1.   KING & KING, Auctioneers of PORTSEA-Printed envelope to Titchfield with 1d red plate 187 perfin K&K tied by PORTSEA/PORTSMOUTH-625 duplex on 14.7.1876 Res £25

2.   QV 1d red on cover to Devon from London, perfin SS tied by London duplex cancel on 11.6.1879 Res £22

3.   QV 2 ½d blue from plate 17 perfin L&Co/D and tied to cover addressed to Switzerland by DUNDEE-14 Scots duplex cancel on 15.3.1880 Res £22

4.   WILLIAM BRANDTS, SONS & Co, -Entire to St Petersburg, Russia with 2½d blue from plate 23 tied by hooded circle LONDON E.C on 16.6.1884 Res £22

5.   STRATTON, GENTRY & Co., OF BRENTFORD-Printed advice of wagons to collect from Kew Bridge, addressed to the Great Western Railway agent at CASTLE HILL STATION With ½d vermilion perfin SG tied by CHISWICK-42 duplex cancel on 7.9.1889 Res £15

6.   SHAW & SONS, PRINTERS OF LONDON-Fancy printed receipt for £500 dated 15.3.1893 with added 1d lilac perfin RB of Richard Burkett Res £9

7.   RIDLEY, WHITLEY & Co.-Printed envelope to France with 2½d Jubilee perfin R.W/&Co., tied by LONDON hooded circle on 23.1.1899 Res £12   

8.   CASTLECROFT, NEAR WOLVERHAMPTON-Printed mourning cover to Bowling, Scotland with 1d lilac perfin HRG/&Co., tied by WOLVERHAMPTON duplex cancel on 16.10.1901 Res £8

9.   EDW VII 1d postal stationery postcard written from Bootle, Liverpool to Leipzig, perfin HC through the stamp impression and cancelled by the EXCHANGE/LIVERPOOL squared circle on 14.6.1903 Res £15

10.                 HENRY BARBER & SONS-Printed New Year greetings postcard to Belgium with EDW VII 1d perfin HB/S tied by London E.C machine cancel on 29.12.1909 Res £7

11.                 THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY-Printed card addressed within London with GEO V ½d perfin RTS tied by London E.C d/ring on 25.6.1912 Res £7

12.                 LONDON, BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-Official picture postcard correspondence postcard of Horsham Parish church addressed to Crawley Down with GEO V ½d perfin LB/SC and tied by London E.C machine on 21.8.1912 Res £8

13.                 HERNU, PERON & Co.-Printed envelope to Germany with 3 x 1d GEO V values perfin HP/Co., tied by London E.C machine on 28.9.1921 Res £8

14.                 HUNT & HILL-Invoice/receipt dated 9.12.1923 with added GEO V 2d overprinted HUNT & HILL, tied by dated signature Res £6

15.                 THE METAL AGENCIES, BRISTOL-Pictorial advertising window envelope with full, back illustrations of gutter brackets and various taps. The GEO V ½d is perfin M/A/B and tied by British Industries Fair slogan of BRISTOL on 13.3.1924 Res £12

16.                 “PASSING SHOW”-Trade postcard dated 5.10.1927 on the back, addressed within London with GEO V ½d perfin OP/L and tied by Mount Pleasant triangular machine cancel Res £6

17.                 ALFRED HERBERT LTD-Illustrated envelope from the Coventry company addressed to Bury with ½d GEO V perfin AH tied by COVENTRY WARWKS Telephone slogan on 30.9.1926 Res £7

18.                 JOHN HORN [STOCKPORT] LTD-Printed envelope from the BON-BON Works to Paris with GEO V 1d & 1½d perfin H tied by Stockport machine on 5.5.1927 Res £6

19.                 REDMAYNE & SONS, WIGTON-Illustrated trade postcard to Huddersfield with GEO V 1d perfin R&S tied by WIGTON/CUMBERLAND d/ring on 26.4.1928 Res £5

20.                 JOHN SPENCER LTD., WEDNESBURY-Trade postcard to Newark with GEO V 1d perfin SPENCER tied by Wednesbury machine on 12.2.1930 Res £7

21.                 GEO V PHOTOGRAVURE CONTROL SINGLES X/35 From plates [½d] 30 no dot & 39 [Y/36] no dot, [1d] 39 dot & 46 no dot  [1½d] 127 dot, 130 dot, 132 dot, 137 no dot & 141 no dot and [2d] 10 no dot & 12 dot. All are unmounted mint and perfin GH/& Co. [11] Res £25

22.                 R.W GREEF & COMPANY-Printed window envelope with GEO V 1d & 2½d photogravure values perfin RW/G tied by London violet rubber cancel on 1.2.1936 Res £7

23.                 EDW VIII ½ d on HUMBER MOTORS Printed window envelope, perfin HL/C tied by Coventry \sunburst slogan on 6.10.1937 Res £7

24.                 THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY-Printed, censored envelope to the U.S.A from London with GEO VI 1d & 1½d perfin HG/&Co., of publisher HENRY GREENWOOD tied by machine Res £7

25.                 RESEARCH LABORATORIES OF GENERAL ELECTRIC-Printed window envelope with GEO VI 1d perfin RL, tied by Wembley machine on 27.4.1951 Res £6



26.                 “PENOTYP”-“The Best Bank Copying” [whatever that means] vermilion printed “seal on back of envelope from Glasgow to Birmingham with 1d lilac tied by d/ring GLASGOW/17 on 6.6.1901 Res £15

27.                 THE WELSH SMITHY COAL Co., CARDIFF-Advertising postcard depicting miners mining BARGOED COAL addressed to Devon from BUTE DOCKS on 1.9.1905-see illustration Res £28

28.                 PATENT MOULDED TUNKS-Illustrated postcard to Switzerland depicting one of the trunks with 3 x 56lb weights placed on the top to show the strength of these trunks!! Res £15

29.                 INCUBATOR MAKERS, CHARLES HEARSON & Co., Ltd-Printed baggage/parcel label addressed to Hull, showing very happy chickens on one side and a 2½d EDW VII value on the other, tied by London S.E rubber cancel on 13.1.1908 Res £18

30.                 “ARDURO” Water Paint-Illustrated envelope addressed within Liverpool with chap painting a wall at left, no doubt with Arduro paint, as manufactured by Baxendales!! Res £12

31.                 “DIABOLO” Cream Separator-Illustrated postcard to Birmingham depicting the magic machine as made by A&E Pettifer of Bromyard. GEO V 1d is tied by d/ring BROMYARD/WORCESTER on 15.12.1929 Res £9

32.                 DAWSON’S BUILDERS MERCHANTS & FIREPLACE SPECIALISTS-Lovely cover showing the best of all fireplaces as knocked out by Dawsons at Mendip Wharf, Battersea with GEO VI 2½d perfin D/&Co., tied by Battersea Christmas slogan on 1.12.1951 Res £8

33.                 NEOPOST-2d meter slogan advertising NEOPOST POSTAL FRANKING; INSURANCE FRANKING & SIGNATURE MACHINES on cover to Hounslow from Richmond, Surrey, dated 30.10.1959 Res £6

34.                 NEOPOST YOUR MAIL-4½d & 9d slogans dated 10.10.1964 with NEOPOST/SPECIMEN in the datestamp [2] Res £8


35.                 MERRY/CHRISTMAS/AND A/HAPPY/NEW YEAR-Zero value meter slogan with licence DEM 10016 dated 20.6.1996 on window envelope from HARLOW. Also, “RESET REPORT” Meter cancel envelope dated the same date with all kinds of statistics at left, including a reset amount of £40,691.00 [2] Res £8



36.                 AUSTRALIA-Small commercial cover from Melbourne to Hay, flown by pilot F.S Briggs of Australian Aerial Services Ltd on the Adelaide to Sydney route on 10.8.1935. The GEO V 1½d & 3d “Head” values are tied at Melbourne. The cover was unclaimed and returned to a Mrs Squire of Huddersfield Res £25

37.                 NEW ZEALAND-DOMINION AIRWAYS Label advertising the service from Hastings to Gisborne with “AIRWAYS” replaced by “AIRLINES” and addressed to Christchurch with 1d tied by Gisborne cancel on 19.1.1931. At left is the green inked map, within which is the signature of the pilot Res £25

38.                 NEW ZEALAND-“Commemorative Flight Envelope” to Gisborne, marking the 10th anniversary of the 1st regular airmail flight on 31.1.1921 with 1d Health stamp tied by Christchurch cancel on 31.1.1931 Res £20

39.                 NEW ZEALAND-Commemorative cover flown at the New Zealand Aero Clubs’ Pageant at Dunedin on 21.2.1931 with 1d Health stamp tied by the Dunedin Telephone slogan on 21.2.1931 Res £22

40.                 NEW ZEALAND-Printed GISBORNE AIR TRANSPORT LTD First flight envelope for the Gisborne to Hastings service with GEO V 2d tied at Hastings on 10.3.1931. Pilot signed at bottom left by Flt Lt W.H Lett Res £25

41.                 BURMA TO LONDON-EXPERIMENTAL1st flight cover flown by KINGSFORD SMITH in the Southern Cross from Rangoon to Akyab and from there to Dehi by Captain Atwood with Indian 3 & 12 Anna airmails tied by RANGOON GPO d/ring on 28.4.1931. Centrally is the framed FIRST AIRMAIL/BURMA-ENGLAND in violet ink Res £45

42.                 NEW ZEALAND-1931 Christmas first flight cover from Christchurch to Norwich with GEO V 2d & 1/3d Arms tied by cancel on 11.11.1931. At left is the red Christmas Air Mail cachet and at right, the “USE NEW ZEALAND’S SUNNY SKIES” label Res £25


43.                 NEW ZEALAND-Small commercial cover to Sydney with 7d TRANS-TASMAN overprint tied by ROTORURA cancel on 15.2.1934. Alongside is the Auckland transit dated 17th and on the back is the Sydney arrival dated the same day. Below is the official cachet in violet ink Res £28

44.                 PAPUA-First flight cover to QUEANBEYAN, N.S.W with ½d & 1½d pictorials and 2 x 3d AIRMAIL overprints tied at PORT MORESBY on 26.7.1934. Flown in the “Spirit of Australia” Res £25

45.                 PORTSMOUTH, SOUTHSEA & ISLE OF WIGHT AIR SERVICE-COMPLETE Booklet of the black AIR EXPRESS labels in five panes of four-superb condition throughout Res £40

46.                 ROCKET MAIL, SCARP TO HARRIS-Charred cover addressed to London with GEO V 1½d tied by d/ring HARRIS/ISLE OF HARRIS on 1.8.1934. The Western Isles Rocket Post label is tied by the special cancel on 28.7.1934. On the back is the unframed DAMAGED BY FIRST/EXPLOSION AT/SCARP- HARRIS in violet ink-see illustration Res £55

47.                 AUSTRALIA-GEO V 1½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Christchurch, U.K with added 9d Merino Sheep value tied by Sydney Air Mail slogan on 8.12.1934-scarcer postcard usage Res £28

48.                 AUSTRALIA-REGISTERED First flight cover to the U.K with 2d & 9d Merion sheep values and 1/- Victoria Centenary value tied by MARKET STREET/MELBOURNE cancels on 29.11.1934-stamps cat  at £70+ Res £28

49.                 IRELAND-Imperial Airways “Speedbird” cover to Australia with Free State ½d, 1d, 3d & 9d definitives and 2d commem tied by s/rings HOLYHEAD LONDON T.P.O/DAY dated 7.12.1934-see illustration Res £45

50.                 FIRST FLIGHT “Speedbird” Cover registered to  Australia with GB GEO V 3d & 5d x 3 in a strip tied by s/rings SUTTON SURREY on 7.12.1934 Res £25

51.                 CROYDON AERODROME TO AUSTRALIA-Less common postcard rate with GB GEO V 1½d photogravure x 2 and previous issue 1½d  values x 2 tied by s/rungs CROYDON AERODROME/CROYDON on 8.12.1934. At left is the Imperial Airways label “Give your letters wings”, but not tied Res £22

52.                 FIRST FLIGHT “Speedbird cover to Australia with the uncommon franking of GEO V 7d & 8d values tied by LONDON F.S/AIR MAIL machine cancel on 8.12.1934-nice!! Res £25

53.                 AUSTRALIA TO SINGAPORE TO U.K-“Speedbird” cover to KATONG, Straits Settlements with a strip of 3 x 6d “Air Mail Service” airmails tied by BLACKALL cancels on 10.12.1934. Upon arrival, it was redirected to Liverpool Res £35

54.                 K.U.T TO AUSTRALIA, VIA CAIRO AND SINGAPORE-“Speedbird” first flight cover to Queensland with TANGANYIKA 2/- GEO V value tied by DODOMA d/ring on 6.12.1934. Alongside is the unframed BY AIR IN AUSTRALIA/PAR AVION EN AUSTRALIE and the framed BY AIR TO/……; both in violet ink-see illustration Res £50

