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  1. RENNICK KEMSLEY & COMPANY OF LONDON-Printed envelope and headed notepaper addressed to South Africa with 6d grey/brown from plate 17 perfin RK/&Co., tied by London duplex cancel on 20.10.1881 Res £30
  2. MACFARLANE’S CASTINGS-Printed invoice from Walter Macfarlane of Glasgow with ½d slate blue perfin WMF/&, tied byGlasgow-159 duplex cancel on 18.8.1884 Res £9
  3. POSTAL STATIONERY-QV ½d brown postal stationery newspaper wrapper addressed to Bremen, perfin BG/Co., of Browne, Geveke & Company of London [cachet on the back]. The stamp impression is cancelled by a dumb numeral cancel, Ca.1885 Res £25
  4. ARTHUR & COMPANY LTD, GLASGOW-Crested envelope addressed to SWEDEN with QV ½d vermilion & 2d Jubilee value, both perfin A&Co/Ld., tied by d/rings GLASGOW/9 dated 27.5.1897 Res £8
  5. STEPHEN MITCHELL & SON-Crested envelope addressed to Stirling with 1d lilac perfin SM/&S tied by GLASGOW/3 d/ring dated 27.1.1902 Res £7
  6. NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE-Renewal notice addressed locally with EDW VII ½d blue-green perfin NU [sideways] tied by NORWICH-575/D Duplex cancel dated 3.10.1904 Res £6
  7. NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE-Renewal notice addressed locally with EDW VII ½d yellow-green perfin NUF, tied by Norwich d/ring dated 24.3.1905. Undelivered, the notice was redirected back to the company and has the unframed GONE NO ADDRESS/575 struck across the address in red ink Res £10
  8. NICHOLSON’S OF NEWCASTLE-Trade postcard addressed to Bradford with GEO V 1d perfin NN, tied by machine cancel of Newcastle dated 7.12.1920 Res £5
  9. PAWSON & LEAFS, LONDON-GEO V ½d postal stationery window envelope with added 2d value, perfin PL/Ld, tied by anonymous machine cancel dated 21.2.1921. On the back is a Swiss arrival mark, two days later Res £7
  10. JAMES DIXON & SONS LTD-Printed invoice/receipt dated 21.7.1925 with GEO V 2d perfin JD&S tied by datestamp Res £5
  11. THE EAGLE RANGE & GRATE COMPANY-Printed invoice/receipt dated 24.8.1925 with 2d receipt stamp perfin ERG/Co., tied by signature Res £5
  12. R& W ASHCROFT-OVERPRINTED 2d GEO V Receipt stamp for the Carlisle Solicitors, dated 5.4.1921 on receipt and tied by manuscript date Res £4
  13. CROWDEN & KEEVES LTD-Printed trade postcard addressed to Tenbury from London with ½d GEO V value perfin C&G, tied by London S.E.1 machine cancel on 15.6.1928 Res £5
  14. RECD/FOR/ROWNSON, DREW & CLYDESDALE/LTD-Overprinted GEO V 2d receipt stamp on receipt dated 20.6.1928. On the address side is a GEO V ½d, perfin R/D/C, tied by London S.E.1 machine cancel on 21.6.1928 Res £6
  15. THE SHROPSHIRE, WORCESTERSHIRE & STAFFORDSHIRE ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, BIRMINGHAM-Printed receipt addressed to Tenbury Wells with GEO V ½d perfin SW/S tied by BIRMINGHAM machine cancel dated 31.10.1934 Res £5
  16. EDW VIII-Printed invoice addressed to Rochdale from VYSE SONS & COMPANY With ½d EDW VIII value perfin VS/C tied by London machine cancel dated 1.6.1937 Res £5
  17. EDW VIII-Pictorial advertising envelope from TURNERS ASBESTOS CEMENT COMPANY addressed to Croydon with EDW VIII 1½d perfin TAC/Co., tied by London S.E.1 machine cancel on 7.6.1937 Res £8
  18. EDW VIII-BRIERLY HILL IRON WORKS Crested envelope addressed to Croydon with 1½d EDW VIII value perfin S&H [reversed & inverted] tied by Brierly Hill sunburst slogan dated 8.6.1937 Res £6
  19. EDW VIII-EVANS SONS, LESCHER & WEBB Crested window envelope with EDW VIII 1½d perfin ELW tied by London E.C sunburst slogan dated 12.6.1937 Res £6
  20. 1937 CORONATION Value perfin AF-FA Butterfly [folded and both halves perfinned] perfin of APPLEBY, FRODINGHAM STEEL of Scunthorpe, tied by Scunthorpe, Lincs machine cancel dated 16.6.1937 Res £6
  21. 1937 CORONATION Value perfin WB/Ld of Walker Brothers of Walsall, Staffs tied by sunburst slogan on 17.6.1937 Res £6
  22. EDW VIII-Window envelope with EDW VIII ½d perfin DL/&Co.Ld of DORMAN, LONG and Company of Middlesbrough; tied by Middlesbrough sunburst slogan on 5.7.1937 Res 36
  23. T & W FARMILOE LTD-Printed invoice/receipt dated 31.12.1938 with GEO VI 2d receipt stamp affixed with perfin T&/WF tied by signature Res £5
  24. ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD-OVERPRINTED GEO VI 2d receipt stamp applied to renewal form on 5.1.1951 Res £4
  25. 1957 BOY SCOUTS ISSUE-The three stamps, unmounted mint; all with B.P and decorative swirl below. The BP standing for BADEN POWELL-SEE Illustration Res £15


  1. BRISTOL-Lovely Real photo postcard addressed to Frome “M. TETARD IN FLIGHT ON DURDHAM DOWNS”-Showing a close up of the monstrosity above the crowds on 19.11.1910 Res £25
  2. ROEDEAN SCHOOL-Superb real photo postcard by “Miles of Hove” showing “MR MORISON DESCENDS IN HIS BRISTOL BIPLANE ON THE LAWNS OF ROEDEAN SCHOOL AFTER HIS RACE FROM SHOREHAM TO BLACK ROCK MAY 13th 1911”. Also a further description of four men lined up in front of the machine-see illustration Res £30
  3. THE DAILY MAIL AIR RACE, JULY 1911-Attractive art-drawn card depicting the start of the race at Brooklands with a surround of the portraits of the 12 competitors. [Sold for £33 + VAT in the “Messangers” sale of June 1993] Res £30
  4. SOUTHPORT-Lovely real photo close up postcard of G Higginbotham at Freshfields, Southport, preparing to leave with the passenger holding a bag of mail “AERIEL/POST”, October 1911 Res £30
  5. STAMFORD, LINCS-A further superb real photo postcard showing “MR HUCKS 70 H.P BLERIOT MONOPLANE AT BURGHLEY PARK SEPT 12Th 1912” Res £30
  6. COVENTRY-Fed up with saying it, but another superb real photo postcard “MR B.C HUCKS AT COVENTRY 22.10.1913”. On the back is, what appears to be the signature of Mr Hucks. Res £30
  7. CRASH MAIL-Cover from New York to Tacoma, Washington, mailed on 27.11.1929 and showing signs of having been burned. With the cover is a note from the postmaster of Portland, Oregon dated 30.11.1929 explaining the poor state of the mail due to a wrecked air plane at Vancouver, Washington at 3.15pm on 30.11.1929 Res £30
  8. CRASH MAIL-“AMBULANCE” Envelope addressed to New York from Cleveland, Ohio on 24.5.1930 with the unframed “DAMAGED BY FIRE/AT BEDFORD, O/MAY-14th 1930” struck in violet ink. Comes with a copy of a newspaper cutting of the time Res £30
  9. SOUTH AFRICA-Commercial advertising cover from E.J Adcock, Chemist etc. at Krugersdorp, addressed to Cape Town with 4d airmail tied by d/ring WEST KRUGERSDORP/TRANSVAAL dated 30.1.1932. On the back are cancels of Cape Town & Johannesburg Res £18
  10. GERMANY/ZEPPELIN MAIL-Lovely little cover addressed to Buenos Aires with 80 & 100Rpf airmail values tied by d/ring STUTTGART dated 23.6.1934. At left is the 1934 pictorial Argentina flight cachet, struck below the Argentine receiver dated 28.6.1934 Res £35
  11. “MAILS FOR EAST AND SOUTH AFRICA, INDIA, MALAYA ETC.”-A six sided GPO folded information communication giving details etc for sending mails to these places after the introduction of the 2nd stage of the Empire Air Mail Scheme. Res £22
  12. SOUTH AFRICA-“IMPERIAL” Cover to London, cancelled by just three impressions of the 4d Springbok meter cancel, but without any date!! Circa 1934 Res £12
  13. ZEPPELIN MAIL-Postcard addressed to SAN SALVADOR from Frankfurt with those horrible Zeppelin stamps with the terrible gum tied by the Frankfurt Station cancels of 29.4.1936 Res £22
  14. SEAHORSE-Compact registered cover to Brazil with a 10/- Seahorse, 4 x 1/- GEO V values and two EDW VIII 1½d values tied by hooded circle Foreign Branch registered cancels dated 22.12.1936-see illustration Res £85
  15. SOUTH AFRICA-First flight cover for the new postal rate by flying boat service to the UK with a pair of 1½d values tied by d/ring CAPE TOWN dated 2.7.1937 Res £12
  16. WRECK MAIL-Stampless [washed off] cover from Buenos Aires addressed to New York showing signs of distress with the unframed “RECOVERED FROM/PLANE N.C 15065/AUG 3 1937/CRISTOBAL, CZ” in black ink at top right Res £35
  17. WRECK MAIL-Stampless [washed off] cover to London with simple “DAMAGED BY SEA/WATER” struck in black ink, centrally Res £22
  18. WRECK MAIL-BOMBAY TO LONDON Larger cover with stamps washed off and with two strikes of the framed DAMAGED BY SEA/WATER, struck after the CYGNUS crash at Brindisi, 5.12.1937 Res £35
  19. IRAQ-First flight by the Iraq Air Service on 16.1.1939 from BASRAH to MOSUL via AMARAH, BAGHDAD and KIRKUK with 1f blue-violet, 1f brown & 3f green tied by BASRA d/rings dated 16.1.1939 Res £22
  20. WRECK MAIL-Air France “Ville de Dakar” crash cover from Buenos Aires to Holland on 2.5.1939 showing burn damage. On the back is the French P.O cachet “SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS /CORRESPONDENCE RETARDEE / PAR ACCIDENT D’AVION / PRIERE DE NE PAS TAXER” in violet ink-opens out to display very nicely. Everyone on board was killed after crashing into a mountain near Marrakesh, Morocco Res £35
  1. AUSTRALIA-CENSORED Cover addressed to the USA with 4d, 6d, 1/- and 2 x 2/- values tied by s/rings of the Sydney airmail cancels dated 27.8.1941. Below, is the unframed CALIFORNIA/CLIPPER cachet in black; and at left is the Australian censor tape 2 tied by 2 PASSED/BY/CENSOR/1190 in violet ink Res £25
  2. INDIA-Illustrated first flight cover for the Air India International first flight from Bombay to London on 8.6.1948 with special stamp issue tied by special first flight cancel. Carried by the “RAJPUT PRINCESS” Res £12
  3. LONDON TO JAPAN-BOAC COMET Jetliner first flight cover to British stamp dealers, WHITFIELD KING at Tokyo with GB GEO VI 7d & 11d values tied by London FS machine cancel dated 3.4.1953. At bottom right is the oval “PASSED BY BRITISH PHILATELIC ASSN”. This wartime mark continued to be used on selective mail to former belligerent countries into the 1950’s. Res £15
  4. CRASH MAIL-Cover addressed to Canada with 1/3d Wilding tied by London machine cancel on 23.12.1954. At left is the framed “SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/PRESTWICK 25.12.54” in violet ink Res £25
  5. CRASH MAIL/IRELAND-Cover from INDONESIA addressed to New York dated 1962 with the s/line SALVAGED FROM K.L.M CRASH AT SHANNON-See illustration Res £80


  1. WESTLAND AIRCRAFT “EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS”-Seven superb real photo “action/publicity” postcards by Westland of the SRN2 craft in superb condition [7] Res £30
  2. 1962 SCARCE Pair of postcards marking the world’s first passenger service between Rhyl and Wallasey on 20.7.1962. These are scarce because thieves broke into the posting box and stole and destroyed the original type cards, only five being accepted. Comes with a letter from the chap whose wife managed to get the five cards. [3] Res £25
  3. CLYDE HOVER FERRIES LTD-One of just eight cards carried on the Gourock to Tarbert first flight on 5.11.1965-comes with full write-up Res £15
  4. “HOVERSHOW ‘66”-Information sheet [folded six sides] for the world’s first hovercraft show at Browndown, Portsmouth from the 15th to 19th June 1966. Comes with cover carrying the publicity slogan, dated 6.6.1966 Res £12
  1. APETHORPE, PETERBOROUGH-Cover which took part in the world’s first National Hovercraft Championships at Apethorpe on 3.6.1967. Thirty six machines took part on a round course over land and water-12 covers only were produced Res £15
  2. EXERCISE STRENGTHS TRIAL-Flown cover on SRN6 XV617 from HMS FEARLESS to Lyness on 22.6.1971 a d then carried by RFA SIR GALAHAD to Marchwood Military Port, Southampton Res £8
  3. HOVERTRAIN-Very uncommon [rare] carried cover which had travelled on the public demonstration run of RTV 31 at EARITH, HUNTINGDON on 10.12.1971. Lovely recorded delivery cover signed by the “pilots”. Also comes with a private photo of the “train” Res £15
  4. EXERCISE STRENGTHS TRIAL-Flown card from RFA Sir Galahad to HMS FEARLESS, addressed to Downton, Wilts with 3p Machin tied by d/ring GLASGOW/MARITIME MAIL dated 21.6.1972 and has a HMS Fearless Mail Office cachet dated the same day Res £9
  5. MOURNING CARD Marking the end of the 200 Hovercraft Trials Squadron, flown on the last operational sortie on 31.3.1974. Lovely mourning item with detail on front back Res £10
  6. CHRISTENING COVER Marking the Birth of the Royal Naval Hovercraft Trials Unit at HMS Dead Loss [That’s what I used to call it when I was there!!] on 1.1.1975. Comes with commissioning order [copy] signed by the boss wafu, Vice-Admiral Peter Austin and a first flight cover flown on the official commissioning day, 17.1.1975 Res £12


