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  1. BOARD OF TRADE-Cut down crested cover from the Board of Trade addressed to the U.S.A with 2 ½d Jubilee perfin with the Crown & B.T tied by London duplex cancel dated 25.2.1895-see illustration Res £65
  2. HUTH-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Germany with added 2 ½d perfin HUTH tied by oval registered cancel of THREADNEEDLE STREET dated 24.4.1897 Res £12
  3. LONGMAN’S OF PATERNOSTER ROW-Crested cover addressed to Canada with 2d Jubilee perfin L/&Co., tied by London/20 hooded circle cancel dated 22.9.1899, arriving in Canada on 2.10.1897 Res £12
  4. THOMAS COOK & SON-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to the Swedish State Railway at Stockholm with added 2d & 2 ½d Jubilee values perfin TC/&S tied by registered oval cancels of LUDGATE CIRCUS dated 30.6.1899. At left is the framed LATE FEE 2d in black ink Res £15
  5. THE CHILDREN’S HOME & ORPHANAGE, BONNER STREET, LONDON, N.E-Large part printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Surrey with EDW VII ½d perfin 3H tied by London newspaper cancel dated 11.12.1905 Res £8
  6. ARMY & NAVY STORES-EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Holland with envelope & added ½d & 1d values perfin A&N/SL tied by LONDON SW-S.W/25 duplex cancels dated 21.7.1905 Res £12
  7. THE TIMES BOOK CLUB-Pr8inted correspondence card to Londonderry with EDW VII ½d perfin TB/C tied by London W machine dated 10.5.1906 Res £7
  8. UNITED KINGDON TEA COMPANY-Embossed cover to Denmark with EDW VII 2 ½d perfin UK/TCo., tied by London E.C machine on 25.2.1909 Res £7
  9. WALTER LAWTIE & Co., GLASGOW-Printed envelope to Denmark with EDW VII 2 ½d perfin WL/&, tied by Glasgow/36 d/ring dated 26.4.1911 Res £7
  10. HENRY HOWELLL & Co.,-Printed envelope addressed to Sweden with 2 x 1d EDW VII values & an early GEO V ½d perfin HH/&Co., tied by LONDON E.C machine dated 23.8.1911 Res £7
  11. WILLIAM CRAWFORD & SONS, LONDON-Printed envelope to South Norwood with GEO V 1 ½d perfin W.C/&S/Ld., tied by London S.E.1 Post Early in the Day slogan dated 19.7.1922 Res £5
  12. CARRON COMPANY, FALKIRK-Trade card addressed to Wales with GEO V ½d perfin C.C/C tied by FALKIRK, STIRLING “British Goods are Best” slogan dated 26.11.1926 Res £6
  13. THOMAS FATTORINI, SKIPTON-Trade card addressed to Hinckley with GEO V 1d perfin TF/S tied by SKIPTON YORKS machine cancel dated 26.10.1929 Res £6
  14. IRELAND-Thunderstorm report card addressed to Huddersfield with a pair of GEO V ½d values perfin BWC and tied by BELFAST machine cancel dated 23.6.1934 Res £7
  15. FIVE THUNDERSTORM Report cards addressed as previous lot with stamps affixed and perfin with the local authority perfin [councils]: SOUTH SHIELDS, CARDIFF, POPLAR & CARDIFF [different stamps], as well as one posted from London with perfin WF/&P; all used 1931-1935 [5] Res £12
  16. THREE THUNDERSTORM Report cards as previous lots with council perfins of WOLVERHAMPTON, SOUTH SHIELDS & NOTTINGHAM, used 1931-33 [3] Res £9
  17. THREE THUNDERSTORM Report cards as previous lots with perfins of local councils: MANCHESTER, NOTTINGHAM & BIRKENHEAD [3] Res £9
  18. FOUR THUNDERSTORM Report cards with GEO V, EDW VIII & GEO VI stamps perfin with BIRKENHEAD [GEO V & EDW VIII], CARDIFF & BRIXTON Councils [4] Res £10
  19. UNION ASSURANCE COMPANY-Receipt for the insurance on a DOMESTIC SERVANT dated 22.1.1940 with compliments slip and envelope with GEO VI ½d perfin U/A tied by London E.C machine dated 30.1.1940 Res £5
  20. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Crested envelope addressed to Kingston-on-Thames Goods station with GEO VI 1 ½d perfin GWR tied by 3HOS Numeral cancel “66”, ostensibly of BERWICK or BERWICK STATION in October, 1939 Res £20
  21. LESLIE & GOODWIN LTD, LONDON-Printed, censored envelope to the USA with GEO VI ½d & 2 ½d L&G tied by ASCOT machine cancel dated 28.2.1941. At right is PC90 OPENED BY/EXAMINER 5976 censor tape Res £5
  22. CEYLON-CENSORED Cover addressed to the USA with GEO VI 25c perfin VRT inverted & reversed of the Rev. V.R TARCISIUS of MURUNKAN, Ceylon, dated 1942 Res £8
  1. BUDENBERG GAUGE COMPANY, ALTRINCHAM-Printed envelope to London with 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 2 ½d perfin BG/Co. twice and tied by ALTRINCHAM/ CHESHIRE machine cancel dated 8.5.1951 Res £7
  2. THOMAS DE LA RUE & COMPANY-Printed envelope addressed to New York with QEII 2 ½d perfin DLR tied by London F.S machine dated 5.6.1956 Res £5
  3. BERKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL-Cover addressed to Bury with QEII 2 ½d perfin B/CC tied by READING machine on 16.11.1956 Res £5


  1. ST ENOCH STATION HOTEL, GLSGOW-PHILIP BLADES, MANAGER-Lovely illustrated envelope with railway company embossed devise on the back, addressed to the USA with 2 ½d Jubilee value tied by Glasgow 159 duplex cancel dated 29.5.1894-see illustration Res £28
  2. JOYNSON’S DRAWING & WATER-COLOUR PAPER-Pictorial sheet of quite thick paper used to tell a lady that she has just inherited £20,000!! The advertising blurb from the St Mary Cray paper mill states that this paper is the only one [on the market] being “First class paper made in double antiquarian, double emperor, and on continuous rolls”. Letter is undated, but came from a correspondence from 1899 to 1904-lovely!! Res £20
  3. MOTTERSHEAD & COMPANY-Manchester chemists prescription envelope with prescription inside, dated 10.9.1938 Res £10
  4. FRED BAILEY, FLORIST & FRUITERER OF SOUTHAMPTON-Printed “Say it With Flowers” envelope addressed to ANTWERP with GEO VI 2 ½d tied by Southampton Post Early for Christmas slogan dated 15.12.1938 Res £10
  5. AUXILLIARY FIRE SERVICE-1955 Printed pictorial advert “THE A.F.S NEEDS/MEN AND WOMEN/JOIN NOW/APPLY AT ANY FIRESTATION” in red ink on window envelope from Clapton [London County Council] dated 16.5.1955 with illustration of a fireman and hose Res £7


  1. GERMANY-Postal stationery postcard addressed to Leipzig with 20m definitive & 25m airmail stamp impressions cancelled by twelve-sided “nut” cancel FLUGPOST/MUNCHEN dated 30.6.1923. At left is the framed MIT LUFTPOST/BEFORDERT/LEIPZIG 2 in red ink Res £22
  2. PERSIA-First flight cover addressed to BUSHIR with four of the “POST AERIENNE” overprint values and a 6Ch definitive tied by TEHRAN depart cancel dated 20.4.1928. The 1Kr value is also tied by the first flight cachet for the “Tehran-Buchir” flight Res £25
  3. MANCHESTER TO CALCUTTA-Underpaid cover for transmission by airmail addressed to Calcutta with GB GEO V ½d, 1d & 5d values tied by d/rings MANCHESTER/11 dated 16.1.1931. The airmail label is cancelled by two parallel bars in black, arriving on 28.1.1931 Res £15
  4. PERSIA-Small cover addressed to BOMBAY with black on yellow airmail label cancelled by two black parallel bars. On the back are a six-stamp franking including air overprints tied by d/rings of BOUCHIRE dated 21.5.1931 Res £25
  5. AUSTRALIA “SOUTHERN STAR”-Pictorial Christmas special flight cover to Eaglescliffe, Sydney from BARNES on 17.12.1931 with 4d & 1/- tied by d/rings. The Southern Star had a troubled journey back to Australia, having been repaired twice at Hamble before leaving on the delayed flight. Whilst taking off from KEOPANG, TIMOR, It had to turn back and landed in a muddy field where it was recovered and finally reached Darwin on the 19th January-comes with full write up-see illustration Res £28
  6. SAIGON TO MARSEILLES-COVER With three-stamp franking addressed to France, cancelled by SAIGON CENTRAL cancels dated 11.2.1932 with early framed SAIGON-MARSEILLES and red circular CONTROL AVION in red Res £22
  7. PERSIA-Printed envelope “AIR-MAIL/BASRAH-LONDON” addressed to Cambridge with 3k airmail & 6Ch definitive tied by d/ring MASDJID dated 29.1.1933. On the back is a further 1kr airmail & a pair of 12Ch definitive similarly tied alongside transit mark of ABADAN dated the next day Res £25
  8. SOUTH WEST AFRICA-Cover to London with 4d pictorial & 6d SWA overprint tied by d/ring AIRMAIL WINDHOEK-KIMBERLEY / LUGPOST dated 17.2.1934 Res £22
  1. PAPUA-Pictorial first flight cover by the “Faith in Australia” addressed to Plymouth, U.K with 5d definitive & 3d airmail overprint value tied by PORT MORESBY s/rings dated 8.7.1934. Centrally, at base is the octagonal 1st flight cachet Res £22
  2. SEAHORSE-Small registered cover to Buenos Aires with 2/6d Seahorse and 9d &1/- photogravure values tied by s/rings KINGSTON HILL KINGSTON-ON-THAMES/SY dated 1.4.1938. On the front is the registration label and arrival postal mark CERTIFICADOS/297/ CENTRAL, arriving on 8th April Res £28
  3. SAIGON TO MOROCCO-Air France printed airmail envelope to Casablanca with 37c airmail & 10c definitive tied by SAIGON CENTRAL cancel dated 8.7.1938, arriving on 18.7.11938 Res £18
  4. FIRST “ALL UP” Flight cover to Tamworth, N.S.W, Australia with 1 ½d Coronation value tied by LOWESTOFT machine cancel dated 26.7.1938, arriving on 8.8.1938 Res £12
  5. FIRST “ALL UP” Flight cover to Kilkenny, South Australia with GEO VI 1 ½d tied by London F.S “Empire Exhibition” slogan dated 27.7.1938 Res £12
  6. AUSTRALIA-Pictorial commemorative cover marking the thrice weekly service from Australia to the UK on 9.8.1938 with 3d Kingsford-Smith & 2d definitive tied by SYDNEY airmail cancel dated 3.8.1938-note: the flight left on the 4th August, not the 9th as per the printed cover Res £22
  7. LONDON TO CHILE-CENSORED Cover to Valparaiso with GEO VI 1/- & 2/6d green tied by FINCHLEY CHURCH END machine cancel [not common] dated 9.3.1944. On the back is the SANTIAGO mark dated 1.4.1944 and the VALPARAISO mark dated 1st March [should be April] Res £20


  1. COVER Addressed to London from TOLAGA BAY, New Zealand on 31.5.1939. The cover was taxed in New Zealand and has the unframed SALVAGED MAIL/EX CENTURION struck in red ink. Comes with copy of a news cutting from the Daily Telegraph & Morning Post dated 20.6.1939 showing the Centurion being raised from the Hooghly River, Calcutta Res £40
  2. SALVAGED FROM AIRLINER/ATHENA-Unframed mark on cover from BRADFORD addressed to New Zealand with GEO V 6d & 9d tied by rubber cancel dated 22.9.1936-see illustration Res £50
  1. SALVAGED MAIL/EX CENTURION-Badly damaged cover addressed to the UK from Australia. The framed ADDRESS ILLEGIBLE/I.S was also struck as the address is unreadable. On the back is the red inked s/ring LONDON dated 20.6.1939 Res £40
  2. RECEIVED IN/DAMAGED CONDITION/EX CALPURNIA-Unframed mark on Christmas card envelope from COWES, Isle of Wight addressed to Marlborough, New Zealand. The envelope comes with the two Christmas cards Res £45
  3. IT IS REGRETTED THAT THE ACCOMPANYING PARCEL HAS SUSTAINED DAMAGE BY WATER IN COURSE OF TRANSMISSION—Typed notice on the Mount Pleasant X form 7701 applied to large part parcel wrapper to Billericay with black on pink FREE-NO CHARGE TO BE MADE ON DELIVERY Label cancelled by s/ring “RETD LTR SECTION/LONDON POSTAL REGION” dated 1.1.1941 Res £25
  4. NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER-Framed mark on commercial shipping company cover addressed to SUSAK, Yugoslavia from London on 6.1.1941. Also struck centrally is the unframed SALVED FROM THE SEA in violet ink. Cover has British & Egyptian censor tapes and a receipt mark on the back of London, dated 11.9.1941-see illustration Res £45
  5. S “ALHENA”-Cover recovered from the wreck off Ireland which carried mail for the troops in the Middle East Forces. This one from ROMFORD has the s/line SALVED FROM THE SEA. The cover has an Egyptian military cancel on the back dated 4.7.1941, one of the latest dates recorded for mail salvaged from this ship-most dates were in May and June Res £40
  6. CREASTED Cover from the British Chamber of Commerce in the Argentine Republic addressed to London [to Lt Colonel Lord Dudley Gordon] with all stamps intact, cancelled at Buenos Aires on 21.11.1941 and with three-sided, framed DAMAGED BY/SEA WATER in violet ink. Very little signs of damage at all, so quite nice!! Res £30
  7. INDIA TO THE UK-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Cheshire with GEO VI GB 3d tied by Field P.O d/ring 121 dated 11.12.1942. On the back is the unframed DAMAGED BY FIRE/IN TRANSIT-See illustration Res £35
  8. INDIA TO THE UK-“Green” envelope [cream stock] addressed to ROMFORD, Essex with 2 x 4 Anna values tied by partial RAF India cancel with framed RECEIVED IN DAMAGED/ CONDITION MIL. PLANE CRASH struck in black ink centrally-see illustration Res £45


