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1.   GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to London from Bridport with 1d red from plate 174 perfin GR/W and tied by the four-bar duplex cancel BRIDPORT-127 on 25.11.1874 Res £22

2.   HOLLOWAY BROTHERS-Folded entire addressed to Paris with 2½d mauve from plate 10 perfin HB and tied by LONDON E.C duplex on 25.5.1876-very clean item Res £22

3.   METROPOLITAN BOARD OF WORKS-Crested & embossed  envelope addressed within London with 1d red from plate 143 perfin MWB and tied by CHARING CROSS duplex on 18.4.1879 Res £22

4.   SMITH PAYNE & SUTTLES?-Folded entire addressed to New York with 2½d blue from plate 22 perfin SPS tied by London duplex on 23.9.1891Res £22

5.   WILLIAM BRANDT & SONS & COMPANY-Folded entire addressed to St Petersburg, Russia with 2½d blue from plate 22 perfin WB/SCo., tied by a superb LONDON E.C Hooded circle on 14.2.1883 Res £22

6.   GLYN-1d pink postal stationery letter sheet addressed to Berlin with added 1½d lilac perfin GLYN and tied by London duplex on 17.3.1887 Res £22

7.   STAMP DISTRIBUTION COMPANY-Very rare 1d lilac with SDC perfin on cover from COLWYN BAY to London, tied by the duplex cancel on 6.11.1893. These stamps were sold by the SDC in booklets of six, all perfin SDC and are known used mainly in London; so, to find one used in North Wales is a bit of a bonus!! See illustration Res £150

8.   GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-Official company postcard of one of the new Atlantic Class locos addressed to Southend with EDW VII ½d yellow-green perfin GNR and tied by London E.C d/ring on 28.5.1905 Res £9

9.   ARMY & NAVY COOPERATIVE SOCIETY-EDW VII ½d yellow-green printed postal stationery postcard addressed to MAURITIUS with added ½d perfin with the usual company perfin and tied by d/ring LONDON S.W on 21.1.1909, arriving in Mauritius on 20.2.1909. The card is concerned with the making and sending of a helmet and purchase of books Res £9

10.                 LONDON, TILBURY & SOUTHEND RAILWAY-Postcard addressed to Peckham with EDW VII 1d perfin LT/SR tied by SOUTHEND d/ring on 2.5.1911 Res £22

11.                 GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-Printed correspondence postcard addressed to Tring with GEO V ½d perfin GNR and tied by d/ring London  N on 6.3.1913 Res £9

12.                 THOMAS COOK & SON-Censored cover to Burgess Hill with GEO V 1d perfin TC/&S, tied by London National War Bonds slogan on 15.5.1918. At left is censor tape and, on the back, is the company cachet Res £8

13.                 TIMOTHY WHITES-Embossed envelope to Bavaria with 1d & 1½d Postal Union Congress values perfin TWCo., tied by PORTSMOUTH machine cancel on 14.6.1929 Res £8

14.                 RYLANDS AND SONS LTD-Embossed cover to Saxony with 2½d P.U.C value perfin R&S tied by the London F.S Newcastle Exhibition cancel on 20.7.1929  Res £9

15.                 SMITH & CHRISTIE-Company trade postcard addressed to Newark-on-Trent with 1d P.U.C perfin S&C tied by GLASGOW/S.E.D.O machine on 19.8.1929 Res £8

16.                 ANDERSONS RUBBER COMPANY, BRISTOL-Printed window envelope with details at top left with ½d P.U.C perfin A tied by BRISTOL machine on 7.9.1929 Res £7

17.                 MARCONI-Airmail cover to PERU with GEO V 3d & 1/- x 2 perfin M/Co., tied by LONDON W.C Machine on 22.1.1932 Res £15

18.                 BANK OF INDO CHINA-Airmail cover from PARIS to TONKIN with 1f50c &5f pictorial perfin BI tied by Paris s/rings on 6.12.1933-nice! Res £8

19.                 ANTHONY C VANDERSCHOOT-Printed postcard from this Dutch flower grower addressed to Hythe, Kent with 2½c perfin ACV tied by d/ring HILLEGOM on 3.9.1934 Res £7

20.                 SPCK-Embossed cover addressed within London with 1937 Coronation value perfin CK and tied by the S.W.1 machine cancel on 12.6.1937 Res £7

21.                 JOHN MILLER & Co., LIVERPOOL-Blue edged mourning cover addressed to Brazil with GEO V 2 2d photogravure value perfin JM tied by Liverpool machine on 16.6.1937 Res £22

22.                 ROYAL INFIRMARY, EDINBURGH-Embossed cover addressed locally with 1½d GEO VI definitive and 1d Stamp Centenary values perfin R.I.E and tied by the Edinburgh Kitchen Front slogan on 27.6.1940 Res £8

23.                 LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Crested, embossed cover addressed to Snape with GEO VI 1d & 1½d values perfin large LNE tied by SAXMUNDHAM d/rings on 13.10.1941 Res £7

24.                 LONDON & LANCASHIRE INSURANCE COMPANY-Cover from Portsmouth to Swanage with 2½d VICTORY value perfin L&L/FO tied by machine on 17.6.1946 Res £7

25.                 THE BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON COMPANY-Airmail cover to New York with two pairs of the 3d Olympic Games values perfin B/TH and tied by LONDON W.C/22 s/rings dated 12.5.1950 Res £10


26.                 WARD CYCLES OF DEVIZES-Nice pictorial envelope from the Wiltshire bike-maker addressed to St Budeaux with QV ½d blue-green tied by BIRMINGHAM/18 d/ring on 30.11.1901 Res £25

27.                 BRAMPTON CHAINS, PEDALS, SADDDLES, HUBS AND BRAKES-Lovely pictorial advertising postcard for all of these things made for bicycles and cars by the Dutton Cycle works at HECKMONDWIKE Res £15

28.                 STONE ALE BY JOHN JOUKE & SONS, BREWERS OF STONE, STAFFS-Superb pictorial advertising postcard depicting an “Early Stone” Brewery. At right is a strip map showing the location-see illustration Res £22

29.                 “KAINIT” POTASH SALTS-Pictorial advertising postcard for a better crop of Swedes as grown on the farm at Rudyard Green, Rudyard, staffs with red s/ring LONDON E.C/PAID ½d dated 15.3.1907 Res £12

30.                 FAULKNERS LONDON & BRIGHTON HOTELS-Cover illustrating three of the company’s hotels: The Faulkners at Villiers Street; The City Central at Newgate Street and the Arlington at Brighton. Postally used to Paris with GEO V 2½d tied by London Krag on 13.1.1914 Res £18

31.                 QUAKER OATS-GEO V 1½d illustrated postal stationery envelope to Cardiff, cancelled in London on 9.3.1920 Res £22

32.                 DONKEY BRAND PLASTER-Illustrated trade postcard to Scarborough depicting a block of this stuff on the front-looks like a bar of soap!! Ex-Manchester 10.5.1932 Res £10



33.                 KEEP THE HOME FRONT CHEERFUL/GAS FIRE COMFORT-WWII Illustrated cover addressed to Swindon with Mr and Mrs having a cosy chat by the fire. Cancelled by a superb red inked WARMINSTER WILTS/1d/PAID/DATE/GREAT BRITAIN dated 19.1.1944 Res £18

34.                 WATERHOUSES PICKLES AND SAUCES-Nice advertising illustrated postcard from the SHEFFIELD pickler to Manchester with GEO VI 2d tied by Sheffield machine on 17.1.1947 Res £9

35.                 “BUTLIN’S/FROM COAST TO COAST/THE NATION’S HOST”-Two covers with identical meter slogans from the Butlin’s Camps at AYR [19.2.1954] and PWLLHELI [26.7.1955] Res £15



36.                 1868 BALLOON FLOWN Illustrated letter signed by the “AERONAUTE” JULES DUROF on a flight from CALAIS on 13.7.1868-see illustration Res £100

37.                 1883 [5th June 1883] Dinner menu marking the 100th anniversary of the Montgolfier flight of 1783. The menu also marks the Siege of Paris etc. Superb condition Res £55

38.                 1880’s PRINTED Notepaper of the Tissandier Brothers, Paris, illustrated with a balloon at top left. Also an Aero-Club de Paris postcard with spaces for balloon details of flight etc [2] Res £40

39.                 BLACKPOOL FLYING CARNIVAL 1909-Postcard of the flyer, PAULHAN and various machines at Blackpool addressed to Manchester and used from Blackpool on the 20th October 1909 Res £25

40.                 BLACKPOOL FLYING CARNIVAL 1909-Postcard of the fliers Grahame-White and Tetard flying at Blackpool and addressed to Bromsgrove and with appropriate message re the flying at Blackpool Res £25

41.                 1911 CORONATION AIRMAIL-The green/black postcard addressed to Bexhill with ½d GEO V tied by the London No.3 cancel on 9.9.1911-the first day Res £40

42.                 1911 CORONATION AIRMAIL-The green/black postcard addressed to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, cancelled by the London No.4 cancel on 9.9.1911-the first day Res £40

43.                 LANCASHIRE SCHOOL OF AVIATION, SQUIRES GATE AERODROME, BLACKPOOL-Real photo postcard of the aircraft and pilot with a cachet on the back “CERTIFICATE OF FLIGHT/SIGNED [signature] PILOT” and signed by E.D Cyril Res £15

44.                 THAILAAND-December 1924 flown cover to Bangkok with a pair of the 3s brown values tied by special airmail illustrated cancel dated 9.12.1924. Carried on the first flight from UBOL to BANGKOK Res £45

45.                 COLUMBIA-Commercial cover to Bogota with 1c and 15c SCADTA tied by red inked d/ring Airmail cancel of BARRANQUILLA on 17.9.1925, arriving two days later Res £22

46.                 SWITZERLAND-Printed cover with 20c Tell and 15c airmail tied by winged timepiece cancel in violet ink on 15.5.1926. Flown on the NHORA Flight from La Chaux de Fondes to Basel Res £25

47.                 SWITZERLAND TO EGYPT-10c green illustrated postal stationery postcard registered & addressed to Alexandria with added 1 Franc violet airmail value tied by d/ring ZURICH/FLUGPOST on 23.11.1926. The airmail label is tied by the pictorial SCHWEIZER AFRIKAFLUG cachet in black Res £45

48.                 GERMANY TO PRAGUE-Lovely cover to Prague with 5Pf x 2 & single 15Pf airmail values tied by pictorial d/ring BRESLAU 1 LUFTPOST/BRESLAU-PRAG-MUNCHEN dated 19.4.1927 Res £35

49.                 COLUMBIA TO LONDON-Commercial cover to Cavendish Square with 2 x 4c and a 30c SCADTA value tied by BOGOTA cancels on 6.6.1928. Below is an inverted strike of the red inked TARDE [Afternoon] indicating the afternoon flight Res £25

50.                 DUTCH EAST INDIES-7 ½c postal stationery postcard addressed to Tilburg, Holland with added 40c on 20c LUCHPOST pictorial surcharge tied by d/ring BANDOENG on 3.11.1928 Res £22

51.                 NORTHERN RHODESIA-Cover addressed to Bulawayo, carried on the 1stflight by Imperial from MPIKA to Cape Town with a pair of GEO V 2d’s tied by MPIKA/NORTHERN RHODESIA d/ring on 28.1.1932. At left is large, unframed 1st  flight cachet in violet Res £28

52.                 NORTHAMPTON TO POLAND-Neat little cover addressed to Warsaw with GEO V 5d and 2½d PUC value tied by d/rings NORTHAMPTON/1 on 7.6.1929 Res £12

53.                 PARIS EXHIBITION TO SAIGON-Cover with 1f50c airmail & 5f pictorial tied by s/rings on 25.8.1931 of the Exhibition. At bottom left is the AIR ORIENT cachet for the exhibition in violet ink Res £22

54.                 ZEPPELIN MAIL-Cover from London to Buenos Aires with 4 x 1/- values tied by S.W.1 d/rings on 29.4.1932. Two of the stamps are further tied by the Zeppelin cachet of the 4th South America flight. Alongside is a further Zeppelin cachet. Closed tear at top with Sellotape Res £30   