  1. THE SHERBORNE, DORCHESTER AND TAUNTON JOURNAL-30.8.1838 Edition with a 1d Newspaper Tax stamp of the SHERBORNE JOURNAL struck at top right in red ink. Interesting reading!! Res £22
  2. TREWMAN’S EXETER FLYING POST, OR PLYMOUTH & CORNISH ADVERTISER-27.9.1838 Edition with 1d Newspaper Tax stamp of the EXETER FLYING POST struck at top right in red ink Res £22
  3. INLAND REVENUE-1d stamp on cover from STROUD addressed to London, tied by STROUD-757 duplex cancel on 4.6.1881 Res £25
  4. INLAND REVENUE-Three 1d stamps tied to registered cover addressed to Birmingham, cancelled by s/rings CHARING CROSS/BIRKENHEAD dated 15.3.1894-see illustration Res £35
  5. NORWICH UNION FIRE OFFICE-Scarce COMPLETE sheet of 25 CENTENARY Labels-see illustration Res £45
  6. ST DUNSTAN’S-Four labels [two designs] in slate blue, red, purple and blue-green sold to raise funds for the military blinded in WWI Res £6
  7. POST OFFICE SAVINGS-Deposit sheet meant for 12 x 1d stamps for deposit into the POSB with 4 x 1d GEO V values affixed S.B No.102-clean item Res £9
  8. GEO VI 1937 UNADOPTED ESSAYS BY GENIALITY For the Harrison GEO VI 1937 issue on presentation card-see illustration Res £65
  9. NATIONAL SAVINGS CARDS-Three different savings bank cards; one for your Wedding Day, one for the 1953 Coronation and one for your Birthday “UNCONQUERABLE”, All are in very good condition and have no stamps in [3] Res £18
  10. LOOK OUT, THE SCOTS ARE MOANING AGAIN!!! [With apologies] Cover addressed within Edinburgh with 2 x 1d Wildings securing a gummed label “SCOTTISH HOUSING1-2-3-4-5-6 TIMES WORSE THAN ENGLAND”, dated 21.8.1956 Res £8
  11. PREMIUM SAVINGS BONDS-Two £2 bonds issued under the 1968 national Loans Act and a £10 bond issued under the 1939 Act. The £2 ones are cancelled at Woking or Lightwater, 1972 or 1973 and the £10 one issued at the main office, 1965 [3] Res £10
  12. BRECQHOU ISLAND-Illustrated first day cover for the 1d to 2/- issue tied by rubber cancel BRECQHOU ISLAND/HELIPORT/CHANNEL ISLANDS dated 30.9.1969. On the back is he 5d Giro value tied by SOUTHAMPTON first day cancel on 1.10.1969 Res £9
  13. ROWLAND [SCHOOL] STAMPS-DECIMAL Issues ½p to 5p in colours similar to the issued values [9] Res £5
  14. GLASGOW DELIVERY COMPANY 1870’s1d stamp on postcard to the USA and tied along with 1p & 3p Machins tied by PAISLEY slogan dated 91.10.1972 Res £7
  15. LUNDY ISLAND-Two 2014 presentation folders issued by the Lundy Collectors Club at their meeting on 20.7.2014. One is in blue, the other in buff colour-both have stamps inside Res £6


  1. PHILATELIC CONGRESS / NEWCASTLE - D/ring cancels dated 25.5.1920 ties GEO V ½d & 1d values to cover addressed to London Res £8
  2. PHILATELIC CONGRESS/HARROGATE-D/ring dated 5.5.1921 ties ½d GEO V value to cover addressed to Potters Bar Res £8
  3. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION/LONDON-D/rings dated 23.11.1928 ties ½d & 3d GEO V values to souvenir exhibition postcard addressed to Germany, arriving the following day Res £12
  4. 20th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/LONDON-D/ring dated 3.5.1933 ties GEO V ½d to cover addressed to Surrey. At left is the blue publicity label Res £8
  5. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 20.5.1936 ties GEO V 1½d & 3d values to registered cover addressed to Baker Street Res £15
  6. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION, 1936-Three mini-sheets of four of the publicity labels in blue, green & brown. Some hinge remainders and one has a minor perf split [3] Res £9
  7. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 22.5.1937 ties a block of four of the GEO VI 2½d values to registered cover addressed to Baker Street Res £10
  8. ASCOT RACES-Registered cover to Birmingham with GEO VI ½d, 2½d & Coronation stamp tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/A dated 17.6.1937. At left is the ASCOT 1 registration label with manuscript “RACES” added in red ink Res £18
  9. WALLINGFORD SHOW-Registered envelope addressed to Oxford with GEO V 3d & GEO VI 1½d tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/C dated 18.5.1938. The blank registration label has manuscript “MOBILE P.O/WALLINGFORD” in blue ink Res £18
  10. LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION, 1938-“STAMP MAGAZINE” Cover addressed to Ongar, Essex with GEO VI 1½d and the large blue publicity label tied by machine cancel of LONDON S.W.1 dated 16.10.1937-1st day of the show. Centrally is the green show cachet Res £9
  11. THE SECOND ANNUAL LONDON STAMP EXHIBITION-Violet inked cachet on cover addressed to SOUTH AUSTRALIA with GEO VI 1½d tied by d/ring LONDON S.W.1/30 dated 22.10.1937. On the back is the salmon pink advertising publicity label tied by the same cachet; also comes with double page WALLACE BROTHERS Advert for stamps etc. Res £15
  12. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 25.5.1938 ties GEO VI ½d & 2 x 2d values to registered cover addressed to Cheltenham Res £15
  13. CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW/S.W.3-Skeleton cancels dated 15.5.1939 ties GEO VI ½d & 2 x 2d values to registered cover addressed to Cheltenham-the 1939 show is the hardest to get!! Res £22
  14. STAMP CENTENARY EXHIBITION, LONDON-Five different coloured labels, each from the top right of the sheet, showing the Red Cross inscription [5] Res £10
  1. EDINBURGH/CS-Skeleton cancels for the Church of Scotland conference dated 20.5.1947 ties GEO VI 2½d & 3d values to registered cover addressed to Glasgow. The blank registration label is similarly tied Res £9
  2. DOG SHOW-Registered cover addressed within Cheltenham with GEO VI ½d & 5d values tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE C/2 dated 27.5.1947 [year slug above the date slugs]. This was used at the Royal Bath & West Dog Show at Cheltenham Res £20
  3. ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW/DUNDEE-Skeleton cancels dated 23.6.1949 ties GEO VI ½d & 6d values to neat registered cover addressed to Nairn. The blank registration label has typed “ROYAL / HIGHLAND / SHOW/DUNDEE/ANGUS Res £9
  4. FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Poster stamp book issued to raise funds for the Greater London Fund for the Blind with the full set of purple/brown labels stuck in the appropriate places for them Res £9
  5. EDINBURGH/CS-Skeleton cancels of the Church of Scotland conference dated 22.5.1951 ties the Festival of Britain pair to registered cover addressed to Glasgow Res £8
  6. EDINBURGH/CS-Skeleton cancels dated 20.5.1952 ties 2½d & 6d Olympic Games stamps to registered cover addressed within Edinburgh Res £8
  7. WIMBLEDON S.W.19/ALL ENGLAND L.T.C-S/rings dated 30.6.1953 ties GEO VI 1d & 6d values as well as the QEII 1½d to registered cover addressed to Liverpool Res £15
  8. EDINBURGH/CS-Skeleton cancels dated 19.5.1953 ties GEO VI 3d x 2 and single QEII 2½d to registered cover addressed to Edinburgh. The blank registration label is similarly tied Res £7
  9. GLASGOW/KELVIN HALL-S/rings dated 18.2.1959 ties a six-stamp franking to registered envelope addressed to Renfrewshire. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled. Comes with a 1930’s advertising label for the Scottish Motor Show at the Kelvin Hall Res £12
  10. 35th ANNUAL CONFERENCE: ROTARY INTERNATIONAL G.B & I/DOUGLAS I.O.M-Scarce Rotary special event cancels tie 6 x 2½d graphite line values to registered cover addressed to Scotland Res £25
  11. FIRST GERMAN PHILATELIC CONVENTION, STOCKTON-ON-TEES-Cover with the “GERMANIA POSTA” Newcastle Gliding Club souvenir sheet and 6d Botanical Congress value tied by special cancel dated 5.9.1964 Res £8


  1. SMALL Cover from EASTBOURNE addressed to SWEDEN with EDW VII 2½d & 3d values tied by s/rings EASTBOURNE/1 dated 13.5.1912. The Express label has been attempted to be removed. This proved too difficult for our Swedish friends and they eventually cancelled it by blue crayon!! See illustration Res £25
  2. SCARCER WARTIME WWI Censored Express cover from Holland to London, dated 23.11.1915 with fine, framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 3d struck in violet ink Res £30
  3. GERMAN INFLATION PERIOD-Express cover from Berlin addressed to London with fourteen [14] of the 1 million Mark values, all perfin BHG of the Berliner Handels-Gessellschaft, tied by d/rings dated 4.11.1923. On the front is the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID in violet ink with manuscript 6d Res £15
  4. GERMANY-15Pf green airmail postal stationery postcard addressed to Germany with added 5 & 10Pf values tied by d/rings BERLIN C dated 17.3.1924. At left is a very good strike of the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 6d in violet ink Res £12
  5. MILITARY-Small cover addressed to the Isle of Wight, with GEO V 1/- tied by s/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S40 dated 25.8.1924 and by the oval cancel BRITISH ARMY OF THE RHINE dated the same day. At top left is the black on red Express label Res £25
  6. GEO VI £1 BROWN-First Day Cover with this elusive value tied by s/ring REGENT ST B.O/W.1 dated 1.10.1948-see illustration Res £65
  7. PLAIN POSTCARD Addressed to Belgium with GEO VI ½d & 6d values tied by s/rings MELTON Rd WEST BRIDGEFORD/NOTTINGHAM dated 27.7.1950 Res £15
  8. LESS COMMON 1/- EXPRESS FEE-Three covers, one each from Australia, France & the USA from the mid-1950’s period; all with different EXPRESS FEE 1/- PAID [3] Res £22
  9. MILITARY-Cover addressed to a military address in Leeds from a similar address in London with LONDON S.W.1 Official Paid cancel dated 18.2.1969. At left is the OHMS red on white “IMMEDIATE” label with white on green Special Delivery label tied by the M.O.D Registry cachet in Leeds dated 2 days later-not exactly “Express”!!! Res £12
  10. GUERNSEY-Cover addressed to Coventry, yes, to you Roger!! The cover has stamps tied by s/rings GUERNSEY POST OFFICE dated 5.2.1988, the white on brown POST OFFICE/ EXPRESS/DELIVERY label and the framed ACCEPTED AFTER/LAST COLLECTION/ AT SENDERS REQUEST Res £15


  1. MANCHESTER-Entire dated 5.5.1825 and addressed to London with lovely oval TOO LATE in red ink alongside the dated Manchester cancel Res £20
  2. FORWARDING AGENT-Entire addressed to VIRGINIA, USA dated 30.8.1856 at London. On the back is a very good lozenge forwarding agent cachet in red ink of HAGARTY & JERDEIN of Liverpool Res £25
  3. MOURNING COVER-Unpaid mourning cover addressed to BALBRIGGAN, IRELAND, cancelled by s/ring LONDON W dated 17.3.1862. At top right is the large 2d tax mark and on the back, the lovely s/ring BALBRIGGAN dated 18.3.1862 Res £15
  4. “TO BE FORWARDED IF LEFT”-Manuscript notation on cover with contents from CHELTENHAM addressed to SOUTHEND on 16.11.1868. Taxed 1d for redirection from South end to London on 17.11.1868 Res £12
  5. MOURNING COVER-Mourning cover from the ARCHBISHOP OF YORK [with signature] addressed to London with 1d red tied by HARROGATE duplex cancel dated 15.9.1970. At top left is the inspectors mark s/ring with quartered letters WMCA in black ink Res £18
  6. SOUTH SHIELDS-Longer cover addressed to CARLISLE with 1d Venetian red tied by four bar duplex cancel dated 26.1.1881. At left is manuscript 1d tax mark and the framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [1] OZ/704 of South Shields Res £18
  7. BASINGSTOKE-Longer cover addressed to Reading with 1d lilac tied by 22 three bar duplex cancel dated CHRISTMAS DAY 1883. Alongside is the framed MORE TO PAY/[INITIALS]/ABOVE [1] OZ/635 mark of Reading. On the back is the Reading arrival mark, again for Christmas Day. Res £20
  8. IRELAND/INDIA/ENGLAND-Indian QV 4½ Anna postal stationery envelope addressed to North Wales [Abergele] from Jaipur on 26.6.1886 and redirected to Rathgar, Dublin. On the front is the oval framed 1d/973 tax mark and on the back is the d/ring H&K PACKET with serif lettering dated 20.7.1886 Res £25
  9. WATFORD-Underpaid cover to Southport with 1d lilac tied by the three bar duplex cancel of Watford dated 23.12.1891. At left is the oval framed 1d/849 and the framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [1] OZ/849, both of Watford Res £22
  1. PENRITH-Longer cover addressed within Penrith with 1d lilac tied by the three bar duplex cancel dated 18.5.1893. Alongside is the 1d tax mark and the framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE [1] OZ/606 mark of Penrith Res £18
  2. EDINBURGH TO SHEFFIELD-Undelivered cover from Edinburgh with QV ½d blue-green tied by EDINBURGH d/ring dated 12.11.1900. Alongside is the lovely strike in red ink of the framed GONE NO ADDRESS/700 of Sheffield, applied on 14.11.1900. At left is the large framed ½d POSTAGE/DUE FOR/RETURN/TO/SENDER applied in Sheffield Res £12
  3. WILTSHIRE/BERKSHIRE/LONDON-Undelivered cover from London addressed to “Wingfield”. The cover was undelivered and was sent to WINKFIELD, BRACKNELL, WINDSOR, TROWBRIDGE & BINFIELD, and has many manuscript “Not Known at.....” notations. The cover also has EDW VII sealing tape affixed and tied by BRACKNELL s/rings dated 5.7.1902 Res £18
  4. CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/H53-Framed mark of NELSON on postcard from Skipton addressed to Nelson with additional “EXCEEDS REGULATION SIZE” at top left. Alongside is the 1d/H53 tax mark applied on 29.7.1904 Res £6
  5. MISDIRECTED/250-Framed mark on postcard from PEMBROKE DOCK addressed to Peverell, Devonport on 25.4.1911 [should have been Plymouth for Peverell] Res £7
  6. POSTED/OUT OF/COURSE/I.S-Large framed mark on back of registered cover addressed to Renfrewshire from London with 3 x 2½d and single 3d Graphite Lined values and 4½d value tied by oval registered cancels of London dated 25.4.1959 Res £12
  7. RETURNED POSTAL PACKET No.171 Addressed to Torquay from Exeter on 31.12.1928 with manuscript 3d TO PAY at left. At right is an irregular block of 3 x 1d postage dues tied by s/rings TORQUAY dated 1.1.1929 Res £12
  8. NO SUCH STREET IN LIVERPOOL/466-Red inked mark on back of commercial cover from Leeds addressed to HEBLE GROVE in Leeds. The No such street mark has been adapted to read NO SUCH GROVE IN LIVERPOOL on 19.1.1931 Res £10
  9. IRELAND-Comic postcard addressed to LISBURN with GEO V ½d Silver Jubilee value tied by BELFST machine cancel dated 6.8.1935. Below is the framed 1d-TO PAY/LIABLE TO/POSTCARD RATE/I.5. The 1d postage due is tied by d/ring LISBURN/Co. ANTRIM dated 7.8.1935 Res £10
  10. CHESHIRE-UNDELIVERED Cover from Denmark addressed without a Post Town on 9.11.1947. Struck on the front are the framed NO POST TOWN, REBUT/ADRESE INSUFFISANTE and UNDELIVERED FOR REASN STATED/RETURN TO SENDER; all in violet ink. Also on the front is the s/ring RETURNED LETTER OFFICE/LIVERPOOL dated 17.11.1947 Res £22
  11. NOT EASTBOURNE/SUSSEX-Large framed mark on undelivered cover from Croydon addressed to WILMINGTON, WILTS dated 2.5.1951. Also has the framed NOT KNOWN/271 mark of Eastbourne and the manuscript NOT POLEGATE SUSSEX, TRY KENT, TRY POLEGATE & NOT DEVON-Not even a mention of Wiltshire!! Res £10
  12. RHODESIA-Small airmail cover addressed to Prince of Wales Drive, London from WANKIE and taxed 3/6d with 3 x 6d & a pair of 1/- postage dues tied by s/rings BATTERSEA S.W.11/1 dated 9.9.1970-has the usual label re: Rhodesian stamps Res £15
  13. RHODESIA-Longer airmail cover addressed to a London Bank from Salisbury on 4.6.1970. Taxed 3/6d and has 1/- & 2/6d dues tied by d/ring LONDON S.W.1 dated 10.6.1970-has usual stamps label Res £15
  14. RECEIVED IN/INLAND SECTION/UNADDRESSED-Framed mark on postcard of SHANGHAI from a member of the Royal Navy whose ship is visiting Shanghai [see message], the first such visit since 1947. The card has a special Chinese cachet for the visit of the warship, HMS ANTRIM and has 12p definitive tied by LONDON-MARITIME MAIL cancel dated 15.9.1980. The card is addressed simply as “MR & MRS MIZZEN-ADDRESS UNKNOWN] [Must have been a deck ape who wrote it!!!]-see illustration Res £25
  15. MISSENT TO/IRELAND-The larger framed mark on postcard from Austria addressed to Inverness on 13.8.1991 Res £6
  16. OLYMPIC GAMES, 1984-Cover from Chile addressed to Los Angeles on 22.7.1984 with the unframed cachet “RETURN TO SENDER/OLYMPIC GAMES/OFFICIALLY CLOSED”-See illustration of what must be a scarce cachet Res £22