55.                 DUTCH EAST INDIES TO NORTHERN TERRITORIES-“Speedbird” cover to Brunette Downs from Rambang with a pair of the 30c overprints on 40c tied by d/rings LABOEANHADJI on 17.12.1934. Alongside is the large s/ring ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA/OPENING/AIRMAIL/SERVICE/QANTAS/ IMPERIAL AIRWAYS in violet ink The flight was interrupted by a sandstorm in Australia, arriving on 19.12.1934 Res £45

56.                 AUSTRALIA TO SOUTH AFRICA/POSTAGE DUE-Small “Speedbird” cover to Harrismith, Orange Free State with 1/6d Hermes tied by Sydney Airmail cancel on 12.12.1934. Alongside is the framed T/[20]/CENTIMES in red ink. Below is the framed PARA AVION/JUSQU’A [CAIRO] and alongside is the S.A 2d postage due tied by HARRISMITH d/ring on 23.1.1935. The Cairo transit on the back is dated 22.12.1934, so a month from Cairo to destination. Res £25

57.                 CRILLY AIRWAYS LTD-Pictorial, Inaugural Airmail Service cover to Yorkshire with a pair of $1.75 values tied by special 1st flight cancel on 3.2.1936. Comes with flight blurb insert and newspaper cutting about the service. Manuscript pencil receipt mark for the following day Res £25

58.                 PALESTINE TO VIENNA/WRECK MAIL-Cover from Haifa to Vienna with 15m tied at Haifa on 2.12.1937. It arrived in Vienna on the 11th and has the German language crash cachet at left after being salvaged from the wreck of the “CYGNUS”-See illustration Res £65

59.                 NEW GUINEA-First flight cover from Australia [Sydney] to Rabaul and back to Manly with 2 x 4d Australian values tied on 28.5.1938. Upon arrival, the 9d OS Official overprint was affixed & tied by RABAUL cancel for the return on 1.6.1938 Res £22

60.                 NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed within Nelson with Health stamp tied by “Join a Thrift Club” slogan on 26.8.1959. Alongside is the framed NELSON SKI CLUB [INC]/APECIAL AIR DELIVERY/26-8-59  in violet ink Res £12


61.                 CUSTOMS DUTY LABEL-Brown Customs Duty stamp imprinted on a CAVENDISH NEGRO HEAD Wrapper/label, cancelled by ink hatching for an item not exceeding 2 ounces-see illustration Res £18

62.                 CUSTOMS DUTY LABEL-Cavendish Negro Head Item similar to the previous lot with green Customs Duty stamp imprint for an item not exceeding 4 ounces Res £18

63.                 QV 1d large RECEIPT STAMP 1d on cover to Margate with 2 x ½d blue-green EDW VII values tied by s/rings WINGHAM/CANTERBURY on 20.3.1912 Res £30

64.                 SINGER SEWING MACHINE Advertising window envelope from BRISTOL with label at bottom right advertising the International Shoe & Leather Fair at the Royal Agricultural Hall, London  from the 3rd to 7th October 1932 Res £15

65.                 LUNDY ISLAND-Airmail cover to Barnstaple with GEO V 1½d tied at BRAUNTON on 21.11.1935. On the back is the ½d black on red “tram ticket” type label No.03083 tied by the Lundy pictorial framed cancel, as is the added ½ Puffin value, on the 14th November-Strange one week delay here! Res £35 

66.                 HEALTH & PENSION INSURANCE Card with 25 x 4d stamps affixed and cancelled by s/line dater on various dates in 1938 & 1939 Res £12

67.                 HEALTH & PENSION INSURANCE Card with 15 x 1/7d stamps affixed and cancelled by daters on 12.1.1944 Res £12

68.                 “FROM A STAMP COLLECTOR, GEORGE A LONG” Of California. Registered airmail cover to Germany during WWII with a black on orange label at top left and a further one, blue on pink tied to the back by San Francisco cancels dated 4.2.1941. The flight route was via South America and Lisbon Res £15

69.                 PLAYTOWN POST OFFICE-Telegram & envelope, Postal Order for £1.10.00; 10/- note; Cable & Wireless telegram with envelope and cover with two “stamps” tied by cancel. Circa 1950 Res £20


70.                 SOUTHPORT SUMMER FLOWER SHOW-Registered cover to Devon with 2½d & 1/- Wildings tied by s/rings MOBILE POST OFFICE/B on 23.8.1956. On the back is a lovely advertising label similarly tied Res £10




71.                 PHILATELIC EXHIBITION 1890-Printed QV ½d brown postal stationery newspaper wrapper with wording at top-unused condition Res £28

72.                 POSTAGE STAMP EXHIBITION & CONGRESS/MANCHESTER-D/ring dated 20.2.1909 with time 4pm cancels QV ½d postal stationery postcard addressed to Saltergate, Chesterfield-superb!! Res £22

73.                 THE SCOTTISH EXHIBITION, 1911-Season ticket costing 15/- to enter the show on any given day from May to October 1911-lovely gold-tooled burgundy cloth bound pass Res £22

74.                 REGISTERED BOOK POST TO GERMANY-Longer cover with EDW VII 4d orange & GEO V ½d tied by d/rings FOURTH PHILATELIC CONGRESS/MARGATE 1922 on 1.5.1912 with MARGATE No.12 registration label and oval registered cancel dated the same day-nice! Res £25

75.                 SHEPHERD’S BUSH W-EXHIBITION/2-Special d/ring with “CORONATION” removed, ties ½d stamp to postcard of the LATIN-BRITISH EXHIBITION ON 20.9.1912 Res £20

76.                 STAMP EXHIBITION JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL/+ 1912/ROYAL/ HORTICULTURAL/HALL, S.W/1.30PM/OCT 16 12-D/rings dated 16.10.1912 ties a strip of 3 x ½d GEO V values with INVERTED Watermarks to small, neat cover addressed to Salisbury Res £22

77.                 FIFTH PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN/EDINBURGH /1913-Special d/ring dated 25.4.1913 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard to London-superb! Res £22

78.                 SHEPHERD’S BUSH/EXHIBITION/1-D/ring with CORONATION Removed, dated 23.5.1914 ties 1d stamp to postcard of the ANGLO-AMERCAN Exhibition addressed to Sweden. At top left is the printed ANGLO-AMERICAN/LONDON/W/EXPOSITION in black Res £25

79.                 BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION/1914-D/ring dated 1.7.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the exhibition Res £40

80.                 PHILATELIC CONGRESS/HARROGATE-D/rings dated 4.5.1921 ties tamps to neat George King cover Res £15

81.                 PHILATELIC CONGRESS/CAMBRIDGE-D/ring dated 24.6.1925 ties stamp to cover addressed to Wilson Res £12

82.                 PHILATELIC CONGRESS/N.W.1/LONDON-D/ring dated 29.6.1928 ties stamp to White Star Line advertising postcard for the RMS “Megantic” addressed to Adrian Hopkins at Bath Res £8

83.                 MIDLAND HOTEL, BIRMINGHAM-Printed envelope to Leicester with GEO V 1½d P.U.C tied by d/ring 16th PHILATELIC CONGRESS/BIRMINGHAM on 7.6.1929 Res £12

84.                 BRITISH INDUSTRIES FAIR/BHM-Skeleton cancels dated 16.2.1931 ties stamps to neat registered cover to Pitsmoor, Sheffield [where my mum was born] Res £18

85.                 19th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN/BRIGHTON, 1932-Printed envelope to Falkirk with stamps tied by the Brighton Telephone slogan on 18.4.1932. On the back is the publicity label [blue], tied by an off-set slogan Res £15

86.                 19th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GREAT BRITAIN-Brighton 1½d meter slogan on envelope addressed locally on 14.6.1932 Res £8

87.                 20th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/LONDON-D/ring dated 30.5.1933 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed locally. At bottom left is blue BPA advertising label with complete bottom row advertising selvage Res £9

88.                 21st PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/MANCHESTER-D/ring dated 23.5.1934 ties ½d stamp to printed paper rate cover to Wilson Res £7

89.                 PAIGNTON/23rd PHILATELIC CONGRESS-B69 Duplex cancel dated 11.6.1936 ties red publicity label to Margate and is signed by SIGGERS, no stranger to Wiltshire postal historians Res £15

90.                 24th PHILATELIC CONGRESS OF GT BRITAIN/FOLKESTONE-Oval cancel dated 9.6.1937 ties EDW VIII ½d and green publicity label to cover addressed to Birmingham Res £12

91.                 ROBSON LOWE/BOURNEMOUTH STAMP AUCTIONS-Novelty Christmas card from Robbie Lowe at Christmas 1951 Res £7

92.                 ROYAL HIGHLAND AGRICULTURAL SHOW-QEII 2½d postal stationery envelope with added 11d Wilding tied by rubber parcel post cancels on 24.6.1955 Res £10

93.                 GLASGOW JUBILEE EXHIBITION OF THE CALEDONIAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Special cover with 2½d Wilding and the Rabbie Burns “TWA PLACK” Label tied by special cancel on 9.3.1956 Res £6

94.                 PAISLEY PHILATELIC SOCIETY-Illustrated cover marking their hosting of the 1997 Scottish Congress with stamp tied by special cancel on 22.3.1997 Res £5

95.                 POST AND GO 1st CLASS Label with overprint 85th SCOTTISH CONGRESS 2014 tied to cover by Congress cancel of Gleneagles and also marking the 90th anniversary of the famous golf course and hotel on 12.4.2014 Res £7


96.                 MISSENT manuscript annotation on entire from London to SNARESTON, Leics, followed by the framed ENSTONE/PENNY POST, struck on 25.2.1840 Res £25

97.                 BROMYARD TO LONDON-Printed Bounty Office letter [complete!!] with ½d Bantam from plate 6 tied by BROMYARD Four-bar duplex cancel on19.5.1874. At top left is the framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/S.W and below, the circular framed 1d and MORE TO/S.W/PAY Res £22

98.                 DUBLIN TO LONDON-Cover to London with 1d red from plate 100 tied by duplex cancel on 13.8.1878. At bottom left is the quartered s/ring M/ND/A in black ink Res £12

99.                 KENTISH TOWN TO LUTON-Cover with contents asking when the addressee is going to pay his rent with 1d lilac tied by squared circle on 24.11.1887. The letter was undelivered & returned to sender with appropriate cachet applied. Also, lots of postmen’s initials on the back Res £7

100.             NEWSPAPER BRANCH-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to Glasgow from London on 20.4.1892 with manuscript FOREIGN PAPER and N.P.B/1d alongside framed MORE TO PAY/ABOVE….OZ/N.P.B Res £22

101.             CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/575-Framed mark with Contrary to Regulations scored through and replaced by manuscript ABOVE DIMENSIONS 5½” x 3½” on a postcard from Highgate, posted 5.10.05 Res £8


102.             LONDON TO TYNEMOUTH TO TEIGNMOUTH TO LYNMOUTH-Much travelled cover from London, dated 12.11.1910 addressed to Leigh Bank Tynemouth and variously redirected to most of Devon, via North Shields. At bottom left is the s/ring R.L.B/BRISTOL dated 17.11.1910 Res £8

103.             UNPAID-S/line mark on unpaid cover to the Taff Vale Railway, cancelled by oval E/EC/48 numeral alongside 1d/E.C-undated, circa 1915 Res £6

104.             BELGIUM TO LONDON-Underpaid postcard from Belgium dated 13.10.1924 with T tax mark and British 1½d mark alongside 1½d postage due tied by d/ring FINSBURY PARK on 17.10.1924 Res £15

105.             BRITISH GUIANA TO LONDON TO AMERSHAM/DOUBLE POSTAGE DUE-Small cover from smaller office dated 9.5.1927 with circular framed tax mark alongside 2 x 2d postage dues, one tied by the Fresh Label Required mark. At bottom left is the 2d/620 mark of PLYMOUTH Res £22

106.             AUSTRALIA TO SUSSEX-Imperial Airways “Speedbird” envelope to Burgess Hill with stamps to 11d total tied by airmail cancels of Brisbane on 22.11.1934. Taxed in Australia 140Ctms and 1/2d in the U.K. On the back are a block of 12 and a pair of 1d postage dues tied on arrival on 27.12.34 Res £22

107.             GPO BAG LABEL With 2 blocks of 12 x 5d postage dues [10/- in total-one block on each side] tied by d/rings REDCAR/YORKSHIRE on 7.3.45 Res £25

108.             ONE SHILLING AND TUPPENCE-HALF-PENNY TO PAY-U.S SEA POST Cover carried to the U.K by the S.S “United States” from New York on 12.1.1953 with NY tax mark for 54 centimes and the I.S 1/2d followed by a ½d/I.S mark. No postage dues affixed upon arrival at Ashton-under-Lyne Res £8

