration marking the period 1879-1940 in which Agricultural Co-Operation has been practiced locally. On the back are adverts for various coals included “The Best WELSH ADMIRALTY Smokeless Steam Coal-see illustration Res £45
  1. COMMERCIAL BISECT-Cover from Builders’ Merchants J DE PUTRON of Haviland Street, Guernsey addressed to St Peter Port with 2d Stamp Centenary tied by Guernsey machine cancel dated 22.1.1941 Res £30
  2. GUERNSEY EVENING PRESS-Printed newspaper wrapper addressed to JERSEY with bisected 2d Stamp Centenary value tied by St Peter Port d/ring dated 20.1.1941 Res £30
  3. REGISTERED Cover addressed within Guernsey with ½d & 2 x 1d Arms occupation values tied by Guernsey machine cancel dated 6.5.1941. On the back is the unframed cachet of ELIZABETH COLLEGE Res £22
  4. EDW VIII 1d alongside a strip of 3 x ½d Jersey Arms occupation values on greyish paper [SG 1d] with “EVENING POST” JERSEY JANUARY, 1942 Inscription on cover addressed to St Saviour and tied by JERSEY machine cancel dated 31.3.1942-see illustration Res £25
  5. CIVILIAN INTERNED IN LAUFEN CAMP-GEO VI 2½d air mail letter sheet for use to POW’s addressed to Mr Cyril Proudley in Laufen Camp, Germany from Highcliffe, Hants and posted from Bournemouth on 25.7.1943. The German & British censor marks are at bottom left-very clean with a very nice family message from his sister who managed to get away to the UK Res £40
  6. MIXED ISLAND FRANKING-Longer cover from the Controlling Committee of The States of Jersey addressed to Guernsey with Jersey 1½d views occupation issue and Guernsey 1d tied by St Peter Port d/rings dated 8.12.1944 Res £25
  7. RED CROSS-Printed receipt for a £1-1-4d donation to the Red Cross Fund, folded in half and addressed to Charles Renouf at the Ville-au-Roi Estate with a pair of ½d Guernsey Arms occupation values tied by pencil cancels Res £15
  8. 1937 CORONATION STAMP With Guernsey Arms occupation value on small cover addressed to London and tied by d/ring cancel of St Heliers dated 7.5.1945-2 days before Liberation Res £25
  9. LIBERATION DAY MAIL-GEO VI 1½d brown postal stationery envelope from Leale Limited of St Sampson’s Bridge, Guernsey addressed to Chesham, Bucks with added 1d Arms occupation issue tied by Guernsey machine cancel dated 9.5.1945-see illustration Res £40
  10. GUERNSEY TO NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to Wellington, New Zealand with Guernsey 2½d Arms occupation issue tied by machine cancel dated 1.6.1945. No arrival or transit marks-see illustration Res £30
  11. GUERNSEY TO LIVERPOOL-Postcard of Saint’s Bay addressed to Liverpool with a pair of Guernsey ½d Arms occupation issue tied by Guernsey machine cancel dated 12.6.1945 Res £22
  12. COVER Addressed to Boots The Chemist on Guernsey with 2½d Arms occupation issue tied by machine cancel dated 13.4.1946 Res £22
  13. GUERNSEY TO ROTTERDAM BY AIRMAIL-Cover addressed to Holland with a pair of Guernsey 2½d Arms occupation values tied by machine cancel dated 13.4.1946-a very late date!! See illustration Res £35
  14. GUERNSEY-After the Liberation on 9th May 1945, residual stocks of stamps were sent to London GPO where a very small number were used by the Counter Training Centre in London during 1947. Cover with Guernsey ½d & 1d Arms values tied by UNDATED s/ring cancel LONDON POST OFFICE/C.T.C with index 12-see illustration Res £45


  1. LONDON TO HAMBURG-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Hamburg on 23.10.1914 with unframed UNDELIVERABLE / L.P.S struck in violet ink above the usual TO BE RETURNED TO SENDER ETC Res £25
  2. HUDDERSFIELD TO DENMARK-Censored cover addressed to Copenhagen with GEO VI ½d & 2d values tied by Huddersfield “Post Early” slogan cancel dated 5.4.1940. Across the address is the crudely formed, unframed POSTAL SERVICE SUSPENDED/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink-see illustration Res £35
  3. EAST GRINSTEAD TO MALAYA-Cover censored in India addressed to Kuala Lumpur on 22.10.1941 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER struck over the address-see illustration Res £55
  4. DERBY TO ERITREA-Newspaper wrapper from “Soon” the Christian organisation with bilingual Ethiopian and English SERVICE SUSPENDED cachet in violet ink struck on the address label Res £25
  5. UK ARMED FORCES TO IRAQ-Cover originating in Germany addressed to Baghdad International Airport with GB 29p commem tied by s/ring FPO/957 dated 5.11.1990. Centrally is struck the unframed RETURN TO SENDER/NO TRANSPORT LINKS AVAILABLE/BECAUSE OF MIDDLE EAST SITUATION struck in black ink Res £25


  1. HMS ROCHFORT-Entire addressed to near Wrexham on 9.4.1820 while the ship is at SHEERNESS. At top right is a superb strike in orange/red ink of the SHEERNESS/51 mileage mark-see illustration Res £35
  2. HMS DONEGAL-Small, oval dated ship’s cachet at top left of postcard addressed to Bolventor, Cornwall dated July 1907 and sent from Devonport on 9.7.1907 Res £10
  3. CENSORED BY/LIEUT I.D ASHWORTH R.N.R/COMMANDING OFFICER/R.F.A MERCEDES-Unframed mark in blue ink at top of postcard addressed to Bradford with ½d stamp tied by 8 bar circular dumb cancel Res £25
  4. CENSORED/HMS MERCEDES / ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY / [Signature & date]-Framed mark in blue ink dated by the censor on 12.4.1917 at top of postcard of Wick addressed to Bradford Res £25
  5. HMS DREADNOUGHT-Small circular framed PC mark in violet ink on postcard of Edinburgh addressed to Kent-Gould 6D50 Res £10
  6. HMS RAPID-Stampless, taxed cover addressed to Wimbledon cancelled by FPOa machine cancel dated 27.6.1917 with 2d tax mark without office number below and 2 x 1d postage dues tied by s/rings dated 29.6.1917. At top left is Gould 6B73 PASSED BY/CENSOR Res £12
  7. TYPED “RECEIVED FROM H.M. SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED” in violet ink on postcard of Gibraltar addressed to PENTEWAN RSO. Undated, but Ca.1914 Res £12
  8. HMS MALAYA-Double rimmed oval PASSED BY CENSOR with ship’s name removed at top of stampless cover addressed to Edinburgh. Gould 7A50 in violet ink Res £15
  9. M HOSPITAL SHIP “AGADIR”-Gould 4B3 struck across the address on stamped cover addressed to Westminster with 1d stamp tied by s/ring FLEET P.O dated 14.8.1915-see illustration Res £45
  10. HMS HERCULES-Postcard addressed to Folkestone with ½d stamp cancelled by pencil scribble. At left is s/line PASSED BY CENSOR No.1 in violet ink-Gould 4C120 Res £12
  11. HMS VANGUARD-Cover addressed to Chatham with 1d tied by s/ring FLEET POST OFFICE dated 16.4.1915. At bottom left is Gould 6B6 Res £12
  12. M. YACHT DIANE/DATE/CAPTAIN-Oval cachet at top right of longer OHMS cover addressed to HMS PRESIDENT with rubber s/ring cancel at bottom left NAVAL MAIL OFFICE/DATE/DOVER struck in blue ink on the same day. Nice item!! Res £30
  13. OVERSEAS TOBACCO LEAGUE “Makers of the Empire-General Wolfe”-Thank you postcard addressed to COMBERTON School, Cambridge from a DUTCH Sailor thanking the children [in Dutch] for his cigarettes. With anonymous [mute] RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS cancel at top right Res £12
  14. NEW YORK-Postcard of the William Sloane House Servicemens Club at 356 West 34th Street, New York addressed to Swinton, Lancs with naval tombstone censor mark dated 30.9.1942 struck in black ink at centre, bottom. The stampless card is cancelled by the less common diamond die machine cancel RECEIVED FROM... in black ink Res £12
  15. MISSENT TO USS CONSTELLATION CV-64 Straight line mark in violet ink on front of cover addressed to San Francisco from HAGAMAN, New York on 25.9.1989. On the back is the U.S postal service d/ring cancel dated 6.10.1989 Res £8