55.                 ZEPPELIN MAIL-Postcard of the Graf Zeppelin addressed to London with 1m airmail & 40Pf purple tied by d/ring LUFTSCHIFF/GRAF ZEPPELIN on 10.5.1932. At left is the pictorial 4th South America flight cachet Res £50

56.                 SWITZERLAND-Cover to Geneva with 20c & 25c airmails & 20c Disarmament Conference values tied by red d/ring cancels GIRO AERO D’EUROPA/BELLINZONA-GINEVRA dated 28.8.1932 Res £35

57.                 LONDON TO SHARJAH-First Arabian Airmail by Imperial Airways printed envelope addressed to Sharjah Aerodrome with GB GEO V 6d tied by HUDSON PLACE s/ring on 1.10.1932. No transit or arrival marks Res £35

58.                 SEAHORSE Cover to Valparaiso with GEO V 6d, 2/6d & 5/- values tied by d/rings LIVERPOOL/131 on 14.10.1932-seeillustration Res £75

59.                 1934 ZEPPELIN Timetable sheet in English-superb!! Res £35

60.                 INDIA TO GERMANY-Neat little commercial cover to Leipzig with GEO V 3½ Anna tied by BOMBAY d/ring on 25.5.1935. At left is the German pictorial airmail cachet in red Res £9

61.                 COUNTY DURHAM TO NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to Hawks Bay with eight-stamp franking to 2/6d total includes GEO V 6d x 2, 1/-, Silver Jubilee ½d x 2, 1d, 1½d & 2½d tied by s/rings CHESTER LE STREET Co. DURHAM/1 on 6.6.1935 Res £45

62.                 BRIGHTON TO MALTA-Cover carried on the 1st flight via Rome with a pair of GEO V 2d photogravure values tied by machine cancel on 27.7.1935, arriving 4 days later Res £12

63.                 SOUTH AFRICA-First flight cover on the return flight of the shuttle from Beaufort West to Durban with Silver Jubilee ½d & 1d  values tied by d/rings BEAUFORT WEST on 9.8.1935 Res £22

64.                 POLAND TO GREECE/GORDON BENNETT-Cover to Athens with20Gr Gordon Bennett overprint and 5Gr pictorial tied by rubber cancels PERWSZY LOT/DO/ATEN/DATE/LWOW 2 on 3.10.1936 Res £22

65.                 GIBRALTAR TO THE U.S.A-Censored WWII cover to Oregon with GEO VI ½d, 1½d, 2d & 1/- values tied by the redacted Travel Key slogan on 7.4.1942. Below is the s/line CLIPPER MAIL in red ink and on the back, the cachet of Lt Colonel Carl W Holcomb, C.A.C., United States Army. Gibraltar Res £28

66.                 SWITZERLAND-Special printed cover marking the 25th anniversary of the 1st flight in 1919 from Lausanne to Bern with the four stamps tied at Lausanne on 20.9.1944 Res £25

67.                 SPAIN/O.A.T/ONWARDS AIR TRANSMISSION-Commercial cover addressed to Sweden with 2P value tied by MURCIA d/ring on 4.12.45. Below is the red, framed O.A.T applied in London Res £35

68.                 AUSTRALIA-GEO VI GB 6d airmail letter sheet addressed to Qantas Empire Airways at Sydney, cancelled by London slogan on 5.4.1946. Flown on the re-opening of the route to Australia, via Singapore and with three different signatures-see illustration Res £35

69.                 TUNISIA TO JAPAN-First flight cover from Paris to Japan with Tunisian six-stamp franking tied by s/rings TEBOURBA on 19.11.1952 Res £15

70.                 SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/PRESTWICK 25-12-54 Framed cachet in violet ink on cover from Leicester addressed to Toronto with 6d Wilding tied by rubber cancel on 22.12.1954 Res £30



71.                 TELEGRAPH STAMP-Superb example of the QV 10/- telegraph stamp with an equally superb BRADFORD YORKS s/ring cancel dated 14.6.1877-see illustration Res £50

72.                 DOG LICENCE STAMPS-An unusual BLOCK OF FOUR of the 2/- values with manuscript cancels dated 18.2.1878 Res £15

73.                 STOCKPORT SUNDAY SCHOOL CENTENARY BAZAAR-Pictorial label on locally addressed postcard tied by s/ring STOCKPORT and locally made violet cachet on 23.10.1905-scarce item!! Res £30

74.                 CHANNEL ISLANDS/NATIONAL SAVINGS-GEO V 1/- Deposit stamp tied to book receipt by s/ring BEAUMONT/JERSEY on 29.5.1916-see illustration Res £30

75.                 RED CROSS-British Farmers’ Red Cross Fund “collecting card” for the Wolverhampton and District in pristine condition Res £18

76.                 BRITISH FARMERS’ & MEAT & ALLIED TRADES RED CROSS FUND-Similar “collecting card” as previous lot for the Wolverhampton & District; again, in pristine condition Res £18



77.                 LUNDY ISLAND-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Lundy from HEMEL HEMPSTEAD on 27.12.941. Upon arrival, six different values were placed on the card and tied accordingly on the 1st January 1942-see illustration Res £45

78.                 CHILDRENS’ FAMILY ALLOWANCE BOOK Complete with six pages, each with a “MERIT POSTAGE” children’s Family Allowance stamp affixed. Also, two others affixed to the cover Res £18

79.                 “RED & WHITE SERVICES LTD”-Complete booklet of 24 x 2/6d [total £3] contract parcel tickets in pristine condition. Circa 1950 Res £22

80.                 UNITED KINGDON 6d UNESCO “GIFT STAMP” On cover addressed within Belfast on 12.7.1965-not quite tied, but close!! Res £6

81.                 LAND’S END-Postcard to Worcestershire with 4d red Machin and triangular  shaped label tied by SENNEN AND LANDS END machine on 24.6.69 Res £8

82.                 STRIKE MAIL-Cover addressed to Liverpool with the stamps of three different companies tied variously on 3.2.1971-the cover was received on the 19th-see illustration Res £25

83.                 STRIKE MAIL-Window envelope with plain white label No.10136 and “M” 10p strike post label tied by rubber “FOR QUEEN/& COUNTRY” dated 23.2.1971. Alongside is a 3p Machine tied by SOUTHPORT SLOGAN ON 10.3.1971 Res £15

84.                 BRITISH TELEGRAPH MONEY ORDER-Order for £50 from SHETTLESTON, Glasgow and payable at SUMMERCOURT Post Office, Cornwall and cancelled by d/ring SUMMERCOURT/NEWQUAY CORNWALL on 2.7.1977 Res £15

85.                 CARBIS BAY ROCKET MAIL-Five different coloured labels depicting the then Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer; issued to mark the Royal Wedding Res £6


86.                 THREE Different BRITAIN NEEDS MORE TRADE/BUY BRITISH GOODS Labels by P&G of 6/8 Roseberry Avenue, London Res £8

87.                 THREE More different labels on a more patriotic theme by the same company Res £8

88.                 OVERSEAS WAR MEMORIAL & OVERSEAS CLUB & PATRIOTIC LEAGUE Label tied to the back of a cover from LA CEIBA, Honduras to London, via Liverpool, dated 27.5.1919 Res £25

89.                 SHANGHAI WAR EFFORT STAMP-WWII label in unused condition Res £18

90.                 MEDICAL AID FOR RUSSIA-1d red on white label tied to cover addressed to East London on 9.5.1945 Res £12



91.                 JUBILEE CELEBRATION OF PENNY POSTAGE-Telegram sent by HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh to the Postmaster of York with the message “CHEERS FOR THE QUEEN” on 2.7.1890. The telegram is mounted on a sheet of YORK POST OFFICE crested paper and has a testimonial as to the source of the telegram signed by Walter Bulmer, 1st Class Telegraphist and Charles Wardley, Telegraph Superintendent. The telegram is cancelled by a superb YORK/T s/ring on 2.7.1890 a UNIQUE ITEM Res £250

92.                 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE CELEBRATION-Blank invitation card No.2242 to attend the Conversazione at the Guildhall on Friday May 16th 1890 in pristine condition Res £45

93.                 PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper cancelled by the triple ring cancel on 2.7.1890 and with the 1d TUBE POST cancel at top left, struck in violet ink Res £30

94.                 PARIS EXHIBITION, 1900-An unmounted mint block of four different labels in blue representing ENGLAND, SPAIN, TURKEY & ASIAN RUSSIA Res £12

95.                 OLYMPIC GAMES 1906-Three different coloured labels in green, red and blue advertising the Athens Games of April & May 1906-all are superb unmounted mint Res £20

96.                 BALLYMACLINTON/SHEPHERD’S BUSH EXHIBITION W-S/ring dated 26.8.1908 ties stamp to unrelated postcard Res £5

97.                 1911 THIRD Philatelic Congress of Great Britain red label at left of postcard showing the Congress venue etc. addressed to Hove with stamp tied by the special d/ring Congress cancel on 7.6.1911 Res £18

98.                 CRYSTAL PALACE No.1 FLAG Cancel dated 19.7.1911 ties 2 x ½d GEO V  stamps to official postcard addressed to Sweden Res £22

99.                 CRYSTAL PALACE No.1 FLAG Cancel dated 7.9.1911 ties GEO V 1d to R.C King cover addressed to him in Lewisham Res £22

100.             SHEPHERD’S BUSH W/CORONATION/EXHIBITION/2 Special d/ring dated 22.9.1911 ties ½d stamp to “North American Indian Boy” novelty postcard addressed to Notting Hill Res £15

101.             STAMP EXHIBITION JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL-D/ring struck at the Royal Horticultural Halls Exhibition on 18.10.1912 and cancelling a GEO V ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to East Finchley Res £18

102.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Cover addressed to Switzerland with both 1924 values tied by the pictorial d/ring cancels on 14.5.1924 Res £30

103.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1924 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Essex, cancelled by the site slogan on 25.6.1924 Res £15

104.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Real photo postcard of the Indian Pavilion addressed to Germany with 2 x 1924 1d values tied by the site slogan on 6.9.1924 Res £12

105.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1924 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Germany with added 1½d Exhibition value and a GEO V ½d, tied by a single strike of the pictorial d/ring cancel on 29.9.1924 Res £25

106.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1924 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Reigate, cancelled by site slogan on 1.11.1924 at 2.45pm Res £35

107.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-A similar cover addressed to Purley cancelled on 1.11.1924 at 2.45pm, the final post from the 1924 show-see illustration Res £35

108.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Cover addressed within London with 1925 1½d tied by the site slogan at 2.45pm on 31.10.1925 Res £40

109.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1925 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Hemel Hempstead, cancelled by the site slogan at 4.45pm on 31.10.25, being the final time of posting at the show. Res £40

110.             BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION-1925 1½d postal stationery envelope  addressed to Switzerland with added 1925 1d tied by London “British Goods are Best” slogan on 9.11.1925 Res £28

111.             1929 POSTAL CONGRESS ISSUE of “The Stamp World” [Vol.1 No.8] written completely by hand!! Amazing thing with hand-drawn text, adverts etc. Res £30

112.             19th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Plain postcard addressed within Brighton ½d value and blue publicity label tied by telephone slogan on 15.4.1932. A further ½d at left is tied by the 3VOS numeral 132 of Brighton Res £22

113.             SWITZERLAND-Strip of three NABA labels issued for the 1934 National stamp exhibition at Zurich. Also, a mint registration label from the exhibition Res £15

114.             1934 AIRPOST Exhibition postcard addressed to Palmers Green with GEO V 2d tied by the special winged d/ring cancel on 7.5.1934. At left is a yellow cachet and the signature of SIR KINGSLEY WOOD, H.M POSTMASTER-GENERAL-see illustration Res £45

115.             1934 AIRPOST EXHIBITION-Postcard addressed to Arnos Grove with a pair of ½d stamps tied by the winged d/ring cancels on 8.5.1934. At left is the yellow cachet and below, the red publicity label Res £18