  1. “COVER” Underpaid by 11p addressed to “Souwestre” with 22p to pay mark. The 2p & 20p postage dues with training bar cancels are applied and tied by s/ring S.W.R/P.T.C dated 8.9.1980 [South Western Regional Postal Training Centre]-see illustration Res £22
  2. REGISTERED “Cover” addressed to “Souwestre” with 2p & 2 x 50p values with training bar cancels tied by SWR/PTC s/ring dated 12.9.1980. The EDINBURGH [EDIN] registration label is at top left and below is the manuscript REFUSED Res £12
  3. DECEASED-Manuscript notation on “cover” addressed as previous lot with 10p Machin with training bar cancels tied by s/ring as previous lots on the same day. At bottom left is the manuscript DECEASED. Centrally is the usual RETURN TO SENDER FOR REASON STATED Res £12
  4. RECORDED DELIVERY-“Cover” addressed as previous lots with 3 x 8p Machine with training bar cancels tied by SWR/PTC dated 12.9.1980. The Recorded Delivery label is at top left and the manuscript GONE AWAY at bottom left. Res £15
  5. UNDERPAID “Cover” addressed as usual to “Souwestre” with 3p Machin with training bar cancels tied by usual s/ring dated 12.9.1980. Taxed 14p for being insufficiently prepaid, the 2 x 7p postage dues with training bar cancels are tied by same cancel on same date and by the CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED. See illustration Res £22


  1. JAMAICA-Entire dated 22.7.1803 addressed to London with two poor strikes of the oval SHIP LRE/CROWN/JAMAICA struck on the front in black ink. Manuscript “PER LEVIATHAN/MAN OF WAR” at bottom left. Res £45
  2. LONDON TO INDIA-Wrapper addressed to Calcutta at the 2/2d rate with lovely red inked oval “POST PAID SHIP LR/CROWN/DATE/LONDON” dated 12.12.1823. Carried by “THE YORK”, the wrapper has Indian ship letter marks on the back and a red inked, large s/ring CALCUTTA CENTL POST OFFICE” dated 4.6.1824 Res £45
  3. HULL/SHIP LETTER-Lovely s/ring dated 28.6.1886 on the address side of a Norwegian 10 Ore postal stationery postcard from STAVANGER addressed to Edinburgh Res £25
  4. SOUTHAMPTON/PACKET LETTER-S/ring dated 31.5.1901 on back of cover from Kimberley, South Africa, addressed to Southsea Res £18
  5. SOUTHAMPTON/PACKET LETTER-S/ring dated 8.2.1903 ties EDW VII 1d to postcard of a bull fight addressed to Belgium. Alongside is the additional s/line PAQUEBOT Res £12
  6. PLYMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-S/ring dated 20.7.1903 ties Spanish 10c to postcard of Tenerife addressed to RATHGAR, DUBLIN. Below is the additional s/line PAQUEBOT cancel Res £12
  7. POSTED ON BOARD SHIP ABROAD/F.S-Framed mark on postcard of Rio de Janeiro addressed to Bootle from the ship “SPENCER” at Lisbon. Taxed 1d Res £10
  8. MANUSCRIPT “PAQUEBOT” MARK-Postcard of the Union Castle liner “GAIKA” addressed to Durban with GEO V 1d tied by Lourenco Marques hexagonal cancel on 9.2.1913. Alongside is the manuscript PAQUEBOT in violet pencil-over all toning on the back of the card Res £22
  9. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of the “HOMERIC” addressed to Paris with GB GEO V 1½d tied by the BRITISH GOODS/ARE BEST slogan dated 9.10.1925 Res £12
  10. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of the “HOMERIC” addressed as the previous lot to Paris with GEO V 1½d tied by the POST EARLY/FOR/CHRISTMAS slogan dated 4.12.1925 Res £12
  11. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of the “MAJESTIC” addressed to Todmorden with GEO V 1½d tied by the POST EARLY/FOR/CHRISTMAS slogan dated 13.12.1929 Res £12
  12. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of Madeira addressed to Birmingham with GEO V 1½d tied by YOU ARE WANTED/ON THE PHONE slogan dated 12.10.1931 Res £12
  13. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of the “ARUNDEL CASTLE” addressed to Wallington, Surrey with South African ½d & 1d values tied by the IT’S QUICKER TO/TELEPHONE slogan dated 6.6.1932 Res £12
  14. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Postcard of Madeira addressed to Kimberley, Nottingham with South African 1d value tied by the POST EARLY/FOR/CHRISTMAS slogan dated 10.12.1934 Res £12
  15. POSTCARD Of the “BRITANNIC” addressed to Philadelphia with GB GEO V 1½d Silver Jubilee value tied by NEW YORK machine Paquebot cancel dated 28.7.1935. Card was written from Bermuda Res £7
  16. DOMINICA-Commercial cover addressed to London with GEO V ½d & 1d pictorials tied by BOSTON, MASS Savings Bond slogan dated 17.2.1936 and the ½d is further tied by the oval R.M.S “LADY NELSON”/MAILED/AT SEA struck in violet ink Res £15
  17. TANGA/PAQUEBOT-D/ring cancels dated 9.12.1936 ties the ZANZIBAR Silver Jubilee set to cover addressed locally Res £22
  18. SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT SLOGAN-Cover addressed to London with South African 1½d gold mine value tied by the POST EARLY IN THE DAY “sunburst” slogan dated 23.1.1939 Res £12
  19. SOUTHAMPTON SLOGAN CANCEL-Postcard of the ship “QUEEN ELIZABETH” addressed to ST PETER PORT, Guernsey with GEO VI 2d tied by the BRITAIN FOR/HOLIDAYS...../VISITEZ LA/GRANDE BRETAGNE slogan dated 8.7.1947 Res £15
  20. LONDON/PAQUEBOT-Undated rubber cancel ties GEO VI 2d to postcard of the “ORION” addressed to Todmorden on 15.9 circa 1948 Res £9
  21. P&O “CANTON” headed notepaper and P&O crested envelope addressed to London with letter dated 7.2.1953. The Egyptian overprint stamps are tied by s/rings PAQUEBOT/PORT SAID dated 14.2.1953 Res £7
  22. BRIXHAM, DEVON-Cover addressed to SYDNEY from the ship “CANTON” with 2½d Victory value tied by Brixham machine cancel on 9.5.1955. Below, at left is the s/line PAQUEBOT in violet ink Res £10
  23. SALVAGED MAIL-Cover from the Rotary Club of Brazil addressed to the President of the Rotary in Sandwich, Kent with one stamp washed off. At bottom right is the framed DAMAGED BY SEA/WATER in violet ink. The ship “S.S LOIDE-CUBA” was unloading at an unknown British port when an incident occurred with the mail and the cachet was applied-see H.G page 313-rated as “RARE”-see illustration Res £35
  24. PADDLE STEAMER “WAVERLEY”-Cover addressed to Totnes with QEII 6p & 2 x ½p values tied by PLYMOUTH PAQUEBOT cancel dated 21.5.1979. At left is the oval P.S WAVERLEY//DATE/W.S.N Co. LTD in blue ink and dated the previous day Res £12
  25. ST HELENA/TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Proper commercial cover addressed to an Islander at Reading, Berks with the mail boat issue tied by s/line PAQUEBOT cancels of GEORGETOWN, ASCENSION in black. Alongside is the oval RMS ST HELENA cachet dated 17.11.1980. Below is the d/ring GEORGETOWN/ASCENSION ISLAND dated 28.11.1980. The cover is sent by a member of the ship’s crew of RMS “VASSSEL” Res £15
  1. PADDLE STEAMER WAVERLEY-Postcard of the paddler addressed to the Isle of Man with 17p lifeboat value tied by s/ring DOUGLAS/ISLE OF MAN dated 13.5.1991. At left is the unframed CARRIED ON BOARD / P.S “WAVERLEY” / WHITEHAVEN-DOUGLAS /& CALF OF MAN CRUISE in blue ink. Also, the oval WAVERLEY / DATE / EXCURSIONS LTD in black, dated 12.5.1991 and the small d/ring POSTED/ON BOARD/PADDLE STEAMER/”WAVERLEY”, again in black ink Res £15


  1. WEST LULWORTH CAMP/WAREHAM-Skeleton cancel dated 8.8.1912 ties stamp to postcard addressed to London Res £12
  2. FRENSHAM COMMON CAMP B.O/FARNHAM-D/ring dated 13.7.1915 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Stoke Bishop, Bristol Res £7
  3. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/22-S/ring dated 10.6.1917 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Guernsey. This APO was located at Sandwich Res £9
  4. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/27-S/ring dated 28.5.1916 with index X ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located near Ipswich Res £9
  5. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/28-S/ring dated 7.6.1916 ties stamp to real photo postcard of WILFRID BRIDGE, WOODBRIDGE, the location of this camp Res £10
  6. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/29-S/ring dated 20.8.1917 ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located at Wangford Res £9
  7. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/34-S/ring dated 31.7.1916 ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located at WEST BERE Camp Res £10
  8. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/35-S/ring dated 17.8.1917 ties stamp to postcard of Canterbury addressed to Guernsey. This APO was located at Canterbury Res £9
  9. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/54-S/ring dated 7.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located at Herne Bay Res £9
  10. ARMY POST OFFICE [HD]/59-S/ring dated 3.10.1918 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the Swan Inn, HOMERSFIELD, the location of this camp-lucky buggers!! Res £12
  11. ARMY POST OFFICE HD/D11 [no brackets around HD] dated 28.8.1916 ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located at Wroxham Broad Res £9
  12. ARMY POST OFFICE HD/D16 [no brackets] dated 11.9.1917 ties stamp to postcard. This APO was located at Ipswich Res £9
  13. BOVINGTON CAMP/WAREHAM DST-D/ring dated 1.9.1932 ties stamp to Royal Tank Corp crested envelope addressed to Lincs. Inside is headed notepaper from the Royal tank Corps mess at Bovington Res £7
  14. S ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/APO 305 Duplex cancel dated 19.8.1943 cancels stampless real photo postcard of PORLOCK WEIR addressed to the USA. This USAPO was located at WARMINSTER Res £6
  15. BREAN CAMP/BURNHAM ON SEA SOM-D/rings dated 11.5.1958 tie stamps to registered cover addressed to Scotland. At top left is the BREAN CAMP registration label Res £12
  16. SANDY BAY CAMP EXMOUTH/DEVON-D/rings dated 11.5.1959 tie stamps to registered cover to Scotland. At top left is the SANDY BAY registration label Res £12
  17. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING SURREY-S/rings dated 26.5.1959 tie stamps to registered cover to Scotland. At top left is the Bisley camp registration label Res £7
  18. MIDDLETON TOWER CAMP/MORECAMBE-D/rings dated 12.8.1959 ties stamps to registered cover addressed as previous lots. At top left is the MIDDLETON,/TOWER CAMP registration label Res £15
  19. BISLEY CAMP/WOKING SURREY-D/rings dated 23.5.1960 tie stamps to registered cover as previous lots. The d/ring has the date above the time of 9.15 and has the appropriate registration label at top left Res £8
  20. THORNEY ISLAND R.A.F STN EMSWORTH/HANTS-S/ring dated 24.7.1967 ties Gipsy Moth IV stamp to commemorative cover addressed to the Isle of Wight Res £8