  1. MULREADY ENVELOPE A178 Addressed to London from NORWICH on 18.5.1840 [a Monday date]-just 12 days after issue-with red Maltese Cross cancel at top centre & d/arc on the back-looks very nice from the front, but part side flap is cut away Res £175
  2. MULREADY LETTER Sheet A57 addressed to London, cancelled by black Maltese Cross cancel of LYNN on 4.5.1841 [a Tuesday date]. The d.arc cancel is placed neatly at bottom left-nice item-see illustration Res £175
  3. PENNY Pink envelope addressed to Berlin with added 1½d red/brown [IB-BI] tied by 4VOD ALDERLEY EDGE-F56 duplex cancel dated 17.12.1879 Res £35
  4. IRELAND-Printed EASON & SON of Middle Abbey Street, Dublin ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to LEAP, County Cork, cancelled by the scarce Irish S within diamond hatched d/ring cancel dated 7.8.1897-see illustration Res £45
  5. PENNY Pink OHMS smaller envelope partially pre-addressed to “The Collector/of Inland Revenue” with manuscript finishing of the address at Camden Town Not postally used, but very clean-H&B No. EO26 measuring 133 x 78mm Res £25
  6. IRELAND-Printed EDW VII ½d blue-green EASON & SON printed newspaper wrapper addressed to LEAP, County Cork, cancelled by the scarce S within diamond d/ring cancel dated 11.9.1902 Res £45
  7. EDW VII 1d die OHMS longer envelope with printed THE SURVEYOR OF TAXES followed by s/line hand stamp BRISTOL 3rd in violet ink. H&B No.E056 measuring 224 x 98mm. Not postally used Res £25
  8. ARMY & NAVY STORES-EDW VII ½d yellow-green impression on pictorial postcard addressed to Blackheath from London on 1.11.1907. On the back is a full image of the store at Victoria Street Res £22
  1. McDOWALL, STEVEN & COMPANY-EDW VII ½d envelope addressed within London on 10.10.1910 with lovely advertising image of one of the company’s portable boilers, being the “most efficient on the market” Res £22
  2. J&J COLMAN LTD-GEO V ½d postcard measuring 164 x 101mm printed as an order card with loads of the company’s goodies listed on the back from Mustard to starch to flour etc. Addressed to Chatham from London on the 5th December 1913, it has trademarks arranged down the centre of the card. Not a common card!! Res £30
  3. KAY & COMPANY-The mail order catalogue pioneers postcard addressed to Stockbridge, Hants from Worcester on 13.8.1914 with a full image on the back of the company premises at Worcester Res £22
  4. REVALUED ENVELOPE-GEO V 2d envelope from the National Bank of India addressed to Weedon Barracks from London on 6.10.1922 with triangular framed D/E.C struck below the stamp impression Res £40
  5. REVALUED ENVELOPE-GEO V 3d envelope from the National Bank of India addressed to Hamburg, Germany from London on 24.7.1923 with triangular framed D/E.C struck above the stamp impression Res £40
  6. CEREBOS SALT-GEO V ½d advertising window envelope with image of salt pouring from a larger container into the table salt cellar used from WILLESDEN on 19.6.1933 Res £25
  7. IMPERIAL TOBACCO COMPANY-“OGDEN” full size illustration of the Liverpool Ogden branch factories on the back of GEO V ½d window envelope used from LIVERPOOL on 1.7.1933 Res £25
  8. “DOUBLE LIFE” LEATHER GAUNTLETS-Longer GEO V ½d illustrated advertising envelope addressed to Taplow, Bucks from PADDINGTON on 30.3.1936. At left is a lovely illustration of a young lady wearing the gauntlets whilst having a fag!!!! On the back is a full advert for a lawn mower Res £25
  9. GEO VI 2½d blue stamp impression on pink stock letter sheet addressed to HESTON, Middlesex from DARTFORD on 12.12.1952. Inside is an embossed Pall Mall address Res £22
  10. QEII 2d dark brown postcard with large violet inked SPECIMEN struck centrally Res £15
  11. OCEAN ACCIDENT GUARANTEE CORPORATION Insurance card addressed to France with 2d brown Wilding impression and 2 x 1d adhesives cancelled/tied by LONDON Civil Defence slogan dated 2.10.1957 Res £15
  12. OCEAN ACCIDENT GUARANTEE CORPORATION Insurance card addressed to Holland with 2½d QEII Wilding impression cancelled by postcode slogan of South Kensington dated 27.7.1962 Res £12
  13. PROXY VOTE CARD-QEII 2½d postcard pre-addressed to Town & City Properties Ltd., of Dominion Street, London notifying the recipient of an EGM to be held on 5.4.1962 Res £8
  14. GUMMED LABEL With 4d & 3d Wilding stamp impressions cancelled by London SW2 d/ring dated 28.9.1962 on small part parcel wrapper addressed to Shrewsbury Res £22
  15. WRIGHT, LAYMAN & UMNEY-QEII 2½d die on yellow/brown stock postcard addressed to Sheffield from Castleford on 31.3.1963. The card is a reps order card for Wrights Coal Tar Soap and other goodies and pharmaceuticals Res £15
  16. THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE-QEII 3d & ½d dies on newspaper wrapper addressed to Canada from Liverpool on 19.2.1964 Res £12
  17. PHOENIX ASSURANCE COMPANY Insurance card addressed to the company at King William Street, London with 4d red Machin and added 2d Machin tied/cancelled by HOUNSLOW/MIDDLESEX machine cancel dated 7.5.1971 Res £12