116.             1934 AIRPOST EXHIBITION-GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Wembley, cancelled by the winged d/ring cancel on 8.5.1934 Res £12

117.             1938 EMPIRE EXHIBITION-Postcard of the show addressed to Glasgow with the small CLACHAN Post Office label tied by the site slogan on 8.8.1938 Res £12

118.             FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN-Part parcel wrapper with the 11d tram ticket style PARCEL POST LABEL issued on 29.9.1951 affixed alongside the s/ring F.O.B cancel dated 30.9.1951 Res £30

119.             43rd PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Mint postcard of the Blackpool venue, greetings and a printed version of the postmark used at the 1961 Congress Res £7

120.             PHILATELIC SHEET MUSIC-A reproduction of the Arthur O’Leary Sheet music for the “STAMP GALOP” with 42 different stamps shown on the cover-all printed with reversed images etc so as not to be accused of forgery!! Res £12


121.             IRELAND-1756 Entire from TYNAN to KILLYBEGS with s/line TYNAN at top right, below manuscript TURN AT ARMAGH and dated 30.6.1756-very early Irish mark of TYNAN Res £75

122.             1817 Wrapper addressed to Daventry on 26.10.1817 with lovely concave SILSOE in black at top right. At top left is the red-inked manuscript MISSENT TO OUNDLE-Super item-very clean and attractive Res £45

123.             1832 ENTIRE Addressed to Deans Yard, Westminster on 12.2.1832 with a superb PAID AT/MARLBOROUGH in red ink at top right. Exhibition quality strike and entire Res £65

124.             BURTON ON TRENT “TOO LATE” Fancy script type mark on front of entire to ROSS, Herefordshire with 1d red tied by 1844 numeral cancel on 28.9.1844 Res £30

125.             MISSENT/TO/SOUTHAMPTON-Blue inked, unframed mark at top left of wrapper from Dorchester addressed to South Molton on 27.5.1845 Res £50

126.             MISSENT TO/SHREWSBURY-Framed mark in black ink at top left of entire addressed to Wellington, Shropshire on 27.8.1845 from LEEDS Res £45

127.             ENTIRE Addressed to Bradford, Wilts with 1d red stars tied by the TOO LATE/LONDON duplex cancel dated 1.12.1857. Below is the d/arc BRADFORD WILTS dated the following day Res £22

128.             WRAPPER ADDRESSED TO Bradford, Wilts from London on 18.10.1860 with superb s/ring POSTED SINCE/7.30 LAST NIGHT s/ring dated 18.10.1860 on the back, struck in red ink Res £22

129.             ENTIRE FROM Hamburg to Bradford, Wilts with a nice fancy HAMBURG at top right. At bottom left is the unframed, oval MISSENT/TO/BRADFORD/YORKS in black ink. Missent to Yorkshire rather than delivered to Wiltshire-see illustration Res £65

130.             SALISBURY Framed TOO LATE in italics on the back of a cover from Wilton, via Salisbury to Weymouth on 30.12.1867 Res £35

131.             RUSHDEN-Glitter postcard sent from Northampton on 28.8.1906 with ½d tied by d/ring. Alongside is the 1d/L03 tax mark of Rushden [RSO] and the framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/L03, also the s/ring RUSHDEN/NORTHAMPTONSHIRE below, dated 29.8.1906 Res £15

132.             EDINBURGH-Unpaid postcard addressed within Edinburgh dated 21.4.1914. Alongside is the hand-struck 1 for postage due and at left, the pair of ½d postage dues tied on the same day-the second day of use of the postage due labels Res £18

133.             POSTCARD From France addressed to Ipswich with 2½d I.S tax mark. At top are the 1d & 1½d postage dues tied by IPSWICH thimble cancels on 2.9.1924 Res £18



134.             NOT KNOWN AT/SWINDON WILTS-Framed mark in violet ink on GEO VI 2½d postal stationery envelope addressed locally and cancelled by d/ring HIGHWORTH/SWINDON WILTS on 16.1.1950 Res £12

135.             BUTLINS CAMP-Postcard from Huddersfield to the Butlins Camp at Skegness dated 24.6.1952 with s/line UNCLAIMED in red ink, applied at the camp Res £9

136.             PAKISTAN TO LONDON-Underpaid airmail cover from RAWALPINDI to London with a manuscript certificate for the FORCES CONCESSION RATE at bottom left. Ignored, the cover was taxed 10d in the F.S and a pair of 5d dues tied at LONDON E.C on 31.7.1952 Res £15

137.             BUNDLE HEADER-Cover being returned to the Consolidated Diamond Mines of South West Africa in London with the manuscript 44 @ 1½d = 5/6d. The pairs of 3d & 2/6d postage dues are cancelled by s/ring on 24.5.1954 Res £22

138.             RHODESIA-Airmail cover with long letter addressed to Chalfont St Peter, Bucks with Rhodesian 1c, 2½c, 3½c & 8c tied by Salisbury cancels on 29.4.1970. Taxed 3/6d at the I.S., the 1/- & 2/6d postage dues are tied by s/ring on 2.5.1970 Res £12

139.             RHODESIA-Cover addressed to Camberley with 3 x 2½c values tied at Salisbury on 18.4.1970. Taxed 1/9d, the 4d, 5d & 2 x 6d dues are tied by oval registered cancel on 22.5.1970 Res £12

140.             NOT BRADFORD ON AVON/WILTSHIRE-Framed mark on cover from Gatwick to Leigh Road, STREET, Somerset on 30.3.2001 Res £8



141.             BRISTOL/SHIP LETTER-Black inked “step” type mark in black at top right of wrapper from QUEBEC to Norwich, on 9.6.1838 Res £35

142.             PAID SHIP LETTER/CROWN/DATE/YEAR/SYDNEY-Oval, unframed mark in red ink at top right of  entire from Sydney, dated 20.8.42 and carried by the HONDURAS to London, arriving in London on 7.1.1843 before being carried to CHIPPING NORTON Res £65

143.             HASTINGS/SHIP LETTER-Black inked “step” type  mark on the back of a wrapper from BAHIA, Brazil to London and carried by the JAMAICA on 17.1.1843, arriving in London on 19.3.1843 Res £55

144.             PACKET LETTER/DATE/MAURITIUS-Oval cancel dated 4.1.1846 on an entire addressed to Mauritius from BIRKENHEAD on 1.11.1855. Rated 1/4d with PAID London mark Res £35

145.             HULL-Part wrapper addressed to Liverpool from the George Lawson Line with ½d Bantam from plate 5 tied by four-bar duplex cancel HULL on 30.11.1870 Res £12

146.             BRITISH GUIANA-“2/CENTS” overprint on 3c postal stationery postcard addressed to Baltimore, cancelled by GEORGETOWN d/ring on 23.10.1894. Carried on the CARIB PRINCE to New York Res £22

147.             ST LUCIA-Commercial cover from Peter & Company, St Lucia addressed to New York with QV 2½d tied by CASTRIES/ST LUCIA duplex cancel on 24.11.1897. At top left is the manuscript PER S/S “CASTILLIAN PRINCE” Res £25

148.             POSTCARD Of Buenos Aires addressed to London and carried on the SS “RICHARD SHARPE” with a COLMAN’S MUSTARD “BULL’S HEAD” Advertising label tied by D/ring “P CHRISTOPHERSEN/MONTEVIDEO/BUENOS AIRES/BAHIA BLANCA/ROSARIO/STEAMSHIP AGENT” cancel in violet ink. Not taxed, so accepted for postage!! See illustration Res £30

149.             PLYMOUTH/SHIP LETTER-S/ring dated 3.10.1906 ties a pair of GB EDW VII ½d values to postcard of Tenerife addressed to Scarborough Res £8

150.             CANADA-Nice Allan Line pictorial advertising postcard written just after arrival in Quebec with a pair of GB EDW VII ½d values tied by s/ring FATHER POINT/QUE on 13.6.1906 Res £15

151.             CUNARD LINE-February 1907 printed timetable for sailings from Liverpool, Gibraltar and elsewhere to New York, Boston, Slavonia etc. Res £22

152.             FISHERIES DRIFT CARD-Card picked up at DUNWICH on 10.4.1911 and pre-addressed to the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries in London. Cancelled by s/ring DUNWICH on 11.4.1911 Res £22

153.             TITANIC-Real photo postcard of the ill-fated ship leaving Liverpool in excellent condition, unlike the poor old ship! Res £28

154.             R.M.S.P Crested envelope [repaired tear at front] addressed to Massachusetts with the Canadian 2c stamp tied by two strikes of the BERMUDA s/line PQUEBOT. At left is the unframed “CHALEUR”/3 APR 1914 and a separate POSTED ON THE/HIGH SEAS, all in the same deep purple ink Res £18

155.             PERU-Cover addressed to the Isle of Wight with GB GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring CORREOS/CALLAO dated 1.3.1930 in lieu of a Paquebot cancel Res £22

156.             PHILIPPINES-Cunard envelope addressed to Cordoba, Spa with a strip of 3 x 1d GEO V values tied by No.1 duplex cancel MANILA/P.I dated 28.3.1930. At top left is the s/line PAQUEBOT in grey-black ink Res £25

157.             FAROES-Commercial cover from LEITH addressed to THORSHAVN with GEO V 2½d tied by framed PAQUEBOT with s/ring THORSHAVN below, dated 10.10.1931 Res £35

158.             FIJI/NEW ZEALAND-Commercial cover from Auckland to New York with 1d meter cancel and added 1d adhesive tied by SUVA cancels on 25.8.1936. Alongside is the framed PAQUEBOT cancel of Fiji-carried on the MARIPOSA Res £22

159.             NORWAY-Lamport & Holt Line postcard of the T.S.A VANDYCK addressed to Exeter with EDW VIII 1½d tied by the large framed rectangular PAQUEBOT cancel. Alongside is the d/ring NORHEIMSUND dated 20.7.1937 Res £22

160.             URUGUAY-Small cover addressed to Philadelphia with 12c bird tied by two-part framed URUGUAY/MONTEVIDEO-OFICINA MARITIME/PAQUEBOT in black ink. Alongside is the oval R.M.M.V “HIGHLAND BRIGADE”/DATE/POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS dated 29.10.1937 Res £12

161.             “ARANDORA STAR”/DATE/POSTED ON/THE HIGH/SEAS-Violet inked s/ring dated 6.8.1938 on postcard of Copenhagen addressed to Cheltenham with GEO VI 1d tied by LONDON F.S Paquebot machine on 8.8.1938 Res £7

162.             TOO LATE FOR SHIP; UNCLAIMED RETURN TO SENDER; RECEIVED TO OFFICE, UNCLAIMED-Cachets on front of censored Spanish Civil War cover from London to a Union Castle ship DURHAM CASTLE dated 23.2.1939. On the back is the s/line in italics “DURHAM CASTLE” and framed UNCLAIMED/ON BOARD Res £28

163.             GIBRALTAR-Cover to Pinner with GB GEO VI 2½d tied by the Gibraltar machine cancel on 25.10.1946. At bottom left is a very late use of the s/line PAQUEBOT from the 1900’s Res £15

164.             SHIP LETTER/TANGIER-Unframed mark on cover addressed to Epping with 2½d Festival of Britain value tied by machine cancel of the British Post Office, Tangier on 29.8.1951 Res £30

165.             SHIP SAILED PRIOR/TO RECEIPT-Framed mark on cover from Hatfield to a passenger on board the ALCANTARA at Lisbon with a block of four and a single 3d Olympic Games values cancelled by machine on 11.5.1953 Res £15


166.             GAILES CAMP IRVINE/602-Scots d/ring cancel dated 2.7.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

167.             THE CAMP/CAMELFORD-D/ring dated 11.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £12

168.             PUDDAVEN CAMP-Skeleton cancel dated 8.8.1907 ties stamp to postcard of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Devon’s and the Royal Horse Artillery and the 1stVolunteer Devon’s at the camp Res £15

169.             WEST DOWN SOUTH CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 6.8.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

170.             BUSTARD CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/ring dated 4.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