109.             U.S.A TO WIMBLEDON-Underpaid cover sent from KALAMAZOO on 20.4.1958 with NY binocular tax mark for 30 Centimes, converted to 7½d at the Foreign Sectio with manuscript ½d added to the 7d mark. The 3d & 4d dues [no ½d] are tied by s/ring WIMBLEDON on 5.5.1958 Res £7

110.             OVERSEAS 6d REGISTERED Postal stationery envelope addressed to a chap serving in the R.A.F in Germany, cancelled by s/ring LOUGHTON/ESSEX on 20.7.1956 with Customs tape at left tied by wax seal and framed CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS/F.B and Return to Sender cachet Res £9

111.             RHODESIA-Registered little cover to Cambridge with 2/6d Independence value tied by uncommon BEMBESI d/ring on 3.3.1966 and with blank registration struck by s/line BEMBESI in violet ink. Below is the framed INVALID STAMPS/USED, taxing the letter 1/3d. On the back is the BULAWAYO registered mark with 1d, 2d & 1/- postage dues alongside, tied by PAPWORTH EVERARD cancels on 8.3.1966 Res £15

112.             LEAGUE OF JEWISH WOMEN-Printed postcard inviting the addressee in Edgware to attend a speaking event on the 12th December 1967. The card has been mutilated by the STANMORE post office and has the tape cancelled by the STANMORE/MIDDX d/ring on 5.12.1967. Also, explanatory slip cancelled by similar cancel, but does not belong Res £6

113.             COMPULSORY REGISTRATION-Cover to Taunton posted at Salisbury on 24.10.1980 with label at right explaining reason for registration was that it had been crossed with blue lines. Taxed 75p, the 2p, 3p, 30p & 50p dues are tied by registered cancel of TAUNTON on 25.10.1980 Res £12

114.             BLANDFORD, DORSET-Post Office envelope addressed within Blandford with 3p, 20p x 2, 50p & £5 dues tied by oval registered cancels on 2.10.1981 Res £7

115.             NOT KNOWN/HASTINGS, EAST SUSSEX-Framed mark in green ink on cover from Taunton dated 18.12.1985 with three alternatives offered by the postmen in Hastings; one in Somerset and the other in Devon-The Somerset one won!! Res £7



116.             DUBLIN TO NEW YORK, VIA LIVERPOOL-Very clean entire from Dublin dated 15.2.1836 with endorsement PER PACKET SHIP OF 24 FEBRUARY at top. Rated 8d and carried on the “ROSCOE” of the Blue Swallowtail Line Res £28

117.             “PER ALERT PACKET”-Manuscript endorsement on entire from RIO JANEIRO to London with British Rio cancel at top right, dated 21.5.1839 Res £25




118.             LONDON TO NEW ZEALAND-Neat little cover to MERRIVALE, CANTERBURY Settlement with 6d lilac small corner letters tied by LONDON S.E-SE/9 duplex on 20.5.1863. At bottom left is the CHRISTCHURCH/CANTERBURY arrival mark dated 25.7.1863 Res £35

119.             EGYPT-ORIENT LINE Printed envelope to New York with GB QV 2½d jubilee tied by s/ring PORT SAID on 15.2.1900. At top left is the framed PAQUEBOT cancel Res £22

120.             H&K PACKET/1-S/ring transit mark dated 26.4.1900 with index AM on postcard from Switzerland to Dublin Res £12

121.             CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY CRUISING CLUB-Embossed pennant  logo on back flap of unused envelope Res £6

122.             GERMANY-Postcard to London with a pair of Bavarian 5Pf values tied by d/rings STARNBERG-SCHIFFSPOST/CIII dated 11.5.1902-uncommon ship post cancel Res £25

123.             LIVERPOOL/P.L.O Packet Letter Office s/ring dated 12.7.1902 on postcard from Switzerland to CAPE COAST CASTLE, GOLD COAST. Also, at top is the red inked inspector’s quartered circle of Liverpool dated the same day Res £28

124.             CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET /P.S/ DUCHESS OF/ HAMILTON/ LIMITED-Oval cachet [superb!!] on postcard of Brodick Bay addressed to Blackpool from Girvan, dated 29.8.1906. On the picture side is the undated s/ring AILSA CRAIG in violet ink-see illustration Res £60

125.             CAPE COLONY/OCEAN POST OFFICE-The less common, larger 25mm s/ring dated 8.4.1903 with index C ties EDW VII C.G.H 1d to postcard of the “WALMER CASTLE addressed to London Res £22

126.             HELIGOLAND-Postcard of the island addressed to POSEN with German 5PF tied by oval HAMBURG-HELGOLAND/SEEPOST dated 24.9.1907. Centrally is struck the s/ring cachet AUF HOHER SEE/DATE/AN BORD/DES/TURBINESCHNELLDAMPFERS KAISER dated the same day Res £22

127.             UNION OF S AFRICA/OCEAN POST-D/ring dated 28.8.1912 with index 5 ties EDW VII Transvaal 1d to postcard of Madeira addressed to Croydon Res £18

128.             UNITED KINGDOM & S AFRICA SEA P.O/1-D/ring dated 30.9.1913 with index S ties EDW VII Transvaal 1d to postcard of Funchal addressed to London Res £30

129.             GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET/+ D/ring dated 9.8.1916 with SHIP’S NAME REMOVED For security reasons during WWI-Scarce mark-see illustration Res £250

130.             BELGIAN CONGO-Belgian Maritime Company official coloured postcard of an elephant hauling a huge cart addressed to London with three-stamp franking tied by the undated COURRIER DE HAUTE MER/PAQUEBOT /[LEOPOLDVILLE with ornament at base Circa 1930 Res £15

131.             FRENCH SHIP NORMANDIE-Two postcards, one to Kent with 1f25c tied by NEW YORK AU HAVRE-S/S “NORMANDIE”/HAVRE-NEW YORK/FRENCH LINE machine slogan on 14.6.1939 and the other addressed to the U.S.A with same stamp tied by NEW YORK A RIO DE JANEIRO-CROISIERE/DU PAQUEBOT/”NORMANDIE” machine slogan on 8.2.1939 [2] Res £28 

132.             BY LOCH LOMOND/MAILBOAT-Unframed mark on front & back of a cover from Drymen Station to Manchester with ½d & 4d Wildings tied by DRYMEN STATION/GLASGOW d/rings on 4.7.1959 Res £9

133.             POSTED ON BOARD/SHIP/DATE/CRUISE/MS KUNGSHOLM SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE-D/ring dated 13.5.1970 ties 1d & 4d red Machins to cover addressed to Epsom, Surrey Res £6

134.             QE2/POSTED ON BOARD/V.E DAY/COMMEMORATION/CRUISE/MAY 1995-Framed cachet on postcard of the ship posted at Plymouth on 8.5.1995 during the ship’s first visit to the port Res £6

135.             PADDLE STEAMER “WAVERLEY”-Postcard of the Paddler addressed to STEIN, SKYE with 25p regional tied by DUNVEGAN/ISLE OF SKYE d/ring on 23.4.1995 and carried on the NORTH OF SKYE CRUISE Res £6



136.             CURRAGH CAMP-Superb, upright strike of the d/ring dated 13.5.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £7

137.             SHORNCLIFFE CAMP-F46 Duplex cancel dated 21.8.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £9

138.             KILWORTH CAMP S.O/Co. CORK-S/ring dated 11.5.1905 ties stamp to postcard of the camp addressed to Essex Res £12

139.             SHORNCLIFFE CAMP/FOLKESTONE-Superb strike of the s/ring dated 5.8.1906 ties stamp to postcard Res £7

140.             CURRAGH CAMP-IRISH D/rimmed skeleton dated 4.5.1908 with index 20 and also with 10pm time, ties stamp to postcard of the camp Res £15

141.             ROLLESTONE CAMP B.O/SALISBURY-Superb strike of the s/ring dated 8.5.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £7

142.             DIBGATE CAMP/SHORNCLIFFE-D/ring dated 28.3.1916 ties stamp to postcard of the camp Res £7

143.             BLANDFORD CAMP/BLANDFORD-D/ring dated 6.11.1918 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Dublin Res £6

144.             SHOREHAM CAMP/SUSSEX-Skeleton cancel without year slug dated 4thJanuary [1919] ties stamp to postcard Res £12

145.             BARRY CAMP/DUNDEE-S/ring dated 23.7.23 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

146.             ATANHOPE LINES/ALDERSHOT-S/rings dated 29.11.1938 ties GEO V 2d x 2 & GEO VI ½d to registered cover. At top left is the ALDERSHOT 1 registration label Res £15

147.             SCOTTISH ISLANDS UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-TIREE R.A.F P.O/SCARINCH ISLE OF TIREE-S/ring receiver dated 7.6.1944 on back of cover addressed to the base at the UNDERCOVER ADDRESS P.O BOX 203, G.P.O GLASGOW With stamp tied by d/ring HENLOW CAMP/HENLOW BEDS on 5.6.1944 Res £40

148.             PADGATE CAMP R.A.F P.O/WARRINGTON LANCS-S/rings dated 11.6.1946 ties the Victory pair to registered cover with appropriate registration label Res £22

149.             BALLYKINLER CAMP/DOWNPATRICK Co. DOWN-D/ring dated 5.8.1953 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

150.             HAWARDEN R.A.F P.O/CHESTER-S/rings dated 29.3.1954 ties 3 x 11/2d Wildings to GEO VI 8½d registered postal stationery envelope addressed to Austria with appropriate registration label at top left Res £18

151.             BUTLINS HOLIDAY CAMP CLACTON ON SEA-S/rings dated 26.5.1962 ties stamps to registered envelope Res £18

152.             R.N AIR STN CULDROSE/HELSTON C’WLL-D/ring dated 19.3.1963 ties stamp to cover Res £6

153.             WADDINGTON R.A.F P.O/LINCOLN-D/rings dated 21.3.1963 ties 3 x 2½d & a 1/3d Freedom from Hunger value to registered cover with appropriate registration label Res £9    

154.             HEMSWELL R.A.F P.O/GAINSBOROUGH LINCS-D/ring dated 29.5.1970 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £7

155.             THORNEY ISLAND R.A.F STN EMSWORTH/HANTS-S/ring dated 31.3.1976 ties stamp to Last Day cover Res £7


MILITARY-1901 TO 1921

156.             BOER WAR-Cover to London with OVS V.R.I 1d on 1d tied by s/ring EDENBURG/O.R.C on 21.1.1901 Res £18

157.             BOER WAR-Registered cover to DRESDEN with mixed franking V.R.I 3d and a block of 4 x 1d E.R.I overprints tied by framed R-REGISTERED/DATE/ PRETORIA on 10.6.1901, arriving in Dresden on 12.8.1901-censored in Pretoria by Press Censor Res £28

158.             WWI-UNPAID Postcard from France dated 19.8.1914 and addressed to Northleach, Glos with 1d tax mark applied. The 1d postage due is tied by s/ring NORTHLEACH/GLOS on 26.8.1914 Res £15

159.             UNPAID Postcard from Folkestone to SCOTTER CAMP, Catterick with manuscript ½ tax mark below 12d postage due tied by some sort of rudimentary dumb cancel at Catterick Res £12

160.             UNPAID postcard from a member of the Devon Regiment serving with the “MODDESERAMAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE” With the 1d tax mark of the Inland Section and London Krag cancel dated 13.10.1915 At top centre is the manuscript censor mark in ink Res £22

161.             EGYPT-GEO V 2d black registered envelope to Alexandria, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ5 on 18.11.1916 with index X placed above the S of SZ-unusual. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled and has the oval BASE CENSOR’S OFFICE/DATE/ALEX., E.E.F at right Res £22

162.             CANADIAN YMCA/No.2 HUT, WITLEY-Framed cachet in violet ink on postcard from Godalming to Beckenham dated 23.5.1917 Res £7

163.             REGISTERED/R.E POSTAL SECTION S.R-Scarcer cancel dated 16.8.1917 on the back of registered cover with GEO V 3d tied by rubber cancel ROOKLEY/WROXALL/ISLE OF WIGHT on 15.8.1917 and addressed to a soldier in the 21st KRRC, BEF Res £25

164.             R.A.F-Small registered cover addressed to R.A.F TREGANTLE, TORPOINT, Cornwall with 3d tied by oval registered cancel of Throgmorton Avenue on 23.5.1918 Res £9

165.             PALESTINE-Registered cover addressed to Lt Colonel R Schonberg of the 1st Seaforth Highlanders, E.E.F with 2 x 5m E.E.F stamps tied by skeleton cancels ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ44 on 4.7.1918. There is a further strike on the back alongside skeleton ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ19 dated 7.7.1918-nice item!! Res £30