  1. MISSENT-TO/BRISTOL STATION-Dark blue cancel on front of unstamped/unpaid cover addressed to Peterborough from TORQUAY, via London on 30.8.1851. On the back is the dated d/arc cancel BRISTOL STATION dated 31.8.1851-see illustration Res £125
  2. BERWICK STATION-Dated double arc cancel dated 25.1.1855 on back of wrapper addressed to Berwick from Cromarty [?] with 2 strikes of the Scots Local cancel CROM....... tying a pair of 1d red stars Res £25
  3. YORK-Entire addressed to Stanhope, via Darlington with very good green oval strike of the R.W [Rail.Way] mark alongside 1d red stars tied by superb 3VCD YORK-930 dated 19.7.1858 Res £45
  4. MISSENT TO/SOUTHAMPTON STATION-Superb strike of this scarce mark on front of small cover addressed to Kingston-on-Thames from Ventnor, Isle of Wight on 15.6.1859-see illustration Res £175
  5. REGISTERED/REDHILL STATION OFFICE-Oval cancels dated 1.5.1890 with index E ties 1d & 1½d values to QV registered envelope addressed to Washington-see illustration Res £35
  6. CHESTER/R.O-180 3VOD dated 30.7.1890 with index E ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Edinburgh. On the back is the Scots d/ring EDINR & CARLISLE/S.T dated 31.7.1890 with index D Res £22
  1. PARCEL POST LABEL-STEVENTON, WHITCHURCH, Under MICHELDEVER STATION-Scarcer sub-office PPL cancelled by rubber cancel STEVENTON/ WHITCHURCH/HANTS dated 19.3.1912. Also a rubber cut-out STEVENTON / MICHELDEVER STATION dated 26.1.1903 on part PPL Res £45
  2. RUSKIN/PORT OF MONTEITH STATION/STIRLINGSHIRE-Rubber sub-office cancel in violet ink ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  3. MARYLEBONE STATION/GREAT CENTRAL RLY-S/ring dated 22.7.1908 cancels telegram. The ONLY RECORDED DATE for this cancel Res £55
  4. KILLEARN STATION-S/ring dated 24.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. SWINDON STATION-Skeleton cancel dated 8.9.1910 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £35
  6. LAURIESTON/NEW GALLOWAY STATION-Scarce sub-office s/ring dated 3.7.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £28
  7. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From BROMLEY, KENT cancelled by rubber cancel ORPINGTON STATION/B.O/DATE/TIME/KENT dated 30.8.1912 at 11.30am-see illustration Res £45
  8. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STN-Skeleton cancel dated 2.3.1913 with STN removed ties stamp to postcard. Also a piece with 1d value similarly tied on the following day [2] Res £30
  9. ORPINGTON STATION/KENT-Skeleton cancel dated 22.3.1913 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £30
  10. BEACONSFIELD STATION/BEACONSFIELD S.O BUCKS-S/rings dated 10.6.1922, 10.2.1922 & 19.11.1921 struck on page from a Post Office Savings Bank page Res £22
  11. FATFIELD/WASHINGTON STATION S.O Co. DURHAM-Uncommon sub-office s/ring cancel dated 9.1.1922 cancels GEO V 5d orange postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Leeds Res £28
  12. WATERLOO STATION/L&SW RY-S/rings dated 31.10.1922 ties GEO V ½d 1d x 2 & 2d values to registered cover addressed to Brighton Res £25
  13. KNEBWORTH STATION/STEVENAGE HERTS-Less common d/ring cancel dated 12.9.1924 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  14. MIDDLETON JUNCTION/MANCHESTER-D/ring dated 12.5.1927 ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £22
  15. NIGG STATION/ROSSSHIRE-D/ring dated 19.9.1949 ties GEO VI ½d & 6d values to registered cover addressed to Slough. At top left is the appropriate NIGG STATION registered label Res £28
  16. NUNTHORPE STATION/MIDDLESBROUGH YORKS-Scarce d/rings dated 16.8.1949 with index A ties GEO VI ½d & 6d values to registered cover addressed to Slough. Appropriate station registration label at top left Res £30
  17. STUARTFIELD/MINTLAW STATION-D/ring sub-office cancel dated 10.8.1951 with index A ties GEO VI 2d brown to postcard addressed to Aberdeen Res £25
  18. NIGG/NIGG STATION ROSS-SHIRE D/ring dated 21.7.1952 ties GEO VI 2d to postcard Res £25
  19. KIVETON PARK STATION/SHEFFIELD-D/rings dated 31.8.1978 cancels 69p registered envelope addressed within Sheffield Res £22


  1. M/NR-Larger red inked cancel on 1d pink envelope addressed to Silsoe, Beds from London on 28.4.1857. On the back is the undated d/arc SILSOE in green ink Res £35
  2. W/R.P.O/E-Thimble cancel on Late Fee 3d entire addressed to Nottingham from London, dated 9.1.1867 Res £30
  3. MANCHESTER/DATE/S.T-S/ring transit mark dated 27.6.1868 with index A on back of 1d pink envelope addressed to Alderley Edge from Maidenhead Res £22
  4. IPSWICH SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 15.2.1893 with index B on back of QV registered envelope size G addressed to Colchester with added ½d & 1d values tied by two strikes of the squared circle cancel WARGRAVE/BERKS dated 14.2.1893 Res £22
  5. K48 3VOS Numeral cancel cancels 1d QV postal stationery postcard addressed to Boston, USA with s/ring LONDON & HOLYHEAD / T.P.O / UNITED STATES MAIL alongside, dated 21.11.1896-see illustration Res £150
  6. LONDON & BRIGHTON S.C/DAY DOWN-S/ring transit/arrival mark dated 6th May 1899 on postcard from France. This is the mark without the year slug Res £25
  7. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From THORNBURY, UNDER BRISTOL with EDW VII 3d & 4d values tied by BRISTOL roller cancel. At right is the s/ring THORNBURY R.S.O/GLOS dated 15.8.1903-see illustration Res £40
  8. DUBLIN & QUEENSTOWN/TPO-Unframed circular mark dated 23.12.1902 on postcard from the RMS “OCEANIC” addressed to Alverstoke, Hants. The EDW VII ½d stamp is tied by s/line PAQUEBOT cancel in black. Res £35
  9. EDINR & NEWCASTLE S.T DAY MAIL/+ Unframed circular transit mark dated 17.9.1904 with index D on underpaid, taxed postcard from France addressed to Edinburgh & redirected to North Berwick Res £15
  10. WOODLEIGH LODDISWELL R.S.O/DEVON-Superb strike of this very uncommon s/ring cancel dated 4.1.1905 ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £22
  11. HORLEY R.S.O/SURREY-Skeleton cancel dated 13.2.1905 with index E ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  12. HIGHD SORTING CARRIAGE/NIGHT MAIL-S/ring dated 10.8.1905 with index U ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  13. F14-4VOS Numeral cancel ties stamp to postcard. Alongside is the s/ring BAINBRIDGE ASKRIGG R.S.O/YORKS dated 30.8.1905. Lovely strikes on very clean card Res £15
  14. SOUTH WESTERN TPO/NIGHT DOWN-S/rings tie 2 x ½d EDW VII values perfin HW/& to postcard addressed to Guildford Res £8
  15. NEWCASTLE ON TYNE/SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring transit/arrival mark on picture side of postcard from Bath dated 23.4.1909. Cancel is OK, but lightly struck Res £22
  16. IPSWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/NIGHT DOWN-S/ring dated 9.9.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  17. SHREWSBURY YORK TPO-S/ring dated 11.9.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  18. DOWN SPECIAL/TPO-D/ring dated 27.1.1951 ties GEO VI 3d to cover addressed to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital Res £10
  19. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Illustrated advertising cover addressed to London with 2½d & ½d Wildings tied by EPSOM Voters List slogan dated 3.12.1964 Res £7
  20. CARRIED ON/ROYAL INAUGURAL/TRAIN/30th APRIL/1979-Crowned cachet in black n back of postcard of a London Underground train headed to High Barnet Res £5


  1. SWANAGE, Under Wareham-PPL From here with QV 2½d & 3d values tied by WAREHAM target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring with s/line SWANAGE dated 20.1.1896 Res £25
  2. DUBLIN-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring DUPLIN/P dated 28.1.1896 and PPL From DUBLIN, JAMES STREET cancelled by s/ring JAMES ST B.O/DUBLIN dated 15.12.1915 [Trimmed at left]. Res £22
  3. WOOL, Under Wareham-PPL From here with QV 3d tied by superb strike of the WOOL-J68 duplex cancel dated 4.11.1897 with index A-see illustration Res £35
  4. KENSINGTON, 217 HIGH STREET, LONDON W-PPL From here with 5d QV value tied by s/ring KENSINGTON/HIGH ST No.217 W dated 26.6.1901 Res £25
  5. 6, BISHOP’S ROAD, LONDON, W-PPL From here with QV 4d tied by s/ring BISHOP’S RD/PADDINGTON dated 25.7.1901 Res £25
  6. BLANDFORD-PPL From here with QV 5d tied by the oval REGISTERED/BLANDFORD dated 21.12.1901. Alongside is the s/ring dated the same day Res £25
  7. NORTH ALLINGTON, Under Bridport-PPL From here cancelled by violet inked rubber cancel NORTH ALLINGTON/BRIDPORT dated 28.5.1904 Res £22
  8. SANDBANKS, PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL From here with GEO V 3d tied by s/ring SANDBANKS PARKSTONE/DORSET dated 30.4.1913 Res £22
  9. WIMBORNE, THE SQUARE-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by s/ring dated 10.4.1917 Res £25
  10. COURT HILL, SWANAGE, Under Poole-PPL From here with GEO V 9d agate tied by s/ring COURT HILL/SWANAGE R.S.O DORSET dated 10.10.1919 Res “35