  1. BONELLI’S ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH COMPANY 9d stamp, FOSTER’S EXPRESS PARCELS & GOODS stamp and a 6d Liverpool parcel delivery Frank Stamp; all used Res £15
  2. KING EDWARD NATIONAL MEMORIAL ONE FARTHING Stamps [marginal pair] in purple showing an image of the CRYSTAL PALACE Res £7
  3. THE BRITISH CHARITIES ASSOCIATION-Pictorial receipt stamp for a donation of ½d, mint Res £5
  4. HEALTH PENSIONS ASSURANCE STAMPS-Block of eight & two blocks of four of the 1/7d stamps, unmounted mint [16] Res £12
  5. LUNDY ISLAND-Cover posted in London on 22.4.1953 to Germany with the cover sealed by green on white sealing tape “LUNDY LIGHT AND LEADS” with images of the lighthouse and Puffin Res £8
  6. 1962 STRIKE POST-Large part parcel wrapper addressed to PORT TALBOT, posted at Exeter at the 6/- People’s League Delivery rate and with 4 ½d & 6d Wildings all tied by EXETER/DEVON parcel cancel dated 1.2.1962 during the Postal Strike and “go-slow”. Comes with supporting documents and letters-nice little lot Res £15
  7. ALDERNEY DELIVERY LABELS-Four different labels marking the 1977 Silver Jubilee, showing Island scenes, in the primary colour only, imperforate colour trials and a modified orange label showing double printing of the orange colour [5] Res £18
  8. ISLAND OF BRECHOU-First Day Cover for the definitive issue values 1d to 2/- tied by pictorial cancels of the Island HELI-PORT dated 30.9.1969 Res £12
  9. STRIKE POST-SOUTHAMPTON STRIKE POST 1/- Overprint on HERM ISLAND 6d, tied by rubber cancel SOUTHAMPTON/STRIKE POST dated 26.1.1971 to commercial cover addressed to London Res £15
  10. STRIKE POST-Commercial cover addressed to the Isle of Wight Executive Council, Newport with 5p 1/- dual currency VECTIS label tied by 30.1.1971 Vectis cancel. At left is an unframed cachet WALDORF/VACUUM CLEANER/SPECIALISTS/RYDE 2210 in black ink Res £12
  11. CALDEY ISLAND-Postcard of the Abbey addressed to Norfolk with 1p x 2 & 8p as well as 2 Dabs black & red label tied by TENBY machine cancel dated 28.8.1980 Res £6
  1. POLDARK MINING COMPANY-Postcard of the Greensplatt Beam Engine addressed to Taunton with the green on yellow bilingual POSTED IN CORNWALL label and 14p Machin tied by HELSTON postcode slogan dated 28.8.1981. Below is the d/ring POLDARK/MINING Co.-POSTED/UNDERGROUND Res £5
  2. SCOUT POST-1988 DERBY Scout post envelope with 10p scout delivery label tied by local cancel. Undelivered & put into the GPO on 5.1.1989 but not charged Res £6
  3. SCOUT POST-1991 DERBY Scout post envelope addressed within Derby and redirected locally on 13.12.1991 with Derby & District Scouts multi-choice box indicating that the addressee lived at “NO SUCH ADDRESS”. They must have given up and put it into the GPO service!! Again, not charged Res £6
  4. ST COLUMBA-26p maxi-card issued 11.3.1997 by the Post Office with a 6d orange CARNIAR “St5 Columba” local stamp tied to the picture side by green inked SAINT COLUMBA/9 JUNE 597AD. On the address side is a 5p Summer Isles value tied by rubber cancel SUMMER ISLES/SCOTLAND dated 9.7.1997 and is signed by the postmaster Res £8


  1. PENNY POSTAGE JUUBILEE-The smaller circular cancel dated 2.7.1890 [1st day] on a very, very thin ½d QB brown postcard [unaddressed] Res £25
  2. COUNTY OF KENT MISSIONARY LOAN EXHIBITION-Printed detail on 1d pink postal stationery envelope with this heading pre-addressed to the hon secretary of the hospitality committee at Rochester-unused Res £22
  3. 1894 TRADES AND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION, SUNDERLAND-QV 1d postal stationery letter card pre-addressed to the exhibition at the Artillery Drill Hall. Inside are printed details about registering as a patron of the exhibition-see illustrations Res £25
  4. FRANCO BRITISH EXHIBITION/LONDON-S/ring cancels dating from 28.7.1908 & 24.9.1908 with all different times, ties stamps to exhibition postcards [5] Res £12
  5. BALLYMACLINTON/SHEPHERDS BUSH EXHIBITION W-S/rings dated 16.9.1908 & 21.10.1908 tie stamps to exhibition postcards, both with different times, 7pm & 5.30pm [2] Res £5
  6. IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 22.5.1909 ties stamp to exhibition postcard Res £7
  7. JAPAN BRITISH/EXHIBITION-D/ring dated 21.9.1910 ties stamp to official postcard Res £6
  8. EXHIBITION B.O/GLASGOW-S/ring dated 24.5.1911 ties stamp to exhibition postcard Res £6
  9. THE IDEAL STAMP-Black & red on pale blue front postcard with pink back produced for the 1912 exhibition & congress Res £10
  10. THE IDEAL STAMP-Black & red on pale yellow front postcard with pink back as previous lot Res £10
  11. THE IDEAL STAMP-Black & red on pink front postcard with pale yellow back as previous lots Res £10
  13. THE STAMP EXHIBITION/LONDON 1936-D/ring dated 22.10.1936 ties GEO V ½d to cover addressed to Harrow. At top left is black on yellow advertising label “Stamp Exhibition/Dorland Hall/Lower Regent/Street/London /Oct 17-24” Res £8
  14. “STAMP COLLECTING” Official postcard [some paper adhesion to the front] addressed to Surrey with green publicity label tied by London GEO V ½d meter slogan “MAILED FROM/THE STAMP EXHIBITION/OCT 17th-24th 1936/DORLAND HALL-LONDON” dated 22.10.1936-Absolutely pristine from the front!! Res £12
  15. 1937 LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION-The four mail coach publicity labels in brown/violet, green, blue & red, mint Res £8
  16. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION, OCTOBER 16-23, 1937-The flying boat labels in a mini-sheet of six together with the cover showing 100 years of postal progress from 1837 to 1937 with blue mail coach label & flying boat label tied by special cancels and posted from London on 20.10.1937 Res £9
  17. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION, 1937-Similar cover with the brown/violet publicity label tied by special cancel. On the back are the other three coloured labels, similarly tied Res £10
  18. PENNY BLACK CENTENARY-U.S Prepared first day cover for an expected U.S release of stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the 1d black with Cuban centenary stamp tied by philatelic exhibition cancel on 26.11.1940 Res £7
  19. NATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION 1947-Cover addressed to Blackpool from London with publicity label showing incorrect dates of 3rd to 9th March, cancelled by special cancel with amended dates , advertising 3rd to 8th Comes with further unused label for display Res £8
  1. 1890 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV 1d blue illustrated postal stationery envelope addressed to Rayleigh, Essex with added GEO VI 1d tied by BILLERICAY/ESSEX d/ring dated 19.12.1947. The insert card bears Christmas wishes in pencil Res £15
  2. 1951 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 3d “SPECIAL BUS SERVICE” ticket in pristine condition Res £8
  3. BATH ASSEMBLY/POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITION-Pictorial cover for the 5th assembly at Milsom Street with GEO VI 5/- tied by special cancel dated 31.5.1952 Res £15
  4. BATH ASSEMBLY/POSTAL HISTORY EXHIBITION-Similar pictorial cover addressed to Chippenham with GEO VI 10/- tied by special cancel on 31.5.1952-see illustration Res £25
  5. STAMPEX 1957-HARRISON & SONS Advertising postcard addressed to Portsmouth with 2d Wilding tied by the special STAMPEX cancel dated 16.3.1957 Res £7
  6. ANGLO-DANISH FESTIVAL, HULL-First day of use of the special cancel ties stamp to cover addressed to Glasgow on 6.7.1957. At top left is the advertising label for the event at Hull City Hall Res £8
  7. BRITISH PHILATELIC EXHIBITION-Three covers posted at the November 1971 exhibition to the same address with se-tenant stamps and mixed currency stamps tied by special cancels for the National postal museum, the Crown Agents and 50th Anniversary of Airmail by the R.A.F [3] Res £8
  8. GREAT BRITAIN PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Illustrated covers marking various days including Great Britain Day, Post Office Day, Hong Kong Study Circle and the Normansfield Hospital for Handicapped Children, all used 1st to 4th November 1972 Res £12
  9. 1972 RUNCORN Shopping centre mini-sheet for the December stamp exhibition, souvenir sheet for the 4th York stamp & coin fair and a similar sheet for the North-West Showpex exhibition at Manchester, 1973 [3] Res £6
  10. 1974 STAMPEX-Less common souvenir sheet marking the centenary of the U.P.U showing stamps of Switzerland, the UK and Sweden-pristine, mint condition Res £8
  11. 1979 STAMPEX-Presentation folder containing the Sir Rowland Hill LONDON 1980 souvenir sheet depicting 1d black & 2d blue, overprinted SPECIMEN in black ink and tied to the folder by a red “STAMPEX 1979” Maltese Cross cancel Res £20


  1. ENTIRE FROM HAMBURG Addressed to Huth in London, received in London on 7.1.1822 with superb strike of the “Oz at 6/8d per Oz” accountancy mark struck in black ink at top left-see illustration Res £40
  2. REFUSED AT TONBRIDGE-Cover with contents from Shrewsbury addressed to the Vicarage at Pembury on 9.8.1847 with manuscript REFUSED in red ink at top, applied & returned to sender on 16.8.1847 Res £20
  3. OXFORD TO MARLBOROUGH, VIA LONDON-Neat little cover with 1d red stars tied by circular duplex cancel OXFORD-603 dated 24.5.1858. At top is the London MORE TO PAY/S in red ink and the distinctive 2 tax mark of Oxford struck in black at bottom left. I have no idea why it was taxed!! Res £25
  4. SWEDEN TO SOLIHULL-Underpaid postcard from KONSBERGA with stamp tied by dotted s/ring dated 22.7.1905. Taxed in Sweden for the underpayment, but they didn’t charge for the non-undivided back which raised the stakes a little higher. Taxed 4d in the UK with framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/I.S struck at top. Below is a lovely strike of the d/ring TRELLEBORG-SASSNITZ/141B TPO cancel dated 30.7.1905, arriving in Birmingham on 1.8.1905-comes with full write up Res £22
  5. STAMPLESS Postcard from ELY dated 6.9.1916 with 1d/275 tax mark of Ely at top left. The 1d postage due is tied by s/ring LEIGH ON SEA S.O/ESSEX dated 8.9.1916 Res £6
  6. LEEDS-Longer, unpaid cover addressed within Leeds, cancelled by d/ring LEEDS/20 dated 14.9.1916. At right is the 4d/447 tax mark and a strip of three and a single 1d postage dues tied by s/rings LEEDS/20 dated the following day Res £12
  7. “O.H.M.S” Stampless cover addressed within Croydon to the Surveyor of Taxes with superb strike of the 4d/TO PAY/938 tax mark of Croydon struck alongside the 4d postage due with SIDEWAYS INVERTED WATERMARK [SGD6Wi] tied by d/ring cancel dated 23.2.1921 Res £22
  8. DOUBLE POSTAGE DUES-Underpaid cover sent to Vienna from London on 4.8.1922 at the very optimistic rate of 3 ½d, taxed with superb strike of the 1/8d F.B mark struck centrally. Upon arrival 8 x 10k and 13 x 15k Austrian postage dues were affixed and cancelled. Upon return to the UK, a strip of 5 and a single 3d + a single 2d postage due were tied by VOCTORIA DOCKS d/rings dated 11.8.1920-see illustration Res £25
  1. “O.H.M.S” Cover addressed within Kilburn on 13.4.1924 with London regional 3d/TO PAY/60 of Kilburn was struck at top. The pair of 1 ½d brown postage dues with SIDEWAYS INVERTED WATERMARK [SG D3Wi] tied by s/rings KILBURN S.O N.W/1 dated 14.4.1924 Res £28
  2. U.T-Underpaid cover from NAIVASHA, KENYA addressed to Gerrard’s Cross on 18.12.1935 with GEO V 50c tied by d/ring. Taxed 7 ½d at the Inland Section with 1’/2d, 3d & 4d postage dues tied by oval registered cancels of Gerrard’s Cross Res £22
  3. CAPE TOWN TO LONDON-Stampless cover from Cape Town dated 1.9.1936 with circular framed South African 120c tax mark in violet and 1/- FB mark. The GEO V 1/- postage due is tied by s/ring LONDONC/46 dated 10.9.1936 Res £15
  4. PROXY VOTE CARD-Pre-addressed postcard addressed to the Sutton & District Water Company with 1d revenue embossed on the back of the card, cancelled by READING British Industries Fair slogan dated 18.2.1938. The 1d postage due is tied by rubber cancel of Sutton dated the same day Res £8
  5. PROXY VOTE CARD-Pre-addressed card as previous lot, posted from WOODBRIDGE, Suffolk on 18.2.1938 with 1d/907 tax mark of Woodbridge at right. The 1d postage due is tied by the same cancel as previous lot on the 19th February Res £8
  6. RETURNED FROM ABROAD/REASON FOR NON-DELIVERY/NOT STATED-Framed mark on Canadian airmail cover from Shediac addressed to nowhere, but with a Liverpool return address on 24.6.1939 Res £18
  7. FRANCE TO MANCHESTER, TAXED 1/2d-Cover from Paris at the 9 Franc rate, taxed ½d with the ½d green postage due tied by d/ring MANCHESTER/P.B [Postman’s Branch] dated 31.10.1946 Res £12
  8. GEO VI 2d brown postal stationery return portion postcard addressed to Maidstone with added ½d QEII value cancelled by I.S triangular cancels and cordoned in BELGIUM by blue circles applied at BRAINE-L’ALLEUD on 5.9.1955. Taxed 2 ½d at the I.S., the 1d & 1 ½d postage dues are tied by s/ring MAIDSTONE/KENT dated 7.9.1955 Res £9
  9. HOLLAND TO WEYBRIDGE, SURREY-Cover from The Hague at the 4c rate, taxed 5c in Holland, translated to ½d in the UK with ½d orange postage due tied by rubber cancel WEYBRIDGE/SURREY dated 13.12.1955 Res £9
  1. PILLAR BOX FIRE-Cover, with contents from MANCHESTER addressed to LIVERPOOL with Red Cross 3d tied by MANCHESTER/9 d/ring dated 4.210.1963. The P125H label is cancelled by LIVERPOOL/131 d/ring dated the following day with the added PILLAR BOX FIRE in biro Res £12
  2. PILLAR BOX FIRE-Letter from the Germany exchange club auction to Colin Faers, informing him of success in a recent auction; showing extensive fire damage at right. With the letter is the Post Office Form P20911 from the postmaster of Richmond & Twickenham addressed to the postmaster of Sunbury dated 25.10.1971 giving details of the damage and the response to send to Mr Faers at Sunbury-this form is very rarely ever seen Res £22
  3. PILLAR BOX FIRE-Cover addressed within Glasgow on 6.11.1973 showing fire damage at right with the P125H label at let, cancelled by d/ring POSTMANS GLASDGOW OFFICE/1 dated 6.11.1973 Res £12
  4. LIVERPOOL MLO/TRAPPED IN MACHINERY-Rubber cancel dated 24.11.1981 cancels P125H label on damaged cover enclosed within ambulance envelope addressed to Leicester with four question marks at appropriate parts of the unreadable address. The 1st class Official Paid ambulance envelope has the same cancel dated the same day Res £18
  5. LITTLEHAMPTON/PDO/DATE/BN16 3PU-Framed cancels dated 28.8.1987 cancel 20 x £5, 3 x 5p and single £1 & £2 postage dues on post office card P259 addressed to East Preston, Sussex with the dues paying either VAT or a massive underpayment on parcels amounting to £105.15p Res £20
  6. REGISTERED AIRMAIL COVER FROM NEW YORK Addressed to London on 11.5.1988 with $8.40c mater cancel. On arrival, the cover was charged as it contained stamps for a collector. The Customs label on the back indicates a total of £9.69 to collect and to this end, a £5 , 8 x 50p, 2 x 25p, 3 x 3p & a single 10p postage due are tied on arrival by red inked registered hooded circle cancels of LONDON W.C dated 19.5.1988. The bottom 50p stamp shows the variety “white spot above “y” in pay” Res £15
  7. UNDERPAID Cover from SPAIN addressed to Hampshire on 9.12.1988 with s/line mark indicating 37p to pay. The 1p, 3p x 2, 10p & 20p postage dues are tied by s/rings PETERSFIELD HANTS/8 dated 23.12.1988 Res £8
  8. ROYAL MAIL FDC posted on the NORTH EASTERN TPO NIGHT UP on 14.2.1994 with 6p definitive tied by d/ring. Taxed 28p, the new 1p, 2p, 5p & 20p postage dues are tied by s/rings HOUGHTON LE SPRING dated 15.2.1994-the first day of issue of the new postage dues Res £22
  9. STAMPEX-LAST DAY OF THE OLD POSTAGE DUES Postcard addressed to Sussex with the old 4p, 5p & 25p postage dues tied by the special Tower of London cancel provided for the new postage dues out on the 15th February 1994 Res £12
  10. STAMPEX-FIRST DAY OF THE 3rd DECIMAAL POSTAGE DUES-Postcard addressed as previous lot to Walberton Post Office, Sussex with the new 2p x 2, 5p & 25p St Edwards Crown postage dues tied by the special “To Pay” first day cancel of 15.2.1994 Res £12
  11. MIXED POSTAGE DUES-Window envelope addressed to Leatherhead from Croydon/Sutton on 19.2.1994 with 10p & 20p new postage dues and 4 x 1p from the second decimal set tied by rubber cancels of LEATHERHEAD dated 21.2.1994 Res £8
  12. MIXED POSTAGE DUES-Registered cover from Switzerland addressed to Surrey with mixed postage dues collecting £4.32p of V.A.T and handling charge with a block of four x £1 new dues and old 2p, 10p & 20p values tied by oval registered cancels of SUTTON dated 1.12.1994 Res £12
  13. BELGIUM TO THE UK-Stampless postcard from BRUGGE dated 5.4.1995, taxed 39p on arrival in the UK with St Edwards Crown, new dues 2p x 2, 5p, 10p & 20p tied by d/rings ARUNDEL/WEST SUSSEX dated 7.4.1995 Res £10