166.             PALESTINE-Lovely registered cover to Cairo with GEO V 2d tied by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ32 on 8.10.1918. The blank registration label is similarly tied. On the back is the distinctive d/ring  ARMY POST OFFICE/ SZ10 dated the next day Res £22

167.             GEO V 2d black registered postal stationery envelope to the “ROYAL OAK”, St Laurence cancelled by superb skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/S5 on 17.1.1919 Res £12

168.             SURVEY OF EGYPT/PALESTINE-Registered cover to Commander Bright-Barton, R.N., of the “Survey of Egypt” at Giza with GEO V 2d tied by d/ring ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ2 and d/ring O.E.T.A-E.E.F/PALESTINE, both dated 3.4.1919. The blank registration label is similarly tied Res £25

169.             TURKEY-GEO V 2d black registered envelope to London, cancelled by skeleton cancel ARMY POST OFFICE/SY2 on 21.7.1919. The blank registration label is similarly cancelled and the censor mark is UNDERNEATH the registration label Res £22

170.             IRELAND-GEO V 2d orange postal stationery envelope addressed to Torquay, cancelled by the scarce violet inked rubber cancel FIELD/8/DATE/POST OFFICE on 4.7.1921 at FERMOY-See illustration Res £65

MILITARY-1934 TO 1996

171.             EGYPT-Lovely cover addressed to London with the blue 3m XMAS SEAL on the back, tied by the Retta dotted diamond cancel in black ink. On the front is the red inked [CROWN]/EGYPT/14/POSTAGE PREPAID alongside the s/ring ABU QIR dated 5.12.1934-Exhibition quality cover Res £50

172.             SUDAN-Airmail cover to New York with a block of eight and two pairs of the 10m Camels and a single 5m tied by d/rings FIELD POST OFFICE/174 on 8.10.1940. The airmail label is cancelled by red parallel bars and travelled via Cairo Res £22

173.             SUDAN-Cover to South Africa with 3p pictorial & 15m camel tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/186 dated 21.10.1941. At left is the R.A.F censor 218 Res £22

174.             AUSTRALIAN FORCES IN LEBANON-Cover to NSW with GEO VI 2d tied by s/ring A.I.F FIELD P.O/29 on 24.2.1942 whilst enroute from LEGOULT BARRACKS, TRIPOLI to Egypt Res £15

175.             SIERRA LEONE-Cover addressed to Francis Field with 3d on the back tied by FREETOWN s/ring on 9.3.1942. At top, on the front is the framed PASSED BY CENSOR 4 in violet ink, and at right the red on blue OPENED BY CENSOR tape Res £8

176.             ST KITTS NEVIS-Commercial cover to New York with GEO VI 1½d & 1/- values tied by s/rings ST KITTS on 22.5.1943. At right is the PC90 tape OPENED BY/EXAMINER DD/1 with manuscript 14 following Res £22

177.             EGYPT-Adapted Red Cross P.O.W envelope addressed to a soldier in the M.E.F, redirected to Fish Hoek, South Africa and cancelled by EGYPT/42 Post Paid cancel on 30.11.1943. At bottom left is the framed SOUTH AFRICAN RED CROSS SOCIETY/MIDDLE EAST MISSION in black Res £18

178.             ARGENTINA-Airmail cover addressed to an army officer at MAGNET HOUSE, Kingsway; the home of General Electric. The letter was posted on 16.4.1944 and received on 3.6.1944. Was Magnet House an undercover address? Res £12

179.             CANADA-Armed Forces CHRISTMAS 1944 Air Letter with red overprints addressed to British Colombia on 28.11.1944-some light staining, but uncommon Res £22

180.             CHURCH OF ENGLAND FEDERATED WAR WORK COUNCIL-Unused letter card with instruction to censor on the back flap “TO CENSOR/PLEASE GUM IF POSSIBLE/THANK YOU” Res £12

181.             NEW ZEALAND/KOREA-Forces airmail letter sheet to Suffolk, cancelled by oval NEW ZEALAND/DATE/ARMY P.O 444 dated 30.6.1951-ink mark at left Res £9

182.             REAL PHOTO Postcard “THE LAST SUNDERLAND, PEMBROKE DOCK” showing the flying boat on 28.2.1957 [I was 4 days old!] Res £9



183.             GURKHAS-Cover addressed to Lt Colonel J P Cross at the “JUNGALE WELL FARE SCHOOL” [Jungle Warfare School] at Johore Bahru with Nepalese 1968 W.H.O stamp tied to the back by unframed local cancel in violet ink Res £12

184.             UKRAINE-Cover to Ukraine from a member of the MILITARY CONTINGENT IN GORAZDE. Postage is paid by means of a green cachet on salmon paper at top left, tied by cancel dated 25.8.1995. Centrally is the EVACUATION Cachet of the unit dated the same day Res £18

185.             RUSSIA-Similar cover from the nasty Russians with stamp overprinted IFOR-BOSNIA/40 +5 and tied by cancel on 2.4.1996 Res £12


186.             LOVELY Illustrated airgraph depicting BIRMINGHAM addressed to the Lt R.E in charge of the Air Base Postal Depot, India Command-Likely an ex-employee at Birmingham Post Office Res £22

187.             AIRMAIL CACHETS-Airgraph decorated with six British, Empire and German Zeppelin cachets addressed to New Zealand from Francis Field at Christmas 1943-see illustration Res £22

188.             1943 BIRMINGHAM POSTAL STAFF Illustrated airgraph depicting all things postal as it is back home in Brum with reg labels, bag labels eggs labels and much more-Members of staff have signed it with Happy Memories to the addressee, Sgt Maddocks of the M.E.F Postal Unit on 24.2.1943 Res £22

189.             BOURNEMOUTH WAR SRVICES ORGANISATION-Illustrated airgraph showing the church, town hall & pier, addressed to a Royal Marine from 43 Commando serving in the C.M.F on 24.11.1944. Res £20

190.             THREE Pictorial airgraphs to Junior Commander Edward Richardson, A.T.S., depicting children and wife of Richardson-all sent from Liverpool 1944 Res £22



191.             ALEXANDRA PALACE-Hand illustrated postcard of the Ally Pally addressed to Germany at Christmas 1915 with red inked PRISONERS OF WAR/P.C/ ALEXANDER PALACE on the address side Res £25



192.             PRINTED Envelope cut down and used as a newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with usual red inked POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR at right. On the back is the unframed DETENTION CAMP/STOBS, NEAR HAWICK in violet ink Res £25

193.             CHRISTMAS Greetings postcard addressed to CHINGFORD, Essex with message in English with violet inked POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR at top right Res £18

194.             POSTCARD From MULLHEIM, Germany addressed to a P.O.W in LEIGH CAMP dated 12.11.1915. With German censor mark and British POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR struck on the address side Res £15

195.             PLAIN Postcard addressed to a Father Bisbrouk interned at GENIE CAMP, Holland, cancelled by GRANTHAM machine cancel on 18.4.1916. At bottom right is the POST FREE/P.C/PRISONERS OF WAR in red/violet ink Res £22

196.             RHODESIA-P.O.W Letter-sheet with text in Italian addressed to Catania, Italy on 15.12.1943 with unframed No.2 INTERNMENT CAMP/SOUTHERN RHODESIA at right, in violet ink. At left is the British octagonal tombstone censor DE/30 IN VIOLET INK Res £30

197.             BRITISH MAN OF CONFIDENCE-Printed London, Midland & Scottish Railway pre-addressed parcel receipt card addressed to Euston Station from a P.O.W in STALAG IVA. On the back is the unframed SGT R SMITH/P.O.W No.15734/BRIT MAN OF CONFIDENCE/STALAG IVA, struck on 20.6.1944-nice thing from either side! Res £18

198.             SCOTLAND-Printed P.O.W letter-sheet to the U.S Zone of Germany, dated 30.7.1947 and with address details on the back flap given as BALHARY ESTATE CAMP, ALYTH, PERTHSHIRE Res £18

199.             JAPAN-GB GEO VI 3d P.O.W airmail postal stationery postcard to a Warrant Officer interned at FUKUOKA CAMP No.6 from Clacton-on-Sea, dated 22.8.1944. The manuscript receipt date of 16.2.1945 is at bottom right Res £45

200.             DIFFERENT FORMAT P.O.W letter sheet addressed to the British Zone of Germany on 5.7.1947 from a German working at the 3110 Independent German Prisoner of War Working Company Postal Section M.E.L.F Res £22




201.             EGYPT/ROYAL MARINES-Mourning cover from HUNTLY, Scotland addressed to Captain Gordon at SOUAKIREE dated 10.2.1885 with ½d slate blue & 2 x 1d lilacs tied by Scots duplex cancels. The arrival mark on the back is lost in the mourning black Res £22

202.             GERMANY/BRITISH VISIT-Postcard of Kiel addressed to London with 10Pf tied by s/ring KIEL/P.A/f.d.x BRITISCHE/GESCHWADER dated 29.6.1904. This was the visit of a squadron of British navy ships taking part in the Kiel Regatta, attended by the Kaiser Res £25

203.             BRITISH SAILOR INTERNED IN HOLLAND-Post free postcard to St Albans from a British Sailor interned at GRONINGEN dated 3.12.1914 with a superb strike of the Dutch POST FREE Etc. at top right Res £9

204.             PLAIN Postcard written from the S.S “MALTHERAN?” at Southampton to Southend on 17.1.1915 with red inked SOUTHAMPTON/PAID and s/line ON ACTIVE SERVICE in violet ink Res £8

205.             H.M.S DUNDEE-Postcard written from the ship to UINST, Shetland on 23.4.19?? without year slug in the anonymous machine cancel. At top is the framed CENSORED in violet ink Res £10

206.             H.M.S MOON-Cover with letter written from the ship on 4.10.1915 to Harrogate and redirected to Sunbury-on-Thames with 1d tied by the XXXXXX Krag cancel on 7.10.1915. At top left is the framed CENSORED/FCH in a dull violet ink Res £15

207.             H.M.S MIMOSA-Egyptian postcard addressed to Stockton-on-Tees on 18.1.1916 and cancelled by the London Received From etc on 2.2.1916. At top right is the small framed PASSED/SHIP’S CENSOR in violet ink Res £10

208.             HMS CATANIA-Egyptian postcard to the Isle of Wight cancelled by the London Received From Etc. on 13.6.1916. At top right is the unframed CENSORED/[COM]MANDER-GIBB/HMS CATANIA in violet ink- Res £22

209.             HMS MALAYA-Postcard written from the ship to the Isle of Wight with ½d tied by the eight-bar dumb cancel on 25.7.1916. Centrally is the large oval PASSED BY CENSOR with ship’s name removed Res £12

210.             HMS CAMPANIA-Postcard to Peterborough with ½d tied by the eight-bar dumb cancel on 29.7.1917 with framed CENSORED/IN SHIP at top centre in violet ink Res £10

211.             HMS HINDUSTAN-COVER addressed to Scarborough with 1d tied squarely by the triangular PASSED-BY-CENSOR in violet ink and the rubber LONDON/V mark dated 1.12.1917 Res £12

212.             RUSSIA-Russian Postcard dated by sender on 25.11.1918 and addressed to Bournemouth with s/line PASSE BY CENSOR in black ink at top right. Card is cancelled by the anonymous RECEIVED FROM ETC without date Res £22

213.             SURRENDER OF THE GERMAN NAVY-Tucks postcard depicting the ceremony on board HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH. Avery early limited edition not issued for general sale by Tucks. On the back is red overprint BRITISH INDUSTRIES FAIR WHITE CITY 1921, STAND No. G93/PRINTED & ALLIED TRADES EXHIBITION/HORTICULTURAL HALL 1921/ STAND No. GALLEY 19 & 20 Res £9

214.             HMS EMERALD-Cover addressed to Cheltenham with GEO V 1½d tied by London RECEIVED FROM/H.M SHIPS machine dated 29.4.1928. On the back is a black and gold metallic seal of the ship. Lovely! Res £10

215.             LONDON NAVAL CONFERENCE—S/ring cancels dated 21.2.1930 tie stamps to very clean registered cover to Bristol-see illustration Res £45 

216.             DUTCH SUBMARINE K XVIII-Real photo postcard of the Boat at MADEIRA enroute to Buenos Aires, dated 30.3.1935 and written by the Captain of the Boat. Comes with illustrated envelope showing the Boat on the back, again signed by the skipper and addressed to Holland from CAPE TOWN in April 1935. Also, a Dutch language newspaper with pictorial article about the Boat’s visit to the Dutch East Indies, dated 10.7.1935-What a cracking page or two that would make, Colin!!-see illustration of the postcard Res £50

217.             HMS HOOD-Cover with contents addressed to Lt Jackson on board the ship from London with GEO VI 1½d tied by KENSINGTON W.8 machine on 13.4.1938 Res £8