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. TYLER HILL/CANTERBURY-Cancel dated 15.6.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  2. CHIPSTABLE, WIVELISCOMBE/SOM-Cancel dated 7.7.1905 ties stamp to postcard-card has water stain at left & bottom, but a scarcer cancel Res £8
  3. CLYNE/NEATH-Transit mark dated 15.7.1905 on postcard from Neath Res £10
  4. TWYFORD/BUCKINGHAM-Superb, upright cancel dated 25.12.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  5. PORCHFIELD/NEWPORT, I OF W-Cancel dated 27.9.1907 on postcard from Newport to London-see illustration Res £22
  6. KIRKCAMBECK/CARLISLE-Cancel dated 6.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. SHURDINGTON/CHELTENHAM-Cancel dated 24.12.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  8. SUTTON-ON-DERWENT/YORK-Cancel dated 29.12.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  9. LYMPSHAM/WESTON-SUPER-MARE Black cancel dated 2.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. THORNEY HILL/CHRISTCHURCH-Black cancel dated 22.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  11. SUNNISIDE/GAESHEAD-Black cancel dated 8.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. COAT/MARTOCK/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 20.10.1911 tie stamp to postcard Res £9
  13. FOXHOLE/ST AUSTELL-Violet cancel dated 27.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  14. MACKEN/ENNISKILLEN-Violet cancel dated 20.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  15. BLEDDFA/LLANGUNLLO/RADNOR-Black cancel dated 23.7.1919 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  16. GREAT TEW/KELVEDON/ESSEX-Black cancel dated 1.5.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. STANLEY/DERBY-Black cancel dated 10.11.1927 ties stamp to cover Res £8
  18. GORRAN HAVEN / GORRAN / CORNWALL-Black cancel dated 8.8.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. ANSLOW / BURTON-ON-TRENT / STAFFS-Black cancel dated 17.7.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. TRESAITH/CARDIGAN-Black cancel dated 14.8.1931 ties stamp to postcard Res £10


  1. FARRINGDON/ UNRECORDED TRAVELLER Dated 8.4.1838 on back of FREE entire from Farringdon addressed to London-see illustration Res £75
  2. MARKET DEEPING S.O/LINCS-Cancel dated 9.3.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. DIFFIELD/DERBY-Cancel dated 15.6.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. BRIERFIELD/BURNLEY-Cancel dated 23.12.1909 tie stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. CHARING/ASHFORD-Cancel dated 22.3.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  6. TIPPERARY-English style skeleton dated 4.12.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. INGLETON/CARNFORTH-Cancel dated 28.9.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


  1. WHALSAY-S/ring dated 18.6.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  2. BRIDGE OF WALLS-S/ring dated 6.1.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  3. BRYDEKIRK-S/ring dated 3.12.1914 [not a Scottish Island, but what the heck] ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  4. GIGHA, ARGYLL-S/ring dated 11.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  5. BALMACARA-S/ring dated 14.8.1931 ties stamp to postcard [not a Scots Island] Res £5
  6. CASTLE BAY/ISLE OF BARRA-D/ring dated 25.8.1937 ties stamp to postcard Res £15


  1. WATCH TOWER/BEACHY HEAD/1911-Unframed violet cachet on postcard, unused Res £15
  2. WOLF CAVES/ST/JOHN’S/JERSEY-D/ring cachet in violet ink on postcard from Jersey addressed to Rugby on 5.9.1913-see illustration Res £25
  3. FIRST & LAST HOUSE/LANDS END-Unframed violet cachet on postcard to Newcastle dated 17.6.1914 Res £5
  4. BEACHY HEAD-S/line mark in violet ink on postcard from Brighton addressed to Chester on 23.6.1916 Res £15
  5. SNAEFELL-SUMMIT/DATE/I.O.M-Squashed diamond cachet in black/blue ink dated 19.8.1938 on postcard from Douglas addressed to Bradford Res £22
  6. POSTED/IN HMS VICTORY-Unframed mark in blue/green ink on postcard addressed within Portsmouth on 21.7.1948 Res £5
  7. RATTLESNAKE ISLAND LOCAL POST-First Day postcard addressed to San Francisco from Port Clinton on 23.1.1967 with triangular Rattlesnake Island stamp tied by local post cancel dated the same day Res £7
  8. .................Large pictorial cachet in black ink [usually blue] on postcard from Bangor to Blackpool dated 11.8.1977 Res £5
  9. LLECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS 5p Railway Letter stamp overprinted SILVER OTTER/AWARD 1980 tied by rubber s/r POSTED UNDERGROUND/AT/DATE /LLECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS dated 10.7.1980 Res £6
  10. POSTED ONBOARD S.S GREAT BRITAIN/GREAT WESTERN DOCK/BRISTOL BS1 6TY Pictorial cachet on postcard sent to Kettering on 15.11.1989 Res £5


  1. ISLE OF MAN-UDC in black ink on back of an entire addressed to Market Weighton, Yorks on 18.7.1838 Res £28
  2. SONNING-Lovely black inked cancel at top right of entire addressed to London at the 2d unpaid rate on 6.9.1844-see illustration Res £25
  3. STURMINSTER-UDC in black on front of insurance company questionnaire addressed to Stalbridge with 1d red imperf cancelled by poor 87 numeral of Blandford on 3.12.1846. The letter is sealed by a diamond-shaped wafer seal with various shorthand squiggles on it Res £25
  4. WELLESBORNE-Red/orange cancel on the back of entire addressed to London, via Stratford-on-Avon on 1.8.1848 Res £25
  5. WEST DRAYTON-Superb strike of the orange/red inked UDC on front of wrapper addressed to Belgrave Square on 10.6.1843-see illustration Res £25


  1. THE LIZARD-1SC dated 10.8.1886 with index A ties stamp to cover Res £22
  2. LIFTON-1st 1SC dated 18.3.1890 with index C cancels ½d brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Fowey Res £25
  3. STONEHOUSE B.O/PLYMOUTH-1SC dated 5.4.1892 with index A cancels ½d postcard addressed to Liskeard Res £22
  4. LUTON-1SC dated 13.7.1892 with index P ties 2½d Jubilee issue to cover addressed to Germany Res £22
  5. NEW BRIGHTON/LIVERPOOL-1A-B-NC dated 20.10.1896 with index B3 ties 1d lilac & 2d Jubilee value to registered cover addressed to Liverpool. Res £30
  6. HUNMANBY-1SC dated 19.8.1900 with index B ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to France Res £15
  7. BILDESTON-1SC dated 15.8.1902 with index B ties stamp to envelope Res £15
  8. HOLSWORTHY-1SC dated 10.8.1904 with index F ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. HOUGHTON LE SPRING-1SC dated 20.2.1905 with index E ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. BARNETBY-1SC dated 24.5.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8

SUSSEX POSTAL HISTORY [From a recent archive find]

  1. CHICHESTER-Curved mark in black ink on front at top left of an entire addressed to BRIGHTLEHEMSTONE [Brighton] on 15.11.1800. At bottom left is the manuscript “IN HIS ABSENCE TO BE/OPENED BY HIS CLERK” Res £30
  2. CUCKFIELD-S/line mark in black ink on the back of an entire addressed to Brighton on 26.5.1835 at the 4d rate-lovely!! Res £30
  3. CUCKFIELD/PENNY POST-Framed mark on back of wrapper addressed to Brighton. Undated, but Ca.1830-on the front is the framed No.1 receiving house mark in black ink Res £30
  4. HORSHAM-Superbly struck s/line mark at top left of entire addressed to Brighton on 31.10.1800 Res £35
  5. HORSHAM-Equally good s/line mark in greenish brown ink at top right of entire addressed to Brighton on 26.4.1801 Res £35
  6. LEWES-Lovely red inked curved mark at bottom right of entire addressed to Brighton on 7.10.1795. At bottom left is the endorsement “B.B.” [By Bag] Res £40
  7. LEWES/50-Superb example of the framed mileage mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Brighton on 5.5.1802-exhibition quality Res £25
  8. LEWES-Partially pre-addressed entire to the overseers of the poor at Hurstpierpoint, cancelled by LEWES d/arc dated 24.8.1853. The entire is a notice of objection to a name appearing on the voters list Res £25
  9. MIDHURST/51-Superb strike of the framed mileage mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Brighton on 15.6.1802 Res £25
  10. STEYNING/72-Framed mileage mark in black ink at right of entire addressed to Brighton on 26.7.1802 Res £35