171.             TIDWORTH BARRACKS/ANDOVER-D/ring dated 20.10.1914 cancels unpaid cover addressed to London with 1d E.C tax mark and 1d postage due tied by s/ring LONDON W.C on 21.10.1914 Res £9

172.             BUSTARD CAMP B.O/DEVIZES-S/rings dated 29.10.1914 ties GEO V 3d on registered real photo postcard of the convoy ships bringing the Canadians to Plymouth  on 14.10.1914 addressed to Canada. The blank registration label is similarly tied-see illustration Res £30

173.             SHANES PARK CAMP/BELFAST-Skeleton cancel dated 4.5.1918 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Sharnbrook, Beds Res £9

174.             PREES HEATH CAMP B.O/WHITCHURCH-D/ring dated 13.7.1916 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the camp Res £7

175.             BULFORD CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-D/ring dated 30.7.1916 ties a pair of ½d values to cover with letter addressed to Southampton Res £6

176.             DURRINGTON CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-D/ring dated 7.4.1917 ties stamp to postcard of Countess, Amesbury Res £6

177.             GAILES CAMP/IRVINE-D/ring dated 16.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

178.             ARMY POST OFFICE [H.D]/10-S/ring dated 22.8.1918 ties stamp to postcard of Darlington addressed to Beverley Res £7

179.             BALLYKINLER CAMP/Co. DOWN-D/ring dated 5.3.1923 ties GEO V 1½d to cover with letter addressed to Crowborough Res £8

180.             EXPERIMENTAL STN PORTON/SALISBURY-D/ring dated 28.6.1939 ties GEO VI 1½d to longer OHMS cover addressed to London. At bottom left is the oval C.D EXPERIMENTAL STATION/ DEFENSIVE/ MUNITIONS DEPARTMENT/ DATE /REF /PORTON, NR, SALISBURY, WILTS cachet in violet ink Res £28


MILITARY-1794 TO 1921

181.             ENTIRE Addressed to Lord Sinclair of the 15th Regiment at MARTINIQUE dated 2.7.1794 in London. The letter was redirected to GUADELOUPE and has a lovely s/line MARTINIQUE at bottom left. Written at the time of  the successful campaign to take Martinique-see illustration Res £100

182.             PORTUGUESE REFUGEES LAND AT PLYMOUTH-Entire to Frederick Huth in London from Plymouth dated 22.9.1828. The letter is written on an old, dated and printed letter dated 1.3.1826. The letter to Huth is dated 22.9.1828 and informs Huth that the Spanish Brig “Esperanza” arrived from Ferrol with the refugees and have enclosed some letters for him. The writer also tells of the Spanish brig “General Eustageo” returned to Corunna on Saturday last. Comes with write-up Res £45

183.             O.H.M.S Printed wrapper from the Commander-in-chief’s OFFICE addressed to the Colonel Mrs. Macpherson at Plymouth on 9.5.1835 with a lovely LONDON FREE at top right and signature of Lindsay. Inside are two letters to Mrs Macpherson where the writer tells her to send letters to Horse guards as anywhere else, he would have to pay postage!!  Res £40

184.             CRIMEAN WAR-Cover addressed to Lt Colonel Charles Lyson-Cocks of the Coldstream Guards at Balaclava with 3 x 1d red stars on very blue paper tied by London diamond cancels on 28.1.1856. Comes with certificate from Heinz Georg[e] Richter dated 1996 Res £85

185.             BOER WAR-Stampless cover addressed to Westward Ho! cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S AFRICA on 5.3.00 with index 17. Below is the s/ring LONDON PAID dated 25.3.1900 Res £22

186.             FIELD POST OFFICE/BULFORD CAMP-D/ring dated 8.10.1900 with index I ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to London Res £22



187.             BOER WAR-QV 2d registered postal stationery envelope size G addressed to Craddock with added EDW VII 1d tied by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/NAAUWPOORT on 4.4.1902 with index A. On the back is the large d/ring MIDLAND/T.P.O. 1 dated the next day Res £25

188.             THE 1st SOUTH AFRICA REGIMENT-Scarce embroidered silk postcard in excellent condition throughout-see illustration Res £35

189.             GEO V 1d postal stationery Field Service postcard [AFA 2042/114/GEN No./5248] addressed to Dublin and cancelled unusually by a s/ring SHEFFIELD/11 on 3.11.1914, The card is dated 23.10.1914 and has all the usual things crossed out, so must have been brought to Sheffield by a wounded soldier and posted there Res £15

190.             EGYPT-Postcard of Suez Station addressed to Leyton, cancelled by Indian FPO No. 30 of SERAPEUM on 12.10.1915. Alongside is the d/ring PASSED BY CENSOR/INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE/69 in red ink Res £12

191.             IMBROS, TURKEY-Postcard of here addressed to Stockport with 10c Greek stamp tied by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.Z.3 on 31.12.1915 Res £22

192.             “CHRISTMAS GREETING CARD”-Printed letter card with flags of the allies at left and printed heading at centre addressed to Dublin and cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/48 on 3.3.1916-a bit early for Christmas!! Res £10

193.             “SOLDIER’S MAIL/CAPT A.C TOWNSEND C.M.R.C” violet inked unframed cachet cancels U.S 2c postal stationery postcard addressed to Philadelphia from a Yank just landed in France Res £18

194.             AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES/FIELD SERVICE POSTCARD-Printed card addressed to New Hampshire, cancelled by duplex cancel U.S ARMY/POSTAL SERVICE-715 on 9.3.1918. Details on the back are very much the same as the British version Res £18

195.             OCEAN TRANSPORT SERVICE-U.S Printed postcard addressed to California and cancelled by MILITARY/POST OFFICE/SOLDIERS MAIL Flag cancel. Back has a red “watermark” of the statue of liberty and patriotic crap expected of the Yanks Res £20

196.             NATIONAL FEDERATION OF DISCHARGED AND DEMOBILISED SAIORS AND SOLDIERS-Unused printed postcard No.001392 showing U.S troops landing in France and has all the blurb at left including the fight for pensions for those disabled etc. Res £8

197.             INTER-ALLIED/AERONAUTICAL/DATE/COMMISSION OF CONTROL-Framed cachet in violet ink on postcard addressed to Oundle with GEO V 1d tied by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.40 on 29.6.1921 Res £25

198.             IRELAND-Specimen strike of the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/3K dated 13.8.1921 and struck on an OHMS National Economy label mounted on card. This was used at CURRAGH CAMP Res £40

199.             IRELAND-Specimen strike as previous lot of the d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/D41 dated 15.8.1921 and used in the Dublin District Res £40

200.             IRELAND-Specimen strike as previous lot of the violet inked rubber cancel FIELD/7/DATE/POST OFFICE dated 15.8.1921. This was used by the “KERRY BRIGADE” at BUTTIVANT-Listed by Proud as “Not Seen”-See illustration Res £65


201.             ITALY-Postcard from Assisi to Shrewsbury with 1.25 Naval Academy value tied by d/ring on 12.10.39. At top is the former WWI cut-down censor leaving just No.3400/CENSOR in a deep blue ink Res £12

202.             GIBRALTAR-GEO VI ½d postal stationery newspaper wrapper addressed to Cornwall wit added ½d, 2d, 3d & 1/- values tied by d/rings GIBRALTAR/25 on 6.11.1940. The 1/- value is also tied by the framed PASSED/CENSOR in red ink-nice item!! Res £28

203.             “A WARTIME/CHRISTMAS GREETING/FROM/SIR GEORGE ROBERTS”-Printed postcard addressed within London with a patriotic poem on the back. The card has a red border and the printed detail at bottom left, sent from Paddington on 13.12.40-not seen before!! Res £22

204.             RETURNED TO THE SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Much scarcer black printed PC23 label on cover from Derby dated 5.10.1940 and addressed to Ireland with enclosure, PC 80 label. Label states that the enclosures are not permitted to be sent to certain countries-see illustration Res £75

205.             RETURNED TO THE SENDER BY THE CENSOR-Green printed PC23 label on front of cover addressed to CHINA, via the South African mail from Winchester, dated 22.6.42. The 6d & 1/- stamps are tied by s/line POSTAGE REFUNDED in black and has the PC85 label telling about how to write to enemy occupied countries through Thomas Cook, the C.A.B or the Trading with the Enemy Branch at the Board of Trade Res £70

206.             FIRST Day Cover from BOLIVIA addressed to London with the airmail issue affixed. With the letter is the PC12 label stating that the cover was empty when opened by the censor Res £30

207.             COVER To the British Purchasing Commission, New York marked with s/line SECRET in red ink and with unframed OPENED FOR IDENTIFICATION/IN B.P.C MAIL ROOM BY [E. TODD] on the back in black ink below a receipt clock indicating the letter was received on 28.5.1941. There is also a manuscript IMT [immediate] FOR REPLY PLEASE Res £45

208.             EARLIEST Recorded date of use of the UNDERCOVER Post Office Box number P76 at Perth, addressed to the Polish Parachute Brigade in Perth with GB GEO VI 1d tied by superb oval BIURO POCZTOWE/DATE/1 KORPUSU dated 14.7.1941 Res £30

209.             EVACUATED/TIME BOMB-Manuscript annotations on telegram envelope addressed to Nether Edge, Sheffield. The envelope has been opened by the postal authorities and resealed with GEO VI sealing tape-undated Res £25

210.             AIR DROPPED Leaflet by the R.A.F dated September 1942 with a message from WINSTON CHURCHILL to the French people. On one side is the message “OHMS” and when folded, the word CONFIDENTIEL on one side and the RAF roundel on the other. Pristine condition with transcript Res £35

211.             GIBRALTAR-Postcard addressed to the U.S with GEO VI 2d x 2 & 1/- values tied by dumb duplex cancels U.S ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/A.P.O dated 28.3.1943-see illustration Res £35

212.             K.U.T-Cover addressed to New York with 30c pictorial tied by NAIROBI d/ring on 6.11.1943. At right is the less common, large d/ring DEPUTY CHIEF FIELD CENSOR in blue ink and at bottom left the cachet of the Nairobi branch of the Red Cross Res £25

213.             BLETCHLEY PARK SIGNALS-Airmail letter sheet from Commander George Burns a signals intelligence officer working in North Africa addressed to his wife, Audrey on 3.4.1944 at BLETCHLEY PARK address of P.O BOX 111, Bletchley Res £55

214.             R.A.F FORM 2592-R.A.F Postal Address [U.K] Redirection Card addressed to the Lancashire Cotton Corporation, Manchester, received on 7.6.1944 Res £12

215.             “NO CENSOR STAMP/AVAILABLE”-Typed annotation on stampless cover addressed to London from FIELD POST OFFICE/686 on 4.9.1944 Res £12

216.             R.A.F FORM 1925A-OHMS Official Paid POSTAGRAM envelope in mint condition Res £12

217.             HELD PENDING AUTHORISATION/OF SERVICE-Framed cachet on postcard from GRUYERES, Switzerland addressed to the British Zone of Germany on 25.5.1947-scarce item-not seen this before Res £45

218.             PREMIUM SAVINGS BOND-Certificate for one unit costing £1 cancelled and issued with s/ring B.F.P.O/CHRISTMAS ISLAND on 24.4.1959. Only problem? It has been held together by Sellotape! Res £8

219.             BAHRAIN-Forces airmail letter to Yorkshire with ULSTER 6d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/1056 on 29.6.64 Res £12

220.             K.U.T-Envelope with the Royal Coat-of-Arms addressed to HQ U.K Land Forces at Wilton, Wilts, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/124 on 13.4.1977. At left is the unframed cachet of the Defence Adviser of the British High Commission Res £6



221.             VERY Early cover addressed to the ROYAL DUTCH LLOYD Steamship company in Amsterdam with violet inked large s/ring POST FREE/PRISONERS OF WAR, oval M.O.5 and s/ring LONDON OFFICIAL PAID dated 19.8.1914-see illustration Res £55

222.             REAL Photo postcard of a group of “THE WILTSHIRES” posing at FRIEDRICHSFELD P.O.W camp at Christmas 1915. Card is addressed to Bath and is dated 18.1.1916 by machine upon receipt in London Res £22