218.             INDIA-Airmail cover to Stafford with GEO V 2 Anna airmail and GEO VI 12 Anna definitive tied by d/ring BOMBAY FOREIGN/B.P on 19.2.1940. At bottom left is the bevelled PASSED BY/CROWN/NAVAL CENSOR in violet ink-received 4th March Res £10

219.             EGYPT-Airmail letter sheet addressed to HMS CHALLENGER with GEO VI 3d tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/220 [Fleet Mail Office, Alexandria] dated 17.8.1943and written from HMS NILE Res £10

220.             SUBMARINES HMS REVENGE & ONYX-Commemorative cover marking the successful launch of Polaris A3 missile from the Florida Ranges. The stamp is tied by s/ring CLYDE SUBMARINE BASE/HELENSBURGH on 18.6.1970 and has CARRIED ON/THE FIRST/PATROL OF/HMS REVENGE cachet and cachet of the Port Crew Commanding officer-also, commem cover marking the 75th anniversary of the first submarine, signed by Rear Admiral Godfrey Place, V.C and the skipper of HMS ONYX, upon which this cover was carried on 2.10.1976 [2] Res £22



221.             QV 1d pink envelope from BRIDGWATER to WELLS with added 1d stars tied by the BRIDGWATER duplex cancels on 8.9.1863. On the back are cancels of BURNHAM, WELLS & BATH Res £15

222.             LETTER CARRIER/MANCHESER-QV ½d violet postcard addressed to London on 17.5.1877 from BELLE VUE, Manchester with eh oval L.C LETTER CARRIER mark shown in black ink-late and scarce usage-see illustration Res £45

223.             QV ½d brown printed newspaper wrapper from the GLOUCESTER JOURNAL addressed to Dursley and cancelled by s/ring GLOUCESTER on 12.12.1884-nice! Res £18

224.             “BOOK AND PATTERNS POST”/ISLE OF WIGHT-QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper addressed to the U.S.A with MANUSCRIPT “BOOK AND PATTERNS POST” at top left and with added ½d vermilion tied by VENTNOR duplex cancels on 15.12.1887 Res £9

225.             STAMP DEALER-QV ½d brown printed postcard to Scotland from H L’ESTRANGE EWEN from his EARLY address in SWANAGE, cancelled by four-bar duplex SWANAGE-845 on 14.3.1895-scarce Swanage Ewen item Res £20

226.             J.S FRY & SONS-QV Printed advertising envelope to Dunedin, New Zealand, cancelled by d/ring BRISTOL/13 on 24.9.1898-arrived 10.q0.q898 Res £25

227.             IMPERIAL TOBACCO-GEO V ½d pre-addressed postcard to Liverpool with order form on the back-unused Res £7

228.             HEREFORDSHIRE-GEO V 4d green registered envelope size F addressed to London, cancelled by s/ring BISHOP’S FROME on 1.4.1921-reg label No.13 is at top left Res £15

229.             QEII 3d Tudor Rose envelope with SCHOOL/SPECIMEN overprint-unused Res £7

230.             CORNWALL-QEII 1/3d registered envelope size G addressed to London, cancelled by d/ring PRAZE/CAMBORNE CORNWALL on 19.12.1960. The blank registration label has a manuscript PRAZE in black ink Res £12

231.             HALLEY’S COMET-Three QEII gummed labels marking Dr Esmond Halley, the first sighting of the comet and the year it came closest to Earth. All have imprinted ½p & 3p values [3] Res £12

232.             H.M THE QUEEN’S CORONATION Celebration £10 postal order marking 50 years since Her Coronation, cancelled by WINDSOR BERKS cancel on 2.6.2003 Res £20

233.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards marking the accession of GEO V in 1911-six cards in original sealed pack Res £10

234.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards celebrating the LORD OF THE RINGS-Eight cards in original packing Res £12

235.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards celebrating HARRY POTTER-Eight cards in original packing Res £12

236.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards marking various Isle of Man T.T racers over the years-Ten cards in original packaging Res £15

237.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards marking SCOUTING on the island-Four cards in original packaging Res £8

238.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards marking the “INTER CELTIQUE FESTIVAL”-Eight cards in original packaging Res £12

239.             ISLE OF MAN-Postcards celebrating DAVID JEFFERIES a T.T Record holder who passe away in 2003 aged 31-Two cards in original packaging Res £8

240.             ISLE OF MAN-Selection of loose postal stationery postcards marking holiday nostalgia [2], Beijing 2002 Olympics [1], 2007 CARRIED postcard around the original 1907 T.T circuit [1], BRUCE ANSTEY TT Card [limited edition [1], 2013 90th anniversary of the TT [2], 25p postcard marking T.T DREAMS [1] and two-stamp impression card marking the INTER CELTIQUE festival [1] Total [9] Res £12



241.             GLOUCESTER STATION-Dated double arc cancel with wording completely around the edges dated 30.1.1849 as a receiver on the back of large part wrapper from London-the scarcer of the Gloucester Station d/arcs Res £28

242.             YORK “R.W”-BLUE Oval R.W [Rail Way] cancel alongside YORK-930 Sideways duplex dated 3.3.1857 on cover to The Great Northern Railway, London Res £35

243.             MONEY ORDER Advise Form stating that the appropriate authority has not yet been see by the GPO in BRISTOL addressed to the Postmaster of LECHLADE with transit s/ring SWINDON STATION on the back, dated 9.3.1833 Res £12

244.             LATE BOX/LIVERPOOL-QV 2/6d cancelled by hooded circle cancel LIVERPOOL STA/LATE BOX on 5.5.1885 Res £22

245.             PARCEL POST-QV 5/- cancelled by superb hooded circle PADD’N STA’ LONDON/PARCEL POST/DEPOT dated 15.1.1895 and a piece with similar cancel, but with “S” after Parcel, dated 23.5.1890 Res £25

246.             CHICHESTER/STATION OFFICE-Superb strike of the squared circle cancel dated 21.10.1892 cancelling ½d brown postal stationery postcard Res £10

247.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BALLYCARRY STATION in unused condition and a piece cancelled by the intaglio mailbag seal BALLYCARRY RAILY/CROWN/STATION Res £40

248.             REGISTERED/WORTHING STATION S.O-Oval cancel dated 23.11.1896 on QV 2d registered envelope size G addressed to Canada with added 5d tied by sub-office cancel MONTAGUE ST/WORTHING on the same day Res £30

249.             PARCEL POST-Three pieces cancelled by two different hooded circle cancels WATERLOO STAT LONDON/PARCEL POST/DEPOT dated 15.9.1900 or WATERLOO/STA LONDON/PARCEL POST/DEPOT dated 14.2.1900 and 1.7.1899 [3] Res £15

250.             PARCEL POST-Piece cancelled by the very scarce hooded circle LONDON BRIDGE STA/PARCEL POST/DEPOT on 18.10.1900 Res £22



251.             ADVERTISING COVER FROM W.H GALLOP Of Hastings addressed to Ostend with 2 x QV ½d blue-green values tied by d/rings HASTINGS/ STATION OFFICE dated 29.4.1901. Taxed in London, the 10c & 20c Belgian postage dues are tied at Ostend on 30.4.1901 Res £12

252.             PARCEL POST-PPL From PENWORTHAN, Under Preston with EDW VII 5d & 6d tied by target parcel cancels PRESTON/STATION on 14.8.1902. Also stamps 1d to 1/- mixed reign values, similarly cancelled [8] Res £45

253.             PARCEL POST-PPL From BATH cancelled by s/ring BATH/STATION OFFICE on 20.2.1903. Not the best example, but the only one I’ve had in 40 years Res £25

254.             PARCEL POST-Blue PPL From SOUTH KENSINGTON STATION cancelled by the larger s/ring SOUTH KENSINGTON STN/S.W dated 18.3.03 Res £25

255.             PARCEL POST-PPL From AYSGARTH, Under Bedale with EDW VII 6d tied by s/ring AYSGARTH STATION on 27.4.1903. Alongside is a s/ring AYSGARTH dated the same day Res £45

256.             FISHERIES DRIFT CARD-DARIFT CARD PRE-ADDRESED TO THE Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, cancelled by d/ring BROADSTAIRS STATION/KENT on 16.3.1911. The card was found at the North Foreland Lighthouse-a very early usage of these cards Res £25

257.             DOUBLE STATION CANCEL-EDW VII registered postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Sturminster Newton, Dorset, cancelled by s/ring MANCHESTER RD/SWINDON on 17.6.1914. Above is the registered oval cancel of SWINDON STATION dated the same day, s/ring BATH/STATION OFFICE and BLANDFORD/+ D/ring, again, dated the same day. Nice and clean Res £25

258.             IRELAND-Piece with 2 x 1d GEO V OVERPRINTS tied by CHARLEVILLE STATION cancel with manuscript date of September 1922 Res £25

259.             LONDON BRIDGE STATN/BRIGHTON LINE S.E-S/ring dated 1.6.1923 cancels G.P.O Form of Enquiry, concerning a letter from George King to the Postmaster of MAHATPUR and deputy Postmaster of the Indian Expeditionary Force Post Office. The form was returned saying the letter had been delivered on 15.5.1923 and has the postmasters signature and d/ring PHAGWARA dated 27.6.1923 Res £22

260.             NATIONAL SAVINGS CERTIFICATE Holder card cancelled by s/ring HAMPSTEAD HEATH STATION/N.W. on 28.3.1925 Res £15

261.             BALFRON, BALFRON STN/STIRLINGSHIRE-Sub office cancel d/ring dated 11.7.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £12

262.             BISCOVEY PAR STATION/CORNWALL-D/ring sub-office cancel dated 11.8.1930 ties stamp to real photo postcard of the Mouth to Par Harbour Res £15

263.             MAGHULL STATION/LIVERPOOL-S/ring receiver dated 30.9.1939 on the back of a cover from WINNIPEG, Canada Res £15

264.             WWII-Undelivered registered cover starting off at WATERLOO STATION on 13.2.1943 and travelling pretty much all over the place with various transit military marks, censorship, “UNIT NOT IN/MIDDLE EAST” manuscript “NOT IN PAI FORCE” etc., etc. with dates as late as 5.8.1943 before being returned to sender Res £25

265.             LIVERPOOL ST STATION/E.C.2-S/rings dated 4.9.1963 ties 3d, 4½d x 2 & 6d x 2 Wildings to registered cover addressed to Rickmansworth Res £15



266.             N,W RY POST OFFICE-466 Duplex cancels dated 17.12.1867 ties a single, pair and strip of three 1d red plates 100 to complete wrapper addressed to Bordeaux-see illustration Res £75

267.             L&E T.P.O/FROM THE EAST-S/ring transit mark dated 16.2.1875 with index A on extended back side flap on cover from TIVERTON to Cullompton, via Exeter-see illustration Res £60

268.             DUBLIN & BELFAST/R.P.O-S/ring transit dated 13.4.1892 on the back of QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard from LONDONDERRY to Dublin Res £22

269.             HULL/BQ/SORTING TENDER-S/ring of the Bridlington Quay Sorting Tender dated 6.2.1895 on back of cover with contents with 1d lilac tied by BLYTH/NORTHUMBERLAND-B71 duplex on 5.2.1895 Res £18

270.             HULL/SORTING TENDER-383 Duplex cancel dated 20.10.1902 ties stamp to postcard Res £10

271.             HULL/SORTING TENDER-383 Duplex as previous lot, dated 25.8.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £10

272.             EDINR & NEWCASTLE S.T DAY MAIL/+ Unframed circular mark dated 16.8.1904 with index D as transit mark on underpaid postcard from Belgium to Edinburgh-taxed 3d Res £12

273.             YORK & SCARBORO@ S.T-S/ring dated 23.8.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

274.             SOUTH WESTERN T.P.O/DAY MAIL UP-S/rings dated 12.4.1911 ties ½d  & 1d values to Late Fee paid cover to Salisbury Res £15

275.             RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY-Printed correspondence postcard with reference to an accident to a workman. Addressed to Chulmleigh from Bristol on 20.11.1911 Res £8

276.             PETERBOROUGH & ELY/SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 22.8.1914 ties stamp to real photo postcard of GREAT MASSINGHAM STORES Res £35

277.             NORWICH SORTING CARRIAGE/UP-S/ring dated 2.12.1915 ties stamp to postcard from Southrepps to Hereford Res £8

278.             NORTH WESTERN T.P.O/NIGHT DOWN-D/rings dated 28.10.1923 ties stamps to Late Fee paid cover to Liverpool. Posted on the TPO from London Euston to Carlisle Res £9

279.             HIGHLAND T.P.O UP/SOUTHERN SECTION-D/rings dated 14.7.1930 ties 2 x 1d values to Late Fee paid cover to George King Res £12

280.             EAST ANGLIAN T.P.O UP-D/rings dated 24.9.1948 ties stamps to Late Fee paid commercial cover to Manchester Res £7