  1. 135 CORBRIDGE-3VOD dated 30.7.1904 ties stamp to postcard with time 3.30pm Res £5
  2. 473 LONG STRATTON-1844 Type cancel x 2 on 1d pink envelope addressed to Bungay on 9.2.1851 Res £25
  3. 677 ST CLEARS-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red stars to cover addressed to Narberth on31.8.1857 Res £7
  4. 828 LANCHESTER-3VOD dated 14.9.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £4
  5. 887 STALBRIDGE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to Shaftesbury on 31.12.1851. On the back is the undated d/arc cancel STALBRIDGE in black ink Res £60
  6. 912 DEDDINGTON, OXON-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red stars to cover on 25.7.1860 Res £35
  7. B50 LLANGEFNI-4VOD dated 14.10.1872 cancels ½d violet postcard addressed to Dublin & redirected to Enniscorthy Res £25
  8. D57 BUTE DOCKS/CARDIFF-3VOD dated 24.2.1897 ties ½d vermillion to monthly market report addressed to GREECE-Not bad for a ½d!! Res £18
  9. F65 LLANFYLLIN-3VOD dated 31.12.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. H46 CARLTON IRON WORKS-3VOD dated 29th April [no year slug inserted] ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  11. H68 PURTON-3VOD x 2 dated 13.12.1893 with index B ties 2 x ½d vermillion values to entire addressed to London £22
  12. J89 CHURCH LANE/OLD CHARLTON-3VOD dated 23.1.1895 cancels 1d pink envelope addressed to Essex Res £22
  13. K36 SOUTH HETTON-D/RING Numeral cancel dated 2.4.1906 with index C ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £12
  14. LONDON 56-3VOS ties 1d red stars to LNWR printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Liverpool1865 Res £15
  15. SCOTTISH 616 LEADBURN-Rectangular numeral ties stamp to postcard addressed to Milton Bridge Ca.1906 Res £12


  1. 1777 ENTIRE addressed to London from LORD GRANTHAM, the former Postmaster-General [1765-66] whilst in Spain on 31.7.1777 Ex-Lockwood Res £45
  2. 1790 ENTIRE Addressed to the Rector of Falmouth on 1.5.1790 with good BOLTON/LE-MOORS struck at bottom left alongside the manuscript X POST Res £40
  3. SALISBURY-Lovely s/line mark on back of wrapper addressed to Brighton via London on 24.3.1800. Despite the endorsement “VIA PORTSMOUTH”, the letter went via London Res £28
  4. BRISTOL/JUL 3.1800-Unframed mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to “Darking” [Dorking, Surrey] on 3.7.1800. Rated at 1/9d, 1/4d & finally, 1/2d. On the back is a further strike Res £40
  5. WHITCHURCH S-Superb strike of the horseshoe type cancel in black ink on small entire addressed to Brighton on 20.11.1800-see illustration Res £45
  6. TWO PY POST/UNPAID/N.O LEWISHAM-Superb strike in red ink at bottom left of entire addressed to Brighton on 25.5.1802-see illustration of cancel I cannot find in my “Collect British Postmarks” Res £55
  7. BILLERICAY/24-Exhibitiin quality strike of the framed mileage mark in red ink on entire addressed to Brighton on 25.10.1802-see illustration Res £75
  8. GOSPORT/74-Black inked strike of the framed mileage mark at top right of entire addressed to Brighton on 27.11.1802 Res £30
  9. NORTH BERWICKO.378/B-Distinctive circular mileage mark in red/brown ink on wrapper addressed to Haddington on 14.1.1812 Res £22
  10. FREE ENTIRE Addressed to Edinburgh from Crail on 21.10.1819 with very good, large s/line CRAIL at bottom left in black ink Res £25
  11. MALVERN WELLS/PENNY POST-Red/orange inked unframed mark on entire addressed to London with framed TO PAY 1d ONLY struck in a very deep red ink at centre on 9.12.1823 Res £35
  12. FALMOUTH ADDITIONAL ½ IN GREEN INK On entire addressed to Edinburgh on 13.8.1824. Endorsed “PR PACKET”, the letter originates from KINGSTON, JAMAICA and has the smaller d/arc cancel on the back flap Res £125
  13. CALLINGTON-Lovely strike of the horseshoe cancel on back of wrapper addressed to Liskeard on 12.8.1831 Res £25
  14. LONDON RATE CHANGE-Entire addressed locally within London with black 3 taking precedence over the erased 2 mark with metal squiggly thing cancelling the 2-see illustration Res £30
  15. GLASGOW/PENNY POST-Unframed mark struck in blue ink on entire addressed to Lennoxtown on 31.5.1832 with same colour blue 2 struck alongside Res £22
  16. BRECHIN-S/line mark in black ink on back of entire addressed to Edinburgh on 5.4.1833 Res £20
  17. COLUMPTON-Superb strike of the horseshoe cancel on back of entire addressed to London on 8.3.1835 Res £28
  18. “BY THE PORTSMOUTH MAIL 7th JANUARY [1836]”-Entire from London addressed to Brighton on 5.1.1836 with the manuscript endorsement at bottom left Res £22
  19. MANCHESTER ADDITIONAL ½ IN Orange/red ink struck at top right of wrapper addressed to the Ship Bank, Glasgow on 29.4.1836. The Manchester cancel is on the back flap in the same colour ink Res £45
  20. FT WILLIAM-S/line mark struck in black ink on 17.6.1836 on the back flap of wrapper addressed to Glasgow. Opens out to display nicely Res £22
  21. 88 OXFORD ST/2D PAID-Apparently unrecorded mark in black ink struck at top right of entire addressed within London on 24.1.1837 Res £30
  22. HOUSE OF COMMONS-Exhibition quality free from CAISTER, Norfolk addressed to a M.P with superb strike of the Crowned FREE at top right, dated 10.6.1839-four days after being posted!! Res £25
  23. BANK OF SCOTLAND’S OFFICE/MONTROSE/PAID-Black cancel at top left of entire addressed to Stonehaven on 14.1.1840. Alongside is the MONTROSE d/arc and red manuscript PD1 Res £25