  1. SCHIFFS BRIEF POST/HAMBURG-Very good strike of the circular unframed ship letter mark dated 16.3.1830 on entire from Germany to Frederick Huth in London. On the back is a superb dotted circle FPO dated 27.3.1830 Res £30
  2. SHIP LETTER-Red inked s/line mark on back of wrapper from Cape Town dated 4.7.1844 in Cape Town & received in London on 4.7.1844 Res £25
  3. HULL/SHIP-LETTER Bevelled blue inked mark dated 6.11.1846 with index A before the date, on the back of wrapper addressed to the bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. Also on the back is a BERWICK transit mark dated 7.11.1846 and the Edinburgh receiver dated the next day Res £30
  4. “TURBINE/”KING EDWARD”/STEAMER”-D/ring cachet in violet ink on the picture side of the “Magnificent new Turbine Steamers Pleasure Steaming on the Firth of Clyde” addressed to Bellshill, Glasgow, posted at Glasgow on 25.7.1903. Comes with Tucks oilette postcard of the steamer at Ardrishaig Pier, postally used from there on 15.9.1919-see illustration Res £125
  5. TREFRIW BELLE-Postcard of the quay at Trefriw addressed to Birmingham posted from Llandudno on 2.9.1903 with the writer telling of a trip up the river on the “TREFRIW BELLE”. At the base of the picture card is the s/line cachet in violet ink “arrival of the s. “Trefriw Belle”-see illustration Res £200
  6. TREFRIW BELLE-Postcard of a ship at the quay, Trefriw addressed to Westmoreland with the very scarce “PER PASSGR S. “TREFRIW BELLE” struck in violet ink [catalogued at £500]-see illustration Res £275
  7. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO. / P.S / DUCHESS OF / MONTROSE/LIMITED-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Skelmorlie from GOUROCK, dated 8.7.1905. Comes with postcard of the ship, used 1916 from Millport. This cancel/cachet is unlisted in “Collect British Postmarks” Res £150
  8. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO / DUCHESS / OF ROTHSEY / LIMITED-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Liverpool from Gourock on 23.8.1905. Comes with postcard of the ship Res £125
  9. ROYAL SOVEREIGN-Lovely New Palace Steamers coloured postcard of the Royal Sovereign addressed to London from Margate on 20.8.1904. Comes with further card of the ship addressed to Enfield from Margate, dated 24.8.1905 with superb strike of the s/line ROYAL SOVEREIGN in violet ink-one of just two recorded examples Res £150
  10. THE ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET COMPANY/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS-Oval buckle type cancel in violet ink ties EDW VII GB 1d to postcard addressed to Southampton with St Vincente d/ring and s/line PAQUEBOT alongside, dated 14.10.1905 Res £12
  11. FALMOUTH-The UNIQUE cancel/cachet “BROUGHT ON SHORE/AT FALMOUTH BY THE/MISSION BOAT “CLAREEN”/AND POSTED BY J.C BADGER/B & F.S.S” mark of the British & Foreign Seamen’s Society. The card is originally from the SS “GARDEPILY” at Falmouth and is cancelled by FALMOUTH squared circle dated 29.6.1906-see illustration Res £150
  12. BRITISH SEA POST OFFICE LIVERPOOL/7-D/ring dated 25.7.1906 ties EDW VII 1d to American postcard of the SS “MAJESTIC” addressed to London Res £60
  13. CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO/P.S/DUCHESS OF/MONTROSE/LIMITED-Oval cachet in violet ink on postcard of the Falls at Whiting Bay with AILSA CRAIG cachet on the picture side. The card is addressed to Australia and redirected to New Zealand from Melbourne on 23.10.1906 after being posted from GIRVAN on 14.9.1906 Res £70
  14. SEA POST OFFICE/A SET-D/ring cancel dated 18.11.1906 ties EDW VII Indian 1 Anna value to postcard of the S.S “NACEDONIA” addressed to Derbyshire. Also on the card is the s/ring SEA POST OFFICE dated the same day Res £20
  15. M.S “LORD OF THE ISLES”-Oval buckle cancel in BLACK on postcard from Greenock addressed to Glasgow on 23.5.1907 Res £75
  16. M.S “LORD OF THE ISLES”-Oval buckle cancel in violet ink [normal colour] dated 23.8.1909 on postcard to London from Greenock, dated the same day Res £45
  17. GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ The “GRENADIER” cancel dated 4.2.1911 with index B ties stamp to postcard addressed to Kilmarnock Res £75
  18. POSTED ON/LA MARGUERITE-D/ring mark in violet ink on postcard addressed to Liverpool from Llandudno on 17.6.1911-comes with postcard of the four coastal steamers Res £40
  19. POSTED ON/ST TUDNO-D/ring in violet ink on postcard addressed to Ashton-under-Lyne from Llandudno on 7.7.1912-not listed as being used in 1912-comes with superb Liverpool & North Wales Steam Ship Company advertising postcard of the St Tudno-see both illustrations Res £200
  20. WWII SPECIAL NOTICE-GPO Notice [LPS No.146] for the expected arrival of the AMERICAN MAIL Ex-“MAMETAN” which left Liverpool on 27.10.1914 at 10.59am and expected to arrive in London at 9.15pm. The notice is cancelled by the very unusual s/ring cancel LONDON/O dated 27.10.1914 with index 3 Res £22
  21. POSTED/ST TUDNO/ON BOARD-Oval cancel in violet ink on lo0vely real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Birkenhead from Menai Bridge on 4.9.1926-comes with coloured card of the ship-see illustration Res £150
  22. SOUTHAMPTON-Censored cover from South Africa with 1 ½d goldmine tied by the Southampton “PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA” with the “Southampton” removed for security reasons. The cover is addressed to Dublin & redirected to Malahide on 24.8.1940-see illustration of a very scarce marking. Ex-Robertson collection Res £45
  23. “ROYAL EAGLE”-S/line mark in black on real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Luton from Margate on 19.7.1948-comes with further, different real photo postcard of the ship Res £18
  24. “ROYAL SOVEREIGN”-S/line mark in black ink on real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Surrey from Margate on 24.6.1950; also different real photo postcard of the ship with framed M/V. “ROYAL SOVEREIGN” in black, used from Margate on 5.7.1949 Res £22
  25. AT SEA/M/V ROYAL DAFFODIL-Black inked cachet on real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Tiverton, Devon from Margate on 27.7.1950-comes with R/P card of the ship Res £9
  26. LONDON/PAQUEBOT-Rubber undated s/ring cancel ties GEO VI 2 ½d to cover addressed to London. At top left is the oval ALCANTARA/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS dated 29.10.1950 Res £8
  27. AT SEA/M.V ROYAL DAFFODIL; “ROYAL/DAFFODIL” and CHANNEL CRUISE; Unframed, framed & s/line marks in pink ink on real photo postcard of the ship addressed to Newcastle from Margate, dated 18.7.1951-very unusual to have three different cachets on the one card Res £15
  28. “SEA POST PREVENTED/BY TYPHOON KAREN/OFF OKINAWA”-Unframed mark on “Sea Jug Post” cover addressed to Texas with stamps tied by machine cancel U.S NAVY 13933 BR dated 25.8.1952. Also with Long Drift Mail Jug post cancel dated 14.8.1952 and other cachets Res £18
  29. POSTED ON BOARD/”THE SHOWBOAT”/FESTIVAL GARDENS BATTERSEA PARK-Unframed cachet in violet ink on postcard of the showboat addressed to Yorkshire from Battersea on 14.6.1953 Res £15
  30. THREE DIFFERENT SIZED Unframed cachets in three different shades of violet AT SEA/M.V QUEEN OF THE CHANNEL [2] different and one AT SEA/QUENN OF THE CHANNEL [no m.v] used 1956, 1955 & 1959 respectively Res £20


  1. WEST DOWN SOUTH CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 25.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £6
  2. CHISELDON CAMP/WILTS-D/ring dated 24.6.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  3. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/34-S/ring dated 10.8.1916 withy index A ties stamp to patriotic postcard. The writer mentions a Zeppelin Raid over Hythe, Kent Res £15
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/6-S/ring dated 7.10.1916 withy index A ties stamp to postcard of Leicester where the writer is at the moment Res £10
  5. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/M10-S/ring dated 9.9.1917 with index X ties stamp to military comic card. Res £10
  6. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/3-S/ring dated 14.9.1917 without index, ties stamp to postcard of Church Street, Fordwich Res £10
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/M10-S/ring as previous M10 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  8. S ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/A.P.O [No.1]-Duplex cancel ties 6c airmail stamp to postcard of Tower Bridge addressed to New Jersey on 12.10.1942. This APO was located at TIDWORTH, Hants Res £8
  9. S ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/APO 591-Duplex cancel on stampless postcard addressed to the USA on 1.9.1944. This APO was located at the 128th General Hospital, BISHOPSTROW, WILTS Res £8
  10. BULFORD BKS/SALISBURY WILTS-Krag machine cancel dated 19.12.1962 cancels official paid envelope addressed to R.A.F THETFORD from R.A.F Netheravon, Wilts Res £8