281.             STAMPLESS Cover addressed to LAUNCESTON from “O.C” Station with LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY “CARRIAGE PAID” Parcel label on the back, circa 1870 Res £85

282.             LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS on back of cover addressed to Southampton and tied by two strikes of the s/line PARCELS, PORTSMOUTH TOWN in violet ink. The 1d lilac is similarly tied and further tied by d/ring SOUTHAMPTON/1 on 29.1.1897 Res £85

283.             NORTH LONDON RAILWAY-Cover to Salisbury with 2d RLS and 1d lilac tied by violet inked company s/ring N.L.R/DATE/C.F on 31.7.1899 and by LONDON E.C d/rings on the same day-posted at BROAD STREET Station Res £100


284.             SOUTH EASTERN AND CHATHAM & DOVER RAILWAY-Cover to Tunbridge Wells with 2d RLs and 1d lilac tied by oval undated telegraphic cancels ELHAM/STATION/S.E.RY and by the duplex cancel DOVER/STATION OFFICE-258 on 4.9.1899-see illustration Res £120

285.             LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-“EWEN” Cover with 2d RLS and 1d EDW VII tied by s/lines HAMPTON COURT in violet ink and by London S.E machine on 31.5.1905 Res £100

286.             GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY-“EWEN” Cover with 2d RLS and EDW VII 1d tied by London N.W machine on 1.6.1905. The RLS is further tied by oval GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY/BRACKLEY in dull violet ink Res £120

287.             MIDLAND RAILWAY-“EWEN” Cover with 2d RLS tied by s/line RAUNDS in violet ink. The RLS and 1d stamp are further tied by London machine on 10.6.1905 Res £100

288.             NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-Cover to Edinburgh with 2d RLS and 1d EDW VII tied by oval, undated telegraphic cancel FORT WILLIAM/STATION/N.B RY and the 1d is further tied by Edinburgh d/ring on 8.11.1905-closed tear at top left Res £85

289.             SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-“EWEN” Cover with 2d RLS and EDW VII 1d tied by oval, undated telegraphic cancel CATERHAM/STATION/S.E RY and by London S.E d/ring on 7.6.1906 Res £100

290.             EAST & WEST JUNCTION/STRATFORD ON AVON/TOWCESTER & MIDLAND/JUNCTION RAILWAY-Embossed crested envelope used to hold the Railway Letter Stamps 2664-2679 inclusive with s/line BYFIELD [STATION], Northampton in violet ink on the front-has got to be rare!! Res £65



291.             BALMORAL CASTLE/CROWN-S/ring dated 10.9.1923 with index B ties GEO V 1d to postcard of the Castle addressed to Captain Barleiu in London Res £30

292.             H.M.S REVENGE-Real photo postcard of the DUKE OF CONNAUGHT Inspecting the Royal Guard on board the ship on 9.4.1933 Res £15



293.             BUCKINGHAM PALACE/S.W.1-S/ring dated 20.10.1935 ties GEO V 1½d photogravure stamp to cover addressed within S.W.1 to Buckingham Palace with the instruction “Please Forward” at top left. The cover was NOT redirected, so His Majesty dipped out of a 1½d stamp!! Res £30

294.             ST HELENA/H.M.S VANGUARD/ROYAL VISIT-Registered cover to “The Cables Office”, Cape Town with ST HELENA values ½d to 1/- tied by d/rings CAPE TOWN on 2.6.1947. At bottom left is the framed MAIL OFFICE/DATE/H.M.S “VANGUARD dated 29.4.1947 and struck in violet ink Res £35

295.             “ROYAL JOURNEY ENDS”-Illustrated commemorative cover depicting the Houses of Parliament from the Embankment with the printed “H.M THE QUEEN AND H.R.H THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH SAIL UP THE THAMES AT THE CONCLUSION OF THEIR REMARKABLE ROUND-THE-WORLD-TOUR, LONDON 15 MAY 1954” Res £22

296.             ABERGELDIE CASTLE/ABERDEEN-Skeleton cancel dated 20.8.1955 ties stamp to cover addressed to Angus. Used for one day only when the then Prince Charles and the Queen Mother held a sale of needlework Res £25

297.             HOLYROOD PALACE/+ S/rings dated 17.10.1962 ties 1.6d Wilding to 3d Tudor Rose envelope registered to Edinburgh-see illustration Res £25

298.             WINDSOR CASTLE “REGULATIONS FOR THE ADMISSION OF THE PUBLIC”-1970 Edition [four pages] modified on 20.4.1972 in manuscript, mainly by changing Sterling admission prices to decimal currency-pristine Res £8

299.             FALKLAND ISLANDS-Cover addressed to David Tatham at Government House, cancelled by red inked s/ring OFFICIAL PAID/BALMORAL CASTLE on 10.9.1993. At bottom left is the Royal Cipher with manuscript letter M circled in ink Res £18

300.             EDW VIII-Commemorative coin cover marking the Accession to the throne on 20.1.1936 with EDW VIII BRITISH WEST AFRICAN 1936 silver coin embedded. Cover has the four EDW VIII stamps and a Union Flag stamp tied by different commemorative cancels on 20.1.2006 Res £15




301.             STURMINSTER NEWTON, Under Blandford-PPL with QV 3d tied by BLANDFORD target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring STURMINSTER NEWTON dated 21.12.1894 Res £25

302.             HINTON MARTEL, Under Wimborne-PPL with 6d Jubilee tied by dumb cancel. Alongside is the manuscript HINTON/MARTEL/DATE for 25.8.1895 Res £25

303.             BROMYARD, Under Worcester-PPL with 4½d Jubilee tied by s/ring BROMYARD on 3.5.1897. Alongside is a further strike Res £25

304.             DUNFANAGHY, Under Letterkenny-PPL with 4d Jubilee tied by LETTERKENNY target parcel cancel. Alongside is DUNFANAGHY s/ring dated 16.12.1897 Res £28

305.             WELLINGBOROUGH-PPL with 3d Jubilee tied by s/ring WELLINGBOROUGH on 16.9.1901 Res £22

306.             CATERHAM VALLEY, Under Croydon-PPL with QV 4d tied by CROYDON target parcel cancel. Alongside is the s/ring CATERHAM VALLEY dated 31.1.1902 Res £22

307.             PARKSTONE, Under Poole-PPL cancelled by s/ring PARKSTONE R.S.O/ DORSET dated 18.9.1902-no stamps ever affixed Res £28

308.             CORFE CASTLE, Under Wareham-PPL cancelled by s/ring CORFE CASTLE on 11.10.1905-no stamps ever affixed Res £15

309.             PIMPERNE, Under, Blandford-PPL cancelled by superb violet inked rubber PIMPERNE/BLANDFORD on 13.3.1906 Res £18

310.             CLAREMORRIS [CLU]-PPL with CLU scored through, and added, the manuscript “ERROR FOR CVU” with EDW VII 2d & 3d values tied by d/rings CLAREMORRIS/1 dated 30.3.1908 Res £25

311.             STATION ROAD, WIMBORNE-PL with EDW VI 1d & 6d values tied by superb target parcel cancels WIMBORNE. Alongside is s/ring STATION RD/WIMBORNE dated 20.1.1905 Res £25

312.             PORTLAND HARBOUR, Under Weymouth-PPL with 2 x 4d orange EDW VII values tied by 3VOS numeral cancels 081 & with s/ring PORTLAND HARBOUR S.O/DORSET alongside, dated 6.4.1910 Res £28

313.             OKEFORD FITZPAINE, Under Blandford-PPL with GEO V 3d tied by superb s/ring OKEFORD FITZPAINE on 2.4.1914-alongside is a further strike Res £25

314.             PORTLAND HARBOUR, Under Weymouth and PORTLAND, Under Weymouth-PPLs with either GEO V 5d or 4d tied by respective s/rings on 2.4.1917 or 4.10.1916 respectively [2] Res £25

315.             BURTON BRADSTOCK, Under Bridport-PPL with GEO V 5d tied by s/ring BURTON BRADSTOCK/DORSET dated 17.9.1917 Res £22


316.             EAST LYDFORD/SOMERTON S.O/SOMERSET-Violet inked cancel dated 9.8.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

317.             COOKHAM DEAN BOTTOM/COOKHAM RISE S.O/BERKS-Violet inked cancel dated 23.8.1905 ON POSTCARD FROM Cookham Rise to Aylesbury Res £8

318.             CONGHAM/KINGS LYNN-Violet inked cancel dated 9.9.1908 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

319.             NASH/STONY STRATFORD-Violet inked cancel dated 22.12.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

320.             CHALLOCK/ASHFORD-Violet inked cancel dated 1.4.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £9

321.             UPTON/SOUTHWELL/NOTTS-Black cancel dated 10.8.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

322.             EAST LAMBROOK/SOUTH PETHERTON/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 24.8.1911 ties  stamp to postcard Res £8

323.             LISNALONG/ROCKCORRY/Co. MONAGHAN-Black cancel dated 23.12.1911 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

324.             HASSOP/BAKEWELL Black cancel dated 29.8.1914 Res £8

325.             WELL/GOREY-Irish cancel dated 16.7.1915 ties stamp to postcard Res £12

326.             CROOKED WOOD/MULLINGAR-Irish cancel dated 11.11.1918 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

327.             WATERTON/WHEATLEY/OXON-Superb black cancel dated 21.11.1921 cancels GEO V 2d postal stationery envelope to London Res £10

328.             NEWBIGGIN/PENRITH-Black cancel dated 4.5.1929 ties stamp to cover Res £9

329.             BUCKHORN WESTON/WINCANTON/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 12.10.1929 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

330.             BATHAMPTON/BATH/SOMERSET-Black cancel dated 22.4.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £8


331.             SALISBURY/2-Unframed traveller dated 17.12.1846 as a departure mark on the back of entire to Shaftesbury-opens out to display very well Res £60

332.             LUDLOW/3-Unframed traveller in BLUE ink dated 6.5.1849 on the back of an entire to Ludlow from London with 3 x 1d red imperf values tied by No.4 diamond oval cancels Res £60

333.             ELY-Less common 23mm skeleton cancel dated 17.6.1903 ties stamp to cover Res £8

334.             FRAMLINGHAM S.O/SUFFOLK-Cancel dated 17.11.1905 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

335.             STONEHOUSE S.O/GLOS-Cancel dated 22.4.1909 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

336.             BURGHCLERE/NEWBURY [Hants]-Cancel with missing H and final E dated 1.12.1910 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

337.             BROMYARD/WORCESTER-Redirectional mark dated 8.8.1911 on postcard from Belgium to Bromyard to Weston-super-Mare Res £8

338.             ALRESFORD/HANTS-Cancel dated 19.8.1916 ties stamp to real photo postcard of STOCKBRIDGE HIGH STREET Res £12

339.             SKIBBEREEN-English type skeleton dated21.7.1917 ties stamp to postcard Res £10

340.             BROMYARD/WORCESTER-Cancel dated 3.11.1921 ties 2d stamp to cover Res £8



341.             MIDHURST-Six strikes ties a block of 6 x 1d lilacs to registered cover addressed to Hampshire on 2.5.1888 with index C Res £20

342.             LEAMINGTON-Cancel dated 8.1.1882 with index 1B cancels ½d brown postcard Res £6

343.             MANCHESTER/S.W-Superb large strike ties 1d lilac to cover on 20.2.1896 Res £7

344.             BRADFORD YORKS/10 and BRADFORD/YORKS Different squared circle cancels dated 3.6.1898 ties ½d vermilion & 1d lilac to 1d postal stationery letter card to Dresden Res £10

345.             CLACTON ON SEA-Cancel dated 2.8.1901 ties QV ½d blue-green to postcard Res £6

346.             HOLBEACH-Transit cancel dated 19.12.1901 with index D on QV ½d blue-green postcard addressed to the Clerk to the Guardians redirected to Long Sutton with the card being cancelled by the 3VOD LONG SUTTON-959 on 18.12.1901 Res £6

347.             HOYLAKE-Cancel dated 3.1.1902 with index D cancels QV 1d postcard to Germany Res £5

348.             KIRKHAM ABBEY-Cancel dated 23.11.1905 with index B ties stamp to postcard Res £8

349.             CHINGFORD S.O/2-Cancel dated 10.3.1914 with figures 2 in bottom corners, ties stamp to postcard Res £15

350.             HUTTOFT-Cancel dated 20.6.1918 with index A ties stamp to postcard Res £60


351.             BRIDGEND ISLAY/53-Scots d/ring numeral cancel dated 18.6.1904 with index b ties stamp to postcard Res £10

352.             ST MARY’S HOLM-S/ring dated 25.7.1914 with manuscript “5” in the cancel, ties stamp to postcard Res £12

353.             THE BRAES PORTREE-S/ring dated 27.8.1930 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

354.             RHUDUNAN/PORTREE/ISLE OF SKYE-Black rubber village cancel dated 18.7.1933 ties stamp to postcard Res £28