  1. PENNY BLACK-Four margin example P-J from plate 1a tied to a nice neat entire addressed to Wymondham by a superb strike of the NORWICH Maltese Cross cancel in bright red ink on 16.6.1840. The stamp also has the 5 & 10 o’clock Ray Flaws-see illustration Res £195
  2. EASTHAM ROAD/PENNY POST-Unframed EXETER SUB-OFFICE penny post cancel in black ink on front of entire addressed to London on 15.5.1842. This mark is unrecorded in the County Catalogue and in my CBP Res £65
  3. NUMBER 7 IN MALTESE CROSS-Perfect strike ties 1d red imperf to large part entire addressed to Colchester on 27.5.1843 Res £45
  4. NUMBER 2 IN MALTESE CROSS-Another perfect strike on 1d red on redirected wrapper addressed to South Moorfields. Struck centrally is a lovely 1d for redirection, struck on 5.10.1843 Res £45
  5. NUMBER 7 IN MALTESE CROSS-Superb strike on 1d pink envelope addressed to Bristol on 30.11.1843 Res £45
  6. NORWICH DISTINCTIVE MALTESE CROSS-Penny pink envelope addressed to Woolpit, Suffolk cancelled by the very distinctive Norwich Maltese Cross on 5.1.1844-ex Cavendish sale-Rockoff & Jackson record this mark on ONLY FOUR 1d envelopes-see illustration Res £450
  7. CLAPHAM COMMON-S/line mark in black on entire addressed to BELGIUM and redirected to COLOGNE on 16.8.1847 with oval P-D above London PAID mark, both in red ink Res £25
  8. MICHAEL FARADAY-Envelope sent by him and signed by him at the bottom left on 14.2.1843. The cover is addressed to Sir John Frederick William HERSCHEL, Bart. FRS at 32 Harley Street. Comes with write-up and photo of his headstone at Highgate Cemetery-see illustration Res £75
  9. HOLBORN 1D-PAID Blue cancel on entire addressed to South Lambeth on 4.2.1850 with hand-struck P.B alongside in black ink Res £30
  10. DOLGELLY-THE ROYAL SHIP INN, Dolgelly printed memo dated 6.4.1895 together with a similar receipt for £3-8-5d with matching envelope addressed to Liverpool. The 1d lilac is tied by DOLGELLY-222 SVOD dated 6.4.1895 Res £22
  11. MOURNING Cover & matching mourning notepaper with 1d lilac tied by d/ring LISCARD CHESHIRE/2 dated 14.2.1900 Res £15
  12. FOXDALE/I OF MAN-S/ring dated 15.8.1900 ties QV ½d blue-green to Court-Size postcard of Edinburgh addressed to Sevenoaks. The stamp is placed near-centre and is just tied, also by the 3VOD DOUGLAS/ISLE OF MAN-407 dated the same day Res £25
  13. POSTED IN ADVANCE / FOR DELIVERY / ON/CHRISTMAS DAY / 1902 - An exceptional strike of the very scarce OLDHAM type 1 cancel ties EDW VII ½d to small piece. Sold by Stanley Gibbons on 25.10.1990 for £90. Twenty-nine years later you could have it for £50 See illustration Res £50
  14. POSTED IN ADVANCE/MR/1905/FOR DELIVERY ON CHRISTMAS DAY-The oval Manchester strike for 1905 ties ½d stamp to envelope addressed locally. Not normally found on envelopes Res £85
  15. RUTLAND-Postcard addressed to Barnet, Herts with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring PRESTON/UPPINGHAM dated 10.9.1907. Also tying the stamp is the skeleton cancel UPPINGHAM dated the same day Res £12
  16. NORWICH CHRISTMAS CROSS-The 1907 cross ties stamp to Christmas postcard addressed locally to St Pauls-Catalogued at £400-see illustration Res £200
  17. SAMPLE POST-EDW VII ½d blue-green newspaper wrapper addressed to Berlin with manuscript SAMPLES-NO VALUE at top left. The stamp impression & added ½d are tied by London E.C/25 vertical numeral cancels Ca.1902 Res £15
  18. MIDDLESEX REDIRECTION/SWEDEN-Cover addressed to DENHAM with 1d EDW VII value tied by s/ring DUNSFORD dated 18.10.1910. On arrival, it was redirected to Sweden and the 1½d value is tied by superb DENHAM/UXBRIDGE dated 19.10.1910-see illustration Res £25
  19. IRELAND-Registered cover addressed to Dublin with EDW VII 2d & GEO V 1d tied by s/rings PORTLAND/BIRR dated 1.12.1912. The BLANK registration label at left is similarly cancelled by the UNDATED version of the s/ring. Cover has some quite bad foxing, but I think will clean up substantially with a little bit of “Foxit” Res £22
  20. SUSSEX-Registered cover to Brighton with GEO V 1d & 2d values tied by d/rings PULBOROUGH S.O/SUSSEX dated 29.12.1913. At left is the BLANK registration, cancelled by the UNDATED s/ring PULBOROUGH Res £22
  21. POST OFFICE FORM P.325 Being an order for 1/1d or 1/6d National Health and Pension stamps and for 6½d, 7½d, 1/1d and 1/3d Unemployment stamps. Printed date of 1926 Res £12
  22. STAMP DEALER-Registered cover addressed to Winnipeg, Canada with GEO V 4d & GEO VI ½d tied by oval rubber cancel of Charing Cross dated 28.6.1938. On the back are details of R Roberts of 430, Strand-he bought the Stanley Gibbons new issue service in 1909 Res £18
  23. STAMP DEALER-Wartime quality buff envelope with printed detail at top left of Whitfield King addressed to Markyate, Herts, cancelled by the IPSWICH/GREAT BRITAIN/PAID 1d/DATE Krag cancel in red ink, dated 30.9.1941 Res £15
  24. IRELAND-Registered, censored cover addressed to Messrs Whitfield King at Ipswich with GEO VI 2½d & 3d values tied by d/ring BALLYCASTLE/Co. ANTRIM dated 8.1.1943. At left is the registration label THE QUAY BALLYCASTLE/Co. ANTRIM which is tied by the 4849 Examiners tape. On the back is the s/ring of The Quay Res £22
  25. ALDERNEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS-Illustrated FDC With the 2½d 3rd Anniversary of Liberation value tied by s/ring ALDERNEY/CH IS dated 10.5.1948 Res £18
  26. ENFIELD-GEO VI 6½d registered envelope size F addressed to Chelmsford, cancelled by s/ring ENFIELD MIDDX/6 dated 12.3.1952 Res £8
  27. KIRKBY TRADING EST/LIVERPOOL-Machine cancel dated 26.9.1955 ties 1½d Wilding perfin K for KOFAK on printed envelope addressed to Fulham Res £10
  28. BOLDON COLLIERY/Co. DURHAM-D/ring dated 24.11.1959 ties 3d Wilding to envelope addressed to London Res £8
  29. PORT SUNLIGHT BIRKENHEAD/CHESHIRE-S/ring dated 12.7.1960 ties 1/3d Wilding to registered cover addressed to London. At top left is the BIRKENHEAD 49 registration label Res £8
  30. RECORDED DELIVERY FIRST DAY-Cover addressed within Sutton Coldfield [NOT Francis Field] with 2 x 4½d Wildings tied by machine cancel dated 1.2.1961-comes with the January 1961 Post Office leaflet explaining all the rules etc. Res £22
  31. ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL/OSWESTRY SALOP-D/ring cancel dated 25.1.1964 ties Welsh 3d regional to cover addressed to London Res £6
  32. FORTH ROAD BRIDGE-FDC Postcard of the bridge addressed to Hilperton, Wiltshire with 3d FRB value tied by the special cancel on 4.9.1964. Nice!! Res £6
  33. ISLE OF MAN-Registered cover addressed to Scotland with IOM 4d blue pair & 1/6d Wilding tied by d/rings KIRK MAUGOLD/RAMSEY I.O.M dated 16.5.1966. At top left is the appropriate registration label of Kirk Maughold-some light foxing, but OK-will clean Res £22
  34. NOTTINGHAM-Stampless envelope addressed to KEYWORTH, cancelled by local d/ring ST MARY’S/DATE/NOTTINGHAM dated 15.12.1981. Most likely a Church cancel for local delivery of Christmas Cards. Res £6