  1. POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY-Superb strike of the much larger dated double arc on the back of a very clean cover addressed to Blackheath, Kent dated 24.8.1854 and with NO INDEX. The stampless cover was sent from VARNA on 24th August-see illustration Res £200
  2. BLACK SEA FLEET-Underpaid, taxed cover from HMS QUEEN addressed to Teddington with 2 x 1d red stars tied by two strikes of the * CROWN * cancel. The cover is underpaid by 1d and has been taxed in the UK. On the back is the blue inked d/arc POST OFFICE/ BRITISH ARMY dated 26.2.1855 with index A and has a manuscript receipt mark of 8th March-see illustration Res £400
  3. INCOMING MAIL-Cover addressed to a Captain Radcliffe of the 20th Regiment at Crimea with 1d red and 2d blue tied by PLYMOUTH-620 Sideways duplex cancels on 4.3.1855. No arrival marks, but a very nice looking cover Res £125
  4. COVER Addressed to Lady Disbrowe of Belgrave Square with 1d red and 2d blue stars tied by London 46 numeral cancels upon arrival in London. On the back is the dated d/arc POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY dated 1.5.1855 with index B. The 2d blue has a series of red ink dots, possibly from the London arrival mark placed upon the back of the cover Res £125
  5. OXO CANCELS-Cover addressed to Alresford, Hants with a pair & a single large crown perf 14, die II, plate 4 1d values tied by the famous OXO cancels [SG Z15]. On the back is the red inked POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY dated double arc in red ink, dated 21.4.1856-comes with a “good” B.P.A Certificate dated 8.11.2013-ex Lajer stock-see illustration Res £500

MILITARY-1853 to 1936

  1. SOUTH AFRICAN WARS-Cover addressed to a private soldier of the 12th Lancers at King Williams Town from SWAFFHAM on 12.3.1853. the cover has the manuscript “DIED 9th MARCH 1853 at top and the further manuscript DEAD at bottom, both in red ink. Also on the front, and a better one on the back is the unframed SENT BACK TO ENGLAND/ WITHOUT A REASON/FOR NON-DELIVERY-See illustrations Res £85
  2. BOER WAR-QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Craddock, Cape Colony with added 1d lilac tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA dated 15.1.1902 with index 47. On the back is the s/ring railway cancel NORTH EASTERN TPO/DOWN dated 21.1.1902 and the Craddock arrival squared circle mark of the same day Res £25
  3. BOER WAR-QV 2d registered envelope addressed to Craddock [as previous lot] with added 1d EDW VII value tied by the registered hooded circle cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/ BLOEMFONTEIN dated 29.4.1902. On the back is the d/ring MIDLAND/T.P.O 3 dated 1.5.1902 as is the Craddock squared circle Res £25
  4. EGYPT-Postcard of Port Said addressed to Norfolk, cancelled by s/ring C.S OFFICE/I.E.F dated 5.6.1915. At top right is the d/ring PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/2 in red ink Res £10
  5. URDU LANGUAGE Indian Field Service card addressed to London and cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/C6 dated 4.7.1915 Res £12
  6. DELAYED BY CENSOR-Manuscript notation on stampless OAS postcard of Alexandria addressed to Bristol and cancelled by ALEXANDRIA civil cancel on 1.5.1916. It was delayed as it was improperly posted in the civil mails Res £12
  7. TESTIMONIALS TO A DEAD SOLDIER-Two testimonials written to the family of the dead soldier, Private Percy Charles Sharp of the Grenadier Guards who was killed in France on 13.9.1916 after being shot in the shoulder, being rescued and then shot through the chest by a German “soldier”. One letter from his company commander and the other from a friend of his-comes with hastily opened honour envelope Res £22
  8. THIS LETTER HAS BEEN DELAYED AS THE/CERTIFICATE WAS UNSIGNED AND/ SPECIAL EXAMINATION WAS NECESSARY-Framed mark in red ink on honour envelope addressed to Essex from FPO 143, dated 3.9.1917 Res £20
  9. VICTORIA CROSS SERIES TWO-National War Savings Committee poster stamps celebrating ten different winners of the VC during WWI [10] Res £18
  10. MESOPOTAMIA-An original proclamation by the commander of British troops at Baghdad dated 19.3.1917 urging the Arabs to side with the British against the Germans and Turks. Some foxing, but still good condition Res £22
  11. GEO V 1d Field Service postcard addressed to Bungay, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S17 dated 12.2.1918-Excellent condition and a very late usage of these postal stationery cards Res £8
  12. ROYAL FLYING CORPS-Cover addressed to Cadet D W Ashworth of “A” Flight, No.5 Squadron of the No.1 RFC Cadet Wing at HASTINGS. The 1d stamp is tied by LITTLEBOROUGH s/ring dated 20.3.1918 Res £7
  13. ROMANIA-ARMY POST OFFICE/SX 20-Skeleton cancel dated 31.12.1918 on stampless OAS postcard addressed to Sussex and with octagonal British tombstone censor mark No.271 struck centrally at bottom. This APO was located at HIRSOVA, ROMANIA and is rated scarce Res £25
  14. IRELAND-Stampless cover addressed to the Remount Depot at Island Bridge, Dublin, cancelled by scarce d/ring cancel FIELD POST OFFICE/W16 dated 10.5.1921. Alongside is the crowned cachet of the Command Pay Office, Dublin-see illustration Res £50
  15. EGYPT-NAAFI 1 PIASTRE LETTER SEAL on stampless real photo postcard of Arab traders, a very elegant Egyptian Army officer and two Arab ladies with their donkey and full garb. The card is addressed to Norwich and has the EGYPT/PRE-PAID red cancel tying the seal as well as being tied by the violet Retta diamond of dots cancel. At left is the MOASCAR s/ring dated 3.10.1933-see illustration Res £25

MILITARY-1939 to 1988

  1. 1939 OHMS “WARNING NOTICE” “Thousands of lives were lost in the last war because valuable information was given away to the enemy through careless talk. Be on your guard.” Original notice folded into four Res £22
  2. PRESS AND CENSORSHIP BUREAU “PASSED FOR PUBLICATION” Cachet dated 4.9.1940 on postcard of Picket Post, New Forest Res £12
  3. “THUMBS UP EVERY TIME”-Pictorial “Thumbs Up” circular framed circular cachet in violet ink on censored cover addressed to Switzerland from WALSALL, Staffs on 7.7.1941 Res £22
  4. “TORPEDO INSTRUCTIONAL SECTION / DATE / T.T.U R.A.F STATION, ABBOTSINCH”-Oval framed cachet dated 25.7.1941 on coloured postcard of the Golf Links at St Andrews Res £10
  5. NEW ZEALAND-Censored YMCA Envelope, stampless and addressed to Medicine Hat, Canada from Bournemouth on 11.9.1941 with framed cachet No.8 PERSONNEL RECEPTION/CENTRE/DATE/ROYAL AIR FORCE in violet ink, dated 10.9.1941 at top right, but inverted Res £9
  6. AUSTRALIA/NEW GUINEA-Honour envelope addressed to Sydney with GEO VI 3d brown tied by ARMY P.O No.12 dated 10.3.1943. Comes with five-page letter home, dated 9.3.1943. The two strips of blue on white censor tape is tied by purple crowned PASSED/BY/CENSOR/171 front and back. Some damage to the envelope. Res £9
  7. WILTSHIRE-Cover from CHILE addressed to the RIVER PLATE COMMITTEE an undercover address for the armed forces recruited and serving from South America. It was then forwarded to R.A.F RUDLOE MANOR, an airfield at the centre of the Western, No.10 air defence operation. Cover was posted in Chile in May 1942, arriving via the United States at Box sometime in June 1942 Res £22
  8. D-DAY BUILD-UP Active Service Honour envelope addressed to Kent with letter enclosed. The 2½d stamp is tied by the three bar numeral cancel 843 of WAREHAM, Dorset for reasons of anonymity during the D-Day build up along the south coast. The letter is dated 25.4.1944 Res £12
  1. A.F BRADWELL-ON-SEA, ESSEX-Headed notepaper and re-used envelope originally from Canada, re-used to West Lavington, Wilts during the D-Day Build-Up. The economy label on the envelope is from the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, London and has a bunny queuing outside the door of UTOPIA. The stamps are tied by blank Postage Paid machine cancel without date, but used 26.5.1944 Res £15
  2. RETURNED TO THE SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Cover addressed to the USA with censor slip P.C 177 making reference to an enclosed photograph. The stamps are tied by LONDON F.S machine cancel dated 2.6.1944 and by the framed POSTAGE/REFUNDED in black ink Res £35
  3. PALESTINE-Patriotic envelope “OUR PLEDGE....LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Addressed to Los Angeles with GEO VI ½d dark colours and light colours 1d & 2 x 2d tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/518 dated 7.6.1944. At top is a HEBREW Language label showing a Jewish soldier blowing on the SHOFAR, ready to go into battle at the sound of the horn being blown. The label is tied by the censor mark 5132 and the Palestinian censor tape is tied by an Egyptian censor-see illustration Res £25
  4. AZORES-Stampless on active service cover addressed to Wembley, cancelled by d/ring R.A.F P.O/004 dated 1.10.1944. Below is the RAF Censor No.88 in black ink Res £9
  5. UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-GEO VI 2d postal stationery postcard addressed to Switzerland with added 1d tied by d/ring cancel of DUNBLANE dated 7.5.1945. The card, written on the last day of the war has a British octagonal tombstone censor mark and was written care of the GPO BOX 260; the undercover address for Polish troops in the UK Res £22
  6. ENVELOPE Originally addressed to a U.S soldier at USAPO No.519a which is the British Army camp at BLANDFORD and in particular, the 119th General Hospital at Blandford camp. The cover is from TEMPLECOMBE, Somerset, dated 15.7.1945 and is redirected to the USA with the unframed cachet RETURNING TO/UNITED STATES struck in black ink Res £12
  7. GEO VI 3d green registered postal stationery envelope for members of the armed forces. Mint condition example of FPP 3a with compensation figures on the back as 3d, £5 & £3 Res £20
  8. TRIESTE-REAL Photo postcard of TRIESTE HARBOUR addressed to Scotland with Italian AMG/VG 5c overprint tied by TRIESTE d/ring dated 13.4.1946. Alongside is the circular PASSED BY/1078/ALLIED CONTROL in violet ink Res £15
  9. CZECH FORCES IN THE UK-Cover from a Czech serving with the “ELBE NAVIGATION COMPANY” of the B.O.A.R in Germany, addressed to Prague with GB GEO VI ½d block of four and single 1d & 2d values tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/432 dated 12.3.1948-quite a late date for serving Czech troops under British Command Res £22
  10. KENYA-Airmail cover at the 3d forces rate to the UK with 3d POSB value tied by d/ring FPO cancel and the d/ring cachet 541 ORDNANCE DEPOT/AIR/MAIL /KAHAWA in violet ink The date is lost in the stamp design, but is clearly 1961 Res £8
  11. NORTHERN IRELAND-Cover addressed to Southampton with 2p & 8p Machins and a promotional label for the Queen’s Regiment tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/770 dated 29.7.1980. Below is the unframed cachet 2nd BATTALION, THE QUEEN’S REGIMENT/ NORTH ARMAGH-EAST TYRONE, APRIL-AUGUST, 1980 in black ink. Never seen one of these labels tied before Res £12
  12. FALKLAND ISLANDS-Registered cover from FPO 141 addressed to Lowestoft with 17p & £1 values tied by d/rings dated 6.10.1984. The senders details are those of the British Military Hospital, Stanley, BFPO 666. Nice to see a £1 value used commercially in this way Res £12
  13. ASCENSION ISLAND-Postcard of St Mary’s Church, Ascension addressed to the UK with GB 19p “Puffin” value tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/998 dated 1.2.1988 Res £5


  1. ISLE OF MAN-Postcard of Peel Bay from an Isle of Man wife to her husband, interned down the road at Knockaloe with GEO V ½d tied by PEEL squared circle dated 6.10.1916. Part of the stamp has been removed by the censor and has the oval ALIENS’ DETENTION CAMP/CENSORED/KNOCKALOE, I.O.M in violet ink Res £30
  2. POSTCARD Addressed to a French internee held in the Swiss camp at NEUCHATEL from France dated 20.8.1918. The Internee had been released by the Swiss authorities and the card was redirected to the French Pyrenees region on 29.9.1918 Res £9
  3. PLAIN LETTER SHEET Addressed to Rome on 13.2.1943 from an Italian POW held in camp 356B in KENYA. With d/ring P.O.W/E.A.C in black dated 17.2.1943, s/ring P.O.W/356/E.A.C on the back with Italian marks and with framed P/W MIDDLE/EAST 118 and d/ring in red ink POSTAGE PAID/SH 30 at top right. Res £22
  1. PLAIN LETTER SHEET Addressed to Italy on 19.9.1943 with framed P/W MIDDLE/EAST 187 and d/ring P.O.W/E.A.C dated 23.9.1943 at top right. Below is the German censor tape tied by continuous roller cancel OKW [g]. On the back is the circular framed P.O.W/356/E.A.C and Italian arrival mark dated 27.12.1943 Res £15
  2. CHNNEL ISLANDS-GEO VI 2½d postal stationery airmail letter sheet addressed to a Mr Henry James Le Goupillot, a Channel Islander interned at Ilag VII, Germany, from a family member evacuated to Hale, Cheshire. The letter is cancelled by ALTRINCHAM/CHESHIRE Post Early in the Day “Sunburst” slogan dated 28.12.1943 and has the Ilag censor mark at bottom left Res £30
  3. MISSING IN ACTION-Copy of a letter from the C.O of RAF CONINGSBY to the potential widow of Flt Sgt Chapman of 61 squadron informing her of what a good chap her husband was and that he is missing in action along with the rest of the crew. Thankfully, he was taken prisoner and his wife now writes to him from Willenhall, Staffs on 5.1.1945, but the letter is returned with framed “THIS LETTER FORMED PART OF UNDELIVERED/MAILS WHICH FELL INTO THE HANDS OF/THE ALLIED FORCES IN GERMANY. IT IS/UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED, AND IS/THEREFORE RETURNED TO YOU”. Res £30
  4. O.W CAMP/No.100/GREAT BRITAIN-Circular mark at top right of printed POW letter sheet addressed to Italy on 20.11.1945. At left is the British octagonal censor P.W 3093 in red ink. This camp was located at GOBOWEN, Shropshire Res £12
  5. O.W CAMP/No.72/GREAT BRITAIN-Circular mark in violet ink on printed POW postcard addressed to Palermo on 6.3.1946. At left is the unframed No.72 P.O.W CAMP / DUCKS CROSS CAMP / COLMWORTH, BEDS, GREAT BRITAIN; again in violet ink. The camp was located at DACCA FARM, Colmworth Res £12
  6. O.W CAMP/No.72-AS Previous lot, dated 18.2.1946, but now on a printed letter sheet addressed to Italy. All other details are the same Res £12
  7. “EVACUEES MAIL/POSTAGE FREE”-Black inked mark at top left of plain letter sheet addressed to Italy on 16.1.1946. On the back is the unframed No.1-B ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP/NYERI STATION-/KENYA COLONY, again in black ink Res £15