223.             IRELAND-Unusual German printed P.O.W postcard addressed to Dublin with a printed “IRELAND” as a part of the address. Written from LIMBURG Camp on 17.10.1916 Res £22

224.             GEO VI 2½d postal stationery airmail P.O.W letter sheet addressed to a British prisoner in Italy from Blackpool on 2.7.1943 Res £22

225.             SWEDEN-Very scarce unframed KRIGSFANGEPOST/SERVICE DES PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE cachet on postcard of the Swedish ship DROTTINGHOLM addressed to London from a British Internee being repatriated on the ship. Written on 19.10.1943, it and has s/ring GOTEBORG at right, dated 20.10.1943-see illustration Res £75

226.             MALAYA-GEO VI 3d postal stationery P.O.W postcard addressed to a British P.O.W in Malaya, cancelled by PRESTON machine cancel on6.6.1944 -D-Day. He received the card on Christmas day 1944 Res £65

227.             U.S.A-U.S P.O.W folded letter sheet addressed to a Yank in Stalag 7A in Germany with 6c tied by machine cancel of New York on 9.4.1945. Affixed is a label which states that as the cover has a stamp affixed, this will offend the German Government and therefore will not be delivered!! W.T.F is up with the Yanks?? Res £35

228.             WALES-Printed P.O.W postcard addressed to Berlin on 4.4.1946 from GLENDULAS Camp with unframed, circular P.O.W CAMP/No.101/GREAT BRITAIN at top right Res £15

229.             WILTSHIRE-Printed P.O.W postcard addressed to the American Zone of Germany on 14.7.1946 with crude cachet LE MARCHANT CAMP/DEVIZES WILTS struck in violet ink Res £20

230.             SCOTLAND-Printed P.O.W letter sheet addressed to the British Zone of Germany on 18.11.1946 with small thimble cancel 230 [G] P.W.W CAMP at bottom left. The sender gives his details on the back as being in STUCKENDUFF CAMP, SHANDON, HELENSBURGH Res £18



231.             REGISTERED Postcard from Zurich addressed to RUSSIA on 7.1.1918 with s/line RETOUR SERVICE POSTAL SUSPENDU in violet ink across the address Res £30

232.             LONDON TO HOLLAND-Cover from Earls Court with stamps tied on 6.5.1940 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER across the top Res £25

233.             LONDON TO HOLLAND-Cover posted in the Foreign Section, London on 8.5.1940 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER across the address Res £25

234.             SWINDON TO BELGIUM-Cover with 2d & 3d Stamp Centenary values tied by Post Early in the Day slogan on 14.5.1940 with framed NO SERVICE/RETURN TO SENDER at top Res £25

235.             LONDON TO FRANCE-Cover with 3d Stamp Centenary value with the perfin of Harrods tied by S.W.1 machine on 1.8.1940. The address is crossed out and the unframed INADMIS/ZONE OCCUPEE in red ink applied Res £25


236.             NAVAL MAIL TO 1942

237.             PASSED CENSOR/H.M.S IMPREGNABLE-Blue inked d/ring on cover to Birmingham with 1d tied by dumb circular cancel-written 17.5.15 & received 22.5.1915 Res £15

238.             CENSORED/S.N.O/VENICE-Framed mark on unpaid O.A.S cover to Southsea, cancelled by d/ring of London on 3.11.1915 Res £15

239.             SICILY-Postcard to Bedford with triangular framed PASSED-BY CENSOR/[inverted 3]/CROWN in blue ink, struck on 19.1.1916 Res £10

240.             SICILY-Postcard to Northumberland with triangular framed PASSED-BY CENSOR/4/CROWN in violet ink Res £12

241.             CEN-O-SOR Mark-Postcard to Southall, cancelled by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/S.10 on 19.4.1916 with green inked CEN-O-SOR marking with R.N.A.S at centre Res £12

242.             PASSED BY CENSOR/H.M.S CORNWALLIS-Unframed violet cancel on cover to London with stamp tied by London Krag on 21.1.1916-comes with real photo postcard of the ship Res £15

243.             CENSORED/H.M.S CENTURION-Violet inked s/ring mark on cover to London wit stamp tied by F.P.O.a Krag on 6.7.1916 Res £12

244.             H.M SHIP/CENSORED-Violet d/rimmed oval mark of H.M.S MANTUA on redirected postcard from Avonwick, Devon to Berwick-on-Tweed 2.9.1916 Res £10

245.             CEN-O-SOR Mark-Cover to London with 1d tied by the seven-bar dumb cancel of Harwich. At bottom left is the CEN-O-SOR mark in blue-green ink with 29 at centre, as used by H.M.S CITY OF OXFORD Res £15

246.             HOSPITAL SHIP “WARILLA”-Postcard from EGYPT addressed to NEW SOUTH WALES, cancelled by d/ring BASE ARMY POST OFFICE/Z on 16.9.1916. At top is the red star censor mark for mail going abroad and at left, the inverted triangular framed CENSORED/G.A.W/WILKINSON/C.F of Gordon Wilkinson, Chaplain of the “Warilla” Res £50

247.             NAVAL CAMP B.O/BLANDFORD-D/ring ties 1d stamp to YMCA envelope with letter addressed to Birmingham on 15.4.1917PASSED BY CENSOR/H.M.S LUCIA-Black inked oval mark on cover to Bristol with stamp tied by the F.P.O.a Krag cancel on 18.11.1917 Res £15

248.             CEN-O-SOR Mark in dull violet ink with R.N/A.S at centre on postcard to Aberdeen, received in London on 31.3.1918 Res £15

249.             HOSITAL SHIP-Postcard to Cardiff dated 21.12.1918 with d/ring AMBULANCE TRANSPORT/P.C/20/R.A.M.C at top right Res £25

250.             KIRKWALL-Longer OHMS cover to Royal marine Artillery H.Q at Eastney Barracks with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring KIRKWALL on 28.9.1919. At bottom left is the unframed IF UNDELIVERED PLEASE/RETURN TO H.M.S VICTORIOUS II/AT KIRKWALL in violet ink Res £12

251.             ROSYTH DOCKYARD B.O/DUNFERMLINE-D/ring dated 9.8.1920 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

252.             NAVAL BARRACKS KEYHAM/DEVONPORT-S/ring dated 8.1.1924 cancels GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Crewkerne. Below is the framed IF UNDELIVERED RETURN UNOPENED TO/H.M.S VIVID DIV 1 DEVONPORT Res £20

253.             NAVAL BARRACKS B.O/KEYHAM DEVONPORT-S/ring dated 21.10.1925 cancels similar envelope to previous lot addressed to Crown Hill, Plymouth and redirected to Paignton. Same “VIVID” cachet at base Res £20

254.             THE DOCKYARD/PLYMOUTH DEVON-Large s/ring dated 5.5.1937 ties EDW VIII 1d to GEO V 4½d registered postal stationery envelope size H2 addressed to FISH HOEK, South Africa Res £25

255.             GERMAN HOSPITAL SHIP “STUBBENHUK”-Cover with letter from this German Hospital Ship addressed to Bremen cancelled by the dumb machine cancel of RIGA on 2.11.1942. At left is the Eagle & Swastika device with number 28595 Res £40



256.             VALENTINES “THE EVE OF THE LORD GOD IS UPON YOU” Illustrated envelope in excellent condition-see illustration Res £65

257.             QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to London with 1d Venetian red tied by a superb strike of the DEVIZES squared circle on 10.6.1881 Res £25

258.             CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY ELECTIONS, 1882-Pre-addressed 1d pink envelope to Professor Stuart’s Committee Rooms at Emmanuel College-mint condition with die No.35 embossed on the Queens neck Res £25

259.             QV 1d pink Half-Penny Letter Post Company advertising sheet with many adverts on both sides. Excellent condition, but with two small tears on two folds doesn’t detract. Res £125

260.             QV 1d brown newspaper wrapper printed ELY DIOCESAN CONFERENCE and partially printed address to the Rev the Incumbent or Officiating Minister at Langford, cancelled by the ELY squared circle cancel on 26.7.1880 Res £18

261.             QV 2d postcard addressed to Germany and cancelled by a London Hooded Circle on 11.5.1890-scarce usage Res £30

262.             QV 1d pink envelope pre-addressed to the Southampton, Isle of Wight and South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Company at 2, High Street, Southampton-mint condition Res £15

263.             ALFRED SMITH, Stamp dealer printed  1d vermilion postcard with details on the address side addressed to CUBA and cancelled by the LONDON E.C Hooded circle on 19.10.1899 Res £15

264.             QV 2d registered envelope size F addressed to Switzerland with added ½dblue-green & 2d Jubilee, both tied by a single strike of the GLASTONBURY duplex cancel on 18.2.1901. Below is the s/ring STREET dated the same day and a s/ring GLASTONBURY on the back Res £12

265.             IRELAND-EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to the U.S.A, cancelled by s/ring WILLOWFIELD on 3.4.1905. The added 1½d is tied by the s/ring BELFAST on the same day Res £22

266.             PROXY VOTE LETTER SHEET-EDW VII ½d folded proxy vote form for the Railway Debenture and General Trust Company Ltd at Lothbury with embossed 1d revenue inside, ready for the vote on 16.2.1906 Res £18

267.             THE MIDLAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY, DUDLEY-EDW VII 1d pictorial advertising postcard depicting two boys and a girl in sailor’s uniforms addressed to Switzerland, cancelled by a superb d/ring DUDLEY/WORC on 3.12.1908 Res £15

268.             GEO V 3½d registered envelope size F addressed to St Albans wit added ½d die cancelled by s/ring NEW ELVET/DURHAM on 5.8.1920. Also, with s/ring DURHAM dated the same day Res £22

269.             SWANAGE-GEO V 1½d envelope addressed and registered to Berlin with added 1½d & 2½d tied by s/rings SWANAGE on 8.6.1923. The Swanage registration label is at top left Res £12

270.             PROXY VOTING CARD-Pre-addressed postcard to R.E Jones Ltd at the Mackworth Hotel, Swansea with 1d revenue embossed for the meeting on 5.2.1931 Res £12

271.             TELEGRAM-GEO VI 6d violet embossed form from the 1940 issue Res £22

272.             GEO VI 1d postcard with 2 x 1d added postcard cut-outs and 2 x 1d adhesives, tied by s/rings BABBACOMBE TORQUAY/DEVON on 20.9.1940. The card is registered to VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN, via Switzerland and has the tombstone octagon censor T.89. The card arrived in Vaduz on 2.11.1940 Res £25

273.             GEO VI 2½d letter sheet from Liverpool to the U.S.A dated 4.2.1941 with the blurb on the back still referring to the 1½d rather than the 2½d rate. Sealed after opening by the censor with PC90 Examiner 6806 tape Res £22

274.             GEO V 1ddie on folded statement from Buck & Hickman addressed to Cambridge Heath, London from London E.C on 17.11.1941 Res £12

275.             SCHOOL/SPECIMEN overprint on QEII 3/4d registered envelope “addressed” to Burley and with “HOOD” registration label Res £12



276.             MISSENT TO/BRISTOL STATION-Black inked mark on front of cover from ST ANDREW’S, Scotland addressed to Thornbury. On the back is an 80% strike of the dated d/arc BRISTOL STATION dated 11.12.1848 Res £65

277.             MILFORD JUNCTION-Dated d/arc in blue-black ink dated 25.3.1857 with index E on the back of  wrapper addressed to Leeds with the stamp tied by the 3HOS 015 numeral of Milford Junction Res £30

278.             STAFFORD STATION-S/ring dated 10.1.1877 on the front of a cover addressed to a baker at Stafford with the manuscript NOT KNOWN. Comes with the GPO Returned Paid Letter envelope addressed back to Leek Res £25

279.             SWINDON STATION-881 Three bar duplex dated 9.6.1879 ties 1d red from plate 116 to locally addressed cover Res £12

280.             BERWICK STATION [SUSSEX]-S/ring dated 27.7.1880 with index A on the back of a cover from Hitchin addressed to Seaford Res £18