  1. ADEN-Thimble arrival mark ADEN dated 12.8.1890 on back of envelope from London addressed to HMS GARNET at Aden with a pair of 2½d Jubilee values tied by SOUTH KENSINGTON S.W-10 duplex cancel dated 1.8.1890 Res £22
  2. ADEN-“RESIDENT ADVISER/MUKALLA”-Unframed cachet on back of British Government crested Coat-of-Arms envelope addressed to Lincoln with SHIHR & MUKALLA 5c, 20c & 1/- overprint values tied to the back by d/rings ADEN GPO dated 22.3.1952 Res £25
  3. AUSTRALIA-Much travelled cover from London addressed to Melbourne at the UK letter rate of 1½d, but sent to Australia on 4.2.1933. Much travelled around Melbourne, there are 4 differently dated strikes of the s/ring L.C LIST/MELBOURNE dated between 13th & 16th March 1933 before going back to the UK where more marks including INSUFFICIENTLY ADDRESSED/930 of YORK was struck on the front etc. Res £15
  4. AUSTRALIA-Airmail cover to CZECHOSLOVAKIA with 4d GEO V, 2/- Roo & 1/- South Australia commem tied by s/ring AIRMAIL/SYDNEY and S.A Centenary slogan dated 25.9.1936. The airmail labels have both been “Cancelled” by black crosses Res £25
  5. BARBADOS-LATE FEE S/line mark in black ink ties one of 2 x 2c GEO VI values on airmail cover to London dated 17.7.1953. Also are 12 & 24c values tied by d/rings for the same date Res £22
  6. BRITISH GUIANA/PORTUGAL-Cover addressed to Georgetown with Portuguese 25c values in a strip of four on the back, tied by s/rings GEORGETOWN/B. GUIANA dated 18.8.1923 Res £22
  7. BURMA-P.U.C 1949 SET OF 6 VALUES ON COVER ADDRESSED TO Rangoon GPO, cancelled by the scarce framed cancel INTERNATIONAL RICE/COMMISSION/POST OFFICE, RANGOON, BURMA dated 30.1.1950-see illustration Res £35
  8. CANADA-Christmas card envelope addressed to Lincolnshire, UK from Seattle on 7.12.1988 with framed bilingual cachet SENT IN ERROR TO CANADA struck centrally in black ink Res £7
  9. CANAL ZONE-Cover from SPAIN addressed to California from MALAGA on 18.12.1951 with unframed MISSENT TO ANCON, C.Z struck in violet ink at top Res £15
  10. CEYLON/PERFINS-Small cover addressed to Exmouth, Devon by airmail on 26.10.1931 with GEO V 6c irregular block of 7 and single 2c & 5c values all perfin W&/Co. of WHITTAL & Company, tied by COLOMBO d/rings to the back of the cover Res £18
  11. CEYLON/PERFINS-Longer cover addressed to Edinburgh and redirected to Fort William with GEO VI 2c x 2, 6c, 20c x 5 & 30c x 3 all perfin W&/Co. of WHITTAL & Company tied by COLOMBO d/rings dated 5.10.1939 Res £18
  12. CYPRUS-Real photo postcard of the CYPRUS PALACE HOTEL, Nicosia addressed to Buckinghamshire with GEO V ¼ Piastre & ¾ Piastre values tied by d/ring NICOSIA /CYPRUS dated 11.5.1927 Res £18
  13. EGYPT-Green “Honour” WWII envelope addressed to the Postmaster at RYDE, ISLE OF WIGHT with 1 Mil value tied perfectly by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/201 dated 5.4.1941 Res £12
  14. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Neat little cover addressed to the UK with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring FOX BAY/FALKLAND ISLANDS dated 18.8.1924 with index C-see illustration Res £30
  15. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Another nice little cover to the same Cheshire address with 1d Silver Jubilee value tied by PORT STANLEY d/ring dated 7.8.1935 with index B-see illustration Res £30
  16. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Airmail cover to Maidstone with QEII 2/- tied by FOX BAY/FALKLAND ISLANDS d/ring dated 10.2.1960 Res £22
  17. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Locally addressed cover to TEAL INLET with 2d tied by Port Stanley s/ring dated 20.9.1966 Res £15
  18. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Hyde, Cheshire with QEII 1/- tied by d/ring FOX BAY dated 22.12.1966 Res £22
  19. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Cover addressed to Scarborough at the “Sea Mail rate” with 1st issue ½d & 3d bird value tied by d/rings FOX BAY dated 10.3.1967 Res £15
  20. FALKLAND ISLANDS-INAUGURAL Airmail flight cover addressed to Mar Del Plata, Argentina Poste Restante with 1p & 2p flower issue tied by Port Stanley s/ring dated 23.11.1977. With First Flight, Inaugural Flight, Joint Declaration & Mar Del Plata cancels all on the front Res £12
  21. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Cover addressed to London with 1p & 2 x 2½p flower issue tied by s/ring Port Stanley dated 18.2.1980. At left are two cachets, one for the RRS “JOHN BISCOE” tonnage mark & the other being the RRS “JOHN BISCOE” ANTARCTIC RELIEF SEASON 1979-80 cachet Res £12
  22. FIJI-AMERICAN CLIPPER First Flight cover [small one] addressed to Auckland with GEO VI 1d & 1/5d values tied by SUVA cancel on 9.11.1941. At left is the pictorial 1st Trans-Pacific flight cachet in violet ink Res £20
  1. GIBRALTAR-Commercial cover addressed to WH Smith at Portugal Street, London with GEO VI 2d tied by adapted Travel Key slogan with wavy lines dated 1.12.1942. At bottom left is the lovely combination “V” For Victory and circular crowned PASSED BY CENSOR/No./3017 censor mark-see illustration Res £25
  2. GREECE-Postcard of CORFU addressed to Alexandria, Egypt with IMPERF 10c yellow tied by blue inked SCILLA/PIROSCAFO POSTALE ITLIANO dated 10.1.1900-Lovely thing & scarce combination Res £65
  3. GUYANA-40c Registered postal stationery envelope addressed to JERSEY from the ESSEQUIBO COAST with added overprint values including MONT GOLFIER, “CU” and others tied by skeleton cancels dated 26.9.1985. Nice little thing!! Res £22
  4. HOLLAND ICE FLIGHT-Scarcer flown cover from the icebound area of SCHIERMONNIKOOG addressed to The Hague with 3 x ½c values tied by the d/rings dated 27.2.1929. The item was one of just 42 FLOWN, was taxed and has 12c postage due tied by The Hague d/ring dated 1.3.1929-see illustration Res £65
  5. INDIA/PERFINS-Cover addressed to a Captain, Royal Marines at Forton Barracks, Gosport with QV 1 & 4 Anna values perfin CBI of the Central Bank of India, China & Australia tied by CALCUTTA d/rings dated 9.12.1897 Res £12
  6. INDIA/PERFINS-Cover addressed as previous lot with QV 2 Anna value with same perfin tied by CALCUTTA squared circle cancel dated 14.4.1898 Res £12
  7. JAMAICA-ENTIRE Addressed to London dated 20.10.1797 with a superb drawn plan of the GRANGE HILL ESTATE with all plots numbered and the revenue produced from each plot to a total of £1296-2-00. Superbly clean and a scarce contemporary document Res £150
  8. JAMAICA-ENTIRE Addressed to London dated 10.6.1774 with very good s/line JAMAICA on the back-opens out to display very nicely-superbly clean with manuscript “BY THE PAIQUET” at bottom left Res £120
  9. JAMAICA-ENTIRE Addressed as previous lots on 24.4.1799 with unframed JAMAICA/29 APR 1799 struck on the back [Proud PS10] which is rated as a scarce mark. The letter refers to the death of tea plants on the plantation Res £100
  10. JAMAICA-ENTIRE Addressed as previous lots with oval framed SHIP LETTER/CROWN/JAMAICA in black ink struck at top right on 13.3.1801. The letter lists ships and weights of sugar cargoes to the UK departing very soon; with some cargoes loaded and others partially loaded. At bottom left is the manuscript “PER H.M BRIG SIR SIDNEY SMITH”-See illustration Res £135
  1. JAMAICA-Entire addressed to TISSINGTON HALL, Ashbourne, Derbyshire on 14.11.1822 from Dive Hall, Jamaica, containing news of the estate and the work activities of the Negroes. On the back is the Fleuron cancel JAMAICA in black Res £75
  2. JAMAICA-Entire addressed to London and redirected on arrival to TISSINGTON HALL on 6.5.1834 being sent from Jamaica on 27.3.1834. On the back is the KINGSTON/JAMAICA s/ring dated 27.3.1834 and s/line CLARENDON, both in black ink-see illustration Res £85