MILITARY-1902 TO 1933

  1. THE “BLOEMFONTEIN POST”-Crudely printed coloured notice announcing “PEACE OFFICIALLY DECLARED-DETAILS LATER” on 12.6.1902-looks good from the front, but reinforced from the back Res £22
  2. “ORDERLY ROOM/8 NOV 14/No……………/9th [SER] BN THE WELCH REGT”-Oval cachet in violet ink on real photo postcard of a rather elderly looking sergeant [with a walking stick!!] with a message from “Your old pal, Ted” Res £7
  3. HOLLAND/CIVIL CENSORSHIP-Commercial cover from HAZERSWOUDE addressed to Sale with 12 ½c tied by d/ring on 20.11.1914. Across the top is the deep pink “OPENED BY/CENSOR/84” Res £8
  4. EGYPTIAN “OHMS” PICTURE POSTCARD Addressed to Wells, Somerset, cancelled by d/ring BOMBAY GPO/+ dated 8.1.1915. Alongside is the distinctive framed PAQUEBOT cancel of Bombay Res £8
  5. THE BRITISH WAY!! Piece of flimsy notepaper addressed to 419th Battery R.F.A at Leiston, Suffolk explaining that he had posted applications for certain allowances without putting stamps on. On this little note, he puts a GEO V ½d & 1d at left [un-cancelled] and on the back, are used stamps from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, France & the U.S.A-Looks as though this one is headed for the Funny Farm!! Res £12
  6. DARDANELLES-Stampless cover addressed to Surrey, cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/Y dated 21.8.1915 at MUDROS. Alongside is the square censor mark No.2578 in red Res £9
  7. SALONICA-GEO V 2d black registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Morayshire, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/T.26 dated 23.2.1916. Centrally is the uncommon skeleton cancel REGISTERED/ABERDEEN dated 10.3.1916 Res £15
  8. SCOTTISH CHURCH’S HUTS-Printed envelope and notepaper written from ETAPLES where the 9th Scottish Division was on the 27.7.1916 Res £9
  9. EGYPT-Stampless postcard of Suez addressed to Bury St Edmunds, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/E.Y dated 7.5.1916. At left is the black triangular censor mark No.3401 Res £10
  10. “MISSING”-Two manuscript endorsements on cover from Northampton dated 24.7.1916 addressed to a private soldier of the 1st & 8th Royal Warwickshire Regiment in France. On the back is an oval cachet dated 19.8.1916 of the TERRITORIAL ARMY/WARWICK and the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/164 dated 1.8.1916 Res £9
  11. BASE OFFICE B/I.E.F-D/ring cancel dated 2.1.1917 on stampless postcard from East Africa addressed to Warwick Res £10
  12. ARMY POST OFFICE/S47-Skeleton cancel dated 2.6.1917 on stampless French postcard addressed to Reading Res £7
  13. EGYPT-Postcard of the Suez Canal addressed to COLOMBO, Ceylon with Egyptian 4m stamp tied by PORT SAID cancel dated 1.12.1917 and by large s/ring PASSED/COLOMBO /CENSOR Res £8
  14. FRANCE-Stampless postcard addressed to MENTON with d/ring cachet of the MILITARY HOSPITAL, HOTEL CONTINENTAL at the Place de Nice. Dated by the sender as being 24.7.1915 Res £7
  15. EGYPT-Real photo postcard of a “Dancing Girl of |Upper Egypt addressed to Norwich with the 1 Piastre Letter Seal tied by s/ring F.P.O/CAIRO dated 13.11.1933 at MOASCAR Res £25

MILITARY-1939 TO 1982

  1. PLAIN Postcard from Manchester addressed to Switzerland with 1 ½d GEO VI stamp tied by DIG FOR VICTORY slogan of Manchester, dated 30.11.1939 with superb strike of the framed RELEASED BY/CENSOR struck in red at top, centre Res £18
  2. COSTA RICA TO HOLLAND-Coloured postcard of the United Fruit Company ship “QUIRGUA” ADDRESSED TO Holland with 10c pictorial tied by machine cancel of SAN JOSE dated 28.12.1939. Centrally is struck the British octagonal tombstone censor PASSED-BY-CENSOR/CROWN/P.24 in violet ink Res £12
  3. PLAIN Postcard addressed to Holland from HORNSEY, London on 30.12.1939 with octagonal tombstone censor PASSED-BY-CENSOR/CROWN/T.74 in blue-black ink at right Res £ 12
  1. POSTAL CENSORSHIP/THOMAS COOK-P.C 85 Insert with printing date of July 1940 which makes reference to how to communicate with people in an enemy country, or an enemy occupied country. Makes particular reference to Thomas Cook and the Citizens’ Advise Bureau Res £15
  2. NEW MILTON, HANTS TO GIBRALTAR-MABEL Lucy Atwell military comic card with reference to Petrol Rationing addressed to an officer of the CANADIAN TUNNELING COMPANY at Gibraltar with GEO VI 3d tied by New Milton d/ring dated 9.7.1941. Alongside the stamp is the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/T.131 in red ink Res £12
  3. SHETLAND-Small OHMS envelope addressed to the Central Ordnance Depot at Donnington, Salop with GEO VI 2 ½d tied by LERWICK/SHETLAND Krag machine cancel dated 29.9.1941. At left is the oval cachet ORDERLY ROOM/DATE/9th Bn THE GREEN HOWARDS dated simply SEP 1941 Res £10
  4. MALAYA-Cover censored in India, addressed to KEPONG, SELANGOR with the framed “NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER” struck at left. The 6 x 2 ½d GEO VI stamps are tied by EAST GRINSTEAD d/rings dated 9.11.1941-see illustration Res £50
  5. IRELAND/SOUTH AFRICA-Cover addressed to Dublin from Middleburg, dated 24.12.1941 with ½d & 1 ½d stamps tied by machine cancel. At left is South African censors tape & at bottom is the bilingual RELEASED BY CENSOR rectangular mark in violet ink Res £12
  6. CHANNEL ISLANDS-1st JUNE 1942 Copy of the Guernsey Press carrying all the latest German propaganda in relation to what is happening on the continent and elsewhere Res £18
  7. TELEGRAM-Cable & Wireless telegram and envelope addressed to Cleethorpes and received at HULL from PIETERMARITZBURG on 3.9.1942 with octagonal PASSED-BY-CENSOR/CROWN/No/2337 in violet ink. The telegram was then forwarded to destination in a Cable & Wireless “Telegram” envelope Res £8
  8. “DO YOUR SHARE FOR FREEDOM/AND VICTORY WILL BE OURS”-U.S Patriotic label on back of a censored cover from STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA addressed to Dublin on 22.12.1942 Res £12
  9. VICTORIA CROSS Series of Overseas Tobacco Fund postcards depicting Leading Seaman Jack Mantle of HMS “FOYLEBANK”, addressed to London from a soldier in India with Indian d/ring F.P.O/No.132 dated 10.4.1943. Censored in India & by U.K Forces Res £15
  1. JAMAICA-Doubly censored airmail cover to MANDEVILLE from London with GEO VI 9d & 1/- values tied by F.S machine cancel dated 22.4.1943. At left is British censor tape and at right, Jamaican P.C 90 tape 838 with manuscript “D” before the number Res £22
  2. NOTIFICATION OF DEATH-Army form B 104-82 notifying the next of kin of the death of Driver D Blissett in North Africa on 11.5.1943 Res £10
  3. CZECH FORCES-Censored cover from CUBA addressed to the undercover address “P.O BOX 226”, London on 6.8.1943. The cover was redirected to the Czech Forces CONVALESCENT HOME at Woolhampton, Berks on 30.9.1943 Res £22
  4. PERSIA & IRAQ FORCES-Crudely printed Christmas 1943 pictorial airmail letter sheet addressed to KARACHI with GEO VI 3 Anna tied by machine cancel DATED 11.11.1943 and with Unit Censor 660 at top left. Censored also by Egyptian censors Res £25
  5. WILTS-Scarce meter cancel of HAWTHORN/WILTS dated 6.6.1944 on an economy label attached to a five-time redirected/reused envelope currently addressed to the ordnance depot at SHERBORNE. “HAWTHORN” at this time was a whole bunch of R.A.F communication centres, underground facilities and included R.A.F Rudloe Manor. Scarce mark from the correct period Res £25
  6. INDIA-Censored airmail cover to Sussex with Indian GEO VI 8 Anna tied by machine cancel G.H.Q A.P.O NEW DELHI dated 11.9.1944 Res £9
  7. S.A TO CEYLON-U.S 1 cent postal stationery postcard uprated by a 1c meter mark of CHICAGO dated 2.10.1944. On arrival in the S.E.A.C, the d/ring East African cancel A.P.O 58 dated 27.12.1944 was applied. The card is a printed acknowledgement of subscription to “ESQUIRE” magazine Res £8
  8. A.F EAST FORTUNE-Cover from Lancaster & Morecambe addressed to the R.A.F Station on 5.12.1944 with unframed R.A.F POST OFFICE/DATE/EAST FORTUNE on the back, dated 6.12.1944 Res £8
  9. “POSTED UNDER CENSOR’S PERMIT No. E[9756]” Printed address label on St John Ambulance crested cover to LONDONDERRY with stamps tied by BROSELEY/ SHROPSHIRE d/ring dated 5.1.1945. Below is the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/PER 25 in violet ink. Envelope has likely to have been utilised by a stamp dealer Res £22
  10. ICELAND-Stampless O.A.S cover to CHEW MAGNA, Bristol, cancelled by s/ring R.A.F POST OFFICE/001 dated 5.5.1945. At bottom left is the unframed “EAGLE/R.A.F CENSOR/62” in violet-blue ink Res £20
  11. TELEGRAM-“Cablegram Via The Great Northern Telegraph Company of Denmark” addressed to the Sun Fire office in London from Copenhagen, dated 25.5.1945 with the message “I HASTEN TO EXPRESS MY FELICITATIONS TO THE VICTORY AND PROFOUND ADMIRATION OF BRITAINS CONTRIBUTION TO THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM……….” With oval Telegraph censorship mark No.68 at top right Res £22
  12. GREECE-Stampless British Forces airmail letter sheet addressed to Cheltenham from the BRITISH EMBASSY, ATHENS, cancelled by a superb d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/782 dated 30.10.1945 Res £9
  13. FALKLANDS WAR-Two airmail letter sheets, one from Cape Town addressed to Goose Green on 10.6.1982 with manuscript “NOT” before Goose Green and the other from Fareham, Hants addressed to Naval Party 1242 at San Carlos on 12.7.1982 with manuscript “RETURNED TO U.K 845”. Neither have Falklands or military transit/receipt markings [2] Res £15


  1. CEYLON/BOER WAR-Cover addressed to PORTERVILLE, South Africa with 3 x 2c QV Ceylon values tied by s/rings of DIYATALAWA CAMP dated 14.1.1901. At left is the oval DIYATALAWA CAMP/*No…………..*/CENSOR in violet ink. On the back is Colombo transit dated 15.1.1901 & Durban receiver dated 13.2.1901-see illustration Res £28
  2. ALEXANDRIA PALACE-Stampless cover addressed to an English sounding P.O.W at Alexandra Palace from STEYNING on 25.5.1919. At bottom right is the very large cachet PRISONERS OF WAR/P.C/ALEXANDRA PALACE in blue ink Res £25
  3. ELLIS ISLAND PRISONER-Christmas card produced by the “War Prisoners’ Aid of the Y.M.C.A” showing a snowy barracks scene, addressed to New York with the framed RETAINED ALIEN/ENEMY MAIL/EXAMINED/U.S.I & N.S on the picture-side. The Civilian Internee, F Walker gives his address as ELLIS ISLAND and is postmarked CHURCH STREET ANNEX, NEW YORK on Christmas Eve, 1942 Res £25
  1. GEO VI 2½d postal stationery airmail letter sheet addressed to an R.A.F P.O.W in STALAG 357, Germany from WILLENHALL, Staffs on 29.12.1944 with circular STALAG/355/ GEPRUFT/1 struck at top. At bottom left is the octagonal CROWN/PASSED/P.W 2717 in red ink. Unusually, this camp, at this time in the war, was still functioning. Also comes with a copy of a letter from the C.O of R.A.F CONINGSBY stating that Flight Sergeant Chapman was lost on a bombing mission to SCHWEINFURT on the night of February 24/25th 1944 Res £25
  2. CHANNEL ISLANDS INTERNEE-Stampless cover addressed to Mr Edward J Lancaster in BIBERACH Camp with British PC90 tape 2399 at left & the Biberach Camp censor mark at right. The cover was mailed from TAMWORTH, Staffs on 12.6.1944 and received on 16.8.1944 Res £25
  3. NEW ZEALANDER P.O.W OF THE ITALIANS-Italian P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Auckland on 15.12.1942 with Italian & Egyptian censor markings. The writer compares contents of food parcels and says the Canadian ones are best and that they have just received parcels from the people of Argentina Res £18
  4. MERROW DOWN, GUILDFORD-P.O.W Letter sheet addressed to Milan from an Italian P.O.W at this Surrey Camp, dated 30.8.1943. with circular P.O.W CAMP/No.57/GREAT BRITAIN struck on the back. On the front are British & German censor markings Res £15
  5. STORWOOD CAMP, COTTINGWITH, YORKS-P.O.W Letter sheet addressed to Germany on 9.3.1947 with superb s/ring GERMANY/73/P.O.W struck on the back in violet ink. The prisoner gives his address as Storwood Camp, Melbourne Res £15
  6. SANDY HILLOCK CAMP, CRAIGELLACHIE, SCOTLAND-P.O.W Letter sheet addressed to Italy on 27.9.1944 with superb s/ring P.O.W CAMP/No.67/GREAT BRITAIN struck at top right in violet ink. This camp was located at Craigellachie, Scotland Res £15
  7. DUCK’S CROSS CAMP, COLMWORTH, BEDS-Superb unframed cachet “No.72 P.O.W CAMP/ DUCK’S CROSS CAMP/COLMWORTH, BEDS., GREAT BRITAIN, struck in violet ink on the back of a P.O.W letter sheet addressed to Italy on 22.4.1946 Res £18

NAVAL MAIL [In no particular order]