355.             CORRIE/BRODICK ISLE OF ARRAN-D/ring dated 23.5.1946 ties stamp to postcard Res £12



356.             YARMOUTH I.W Horseshoe cancel in black on back flap of entire to Lymington rated at 4d and written on 17.10.1834 Res £22

357.             YARMOUTH/ISLE OF WIGHT Duplex cancel dated 5.11.1880 ties plate 1 2½d value on blued paper to cover addressed to New York-high cat stamp Res £35

358.             ARRETTON/NEWPORT I OF W-S/ring dated 20.12.1905 on postcard from Newport to London Res £12

359.             CALBOURNE/NEWPORT I.OF W-S/ring dated 9.9.1908 on postcard from Newport to Totland Bay Res £9

360.             HOOKLEY/WRAXALL ISLE OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 23.12.1922 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

361.             GODSHILL-C52 Duplex cancel dated 16.8.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

362.             NITON UNDERCLIFF/VENTNOR-S/ring dated 15.10.1928 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

363.             BRIGHSTONE/I OF WIGHT-S/ring dated 15.5.1933 ties stamp to postcard Res £7

364.             NETTLESTONE/RYDE-S/ring dated 8.9.1933 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

365.             WHITWELL/VENTNOR ISLE OF WIGHT-D/ring dated 18.6.1936 ties stamp to postcard Res £7



366.             272 EAST GRINSTEAD-3HOS ties 1d stamp to postcard addressed to West Hoathly and partially cancelled by WORGRET CAMP/POOLE d/ring on 27.2.1918-Which collection to put it in, Patrick?? Res £22

367.             342 ST LEONARDS ON SEA/KINGS RD B.O-3VOD dated 29.4.1893 cancels ½d brown postcard to London Res £6

368.             869 PORT DINORWICK-3VOS ties stamp to postcard from Cross Inn on 13.9.1906 Res £22

369.             018 EGHAM-UNRECORDED 3VOS ties stamp to redirected postcard from Sidcup to Englefield Green to Woking on 20.12.1905-see illustration Res £65

370.             D18 NEWBRIDGE ON WYE-3VOD dated 9.5.1921 ties stamp to postcard Res £6

371.             E09 TANGIER [Wales]-3VOS ties stamp to postcard on 23.12.1905-see illustration Res £85

372.             E86 SAUNDERSFOOT-4VOS ties 1d red to 2d registered QV envelope on 1.2.1880 Res £45

373.             H17 CARLIN HOW-3VOS ties 1d lilac to cover on 3.3.1888 Res £25

374.             J18 BRIERFIELD-3VOD dated 29.7.1901 ties QV ½d blue-green to postcard Res £7

375.             K36 SOUTH HETTON-DOUBLE RING Cancel dated 9.9.1907 ties stamp to postcard Res £15

376.             K56 BIG RIGG-3VOD dated 27.5.1904 ties stamp to postcard Res £25 

377.             K59 SILECROFT-3VOD dated 23.10.1903 ties stamp to postcard Res £8

378.             SCOTS 46 BLAIRGOWRIE-Cancels QV ½d violet postcard on 20.5.1876 Res £5

379.             SCOTS131 EDINBURGH-Single numeral cancel ties GEO V ½d to postcard Res £5

380.             SCOTS 630 GILMERTON-Single numeral ties stamp to postcard on 12.7.1904 Res £6



381.             1694 ENTIRE TO London,  dated at “Palmay” on the “7th Augt of July” and addressed to the GOLDEN BOUY HOUSE with 4th July Bishop Mark Res £75

382.             FREE ENTIRE from London to SHIPLAKE, Oxon, dated 29.9.1772 with a superb strike of the circular framed s/line FREE in red ink at top right Res £30

383.             BROMYARD-Reversed Horseshoe cancel at left on entire to Ludlow, dated 29.5.1799 Res £50

384.             BRIDLINGTON/243-Framed mileage mark on entire to London, dated 21.6.1813 with the instruction “To be Forwarded to Him Immediately if Absent” at bottom left Res £25

385.             BROMYARD-TURNED LETTER Initially from BLACKFRIARS, London on 11.4.1833 to Bromyard and then from Bromyard to Blackfriars on 14.4.1833 with nice undated d/arc BROMYARD Res £30

386.             PAID/AT/BRISTOL-Unframed circular mark on entire from Bristol, written in French on 2.10.1836 to Bordeaux with various rate changes including 1/6d, 1/2d, 2/8d, but deemed to have been paid sufficiently by the authorities in London and France-nice!! Res £28

387.             NEW ROMNEY/PENNY POST-Unframed mark at top left of entire to Rye, Sussex, dated 26.5.1837 with framed No.2 at top right Res £35


388.             ISLE OF WIGHT TO BRIGHTON TO PARIS-Entire TURNED Cover dated 7.9.1837 and forwarded from Brighton to Paris and then returned. With various marks including the less common Foreign Office d/ring, only used in 1837 Res £40 

389.             STOCKBRIDGE/PENNY POST-Unframed mark on back of entire from Basingstoke dated 8.2.1839 and addressed to London. On the front is the unframed No.1 Receiving House mark and the London TP/RATE-2d and manuscript 9d Res £30

390.             IRELAND WHEEL TAX-BELFAST Entire to Edinburgh dated 28.7.1839 rated at 1/2½d pre-paying the added ½d Wheel tax Res £32

391.             WORCESTERSHIRE-Cover to Worcester from Bromyard with undated d/arc UPPER SAPEY in red/orange ink on the back, struck on 10.10.1855 Res £22

392.             PLYMOUTH TO HOLLAND-Stampless cover with embossed crest of the DUTCH CONSUL in Plymouth, cancelled by superb s/ring PLYMOUTH on 22.2.1864, arriving, via London, two days later Res £25

393.             ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON-Cover addressed to the Honourable Mrs Bruce at WINDSOR CASTLE written in the hand of Lord Tennyson from his home on the Isle of Wight on 19.3.1864 Res £45

394.             WET DOCK/IPSWICH-S/ring sub-office cancel dated 21.10.1875 on turned tax survey from Ipswich and back Res £22

395.             JURY SUMMONS-SUMMONS TO William Hill, Innkeeper of Bromyard, dated 16.6.1890 with his notes inside, condemning [or not] the miscreants brought to court on the day Res £22

396.             HAND ILLUSTRATED Card “Would you like to hear my bird sing?” with an illustration of a caged canary by MAC, addressed to Arklow House, Ramsgate from Hammersmith on 14.6.1901-see illustration Res £40

397.             HAND ILLUSTRSTED Card “Would you like to hear my bird sing?”, but this time showing a rather miserable looking cat. Addressed as previous lot and drawing by MAC Res £40



398.             EDW VII Cover being the 1st day of issue of the 1d value from London to Richmond, Surrey with stamp tied by d/ring LONDON W.C/12 dated 1.1.1902 Res £45

399.             STOKE LACEY/WORCESTER-Undated s/ring cancels blank registration label on EDW VII registered envelope to Worcester with reg label being tied by d/ring BROMYARD/WORCESTER on 14.5.1907 Res £22

400.             AROUND THE WORLD Postcard starting off in St Johns Wood, London and addressed to  Wellington, New Zealand, via San Francisco with 2 x ½d EDW VII values perfin London County Council on 10.10.1907 and returned to Barrow Hill Road School from Wellington on 12.12.1907, via Suez-finally arriving in London on 20.1.1908-see next item Res £28

401.             AROUND THE WORLD Postcard as previous lot. Left London on 1.11.1907, left Wellington on 30.12.1907, returned in London on 8.2.1907 Res £28

402.             BROMYARD-S/line mark in black ink, cancels blank registration label on EDW VII registered envelope to Worcester on 4.5.1911 Res £18

403.             CYCLISTS CAMP, CARMARTHEN-Superb real photo postcard of the cyclist camp, published by the YMCA & posted to Briton Ferry from Carmarthen on 8.7.1909 Res £15

404.             BROMYARD-Undated s/ring cancels blank registration label on GEO V registered envelope to Worcester on 29.12.1913 Res £22

405.             BISHOP’S FROME-Sub-Office Postmasters official remittance form to the head postmaster at Worcester, registered & cancelled by s/ring on 23.1.1915 with reg label No.30 Res £25

406.             ILLUSTRATED, CENSORED Cover to Shinfield, Berks, cancelled by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/D35 on 9.2.1916. The cover has an illustration of the addressees home, “Lyndhurst” by F.G Sainsbury-see illustration Res £45 

407.             ILLUSTRATED COVER-A further F.G Sainsbury illustrated cover to Shinfield, depicting a circular framed rural view, sent on 13.1.1916 Res £25

408.             REGISTERED EXPRESS MAIL-GEO V 1d postal stationery envelope to Worcester with added 5d tied by s/ring BROMYARD on 5.9.1917-nice Res £20

409.             ADVICE OF DELIVERY of an Inland Registered Letter from STOKE LACEY to Bromsgrove on 19.5.1931 with appropriate cancels etc Res £15

410.             BILL QUAY/GATESHEAD Co. DURHAM-S/rings dated 19.1.1948 ties stamps to small registered cover to Slough Res £15



411.             1966 CHRISTMAS Stamp 3d value block of six showing the “MISSING T IN T SHEMZA” Res £12

412.             CLEARED/10 DOWNING STREET-Framed security mark in red ink on Recorded Delivery cover to the Chancellor wirh 10p & 28p Machins tied by d/ring HADDENHAM/AYLEBURY BUCKS dated 18.4.1985 Res £12

413.             TEST MAIL-MECHANISATION “TEST MAIL” addressed to Glasgow, Woolacombe, Torquay and Lochailort. Undated, but circa 1980-ish [4] Res £12

414.             FIRST & SECOND CLASS Stamp Booklets with yellow flash SAMPLE at right for booklets of 4 & 10 stamps [4] Res £10

415.             POST AND GO-A.S.P.S Pictorial “GLENEAGLES” Congress postcard with 1st Class Union Flag value overprinted to mark the Congress at PERTH, tied by GLENEAGLES 90th anniversary cancel on 12.4.2014. Also postcard with same stamp and same cancel Res £8

416.             POST AND GO-Cover to Feltham with 1st Class “Robin” and 1st Class ordinary cancelled y EQUIPMENT TEMPORARY/POST/OFFCE cancel on 24.12.2012 Res £7

417.             POST AND GO-Illustrated “Christmas Robin” Post Office envelope to Feltham with printed “Seasons Greetings from Galmpton”. The 1st Class Robin is tied by GALMPTON BRIXHAM DEVON cancel on 18.12.2015 Res £7

418.             POST AND GO-Cover to Feltham with 1at Class label tied by inkjet cancel of the SOUTH MIDLANDS MAIL CENTRE on 22.1.2014. At top left is the s/ring MILTON KEYNES/1/DATE/POST & GO dated 22.1.2014 Res £8

419.             POST AND GO-Cover to Feltham with 1st Class label tied by Mount Pleasant inkjet cancel on 2.5.2014. At top left is the s/ring LONDON BRIDGE/1/DATE/POST & GO dated 2.5.2014 Res £8

420.             POST AND GO-First Day Cover for the new format post & go labels with £1.27 label tied by RAYNES PARK LONDON SW20 on 20.9.2016. This office was just one of 2 or 3 offices introducing these labels on this date Res £15




421.             ANDORRA-Postcard to the U.K with30c & 50c values tied by dd/ring on 7.8.1951 Res £9

422.             AUSTRALIA/SCOUTS-Cover addressed within the FRANKSTON JAMBOREE CAMP with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring AUST JAMBOREE FRANKSTON/VIC dated 24.12.1934-see illustration Res £40

423.             AUSTRALIA/SCOUTS-Illustrated cover marking the centenary of South Australia and the holding of the 1936/37 Australian Scout Jamboree with GEO V 2d tied by s/ring SCOUTS CENTENARY CORROBOREE/BELAIR S.A dated 26.12.1936 Res £40

424.             BAHAMAS-WWII Transatlantic airmail cover to Scotland with GEO VI 6d pictorial & 1/- definitive tied by Tourist slogan dated 24.4.1943. At bottom is the framed TRANSATLANTIC CLIPPER airmail cachet Res £9

425.             BASUTOLAND-Imperial Airways “Speedbird” envelope to BRISBANE with GEO V 2d, 6d &1/- values tied by d/rings MASERU on 3.12.1934-arrived 21/12-see illustration Res £120

426.             BASUTOLAND-GEO VI 4d registered postal stationery envelope to South Africa with added 1½d tied by LERIBE d/ring on 20.1.1948 Res £25

427.             BRITISH GUIANA-First flight cover to the Dominican Republic with GEO V 2c & 60c tied by d/ring airmail cancels on 8.12.1931-stamps high cat on cover [60c] Res £65