  1. HMS SYLVIA-Letter and envelope written from AROSA BAY, dated 26.6.1886 and addressed to Hampshire with Spanish 10c & 25c posts and telegraphs stamps tied by VILLAGARCIA d/ring dated 27.6.1886 Res £18
  2. M HOSPITAL SHIP, CHINA-Cover addressed to Lady Peara Gould, wife of the ship’s surgeon E.P Gould in London with GEO V 1d tied by 8 bar dumb cancel. Alongside is the s/line PASSED BY CENSOR with ornamental feathers at either end. On the back is the London receiver dated 19.10.1915 Res £25
  3. INVERNESS-Cover addressed to Birmingham with 1d stamp tied by s/ring FLEET POST OFFICE dated 29.5.1915 with Gould 3B29 “PASSED BY CENSOR/[initials]-FOR COMMANDING/OFFICER” framed mark in violet ink at base Res £15
  4. ROYAL CORONET-Stampless cover to London [Harrods, where else??] cancelled by ARMY P.O/X/DATE machine cancel on 3.5.1916. On the back is a Royal Coronet [British]with intertwined initials below. At bottom left is the inverted triangle “FRANKED” with the signature of “W COPE” within Res £12
  5. 1914 Pre-addressed envelope to the Phoenix Brewery, Brighton with the ½d stamp tied by a very fancy and elaborate flower shape with eight petals. At top is a partial Krag cancel dated 3.11.1914 Res £12
  6. STAMPLESS, Small OHMS cover to the RNO, Chatham, cancelled by a dumb quartered cork cancel and has a s/line ON ACTIVE SERVICE at top and a s/line PASSED CENSOR at right, both in violet ink. The interesting thing is the manuscript POSTED ON HM SHIP NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED. On the back is the Chatham arrival mark dated 1.4.1915 Res £12
  7. PASSED BY CENSSOR-Open ended censor mark in blue ink on stamped cover to London with 1d stamp tied by the less common 7 bar dumb cancel Res £12
  8. [CROWN]/PASSED BY CENSOR/F.G.H-Oval framed censor mark in violet ink placed very nicely on cover to Westminster with 1d stamp tied by an anonymous Krag cancel dated 3rd April with no year slug inserted Res £15
  9. COVER Addressed to London with 1d tied by the framed London RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP/NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED, dated 17.4.1915. At left is what looks very much like a manuscript CENSORED but is in fact a black hand-stamp with a hollow star at the right end. Res £15
  10. CENSORED LETTER/O.A.S-D/ring strike in violet ink on stamped cover addressed to London. The 1d stamp is tied by the 8 bar dumb cancel Res £9
  11. HMS FEARLESS-Comforts for Troops Fund reply postcard addressed to Nottingham from the Fearless, received on 7.12.1915 with 1d value tied by 8 bar dumb cancel. Alongside is the lovely s/line PASSED BY CENSOR in blue ink Res £12
  12. HBMS RELIANCE, REPAIR SHIP-Stampless cover addressed to Portsmouth, cancelled by the London “Received From” etc., dated 8.7.1915. At bottom right is the uncommon, unframed PASSED BY CENSOR/M, ON ACTIVE SERVIVE in blue-green ink Res £18
  13. GOULD MA 18-Cover with contents addressed to Torpoint & redirected to Redruth with 1d tied by the elusive machine cancel of 6 straight lines broke by a large X. No indication of which ship it is from, but the stamp is also tied by the TORPOINT cancel dated 1.5.1915. A scarce cancel on a cover [only slightly roughly opened] which can be dated!! Res £25
  14. PASSED-BY-CENSOR/[STAR]-Unrecorded mark in violet ink with a solid five-pointed star directly below the “BY” in a triangular frame on a stampless cover cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S100 dated 8.2.1918 Res £15
  15. NAVAL POST OFFICE B-Registration label on registered cover addressed to Chatham with GEO V 1½d & 2d values tied by the 8 bar dumb cancels on 28.3.1920. On the back is a partial registered cancel of BRISTOL-VERY LATE USE OF THESE DUMB CANCELS, PARTICULARLY FROM BRISTOL Res £25
  16. CORRESPONDENCE-Five envelopes with letters addressed to a Lt Hardinge on board H.M Ships AMPHION, 1937; CHARYBDIS, January 1942; CAROLINE, May 1942; and BERWICK, 1944. Also two letters, one on HMS CORNWALL, CHINA STATION headed notepaper written from Hong Kong on 26.2.1934 and a further letter to him from his wife at Blandford Camp who tells of a wedding in London where friends were killed in a bombing raid at the Cafe de Paris, London along with the band and 75 others. Res £25
  17. MANCHESTER NAVAL MAIL-Stampless cover addressed to Southport, cancelled by the OFFICIAL PAID skeleton cancel dated 12.5.1941, applied at Manchester. At left is the tombstone censor marking dated 14th April Res £22
  18. HMS CHALLENGER-AIRGRAPH Addressed to a stoker on board from an Ordinary Telegraphist serving elsewhere. The airgraph is dated 8.5.1943 and has a s/ring cancel dated 15.5.1943. Comes with envelope Res £10
  19. NEW ZEALAND-Lovely illustrated Christmas/New Year airgraph addressed to Wareham, Dorset from a member of the ship’s company of HMNZS “TAMIKI”, a training base in Auckland. The form is dated 6.11.1943 and is cancelled by a s/ring DEVONPORT/NZ dated 8.11.1943. Comes with delivery envelope Res £20
  20. CEYLON-Typed airgraph from CROYDON dated 17.2.1944 addressed to a Lt R.N care of the Fleet Mail Office, Colombo before being redirected locally to HMS HIGHFLYER Res £10


  1. 1811 PRINTED PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS DATED 16.1.1811 Addressed to Leighton Buzzard. The proceedings resolved that no Petitions for Private Bills be received after certain dates in February, March and April, 1811. An early example of “PAR PRO”-see illustrations Res £75
  2. PRINTED “HOUSE OF COMMONS” Entire to the overseer of WARMINGHAM, MIDDLEWICH, Cheshire with Crowned FREE dated 23.3.1831 and endorsed with printed FREE/F FREELING at bottom left-see illustration. I paid £475 for this in 2002, so as it’s second-hand now, Res £150
  3. PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS-Wrapper addressed to ABERFELDY, Scotland with crowned FREE dated 11.4.1832 at right and the scarce manuscript PAR PRO at top left. The wrapper contains proceedings from the House of Lords dated the previous day and with the Earl of Shaftesbury sitting as Speaker. Res £150
  4. HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 London duplex cancel dated 8.2.1897 ties 1d lilac to plain envelope addressed to the Isle of Wight. Res £45
  5. HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 London duplex cancel dated 10.3.1910 ties EDW VII 1d to embossed House of Commons envelope addressed to Baldock, Herts. Closed tears at top upon opening Res £25
  6. M.S “BALMORAL CASTLE”-Pictorial Lunch menu for the Parliamentary trip down the Thames to see the Victorious Fleet on 22.7.1919-lovely thing Res £25
  7. GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard with embossed HOUSE OF COMMONS & ROYAL COAT-of-ARMS, postally used from Notting Hill on 28.3.1930 to Cardiff University Res £22
  8. THE GOVERNMENT CHIEF WHIP, HOUSE OF LORDS-Headed notepaper and crested House of Lords envelope addressed to Woking from the Lord St Aubyn with d/ring HOUSE OF LORDS S.W.1/OFFICIAL PAID at top right, dated 6.4.1972 Res £10
  9. SPECIAL DELIVERY-Large Parliamentary crested envelope of the House of Commons addressed to Sir Alfred Broughton in Batley, cancelled by HOUSE OF COMMONS Official Paid machine cancel in red ink on 3.11.1977. At bottom right is a very large POST OFFICE/SPECIAL/DELIVERY mark in black ink and has the signature at left of Michael Cocks, the Labour Chief Whip in the failing Callaghan Government. Sir Alfred would eventually be the downfall of the Government by not being present to vote, five days before his death. Res £22
  10. POSTMASTER/DATE/HOUSE OF COMMONS-Superb oval cancel dated 21.2.1986 on stampless envelope addressed to John MacGregor, M.P Res £18


  1. 2d MULREADY WRAPPER Addressed to LEEDS from London on 4.11.1840 [a Wednesday], cancelled by a lovely red/orange Maltese Cross cancel. No Leeds arrival mark, but with a slightly smaller than the norm London mark on the back-see illustration Res £175
  2. 1d PINK ENVELOPE With letter, addressed within DUBLIN & redirected to SKIBBEREEN, cancelled by a lovely DUBLIN MALTESE CROSS Cancel on 1.3.1843. The SKIBBEREEN arrival mark is dated 8.3.1843-nice item!! Res £45
  3. 1d PINK ENVELOPE Addressed to PARIS with added ½d Bantam from plate 12 and a 1d red from plate 187 tied by London N/20 duplex cancels dated 17.7.1879 Res £25
  4. FORES’S MILITARY ENVELOPE No.9 in unused, very clean condition-see illustration Res £65
  5. POSTAL TELEGRAPH CARD-The 1/- card without /- stamp being embossed, so a PROOF of the card without the stamp Res £30
  6. QV 2d ADVERTISING Newspaper wrapper from G Harding & Sons of London addressed to PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, cancelled by LONDON S.E/1 squared circle cancel dated 4.7.1891 with index 5 Res £22
  7. QV 2½d grey-blue envelope addressed to Germany and up-rated by 2 x 1d lilacs to make the 4½d registered rate. Stamps are tied by s/rings STOKE ON TRENT dated 23.7.1894 with index A Res £22
  8. QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Hamburg with added 2d value tied by d/rings GLASGOW/4 dated 1.9.1896 Res £10
  9. QV ½d brown pictorial advertising newspaper wrapper addressed to Liverpool from London on 17.8.1897. At left is an illustration of the premises of Faudel, Phillips & Son of Newgate Street, London Res £22
  10. H SMITH & SON-QV 2d purple newspaper wrapper addressed to TENERIFE and cancelled by the oval FB cancel, Circa 1897 Res £18
  11. EXPRESS MAIL-QV 3d rose & 1½d yellow embossed dies on Express cover to Chemnitz from Leicester company WILDT & COMPANY. Also on the front are QV 1d lilac & 2½d Jubilee value tied by s/rings LEICESTER dated 30.9.1899. Also crossed with red lines indicating that the envelope & contents are too fragile to be transferred by TPO apparatus-see illustration Res £65
  12. QV ½d blue green postcard pre-addressed to Fleet Street. On the back is a form to reserve one of the principle tables at the CRYSTAL PALACE. Mint condition Res £8
  13. H SMITH & SON-EDW VII 1d vermilion printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Calcutta, cancelled by the oval FB cancel. On the back is the Calcutta arrival mark dated 6.4.1902 Res £9
  14. SCOTCH WHISKY-EDW VII ½d newspaper wrapper from GILMOUR THOMSON & Co., Ltd of the GLENCADAM DISTILLERY, Forfarshire addressed to Holland, cancelled by d/ring GLASGOW/24 dated 27.1.1905-Nice item!! Res £22
  15. CROWN MINES LTD-EDW VII 4d vermilion & ½d green dies on registered envelope to Frankfurt from the mining company, cancelled by a lovely registered hooded circle cancel of LONDON E.C dated 3.2.1910. At top left is the LONDON F.S registration label Res £18
  16. ENVELOPE Registered to NEW YORK with QV 3d rose cut-out affixed and tied to top right by oval registered cancel of LONDON W.C dated 16.9.1914. Below is the New York arrival mark dated 25.9.1914-not censored Res £18
  17. GEO V brown registered envelope size G addressed to SWEDEN with added 2½d & 5d values PERFIN with a large H and tied by oval cancel of London E.C dated 12.11.1914, but not censored. At left is the framed LATE FEE 4d PAID in black ink Res £12
  18. GEO V 3½d blue and ½d green dies on registered envelope size G addressed to Germany with added ½d adhesive tied by s/ring WESTERN CENTRAL DISTRICT OFFICE W.C/4 dated 17.2.1921. Unusually, there is no German currency Control tape on this cover Res £22
  19. GEO VI Envelope with oval 1d blue & 2d brown dies, mint condition Res £10
  20. EXPRESS MAIL-QEII 2d Reply portion postcard addressed to Oxford with French three-stamp franking tied by s/rings of NICE dated 23.10.1956. The French EXPRESS label is tied by the British, framed EXPRESS FEE PAID Res £10
  21. QEII 2½d postcard used on the first day of issue at DISS, NORFOLK on 1.10.1957 and addressed to Beccles, Suffolk Res £12
  22. AIRMAIL LETTER SHEET Addressed to Arizona, USA with embossed 9d apple-green Tudor Rose value tied by d/ring ADLINGTON/MACCLESFIELD, CHES dated 18.11.1967 Res £8
  23. CADBURY CHOCOLATE Reps calling card/order form addressed to Sittingbourne, Kent with 3d violet cancelled by GILLINGHAM/KENT machine cancel dated 28.5.1968 Res £8
  24. LITTLEWOODS POOLS-5d Tudor Rose impression on pre-addressed FIRST CLASS envelope to Cardiff in mint condition Res £7
  25. LAITHWAITES WINE - window envelope from the wine dealer with 2nd class indicator blue stamp “cancelled” by pre-printed wavy line cancel-delivered by Royal Mail Res £5