  1. MALTA Postcard addressed to London with GB GEO V 1d tied by LONDON/174 d/ring dated 12.5.1917 with double framed rectangular PASSED BY CENSOR/H.M.S followed by initials of censor Res £10
  2. M.S QUEEN ELIZABETH-Framed mark PASSED/SHIP’S/CENSOR in violet ink on GEO V registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Sussex, cancelled by oval registered cancel of London, dated 17.11.1915 Res £12
  3. DOUBLE RING Censor mark in violet ink PASSED BY CENSOR/* on cover addressed to Aberfoyle with 1d tied by concentric rings cork cancel Res £10
  4. QUEEN’S HOTEL, LERWICK Crested envelope addressed to London with 1d tied by almost solid circular dumb cancel. Alongside is the manuscript “CENSORED/H.G.1 Res £10
  5. M.S HOLLYHOCK-Cover addressed to Plymouth with 1d tied by the Krag machine cancel with town die and year slug removed, dated 1st April 19?? At top left is the manuscript PASSED CENSOR with initials in a circle Res £22
  6. PASSED BY CENSOR/FOR COMMANDING/OFFICER-Large rectangular mark in violet ink signed by C SUTTERU, Surgeon, R.N.V.R on registered envelope to Sussex with 3 x 1d stamps tied by oval registered cancels of London dated 30.6.1915 Res £15
  7. PASSED/BY CENSOR-Unframed mark in red ink with lettering going from tall at left to smaller at right on postcard of RANGOON, Burma addressed to Tiverton, Devon; written on 23.9.1915 and with ½d stamp tied by LONDON Krag cancel dated 20.10.1915 Res £15
  8. CENSORED/E.T-Unframed mark in blue ink on stampless postcard of Gibraltar addressed to the COASTGUARD STATION at FLEET, WEYMOUTH. The card is cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/Z dated 27.9.1915 Res £10
  9. “REST WELL BRAVE HEART”-Naval crested, black-bordered mourning card for First Class Stoker Alexander Brown of H.M.S PARAGON, Lost at Sea on 18.3.1917, aged 22 Res £8
  10. M.A.T PORT NAPIER-Real photo postcard of the ship alongside in New Zealand addressed to Weymouth and cancelled by Cape Town PAQUEBOT machine cancel dated 3.1.1920. Not taxed and written from the ship Res £12
  11. M.S ERIN-GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Plymouth, cancelled by the XXXX Krag cancel. At top centre is the s/line PASSED CENSOR. The card is dated 22.11.1914 by the sender Res £12
  12. CENSORED/ROUTINE OFFICIAL/MAIL-Framed mark in blue ink on longer cover addressed to London with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by solid circular dumb cancels. Res £22
  13. 3 WING/DATE/R.N.A.S-Framed mark dated 3.4.1917 on longer OHMS cover addressed to the Aircraft Park Officer at 3 Wing, R.N.A.S Luxeuil-Les Baines, cancelled by s/ring NANCY dated same day. At right is the frank of No.3 Wing with wording in French-nice item Res £22
  14. N.A.S/DATE/VENDOME-Superb strike of the fancy oval cachet dated 1.9.1916 on longer, stampless OHMS cover addressed to the R.N.A.S Paymaster at RANDVOLL HOUSE, Charing Cross. With manuscript censor mark at top left and s/ring VENDOME dated same day at top right Res £22
  15. M SUBMARINE “OXLEY”-FLEET LETTER With contents, addressed to the Boat at Malta. The letter is from H.M.S TAMAR at HONG KONG and is dated 12.12.1932. At top right is the manuscript “RECEIVED AT MISSOLONGHI, GREECE 29.1.1933” where she was en-route back to the UK after the Australian Navy decided they couldn’t afford the Boat. The Oxley was the first submarine casualty of WWII, being sunk by friendly fire off Norway in September 1939. See illustration Res £40
  16. BRITISH NAVAL CONTRABAND/CONTROL BASE/DATE/THE DOWNS-Framed mark dated 1.3.1940 on Admiralty OHMS cover addressed to AMSTERDAM from RAMSGATE with 3 x ½d & a single 1d GEO VI value tied by d/ring dated 1.3.1940-scarce item!! Res £25
  17. M.S “DEVERON”-Two airmail letter sheets [one is Indian] addressed to a WREN at the Royal Liver Building and one to her home in Wallasey, dated 22.12.1944 & 11.11.1944 Res £8
  18. M.S “AJAX”-Airmail cover addressed to Lt P.M Rouse with GEO VI 6d tied by TWICKENHAM machine cancel dated 11.7.1939. At this time, she was stationed in the West Indies and was soon to take up her position patrolling the mouth of the River Plate, where she excelled in Battle with the Graff Spee. Also airmail letter sheet from the AJAX dated 21.2.1945 and addressed to Gravesend [2] Res £20
  19. M.S GARUDA/H.M.S GOSHAWK-Airmail letter sheet from HMS Garuda, an Indian Naval shore base addressed to H.M.S GOSHAWK, another shore base in TRINIDAD on 7.3.1945 Res £10
  20. M.S “TANA”/H.M.S “CHALLENGER”-GB Airgraph delivered in an EAST African airgraph envelope, originating from DAWLISH, Devon on 27.2.1942 and addressed to HMS TANA, a shore base at KILINDINI, Kenya before being forwarded to HMS CHALLENGER, a Survey Ship operating in the Indian & Pacific Oceans around this time Res £12
  21. M.S ILLUSTRIOUS/H.M.S GADWELL/H.M.S BEAULEY FIRTH-Cover, much travelled from MAINE, U.S.A on 21.5.1945 to all of these ships plus various barracks around the U.K; landing up at H.M.S GADWELL, a shore base at Sydenham, BELFAST in December 1945. Gadwell was to become the George Best International Airport, Belfast Res £20
  22. M.S “ALAUNIA”-Airmail letter sheet addressed to Pinner, Middx on 22.6.1943 with red inked d/ring POSTAGE PAID and naval tombstone censor mark at top right. From 1942-45 she was based at BANDAR ABBAS as a heavy repair ship, but always classed as an ARMED MERCHANT CRUISER Res £20
  23. M.S “RICASOLI”-Admiralty crested notepaper written from the shore base housed in the old fort built by the Order of St John many, many years previously. It was used as a naval barracks from 1947. The envelope is addressed to Wolverhampton and has 1949 U.P.U 2 ½d tied by PRINCE OF WALES Road d/ring dated 12.10.1949 Res £12
  24. M.S “KEPPEL”-Letter written from the ship on 13.12.1939 and addressed to Wolverhampton, being cancelled by LONDON” Received From etc., dated 27.12.1939. At left is the s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in red ink. Keppel, and old lady of the sea was credited with sinking 5 U-Boats whilst on various escort duties Res £12
  25. FLAG OFFICER FORCE “W”-Airmail letter sheet written on 2.3.1945 and addressed to R.A.F WESTON ZOYLAND, Somerset before being redirected to R.A.F HEATON PARK, Manchester on 14.3.1945 Res £8
  26. M.S ROYAL OAK-Crested notepaper & envelope in mint condition Res £7
  27. M.S SOUTHAMPTON-Crested Christmas greetings card with greeting inside and a s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in red along the edge of the greeting Res £12
  28. M.T “ELISABETHVILLE”-O.A.S Cover addressed to NORTHAM, Devon on 21.8.1943 with unframed cachet on the back “H.M.T ELISABETHVILLE/Dr M PAYNJON/SHIP’S SURGEON” in violet ink. She was a former Belgian liner, converted to a British troopship, carrying over 70,000 troops in her wartime career Res £10
  29. M.S “MALAYA”-Cover from New York addressed to Commander K.A.B Hutson at the Admiralty from New York, dated 18.7.1941 before being redirected to the Malaya on 30.7.1941 Res £22
  1. M.S “ENDURANCE”-Two airmail letter sheets from the “Red Plum” addressed to the same address in Godsport [Gosport] with stamps tied by London Maritime Mail machine cancels dated 7.2.1975 & 31.3.1975. Below is the large circular cachet of the Endurance, one with date & the other without [2] Res £9


  1. QV ½d green newspaper wrapper with fluerettes addressed to Norway with added ½d Bantam plate 11 tied by EXCHANGE/LIVERPOOL-466 duplex cancel dated 1.3.1877 Res £20
  2. QV ½d lilac postcard addressed to Germany with added 1d red from plate 190 tied by LONDON-94 duplex cancel dated 19.2.1878 Res £18
  3. QV ½d green newspaper wrapper addressed to Stockholm with added 1½d brown [BF-FB] tied by LEEDS-447 four-bar duplex cancel dated 26.10.1878-see illustration Res £35
  4. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Hamburg with added ½d green tied by LEICESTER-449 three-bar duplex dated 24.1.1881 Res £12
  5. QV 1d pink envelope addressed within London, cancelled by lovely LONDON/E.C HOSTER Cancel dated 6.12.1886 Res £25
  6. QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Norway with added ½d vermilion tied by PRESTONPANS-349 Scots duplex cancel dated 4.8.1890 Res £12
  7. QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to CEYLON with added pair of ½d vermilion tied by Scots d/ring cancels METHVEN/583 dated 12.12.1890, arriving on 3.1.1891 Res £15
  8. QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Finland with added ½d vermilion cancelled by LONDON E.C Hooded circle dated 2.3.1891. The wrapper is further cancelled by a LONDON HOSTER cancel dated the same day Res £20
  9. QV 1d pink envelope addressed to Norway with added QV 1 ½d tied by the most magnificent strike of the BRIDPORT-127 three-bar duplex cancel dated 22.8.1891-see illustration Res £25
  10. QV 2½d claret die with date 21.12.[18]91 within the die on ALFRED SMITH & COMPANY, BATH STAMP DEALERS printed envelope addressed to Italy and cancelled by BATH-53 three-bar duplex cancel on 11.5.1892-see illustration Res £35
  11. QV 1d vermilion postcard addressed to Malta, cancelled by the BELFAST-62 duplex cancel dated 11.8.1893, arriving on 18.8.1893 Res £15
  1. ALFRED SMITH & SON, STAMP DEALER Illustrated envelope with 1½d Ochre die and 1d lilac alongside, tied by LONDON hooded circle cancels dated 9.3.1897. The advert for Smith’s Bath premises is overprinted CHANGE OF ADDRESS/CHANGEMENT D’ADDRESSE in red ink with the new address at 37, Essex St., Strand at bottom left-see illustration Res £40
  2. QV 1d pink envelope addressed within London, cancelled by the London V-CROWN-R Bickerdike machine cancel with number 3 below, dated 30.12.1899 Res £15
  3. EDW VII 1d envelope addressed to Budapest with added 1 ½d tied by d/ring BIRMINGHAM/1 dated 27.5.1902. On the back is a circular cachet of STEINHART & Co.,/DATE/BIRMINGHAM in red ink, dated 27.5.1902 Res £10
  4. EDW VII 2 ½d grey die on MABIE TODD & Co., Illustrated envelope addressed to Hamburg with illustration of a Swan and a fountain pen. The stamp impression is cancelled by LONDON W.C machine cancel dated 22.5.1912 Res £22
  5. EDW VII 3d & 1½d dies on printed registered envelope of the BANTJES CONSOLIDATED MINES LTD addressed to Frankfurt and cancelled by LONDON E.C machine dated 5.8.1913 Res £22
  6. GEO V ½d envelope addressed to Finland with stamp impression cancelled by machine cancel with triangular framed telegraph codes NH of Northampton. Undated, but arrival mark dated 1925 on the back Res £8
  7. GEO V-1d printed envelope from JEBB Brothers of Newcastle addressed to Belgium, cancelled by triangular NT telegraph code of Newcastle-undated Res £12
  8. ESSO PETROL-GEO V ½d window envelope & GEO VI 2d window envelope with different advertising slogans printed at left, dated 10.1.1938 and 25.10.1957. The earlier envelope, although advertising Esso Petrol, has a return address of the Anglo-American Oil Company [2] Res £15
  9. GEO V 4½d registered envelope size G addressed within BODMIN, Cornwall with added GEO VI 1d tied by s/ring BODMIN/CORNWALL dated 7.12.1938 Res £8
  10. QEII Brown postcard from the KUALA LUMPUR RUBBER COMPANY with an announcement about shares in various related companies. The card is addressed to Carnoustie from London on 11.11.1960 Res £6
  11. QEII 2½d “J.S FY” Chocolate order form postcard [large size] addressed to Watford , cancelled by CRICKLEWOOD London Underground slogan dated 12.6.1963 Res £15
  12. QEII 4d red and 4d brown envelopes addressed to Swindon during the 1970 POSTAL STRIKE, cancelled by d/ring HOUSE OF COMMONS S.W.1/ dated 24.2.1970 [my 13th birthday] [2] Res £10
  13. QEII-“PETS AT HOME” Envelope addressed to my daughter’s cat, “Noah” [she tell me this a gender neutral name for a SHE cat!!!] with 2nd class Christmas 2020 impression cancelled by CP 10002 pre-cancel Res £5
  14. QEII Envelope from Santa, addressed to my seven-year-old son, George with 1st Class Christmas 2020 stamp impression cancelled by anonymous Royal Mail cancel printed onto the stamp as a part of the design-the wavy lines have snow on them!! Res £5