281.             PARCEL POST-Two PPL’s from ASHFORD STATION, KENT-One inscribed ASHFORD STATION OFFICE with s/ring cancels ASHFORD/STATION OFFICE on 27.3.1896 and the other inscribed exactly the same, but cancelled by s/rings ASHFORD/KENT on 6.5.1903 Res £45

282.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BERWICK STATION, Under Eastbourne with QV 5d tied by indistinct s/ring. Alongside is the d/ring BERWICK STATION/SUSSEX dated 27.1.1902 Res £40

283.             FRESHWATER STATION.I.O.WIGHT-H06 Duplex cancel dated 22.7.1902 cancels an EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to Canada Res £18

284.             PAR STATION-Squared circle cancel dated 7.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

285.             SWINDON STATION-Underpaid glitter postcard to Bradford-on-Avon with ½d tied by d/ring SWINDON. Below is the 1d/881 tax mark of Swindon Station and alongside is the framed LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/881, also of Swindon Station Res £25

286.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BELVEDERE STATION, Under Woolwich, cancelled by s/ring BELVEDERE on 5.6.1907 Res £40

287.             FRESHWATER STATION/I OF W-S/ring dated 16.7.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

288.             PARCEL POST-Blue London PPL from EUSTON SQUAED STATION, cancelled by s/ring EUSTON SQ STN N.W/2 on 14.12.1909 Res £35

289.             BROADSTAIRS STATION-EDW VII registered envelope size F addressed to Switzerland with added 1½d tied by d/rings BROADSTAIRS STATION/KENT on 13.10.1911 Res £15

290.             ST PAULS STATION/S.E & C. RLY-S/ring dated 18.10.1911 cancels South Eastern & Chatham Railway telegram from Dover-see illustration Res £35

291.             CREWE STATION/2-S/ring dated 27.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £7

292.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BALFRON STATION, Under Glasgow, cancelled by s/ring BALFRON STATION on 16.10.1913 Res £35

293.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BROADSTAIRS STATION with GEO V 4d tied by the target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring BROADSTAIRS B.O/KENT on 2.4.1914 Res £30

294.             KINGS CROSS STATION/G.N RLY-S/ring dated 13.12.1919 cancels a telegram receipt for a telegram to Sunderland Res £18

295.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BEKESBOURNE STATION , Under Canterbury with GEO V 6d untied, but with the black inked rubber cancel BEKESBOURNE STATION/CANTERBURY alongside, struck on 5.3.1918 Res £45

296.             FRESHWATER STN/I OF WIGHT-Skeleton cancel dated 28.5.1926 ties stamp to postcard Res £25

297.             BISCOVEY PAR STATION/CORNWALL-D/ring dated 10.8.1927 ties stamp to postcard Res £12

298.             CREWE STATION/7-Scarcer s/ring dated 16.4.1929 ties a pair of ½d postage dues to underpaid postcard from South Africa Res £15

299.             FRESHWATER STATION/ISLE OF WIGHT-D/ring dated 15.7.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

300.             POLKERRIS PAR STATION/C’WALL-D/ring dated 24.8.1932 ties stamp to postcard Res £12


302.             PADDINGTON STATION B.O W.2-S/rings dated 27.5.1935 ties GEO V 2½d Silver Wedding and two x 1d definitives to registered cover to Manchester. Comes with certificate of posting cancelled by the rubber oval REGISTERED/PADDINGTON STN B.O W.D dated the same day Res £30

303.             LONDON BRIDGE STN S.E.1-S/rings dated 2.11.1944 cancels an ALBINO GEO VI registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Luton Res £25

304.             BALFRON STATION/GLASGOW-S/ring cancels dated 20.1.1948 ties stamps to neat registered cover addressed to Slough-appropriate registration label is at middle, left Res £18

305.             BALLYCARRY STATION/BELFAST-D/rings dated 14.9.1949 ties stamps to similar registered cover to Slough. Appropriate registration label is at top left Res £22

306.             STATION S.O BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/4-S/rings dated 10.2.1965 ties 1/- Wilding and 2/6d Castles to QEII 2/- registered postal stationery envelope size H addressed to KOWLOON, HONG KONG  Res £15

307.             STATION B.O BOURNEMOUTH HANTS/4-S/ring dated 1.9.1966 cancels form P125H [accidentally damaged in the post label] on the back of a cover from Bournemouth to London Res £12

308.             BOOTLE STATION CUMBRIA/POST/OFFICE-Modern self-inking datestamp dated 16.8.1996 ties 2nd class stamp to cover Res £7

309.             CROWTHORNE STATION/BERKS-Rubber parcel post cancel dated 30.8.1996 ties 2nd class stamp to cover Res £8

310.             GILLINGHAM STATION KENT/POST/OFFICE-Modern self-inking datestamp dated 20.6.2002 cancels certificate of posting of a letter to Croydon-Gillingham Station post office closed on this day Res £20



311.             LONDON & EXETER R.P.O-Star cancel in black ink on back of cover addressed to Faringdon from Leamington with 1d stars tied by circular duplex on 25.11.1863 Res £45

312.             CALEDONIAN TPO/DAY UP-Unframed circular cancel dated 10.10.1870 ties 1d red from plate 111 to a BALMORAL Castle mourning cover with letter [mourning stationery and headed Balmoral Castle] addressed to Wickham Market. The letter is signed by the Earl of Hertford Res £45

313.             GLASGOW CARLISLE/SORTING TENDER-159 Scots duplex cancel dated 26.11.1877 with index 7 cancels ½d violet postal stationery postcard addressed to Ashbourn-superb strike Res £25

314.             BRISTOL & NEWTON ABBOT/T.P.O-Superb strike of the s/ring dated 9.7.1879 with index A on the back of a cover from Brixham to Marlborough Res £85

315.             DUBLIN & BELFAST/R.P.O-S/ring dated 1.8.1891 on the back of a 1d pink envelope addressed to Belfast from London Res £22

316.             SOUTH WALES SORTING CARRIAGE/NORTH MAIL UP-Superb strike of the large s/ring cancelling a ½d brown postal stationery postcard on 8.9.1897 with index C-see illustration Res £40

317.             PARCEL POST-PPL From RUSHDEN R.S.O with 2 x 5d QV values tied by target parcel cancel RUSHDEN. Alongside is the d/ring RUSHDEN dated 22.6.1901-see illustration Res £45



318.             CARLISLE & AYR SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 31.7.1905 with index D on the back of an EDW VII 1d postal stationery envelope with contents addressed to Ayr with the stamp impression cancelled by d/ring RUGBY STATION/+ on 30.7.1905 Res £15

319.             RUSHDEN R.S.O-Unpaid postcard cancelled by the d/ring on 3.9.1906 with the 1d/L03 tax mark of the RSO alongside Res £15

320.             DOUBLE TPO-Postcard of BOOTLE STATION addressed to Moor Row Post Office, Cumberland with stamp tied by the CARNFORTH & WHITEHAVEN T.P.O-J54 Duplex cancel on 2.6.1907. Alongside is the s/ring NORTH WEST T.P.O/NIGHT UP dated the same day Res £25

321.             GREAT NORTHERN S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/ring transit mark dated 21.6.1907 on postcard from Salisbury to Cheshire, redirected to London. Card has ink annotation from the Lincoln Postcard Library at left Res £12

322.             LONDON & QUEENBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 1.5.1908 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £25

323.             PARCEL POST-PPL From WELLINGBOROUGH, CROMWELL ROAD, RUSHDEN R.S.O in unused condition and Cromwell Road scored through in blue GPO pencil for use at the RSO Res £25

324.             PARCEL POST-PPL From Rushden, Under Wellingborough with EDW VII 4d orange tied by s/ring RUSHDEN RSO/NORTHANTS on 26.7.1910 Res £35

325.             CALEDONIAN T.P.O/DAY UP-Thimble cancel dated 1.9.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

326.             PORT CARLISLE/CARLISLE-Rubber cancel dated 29.6.1915 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the single carriage train at Port Carlisle Res £22

327.             LONDON HOLYHEAD T.P.O/NIGHT UP-S/ring transit mark on postcard from Colwyn Bay addressed to Bettwys-Coed on 14.11.1932 Res £15

328.             GREAT WESTERN T.P.O/UP-S/rings dated 3.12.1934 ties stamps to Late Fee cover addressed to London Res £12

329.             CREWE GLASGOW R.S.C/No.1-S/rings dated 13.8.1936 ties stamps to cover addressed to Glasgow-see illustration Res £25

330.             ST KEVERNE R.S.O/CORNWALL-Cover addressed to George King with GEO VI 2d tied by d/ring on 31.10.1938 with index offset B Res £20



331.             GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-W.H SMITH & SON Printed newspaper wrapper addressed to Royston with ½d One Newspaper stamp affixed & tied by red inked crayon cancel Res £40

332.             SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS tied to cover addressed to Chelsea by oval, undated telegraphic cancel KENLEY/STATION/S.E RY, as is the added 1d lilac on 6.9.1894 Res £85

333.             LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS tied to cover by two strikes of the s/line COOMBE & MALDEN company cancel. The added 1d lilac is tied by the double oval UP PARCEL OFFICE/L&S.WRY /WATEERLOO in violet ink on 12.9.1894-nice item Res £125

334.             LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS tied to cover addressed to Evesham by the undated, oval telegraphic cancel HORLEY/STATION/L.B & S.C.RY. The added 1d lilac is similarly tied on 9.8.1897-see illustration Res £125

335.             HULL & BARNSLEY RAILWAY-2d RLS tied to Ewen cover by pen cross cancel, as is the added 1d EDW VII value. The 1d stamp is further tied by d/ring HULL/3 dated 2.6.1905 Res £110

336.             NORTH LONDON RAILWAY-2d RLS and EDW VII 1d tied by d/rings SOUTH NORWOOD on 8.6.1905. The RLS has a superb strike of the d/ring company cancel CAMDEN/TOWN in violet ink Res £120

337.             GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY-2d RLS and 1d EDW VII value tied by LONDON N.Q-N.W/15 duplex cancel on 22.7.1905. At top is the oval GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY/PASSENGER DEPT/HELMDON in violet ink Res £125

338.             SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-2d RLS and EDW VII 1d tied by LONDON E.C Machine cancel on 7.6.1906. The RLS is cancelled by unframed S.E & C.RY/CHARING in violet ink Res £110

339.             LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS tied by oval, undated telegraphic cancel AMBERLEY/STATION/L.B & S.C.RY. The added 1d is tied by SOUTH NORWOOD d/ring on  29.11.1907-see illustration Res £125

340.             LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS and pair of EDW VII ½d values tied by oval, undated telegraphic cancel ASHTEAD/STATION/L.S & W. RY on 28.5.1909 Res £100



341.             “BY ROYAL MESSENGER”-Manuscript instruction at bottom left of envelope addressed to H.R.H the Duchess of Cambridge at St James’ Palace Res £55

342.             BALMORAL CASTLE/CROWN-S/ring dated 2.10.1908 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £22

343.             QUEEN ALEXANDRIA-Postcard depicting four photos of the donkey “Old Salmon Cutlets” in various poses in celebration of various events such as the end of the Boer War and with an inset letter from the Queen dated 25.1.1908. Postally used from Halifax on 25.8.1909 Res £22

344.             EDW VII-Cover addressed to KILLMACTHOMAS, Co. Wexford with an EDW VII 1d placed in a black-edged mourning square  and tied by BELFAST machine cancel on 16.6.1910 Res £18

345.             KING EDWARD NATIONAL MEMORIAL-Four different coloured labels at ¼d each from the 1st, 4th, 5th & 6th editions Res £15

346.             ROYAL WEDDING-Real photo postcard of H.M.S ROYAL SOVEREIGN illuminated at CONSTANTINOPLE in celebration of the wedding of Prince Albert [later GEO VI] & Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons on 26.4.1923 Res £22

347.             TELEGRAM Signed “MARY R” to the Earl of Arran on the death of his son, cancelled by s/ring MOUNTNESSING on 7.3.27 Res £25

348.             EDW VIII-Mourning cover from Sandringham with mourning letter dated 9.1.1937 addressed to Romsey with the framed ERI/VIII cachet at bottom left in black ink Res £45