  3. JAMAICA-ENTIRE Addressed to London from Jamaica on 10.5.1843 with very good d/arc VERE/JAMAICA struck on the back on 17.5.1843. Very good Island news content within the letter Res £85
  4. JAMAICA/TPO-STAMPLESS Postcard addressed to East Germany, cancelled by d/ring T.P.O/JAMAICA dated 7.10.1963 with index 3. Taxed 28c in Jamaica, but our “Democratic” friends from the DDR may not have collected the fine. Res £15
  5. U.T-Cover addressed to Mombasa with IMPERIAL BRITISH EAST AFRICA COMPANY 3, 4 & 8 Anna values with BRITISH / EAST / AFRICA overprints tied by s/rings MOMBASA dated 26.5.1896-see illustration Res £65
  6. U.T-Printed cover of the Royal Agricultural Society of Kenya addressed to Nairobi with QEII 20c tied by the skeleton cancel NAKURU KENYA/ROYAL SHOW dated 29.9.1954-see illustration Res £25
  7. U.T-QEII 15c postal stationery postcard addressed to Nairobi from the Jubilee Royal Show at Mitchell Park, cancelled by the scarce skeleton cancel MITCHELL PARK/KENYA dated 30.9.1961 Res £22
  8. U.T/ROME OLYMPICS-Top left corner block of four publicity labels for the Kenya team at the Rome Olympics-see illustration Res £20
  9. LEEWARD ISLANDS-Airmail letter sheet addressed to the UK with GEO VI 2½d, QEII 2c & 3c values together with a 2c St Christopher, Nevis, Anguilla value all tied by the rubber framed GIVE TO THE/PRINCESS ALICE/APPEAL in black ink. Alongside is the s/ring BASSETERRE/ST KITTS dated 25.2.1955 Res £20
  10. LEVANT, BRITISH-Stampless, unpaid cover addressed to the Isle of Wight, cancelled by d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE / CONSTANTINOPLE dated 27.11.1922 with index A. At top is the manuscript “NO STAMPS AVAILABLE”. Taxed in Constantinople and again 6d in the UK, the 2 x 3d dues are tied by a d/ring RYDE on 4.12.1922-see illustration Res £45
  11. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to an officer on board the R.M.S “ORSOVA” in London with Turkish stamp cordoned at top right. Alongside is the d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/CONSTANTINOPLE dated 7.4.1923 with index A and the 6d tax mark of the Foreign Branch. At left is a strip of 4 x 1½d postage dues tied by LONDON E.C/14 s/rings dated 12.4.1923-see illustration Res £50
  1. MALAYA/SERVICE SUSPENDED-Cover addressed to Kuala Lumpur with an irregular block of 5 x 2½d GEO VI values and a single, tied by EAST GRINSTEAD machine cancels dated 29.10.1941. Below is the framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER in violet ink. At left is the Indian Censor tape-see illustration Res £65
  2. MALAYA/JAPANESE OCCUPATION-Commercial cover addressed to the central fire station, Singapore with Japanese Occupation 8c PAHANG value with DAI NIPPON/2602/MALAYA overprint tied by d/ring KUALA LUMPUR dated 5 14 2602. On the back is a black, framed Japanese censor mark-see illustration Res £45
  3. MALTA-Small cover addressed to DENMARK with 2½d Coronation value & GEO V ¼d tied by SLIEMA/MALTA d/rings dated 20.6.1937 Res £15
  4. MOROCCO AGENCIES-MOURNING Cover addressed to Manchester with un-overprinted GB GEO V 6d tied by s/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TETUAN dated 23.10.1937 Res £25
  5. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV 1d brown pictorial postal stationery postcard showing image of “A refresher, Newton Park”-unused Res £12
  6. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV postcard as previous lot with image “Watering Horses, Newton Park” Res £12
  7. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV postcard as previous lots with image “Breakfast in Camp” Res £12
  8. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV postcard as previous lots showing “Presents for our Boys” Res £12
  9. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV postcard as previous lots showing “Officers, Second Contingent” Res £12
  10. NEW ZEALAND/BOER WAR-QV postcard as previous lots showing two images; “Mounted Parade” and “Dismounted Parade” Res £12
  11. NEW ZEALAND-WWII Airmail cover to the UK and redirected by the Bank of New South Wales to Macclesfield with a pair of 2/6d brown and a single 9d tied by s/rings PAPATOET dated 10.9.1941-see illustration Res £35
  12. NEW ZEALAND-Small OHMS window envelope with GEO VI 4d OFFICIAL overprint tied by Wellington machine cancel dated 8.4.1953. Alongside is the frank of the Director-General’s Office, Post & Telegraphs Department. Inside is a statement of stamps supplied to a chap in the USA Res £15
  13. NEW ZEALAND-Cover from WYONG to California dated 15.10.1990 with unframed MIS-SENT TO NEW ZEALAND struck in violet ink Res £8
  14. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Australian Forces Christmas Card addressed to Berkshire, U.K with Australian 3d tied by s/ring AUST F.P.O/166 dated 23.11.1944 which was located at MILILAT HARBOUR, MADANG. Below is the 1519 Australian Forces Censor mark-see illustration Res £25
  15. PAPUA NEW GUINEA-Postcard addressed to Melbourne with 50T value tied by large rubber cancel BOROKO MAIL/EXCHANGE dated 21.9.1999 Res £7
  16. PERSIA-5c vermillion postal stationery postcard addressed to Liverpool with 6 CHAHIS overprint, tied by YEZD d/ring cancel dated 11.5.1913. At left & right are depart & arrival marks of TEHRAN dated 2.6.1913 & 31.5.1913 respectively-nice!! Res £35
  17. SOLOMON ISLANDS-Registered cover addressed to London with 1949 UPU 2d x 2 and single 3d, 5d & 1/- values tied by s/rings GIZO dated 27.10.1949. At left is the framed MUNDA registration cachet Res £22
  18. SWAZILAND-Postcard addressed to Wells, Somerset with EDW VII 1d TRANSVAAL value tied by d/ring PIGGS PEAK dated 21.9.1907. At left is d/ring BARBERTON dated the following day-see illustration Res £25
  19. SWITZERLAND / PRO JUVENTUTE - Registered Express cover addressed to Wallasey with 4 values of the 1932 set and 3 values of the Gothard set tied by BERN 1/BRIEFANNAHME d/ring dated 22.12.1932. At left is the rubber framed EXPRESS FEE PAID in black ink. Res £22
  20. TANGIER-Commercial airmail cover to Hertford with GEO VI 2½d [un-overprinted] and 1½d with Tangier overprint tied by d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TANGIER dated 19.8.1941. At left is Examiner 956 censor tape Res £18
  21. TANGIER-Commercial cover to the Cowley Motor works, Oxford with a strip of 3 x ½d TANGIER overprints and ordinary GEO VI 1d tied as previous lot on 6.10.1941. At left is PC90 Examiners tape 3623 Res £18
  22. TANGIER-Commercial cover to New York with ½d Tangier overprint & un-overprinted 2½d value tied by d/ring as previous lots dated 24.1.1944 Res £18
  23. TANGIER-Registered FDC for the Victory issue addressed to New York, tied by oval registered cancels of the BPO, Tangier on 11.6.1946. The additional ½d Tangier overprint value is similarly tied Res £18
  24. TANGIER-Airmail cover to Manchester with 6d Olympic Games overprint value tied by d/ring BRITISH POST OFFICE/TANGIER dated 21.9.1948-lovely! Res £18
  25. TANGIER-Last day Cover of the British Post Office in Tangier addressed to Amsterdam with the 4d 1857-1957/TANGIER overprint value tied by the TANGIER / BRITISH POST OFFICE-CENTENARY / BRITISH POST OFFICE / 1857 TANGIER 1957 dated 30.4.1957 Res £15
  26. TRINIDAD-Postcard from ST LUCIA addressed to OHIO with 2 x 6c values tied by CASTRIES machine cancel dated 16.2.1970. At bottom is the unframed MISSENT TO TRINIDAD/WEST INDIES in violet ink Res £8
  27. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover from a known correspondence to AXMINSTER cancelled by blue type V cachet. Taxed 1½d in BRISTOL, the ½d & 1d dues are tied by AXMINSTER/DEVON d/rings dated 22.10.1934-see illustration Res £45



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