  1. FLAXTON STATION-SUPERB Strike of the undated thimble cancel on mourning cover from Flaxton, via York to Lowthorpe, Hull on 5.4.1859-see illustration Res £60
  2. MILFORD JUNCTION-Single arc cancel dated 22.6.1860 with scarce index F on front of cover addressed to Blyth from Grimsby. The Milford Junction mark has the manuscript MISSENT before the cancel Res £35
  3. FARNBOUROUGH STATION-023 Four bar duplex cancels dated 23.5.1865 with index D ties 4d orange [small corner letters and no plate number] and 6d violet from plate 5 to mourning cover addressed to HAWKS BAY, NEW ZEALAND-see illustration Res £60
  4. IRISH NUMERAL 415 of STRAFFAN STATION ties 1d red to mourning cover addressed to London. At left is the s/ring STRAFFAN STATION/DUBLIN dated 26.2.1869 with index A Res £45
  5. BRAYTON STATION-K38 Duplex cancel dated 29.9.1893 with index A and month slug inverted, ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Liverpool. Unevenly opened at top, but a scarce mark Res £45
  6. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from BEXHILL STATION, cancelled by s/ring BEXHILL/ STATION OFFICE dated 26.10.1893 with index C Res £45
  7. WELLINGTON COLLEGE STATION-Squared circle cancels dated 8.6.1894 with index A ties 5 x ½d vermilion values to cover addressed to India-this is the cover on the front of my current edition of “Collect British Postmarks”-see illustration Res £65
  1. NOT TO BE FOUND/342-Framed mark on undelivered late fee cover from London addressed to Hastings on 26.9.1895. At top is the HASTINGS/STATION OFFICE-342 duplex cancel dated 27.9.1895 Res £40
  2. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from WESTGATE ON SEA RSO [Under Margate] with QV 1d lilac & 6d value tied by target parcel cancels DOVER/STATION OFFICE. At right is the WESTGATE ON SEA s/ring dated 6.1.1898-see illustration Res £50
  3. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from MAISON DIEU ROAD, DOVER with a pair of QV 5d values tied by target parcel cancels DOVER/STATION [different from earlier Dover Station Office cancel]. Alongside is the s/ring MAISON DIEU Rd/DOVER dated 2.5.1899 Res £45
  4. PLYMOUTH STATION/S.O-S/ring transit mark dated 25.11.1902 on back of a lovely registered cover from REDRUTH to he USA with ½d & 4d EDW VII values tied by oval registered cancels of REDRUTH on 25.11.1902 Res £25
  5. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from PLUCKLEY STATION, Under Ashford, Kent, cancelled by s/ring PLUCKLEY STN/ASHFORD KENT dated 29.8.1903 Res £40
  6. SWANLEY JUNCTION/KENT-Skeleton cancel dated 21.9.1910 ties stamp to postcard addressed to London. This is the ONLY KNOWN DATE for 1910 Res £25
  7. REDDING/POLMONT STN/STERLINGSHIRE-Blue-black rubber cancel dated 4.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard. This is the ONLY RECORDED DATE Res £35
  8. BISCOVEY/PAR STATION/CORNWALL-Rubber Skeleton cancel dated 4.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard, again, this is the ON;LY RECORDED DATE OF USE-See illustration Res £45
  9. STOKE CHARITY/MICHELDEVER STATION-Blue-black rubber cancel dated 7.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard of the local church Res £25
  10. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from SUNNINGDALE STATION with EDW VII 5d tied by s/ring SUNNINGDALE STATION/ASCOT dated 12.9.1913. Alongside is a further strike-see illustration Res £45
  11. PARCEL POST LABEL-PPL from ROBIN HOODS BAY STATION, Under Whitby, with GEO V 9d black tied by s/ring ROBIN HOODS BAY STATION RSO/YORKS dated 21.6.1918-Alongside is a further strike-see illustration Res £45
  12. BRAIDWOOD STATION/CARLUKE-S/ring dated 8.7.1920 ties 2 x ½d values to postcard Res £18
  13. BROAD CLYST STATION/EXETER/DEVON-Scarcer three-line rubber cancel dated 30.10.1926 ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £25
  14. GOLANT/PAR STATION RSO CORNWALL-S/ring dated 25.8.1934 ties 1d stamp to postcard Res £20
  15. CAERWYS STATION/FLINTS-D/ring cancel dated 11.9.1933 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £25
  16. STATION R.O/DOUGLAS-The exceedingly scarce s/ring cancels dated 1.9.1936 ties cylinder blocks of four of the EDW VIII ½d & 1½d values to registered cover addressed to Ramsey. At top left is he DOUGLAS/ISLE OF MAN registration label. On the back is a further strike Res £125
  17. IRELAND-Window envelope with ½d commem tied by the unique strike of the d/ring cancel STAISIUN S.O/DUN DEALGAN dated 3.12.1948-see illustration Res £35
  18. QUEENSBURY STATION EDGWARE MIDDX/2-Elusive s/ring cancel dated 12.12.1949 cancels GEO VI 6½d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to MALTA Res £25


  1. W.R.P OFFICE/LIVERPOOL-466 Duplex cancels of the North Western Railway Post Office dated 12.3.1869 ties a pair of 3d pink values from plate 5 to a very clean wrapper addressed to Paris Res £65
  2. LOMBARD ST LATE FEE Hexagonal duplex cancel LS/5 dated 5.11.1878 ties 2½d lilac to clean wrapper addressed to COLMAR. Alongside is the undated s/ring TOO-LATE/GPO Res £25
  3. FRENCH NIGHT MAIL-Lovely registered cover from TUNISIA addressed to London with 75c value tied by TUNIS cancel on 28.10.1899. Below is the oval REGISTERED/F.N.M/ LONDON dated 31.10.1899-see illustration Res £35
  4. MARK LANE LATE FEE Hexagonal duplex cancel ML/2 dated 18.2.1901 cancels 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Prague. At left is the undated s/ring TOO LATE/F.B.G.P.O in black ink Res £15
  5. K48 NUMERAL CANCEL of the LONDON-HOLYHEAD TPO ties QV 1½d & 3d values perfin SM/&Co. to Samuel Montagu cover addressed to Boston, At left is the s/ring LONDON & HOLYHEAD / TPO/DATE/UNITED STAES MAIL dated 3.7.1901. At far left is the unframed LATE FEE PAID in violet ink-see illustration Res £65
  6. EDINR & NEWCASTLE SORTING TENDER + Unframed circular cancel dated 20.5.1902 with index D on postcard from Rome addressed to Edinburgh Res £7
  7. EXPRESS MAIL-Postcard from ALASSIO, Italy addressed to London with s/ring transit mark LONDON & DOVER TPO/NIGHT MAIL dated 22.6.1904 struck at right with framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 3d in violet ink Res £25
  8. PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET-Skeleton cancel dated 7.12.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  9. IPSWICH SORTING TENDER/DATE/DAY/DOWN-S/ring transit mark dated 27.12.1904 on postcard from Oxford addressed to Sherborne & redirected to Sudbury Res £8
  10. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 7.2.1905 with index N ties stamp to postcard Res £12
  11. NORWICH SORTING TENDER/UP-S/ring dated 18.5.1905 ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to New York. Alongside is a further strike Res £8
  12. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 13.7.1905 without time or index ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. LONDON DOVER TPO-Postcard from Ostend addressed to East Ham on 15.6.1906 with hexagonal framed T/5/C.68 tax mark struck centrally Res £9
  14. LONDON DOVER TPO-Postcard from France addressed to Streatham on 28.5.1906 with hexagonal framed T/15/C.68 tax mark struck at top right Res £12
  15. CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL/CX-D/rings dated 4.3.1909 ties 3 x 1d EDW VII values to postcard addressed to Belgium Res £25
  16. GREAT NORTHERN S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/ring dated 2.10.1909 as transit mark on postcard from Folkestone addressed to Norfolk Res £9
  17. EXPRESS MAIL-Postcard from Antwerp addressed to London with five-stamp franking tied by s/rings on 9.4.1910. At top left is a rather poorish s/ring LONDON & DOVER S.C/NIGHT MAIL UP dated 10.4.1910. At right is the lovely framed EXPRESS FEE PAID 3d in violet ink. At left is an equally good double rim oval EXPRESS, again in violet ink Res £12
  18. MORECOMBELAKE CHARMOUTH RSO/DORSET-S/ring dated 8.7.1910 with index PM ties stamp to postcard Res £5
  19. LONDON & DOVER S.C/NIGHT MAIL UP-S/ring dated 27.7.1912 with index D ties Austrian stamps to EXPRESS MAIL Cover from BRONN addressed to Burton-on-Trent on 7.7.1912-twenty days by Express mail!!!!! Res £25
  20. EDINR & NEWCASTLE SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 26.9.1913 with index U ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  21. BANGOR & CREWE TPO/FROM WEST-S/ring dated 23.3.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  22. SOUTH WALES TPO/NIGHT MAIL EAST-S/ring dated 6.8.1929 ties 1½d PUC value to postcard Res £12
  23. GALLOWAY TPO/UP DAY-D/ring cancel dated 28.9.1938 ties stamp to postcard Res £10
  24. UP SPECIAL TPO-S/ring dated 13.1.1969 cancels blue AIR MAIL/U.S.A bundle label LBA 16 Res £8
  25. NORWICH LONDON TPO-D/ring dated 29.7.1976 cancels unpaid stampless cover addressed to St Osyth, Essex. At top left is manuscript POSTED IN TPO UNPAID and below is the framed POSTED WITHOUT LATE FEE/[19p] TO PAY. The 1p, 7p & 11p postage dues are tied by s/rings ST OSYTH / CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX dated 29.7.1976 Res £8


  1. TEN LETTERS Written on ten different letter heads of British Royal Households, written on behalf of eight different members of the Royal Family [10] Res £20
  2. EDW VIII-Cover to Royal Film-maker G de Barkas in Surrey with the Prince of Wales’ feathers embossed on the back flap. The South African 2d value is tied by the special Royal Visit [Royal Train] cancel dated 2.7.1925 Res £25
  3. LORD CHAMBERLAIN’S OFFICE/BUCKINGHAM PALACE/S.W-Most unusual oval cachet on 1938 longer cover with Crown embossed on the back flap, addressed to George King dated 1.5.1938 without any Royal Crown and Buckingham Palace replacing the usual St James’ Palace Res £20
  4. MASTER OF THE HOUSEHOLD’S DEPARTMENT / CROWN / WINDSOR CASTLE-Oval cachet in violet ink on longer cover with black crown embossed on the back. The cover is addressed to Bromley, Kent on 12.8.1939 and is cancelled by the OFFICIAL PAID/WINDSOR CASTLE d/ring dated 12.8.1939. The cover is personally signed by Derek Keppel Res £8
  5. ROYAL WEDDING/WEDDING ANNIVERSARY-Cover with GEO VI 1½d tied by the LONDON S.W.1 Royal Wedding slogan dated 20.11.1947. At left are the 3p & 20p Silver Wedding stamp tied by BASILDON First Day cancel dated 25 years later on 20.11.1972 Res £10

RUBBER CANCELS [Violet ink unless stated]

  1. NEW BALDERTON/NEWARK-Cancel dated 6.8.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  2. SCAMPTON/LINCOLN-Cancel dated 21.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard of the Great Eastern Railway “Boat Express” at an unknown station Res £10
  3. LONGSTOCK/WINCHESTER-Cancel dated 27.5.1905 on postcard with stamp tied by s/ring STOCKBRIDGE RSO/ HANTS dated the same day Res £8
  4. BERWICK ST JOHN/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 24.7.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. ROUGH CLOSE/STOKE-ON-TRENT Cancel dated 20.8.1906 on postcard cancelled by BLYTHE BRIDGE d/ring on the same day Res £8
  6. FELTON/BRISTOL-Cancel dated 10.9.1906 ties stamp to advertising postcard for the Bristol Wagon & Carriage Works of 138, Victoria Street, Bristol Res £10
  7. HARMER GREEN/WELWYN-Cancel on postcard from Welwyn dated 26.11.1908 Res £9
  8. RYARSH/WEST MALLING B.O/KENT-Cancel dated 27.5.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  9. BODVEAN/PWLLHELI-Black cancel dated 9.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard of BODVEAN POST OFFICE Res £18
  10. YNYSTAWE/CLYDACH/GLAM-Blue/black cancel dated 1.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  11. ARLE/CHELTENHAM-Black cancel dated 5.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard-superb!! Res £10
  12. EDINGLEY/SOUTHWELL/NOTTS-Black cancel dated 27.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  13. DIAL POST/HORSHAM-Black cancel dated 12.3.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  14. BRANDESTON/WICKHAM MARKET/SUFFOLK-Black cancel dated 13.3.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  15. SEDGE FEN/BRANDON-Black cancel dated 11.7.1916 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  16. SANDEL HEATH/SALISBURY-Black cancel dated 24.12.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £9
  17. ADMASTON/STAFFORD-Black cancel dated 26.3.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  18. GARRONPOINT/BELFAST-Black cancel dated 28.7.1926 ties stamp to postcard of Garron Tower, Co. Antrim Res £9
  19. DUNHAM TOWN/ALTRINCHAM/CHESHIRE-Black cancel dated 2.4.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  20. MONTGARRIE/ABERDEEN-Superb black strike ties stamp to postcard of the “Honesty Fairy” Res £9