  1. MISENT TO/SOUTHAMPTON STATION-Unframed mark on cover from VENTNOR addressed to Chislehurst with 1d red stars tied by 971 numeral of Ventnor on 23.4.1869-see illustration Res £125
  2. “NOT KNOWN” Manuscript annotation before s/ring WASHINGTON STATION dated 18.4.1879 on front of cover from Ferry Hill addressed to Washington. On the back are s/rings of WASHINGTON VILLAGE dated 6.4.1879 & further s/ring of WASHINGTON STATION dated 15.4.1879 Res £45
  3. FARNBOROUGH STATION-Squared circle cancel [2nd type] dated 31.3.1883 with index A on BAYNARDS PARK envelope from HORSHAM addressed to an Army office at Aldershot Camp, redirected to the School of Musketry, Hythe, Kent. At right is the distinctive 1d tax mark of Farnborough Station. On the back is also the s/ring cancel FARNBOROUGH STATION dated the same day Res £30
  4. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From ADDLESTONE STATION, Under Weybridge, cancelled by s/ring STATION RD/ADDLESTONE dated 20.3.1890-stamp removed Res £35
  5. WARLINGHAM STATION-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Hamburg with added 2 ½d tied by the s/ring dated 26.9.1892 with index A Res £25
  6. REGISTERED/TUNBRIDGE STATION OFFICE-Oval cancels dated 28.3.1893 with index H ties 2 x 1d lilacs to 1d pink envelope addressed to Birmingham Res £35
  1. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From ASHFORD STATION OFFICE cancelled by s/ring ASHFORD/STATION OFFICE dated 23.12.1893 with time 4pm. On the label [no stamps affixed] is the manuscript “REDIRECTED 3d TO PAY” Res £45
  2. GARTMORE STATION/578-Scots d/ring dated 10.8.1901 tied QV ½d blue-green to oversize picture postcard addressed to Yorkshire Res £22
  3. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From TOOTING JUNCTION with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by target parcel cancel TOOTING/S.O S.W. Alongside is the large part s/ring TOOTING JUNCTION/S.O S.W dated 15.9.1902-see illustration Res £45
  4. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From HASTINGS, ST JAMES’S ROAD with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by target parcel cancel HASTINGS/STATION and by the s/ring ST JAMES’S Rd/HASTINGS dated 20.10.1903-see illustration Res £40
  5. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From Hastings STATION SORTING OFFICE cancelled by d/ring HASTINGS/+ dated 28.9.1904 after the date of the station cancels were withdrawn-see illustration Res £45
  6. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL From BOSHAM STATION cancelled by thimble cancel BOSHAM STATION dated 29.7.1905-no stamps affixed Res £40
  7. WASHINGTON STATION/S.O-Scarce skeleton cancel dated 23.1.1907 with index D ties stamp to postcard. The card is written from Fatfield Vicarage, WashingtonS.O Res £30
  8. DUNSYRE/CARSTAIRS JUNCTION/LANARKSHIRE-Black rubber cancel dated 2.8.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  9. BOGSIDE STATION/ALLOA-Rubber cancel dated 13.12.1913 cancels GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed locally. Also a BOGSIDE STATION registered label included. This is the ONLY KNOWN Date of use of this cancel Res £30
  10. CROY STATION/GLASGOW-D/ring cancel dated 26.5.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £22
  11. PEVENSEY STN OFFICE/SUSSEX-Scarce d/ring cancel [two known] dated 5.2.1930 wit index B ties stamp to postcard-see illustration Res £30
  12. BOSHAM STATION/CHICHESTER-S/ring dated 19.6.1930 ties GEO V 1/- to airmail cover addressed to a Colonel at the HQ of the Western Command at Quetta, India and redirected to ZIARAT. Taxed in London, Karachi & Quetta, arriving at ZIARAT on 3.7.1930-see illustration Res £28
  13. REGISTERED/WATERLOO STATION B.O S.E.1-Violet inked rubber oval cancel with index 1 ties GEO V 2d & GEO VI 2 ½d to neat registered cover addressed to Stratford Res £30
  14. POACHED EGG-Registered cover addressed to EGYPT with EDW VIII 1 ½d x 2 & 2 ½d value as well as the poached egg, tied by s/rings WATERLOO STATION B.O S.E.1 dated 28.9.1936, arriving at SAN STEFANO, Egypt on 7.10.1936 Res £25
  15. CROWTHORNE STATION CROWTHORNE/BERKS-S/rings dated 24.12.1939 cancels GEO VI 4 ½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to a “Jewish” sounding gentleman at the White House Hotel, Earls Court. At left is plain white sealing tape, perhaps an early “Special “ censorship attempt-see illustration Res £25
  16. REGISTERED/PADDINGTON STN B.O W.2-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 2.12.1947 tied GEO VI 2 ½d & 3d values to registered envelope addressed within London. A UNIQUE cancel Res £35
  17. CARSTAIRS JUNCTION/LANARK-Registered cover addressed to Slough with GEO VI 2 ½d blue & 4d blue tied by d/rings dated 5.1.1951. At top left is the CARSTAIRS/JUNCTION registration label Res £22
  18. PETWERBOROUGH NORTH STN/L & N.E RLY-S/rings dated 8.11.1962 ties QEII 3d, 1/6d x 5 & single 6d Wilding to GPO telegram form, paying an 8/3d fee for 33 words Res £22
  19. STATION S.O BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/4-S/ring dated 17.8.1974 ties 2p & 5p postage dues on locally addressed cover with 5d Christmas stamp tied by d/ring BOURNEMOUTH-POOLE/10 dated the same day. At top is s/line INVALID LSD STAMPS in violet ink Res £15


  1. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-Cover from London to Blairgowrie with 1d red stars tied by London W.C circular cancel of Charing Cross on 16.10.1862. At bottom left is the lovely strike of the unframed C.R in thick, smaller letters Res £22
  2. LONDON & HOLYHEAD TPO-Selection of cut-outs & pieces, all with various NIGHT DOWN cancels 1885-1932 [10] Res £15
  3. LONDON & CREWE SORTING TENDER/CARRIAGE-Selection of framed & circular cancels of the Sorting Tender & Sorting Carriage on piece & cut-outs 1895-1908 [6] Res £10
  4. LONDON & HOLYHEAD TPO-QV 5/- red, cancelled by the K48 numeral cancel Res £22
  5. LONDON & HOLYHEAD TPO-Selection of DAY UP cancels on piece & cut-outs including the I/RPO/E thimble mark and others dating 1895-1927 [8] Res £12
  6. BRISTOL & PENZANCE TPO DOWN-Selection on piece & cut-outs from 1898-1928 [5] Res £10
  7. LONDON & EXETER TPO FROM THE EAST-Selection of 9 items on piece or cut-out from 1877-1895 [9] Res £15
  8. MIDLAND TPO FROM/GOING NORTH-Selection of pieces & cut-outs including the uncommon s/ring N.T MAIL GOING NORTH/MID-TPO dated 23.11.1877, MID TPO/FROM THE NORTH with circular crutched cross dated 31.1.1888 and others dating to 1899 [12] Res £15
  9. EGYPT-Postcard from Bristol of the Royal Visit addressed to Cairo on 8.7.1912 with s/ring receiver ALEXANDRIA & CAIRO / T.P.O / FOREIGN MAILS dated 15.7.1912 Res £7
  10. LEEDS-HULL RLY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 26.10.1915 on postcard from Penrith to Leeds Res £25
  11. HIGHD SORTG CARRIAGE NIGHT MAIL-Selection of cancels on piece or cut-out dating from 1877 to 1913 [8] Res £9
  12. CARDIFF & YORK TPO GOING EAST-Selection of cancels on piece of cut-out from 1911 to 1913 including a s/ring cancel in RED INK of 21.2.1913 [5] Res £10
  13. WHITEHAVEN S.C/+ D/ring dated 30.8.1923 ties stamp to postcard Res £15
  14. PLYMOUTH-BRISTOL T.P.O-S/rings dated 7.8.1935 ties ½d Silver Wedding stamp to 1d GEO V postal stationery postcard addressed to Hampshire Res £10
  15. AUSTRALIA-Strip of five advertising labels for the various trains & routes by Steam Train-see illustration Res £20


  1. KING WILLIAM IV-Lovely, complete wrapper addressed to Knutsford on 22.6.1827 from London with the signature WILLIAM FREDERICK at bottom left; the signature of the future King William IV. On the back is a fully intact Royal wax seal in black-see illustration Res £125
  2. LORD DE LA WARR, LORD CHAMBERLAIN-Envelope addressed to the East India Company from Lord De la Warr with unframed PARK ST G/PY P PAID in red ink at right, struck on 16.4.1842. On the back is the red Royal coat-of-arms wax seal in red Res £30
  3. DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE-Crested envelope from ABERGELDIE CASTLE addressed to the Duchess of Cambridge at KEW, Surrey with 1d red tied by Scots numeral cancel 31 on 15.8.1864. At bottom left is the signature of the Duke Res £30
  4. CANADA ROYAL VISIT-Circular English language cancels ROYAL TRAIN/POST OFFICE/CANADA dated 15.5.1939 [First Day] ties 1, 2 & 3c values to airmail cover addressed to Newport, Monmouthshire Res £9
  5. CANADA ROYAL VISIT-Cover addressed to Montreal with 3C value tied by the English language FLAG cancel of the Royal Train, dated 15.6.1939 [Last Day] Res £9
  6. 1953 CORONATION FLEET REVIEW-Cover addressed to Essex with 2 ½d Festival of Britain value tied by machine cancel POST OFFICE-MARITIME MAIL in black. Alongside is the dotted hexagonal cancel CROISEUR MONTCALM dated 15.6.1953 Res £12
  7. 1953 CORONATION FLEET REVIEW-Similar caver to previous lot with added s/line mark K.N.M “NARVIK” at top, in violet ink Res £12
  8. CRESTED Envelope addressed to Rownhams, Southampton with QEII 2½d tied by s/ring BALMORAL CASTLE with Crown at base, dated 24.9.1955 Res £9
  9. OFFICE OF THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH-Crested, longer envelope addressed to Rownhams [as previous lot] with QEII 4d tied by d/ring LONDON/120 dated 4.9.1967 Res £8
  10. LETTER & Envelope addressed as previous lots to Colonel A Murray dated 4.1.1974 with the letter from the Lady-in-Waiting acknowledging that The Queen will pass a message of congratulation to LADY LINA MARY DOWSON Res £15

RUBBER CANCELS [violet ink unless stated]

  1. WARFIELD STREET/BRACKNELL-Cancel dated 24.5.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  2. NORWOOD GREEN/HALIFAX-Cancel dated 27.3.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. BOLSTERSTONE/SHEFFIELD-Cancel dated 14.6.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. STEEL/HEXHAM-Cancel dated 24.12.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. BRYN-Y-MAEN/COLWYN BAY-Cancel dated 21.2.1908 on postcard from Colwyn Bay Res £8
  6. THORPE SALVIN/WORKSOP-Cancel dated 27.10.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  7. HUTTON/BERWICK-Cancel dated 29.12.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  8. BROMWE/EYE S.O/SUFFOLK-Black cancel dated 109.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. BUCKLAND DENHAM/FROME-Black/violet cancel dated 30.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  10. WATERSIDE/SOUTHMINSTER/ESSEX-Cancel dated 17.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  11. HORSEHEATH/CAMBRIDGE-Black cancel dated 25.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  12. MATLASKE/NORWICH-Black cancel dated 29.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. WAMBROOK/CHARD-Black cancel dated 3.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  14. LUGWARDINE/HEREFORD-Black cancel dated 11.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. BOVINGER/ONGAR/ESSEX-Black cancel dated 13.10.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  16. RAMSDEN/CHARLBURY/OXON-Black cancel dated 30.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  17. WOODHAM MORTIMER/MALDON-Black cancel dated 21.10.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. MERLIN’S BRIDGE/HAVERFORDWEST-Black cancel dated 31.12.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  19. NEW BROUGHTON/WREXHAM-Black cancel dated 15.9.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. WOODGATE/BIRMINGHAM-Black cancel dated 23.1.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  21. PONTBLYDDYN/MOLD-Black cancel dated 3.7.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  22. BUXHALL/STOWMARKET-Black cancel dated 29.11.1915 ties stamp to cover Res £8
  23. WESTONNING/AMPTHILL-Black cancel dated 9.9.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  24. WOOTTON ST LAWRENCE/BASINGSTOKE/HANTS-Black cancel dated 15.3.1926 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  25. ILLSTON ON THE HILL/LEICESTER-Black cancel dated 26.2.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


  1. PORTHCAWL/BRIDGEND-Cancel dated 22.2.1905 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. HUNTINGDON-Cancel dated 3.6.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  3. ACOCKS GREEN/BIRMINGHAM-Cancel dated 12.8.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  4. CORFE CASTLE/DORSET-Cancel dated 2.6.1928 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. WAL HEATH/BRIERLEY HILL-Cancel dated simply 11.60 ties 3d & 1/- stamps to registered cover addressed to Birmingham following a burglary at the Post Office Res £8


  1. SELHURST ROAD, SOUTH NORWOOD-PPL From here with 4½d Jubilee tied by superb strike of the s/ring SOUTH NORWOOD/SELHURST Rd S.E dated 26.3.1896-see illustration Res £30
  2. BLOXWORTH, Under Wareham-PPL Fromhere with QV 4d tied by target parcel cancel of WAREHAM. Alongside is the manuscript “BLOXWORTH/25/3/98” Res £25
  3. BLANDFORD-PPL From here with QV 4d & 6d values tied by s/rings BLANDFORD dated 29.11.1901 Res £25
  4. ORGANFORD, Under Wareham-PPL From here with EDW VII 1d & 6d values tied by target parcel cancel WAREHAM-Undated as Organford had no dated cancels at this time. Ca.1904-superb-see illustration Res £25
  5. LANGTON MATRAVERS, Under Wareham-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by WAREHAM target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring LANGTON MATRAVERS dated 19.2.1904 Res £22
  6. WOODLANDS, Under Blandford-PPL From here with EDW VII 2d x 2 tied by s/ring cancels VERWOOD dated 22.12.1910. Alongside is the violet inked rubber cancel WOODLANDS/WIMBORNE dated the same day Res £25
  7. GROVE PARK, LEE-PPL From here with GEO V1d and EDW VII 7d tied by LEE target parcel cancels. Alongside is a large part s/ring GROVE PARK dated 4.8.1911 Res £25
  8. STAPEHILL, Under Wimborne-PPL From here with GEO V4d tied by violet inked rubber cancel STAPEHILL/WIMBORNE dated 5.3.1916-superb strike!! Res £22
  9. WIMBORNE, THE AQUARE-PPL From here with GEO V 7d tied by s/ring THE SQUARE/WIMBORNE dated 10.4.1917. Alongside is a further, superb strike Res £22
  10. HARBLEDOWN, Under Canterbury-PPL From here with GEO V 9d agate ried by s/ring HARBLEDOWN dated 10.5.1920 Res £20


  1. HALSTEAD-Two cancels dated 1.2.1882 with index D ties ½d green & 1d lilac to 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Plymouth Res £20
  2. BURNHAM/SOMERSET-Cancel dated 28.3.1892 ties 1d lilac to 2d registered envelope size F addressed to London Res £12
  3. SUDBURY/SUFFOLK-Cancel dated 4.12.1893 with index C ties 2d stamp to 2d registered envelope addressed to London. On the back is the s/ring IPSWICH SORTING TENDER dated the same day Res £12
  4. WOODFORD & SOUTH WOODFORD/ESSEX-Superb cancel dated 21.8.1894 with index AC cancels 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Denmark-see illustration Res £30
  5. MORPETH-Cancel dated 7.11.1896 with time 1pm on back of printed 1d pink envelope from the Salisbury Reef Gold mining Company addressed to Morpeth on the same day Res £10
  6. PENDLETON D.O/SALFORD-Cancel dated 15.3.1898with time 5.45pm ties 2½d stamp to neat cover addressed to the U.S.A Res £12
  7. COPPLESTONE-Cancel dated 15,6,1899 with time code HLXP cancels QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Chumleigh-see illustration Res £22
  8. HARLOW-Cancels dated 1.1.1903 on EDW VII registered posta stationery envelope size F addressed to Bishops Stortford with s/ring POTTER STREET alongside, dated the same day Res £7
  9. BILDESTON-Cancel dated 23.5.1905 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  10. GANTON-Transit mark dated 6.7.1906 with index A on postcard from the U.S.A addressed to Sherburn, Yorks and redirected to Ilkley Res £25