349.             GEO VI-Lovely hand illustrated cover “BRITANNIA MOURNS” addressed locally at PORTON, WILTS with a sad looking Britannia and the Eddystone Lighthouse and ship. The 3d Victory value is tied by d/ring PORTON/SALISBURY WILTS on 15.2.1952-the day of his funeral Res £35

350.             MASTER OF THE HOUSEHOLD’S DEPARTMENT/ CROWN/ WINDSOR CASTLE-Oval cachet at bottom left of cover to Bristol dated 2.3.1976. The accompanying headed letter with SUPERINTENDANT’S OFFICE embossed at top refers to merchandise available around the Queens Dolls House Res £12


351.             BERWICK, Under Shrewsbury-PPL from here with manuscript date 9.8.1895-no stamps ever affixed Res £22

352.             FOWLMERE, Under Royston with QV 3d tied by dumb cancel. Alongside is the s/ring FOWLMERE dated 30.7.1901 Res £25

353.             STANWICK, Under Wellingborough-PPL from here with QV 3d tied by target parcel cancel HIGHAM/FERRERS and with s/ring STANWICK alongside dated 21.9.1901 Res £25

354.             CAMBRIDGE, MILL ROAD-PPL From here with EDW VII 4d tied by CAMBRIDGE target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring MILL RD/CAMBRIDGE dated 11.7.1902 Res £22

355.             HAILSHAM, Under Eastbourne-PPL from here with EDW VII 4d tied by s/ring HAILSHAM dated 16.1.1903. Alongside is a further strike Res £22

356.             WELLINGBOROUGH, NEWTON ROAD, RUSHTON-PPL from here with all but Wellingborough scored through by GPO blue pencil with EDW VII 3d tied by s/ring WELLINGBOROUGH dated circa 1903 Res £22

357.             AMESBURY, Under Salisbury-PPL from here with EDW VII 3d tied by smudged target parcel cancel of Salisbury, but alongside to compensate is a superb s/ring AMESBURY dated 16.4.1903 Res £22

358.             BUDLEIGH SALTERTON, Under Exmouth-PPL from here with EDW VII 6d tied by target parcel cancel BUDLEIGH SALTERTON/R.S.O-alongside is the s/ring BUDLEIGH SALTERTON Res £40

359.             REDDISH, Under Stockport-PPL from here with EDW VII 4d tied by STOCKPORT target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring REDDISH dated 18.3.1907 Res £22

360.             BEDFORD, KIMBOLTON ROAD-PPL from here on piece with 4d orange tied by BEDFORD target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring KIMBOLTON RD/BEDFORD dated 15.4.1910 Res £22

361.             KNIGHTON-PPL from here on piece with EDW VII 3d tied by very good KNIGHTON target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring KNIGHTON dated 19.6.1911 Res £22

362.             NEWQUAY, VICTORIA TERRACE-PPL from here with EDW VII 2d & 5d values tied by NEWQUAY target parcel cancels. Alongside is the s/ring VICTORIA TERRACE/NEWQUAY dated 15.8.1912 Res £25

363.             CHESTERTON, CAMBRIDGE-PPL from here with EDW VII 7d tied by s/ring CHESTERTON/CAMBRIDGE dated 6.3.1913-alongside is a further strike Res £25

364.             THURLESTONE, Under Kingsbidge-PPL from here with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring THURLESTONE on 9.11.1914-alongside is a further strike Res £22

365.             HIGHAM FERRERS, Under Wellingborough-PPL from here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring HIGHAM FERRERS dated 2.12.1916-alongside is a further strike Res £22

366.             DAWLISH-BLANK PPL with manuscript DAWLISH with GEO V 7d tied by the hatched parcel cancel DAWLISH-alongside is the s/ring DAWLISH/M.O & S.B dated 23.1.1917 Res £25

367.             HOPE, Under Kingsbridge-PPL from here with GEO V 4d tied by distinctive d/ring HOPE/KINGSBRIDGE dated 18.5.1917 Res £22

368.             CLYNDERWEN, Under Haverfordwest-PPL from here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring CLYNDERWEN dated 11.7.1917-alongside is a further strike Res £22

369.             HIGHWORTH, Under Swindon-PPL from here with GEO V 6d tied by s/ring HIGHWORTH dated 3.6.1918-alongside is a further strike Res £22

370.             SANDEL HEATH, Under Salisbury-PPL from herewith GEO V 6d tied by rubber cancel SANDEL HEATH/SALISBURY on 10.12.1918-alongside is a further strike Res £22


371.             THORNBOROUGH/BUCKINGHAM-Violet cancel as a receiver dated 4.8.1905 on a postcard from London Res £8

372.             BENT LONT/SHREWSBURY-Violet cancel dated 23.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £10

373.             CRADDOCK/CULLOMPTON-Violet cancel dated 17.10.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

374.             BARROW/BLACKBURN-Violet cancel dated 1.1.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

375.             CRUDGINGTON/WELLINGTON [SALOP]-Violet cancel dated 21.10.1908 cancels unpaid postcard addressed locally-superb!! Res £10

376.             STOCKLEIGH POMEROY/CREDITOB-Violet cancel dated 19.6.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

377.             CUMWHINTON/CARLISLE-Black cancel dated 25.11.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

378.             TURLEIGH/BRADFORD-ON-AVON Black cancel dated 6.5.1912 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

379.             CRIGGION/SHREWSBURY-Black cancel dated 24.7.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

380.             AXFORD/MARLBOROUGH-Black cancel dated 14.12.1913 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

381.             CORTINGTON/UPTON LOVEL/WILTS-Black cancel dated 13.7.1914 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

382.             STUCKTON/SALISBURY-Black cancels dated 22.8.1917 ties 3 x ½d values to GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope addressed to BANGKOK, arriving on 8.10.1917 Res £15

383.             BULKINGTON/POTTERNE/WILTS-Black cancel dated 27.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

384.             BOURTON/SHRIVENHAM/WILTS-Blue-black cancels dated 14.6.1918 ties 3 x 1d & ½d values to cover registered to Highworth. At top left is the appropriate registration label-on the back I the transit mark REGISTERED/SWINDON STATION dated the same day Res £15

385.             OVER HADDON/BAKEWELL-Black cancel dated 19.5.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

386.             GREENMOUNT/BURY-Black cancel dated 30.5.1923 ties stamp to real photo postcard of HOLCOMBE ROAD, GREENMOUNT Res £12

387.             HESKET NEWMARKET/WIGTON/CUMB-Black cancel dated 12.1.1924 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

388.             EXTON/EXETER-Black cancel dated 12.7.1924 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

389.             SOUTH WRAXALL/BRADFORD ON AVON-Black cancel dated 22.12.1925 ties stamp to postcard Res £9

390.             GORAN HAVEN/GORRAN/CORNWALL-Black cancel dated 2.8.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


391.             ELY-30.10.1841 TRAVELLER in red ink on front of  entire from Bloomsbury addressed within London at Ely Place and has the manuscript MIISENT TO in front of the traveller-unrecorded in the county catalogue!! Res £75

392.             HELTENHAM/5-Green inked traveller dated 23.1.1848 on the back of a cover from Cheltenham addressed to London Res £60

393.             ELY-Very scarce large framed skeleton cancel dated 2.2.1849 on he back of a wrapper from Ipswich to Yoxford-clearly missent Res £60

394.             MARLBOROUGH/4-Unframed traveller dated 24.7.1849 at top right of entire report from the Kennet & Avon Canal company addressed to Putney & redirected to Pimlico with a lovely 1d struck for redirection Res £60

395.             LUDLOW-Framed traveller in blue ink dated 15.12.1852 on the back of a cover from GENEVA addressed to Ludlow Res £60

396.             BALLYMONEY-Framed traveller dated 4.6.1859 on the back of an entire from Ballymena to Ballymoney Res £60

397.             ELY-Less common 23mm skeleton dated 14.6.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

398.             CLUTTON/BRISTOL-Scarce cancel transit mark dated 27.2.1905 on postcard to Weston-super-Mare Res £12

399.             LONG STRATTON S.O/NORFOLK-Cancel dated 22.12.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

400.             WHITTLESEA/PETERBORO-Cancel dated 8.10.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

401.             LONG HANDBORO-Cancel dated 31.12.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

402.             CRANBORNE/SALISBURY-Cancel dated 8.6.1908 struck as a receiver on the picture side of a postcard from Portsmouth Res £8

403.             WHIMPLE/EXETER-Cancel dated 6.9.1908 as a transit mark on a postcard from Exeter to Cardiff Res £8

404.             FOREST ROW S.O/SUSSEX-Cancel dated 22.12.1919 ties stamp to plain postcard Res £8

405.             SEAFORD/SS-Unusual cancel dated 4.8.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £9


406.             DARWEN-Cancel dated 25.7.1888 with index J ties 1½d Jubilee on cover  with contents addressed to Barrow Res £8

407.             CHESTERGATE B.O/MACCLESFIELD-Cancel dated 6.2.1894 with index L cancels QV ½d newspaper wrapper Res £25

408.             WIRKSWORTH-Cancel dated 15.12.1897 with time 7pm cancels ½d brown postcard pre-addressed to Derby Res £10

409.             PENRYN [Cornwall]-Cancel dated 19.1.1904 with index F ties stamp to cover Res £22

410.             MAWGAN-Cancel dated 17.10.1904 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £12

411.             SUDBURY/SUFFOLK-Cancel dated 29.11.1904 with time 3pm ties stamp to postcard Res £4

412.             TREGONY-Cancel dated 27.4.1906 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £22

413.             WASHAWAY-Cancel dated 27.3.1906 with index A as an arrival mark on postcard from Wadebridge Res £45

414.             HEAMOOR-Cancel dated 19.1.1911 with index C ties stamp to postcard Res £12

415.             LONG ROCK-Superb strike dated 25.3.1926 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £10


416.             FOREST GLEN/THE/WREKIN/LETTER BOX-Blue inked mark at top left of postcard addressed to Wolverhampton with stamp removed!! An UNRECORDED mark circa 1905 Res £25

417.             WATCH TOWER/ON/BEACHY HEAD/ENGLAND/HARRY RANDAL-S/ring in blue-black ink on postcard from Eastbourne dated 19.10.1909 Res £12

418.             PEEL CASTLE/ISLE OF MAN-Flat diamond framed cachet in violet ink at top left of postcard from Peel with GEO V ½d tied by PEEL/I OF MAN-D51 duplex and  addressed to York-some foxing, but should clean up-a scarce mark-see illustration Res £75

419.             THE WATCH TOWER/BEACHY/HEAD-Oval buckle style cachet in violet ink on postcard from Eastbourne dated 14.7.1916 Res £10

420.             HONEYBILLS/SOUTH-STACK-TEA-ROOMS/HOLYHEAD-Double framed mark in blue-violet ink on postcard from Holyhead, dated 27.9.1935 Res £40

421.             HONEYBILLS-SOUTH STACK-TEA ROOMS-Black cachet with wording around a shield and lighthouse on postcard from Holyhead dated 14.8.1937 Res £20

422.             SCOTTISH/GIRL GUIDES/INTERNATIONAL/CAMP/BLAIR ATHOLL-Blue framed mark on postcard marking the 1957 girls camp addressed to County Durham with 2d tied by BLAIR ATHOLL d/ting on 12.7.1957 Res £8

423.             HALF-WAY HOUSE/G WILLIAMS/SNOWDON-Blue oval cachet on postcard from Llandudno dated 20.7.1962 Res £8

424.             UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER/POSTED/AT/JODRELL BANK-S/ring mark on postcard from Macclesfield to Crewe on 21.7.1969 Res £5

425.             BLETCHLEY PARK/POST OFFICE-Rubber cancel dated 6.10.2002 ties 2nd class commemorative Wilding to postcard Res £5



426.             157 CALNE-3TH HOS ties 1d red to cover on 22.11.1864 Res £10

427.             157 CALNE-3VOS ties 1d Venetian red to cover on 13.5.80 Res £40

428.             292 FARNHAM-4VOS ties 1d red to cover on 18.12.1873 Res £22

429.             393 RAMSBURY-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 11.7.83 Res £10