  1. WEST LULWORTH, Under Wareham-PPL from here with 3d value tied by WAREHAM hatched oval parcel cancel of Wareham. Alongside is the s/ring WEST LULWORTH dated 28.1.1890 Res £25
  2. PIDDLETOWN, Under Dorchester-PPL From here with 4½d Jubilee value tied by good DORCHESTER target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring PIDDLETOWN dated 12.9.1893-see illustration Res £30
  3. GOVERNMENT PARCELS-OHMS PPL addressed to Ashton Under Lyme with 1/- green GOVT/PARCELS overprint showing what could be argued is the “DOT TO RIGHT OF “T” Variety. Nice item, used from Mount Pleasant on 27.1.1894-see illustration Res £175
  4. BROADMAYNE, Under Dorchester-PPL From here with 3d & 6d values tied by DORCHESTER target parcel cancels. At right is s/ring BROADMAYNE dated 7.5.1900 Res £25
  5. TURNWORTH, Under Blandford-PPL From here with 4d value tied by BLANDFORD target parcel cancel. Alongside is a lovely violet inked rubber cancel TURNWORTH/ BLANDFORD dated 31.12.1900 Res £25
  6. STURMINSTER NEWTON RSO-PPL From this Dorset RSO, Under Blandford with 4d x 2 values tied by STURMINSTER/NEWTON target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring STURMINSTER-NEWTON dated 18.1.1901 Res £35
  7. FORTUNESWELL, PORTLAND, Under Weymouth-PPL From here with QV 9d tied superbly by nice light strike of the s/ring FORTUNESWELL/PORTLAND dated 2.7.1901-alongside is a further strike-see illustration Res £65
  8. WIMBORNE-PPL From here with 2d & 4d values tied by s/rings WIMBORNE dated 31.8.1901 with index P Res £25
  9. DORCHESTER-PPL From here with 2 x 1d lilacs & a 6d Jubilee value tied by s/rings DORCHESTER dated 10.9.1901 Res £25
  10. GILLINGHAM, DORSET-PPL From here with a pair of 2½d Jubilee values tied by s/rings GILLINGHAM/DORSET dated 28.1.1902 Res £25
  11. POOLE-PPL From here with EDW VII 1d & 2d values tied by s/rings POOLE dated 21.9.1903 Res £22
  12. ORGANFORD, UNDER WAREHAM-PPL From here with EDW VII 3d tied by WAREHAM target parcel cancel. Alongside is the violet inked rubber cancel ORGANFORD /WAREHAM dated 23.11.1903 Res £25
  13. THORNFORD, Under Sherborne-PPL From here cancelled by violet inked rubber cancel THORNFORD/SHERBORNE dated 25.11.1903 Res £22
  14. THORNCOMBE, Under Chard-PPL From here with a strip of 3 x 1d EDW VII values tied by CHARD target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring TORNCOMBE dated 22.4.1904 Res £22
  15. SHERBORNE-PPL From here with EDW VII 6d tied by s/ring SHERBORNE/M.O & S.B dated 30.5.1904. Alongside is a further strike Res £22
  16. PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL From here cancelled by s/ring PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET dated 28.6.1904 Res £25
  17. SWANAGE, Under Wareham-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d brown & green tied by SWANAGE target parcel cancel. Alongside is s/ring SWANAGE RSO/DORSET dated 6.9.1904 Res £35
  18. POWERSTOCK, UNDER Bridport-PPL From here with EDW VII 2d & 5d values tied by TAUNTON target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring POWERSTOCK/MELPLASH RSO DORSET dated 27.9.1905 Res £35
  19. ALDERHOLT, Under Salisbury-PPL From here, cancelled by violet inked rubber cancel ALDERHOLT/SALISBURY dated 19.2.1906 Res £22
  20. TARRANT GUNVILLE. Under Blandford-PPL From here with GEO V 3d tied by s/ring TARRANT GUNVILLE dated 11.8.1913-alongside is a further cancel Res £22


  1. LANDS END-Straight line mark in violet ink on unused postcard of the same Res £9
  2. POSTED IN/H.M.S VICTORY-Unframed two-line cachet in blue ink on postcard of the ship posted on 19.9.1950 Res £8
  3. SNAEFELL SUMMIT/11 JUN 1964/I.O.M-Flat diamond cachet in black ink on postcard of the summit hotel and train addressed to Pudsey from Douglas on 11.6.1964 Res £7
  4. RAGLEY/HALL-Violet inked d/ring cachet on postcard of the Hall’s Drawing Room addressed to Coventry from Redditch on 1.7.1968 Res £7
  5. POSTED/FROM/THE/TOP/OF/BLACKPOOL/TOWER-Pictorial cachet in red ink on postcard of the same addressed to Norwich on 25.10.1993 Res £5
  6. POSTED AT/BRITAINS HIGHEST POSTCARD / AONACH MOR, FORT WILLIAM 4006FT-Framed cachet in black on postcard of Ben Nevis addressed to Norwich on 2.8.1994 Res £5
  7. THE LANDS END POST ROOM-MILENNIUM YEAR/2000-Red inked cachet on postcard addressed to Norfolk on 22.5.2000 Res £6
  8. ST KILDA / [PUFFIN] / 1930-2000/70th ANNIVERSARY OF EVACUATION-Circular cachet in black ink on postcard [repro] of the St Kilda Post Office addressed to Surrey with 1st class stamp tied by ISLE OF BENBECULA machine cancel dated 28.6.2000 Res £7
  9. THE LANDS END POST ROOM/CORNWALL/2001-Red d/ring cachet on postcard to Co. Durham, posted on 12.6.2001 Res £6
  10. ST KILDA-Island postcard addressed to Marlborough with Iceland stamp tied by d/ring dated 29.5.2015. Alongside is the circular pictorial cachet 1986-2011 25TH ANNIVERSARY/[PUFFIN]/ST KILDA/WORLD HERITAGE SITE in black ink Res £6


  1. 256 DORCHESTER-3VOS Cancels EDW VII ½d green postal stationery envelope addressed to Bishops Stortford Ca.1904 Res £18
  2. 285 EXETER-3VOS Cancels QV ½d brown Thomas Wreford “QUOD PETIS HIC EST!] Printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Bournemouth, Ca. 1896-see illustration Res £22
  3. 484 LYME-4VOD With straight line LYME dated 1.8.1878 cancels QV ½d brown postcard to [King’s] Lynn Res £8
  4. 625 HIGH STO/PORTSMOUTH-3VOD dated 18.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8
  5. 885 MILLBOURN PORT-[Milborne Port] 1844 Type cancel ties 1d red stars to entire addressed to Bruton with undated double arc MILLBOURN PORT on the back in black ink, struck on 16.2.1856 Res £40
  6. 887 STALBRIDGE-1844 Type cancel ties 1d red imperf to entire addressed to Shaftesbury on 13.10.1846. On the front is the undated d/arc STALBRIDGE in black ink Res £50
  7. 914 CRANBORNE-3VOS cancels QV ½d postcard addressed to Dorchester on 6.1.1886 Res £25
  8. 995 BRIERLEY HILL-3VOS [SCARCITY GPO] cancels tie 3 x 1d lilacs to registered cover addressed to Manchester on 9.2.1887. See illustration Res £75
  9. 996 STURMINSTER NEWTON-Triangular framed cancel on GEO V ½d postal stationery envelope addressed locally to HENSTRIDGE, Ca.1925 Res £15
  10. 081 CASTLETOWN-3VOS Ties QV 3d to parcel post label of Castletown Portland. Alongside is the d/ring CASTLETOWN / PORTLAND dated 10.4.1902-see illustration Res £40
  11. C52 GODSHILL [Isle of Wight]-3VOD dated 26.9.1912 ties GEO V ½d stamp to postcard addressed to Essex Res £5
  12. C65 HEYWOOD-4VOD With curved Heywood cancels ½d violet postcard addressed to Bury on 20.12.1876 Res £12
  13. F11 RAMSBOTTOM-4VOD dated 1.5.1871 cancels 1870 1ST issue ½d violet postcard addressed to Manchester Res £20
  14. K06 LITTLE HEREFORD-3VOD dated 14.10.1912 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the local church addressed to Lyons Gate, Dorset Res £8
  15. K36 SOUTH HETTON-Double ring cancel dated 24.5.1907 with index C ties stamp to postcard. Alongside is 1d/761 and framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/761 of Sunderland Res £10


  1. VERY CLEAN 1792 Entire addressed to Mayfair from Chatham Place on 20.10.1792 with very good triangular PENNY-POST-PAID-G/TU in green/black ink on side flap of entire. Opens out to display nicely Res £45
  2. SUSSEX-9.10.1801 ENTIRE Addressed to Brighton with lovely BATLE/57 mileage mark at right. Res £35
  3. SUSSEX-1.10.1801 ENTIRE Addressed to Brighton with lovely CUCKFIELD/44 mileage mark at top right in black/green ink Res £22
  4. SUSSEX-6.5.1802 ENTIRE Addressed to Brighton with very nice HORSHAM/41 mileage mark struck at top right in black ink Res £15
  5. SURREY-6.1.1803 ENTIRE Addressed to Brighton with very good DARKING/28 Mileage mark struck at top right in the green-black ink shade Res £30
  6. SUSSEX-16.9.1802 ENTIRE Addressed to Brighton with a superb LEWES/50 Mileage mark struck at top right in black ink Res £22
  7. ULVERSTONE-A Complete one-frame entry on the “cross-sands route” at the 5d rate, rather than by road at 6d. Includes superbly clean and attractive entire dated 11.6.1807 with the straight-line ULVERSTONE in black ink and the all important manuscript rate of 5d which took it across the sands at KENT’S BANK. Also an engraving of the mail coach crossing the sands, copies of coaching bills advertising he service etc; and most importantly, the story. All yours for Res £100
  8. IRELAND-Wrapper addressed to Glasgow with circular Irish mileage mark BELFAST/80 dated 12.11.1827 at top right. At top left is the framed P.PAID in black. In manuscript at top is “No.18 POST PAID SINGLE” Res £22
  9. ESSEX-8.12.1839 Entire addressed to London from SOUTHMINSTER with very good framed MALDON/PENNY POST on the back flap and the framed No.3 on the front. Opens out to display nicely Res £30
  10. LONDON-Cover addressed to LIVERPOOL From LONDON with a block of 6 and two belonging single 1d red stars tied by London 24 numerals. Alongside is a cut-square 6d embossed value, similarly cancelled on 13.7.1844-see illustration Res £75
  11. LINCOLNSHIRE-Small cover addressed to London with 1d stars tied by 96 numeral of BOSTON on 10.11.1858. On the back is a lovely undated d/arc cancel STICKNEY in black ink Res £22
  12. SCOTTISH “WESSEX” CANCEL-1d PINK Envelope addressed to BEITH with undated d/arc LOCHWINNOCK [note “K” in spelling] cancels the stamp impression on 28.8.1856-see illustration Res £35
  13. DORSET-Cover addressed to Warwick with 1d red stars cancelled by 87 numeral of Blandford on 7.10.1858. On the back is the undated d/arc cancel SPETTISBURY [larger type] in green ink Res £22
  14. CHESHIRE-Entire addressed to London with 1d red stars tied by MANCHESTER spoon cancel dated 19.12.1858 with index 1X. On the back is the undated thimble cancel with straight-line place name “CHORLEY/CHESHIRE” in black ink Res £30
  15. LONDON-Entire addressed within London with 1d red stars tied by LondonC-W.C/10 duplex cancel dated 16.8.1858. On the back is the undated single arc cancel “KING ST COV GAR in black ink [Covent Garden] Res £22
  16. 10d RATE TO INDIA-Clean cover addressed to Bombay with 10d value from plate 1 tied by large part YORK duplex cancel dated 17.2.1868 Res £125
  17. BIRMINGHAM-Pictorial notepaper depicting “THE LEASOMES, NR BIRMINGHAM”. The paper has been used and has a message dated 5.2.1870-see illustration Res £30
  18. ISLE OF WIGHT TO INDIA-Neat little cover addressed to The Punjab, vis Brindisi & Bombay with 1/- green from plate 5 tied by lovely VENTNOR-971 Four-bar duplex cancel dated 9.5.1872-see illustration Res £65
  19. LONDON TO ALAHABAD-Three stamp franking comprising of 1d red plate 160, 2d blue plate 14 and 6d grey plate 10 tied by LONDON W-W/12 duplex cancels dated 12.4.1876-see illustration Res £65
  20. BATH TO THE NORTH WEST FRONTIER PROVINCES-Lovely little cover addressed to the man in-charge of the JAIL AT FATEHGARH, NWFP, India with lovely 8d value tied by even better BATH-53 four-bar duplex cancel dated 13.10.1876-see illustration Res £150
  21. BIRMINGHAM TO CAPE TOWN-Cover addressed to Cape Town from Birmingham with 1/- green from plate 12 tied by three-bar duplex cancel dated 26.10.1876. On the back is a quite nice s/ring CAPE PACKET/PLYMOUTH dated 27.10.1876. On the front is the Cape arrival mark dated 20.11.1876-closed tear at top left Res £55
  22. TOTNES TO CALCUTTA-MOURNING Cover with lovely 8d value tied by 4VOS Numeral cancel 807 of TOTNES , struck on 6.5.1877-see illustration Res £125
  23. VALENTINE CARD-Small, but intricate Valentine Day card addressed to Tonbridge Wells from STAPLEHURST with 1d red plate 206 tied by 4-bar duplex cancel on 13.2.1879. Surprisingly, it is from Kate to Eliza!!!! Res £25
  24. LONDON TO THE PUNJAB-Small cover from London to MEEAN MEER, Punjab with 5d blue tied by LONDON W-W/43 duplex cancel dated 18.5.1883 Res £65
  25. BIRTHDAY CARD-Cover addressed to Blackpool from Preston on 12.11.1883 with Birthday card with a verse from Deuteronomy inside-card opens out nicely, but started to separate at top Res £18
  26. BRIGHTON TO SOUTH AFRICA-Very clean little cover addressed to KIMBERLEY with 6d green tied by three-bar duplex cancel WESTERN RD/BRIGHTON-132 duplex cancel dated 15.10.1884-see illustration Res £75
  27. SURREY TO INDIA-Neat little cover addressed to he North West Frontier Provinces with 5d green tied by RICHMOND/SURREY-D21 Four-bar duplex cancel dated 10.7.1885-see illustration Res £75
  28. SQUARED CIRCLE-QV ½d brown postcard addressed to Germany with added ½d vermilion tied by superb strikes of the squared circle cancel LYNTON dated 24.9.1894 with index A Res £9
  29. LONDON TO SOUTH AFRICA-MOURNING Cover addressed to “Barkly East” Post Office, redirected to ALIWALA Post Office with QV 2d & 3d values tied by d/rings LONDON S.W/16 dated 22.3.1897 Res £25
  30. ILLUSTRATED ENVELOPE-Envelope from WEYMOUTH addressed to COBO, GUERNSEY with 1d lilac tied by d/ring dated 27.7.1900. The address is in the form of a ticket being placed in the space for the address upon the envelope-see illustration Res £55
  31. ILLUSTRATED ENVELOPE-Envelope from Weymouth as previous lot with frail looking bird carrying the address label to the envelope on 1.8.1900 See illustration Res £55
  33. OLD AGE PENSION-Form OAP 2 cancelled by s/ring OLD CHARLTON/CHARLTON S.O KENT dated 21.1.1911 Res £12
  34. ILLUSTRATED ENVELOPE-Union Flag design envelope addressed to London from Leicester with EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring dated 9.7.1902 Res £45
  35. ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY-20th MAY 1912 ANNIVERSARY DINNER MENU In the presence of GEO V at the Whitehall Rooms, Hotel Metropole, London Res £22
  36. REGISTERED Cover addressed to SWEDEN with GEO V 3d x 2 tied by s/rings BLACKFRIARS Rd5/S.E.1 dated 29.5.1922 Res £15
  37. POSTAL UNION CONGRESS-Lovely First Day Cover with the four lower values tied by the special d/ring cancels dated 10.5.1929-superb! See illustration Res £45
  38. POSTAL UNION CONGRESS—Less lovely, but still nice FDC with the four lower values tied by special d/ring cancels as last lot Res £35
  39. STAMP DEALER-Registered cover from Ipswich dealers Whitfield King addressed to SWEDEN with GEO V 5d & ½d values tied by s/rings IPSWICH/SUFFOLK dated 11.8.1930. On the back is the dealers seal Res £20
  40. IRELAND/CENSORSHIP-Set of minutes of the meeting of the “CENSORSHIP OF PUBLICATIONS BOARD” Held on 24.6.1935. The Board decides on ten publications, all of which with one exception are “indecent and that this book in all its editions, be prohibited”. Comes with envelope addressed to one of the members of the board. Res £18
  41. BISECT-Cover addressed to Lingfield with GEO V ½d and a bisected 2d photogravure value affixed and tied by REIGATE & REDHILL machine cancel dated 25.5.1937. Not taxed, so accepted in payment of postage Res £22
  42. ESSEX-Unaddressed cover cancelled by the square 1d PAID die “Sunburst” slogan “Post Early in the Day of CHELMSFORD dated 20.8.1938-likely to be a specimen strike Res £7
  43. SURREY-Registered cover to France with GEO V 5d & GEO VI ½d tied by s/ring GREEN LANE THORNTON HEATH/SURREY dated 17.10.1938. At left is the CROYDON 58 registration label Res £9
  44. SPECIMEN SLOGAN “POST/EARLY/IN THE/DAY” Machine cancel with space for town name converted to a solid d/ring with the date 16.1.1939 at the centre. Res £7
  45. POSTAL ORDER-GEO VI 7/6d Order cancelled by d/ring LYTCHETT MATRAVERS/POOLE DORSET dated 20.12.1939. No counterfoil & with odd faults Res £12
  46. SOUTHDOWN COACHES National Touring Holidays advertising envelope addressed to London from Littlehampton with GEO VI 1½d green tied by d/ring dated 27.7.1951. Alongside is the unframed 2d/TO PAY/978 of Littlehampton with the 2d postage due tied at bottom by CATFORD s/ring dated 28.7.1951-see illustration Res £20
  47. TELEGRAM-Post Office Telegram handed in at Weston-super-Mare, received at SWANAGE on 12.4.1956. Comes with red on buff envelope “POST OFFICE TELEGRAM/CONFIRMATORY COPY” Res 36
  48. SEASONAL POST OFFICE-Registered cover addressed to Scotland with stamps [including Graphite Line values] tied by s/rings ROCKLEY SANDS POOLE/DORSET dated 11.5.1959. This was situated at the Rockley Sands Caravan & holiday park Res £10
  49. DUNSTER BEACH/MINEHEAD SOMERSET-D/rings dated 15.5.1959 ties stamps as previous lot to registered cover addressed to Scotland Res £10
  50. BUTLIN’S HOLIDAY CAMP, PWLLHELI-Registration label on registered cover addressed as previous lot with similar stamps tied by d/rings BUTLIN’S CAMP PWLLHELI/CAERN dated 16.5.1959 Res £18
  51. KINGSWAY[TELEVISION HOUSE] B.O W.C.2-S/ring dated 7.5.1963 with index E ties 3 x 6d PUC centenary values to illustrated FDC sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY within London Res £12
  52. IRELAND-Registered parcel tag/label addressed to the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin with registered label [British style, and in English] of BALLINA with 2/6d green & 2 x 1/- commems on the other side tied by BALLINA Irish language cancel dated 24.9.1968 Res £12
  53. IRELAND-Postal Order for 1/- issued at ABBEYFEALE on 31.7.1969 with 4d added poundage Res £12
  54. ROYAL MAIL POST BUS-Pictorial card timetable for the Grizedale Forest service from Ulverston to Grizedale Res £5
  55. SOMERSET-Locally addressed Christmas Card envelope [with card, unopened] addressed within SHEPTON MALLET, Cancelled by local SHEPTON MALLET/AND DISTRICT/LIONS CLUB Ca.1990 Res £5