  1. 114 BRANDON-3VOD dated 30.7.1902 cancels EDW VII 2½d grey-blue postal stationery envelope addressed to the USA Res £5
  2. 123 BRIDGWATER-3VOS ties GEO V ½d stamp to postcard addressed locally, Ca.1915 and catalogued at £100 Res £45
  3. 315 THORNBURY-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to envelope addressed to London on 28.4.1851. On the back is the blue inked BRISTOL/DATE/PY-POST dated the same day Res £10
  4. 364 HIGH WYCOMBE-1844 Type cancel ties 6d lilac [no corner letters & no plate number] to entire addressed to Switzerland on 5.8.1858-see illustration Res £35
  5. 379 OLD CHARLTON-3VOD dated 25.5.1893 ties 1d lilac to 2d registered envelope addressed to Woolwich Res £25
  6. 600 ADDINGHAM-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red to cover addressed to London on 29.4.1857 Res £50
  7. 770 STANMORE-1844 Type cancel ties 2d blue to entire addressed to Stoke Newington on 2.7.1858 Res £25
  8. 913 CROOK LOG/BEXLEY HEATH-3VOD dated 17.1.1894 cancels 1d postcard addressed to Belgium Res £25
  9. 930 MICKLEGATE/YORK-3VOD dated 23.11.1885 with index D cancels 1d brown postcard addressed to Sweden Res £20
  10. 972 FLINT-3VOD dated 7.3.1882 ties 2d plum & 2½d blue, plate 22 to registered cover addressed to Norway-see illustration Res £35
  11. 072 WINKLEIGH-3VOD dated 28.11.1900 with index A cancels ½d brown postcard addressed to Chulmleigh Res £5
  12. J84 OSSETT-3VOD dated 11.10.1898 with index F ties ½d vermilion to postcard addressed to Huddersfield-superb strike!! Res £8
  13. K56 BIGRIGG-3VOD dated 3.1.1905 ties EDW GVII 2½d to cover addressed to the USA Res £40
  14. IRISH 62 Diamond cancel on 1d pink postal stationery wrapper addressed to Banbridge with lovely unframed ARTHUR STREET RH/BELFAST alongside in blue ink, struck on 6.9.1844 Res £28
  15. IRISH 410 Diamond cancel of SLIGO ties 1d red imperf to cover addressed to Boyle on 13.6.1850 Res £22


  1. POSTED-ON BOARD/H.M.S VICTORY-Pictorial cachet with oval COMMANDING OFFICER/DATE/H.M.S VICTORY [SHIP] dated 21.10.1955 on cover addressed to Cheshire with stamps tied by machine cancel dated the same day Res £7
  2. POSTED FROM TOP OF/BLACKPOOL/TOWER/518 FEET HIGH-Violet cachet at top left of postcard used first year of use on 15.6.1957 Res £6
  3. SNAEFELL SUMMIT/DATE/I.O.M-Blue AND black cachets dated 30.9.1978 on the same postcard ex-LAXEY used same day. Card was carried on the mountain railway in car 5, using the original engines of 1895 on its final run Res £7
  4. POSTED IN THE OLDEST RAILWAY LETTER BOX AT EARLESTOWN RAILWAY STATION-Pilar box-shaped cachet on FDC for the 1980 railway issue on 29.3.1980 Res £9
  5. 150th/ANNIVERSARY/BURNHAM ON SEA/LIGHTHOUSES/1832-1982-Framed cachet on postcard of the lighthouse, used 7.9.1982 Res £5
  6. WIMBLEDON/TENNIS-Rubber cancel dated 30.6.1997 on postcard of the tennis addressed to Reigate on the same day Res £6
  7. POSTED UNDERGROUND/DATE/POLDARK MINE CCORNWALL-Larger type d/ring cachet dated 8.8.2000 on postcard to Norfolk Res £5
  8. POSTED IN.CORONATION STREET-Black rubber mark on postcard of The Street cancelled by “WEATHERFIELD” 18p pictorial meter cancel on 13.9.1993 Res £6
  9. POSTED AT/LAND’S END CORNWALL-Red inked pictorial cachet on postcard addressed to Norfolk on 22.9.2003 Res £5
  10. THE LAST HOUSE/IN SCOTLAND/JOHN O’GROATS-Unframed mark in black on postcard to Norfolk dated 19.9.2005 Res £5


  1. 1690 ENTIRE Addressed to Westmoreland with manuscript BY PENRITH BAG at left. Dated 3.3.1690 at LUNDUN”, there is a Bishop mark on the back flap, dated 4th March as well as a circle with IH or HI at centre Res £65
  2. 1693 ENTIRE From GEORGE PITT addressed to Old Jury on 26.9.1693 with Pitt’s signature at bottom. The Bishop mark is dated 29th Pitt was the M.P for WAREHAM from 1690 until 1679, serving in the Convention Parliament of 1660 and re-elected the following year to the CAVALIER PARLIAMENT, Serving until 1679 Res £45
  3. NEWCASTLE/U-LYNE-Unframed mark in black on back flap of wrapper addressed to London on 23.4.1759 with Bishop mark below, dated 25th April Res £30
  4. PERTH-1769 Wrapper addressed to Edinburgh on 13.5.1769 with curved PERTH in black ink on the back flap Res £25
  5. “TO BE LEFT AT THE POST OFFICE, CARMARTHEN”-Manuscript “address” on neat entire from London, dated 13.1.1785 Res £40
  6. ROCHDALE-S/line mark on front of entire addressed to Warrington on 7.8.1791 Res £25
  7. LUDLOW-S/line mark at top eight of entire to London, dated 25.5.1800 Res £30
  8. TIVERTON-S/line mark [type unlisted in the county catalogue] in black at top of entire addressed to DOWNTON, Wilts on 28.3.1801 Res £45
  9. PLYMOUTH DOCK/220-Framed mileage mark in black on the back of entire addressed to London on 30.8.1802 Res £25
  10. BEDALE/PY POST-Framed mark in black at top right of entire pre-addressed to Norwich Union office, Norwich Res £25
  11. COFFEE HOUSE MAIL-Entire addressed to the NEW HUMMUMS Coffee House, London on 18.2.1805 with LUDLOW framed mileage mark at top right Res £25
  12. BRISTOL TO SPAIN-Entire from Bristol addressed to BILBAO on 9.9.1809 during the PENINSULAR WARS with s/line LISBON transit mark and large 1OR in red at left-see illustration Res £75
  13. DERBY/126-Superb strike of mileage mark struck in red ink at top right of entire addressed to Cheadle, Staffs on 12.4.1809 Res £30
  14. ROSS/127-Red inked mileage mark at top right of entire addressed to Ludlow in February 1816 Res £22
  15. BRANDON/78-Super strike of the mileage mark in black ink at top right of entire addressed to Brandon from LAKENHEATH on 27.10.1821 Res £25
  16. BRANDON-Entire to MILDENHALL dated 5.11.1821 with the s/line BRANDON with mileage removed, struck on the back Res £25
  17. AIRDRIE-Entire addressed to Edinburgh on 26.5.1828 with s/line mark on the back. Various rate changes and with a G-CROWN-R Inspectors crown struck centrally Res £28
  18. LLANRWST-S/line mark on back of entire addressed to Edinburgh on 9.8.1831 Res £25
  19. BOXFORD-Lovely strike of the fancy s/line mark on back of entire from Boxford Rectory, addressed to London on 13.1.1837-nice strike showing COLCHESTER cancel and London arrival mark Res £55
  20. WOTTON BASSETT-27.2.1837 Entire addressed to ILMINSTER and redirected to HINDON on 1.3.1837 with black undated circular unframed cancel of WOTTON BASSETT which is UNLISTED in the county catalogue, struck on back Res £30
  21. CRAWLEY-S/line mark [complete] on back of entire addressed to Marylebone on 25.5.1839-UNLISTED in the county catalogue Res £40
  22. MILLBRIDGE/PENNY POST-Framed mark at top right of wrapper addressed to York on 9.9.1839 Res £30


  1. MOURNING Entire addressed to WALTER SCOTT, Secretary of the REFORM CLUB, Whitehall from Whithorpe Park, Whitney on 26.2.1840 Res £22
  2. WILTS-Entire addressed to London from FISHERTON, cancelled by d/arc SALISBURY dated 23.9.1841 Res £12
  3. IRELAND-Wrapper addressed to Glasgow with 1d red imperf tied by lovely black Maltese Cross cancel of BANBRIDDGE on 1.6.1844 [after the introduction of the numeral cancels] Res £25
  4. UNIFORM PENNY POSTAGE-Entire from the Manchester & Liverpool district bank at HANLEY, Staffs addressed to Leek with the Pd1 U.P.P mark of NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYNE struck at top right Res £45
  5. HULL-Entire to Sheffield with 1d red imperf tied by 1844 type numeral cancel 383 on 2.5.1846. Also tying the stamp is the sub-office cancel CARLISLE STREET in blue ink Res £25
  6. WEST BURTON/PENNY POST-Blue, unframed mark on the back of entire addressed to London with 1d red imperf tied by 1844 type numeral 60 of BEDALE on 8.6.1846 Res £35
  7. EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE-Printed entire to the alliance at Strand, London with 1d red with all four corners clipped to make an octagonal stamp, tied by the numeral cancel for DEVIZES on 8.6.1848 Res £22
  8. BENTHAM-Undated d/arc in black ink on back of entire addressed to Kirby Lonsdale with d/arc LANCASTER at top right, dated 19.8.1848 Res £22
  9. WETHERALL-Undated d/arc on back of entire addressed within Carlisle with stamp tied by 165 numeral on 15.5.1858 Res £22
  10. DEEP MOURNING BORDER [19mm deep] on mourning cover addressed to AYLESBURY with 1d red tied by circular duplex cancel ST LEONARDS-682 dated 20.2.1865 Res £22
  11. DEEP MOURNING BORDER [19mm deep] on mourning cover addressed to Aylesbury with 1d red tied by ENFIELD duplex cancel dated 12.1.1877 Res £22
  12. WINCH BROTHERS [Photographic & Fine Art Publishers] of Colchester-QV 2d registered envelope with address label affixed and with 1½d red-brown tied by ELGIN-133 Scots duplex cancel dated 21.7.1882 Res £30
  13. LONDON TO BARCELONA-Entire with 2½d lilac tied by a lovely strike of the LONDON/E.C HOSTER machine cancel dated 12.2.1886 Res £25
  14. CARDIFF STAMP DEALER-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to BUENOS AIRES with added ½d vermilion & 2d values tied by oval registered cancels of CARDIFF dated 5.11.1892. At bottom left is the three-colour cachet of stamp dealer, H.G HANSON-See illustration Res £30
  15. EXPRESS MAIL-Cover addressed to Hyde Park, London with a block of four 1d lilacs tied by d/rings LONDON E.C dated 13.1.1899. On the back is a d/ring of PADDINGTON dated the same day Res £25
  16. LIVERPOOL-Very elaborately addressed postcard used locally with a cigarette card [I think] of the Town Arms of AYR affixed at left and tied by LIVERPOOL machine cancel dated 12.8.1906-see illustration Res £18
  17. EXPRESS MAIL-Postcard addressed locally within EXETER with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring EXETER/P.P parcel post cancel dated 12.10.1909. Alongside is the oval EXPRESS cachet in black Res £18
  18. SCOTS ISLES-Superb strike of the s/ring WESTRAY dated 19.6.1911 tying EDW VII ½d to postcard addressed to ANNBANK Res £20
  19. LLEDS-Reused envelope originally from BATLEY to Leeds on 16.1.1919 with OHMS National Economy label re-addressed to the Albion Works, Leeds, cancelled by d/ring LEEDS/18 dated 24.1.1919. At bottom left is the cachet of TELEPHONES/CROWN/LEEDS Res £12
  20. NOTTINGHAM-Registered envelope to Germany with GEO V 3d x 2 tied by s/rings LONDON RD/NOTTINGHAM dated 14.2.1922. At right is the German Currency Control tape tied by diamond shaped numerals 14. Also on the back are Cologne Currency Control markings Res £15
  21. LONDON TO ROME-Registered cover addressed to Rome with 2½d P.U.C value & 3d GEO V values tied by s/rings EAST PUTNEY/NR RAILWAY STN S.W dated 29.7.1929 Res £18
  22. SUSSEX-ASHURST WOOD-S/ring cancels dated 19.8.1929 ties 1½d P.U.C and 3d definitive to neat registered cover to London. At top left is the registration label with control number 1 Res £12
  23. WHITFIELD KING-Registered cover to the U.S.A with GEO V 2d & 2½d photogravure values tied by s/rings IPSWICH/SUFFOLK. Taxed 10c for U.S Customs duty, the pair of 5c postage dues on the back are tied by oval cancels of STANFORD on10.3.1936-nice item Res £22
  24. SOMERSET-Printed envelope of the WOMEN’S INSTITUTE addressed within WEDMORE with similar headed notepaper offering congratulations on the safe arrival of new baby daughter to Mrs Leslie Stevens of Blackford. With stamp tied by s/ring WEDMORE dated 16.5.1940 Res £9
  25. EXPRESS MAIL-Longer OHMS cover addressed to the clerk of Penarth Urban District Council, cancelled by red inked OFFICIAL PAID machine cancel of London, dated 9.9.1940. At bottom right is the oval POST OFFICE/EXPRESS/DELIVERY in black ink Res £10
  26. H.M.S RETURNED LETTER Registered envelope used within Edinburgh, cancelled by d/ring EDINBURGH.R.L.B dated 29.3.1962 Res £8
  27. TOBERMORY/ISLE OF MULL-Violet inked rubber cancel dated 15.9.1952 cancels incoming telegram addressed to the MISHNISH HOTEL Res £9
  28. PASSED/X RAY-Red inked cachet on cover from LANCASHIRE dated 18.8.1989 addressed to the Penguin Books Depot at Camberley-this was the period of the IRA campaign of sending letter & book bombs within the UK Res £8
  1. THE YORKSHIRE RIPPER-Express mail cover addressed to JAMES HOBSON, The man credited with solving the Yorkshire Ripper Murders. The cover is from LEON, SPAIN and dated 14.1.1981 and has typed at top “HELP US CATCH THE RIPPER/IN CONFIDENCE TELL THE WEST/YORKSHIRE METROPOLITAN POLICE”. No contents, but a few bits on the Ripper case Res £22