430.             516 MARLBOROUGH-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 27.2.1884 Res £40

431.             517 GREAT BEDWYN-1844 Type cancel ties imperf 1d red to mourning cover on 7.12.1848. On the back is the undated d/arc BEDWYN in black ink Res £50

432.             618 PEWSEY-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 18.12.1894 Res £10

433.             683 SALISBURY-4VOD with the error NUMERAL 683 MISSING cancels 1d ink ecclesiastical return on 31.12.1869-see illustration Res £75

434.             684 DOWNTON-4VOS ties 1d red to cover on 5.6.1877 Res £22

435.             684 DOWNTON-3VOS x 2 strikes tie 2 x ½d vermilion to cover on 7.7.1888 Res £12

436.             685 WILTON-4VOS cancels ½d postcard on 17.11.72 Res £40

437.             699 SHEERNESS-2VOS ties 5d postage due to underpaid cover from Australia circa 1955 Res £12

438.             734 WHALLEY-3VOS cancels 1d pink envelope on 28.12.1878 Res £40

439.             846 WARMINSTER-3VOS ties  ½d blue-green EDW VII value to postcard on 8.7.1904-unlisted by Dr Ziggers Res £35

440.             045 SUTTON BENGER-3HOS on 1d pink envelope, struck on 29.4.1857 Res £60

441.             085 CRAVEN ARMS-3VOD dated 13.5.1900 ties 1d lilac to cover Res £22

442.             C85 ENFIELD-3VOS cancels incorrect datestamp on cover from France on29.3.1908-unrecorded by Parmenter Res £25

443.             G35 LESBURY-3VOD dated 1.4.05 ties stamp to postcard Res £5

444.             J24 GREENSTREET-3VOD dated 25.9.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £25

445.             K09 WOODBOROUGH, WILTS-Very scarce 3VOS ties EDW VII 1d to cover on 13.8.1902-see illustration Res £65



446.             COLL OBAN-S/ring dated 14.2.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £18

447.             FIONPHORT/657-Scots numeral d/ring dated 13.7.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £20

448.             PARCEL POST-PPL From GRAEMSAY, Under Kirkwall with EDW VII 1d & 6d values tied by s/rings STROMNESS on 5.2.1910. Alongside is a superb violet inked rubber cancel GRAEMSAY/STROMNESS/ORKNEY dated the same day-see illustration Res £65

449.             CRAIGNURE/541-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 31.8.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £18

450.             SCONSER/PORTREE-Distorted black rubber cancel dated 21.8.21 ties stamp to postcard-reasonable strike on a creased card Res £22



451.             1766 ENTIRE addressed to New Inn, London on 4.2.1766 with superb GLOUCES/TER mark on the back-arrived in London two days later Res £50

452.             HIGHWORTH-1773 wrapper to London with a lovely big s/line on the back-only used in 1773 Res £65

453.             LEWES-Entire to BRIGHTHELMSTONE [Brighton] dated 12.2.1785 with a lovely 1st type mileage 50 LEWES at top right-ex Martin Willcocks collection Res £70

454.             BRIDGNORTH-Entire addressed to Ludlow on 25.7.1789 with a superb 142 BRIDGE/NORTH 1st type mileage on the front Res £60

455.             BRISTOL-SERPENTINE Cancel at top right on back of entire from East Harptree to Whitchurch, Shropshire dated 18.2.1792 Res £40

456.             CAMBRIDGE-Entire to Chatteris dated 25.9.1785 with a superb 1st type mileage 54 CAM/BRIDGE at top right-see illustration Res £65

457.             CIRCA 1775 Entire from MARLBOROUGH Highworth with an excellent strike of the two-line serpentine MARL/BOROUGH at top right. Marked at top “PER BATH” and below “X POST”-Nice! Res £65

458.             SOMERSET MAIL COACH-Entire from London to North Petherton dated 4.4.1812 with inside, a request for references about a guy who has applied to be a MAIL COACH GUARD Res £65

459.             IRELAND-Entire addressed to the Marquis of Anglesey at the House of Lords, London with lovely BELFAST fancy s/ring in red ink, dated 22.11.1830. Alongside is the crowned FREE of London dated 25.11.1830. On the back in red ink is the Dublin circle within octagonal “square” Res £35

460.             CHESHIRE-Wrapper from WOODSIDE [Birkenhead] dated 22.10.1835 with a superb straight-line WOODSIDE in italics at bottom left Res £40


461.             BRISTOL TO MONMOUTH-Entire dated 7.10.1829 with the very small type framed BRISTOL/PY POST/DATE struck nicely on the back flap. At top left is the framed Receiving House number 26 of LANGFORD-Opens out to display nicely Res £40

462.             DEVIZES/PENNY POST-Black inked mark with lines above and below [none at the ends] struck on the back flap and an unframed No.9 at top right of CANNINGS, struck on 10.11.1830 Res £35

463.             HINDEN/PENNY POST-Unframed mark in GREEN INK struck at top left of entire addressed to Bristol on 7.6.1837 alongside the unframed No.1 in black Res £55

464.             MARL-/BOROUGH/PENNY POST-Three-line mark in black ink at top right of entire to Newbury on 4.2.1836-see illustration Res £50

465.             RAMSGATE/PENNY POST-Superb unframed mark on back flap of an entire addressed to Suffolk on 25.8.39. At top right is framed No.1 Receiving House mark of Broadstairs-opens out to display nicely Res £40

466.             FRAMFIELD/PENNY POST-Unframed mark at top left of entire addressed to Mayfield on 20.9.1839-rated at 1d Res £50

467.             WALTHAM CROSS/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on the back of a wrapper addressed to Cambridge. On the front is the framed No.2 Receiving House mark and the manuscript DOWN POST/11OCT 39 Res £35

468.             NEW FERRY/PENNY POST-Unframed Cheshire mark at bottom left of entire addressed to Little Eaton, Derbyshire on 24.8.1844. The 1d red imperf is tied by the Birkenhead  numeral 74 Res £30

469.             FRAMPTON ON SEVEON/PENNY POST-Blue, unframed mark with ERROR OF SPELLING of SEVERN on the back of a cover addressed to Berkeley on 9.4.1850 Res £55

470.             BRAMFORDSPEKE/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on the back of a 1d pink envelope addressed to Bath on 2.5.1854 Res £50



471.             ABERGWILLI-Black cancel on the back of a 1d pink envelope cancelled by CARMARTHEN small sideways duplex cancel on 19.2.1859 Res £25

472.             AVEBURY-Black cancel at bottom left of mourning cover addressed to Marlborough on 10.4.1848 Res £25

473.             BARFORD-Black cancel on back of entire addressed to Hindon on 18.10.1852 Res £25

474.             HILLS RD-Green Cambriddge sub-office cancel on the back of cover from Cambridge to Hull with 1d red tied by the large CAMBRIDGE-158 Sideways duplex cancel on 17.6.1856 Res £25

475.             COLLINGBOURNE DUCIS-Black cancel on back of cover to Marlborough with the 1d red imperf stuck to the cover by red sealing wax Res £25

476.             CRESSAGE-Thimble cancel on the back of a mourning cover to Hackney, via London on 18.11.1858. Also on the back is the undated d/arc CONDOUON? In black ink. The 1d red is tied by the small SHREWSBURY Sideways duplex on 18.11.1858 Res £25

477.             LEBOTWOOD-Blue cancel on the back of a cover from Shrewsbury to London, struck on 7.9.1859 Res £25

478.             LITTLEMORE-Black cancel on the back of a 1d pink envelope addressed to Exeter, cancelled by the small sideways duplex cancel OXFORD on 18.5.1857 Res £25

479.             MADELEY-Green cancel on the front of an entire addressed to Madely and was undelivered. Struck on the retorn to Ironbridge on 20.2.1847 Res £25

480.             WROUGHTON-Red cancel on the back of entire addressed to London, via Swindon on 23.12.1855. The stamp is tied by the 1844 type numeral cancel 769 of WROUGHTON Res £40



481.             4d POST-Entire from BRIDGNORTH to BEWDLEY dated 9.12.1839 with the manuscript 4 at top left. On the back flap is the undated d/arc BRIDGENORTH in black ink-opens to display very well Res £35

482.             4d POST-Two entire letters showing no difference in the postal rates at all when addressed to RYE. The first is from Hawkhurst and dated 12.8.1837 and the other, dated 8.12.1839, again at Hawkhurst. Both are charged 4d [2] Res £45

483.             1d POST-Cover with contents written from TOWNHAM to Wymondham on 31.5.1842 with good unframed circular BURY/1/PAID in red ink at bottom left-unlisted in the county catalogue and in Collect British Postmarks Res £50

484.             1d POST-Wrapper addressed to Shiffnal from Chester with good d1 at left, struck in red ink on 25.9.1851 Res £30

485.             1d POST-Entire addressed to Helston with superb handstruck 1 in red ink alongside equally superb FALMOUTH d/arc dated 23.4.1840 Res £45

486.             1d POST-Cover addressed to Kingston, Surrey, via London on 23.5.1843 with superb large type red inked PAID/1 at top right of MARLBOROUGH Res £55

487.             1d POST-Wrapper addressed to Southampton from Marlborough on 9.9.1844 with equally superb small type PAID/1 at top right in red ink. On the back is the three-line MARL-/BOROUGH/PENNY POST in black ink Res £50

488.             1d POST-Wrapper addressed to Cirencester from SWINDON on 4.3.1844 with very good unframed P/ in red ink. On the back is the undated d/arc WOTTON BASSETT in black ink Res £65

489.             1d POST-Entire from TUNBRIDGE WELLS with unframed PAID 1d in red ink at top right, struck on 2.4.1843 Res £50

490.             1d POST-Entire addressed to Mayfield on 3.1.1848 with superb undated d/arc WADHURST in orange ink at top left and the framed P1d at top right-see illustration Res £75


491.             DORSET-Entire from BLANDFORD dated 8.10.1842 addressed to BRIDPORT with a pair of imperf 2d blues tied by two superbly crisp black Maltese Cross cancels of Blandford-see illustration for detail Res £120

492.             IRELAND-Cover from Belfast to Dublin with unframed COURTHOUSE R.H/ BELFAST struck in green ink at top centre on 12.4.1854 Res £25

493.             HOUSE OF COMMONS-40 London style duplex cancel dated 15.7.1902 ties EDW VII ½d blue-green to HOUSE OF COMMONS embossed postcard addressed to Edinburgh-see illustration Res £55

494.             WIDNES CHRISTMAS CROSS-Postcard addressed locally with ½d tied by the 1906 Christmas Cross on Christmas Day 1906-catalogued at £600-see illustration Res £250

495.             LONDON-Registered cover to Germany with EDW VII 7d tied superbly by the s/ring FINCHLEY RD No.198/N.W. on 16.7.1910-beautiful Res £45

496.             HOUSE OF COMMONS-Printed “COMMONS” and “HOUSE OF COMMONS” telegram envelope addressed to Harold MacMillan, redirected to St Martin Street, W.C., cancelled by HOUSE OF COMMONS S.W.1/1 d/ring on 16.5.1940 Res £25

497.             OLYMPIC GAMES-PEACE Inspired postcard depicting an aeroplane and with lots of reference to the British Armed Forces addressed to the French ladies 1948 Olympic Games Discus Champion at Wembley Stadium with congrats on her win dated 9.8.48. The card was undelivered at Wembley and was forwarded to Paris on the 12th Res £35

498.             NEWSTEAD COLLIERY/NOTTINGHAM-D/rings dated 21.11.1950 cancels GEO VI 8½d registered envelope size F addressed to Halifax. At top left is the appropriate registration label Res £18

499.             1973 PHOSPHOR DOTS-Mechanisation study with 10 covers mounted on card with an interpretation of the phosphor dots as letters from the alphabet from A to J Res £10

500.             £10 BRAILE Stamp on appropriate PHQ postcard tied by DERBY First Day of Issue cancel on 2.3.1993 Res £10










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