428.             CANADA/MONEY LETTER-Entire to Quebec from Montreal, dated 19.11.1847 with super s/line MONEY LETTER in red ink at top right Res £25

429.             CEYLON-QV 8c brown postcard with 5 CENTS overprint addressed to Germany with added 5c tied by COLOMBO-A duplex cancel on 13.1.1896 Res £12

430.             CEYLON/TELEGRAM-Envelope with telegram cancelled by s/ring KOCHCHIKADE on 330.10.1929-nice pair Res £15

431.             COLOMBIA TO BURMA-WWII Censored cover to RANGOON, Via the U.K with ½, 5 & 10c values tied by d/rings BARRANCABERBERMEJA [S&D] dated 2.1.1940 [arrived 14.3.1940]. At bottom left is the triangular PASSED-CENSOR/4/RANGOON in violet ink Res £20

432.             DANZIG-Mint & Used mini-sheets marking the 1937 Danzig Productivity Show. Mint one is l/mm and the used one, unmounted mint-see illustration [2] Res £250  

433.             ESTONIA-Cover addressed to Clacton-on-Sea with mixed issue imperf & perf  seven-stamp franking values tied by d/rings PETSERI/EESTI on 6.9.1924 Res £20

434.             FINLAND-Registered cover to Vaasa with stamps tied by d/rings SEINAJOKI on 22.9.1922-appropriate registration label is affixed Res £12

435.             FIUME-Postcard to Vienna with 5c & 2 x 20c values tied by d/rings on 16.9.1923 Res £22

436.             GERMANY-Postcard to Solingen with 5Pf tied by d/ring JEMGUN on 23.6.1915. At top centre is the undulating s/ring cachet GOT STRAFE/ ENGLAND! In violet ink Res £15

437.             GERMANY/WWII-Cover addressed within Germany with 12Rpf Hindenburg and lovely “V” FOR VIKTORIA [Victory] label tied by d/ring ROSENHEIM on 13.9.194-see illustration Res £28

438.             GIBRALTAR-EDW VII registered envelope to London with added 2d tied by oval registered cancel on 16.1.1905-very nice! Res £25

439.             GIBRALTAR-Cover addressed to BATH with 6d GEO VI tied by d/ring Field Post Office cancel on 7.7.1944. Below is the gummed “HONOUR” STATEMENT Label with signature of the writer-uncommon!! Res £25

440.             INDIA, PORTUGUESE-6 Rupee postal stationery postal stationery letter card addressed to Germany with added pair of 9 Rupee values tied by d/rings NOVA GOA on 2.4.1914-superb!! Res £22

441.             INDIA, PORTUGUESE-3 Reis postal stationery postcard addressed to Goa with added 3 Reis on 2½ T65 value tied by d/ring CHINCHINIM on 13.1.1951 Res £15  

442.             ISRAEL-Form, registered from Tel Aviv on 15.5.1951 with 30m OFFICIAL Overprint affixed & tied by s/ring Res £18

443.             JAMAICA-GEO VI 1d postal stationery postcard to BERMUDA, cancelled by Kingston cancel on 24.2.1941 Res £9

444.             K.U.T-Commercial cover to Mombasa from the Kenya Produce Agency, Kisumu on 24.5.1933. The stamps are on the back, but it would seem they were not noticed by the authorities as the letter was taxed 70c. On the front are 10c & 2 x 30c postage dues tied on 25.5.1933 Res £25

445.             K.U.T-Imperial Airways “Speedbird” cover addressed to Darwin, Australia with TANGANYIKA 30c strip of 3 & 1/- values tied by d/rings MBEYA on 3.12.1934. At centre is the unframed BY AIR IN AUSTRALIA/PAR AVION EN AUSTRALIE in violet ink and the framed BY AIR TO/…[AUSTRALIA] Res £45

446.             K.U.T/HOLLAND/WWII-Dutch newspaper wrapper to Dar-es-Salaam with 2½c tied by d/ring ROOSENDAAL on 6.11.1939. At left is the framed PASSED No.16/BY CENSOR in violet ink, applied upon arrival Res £22

447.             K.U.T-Censored cover to New Jersey with GEO VI 5c x 2 & 20c tied by d/rings SHINYANGA dated 18.11.1939. Below is the framed censor mark No.16 as previous lot and at right, the black on blue Opened By Censor tape Res £18

448.             KOTOR-Italian 30c & 75c postal stationery postcards overprinted DEUTSCHE/MILITAR-/VERWALTUNG/KOTOR with new values Lit 1 or Lit 2 for use in German occupied MONTENEGRO in pristine, mint condition [2] Res £35

449.             LATVIA-Registered Cover to HUMABA? With 1r.50 on 35k overprint tied by d/ring JELGAWA/LATWIJA on 11.3.1919-nice! Res £30

450.             LATVIA-Small cover addressed within Riga with 6s green on yellow tied by an absolutely superb strike of the s/line RIGA in violet ink-exhibition quality-see illustration Res £25

451.             LATVIA-Cover to Vasteras, Sweden with 30s value tied by d/ring STOCXEOL on 28.8.1930. Alongside is the framed FRAN LETTLAND in black ink-see illustration Res £25 

452.             LATVIA-Registered Express mail item to GATENHAFEN with strips of 5 x 50c CTSR 1940 VII 21 values and similar overprint values strip of 5 x 5c values tied by d/rings KAUNAS dated 11.10.1940 cover has Latvian censor tape and German censor tape-a very nice item-see illustration Res £28

453.             LEVANT, RUSSIAN-Commercial cover to Budapest with Russian Levant 1 Piastre overprint tied by Russian P.O cancel of CONSTANTINOPLE on 15.11.1907. A pencil notation alongside the stamp says that the stamp has an inverted background!! Res £25

454.             MACAU-Commercial cover to DUBLIN with 2 x 2 Avos values tied by hexagonal cancel on 11.1.1947. On the back is a partial Hong Kong d/ring transit mark for the next day Res £25

455.             MALAYA, STRAITS-pilot signed First Flight cover to Australia with GEO V 1c, 2c x 2 & 10c x 2 tied by d/rings SINGAPORE/A on 14.12.1934. On the back is the signature of the pilot, V.G WILSON Res £35

456.             MALAYA-Stampless end-of-WWII cover to Penang, cancelled by temporary d/ring BATU ROAD KUALA LUMPUR with manuscript date of 6.10.1945 with the exception of the “6”; the rest is manuscript Res £40

457.             MALAYA, PAHANG-Two registered covers with the values 1c to $2 tied by s/rings KUALA LIPIS on 26.5.1953 [2] Res £25

458.             MALTA-Locally produced Forces airmail letter sheet printed grey on white addressed to Leicester with added GEO VI 1½d & 2d values tied by VALETTA d/ring on 26.10.1942. At bottom left is the No.68 triangular censor mark in violet ink Res £25

459.             MEMEL-Registered CASH-ON-DELIVERY Envelope addressed to Germany with nine-stamp franking overprint issues on France, tied by d/rings on 3.8.1922. Various cachets etc-nice item Res £28

460.             MEMEL/KLAIPEDA-Registered cover to Berlin with mixed franking Klaipeda and Klaipeda overprints tied by d/rings RUSS/MEMELGEBEIT on 6.3.1923-nice! Res £25

461.             MEMEL/KLAIPEDA-Registered cover to Trossingen with a block of 4 x SG47 15 Centu overprints tied by d/rings Klaipeda ON 8.4.1923-NICE ITEM OF Lithuanian Occupation of former German Memel Res £25

462.             MONGOLIA-“Red Band” envelope with Chinese3c & 6c Junk values tied by URGA cancels with dates in Chinese Res £45

463.             NEW ZEALAND-Cover addressed to the U.S.A with 2½d LAKE WAKATIPU tied by NAPIER s/ring on 5.5.1898, the First Day of issue of the corrected spelling version. Small closed tear at right, otherwise, scarce 1st day of use commercially Res £60

464.             NIGERIA, SOUTHERN-EDW VII 1d postal stationery postcard to Hamburg, cancelled by d/ring WARRI/SOUTHERN NIGERIA on 14.1.1913 Res £20

465.             POLAND-Cover addressed within CZENSTOCHAU with German overprint RUSSISCH-/POLEN 3Pf value tied by d/ring on 23.6.1916. At left is the deep purple d/ring cachet STADTISHES BESTELLAMT/CZENSTOCHAO/DATE /CZENSTOCHAWA /MIEJSKI URZAD PRZESTEKOWY dated 26.6.1916 with large figure 5 at centre Res £25

466.             PORTUGAL/ROYALIST UPRISING-20 Reis postal stationery postcard produced during the 1919 Pro-Royalist Uprising in Porto-unused Res £15

467.             PORTUGAL/POLAND/WWII/UNDERCOVER ADDRESS-Polish 12Rpf General Government Occupation postal stationery postcard addressed to RUA DO ARSENAL 100 3 with added overprint and non-overprint values tied by Warsaw d/rings on 27.10.1941. This was the undercover address for Polish Refugees Res £30

468.             ST KITTS-Small cover to New York with GEO VI 1½d & 1/- values tied by s/rings on 18.8.1942. Below is the small size “Razorblade” style censor DD/ in red ink and a manuscript 3 Res £22

469.             RUSSIA-20K postal stationery postcard to Gronau, Germany, cancelled by the s/ring German FELDPOST cancel on 18.10.1941. At bottom left is the German unit cancel 32202 in violet ink Res £25

470.             SEYCHELLES-GEO VI 20c postal stationery envelope size F addressed to Brighton, cancelled by s/ring VICTORIA/SEYCHELLES on 27.3.1954 Res £22

471.             SIERRA LEONE/WWI-Postcard of the junction with Westmoreland and Gloucester Streets, Freetown addressed to Cape Town and redirected to SEA POINT with GEO V 1d tied by s/ring 29.11.1917. At left, vertically struck is the s/line rubber PASSED BY CENSOR in black ink Res £22

472.             SIERRA LEONE-QEII 4d registered envelope size G addressed o Chicago with 2 x added 1/- values tied by scarce rubber cancel WATER STREET FREETOWN/SA LEONE in violet ink on 25.6.1959 Res £25

473.             SOMALIA-Cover with contents addressed to Eastbourne with GEO VI 25, 50 & 75c BMA/SOMALIA overprints tied by the very elusive s/ring cancel ISHA BAIDOA/SOMALIA in blue ink on 29.11.1948-see illustration Res £85

474.             SOUTH AFRICA-BOOTS, SHOES & SLIPPERS-Strange footwear fetish hand-illustrated cover to Pietermaritzburg with 1d tied by d/ring PIET VLEI/NATAL on 28.3.1916-see illustration Res £35

475.             SUDAN-MINT Condition overprinted “CHRISTMAS AIR LETTER” with further holly design around the edges and with stamps already added-superb!! Res £22

476.             SWEDEN-Postcard addressed to Rosenfors with 5 Ore tied by dotted s/ring FALTPOSTKONTORET dated 24.9.1906 with FPO number 4 Res £25

477.             SWEDEN-Real photo postcard of the military camp addressed to Stockholm with 5 Ore tied by dotted s/ring FELTPOSTKONTORET/HOGQVARTERET dated 22.9.1909 Res £25

478.             SWEDEN-Cover to LIDKORTING With a block of four x 2 Ore orange and a pair of 1 Ore values tied by dotted circle FALTPOSTKONTORET dated 6.10.1917 with index 1 Res £22

479.             SWITZERLAND-Postcard to the U.S.A with 20c and Geneva Festival of Flowers publicity label tied by Geneva festival machine slogan cancel on 29.5.1926 Res £15

480.             SYRIA-Postcard of TIBERIAS addressed to London with Turkish stamp tied by d/ring DAMAS on 29.4.1909 Res £15

481.             THAILAND-Overprint surcharge 2b on 1½b postal stationery postcard addressed to France with added pair of 1b values tied at BANGKOK on 10.9.1908-with message and in excellent condition-see illustration Res £55

482.             THAILAND-Imperial Airways “Speedbird” cover to Australia with stamps tied by BANGKOK d/ring on 15.12.1934, arriving on 27.12.1934 Res £65

483.             TOGO-Registered cover to MALTA with GEO V 3d Gold Coast Occupation overprint value tied by d/ring LOME/TOGO on 24.10.1916. No censor marks, but PLYMOUTH and London transit marks on the back Res £18

484.             TRIESTE/ADEN-Unpaid postcard from ADEN, cancelled on 20.12.1905 with T tax mark at top right. At top left is the oval embossed label of the Austro-Lloyd shipping line with Crown and Anchor. Upon arrival, 2 x 10 Heller Austrian postage dues were affixed and tied Res £12

485.             U.S.A-Lovely illustrated envelope from HOPE SCHOOL, HIGH STREET, PROVIDENCE, R.I addressed to Westfield, Mass with 3c tied by dumb duplex cancel on 13th December 18?? Res £15





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