  1. ASCENSION-Neat cover addressed to Huddersfield with 2 x 1d GB GEO V values tied by a lovely s/ring cancel ASCENSION dated 27.5.1921. On the back is the printed “ASCENSION” in blue ink-see illustration Res £75
  2. AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA-Underpaid postcard addressed to MOUNT NICHOLAS, Tasmania from India with EDW VII ½ Anna tied by d/ring ALABAB HILL/BOMBAY dated 8.11.1907. Taxed in India, the 1d postage due is cancelled by postman’s initials Res £20
  3. BAHAMAS-Airmail cover to New York with GEO V 1½d pair & 2½d pair tied by a single strike of the s/ring NASSAU dated 1.1.1937-lovely thing!! Res £20
  4. BASUTOLAND-Cover addressed to MASERU from LEICESTER with 6 x 1d lilacs tied by duplex cancels dated 23.9.1886. On the back is s/ring ALIWAL NORTH dated 18.10.1886 & s/ring CAPE TOWN/CAPE COLONY dated 14.10.1886 Res £30
  5. BASUTOLAND-Registered cover to Cheshire with GEO VI 2d, 3d & 4d x 2 tied by d/rings PEKA/+ dated 30.8.1950-superb Res £25
  6. BELGIUM-Cover addressed to Barnsley, Yorks with nine-stamp franking tied by special bilingual d/ring cancels SALON DE LAT S.F/BRUSSELS dated 3.9.1938 Res £22
  7. BRITISH HONDURAS-Entire addressed to Belize from London, dated 16.10.1873 with red inked LOMBARD STREET “PAID” cancel at top right. Below is the s/ring BELIZE dated 8.11.1873 [cost £120 in 1999]-see illustration Res £85
  8. CAMEROON-Postcard addressed to Birmingham with French Occupation overprints on stamps of MOYEN CONGO tied by the German d/ring cancel DUALA/KAMERUN dated 26.10.1918. On the address side is a further strike Res £20
  1. CAMEROON-Registered cover addressed to Switzerland with German Cameroon C.E.F ½d, 1d & 2d overprint values an a Nigerian GEO V 1d tied by s/rings BUEA/KAMERUN dated 25.7.1919. Below is the blank British style registration label overprinted BUEA/BRITISH KAMERUN in black. On the back is the uncommon skeleton transit mark VICTORIA/ CAMEROONS dated 29.7.1919 Res £35
  2. CAMEROON-Registered cover addressed to Switzerland with German values overprinted C.E.F ½d, 1d & 2d values, as well as a Nigerian GEO V 1d tied by skeleton cancels VICTORIA/CAMEROONS dated 2.11.1919. At left is the blank British style registration label, overprinted VICTORIA/[CAMEROONS] in black Res £50
  3. CAMEROON-Registered covert to Birmingham with GEO V 2d & 3d Nigerian values tied to the back by d/ring MAMFE-CAMEROONS/UNDER BRITISH MANDATE dated 30.1.1934. Also on the back is the registered transit mark PORT HARCOURT dated 9.2.1934 Res £22
  4. CAMEROON-Cover to Edinburgh with Nigerian GEO VI ½d block of six and a strip of 3 x 3d values tied by d/rings BAMENDA-CAMEROONS/UNDER BRITISH MANDATE dated 27.4.1948. On the back is the d/ring KUMBA/NIGERIA dated 29.4.1948 Res £22
  5. CAMEROON-Airmail cover addressed to Edinburgh with single GEO VI 1d, block of 4 x 1½d, block of 4 x 2d and a strip of 3 x 3d Nigerian values tied by s/rings KUMBA/ CAMEROONS U.U.K.T dated 26.2.1951 Res £22
  6. CANADA-Cover addressed to DENMARK with small head ½ Cent black in a pair, strip of three and a strip of five, tied by TORONTO cancels dated 1.4.1897. On the back is the arrival mark dated 12.4.1897 Res £40
  7. GERMANY-Postal stationery postcard with 40m green & 25m airmail impressions addressed within Dresden, marking and advertising the 29th German Philatelic Exhibition during July 1923. Card is cancelled by the special cancel dated 28.7.1923 and has message Res £18
  8. GOLD COAST-Postcard of “An African Spot” addressed to Swansea with EDW VII 1d tied by crowned d/ring VICTORIABORG/GOLD COAST dated 22.8.1913 Res £15
  9. GOLD COAST-Underpaid cover to London with ½d photogravure tied by KOFORIDUA d/ring dated 17.1.1936. At top left is the small circular framed T tax mark alongside 1d mark, both in black Res £15
  10. HELIGOLAND-The British UPU postal stationery postcard addressed to Hamburg, cancelled by the dated double arc cancel HELIGOLAND dated 20.5.1888 Res £22
  11. JAMAICA-Airmail cover to New York with GEO V 9d tied by MYERS WHARF/ JAMAICA cancel dated 11.9.1936 Res £8
  12. JAMAICA-Registered cover to Huddersfield with GEO V 1d definitive & 2½d pictorial tied by UNION HILL/JAMAICA cancel dated 29.3.1935. Registration label is at top left Res £8
  13. JAMAICA-Cover addressed to Kingston with GEO VI ½d tied by T.P.O/JAMAICA cancel dated 17.7.1943 Res £8
  14. U.T-Neat little cover addressed to Italy with QV ½ Anna & 2 x 1 Anna British East Africa values tied by d/rings MOMBASA dated 27.12.1902. On the back is an ADEN transit mark dated 5.1.1903 and a FIRENZE squared circle arrival/transit mark dated 16.1.1903 Res £25
  15. LEVANT, BRITISH-GB QV 2½d envelope overprinted 40 PARAS addressed to Ealing with added 40 PARAS tied by s/ring of the British Post Office, Constantinople dated 14.12.1897 and the red inked oval registration mark of London dated 18th December Res £22
  16. LEVANT, BRITISH-EDW VII 1 PIASTRE overprint on size G registered envelope addressed to Bremen with added 1 Piastre value tied by s/ring of the British Post Office, Constantinople dated 4.5.1907 Res £22
  17. LEVANT, BRITISH-Unaddressed postcard of harbour with EDW VII 2d overprinted LEVANT tied by oval registered cancel of SMYRNA dated 17.9.1909 to the picture side Res £15
  18. LEVANT, BRITISH-Longer registered cover addressed to London with EDW VII 1d overprinted LEVANT alongside 1 Piastre & 2 Piastre overprints, all tied by oval registered cancels of SMYRNA dated 26.7.1909 Res £25
  19. LEVANT, BRITISH-Neat little registered cover addressed to Bangor, North Wales with a pair of EDW VII 1 Piastre overprints tied at bottom left of the cover, tied by oval registered cancel of BEYROUT dated 29.1.1910. At top is the appropriate BPO Beirut registration label Res £25
  20. LEVANT, BRITISH-Underpaid cover to Germany with EDW VII ½d x 2 & a 1d overprinted LEVANT tied by s/rings of the British Post Office, SMYRNA dated 19.1.1911. At left is the serif T tax mark Res £22
  21. LEVANT, BRITISH/LATE FEE-Longer registered cover to London with 3 x 1 Piastre EDW VII overprints and a 1d overprint tied by oval registered cancels of SMYRNA dated 15.12.1911-Late Fee covers are not that common in my experience from here Res £30
  22. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to Constantinople with GEO V 1 Piastre overprint tied by the s/ring of the British P.O., SMYRNA dated 26.9.1919. On the back is the d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/SX3 dated the same day Res £25
  23. LEVANT, BRITISH-Cover addressed to London with un-overprinted GEO V 1d & 1½d values tied by the s/ring cancel of the British Post Office, SMYRNA dated 25.2.1920 Res £22
  24. MALTA-QV ½d newspaper wrapper addressed to London with manuscript PER BOOK POST, cancelled by the three-bar vertical numeral cancel A25 Res £22
  25. E.F-Unaddressed cover with the 1d, 2d, 2 ½d, 3d & 5d overprint values tied by s/rings MOGASCIO dated 13.4.1942 Res £22
  26. E.F-Cover addressed to a Lt Commander R.N on board HMS “TACTICIAN” with nine-stamp franking from 1d to 2/6d tied by undated POST/OFFICE/MARITIME/MAIL rubber cancels. At bottom left is an Egyptian naval censor 1824 and at right a manuscript receipt date of 23.4.1943-see illustration Res £65
  27. E.F-Registered airmail cover addressed to India with 1d, 5d & 2/6d values tied by blue inked d/ring cancels CHEREN/[ERITREA] dated 16.8.1946. At top right is the Italian style registration label with CEREN s/line strike in the same blue ink-see illustration Res £65
  28. NIGERIA-Lovely advertising cover from the ORILONISE STORES, Ijebu-Ode addressed to DENMARK, cancelled on the front by d/ring IJEBO ODE/NIGERIA dated 23.6.1932. On the back is a GEO V 3d similarly tied Res £22
  29. NIGERIA - NIGERIA AIRWAYS AIR LETTER SERVICE Receipt/Ticket for 2/- attached to a cover addressed to Lagos from PORT HARCOURT with the 3d stamp paying postage tied by a super oval cancel NIGERIA AIRWAYS CORPORATION/PORT HARCOURT dated 4.2.1965. The receipt has a similar cancel-see illustration Res £30
  30. NIUE-Shaw Savill Line Cover addressed to Street, Somerset with 2½c overprint value tied by s/line PAQUEBOT cancel in black. Alongside is a further strike and has the s/ring of PAPEETE on the back, dated 14.3.1968 Res £18
  31. NORWAY-Entire addressed to CHRISTIANA with 4 Skilling blue tied by s/ring cancel KRAGERO dated 4.3.1868 Res £45
  32. NORWAY/WWII-Cover addressed to London with the 10-60 Ore armed forces/King Olaf values tied by the rectangular NORSK SKIPSPOST/HANELSFLATEN dated 1.1.1943 with index 2, that of the Norwegian merchantman “IVARAN”. At this time, she was in port at Cardiff, leaving for Milford Haven before crossing the Atlantic Res £22
  33. PAPUA-Cover addressed to Port Moresby with 3d, 4d, 5d & 6d pictorial issue tied by s/rings KULUMADAU S.E.D/PAPUA dated 12.12.1932-see illustration Res £40
  34. PAPUA-Cover addressed to California with 3d pictorial tied by PORT MORESBY s/ring dated 7.5.1936 Res £20
  35. PAPUA-Airmail cover addressed to Tasmania with large part ARMY POST OFFICE/059 dated 2.12.1942 at top right. Alongside is the naval tombstone censor mark and below, the unframed H.M AUSTRALIAN/SHIPS, both in blue. This APO was located at MILNE BAY Res £18
  36. PERSIA-First flight cover to BUSHIR from Tehran dated 20.4.1928 with five-stamp franking of 4 x air overprints and a 8Ch definitive tied by d/ring cancel. The Bushir receiver is on the front, but dated in Persian. At right is the pictorial first flight cachet Res £25
  37. PERSIA-Commercial cover to Cambridge with four-stamp franking tied by d/rings MASDUJIO SOLEYMAN [DEPT] dated 13.12.1931 Res £22
  38. RUSSIA-Postcard of a peasant addressed to GUERNSEY with a Romanian ½ Bani tax stamp attempting to pay postage. The card is written from SEBASTOPOL on the 19th December 19?? and is written in French-no postal markings Res £8
  39. ST KITTS-Censored cover to New York with a strip of 3 x 1d GEO VI values tied by s/rings dated 24.2.1942. At left is the plain brown censor tape tied by the red inked d/ring ST KITTS/CROWN/PASSED BY CENSOR. On the back is the d/ring ST JOHNS/ANTIGUA dated 26.2.1942 Res £22
  40. SIERRA LEONE-Postcard from MALMESBURY, Wilts addressed to to the general manager of the Sierra Leone Government Railways at Freetown with EDW VII 1d tied by duplex cancel on 27.6.1906. The card travelled via London and arrived on 12.7.1906 Res £9
  41. SIERRA LEONE-Registered cover addressed to Oxford with 2 x ½d and the large size 3d tied by oval registered cancels of Sierra Leone dated 18.3.1913. On the back is an INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE CLUB label, just tied by the Plymouth registered receiver dated 30.3.1913 -see illustration Res £25
  42. SPANISH MOROCCO-Civil War cover addressed to Paris with 2 x 25Ptas tied by d/ring CUETTA/65 dated 23.3.1937. Centrally is an inverted strike CENSURA MILITAR/CUETA in blue. On the back is the GIBRALTAR “Travel Key” slogan dated next day Res £18
  43. SOUTH AFRICA, O.F.S-Plain postcard addressed to Cape Town with the OVS ½d stamp tied centrally by the shield Coat-of-Arms cancel. Alongside is a s/ring BLOEMFONTEIN/ OVS dated 3.5.1894 Res £22
  1. SOUTH AFRICA, NATAL-EDW VII Natal ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Durban addressed to J Chamberlain, FRPSL, cancelled by a superb d/ring cancel S.A STAMP EXHIBITION/DURBAN dated 9.7.1919-see illustration Res £30
  2. SOUTH AFRICA-Pictorial envelope from the East London Philatelic Society advertising the E.L stamp exhibition on 5 & 6 January 1927. The CGH 1d is tied by the triangular framed E.L-P.S/DATE/STAMP EXHIBITION dated 5.1.1927 in violet-blue ink-see illustration Res £25
  3. SWITZERLAND-1924 Airmail cover to Basel with 5c orange & 25c airmail value tied by d/rings FLUGPOST/LAUFEN-ZURICH dated 4.5.1924. On the back is the Zurich airmail cancel for the following day Res £22
  4. SWITZERLAND-1925 Registered Airmail cover to Basel with 2 x 20c & a 15c airmail value tied by rectangular cancels LAUSANNE/COMPTOIR SUISSE/ET/FOIRE COLONIALE/POST AERIENNE. Centrally is the LAUSANNE/COMPTOIR SUISSE d/ring cancel dated 29.7.1925. Also has the appropriate registration label at left Res £30
  5. SWITZERLAND-1926 Postcard addressed to ECHALLENS with 25c airmail stamp tied by the pictorial 7th COMPTOIR SUISSE rectangular cancel dated 26.9.1926. At left is the scarce flight label and other cancels-see illustration Res £30
  6. TONGA-Lovely Christmas 1984 & New Year 1985 greetings card from King TAUFA’AHAU TUPOU IV and his Queen addressed to London under the Frank of the King on 17.12.1984 Res £22
  7. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-Registered GEO VI 6c envelope size G addressed to Hampshire with added 8c x 2 & a $1.20 green tied by d/rings of PORT OF SPAIN dated 16.12.1942. At bottom is the red inked cachet VIA TRANS-ATLANTIC/AIR MAIL. On the back is a customs label stating that the contents are “ONE LIPSTICK”, Value 6/- Nice item!! Res £30
  8. ZANZIBAR-Registered cover, pre-addressed to DRESDEN with five-stamp franking ½ Anna to 3 Annas tied by thimble cancels ZANZIBAR dated 10.6.1897 Res £28





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