  1. ADEN-ONWARD AIR TRANSMISSION “O.A.T” Large oval on the front of a cover addressed to the USA with GEO VI 1 Anna & 2 Rupee values on the front and a pair of GEO VI 2½ Anna values on the back, tied by d/rings ADEN/+ dated 1.5.1945. At left is the PC 90 censors tape with printed F/ followed by a circular framed 113 in black ink Res £35
  2. ASCENSION-FORMULA Registered envelope size H2 addressed to South Australia with GEO VI ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2d & 4d values tied by s/rings ASCENSION dated 1.5.1949, arriving in NARACOORTE, South Australia on 18th May Res £35
  3. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTARCTIC RESEARCH EXPEDITION 1947-Unframed cachet on cover with contents addressed to Bondi Junction, Australia with GEO VI 2½d tied by the s/ring A.N.A.R.E MACQUARIE IS/AUST dated 7.3.1948 Res £22
  4. AUSTRIA/WWI-Patriotic postcard addressed to Vienna with 10 Heller stamp, 1916 patriotic label and a pictorial patriotic label showing the ever eager Hun with his spear aimed directly at Italy with the legend VERTRAGE SCHUTZT MEIN SPERR. All are tied by d/rings CHOCEN/CHOTZEN dated 2.3.1917 Res £22
  5. BAHRAIN-Airmail cover to SWEDEN with 3 x GEO VI 2d values with 2 Anna overprints tied to the back of the cover by d/ring BAHRAIN dated 21.3.1951 Res £15
  6. BASUTOLAND-Airmail cover to London with GEO V 6d value tied very nicely by d/ring MASERU/+ dated 4.1.1936-see illustration Res £25
  7. BRITISH GUIANA-Cover addressed within Georgetown with 4c value tied by a superb strike of the pictorial ship and flags cancel “BRITISH GUIANA PHILATELIC EXHIBITION” dated 21.10.1911-see illustration Res £75
  8. BURMA-GEO VI 1 Anna brown postal stationery envelope addressed to THINGANGYUN, Rangoon, cancelled by d/ring BURMA/EXPTL P.P No.39 dated 31.12.1945. Alongside is the framed BRITISH MILY ADMN/BURMA POSTAGE/TWO, 2 ANNAS with signature within Res £25
  9. CEYLON-Nice, clean little cover addressed to London with QV 48c rose value tied initially by a pen stroke and then by the barred oval with C at centre. Alongside is the red inked KANDY/PAID dated 24.6.1874-nice! Res £30
  10. CONGO, FRENCH-Registered cover addressed to Lyon with French key plate 25c GABON value and 10c Congo Francais Gabon tied by d/rings SETTE DAMA/CONGO FRANCAIS dated 20.11.1911 Res £18
  11. EGYPT-BRITISH FORCES IN EGYPT 1 PIASTRE LETTER STAMP Tied to the back of a regimental crested envelope addressed to London & tied by the violet inked MPO/ MOASCAR s/ring dated 28.7.1936. On the front is the Egyptian crowned EGYPT/23/ POSTAGE PREPAID in red ink Res £25
  12. ETHIOPIA-Commercial cover from the Arabian Trading Company Ltd of DIRE DAOUA addressed to Aden with a strip of four of the “HAYLE SELASSIE 1er/3 AVRIL 1930” ½ Mehalek overprints and a single 1 Mehalek overprint tied by d/rings dated 5.7.1930. On the back are d/rings ADEN/+ and ADEN CAMP/DELY/+ dated 12.7.1930 Res £45
  13. FIJI-Plain postcard addressed to Germany with GEO V ½d & 1d values tied by the s/ring P.O BA/FIJI dated 7.1.1927, arriving in DREIWERDEN on 19.2.1927 Res £25
  14. HELIGOLAND-Gruss Aus vignette coloured postcard addressed to Essen with 5pf German definitive tied by s/ring HELGOLAND dated 29.8.1897, after the transfer to German control. The view on the card is one of the island and the paddle steamer “COBRA” Res £22
  15. HOLLAND-Lovely cover addressed to London from the HAGUE CONFERENCE ON GERMAN REPARATIONS To the Victors of WWI. With an eight-stamp franking tied by d/rings CONFERENCE DE LA HAYE 1929 dated 30.8.1930-see illustration Res £40
  16. HUNGARY-6 Filler green postal stationery postcard addressed within Budapest with green on white pictorial label depicting an aircraft “HA-FNC”, tied by d/ring BUDAPEST/ ENDRESZ AVIATIKAI KIALLITAS dated 32.10.1927 Res £25
  17. INDIA-UNION CASTLE Crested envelope addressed to India from an assistant surgeon on board HM Hospital Ship GLENGORM CASTLE with s/line INDIAN HOSPITAL SHIP at top alongside the red inked s/ring SOUTHAMPTON/PAID dated 6.1.1915. The GLENGORM CASTLE was torpedoed off the Isle of Wight on 30.3.1917 by a German Submarine with the loss of three lives. The ship was towed into Portsmouth two weeks later and was repaired. A lovely thing-see illustration Res £65
  18. U.T-German East Africa pictorial Gruss Aus BAGAMOYO coloured postal stationery postcard addressed to Berlin with German 10Pf imprint stamp with 5 Pesa overprint cancelled by s/ring DAR-ES-SALAAM dated 2.12.1899 Res £30
  19. U.T-EDW VII 2 Anna East Africa & Uganda registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to London with added pair of 6c values tied by MOMBASA/E.A.P s/rings dated 5.1.1909 Res £25
  20. U.T-EXPRESS AIRMAIL COVER Addressed to the UK with Independence 1/- & 1/-30c values tied by s/rings MOMBAS/KENYA dated 28.7.1964. The airmail label is tied by the framed EXPRESS FEE PAID in black ink Res £8
  21. KUWAIT-Airmail cover to Sussex with GEO VI GB 1 Anna & a pair of 2½ Anna overprint values tied by d/rings KUWAIT/PERSIAN GULF dated 17.10.1948 Res £25
  22. LEEWARD ISLANDS-Registered cover addressed to Scotland with a block of four of the GEO V LEEWARD ISLANDS 1d tied by two s/rings PAQUEBOT/POSTED AT SEA/RECEIVED/DATE/SAINT JOHN N.B dated 18.6.1929. At left is the registration cachet of Saint John and the s/line MAILED AT SEA in blue ink. Res £28
  23. MALAYA/JAPANESE OCCUPATION-Former Jap Occupation envelope utilised after the war by the Federation of Malaya on 27.4.1948. At left is the unframed cachet of the Collector of Estate Duty, Federation of Malaya-see illustration Res £25
  24. MALAYA-POSTAGE PAID/KUALA LUMPUR D/ring dated 11.1.1947 on turned entire addressed to KLANG. On the other side are GEO VI B.M.A 1c & 2c values tied by KLANG d/ring dated 10.1.1947. Res £15
  25. MALTA-EXPRESS Cover to the UK with QEII 2d x 2 & 3d x 3 tied by PRINCE OF WALES RD/SLIEMA MALTA dated 25.5.1963 Res £12
  26. MOROCCO AGENCIES-Postcard addressed to London with two 5 Centimos Agencies overprint values tied by the TANGIER duplex cancel dated 18.12.1901. One of the stamps shows the “SLICED M” variety. Res £45
  27. NEW HEBRIDES-Cover addressed to SYDNEY with French 10c surcharge on 25c x 2, British ½d and an Australian 2d GEO V value, all tied by the SYDNEY continuous machine cancel dated 20.12.1920. The cover was carried to Sydney by the “PACIFIQUE”, arriving on the 19th The cover has been trimmed slightly at the base Res £55
  28. NEW HEBRIDES-CENSORED Cover to New York with French 15c and British 5c & 10c values tied by d/rings NOUVELLES HEBRIDES/PORT-VILA dated 9.8.1944. At top left is the circular framed PASSED BY CENSOR/NEW HEBRIDES/CONDOMINIUM bilingual censor mark Res £45
  29. NEW ZEALAND-Stampless cover addressed to Kent with blue framed ON ACTIVE SERVICE and framed PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR/No.10 [NEW ZEALAND]/ INITIALS at top right. See illustration Res £40
  1. SOUTHERN RHODESIA, B.S.A.C-Registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Leipzig with added ½d & 1d x 2 tied by d/rings GATOOMA/S. RHODESIA dated 21.11.1908 and has manuscript “GATOOMA” at left as the registration mark alongside the fancy “R” within circle. On the back is a further Gatooma cancel alongside d/ring BULAWAYO STATION dated 22.11.1908, London hooded circle registered mark dated 12.12.1908 and the Leipzig arrival mark dated 13.12.1908-see illustration Res £120
  2. SWAZILAND-REGISTERED Airmail cover to London riderected upon arrival to Frinton-on-Sea with GEO V 1d, 2d, 3d & 4d values tied by d/rings MBABANE/SWAZILAND dated 9.9.1936, arriving in London on 21.9.1936-see illustration Res £40
  3. THAILAND-Registered, censored cover to PENANG with 1, 2 & 3 Baht RED CROSS Surcharge values tied by d/ring BANDON dated 16.9.1939. At left is the Malayan Crowned censor tape tied by black inked PASSED BY CENSOR/Coat-of-Arms/PENANG front & back. On the back is a d/ring SOUTH EXPRESS partially under the censor tape, dated 17.9.1939 and a d/ring PENANG/S.S dated 21.9.1939. The 1 Baht value is torn upon opening the envelope-see illustration Res £85
  4. TRISTAN DA CUNHA-Stampless cover addressed to Hyde Park & redirected to Ramsgate upon arrival with type III cachet at top right in blue ink. On redirection, the PADDINGTON W.2 machine cancel was placed on the back of he envelope, dated 14.9.1926 Res £75




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